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Eternal's Eve

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Dedicated to my beloved friends, Angel "The Goddess" Chua
and Casey "My Mother Adelicia" Ferrer. Without the two of you
this would have been nothing. Thank you so much to the two of you

Thousand years ago a great war sparked in the heavens, a battle fought between the Gods and
Death itself causing the hearts of men to tremble in despair. . .
There was a complete chaos and destruction, a death hollow and a never ending misery.
The world mas divided into four major continents:
From the northern lands of the vast coast of the continent of the North lies Eanara, the land of the High elves,
From the land of the magical country of the South lies Hereniera, the lands of the magicians,
From the East lies Corona, the cold haven of the rumored winged creatures,
And from the West lies Exilius, the Dark continent of the west where all the other creatures that had been exiled from their country was thrown, It is where evil lurks, and the shadows that had corrupted them grew stronger as time passes by. . .
After the great illuminating war plants started once again to flourished and fertile from the very grounds. . .
Mankind regained their strength but the scars that had left them shall remain with them for eternity until the very ends of time. . .
Telesia, Goddess of the skies and magic, passed sentence unto Death to be chained and schackled into the depths of the underworld for eternity but no one really knows if the great myth had really sparked from the heavens until the very sands of time had come to pass. . . to forget, to start again and to be happy. And let all that had happen be written into history's pages.

Chapter One:To the destiny that awaits you
"Wake up! wake up!" I heard a familiar voice shouting at me. . .Psh! It's Anna, my personal alarm clock every morning and also my step-sister
"Not now" I mumbled. . .I grabbed my pillow then put it in my face and tried to sleep again
"Get up!" she threw my pillow and once again shouted at me "Get up!" I can clearly see the sun penetrating through my eyes
"I'm still sleepy" I mumbled again while looking at her
"Amber! This is the first day of our school! It's so embarassing if we come late" She shook me
"Okay! okay! I'll get up now" I shouted trying to wake myself up
"Good,"she said "I already prepared your food and uniform so all you need to do is get a freaking shower then finally get out of here"
"Okay, whatever" I murmured
"You're so ungrateful you know" she irritably said
"Thank you!" I shouted
"Whatever," she rolled her eyes then finally walked out of the room.
After a couple of minutes I stood up and finally took my shower.
I'm currently feeling the freshness of the morning water. . .
This is the first day of school and I'm hesitating if I'll continue or not. . .
I'm not embarassed or shy or anything its just that I didn't even got excited when I passed the exam and I don't know why.
I kept on having an anxiety this following days . . .no not days but the whole freaking week.
what's wrong with me? and I kept on experiencing deja vu and stuff.
"Are you done already?" Anna shouted causing me to be back into reality. . .
"Y-yes" I responded then grabbed my towel and wrapped it over my body. . .
I got out from the bathroom and finally fixed myself.
After half an hour I got out of my room with wearing my black and white uniform with a black ribbon at my neck and sat at the table and started eating along with Anna with also her black and white uniform who seems to be so much excited. . .We're in the same school and I don't know why she's so hyped up in going into school today
"What happened to you? It very unusual of you to woke up this late" she said
"Nothing," I effortlessly responded "Are you excited to day?" I asked
"Yah. . . sort of"
"I'm not excited and I don't even know why"
"Just relax! you silly! here you go again with your weird anxiety" she rolled her eyes
Oh yah! Anna is my best friend since five and we lived in the same roof for like fourteen years since her mother and father adopted me when I was still four and treated me as their own.
I am Amber Everlight and she is Anna White,
Our surnames were different because when I was a child I chose the surname that a certain maiden gave to me that I can't remember anymore. . .
Even though we're not really bioligically related but we still treat each other as a true sisters.
We have distinct characteristics that makes us compatible. . .Me I am not a showy type of person when it comes to feelings and stuff but you can count on me when it comes to backing up when you have an enemy, I'm sort of a warfreak when it comes to that stuff. . . Anna she's really showy of her emotions but really weak especially when it comes to arguing to people.
She's 18 like me since our gap is only two and a half months and she's like my identical twin since we had a same thing of choice when it comes to certain stuffs.
"I'm done" she stood up then grabbed her plate
"Wait for me!" I said then rushed to finish all the food that is still in my plate. . . I'm not a voracious eater like her. . . always greedy when it comes to food.
"I'll be in the door. . .hurry!"
"Okay! okay!" I rolled my eyes
After how many seconds I'm already threw
"Let's go" I said
"Okay. . .I'll start the chant" I nodded
I'm not bringing anything since its just the first day of school and I'm pretty sure it's all orientation, rules, policies and boring stuffs.
She started chanting since I'm too tired to do it
"To the path down to the stairway,
and the dimension colliding the gateway,
Open thy mirror and lead us to the dawn,
and thy dusk that shall summon us for tomorrows awe" she waved her hand and the door started quaking
After a couple of seconds she touched the doorknob and turned it and then we're finally out to the open city of Hereniera, Hereia, The magical city.
Buildings everywhere, very crowded since we are in the capital city, usual stuffs like nine foot tall dragon mounts, cloud mounts, horses, chariots and many more.
There's an open market at the very ends of the city's district and I'm planning to go there next week. . .
"Let's go," she grabbed my hand and led me to the other side of the road "Did you bring your mount?"
"Oh no! I forgot" I worriedly said
"As always" she rolled her eyes
"Sorry" I mumbled
"I'll summon it now" she said
"Okay" I said
She whistled then suddenly a lumps of clouds appeared in front of us.
"Let's go" the cloud lowered a little bit so that we can step in.
And here we go, riding a cloud mount heading to the high academy.
We chose cloud because other mounts is so painful when riding it especially in the butt like dragons and unicorns, It's simple but elegant at the same time.
We reached the school just in time then she quickly left me.
"Wait, where are you going?" I asked
"I need to comply something important so I'll be leaving first. see you later" she waved at me
"Oh. . . okay see you" I mumbled
"I'll make it up to you later promise" she smiled
When she finally took off I was left standing in the academy's golden gates.
Deep breath, you can do this Amber
I can clearly see all the students of the school. The overly excited freshman, the boring sophomores, the dumbass juniors and the forever idiot seniors, no offense.
My school? hmmm, It's very big I must say, fifteen times the size of a running field, It has six big bells in its every corner, One gigantic clock, four high towers, three arcane observatories and five layered mystical barriers.
The main building is where the office of the headmaster of the academy lies, It is a seventeen floors and mainly composed of different chambers and rooms.
The main hall is composed of expensive blue diamond chandeliers, expensive magical paintings, expensive gold colored walls. Expensive! expensive! all expensive! that's all I can say.
The main hall is where usually people especially students hang out, It's like a museum at the same time
The Arcane observatory is where all observations and experimentations are being made by the school. . .
The outside image of the school is just an illusion. . . when you get inside it's a lot more than you expected.
Well I've always wanted to be in this school when I was little but even though I'm here already I'm having an anxiety of what might happen to me for staying here.
I took again a deep breath then finally walked near the main entrance.
I can clearly see students falling in line to get inside the school. . . but before you can get inside there is two life-size maiden statues that'll ask you of certain stuffs to ensure that you really are a student of the academy. . .
Yes. . . a moving and a speaking statue.
I've been reading all the stuffs about this school when I was a child that's why I knew all about that.
I fall in line and currently waiting for my turn.
As I continue to get near it I can clearly heard their conversation between the statue and the girl.
"Good morning" the left statue bowed
"H-hi" I can clearly sense that the girl is quite afraid
I've read that if the statues don't recognize you as the student of this school you will be cursed to be a living statue for three days. . .
Oh well, goodluck to me.
"Good morning" someone spoke to me causing my reverie to be interrupted. Oh! It's my turn.
Keep calm Amber.
"G-good m-morning" what's happening to me?
"This will be quick so don't be so nervous" the right statue smiled
When she smiled my body began to keep calm. . .weird
"What's your name dear?" she asked
"I-I'm Amber Everlight" I mumbled
"Power rank"
"Moderate" I answered
"Are you sure?" she said
"Yes" I answered
"You're lying" said by the left statue
"N-no" What's happening? Am I not on the list?
My heart starts to be afraid causing my body to shake a little.
"I'm moderate believe me" I justified
They didn't talk for a couple of second and I was left there standing while other students are staring at me. . . Gosh this is so embarassing.
First day of school I already embarrased myself.
They're going to speak already when suddenly an old woman with a red robe and had an eyeglasses come to me. She's a professor I guess.
"Good morning dear!" she said as she continue to get near me. . .wait? is she taking to me?
"Good morning Lady Swan" the two statue bowed. . . Definitely not me
"Good morning Amber" huh? what? is she talking to me?
"H-how did you know my name?" I asked. . . don't be stupid Amber! she's a professor so be polite.
She laughed "How could I not dear?"
Oh! of course she's a professor of this school so how could she not. . .but I felt something disturbing. . . something unknown.
"Dears the headmaster commanded me to take Ms. Everlight to him immediately" she said with a little touch of an unknown accent(British)
"Of course" they said
"Let's go dear" she lend her hand to me. . .
I held her hand then followed her.
We pass through the gate then. . .
Oh my god! It's really magnificent! I didn't expected this to be so wonderful!
A wide bush maze infront of the high tower, fountains everywhere, statues in every pathway, and pets. wait? Is it okay to bring pet? Gosh! I could have bring my pocket dog.
"This way dear" she said
After a couple of minutes we stopped in a mirror warp. . . There are three kinds of warp that can teleport you to the different parts of the academy. . . there are water warps that are mostly capable of teleporting you to small distances, there are thunder warps for moderate distances and mirror warps for far distances.
She holds my hand tightly as she touched the shallow mirror. . . after a split second I didn't realize that we're already in the high tower.
It's like there's nothing happened.
"This way dear" she said then I followed
Why does the Headmaster wanted to see me? have I done something wrong?
As we continue to walk I can clearly see endless doors leading to different rooms. . .
"Here we are," The professor said then touched the door "Cover your ears dear" I followed what she said and after she did that I heard a mirror being broken into pieces. . . It's very loud and It's really defeaning!
"You can uncover it now," she said then she finally opened the door. . . "Let's go?" she smiled
When we're already inside I can see three people. . . an old man with a long beard and wearing a red robe he must be the Headmaster, a middle-aged woman same as the old man she is wearing a red robe too and a guy. . . no not just a guy a HOT guy he is wearing a uniform. . . has a brown eyes, a brunette, about 5'9 in height and a charming look. . .He's really attractive you know.
He smiled at me causing my face to flushed
"Welcome" the old man said. . .I fake smiled
When we're already inside I heard a rumbling sound.
The headmaster waved his right hand then water starts to appear below the door creating a transparent barrier.
"Good day" The woman said to me but I didn't respond.
The guy kept staring at me causing me to tryingly avoid his inevitable face.
"Sit" the headmaster pointed the seat in front of his table
After I sat he began to introduce himself then them one by one. . .
"Dear I am Magnolius of the 3rd Dimension,Headmaster of this school" he bowed.
I can't read his power. weird.
What the!? It took me a couple of seconds to internalize what just happened. . .did he just bowed his head to me?
It's very weird since only a lower class or ranking people bows to a higher ranking person.
In this case his the headmaster of the Academy and I'm only a student.
"Wait. . . did you just bowed your head to me?" I suddenly mumbled that he somehow heard
He smiled "You're funny dear" he said
What's funny about what I said?
Did I said something funny?
"It's a normal stuff for me to do young lady," He smiled "Amber this is Lady Swan," he then pointed his finger to the old woman beside him standing who brought me here "she is a professor of magical arts here in the academy"
She then smiled at me. I smiled too as a response
"This is Kara, Kara of the steel, a professor also. She teaches basic magics" She walked near me and greeted me.
A powerful magician I must say just like Lady Swan.
"Hi Amber" she waved at me then did the same
"And--" the headmaster spoke again "Dear this is
Arthur, the ranked two of the Academy's juniors" He walked near me then shake my hand.
I suddenly felt an electricity when he shook my hand.
I can't look at him directly because I don't know. . . awkward maybe?
He's aura is low. That's weird. The first I saw him I felt something different.
Then I heard the headmaster spoke again
"Do you know why we have summoned you here dear?" I shook my head "It's because your ranking is still unknown"
"My rank?" of course I belong in the lowest rank why is it that It's still unknown? I did make sure that I'm in the lowest.
"It seems that--" we heard a knock in the door then someone spoke "They have arrive headmaster"
"I'll be with you in a second" the headmaster replied then back his attention to me.
"We shall talk again later dear for I have important guest who have arrived just now," He calmly said "Arthur shall be with you to somehow tour you in the school grounds is that okay?" I nodded then looked at Arthur who seems to be smiling "Kara, Lady Swan come with me" He stood up from his chair then casted a spell
"Aqua Vesta Exemplia" After he said that they suddenly turned into water, the three of them
The only people left in that room are me and Arthur.
We didn't talk for a couple of seconds and kept staring at each other when suddenly he started a conversation.
"H-hi" He said while straightly looking at me while smiling
"Hello" I responded
"I'm Arthur Drisdaine" he smiled again
"I-I'm Amber Everlight"
We didn't talk again for a couple of seconds since the both of us don't know what to say to each other.
"Let's go?" He said
"I'll tour you around the Academy"
"Is it okay to you?" I asked
"Yeah. . . It's alright for me since I really want to tour you around the academy from the start I heard your name being talked about"
"Why am I being talked about?" I asked
"Nothing just forget about it. I'm sure the headmaster shall explain it to you," He said "Let's go?" I nodded "Do you want to teleport or walk?"
"I want to walk" I said
"Oh okay" He smiled again
What's up with his smile? It's like so addictive.
"Cover your ears" Oh fuck! It's the deafening sound again. I covered my ears just as he said
Then he mumbled a word that I didn't hear then covered also his ears.
A loud deafening sound sound was unleashed.
After a couple of seconds we uncover our ears then smiled at me
"That was so like annoying" I mumbled
"Agreed. but It's significant since the headmaster runs this school and without him we're doomed," He laughed "After you"
We began to walk straight that leads to the stairway.
He's so like polite at the same time a gentleman.
He's definitely my type.
I kept on staring at his stunning face as we walk.
"He must be really powerful then?" I said
"Oh yes. They say that the Headmaster conquered not only one mystical challenge but three" you can see the amazement in his face.
Yes it is true. The headmaster is really is powerful since I felt a tremendous aura rushing towards me the time I first met him earlier.
Mystical challenge? It's sound familiar. Where have I heard that word?
"Mystical challenge?" I said
"That's right. The mystical challenge. It is a wandering caravan composed of the most powerful creatures ever live. It's main purpose is to discover new kinds of magic from different races and to discover more powerful people. Hundred thousand of people all over the country spend so much money just to try or to experience the challenge. So far only a fifty seven people conquered it. No one really knows what is the next place they are going to visit that's why all of us must be prepared at all time to meet them"
"What's the reward if one accomplishes their challenges?" I asked
"New kind of power, new magical tools and many more" He said
"Oh I see"
"But rumor says that the odds of returning alive from their challenges is a complete miracle" his expression changes
We didn't talked again for a couple of minutes until we reached outside the tower.
I can clearly see a crowd of people watching a certain duel between a girl with a blonde hair and a boy who seems to be full of wounds.
"Hey what's that?" I asked as we continue to walk
"It's a duel" He said
"A duel? Is it even aloud?" I curiously said
"Of course since no serious harm is committed in a duel"
"No serious harm? you must be joking right? that boy is full of wounds!" My voice raised a little.
He laughed "Calm down Ms. Amber," What's wrong with him? is there something funny about what I said?
"You see Ms. Amber an elapsed time barrier has been casted every a duel happens between students"
"Elapsed time barrier? what's that?" I curiously asked
"It's a spell that holds reality to make a temporal dimensional arena. That means that after that duel everything will be back to normal but in their case" He pointed them "It's a Elapsed time barrier reality breaker. It is a specialized spell that connect's temporal dimensional arena to make a small arena in a prime reality"
"What?" I don't understand all the things that he had said
He laughed "Just forget about it. You'll be able to learn it as you continue to study hear," I nodded
"Do you want to watch?" He said
"Oh sure" then we walked to watch what is happening in that duel.
As we continue to walk I noticed that when other students see Arthur they quickly make a way for us to watch the duel.
He must be really famous in this school then.
"There they are" He said
I can clearly see the masculine bodied girl along with her spear attacking the boy with high pressured water.
The blood coming from the boy's wounds mixed with the girl's casted waters.
This is madness. The boy can't fight anymore why is she continuing this?
"Oops be careful not to touch the barrier. It'll destabilize thus making a huge explosion we don't want that to happen in the academy Ms.Amber" He said. He's polite as ever
I can see the aura of the girl. It's blue, an average aura. and the boy a white, the weakest aura of all.
"Why does she continue to make that boy suffer? can't she see that the boy is weak and can't fight anymore?" I suddenly mumbled out.
I didn't notice that the girl heard me.
Her expression changed and suddenly stared at me.
I can clearly see all the spectators staring at me.
Have I said or done something wrong?
"Why do you care!?" she shouted then her spear disappeared from her grip "Do you want to take his place!?" I'm not deaf dumbass! why do you need to shout!?
Arthur looked at me with a smile in his lips "Do you want to challenge her?" He said "It'll be fun"
Fun? seriously?
For the sake of the poor boy. But please Amber don't show your true self. please! I'm begging you
"I accept your challenge" I said
The barrier disappeared then Arthur called the boy "Stay in here," he said "Your big sister will teach that girl a lesson" What did he say? He trust my abilities so much even though he didn't even see it.
"Go," He said "Shout Malfiore as a sign that you're ready because that will create the barrier and by the way. . .goodluck Ms. Amber" He smiled
Why does he always addresses' me as
Ms? It's way too formal.
Back to the current situation. I'm about to have a duel with a water user.
I'm standing six meters away from her.
"Malfiore" We both shouted thus creating a barrier that you can see in reality that Arthur said.
I can clearly see them watching me.
I heard all their mumbling
"She's a freshman right? Oh dear she'll be defeated in just a second" someone said from the crowd
"This is gonna be ugly" Said by a boy's voice
Let's get this over with!
I'm not used to be stared by many people.
Remember Amber keep calm.
She smiled "Don't die on the first blow alright?"
I rolled my eyes. She's so arrogant...
I'm not even afraid of what she's saying.
Poor little show off girl.
Then she casted her chant first
"To thy waters that rules the earth punished thee and make me thy succesor to avenge thy sufferings!" A spear appeared from her hand then water starts to surround her body.
A seventy percent unleashed power.
"It's my turn," I said. Calm down. I took a deep breath then. . ."To thy vanity of light. Lit thy mirror of desolation and dwell it in me!" I casted
A gust of wind passed through me and I can feel that my eyes' colors changed into gray.
Good! This is what I want.
Nothing changed in me just my eyes.
"Is that it?" She insultingly laugh "How weak,"
She rolled her eyes "Just as I said don't die in the first blow okay?"
"Okay" I smiled.
"Here I go" She said thus stomping her spear into the ground creating a nine dragon that came from her water tail.
"They're quite big," I said then she laughed "But I must say they look weak"
"What did you say!?" she angrily said then striked one of her water dragons into me.
I destroyed it just by using my transparent mirror barrier.
I hear the crowd wonder of what had happened.
"What the!?" She shockingly said
"Just as I said. It's weak" I'm trying to provoke her to make her angry because when a person is angry he or she cannot concentrate in his or her sorrounding especially in his or her own body.
"Gyaaa!" She shouted then striked me again with her cute-little dragon. and then again I just destroyed her dragon just by using my barrier. I mean they're gigantic but they look cute to me.
"It's useless" I calmly said.
I can see Arthur watching attentively to every move that I make.
"Shut up! Shut up!" Her face is all red now "I'll make you pay for what you have done!" she again shouted then ran to stab me with her spear with a pierced shaped crystallized water in the tip of it
"How pathetic" I dodged causing her to get passed through me.
It's good to be a defense type sometimes. It's quite fun I must say.
Then she attempt to striked me again.
The third time she tried to impale me with her spear again I got tired.
"Enough" I said then snapped my fingers causing my mirror barrier to be broken creating a direct hit into her body causing her to be wounded. Blood starts to flow from the wounds that had been hit by the mirror shards.
"W-w-who are you?" She said then tears starts to fell from her eyes.
"This time you'll feel what it feels like to be useless and to be able to not do anything" I said.
The barrier has disappeared and all of the magics with it then I walked straight to Arthur's direction. The boy that I had saved was in his back.
When I faced the crowd there was a complete silence. Wait? what's happening? did I miss something?
Even Arthur's expression seems to be shocked.
What happened to them?
I walked leaving that girl behind crying like there's no tomorrow.
After a couple of seconds. Fuck! I can't leave her behind like that.
"Come" I said lending my hand to her
"W-why a-are you helping me?" She asked while steel crying
"Just stand up," I said "Stop crying. It won't do anything" I tried to calm her down.
She stood up and I shook her hand
"That was a nice duel thanks to you" I said trying to cheer her up
"T-thank you" She said.
If Anna knows about this she'll scold me from the beginning of the dawn to the end of the dusk.
Then her friends get her leaving me behind.
Oh well show's over.
I walked to Arthur and his expression is still the same. The people who are in my direction starts to step backward.
What happened to them? It's like they have seen a ghost or something.
"What happened to you?" I asked "Hey! are you alright?"
"Is that even you?" He curiously said
"Yah why?" I asked
"You look awesome" He amazingly said
"Thank you" I bowed
I saw that boy, the boy whom I save from embarassment
"Hi" I said
"H-hello" He responded
He looks cute. He is 5'5 in height, has a black hair, and very skinny.
"Are you alright?" I asked
"Y-yes" He said
"You don't need to feel nervous" I laughed
"What's your name?" I asked
"A-Augustus" He said
"What a beautiful name" I smiled
"T-thank you" He said
"It's fine," I said "Let's go?"
"Hey Arthur wanna grab something to eat?" I said to Arthur "I'm quite exhausted of what had happened since It's very unusual for me to have a duel and stuff" I laughed
"You're kidding right?" He said
"What? you don't believe me?" I said
"It's not that It's just I felt something when I'm watching you. I felt that you've been through a lot" He said
"Yah. But I'm trying to forget it and have a simple life with my sister" I smiled
"I don't think I'm capable of being your opponent" He mumbled
"What?" I didn't heard what he said
"Nothing. Just forget about it" He said "Let's go?"
The three of us walked through the Academy's ground to eat some food in the cafeteria.
As we reached outside of the maze he started touring me just as he said.
The boy left because had something to do important after he thanked me for saving him.
I just save him from embarassment since no serious harm is done in a duel just as Arthur said.
"This school was built three thousand years ago after the great war. This--" He pointed the ten-foot tall lovely marble statue holding a beautiful scepter and a harp "Is the Goddesses Alethea, The patron Goddess of the academy. She is the Goddess of fertility and beauty. The one who helped humanity to start again"
I walked around and saw another statue.
I saw another ten foot tall marble statue that is holding a large trident on her right hand and a some kind of a ball of water in her left.
"Who is that?" I pointed the statue
He walked near me then started talking
"She is Friella, The Goddess of the waters. The most wisest of them all" He said
"Wise? you mean clever?" I said
"Yes. She is one of the most important Goddesses who planned to imprison death in the underworld according to the great myth." He said
"Oh I see" I walked again then saw a statue that raised my heart. Hmmm weird.
It's a ten-foot tall statue is holding a staff and a shackles that is composed of. . .
"Wait--. is this a--"
"Made from a pure one-hundred carat diamond" He intervened
"What!?" I curiously said "Why?"
"In honor of the most powerful Goddess of all"
"Who is that Goddess?" I asked
"Adelicia, The Eternal. The creator of the seven spieces as well as the heavens and the earth" You can see the amazement in his eyes.
"Be careful not to touch it" He said
"Why?" I asked
"It holds some kind of a magic on It's own even the headmaster can't undo," He said "By just touching it It'll create a massive schockwave"
"Woah? really?" I curiously said
"This the second reward that the Wandering caravan gave to the headmaster when he conquered the challange the second time" He said
"I see" I said then I suddenly heard someone spoke
"It's very unusual of you to tour someone" A voice of a girl. When I turned around I saw a doll face brunette girl walking towards us.
She's so cute I must say.
"The headmaster requested me to tour Ms. Amber around the school" He justified. Looking very afraid.
A yellowish-orange aura. A average girl.
"Hello" She waved her hands and smiled to me. So cute! She's like a cute doll.
"H-Hi" I responded
Then Arthur started introducing her to me
"Isis meet Amber, Amber meet Isis" We again smiled at each other.
I feel so welcome in this school, with all the good students and stuff except for the assholes.
"Amber she's the former ranked one and the most powerful of the juniors which is my batch" He said
"Don't say that. I feel so ashamed and embarassed when someone is introducing me as the most powerful after all someone beated me long time ago," She smiled
She's so down to earth. What can I say. A perfect girl indeed.
"Oh! and her?" She continued then pointed me.
Arthur continued speaking
"She's Ms. Amber, a freshman" He said
"That's it?" She curiously said
"Yes. That's it" Arthur repeated
"Why? How come?" Isis asked
"Her ranked is unknown yet"
"Really!?" She schockingly said
Is this bad? I asked myself. Of not having a rank?
"We'll gonna find out later before the feast" Arthur said
"You must be powerful then" She said
"N-no," I said "I'm just a moderate but they kept on insisting that I'm lying"
"It's not that I'm not believing you Amber but It's like once in a blue moon for this to happen, right Arthur?" Then Arthur nodded then started speaking
"In the history of this academy only four students are still unidentified when It comes to rankings until now"
"Right!" Isis agreed "They are called the unknowns for It is the name that had been given to them by the Headmaster"
"Unknown? Isn't it that a little bit harsh? to be called unknown? It's like you're being an out-cast"
"No dear" She intervened "They are called the unknowns because they never show their true power. for example in a duel they only use
five percent of their power to defeat their opponent"
"They're really powerful I must say. One of them even surpassed the most powerful Senior in the history of the academy" Arthur said
"And also me." Isis said
"Really!?" I curiously said
"Yes" She smiled then quickly faded "They are not the ones that challenges us but It is we who challenge them but in the end we just lose"
"They are an exception when It comes to everything, they live in a mansion where the headmaster's office lies, their seat when It comes to feast is a little beat closer to the professors and the headmaster, As I said everything" He said
That's why there were so many rooms in there while me and professor Swan was walking towards the headmaster's office.
"Well, It's okay for me" Isis said "They're always humble and always down to earth well except for one. Psh!" She rolled her eyes
They stopped talking and there was a complete deafening silence when suddenly Isis said something
"Do you mind If I ask you to have a duel with me?" She smiled
"I-I don't know. I'm weak" I said
"No!" Arthur Intervened then suddenly she smiled
"She must be really powerful then? for a freshman. Since It's very unusual of you to be afraid to other students being dueled with"
"I'm not afraid" He justified with a cute face
Gosh He's so cute!
"You could read aura Arthur and I know that you're aware of what's her capabilities"
Oh fuck! So that means he knew from the start that I've been suppressing my power? Oh dear. A big epic fail.
"I'm just saying that you could do it some other time" Arthur smirked
"Gosh, okay," Isis said then held my two hands "I'm looking forward to have a duel with you" She smiled
"Oh well, better get going" She said
"Where are you going?" Arthur asked
"I'll get back to my dormitory and get something"
"Oh okay"
"See you. Bye Amber" She waved her hands as she continue to walk
"She's so beautiful" I said
"Yeah" He smirked
"Do you mind if I ask you something?"
"Oh. sure" I responded
"Who and what are you?" He said with a serious look on his face
"What? I don't understand" Oh fuck! just as I said he would do something like this
"I know you understand me" He repeated
"Sorry Arthur but I don't really understand what you're saying" I said
"It's hopeless" He kneeled in the ground looking very weird. It's like he's carrying the sky in his back.
What is he doing? Hopeless? me or him?
After a couple of seconds he stood up and fake smiled.
"Just forget what I've said. Let's go?" He said then walked.
I didn't walk. I was just watching him. I started to feel weird.
"Okay fine!" I shouted
He stopped walking and faced me
"Just this once. okay?" I said then rolled my eyes "I'm not used to introduce myself to anyone"
"Okay" He smiled as if there was no tomorrow.
This guy. Makes my heart feel weird.
"I am Amber Everlight, I'm eighteen, I'm an adopted daughter, I have a step-sister named Anna White, I'm a brunette," I rolled my eyes then he smirked "My hair is always pony-tailed, I'm snow-white, my eye is a brown red and my goals in life is not to show my real self, Is that enough?"
"Yes," He smiled again "You're real self? Oh yeah I've felt It earlier" He said
"Felt?" just as I said "It's unfair that It's only me who'll gonna introduce myself completely" I rolled eyes
He laughed "Okay Okay," He took a deep breath "I'm Arthur Drisdein, Rank number two among the thousand students who enrolled in the academy as juniors, The title name that was given to me was The God Eye Drisdein, I'm nineteen years old and It's up to you on how you'll describe me on your own perception" He laughed. Just as I thought. He's powerful and he's very skilled when It comes to suppressing it but is he really capable of doing it?
"Is that enough?" He said causing my reverie to be interrupted
"Oh! yes. That's enough" I fake smiled
After a couple of seconds I notice something different. My instincts started to become abnormal.
There was a great cold wind passed through us.
"Are you sensing something?" He said.
I didn't respond because when he knew that I sense something that only he can he'll get suspicious thus making my goal far to reach.
"She's here" He said
"She? What are you talking about?" I'm just playing dumb. I can sense her. Her aura, level of power and where she's currently standing now.
"Celine, The Tempest" He said.
After a couple of second we both heard her laugh. A cute voice. It's like It's a voice of a child.
"You're cute as always Arthur," She calmly said "You're bad Arthur. . . to replace me with a girl you just met earlier" She said
Arthur suddenly smirked. What's wrong with him? Are they even. . . Oh! Okay. understand now.
Then she finally showed herself. She suddenly appeared in a gust of wind. A blondie haired girl with a blue colored eye.
"Hi!" She waved "I'm Celine, The Tempest, Junior's ranked seven" She smiled
I faked smile.

