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Klaus's Christmas Carol

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Klaus woke to the early light of day, as usual, and for a few minutes he felt disoriented.  Had he dreamed all of it?   The events of the night were as clear as crystal in his mind, as clear as a movie playing out before his eyes.  But how likely was it to have happened?   He had never believed in ghosts, in the supernatural, in God.  Why would he start now?

He threw back the covers and realized that he'd gone to bed still wearing his bathrobe and slippers, which was odd because he'd only changed into his pajamas before getting into bed.  He sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed, and pulled off one of his slippers.  There, clinging to the bottom, were blades of grass and a little clump of dirt.  Then he reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out a handful of red rose petals.

It had been real, all of it.  Which meant that he needed to call that blasted thief and make sure that he didn't do something stupid.  No, he thought, as brutally honest with himself as with others.  What he needed to do was to make things right.   To apologize without actually saying those words, because Lord Gloria would think he'd lost his mind if he said 'sorry'.

Klaus got out of bed and went into the bathroom urinate and brush his teeth, making plans in his mind.  First, call Eroica - no, better to show up in person.  So the airlines first, to book a flight for that evening.  He would stop by Agent B's party first, make a brief appearance and perhaps even respond to the toast in an appropriate but not soppy manner, then the airport.  He would need a car reservation as well - might get stuck with one of those substandard British cars if he didn't specify a good German model.  He started the shower and walked back into his room to set out his clothes for the day and to pack a bag.

And caught a familiar blond figure climbing into his window.

"Thief!" he growled, catching Eroica as he dropped to the floor inside his room and straightened up.  Klaus pushed him against the wall, trapping him there and trying not to show how pleased he was that the thief had taken the initiative and come to him.

 Dorian's eyes went wide, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.  "Major!" he said, bringing his hands up defensively.  "I'm not here to steal anything, I swear!"

"You said that you were busy today.  Christmas celebration with the boys," Klaus said, thumping him against the wall with less force than he usually might have employed.  He wondered if that canvas bag that the thief had set beside the window contained the package for him, not that he cared in particular about the contents.  It had just been a long time since he'd opened a gift, and he expected that he was out of practice. 

"I postponed it, till tomorrow," Dorian replied.  "You - well, you sounded odd on the phone.  Not yourself.  I was...worried."

Worried.  That sounded - nice.  The sort of thing that a person who cared about another person would feel.  He tried the feeling on and decided that he'd felt the same for Eroica.  Dorian.  "So you broke into my house with - "  He glanced back over at the canvas bag.  "With what, exactly?"

"Croissants and strawberries.  And champagne."  Dorian smiled at Klaus, clearly trying on his flirtatious smile to disarm him.  "I heard that you'd given the staff the day off and thought you might be hungry."

Klaus nodded.  "Very true - for a change.  The staff is gone for the day.  I've been invited to Agent B's house for dinner."

Dorian's face fell.  "Well.  Good.  And you're obviously yourself so... I'll just be on my way - " 

He pushed against Klaus, expecting to be released, but Klaus didn't let him go. 

Klaus continued as he rapidly revised his plans in his head.  "I had originally declined the invitation but I've changed my mind.  You will come with me;  Agent B will be delighted to see you."

"Major?"  Dorian was giving him a worried look.  "Are you all right?  Did you recently suffer a head injury?"

"I am fine.  When is your flight back to London?"

"I left the ticket open-ended, in case...well, in case something was wrong with you."

"I am fine.  While I shower and dress, you will call the airlines and reserve two seats for the early morning flight."

"Two?  For tomorrow?"

"Of course, if we are to celebrate Christmas with your gang."  He frowned slightly.  "Make that three seats.  Agent A may wish to go with us; I understand that he and Bonham are...friends."  He quirked an eyebrow at Dorian.  "You will warn your gang that there are to be no stolen items among the gifts.  I would hate to ruin Christmas by arresting you."

"Arrest - Major, are you sure that you are all right?

Klaus smiled, just a hint of a smile, and pressed a kiss against Dorian's mouth.   Then he turned toward the bathroom, glancing back briefly over his shoulder to see that Dorian looked like he'd been pinned to the wall.  He smirked.  This could be very interesting, finding new ways to surprise the thief.  He paused in the doorway.

"Oh, and Dorian?  Save the champagne for tonight.  We shall want it - after."

"After?" Dorian squeaked.  "Major?"

"I prefer to be called Klaus by my lovers," he corrected. 

Klaus heard Dorian give a squeal of delight just before he shut the bathroom door.  He smiled at himself in the mirror, and for a moment he thought he saw the misty reflection of Mischa the Bear Cub in its surface.

"Rest in peace, old foe," he said softly.  "And - thank you."

Then he stripped off his robe and pajamas - after carefully placing the rose petals on the counter - and stepped into the shower.  The future seemed unexpectedly bright, and an echo of a woman's laughter rang through his memories.  She would have liked Dorian, he thought.  Dorian liked fun and beautiful things and Christmas, just like she had.

And just like Klaus vowed to do.  Starting with today, he would keep Christmas in his heart and his soul.  And it would finally be a Merry Christmas for all.

 The End