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(AO3 EXCLUSIVE!!!) San Lang's Seven Secret Spices: A Mouthwatering Recipe on How to ZINGER UP The Bedroom

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Dating Hua Cheng was everything Xie Lian could ever dream of. Tight hugs, soft smiles, the mischievous sparkle in his eye as he laces their fingers together, squeezing lightly. They’d decided to celebrate their one-year anniversary in the fast food joint they’d first bumped into each other. With grease on their lips and fried chicken in their hands, Hua Cheng had grinned under the shoddy fluorescent lights, and Xie Lian had felt his heart triple in size.

“Our anniversary dinner,” Hua Cheng hums, “I’ll treat you to a proper meal next time.”

“Ah?” Xie Lian stutters, “N-no, it’s alright, San Lang, this is more than fine! It’s how we met, after all.”

“Gege deserves to be spoilt,” a subtle quirk of his lips. “Please, let me.”

Face flushed, Xie Lian replies, “Okay.”


But this… this…!

“Gege,” Hua Cheng’s warm breath tickles his ear. “I can’t wait any longer.”

There’s a soft crinkle of fabric. It reminds him of their more …innocent activities mere hours ago— the flutter in his chest as he opened the paper bag to pull out their greasy feast. But right now, his pulse is rapid for an entirely different reason. Not to mention, ‘Innocent activities?’ Hua Cheng’s whispered promises are anything but.

Xie Lian’s flannel shirt and faded jeans join the mess of red fabric on the floor.

“San Lan—!” He squirms as the other man noses at the angle of his jaw.

“Gege,” Hua Cheng murmurs, and wow, that sultry tone of his is really really distracting, “You smell delicious.”

“Wh—I’m still sweaty from earlier, hey—” A soft squeak. “San Lang!”

“Mm, you really do,” the other man scrapes his teeth against Xie Lian’s collarbone. “Mind if I have a taste?”

Why is he asking for permission? Feeling Hua Cheng’s bare skin against him, Xie Lian can barely think straight. It’s a herculean effort, formulating a reply, “E-En.”

The hand on his hip kneads slow, measured circles. It grounds him— tethered by a thread, Xie Lian whimpers as Hua Cheng makes it his personal mission to lick and suck and bite every inch of the shorter man’s sun-kissed skin. He leaves reddened trails down Xie Lian’s chest—thumbprints the size of popcorn chicken pieces scatter across his chest and thighs, burning bright in the flickering lamplight. ‘Mine.’

There’s a hand on his ass. When did it sneak under his boxers? Xie Lian bites back a moan as he feels his lover nuzzle against the growing prominence between his legs, resisting the urge to buck his hips when the same man kneads his fingers into Xie Lian’s buttocks, slow and purposeful.

“Gege.” Is it just him, or does Hua Cheng’s voice sound rougher than usual? Xie Lian leans forward, elbows sinking into the plush bedding.

Hua Cheng looks… he looks…


Ravenous. Like a man on death row, he’s got a desperation in his eyes, gaze dark as he licks his lips. He’s hungry, Xie Lian can tell. But this time, he’s craving something other than fried chicken.

Xie Lian reaches forward to tangle his fingers in the other man’s hair.

“Gege, can I…?” Hua Cheng’s slender fingers pull at the elastic waistband. Snap.

Xie Lian tightens his grip, and tugs.

That’s all the invitation Hua Cheng needs.

It’s warm. It’s warm and wet and slick and scorching, the way Hua Cheng alternates between teasing teeth-scrapes and heavy sucks, like he’s trying to get the last dregs of that vanilla thickshake, til the familiar flavour coats his tongue.

Xie Lian’s gone. He can’t think, he can’t breathe, and the thoughts in his brain are fizzling out like an pre-shaken can of pepsi, spilling from his lips in a garbled mess of “Nn, San—San La-ah, hah, right there, j-just like that—”

When he closes his eyes, he sees flashes of red and white.

