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Stream-Ra and the Gamers of Power

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“Heeeeeey it’s Sheeee-Raaaaa”

Adora laughed into their headset as a round of cheering came from the discord. Though a sharp but obviously teasing “ugh, that’s who you got to fill, Sparkles?” slid out from under the greetings.

“Rude,” Adora scoffed. They clicked around a bit before launching Among Us and checking their chat on twitch. “You know you missed me, Cap.” A chorus of oooohs echoed into their stream, and Adora couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Catra said as she re-sent the room code into the text channel. “Just get in here already so we can start.”

Rolling their eyes and stretching their shoulders out, Adora took their sweet time entering the game code. “I do love it when you’re bossy with me.”

“Get in line.”

Taking her foot off of the push-to-talk pedal Glimmer had suggested she invest in, Adora barked out another laugh. “Can you guys believe her?” she started, opening up a conversation with her viewers. She had been streaming for about a month now, and her average viewer count had gone up significantly since her first go. Adora tried not to boil it down to just being lucky to have more popular friends, but sometimes it sure felt like it was because of that. “She’s just hiding her true feelings, obviously .” Adora winked and felt heat rushing to her cheeks when the chat blew up with a bunch of I ship it type messages.

Ah, shit.

“Everyone ready?” Bow asked, fiddling with some last minute settings. “We’ve got nine so the lesser tasks should help.” 

A chime of confirmations came through and Adora rolled their eyes before tuning back into their chat. “So we’re doing proximity chat Among Us today… Basically all that means is that when you’re near another player, you can talk to them in game. Which is super fun and definitely leads to some insane games.”

“Look at the baby streamer, talkin’ to their chat… so cute!” 

Adora laughed nervously, pausing their motion in the game. A drawn out and nervous laugh boiled from their chest as they looked for the source of the voice. “H-hey… Perfuma…” 

“Hi She-Ra!”

“You’re not going to kill me, are you?”

“What??? I take a firm stance in nonviolence! I would never do that!”

And then the lights went out, and there was movement by the vent, and god damn it. 

“Man, I just joined!!”

Adora sighed and continued working on their tasks. “Well I guess that just means I can talk to you guys a bit before we really get into it. Who is the other one?”

SweetGrape16: lmaaaoooooooo its boooowwwww how did the two nicest people get imposter first skdjndsfsdfklja

Nodding and following behind Bow to see if he had managed to get anyone yet, Adora jumped slightly when the meeting popped up and everyone’s voices sprung into their ears.

“WHO. KILLED. SHE-RA??” Adora snort-laughed at Glimmer’s obvious rage. “They just joined!!!” 

“Well I only know one person who could be that ruthless .” Mermista had her detective voice on, and Adora was practically falling over in their seat laughing at the ridiculousness of it already. “Captain? What do you have to say for yourself?”

What !?” Her voice was a squeak above the rest. “I wouldn’t kill She-Ra are you kidding me? You all know I’d gotta flirt with them at least a little before I murder in cold blood. Gain their trust first. Please .” There was a moment of silence before she continued. “Besides, I think it’s the most unassuming people who would be this cruel…. Perfuma? Scorpia? Which one of you did this?”

“Oh my god,” Adora breathed, wiping at her eyes. “Cap would suspect the nicest people first.” So far she was the only one dead, so she clicked over to her chat. 

BabyDollBucky2 : icb perfuma did that to you. wtf she seemed so nice. not pog

sheras_ab_sweat : so like what if u did pull ups or something every time u or got the imposter wrong 👀

They felt their entire face flush at that username. They worked out one time on stream after a bet and gifs and recordings of it were posted on twitter with the tag #SweatWithSheRa . Ever since, there had been at least one person in every stream asking for them to do it again, or to take off their hoodie, or equally embarrassing requests. Adora did their best to ignore it, but they still felt the discomfort rise in their chest. “Ah, nah, that’s okay. Maybe later! Or if I get enough gift subs to convince me,” they laughed, tabbing back into the game. 

The meeting had ended, and the whole crew had skipped, and Adora used their little ghost to follow around Bow and Perfuma. “They’re both deceptively good liars. No one ever suspects Bow because he’s just so nice, and Perfuma has that sweetness to her that makes you believe she’s telling the truth no matter what.” Adora jumped when another voice came up behind them. 

“Heeeey she-ra,” Mermista groaned, her little ghost floating a couple inches away. “Who got you?”

“Perfuma, the sneak.”

“Me too… Do you know who the other is?”


“Ughhh of course . He’s going to win. He always wins when he’s imposter.”

The sound of Glimmer and Bow giggling together echoed through Adora’s headset and they quickly floated through the map to find them, fearing the worst.

“You won’t tell, right?” Bow’s voice started, high and filled with joy as he popped in and out of the vent.