Chapter Text

Chapter two: To the realms Eternal
I sense something. Amusing.
Her aura is very bright. A yellowish-orange aura.
We kept looking at each other when she suddenly ran and striked me.
She kicked me but somehow I manage to avoid her attack.
Arthur seems pretty shock. So am I.
Then she striked me again. This time I didn't manage to avoid her blow. It's a miracle I somehow manage to avoid her strike even though she's faster than the wind. She kicked me in the stomach causing me to be thrown four meters away from her.
I quickly stood up while students starts to watch us.
God! that hurts! Imagine you'll get kicked in the stomach. who would be fucking happy if that was done unto you.
"How dare you!" What is she saying?
"You're fast I must say," I smirked "But not enough" I teleported behind her back then kicked her
"Tch," She quickly stood up
"Hey! stop this!" Arthur said trying to stop us.
A physical attack base magician eh. How wonderful.
"Is that all you've got? in the first place you're the one who provoked me so I assume you can do better than that" I smiled. I love provoking people. It makes me feel wise even though I really am.
Then suddenly a gust of wind appeared from her legs to her feet. Just as I said. Amusing.
She stomped her feet then quickly vanish causing dust particles to be created so that I may not be able to see but.
"Right about here," I said then placed my left hand in my left side. I saw her. She saw me.
I saw the expression in her face. She seems shock. Hmmm. I guess I lose control once again.
As my final blow It was a split second then
"Shockwave" I said causing a large amount of pressure to form in my hand. I pointed it to her then. . .
"Celine!" I heard someone in the crowed shouted her name.
"Celine!" Arthur shouted
It's painful I must say since we're not in a time barrier.
She was thrown ten meters away from me causing the crowd to panic.
I'm not killing her morons!
It was all dusty. I can't clearly see her.
I was about to create a gust of wind to clear the dust particles when suddenly. . .
"That's enough" A familiar voice said.
No! Not her! Oh no no no no! Fuck I'm doomed!
I slowly turned my head. Please! please! not her!
I'm betting on the one percent chance that It's not her than the ninety-nine percent telling me that It's her.
When I finally saw her. Oh fuck!
I can clearly see her calm but deep inside angry face.
"H-hi" I murmured
"H-hi, Anna" My sister
She created a large amount of shockwave in her hands. much more powerful than the shockwave I made earlier.
"Block this" She calmly said then. . .
A gigantic hole was made into the ground since I was able to counter her shockwave.
They were all in a state of shock even Arthur and the girl.
She rolled her eyes "Let's go"
"Okay" I said.
"Se- see you later" Arthur said then I smiled
"Sorry" I murmured
After we manage to get away from that scene or whatever you call that, we somehow reached a silent place full of trees.
After a couple of seconds she suddenly bursted out laughing. Eh!?
"HAHAHAHA!" She kept on laughing
"A-are you alright?" Is she gone psycho?
"That duel was so cool Ambie!" She said
"Ambie?" What!? Anna never calls me Ambie!
Only one person calls me that and she is--.
"Oh It's nice to see you again" She said
"Wait--" As I was about to speak she suddenly took of her mask
"I didn't expect that you will be easily fooled in just a conjuring spell" She laughed annoyingly
Tch. It's her
"Nice to see you again. . . Serah" I smirked
Serah, The first person to beat me when I was little. She's indeed powerful. But for fuck sakes! that made me scared!
"Hello" She waved her hand. She's cute as always. Her blond pony-tailed hair along with her cute green eyes. She is Serah, and they call her The Windwalker back in my old school.
"You look beautiful as ever" I said
"Of course Amber!" She clapped her hands
"So. Why are you here?"
"Is that the welcoming greet you're giving me?"
Welcoming greet? What? What is she up to?
I rolled my eyes "Okay! Okay!" She rolled her eyes
"I'm going to study here. In this school. just like you and your sister" She said
"Why?" I curiously asked. I thought she'll enroll in a different school.
"It's a secret" She laughed again.
"Tch! Whatever" I said
"I must say I was really shocked earlier of your expression. It's like you've seen a ghost!" She laughed again. She's really pissing me off right now.
"To be able to witness that from you makes me proud to myself" She said.
"You're annoying as ever" I said
"As always" She said
After a couple of seconds we heard a loud noise coming from the bell.
I saw Serah's feet start's to vanish.
"Wait! What's happening!?" She said
"Calm down!" I said.
As I look around I saw other students experiencing the same thing.
Then I heard someone spoke into my mind.
"The feast is about to begin" The headmaster said
"A feast?" Serah said
She must have been also experienced hearing the headmaster's voice in her head.
"We'll be teleported in the main hall so just keep calm" I said
"Oh. Okay!" She smiled again.
God! She's so annoying.
Before I knew it we were teleported in a gigantic chamber full of long dining tables and food in it.
There were so many students! and It's really noisy!
Besides me was Anna. Oh fuck! I hope she still don't know what I've done.
My left side was Isis "Hello" She said. I smirked as a response.
In my front was Arthur looking very at ease and very happy as if nothing had happened.
Beside her was that girl, Celine who's currently staring at me right now and Serah on her left side
What's her problem? She's the one who freaking provoked and assaulted me! and now she's angry!?
On his right side is an unknown student who seems to be his friend.
What's with this feast?
When I looked at the surrounding I saw the Headmaster and some kind of a visitor beside him. And then the professors.
A teenage girl with a large red bow tie in her head and wearing a red cocktail dress. The other one is a woman who's wearing a peacock
headdress and a violet-blue cocktail dress.
Then the headmaster stood up and sounded his glass chalice.
"Your attention please" He said but It's still noisy. I can hear his voice even though I'm fifty meters away from him.
After a couple of seconds he raised his hands then it was a split seconds and before I knew It time was completely stopped but we're not. I mean time stopped but we can still move.
I can clearly see a red aura covering the whole place. All was red, our food, the ceiling, the chandeliers. Everything!
He's powerful alright.
"That's quite better," He smiled "Praised be thy Mother"
"Adelicia, The Eternal" They all said except me. What's happening? Am I missing something here?
"Honored be thy Holiness" He continued and once again they responded. "Telesia, The Valiant"
"What's happening?" I murmured
"It's the honorarium of the Goddesses.. we do this every time we'll have a feast" Oh! really?
"Blessed be thy beauty" He continued
"Alethea, The Magnificent" They all said
After a couple of seconds they stopped
Is it done already?
"Good Morning children" He greeted then bowed
Then he started talking again. . .
"This is gonna be cool" Isis excitedly said
"What cool?" I asked
"It's the orientation" My sister suddenly said
"Oh" That's the only thing came out in my mouth
"Ten thousand years ago a great war sparked from the heavens," He paused "A war fought between the Goddesses and Death," He paused again. His accent is quite cool for an old man "To commemorate the Goddesses' divine sacrifice to save the earth. I propose a toast" He said the grabbed his chalice "To thy eternal's glory"
A chalice-styled cup appeared in front of all of us with a wine in it.
He raised his chalice then all of them spoke "Let the eternal reign and the evil be vanquished" After they have said that we drank the wine and all of us clapped.
"This is what I'm waiting for" Isis said
"What is it?" I asked
"The battle arena. This is the way on how the headmaster choose on who'll going to be the top ranked four and above of each year level" He excitedly said. Oh really?
"Is everyone free to join?" I asked
"The top four and above is an open slot so it means anyone can prove themselves, whoever they are but the headmaster will still decide on who will it going to be in the end" she explained
"What about the top three?"
"It is the council of the Headmaster who'll decide on who will fight," she said then suddenly grabbed my hands "You should join!" She shouted
"Why? I'm not even powerful enough" I said
"You're lying" She rolled her eyes
"Promise!" I said
"Okay, whatever" she again rolled her eyes
The Headmaster kept orienting us but I'm not listening and so are they.
"I'll join" My sister suddenly mumbled
"What!?" I shockingly said
Is she even serious? I mean I believe in her capabilities It's just I haven't really seen her battle someone.
"Yeah" She just smiled
I turned my head and saw Arthur flirting with that girl. When he saw me he stopped and suddenly got serious.
"Are you joining?" I asked
"It's inevitable since I'm currently the holder of the ranked two slot" He said
"Hey!" I said
"Why did they want to choose a new ranking? I mean you're the number two already right?" He smiled
"We are the former rankings Amber--After this battle arena we'll be replaced depending on who will won" He explained
"Oh" I said
They all smiled
"Hey It's starting!" Isis said. She's really excited
Then we all listened
"This year is different," calmly said by the Headmaster "For we have a candidate of being our next unknown" After he said that there was a sudden deafening silence occurred. No one talked. Even Isis and the others.
Then they began to mumble at each other.
What's happening?
The headmaster clapped his hands
"Therefore the opening act of the battle arena this afternoon is to determine who is that candidate for being an unknown and test her if she's worth it" He said "Do you have a hint of who her?"
"Her?" Isis suddenly said
I looked at Arthur. He's calm and suddenly smiled at me. I smiled back
"I'll kick that girl's ass if given a chance" She laughed
"Is an unknown a threat?" Celine said "I mean I really haven't seen them battle before, I barely even saw their faces"
"Yes they are a threat" Isis answered "They say an unknown only uses five percent of their power when engaging in a battle yet they always won. What if they'll use their maximum power? It's a complete suicide battling them in that state" She said
"Oh" You can see the amazement on her face
"Hey Amber" She said
"Yes? is there something wrong?" I said
"What's your rank again? If may ask" She asked
Rank? I don't have one yet and It's weird that I don't have one until now.
"I don't--" I was going to answer her when I suddenly heard my name being called by the headmaster.
"Amber" He said
Huh? What? What's happening?
When I started to look at other people I saw all of their faces in a state of shock. It's like they have seen a ghost or something.
They kept staring at me. So did my friends, Arthur, my sister, Serah and Isis.
What's wrong with them!?
"Come here Amber" The headmaster said
I stood up and did what he said.
As I continue to walk I might melt any minute now because of their stares.
As I reached the place where the headmaster is he suddenly said something
"Amber, a freshman and a candidate for being an unknown!" as he said that there was still a deafening silence surrounding the atmosphere.
Candidate for being unknown? who? me? WHAT!?
Then they all suddenly clapped their hands.
"As an introductory rites for our battle arena this afternoon to determine our top ranking students let us first judge this girls capabilities and determine If she is worthy to be called an unknown" He joyfully said. They again clapped but I can clearly see the shock on their faces.
"You can do this" The headmaster whispered to me
"We, I and the council, chose the perfect opponent to test her capabilities," He took a deep breath "We chose Ivana as her opponent"
As he said that I began to see the looks on their faces they all look shocked.
"Are they serious!?" I heard someone said "She'll be dead in a second!"
"Ivana," The headmaster continued "Ivana of the Abyss" The title name is really cool I admit.
I moved my eyes and saw a white haired girl who seems to be very calm. She's powerful alright. A burning purple aura.
She smiled at me. I smiled too as a response.
She shook my hand and walked besides the headmaster.
I turned my attention to them. I mean Arthur, Isis and my sister.
When I looked at Isis I saw a great horror on her face telling me to get out of here.
What's happening?
Keep calm Amber. No matter what happens keep calm.
"Ivana of the Abyss," The Headmaster repeated "The Senior's former ranked five!"
Rank five? really? With that tremendous magnitude of flowing aura she's only a ranked five?
They all shouted. They really admired her.
"Enough chit-chat! Let us begin!" He said
"What do you mean?" I said
"You're going to have a duel with her dear" He whispered
I kept silent. Are they really serious?
"If Amber wins this duel we, The council and I, will join her to the unknowns and If Ivana wins she will be promoted as the new ranked three in the seniors" He said
"What if one of them lost? what will happen?" I heard a random voice asked the headmaster from the crowd
"We will decide later on what will happen to the person who'll lose"
"Let's begin" He said thus waving his hand causing the red aura to disappear.
I'm not ready! I touched my chest and felt my heartbeat. It's pretty fast. Keep calm Amber.
He again waved his hand thus teleporting me to a certain dimension and before I knew it they all disappeared and the only thing left are me and her.
As I rub my eyes I can clearly see a very wide dark royal chamber. With all the beautiful chandeliers and paintings. It was raining and there was no light at all. The loud sound of every thunder rushes all over the place.
This is it! This is not in my schedule though.
"Hi!" She gladly said
"Hello" I smiled
The rumbling sounds of the thunder the rain became stronger.
"We're suppose to have a duel right?" I asked
"Yeah" She smiled
"Sorry I was just confuse" I said
Then she laughed.
"Let's start?" She said
"Malfiore!' We both shouted
"Me first," She said then a powerful gust of wind appeared besides her causing her hair and dress to spread "To the goddess that had given me power, lend me once again your aid and prove thy place in your throne! Sheliar Fiera!" After she said that she was struck by a thunder and began burning.
After a couple of seconds the flames disappeared. I can clearly see her dress and her violet colored hair. An all black-violet cocktail dress with a huge bow tie in her head. She wore a white gloves and a black straps on her wrist to her neck.
I can clearly see her aura. It's the same. She never suppressed it from the start.
This is going to be tough. Well maybe.
Keep It still at ten Amber. Don't ever go that far.
"Thank you for waiting me," She said then she sweetly smiled "It's your turn now"
"I'm weak" I said but she just smiled
"Here I go," I said "To thy vanity of light! Lit thy mirror of torment and desolation and dwell it in me!" I shouted then once again the color of my eye changed into gray and my hair began to changed into an all black. I'm done.
"That's all" I said
Provoking her is not my strategy at all since she's not barking at all and she's always calm.
"You're beautiful" She said then suddenly disappeared.
On my left a highly charged thunder aiming for my back.
I quickly avoid it but I still can't see her. Damn! She's fast!
How can I manage to beat her If she's on her element? Think Amber! Think!
But I can sense her and I can predict her every move.
Above my head a behemoth violet ball of thunder aiming to electrocute and toast me.
I ran as fast as I can to avoid it.
I somehow manage to avoid it but I was really near from it. I was like four inches away from it and I was second of being toasted If I didn't dodged it.
It struck the ground and quickly vanished.
I'm being a defensive here! I can't manage to cast a spell or something.
I ran behind the curtain then took my breath.
My heart is beating so fast. It's like I'm on a race. Keep calm Amber. Don't panic. You can do this!
From above! before I knew It a powerful thunder struck me from above but I managed to block it using my barrier.
I have something in mind but I don't know if It will work.
I suddenly heard a voice. Her voice all over the place. Echoing to Its every corners.
"You can't hide forever you know" she laughed "This place will randomly change every five minutes. Better think fast"
She's right! I must--.
She suddenly appeared beside me. Damn!
"Got ya" she said then struck me again but this time I was hit.
My whole body was tingling. God! I was lying on the ground and I can't move! Every move that I make creates an unbearable pain. I'm being electrocuted to the fullest.
She was laughing in front of me looking so weird. She's a sadist no doubt about that.
I must do something!
"It's over," She said then smirked "It's a shame. I expected you to be far more powerful since you're a candidate. Oh well," She sighed "Goodbye" She created a massive thunderbolt in her right arm and every second passes It's getting bigger.
"Thank you" She again said then faced it to me.
It was a combination of violet and white spear like shape thunderbolt ready to impale me.
I must-- I must--.
There was a flash of light appeared then--
"Enough" I suddenly said then touched the ground in front of me then--
"Wh-what's h-happening?" She shockingly said then forced to kneel down. After a couple of seconds she was force to face the floor.
She is currently being pulled down by a large wave of gravity that I created.
All things being pulled down into the core excluding me.
She was lying on the ground. She can't even look at me because of the gravity pull.
"I didn't expect this to happen," She said then again smiled. She really is weird "Finish me off"
"You're welcome" I said then--. It's over.
The place was broken and shattered into pieces like a mirror then a flash of light bursted out before my eyes.
I can't see a thing because of the radiant light but I can hear something. A clap. A very loud clap.
Before I knew It I was already in front of everybody again and saw them clapping at me.
I was besides the headmaster and saw him smiling.
"Good job dear" He gladly said as he smile
He took my hand and raised it
"Our victor" They all shouted "Amber Everlight! The new member of the unknowns"
They continue to shout then I heard a fireworks blasted outside the school.
I looked at my sister and friends. They look very happy.
So they're watching me while fighting huh?
Then they all suddenly said something led by the headmaster
"To thy everlasting power be felt, To thy forever grace be adherent.
Let the valiant be rewarded, To thy wisdom be gratified. May we reach forever's peak. To the realms eternal that we continue to seek, Let thy power dwell in us, To reach thy throne that keeps us in touch" They suddenly stopped
"Praised be thy eternal" They kept on saying
After a couple of seconds they suddenly stopped
"Let us welcome, the unknowns" he gladly said
Then a group of people walked besides the headmaster.
Are they the one?
I started to look at the people. They're all silent. I sense something weird.
Then the headmaster started to speak again.
"For the first time in seven years all of you are very lucky to witness the unknown to introduce themselves!" After he said that all of the students stood up with an amazement look on their faces. So this is unusual huh?
I looked again to the unknowns which I'll be joining later If I correctly remember.
There was five of them. They all wore same clothing. An all black uniform. There were two boys and three girls. one of the girls have a yellow straight hair and the other one was a silver. one of them is a child, the one who has a cute shimmering silver hair and the other one is a brunette with a curly hair and the last one is the tallest one and the most beautiful them all, the girl with a yellow-straight hair.
I looked at the two boys. I admit they're handsome the first one is a blonde type and the other one is a geek type wearing a glasses
As I continue to look at them the girl with the curly suddenly caught me staring at them. She looked at me then smiled. I tried to read her aura but I can't. She's really good at it I must say, as well as the others.
"And now It's official!-" I suddenly came back to reality "Ms. Everlight here is now part of the unknowns!" They all shouted and clapped
"Let us begin" The headmaster continued then sat
There was a complete silence that filled the hall.
After a couple second the guy with a glasses on it walked besides the headmaster then whispered something to him.
The expression of the headmaster changed--changed into a disappointed expression.
Then headmaster stood up then something.
"I'm afraid they're not yet ready my children" He said then the atmosphere in the room changed.
I suddenly felt weird.
After how many minutes the headmaster spoke "Let us now begin our feast" In a blink of an eye all the empty table began to be filled with different kinds of food.
As I continue to watch someone suddenly spoke to my mind. A cute innocent voice.
"Come" a voice followed by a cute laugh
As I wonder who it was I noticed the child staring at me, the child who belongs to the unknowns.
She was smiling at me. A cute innocent smile.
"Come" She again said then finally walked out
I followed her as she get out of the door
"Where are you going dear?" The headmaster said
"I-I'll pee" I said. Pee!? really? of all believable excuses?
As I get out from the hall I felt something different. A vast amount of energy. the largest energy the I have felt. Is it coming from her? A child?
As I continue to walk I saw her in front of a statue sitting on a bench.
She looked at me then continue to smile.
I walked beside her not saying anything then sat, just anticipating her every move.
"Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm" She continue to sang a lullaby just like an ordinary child do.
"You're really beautiful," she said "I want to be like you" I smiled as a response
Her wide blue eyes met mine.
"Can I touch your hand?" She said then suddenly grabbed it.
She closed her eyes as she continue to feel my every nerves.
As she touch my hand I felt a large amount of energy dwelling from her to me.
How come a child this angelic has this kind of power?
"This is interesting" She said "You're much more powerful than I have expected"
There's suddenly a big schock of electricity dwell in my whole body.
Could it be that she can--.
My body began to shake. My whole body began to feel cold.
"You're afraid" She said as she open her eyes "Why?"
"N-nothing" I mumbled
"You're lying" She cutely smiled "Spit it out.. It's okay" she stopped holding my hand.
"Could it be--" My lips started to feel uncomfortable "That you are--" Before I could finish my sentence she already gave me an answer yes.
"They call me in many names but there is one that I really like most and that is--"
"The innocent smile" I suddenly said
"Right!" She laughed "Where did you know that title?" She touched me again but that point of time in just one touch that unknown cold and terrifying feeling was gone. I mean as I said I am not afraid to anyone but It all changed in just one conversation.
She stopped talking and continue to watch the peaceful sorrounding.
After a couple of seconds something approached us. The other girl, I mean the one with the curly hair.
The child continue to stare at the sorroundings.
"So you're the new one huh" She said "For how many years there is now a new member of the unknowns how amazing" She clapped "Hope you'll not easily break into pieces just like those piece of useless crap" She smiled
"Excuse me?" I said
"I know you understand what I'm talking about. Please don't be dumb. We don't want a fellow member to be as dumb as all the students in this school" I didn't talk for a couple of seconds
"Better watch out" She whispered then smiled.
I don't know what would my reaction be. Threatened? afraid? hide in my shell?
"Are you threteaning me?" I try to sound as elegant and graceful as possible to somehow annoy her.
"Why?" She widely smiled "Are you afraid?"
After a couple of second there was a complete silence then the earth started to rumble. An earthquake?
"Be nice to our new member please, Meritia" The tone of the childs voice became different. I suddenly felt and saw all the vast aura coming from her releasing from her very body. What will she going to do?
In a blink of an eye the child snapped her fingers and before I knew it there was large explosion appeared beneath the girl causing her to be thrown away.
I thought we're gonna be hit too but as I open my eyes we're in a barrier. The two of us.
As I looked to the other girl I saw her smiling nine meters away from us.
"I admit I really miss that power of yours" She continue to smile "But do you really think I can be beaten by your simple tricks?" She said as she ready her attack "Here I come!"
As she continue to get near us I sense another vast quantity of power besides the two of them. It is indeed more powerful than the girl named Meritia.
"That's enough" someone suddenly spoke. A voice of a girl. A mature type kind of voice "That's not the way on how we treat our new member Meritia" A strict voice colder than anyone else I've met.
Before I knew It a red aura sorrounded all of us. All became crimson red and stop moving including Meritia but the three of us can still move, me, the cute girl and the other one.
She walked infront of us as the child dispelled her barrier.
I kept on addressing her as "child" since I don't know her real name.
"Show-off as ever" She said
"As always" The cute child responded
Silence filled the air as we continue to looked at each others face.
"Hi Amber" She waved infront of me "I am Alicia, also known as the balance breaker" She smiled as she shook my hand
Then the cute girl suddenly spoke
"How rude of me, I haven't introduce myself properly," She laughed like there's no tomorrow. She's so jolly and so graceful for a person to have a vast amount of power.
"I am Eva" She smiled then clapped her hands then time starts to tick again.
I saw Meritia catching her breath. She's breathing heavily like she's on a race or something.
"Are you trying to ruin our reputation?" calmly said by Miss Alicia
"Tch! You always meddle with my affairs!" she shouted
"Did you even think that someone might see you?" She said
"Whatever" She rolled her eyes "I'm out in here"
"Fine! I'll let you!" Miss Alicia shouted
What is she talking about?
"Just this once and It will be the last but If you lose you'll follow my every command"
"Really?" There's a sudden disturbance to Meritia's aura. I can't see it earlier at the hall but now I'm currently looking at an overflowing sea of aura. The unknowns are really powerful huh, and now I guess I'm finally one of them. Can I even cope up with them? I mean I can but I can't really show my full potential and I don't even know if my potential can really cope up with them.
As they continue to have a conversation about something I looked at Miss Alicia's aura. It's nothing. Not a single sign of light coming from her. a zero percent of power?
"Huh" I suddenly reacted
"Don't worry. She can handle it" Eva said "I know you can see it too"
How the hell did she red my thoughts?
"A vast amount of overflowing power versus a zero percent usage of her power? is she serious?"
"Just watch" Eva smiled
After a couple of second they started
"Here I come!" Meritia laughed as she summon something in her right hand. A light-blue colored trident with a blue aura sorrounding it from tip to bottom.
"Elfera" She smiled as she drilled her weapon to the ground causing a massive earthquake.
I can clearly see people watching us now. Mumbling,panicing, screaming and stuff.
When I looked at Eva she was just smiling and enjoying the duel.
As the ground continue to shake I suddenly saw Meritia came out from the ground then impaled Alicia but-- she countered it just by using her hand.
"Is that the best you've got?" Alicia seriously said as she slapped Meritia's face with a huge amount of force causing her to be thrown twelve meters away from her.
"Tch" Meritia rolled her eyes. I can't see a single sign of scratch or wounds on the both of them especially Miss Alicia being able to counter that powerful attack just by using her hand without even having a single scratch.
Then Miss Alicia spoke in an ethical manner
"Yes you are one of us, you've been with us for three years but that doesn't mean you can reach my level in terms of power and strategy. I never even used a single amount of power compare to you who used four percent"
four percent? What the!? an overflowing vast energy and that's only four percent!? seriously?
"You need to accept the reality that there are more people stronger and much more powerful than you" She said then turned to me
"Tch!" Meritia rolled her eyes
"Sorry for the horrible welcome greetings Amber" She smiled then held my hand.
There It goes again. I can't see it in her but I can somehow feel it.
"I hope we'll all get along" She said. I smiled.
Eva stood up and walked infront of Meritia.
"Are you okay?" Eva said
"Tch! leave me alone" She annoyingly said then Eva turned around to face me. I'm still sitting in the bench while watching them.
"Let's go A" then she turned around. A? me?
"Me?" I asked
"Yeah" She laughed then I followed her.
As we're continue to leave Eva again turned around to say something
"Oh one last thing sisters," the two of them looked at her as she spoke in an eloquent manner "Settle this right away or else I'll be the one to take an action if this happens again" she smiled "I will be touring our new sister to our home" after that she finally walked away. I followed her but as I follow I watched them. They kept silent and continue to stare at each other.
"Leave them be sister" Eva said with an angelic voice "They're always like that. Always thirsty for power"
"And you? are you not?" I asked
"Indeed power runs the world my beautiful sister but If we completely forget who we are because of too much power is useless at all, You will be succumb by a power that you can't even control if you continue to seek that path" She's right. What she said makes me wonder. I mean really wonder.
"Sister" She said "Oh I forgot. Since you're already one of us now, we will address you as sister just like the others"
"Oh okay" It's really hard to dwell when you know that the person right besides you is much more powerful than you
"Are you okay?" She looked at me
"Y-yes! yes! don't mind me" I said
As we continue to walk I again looked at her aura. It's empty. I mean It's nothing. A vast amount of energy earlier and now It's nothing.
Who is she? I mean I heard a rumor about her being the elegant reincarnation but I really haven't heard what her powers were. A girl half of my size capable of holding an enormous power.
After minutes of walking and climbing the stares we finally arrived.
"Here we are," We stood in front of the door "Our room which will be yours also has an incantation"
"You mean just like the headmaster's office" I asked
"Yes It's just like the headmaster's office but the difference is if you forcefully open our room without using the incantation, a powerful shockwave will be unleashed thus destroying the whole building and the headmaster's" She smiled
Wow. I have nothing to say.
"That Idea was given by Alicia and created also by her," she continued smiling "Cover your ears sister"
I followed what she said then covered my ears
As I continue to cover my ears she began to speak. I could not here it but I can see it was of different language and not from ours.
In a blink of an eye a very loud irritating noise and a burst of light came out of the room. A gust of wind continues to spread through out the corridors down to the stairs. I'm covering my ears yet It penetrates through my hands.
I looked at her. I was shocked because she's not covering her ears and still smiling and It all suddenly became blurry. Delayed effect?
It lasted for like forty seconds and I finally uncovered my ears. That was so irritating.
"Welcome," she said "To your new home"
I can't clearly see it because it's still blurry.
After a couple of second I was speechless of what I saw. A room full of red and gold. It's like a room made for royalties. Wall painted with red and the curtains all gold. And finally the most elegant chandelier I have ever seen covered all in gold.
"Am I staying here? for real?"
"Yes, of course," she gladly said "You're one of us now"
"I'm speechless, really" I said then she laughed
"Come, come" She walked right in then I followed her.
As we walk right in I continue to look at the surroundings. It's so beautiful. I didn't even imagine that It would be this beautiful.
"Oh! I almost forgot" She said
"Forgot what?"
"All of your things are here already"
Then It struck me. My things? here?
"What!?" I shockingly said
"Yes, yes" she laughed
"Is this for real?" I curiously
"Do I look like joking to you" she continue to laugh. Well partly
"W-wait, what about my"
"Your sister?" she intervened
"We already agreed that she's also stay in the campus from now on but in a different room"
"Already agreed!?" I said
"We already talked to her earlier along with the headmaster" she explained
"Talked?" I asked
Is this the thing my sister was talking about? Ugh! for fuck's sakes! I can't freaking believe her!
Then something came out in my mind
"So It means that all of you already knew that I'll be joining all of you from the very start even though you didn't even really knew that I was going to win"
"Yah. sort of" she said "Aren't you happy?"
"I just can't leave my sister you know" I said
"Leave? she'll be staying here in the school to watch over you. And from the very start she is the one who volunteered to stay here in the school not us, not the headmaster, you see? she's here for you. she is to support your every move"
I can't really think straight right now!
"I mean I'm really happy that I'll be with you guys It's just--"
"It's okay, just think it over" she intervened "After all you've been with her and her family that had been caring for you since you were a child and treated each other as true sisters"
Wait. . .
"How did you knew that?"
"Just forget it," she smiled "Let's go?" then she started walking again
Okaaaay. That's weird.
How did she-- I mean--
We arrived at the very heart of the room, the very center of the room.
The room was an octagon shape like place, It has seven corners and each of those corners a life-size statue angels are placed.
The middle part was an elegant gold and yellow sofa, A chandelier and a one of a kind old carpet.
"This is the very heart of our home, this is where all of us gather to bond and to talk with each other" she paused then took a deep breath "I wish this would last forever"
She continue to stare at the room. Reminiscing some memories I guess.
After a couple of seconds she spoke again
"See these angels?" She pointed the angels displayed in each corner
"Yes, what are those?" I humbly asked
"They are the replicas of the Angels of the Ordeals," she paused "also known as the seven living statue"
What? Angels of the Ordeals? huh? I don't get it
"Are they really alive?" I asked
"Yes," she turned to me and smiled "Before we officially consider you as one of us, you must first conquer and defeat the Angel of the Ordeals just like us"
Final initiation huh? Will I be capable of doing it?
"Are you up for the challenge?" She asked
"Yes" I said
"That's the spirit!" she proudly said
I must win this! I'm getting closer of knowing everything that had happened that day! the day that my mother was killed.

