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Eternal's Eve

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Chapter 7: Amber, Alexius and Alessandra
In the depths of the illuminating twilight I saw myself gazing at the moon’s magnificent beauty
“Wait?, why am I here?” I asked myself
I walked around in that dark place, trying to figure out where am I and why I’m here.
As I tend to take another step I saw a familiar room, an octagon room.
I can clearly point out what room it is even it is dark
Why am I here? Of all place why here? Seriously?
As I took a step a memory flashed through my mind, of me with---
Oh God! What have I done?
A flash of memory that reminds of what happened between me and Xander.
What have you done Amber!? Why lose control in that situation!
“Ugh!” I slapped myself “You’re so stupid!”
To hide my power is my goal from the very start but what had happened in there broke it all.
I took another step as I look at the surrounding, I touched the sofa while looking all the stuffs in this room.
Why is it dark? Why is there no people? Where are they?
“Hi” Someone suddenly spoke causing the hell out of me to go nuts. The hell!? Who is she?
“W-who’s there?” I said, trying to calm myself
“Haha” A cute girl’s laugh was heard through out the octagon room “Hi Amber”
Wait? How did she knew my name? Her voice is somehow familiar.
As I continue to figure out who she was, I saw a shadow quickly passed at the end of my eyes then it suddenly disappeared.
“W-who are you?” I curiously asked
Wait? Am I dreaming? Is this a dream again just like the others where I’ll just wake up in the end with this unknown anxieties?
I turned around as I heard another movement then—
“H-hi---“ As he try to speak a word I saw myself holding a large amount of magic in my hand
“He- hey! Wait!” He stepped back as he continue to stare at me
A guy? Who is he? Wait, He looks familiar, I think I’ve seen him already, somewhere, I don’t remember.
“Wait! Calm down!” He shouted as sweat started to flow from his face
I looked at him straight in the eyes, my heart is still pounding.
I began to normalize as I disperse the magic that I created out of mere adrenaline.
“Who are you?” I looked at him, straight through his eyes as the cold wind rushed through my skin
“Calm down!” He said “Please!”
“Answer my question” I frankly said
“Okay, okay” He sighed “I’m Alexius Deathrow”
“Alexius? I have never heard such name” I said as I continue to interrogate him
“Wait,” He looked shocked “You don’t know me?”
“Are you mocking me? Do you really think that it’s a joke?” I said
“Okay okay!” He sighed again “Xander was right, you really are s—“
“Xander? Why do you know him? Who are you?” I curiously asked as I motioned to create a magic in my hand.
“Stop! Let me introduce myself okay?” He said then I nodded
“I’m Alexius Deathrow, I am seventeen years old and I am an unknown” What?
“What did you say?” I said “You’re a what? An Unknown?”
“Yes, that is correct” He responded
“You look familiar but I don’t really know you,” I curiously said “Are you sure that you really are an Unknown?”
He sighed “This is really a pain,” he bowed his as he sighed again “Yes I am, Amber,” How did he knew my name? “And why am I even here if I am not an unknown? Have you forgotten? Only Unknown can open those doors” Yes, It’s true, but, I just really can’t believe that he’s one of them
It’s the complete opposite of them, I can see all of his aura, He’s not even trying to suppress it.
He’s blonde, cute, has a green eyes and I have come to realize that he’s taller than me
I continued to look at him “Hey!” He said “Can you stop that already? Its creeping me out”
I turned my gaze away from him and walked to the sofa and sat
“How did you knew my name?” I asked as I looked at him again but now, a normal stare.
He looked shocked, Like I was a naïve person from the very beginning, well I guess It’s true.
“Are you kidding me? He has this amazing expression on his face, An amazement which is indescribable
“Everyone knew about the girl who is a candidate for being an unknown, The one who defeated the unbeatable Ivana and—“
“Stop it” I look at the floor then to the window “It’s over now, I failed the first test so—“
“It’s not over yet” He said
“Huh?” I looked at him and caught him smiling
“Why are you smiling?” I asked then that smile faded
“I’m not smiling,” He walked towards me as I turned my head again to see the bright new moon
“It’s not too late Amber” He said it again “They’re not the people who’ll easily give up a candidate just by failing the first test”
Silence filled the atmosphere, there’s no one talking, we’re just staring at the magnificent beauty of the moon
As seconds passed by I remembered the voice of the girl earlier “Alex—“
“Alex?” He curiously said
“That’s what I’m going to call you from now on” I smiled then I saw a weird expression on his face then it quickly faded again
“Are you with someone earlier?” I asked
“With someone? You mean?” He said
“I mean, there’s someone with you earlier when you arrived in here”
“Me? With someone? None” He said
“None?” Eh? “Are you sure?”
“Yes, and besides, I’m already here when I saw you, I was going to get some drinks when I suddenly saw you wandering in this room, then I hid myself and observed you”
“Stalker” I rolled my eyes then I saw him laughed “I see” but who is that girl?
“Hey Amber” He said
“Yes?” I looked at him in the eye and caught him sweating, like he was about to say something but he can’t because he’s worried or like embarrassed to say it
“Can we—“ He stopped
“What?” I curiously said
“C-can w-we hav-e a—“ Then he stopped again
“Say it already!” I shouted
“Can we have a duel? More like a friendly battle?” He shouted as a response
I was shocked, but at the same time I felt nothing, Like the space inside my heart is empty, that’s why it is called space, because it is void.
