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Stream-Ra and the Gamers of Power

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Adora slid her headset back over her ears, grimacing when Glimmer’s overly excited voice came tearing through her computer. “So you have OBS set up, right?”

“Ye -- wait…” Adora clicked through all the screens on their monitor and sighed, nodding to themself. “Yes.”

Bow’s voice came in, way more calm and reassuring. “Webcam on and clear?”

Adora checked the framing of her video, slightly annoyed that they had suggested she just go ahead and put her face up. “Yep.” She really wasn’t the most comfortable with strangers knowing what she looked like, but Glimmer and Bow had reassured her that she’d get more viewers this way because she was - as they eloquently put it - ridiculously hot, but in the approachable way that gamers liked.


A short moment of panic took over. “I…” They clicked through and saw both their webcam footage and the spotify mini player reflected on their screen. “I just have my webcam and my music…”

“That’s okay!” Glimmer cut in, just before Bow with his own “Totally fine, that’s all I started with too!”

They didn’t feel so certain… “All right… If you’re sure. You guys have those really cool game specific ones --”

“We’ll get you those eventually! But they cost money to commission and you don’t need ‘em.” Adora could hear Glimmer pulling her lights over and getting the last bit of her set up organized. “Should make sure you even like this first!”

And Bow’s final reassurance, quiet and calm. “You’re gonna be fine! We’re going to make sure to link you so you should get at least a few viewers!”

Adora let out a shaky sigh, sure that no one would even tune in to her stream right away, and clicked the start streaming button on OBS, letting her video go live. 

“Hey everyone!!” Glimmer’s voice rang out over her headset as she started up her own stream. “Welcome back! I’m so happy you’re all here. Today is going to be pretty chill,” she continued, her powered on voice even bubblier than her normal one. “Me and Bow are just going to play some league with our other friend, She-Ra! You’ve probably seen them on my streams before, but they're starting out streaming too!”

Adora felt her cheeks flush as she listened, staring probably too intently at her viewer count. It was still sitting at zero.

“So if any of you want to hop over to give them some love, they’re streaming over on twitch at giantswordlady!” Adora realized that Bow probably had Glimmer’s voice echoing out over his stream as well, doubling her potential audience.

It only took a moment before she saw a few viewers pop up, and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Glimmer had muted herself in discord to continue talking to her stream as Bow finished setting up their lobby, and Adora swallowed before pulling her chair up a little. 

“H-Hi,” she started, throat dry. “Thanks for um, coming to my stream. I… definitely appreciate it! You’ll have to, um,” she hesitated when the distinct sound of someone deafening discord rang through her headset. “Excuse any rookie mistakes I make, like, you know, not muting myself to my friends.”

SeaQueenMermistuh : heyyyy shera. loosen up, babe.

Adora blushed, rolled their shoulders and sat forward again. “Right so, we’re just going to play some norms on league today… we might get the whole ranked team together later but for now we’re just going to play some chill games.”

The invite chimed on their screen and they joined in to see her two best friends’ summoner’s names flashing up. “I uh, might not talk as much. I tend to tryhard a little bit so, I’ll do my best!” Adora clicked around a couple times until she got her gaming playlist going, lowering the volume in her own ears. “Let me know if anything is too loud or too quiet! I’ll try to remember to check the chat as much as possible.”

She saw her subscriber count rise by a few, and officially more than just their typical gaming friends were following her. 

PogginChampagne: what do u main???

Queue popped and Adora quickly clicked on the accept button. “I uh, typically go for jungle nowadays. Glimmer mains mid and Bow ADC!” Adora slid through the bans with practiced ease, rolling her shoulders as she banned the typical picks. “I lean towards bruisers. I’ve been playing a lot of Hecarim lately… but I still have a soft spot for Vi. Maybe that’s,” Adora laughed quietly as they locked in their pick. “... just ‘cause she’s hot. I don’t know.”

The game loaded in and she heard Glimmer and Bow come back over her headset. 

Adora just hoped the nerves didn’t throw them off too much.

After their streams ended, Glimmer and Bow came over for a late dinner, and they were currently piled on Adora’s sofa eating pizza and talking about how she could improve her next one. 

“Honestly, the feedback you were getting was all super positive! Perfuma said that your lighting was kinda shit though so we can get you some soft boxes!” Glimmer shoved another bite into her mouth and hissed at the burn of it. Adora pressed their lips together to stop from laughing.

