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Not Always for Children

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Harry tossed the dreidel up in the air, catching it easily.

"What do you have there?" Severus asked.

"A dreidel. Teddy got it from a friend and asked me about it. I had to look it up."

"It looks like a children's toy."

"Actually, that's what it is. It's like a Muggle top. You spin it and whatever character lands facing up decides the next action."

"Like what?" Severus frowned.

"If you have tokens or coins, one side is to put a coin in the pot, one is to pass and one lets you take a coin from the pot."


"That's a children's toy? Playing for coins?"

"There's more involved." Harry shrugged. "Each symbol has meaning in the religion it belongs to. The symbols are Hebrew and stand for a great miracle happened here."

"That's quite a lot of meaning from a small toy."

"They come in different sizes. This was a token gift from a holiday party Teddy attended. He was polite enough to not ask awkward questions and figured I could help him."

Harry spun the dreidel on an end table and watched it fall.

"We could... play for something other than coins," Severus suggested slyly.

Harry smiled.