Chapter Text

Chapter Three: Formalities
As she continue to tour me around the octagon room I felt another presence. A power so deeply surpress that I haven't noticed it from the very start.
A man. Who is he? How did he entered the room?
As of now Eva is currently in front of me showing some exquisite things then suddenly spoke
"Are you going to stay in there the whole day? Hmmm?" Eva said then joyously laughed
After she said that a man with a reddish hair came out of the darkness besides the door.
Wait? I thought only the unknowns can enter this room? how did he?
And on top of that I hadn't seen him earlier.
Who the hell is he? Is he an unknown too?
I can clearly see him. He's tall, he's skinny, has obvious muscles and a blue colored eyes. He's cute.
I remembered a friend of mine years ago, they have the same traits.
As I continue to stare at him our eyes suddenly met then--
"Tch!" she just suddenly snubbed and avoided me
What!? Am I ugly?
"Do you really think that this brat can survive those challenges?" He annoyingly said
"Of course!" Eva replied "Do you not believe in her?"
"Not in a million chance" He said
What did he say!? He's so freaking arrogant!
"Be careful of what you believe brother cause in the end It might just deceive you" She smiled
"Tch" He just rolled his eyes.
Seriously? Is he gay?
"I still don't believe in her, even Ana-- No! just forget it" He angrily said
"Don't compare her to that girl" Eva calmly said then suddenly her expression changed.
After a couple of seconds It was all back to normal.
That guy sat in the sofa while staring at the ground.
"Introduce yourself brother"
"Tch! Fine!" he stood up
"I am Xander Eveningsky" he sat again
"I-I'm Amber Everlight, nice to meet you" I said then reached his hand to shake it.
I don't know If I'm currently embarassed or intimidated.
As I was getting closer I saw an expression his face. It's like he had seen a ghost or something.
When our hands met I continue to shake It as he continue to look away from me.
As if he's handsome duh! we'll he is I admit it but I just did that to feel his power since I can't see it.
We stop shaking each others hand since the atmosphere is getting weirder and weirder.
As we continue to keep silent a young girl in a twin tailed hair suddenly came out on the door near us, after a couple of seconds another girl came out in the room in a yellow pony tailed hairstyle.
"Hey! give that back!" The young girl shouted
"I don't want to, bleeh" the other girl gestured
Wait, they're look-alike, are they twins?
"You piece of--"
"Enough girls" Eva intervened
"Sorry sister" They said
sister? what?
Then it suddenly struck me.
I thought there was only five members? wait, six, plus Xander. Who are they?
"Are they unknowns too?" I curiously asked
"Yes," she happily said "Introduce yourselves to your new sister dears"
"Okay Mama" They both said then they began to introduced themselves
"Hi!" the girl with a pony tailed hair waved at me "I am Vanessa, nice to meet you!" she happily said
"Hello!" the other girl waved at me "I am Alessa, nice to meet you!" they're really identical I admit
"Nice to meet the both of you" I replied as they continue to smile
"Are they twins?" I asked
"Yes" Eva said "You may go now dears"
"I thought there's only five members of the unknown?" I said
She laughed "We are many, sister"
"But there are only five of you who stood in the front earlier"
"It is because the other members was to tired to go earlier"
Tired? really?
"You? I mean you? why did you go?" I asked
"It is because I really want to bare witness of our new sister which is you, It's a once in a blue moon event" she smiled
"Oh" I said
"This way" she said as she walked to the door seven meters away from us.
I followed her. When I turned around Xander was already gone.
"Here we are," Eva said "This is your new room" she opened the door and--wow!
What I'm currently staring at now is a wonderful room.
A violet painted wall with a purple king-sized bed and a small cabinet besides it. A large mirror in a cabinet besides the window and the most wonderful part of the room that struck me the most is the veranda. I mean It's magical. There was a table and chairs in it. There was a plant and beautiful flowers and orchids everywhere.
"Is this really for me?" I amazingly said
"Yes, from now on you can do whatever you want in this room" she said
"Of course!"
Out of my excitement the idea of hugging her suddenly came out in my mind.
As I gestured to hug her somewhere in mind is telling me that it is a bad idea and my mind was right.
Eva's expression suddenly changed
As I touched her skin there was a large current flow in my body then-- Everything turned into black.
What's happening? where am I?
Everything was black, all I can see is black but the weird thing is my body is glowing.
Where am I? I felt I'm standing in an abyss with no where to run.
What's happening? Earlier I'm with-- Arggh!
I-i can't remember. I-It was a girl. . . then I touched her then everything went black. Am I dead?
My mind is telling me to wake up now but I can't! It's like something is holding me back to not return to reality.
After a couple of seconds I kept quite then I suddenly felt something. I felt a power--No! not just a simple power but a raging sea
What's happening!? I want to go home.
This is the very first time for me to witness this vast power. A power greater than everything I had witnessed.
"Hummm, Hummm" I suddenly heard a voice of a girl. A sound, more like a hum that echoes through the abyss.
The voice continued to echo through the dark place as the girl continue to sing.
Every second that passes by the voice became louder and louder, nearer and nearer.
I felt a different sensation in my skin. More like a goosebump. Electricity flowing through the very edges of my body.
Then It suddenly stopped. The humming
My heart is beating so fast.
My heart suddenly skipped a beat then--
"I'm coming," I suddenly heard a very sweet voice echoing through the abyss "Soon" as she said the last word there was a burst of light appeared infront of me that illuminates everything. I'm blinded by the brilliant light and all I can see is a silhouette of a girl walking far away from me.
"Wake up! wake up!" I felt someone is currently shaking me
When I opened my eyes I saw all of them surrounding me. When I say them I meant all of them.
They are currently staring at me now.
Eva, Alicia,Vanessa,Alessa and Xander
"Thank god! you're alright!" Eva said
I sat down and tried to understand what had really happened.
"W-what happened?" I asked
"I'm really sorry sister" Eva apologized
"For what?" I asked
"For not telling you that I can't be easily touch by someone, you see my whole body is protected by a force field and only I can deactivate it. The time you tried to hug me It happened so fast that's why I didn't manage to deactivate it so! so! I'm really s--"
"It's okay" I said as I watch her blame herself
"It's not your fault," I said"Generally It was my fault" I laughed
I continue to watch her when a tear suddenly fell in her eyes.
"What the!?" Xander suddenly said
"Oh my god!" Vanessa said
"Wha- Wha-" Alessa being speechless
Wait? what's happening?
"For four year this is my second time to see a tear fall from your very eyes Eva" Miss Alicia smirked
Wait? what!? really!?
"D-don't cry" I said. I'm currently panicking right now. What have you done Amber!? wait. What have I done?
Then suddenly little Eva laughed after hearing what Miss Alicia said
"Shut up Alicia" Eva laughed
This cute little child with a great amount of power cried before my very eyes.
"Enough," Miss Alicia shouted with a serious tone "You're indeed the replicator of reality Adora" she smiled
Then suddenly Eva bursted out laughing
Wh-what's happening? Adora? Who's she?
"I thought I can keep this going forever but," she laughed again "I guess not" After she spoke that her face began to change, she became tall and everything about her change from the very top to the bottom.
I can't keep up with this, what the hell is happening.
I looked at them and I'm surprised that I'm the only one who seemed to be schocked.
I saw the twins smiling at me
"Amber meet Adora," Alicia took a deep breath "The Fourth most powerful of us all," I looked at her, she has a dazzling green eyes, a blonde hair and an angelic face. "The reality replicator"
"Reality? replicator?" I gently said
Adora suddenly intervened
"Look Amber I'm sorry for what I have done, I didn't mean it, Alessandra commanded me to talk and know you as the form of Eva" She took a deep breath
"Alessandra? commanded you? what? I don't get you" I confusingly said
It's true! I didn't understand a single thing about what she said
"Amber I am Adora, The replicator of anyone's reality. I played your reality. I made you think that I am Eva from the very start just like the others, I replicate how she moves, how she speaks, all her eloquence and graceful actions."
"So-, so you're not Eva?"
"Yes that is true, but all of the thing that I've said earlier is true, about your sister staying here in the academy, about the angels of the ordeals, all of them except the title name, I just pretended that Eva's title name was the innocent smile," She said "You see only few knows the real title name of Eva, when I say few I meant only four of them, look I'm really sorry and I promise that I'll make it up to you"
I don't know what to think now, I mean It's really confusing.
So It means I've never met Eva from the very start.
Adora spoke again "What happened earlier between Meritia and Alicia was indeed happened but that time Alicia know's me as Eva not as Adora why? that is my power I replicate reality not just your mind," she smiled "Because of that tears I was caught, Eva is indeed powerful"
"But- but the power that I had felt was not of Eva?" I curiously said
"Yes, the thing that you had felt earlier was my power and I purposely did that to lure you but I guess I failed" she said with a straight face
"Lure her? what do you mean?" Alicia asked
I looked around the room still trying to sink it all in. I saw Xander looking at me, he's serious
Adora faced Alicia and began speaking
"Alessandra told me to know everything about her, so what I did was I purposely let her felt my power, If she reacts then something was different because only powerful ones can read and perfectly suppresses powers and If she will not react then she's just an ordinary girl but what I witnessed earlier was astonishing, Amber is different," she faces me and began talking to me again "You are different, you are powerful I can feel it, even powerful than Alessandra and you're surpressing it but why?" I became speechless for how many seconds.
Did she really know from the very start that I was really surpressing my powers?
"I-I don't know what you're talking about" My heart began to beat fast
"Alright, It's okay if you don't want to tell us, we understand" Phew!
"Wait Adora" Alicia suddenly said
"Yes?" Adora replied
"What about the schockwave earlier? that too? I mean you also replicated Eva's self-protective barrier?" she curiously said
"Wow!" Alessa suddenly said "You're cool sister! being able to replicate sister Eva's powerful barrier" she smiled
Then Adora laughed
There was a sudden silence that surrounded the five of us
Then suddenly I remembered the name Alessandra.
"Who's Alessandra? and Eva?" I curiously asked
Alicia answered me "Alessandra Ravencloth she's known as the Puppet Queen being able to control everything, she's--"
Then suddenly Xander intervened
"Here," Xander said "She's now walking in the hall, she'll arrive here in a minute"
Whoaa! "You're able to see things in a far distance?" I asked "Now that's amazing" It's true! It's so cool to have that kind of power
"Yeah, sort of" He replied
"Well," Adora said "We'll leave you now, take your rest"
"O-okay" I replied
"Look I'm really sorry" She again repeated
"It's okay" I smiled, I admit I'm kind of frustrated right now but I'm not mad or something.
"You sure?" she asked
"Yeah" I gave her a wide smile
"She's opening the door now" After Xander said that we all heard the door open then suddenly I felt a greater power, even greater than Adora and Alicia.
I'm currently looking at them now who is also currently staring at me.
"You felt that don't you?" Adora asked then I nod "That is Alessandra's power"
It gave me chills. Is that just a normal power that she shows right now?
"Do you want to meet her?" Alicia asked
"Yeah" I simply said
"Let's go" Adora lend me her hand then helped me stood
We all left my new room and as we get nearer and nearer that power became really powerful.
We arrived in the octagon room.
She's currently reading an unknown book
"Excuse me Alessandra" Alicia said
I saw her looked at me. Eye to eye then all the power that I have sensed suddenly vanished. All I can sense now is nothing besides Alicia and the other's powers, I can't feel anything.
A pure red-haired girl with a doll face and has same height just like me but she's sexier I admit.
That's the girl that commanded Adora to spy on me?
They led me into the sofa and we all sat, beside me was Alicia and Adora, in front of us was Alessandra and Xander is sitting alone in the chair besides Adora.
All of us were just looking at each other except for the twins because they are playing.
After a couple of seconds Alessandra herself broke the silence causing us to direct our attention to her.
"Hi Amber!" She cheerfully said in an eloquent manner "So, you are finally one of us now"
"Not really, I haven't passed the Ordeals yet" I tried to sound as normal as I could
"Oh, I see, don't worry about that, It's easy, right guys?" She said
"Yeah" Alicia replied
"I guess?" Adora said
She laughed "I'm sure Amber could do it, right Amber?" I just nodded "Oh come on! no need to be shy"
"I need to go to my room" Xander suddenly said
"No! sit!" Alessandra suddenly commanded in a strict voice then after that Xander sat and he seems unable to move
Is this her power?
"Where were we?" She asked me like there's nothing happened
"Dispel," Alicia snapped her fingers and Xander was able to move again "Stop scaring our new sister Alessandra or else Eva will be unhappy about this" Alicia gracefully said
"Okay, If you say so," Alessandra smiled to Alicia "So Amber where do you live?" she directed her attention to me
"I-I live in the neighboring city with my sister" I said
"Oh, you have a sister? what is her name?" She asked
"Anna, Anna White"
"White? Why are your surnames different?"
"I was adopted when I was a child by her parents" I said
"Oh, I see," she nodded her head "Can I touch your hand?"
"O-oka-" As I was going to answer her Alicia suddenly intervened
"No," Alicia said "You can't"
Alessandra's expression changed, she faced Alicia and gave her a weird gaze
They continue to gaze at each other when suddenly all the objects in the room began floating, including the twins but as we look at them they are still playing. The things that are currently not floating in mid-air are the Angel statues and the sofa Alessandra and Alicia are currently sitting.
Then after a couple of seconds we too began floating in mid-air
"W-What's happening?" I said as I direct my attention to the both of them.
They continue to stare at each other, not even executing a single move.
"It's their power" someone suddenly into my mind. As I looked at the surroundings I saw Adora smiling at me. Oh It's her.
"How can we stop it?" I said
"You can't" she again spoke in my head
I looked at Xander's direction and he's currently playing cards right now.
Seriously? cards?
"Don't worry sister, this always happens, you see they are mortal enemies" she spoke again to my head one last time then laughed.
It's already five minutes and they're not stopping.
"When will they stop?" I asked
"I don't know, last time they did this it lasted for five hours" Adora said
"Really?" I looked at the floating grandfathers clock and saw that It is seven in the evening already, so that means if they'll continue that for five hours we'll be floating in mid-air til' twilight?
Then suddenly we heard someone knocked in the door. Who might it be?
"The Headmaster" Xander suddenly said
After hearing that, the both of them, Alessandra and Alicia stopped causing all the things float suddenly fell to the floor. There are so many glass shards in the floor now because of the chandeliers and figurines fell from mid-air.
After they stopped Alessandra suddenly smiled "See you sisters" after she said that a black smoke filled the room and before we knew it I can't sense her power anymore
"Gaah! that God forsaken girl!" Alicia furiously said
We currently unable to see each other right now because of the black smoke Alessandra casted.
After a couple of seconds I heard footsteps, I don't who it is.
I heard a snapped of a fingers then the black smoke started to vanished. As I looked at the surrounding I saw Alicia in the very middle of the room.
She again snapped her fingers then a bright sphere formed in her hands. She lifted it then casted "Disperse"
The sphere of light suddenly bursted causing us to be blinded temporarily.
After the Illuminating light vanished I can clearly see that everything was back to normal. It's like nothing ever happened.
Alicia signaled Adora to open the door.
Adora nodded then suddenly vanished.
I looked at the door and she was already there.
"Open it" Alicia commanded
Adora opened it, after she opened it we didn't saw the headmaster but students with different uniforms. An all white uniform. Three girls and two boys, they're currently smiling while looking at us. Who are they? what are they doing here?
They stoop there for a couple of seconds.
I looked at them and I realized that I'm the only who seems to have a very abnormal reaction. Wait, what's happening?
Alicia walked near them, she has this strict face again.
"What are you doing here?" Alicia said
Then the girl with a violet short hair suddenly laughed
"No greetings? An Unknown who is known as the third most powerful in this school that doesn't even know how to greet" she laughed again.
Do they even know each other? maybe.
"Tch" I saw an irritation in Alicia's expression
Adora suddenly intervened
"Be careful Rebecca, we do not want to anger Alicia" Adora smiled
"And If we do so? can she even defeat the five of us?" she laughed with pity in her face
"Enough Rebecca" The other girl said with a pony tailed black hair.
"Tch, shut up Mia!" She shouted
"Malfiore" Alicia suddenly said
"Oh! you want to start already?" they all laughed except for Mia
"Are you sure Alicia?" Adora asked
"Let's get this over with" Alicia said
"Don't be so over confident Alicia, remember I am ranked number three just like you in our academy and my comrades here our numbers four to seven" she said
After a couple of seconds Vanessa and Alessa suddenly laughed
"Are you sure big sister Rebecca? I think even if you all combine your powers you're still nothing to sister Alicia" Vanessa said
"Tch! why you!" Rebecca angrily said
"Don't be angry at the child Rebecca, they're just telling the truth" Adora said
"Let's get this over with?" Alicia once again said
"Malfiore" Rececca said as well as her comrades
"Do you want to join Amber?" Adora said "It'll be fun, please?" I shook my head
I really don't want to.
"Please" she once again said
"Malfiore" Vanessa and Alessa said
"Malfiore" Xander said
I rolled my eyes "Okay Okay! Malfiore"
After we said a burst of light blinded us and before we knew it we were teleported in a chess field. I mean a really big chess styled field with gigantic chess piece in each corner.
The bright sunlight is penetrating through our very eyes.
We are now currently facing each other Twenty-eight meters away.
"Now this interesting" Adora said with a smile on her face
"Felis Alese Medore," Rebecca said "The bloody battlefield of the kings"
Are they really serious? I mean doing this?
"So much for introduction isn't it?" Rebecca said "Oh, we haven't introduced ourselves yet"
Mia rolled her eyes then sighed
"How about we'll introduce ourselves one by one? isn't that great?" Adora said
"Fine by me" Rebecca said
I suddenly noticed that Alicia is pretty much serious right now.
"Let's start with you guys" Adora smiled
First to introduce is Rebecca since she already stepped forward.
"Hi everyone!" she waved with a smile "I am Rebecca Stormwell, living through the north, was given the title, the elegance tail and currently the ranked three student of our school" she stepped backward and faced Mia signalling her that It's her turn
I looked at Rebecca's power, I only saw a tiny amount of energy dwelling in her and I'm pretty sure that she is suppressing it.
Mia stepped forward then began introducing herself
"So Hi," she waved "I am Mia Loincloth, I lived in the south and currently studying at the High Academy of Magnolia, I was given title name, Shield ravager and I'm currently the ranked number four at our school" she stepped backward while trying to avoid looking at us
Mia has this unknown string of energy in her yellow flow of magic I don't really know what is that thing.
The other one stepped forward, The other girl with a normal black hair and eyes.
"H-hi" She said
"She's a shy person" Rebecca intervened causing the girl to be shy even more.
I saw Mia pinched Rebecca in the back
"What was that for!?" Rebecca furiously said but Mia only rolled her eyes then back her attention to the girl
I'm looking at all of them then turn my attention to Alicia and the others.
Alicia is still serious, she's not even moving Id guess.
I looked at Adora, she's smiling while looking at them. She's so quirky as ever.
I admit that I'm frustrated of what happened earlier. About the replicating, the spying and the lying. Well It's not a big deal but I just suddenly realize earlier that I am vulnerabe when It comes to trusting and believing someone though I'm not mad at her I'm just disappointed to myself.
I looked at Xander, He yawned then he caught me looking at her causing me to quickly turn my head around. God that was embarassing.
I looked at the twins, and once again they are playing. Playing what? Pinching each other.
They're weird but I like them.
Being unique is the best gift that you've ever received in your whole life.
I directed my attention back to the girl
"I-I am Leila Strongwood, I live in the north, I was given the title name, Shy piercer and I'm ranked number seven in our school. T-thank y-you" She tried to smile then quickly back to her post
When I looked at Leila's flow of magic I saw a tiny violet aura dwelling in her. A violet aura is the fourth most powerful aura.
First is the crimson red, the most powerful aura of all and was believed that only the goddesses and death itself was capable of handling it.
Second is the red, the second most powerful aura, The one who has a red aura are usually the kings and queens of each race
Third is the Purple, third most powerful aura. Purle aura are usually embodied by people who surpassed their limits and overcame it.
Fourth is Violet, The fourth most powerful aura. People who has a violet aura are people who were recommended by the kings and queens themselves.
Fifth is an yellowis-orange aura, It is a slightly powerful aura but people who usually has it cannot undergo eighty percent of power or above because they cannot handle the intense power.
Sixth is Blue, Blue is the average aura that a normal magician have.
Seventh is Green, Lower than average. Green aurad people are usually the people who are working in the society.
And the last one is white, The lowest of them all, The aura of a non-magical being. they too are workers of the society.
"So these is our boys, Introduce yourselves" Rebecca said
They both stepped forward and I can clearly see their faces.
The first one is a hot guy, a skinny guy particularly with a blond hair and green eyes and the other one is a small guy with dark complexion and has a black hair and eyes
The hot guy introduced himself first, I was caught off guard and suddenly realized that our eyes are currently staring at each other right now.
"Damn! what was that Amber!" My subconcious state scolding me
"Hi" He said with a really manly voice "I am Lancelot Beastclaw, I lived in the east and I was given the title name, The web trapper and I'm currently the ranked number six at our school" He said
The next one is the other guy
"I am Rodrick Coinkeeper," He said with an eloquent manner "I lived in the far east particularly in the woods, I was given the title Light converter and I'm the ranked number five at our school"
Rebecca stepped forward with a smile
"So since we are finished already, It's your turn Alicia"
When she said her name, Alicia just gazed at her.
"It's your turn Alicia, Introduce yourself" Adora said and after that Alicia rolled her eyes then spoke with her usual eloquent manner style of speaking
"I am Alicia Foxslumberer, I live in the dark ruins of the north, I was given the title name, The balance breaker and I am an unknown" After that she faced Adora
Adora smiled then began to introduce herself
"Hi everyone!" she cheerfully said "I am Adora
Silkstein, They call me the replicator of reality, I live also in the dark ruins of the north just like Alicia, I am an unknown and I will behead you one by one" she laughed
We all looked at her, seriously?
"Stop being a freak Adora" Xander said
"It's true, I will kill them" She placed her fingers in her lips
"Let's see if you can do it" Rebecca said
"I will," Adora smiled "Your turn brother"
"Tch, whatever" He annoyingly said "I am Xander Eveningsky, live through the the cold mountains of the east, was given the title name Deviant one, I am an unknown" He said
What's wrong with him? It's like he's carrying the skies with his back all day long.
"It's our turn!" Alessa shouted
"It is indeed your turn" Adora smiled
"Hi filthy creatures" What? "I am Alessa and my sister here is Vanessa, we were a homeless twins once when sister Eva adopted us, we were given the title names Artifial conjurer, we are an unknowns and we'll make sure that you'll not going to come back again after this battle," She cheerfuly said "Right Van?" Her sister nodded
Rebecca laugh harder than useless "Thank your for the compliments" she smiled
"You're welcome" Alessa said
"And our last member is a new one, she joined us earlier in the time of the orientation, introduce yourself Amber" Adora said
I felt a strange feeling, like there is someone coming very powerful. It gave me chills
"Amber? Amber?" Adora kept on calling my name
Oh It's my turn, I stepped forward to formally present myself to them "I-I am Amber Everlight, I live in a large city in the east, I do not have a title name since I am not given yet and I am now an unknown just like they said, nice to meet you all" I faked smile
After that Rebecca stepped forward then said something
"Since the formalities are complete, let us start the battle?" she asked
They all nodded, me as well. As I look at my comrades they have this smile on their faces.
A weird smile. Like the victor is already decided.
"Meren Elmerite Sedore" They all said "Let us begin?" Rebecca said with a weird smile on her face