“Shouldn’t…” They paused to swallow, frowning. “Like shouldn’t it just be about whether or not I’m a good gamer? I’m not like, getting dressed up or anything for these.”

Glimmer scoffed and dropped her slice back into the box. “Well, duh. We don’t want you to be a titty streamer --”

“A… what.”

“-- Like obviously you could be with those honkers --”

Adora’s whole face flushed bright red as she again asked “what??”

“-- But you’re actually good and we should capitalize on that!”

Bow laughed and cut in, waving his hands in front of his face. “Of course there’s nothing wrong with being a, um, titty streamer…” He whispered the last part, as if trying not to offend. “If that’s what you want!”

“I’m still not even sure I know what that is.”

Rolling her eyes and leaning back against the couch, Glimmer groaned. “Just… girls who don’t even really care about the game. They just sit in front of the camera half naked and capitalize on horny boys giving them views and money.” She took in a deep breath and then didn’t breathe again. “It’s not even like there’s anything wrong with it at least if they’re playing the games! But some of them just sit there and purposely feed and just are so frustrating because it just makes it harder for girls to actually do well in the streamer pool like god at least care about games if you’re going to show off your tits!”

Adora blinked and … potentially made a mental note to look further into these so called titty streamers… so she would know what not to do… of course.

She tried to think of the girls she did watch and could only think of one who even remotely fit the bill. But she was pretty good at gaming! She was high gold in League and platinum in Overwatch and kicked ass in all the other games she played that didn’t have ranked modes… 

But she… definitely could be classified as tits out. And she had an onlyfans. And Adora definitely wasn’t subscribed to it.

No way.

Not Her.

… Okay, maybe after like, a week of agonizing if it was morally right Adora had decided that they were just supporting a streamer they really enjoyed. And it wasn’t like they did anything with the photos! Adora just… admired the artistry of it. Besides, the girl never posted anything completely revealing - at least not without an extra charge. So… Adora was simply doing her best to help someone out financially.



Okay, screw it, the girl was really hot and Adora was a simple lesbian who was definitely into the whole dark and mysterious vibe she gave off. 

“Hellooooo? Earth to the obvious lesbian who is definitely hyperfocusing on tits now?”

And she also had nice tits. 

But Adora would never admit any of this out loud.

“Sorry!” Adora threw their hands up in mock defeat. “You say tits that many times and there’s really only one place I can go with it!”

Bow stood up, obviously embarrassed, and did his best to change the subject. “Aaaanyways! Unfortunately like, part of the whole thing is making sure you look good and putting on a bit of a show! We should find you a gimmick or a theme, I think! Like you know how Mermista is all ocean goddess and Perfuma has the floral theme and Glimmer is bright pinks and sparkles…”

Leaning back into the couch and crossing their arms, Adora felt a pout taking over their mouth. “Why? Can’t I just keep playing and letting people come to me if they want to? I don’t really need this financially.”

“It’s just more fun!”

Glimmer shot up, her hair bouncing on her shoulders. “Wait! It’s so easy! We should just… make you totally She-ra themed! Princess of Power and all! Like we know you were obsessed with the show as a kid, and that you were even named after her right? So like we can make all your overlays themed and color coordinated and you can just… you know, leaaaan~” she hummed, letting her entire body fall on top of Adora’s. “~Into it!”

Laughing, Adora shoved their best friend to the side and rolled their eyes.

“Plus, you’ve got those big muscles. Do the superhero savior of the universe thing and let everyone know how jacked you are.” Glimmer pinched at Adora’s bicep, and Adora shoved her hand away again.  “You’re already going to get a good chunk of girls watching.”

“All right, all right.” Adora crossed her arms and closed her eyes. “Just tell me what I need to do.”

After two weeks of streaming every other day, trying to get used to these newer overlays that Glimmer had decided were necessary, and still doing all of her schoolwork, Adora was already exhausted. They were trying their best to find the sweet spot between stream length and what was doable for them while not neglecting their degree or their personal routine. 

It was nice that her schooling was online and she could do it on her own time… but it was taking an extra dose of discipline not to just say screw it and play games all night with her friends; and that was only about to get worse.

“Adoooora!” Glimmer practically blew out Adora’s ear drums after hopping into the voice chat they all pretty much lived in. 

Adora pulled her headphones away from her ears, wincing. “Ow.”

“Sorry sorry sorry but I have great news!”

 There was no mistaking the sound of Glimmer bouncing in her ridiculously plush and pink seat.

“Well go on then,” Adora snickered, leaning back down to continue writing her notes for class.

