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Tales From A Starlight Dream

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Claudine notices her hiding behind the redhead whom had introduced herself as Isurugi Futaba.

Her grip on the girl's shoulders was somewhat sharp and Claudine wondered if Futaba felt it and why the girl behind her was almost recoiling further. 

If that was remotely possible at this point since she appeared to be crouching behind her. 

Only half of her face can be viewed and Claudine is eager to see her fully as that furtive appearance was enough to rouse her attention. 

When it comes to introducing herself, she finally manages to disembark from Futaba's back and stands up, albeit tentatively. 

She was taller than Claudine had expected which brings a grin to the blonde's face but that grin disappears when she speaks. 

"Hanayagi Kaoruko".

Claudine's features morph into curious surprise at the melodious lilt that Kaoruko's voice carries and she moves closer, wanting to hear more, see more. 

She sounds as beautiful as she looks and Claudine's finds herself becoming smitten. 

"Nice to meet you, Hanayagi-san" Claudine greets and the girl flinches, brown eyes gazing at her but not quite trying to, "Cute" she thinks to herself.

"Don't mind Kaoruko" Futaba laughs, "She's a little shy with new people".

Kaoruko frowns and clutches Futaba's arm in refusal, "Futaba-han..".

She has barely spoken a sentence and yet, Claudine feels enthralled by her, a sensation that was just as potent as the competitive spark she feels with Maya. She isn't sure why that is yet but there was something about this girl that Claudine finds intriguing, like she wants to delve into her presence. 

Kaoruko captivates her and she wonders, speculates what the relationship is between Futaba and Kaoruko considering how antipodal they were from each other. 

"Well, I'm sure we'll get along just fine" Claudine smirks and folds her arms across her chest, boasting her confidence but inside, she feels off-kilter considering what Kaoruko was doing to her with that hesitant look, "We're stage girls, after all".

"Stage girls" Kaoruko repeats, eyeing Claudine up precariously, trying to figure out why the blonde seems fixated on her, "I guess so, Saijou-han".

Claudine stills, marvelling at how good her name sounds in Kaoruko's accent.

"Definitely Kyoto"

She wonders what her first name would sound like too, falling elegantly from the tip of Kaoruko's tongue. 

Claudine shakes those thoughts off and offers Kaoruko another smile, "I'm looking forward to working with you both" she says and walks off after a nod.

It takes a monumental amount of restraint to not look back, to not catch another glimpse of Kaoruko. She only managed to do so knowing that she would see her again and then, she would see if there was more than meets the eye of the demure girl.

Speaking of which, Claudine could feel those reserved brown eyes follow her out of the room and she can't help but chuckle, pleased that Kaoruko must have felt the same. 

"Seisho..what an interesting place"

Kaoruko watches on with mild wonderment at how someone can be so comfortable with a person they had just met. She figured that Karen was a breed of her own but no, there was something different about Claudine. 

She hasn't met anyone like her before, she hasn't met anyone like her classmates before to be fair.

As anxious as she feels about attending Seisho, meeting Claudine seems to dull that apprehension, just enough to settle her mind.

Just enough to let her stare tail the girl out of the classroom with all the panache of a person who knew where she wanted to go, what she wanted.

Kaoruko wanted that too.

"Hey, Kaoruko, you okay? You're way too quiet" Futaba nudges the girl who snaps out of her staring, "This is the first day you know, we gotta talk to others".

Kaoruko huffs, back to her usual tumid personality around her childhood friend, "I know that, I was just thinking about..".

She drawls off, what was she thinking about? 

Seisho? What to eat for lunch? Saijou Claudine. 


With her eyes drifting back to the door that Claudine left from, Kaoruko tugs at her sleeve in a tick that displayed her nervousness, "It doesn't matter. Anyway, let's go, Futaba-han, I'm hungry!".

The redhead grins and shrugs her shoulders, "Yeah, I think you're gonna be fine here" she teases.

For some reason unknown to her, Kaoruko thought so too as she catches a glimpse of blonde walking by their room.

She smirks, "I think so too, Futaba-han". 

Claudine was imbued in a stimulating energy, soigné and splendour that she couldn't wait to delve into, to see what really makes the confident girl become undone.

Perhaps Seisho's standards would be on par with her given the girl she had just met.