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Harry's Sexy One-Shots

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Summary- Harry catches Lavender and Parvati doing something that they shouldn’t have been. As a Prefect, it is up to him to decide their punishment in place of their parents. 


In Loco Parentis

Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil had been best friends since the very first day of their coming to Hogwarts. Both being gossips, they naturally gravitated toward one another. Parvati had needed someone since her twin sister Padma had gone to Ravenclaw house. She had found a kindred spirit in the blonde Gryffindor. That was over five years ago. Now they were in their sixth year and planned to rule the school. They were upperclassmen now and could control the girls younger than them. It was kind of a tradition. They had to do it when they were younger, and now they got to reap the benefit of it. It was nothing bad or anything. The younger students would find the juicy gossip and report to them on it. They could order the younger students to complete tasks and stuff like that. It was all in good fun. At least it was until they got a hold of one juicy piece of news. 


One little first year had reported to them that they had heard news of someone planning to drop something off on Thursday night. The first year had said that it was being dropped off for that Slytherin harlot, Daphne Greengrass. The Greengrass girl was their rival in many ways. She also collected gossip, but for different reasons. They collected it for fun. Greengrass collected it for future use by either her or her family. She was a true Slytherin. She was also a rival in beauty. Lavender and Parvati were pretty girls. Daphne Greengrass was even prettier though. It irked them to hear so many boys going on and on about the gorgeous face or luscious curves of that blonde bimbo. As many girls do, they wanted the attention for themselves. They had been waiting a long time to get some dirt on her. Greengrass was sly and crafty though. She kept her secrets hidden well. They didn’t have a single scrap of news on the girl, other than the normal stuff that no one cared about. When they heard what the firstie had to say, they were ecstatic. Finally, they would be able to find something on the blonde Slytherin. 


So they came up with a plan. Someone was supposed to drop off something at a certain spot at midnight on Thursday. Greengrass was supposed to pick it up a couple of hours later. That left them around two hours to find out what it was. Their plan was simple. They would just sneak out like they had done so many times and take a peek at what was being dropped off for her. At this point, they had no need to worry about getting caught. They had snuck out so many times that it was embarrassingly easy. They knew which days to avoid. The other days, they were either friends with the Prefects or had dirt on them. Thursday happened to be a day that was open to them. 


The first part of the plan went off without a hitch. They had easily snuck out of Gryffindor Tower when everyone was asleep. They were pretty tired as well, but getting dirt on the Slytherin was worth losing some sleep. They crept through the hallway making sure to keep quiet so as to not attract the attention of Filch or his mangy cat, Mrs. Norris. At around one in the morning, they arrived at their destination. The statue of the three-eyed wizard on the fifth floor is where the firstie had said the package would be. Obviously, it wouldn’t be sitting out in the open, so they checked around. After a moment, they found what they were looking for. A package wrapped in brown paper was hidden on the ground behind the statue. Quickly they snatched it up, intending to take it to an unused classroom and see what was inside. That was until Harry Potter came along. 


Harry Potter was slightly annoyed. At the last moment, he was informed by the Head Girl that he’d have to take an extra shift patrolling this week. Apparently one of the Prefects had come down sick or something. He didn’t care about the reason, only that he’d be losing more sleep than normal. God help any rulebreakers he found tonight! Thankfully, the patrol was fairly easy that night. Only a handful of people were caught out and about. They were given a detention and told to go back to their dorms. Harry had a secret weapon that not very many people knew about. His marauder’s map was a godsend when it came to finding rule breakers. To be fair, sometimes he didn’t use it. It felt a little like cheating to him. He wanted them to have a chance to get away, at least. Tonight was different. He was irritated and sleepy, which wasn’t a good combination. At around one in the morning, he found something that made him snort. The two gossips of Gryffindor were sneaking around the fifth floor. Being close to them, he planned on catching them red-handed. While he didn’t dislike the two girls, he didn’t exactly like them either. On more than one occasion they had spread rumors about him. Some of them were true, others were a bit fabricated. Either way, it annoyed him. They had to know that they wouldn’t be getting any leniency from him. He guessed that that was why they kept their rule-breaking to days where he wasn’t patrolling. He knew for a fact they snuck out, but if it didn’t happen on his watch, then he didn’t care. Tonight, he did care. 


He tossed his invisibility cloak over himself so he could see what they were doing before he busted them. Quietly he snuck up to where they were and listened. 


“It’s got to be here somewhere,” Parvati whispered. She was looking around to one side of a statue. 


“Here it is!” Lavender exclaimed quietly, holding up a brown-papered package. Pulling his cloak off, he made himself known. 


“Well, well, well. If it isn’t my favorite gossips,” he smirked at their panicked faces. 


“Harry! We were just … “ Lavender failed to find a suitable excuse. 


“Sneaking out to pick up a package? Yes, I know. Now let’s see what it is,” he said as he summoned the package out of Lavender’s hand and caught it. He unwrapped it and found what he knew to be some illegal substance. His eyebrow raised. He didn’t think that these girls were the type to get high. Harry whistled. 


“Boy oh boy, you girls are in some serious trouble. This stuff won’t just get you expelled, but probably a few months in Azkaban,” he told them, holding up the drugs for them to see. Their big eyes widened even further. 


“That’s not ours!”


“We swear it’s not!”


Many more excuses were tossed about, but Harry didn’t want to hear it right now. He looked at the girls. They were quite attractive, he had to admit. He wouldn’t mind spending some alone time with them if the opportunity ever arose. He had a wicked thought. Maybe he had to make his own opportunity! 


“You girls are in big trouble. Now, I can either take you to a professor, or I can act In Loco Parentis and punish you myself. Which do you prefer?” he asked, tapping his foot on the ground. 


“What does Loco Parents mean?” they shakily asked. 


“In Loco Parentis means that I’ll act in your parents’ stead. I won’t take you to a teacher, but instead, I’ll decide how to punish you. You must accept my punishment, or I’ll have to take you to see the professors. Now, which do you want?”


“The parent thing!” they quickly answered. Harry nodded. 


“Good. Follow me,” he ordered firmly. They quickly followed. He led them to the furthest end of the fifth floor, to a room that was sometimes used by students to fool around in. They followed him inside. He closed and locked the door. 


“Now the first part of your punishment is twenty spanks each. Both of you strip down to only your panties,” he said firmly, leaving no room to question his authority. 


“But … “ Parvati interjected but was cut off by Harry.


“Do you want to go see the professor?” he asked. She shook her head. She knew if they went to see a professor, they’d be screwed. That damn Greengrass!


Slowly the two gossips stripped down. Parvati was a lovely girl with a pretty face and thick body. She wasn’t fat by any means, just very curvy. She had a lovely hourglass figure with somewhat large breasts and wide inviting hips. He’d heard more than one boy compliment her figure. Her hair was long with loose curls and was highlighted in brown. She had fairly light skin for an Indian. All in all, she was a good looking girl. She looked even better as her clothes were removed one by one until she was only in her black, lacy underwear and socks. He looked over at Lavender. 


Lavender was a pretty pale-skinned girl with long, slightly wavy, dirty blonde hair. She had plump lips, but her most notable feature was her icy blue eyes. They had always freaked Harry out a little. The color always seemed so unnatural. Although, he didn’t have any room to talk with his emerald green eyes. She had a nice body with small to medium-sized breasts. She too was down to her underwear and socks. 


“Lose the bras and socks,” he ordered. Blushing, both girls reached behind them and unclasped their bras. Two pairs of breasts were exposed as the fabric fell to the ground. Next, they bent over and pulled their socks off. Only one piece of thin fabric stood between them and total nudity. Harry pulled up a chair and sat down. 


“Lavender, turn around and face the wall with your hands on top of your head.”


Lavender did what he said and turned around, placing her hands on top of her head. He got a good look at her perky thong covered ass. 


“Parvati, come here,” he beckoned her forward. She trembled slightly as she got closer. “In front of me,” he said, spreading his legs so she could stand in between them. Once in position, he squeezed her hips and ran his hands down her thighs. He enjoyed the way she trembled under his touch. He grabbed the waistband of her silky panties and slowly lowered them past her knees. Letting them go, they fell to the ground. Harry patted his lap, and red-faced, she stepped out of them and laid over his lap. He reveled in the complete control he had over the girls. His hand slowly explored her skin, running up her legs and groping her bottom. His fingers even slid between her cheeks and “accidentally” brushed her folds. She was breathing hard as his other hand fondled her dangling tits. He cupped her pussy and rubbed his thumb over her moistening center. 


“Count off as I spank you. Understand?” he asked. 


“Yes, Harry,” her voice quietly trembled. Harry removed his hands from her tits and pussy and placed one on her back to hold her down while the other swung down and collided with her fat ass. 




“One!” she squeaked out in pain. Harry could see Lavender shaking in nervousness. 






After he reached ten, her bottom was bright red from the punishment. He decided to add a little pleasure to her pain. He used a trick he taught himself to try and seduce Hermione. While he hadn’t gotten into the bookworm’s panties yet, she did allow him to give her full-body massages now. She absolutely loved how he was able to make his fingers vibrate at a near ultrasonic level. She raved about it, and it got to the point where she would be quite angry if she didn’t get her daily massage. She was becoming addicted to the sensation. He wondered if Parvati would enjoy it as well. He took his other hand off her back and slid it underneath her. She shivered as his hand slid down her belly, and his fingers rested on her hardened clit. She looked back at him, wondering what he was doing. Her eyes bulged, and she cried out as his fingers vibrated against her bundle of nerves. 




“Aaaaaaaayyyyyeeeeeeeeee!” she wailed, her back arching and ass trembling. 


“Don’t forget to count, love,” he said, massaging her inflamed cheeks. 


“ELEVEN!” she cried out. 


By fifteen she was pleading. “Please, Harry! I’ll be good from now on! Please, stop!”


His fingers were vibrating against her clit as her pussy leaked fluid all down her thighs. The whole room smelled of her arousal. 




By the last spank, her body was thrashing about, and it was hard to hold on to the sweaty girl. He amplified the magic in his fingers as he brought his hand down for the hardest spank yet.




Lavender turned her head and peeked as her friend received her last spank. Her ass was sticking up in the air like a bitch in heat, and her body vibrated as a stream of fluid squirted out of her pussy and splashed into the wall! Lavender couldn’t believe her eyes! She wasn’t innocent in sexual manners, but she had never even come close to squirting. Parvati was going off like an Augamenti spell! She watched as Harry leaned down and kissed her red bottom gently. 


“Now Lavender, it’s your turn,” he said. Lavender gulped noisily. Harry lifted a still cumming Parvati off of him and placed her on a bed in the corner of the room. She watched as he removed his clothes and sat back on the chair. Her face was beet-red as she saw the size of his penis. It was huge! Way bigger than she had ever seen. He patted his lap. Slowly she walked closer to him. 


“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked. She looked at him questioningly. 


“Panties,” he reminded her. She blushed even harder as she lowered her panties and showed him her freshly shaved pussy while he slowly stroked his cock. She was about to get across his lap like Parvati when he stopped her. 


“Sit on my lap facing away from me,” he ordered. She did what she was told. Lavender turned around and placed her perky bottom against his massive erection. She squeaked when he grabbed her behind both knees and lifted her legs up. His cock was now beneath her pussy, sticking out straight and proud. “Keep your legs like that.”


She made sure to do what he said. The shuddered breath she let out made Harry smile as he rubbed his cock over her smooth pussy lips. 


“I … I thought you were going to spank me?” she squeaked out. 




“Aaaaaaayeeeeee,” she squealed as he used his gargantuan cock like a Beater’s bat and slapped her pussy with it. 


“Remember to count,” he reminded her. 


“O-one!” she cried out in pain. 






After ten, like with Parvati, he added a little stimulation to her clit. She gasped out like a whore when his fingers vibrated over her pale pink clit. Her bottom wiggled sexily as she mewled and dribbled her girl juice over his lap. 




“Ohhhh … ohhhhhhhhh!”


He hadn’t even gotten to fifteen and she was squirting! Her back arched and pussy flooded the room. Parvati had stumbled over to see what was going on. She watched as her best friend came like she did. 


Harry decided to forgo the rest of her spanks and turned to Parvati. “Help me stick it inside,” he told her. Parvati blushed. 


“Sorry Lav,” she apologized as she gripped Harry’s cock and stroked him a few times. She placed the head against her blonde friend’s lips, and Harry speared her for the first time. Parvati was transfixed by the sight of such a large piece of meat slipping into her friend’s tiny pussy. The skin stretched, and Lavender mewled as he bottomed out. 


“Play with my balls,” he ordered, and Parvati listened. She reached out and massaged his nuts as he started thrusting into Lavender. She had to sit there on her knees and listen to the lewd sounds of fucking going on right in front of her. She could smell their coupling and was sure that some of those smells were coming from her. The wet squelching was making her blush as Lavender moaned and groaned and orgasmed over and over. Her pussy juice was dribbling down and drenching everything underneath them. Suddenly, Harry pulled out. His cock was sticking out right under Lavender’s abused pussy. 