I just stared at him, didn’t move, didn’t speak, didn’t move a single muscle. I just stared at him
“If it’s okay to you but if not, It’s okay for me too” He said
I kept silent, I don’t want to, but I can’t managed to say it, say it Amber, that you don’t want to, that you can’t, fighting Xander was enough already
“I can’t” There! You’ve managed to say it! Good Amber!
“Oh, Okay then” He looked at the floor as I continue to look at him
“I’m sorry, I just can’t” I said it once again
“It’s okay, You don’t need to feel bad” He smiled “And besides, I know that you still haven’t moved on about the first step” I gripped my hands
“So It’s oka—“ As he was about to say another word I suddenly intervened
“Fine! Let’s go!” I shouted “Malfiore!”
He smiled “Malfiore!” and—
“Are you sure you’re doing that?’ I heard a familiar voice, A girl’s voice
I turned around looked at her then I saw Alessandra, sitting in front of me drinking a glass of wine
She’s smiling, I felt different, so different that I haven’t even detected her presence
We cancelled our summoning and turned our attention to her, She looked at the moon while the two of us sat in front of her.
“So, You’ve met already’ She said, There was an unknown tone in her voice
She’s not like the first time I met her, Like something changed in a matter of time
“Y-yes” I said
“Good” She responded as she drank the wine in that glass “Are you not tired Amber?” She said
“Tired? What do you mean?” I asked
“I mean, So many things happened to you in a matter of one week, ordinary people would have been gone by now, but you—“ She smiled as she turned to look at me “You’re special” then back to the moon
“Told you” Alex intervened, I looked at him with this creepy face
“Okay Okay!” He stopped talking and just listened
“What do you mean by that?” I asked
“I don’t know, you’re just different, and besides the fact that Eva is so much interested in you, that sums it all up, that you’re not an ordinary person, not just an ordinary candidate of being an unknown” She said “It’s once in a blue moon to witnessed Eva being interested in a person”
I was shocked, She’s interested in me? I mean, I know that already but to really hear it in Alessandra’s mouth, the second most powerful unknown.
“I envy you” She said “I haven’t saw Eva to be this so much interested even once, Not even when I joined, not even when she witnessed my powers” She sighed “She’s really different, her power is beyond measure if you tell me, I’m not even sure If I already met her standards in fighting people” She sighed again
We just looked at her, I’m shocked, and I know Alex is shocked too, but It’s rude to ruin her moment.
“I’m bored, you know what—“ She smiled
Oh shit! Why am I feeling this unknown creepy sensation in my skin, Like something is about to happen next. God! Enough please! First Celine, then another girl, then Ivana, then Meritia, then the guys from the different school, next is Xander and now this? Oh Goddesses of the old, please help me.
“Let’s have a duel, to really witnessed what is the thing that Eva wants to you, Is it okay—“ As I was about to intervene, to tell him that I don’t want to, she suddenly intervened again then she didn’t let me responded
“Malfiore” She said “It’s okay for you to join Alexius, this is going to be fun” She smiled
And with that she clapped her hands three times, I looked at her, still smiling.
“Here we are” She said as she snapped her fingers “Welcome to Erien fariace Fare, also know as the Elven heavenly Arena”
I can clearly see all the people staring at us, cheering, and shouting at us in this gigantic Arena, a coliseum
Wait, People? No, They’re different, Elves? Eh?! Why are they here?
“Why are they here?” I asked Alessandra
“Oh, I forgot, This is not an ordinary dimensional battlefield, It is a battlefield of reality, you’ll die here and expect to never come back, All of these elven people here are alive, If you kill them you’ll face the High Queen and be beheaded at once, This is called the Arena of reality, a special Arena made by the elevens” She explained
“Wait, so that means—“
“Yes, We are in the elven territory” She smiled “Isn’t it fun?”
My eyes are wide open at this point of time, I can’t believe it, I’m amazed, at the same time confused, why here? Where there is living creatures? Why not just an ordinary battlefield?
“I don’t get it,” I said “Why here?’
“Because—“ I saw her expression, Cold but she’s smiling, She’s smiling but it’s like she wanted to kill me inside, killing me again and again in her head. I can feel it.
“I wanted to see your true power remember?” She smiled “Oh! By the way, you don’t need to suppress your powers, I saw all of your matches, I got bored since you’re not even using a single amount of power” She stared at me as she continued to smile
Is it really true? I mean her watching me to all the matches I have done? And how did she knew about me suppressing my powers?
I faked smile “I don’t know what you’re saying Alessandra” I said
She laughed then I looked at Alexius who’s not shocked at all “Really now? You’re really are a good liar Amber, and I admire that, but—“ She looked at me straight in the eye then—
“Amber!” Alexius shouted as the earth started to break apart, Chains started to appear out of the earth and struck me, After a blink I saw myself standing ten meters away fro m Alessandra
She’s smiling “Oh, You’re good Alexius, to be able to sense that power quickly” She smiled
“If I tell you to jump, jump okay? Don’t hesitate, just trust me” Alexius said, Did he know what will Alessandra do next?