Glimmer practically squealed as she started. “Well a little bit ago we - Bow and me, but you probably figured that - well we submitted your name to get added to this like, kind of exclusive streamer discord that we’re in. The owner is like, really big right now and it’s a cool way to find more people to stream with! Mermista and Perfuma and even Seahawk are in it too! 

“Buuuut the owner has to approve everyone and she’s kiiiiinda standoffish so we weren’t sure if she’d say okay but she said she’d watch a couple of your streams and see if there was like promise or anything and she finally got back to us…”

Glimmer was holding her breath, without a doubt too excited to tell Adora the news. 

Adora was a little ashamed to admit it, but she was actually kind of on the edge of her seat. “Okay, and?”

“Aaaaaand she said yes!”

The invite popped up in chat almost immediately, and Adora felt her whole face flush. The server was simply titled “Streamers That Don’t Suck” and Adora wasn’t quite sure if they fit into that categorization, but they coughed and hovered over the accept invite button. 

“Are you sure? I’ve only got like… maybe twenty subs?” They ran over her friends’ subscribers in their head and knew that they all had at least a thousand, probably some of them way higher. 

Glimmer scoffed and lilted her voice in that way she did when she thought Adora was being ridiculous. “She watched you! She clearly thinks you’ll get along with her friends too!”

“You said she’s standoffish though! That’s…”

“Pleeeeaaaase,” Glimmer started, laughing. “She just doesn’t really like me. We clash a lot! But it’s okay, she gave us an enthusiastic yes for you! Or -- okay, maybe not enthusiastic , at least not by our standards, but it was more positive than usual!”

That really wasn’t doing much to ease their nerves. But they knew Glimmer wouldn’t put them in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation… right?

“Just accept the damn invite, Adora,” Glimmer sighed, irritation clear in her voice.

With a groan, Adora clicked Join and was immediately taken to the channel of rules.


1. 21+ only.

2. Don’t be a fucking asshole. Seriously. Just be chill and everything will be fine.

3. Alongside this: If you say anything homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, etc I will not hesitate to permaban you.

4. Let my mods be mods. Do not try to undermine them or do their job for them.

5. Take any exclusive or personal conversation to DMs.

6. If there’s a clearly full VC, don’t join if you’re not playing. We have about fifteen different VCs so that people can be where they need to be and not step on any toes

7. Let people know if you’re streaming so they can behave how they’d like to in someone else’s stream.

8. If you want to invite anyone new to this server, DM me. I like to vet people who are potentially going to join. I’ll give you a single use invite code when I approve them.

9. I don’t really care if you’re active or not, but don’t flake out if you’ve agreed to join something.

10. Other than that, I don’t care. Play whatever games you want with whoever you want. GLHF.

>> Please react to the green check when you’ve read and agreed to the above rules!
>> Then head over to #introductions and tell us a little about yourself including name, age, pronouns, streaming channel, and any other social media or facts you’d like us to know.
>> Finally, check out #roles to assign yourself to roles!
>> Thanks!

Adora bit her lip and hovered over the check, sighing before clicking the well used reaction, and then felt herself jump when a whole plethora of other channels appeared. They hadn’t really joined many big servers before, so all of this felt very new. There were separate sections for the most played games, gen chats, suggestion channels, tips and tricks, personal spaces and, jesus, Adora already felt completely overwhelmed. 

“Dont forget an intro!”

Shit, she forgot she was still on a call with Glimmer. 

“I got it!”



>> uh, hi everyone! thanks for inviting me :) i go by she-ra, i’m 23, she/they, my twitch is giantswordlady - twitter is the same - and um, i guess that’s it! I’m super new to streaming so please dont hesitate to let me know if im doing something crazy wrong! cant wait to play with you!


>> Welcome She-Ra!!!!!!! Wow it’s so cool to have a new face in here!!! It’s been a while!!!!!!! I hope you love it here!!!!


>> She-Ra? Like the cartoon from the eighties? Coooool.


>> haha yeah, my parents were obsessed with it and i guess the obsession got passed down!


>> ooooh yes baaaaabe so excited ur here.

A bunch of reactions started piling onto her original intro, and Adora jumped over to the roles channel, selecting her pronouns, preferred games, and some other options that let others mass ping when they needed fills.

“Hey,” Glimmer popped back into VC, startling Adora. “I gotta go - date night - but text us if you need anything!”