“Clean it,” he told her. She knew he was talking about her mouth. Embarrassed, she leaned down and took him down her throat and sucked him off until he was completely clean of her friend’s cum. Without having to ask, she stuffed him back into Lavender. Now he was slowly fucking the blonde, his hand rubbing her hard clit. She knew what was about to happen. It seemed that she would have a front-row seat as Harry ordered her to suck his balls while he fucked her friend. Unable to say no, she leaned down and licked the arousal off his balls. She had just cleaned him off when Lavender squealed once again, and her face was drenched in her best friend’s cum. Spray after spray hit her in the face as she felt Harry’s balls pulse against her mouth. She let them go and massaged them as he spurted his thick seed into Lavender’s pulsating pussy. Knowing when he had finished, she pulled him out and licked him clean. 


After a moment of rest, Harry stood up and addressed them. “Okay girls, the second part of your punishment will happen tomorrow night. Meet me here at ten sharp. Understand!” he added with a raised eyebrow. 


“Yes, Harry!” they exclaimed, standing side by side, naked and covered in various fluids. Harry nodded. 


“Get dressed and go back to the dorm. You girls will need plenty of rest for tomorrow.”


They squeaked and threw on their clothes. A few minutes later, they were on their way back to Gryffindor Tower. Who ever said being a Prefect was a thankless job?


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Summary - After the defeat of Voldemort, Daphne agrees to spend some quality time with him if he agrees to speak on her behalf. 


Paying Off Potter


The gorgeous Daphne Greengrass got out of the shower and dried herself off. She went into her large, ornately decorated bedroom and stood in front of her full-length mirror. The vision that stared back at her was stunning, to say the least. Her long hair, black as raven feathers flowed luxuriously down her slender, delicate shoulders. Her medium-sized breasts were more than a handful, she proved by cupping and lifting them up. She turned slightly and checked out her side profile. Her smooth bottom jutted out of her thin frame, giving her a body that men coveted and would kill to possess. Her legs, while she wouldn’t call them long, were creamy and smooth and blemish-free. Her mother never let her rough house when she was a child. She said that, as a woman, it was important to have beautiful skin. Her feet were small and dainty, and like her fingernails, her toenails were painted a dark blue. The face looking back at her was lovely. She had big beautiful eyes that could turn smart men into stupid boys. Her nose was small and perfectly shaped and had a pretty smile that hid rows of straight, white teeth. Her cheeks were dimpled, giving her a look that made her appear younger than she was. She was just about ready for her meet-up. 


She sighed as she looked for something to wear. Her first instinct was to simply wear anything, but her upbringing wouldn’t allow her to. She knew how she got into such a position, but that didn’t mean that it made it any better. Still, things could have been worse. In the end, it was her own fault what had happened. She knew that it was pretty stupid to get involved in anything that had to do with the Death Eaters or any of their supporters. She needed the money though. They had said that it would be easy money with almost no chance of getting caught. That part was true. The money was easy, and she didn’t get caught. All she had to do was help smuggle illegal dark artifacts into Hogwarts and distribute them to the Death Eater spawn that lived in the silver and green-clad dungeons. Daphne didn’t have much of a choice. Her family wasn’t doing well financially. They weren’t to the point of begging, or anything close, but they didn’t have the means to keep her living the type of life that she was used to. She needed her clothes and makeup and all the other things that set her apart from the pathetic masses. She was Daphne Greengrass! She was better than all those peons crowding Diagon Alley, looking for any chance to save a few sickles. She was the most beautiful girl in school, and she would argue, the most beautiful in the country. She left a trail of broken hearts to prove it. 


Her problem came once the Dark Lord was killed, and his army collapsed. Death Eaters and their supporters were being captured left, right, and center. At first, she wasn’t worried. She wasn’t a supporter. What could they do to her? Unfortunately, someone hoping for some leniency snitched on the goings-on of her final two years at school. Those things just happened to be incredibly illegal, especially in a school full of children. She was arrested soon after. Her family, while not supporters, were suspected of being sympathetic to the cause. They weren’t in the best position to demand her release. Obviously, they couldn’t even afford to bribe anyone to release her, if anyone would even agree to that in the first place. So, Daphne Greengrass was left to rot. She had spent six very long days in her cell, waiting for her day in court. She wasn’t exactly a high priority for the Wizengamut, so her stay might have been a lengthy one. That was when Harry Potter came into the area with the holding cells. Being a hero, he was allowed in without supervision. Apparently, Draco’s mother had cut a deal with him, and he was there to talk to Malfoy. When he was about to leave, Daphne took her chance and called him over. He had asked her what she wanted, so she explained her situation to him without outright admitting her guilt. He asked what he was supposed to do about it. She told him that she’d like him to fix her situation in the same way that he was fixing Malfoy’s.


Potter smirked at her and asked if she was going to offer the same payment as Mrs. Malfoy. The look on his face didn’t fill her with confidence. Anything was better than Azkaban though. Of that, she was sure. She obviously said yes. He told her that he would return later and bring a contract for her to sign. When he came back, she was informed of what was expected of her. One night, every week for the next year, she was to spend it with him at his place doing whatever it is that he desired. She knew what the pervert desired! She was a bombshell. Of course, she knew what he was planning. With her situation being that or prison for at least six months, she agreed and signed the contract. Now she just needed to make sure her boyfriend never found out.


That was how she ended up where she was at, all dressed up and ready to be fucked by a man that wasn’t her boyfriend. Oh well, her boyfriend was only good for the wealth he provided. She had no love for the guy, and wouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt for cheating on him. It was her freedom after all! Checking the time, she only had a short while to get to his place. She touched up her makeup and hair and went to the fireplace. She floo’ed to his manor. 


At Harry’s House 


Harry watched as the fireplace burst into green flames, and the delectable Daphne Greengrass stepped gracefully out of the fire. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he’d long since had a crush on the bitchy girl. Most boys at school did. They just weren’t dumb enough to approach her about it. His crush was always more physical than anything. Her attitude annoyed him, but he could look past it for their arrangement. She came out in a white button-up blouse and knee-length black skirt. On her feet were black high heels and knee-high socks. His cock was already hard!


She just stood there, probably waiting on him to greet her like the Pureblood princess that she was. He didn’t care about any of that right now. He didn’t have anything he wanted to say to her either. Her attitude left a lot to be desired. What he did desire, was her body. He walked over to her, and she opened her mouth to say something. Without waiting, he grabbed her by her luscious ass and kissed her deeply. 


Daphne’s eyes widened as she was accosted by the simpleton that took advantage of her when she was in need of help. Pushing past her anger, she kissed him back. It wouldn’t do any good to let her annoyance be known. It was best to get the night over with and go about her life until their next meeting. At least he knew how to kiss properly. She found herself getting into it and moaning as he squeezed her sexy bottom. She shuddered when his fingers crept between her cheeks and rubbed the thong buried deep in her ass crack. She was being carried like the princess that she was. Where to … she didn’t know. She guessed that it was to his room. It turned out to be a correct assumption as she was gently lowered on the bed. He let go of her lips as he spread her thighs apart. She looked down and gasped as he lewdly licked the inside of her creamy, pale thighs. It was improper of him to have his face anywhere close to that area! She had to keep her opinions to herself though. He could do what he wanted. At least it felt good. Her lower half wiggled in pleasure as he kissed and nipped at the soft skin of her thighs, and she bit her lip when he buried his face in her damp panties. She blushed when he inhaled deeply. 


“You smell wonderful, Daphne,” he groaned into her groin. The vibrations of his voice tickled her clit. 


“Don’t be a cad Potter!” she gasped out, her voice quivering as he slowly peeled the wet panties off of her. Her legs lifted, allowing him to slide them over her high-heeled feet. Next, he unbuckled her heels and gently placed them on the floor. At least he had an ounce of sense. Those shoes cost more than a few galleons! 


“Sorry, love.” He kissed her neck. “I can’t seem to help myself when I’m around you,” he smirked into the delicate skin of her slender neck. She watched with red cheeks as he unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open. Her black bra was the last thing hiding her modesty. His hand slid up her smooth belly and cupped her bra-clad breast. Soon his other hand joined but wasn’t content with feeling her over the material. His hand slid under the cups of her bra and groped her bare breasts. His fingers brushed over her nipples, and she looked away from his smirking face. He obviously could feel how hard they were. So she was turned on … so what?! She was a woman after all. Women had needs, just like men. A few moments later, her shirt and bra joined her panties and skirt. Now she laid in front of him wearing only her knee-high socks. She thought that he would take them off last, but it seemed that Potter was a pervert who enjoyed seeing her in them. To each his own, she guessed. 


Harry quickly kissed her again before leaning down and claiming one of her hard, pink nipples. His hand expertly massaged the other tit as he sucked and twirled his tongue around the hard nub of flesh. Daphne’s moans were keeping him rock-hard as she arched her back and tried to stuff even more of her breast into his mouth. He allowed his other hand to slip down her cute, little tummy and between her legs. Her legs parted, and he stroked her wet kitty with his fingers before sliding two of them inside of her. His thumb gently rubbed her clit as his fingers curled and found her G-spot. Daphne gasped into his hair, and she clamped her thighs together, trapping his hand against her pussy. He let his magic flow through his fingers as he slowly finger-fucked the gorgeous Slytherin. The normally bitchy girl was mewling and writhing in pleasure as he greedily sucked her perfect tits, her legs spreading wide so he had more room to maneuver. 


“Oh Merlin!” she choked out as her hips began to tremble. His hand was violently fucking her pussy making her entire body shake. He hit her insides with a pulse of magic and the outcome was fantastic! She yelled out as fluid gushed out of her tiny slit! 


“Ohhhh … ohhh … ohhhhhhhh god!” Her body thrashed as pussy juice sprayed out of her. Harry didn’t wait for her to stop either. He grabbed the thrashing girl underneath her knees and pushed her legs up until her knees were beside each of her ears. She was still wailing in pleasure and spraying her cum all over him as he vanished his clothes and slammed his massive cock into her rhythmically contracting pussy. She squealed out, and her toes curled as she was stretched far beyond what she ever had before. She choked out a cry of pleasure when he started drilling her like a ten sickle whore. She could feel every bump and vein in his monstrous penis. It was rubbing her silken walls and battering against her cervix. Her G-spot was being stimulated, and when his hand reached down and played with her clit, it was too much!


“POTTER!” she cried out, cumming again. Her pussy gripped his thick cock, milking it for every ounce of cum he could give her. He shoved his tongue down her throat as his balls pulsed. Her body was trembling wildly when she felt him seed her insides. She counted one, two, three large loads of cum splattering every inch of her innards. It seemed her pussy wasn’t content. It continued to milk him dry as he speared her over and over. Finally, she wrapped her arms around him and gripped him tightly. She was breathing heavily. Potter kissed her again. 


“Ready for round two?” he asked, licking her sweaty shoulder. Her eyes widened comically. 


“I’m about to pass out, you depraved deviant!” she cried out in panic. She couldn’t take another round like that. Potter just chuckled. 


“You’ll get used to it, love,” he told her, flipping her over and taking her doggy-style. As Daphne wailed into a pillow, she hoped he was right. 


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Summary - Hermione, once again has to please Harry in front of her cuck husband in order to pay off his loans.


The Cucking


The twenty-eight year old Hermione Weasley ungracefully dropped down into her favorite cushy chair and placed her glass of firewhiskey on the side table. She harshly pinched and rubbed the area between her lovely chocolate-brown eyes, trying to stave off an oncoming headache. She once again looked at the letter that had come via Owl post.


Dear Weasley family,


The sum of 375 galleons for the month of February is due by the first of March. If payment is not received, we will have no choice but to repossess the house that was put up as collateral.


Best Wishes,




They had been paying that loan off for months. Her idiot husband took out a loan to start another one of his failed business ventures. He was always being roped into a get-rich-quick scheme. The five-thousand galleon loan he took out had just about killed their relationship. She really didn’t know how much more that she could take. Her meager life-savings had been used up to help pay off the monthly installments, but now she was broke. Her paychecks were barely covering their monthly bills. Ron had recently been fired from another job. The man was useless. She would cry if it would make her feel better. Unfortunately, that no longer worked. That’s why she had the firewhiskey.


There was one sure-fire way to pay off the loan this month. Her former best friend Harry Potter. While they were still friendly, they no longer spent most of their time together. After his break-up with Ginny, the relationship between him and the Weasleys went into a steep decline. As someone married to a Weasley, that meant that she could no longer spend as much time with him as she would like. Still, she did sneak out every so often and have lunch with him and such.  