“Let’s begin?” She said as a huge golden staff appeared from her hand, A bright red giant jewel at its top and chains surrounding it, her dress also changed into a golden clothing “Split the earth” She chuckled “Heren Garuda!” She shouted as she stomped her staff into the ground
“Jump!” Alexius shouted but I reacted slowly, My feet is not even moving
He looked at me with this shocking expression, I suddenly felt the power that Alessandra is casting, and If I won’t be able to dodge this, I might die in just a single blow.
Alessandra struck her staff into ground causing the ground to shatter, from the end to the another end and before I knew it I was already floating in mid-air, carried by Alexius who is currently sweating, even the Elven watchers are scared now, they’re all shouting, I don’t know if they’re really afraid or they liked it.
What a great power, A high magnitude of power capable of breaking a city in just one strike, I can feel the power of electricity in that magic, but now as we landed on the ground, when I looked at her aura, it’s empty, like the power casted earlier is just her normal power.
I looked at her with amazement, she’s smiling as the wind became ferocious.
“Why did you saved her Alexius?” She asked with a smile
“I’m part of this duel remember?” He responded
“Oh, alright” She smiled again “Transform now Amber” She said
“I can’t—I musn’t!” I said as my heart began to beat faster, There’s no point of hiding this power at all, Alessandra already knew that I am only suppressing my power. So it’s pointless to pretend that I’m weak even though I am really weak compared to them.
“To the skies that gave me power, To kill the wicked that slumbers into the ground,
Lend thy magic to me, to kill the evil that continue to rule”
And with that a lightning struck me from above and after that my dress changed into an all red clothing, I’m holding a golden staff too right now and my hair and my eyes changed too.
“You look beautiful” She said— “Realia!”
“Tch!” I’m looking at her when she suddenly disappeared and appeared above me casting a high magnitude lightning
I managed to activate my barrier but as seconds passed by it began to shatter, She’s indeed powerful, no doubt about that.
My barrier was shattered but before I was struck by the lightning I managed to cast something—
“Dereia Meois!” I said causing the earth and my surrounding to vibrate
There was this irritating loud sound along with the vibration of the earth and my surrounding
That vibration countered the lightning causing it to disperse, I looked at her, She’s still smiling.
“Divine Vibration” She looked at me with a smile “Being capable to counter any high magnitude magic within a limited scope of time, It’s really cool, and powerful, but you can only use it every twenty minutes, what are you planning to do now Amber?” She smiled again and with that she suddenly disappeared out of my field of vision
I can feel her, but I can’t track her movements.
There! I turned around as I felt her movements behind me, She slammed her staff to me but I was able to blocked it with my staff but—She smiled
“Waaaaah!!!” I shouted as I endure the pain of being electrocuted, I was thrown eight meters away from her
I slowly stood up and was shocked to not see any wounds in my body, I can feel the pain, but there was no sign of it at all. It’s not hurting in my insides at all, It’s not a shockwave since the pain I am currently feeling right now is just externally. Eh?
I looked at her. She’s looking at me with this pitiful look
As she gestured to struck her staff in the ground again someone spoke, It’s Alexius
“Not if I can help it” I lost track of his movement and amazed to saw him in front of Alessandra, I thought he might be able to stop her but—I was wrong.
I saw Alessandra’s expression, she’s still calm, Like she already knew that this would happen.
I saw her face, Her smile began fade, she became serious, I can’t even see a single happiness in her face anymore.
I felt a cold sensation in my skin, Like something is going to happen.
“Stop” She said, Stop? Eh? She’s telling Alexius to stopped?
I looked at Alexius and I was shocked to see him trembling, he’s not moving, Alessandra raised her hand and casted something, I saw a brilliant violet energy forming from her hand, I gigantic aura forming.
“Vanish” She said, and with that she pointed it to Alexius and—
“Alexius!” I shouted as I saw Alexius being vaporized into pieces.
A-a-ah, I can’t move, He’s d-dead? He vanished as the his ashes was swept away by the air
“Fufufu” She’s laughing insanely, “I’ll show you that everything that Eva said was all but a lie!” She shouted, I can see vengeance in her eyes, She wanted to kill me for the reason I don’t know of.
“What are you saying!?” I shouted
Her eyes began to became wide she pointed me with his fingers then—
I touched my stomach “Oh, It’s blood” before I knew It I was already in the ground, lying, bleeding, can’t do anything.
“Is that all you can do!?” She shouted again “Eva was wrong! I am much stronger than you! Look at yourself! Your pathetic! Can’t even stand for her friends! You can’t protect them nor make them happy!, Fufufu” She smiled “You’re useless”

Alessandra, The Puppet Queen
Tch, for her to be this weak, no, she’s not weak and I’m sure of that, She’s just suppressing it, not letting us know her true capabilities, who is she? Who is this girl that Eva is so fond of.
“Is that all you can do!?” I shouted again “Eva was wrong! I am much stronger than you! Look at yourself! Your pathetic! Can’t even stand for her friends! You can’t protect them nor make them happy!, Fufufu” I smiled “You’re useless”
She’s just lying in the ground, while we are being watched by the elven audiences
Why Amber? Why won’t you let me see it? I’m disappointed, to me and to you.
I am disappointed because I expected so much from you, and to myself for I did not see your real power that Eva is so fond of.
I can’t please her no matter what, The first time I saw her, I adored her so much, The most powerful person I have ever knew, We’re like sisters, always protecting each others back, but then—Everything changed when that girl came, that—Anast—Tch!