Adora rolled her eyes affectionately, popping back into the introduction channel to see a bunch more welcomes. “Yeah, for sure Glim. Have fun and let Bow know I say hey!”

“I wiiiill!” she sang before disconnecting.

Laughing it off and turning their attention back to the server, Adora noticed a new DM in her inbox, from a display picture they didn’t quite recognize. It looked… somewhat familiar, maybe? But she couldn’t quite place it.

She opened it.

This is the beginning of your direct message history with @Catra.


>> Hey, do you have a minute? I like to voice chat with new members just to make sure we’re on the same page.

Adora’s whole mouth went dry. What? Glimmer did not warn them about this.


>> uh, yeah! sure! can you give me just one minute?


>> Sure. Call me whenever you’re ready.


>> awesome thanks itll just be a min!

Adora stood up quickly and felt panic rushing through her veins. Okay. This was fine. This was fine. They shook out their hands at their sides, flexed their fingers three times and blew out a heavy breath. This was fine. But what the hell, Glimmer! She could have given Adora a heads up. Glimmer knew that they needed some time to prepare for this kind of stuff; it always sent her anxiety sky high.

But this was fine. She felt like it was going to be a quick chat. Easy. Just… fine.

They sat back down, pulled their headset over their ears, and took a deep breath.

She pressed the little phone icon.

And then, when both circles were green…


“Hey, She-Ra. How’s it hanging?”

Adora felt all of the blood drain from their face. Shit. She knew this voice. She listened to this voice while she studied. And she…

Oh no.

Ohhh noooo.

“Holy shit.”

Oh, god damn it, that was not supposed to be out loud. 

But oh god she had the cutest giggle Adora had ever heard.

“I-I’m sorry, wow, I just… uh… Been watching you for a bit and didn’t realize this was your discord.” Adora felt like she was floundering, her cheeks now burning red. “Glimmer just never… she never said whose it was so I… ah, jeez, sorry, sorry.”

That adorable little giggle again, and Adora was sitting forward in their chair staring in utter disbelief. 

“You’re cute.”


Adora’s whole body was buzzing, the constant noise of static ringing in her ears. How on earth was this happening? TheForceCaptain - who, up until this moment Adora had only known as such - was talking to her. Calling them cute?

Holy shit.

“Whaaaat?” Oh my god. Calm down. “I… nooooo.” They laughed uncomfortably, and practically dropped their forehead against the cool surface of their desk. “So, uh, how can I help you?”

“Ooooh.” Catra’s - she knew her name now - voice was low and raspy, and holy shit Adora was absolutely melting. “So transactional. Are we keeping it professional? Or can I know your real name?”

“It’s Adora,” slipped from their lips before they even had a second to think. Damn it. “Ah… please don’t tell anyone that.”

“Your secret’s safe with me, Adora.”

A spike of heat shot through her core. Adora could almost see the plush curve of Catra’s lips around her name, vivid images of things far too inappropriate to be thinking about right now setting themselves up firmly in her mind’s eye.


“So, um,” she started, coughing to clear her throat and shifting uncomfortably in her seat. “What… What did you want to talk about?”

A low hum came through her headphones and Adora wiped awkwardly at their face, trying their best to get rid of the flush still on their cheeks. “Ah, nothing important. I just watched a couple of your streams and thought you were kinda hot. So I wanted to talk to you.”

That was it. Adora’s entire brain was short-circuiting, and all they could do was bark out an awkward laugh. “You… Me? That’s… wow. Uh, okay, haaaa.”

“Damn. You’re hard to compliment.”

Adora felt her entire body flushed with embarrassment as she sunk lower into her chair. How was this happening? What… This was fake, right? She was being pranked. Or something.

“I…” Another uncomfortable laugh tore from her mouth and she clamped a hand over her lips. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled, bringing her knees up to her chest. “I’m…”

“Oh, fuck,” Catra’s voice sounded a little panicked now. “Ah, I’m sorry. I just got gay vibes from you but if you’re not I can definitely stop I just --”

“No!” Adora was sitting up straight now, hands braced on their desk. “Gay. Me. Yes. I am… definitely a lesbian. Women. Yeah.”

“Oh, Okay.” A heavy silence fell for a moment. “Well, good. Same page, then.”

“Is…” Adora felt a smile pulling on their lips. “Is that the same page you wanted to get on?” She couldn’t help but sit forward, her whole body tight with excitement.

And then “shut up.”

And then the call disconnected.


>> Great. Same Page. Welcome to the server, Adora. We should play together some time.