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One Terrible Superhero or Maybe Two

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“Worst superhero ever.”

“Shut up.”

Dick grinned. “You got your ass kicked by a girl.”

“Natasha's not a girl,” Clint objected. “She's the Black Widow. And it's not like Batgirl never kicked your ass.”

“Not in public, anyway.”

“There's photographic evidence.”

“Yeah, but yours was televised, and besides, she did that when I was Robin and since there are other Robins, there's no proof.”

“There will be.”

“And you'll still be the worst superhero over. Come on, you're like a cheap Green Arrow knock off.”

“I swear, Dick, if you weren't my best friend—”

“You'd have put an arrow in my head years ago,” Dick finished, still smiling. “Alright, Hawkeye. What do you need? And before you ask—no, I'm not joining S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“Relax, Nightwing. I just need to borrow you for a few days.”

“This is going to end badly again.”

“It always does.”

“Worst superhero ever.”