I didn’t notice that I was already crying, I’m crying? Eh?
I touched my tears as it fell from my eyes, It’s a tear, I am ignorant and that is true, Since I joined the unknown, I have never cried just to show all of them that I am strong, that I am not weak, show to them that I can protect them and make me their friend, but as I continue to strive that goal, they’re leaving me, I proved to them that I am capable of getting into the rank two of the unknowns, I achieved that goal and they adored me after defeating Alicia in a duel, but as I continue look at them, I saw that someone is missing, someone who I really adored and admired, Eva.
From that moment on I once again strived to please her, but it’s useless, I can’t, She’s just too much for me.
But I never gave up, four years ago a girl named Anastasia suddenly came out from the ground.
Just like Amber, She was tested, she passed the Angels of the Ordeals and was given the title Queen of the skies, for she rule the skies when having a duel.
We all became friends, I adored her so much for I see myself in her, As everything continue to flow, I saw a thing that broke my heart.
I saw her smiling, like she met a person more powerful than me, Like someone who can please her, unlike me who cannot even make her happy.
Eva, The one who I truly admired, broke my heart, from that day onward I strive to never give up pleasing her, even if it costs Alicia, Adora and the others
I continued to cry that time, I hid myself in my room and never came out until dawn.
I went to the maze and was shocked to see Anastasia there, looking at the moon where I always stay.
Tch! What is she doing here? She’s not contented yet? She wants my favourite place too!? She stole my friends, Eva, everything!
“Oh,” She said “Hello Sister” She smiled, I just bowed my head, not showing my anger to her.
“Tch! Shut up!” I shouted as I struck the ground with my staff
I was shocked to see her floating, she’s just smiling like she expected this to happen.
“What’s in to you?” She said “You’re upset?” She smiled “Poor dear”
“Shut up!” I shouted once again as I casted a beam aiming her
She avoided it and laughed “You’re the Unknowns ranked two!? You’re pathetic! Can’t even hit me by a simple beam”
“Waaaaah!” I shouted as I gestured to cast my ultimate spell “Geria Gard—“
“Stop” Someone suddenly spoke causing my body to stopped, I can’t move, I’m paralyzed, like all my power is being hindered by someone, I know that voice, It’s Eva
“E-eva” I tried to say
“I told you didn’t I?” She just looked at me with her cold stare “You cannot defeat her, she’s not like the others, she’s more powerful than you” And with that all of me shattered, I’m mad, but I’m really sad,
I adored her so much but for her to say that to me, It broke me.
I began to break her grip and casted my ultimate spell but—
“Stop!” Alicia shouted “Enough! Eva! Alessandra!” with that tears flow through my eyes endlessly, I can’t stop crying, I don’t know why, I just can’t, Like letting go all of my frustration to myself that I am hiding from the very start.
We stayed there for over five minutes, we didn’t talked not moved a single muscle.
I looked at her, She’s just looking at me with her usual cold stare. She pity me, Indeed I am pitiful.
I looked at Anastasia, she’s smiling, still trying to piss me off.
On that day onwards I strive to became powerful, much more powerful than Anastasia, until such time I achieved my goals, Anastasia betrayed Eva, after that incident I became numb, I didn’t care at all, I pretended to just be myself, without any goals, not the intention to please Eva.
All of became numb, As time passes by, I manage to became the strongest magician in the school, second to Eva since no one really saw her power, I thought that when I achieved my goal I’ll be the happiest person in the world and I will manage to please Eva with my achievement but--They all feared me, until I realized that I am no longer happy of what I’m doing, They are all boring to me, no one can defeat me even in other schools, Eva is now talking to me but she’s just her usual self, a numb person.
Four years passed I’ve heared that there is another candidate of being one of us, I was shocked and scared, shocked because after four years there is another candidate, scared because what if she’s just like Anastasia? What if she’s more powerful than me? What if she’ll betray Eva’s trust too?
I must know who she is and examine her for myself, From that day onwards I researched about the next candidate, Amber Everlight, power: Unknown. That’s all the description I saw. Who is she?
Until such time I saw her face to face, In the octagon room, She’s beautiful, I can see that she looks good, but I don’t know who she is in the inside.
From that time, the first test is about to begin, the Angel of Desolation, Eva instructed them one by one o what they will be going to do while she is gone.
After I saw everything, that she’s just a loser girl who can’t do anything or like she can’t even protect her own friends I became sad.
Sad? Why am I sad? Eh? I thought this is good? That no one will betray us again.
What is happening? I can’t understand myself.
As I watch her being tested, I pity her, I wanted to help her, I went into that battlefield and save her.
It’s not for Alicia and the others, but for her. Wait? Why did I even saved her if she’s this weak? Hmmm. Oh Yeah, the day before that happened.
Before that day came I talked through her in an astral dimension,
“Why!? Why are you even interested to her?” I shouted as tears flow through me eyes but she just gazed at me with her usual cold stare
“Didn’t I told you before? That she is much more powerful than—“
“Shut up!” I suddenly shouted as my cry began to became loud “Again!? Are you numb Eva!? I wanted to please you from the very start! But can you not see it?” I cried as I bowed my head
“Stand up,” She said “Stand up” she repeated.