Chapter Text

Extra Chapter (Side story) (Magnolius Kendrick Winterchill)
Chapter 4: Being deviant of ones faith
The very sunlight of the sun penetrates through my very eyes'
Just like ones belief continue to shatter.
I am already twenty years in this old world yet I never witnessed a miracle to be remembered for a lifetime.
Currently watching the wide blue horizon in a forest full of dangerous creatures.
My life is boring and that is indeed true.
As I open my eyes once again I'm still in the ground feeling the freshness of the air.
"My lord" Someone spoke in a graceful manner
"Your time of rest is nearly ending, we must return to the mansion and prepare for the royal meeting in the royal palace. The Queen is expecting your presence as I recall"
"Leave them be" I said "What is more important? A fresh air or a human?"
"But my lord" He once again said
"Quit your endless blabbering, I will stay here for a few minutes understood?" I commanded
"As you wish" with that he returned to the carriage and waited for my arrival.
Epheso, My loyal butler, He has been loyal to our family for over eight years now.
I continue to gaze the beautiful blue sky.
I have come to think that, what if I was never been born? I would sure miss this opportunity.
Few minutes passed I heard a rumbling noise near in where I am currently at.
I looked at the western direction and saw a huge black clouds sorrounding that one particular area. A cloud that are currently going at a one point.
I quickly stood up and went in that direction.
As I draw nearer I felt different. My skin began to feel weird. I'm electrified
I ignored it and continued walking.
As I get there I saw a gigantic flower in the riverside. A close gigantic flower with all the black clouds sorrounding it.
I walked near it, ignoring the possibilities of abnormalities that might happen.
As the clouds touched my skin I felt a great power shifted into my very body. An immense power I have never experienced even before. Don't tell me this is a --
I opened the flower and saw a maiden.
A maiden lying in a bed full of white roses.
Dressed in a clothing full of white feathers.
Sleeping gracefully in the very heart of the flower.
A maiden with a skin as white as the snow, a lips as red as a rose and a hair as black as darkness.
What is she doing in this kind of place? especially here in a dangerous riverside?
As I touched her foot my body began tingling again. What is this immense power that I'm currently feeling right now? Is she really a--,
"Aaargh" She said with a cute small voice.
I look at her other foot and saw a mark, an unknown mark. As I continue to gaze her mark on his foot, I was tempted to touch it.
I attempted to touch it but suddenly everything became abnormal. I suddenly felt a cold sensation past through my neck.
I touched it then It suddenly became red, a scarlet red.
A loud roar was heard into the woods and birds started to flew fast, far away from the forest. Like something horrible is about to happen.
There was a strong wind that shook the forest. I continued to look at the surrounding when suddenly a crimson red aura filled every surrounding. Nothing was moving, time itself stopped but I'm wondering why I wasn't included.
I looked again to the maiden and I'm shocked she's gone already.
I felt scared, like something is going to happen.
"Looking for me?" I heard a her voice, As I turn around she was there, gazing at me.
She snapped her fingers and before I knew it I'm already crushed in a stone nearby. A huge boulder cracked to it's very center because of me being thrown by a huge shockwave
She walked near me.
"What is it that you want?" She furiously said
"Have you come to kill me?" she turned around "And If so, do you think that you can?"
"Aargh" I gestured. My whole body is aching right now. Who is she!? Did I do something wrong?
"Fool! Stop that act!" She just suddenly vanished then suddenly appeared in front of me. She grabbed my face then pushed it again the boulder causing it to finally shatter into pieces.
Blood, I can see blood anywhere. My blood. My head is spinning. I can't take this anymore. What's happening?
All I can see is her angry face. A face filled with rage. It's like I did something horrible to her.
I looked at her chest. A scarlet-red aura A--
After that my consciousness finally gave up.
I woke up in an unfamiliar mansion without a single ache in my body.
I'm in a king-sized bed with a dim lighting..
"What!?" I suddenly shouted
With that, the door suddenly opened then my father came near me and sat in a chair besides me.
"Father" I said
"Take your rest young lad," He said with an eloquent manner What happened to you Magnolius, my son?"
Wh-what happened to me? Arrgh! I-I was in the forest, I-I saw a maiden in a huge flower an-and after that she created a shockwave and-and-and broke my head in a boulder.
"The butler found you lying in the riverside, sleeping" My lovely father said
"Sleeping? what!? Arrgh!" My chest aching causing my heart to beat fast because of the pain.
"Stay calm," He said "Yes, you're sleeping then after how many times he called you never responded to his gesture, so he walked in the forest and saw you sleeping."
"You do not understand father" I justified
"Understand what? my dear child?" He asked
"A girl tried to kill me there!" I shouted
"A girl? Magnolius you are the ranked one student in your academy! don't tell me you didn't even manage to defend yourself?" He curiously said
"She was strong, I felt a different sensation when she attacked me. My body was petrified and my mind is so confused" I said
"Confused? But you are witnessed to be asleep in that time Magnolius, my son, you are just hallucinating!" He strongly said
"No! Father!" I said "I am telling the truth!" I shouted trying to convince him that everything that I have said was true.
"Enough of this senseless delusions Magnolius! Get dressed quickly and prepare yourself" He stood up "We are already in the royal palace, we shall meet the queen in the main hall in an hour, now, end this nonsense and present yourself to me in the grounds later, understood?" He strictly said
"Y-yes father" That's the only thing that I could say since he will not believe in me no matter what I say.
I want to justify myself, justify myself that everything I said about what happened earlier was true! but I guess I can't.
Well I can! but it is hard. He will just think that I am out of my senses and making a nonsense fairy tale in my head.
As I stood up I went to see the windows and saw lights, and people coming at the grand occassion.
I walked near the bathroom and undressed myself.
As I stepped into the bathroom I saw myself looking at the mirror.
A face without a single scratch. My brown eyes as clear as a glass.
My bright brown hair was not even stained by a single drop of blood.
I looked at my chest, It's normal like nothing ever happened.
I continued to stare at the mirror when I suddenly remembered the face of the maiden.
Who is she? That is the very first time I haven't able to defend myself.
It's like I was purposely immobilized, unable to move a single muscle.
I finally took my shower and tried to forget everything that had happened.
After I took a bath, I wore my towel and I'm currently half-naked.
As I was going to get my clothes I suddenly realized that I didn't even have any clothes here at all.
After a couple of seconds I heard a knock on the door.
It's my clothes delivered to me I guess.
As I opened the door I again felt different. I felt again what I felt earlier in the forest.
I ignored it. I opened the door and was immobilize once again to see that girl again in a maid uniform.
"Ah" I looked dumb as I continue to watch her.
She has this weird smile like someone is about to get fucked up really bad.
She pushed me continuously until we arrived at the bed.
She sat on top of me and began gazing at me.
Seriously? I'm half-naked right now and she is doing this.
"Wh-what are yo-" I broke the silence
"Sshhh" She placed her finger in my lips.
Then her head began to get lower.
Our eyes met as her head is only two inches away from me. I can feel her breathe rushing through my nerves.
I saw a daring smile on her face.
What is she even planning?
"You see" Her fingers began to touch my chest, into my abs then back to my lips "I'm not a normal girl" I know"I will never admit that I am wrong" She smiled "So as a peace offering for the horrible things I made earlier to you, I'm going to--"
"Wait, stop" I said, trying to indeed stop her.
I respect girls and yes she's my type but I can't do this. Don't even think that I'm a gay, cause I'm not. I just really respect them.
"Why?" Her face began to get closer again "You don't want me?" She said with a pretentious disappointment tone
"It's not like that" We continue to gaze at each other and It's so hot. literally.
"Then It's okay" She pressed her lips against mine and her togue searching my mouth.
I was tempted too and began liking what she's doing right now. Damn!
She began moaning and feeling every kiss that we make.
She faced me again then spoke "See? you liked it right?" She once again kissed me. A kissed so hot that It might melt me any minute now if this will not end.
Our positions hanged. I'm on top of her while kissing at each other.
She touched my backbone to my neck and that felt really good I must say.
It made me hyped up, every thing that she does makes me feel good.
She's caressing my back as she kissed me.
We stopped for a moment, catching our breathe.
How should I say this, the pain that I had experienced earlier with her was worth it?
My foot began to move out of nowhere.
"Aargh" she shouted
I suddenly felt a heat on her foot.
We stopped what we are doing because of what happened.
"I-I'm sorry" I panicked
"It's alright" She said trying to suppress the pain
"No, let me help you" I said
"No! I said It's alright" After she said that her marked began to bleed.
"Trust me, I can heal you" As I gestured to heal her I felt an electric current after I touched her marked. It's like my body is floating. I hadn't realize that I was already thrown in the corner because of what I did.
She quickly walked near me
"A-are you okay?" She worriedly said while wiping all the blood on her mark.
My head is fuzzy right now, slightly blur.
She waved her hand in front of my face and It all disappeared. I can see clearly now.
"A-are you alright?" she repeated
I slowly stood up, still unable to walk straight.
She helped me walked through the bed.
I sat down and looked at her.
A girl with this incredible, no! not incredible but splendid powers. Who is she?
"Wh-who--" I tried to speak "Who are you?" I calmly said
"Y-yo-you do not know who I really am Kendrick because once you do, the worlds balance will destabilize" she turned away with a sad face
"T-they are after me, and if they knew that I encountered a human, They will surely passed a judgement regarding to my acts or worst case is that they will vanquish me"
"Th-they?" I curiously said
She turned around and faced me "Just forget about what I said okay? All you need to know is that in three days the Wandering Caravan will appear, I will be one of the ordeals in there. Survive and I will tell you everything about me" She placed her fingers in my lips "See you soon" After that I blinked once and she was already gone.
I noticed that I'm okay again, no sign of pain at all.
I looked at a suit besides me and was shock to see a letter above it. A letter from her.
A letter with the most pleasant scent of all, and an ink of a pure red roses.

Dear Kendrick,
I will surely wait for your arrival. I know you are strong so prove yourself because if you do, I will tell everything that you wanted to ask. Be bold, be courageous because the one who corrupts the earth is coming.

