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I Can See You

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“He’s doing it again,” Kakashi whispered into his phone.

“Are you watching your neighbor do yoga, again?” Yamato asked over the phone.

“If he didn’t want me to watch, he should do it inside.”

“He has a fence.”

“I can see over it.”

“When you’re standing upstairs watching out your bedroom window. Like a creepy stalker.”

“I am not. I just happen to be standing in my bedroom. And looked out the window. Because it is a beautiful day.”

“Stop lying and go talk to your neighbor before he calls the cops on you.”

“What would I even say?”

“Start with ‘hi’ and go from there. I have to go. Some of us have things to do.”

Kakashi sighed as he hung up his phone. When he looked out the window, his neighbor was gone. Yamato was right. He was being a creep. He should stop. Definitely.

The doorbell ringing brought him out of his thoughts.

Kakashi jogged down the stairs and opened the door, to find his neighbor standing there.

“If you’re going to watch me every morning, you could at least offer me coffee or something,” the man said.

“I… I wasn’t…”

“I can see you through the window,” the man said.


“I’m Iruka by the way.”