“San Lang, off, now—” Xie Lian whines, trying to bring Hua Cheng’s lips off him. His boyfriend gives a few more enthusiastic sucks, and Xie Lian’s spilling his seed into an impatiently waiting mouth.

He’s gone. He’s gone and ascended and oh heavens that was one out-of-body experience, he’s gotta—

Pulling Hua Cheng up so they’re chest-to-chest, Xie Lian brings their lips together in a bruising kiss. Thank you.

Hua Cheng groans into their shared connection. The sound thrums between their lips to rattle in Xie Lian’s chest. His lover leans in, again and again— hopelessly enamoured, Xie Lian feels something inside him burn brighter with every touch. Hua Cheng eventually pulls back, sly smile dancing on his lips, “Thank you for the meal.”

“S-San Lang!” Xie Lian feels himself flush from head to toe, like he’s been manning the deep fryer for too long. How does he do it? Xie Lian can scarcely meet the other man’s twinkling gaze, mortified at the teasing words Hua Cheng utters when it’s just the two of them, alone together.

Something pokes at his thigh. Hua Cheng’s arms are caging him in, and the growing sensation down below is distressingly persistent. Xie Lian’s only just cum, but with every gentle kiss, every purposeful lave of his tongue, he feels a rekindling interest in his over-sensitive, tender loins.

“Gege,” the same voice murmurs, low and heady, “you taste absolutely divine.”

When Hua Cheng kisses him again, Xie Lian tastes chicken salt on his tongue, and a faint bitterness in his throat.

All of a sudden, the other man pulls back. Reaching over Xie Lian (he can’t help but follow the satisfying curve of the other man’s musculature, dipping down the V to settle at his crotch. Wow. He really lucked out, didn’t he? His boyfriend truly was a feast for the eyes), a gentle hand cradles his cheek.

“Gege,” the same voice trembles, “I’m the lucky one, you know? I’m given the honour of worshipping you, day in and day out.”

There’s fingers probing at his lips. Xie Lian opens up to let them in. Hua Cheng’s taking great care nursing his member back to full hardness. He’s hypersensitive still, he knows, but with long slender fingers thrusting in his mouth and encircling his cock, Xie Lian closes his eyes and relaxes under his lover’s whispered reassurances. The other man’s gaze sets parts of him alight— even with his eyes screwed shut and his hands knotted in the sheets, Xie Lian can feel it, the intensity of his boyfriend’s desire to consume and devour and strip him to the bone. Clearly, that thick shake of a meal was no more than an appetiser, as he dives in for another taste.

Knees against his ears, Xie Lian groans as a soft warmth dives into his core. He’s oversensitive, still— toes curling, he muffles his cries as Hua Cheng’s lips press against his ass, tongue working harder than he’d done in the restaurant earlier, licking the lid of their large potato-and-gravy. The dexterity and skill of his boyfriend’s tongue never ceases to amaze him.

“San Lang,” Xie Lian positively keens, “San Lang, San Lang, San Lang—”

He’s not stopping. Like chicken nuggets in sweet ‘n sour sauce, his tongue dips in and out, in and out, and Xie Lian is losing his mind. Somewhere along the line, spit-slicked fingers have joined the fray, poking and probing like plastic straws in a frozen mountain dew.

“San Lang, please, please, please,” Xie Lian begs, eyes screwed shut as his navel starts to tighten. He’s only just cum a few moments ago, but the telltale pressure is winding up like a twister wrap. Just a little bit more, a little more, and!

Hua Cheng pulls back.

“Gege,” he murmurs, and Xie Lian shudders at how absolutely wrecked he sounds. “Are you ready?”

Xie Lian nods.

There’s a crinkle of a wrapper. A slow exhale. The anticipatory silence between them is thick like gravy, and it weighs on his mind like a contactless delivery order. When’s it going to arrive? How much longer will he have to wait, before it’s finally, finally, here?