I followed what she said then she spoke again “We’ll have a small duel just to see your improvement”
With that I became happy, I’m still crying but I am happy. I quickly guarded myself and prepared for her assault then—
“Akkk” I touched my stomach, It’s bleeding, I was stopped without me noticing it and with that I cried again, again and again
I heard her footsteps coming near me, she touched my head and spoke
“You’re strong already, I’m doing this for all of you, when I’m gone, I wanted all of you to become family, so stop crying, and besides, our goal Is to conquer one hundred wandering caravan challenges remember?” For a long time I witnessed her talked to me, I mean talked to me in a way of being sincere, I don’t know, I can’t explain it, She’s always talking to me but this is different.
I quickly stood up, “You’ll see! I’ll prove to you that I am much capable than her!” I shouted then smiled
She smiled once again then I realized my next goal, My goal is to train Amber to become powerful so that she can protect our family.
After that battle in the battlefield when all of them was gone, I saw her wandering through the octagon room, I hide and observed her until I saw them, Alexius and her preparing to have a duel.
I realized that this is my chance, to accomplish my goal once again, to train Amber.
“Get up! Get up!” I shouted, I casted a spell that opened the earth, As a seal was continue to be written on it I made her float in mid-air then—
A gigantic dinosaur head came from the ground, It opened its gigantic mouth as I commanded it to, then—
“Screw you Sister!” And with that I heard Alexius shouted as he destroy my seal in the ground
He’s smiling as he look at me with this indescribable expression, He’s happy but there’s something about his expression that I can’t understand.
“Did you forget?” He said
I smiled “Of course not, who could’ve ever forget our great defender,” I grinned “Alexius the Immortal”
Alexius laughed, I looked at Amber still staring at me from above, What’s wrong with this girl?
Then I suddenly remembered what Adora said, “Don’t underestimate her sister, there something about her that we still don’t know”
As I motioned to cast another spell I was shocked to witnessed her smiling, and also Alexius
What is wrong with this people? This ends now
“Fiera—“ I felt a small pain in my body, like an ant bit me
I looked at it and – “I’m bleeding—“ I touched it, It’s blood. Where did it came from? I didn’t even felt a single motion made by them.
With that I fell from the heavens, or not. I was never in mid-air from the start.
I fell from the ground as they look at me with this annoying stare.
They only met each other for the first time but their mind is working together already.
Good, Good to see that I don’t need to unleash my full power
I closed my eyes to end this all, I lose, yeah, but—
I opened my eyes as I try to cast a spell again, I would like to try an average hard core spell, I am in a great doubt that she will not fail to counter this
I grinned “Evenus Ur Fena” A gigantic seal was written unto the ground once again, A large spear came from it , I held it in my hand.
I looked at them and grinned, They have this cheerful expression in their face, Like they’re not afraid at all.
Killing all the elves here is okay since this is a temporal battlefield, All of the thing I said earlier was just a bluff.
I said that because I thought telling her that this elves are real might unleash her inner self but in the end I was wrong.
“I guess one last try is okay, right?” I smiled
They’re back again on the ground anticipating every move that I make.
“Be sure to block this okay?”


As the wind started to form near her I saw a spec of light in her body, A spec of light, hmmmm.
It’s kind of familiar, as always, no magic can be felt when Alessandra is at her serious state.
She lifted her hand that carries the spear and spoke “To the great deities of the heavens and of the earth, let thy evil be vanquished and may tranquillity roam the very lands of the earth once again.” With that a brilliant light appeared before us and—
This is really familiar, I saw Alessandra did this before, but I can’t put my finger on it.
But I know it’s dangerous, A spell that can end a life even in a temporal battlefield.
Then it him me, The Dimensional Mirror, Oh, I see.
“Amber” I pushed her and saw a mirror ten meters away from me.
I see, I remember now.

As I was anticipating every move that Alessandra makes, Alexius suddenly called my name and pushed me causing me to be thrown.
I quickly looked at him and saw a large mirror coming after him and—
“Alexius!” I shouted as I continue to lie in the ground
He was trapped in the mirror and that mirror is currently in a standing position.
“Alexius! You stupid! Why you!? You’ll just revive!, what a pain!” Alessandra sighed “Oh well, better grab the opportunity” She smiled
She lifted her spear as she threw it with a massive speed and force in the mirrors direction where Alexius is currently trapped at.
I saw the spear shattered the mirror, but It’s weird that I’m not worried nor afraid.
“Is that all you’ve got?” I saw Alexius standing behind me, he walked in front of me and kept speaking
“No one can really kill you, right?” Alessandra said
“Hmmmm, Yes, I guess,” Alexius responded “There’s someone”
“And who might that be?” Alessandra asked
“Our dearest sister” He replied
“Oh, but of course. She is the downfall of every one of us” Alessandra said
“I guess this is enough sister? Did we satisfy your boredom? Or you want more? I could give you more if you still want too” Alexius said
“I guess this is enough now” Alessandra replied
“To think that you’re only showing your basic power, you’re truly a great sadist” He laughed, they laughed
Then her attention was directed unto me
“Get up Amber” She vanished and quickly reappeared in front of me lending her hand
I grabbed her hand and stood up “Look, I’m sorry for what had happened between us, I mean in the past and also today, I admit I was just bored, and I want to test you, I want to see the power that Eva is so fond of” She smiled
“I-it’s a-alright, A-alessandra” I said
“Eh!?” she shouted “I’m your sister remember!?” She said
“Oh, Sorry,” I smiled “S-sister”
“That’s right” She laughed, we all laughed.