Be weary of the Queen, she is not the most pleasant person to trust with.
Corrupts the earth? who are she referring to?
Wandering Caravan? It is the first time I have ever heard of such thing.
And the very sentence that striked me the most was the very last part. Be weary of the queen. What is with the Queen that she feared?
I shook my head trying to internalize everything that had happened.
I will go, and find her.
I wore the suit and finally went down.
I thought I was already late. I saw my father talking to the different constables and royalties in the hall.
I went down the stairs then walked outside the hall. I can clearly see the light of the eveningsky. I remember her, I still can't forget her, and I will never forget her even once and that is for sure.
"Your attention please" I heard a man's voice.
I looked at him as he about to speak.
"High queen of the twelve mountains, Mother of Hereniera, Conqueror of five mystical ordeals, Inventor of the world collapse, our Queen! Cordelia Sherlier" All of us was stunned for a moment, a once in a lifetime experience of witnessing the true face of the beloved queen. Our family are very closed to the queen but we only communicate through letters. I have not seen her face nor everything about her even once.
A gown as black as a ravens feathers, a hair as white as a milk and an eyes as gold as honey.
She is quite chubby, holding a golden crescent staff while descending through the stairs.
As she continue to went down I felt a huge power filled the room.
They all clapped as she reached the bottom.
My father told me that the Queen's age is unknown. Her beauty is indeed exceptional filled with greatness and power.
They stopped clapping as she waved her hand.
She took a deep breath "A fine evening" she said looking through every corners of the hall.
An eloquent greeting as expected to the Queen.
"I am much flattered to see all of you who came in this special event, I am indeed glad to witness my beloved sons and daughters to support me in everything I do" They all mumbled and agreed with joy "I, Queen Cordelia Sherlier, wish you a fine and lovely evening" She said with a heart warming smile on her face.
They all clapped and everything started.
The music, the dance, the entertainment, everything!
I grabbed a dessert as I watched her.
She's sitting on her thrown heavily guarded by two royal red knights on her back.
Some other people started to walked near her and bring their gifts to the lovely queen.
As she accepts every gift that is offered to her, she thank them with a heart-warming smile as a return.
"Thank thee, o queen" The girl bowed before her and left.
Her eyes began to wander then suddenly our eyes locked.
She smiled unto me then waved.
I smiled back and bowed as a sign of respect to the High queen.
I saw her called a butler and whispered something to him.
After a couple of seconds the two of them looked at me.
Before I knew it the butler walked near me and said something to me.
"Her Majesty wishes your presence in the balcony" I looked at her. She smiled at me as she left her throne.
I nodded to the butler "Come with me, my lord" He said "This way" He pointed the way
As I follow him, My heart starts to beat fast. This is the first time for me to meet the queen face to face and I'm really nervous right now.
I looked at myself in the mirror along the way and fixed myself so that I'll look presentable in the presence of the queen. I checked my breath and It's okay.
As we arrive I saw her majesty gazing upon the bright full moon.
The butler bowed and quickly left leaving me behind.
I walked three meters away from her majesty and stayed there. I remained silent, waiting for the Queen to speak to me.
She kept on looking at the moon, staring in its beauty and elegance.
A cold wind pass through my skin, My skin is cold filled with fear and despair.
The High Queen is in front of me, The High queen of Hereira.
"Isn't this beautiful my child?" She spoke with gladness
"It is indeed beautiful my Queen, As elegant as her majesty" I said and bowed
I heard her laugh, but it quickly disappeared.
"You are taught with beautiful manners my child, just like your father"
"Indeed I am" I responded
She then suddenly turned around and spoke
"Do you know what is the reason why I have summoned you here?" She asked with a smile
"No, my queen" I said
"I have summoned you here for a very special task" She gracefuly
"A task? my queen?" I curiously said
"Yes, you are to protect me until twilight" She frankly said
"Protect you?" I asked "Y-yes my queen" I said
"Your task is simple, survive and don't die, The people who will assault me are powerful, be weary and be on your guard always. I will give you a special reward if you accomplished this mission" She said
"Yes my queen" I said
With that she turned again to stare at the moon
"Would that be all? my queen?" I asked
She didn't respond so I bowed as a farewell, As I take my first step she spoke again
"Have you ever heard of the people called the Ancients?" she asked
I stopped and faced her again "Ancients?" I wondered.
My heart started to skipped a beat
"Yes, thought to be vanquished thousand of years ago" She continued
"I am sorry my queen, I have not heard of such existence" I answered
"They are the first to dwell in the middle earth, thousand years after they were vanquished by the Goddesses, Vanquished for making abominations that walked our very lands" I kept on listening to her. Ancients? Is it true that I have not heard of such existence in my entire life and I'm curious of what are they.
"They're so powerful they were able to parry the Goddesses' judgement but in the end it was reported that they were all vanquished, that was according to the myth" She said "Do you believe in such myth?" she asked
"No, my queen" I frankly said
"It's a shame" She said "And here I thought they were already vanquished"
"My queen" I'm confused. What is her majesty saying?
"A people who has a scarlet aura" After she said that my heart once again skipped a beat and after that it began beating faster.
What am I feeling right now? It's weird. I felt different. What's going on with me?
"I sense their power in the castle" She said "This castle is my body, I can sense everything that happens inside it. And I sense a foreign creature, not of our own kind who walked inside the doors of my castle" She faced me with a serious face
The maiden I have discovered? yes, she has a scarlet aura! That's why she is so strong.
The High Queen suddenly vanished in my field of vision and suddenly reappearing very close to me. An inch a way from her face.
She touched me in the chest with her whole hand and I can feel every bit of power flowing from her very own body.
"Do you know her? my child?" she asked
"No, my queen" After I responded that I saw myself drowning in the middle of a crystal clear sea with nothing to see, just water.
Every seconds that passes by, the air in my body decreases. After a couple of seconds my body began to give up. I can't use my magic, It's hindering me to cast anything even a teleportation spell. What is this? I lost every amount of air in my lungs,
As I was going to close my eyes, I suddenly felt the water vanished and I can breathe air again.
I took a deep deep breath. And I'm not wet anymore.
I blinked my eyes and realized that the Queen is still in front of me, weirdly smiling at me.
"I'll ask you once again my child, do you know that girl?" She once again asked
What am I going to answer!? I really don't know her name!
"N-" As I about to say no again I witness a smile on her face, telling every bit of my instincts that the Queen is hiding something.
She flickered her hand. I took a deep breath preparing for the next spell she'll cast, I closed my eyes, and I was right, before I knew It I was flying--flying downward.
I was falling above the sky down to a small active volcano that I can see from above.
"Is this the end?" I asked myself
As the air resists my body from below a violet seal suddenly appeared and continued glowing in my right wrists.
As I continue to fall I looked at it, an unknown mark was written on it. A mark I have never seen before.
I looked below me and saw the volcano with flowing magma in it.
Little by little I'm getting near it.
My heart is beating so fast and I can't think straight.
I just looked again in the volcano, concluding that this is the end of the road for me.
I closed my eyes and let it all be sealed.
"Don't die," I heared her voice "I'm waiting for you, remember?" As I heard that last word I opened my eyes and tried to cast something even though I knew It's useless.
"Efia gaea esterus" I finally casted
After a couple of seconds nothing happened
I was already in the tip of the hole of the volcano.
As I was preparing to close my eyes again, I heard a cracking sound, like a mirror starting to shatter.
That sound continued until I witness all my surroundings began shattering like a mirror.
A one final major crack broke everything and before I knew it I was once again in the presence of the Queen.
I took a deep breath as my heart beats so fast.
A Queen is indeed a Queen, blessed by the Goddesses. Empowered with tremendous powers able to conquer any places.
I saw her smiling again
"I saw what she did" She said but I didn't respond
"That's enough for one day, I can't kill a wonderful being like you who manage to lure a Goddess forsaken creatures. Splendid indeed" I bowed
"T-thank y-you your majesty" I said as I continue to bow
"Don't thank me yet, my child," She smiled as she stared at me with pity "If I were given a chance to kill either you or a dog. I will definitely kill you rather than dog and that I will not hesitate to do so" She turned her back from me
"Oh, where were we?" she asked "Ah yes! at exactly twilight the one who will try to murder me are coming at that exact time, how can I tell? because of this," she showed her big watch placed in a rounded shape thing made out of gold
"This is the Hestinian watcher, being able to predict an exact time of which a certain event might happen" I stared at it with amazement
A clock being able to predict a particular event.
"But be weary, my child. For the one who will try to kill me are powerful. Be on your guard always," She turned around and once again spoke "All you need to do later is be my bodyguard, they will assault me without hesitation," She smiled "That would be all" with that she suddenly vanished leaving a rose petals from where she stood
My heart finally became normal
After I internalize all that had happened I began to realize that, what is with the girl that I met, that the queen is so fond of?
I returned to the hall seeing the Queen sitted on her throne.
I looked at the people who are offering their gifts to the High Queen, The one that I am looking now looks familiar, dressed with fine gems and genuine clothings, red haired and basically a high noble
I took some wine while still taking an eye to the Queen. I tried to forget what had happened earlier between the Queen and me. She is the Queen and I ought to serve her with all I have.
Time quickly passed, Ten more minutes left until midnight. I am alert until now, observing things who seems to be unusual.
11:58 until midnight but there is still no sign of the people who will assault the Queen.
The Queen looked at me with a straight face.
I quickly understood it and began walking beside her.
As I quickly get to her a gigantic bell rang outside the palace creating a loud noise.
I looked at a grandfathers clocked and seems to notice that it is till 11:59. Is there some kind of a mistake?
I finally walked to her side.
My heart is beating so fast. Expecting the unexpected events that might happen.
"They are here" She said
I looked at where she is currently looking.
Seconds passed my heart skipped a beat.
The bell stopped ringing.
After a couple of seconds I notice a violet aura surrounding us.
An aura stopping everything from moving. Even the clock itself stopped moving.
The only left moving are us. Me and the Queen
I looked at the Queen, still on her guard.
I heard a cracking mirror, I quickly looked at it and witness a large mirror being shattered into pieces, and from there I saw two man and one woman.
Two man with blue and gold colored uniforms with an unknown seal on it.
And a brown haired fat woman dressed with black robe and a brown colored eyes. A woman with a red aura.
"It is good to see you again my dear" she said with an eloquent voice
"Indeed it is" The Queen responded with happiness on her face
Wait what!? They're friends? I thought--
"I have longed to see your face once again
Criselda, my sister" The Queen said
I am filled with confusion as of this very moment.
"I have received your message and was astonished to witness such a thing. So I quickly gave thy messenger to deliver a message to thee regarding my arrival" She said with a smile
"And here you are now" The Queen said spreading her arms while she holds her staff
"So? where is it?" The fat one asked
"It is not here yet, be patient. It will come any minute now" After the Queen said that, she suddenly looked at me. With a disturbing look on her face.
"Oh I see" I quickly looked at the other one and witnessed her looking at me too.
She suddenly laughed "How pathetic, you're indeed a great Queen my sister" Her laughed became louder
My heart began beating so fast.
My mind is telling me to get out in here but I can't.
I began sweating, hardly thinking what to do next. What are they trying to do.
"I-I need to go now my Queen" I said
"Not yet, Our guest is not yet arriving" She gracefully said
"Enough with the patient thingy!" The fat one shouted looking at me with an angry face.
She attempted to charged me but a strong shockwave blocked her.
"Sister!" She looked at the Queen with anger.
"Patience sister" she smiled
I left my guard down unaware of a hand liked magic lurking underneath me.
After a couple of seconds I felt my foot being dragged down to the very grounds by hands. Lots and lots of hands.
I quickly panicked and began casting magic but It didn't work. It is invulnerable. I looked at the two of them and saw then smiling like a food is about to be served.
My heart beats even more. Every bit of blood coursing through my veins panicked.
"Any minute now" The Queen said
The fat one laughed really loud and looked at me with pity while I was succumb to the ground.
I kneeled down trying to escape from the hands.
"H-he--" As I was going to shout, a hand covered my mouth stopping me from getting help.
"It's useless. This is a void barrier, no one can get through here unless a more powerful being broke it, and that is the thing we are expecting" The Queen smiled
Is this really the Queen? a betrayer? the mother of all people betraying a single man like me.
"As I felt the presence of an Ancient with you I quickly became interested" She said
"At last! Any minute now I can finally obtain an ancients power" The fat one said
"Patience" The Queen said
"Enough with the patience! sister! I waited for five centuries! you cannot expect me to be patient! after all that bloody Ancients did to me!" She furiously said stomping her feet to the ground.
Ancient? you mean--
I began to breath heavily since my mouth is still covered with hands.
As I about to lost consciousness I heard the Queen spoke
"She's here, prepare sister" The Queen said
After that the heaven's opened creating a blinding light. I saw a shadow descending from the sky. My heart began raising, like the first time I met that maiden.
And with that great light comes with great darkness. I closed my eyes and everything went abyss.
I opened my eyes and saw myself lying on the floor. I quickly stood up with an aching body.
Wh-where am I?
I observe the area and was immobilize to witness something.
A thing where my name is carved.
Magnolius Kendrick Winterchill, Headmaster.
I was ultimately shock of what I'm seeing now. Is this a dream?
Then I heard the door opened and saw and old man with a strange hat and a robe. He has a glasses and a white beard.
He sat on a chair where my name lies.
So this means--
"Young lad," He suddenly spoke. I looked at the surroundings and saw no one. Is he talking to me? "Yes, you" He then looked at me. Can he see me? but earlier he just passed through me
"I see you temporarily got here young lad" He smiled "Why have you come here?" He asked
As I was about to respond I felt my mouth forcefuly closed.
"I see, I see" He said "The doings of the Queen?" I nodded with great curiousity
How did she knew? That it was of the Queen.
"Just remember this lad, In the near future the Queen and you will become great allies. Just continue what you are doing now. Seek what your heart desires" He stood "Do not seek the future because it will ruin the past" what is he saying? "How do I know?" He sighed "It is because I am you" with that everything melted. He vanished and a fire started to devour everything. It is getting closer and closer to me. I tried to cast magic but it is useless.
Then I suddenly woke up. Being hugged by someone, someone whose scent is familiar. I realized it was her, looking at me with pity.
I quickly stood up and saw the Queen sat on her throne with blood everywhere. To her face to her clothing and chair. I looked at her sister and her companion. Blood everywhere.
Did she did this? Did she kill the Queen?
"I-I'm sorry" Tears started to fell from her eyes
"Ssshh" I hugged her "It's not your fault"
"If It wasn't for me you wouldn't experienced this" She kept on crying
I kept on hugging her, trying to make her calm
"Ssshh" I gestured
Then she spoke again
"This is the last time I will ever meet you" She said while still crying "G-goodbye" with that she kissed me trying to let me feel her love and also pain.
I closed my eyes. I didn't notice I was already crying. I touched her cheeks with great sadness.
This is the first time for me to really love a girl. Witnessing a true miracle
We continue to kissed, feeling every moment.
And the happy part had come to and end.
She stopped and said her final words that I will long forever. She floated as she spoke, I held her hand trying to not let her go in my arms. "Don't cry, I have faith in you" with that she sud
denly faded. Faded with a smile on her face leaving me standing while tears flow in my very eyes. My hands is still not moving. What is this great sadness?
"Will I ever meet you again?" I asked out of nowhere.
Then I saw a flame started to carve something into the ground.
"Soon" It said
With that, a smile landed on my face.
I'm smiling while I'm crying. How odd.
I closed my eyes then--
I heard a knock on a door, so I opened my eyes and witnessed a bright morning.
The door opened and a woman dressed in a maid clothing walked inside "Your breakfast is ready my lord" she smiled

Chapter Text

Chapter 5 :The meeting (Continuation)
In just a day many tremendous things happened to me.
Being able to witness such incredible beings before my very eyes.
In every thing that I do ,there is this unknown force hindering me. Like it was telling me to not get myself into trouble.
In this bright afternoon view in this alter dimension a battle will commence which basically means me being included in it.
I watched them made their transformation.
Rebecca, Mia, Leila, Lancelot and Rodrick.
They started enchanting their transformation incantations.
After a couple of minutes they are already finished
All of their outfits changed into a, how should I say this, a complete identical uniform?
They all wore the same outfits, well except for the boys. You can't expect guys to wear a girl's clothing.
An all black uniform, all of them has this seal on the left part of their body.
I looked at Adora, Holding her laugh until the end.
Well I admit It's funny, they look like a funny looking nutjob.
But Adora had not able resist it.
She bursted out laughing like there is no tomorrow.
"Laugh now while you can" Rebecca said then rolled her eyes with great confidence.
"Are you done already?" Adora continued laughing as she clappes
"Yey!" Alessa happily said then turned to her twin sister
"Our turn!" Vanessa continued but Adora walked near her and pat her head
"Not now," Adora said then looked at them on the eye "Let sister Alicia handle it for us okay?" then the twins nodded
"Okay sister" They said
"Are you sure of what you are doing Alicia?" Xander worrily said as she continue to gaze Alicia at a distance
Alicia gave her a smile, a smile I witnessed for the very first time "If anything happens to me, just make Adora do her thing okay?" Alicia said with a smile then Xander nodded
"Of course I will!" Adora laughed "Do you not believe in me sister?
I just looked at them then saw Alicia looked at me, she raised her left arm and signalled me to come to her. So I walked besides her and held her hand.
"Promise me, The first time you knew me is still me after this okay?" She said
"O-okay" I said trying to internalize what she have said just now
What is she saying? Is she saying goodbye? I don't get it at all.
I felt an unknown current in my body coming from her.
"Enough chit-chat you bloody morons!" Rebecca shouted
"Enough! Rebecca!" Mia intervened as she snapped her fingers in front of Rebecca's face "Do not be rude!"
Rebecca just rollled her eyes "Tch! How annoying"
"Wait? are you going alone?" I curiously said but she didn't responded
She walked near the middle and casted her incantation.
"If you die here, you'll never coming back" Xander said with a straight tone, like she was telling something, but I don't get it.
"What?" I suddenly said
"This is not a normal magic, That is why it is called the bloody battlefield of the kings." He continued "A replica of the battlefield wherd the kings and queens battled each other to earn the throne given by the Goddesses thousands of years ago"*
"Why aren't you stopping her?" I worriedly said
"Keep calm Amber," Adora said "Take a deep breath" I followed what she said and I began calming my nerves
"We trust her" Adora continued "Aren't you?" I nodded "And besides, she's like us, and to sum it all up she's the third in rank on all of us"
I realized, realize that what she said was true.
So I just looked at my sister and prepare to face an unexpected things to happen.
She stomp her foot on the ground creating an unknown wide violet seal in it. It was moving, surrounding her body as every seconds passed.
"What you see here, remains in here okay?" Adora smiled "This is our little secret"
Alicia began floating, spreading her arms in the air while wind started to form below her.
"So, It is five on one e?" Rebecca laughed
"Sshh!" Mia intervened "What is this power?" she curiously said
I too can feel it, I looked at her aura and was shock to witnessed nothing. Not even a single spec of light in her body. What is this?
She began saying an unknown language, as she continue to chant, half of her body from the head down to foot began breaking, breaking and shattering like a mirror and eventually the only thing left is a violet colored--.
Violet on the right side and normal on the left side.
"Now this is interesting" Rebecca said
I can only see her back hearing every chants that she makes.
What is this? I have never seen such a thing? A violet sticky-like texture.
After a couple of seconds, a legion of shadows came below her and spread through out her body and below her, lurking fast to every directions, Like they were freed from a powerful curse, being freed from an eternal shackles.
Then the shadows began screaming, a loud scream like they are being tortured to death.
My skin are all raising now. A goosebumps.
Feeling an unusual energy at this point of time.
W-what is happening to her?
I want to save her! tell her to stop.
As I gestured to help her, Xander quickly held my hand, preventing me to do what I planned
"Stop!" He shouted and quickly looked at me straight in the eye "You can't do anything to stop her, and besides if you that, the seal will destabilize and we really don't want that to happen" he said
I can clearly see his captivating blue eyes, Like I'm drowning in the middle of the sea and he's there to save me
I felt a sudden heat in my cheeks. I flushed scarlet. Amber! What are you even doing!
This isn't the time for that! there is no time at all for thap kind of stuffs.
It happened for a couple of seconds and we finally stopped when we heard a rumbling noise from the ground that caused the earth to quake a little.
I just stood there. Watching her do this.
"What is this? I mean what is happening to her?" I curiously asked
"She's undergoing a Demonic form, any minute now Adora will cast a spell holding her human mind so that the magic will not corrupt her. If that became complete, she will lose herself, destroying everything in its path. Eventually she'll become a monster" He said "A demon In particular, a powerful demon"
"What!?" I shockingly said
Are they even serious? of all of this? letting sister Alicia do this.
"Why would she even do this?" I asked as I turn my attention to Xander
"For us" He said as he took a deep breath.
Seconds passed where still staring at her.
No one moved or even talked.
Then the dark shadows began to materialize, they transformed into a solid figure, rising slowly from the ground.
There are too many of them!
I can see its saliva flowing from its mouth, all of them.
As they began moving slowly, their noises became loud, like they are being tortured even more. Their faces began expanding and their eyes began opening, I can clearly see their red glowing eyes as they looked at all of us.
As they approach us, Xander suddenly shouted
"Adora now!" Xander shouted pointing seriously the seal below Alicia with his hand.
Adora stepped forward and I saw her whole eyes became violet. It's glowing.
"Claryehsha Hasheara" She casted creating a huge black shadowed hand below Alicia. It crushed and destroyed the seal causing Alicia to be back on the ground.
The shadows suddenly vanished and everything became silent, no one talked or even moved a single muscle.
Alicia stopped moving, she remained silent and stayed as well.
What will she do next?
I can't feel any magic on her at all.
I can't feel an energy yet all of my hair skin are raising.
She is still this half violet being.
Seconds passed a wing started to come out from below her shoulders.
A black wing with a black shining feathers on it. Endlessly falling into the ground and will vanish quickly.
"Oh no!" Adora shouted "No! no! no! no!" then she looked at Xander with great horror.
"You messed up Sister Adora" Alessa said then laughed
Huh? what did she mean by that?
Is everything okay? I have this unknown sensation now flowing through my body.
"W-what's happening!?" I said
"It is supposed to be fifty percent only but I messed up. Now it's sixty percent, so that means if we do not stop this now, we can never retrieve her. That is not Alicia! It is a corrupted being!" As she said that Alicia began moving.
A huge spikes came out of her back, below her wings and began spreading and duplicating. It attacked Rebecca first but she managed to avoid it and struck the ground, until such time it hit Mia in the stomach, it pierced through her body and I can see the great pain in her expression.
Her stomach starts to bleed as she shout with great pain.
"Aaargh! H-he!!" As she shout again I saw one of her foot being sliced into pieces by the spikes.
It's a matter of split seconds as everything got worst.
"Aargh!" She shouted again as blood continue to flow from her foot, her comrades cannot do anything, I saw them tried to heal and bring her foot back but It didn't do anything.
They tried to shatter and destroy the spikes that is currently controlled by Alicia but it is useless. It is immune. This the first time I have encountered this type of problem. what must I do? I want to help them but my body won't even move.
"Run!" Adora shouted with great fear on her face
"Xander! Save them!" with that, Xander quickly moved, doing what has been told to her.
He started to run then suddenly vanished in the air.
I looked for him and I didn't saw him.
I turned my attention to the spikes, to where it is going to strike.
As another spiked attacked Mia again, Xander managed to save her. But It is too late, she has no left foot anymore. Xander placed her away from Alicia
Adora casted something, a shield mirror.
After a couple of seconds the spikes began duplicating even more, attacking every single one of us.
We used all our barriers and every seconds passing by it began to break. It began to crack as of this very moment.
"What now?" I said as the spike continue to slam our barrier. Alicia looked like an octopus, having this dangerous many enormous spikes around her that are attacking us now
"I don't know!" Adora shouted "As far as I remember only Eva can stop her!"
I can't take this anymore!
As I continue to look at them, I saw the two other guys being impaled to the grounds. Blood
everywhere. I can clearly see Mia enduring the pain and the others too.
Xander kept on dodging and avoiding every attack thrown to him.
Whenever he is attacked he'll just vanished and quickly reappear again. He's fast, even faster than me.
And then I finally witnessed him being slammed into the ground since he was caught by the spikes then began to be impaled again and again then--.
"This is enough!" Adora raised her hand and pointed it to Alicia's direction. She snapped her fingers and saw a huge aura coming out from her.
Alicia stopped. Like she was immobilized, unable to move.
I'm confused! I don't get this at all! I can't take this anymore! I want to help but I can't! I'm afraid!
Even though Xander is in so much pain, he managed to get all of them to our side.
As Xander starts to move again, a huge spike came from the ground causing him to be impaled, again.
It moved again. Adora didn't managed to maintain it. He vomitted a lotwof blood and began to weaken.
"Xander!" We all shouted then the twins began crying.
We are still in our barrier, waiting for the last blow to come.
"Sorry we can't help sister" The twins said while still crying
"Sssh, It's alright" She hugged them, trying to make them bold and strong.
As seconds passes by Leila and Rebecca didn't manage to avoid a blow by the spikes, they were eventually impaled and I can clearly see from here all the blood coming from Rebecca's arm who seems to be lost already.
Then Alicia began to face us.
"Enough! Alicia!" I shouted
"It's useless Amber!" Adora said
We're now the only ones waiting for our death, the four of us.
I-I must use all my powers now! even though- even though!
A flash of memories bursted into my mind. A thromatic memory that I should have never remembered again.
A horrible past that trapped and cornered me to be like this, to be afraid for eternity.
I suddenly kneeled down, deactivating my barrier.
"What are you doing!" Adora shouted as I began crying, realizing that I can't do anything. I-I just can't!!!
As another spike attempted to strike me, Adora protected me with her barrier hindering the spikes from attacking me.
"Get up! now! I can't protect you guys any longer! My barrier can withstand anyone, anyone except Alicia, Alessandra and Eva. So please! get the hell out of there" I can clearly see the fury in her eyes.
As I stood up, a blood was suddenly splashed at my face.
I looked at it, I touched it when looked at Adora and the twins.
A-ad-dora was i-impaled by the spikes, as she was continue to be impaled she looked at me.
"H-hel-" She was thrown into the skies and once again impaled by a huge spike.
A river of blood flowed through my face down to my shirt.
A-a-dora-, I tried to shout but It's useless.
"S-sis-ter!!" The twins shouted with great horror.
They lifted their hands as they casted a spell
"Herinera ashafarea Angula!" they casted causing the skies to darken.
A loud rumbling noise came from the heavens,
"S-sto-p s-is-ter" they loudly cried
My body suddenly felt a current, just like an electricity flowing through my body directly.
With that, a gigantic lightning came out in the heavens and struck Alicia.
The earth shattered creating a huge hole in the ground.
It's dusty, I can't see a thing.
I looked at Rebecca and the others, they're still enduring the pain. when will this end?
I bowed my head "Why is this happening?" I asked myself with great sadness and tears once again flowed in my eyes.
As the dust particles disappeared I can still clearly see Alicia there, standing.
I looked at the twins and was horrified to witness them being impaled.
I looked at their faces, smiling as they face the afterlife.
I'm useless. I thought I can do anything.
I stood up and walked down to face Alicia.
I started walking, thinking that any second now Alicia will impale me with her spikes.
It doesn't matter, I must help them--.
I stepped down from a rock, then to the other.
As I continue to get closer, I became afraid at the same time I became bold.
I stepped down again to another rock and saw myself four meters away from her.
I can clearly see her body being corrupted, from the half to the another half.
She raised her hand, I looked at it as she flickered it.
A loud noise was heard from the ground, I know I was about to get impaled but I must face this, this will mold me.
I took another step, A huge spike came out from the ground but It just passed through me.
I took another one, it's the same. I'm not avoiding it but It seems that it is the who is avoiding me.
I took a deep breath "You can do this" I gripped my hands.
I walked another three steps as the spikes continue to pass through me, my sides and above me.
What's happening? Is Alicia doing this?
I stopped, I looked at her in the eye, I can clearly see all her octupus like figure in her back with all the spikes.
I lifted my hands, trembling with great fear.
I can clearly see the great abyss in her eyes, like she was being thrown into a labyrinth with nowhere to run.
Alicia is a strong girl and I know she can survive this.
We stared at each other for a couple of seconds,
"Let's go?" I said
She nodded as I felt a liquid flowed through my foot. I smiled with happiness.
I turned the pain to happiness causing myself to become numb.
I am happy, indeed I am and I don't know why. I am impaled in the back by three spikes directly through my stomach but I am happy.
A tear fell through my eyes
For me to do this to the people I have just met. I'm so proud of myself.
"Atleast I have done something" I whispered as I smile once again, remembering what happenes in this day one last time.
I slowly closed my eyes, this is the end.
I smiled again as my body began to break down.
"Hahahaha!" I heard a loud laugh
A familiar voice that I recently heard,
"Enough with the melodramatic act guys!" she laughed again as wind rushed throufh the very field "Did you really think that she's one of us? Oh please" She continued to laugh
"This is a complete idiotic act" She said "To willingly do all of this just to see her powers, like duh? Even Alessa can break that seal on Alicia in just a second"
Wh-what? I-i- don't- understand-
"Enough" She once again said.
Alicia stopped moving and all the broken things started to fly, returning to their original place.
Alicia slightly moved and took of her spikes in my back.
I was thrown into the ground as I endure the pain.
I heard a loud clap, as loud as a stomp.
I looked at beside me and saw all the blood movin, I can feel my wound closing.
Is Alessandra doing this? Is this her power?
My strenght is slowly regaining. The battlefield became normal again, like nothing even happened.
I saw them while still in the ground, standing while staring at me with an undescribable expression
I can't stand up. Even talking or raising my hand is so hard. I thought I was already healed? Like I was being shackled unto the ground, unable to move.
I gazed at all of them, Rebecca and the others, Xander... the twins, Adora and--
Alicia was standing at their back. Looking at me at a distance.
She's alright, I smiled
"Sor--" She attempted to say something but Alessandra intervened
"Let's all return, The Headmaster is waiting" She said with a loud clap
The skies began to change.
It looked like the heavens, the stars and the planets shining above us.
It is moving, It was all moving.
It's so beautiful, I continued to stare at it.
I want to be a star, to never endure this unknown pain in my heart. Is this just an anger? or a hatred locked in the deepest corners of my heart.
Well I know this is just the beginning of my journey.
I felt the air in my body decreasing. It's hard to breath. Like all the oxygen in in body are being sucked away.
I can't speak at all. It's hard as if I was being hindered.
I tried to lift my hands to call for help but it's useless.
They just looked at me. Like they wanted me to really die.
What did I do to them? I even wanted to help them but now they are just staring at me like I have done someting wrong.
After a couple of seconds I felt my whole body floating slowly in mid-air. I looked at them
As I slowly float in mid-air, I suddenly heard a loud rumbling noise that came from the ground.
I looked at it and saw the ground started breaking and shattering.
I looked at them once again, they began flying from their feet while the ground continued to shatter.
"It's hard to break a barrier you know" Alessandra said as she roll her eyes while standing in a floating boulder.
What am I feeling right now? My heart is aching yet I feel an emptiness in its other side. What is this? I don't get it.
This feeling is so new to me.
Am I being played? Like from the very start?
believing that all that I saw and witnessed earlier with them, the kindness, the smile and the lovely greetings are all true, but basically I was being deceived.
All of this because they just only wanted to see my powers.
To play their comrades because of it.
To play with their kindness and good-heart just to see their powers.
Asking is a simple thing to do, yet they don't know how to do it.
Should I show it to them?
I mean two end this misery? this madness?
All of this in one day, how wonderful.
As I raise my hand to cast a spell the barrer that holds us right now began breaking, and eventually the hole that have been created by the collapsing of the dimension began sucking everything.
As the dimension that we are currently at began to distabilize, I saw Alicia raised her hand and saw once again the sphere of light in her hand that she casted earlier.
"Shanadra Mediya Heleius" As she casted that spell a burst of light appearem before our very eyes and basically, before I knew it, I woke up in a room with curtains surrounding me.
Wh-where a-am I? My head began to ache.
Where are they?
Why the hell am I looking for them? after all the have done.
I heard voices, talking, chatting and laughing.
I stood up and opened the curtains that are surrounding me, and saw a familiar room.
Am I in the infirmary? I mean of the school?
I took a step and began observing the area.
Yes, I remember, this is the infirmary. I remember this since we went here in the time of the orientation last year.
I took another step and looked at the window.
I took a deep breath, I think there something in my chest, I mean inside it. For me to breath right now is really hard, I wonder why.
I looked at the window and saw all the students chatting, sitting in the benches and having fun.
I really don't want to remember about what happened earlier.
I really wish that the headmaster will let me leave them, I mean the unknowns.
I don't hate them, I'm just disappointed
There is a big difference between angry and being disappointed.
I don't hate them, I'm not angry either.
Disappointed about the fact that I trusted them too much. Trusting and believing that they are just like me and they will understand who and what I am.
But at the end of the tunnel I realized that they are just the same, Alicia, Adora, Xander and etc.
A weakness that I should have never showed, but I guess It's inevitable.
I turned around and looked for the door, I need to see Anna, I need to let it all out, I mean all of this, all the things that had happened.
As I saw the door I took a step forward and continued, as I reach it I stopped.
I know Anna will be enrage with this but she is the only one I count on. Everytime I have a problem. She's always there to scold me.
I opened the door and saw the hallway.
I walked and walked and eventually I reached the stairs, I stepped down and saw someone walking in my direction.
A girl, It's Anna!
As she saw me, she quickly ran and hugged me.
"What happened to you?" She worriedly asked
"I-i'm--" As I try to speak, my heart suddenly became heavy, like I'm being pulled down to the ground. Then a tear started to flow from my very eyes.
What is this? I really can't control my emotion.
As the tears continued flowing she hugged me again and comforted me.
"Sshh!" she said trying to make me calm
"I-I trusted too much" I began to cry even more
"Sshh! It's okay, just let it all out" she said
"I hate myself!" My heart became heavier even more
"I'm listening"
"All of that, because they only wanted to see my power" I cried *sob* *sob*
"It's not your fault" She stopped huging me and held my both hands
"You can do this!" I saw her crying too, causing me to cry even more.
"We can do this!" she said once again "I'm always here o-okay?" she smiled as the tears continued to flood from her eyes.
"Y-yea-" I said then she hugged me again
After a couple of minutes of crying she stopped hugging me again then spoke
"Look at your face!" She laughed, trying to cheer me up "You look awful! look at yourself in a mirror!" she laughed once again
She wipe the tears in my eyes and then slapped me
"What was that for?" I shockingly said
"See? Slapping you can make everything back to normal, am I right?" she said then I laughed
I slapped her too and we laugh at each others face.
"Let's go?" She said "I know you're starving to death right now" she smiled
Yeah, I'm definitely hungry.
Who woudn't get hunry after all that had happened.
I need a rest, I mean not rest like sleeping, a rest without their presence.
"Yeah!" I smiled
We quickly left that place and went to the cafeteria, as we continue to walk, I can clearly see students who seems to be staring at me, or like gazing at me, like they wanted me to vanish.
“Hey” I murmured
“Yes? Is there something wrong?” She asked
I wanted to ask her, I mean why the hell am I being stared by everyone, well I’m not being assuming, but I’m pretty sure that the stare to death glare is intentional. Like what the hell is happening?
”What’s up with them?” I said
“Them? Who? What do you mean?” She asked as we continue to walk in a pathway that leads to the other building
I turned her head to the people who are currently staring at us, or like me, right now.
“Oh. she didn’t talk for a while”
“Well?” I said, trying to understand why the hell they are staring.
“Everyone knew” She said
“Everyone? Knew?” I curiously said “What the hell is happening sister?”
“That day, the day you and the other unknowns battled in that dimension” She said
“Wait, I’m completely lost, I mean of what is happening right now “How the hell did you know!?” My voice started to raise
“Keep calm” she said, trying to make me calm “I don’t know everything, the only thing I know is the announcement that the headmaster made the other day”
“Announcement? What the hell are you talking about? There is no announcement” Wait! Am I missing something here? “How many days am I asleep?”| I curiously asked
“You’ve been asleep for 5 days Amber, and everyone is very disappointed of what had happened in there”
“What had happened!?” I raised my voice again, then I saw some of the students looked at me,
“Promise me you’ll not be depressed of what I’m going to say okay?” She said
“O-okay?” I said, trying to make myself calm “What is it? I mean the thing that the headmaster announced?”
She tooked a deep breath and finally spoke “He said that you didn’t able to pass the test of one of the Angels of the Ordeals”
”Ordeals?” Wait, Oh shit! Now I get it! It was all a test! I really thought that the ordeals that I’m going to face will be announced. Shit!
“The headmaster said that you didn’t manage to pass the test of--of something they called the Angel of Desolation? Or something like that”
I sighed “Yes, I knew about the Angels, but I didn’t expect that they will immediately start my final initiation” God Amber! You’re so naive!
Even though I’m still disappointed to them, I also felt ashamed, to be this careless and naive!
Angel of Desolation
An Angel of Trial that kills a Demonic or Angelic Ascencion without hesitation in its very eyes.
Angelus, qui occidit omnes defendere a daemonum aut Angelicum Ascencion sine dubitatione faciendum.
--------- Deserti