To her shame, this wouldn’t be the first time that she had to turn to him for money. On two different occasions, she had to ask him for gold. Of course, each time was because Ron had squandered their savings. Hermione blushed when she thought about how she earned the


money. Having no love for her husband, Harry made her perform sexual favors right in front of Ron! At first, Ron was outraged and stormed off. His tone changed when he realized that no one would give them any money, and if his debts went unpaid, not only would she end up divorcing him, but the debt holders would likely take payment in pounds of his flesh!


A few days later, he went crawling back and agreed. Hermione’s cheeks pinked while remembering what had happened … or maybe from the whiskey, she didn’t know. She remembered how Harry claimed her in front of her husband. She remembered how shameful it was that she felt so much pleasure. She also remembered how downtrodden Ron had looked later that night when she showered off another man’s scent from her body. At the time she had felt vindictive toward him. He had deserved what he had gotten. Now, she didn’t even care enough to feel that way. She hadn’t let him touch her in months. It was then that her good-for-nothing husband had stumbled in completely drunk.


“Hello, Ronald,” she said, emotionless as she took a sip.


“Mione,” he slurred, stumbling a bit before falling back into a chair. His hair was disheveled and he had a five o’clock shadow. It also looked like he may have been in some kind of a physical altercation. His clothes were rumpled and slightly torn. Hermione didn’t care enough to ask.


“The bill for this month’s portion of the loan just came in,” she said scathingly, flinging the letter at him.


“S-sorry, love. I’m a bit skint at the moment,” he choked out as he tried to keep his eyes open.


“You’re always skint,” she replied calmly. She took another drink. Ron was going to drive her to alcoholism. “Anyway, you know what this means, don’t you?”


“You know I don’t. So why don’t you just tell me,” he slurred.


“We’ll have to have another session with Harry,” she smirked knowing it was going to piss him off. True to form, he jumped out of his chair to rant, only to fall over and bang his head on the floor.


“We don’t need Potter!” he pushed himself into a sitting position. “I’ll pay it myself!”


“Oh really. Well go ahead and pay it. When the Goblins come looking for you, I’ll be at Harry’s begging him to protect me. Who’s going to protect you?” she dropped the truth on him. Harry still loved her enough that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her. He would happily watch as Ron was dragged into the depths of the marble bank. She could hear Ron cursing to himself. He knew she was right, but didn’t want to admit it.


The Following Day



Hermione wrote to Harry, who quickly responded. They were to meet him at his cottage. Ron wasn’t allowed anywhere near his manor house. Hermione had been there multiple times. Ron was still hungover and angry when the time came for the meeting. They apparated just outside the ward-line, and Harry met them and let them in. Harry was looking more than a little smug. She could understand why. He loved seeing Ron down on his luck. Luckily for him, Ron was always having a rough time of it.


“Hermione … Ron,” Harry greeted them with a head nod, ushering them into his cottage. His cottage was quite lovely. It was situated on a cliff somewhere close to Bill and Fleur’s place. Hermione would love to live there.


“Potter,” Ron growled. “You’re just loving this, aren’t you?” he asked snidely.


“Indeed I am,” he replied easily. Nothing else was said, angering Ron even more. Once they were in the living room, Harry handed them the standard contract. It was the same as the ones they signed twice before. It simply said that he would pay them the sum of five-hundred galleons in return for services rendered. It also had a stipulation about what would happen if Ron tried to attack him over it. Needless to say, Ron would curse and complain, but he wouldn’t try to get physical. The three of them signed, and Harry put the contract away. Like always, with a flick of his wand, Ron was petrified from the neck down. Harry wanted to hear his verbal complaints while taking her.


Harry floated the love seat right in front of Ron so he could have a perfect view. Hermione knew that Harry was a bit vindictive when it came to the Weasleys. Well, most of them anyway. Oddly enough, he still had a soft spot for Ginny, who still had a soft spot for him in return. Harry sat on the love seat and beckoned her closer. Hermione stood right in front of him. “Strip for me, love.”


Hermione blushed as he turned on a song with a nice sensual, slow beat. Having taken dance classes for years in her childhood, she knew how to move her body properly. Harry knew that, so Hermione began. She closed her eyes and allowed the beat to flow through her. She remembered what her dance instructor had once told her. Listen to the song, and let the song dictate how your body moves. Hermione did just that.


Harry watched with bated breath as his former best friend started slowly swaying her hips. As her performance went on, it became sexier and sexier. He knew that she could dance, having heard her talk about it multiple times, but he didn’t know that she could move like that! Hermione reached back and unzipped her knee-length skirt. Turning to face him, she gave him an incredibly sexy look while running her fingers into her hair and lifting it off of her shoulders. She gave her wide hips a shake, and her skirt slid off and pooled at her high-heeled feet. She easily stepped out of them and did a little spin, showing off her thong-covered ass. She looked over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow as she slapped her thick ass! He couldn’t believe that this was the same girl who told him off when he laughed at one of Seamus’ boner jokes.



Her beautiful ass jiggled from the impact, making his mouth water and cock harden. When she faced him, he could see her silky panties cling to her mound and lips, making a sexy, little camel-toe between her creamy thighs. He looked up and saw her unbuttoning her blouse. Button after button popped open as her hips swayed in rhythm with the song. Finally, she peeled her shirt off, leaving her in only her underwear and high heels. That was when Hermione got closer.


Harry wanted a show from her, and Hermione decided to give him one. In fact, she gave it her all. She danced as sexily as she could, not only to turn Harry on but also to anger her useless husband. She wanted Ron to see what he was missing. She placed her hands on his shoulders and straddled his lap. Her silken panties were wet as she rolled her wide hips against his erection and rubbed his face in her cleavage. Hermione was quite proud of her large C-cup breasts. They were large and perky and drew the attention of every man in her vicinity. She jiggled her tits as his erection stimulated her clit through her panties. She got off of him and quickly pulled off his shoes, trousers, and boxers, leaving him in his shirt and socks. She didn’t want to waste time. She wasn’t surprised by the ten-inch beast that popped up. She had taken it before, after all. She gave it a quick kiss before standing up and turning her back on him.


She swayed her hips sexily, making sure that Ron could see perfectly. Hermione sat down on his crotch and began grinding herself on him. She smirked at her husband and lifted her hair up, exposing her slender, lovely neck. As she thought, Harry immediately latched on to the soft skin, kissing and nipping at her silky neck. She let her curtain of hair fall over his head, covering him with her scent. She closed her eyes when the latch of her bra was released, causing her bra to fall forward. She let it fall to the ground, presenting her large tits to the cool afternoon air. Her nipples were rock-hard as she gave him the best lap dance of his life. His hands slid up her belly and cupped her swaying breasts. She moaned and leaned back against his chest. She looked at her cuck of a husband. His tiny, little pecker was hard, and his face was red with anger. She smirked and spread her legs a bit, showing him how wet she was. Another failure on his part. He could never make her wet like that.


“I need you now, Hermione!” Harry groaned out. She wanted him too. Hermione stood up and reached down to spread herself open. She slowly lowered herself as Harry lined himself up. They moaned in unison as he slid into her moist tunnel before she settled on his balls. She leaned back against his chest and he grabbed her behind her knees and lifted her legs up. Her high-heeled feet were spread apart, as were her legs while Harry slammed his absurdly long cock into her repeatedly.


Ron was so fucking pissed! He watched as his wife gave Harry Fucking Potter the sexiest dance he had ever seen! Now he was being forced to watch as his insanely large junk was sliding in and out of Hermione’s beautiful cunt. Hermione’s face was twisted in passion and pleasure. It was a look he hadn’t ever seen. The sound of wet skin clapping made him look to the place they were connected. Harry’s cock was streaked with her creamy, white girl cum as their bodies collided together. They were moaning, and he could hear the wet slurps of their


tongue kissing as Hermione turned her head to kiss him. He watched as her bald pussy was being stretched out, and a pain hit him. It would never be tight for him again! That didn’t matter, he guessed. It had been a long time since he was able to get a piece of ass from her. He heard his wife squeal and looked to see what had changed. Harry’s hand was rubbing her hard clit while pounding into her viciously. Ron was hard as hell, and more than a little embarrassed at the size difference between the two men. He was trying to squirm to relieve some of the pressure. Hermione’s sexy body started trembling wildly, and she screamed out and started squirting right there in front of him!


Harry saw Hermione squirting and smirked to himself. He lifted her up by the underside of her knees and displayed her to Ron. Her ejaculate hit the redhead right in the face over and over as Hermione writhed and squealed. Her pussy felt incredible as if fluttered over his cock, massaging his meat and desperately trying to milk his seed. It didn’t need to wait long as his own orgasm hit him hard. He pulled out, and Hermione reached under and grabbed him. She took aim and stroked his cock wildly as he moaned.


Hermione, being the vengeful little bitch that she was, took aim and started stroking. A gooey load of hot cum spurted out at incredible speeds, hitting Ron right in the forehead. The redhead screamed out angrily. A terrible mistake, as a second, bigger load squirted right in his mouth. Ron choked and gagged as spurt after spurt hit him in the face. Hermione laughed as she came and squirted over him.


Ron, shamed and emasculated, couldn’t take it anymore and came in his pants! “Ohhhhh …. Oh!” he groaned as a wet patch appeared on the crotch of his trousers.


Hermione and Harry looked at the pathetic sight. They shook their heads. Harry turned Hermione around and held her against him. She wrapped her arms and legs around him so as to not fall off. “That was fucking fantastic, Hermione! I didn’t know you had it in you! I’m going to open a side account at Gringotts under my name. I’ll put an extra five-hundred galleons in it as a tip for you. You’ve earned it, love,” he told her, tired from their coupling. Hermione smiled and kissed him deeply.


“Thank you, Harry! I appreciate it.” She was happy that Ron wouldn’t be able to touch that money. Harry set her on her feet, and she collected her clothes. She watched as Ron collapsed when the spell holding him down wore off. She walked up to him, still nude. “Go home, you pathetic twat! You’ve embarrassed me enough today,” she said scathingly, turning and walking away from him. All he could see was the delicious way her ass moved when she walked. Suddenly, she apparated away.


Ron looked back and glared at his former best friend. Harry just smiled and waved him goodbye. Grinding his teeth in rage didn’t exactly work, as he still had cum in his mouth. Remembering this fact, he gagged and quickly apparated home to shower and brush his teeth.



When Ron left, Harry burst into laughter. He was almost sure that he’d be seeing them again next month. If Hermione ever wizened up and left the git, he’d invite her into his home, and of course, his bed. Time would tell. Until then, he’d have fun humiliating his former friend, and fucking his beautiful wife.


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Summary - Dark Lord Harry Potter travels to a new time and reality to snag himself a new follower. Bellatrix/Harry


Time Lord


In a cave near Hogsmeade, the air crackled with energy. Lights flashed and the ground trembled as arcs of electricity sparked from every stone. A buzzing sound could be heard as a pin-prick of light began to grow larger and larger. Finally reaching critical mass, the light exploded leaving behind a frazzled-looking adult male. 


Harry Potter shook off his wooziness and got to his feet. As suspected, he was as naked as the day he was born. All his calculations told him that everything on his body would be disintegrated. Luckily, he took measures against it. He touched a tattoo on his forearm and a small blue flame appeared. His hand slipped in causing the flame to grow, and after a few seconds of rummaging around, he pulled out his wand. Once his hand left, the flame disappeared. It was a handy spell created by himself for just this cause. He placed a pocket dimension in his forearm to hold the bare essentials that he would need for his mission. With his wand in hand, he waved it and clothing appeared on his body. Another wave and a chair formed. Harry sat down, tired from his trip. 


As Harry sat down, he went over a few things in his mind. His mission was simple. Travel to a different reality that was very similar to his own and “recruit” some new followers. It was a shame what had happened to his old ones. Most were killed in the last great battle. In the end, his side came out on top, but the casualties were devastating. Both sides were nearly wiped out. Truth be told, there were only the dregs left to choose from. He damn sure didn’t want to have to train those useless idiots into half-competent soldiers. That was the reason for his dimension-hopping. His first stop was a specific time, but he still had to hope that the realities were similar enough. He was here for one specific person, Bellatrix Lestrange. He remembered that in his youth, she was likely one of the most feared women to ever exist. As time went on, Voldemort had let her talents and body degrade to the point where she was just another talented meat shield. Psychosis like that needed to be nurtured. He calculated this jump to a specific time. He was aiming for sometime around 1987 or 1988. He didn’t have time to pull her from Voldemort’s clutches, nor did he have any intention to get into some long, drawn-out fight for dominance. He chose this time because Voldemort was supposedly already defeated, and Bellatrix was safely stored in Azkaban prison. He smiled cruelly. A few years in prison would make her all the more grateful for her release. Now he just needed to prepare. 