“Boooow you can’t do this!! You know I can’t tattle on you!”

Adora gasped out of mock surprise, before yelling into the void “avenge me, you ass!” as their chat blew up with emotes.

“Yeah ‘cause you’re gonna simp hard, huh?” Bow made soft kissing noises into the mic and Adora faked a gag before rolling their eyes.

Glimmer ran away from him, laughing, and Adora followed her, a smile tugging on their lips. “Oh, I am going to haunt you, traitor.”

They came across Catra, hiding in a corner in the tree room clearly trying to listen in on something as Adora watched Bow hop into the vent beside comms before the lights went out again. “Oh no,” Adora mumbled, unable to stop the laughter in their voice as Bow popped out and sliced Catra right in half, running away laughing like a maniac.

“Ah god fucking damn it,” Catra hissed over Adora’s laughter.

“Oooh he got you good, Captain.”

“Shut your pretty little mouth, She-Ra . Unless you want me to shut it for you.”

Adora immediately snapped their mouth closed, flushing red as a tomato. 

himbomiisu : oh my god. o h my goddd holy shit i would literally die if she talked to me like that oh my god oh my god fuck fuckFUCK 

An awkward laugh tore from her throat as she scrambled to collect herself. Yeah, getting to know Catra had changed her lusty crush on a streamer to an actual crush on a friend … But Adora was fairly certain that Catra had no interest in her like that.

Which was frustrating considering one of the first things Catra had ever said to them was that she found them hot - but Adora supposed that maybe Catra didn’t see any potential for anything more after getting to know them. Which was fine, by the way. They still talked every night and video chatted frequently and played games together and did all the same stuff that Adora did with their other best friends.

So at the very least , Adora had gotten a new close friend. 

But fuck the flirting made it really hard to not keep crushing.

“Wanna stick together next round? I’ll make sure you don’t die first, babe.” 

Adora wiped at their cheeks, annoyed that their embarrassment was on display for the whole stream to see. And of course, they had about 400 viewers right now. Fucking great.

“Yeah, sounds good,” they squeaked, rolling their shoulders. “She-Ra Protection Duty, huh?”

“What else is your Captain here for but serving you?” 

Adora could almost hear the wink in her words. Fuck.

A meeting was called over Catra’s body, and Entrapta spoke up. “Listen guys, it’s clearly Perfuma. She’s been living in the vents - a very wise choice by the way - and picking us off one by one.” Adora’s eyes scanned over the list. Catra, Mermista and they were dead. Entrapta, Glimmer, Scorpia, Bow, Perfuma, and SeaHawk were still up. “We have to shoot someone here.”

“Ex cuse me? ” Perfuma sounded absolutely appalled. “I would never do this to my friends!”

Scorpia hopped in with a meek “yeah, I mean, Perfuma is just so nice and sweet and honest! She wouldn’t lie! There’s no way .”

“And it’s definitely not Bow,” Glimmer giggled. “Maybe it’s you , Trap?”

“If I could go in the vents I would , but sadly I am a mere crewmate, cursed to walk the entire ship on foot.”

“I believe our purple-haired friend,” SeaHawk chimed in. “And you all know I would never kill my dearest Mermista .”

Adora couldn’t help but burst into laughter as Ghost-Mermista groaned loudly into their ears.

“God they’re not going to get it, are they?” Catra was chuckling, low and breathy, and Adora blew out a loud whew as their own laughter calmed down. “The only ruthless one left is Glimmer and I bet anything she’s simping.”

“Yuuuup,” Adora nodded, resting their hand on their chin. “Bow was hopping in and out of the vent and she swore not to tell. The worst.”

Catra blew out a sigh of relief as they did wind up voting Perfuma off, with Scorpia profusely apologizing to her girlfriend in the background. “All part of the fun of proximity, huh?”

The next (and likely final) round started up, and Adora made sure they had no more tasks left before following Ghost-Catra around. 

“Don’t you have tasks?” Catra asked, sliding into the laboratory with Adora hot on her tail.

“I died first. They’re all done.” Adora sat back to take a swig of water as Catra frustratedly worked her way through the telescope task, groaning when she struggled to find the right thing. Adora laughed, and Catra blew out a heavy sigh.

“If you’re going to ride me this hard, at least buy me dinner first,” Catra deadpanned.

Adora choked, spitting her water out across her desk. “Shit.”

“Aww, baby,” Catra cooed, something Adora wasn’t used to pouring off of her tongue. “If you wanted me to choke you, you could have just asked.”

“Jesus, Cat--”

The victory screen popped up and the rest of the crew could hear them, and Adora thanked god that they didn’t just let Catra’s name slip from their lips on live stream. 

“I knew it was Bow!!” Sea Hawk chanted, and Adora knew he was standing on his chair in rage. “Good thing ghosts did their tasks!”