When Hua Cheng’s cock nudges against Xie Lian’s entrance, it’s clear he’s been meaning to slide some meat between his buns.

The burn is slow but welcome. It’s like eating a zinger burger, or spicy wicked wings. Setting fire to his nerves, the steady warmth swirls in his chest and settles in his bones. Xie Lian slowly grows accustomed to the length inside him. It’s definitely not a mini wrap, that’s for sure.

A hot breath ghosts over the shell of his ear. “Gege.”

Xie Lian’s heart clenches at the sound. “San Lang,” he reaches up to pull his lover into an open-mouthed kiss. San Lang, San Lang, San Lang. “I’m all yours.”

Hua Cheng moves.

It starts off slow, sweet. With every measured thrust, Hua Cheng scatters kisses over Xie Lian’s cheeks, mouth, lips. It’s like their first time all over again, where they’re learning more about each other as they move as one. The soft sighs, the muscle twitches, the way Hua Cheng’s tattoo stands out, black swirls against pale skin. Xie Lian drags his fingers down the smooth expanse of his boyfriend’s chest, marvelling at the way it clenches under his touch.

“San Lang treats me so well.” Xie Lian smiles as his palm settles on top of the other man’s heart. The rabbiting pulse gives away exactly how Hua Cheng is feeling. It matches Xie Lian’s own.

A soft chuckle. “It’s what Gege deserves.”

Xie Lian squeezes his thighs together, and readjusts his pelvis. Hua Cheng’s gaze turns dark. The light quiver in his forearms starts to dissipate, but the tension doesn’t fade. 

And just like that, the rhythm shifts.

When Hua Cheng fills him up with his bone-rattlingly-deep thrusts, Xie Lian bites back a moan. It’s rough and relentless and absolutely perfect, the way his lover nails his prostate again and again and again. Toes curling, Xie Lian rakes his fingers down the other man’s back. “San Lang, San Lang, San Lang,” the chant seems endless, as his vision starts to lighten. They’re both creeping closer to the edge, he can feel it, the way the firm grip on his hips start to tighten.

“Gege,” a throaty growl, “Gege, you’re so beautiful, so perfect, so everything, so let me just –”

“San Lang, so good, San Lang, San Lang—"

Xie Lian sobs as his vision turns white. Stripes of cum splatter against Hua Cheng’s chest like creamy coleslaw, and he’s gone. He’s dissociating from the human realm and into his lover’s arms – muscles limp, his nerves are deep-fried, all battered and crispy.

He faintly registers the other man’s deteriorating rhythm; one thrust, two thrusts, three. The other man groans out Xie Lian’s name as he spills his seed. That sound— it pierces through the cotton candy clouding Xie Lian’s thoughts as he floats down from cloud nine. ‘San Lang.’


You see, Hua Cheng was an eclectic mix of flavours. Spicy, saucy, salty, sweet— over the months they’ve been together, Xie Lian’s developed a taste for the unique flavour that is his boyfriend. And honestly, life’s been perfect. A bucketload of fun. Both inside and outside the bedroom, their relationship grows spicier by the day.

Finding someone who can share your cheat days as you inhale bucketloads of fried chicken.

Finding someone who memorises your usual take-out order.

Finding someone who dips you harder than you dip your chicken nuggets in sweet ‘n sour sauce.

Finding someone who complements your white wardrobe with a startling, vibrant red.

Brushing back his boyfriend’s hair, Xie Lian murmurs to himself, “How did I…”

A slow blink. “Gege…?”

“Mm, don’t worry about it, go back to sleep,” he soothes, before soft lips press against the taller man’s forehead. “Just thinking about how I’m so lucky, so blessed to be by your side.”

When Hua Cheng’s mouth curves up into an absolute Zinger of a smile, Xie Lian feels it tugging at his heartstrings. ‘San Lang.’

It’s true. Xie Lian feels it in his bones.

After all, loving Hua Cheng and being loved in return... truly was finger lickin’ good.