Harry took his time. He had long since figured out that rushed plans often failed. He spent around a week preparing the cave with wards, expansion charms, and anything else he thought would be useful. He didn’t need a house or anything like that. He wouldn’t be staying. He chose this cave because of its proximity to Hogsmeade. Here, all the magic he would be using would go unnoticed by the Ministry. Once he had the cave all set, he went out and bought some toys to play with. Of course, they needed a little magical tweaking. His forearm pocket dimension, while decently sized, wasn’t huge. It was only around one square meter in size, so he couldn’t bring everything that he would need. What he did bring were his potion supplies. He pulled them out and went to work. He wasn’t a master, or anything close. He did, however, have some masters working for him. They could create any potion that he would need. Harry just had to learn how to brew it properly. All in all, it took a couple of weeks to get everything in order. It was time well spent in his opinion. 


Time Lord


Bellatrix Lestrange was bored. It was the same thing every day. Eat the disgusting slop they called food, sleep on a hard, stone floor covered in a ratty blanket, and suffer when the Dementors rolled by. Still, she didn’t regret anything. She spent her days reliving the glorious violence in her mind. How she longed to get back out there and slit a few throats. She sighed and rolled her eyes when she heard her brother-in-law, Rabastan crying in another cell. The man lacked conviction. She heard tapping on her cell bars. She looked up to see a good-looking middle-aged wizard with striking green eyes. He smiled and her world went dark. 


Harry had easily gotten into Azkaban. The wards were identical to the prison in his reality. That made the job a lot easier. He knew these wards like the back of his hand. He created a hole in the apparation wards that would stay open for about an hour … more than enough time to get in and out. He went in, got what he needed, and got out without anyone being the wiser. Soon the hole would close, and there would be no evidence of what had happened. He placed the unconscious Bellatrix on the work table. He waved his hand in front of his face and grimaced. She smelled bad. Not surprising, Azkaban wasn’t exactly a five-star resort. He waved his wand and her clothes disappeared. He waved it again and she was clean … well, clean enough for now. He got a good look at her. The seven years in prison had certainly done a number on her. It had stripped her of her beauty and youth. He didn’t know exactly how old she was, but he knew she had to be in her mid or late thirties. She looked at least in her early fifties. That definitely wouldn’t do. He pulled out some of the potions that he had created and got to work. 


A Few Days Later


Bellatrix groggily opened her eyes. She was a bit confused. She wasn’t hungry or cold. She tried to rub the sleep from her eyes but discovered that she couldn’t lift her hand. Looking down, she found that she was strapped to some kind of table that was placed upright, making her appear like she was standing. In front of her was a full-length mirror. Her eyes widened when she noticed her appearance. She was beautiful and young! She looked to be in her late teens again! But how? Further inspection showed that she was completely nude. Besides her eyelashes and brows, and her long, luxurious locks, there was no hair on her body. She could see her taut lips slightly poking out beneath her hairless, V-shaped mound. Not only that, but her body wasn’t skinny anymore. She was healthy-looking again. Even her teeth were white and pearly. 


“I can see that you like my work,” a deep voice rang out, startling her. Her table spun around to face the man she remembered seeing in her cell. 


“You!” she screeched. “Who are you and what do you want with me?” she growled, desperately trying to break out of her shackles. The bastard just smirked at her. 


“I’m your new master, and I’ve come to claim you,” he said evenly, walking up to her and brushing a finger down the middle of her breasts. Bellatrix cackled out an insane bout of laughter. 


“New master?” she laughed. “Sorry fella, but I’ve already got one, and I’m a one-man kind of gal,” she giggled insanely, still trying to free herself. The man just chuckled. 


“Ah yes, Voldemort right?” Bella flinched and glared at him, daring him to use his name again. “Is he just as pathetic in this reality as he was in mine?” he asked, good-naturedly. Bella growled. “You should have seen his face when I killed him. Such fear, such cowardice. His despair was glorious!” he ranted. Bella’s eyes widened. 


“As for your former master, I know he’s still alive … if you could call being a pathetic wraith and having to possess frogs being alive that is.” Bella fought even harder. She wanted to strangle this guy. “Don’t worry about him though. Look at your forearm.”


She did and nearly screeched at him. The remnants of her Dark Mark were gone! Even if she couldn’t see the mark before, she could still feel it. Now it was gone. The bastard just laughed as she thrashed in anger, spitting curses at him. He walked up until they were face to face. “You’ll grow to love me,” he said happily. She spit right in his face!


Harry pulled back and wiped the saliva from his cheek. He had to clamp down on his urges to gut her. Bella watched as he calmed himself and glared at her. “You’re lucky that I’ve put so much work into you. Otherwise, I would sew your mouth closed and hang you by your hair.” 


Bella cried out in shock when he waved his wand and suddenly, the table she was attached to started changing shape. She was flipped and turned and ended up face down on all fours. Her knees were spread and shackled along with her hands. She tried to pry them up, but they wouldn’t budge. “I’ve got something for you to play with, Bella!” he said, excitedly. In front of her, he held up a large, purple, rubber dildo. “It’s a muggle sex toy that I’ve enchanted. I’m sure you’ll love it!” he laughed at her panicked look. “But first, some entertainment for you.” 


Her table was turned to face the mirror again. This time the mirror disappeared to show her husband Rodolphus strapped to an identical table! His eyes were wide as he tried desperately to free himself. The man walked up to him and patted his head like a dog. “I’ve given ole Rudy here a different potion treatment,” he explained, pulling a sheet off of a side table to display various knives and torture devices. Her husband started thrashing wildly. Her heart hammered in her chest. She was horrified, and a little excited. “The human body is so frail. I mean, a few moments of torture and you die of shock. How boring. Rudy here won’t be meeting such a fate! He’ll last through days of pain, the potions will see to that. Shall we begin?” he asked happily. Not waiting for an answer, he reached down and grabbed a glass jar with a lid. Inside, looked to be giant wasps.


Harry held up the jar. “Japanese hornets!” he said proudly. “It’s said that their sting is horrifically painful. Luckily for Rudy here, unlike bees, hornets can sting over and over again!” he giggled. She didn’t know how that made her husband lucky but watched as he walked to his naked form and unscrewed the top. With a sticking charm attached, he slid the jar hole over her husband’s penis and testicles. Rudy’s ball-gagged mouth let out a muffled scream. “Oh calm down! You haven’t even been stung yet. They’re quite calm at the moment.”


Bella gulped as he walked back towards her. He went behind her, and she gasped out when she felt the large dildo split her folds and slide into her depths. She shivered when he pulled it almost all the way out. “Forgot the lube,” he mumbled. She heard a squirting noise and then it was slid back in. “Ready to feel something wild?” She was about to tell him to go fuck himself when the dildo suddenly started vibrating harshly and began penetrating her over and over. She gasped and tried to look over her shoulder, but it was no use. She put her face down in shame as she was fucked with the muggle sex toy. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on anything but the pleasure. 


Harry skipped and twirled crazily as he slid up next to Rudy. “Give her a show Rudy!” Harry grabbed a potion ladle and started banging on the glass repeatedly. Rudy was shaking his head no as the hornets got riled up. Finally, he hit the jar with a vibration charm to keep the hornets angry. As the first stings hit, his muffled screams were horrific to hear. 


Bella bit her lip as she watched what was happening. Her husband was writhing and screaming in pain, and her pussy was dripping down her thighs. The guy appeared by her side. “His screams are wonderful, aren’t they?” he asked, sensually rubbing her bare back. Bella kept her mouth shut, afraid of the lewd noises that might escape her lips. “No? I’ll see if I can do better.”


She shuddered when he went back to the table and grabbed a wicked-looking blade. He lifted it up to her husband’s head and ever so slowly, scalped the middle of his hair. From forehead to neck, Harry happily detached the hair and meat from his best bud Rudy’s head. His screams were the stuff of nightmares. When the large strip of meat was released, Harry happily showed them his work. “I’ve heard that Rogaine will help with hair loss Rudy!” he said, slapping the crying man in the face with his own head meat. Harry happily skipped back to Bella. 


Bella watched as he slid around the back of her. “How was that, honey?” he said, licking her quivering butt cheek. His hand was groping the inside of her thigh, smearing her dribblings into her creamy smooth skin. She mewled and wiggled as he peppered her sweaty skin with kisses and licks. It had been close to a decade since she last had any kind of real sexual contact. She was so fucking horny. Not only that, but she was lustfully anticipating what he would do next. She finally let out a moan when his tongue wiggled over her puckered asshole. The dildo was still fucking her, hitting just the right spot with every penetration. He walked by, reaching out to squeeze her dangling breast. 


“Well Rudy, your wife’s a tough nut to crack. I’m going to have to step up my game if I’m going to impress her.” Harry grabbed an enchanted knife. It was spelled to follow his mental command. Placing the tip against Rodolphus’ skin, the knife stood straight out waiting for a command. He walked back to Bella. 


Bella groaned when the dildo was pulled from her pussy. She could feel the backed-up pussy juices slip out with the dildo. It must have been a messy sight. Her pussy was so raw and sensitive. Suddenly she felt something warmer at her entrance. She was so horny that she didn’t care who or what fucked her. She happily slid her ass back as much as she could. She moaned when it slipped in. Strong hands squeezed her hips as her fucking began. She let out a shuddered breath as she gleefully watched the knife slide across her husband’s skin. Trials of blood dripped down as he cried and begged for mercy that wouldn’t come. Her body spasmed as he hit a wonderful spot inside of her. Understanding what had happened, he hit that spot over and over again. That was the sign of a good lover, she thought. He paid attention to her. The wet sounds of their fucking mixed with the garbled yells of her husband was a sound she would never forget. In years to come, she would often masturbate to the memory. Right now, she had no need for masturbation. Her master’s abnormally large cock was splitting her apart. Her G-spot was being battered as her nipples rubbed against the table below. A loud, muffled scream turned her attention back to Rudy. She watched with excitement as his bloody ear fell to the ground! 


“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” she moaned when her master reached under her and began tweaking her wet clit. Her pussy was already beginning to flutter on his cock. She happily watched as her husband was sliced to ribbons. Inconsequential body parts littered the floor as Bella helplessly gripped the table. Her pussy was tightly gripping his thrusting cock.


“Keep an eye on your hubby, darling!” She locked eyes with her husband. She could see the pain and betrayal in his eyes. It made her pussy tingle. Just then, her master directed pure magic into her clit as his mighty cock speared her G-spot. Her eyes widened when the knife slid across his skinny belly, spilling his intestines all over the floor! 


“FUUUUUUUUUUCK ME!” she cried out, her pussy contracting on his thrusting member. Her orgasm exploded as did the juices from her pussy. Her ass trembled wildly as her juices sprayed her captor. With every thrust, she squirted some more. She squealed in pleasure while watching vomit dribble out of the ball-gag. Her pussy was harshly milking the cock fucking her, hoping for a hot, creamy load. She wasn’t disappointed. Her master groaned and filled her with his thick, hot seed. She mewled in pleasure, happy to have pleased her new master. “Ohhh!” she squeaked one last time, her ass spasming while releasing one little squirt. She laid there quivering in pleasure. Amazingly, Rodolphus was still alive!


“I told you Rudy would be around awhile!” Harry said happily. “I haven’t even brought out the chainsaw yet.”


Bella’s orgasm started right back up as her new master sensually rubbed her swollen clit. His promises of violence were almost as good as his promise of pleasure. Right now, she was getting both. 

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Summary - Harry, who owns the best gentlemen’s club in all of magical Britain, evaluates the talent with the help of his attractive mother. 


The Red Dragon


Mistress of the ultra-popular Red Dragon, Lily Potter escorted Susan Bones to her boss’ office. She smiled as she looked over the luxurious decor of the club she helped run. It wasn’t easy getting this place running. Thankfully, her boss and son, Harry Potter was more than up to the task. She didn’t know exactly how he had gotten it done, but she guessed that there were more than a few bribes and quite a bit of bloodshed. Frankly, she didn’t want or need to know. Her job was to scout for talent and keep the girls in line. Harry took care of everything else. 


The Red Dragon was the first true gentlemen’s club in magical Britain. There had been others before it, but those were small, low-class dives that were run illegally out of someone’s back-alley shop at night. In truth, those were more like whore-houses than anything else. What Harry had created couldn’t have been any more different. The place was high-class and was built for the middle-class and up to come and enjoy themselves. He was planning to build a budget version soon, but he hadn’t started with that yet. There was even a high-roller room for the VIP’s and wealthy elite to come and debase themselves, and pay him for the privilege. They didn’t complain, so why should anyone else?


Her son would cater to anyone’s desire. Wanted some muggle drugs, he’d get them for you. Want a gorgeous blonde to piss on your face? He’d get that for you. Everything had a price but was attainable if you had the cash. One of her girls even told her that one of her regular clients wanted to use her hair to jack-off. He literally wanted to wrap his cock in her hair and use it to masturbate. Lily shook her head. It was tricky to come up with a price for that. 


