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Sometimes Yuuji can feel Sukuna's hand gently pressing down on his pelvis.

He doesn't mind it at first, thinking that Sukuna just like touching him there whenever they lie in the bed together.

But sometimes Sukuna would gently rub the palm of his hand on his skin, the king of curses humming a tune underneath his breath that is hauntingly familiar yet Yuuji can't pinpoint where had he heard it.

Whenever Sukuna does that, Yuuji thinks that Sukuna must've like to have kids.

Yuuji wants to ask Sukuna if he does, but he's scared at his answer.

So he kept quiet.

Because if Sukuna said yes, he'd have to let him go because he can't give Sukuna the thing that he wanted.

But the times that Sukuna rubs the skin of his pelvis became more and more frequent until Yuuji can't take it anymore.

And so finally, he asked.

"Do you want to have kids?"

The way Sukuna's hand stilled and his body tensed give him an idea that Sukuna wasn't expecting the question.

So Yuuji patiently wait for the other to answer, his hand coming up to rest at Sukuna's own, thumb rubbing at the back of his knuckles until Sukuna relaxes behind him again.

"What give you an idea that i wanted to have kids?"

Yuuji shrugs. His eyes staring at Sukuna's hand that continues to gently rub at his skin once again.

"You always do that. Rubbing the skin of my pelvis, i mean. That's why i thought..."

He could feel rather than see the chuckle that Sukuna makes as the man buries his face on the crook of his neck, his lips gently pressing a kiss on his skin, before Sukuna speaks.

"I don't want to have kids. Why should i want one? When you already are."

"Fuck you," Yuuji said without bite, his body finally relaxing as he turns around to snuggle closer on Sukuna's chest.

They lay on the bed in comfortable silence, with Sukuna rubbing circles on Yuuji's hipbone, his nose buried on soft, unruly, pink hair.

It was after a few minutes when Yuuji breaks the silence, his voice soft as he looks up to meet Sukuna's eyes.

"But are you really sure? That you don't want one? I mean, i'm fine if we take in a kid or two when i became older- the orphanage are there for a reasonㅡ"


Yuuji paused on his ramblimgs, hazel orbs meeting crimson.

"We don't have to have kids. I'm fine with us like this."

Yuuji bit his lips, brows slightly frowning.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I am sure."

Yuuji stares at him even more, before nodding.


Sukuna nods, before dropping a kiss on his forehead.



(He didn't tell him that he got the habit of rubbing Yuuji's pelvis from thousand of years ago. Back when Yuuji was still healthy and alive, carrying their first kid in his belly as they live on their little hut. Back when Sukuna is still happy and human.)