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But how long

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Da Qing was perched on a table when Zhao Yunlan strolled out of his office with Shen Wei. The cat was staring across the room intently as only a cat could, where Xiao Guo and Lao Chu were talking about something or other on the staircase. Xiao Guo looked nervously excited, as usual - Lao Chu was hiding his fondness, as usual.

"When are they going to start dating?" Da Qing commented, looking annoyed. "I wish they'd stop being so lovey dovey. It's pathetic! Cats aren't like this, we're better in every way."

Zhao Yunlan looked back and forth between the cat and the two, raising an eyebrow with a little snicker. "Dating? You are getting old. Xiao Guo is like his little brother."

"No, Da Qing is right." Shen Wei said slowly, nodding his head. "I hope they find happiness."

Zhao Yunlan let out a befuddled laugh - these two were agreeing on something?
"You're joking, right? I think-"

Shen Wei sent him a sharp look, one that had the words die in his mouth. "Do you think I'm incapable of knowing what love and yearning look like, Zhao Yunlan?" Shen Wei said with such a tone, Da Qing looked about ready to scamper off somewhere else. These people were so much trouble to a cat just trying to live his best life.

Zhao Yunlan just popped a lollipop in his mouth, avoiding the issue. But, he didn't believe Shen Wei, he didn't believe Da Qing. There was no way they were a better judge of character, of his employees than he was. He knew they weren't secretly hiding some love affair  Lao Chu had said as much to him, that he was reminded of his brother when he was around Xiao Guo. Xiao Guo too, said he viewed Lao Chu as an older brother.

Plus, more importantly he refused to believe Shen Wei noticed before himself.

Until now.

Right this moment.

Xiao Guo was learning to drive, no one having trusted him much before now, and had gotten a hand me down car from his uncle to try in. Lao Chu had offered to help teach him, and Zhao Yunlan thought nothing more about it... until now.
When, walking home, he saw a car parked off in a quiet spot. He glanced at the plate, and grinned when he realized it was Xiao Guo's. It seemed like an odd place to be parked, though. Maybe he pulled over to get directions? He could imagine Xiao Guo panicking over not knowing where he was, or how to get home. Maybe he was calling those in SID at this very moment, begging for help.

So, Zhao Yunlan snuck up slowly, preparing to surprise the young man.

Only to see.... This. Them. Xiao Guo was in fact in the driver's seat. But he was seated backwards, on Lao Chu's lap. His arms around the older man's neck, lips locked with his, fingers dug into short hair. Lao Chu seemed to have a hand up his shirt, the other one Zhao Yunlan didn't see and didn't think he wanted to know where it was.

They were... They were...

Lao Chu's eyes drifted from Xiao Guo to his horrified looking Chief standing outside the car. He froze, and Xiao Guo looked upset about that, rocking his hips- oh, Zhao Yunlan just noticed his pants were missing.

Oh no.

Zhao Yunlan waved a hand, and turned, walking away quickly. He didn't know what they did after that, he just went home, and fell into bed, on top of Shen Wei, who simply pet the back of his head.
"You were right..."

"I often am, but I don't mind being wrong either, as long as you're here." Shen Wei said like the big softie he was.

The following day, Zhao Yunlan passed Lao Chu's chair. They made eye contact, and Zhao Yunlan nodded his head for his office. They needed to talk.

"Your brother?!" Was the first thing Zhao Yunlan said, to Lao Chu's mild confusion, an eyebrow ticking up.


"You said he was like your little brother!"

Lao Chu sighed, shaking his head, like he was thinking, 'this poor stupid human. 
"Changcheng has traits of someone I loved and greatly admired. But, how I'm with him is different. How I feel is different. And, it's none of your business."

Zhao Yunlan laughed, shaking his head incredulously. "You're my employees, which makes it my business. Do you know what would happen if-"

"I'm not going to hurt him." Lao Chu said firmly. Zhao Yunlan opened his mouth, but closed it after seeing the conviction in his eyes.

"... Okay then."

Lao Chu started to leave his office, feeling their conversation over, and he was never the best talkative type.
"Wait," Zhao Yunlan called out, holding up a hand. "How long. How long have you two been... Was that the first-"

Lao Chu laughed, and let the door slam close behind him, a frustrated Zhao Yunlan left to only wonder.


Chu Shuzhi wrapped his arms around his boyfriend as he began to fall asleep.
"Chu-ge?" Guo Changcheng mumbled, trying to look up, but his eyes were heavy. Still happy, but tired.

"Happy anniversary. I hope you had a really good day. Love you.."

Chu Shuzhi smiled down at him, pecking his forehead. "It was good."