“Hey, Are you mad at me? I mean for doing this to you?” Her expression became serious
“N-no” I said
“You’re lying” She said
I guess a little, I can’t hide the fact that my story started from the climax, an it’s very unusual, but I know this is just the opening act. And they will be my friends, my comrades.
“No I’m not” I said without being awkward
“You sure?” She asked once again then she hugged me
“Yeah” I said
“You sure!?” she shouted as she squeezed me with her arms
“Yeah!” I shouted
“You won’t murder me? Or assassinate me?” Eh?
“Are you even serious Sister?” I said
She laughed “Sorry, so I guess that settles it.”
“Enough girl talk please” Alexius said
“Fine fine!” Alessandra said “Let’s head back”
“Let thy dimensions that kept us apart be demolished in the name of the Holy Mother” She snapped her fingers and—
I saw them, All of them, They’re all complete, chatting, reading books, having tea in the bright morning, All of them, I guess.
So It’s nearly dawn when we started fighting e?
They looked at us with a great smile, The twins, Adora, Alicia, Meritia, Xander, and two more.
There is someone missing, Eva.
Then someone shouted “Y-y-you!” Xander suddenly pushed Alexius
Eh? What is happening to the? This idiots.
“That’s my girl!” Xander suddenly said that somehow made me, how should I put this, embarrassed? Like literally I flushed scarlet
“Hey stupid! Stop that already!” Alicia shouted then she looked at me
“H-hi—“ she waved at me, I know it’s kind of awkward, and I don’t know why it is even awkward. It’s just awkward. It’s a normal part of growing up right?
“Seat besides us sister Amber” The twins said then I walked near them and seated besides the two of them. And now they’re cuddling me.
“We missed you sister,” They said as they continue to cuddle me “I’m sorry, Don’t be mad at us, please”
I smiled at them “Don’t worry, I won’t” with that they cuddled me even more.
As I thought the tension is over between the brat Alexius and the Idiot Xander, Alexius suddenly pushed him too as a return then spoke with a smile on his face “Oh really? Will you still call her your girl if you knew what we did in the battlefield?” He looked at me and smiled
“Eeeeh!” Xander’s rage became hyped up even more “Y-y-you!” as he motioned to cast a spell—
What is this? This feeling again? What is this? This unknown sensation surrounding me.
This cold but powerful sensation that kept on bothering me since I got here.
“Hey Idiot! Eno—“ As Adora tried to stopped them I heard a thing being stomped into the ground
We all looked at it with a shocked expression on our faces, It’s—There she is. Finally.
She is wearing a uniform, her hair is widely spread, she’s wearing a ribbon on her head and she’s holding a huge staff. She’s indeed small, inch smaller than the fake Eva that I have met when I was new here that was made by Adora.
Speaking of Adora, I managed to see their expression, It seems like they’re used to it, but It’s still different, like there’s something hidden within their hearts. An envy? Hatred? Adoration? Or fear?
She’s just looking at us without moving a single muscle.
“S-sister” Then Alicia spoke “You’re awake, the breakfast is ready, would you like to eat already?” She asked “You? Alessandra? You’re not hungry yet?”
I looked at Alessandra and she’s just there looking at us with this happy expression
“Hey Idiot! Stop smiling and answer my question!” Alicia shouted
“Tch!” Alessandra just rolled her eyes
“You little-“ With that I heard another stomp on the floor.
I’m not afraid, nor scared. My heart is just beating normally like everything is alright.
She took a step then reached the seat besides Alicia and Alessandra
She has this serious and cold expression on her face, completely opposite of what Adora said about her, I thought the time she replicated Eva all of her, the expression, the attitude and the body was replicated by her, but why is Eva’s attitude or like expression is different.
“It’s because no one can really copy her” I heard a familiar voice spoke through my head, It’s Adora, wait, what? She knew what I was thinking?
I looked at her, she’s smiling at me like there’s nothing happened between us, like good friend ready to reconcile to each other even though you almost murder your friend. So ya, She’s smiling, I smiled back as a response.
I don’t really get it, I was mad at them at first but that hatred suddenly vanished, like it’s slowly fading as I continue to be with them.
I looked at Eva, she’s looking at me with this unknown expression, more like a poker face.
As I continue to look at her, It’s like time suddenly stopped, I was really focused to her.
This feeling, All the hair of my skin is all hyped out, I suddenly have this goose bumps in me. I saw nothing, not a spec of light radiating through her body.
“Greetings everyone,” she looked at all of us “It is indeed a pleasure to meet you in person, Amber” She said while she Is in a gesture of a noble
She took a cup and pour a tea from the teapot, I didn’t noticed there was a teapot there.
Her cute voice resonates the gleaming heavens, full of grace, perfection.
I don’t quite get it, She has this expression of a cold girl yet she shows elegance, eh? What is this sorcery?
I was startled, unable to talk, Open your mouth Amber! She’s finally here! Now Talk!
“Y-y-yes” I responded without trying to sound high and mighty.
“I have come to realize that you have a beautiful eyes” Wait? Did she complimented me?