"But that doesn't explain the fact that almost all the student that we encounter stares at us, or like me like I've done something awful" My eyebrows met
"They are disappointed" She said
"Disappointed? Of what?" my voice started to raised once again
"Of you, failing" What!? Why are they even concerned of this thing? I mean of what happened to me?
"Why!? I don't know them at all, and they don't know me too, so why the hell are they even concerned?"
"To witness another unknown to join the others is a once in a blue moon chance, they must have think that you carelessly missed that chance and took it for granted" She said
"Ugh! I don't get this at all!" My eyes rolled
We stopped walking and didn't talk for a couple of seconds
"Hey," I said "Are you disappointed? I mean in me?" I asked
"Of course not!" She shouted
"Ouch! My ears hurts you know!" I shouted then we both laughed
"Sorry," I said then looked down "I know you're thinking right now that I'm very careless"
"No I don't" she hugged me again "And besides, even if the world is against you, I'm still here you know! I can't leave you, and I will never leave you, so stop worrying, As long as we're both here It's okay, okay?" she smiled as she faced me
"Y-yeah" I faked smile
I can't hide the fact that I'm really disappointed to myself. Yes it is true, of me being careless, to miss the chance of being a true unknown.
"After the headmaster spoke in that time, a child suddenly spoke after him" She said
"A child?" I curiously asked
After hearing that child part, my heart began to feel heavy, like it's being pulled down to the ground.
It's Eva, I know that she"s the child that Anna is referring to.
"She said that you are no longer part of them and will not undergo the next ordeals since you already failed it's very first trial so there is no point of continuing at all," The hell!? She said that? "I'm sorry Amber" She said, trying to cheer me up "You don"t need them, right sister?" I nodded
It is indeed true that I don't need them, but to witness such immense power before my eyes is quite intriguing, but to know the truth that I'm just being played, is really disappointing.
"I don't need them" I said
We started walking again, then suddenly she asked something
"So," She said
"So?" I said
"What really happened?" She said I mean in that dimension?"'
I sighed "I really wanted to tell it to you Anna, but I think this is not the right place to talk about it, so if it's okay to you, let's talk about it later" I smiled
"Okay" She smiled too
As we continue to walk, I suddenly saw Xander in front of us, staring at me straight in the eyes.
What the hell is he doing here?
I avoided his gaze and continued to walk
He continue to gaze at me like he wanted to tell something
He started to take a step and finally approached us but I ignored him and we both continued to walk.
I don't want to talk to them again, even if they'll tell everything to me, I won't change my mind.
To think that all of those things happened in one day, Trust-happiness-betrayal.
I really wanted to talk to him, yet my body is telling me to stop and just continue walking.
As we took another step he called my name
"Amber" He said

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Chapter 6: Unknown vs Unknown
As the sun continue to shine upon us, here I was with my sister trying to ignore a man named Xander, a hot blue-eyed annoying boy who is currently behind us right now.
I took another step forward then stopped as he said another word.
"Please," he said but I cannot bear to see his face "Hear me"
I turned my head to Anna and gave her a signal to leave us alone, for the mean time.
She nodded as she started to walk along the path leaving us alone.
As I lost the sight of her my heart began to feel heavy, what is this?
As the big bell rang, all of the student left, leaving us behind.
I don't want to turn around, for I will only remember of what they did to me.
I know It's the ordeal but it doesn't hide the fact that I was hurt, I was hurt because I easily gave my trust to them.
I took a deep breath and faced him
I looked at his tempting eyes as my rage continue to raise.
"Leave me alone" I said as my voice continue to raise
He looked at me with great surprise after I said those words "But-"
Guess what? this is the real Amber
"Are you not happy?! I'm not like you anymore! so why the hell are you here!?" I shouted
"Please, here me" He said trying to make my calm.
I swear to the Goddess Adelicia that I might kill this man any minute now if he doesn't stop with all of this nonsense
"Can't you just leave me alone?!" I shouted as my eyebrows met "I am no use to you anymore!"
"You do not understand, please" He begged
"Understand?! I understand everything! how could I not after anything that had happened!" I clearly remembered all that had happened that time.
How they pretended to care and welcome me, all but a lie!
I claim myself as a wise woman but they managed to find a hole out of me.
"Please! keep calm" His voice began to raise
"So now you are shouting at me?!" I shouted
"Waah!!!!" he turned around and shouted loudly, he faced me again and began talking "Please"
"What is wrong with you?!" I shouted again "I'm the one who is being played all along but you are the one who is mad?!" I raised my hand "Are you serious?!" His expression became different.
"Are you not ashamed of you--" As I say that last word, I didn't noticed that his lips are already in mine and his hands were already below my face.
I can feel his hot lips while seeing his eyes being closed.
I can feel his breath rushing through my skin, making it alive, making it weird.
What is this feeling? My burning anger is being cooled by this kiss.
I hate this! yet I love it.
He opened his eyes as he continue to kissed me
Our eyes met causing my cheeks to flushed scarlet.
After a couple of seconds, he stopped kissing me as we continue to gaze at each other.
I don't know what happened but before I knew it I already slapped him in the face using my right hand.
It's like my body is moving on its own accord.
He touched the part where I slapped him, but I was shocked to witness him smiling.
He bit his lower lips as he gaze at me with this annoying but at the same time tempting smile.
He took a step as he faced me
He turned his head showing the right side of his face
"What are you doing?" I curiously said, Is he nuts?
He faced me again "What is wrong with you!!" I shouted and with that I felt something in my body broke. Like my magical chain is being broken into pieces.
I-I can't move! I'm paralyzed! what's happening?
I began to sweat and my body began shaking.
Do not lose control Amber.
As my body continued to struggle I looked at him, he's still looking at me, but now he has this curious expression in her face.
Not now! I let my emotion took over again.
I can feel some other parts of my body changing.
I can feel my hair being stretched, and my eyes has this unknown sensation, half hot, half cold.
"Amber?" He said as he took another step.
What is he even doing?
I raised my hand then--,
"A-aa-argh!!!" He shouted as he kneeled unto the ground
What a strange looking thing, why is he not enjoying?
I looked around and saw nothing, where are all the people earlier? They don't want to witness a suffering man before their very eyes? shame.
I looked at him again and smiled
"S-st-stop!!, Amber!" He shouted with a great pain
The black part of his eyes disappeared as he continue to shout
He began to sweat and his voice became loud.
"Poor dear" I laughed as I looked at him with pity.
"A-argh!" He shouted once again.
"Can you not endure this beautiful pain?" I said "It's only given once in a blue moon you know" I continued to smile
I took a step and looked at him straight in the eye.
I touched his cheeks as my heart raised with gladness
I walked around him as he endure the pain
"W-w-waah!!! please!!" He begged
He began to spit saliva into the ground
I took some of his saliva and tasted it. It's tasty.
I turned around and saw the other buildings of the school.
"Can you please enjoy it a little bit more?" I asked "I barely do this to someone so please endure it a little bit more, okay?"
As I continue to look at the view, I imagine it being burned into ashes, and all the dead people being piled up in the ground "Waaah!! so cool!" I said with excitement "I can't wait to witness that!"
"A-ambe-" I turned around and saw him gripping his hands "H-halea R-ramuse Thalea!" he shouted then my spell broke but--
"HAHAHAHAHA!!!" I laughed "Fool!!" I smiled as I see him enduring the great pain again.
I love to see him like this, It's like my heart is over joyed to witness this.
"Did you think that I'll cast a spell that can be shattered easily? fufufu" I laughed
"P-please!!" He begged again as he endures the pain
"Pathetic, you call yourself an unknown yet you cannot even break this simple spell that I have created" I looked down on him and smiled
As seconds passes by he completely fell into the ground, still cathing his breath with all the pain in his body.
"Hmmmm," I mumbled "How about we play a little fun game?" I said as I lift the spell
After I lifted the spell he took a deep breath like there is no air left on his body at all.
"So-" I said "Are you in?"
"No--" As I heard those words I became really happy, a music into my ears.
"Waah!!! A-a-rgh! stop! stop! m-my h-head is-iis b-br-reaki-i-n-g!!" He shouted but I just looked at him "Shame," I said as I enjoy the moment, seeing him like this "I thought you're a masochist, maybe not"
"S-s-stop!!" He cried
"What now?" I said "I thought you wanted to see my powers? Here it is, Isn't it wonderful?" I turned around with and angle of 360 degrees and spread my arms in the air.
"S-stop!!" He cried again but this time, blood flowed through his eyes
"WAAAAAH!" I smiled "It's a dream come true to see a charming boy in his knees and cry fresh blood before my very eyes!!!" I laughed
"O-okay! o-okay! I-i a-gr-e-e!! s-st-op this!!!" He shouted
Awwww, I can't see him suffer anymore!
I want to rip his skin out out of his flesh then feed it to the dogs, I want his head to be included in my first ever collection of people who I tortured.
After he said that I lifted once again the spell and saw him catching his breath.
"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy the pain?" I curiously asked "How odd"
After a couple of seconds he spoke as he stood up.
"So what is it?" He asked like nothing happened
"That's the real man!" I clapped "I must say that I somehow admire you" I smiled
"Tch" He rolled his eyes
"Are you ready?" I asked but he didn't respond "You'll be damned to all the pain that I'm going to give you when you will not do what I say"I smiled "Now, now"
"What is it?" He asked while avoiding my gaze
I saw him gripping his hands while it is bleeding.
I looked at his aura, It's nothing. How odd.
"It is simple Xander," I looked at him straight in his very eyes "We will battle each other, the victor will demand his prizes and the loser will follow every command that is given to him, understood?" Waah, his lips! I want to touch it, feel it.
I touched my lips, It's wet, freaking wet.
"Understood?" I repeated
"Yeah, yeah" He looked at me in the eye
"That's right, I smiled"
"If I won, you are to be my slave until the ninth moon, and if you win, you are to demand your prize, so, what is it?" I asked
"If I win--, He avoided my gaze "You are to let me explain all that had happened in that time, that's all"
"That's boring" I said "How about, if you win, you'll let me be your servant too, is that okay?" I said, I love to become his servant, I really do.
"N-no" He said "A-argh!!!" I smiled "A-a-argh!!! stop!! stop!!!" He shouted "Okay! okay!"
"Good, I almost wet myself seeing you in that pain" I smiled
"Tch! who the hell are you? you're not even the Amber that I once knew." He curiously said
I smiled, I looked at the ground and spoke
"This is the power that you wanted to see"
He didn't talk or even moved "Are you not happy? to see some of my power?"
He just ignored me, he just looked away from me.
I looked at him and began to cast the enhancement.
"To the eternals of the evergreen--" I said
"To the tree of life that continue to gleam--" He intervened
"Let thy misery be opened, and to all who seeks thee be tormented" I said

