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Tales From A Starlight Dream

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Arisa's head was swimming, the dull lights of the lamps outside seemingly more fluorescent than they should do. 

She can't focus, can't think beyond Saaya. 

Saaya's hands were coiled around her thighs, keeping them separate and Arisa could only scoot back against the wall while her hands remained in Saaya hair. 

As much as she wanted to question how they got into this position, Arisa was to absorbed in the sensation of Saaya tongue tracing her lower lips, the tip going upwards to land on her clit.

She hissed out the brunette's name, "Saaya". 

The woman has been toying with Arisa the moment they tumbled to the ground, half undressed and just going for each other till Saaya backed her up against the wall before kissing down Arisa's stomach. 

Her speltnic mood had scattered the moment Saaya stepped in through the door. 

Arisa wasn't even sure when her top had disappeared or how Saaya had managed to undo her skirt enough to pull the item down to her knees. 

The woman had gotten far too proficient at this which was a given considering how often they did this.  Or, Arisa's contumacious side lessened drastically whenever Saaya even glanced at her but she wasn't about to admit that. 

Saaya removed her tongue which Arisa felt the full force of, squeezing her thighs over the brunette's back when she crawled up. 

Mischievous blue eyes looked at her, lips shimmering in the dark room with only the glare of the moon highlighting everything. 


Arisa shuddered, not yet used to the affable woman speaking like so and in such a lurid tone that she grabbed the woman's face. She kissed her, recklessly and entirely till she could feel Saaya's tongue in her mouth as she tasted the slightly tart flavour of herself. There was a thrill running down Arisa's spine when Saaya groaned and bit down over her lower lip, pushing up further. 

They parted, both panting as Saaya lowered her hands beneath Arisa's thighs to lift her up. 

"Hold onto me" she instructed. 

"Let's just get into the bed" Arisa gulped, hands trapped in the let down brunette strands. 

She could feel how wet she was, even more so when Saaya exhaled and lifted her till she was sat on her thighs. 

But the sensation of Saaya own arousal hit her skin rapidly and she gasped, one hand dragging Saaya's jacket away. 

"I can't wait" Saaya only murmured.

Arisa convulsed when Saaya leaned forward, still on her knees till she felt Saaya's clit press against her own. Her aim was compendious which was to be expected considering she had a penchant for having sex with Arisa is such a manner just so that she could watch her. 

The desire in her eyes was tangible, reaching out for her. 

Arisa managed a wry grin as sweat cumulated over her skin, "Fine". 

Saaya smiled, action strained till she inched in closer. 

The blonde's back was on the wall as her legs remained locked around Saaya's lower back when she ground down. With Saaya's hands still beneath her thigh, it allowed the woman to ensure they were pressed together at all times, no matter how much she picked up the pace. 

It was rapturous. 

To feel Arisa's hand bunch up her hair as the other fumbled for the clasp of her bra, unhooking it and throwing it somewhere. 

She heard her desirous moans, "Right there. ". 

It only urged Saaya on, gripping Arisa's full thighs harder as she rocked faster, plunging her to a path of unbridled climatic pleasure.

She kissed her way down the woman's neck, her chest and then her breasts, taking her time to take each one into her mouth, savouring the softness as Arisa cried out. She couldn't help but to bite the flesh around the tips just to hear Arisa's scream again, the wetness covering Saaya's clit now. 

Arisa lurched up and gripped onto Saaya's shoulders as the peak of her orgasm climbed and she could feel Saaya's clit thrumming against her. So the woman sped up her movements, rocking her hips to meet her lover's as her teeth bit down into Saaya's shoulder. 

"I.." she managed to muffle into Saaya's skin, "Close".

Saaya grinned, face buried between Arisa's chest, hands firmly on her hips. 

Arisa didn't need to say anymore, she could feel it, feel her coming. 

Her arms held the blonde tighter and with a few more thrusts, Arisa crumbled, back arching and voice making its rounds through her bedroom. 

Saaya followed, slumping forwards till Arisa was on the wall again with her legs still coiled around Saaya waist. 

To feel Arisa come with her, on her made Saaya's mind diffuse as she eventually slowed the cadence of her hips slamming against the blonde's till it was just a few gentle brushes.

Her left hand reached out to brace the wall, the other remaining around Arisa's hips. 

She could hear Arisa's heartbeat match with her own as she pulled back to see Arisa's face. 

Cheeks red, blonde hair tousled and hazel eyes dilated. 

Saaya swallowed, felt herself burn under such a gaze. 

Fingertips went over her shoulders, across her jaw and then her cheeks. 

"Are you okay, Arisa?".

The woman smirked, leaned up and kissed her in a feverish manner before answering. 

"Bed. Now".