The Red Dragon had three main areas, with many little side areas that you could visit. The first area was the lounge. That consisted of the strip club, bar, and casino. Then there was the brothel. The last was, of course, the VIP area. The first two were what made him the most money, but the VIP area is what kept the place legal, and open. Harry would lavish the upper echelon of the Ministry in debauchery, give them free drugs, and make them salivate at the thought of their next visit. 


Susan Bones looked nervous, Lily thought. It wasn’t surprising. Most new girls were. It was sad how the Bones girl had fallen on hard times. Her aunt Amelia was killed by the Dark Lord’s henchmen during his second rise. After her son killed him, Susan had done her best to keep her family afloat. Unfortunately, the bills kept coming in and Susan wasn’t making enough to keep her large family manor going. She’d have to sell if she couldn’t make ends meet. Obviously, her house was important to her. Lily didn’t blame her. It had been in her family’s possession for hundreds of years. That was when she had come to visit Lily. While Lily and Amelia weren’t close, they were friendly enough. Susan had of course heard about the club, and wanted to ask some questions. One thing led to another and here she was, about to audition for her son. Lily opened the door to her son’s office. 


The Red Dragon


Harry watched as his mother and Susan Bones entered his office. He smiled at the two sexy women. Both were pale-skinned and incredibly busty. Susan would be a big earner for him. Hell, he’d probably be using her often enough. He’d been accused multiple times of having a “thing for redheads”. That was somewhat true, he guessed. In reality, he just loved gorgeous women and liked to have a wide variety. Beautiful redheaded women were rarer than blonde or brunettes. So when he saw one, he had to have them. He even snatched up Ginny Weasley. She was happy to be his mistress, although some would consider her to be his whore. 


His eyes raked over his mother’s form. She was slim and beautiful with huge Double D breasts that made men salivate. She had taken him after her husband James had died and Voldemort was defeated the first time. It was just the two of them for the longest time. She had very little shame when it came to the human body, so he grew up around a beautiful, scantily clad woman. As he grew older, he was able to appreciate her body even more. After years of being selibate, Lily couldn’t take it anymore and seduced her own son! She had seen him naked many times and knew about the monster hiding in his trousers. The thought of it had her pussy moistening. Harry was thrilled. He didn’t let things like incest stop him from having a good time. To him, any gorgeous woman was fuckable. 


That began their relationship. They didn’t announce it to the world, but they didn’t exactly hide it either. If anyone cared, they didn’t say anything. No one wanted to be banned from his establishment. He smiled at his mom. She always looked good in her business attire. It was professional, yet still sexy. She looked fairly young for her age. She was on an expensive potion regiment that helped keep aging at bay. Most rich women used the same regiment. That was why they always looked better than other women. 


“Ladies,” he greeted them. 


“She’s here for her audition,” Lily smiled, walking behind him and sliding a hand down his naked chest. Susan blushed. Harry looked to be sitting at his desk, completely naked. Lily’s huge breasts brushed the back of his head. 


“Did she already explain everything?” he asked the younger redhead. Susan nodded. The money was really good, and she was happy that he had some kind of wards that hid her identity. No one would know it was her working here. That was what finally convinced her to work here. 


“You’re here to be an escort, not a dancer, correct?” he asked, his mother’s fingernails were lightly scratching his muscular pecs. Susan nodded. Harry waved his wand and his desk transformed into a bed. “Take your clothes off and masturbate for me,” he ordered, scooting his chair back a bit to let him see the entire scene. 


“Yes, Harry,” she complied nervously. She began stripping off her clothes. 


Harry’s eyes were glued to the lovely Susan Bones when he felt someone fondling his cock. He looked down to see his mother between his legs stroking his large cock. He tilted his head back and groaned. She knew exactly how to touch him. Susan’s curvy body was slowly exposed to him, and soon, she was entirely nude lying on the bed. She bit her lip as her hand slid between her creamy thighs. 


A pair of lips wrapped around his cock, and he looked down to see his mother looking up at him, staring eye to eye as she bobbed his length. He ran his fingers through her lovely, auburn locks. The sounds in his office were wonderful. He could hear Susan’s whimpers and the wet sounds of her masturbation, and the slurping of his mother taking his cock. He grabbed her gently under her chin, and she let go of his cock. He watched as inch after inch left her mouth covered in her spit. Once it popped free, she stroked him while lovingly looking at him, waiting for instructions. 


“Use your tits,” he groaned as he waved his wand and Susan spun so that her spread legs were facing him. He wanted the perfect view of her pussy. First, he watched his mother. She smiled sexily and unbuttoned her shirt. She pulled it off, leaving her in a lacy bra. Slowly she lifted her bra. She smirked as his eyes never left the glorious tits rising with her hands until gravity won out and her tits popped free, spilling out and exposing herself to him once more. He groaned at the sexy “titty drop”. Her bra was tossed aside and her large breasts were soon wrapped around his foot-long erection. 


Susan was breathing heavily as she looked over and saw Mrs. Potter giving Harry a tit-job. She closed her eyes in embarrassment. Harry was moving his eyes between the girls, watching his mother please him, and watching her finger-fuck herself. She really needed the job, so she spread her legs even further, wanting to give him the best view. 


Lily smothered his cock with her large breasts. She would go from moving them up and down, to moving one up and one down. At this point, she was an expert at tit-jobs. She gave them to her son nearly every day. 


Harry felt like he was in heaven with his mother’s fun-bags coaxing pleasure from his cock. He watched as Susan writhed in pleasure, her wet pussy getting stuffed with her fingers. Wanting more, he grabbed Lily under her armpits and lifted her up. He lifted her until she was straddling him. 


Lily was licking Harry’s neck and dry-humping his cock when he placed the head at her entrance. “Oooooooh god! That’s so good, honey,” she moaned as he slowly stretched her cunt. She was sexily wiggling against him as he slowly entered her, her nipples tickling his chest. She placed her face against his broad shoulder. His hands were groping her ass until one of his fingers brushed her asshole, making her gasp. She loved it when he played with her ass. It took some convincing, but eventually, she let him claim her last virgin hole. It turned out that she loved anal play. 


Harry could feel her warm breath sliding down his shoulder and he toyed with her asshole. He played with her rim as she groaned and slowly started rolling her hips. He watched Susan over her shoulder. Her body was trembling and she cried out, her toes curling as she orgasmed right in front of him. The sight just added to his pleasure. “Keep your legs spread,” he ordered the younger girl. She spread them even wider as he watched her pussy pulsate, trying to milk a cock that wasn’t there. She didn’t even try to hide her shame. She let him see everything. “Spread your lips,” he groaned as his mother started bouncing. 


Susan blushed furiously as she reached down with both hands and spread her pussy apart. Shew was incredibly sensitive from her recent orgasm, and now Harry could see the wet mess that she made. Her pussy was bright pink from arousal, and sloppy wet from her cumming. Still, she displayed herself to him. She knew that he would be claiming her body in order to “test out the talent”. 


Lily was nipping at his shoulder as she moaned like one of his whores. Her pussy was tightly gripping his cock as she rode him, while he slowly fingered her asshole. The sounds of their bodies clapping added to her excitement. Her pussy was already fluttering on his large cock. From the extra slipperiness, she knew that she was creaming on him. Lily could imagine his massive member smeared with her white girl cum. Her pussy clenched knowing that she was marking him as hers. That was true, and every girl knew it. He was hers first, and she wouldn’t let him go. She wrapped her arms around his neck as her pussy began to spasm. Her body trembled as he held her back tightly, only letting her big ass move up and down. She cried out as her pussy gripped him tightly, desperately attempting to milk him of everything he had. 


“Oh fuck, Mum!” he joined her in orgasmic bliss, his hand gripping her ass cheek tightly. His balls pulsed as he spurted his cum deep inside of her. 


Susan watched with wide eyes as Harry seeded his own mother. Lily was shaking wildly on his cock as she orgasmed. She quickly wondered if he would be making her cum just as hard. If she was going to work in this profession, she should at least be able to enjoy herself every so often. 


Lily placed her forehead against his, breathing heavily. Harry lifted her chin and kissed her deeply. Her pussy was still squeezing his cock, not wanting to let go. He kissed her neck and whispered, “Bring Susan home tonight. You can help me break her in,” he smirked, knowing that she enjoyed testing the girls as well. Her pussy tightened at the thought. She smiled and kissed him. 


“Yes, Harry.” He stood up and she stepped off of him, his cock slipping from her depths. 


Susan watched as a nude Harry Potter looked her up and down. He reached out and ran a finger through her pussy lips, making her gasp. He popped his finger in his mouth and moaned. 


“Not bad,” he said. “I’ll be seeing you tonight,” he added, groping her breast as he walked by and slipped into the bathroom. 


Lily smiled at their interaction. Susan would get used to her son’s forwardness. In fact, she guessed that she would even come to enjoy it. All the girls did. She would spend the rest of the day thinking about her upcoming night with her son and another stunning redhead. 


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Summary - Harry, who owns the best gentlemen’s club in all of magical Britain, evaluates the talent with the help of his attractive mother. 


The Red Dragon


A knock on his office door brought Harry out of his concentrated state. Annoyed, he yelled, “Go away!”


He looked down at the writhing blonde underneath him. Her eyes were glassy with a far off look on her beautiful face. She was lying on his desk with one leg spread and the other over his shoulder. He reached down to where they were joined and rubbed her pink clit. She groaned and arched her back. 


“I love how tight you are, Fleur,” he groaned, spearing her a few more times. She bit her lower lip sexily but didn’t say anything. Harry smiled at the lovely girl. She didn’t work for him, at least not yet. Even so, he wouldn’t allow her to be one of his call girls. She was too good for that. He’d make her one of his high-class strippers. The reason that led her to being fucked by him was the same as all the others. She was in need of money. Apparently, her husband Bill Weasley wasn’t very good at saving. He blew through their funds faster than they could make them. Harry knew that he was spending quite a bit at his casino, but he didn’t tell the blonde. What Bill did with the money he earned was his business. He also didn’t tell Bill that his wife was continuously spreading her legs for him. How Fleur made her money was her business. Harry and Fleur had met during the Triwizard Tournament. While they weren’t close friends, they were friendly enough. She obviously knew of his financial success and came to ask him for advice. In reality, he knew she was hoping for a hand-out. Fleur was gorgeous, and she knew it. Over her short lifetime, she learned how to use her devastating good-looks to her advantage. Unfortunately, Harry was surrounded by good-looking naked women. He was already oversexed as it was. He didn’t need to buy her affection. He did, however, offer her a job as one of his dancers. She declined. She had too much pride for that. Harry told her about her options. She could work here, work somewhere else, or be his mistress. She scoffed at his jest but was rendered silent when he produced a picture of Bill groping a girl in Knockturn Alley. Unknown to Bill, it just happened to be one of his girls. He didn’t know if he would ever need Bill’s talents but thought it was best if he had a little blackmail material. As bad as he was with money, he was fantastic at cracking wards. 


After that, she left to think things through. Eventually, she came back. She wanted to earn some money in secret. What she wanted it for, he didn’t know, nor did he care. As a girl of his, he gave her an “allowance” that was quite generous. All she had to do was be available for him. They of course kept the whole thing secret. She didn’t want her two-timing husband to find out. He had a feeling that she had something in store for the eldest Weasley son. As Fleur sexily bit her lip, she held back a moan. Harry wanted to laugh. She tried so hard to keep herself from feeling pleasure. Like that would stop her from being his whore. He didn’t know why she just didn’t embrace it and allow herself to have fun. She let out a shuddered breath as he hit her G-spot. Suddenly, she squeaked and lunged at him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she came. Her straddling body felt too good, and he finished inside of her. They spent another few minutes kissing before there was another knock on the door. Huffing, Harry ushered Fleur into his private bathroom to clean herself and make herself more presentable. Annoyed, he flicked his wand and his clothes appeared on his body. He opened the door. “Yes?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. 


“Mrs. Malfoy is being a pest again,” a young, pretty girl told him. She was new, so he couldn’t remember her name. 


“I assume you’re talking about Astoria,” he asked the young woman. She nodded. Harry sent her away saying that he’d take care of it. Of course, it was Astoria. Narcissa wouldn’t embarrass herself or her family by making a public scene. Astoria couldn’t be more different. The young wife of Draco had racked up quite the debt at his casino. He didn’t even bother telling Malfoy. He thought it best that he figured it out on his own. Hopefully, once she destroyed her reputation. Harry knew why she was causing a scene. She wanted more credit. He wrote out some instructions and sent it along to his manager. He’d give her some more credit, but he also scheduled an appointment to see the girl. He had a few things to straighten out with her. He looked at his watch. He smiled. It was just about time to go home. His mother and Susan had already left. He got up and quickly finished his business. 