What is she? who is this girl? is she the real Amber? hiding in the depths of her very heart?
I felt confused, at the sametime amazed, of this great power.
I can't even see a single spec of light from her body and yet she inflicted a great pain to me earlier that almost broke my sanity.
As she said those last words, the ground below us suddenly collapsed.
I closed my eyes as we fall through that long and narrow abyss.
After a couple of seconds, I felt my body struck the ground.
I opened my eyes and saw not the ground, but a floating gigantic boulder that continue to move as time passes by.
A broad daylight penetrating through my eyes.
I quickly stood up and saw her smiling right above me.
I looked at my surrounding and saw all the floating boulders in mid-air.
I stared down and saw the humongous waterfalls that sorrounds us in every corners.
I saw myself two thousand feet below a gigantic stone face where all the water are being succumb, It's like a giant whirlpool in it's mouth, It's nose and into his two eyes.
Did she do this? amazing.
The structure of the battlefields, what it is and what is in it depends on the one who created the spell. She really did this.
I looked at her again, still smiling while moving along to the boulder that she is currently at, so am I.
"It's wonderful isn't it?" she spoke as she stared at the wide view of the battlefield.
I didn't respond nor moved a single muscle.
She looked at me "What are you waiting for? change now" she said
Is she serious? to do this? I mean, I'm not underestimating her but I just can't believe this is happening.
Finally! to battle someone who is capable of defeating me.
I looked at her straight in the eyes
"Let's start?" she asked as she continue to look at me at a distance as we continue to change our course.
I just nodded "Fereia haxium Isneala" as I said those words a black figure started to consume my right arm.
I controlled it and it stopped right through the lower ends of my neck.
I looked at her again, waiting for her to change form too.
I know from the very beginning that she is different, the fact that Eva is so much interested in her it doesn't hide the fact that every time her emotional state is unstable, a small spec of light can be seen into her body then suddenly disappear. I saw and witnessed it, in the time of where she was tested by the very first Angel.
There's something in her that must not be put to waste, she is hiding something and I can feel it. and one of those things that she is hiding is this. Her other self.
She finally spoke as she bursted out laughing
"Is that it?" she said, trying to resist from laughing "You're serious right?" she touched her lips
"I think I am not worthy to face you Amber" I said
She laughed again "Why not? You're strong, I can see everything you know, you're hiding it but I can sense it" same goes for you Amber, I know you're hiding something, and I want to know it.
"Your turn?" I said
"Oh, It's my turn already" she laughed again
"Okay" she smiled as she snapped her fingers.
I saw nothing, what is this? did she really transformed? No single aura was transferred into her body.
"Done" She smiled "Can we start now?"
"O-okay" I'm still confuse
"Oh! by the way, I--" she suddenly disappeared, and before I knew it she was already in front of me, floating.
"Hi" she smiled then--
"Waaaah!!!!" I shouted as I was thrown away since I was struck by a huge force of shockwave she created.
I manage to hold on into another boulder five meters away from her.
I didn't feel anything outside, but inside, I think I might puke any minute now, like all my internal organs are being rearranged.
I looked at her then she vanished again
"Why are you not moving!!" she shouted but I can't see her in my field of vision.
I turned around and saw her looking at me with an angry and a happy face, wait, what?
She swirled her hand as chains started to appear below her, it is coming near me, I need to destroy it.
As I raise my hand, I didn't notice a chain was already in my back then strangled me.
I-I can't move! I'm struggling to break it.
"Pathetic, you're not showing your real power" she looked at me with a straight face then--
In a matter of seconds I broke the chains then vanished and reappearing behind her but--
"Not enough--" she suddenly said as chains started to strangle me again.
She didn't face me, she is still looking in front of her.
How did she-- I mean- No one can see my movements! even Adora is not capable of following my movements.
I broke the chains again then vanished
In a matter of split seconds I reappeared in front of her then
"I told you It's useless" she spoke as I float in front of her.
Immobilize, unabe to move. Like she controlled all of my muscles.
No, I need more power, I can't defeat her in this level.
I let my body produce more power as I continue to look at her since I'm still unable to move
"You're boring" she said "I could easily kill you right now but I can't so--"
I felt it again, my head breaking, my body trembling.
"A-a-argh!!!" I shouted as I move again, still floating in mid-air while enduring this inflicted pain that she casted
"I will let you suffer until you show me all of the things that you hide in that body of yours" she happily said
I must-- I must-- I must fight!
"Are you not going to do anything?" she asked
I gripped my hands as the shadow in my arm consumed the half of my body. All the right parts of my body.
I quickly got off in her spell and appeared in front of her, but in a different form.
"Waaaaaaaah!!!" she hugged herself as she looked at me "I love you" she said, I flushed scarlet, so did she, I don't know why.
"Red eyes, black raven wings and a spiky tail," she smiled "I like it, let the real battle commence"
I understand now, I really misjudged her all along, she's living in a mask to adapt in this world. She's different, s-so m-much different than Anastasia.
I shouldn't have remembered her.
I did it again, vanish then reappearing near her but now is different, my speed and agility are boosted to three hundred percent because of this power.
I managed to pierce her in the arm then she quickly vanished. I can tell she can see me, but unlike earlier she's now unable to predict where I'll reappear since she didn't manage to avoid my attack.
I can't see her? why? I'm moving in a fast space, I can see everything in my surrounding in an instant but I can't see her.
After a couple of seconds she appeared ten meters away from me.
I quickly vanished then reappearing behind her but--
"Right about here" as she said that, I saw myself being struck by her hand.
Her hand pierced through my stomach then it started to bleed.
I wanted to shout, but I can't.
I looked at her and saw her looking at me straight in the eyes while wearing a huge smile on her face.
"Untamed mode, It will boost your speed and agility for over three hundred percent in a short period of time" She smiled
How the hell did she knew about what I did?
"Okay," she pulled her arm in my stomach that caused a great pain.
A-ar-gh! I'm bleeding!
I slowly looked at her and witnessed her tasting the blood in her arm.
What is she doing? is she a psychopath!?
I looked at my wound, It's deep.
To think a girl like her did this to me.
I have never experienced this feeling, not once have I ever pierced into the stomach and being laughed at by a girl. Taking me so easily,
I hate this, but at the same time I like it.
"Hey!" she said
I looked at her and saw all the blood disappeared in her arms.
"Heal your wounds first," She said "You can, right?"
I just looked at her. I can heal myself but It will take some time, I am an offensive type, not a defensive type.
"I'm waiting," She said again "Faster Xander, or else I will be forced to take your arm now as a souvenir"
What? As soon as she said there was an abnormality happened in my body, my wounds are healed already.
And It's so hot! literally! It's like I'm burning.
What will I do now? she's not even countering my attack instead she advances on her own and surprise me with her attack.
It's not even fatal yet but It's already deadly.
I pretended to still have the wound earlier as she cast a random spell.
As I saw her doing that I have this unknown feeling in my body, It's hot outside but It's so cold inside. Like a sorrow and a sadness.
"Furia, eshtera Mereka Arbeiya" As she casted that a number of weapons appeared in front of her then It's started to move, It started to surround her.
She looked at it and smiled
I looked at the weapons and was astonished to witness something incredible.
I saw a weapon, a glowing staff particularly that is so rare that it can only be seen in a special ritual.
Why does she have one? the staff of Aquaria, depicted to be as powerful than a thousand earthquakes. The last time I saw one of this is with Eva. She always hide that staff even when having battle, but the real question is, why does Amber have this things? I can't recognize the other weapons but I know It's a rare weapon.
"Oh! here we go" She said as she grabbed the staff I was talking about "This is interesting" As she said that all the weapon suddenly disappeared around her, she looked at me and smiled.
"I know you're healed already," she laughed "For an unknown to not recover in a mild attack in an instant is a complete disappointment, am I right?" she laughed again
"Let's start again?" she said
"I give up" I suddenly said
I know I am an unknown, but I know that if we continue this battle the final outcome will either be me losing or me dying. That's the truth, I can't say I can or I can't defeat her without seeing her original power.
All I can see in her body now is just a black figure, not a single spec of light is radiating through her body.
"You can't" she said
Eh? "Why? I give up now, I lose" I said
I'll become her servant until the ninth moon, It's already the sixth moon so I will only serve all her demands for three months until the ninth moon, after that, It's over.
I was going to chant the "I give up" part when suddenly I heard a rumbling noise that came from her.
"I'm still enjoy," She laughed "but It is somehow disappointing for you to give up easily, but oh well I guess I can't expect more from you" she smiled
She waved her staff directly through my direction and before I knew it a huge shockwave struck me.
I vomitted blood and my body is trembling, It really hurts inside.
I kneeled down in the mid-air as I endure the pain, as if I was being coiled by a huge snake, I can't move, I'm bleeding inside and I'm enduring this indescribable pain.
I looked at below us and was shock to saw the gigantic face stone was shattered into pieces.
In just one wave she managed to do that.
Who is this girl? I know she is Amber but there is something in her that I really wanted to know, and to know that-
I must be her servant, I hate to admit it that to be played by a girl is really humiliating.
It's humiliating but I'm not embarassed, I know my weaknesses and capabilities.
I looked at her again and saw her laughing
"Are you not going to defend yourself?" she asked as she continue to sway the staff
I just looked at her, didn't move and didn't talk.
It's time to end this, for the last time.
I guess one last try won't hurt, isn't it?
I let the dark figure consume me again, now all my body transformed.
I have two wings now, two glowing eyes and six hundrem percent speed.
"Waaah! I can feel your power" she smiled as she hugged herself
"Start?" She waved her staff but now is different instead a shockwave just like earlier a high magnitude beam is forming in her hands.
It's powerful, I can feel it, like I'm being pulled in.
She waved her staff once again then--
A gigantic red beam with a thunger in Its side was directed into my direction, I avoided it easily and dodged into a different direction but I was careless for I have not expected another beam was casted to where I am now.
She knew of where I was going to avoid
I wanted to dodge but It's too late instead I countered in using my barrier.
As seconds passes by my barrier starts to break.
Because of the magnitude power of that beam my barries is to useless to counter that. It's pushing me in and I can feel the heat penetrating through the barrier.
I can't do this if I'm always in defense mode.
Final plan, I'm going to unleash all my speed and strike her in the back.
After a couple of seconds I quickly vanished and reappeared in her back but as I gestured to strike her in the heart someone held my wrist, when I looked at it, I saw her staring at me with a smile on her face.
How did she-- Before I knew it my hand started to ache, she's twisting it and It's very painful, I can't force my hand to let go since her grip is too strong.
I manage to get away from her but It's too late already my hand is already broken, It's numb already and I can't move it.
"I think this is enough, Am I right?" she said as she continue to stare at me eight meters away.
She waved her hand again and spoke "One last magic to end this all" with that I saw a brilliant light governed us, It's all but a light and It's really blinding, And that light started to fade, I saw her smiling away from me.
"Nice meeting you" she said "I'm still me, Amber that you all you knew" with that a great darkness surrounded the area and the only thing left was me floating in that abyss, with a broken internal organs, broken hand and a huge scar in my body and it is still bleeding until now
What a great girl, to have that incredible power, she don't even have to face the Angels since she is already this great, without a doubt she is a perfect fit to become on of us.
I saw a light from above me and a hole was formed in it, It continue to grew until I saw a gigantic figure in that hole. A girl, I know who she is.
I saw her smile "She passed, thank you Xander," as she said that with a giant girls voice, I was back to normal, My body was normal once again, my arm is okay now but the only thing left is this scar in my body, but It doesn't hurt anymore "Next Angel, Angel of Damnation" and with that she quickly vanished
She really did passed the Angel of Pain, I'm happy for her.
A brilliant light was once again illuminated around me, and for the last time I can say that she is Amber Everlight one of my strongest competitors I have ever battled with.
I woke up in the octagon room while in a sitting position while they are looking at me with this happy face. Adora, Alicia, the twins, the two boys, Meritia and----



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Chapter 7: Amber, Alexius and Alessandra
In the depths of the illuminating twilight I saw myself gazing at the moon’s magnificent beauty
“Wait?, why am I here?” I asked myself
I walked around in that dark place, trying to figure out where am I and why I’m here.
As I tend to take another step I saw a familiar room, an octagon room.
I can clearly point out what room it is even it is dark
Why am I here? Of all place why here? Seriously?
As I took a step a memory flashed through my mind, of me with---
Oh God! What have I done?
A flash of memory that reminds of what happened between me and Xander.
What have you done Amber!? Why lose control in that situation!
“Ugh!” I slapped myself “You’re so stupid!”
To hide my power is my goal from the very start but what had happened in there broke it all.
I took another step as I look at the surrounding, I touched the sofa while looking all the stuffs in this room.
Why is it dark? Why is there no people? Where are they?
“Hi” Someone suddenly spoke causing the hell out of me to go nuts. The hell!? Who is she?
“W-who’s there?” I said, trying to calm myself
“Haha” A cute girl’s laugh was heard through out the octagon room “Hi Amber”
Wait? How did she knew my name? Her voice is somehow familiar.
As I continue to figure out who she was, I saw a shadow quickly passed at the end of my eyes then it suddenly disappeared.
“W-who are you?” I curiously asked
Wait? Am I dreaming? Is this a dream again just like the others where I’ll just wake up in the end with this unknown anxieties?
I turned around as I heard another movement then—
“H-hi---“ As he try to speak a word I saw myself holding a large amount of magic in my hand
“He- hey! Wait!” He stepped back as he continue to stare at me
A guy? Who is he? Wait, He looks familiar, I think I’ve seen him already, somewhere, I don’t remember.
“Wait! Calm down!” He shouted as sweat started to flow from his face
I looked at him straight in the eyes, my heart is still pounding.
I began to normalize as I disperse the magic that I created out of mere adrenaline.
“Who are you?” I looked at him, straight through his eyes as the cold wind rushed through my skin
“Calm down!” He said “Please!”
“Answer my question” I frankly said
“Okay, okay” He sighed “I’m Alexius Deathrow”
“Alexius? I have never heard such name” I said as I continue to interrogate him
“Wait,” He looked shocked “You don’t know me?”
“Are you mocking me? Do you really think that it’s a joke?” I said
“Okay okay!” He sighed again “Xander was right, you really are s—“
“Xander? Why do you know him? Who are you?” I curiously asked as I motioned to create a magic in my hand.
“Stop! Let me introduce myself okay?” He said then I nodded
“I’m Alexius Deathrow, I am seventeen years old and I am an unknown” What?
“What did you say?” I said “You’re a what? An Unknown?”
“Yes, that is correct” He responded
“You look familiar but I don’t really know you,” I curiously said “Are you sure that you really are an Unknown?”
He sighed “This is really a pain,” he bowed his as he sighed again “Yes I am, Amber,” How did he knew my name? “And why am I even here if I am not an unknown? Have you forgotten? Only Unknown can open those doors” Yes, It’s true, but, I just really can’t believe that he’s one of them
It’s the complete opposite of them, I can see all of his aura, He’s not even trying to suppress it.
He’s blonde, cute, has a green eyes and I have come to realize that he’s taller than me
I continued to look at him “Hey!” He said “Can you stop that already? Its creeping me out”
I turned my gaze away from him and walked to the sofa and sat
“How did you knew my name?” I asked as I looked at him again but now, a normal stare.
He looked shocked, Like I was a naïve person from the very beginning, well I guess It’s true.
“Are you kidding me? He has this amazing expression on his face, An amazement which is indescribable
“Everyone knew about the girl who is a candidate for being an unknown, The one who defeated the unbeatable Ivana and—“
“Stop it” I look at the floor then to the window “It’s over now, I failed the first test so—“
“It’s not over yet” He said
“Huh?” I looked at him and caught him smiling
“Why are you smiling?” I asked then that smile faded
“I’m not smiling,” He walked towards me as I turned my head again to see the bright new moon
“It’s not too late Amber” He said it again “They’re not the people who’ll easily give up a candidate just by failing the first test”
Silence filled the atmosphere, there’s no one talking, we’re just staring at the magnificent beauty of the moon
As seconds passed by I remembered the voice of the girl earlier “Alex—“
“Alex?” He curiously said
“That’s what I’m going to call you from now on” I smiled then I saw a weird expression on his face then it quickly faded again
“Are you with someone earlier?” I asked
“With someone? You mean?” He said
“I mean, there’s someone with you earlier when you arrived in here”
“Me? With someone? None” He said
“None?” Eh? “Are you sure?”
“Yes, and besides, I’m already here when I saw you, I was going to get some drinks when I suddenly saw you wandering in this room, then I hid myself and observed you”
“Stalker” I rolled my eyes then I saw him laughed “I see” but who is that girl?
“Hey Amber” He said
“Yes?” I looked at him in the eye and caught him sweating, like he was about to say something but he can’t because he’s worried or like embarrassed to say it
“Can we—“ He stopped
“What?” I curiously said
“C-can w-we hav-e a—“ Then he stopped again
“Say it already!” I shouted
“Can we have a duel? More like a friendly battle?” He shouted as a response
I was shocked, but at the same time I felt nothing, Like the space inside my heart is empty, that’s why it is called space, because it is void.
I just stared at him, didn’t move, didn’t speak, didn’t move a single muscle. I just stared at him
“If it’s okay to you but if not, It’s okay for me too” He said
I kept silent, I don’t want to, but I can’t managed to say it, say it Amber, that you don’t want to, that you can’t, fighting Xander was enough already
“I can’t” There! You’ve managed to say it! Good Amber!
“Oh, Okay then” He looked at the floor as I continue to look at him
“I’m sorry, I just can’t” I said it once again
“It’s okay, You don’t need to feel bad” He smiled “And besides, I know that you still haven’t moved on about the first step” I gripped my hands
“So It’s oka—“ As he was about to say another word I suddenly intervened
“Fine! Let’s go!” I shouted “Malfiore!”
He smiled “Malfiore!” and—
“Are you sure you’re doing that?’ I heard a familiar voice, A girl’s voice
I turned around looked at her then I saw Alessandra, sitting in front of me drinking a glass of wine
She’s smiling, I felt different, so different that I haven’t even detected her presence
We cancelled our summoning and turned our attention to her, She looked at the moon while the two of us sat in front of her.
“So, You’ve met already’ She said, There was an unknown tone in her voice
She’s not like the first time I met her, Like something changed in a matter of time
“Y-yes” I said
“Good” She responded as she drank the wine in that glass “Are you not tired Amber?” She said
“Tired? What do you mean?” I asked
“I mean, So many things happened to you in a matter of one week, ordinary people would have been gone by now, but you—“ She smiled as she turned to look at me “You’re special” then back to the moon
“Told you” Alex intervened, I looked at him with this creepy face
“Okay Okay!” He stopped talking and just listened
“What do you mean by that?” I asked
“I don’t know, you’re just different, and besides the fact that Eva is so much interested in you, that sums it all up, that you’re not an ordinary person, not just an ordinary candidate of being an unknown” She said “It’s once in a blue moon to witnessed Eva being interested in a person”
I was shocked, She’s interested in me? I mean, I know that already but to really hear it in Alessandra’s mouth, the second most powerful unknown.
“I envy you” She said “I haven’t saw Eva to be this so much interested even once, Not even when I joined, not even when she witnessed my powers” She sighed “She’s really different, her power is beyond measure if you tell me, I’m not even sure If I already met her standards in fighting people” She sighed again
We just looked at her, I’m shocked, and I know Alex is shocked too, but It’s rude to ruin her moment.
“I’m bored, you know what—“ She smiled
Oh shit! Why am I feeling this unknown creepy sensation in my skin, Like something is about to happen next. God! Enough please! First Celine, then another girl, then Ivana, then Meritia, then the guys from the different school, next is Xander and now this? Oh Goddesses of the old, please help me.
“Let’s have a duel, to really witnessed what is the thing that Eva wants to you, Is it okay—“ As I was about to intervene, to tell him that I don’t want to, she suddenly intervened again then she didn’t let me responded
“Malfiore” She said “It’s okay for you to join Alexius, this is going to be fun” She smiled
And with that she clapped her hands three times, I looked at her, still smiling.
“Here we are” She said as she snapped her fingers “Welcome to Erien fariace Fare, also know as the Elven heavenly Arena”
I can clearly see all the people staring at us, cheering, and shouting at us in this gigantic Arena, a coliseum
Wait, People? No, They’re different, Elves? Eh?! Why are they here?
“Why are they here?” I asked Alessandra
“Oh, I forgot, This is not an ordinary dimensional battlefield, It is a battlefield of reality, you’ll die here and expect to never come back, All of these elven people here are alive, If you kill them you’ll face the High Queen and be beheaded at once, This is called the Arena of reality, a special Arena made by the elevens” She explained
“Wait, so that means—“
“Yes, We are in the elven territory” She smiled “Isn’t it fun?”
My eyes are wide open at this point of time, I can’t believe it, I’m amazed, at the same time confused, why here? Where there is living creatures? Why not just an ordinary battlefield?
“I don’t get it,” I said “Why here?’
“Because—“ I saw her expression, Cold but she’s smiling, She’s smiling but it’s like she wanted to kill me inside, killing me again and again in her head. I can feel it.
“I wanted to see your true power remember?” She smiled “Oh! By the way, you don’t need to suppress your powers, I saw all of your matches, I got bored since you’re not even using a single amount of power” She stared at me as she continued to smile
Is it really true? I mean her watching me to all the matches I have done? And how did she knew about me suppressing my powers?
I faked smile “I don’t know what you’re saying Alessandra” I said
She laughed then I looked at Alexius who’s not shocked at all “Really now? You’re really are a good liar Amber, and I admire that, but—“ She looked at me straight in the eye then—
“Amber!” Alexius shouted as the earth started to break apart, Chains started to appear out of the earth and struck me, After a blink I saw myself standing ten meters away fro m Alessandra
She’s smiling “Oh, You’re good Alexius, to be able to sense that power quickly” She smiled
“If I tell you to jump, jump okay? Don’t hesitate, just trust me” Alexius said, Did he know what will Alessandra do next?
“Let’s begin?” She said as a huge golden staff appeared from her hand, A bright red giant jewel at its top and chains surrounding it, her dress also changed into a golden clothing “Split the earth” She chuckled “Heren Garuda!” She shouted as she stomped her staff into the ground
“Jump!” Alexius shouted but I reacted slowly, My feet is not even moving
He looked at me with this shocking expression, I suddenly felt the power that Alessandra is casting, and If I won’t be able to dodge this, I might die in just a single blow.
Alessandra struck her staff into ground causing the ground to shatter, from the end to the another end and before I knew it I was already floating in mid-air, carried by Alexius who is currently sweating, even the Elven watchers are scared now, they’re all shouting, I don’t know if they’re really afraid or they liked it.
What a great power, A high magnitude of power capable of breaking a city in just one strike, I can feel the power of electricity in that magic, but now as we landed on the ground, when I looked at her aura, it’s empty, like the power casted earlier is just her normal power.
I looked at her with amazement, she’s smiling as the wind became ferocious.
“Why did you saved her Alexius?” She asked with a smile
“I’m part of this duel remember?” He responded
“Oh, alright” She smiled again “Transform now Amber” She said
“I can’t—I musn’t!” I said as my heart began to beat faster, There’s no point of hiding this power at all, Alessandra already knew that I am only suppressing my power. So it’s pointless to pretend that I’m weak even though I am really weak compared to them.
“To the skies that gave me power, To kill the wicked that slumbers into the ground,
Lend thy magic to me, to kill the evil that continue to rule”
And with that a lightning struck me from above and after that my dress changed into an all red clothing, I’m holding a golden staff too right now and my hair and my eyes changed too.
“You look beautiful” She said— “Realia!”
“Tch!” I’m looking at her when she suddenly disappeared and appeared above me casting a high magnitude lightning
I managed to activate my barrier but as seconds passed by it began to shatter, She’s indeed powerful, no doubt about that.
My barrier was shattered but before I was struck by the lightning I managed to cast something—
“Dereia Meois!” I said causing the earth and my surrounding to vibrate
There was this irritating loud sound along with the vibration of the earth and my surrounding
That vibration countered the lightning causing it to disperse, I looked at her, She’s still smiling.
“Divine Vibration” She looked at me with a smile “Being capable to counter any high magnitude magic within a limited scope of time, It’s really cool, and powerful, but you can only use it every twenty minutes, what are you planning to do now Amber?” She smiled again and with that she suddenly disappeared out of my field of vision
I can feel her, but I can’t track her movements.
There! I turned around as I felt her movements behind me, She slammed her staff to me but I was able to blocked it with my staff but—She smiled
“Waaaaah!!!” I shouted as I endure the pain of being electrocuted, I was thrown eight meters away from her
I slowly stood up and was shocked to not see any wounds in my body, I can feel the pain, but there was no sign of it at all. It’s not hurting in my insides at all, It’s not a shockwave since the pain I am currently feeling right now is just externally. Eh?
I looked at her. She’s looking at me with this pitiful look
As she gestured to struck her staff in the ground again someone spoke, It’s Alexius
“Not if I can help it” I lost track of his movement and amazed to saw him in front of Alessandra, I thought he might be able to stop her but—I was wrong.
I saw Alessandra’s expression, she’s still calm, Like she already knew that this would happen.
I saw her face, Her smile began fade, she became serious, I can’t even see a single happiness in her face anymore.
I felt a cold sensation in my skin, Like something is going to happen.
“Stop” She said, Stop? Eh? She’s telling Alexius to stopped?
I looked at Alexius and I was shocked to see him trembling, he’s not moving, Alessandra raised her hand and casted something, I saw a brilliant violet energy forming from her hand, I gigantic aura forming.
“Vanish” She said, and with that she pointed it to Alexius and—
“Alexius!” I shouted as I saw Alexius being vaporized into pieces.
A-a-ah, I can’t move, He’s d-dead? He vanished as the his ashes was swept away by the air
“Fufufu” She’s laughing insanely, “I’ll show you that everything that Eva said was all but a lie!” She shouted, I can see vengeance in her eyes, She wanted to kill me for the reason I don’t know of.
“What are you saying!?” I shouted
Her eyes began to became wide she pointed me with his fingers then—
I touched my stomach “Oh, It’s blood” before I knew It I was already in the ground, lying, bleeding, can’t do anything.
“Is that all you can do!?” She shouted again “Eva was wrong! I am much stronger than you! Look at yourself! Your pathetic! Can’t even stand for her friends! You can’t protect them nor make them happy!, Fufufu” She smiled “You’re useless”