As the lobby loaded in, Adora laughed as Catra switched out her signature cat head hat (she did sometimes like to play into the whole cat thing) for the security cap, and popped out of the game to change her name to SecureRa.

“Okay, move aside bitches, I’m keeping She-Ra alive this round whether you like it or not.”

“My hero.”

ShrimpSupreme: so theyre like gay as hell right lmaooooo. 

pseudandry12: ???? can you have a little respect. Theyre still people.

getwitit33: look i have no idea how shera is staying chill as they are because FUCKKKKK Cap is so fucking hot i literally want to lick her all over what the HELL but like also she flirts like that with everyone right maybe we shouldn’t be weird and speculate-y but also daaaaamn

Adora felt their whole body tense as the Imposter screen popped up. Of course. This was perfect . And their partner was Entrapta, who tended to go completely kill-crazy. So as long as they stayed out of suspicion, they could last until there was almost no one left.

Maybe they could even convince their Security Detail to not tell the rest of the crew.

“What tasks do you have?” Adora started, snickering to themselves as Catra echoed their every movement. “We can alternate.”

“Don’t worry about it, boss.” Catra lowered her voice, and stood directly on top of Adora’s character. “Just nice to be alone with you for once.”

A small giggle bubbled up from Adora’s chest. “Oh, you wanna be alone with me, huh?” 

“Yeah,” Catra purred, turning her character to face Adora’s. “Maybe we can go to Speci. Be really alone.”

Adora flushed and laughed with a faux nervousness, grinning to themselves. “You wanna be alone in Speci? A-are you…” A loud, fake gulp to sell it. “Are you the imposter, Captain?”

“Maybe. Why don’t you fuck around and find out?” Catra moved down towards the Admin room, waiting impatiently for Adora to follow. 

And Adora did, opening the door, let out a fake nervous whimper as the doors shut and they headed through the halls. “Would be pretty crazy if you killed me right now, ha haa…” 

“That would be pretty crazy .”

Adora stepped up to the artifact suitcase and pretended to complete the task before looking back at Catra. “Don’t… Don’t you have any tasks in here?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Adora couldn’t help but laugh after popping their foot off of the push to talk pedal. They continued their trek back up to the labs, Catra close behind, and as they paused in decontamination, Adora whispered “hey, wanna know a secret?”

“Sure, princess.”

Running all the way to the left, Adora couldn’t help but laugh as she popped into the vent. 

“Wait!! Get back here!” Catra hissed, letting out a relieved sigh as Adora came back into sight. “Don’t you go where I can’t follow, princess. It’s my sworn duty to protect you this game and that’s just what I’m going to do.”

“Oh, you’re a real knight in shining armor aren’t you?” 

An emergency meeting popped up just in time for them to both clamp their mouths shut.

“It’s been too long,” Glimmer said, her voice clearly tense. 

“There are three deaths?!”

Seahawk, Perfuma and Scorpia were all Exed out on the roster, and Adora threw a hand over their mouth. “Oh my god, that’s insane!”

“Cap? She-ra? I haven’t seen you guys all game.”

Catra let out a small laugh. “She-Ra is totally clear.”

Simp .

“We did keys then stopped in office, then down through speci and we were just coming up in labs when you called the button.”

“That’s a short path for such a long round,” Mermista insisted. Her voice was always so monotone Adora could hardly tell if she was suspicious or just pointing out a fact. As she moved to speak up, Catra cut in again.

“What can I say? You leave us alone in dark corners and we’re bound to get up to something .”

A chorus of “gaaaaaaaaay ” rang through the speakers and Adora could only drop their face into their hands. The chat was going insane, and fuck, they were so so fucking embarrassed. Shit. Fuck.

“A gay? In this lobby?” Glimmer laughed, overdramatic and wild. “Unheard of!” 

When they finally calmed down, Entrapta spoke up. “We’ve gotta shoot someone! We’re already down to six. One double kill and imposters win.”

After debating and deciding to split up the pair of Bow and Glimmer, sure one of them was either the imposter or simping for the other, the next round started up.

Adora started their trek down towards weapons, fully surprised that Catra still followed. “I’m surprised you’re coming with me, Cap. You know we only need one more, right?”

“I know, baby. But I swore to protect you. And I will die to keep that promise.”

“That’s…” Adora felt her character break slightly, genuine awe taking over. “That’s really sweet?? What the hell.”

And then the game ended, and Entrapta’s wild laughter came over the speakers, with everyone else groaning. “Seriously?? Who was the other??”

“She-Ra,” Catra hummed with nonchalance, loudly typing something out. 

“And you let them get away with it?”

Catra laughed and Adora flinched when their discord indicated a new DM. 


>> This was not because I like you. Don’t ever ask me to third imposter for you again, princess ;)