The Red Dragon


Lily was examining the young redhead. She was pale, like most redheads, and had freckles over her back and shoulders. The nude young woman was kneeling on the bed, waiting for her son to return. Her large, perky breasts stood firm as her red hair cascaded down her shoulders and back. Lily ran her hands down the girl’s side, earning a shudder from her. It was her job to keep the girl nice and wet for him. Lily was just as nude, brushing her breasts and nipples against the younger girl’s bare back. Finally, she heard the floo flare-up, and she knew that the fun was about to start. 


The door opened revealing her son, already unbuttoning his expensive shirt. Tossing it on a side chair, he sat down on the edge of the bed and slipped off his dress shoes. “Susan, finish him off, please,” Lily told the girl. Susan nodded and waddled over to Harry. The busty redhead bit her lip as she undid his trousers, and let them fall to the ground. Harry stepped out of them as he ran his fingers through the girl’s hair. Susan pulled down his boxers and let his enormous cock spring free. He pulled the back of her head, and she knew what he wanted. Harry groaned in pleasure as she licked his cock from the base all the way to the head. 


Lily watched as her tongue slithered around his wet cock head. She slid a hand between the girl’s legs and toyed with her cunt. Soon her head was bobbing, taking his cock like a pro. She must have had some good experience. That was good. Less time breaking her in. Her head was bobbing rapidly, and Lily heard the familiar Gack! Gack! Gack! of a quality deep-throat blowjob. Her fingers rubbed the length of Susan’s folds. Her juices were smeared all over her smooth cunt. Susan began moaning on her son’s cock when she began tweaking her clit. 


Harry thought that Susan gave pretty good head. She wouldn’t need much instruction from one of the more seasoned girls. He would make sure that he taught her all about the many different kinks in the days to come. She would be spending quite a bit of time in his home. He just hoped that she didn’t have a boyfriend, because if she did, she wouldn’t be seeing him for a while. Susan pulled off his cock and looked up at him as she slapped it against her tits. She was waiting for instructions. “Turn around and stick your ass up,” he told her. She quickly complied and presented her wide, pale ass for his viewing pleasure. He felt his mother slide up next to him and stroke his cock. Susan was sexily wiggling her fleshy ass at him. He swung his hand out and slapped her fat ass. She squealed as her cheeks rippled from the impact. 


“She does have a sexy ass, doesn’t she, honey?” said Lily, licking her son’s cheek.


“Yeah. Nice and round,” he said, sliding his hands around every inch of her bare backside. His fingertips slid down her crack and brushed her asshole, making her back arch. He leaned down and lewdly licked the entirety of her ass. 


Susan blushed as he licked her from her clit, all the way up to her asshole. “Ohhh,” she squeaked as his tongue rimmed her. He kissed and licked and nipped at her bottom, finally spanking her as he settled behind her. She closed her eyes and gripped the cover. She had had sex many times but had never taken anything close to the size of his cock. In truth, she was a bit nervous. She gasped wildly and looked over her shoulder as his head split her folds apart. She pressed her face against the bed as he stretched her tight cunt. “What are you doing?” she squeaked out, panicked as she felt a finger sliding into her bum and another hand rubbing her clit. Harry’s hand reached over and groped her hanging breast, tweaking and pulling at it. 


Lily smirked as she worked the girl’s ass and clit at the same time. Susan started quivering as Lily rolled her hardened nub between her skilled fingers. With her other hand, she was finger-fucking her tight ass, getting her ready for future penetration. It was likely that she was still an anal virgin. That would certainly have to change. 


Susan mewled and hid her face as she was pleasured in multiple places at once. Harry’s large cock was spearing her folds, bashing into her G-spot and rubbing her slickened walls. Lily’s fingers were playing with her clit and ass, and Harry’s other hand was playing with her sensitive nipples. She really didn’t know how much more that she could take. 


Harry grunted as his pelvis slapped against Susan’s wide ass. He let go of her tit and slid his hand down her smooth, sweaty back. Her wet walls were gripping him tightly as he plowed into her. The smell of her sex wafted up, making him even hornier. His mother pulled her finger from her ass and grabbed him around the base. He quickly pulled out and let her clean him of Susan’s cum. 


“Mmmm, she tastes good,” Lily moaned as she slapped Susan’s pussy with her son’s cock. She placed the head between her folds and he slipped back inside. It was then that Lily started spanking the younger redhead. 


Susan cried out as Harry’s mom slapped her fat ass. The loud crack echoed throughout the room as her ass jiggled and rippled from the strike. Another slap had her pussy tingling around Harry’s thrusting cock. Susan was getting fucked so hard that her cheeks were slapping together. The spanking was just adding to the pleasure. With every strike, it felt like something was building inside of her, waiting to get out. Lily’s hand started rolling her clit while the other spanked her. Her hands were squeezing the bedsheets as she moaned face down. Harry’s cock was splitting her open, touching every inch of her insides possible. Her toes began to curl as another powerful strike made her bottom ripple. Lilly pulled her clit as Harry’s cock battered her G-spot one last time, making her clamp down around him and wail into the bed. 


Lily smiled as the girl obviously was experiencing an explosive orgasm. Her body was trembling and thrashing about as Harry fucked her senseless. “Fuck!” he grunted, gripping her fat ass with both hands and squeezing her fleshy hips as he ground his cock into her. Susan spasmed as he pumped his seed deep inside of her. Lily reached under and massaged his balls, coaxing every last drop into the young redhead. Finally dry, he pulled out. She watched as his hot cum began leaking from her abused pussy. Not wanting to waste it, she licked and slurped his cum as it dribbled from her insides. Lily licked her clean before Harry placed his cock at her lips. Another few minutes and his cock was nice and clean as well. After a long day, Harry lied down. Lily snuggled up with him and beckoned Susan to join them. Susan knew that she wouldn’t be seeing her home again for a few days. She snuggled up on Harry’s other side. 


Harry smiled and squeezed both of their asses. Closing his eyes, he needed his rest for another day of running his palace of pleasures. 


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Summary - The nymphomaniac, Professor Sinistra targets Harry Potter as her next student-teacher affair. 




The tall, willowy Astronomy teacher, Aurora Sinistra was sitting behind her desk as the sounds of quills scratching against parchment filled her small classroom. Her students were taking a test. That wasn’t anything unusual. Students often took tests in their classes. No, the unusual thing was that Professor Sinistra was masturbating furiously underneath her desk. Her teacher’s robes were hiked up slightly, giving her access to her groin. Her panties were pulled aside exposing her naked genitals to the warm air of the classroom. Her fingers were effortlessly gliding over the arousal slickened petals of her pussy as her eyes were locked on one boy, Harry Potter. 


It wasn’t known to anyone, but Aurora Sinistra was a hardcore nymphomaniac. She just couldn’t function unless she was having regular sex. To her, regular sex was at least three times a day. On a good day, she could have ten orgasms. This was the third week of Harry’s third year, and she hadn’t had a single male induced orgasm in all that time! It was becoming a serious problem. It was all she could think about. Eventually, it may even cause her to be so distracted that she could end up losing her job. Since she first started working at Hogwarts, she recruited older male students to take care of her needs. Extremely restrictive magical contracts kept them from blabbing, so she wasn’t worried about being found out. Unfortunately, all her regulars had graduated last year. That was when young Harry Potter caught her eye. 


Usually, she wasn’t into younger men, but as she worked in a school, that was all there was to choose from. Before Harry, she hadn’t even considered going that young! But there was something about the young man. She wanted to take care of him, to teach him about the female body, and usher him into manhood. When he grew up, she wanted him to think of her when he reminisced about his first sexual experiences. She knew that a man’s first was immortalized in his mind. The thought turned her on. Not only that, but Harry was only a third year. She would have nearly five full years to teach him how to please her properly. There was so much that she could show him. She would have him to fulfill her kinky fantasies. He would thank her for it too. How many young boys wished they had an older woman to teach them how to please a woman properly? Harry Potter would have one. She kept her eyes on him and held back a moan as she stroked her damp kitty. She needed to talk to him. 




Harry blushed as he looked into the mirror. His messy hair was tamed as much as possible, which was to say, not at all. He couldn’t believe that he would soon be seeing Professor Sinistra on a more personal level. She had approached him and said that she needed to talk to him. A contract was presented to him, and he was told that what she had to say was extremely personal and couldn’t be shared with anyone. The contract would prevent it. He read it over, and it was easy to understand. He signed it. That was when she shared her plans with him. His cheeks reddened the more that she talked. Of all the boys in school, she had chosen him. It was a dream come true. Harry knew that many boys had a thing for the sexy, dark-skinned Astronomy teacher. She had chosen him, however. He felt really lucky. After quickly agreeing to her plan, they arranged a meeting time and place. Professor Sinistra gave him a potion that he was to take that night. He took it as soon as he got back to Gryffindor Tower. He didn’t even know what it did, and couldn’t figure it out until the following morning when he went to shower. 


His penis had grown double in size overnight! As he was only thirteen, he didn’t have a giant cock or anything like that. He was only packing a four-incher in his trousers, but after the potion, he was now equipped with an eight-inch cock, which looked huge on his early-teen body. He quickly finished getting ready. He had a meeting he couldn’t be late for. 




Aurora smiled as she heard the soft knock at the door of her secret room. Most teachers had a secret room. The castle was big, and there were more than enough rooms to go around. What they used them for, that was up to them. She knew that McGonagall used hers to get drunk in. Aurora used hers for her sexual liaisons. She quickly went to the door and ushered her young lover in. Her pussy was already wet and quivering. She had gone too long without sexual contact. 


Harry’s eyes widened as she roughly pulled him into the room. The room was warm and comfortable looking, with a huge bed and scented candles burning. Professor Sinistra was wearing a black, silk robe that ended halfway down her smooth thighs. After a quick, hasty greeting, she pushed him back on the bed and started working the button of his trousers. 


Harry gulped noisily as she started tugging his trousers off of him. Immediately following, she pulled his boxers off and watched as his enhanced cock sprang free. She took him in hand and began pleasuring his cock with long, slow strokes. Harry instantly felt like he was about to cum. 


Aurora smiled happily. She stroked his large, thick cock and said, “I can see that you took the potion. That’s good. You’re already a good size. By the time you’re an adult, you’ll probably be around eleven or twelve inches.” She took one hand and massaged his balls as her other hand picked up speed. 


“Ohhh … I’m about to …,” Harry was cut off by Aurora. 


“Go ahead and cum, honey. We need to get your first shot out of the way so we can have fun,” she said sexily, tickling his balls with her fingertips. Harry didn’t need to be told twice. A healthy load of cum spurted out of the tip. Sinistra watched as globs of pearly white cum shot into the air and plopped down on her hand and his stomach. She stroked him until he was dry. Waving her wand, she vanished his mess. Aurora stood up and untied the sash of her silk robe. She opened it up exposing her perky C-cups to him and let it fall to her feet. She stood in front of him completely nude. 


Harry was blushing harder than he ever had before. Not only had she just made him cum, but now she was naked in front of him. He looked her up and down. She was a very pretty woman. As far as dark skin tones went, she was somewhere on the lower-middle scale, not being light-skinned and not being dark-skinned. Her average-sized nipples were a darker brown than her skin. Harry loved the way the hard, little nubs looked on her. He couldn’t wait to suck on them. Professor Sinistra was tall for a girl, being around five-nine or five-ten. She was lithe and willowy, but still held some soft, feminine curves. She had the body of a runway model. Her long, straight black hair went down to her upper back, and she had a very pretty face. Her brown eyes were lovely, as were her plump, kissable lips. His eyes traveled lower. Her belly was thin, and flat and ended with the slight flaring of hips. The bald V of her mound hid taut lips that barely poked out. Harry quickly got rid of the rest of his clothing to join her in complete nudity. 


Aurora climbed on top of her student and waddled until her knees were on either side of his head. The thought of him looking directly at her naked pussy had her moistening. “You’re going to be learning how to eat pussy today, Harry. The best way to learn is through hands-on practice. So just dive in and try your best. I’ll give you pointers as we go along,” she told him, rolling her hips and rubbing her cunt lips on Harry’s mouth and nose. Aurora squeezed her breasts as she lowered herself, finally sitting on his face. She let out a relieved sigh as she felt his warm tongue slither around her wet cunt. Her eyes fluttered shut at finally getting some actual sexual contact. 


Harry didn’t really know what he was doing. He tried to remember what he had heard from the older boys who like to brag about techniques and conquests. He licked and sucked the moisture from her smooth, hairless lips, sometimes dipping his tongue inside to taste more of her. His hands groped and squeezed her thighs as he rubbed his face all over her cunt. He was surrounded by her heady scent. His cock was so hard that it was starting to hurt. He felt her move and suddenly, her clit was being brushed against his lips. Obviously, she wanted him to suck it. His tongue lashed out and licked the hardened nub. Her loud groan told him that he was correct. Harry pressed his tongue hard against it and writhed it around. 