Alessandra, The Puppet Queen
Tch, for her to be this weak, no, she’s not weak and I’m sure of that, She’s just suppressing it, not letting us know her true capabilities, who is she? Who is this girl that Eva is so fond of.
“Is that all you can do!?” I shouted again “Eva was wrong! I am much stronger than you! Look at yourself! Your pathetic! Can’t even stand for her friends! You can’t protect them nor make them happy!, Fufufu” I smiled “You’re useless”
She’s just lying in the ground, while we are being watched by the elven audiences
Why Amber? Why won’t you let me see it? I’m disappointed, to me and to you.
I am disappointed because I expected so much from you, and to myself for I did not see your real power that Eva is so fond of.
I can’t please her no matter what, The first time I saw her, I adored her so much, The most powerful person I have ever knew, We’re like sisters, always protecting each others back, but then—Everything changed when that girl came, that—Anast—Tch!
I didn’t notice that I was already crying, I’m crying? Eh?
I touched my tears as it fell from my eyes, It’s a tear, I am ignorant and that is true, Since I joined the unknown, I have never cried just to show all of them that I am strong, that I am not weak, show to them that I can protect them and make me their friend, but as I continue to strive that goal, they’re leaving me, I proved to them that I am capable of getting into the rank two of the unknowns, I achieved that goal and they adored me after defeating Alicia in a duel, but as I continue look at them, I saw that someone is missing, someone who I really adored and admired, Eva.
From that moment on I once again strived to please her, but it’s useless, I can’t, She’s just too much for me.
But I never gave up, four years ago a girl named Anastasia suddenly came out from the ground.
Just like Amber, She was tested, she passed the Angels of the Ordeals and was given the title Queen of the skies, for she rule the skies when having a duel.
We all became friends, I adored her so much for I see myself in her, As everything continue to flow, I saw a thing that broke my heart.
I saw her smiling, like she met a person more powerful than me, Like someone who can please her, unlike me who cannot even make her happy.
Eva, The one who I truly admired, broke my heart, from that day onward I strive to never give up pleasing her, even if it costs Alicia, Adora and the others
I continued to cry that time, I hid myself in my room and never came out until dawn.
I went to the maze and was shocked to see Anastasia there, looking at the moon where I always stay.
Tch! What is she doing here? She’s not contented yet? She wants my favourite place too!? She stole my friends, Eva, everything!
“Oh,” She said “Hello Sister” She smiled, I just bowed my head, not showing my anger to her.
“Tch! Shut up!” I shouted as I struck the ground with my staff
I was shocked to see her floating, she’s just smiling like she expected this to happen.
“What’s in to you?” She said “You’re upset?” She smiled “Poor dear”
“Shut up!” I shouted once again as I casted a beam aiming her
She avoided it and laughed “You’re the Unknowns ranked two!? You’re pathetic! Can’t even hit me by a simple beam”
“Waaaaah!” I shouted as I gestured to cast my ultimate spell “Geria Gard—“
“Stop” Someone suddenly spoke causing my body to stopped, I can’t move, I’m paralyzed, like all my power is being hindered by someone, I know that voice, It’s Eva
“E-eva” I tried to say
“I told you didn’t I?” She just looked at me with her cold stare “You cannot defeat her, she’s not like the others, she’s more powerful than you” And with that all of me shattered, I’m mad, but I’m really sad,
I adored her so much but for her to say that to me, It broke me.
I began to break her grip and casted my ultimate spell but—
“Stop!” Alicia shouted “Enough! Eva! Alessandra!” with that tears flow through my eyes endlessly, I can’t stop crying, I don’t know why, I just can’t, Like letting go all of my frustration to myself that I am hiding from the very start.
We stayed there for over five minutes, we didn’t talked not moved a single muscle.
I looked at her, She’s just looking at me with her usual cold stare. She pity me, Indeed I am pitiful.
I looked at Anastasia, she’s smiling, still trying to piss me off.
On that day onwards I strive to became powerful, much more powerful than Anastasia, until such time I achieved my goals, Anastasia betrayed Eva, after that incident I became numb, I didn’t care at all, I pretended to just be myself, without any goals, not the intention to please Eva.
All of became numb, As time passes by, I manage to became the strongest magician in the school, second to Eva since no one really saw her power, I thought that when I achieved my goal I’ll be the happiest person in the world and I will manage to please Eva with my achievement but--They all feared me, until I realized that I am no longer happy of what I’m doing, They are all boring to me, no one can defeat me even in other schools, Eva is now talking to me but she’s just her usual self, a numb person.
Four years passed I’ve heared that there is another candidate of being one of us, I was shocked and scared, shocked because after four years there is another candidate, scared because what if she’s just like Anastasia? What if she’s more powerful than me? What if she’ll betray Eva’s trust too?
I must know who she is and examine her for myself, From that day onwards I researched about the next candidate, Amber Everlight, power: Unknown. That’s all the description I saw. Who is she?
Until such time I saw her face to face, In the octagon room, She’s beautiful, I can see that she looks good, but I don’t know who she is in the inside.
From that time, the first test is about to begin, the Angel of Desolation, Eva instructed them one by one o what they will be going to do while she is gone.
After I saw everything, that she’s just a loser girl who can’t do anything or like she can’t even protect her own friends I became sad.
Sad? Why am I sad? Eh? I thought this is good? That no one will betray us again.
What is happening? I can’t understand myself.
As I watch her being tested, I pity her, I wanted to help her, I went into that battlefield and save her.
It’s not for Alicia and the others, but for her. Wait? Why did I even saved her if she’s this weak? Hmmm. Oh Yeah, the day before that happened.
Before that day came I talked through her in an astral dimension,
“Why!? Why are you even interested to her?” I shouted as tears flow through me eyes but she just gazed at me with her usual cold stare
“Didn’t I told you before? That she is much more powerful than—“
“Shut up!” I suddenly shouted as my cry began to became loud “Again!? Are you numb Eva!? I wanted to please you from the very start! But can you not see it?” I cried as I bowed my head
“Stand up,” She said “Stand up” she repeated.
I followed what she said then she spoke again “We’ll have a small duel just to see your improvement”
With that I became happy, I’m still crying but I am happy. I quickly guarded myself and prepared for her assault then—
“Akkk” I touched my stomach, It’s bleeding, I was stopped without me noticing it and with that I cried again, again and again
I heard her footsteps coming near me, she touched my head and spoke
“You’re strong already, I’m doing this for all of you, when I’m gone, I wanted all of you to become family, so stop crying, and besides, our goal Is to conquer one hundred wandering caravan challenges remember?” For a long time I witnessed her talked to me, I mean talked to me in a way of being sincere, I don’t know, I can’t explain it, She’s always talking to me but this is different.
I quickly stood up, “You’ll see! I’ll prove to you that I am much capable than her!” I shouted then smiled
She smiled once again then I realized my next goal, My goal is to train Amber to become powerful so that she can protect our family.
After that battle in the battlefield when all of them was gone, I saw her wandering through the octagon room, I hide and observed her until I saw them, Alexius and her preparing to have a duel.
I realized that this is my chance, to accomplish my goal once again, to train Amber.
“Get up! Get up!” I shouted, I casted a spell that opened the earth, As a seal was continue to be written on it I made her float in mid-air then—
A gigantic dinosaur head came from the ground, It opened its gigantic mouth as I commanded it to, then—
“Screw you Sister!” And with that I heard Alexius shouted as he destroy my seal in the ground
He’s smiling as he look at me with this indescribable expression, He’s happy but there’s something about his expression that I can’t understand.
“Did you forget?” He said
I smiled “Of course not, who could’ve ever forget our great defender,” I grinned “Alexius the Immortal”
Alexius laughed, I looked at Amber still staring at me from above, What’s wrong with this girl?
Then I suddenly remembered what Adora said, “Don’t underestimate her sister, there something about her that we still don’t know”
As I motioned to cast another spell I was shocked to witnessed her smiling, and also Alexius
What is wrong with this people? This ends now
“Fiera—“ I felt a small pain in my body, like an ant bit me
I looked at it and – “I’m bleeding—“ I touched it, It’s blood. Where did it came from? I didn’t even felt a single motion made by them.
With that I fell from the heavens, or not. I was never in mid-air from the start.
I fell from the ground as they look at me with this annoying stare.
They only met each other for the first time but their mind is working together already.
Good, Good to see that I don’t need to unleash my full power
I closed my eyes to end this all, I lose, yeah, but—
I opened my eyes as I try to cast a spell again, I would like to try an average hard core spell, I am in a great doubt that she will not fail to counter this
I grinned “Evenus Ur Fena” A gigantic seal was written unto the ground once again, A large spear came from it , I held it in my hand.
I looked at them and grinned, They have this cheerful expression in their face, Like they’re not afraid at all.
Killing all the elves here is okay since this is a temporal battlefield, All of the thing I said earlier was just a bluff.
I said that because I thought telling her that this elves are real might unleash her inner self but in the end I was wrong.
“I guess one last try is okay, right?” I smiled
They’re back again on the ground anticipating every move that I make.
“Be sure to block this okay?”


As the wind started to form near her I saw a spec of light in her body, A spec of light, hmmmm.
It’s kind of familiar, as always, no magic can be felt when Alessandra is at her serious state.
She lifted her hand that carries the spear and spoke “To the great deities of the heavens and of the earth, let thy evil be vanquished and may tranquillity roam the very lands of the earth once again.” With that a brilliant light appeared before us and—
This is really familiar, I saw Alessandra did this before, but I can’t put my finger on it.
But I know it’s dangerous, A spell that can end a life even in a temporal battlefield.
Then it him me, The Dimensional Mirror, Oh, I see.
“Amber” I pushed her and saw a mirror ten meters away from me.
I see, I remember now.

As I was anticipating every move that Alessandra makes, Alexius suddenly called my name and pushed me causing me to be thrown.
I quickly looked at him and saw a large mirror coming after him and—
“Alexius!” I shouted as I continue to lie in the ground
He was trapped in the mirror and that mirror is currently in a standing position.
“Alexius! You stupid! Why you!? You’ll just revive!, what a pain!” Alessandra sighed “Oh well, better grab the opportunity” She smiled
She lifted her spear as she threw it with a massive speed and force in the mirrors direction where Alexius is currently trapped at.
I saw the spear shattered the mirror, but It’s weird that I’m not worried nor afraid.
“Is that all you’ve got?” I saw Alexius standing behind me, he walked in front of me and kept speaking
“No one can really kill you, right?” Alessandra said
“Hmmmm, Yes, I guess,” Alexius responded “There’s someone”
“And who might that be?” Alessandra asked
“Our dearest sister” He replied
“Oh, but of course. She is the downfall of every one of us” Alessandra said
“I guess this is enough sister? Did we satisfy your boredom? Or you want more? I could give you more if you still want too” Alexius said
“I guess this is enough now” Alessandra replied
“To think that you’re only showing your basic power, you’re truly a great sadist” He laughed, they laughed
Then her attention was directed unto me
“Get up Amber” She vanished and quickly reappeared in front of me lending her hand
I grabbed her hand and stood up “Look, I’m sorry for what had happened between us, I mean in the past and also today, I admit I was just bored, and I want to test you, I want to see the power that Eva is so fond of” She smiled
“I-it’s a-alright, A-alessandra” I said
“Eh!?” she shouted “I’m your sister remember!?” She said
“Oh, Sorry,” I smiled “S-sister”
“That’s right” She laughed, we all laughed.
“Hey, Are you mad at me? I mean for doing this to you?” Her expression became serious
“N-no” I said
“You’re lying” She said
I guess a little, I can’t hide the fact that my story started from the climax, an it’s very unusual, but I know this is just the opening act. And they will be my friends, my comrades.
“No I’m not” I said without being awkward
“You sure?” She asked once again then she hugged me
“Yeah” I said
“You sure!?” she shouted as she squeezed me with her arms
“Yeah!” I shouted
“You won’t murder me? Or assassinate me?” Eh?
“Are you even serious Sister?” I said
She laughed “Sorry, so I guess that settles it.”
“Enough girl talk please” Alexius said
“Fine fine!” Alessandra said “Let’s head back”
“Let thy dimensions that kept us apart be demolished in the name of the Holy Mother” She snapped her fingers and—
I saw them, All of them, They’re all complete, chatting, reading books, having tea in the bright morning, All of them, I guess.
So It’s nearly dawn when we started fighting e?
They looked at us with a great smile, The twins, Adora, Alicia, Meritia, Xander, and two more.
There is someone missing, Eva.
Then someone shouted “Y-y-you!” Xander suddenly pushed Alexius
Eh? What is happening to the? This idiots.
“That’s my girl!” Xander suddenly said that somehow made me, how should I put this, embarrassed? Like literally I flushed scarlet
“Hey stupid! Stop that already!” Alicia shouted then she looked at me
“H-hi—“ she waved at me, I know it’s kind of awkward, and I don’t know why it is even awkward. It’s just awkward. It’s a normal part of growing up right?
“Seat besides us sister Amber” The twins said then I walked near them and seated besides the two of them. And now they’re cuddling me.
“We missed you sister,” They said as they continue to cuddle me “I’m sorry, Don’t be mad at us, please”
I smiled at them “Don’t worry, I won’t” with that they cuddled me even more.
As I thought the tension is over between the brat Alexius and the Idiot Xander, Alexius suddenly pushed him too as a return then spoke with a smile on his face “Oh really? Will you still call her your girl if you knew what we did in the battlefield?” He looked at me and smiled
“Eeeeh!” Xander’s rage became hyped up even more “Y-y-you!” as he motioned to cast a spell—
What is this? This feeling again? What is this? This unknown sensation surrounding me.
This cold but powerful sensation that kept on bothering me since I got here.
“Hey Idiot! Eno—“ As Adora tried to stopped them I heard a thing being stomped into the ground
We all looked at it with a shocked expression on our faces, It’s—There she is. Finally.
She is wearing a uniform, her hair is widely spread, she’s wearing a ribbon on her head and she’s holding a huge staff. She’s indeed small, inch smaller than the fake Eva that I have met when I was new here that was made by Adora.
Speaking of Adora, I managed to see their expression, It seems like they’re used to it, but It’s still different, like there’s something hidden within their hearts. An envy? Hatred? Adoration? Or fear?
She’s just looking at us without moving a single muscle.
“S-sister” Then Alicia spoke “You’re awake, the breakfast is ready, would you like to eat already?” She asked “You? Alessandra? You’re not hungry yet?”
I looked at Alessandra and she’s just there looking at us with this happy expression
“Hey Idiot! Stop smiling and answer my question!” Alicia shouted
“Tch!” Alessandra just rolled her eyes
“You little-“ With that I heard another stomp on the floor.
I’m not afraid, nor scared. My heart is just beating normally like everything is alright.
She took a step then reached the seat besides Alicia and Alessandra
She has this serious and cold expression on her face, completely opposite of what Adora said about her, I thought the time she replicated Eva all of her, the expression, the attitude and the body was replicated by her, but why is Eva’s attitude or like expression is different.
“It’s because no one can really copy her” I heard a familiar voice spoke through my head, It’s Adora, wait, what? She knew what I was thinking?
I looked at her, she’s smiling at me like there’s nothing happened between us, like good friend ready to reconcile to each other even though you almost murder your friend. So ya, She’s smiling, I smiled back as a response.
I don’t really get it, I was mad at them at first but that hatred suddenly vanished, like it’s slowly fading as I continue to be with them.
I looked at Eva, she’s looking at me with this unknown expression, more like a poker face.
As I continue to look at her, It’s like time suddenly stopped, I was really focused to her.
This feeling, All the hair of my skin is all hyped out, I suddenly have this goose bumps in me. I saw nothing, not a spec of light radiating through her body.
“Greetings everyone,” she looked at all of us “It is indeed a pleasure to meet you in person, Amber” She said while she Is in a gesture of a noble
She took a cup and pour a tea from the teapot, I didn’t noticed there was a teapot there.
Her cute voice resonates the gleaming heavens, full of grace, perfection.
I don’t quite get it, She has this expression of a cold girl yet she shows elegance, eh? What is this sorcery?
I was startled, unable to talk, Open your mouth Amber! She’s finally here! Now Talk!
“Y-y-yes” I responded without trying to sound high and mighty.
“I have come to realize that you have a beautiful eyes” Wait? Did she complimented me?
With that I heard a huge tension in the room, then it suddenly vanished as Eva motioned to talk again.
“T-Thank you” I said, I’m like a puppet who is being controlled.
“Amber, my dear sister” She said
“Yes! Yes!” I suddenly bursted out
I saw all of them resisting to laugh at me, God! Amber! You’re so embarrassing
“I am truly sorry for what we have done to you all this time, First, is Adora and second is the battlefield, In behalf of all of us, I am sorry” with that she bowed her head
Then a huge tension was created once again into the room, is it really once in a blue moon for them to witness this?
“I guess I shall take my leave now my brothers and sisters, I have somewhere important to go too, I shall leave our sister in your Aid” She stood up, slowly stomped her staff into the floor then a rumbling sound was suddenly created, behind Eva a violet portal was formed
“I will see you all soon” With that she walked into the portal and vanished.
Suddenly all of them began to breath heavily, like they were holding their breath for too long til’ Eva leaves.
I smiled at them, they’re funny.
Alessandra is still at her normal state, her pretending-to-not-care state.
I just looked at them, they’re happy. So this is the true them huh? No, maybe not. I guess?
Then suddenly Alicia moved and began to walked near me
She took my two hands and “Sorry!” She bowed her head “I am truly sorry for everything!” I heard her sobbing, she’s crying? Seriously? “I am really sorry! Forgive me please! For everything” She kept on crying
I touched her two cheeks while the twins let go of my arms “It’s okay, you don’t need to be forgiven since you didn’t do anything” I said then smiled trying to cheer her up
“Really?” She said while still crying
“Yes” I said as I wipe the tears in her cheeks, I can’t believe this, a girl who’s even more powerful than me is crying right in front of me.
“Really really?” She asked again
“Yes yes” I smiled
“You sure? Is it really okay?” Wait, Are all of them like Alessandra?
“Yes!!!” I pinched her two cheeks and all of us laughed
Alessandra is looking at us then she suddenly spoke “Hey brothers and sisters, Don’t let your guard down when it comes to Amber okay? She’s different! If you let your guard down you’ll be shattered into pieces” she laughed, purely, but they didn’t, they have this shocked expression on their faces
“Wait, Sister Alessandra,” Meritia said as Alicia returned to her seat “You’re laughing? Are you sick?”
“Of course not idiot!” she shouted and laughed again, with that we all laughed
“It’s really once in a blue moon to witness this Amber” A voice once again appeared in my head “It’s because of you, Thank you and I’m sorry”
I looked at Adora, I smiled like nothing happened. I do not need to forgive people who didn’t even do wrong to me. It is a lesson that they taught me, so they didn’t need to be forgiven.
Seconds passed by Meritia walked near me and bowed too.
“Sorry Amber, for being so prideful” She said
“It’s okay. I know it’s hard for all of you at first to accept me, even I too had a hard time accepting the fact that I am with you guys right now, I thought that my journey lies within the lower part, but I guess it’s the work of fate that led me here” I smiled with that we all laughed, The awkwardness or the negative atmosphere between me and them are finally broken. I can’t feel any negative emotions anymore.
“So I guess you’ve been meaning to ask us enormous questions, Am I right Sister?” They all looked at me
“Y-y-es, that is true” I responded
“Then we wills start now, We don’t want you to experience this anxieties anymore” Alicia said “Let us begin? We will try to really answer your questions, and explain them for you to easily understand them”
I have many! Starting with! Hmmm? Where will I start?
“In the time sister Adora replicated sister Eva, sister Adora said that all of Eva was replicated, attitude, her gestures and many more, but why is sister Eva’s attitude different? Complete opposite to the Eva that I first met?” I asked
“Sister? Would you like to answer that question yourself?” she looked at Adora
“Of course sister!!” Adora laughed, I looked at her and we smiled at each other.
Adora raised her hand and—“This is the answer Sister,” She smiled “No one can really replicate Eva—Amber, even I, the reality replicator, is unable to do that, it is hard, No, Hard is not the right word, the correct word is it is bound, she’s different, if someone tried to replicate her, or interfere with her powers, a great catastrophe will occur, well that Is what the oracle told us” She said
“The oracle?” I asked, who is this oracle?
“Oh yah, you still don’t know, the last member of us, Unknowns, You’ll meet her soon, she’s the most eloquent kind of us all, I told you already right? That we already sort out who’s the most powerful of us all here? First is of course, our dearest sister, then Alessandra,” Alessandra smiled straight to Alicia “Next is Alicia” They’re both smiling at each other with this dark aura “Fourth is Adora, which is me,” She stopped and her expression became different “But ,The Divine Oracle’s power is different, we almost taught that she’s even more powerful than our dearest sister, that she possesses power greater than of Eva, but—“
“Okay—“ Alicia Intervened causing Adora to stop “That’s enough now, let’s proceed Amber”
Wait, Did Alicia intentionally stopped Adora from telling me of that ‘oracle’?
A power even greater than Eva? Hmmmm, but I haven’t even saw her power.
“Let’s proceed—“ Alicia said “What is your next question?”
“I don’t quite get it—“ I said
“Get what?” Adora asked
“The time we are all in the battlefield, All of that was just an act right? You all formulated that lies just to test me?” I curiously asked, My chest suddenly became heavy, Eh? I thought all of it was gone? What is this? What is this feeling that corrupts me, that devours me?
“That’s Eva’s orders, If we defy it then she will do it herself, we don’t want that to happen, It’s for your own good” Alicia said “We truly regret it after all of that was done, We were unable to eat, thinking what you might feel as every seconds passed by—“ Alicia became emotional as she explained that to me “All of us experienced that thing Amber, When we heared that there’s another candidate, we quickly formed a plan to ease your pain, Yes, you really need to undergo all of those pain to be with us, but we managed and we did all that we can to help you, and for that I’m sorry” She bowed her head
“You and you’re emotional crap again, Alicia” Alessandra intervened
I looked at Alessandra, she’s different. Like she doesn’t want to show her real self to them, her real self that has a soft side.
As I motioned to turn my attention to Alicia again, I was speechless to see Alicia holding a—
“Don’t mock me Alessandra,” She smiled as directed huge spear at Alessandra’s throat “We don’t know, I might just cut your throat here this instant” She smiled again
I didn’t even noticed Alicia created a single move.
“Oh please” Alessandra just rolled her eyes as the spear crumbled and began to shatter
“Very good” Alicia smiled again as their gaze met each other, and once again the battle of the great Unknowns has begun
What’s up with this two? Like they have this eternal grudge on each other
“Stop sisters—“ Adora intervened, I saw her smiling “I too, don’t know If I can control myself from throwing you to the eternal void and let you stay there for a month? Perhaps a year?” Adora smiled
“Please do Sister Adora!” The twins spoke
“That’s enough Sisters” Alexius said
“Shut it Alexius, This is a battle of your great sister,” Meritia said “It’s been a while since I saw all of your powers”
What is this!? It’s like I am surrounded with this sadist people.
“Come now, we’re here to answer our dead sister’s questions right?” With that Alicia stomped her spear into the ground creating a small shockwave that quaked the floor.
“Amber?” She turned to face me
“Look-“ I said “I understand now, Although I know I can’t really internalize all of what had happened, why you did that and so, but I know that I can trust you now, right?” I asked
I looked at them one by one
“Of course!” Alicia said
“Whatever” Alessandra said “Just don’t show your weakness that’s all”
“Alright!” Adora responded
“Okay” The geeky boy replied
“Yes” The blonde replied
Wait, I don’t know who they are yet, The only boys I knew in the Unknows are Xander and Alexius.
“Yes yes!” The twins smiled
“Yes” Meritia said with gladness
And finally “Of course!” He gripped his right hand and lifted it into the air
Wait, there’s something about Xander that I can’t remember, W-what is it?
M-moon, Moon? Eh? Moon? What moon?
"If I won, you are to be my slave—“ Huh?
"If I won, you are to be my slave until the ninth moon—“ What is this flash of memory?
"If I won, you are to be my slave until the ninth moon, and if you win, you are to demand your prize—“
What is this piece of memory
“After all, I am Amber’s slave” EH!!?
With that I saw all of their reactions, all of them are completely shocked, even the two faced Alessandra
“Wh-what are you talking about!?” Alicia asked
“I am her servant until the ninth moon” Xander answered with this proud expression
Why is he even proud? This idiot
“I did not said such a thing” I completely insist
“Oh, You forgot?” Xander said
“I did not said such a thing” I repeated
As I continue to insist that I haven’t said it he suddenly walked in front of me and—
What the fuck is this? What the hell is happening? They’re all looking at me with this completely shocked face like they saw a ghost or something.
That’s where I realized my lips are on his lips, we’re kissing each other.
He’s soft lips is in mine, His breath is surrounding my face.
What is this? Then a flash of memory appeared in my mind.
I remembered everything, but It’s not me that he encountered, it was—
“See?” He stopped kissing me and spoke

And with that, I saw myself being thrown by a large magnitude of shockwave into the other side of the building, I fell from the heavens and into the ground.
The girls are looking at me with this disgusting expression and my fellow brothers are looking at me with this way-to-go-bro expression.
What have I done? Why did I even do that? I knew this would happened but why?
I heared a small voice in my mind “You’re a jerk Xander” My subconscious spoke
I thought by kissing her she would remember everything.
It’s not like I love to be her slave but—
I didn’t even knew why I kissed her in the lips—
My back is still aching, and I can barely move
And before I knew it, my great sister are already on the ground waiting to behead me
“Say your prayers brother” Alicia said with this terrifying happy face
“What should I cut first? You’re limbs? Hands? Arms? Or head?” Adora smiled “Feel free to choose”
“Head please Sister” The twins said
I saw Meritia laughing, then the terror started moving
She walked near me as she motioned to whisper something to me “Continue the good work” Alessandra said
EH? What the hell did she said? Eh? Am I dreaming?
Then Amber walked near me as Alessandra stepped backwards “Prepare to die Xander” She angrily said as the wind started blowing and the earth started shattering
“Wait—“ Alicia said “I felt something, There is an unknown power near us,” Oh yah, I can sense it too.
It’s different than the powers I encountered in the past
“Stand brother,” Alicia lend his hand “There’s someone near us who wanted to see our powers up close”
“What are you talking about?” Alessandra said
“Don’t tell me you can’t sense it? Poor dear” Alicia laughed
“Tch,” Then Alessandra suddenly have this shocked face “They’re near, prepare” Chapter 8 will be released in two weeks time, stay tuned