With that I heard a huge tension in the room, then it suddenly vanished as Eva motioned to talk again.
“T-Thank you” I said, I’m like a puppet who is being controlled.
“Amber, my dear sister” She said
“Yes! Yes!” I suddenly bursted out
I saw all of them resisting to laugh at me, God! Amber! You’re so embarrassing
“I am truly sorry for what we have done to you all this time, First, is Adora and second is the battlefield, In behalf of all of us, I am sorry” with that she bowed her head
Then a huge tension was created once again into the room, is it really once in a blue moon for them to witness this?
“I guess I shall take my leave now my brothers and sisters, I have somewhere important to go too, I shall leave our sister in your Aid” She stood up, slowly stomped her staff into the floor then a rumbling sound was suddenly created, behind Eva a violet portal was formed
“I will see you all soon” With that she walked into the portal and vanished.
Suddenly all of them began to breath heavily, like they were holding their breath for too long til’ Eva leaves.
I smiled at them, they’re funny.
Alessandra is still at her normal state, her pretending-to-not-care state.
I just looked at them, they’re happy. So this is the true them huh? No, maybe not. I guess?
Then suddenly Alicia moved and began to walked near me
She took my two hands and “Sorry!” She bowed her head “I am truly sorry for everything!” I heard her sobbing, she’s crying? Seriously? “I am really sorry! Forgive me please! For everything” She kept on crying
I touched her two cheeks while the twins let go of my arms “It’s okay, you don’t need to be forgiven since you didn’t do anything” I said then smiled trying to cheer her up
“Really?” She said while still crying
“Yes” I said as I wipe the tears in her cheeks, I can’t believe this, a girl who’s even more powerful than me is crying right in front of me.
“Really really?” She asked again
“Yes yes” I smiled
“You sure? Is it really okay?” Wait, Are all of them like Alessandra?
“Yes!!!” I pinched her two cheeks and all of us laughed
Alessandra is looking at us then she suddenly spoke “Hey brothers and sisters, Don’t let your guard down when it comes to Amber okay? She’s different! If you let your guard down you’ll be shattered into pieces” she laughed, purely, but they didn’t, they have this shocked expression on their faces
“Wait, Sister Alessandra,” Meritia said as Alicia returned to her seat “You’re laughing? Are you sick?”
“Of course not idiot!” she shouted and laughed again, with that we all laughed
“It’s really once in a blue moon to witness this Amber” A voice once again appeared in my head “It’s because of you, Thank you and I’m sorry”
I looked at Adora, I smiled like nothing happened. I do not need to forgive people who didn’t even do wrong to me. It is a lesson that they taught me, so they didn’t need to be forgiven.
Seconds passed by Meritia walked near me and bowed too.
“Sorry Amber, for being so prideful” She said
“It’s okay. I know it’s hard for all of you at first to accept me, even I too had a hard time accepting the fact that I am with you guys right now, I thought that my journey lies within the lower part, but I guess it’s the work of fate that led me here” I smiled with that we all laughed, The awkwardness or the negative atmosphere between me and them are finally broken. I can’t feel any negative emotions anymore.
“So I guess you’ve been meaning to ask us enormous questions, Am I right Sister?” They all looked at me
“Y-y-es, that is true” I responded
“Then we wills start now, We don’t want you to experience this anxieties anymore” Alicia said “Let us begin? We will try to really answer your questions, and explain them for you to easily understand them”
I have many! Starting with! Hmmm? Where will I start?
“In the time sister Adora replicated sister Eva, sister Adora said that all of Eva was replicated, attitude, her gestures and many more, but why is sister Eva’s attitude different? Complete opposite to the Eva that I first met?” I asked
“Sister? Would you like to answer that question yourself?” she looked at Adora
“Of course sister!!” Adora laughed, I looked at her and we smiled at each other.
Adora raised her hand and—“This is the answer Sister,” She smiled “No one can really replicate Eva—Amber, even I, the reality replicator, is unable to do that, it is hard, No, Hard is not the right word, the correct word is it is bound, she’s different, if someone tried to replicate her, or interfere with her powers, a great catastrophe will occur, well that Is what the oracle told us” She said
“The oracle?” I asked, who is this oracle?
“Oh yah, you still don’t know, the last member of us, Unknowns, You’ll meet her soon, she’s the most eloquent kind of us all, I told you already right? That we already sort out who’s the most powerful of us all here? First is of course, our dearest sister, then Alessandra,” Alessandra smiled straight to Alicia “Next is Alicia” They’re both smiling at each other with this dark aura “Fourth is Adora, which is me,” She stopped and her expression became different “But ,The Divine Oracle’s power is different, we almost taught that she’s even more powerful than our dearest sister, that she possesses power greater than of Eva, but—“
“Okay—“ Alicia Intervened causing Adora to stop “That’s enough now, let’s proceed Amber”
Wait, Did Alicia intentionally stopped Adora from telling me of that ‘oracle’?
A power even greater than Eva? Hmmmm, but I haven’t even saw her power.
“Let’s proceed—“ Alicia said “What is your next question?”
“I don’t quite get it—“ I said
“Get what?” Adora asked
“The time we are all in the battlefield, All of that was just an act right? You all formulated that lies just to test me?” I curiously asked, My chest suddenly became heavy, Eh? I thought all of it was gone? What is this? What is this feeling that corrupts me, that devours me?