Aurora moaned loudly as her student sucked hard on her engorged clit. “That’s it, honey. Suck it hard,” she breathed out as her hips rolled. The wet slurping sounds brought a smile to her face as she rode his mouth. She grabbed his hands from her thighs and placed them on her ass. Her body was beginning to writhe in pleasure as her orgasm slowly inched its way closer. She pulled her nipples hard as his tongue wiggled around her clit. She gasped out a few curses. “Harry!” she squeaked as her wetness slipped from her lips and trickled down his face. She squeezed his head between her thighs as she trembled in orgasmic bliss. His tongue continued to tickle her clit, causing her to spasm and eventually roll off of him. Breathing hard, she laughed happily. She was going to have fun teaching him. 




Aurora gripped the covers tightly as she bit down on her pillow. Her eye twitched as Harry took her doggy-style for the first time. She had her back arched and her ass lifted as high as it could go. By this time, they had fucked for several days, so she figured that Harry could handle the more advanced positions without busting a nut right away. His long, thick cock was stretching her in such wonderful ways. With every thrust, she could feel the bumps and veins of his cock rubbing her silken, wet walls. 


“Press your thumb against my asshole!” she choked out. He complied with her wishes and pressed the pad of his thumb against her naughty little hole. Without instruction, he moved his thumb in circles, slowly massaging the crinkled hole while stuffing her cunt with his large member. 


“Oh fuck me!” she moaned into her pillow. She couldn’t wait to teach him about anal. As she moaned, his hips started moving faster as he gained confidence. Soon, he was clapping her cheeks as her body was being driven harder into the bed. Still toying with her ass, he used his other hand to lightly scrape down the middle of her spine with his fingernails. Her back arched like a cat as she was suddenly hit with an unexpectedly powerful orgasm. Her pussy went wild as it squirted Harry with her watery ejaculations. Her body bucked and thrashed as he continued to fuck her from behind.




Aurora smirked as Harry groaned and covered his eyes. He was lying on his back as she worked his cock with her skilled feet. She was teaching him about kinks and how to deal with them. One of her biggest kinks was her feet. She loved having them played with. She bit her lip as she glided her toes down his thick, oiled cock. Aurora enjoyed seeing her student in the throes of pleasure, knowing that it was her making him feel that way. She could see him shuddering, and she knew it wouldn’t be long. She used one foot to rub his balls as the other foot trapped his cock between itself and his stomach. Slowly she used her toes to stroke the underside of his thick member. He was breathing heavily while her toes tickled his bloated balls. She rubbed the underside of his cock faster and faster until he cried out, about to cum. She leaned forward and took the head into her mouth. Spurt after spurt of thick cum slid down her hungry throat. She moaned into his cock as she stroked him throughout his orgasm. Long steady strokes finally drained his balls, and she let go of him with a wet pop. She leaned back and let his softening cock slide against her slippery toes. Harry looked at her and groaned. It would be a long night before she was satisfied. 


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Summary - Luna was always a little bit loony. Her favorite pastime was sneakily watching Harry Potter seduce the many girls of Hogwarts. Who knew she was a kinky voyeur?


A Little Loony


The fifth year Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood hid behind a statue on the fourth floor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What was she doing hiding behind a statue? She was spying on the most famous boy in school, Harry Potter. Luna’s large, stormy gray eyes followed his every movement. Luna used her tongue to wet her dry lips as she watched him push his fellow Gryffindor, Romilda Vane against the wall as he attacked her neck with his lips. Romilda was a pretty girl who long had a crush on the Boy-Who-Lived. It seemed that Harry had finally started giving her the attention that she was desperate for. Luna slid her head a little to the side to get a better look. Romilda gasped and looked at Harry with wide eyes as his hand slid under her skirt.


Luna blushed at what was going on. Sure, she was a bit loopy, but she had the same urges like any other hormonal teenage girl. In fact, she had plenty of urges. Luna often wished that she had a boy to try that kind of stuff with. Unfortunately, all the boys didn’t pay much attention to her. They all wanted girls like Romilda, pretty with an empty head. Luna shook her head. Wrackspurts often infested the heads of teenage boys. They could be forgiven for their lack of oversight. What she really wanted was a boy like Harry Potter. She had stalked him quite often. Harry spent a lot of time chasing girls and convincing them to fool around with him. Sometimes it happened in the library, or in the hallway like right now. Luna didn’t like it when they went inside of an empty classroom. That meant that she couldn’t watch. She liked watching him with the various girls in his collection. She especially liked watching him with her friend Ginny. Just the other day Ginny had pulled him into a side corridor and dropped to her knees. She gave him oral sex right there in the open. Luckily that corridor was hardly ever used, which Ginny of course knew. 


Every time that Luna watched him, her vagina would tingle. She often would rub her thighs together while she watched. When she could, she would even touch herself a little. Perhaps she had a bit of a voyeuristic kink, or maybe her Dirigible Plum earrings had turned sour again. Expired Dirigible Plums had made her brain cloudy before. A loud moan brought her back to attention. Romilda buried her face into Harry’s shoulder as his hand moved underneath her skirt. Romilda was breathing heavily, and her eyes fluttered shut while Harry brought her to such a pleasurable place. Finally, with a high-pitched squeak, Romilda’s body trembled as she experienced a nice, strong orgasm. Harry let her ride it out before pulling his hand free and kissing the girl deeply. He bit her goodbye and slapped her bottom, making the girl squeak and blush as she ran off. Harry smirked and walked off, leaving a very horny girl behind the statue. 


Luna felt her nipples poking against her shirt and shuddered. Her nipples always got hard when she watched him. They were incredibly sensitive too, often bringing her close to orgasm simply from rubbing against the inside of her shirt. She really needed to start wearing bras again. 


A few days later and Luna was hiding behind a book stack in the back of the library. She moved a stack of books out of the way so she could see what was going on. 


“Harry!” she heard a girl squeal before it sounded like she smacked his hand away. Harry chuckled. 


“C’mon, Mione,” he said sexily. “Just a squeeze.” Luna spotted them. It was Harry of course. He was with his best friend, Hermione Granger. Hermione was very nice in Luna’s opinion. She had spoken with the Gryffindor several times and was always treated well. Hermione was leaning against the shelf of books with Harry face to face with her. Hermione was blushing furiously as Harry was groping her chest. 


“This isn’t the proper place!” she cried out in a whisper, looking around. “Someone might see!”


Luna smirked. Someone did see. Luna unbuttoned her skirt and slid her hand down it and her panties in a single go. The small blonde shuddered as her hand brushed her aching clit. Her slender fingers worked the smooth, hairless folds of her virgin pussy. Luna preferred to be hairless on her entire body, below the neck of course. Her body was very sensitive to touch, and the pleasure she received from having a hairless body amazed her. Sleeping nude under silk sheets was the best. 


Harry kissed Hermione and whispered something in her ear that Luna couldn’t hear. Hermione blushed quite a bit and didn’t protest much after that. Luna watched as Harry kissed her passionately, and her pussy tingled when his hand traveled under Hermione’s buttoned-up shirt. Luna’s pale cheeks were pink as her fingers rubbed circles around her hard clit. Her face began to grow hot, and she could smell her arousal started to waft up from between her legs. Hermione breathed in a harsh, shuddered breath as it appeared that Harry was tweaking her nipples, rolling the crinkled nubs between his fingers. It looked like Hermione was having the time of her life. Harry must have been the only boy that she was messing around with. Hermione was almost as socially awkward as she was. At least she had Harry as a friend. Luna would very much like it if Harry was her friend. The two of them fooled around for a while longer. Harry pulled her close and moved his hand under her skirt. He was feeling up her bare thighs when they heard someone getting closer. They quickly packed up and left the library. Luna did the same. As she left, she hoped that whoever interrupted them went to where Luna was playing with herself and smelled the scent of her sex. Maybe he would stay there and masturbate to her scent, Luna hoped. 


A Little Loony 


Luna was hiding underneath the stands in the Quidditch Stadium. She was once again spying on Harry’s sexual exploits. She was close enough to hear and see everything, but far enough away as to not get caught. She was sitting on a turned over bucket with her little yellow panties around her ankles. Her creamy, pale legs were spread apart, and she was fingering herself furiously. The sounds of her sloppy wet pussy would definitely get her caught if she were any closer. It was close to midnight, and she had been wandering around the corridors as she usually did when she spotted Cho Chang leaving the Ravenclaw Tower. Being the curious sort, Luna followed her. To her surprise and happiness, Cho was meeting up with Harry Potter in the empty stadium. Why they were meeting at night and in secret was soon apparent. Slowly their clothes dropped to the ground, and they embraced, their hands feeling every inch of exposed flesh. Cho was cheating on her boyfriend, Michael Corner with Harry. Luna felt like she was about to cum already. The naughtiness added so much spice to an already spicy situation. 


Luna stroked her wet pussy as Harry spread Cho’s smooth legs and pierced her with his enormous cock. She had seen his cock before. Many times in fact. A lot of these girls that Harry fooled with liked to think that they were on a short list, but in reality, they were just one of many. The first time that she had seen it, Luna was mesmerized. How long, thick, and straight it was had her mind boggled. She had licked her lips as she studied every ridge and vein. Oh, how she wanted to play with it. 


Cho was gasping in pleasure as Luna watched the penetration. His long cock would slide into the sexy Asian's cunt and retract covered in her juices. Luna would happily suck his cock clean. Luna was trying to reach a spot in her that felt really good. Unfortunately, it was kind of far back and was hard to reach with only her hands. Maybe she needed to bring her favorite rubber toy with her everywhere she went. On the same hand, she used her thumb to rub circles around the perimeter of her clit. Her little hand was getting drenched in her juices. For a moment, she closed her eyes and listened to the sound of them fucking. His grunts and her feminine moans were wonderful to hear. Her favorite sound was the wet squelching of Cho’s sloppy pussy being stuffed with Harry’s huge pole of man flesh. From the sounds alone, she could tell how turned on Cho was. Luna was just as turned on. She opened her eyes to look at them once more. 


Cho’s eyes were rolling into the back of her head as Harry thrust rapidly into her burning core. Her tongue was poking out from between her teeth, a look that Luna thought was really cute. Harry slid his hands up the Asian’s smooth, flat tummy. Cho shivered from the contact. Her small, perky breasts were cupped by his strong, masculine hands. Luna moaned as she moved her hand faster. The heat and smell radiating from her privates were incredible. Her tight, wet walls gripped her thin fingers as her pussy began to flutter. Cho squeaked with every mighty thrust from Harry Potter. Her body would buck from the impact of his hips against her crotch. Luna could see that his thumbs were rubbing Cho’s nipples. Luna’s nipples instantly crinkled. With her other hand, she slid it under her shirt and began toying with her pink, puffy nubs. 


Luna wasn’t normally a jealous person, but at the moment, she desperately wanted what Cho had. She wanted Harry Potter. She wanted to belong to him. She wanted him to throw her down and fuck her whenever and however he wanted. Her face flushed when she spotted the streaks of a creamy white substance smeared down his long, hard member. Cho was creaming on him. Luna spread her legs wider, her fingers fucking herself at speed she had never before reached. The sloppy sounds of her cunt made her smile. She pointed her pussy right at Harry. She wanted him to look over and see her. Her naked pussy was his to touch, his to play with. She was his to fuck.


“Mmmmmm, Harry,” she whispered out a moan, watching Cho’s toes curl in rapture. Suddenly, liquid was squirting out of Cho! It was splashing against Harry’s naked chest as he chuckled and kept on fucking her. The beautiful Asian’s back arched as she sprayed him with her juices. It was the first time Luna had seen a girl squirt. She was so turned on that she felt something building up inside of her. It felt like she needed to pee! She bit her lower lip nearly hard enough to draw blood as she spread her legs as wide as possible and rapidly flicked her wet clit. The biggest orgasm of her young life hit her suddenly. Luna barely was able to hold back a scream as she used her hand to spread her pussy lips apart. Her hot, little pussy pulsed as it sprayed her girl cum all over the Quidditch stands. She clamped her other hand over her mouth to hold in the squeals of absolute pleasure as she squirted for the first time. She tried to keep her eyes on Harry, but her vision was a little blurry. She squealed quietly into her hand every time her small body spasmed. With every spasm, her pussy would squirt a little more. Finally, after a minute or so, she was able to calm herself. She let her cunt lips close and massaged the pussy juice into her smooth skin. She moaned from the utter sensitivity. She inhaled slowly. She reeked of sex. She turned her head to look at Harry. They were gone! They must have left when she was having that fantastic orgasm. Luna understood what needed to happen. She needed to belong to Harry, and she would do anything to make that happen. Now, she just needed a plan.  


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Summary - The secretly submissive Daphne Greengrass is looking for a man that can give her everything that she had been dreaming of. Luckily, the dominant Harry Potter is more than a match for the stunning brunette. 