“That’s Eva’s orders, If we defy it then she will do it herself, we don’t want that to happen, It’s for your own good” Alicia said “We truly regret it after all of that was done, We were unable to eat, thinking what you might feel as every seconds passed by—“ Alicia became emotional as she explained that to me “All of us experienced that thing Amber, When we heared that there’s another candidate, we quickly formed a plan to ease your pain, Yes, you really need to undergo all of those pain to be with us, but we managed and we did all that we can to help you, and for that I’m sorry” She bowed her head
“You and you’re emotional crap again, Alicia” Alessandra intervened
I looked at Alessandra, she’s different. Like she doesn’t want to show her real self to them, her real self that has a soft side.
As I motioned to turn my attention to Alicia again, I was speechless to see Alicia holding a—
“Don’t mock me Alessandra,” She smiled as directed huge spear at Alessandra’s throat “We don’t know, I might just cut your throat here this instant” She smiled again
I didn’t even noticed Alicia created a single move.
“Oh please” Alessandra just rolled her eyes as the spear crumbled and began to shatter
“Very good” Alicia smiled again as their gaze met each other, and once again the battle of the great Unknowns has begun
What’s up with this two? Like they have this eternal grudge on each other
“Stop sisters—“ Adora intervened, I saw her smiling “I too, don’t know If I can control myself from throwing you to the eternal void and let you stay there for a month? Perhaps a year?” Adora smiled
“Please do Sister Adora!” The twins spoke
“That’s enough Sisters” Alexius said
“Shut it Alexius, This is a battle of your great sister,” Meritia said “It’s been a while since I saw all of your powers”
What is this!? It’s like I am surrounded with this sadist people.
“Come now, we’re here to answer our dead sister’s questions right?” With that Alicia stomped her spear into the ground creating a small shockwave that quaked the floor.
“Amber?” She turned to face me
“Look-“ I said “I understand now, Although I know I can’t really internalize all of what had happened, why you did that and so, but I know that I can trust you now, right?” I asked
I looked at them one by one
“Of course!” Alicia said
“Whatever” Alessandra said “Just don’t show your weakness that’s all”
“Alright!” Adora responded
“Okay” The geeky boy replied
“Yes” The blonde replied
Wait, I don’t know who they are yet, The only boys I knew in the Unknows are Xander and Alexius.
“Yes yes!” The twins smiled
“Yes” Meritia said with gladness
And finally “Of course!” He gripped his right hand and lifted it into the air
Wait, there’s something about Xander that I can’t remember, W-what is it?
M-moon, Moon? Eh? Moon? What moon?
"If I won, you are to be my slave—“ Huh?
"If I won, you are to be my slave until the ninth moon—“ What is this flash of memory?
"If I won, you are to be my slave until the ninth moon, and if you win, you are to demand your prize—“
What is this piece of memory
“After all, I am Amber’s slave” EH!!?
With that I saw all of their reactions, all of them are completely shocked, even the two faced Alessandra
“Wh-what are you talking about!?” Alicia asked
“I am her servant until the ninth moon” Xander answered with this proud expression
Why is he even proud? This idiot
“I did not said such a thing” I completely insist
“Oh, You forgot?” Xander said
“I did not said such a thing” I repeated
As I continue to insist that I haven’t said it he suddenly walked in front of me and—
What the fuck is this? What the hell is happening? They’re all looking at me with this completely shocked face like they saw a ghost or something.
That’s where I realized my lips are on his lips, we’re kissing each other.
He’s soft lips is in mine, His breath is surrounding my face.
What is this? Then a flash of memory appeared in my mind.
I remembered everything, but It’s not me that he encountered, it was—
“See?” He stopped kissing me and spoke

And with that, I saw myself being thrown by a large magnitude of shockwave into the other side of the building, I fell from the heavens and into the ground.
The girls are looking at me with this disgusting expression and my fellow brothers are looking at me with this way-to-go-bro expression.
What have I done? Why did I even do that? I knew this would happened but why?
I heared a small voice in my mind “You’re a jerk Xander” My subconscious spoke
I thought by kissing her she would remember everything.
It’s not like I love to be her slave but—
I didn’t even knew why I kissed her in the lips—
My back is still aching, and I can barely move
And before I knew it, my great sister are already on the ground waiting to behead me
“Say your prayers brother” Alicia said with this terrifying happy face
“What should I cut first? You’re limbs? Hands? Arms? Or head?” Adora smiled “Feel free to choose”
“Head please Sister” The twins said
I saw Meritia laughing, then the terror started moving
She walked near me as she motioned to whisper something to me “Continue the good work” Alessandra said
EH? What the hell did she said? Eh? Am I dreaming?
Then Amber walked near me as Alessandra stepped backwards “Prepare to die Xander” She angrily said as the wind started blowing and the earth started shattering
“Wait—“ Alicia said “I felt something, There is an unknown power near us,” Oh yah, I can sense it too.
It’s different than the powers I encountered in the past
“Stand brother,” Alicia lend his hand “There’s someone near us who wanted to see our powers up close”
“What are you talking about?” Alessandra said
“Don’t tell me you can’t sense it? Poor dear” Alicia laughed
“Tch,” Then Alessandra suddenly have this shocked face “They’re near, prepare” Chapter 8 will be released in two weeks time, stay tuned