The Submissive


Daphne Greengrass was sitting at her house table having dinner just like the rest of her fellow Slytherins. Unlike the rest of them, however, she sneakily had her eyes on someone. The person that she was so keenly watching was none other than Harry Potter. Why was she watching him? She had heard a rumor and wanted to know if it was true or not. 


Daphne had been hiding a secret for quite a while now. She was a hardcore submissive. She wasn’t submissive in every aspect of her life, only in the bedroom. At least, she suspected that she was. She hadn’t actually had sex yet. Daphne hadn’t found anyone worthy of offering herself to. The rumor that she had heard, however, made her think that she had found the man worthy of claiming her. 


It was the previous day that she had overheard two girls talking. The airhead Lavender Brown and her Indian friend. Lavender was giggling madly, telling her friend all about her night with the Boy-Who-Lived. She told her how he threw her on the bed and flipped her over. They giggled about how he had fucked her into complete submission. They even discussed how he choked her until she nearly passed out! That was what had made her pussy tingle. That’s the kind of stuff that Daphne needed in her life. She needed her man to be aggressive in bed. 


She could remember exactly how it all had started for her. It had happened when she was only eleven years old. It was the summer before she started school and had just turned eleven. Her family was doing whatever it was that they did. She didn’t know, but it did give her a lot of free time. Her family wasn’t exactly the most nurturing of people. She was often left to her own devices. On that fateful day, she was strolling down a muggle street and for whatever reason, turned into a back alley. On the ground was a slightly torn muggle magazine. It wasn’t any kind that she had ever seen before. It was a naughty magazine! It had non-moving pictures of naked men and women. One set of pictures had captured her imagination. The woman was tied up and looked to be in the throes of a wild orgasm as she was taken by a muscular man. Her face instantly heated up. She tore those pages out and snuck them back home with her. For weeks she had stared at the pictures, imagining herself in the woman’s place. 


Daphne knew that it was abnormal. She knew that she would get in so much trouble if anyone ever found out. So she did the smart thing and threw the naughty photos away and hoped that those sexually deviant thoughts eventually faded from her mind. They didn’t though. In fact, it was just the opposite. As she sexually matured, she learned of new ways that she could be submissive. It took years, but eventually, she learned to accept that this was how she was. Nothing could change her. Now, she just needed a partner. 


The Submissive 


Daphne had watched Harry for a few days. She had learned the ins and outs of his daily activities. She watched and waited. Behind a statue on the sixth floor, she waited. Harry, more often than not, came down this corridor about half an hour before curfew hit. If her plan went accordingly, she would have her answers. Finally, around forty minutes before curfew, she heard the footsteps that she was waiting for. As the footsteps passed, her disillusioned form silently slipped from behind the statue and took aim. A quick stunning charm at point-blank range dropped him to the floor. She was quick with her wand, however, and used a padding charm on the floor in front of him. She didn’t want to hurt him after all. As fast as she could, she opened the door to a classroom that she had set up and levitated him in. She took his wand and tied him up in a chair. Pulling out a small vial of clear, odorless liquid, she placed three drops in his mouth. With a wave of her wand, she woke him up. 


“What’s your name?” she asked. 


“Harry James Potter,” he answered, his eyes glazed over. 


She saw that the Veritaserum was working properly, so she quickly got to the point. She didn’t have much time. 


“Are you dominant in the bedroom?”




“What’s some of the kinkiest things that you have ever done?


“I fucked Susan Bones in the ass while I made her wear a collar and leash,” he stated. Daphne blushed as her pussy moistened. 


“I made Ginny Weasley cum and pissed on her quivering body. I used Tracey Davis’ hair to masturbate before I came on her face.”


That last part had Daphne’s eyes widening to the size of galleons. Her friend Tracey had fucked Harry Potter! Daphne shook her head. Slytherins really kept their secrets to themselves. 


“I hung Marietta Edgecombe up and lashed her pussy and ass with a small whip until she squirted on my face …” 


“Okay, enough!” Daphne was red-faced. She knew all that she needed to know. She was nearly out of time. Stunning him again, she gave him the antidote and levitated him back to the hallway. She placed him on the ground and woke him. As he got up groggily, she hit him with a memory charm. Daphne wasn’t very good at them, but she was good enough to erase a few minutes. Harry’s eyes glazed before he shook his head. He looked at his watch and scampered back to Gryffindor Tower. As he left, Daphne let out a breath that she had been holding. Her plan had worked. Now she needed Potter to claim her. 


The Submissive


“Are you sure that this is what you want?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow. Daphne Greengrass of all people had met him in secret and talked him into a relationship. The relationship was more one-sided though. She was his, not the other way around. Harry still had the freedom to do whatever he wanted, with whoever he wanted. Being the sexual deviant that he was, he quickly agreed and set the rules for her to follow. 


“Yes, sir,” the beautiful brunette blushed. 


Harry nodded. “Then strip,” he ordered. She didn’t hesitate as her clothes quickly dropped to the floor. Within moments, she was entirely nude. She stood completely still as he circled her, examining her body from every angle. Harry thought that she was a lovely girl. She had an innocent look about her that hid the depravity of her mind. Her brown hair was long and flowed down her delicate back in soft waves. Smooth, pale skin made his cock harden as his eyes drifted over her thin waifish body. Her breasts and ass were incredible. Daphne’s large tits were round and perky as hell, capped off by small hard nipples. Her ass jutted out in such delicious ways that Harry couldn’t wait to explore it. Harry licked his lips as he looked over her slim, flat belly, and his breath caught when his eyes drifted further below. The lovely, hairless V of her mound drew his attention away from the flaring of her hips. As her legs were slightly apart, he could see her taut lips hanging below. “Lay on the bed.”


Daphne crawled on the bed on all fours before she was ordered to stop and stay like that. She didn’t know what was happening until she heard the clicking of a camera. She looked at Harry. He had a magical camera in front of his face as he pointed it at her body. 


“I’d like some photos of you while you still have your innocence. I want to remember you as you were before I turn you into my dirty whore,” he explained, pointing the camera at her ass and clicking another picture. Daphne put her head down submissively and blushed. “Spread your knees apart and arch your back. Stick that sexy ass up in the air. Let’s see that virgin pussy!” he growled hungrily as Daphne presented herself. She heard the continuous snapping of photos as he put her in different poses. Now she was on her back with her legs spread. Harry ordered her to spread her lips and got some full body shots of her. Her nipples were so hard, and her pussy was so wet that it was beginning to ache. “Squeeze your tits together!”


The photoshoot went on for a little while longer until Harry had his fill. “Sit up and stick out your chest.”


Daphne did so and waited with bated breath as her new Master attached a dog collar to her throat. Her emotions were so out of control that she nearly cried in happiness. Finally, she felt complete as her master groped her naked tit. She looked at his massive, veiny cock and was ready for it. It was time to make her his. He didn’t even speak. He grabbed her and flipped her over. Knowing what her master wanted, she lifted her ass. His strong hand gripped the back of her neck and pressed her face hard into the pillow. He wasn’t gentle when he tore through her innocence with a single powerful thrust. Daphne squealed loudly into the pillow, the sharp pain making her clit tingle. She couldn’t even lift her face up as it was continuously pressed into the pillow. Harry didn’t give her a chance to get used to his incredible size … he just fucked her. 


The Submissive


Harry pulled her into the back of the library. “You’re wearing panties, aren’t you?” her master asked. 


“Yes, Master,” Daphne dutifully replied. 


“Good girl. Open your robe and lift up your skirt.”


Daphne did so without a complaint. Her robe opened and her short, little skirt was pulled up, exposing her white, cotton panties. Her master slid behind her and sensually kissed the side of her neck. Goosebumps traveled down her sexy body as his hand crept down her belly and cupped her panty-clad pussy. 


“You’re always so wet and warm, Pet,” he nibbled her earlobe. His hand started moving, stroking her covered kitty and paying special attention to her hard clit. Daphne closed her eyes. If someone came and saw them, then her master would deal with it. She didn’t need to think right now. He would take care of her. She gasped as her clean-shaven pussy began to drench the soft material. A shuddered breath escaped her plump, kissable lips as his fingers stroked her slit while his thumb rubbed her clit. His other hand was groping her silky smooth thigh and squeezing her ass. Suddenly he did the thing that she loved most. He funneled his magic directly into her pussy, causing such intense pleasure that squealed loudly and came instantly. Her body was spasming and trembling as he dropped to a knee and slid her panties off. She stepped out of them and tossed them on the table. Harry then waved his wand and disillusioned them both. Her master pulled her aside, and they hid behind a large bookcase. They watched as a fourth-year Hufflepuff boy came to see what the commotion was. He looked around and spotted her soiled panties. Daphne bit her hand as her orgasm still rolled through her body. The boy looked around again before lifting them up. Hesitantly, he lifted them to his nose and sniffed them. Daphne saw the erection spring forth and bulge his trousers. He shuddered and put them in his pocket as he ran off. Her master chuckled. “Looks like he’ll be jacking off on your panties pretty soon.” Daphne blushed. 


The Submissive


Her master brought her to the Shrieking Shack because he said that he had a surprise. They traveled through the secret tunnel that was hidden at the base of the Whomping Willow. “Grab hold of the portkey. We have to go to Diagon Alley.”


Trusting her master and not worrying about classes since it was Saturday, she grabbed hold and was whisked off. They landed in what appeared to be an abandoned store. It looked to be in the middle of being refurbished, and there was a bed sheet covering the front window. 


“Robes off,” he ordered. As per his command, she was nude underneath. As the robe dropped, she was revealed to him. Harry was nude as well, and he bent down and collected their robes. He stuffed them in a bag and pulled out two masks. They both put them on. Daphne gasped as he went behind her and lifted her up by the back of her knees. Her master licked her cheek. “Stick it in you whore,” he growled. Shuddering, she grabbed his thick cock and slipped it inside of her. Harry waved his wand and the sheet disappeared. 


Daphne gasped loudly as the busy main street of Diagon Alley was presented to her. People walking by turned to them and gasped, looking horrified. Her instinct was to cover up, but Harry wasn’t having any of it. He spread her legs wide and began to ferociously fuck her. Daphne mewled and cried out in embarrassment as a large crowd formed. Disgusting old men pushed themselves to the front to get a look at her nude body. She kept her arms to the side and let her tits bounce freely, knowing she would anger her master if she covered up. Daphne moaned like a whore as her slutty pussy gripped his thrusting cock. People were banging on the window, and a few horny men pulled out their cocks and started stroking them right there in front of her! Her toes curled as pleasure raced up her spine. Daphne’s back arched as she desperately tried to hold back an orgasm. Harry carried her forward until her toes were brushing against the glass. Aurors were trying to break the wards! Harry let go of one leg, and she was able to place her foot on the ground. He kept her other leg lifted, making sure that her pussy was still exposed. He pinched her clit and began to roll it between his fingers. 


“Ohhhhhhhh, Master! Please, no!” she begged as he hit her with his raw magic. “Iiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!” she squealed. The crowd watched as she squirted a torrent of her juices from her quivering pussy. The jets of girl cum splashed and sprayed the glass window. Perverted, old men banged on the glass, desperate to get a taste of her. Her pussy fluttered wildly as she milked his thick cock, creaming his thrusting member. Just before the Aurors got in, Harry summoned everything and portkeyed away. As they landed, she came again and groaned as he creampied her milking pussy. Her master filled her with his gift before they quickly threw on their robes and made their way back to school. It wouldn’t do to get caught. Once they were safe, she jumped up and wrapped her arms and legs around him. 


“I love you, Master!” she cried, kissing his cheeks and neck. Her master smiled. 


“And I love fucking you, my little whore,” he kissed her deeply. She had never felt so complete. 


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Summary - Amelia Bones was incredibly stressed. To make matters worse, she didn’t have any decent way to relieve that stress. Luckily, she had a thoughtful niece who had a plan of action.


Bare Bones


Amelia Bones stepped out of her fireplace having just returned from another annoying day at work. Having to deal with the various idiots that worked at the Ministry was a daunting task on the best of days. Unfortunately for her, she had had a headache from the moment she woke up. No amount of pain potions could seem to cure the pain. The pain in her head made dealing with them even harder. Thankfully, the day had ended and she could finally relax. She made a beeline for the bar. Pouring herself an extra-large glass of firewhiskey, she went and sat down on her comfortable leather chair. Adding to her bad mood was the fact that they were in the middle of a heatwave. Summer had hit them hard here in England. It was unseasonably hot and had been for the last couple of weeks. 


Often she had been woken up in the middle of the night, sweating like a pig. All that she could do was add more cooling charms around the room and hope that they held for the rest of the night. Poor sleeping patterns definitely weren’t helping her either. Gulping down her whiskey in a single go, she got up and went to her room. There she went into her personal bathroom and splashed cold water on her face. She sighed and looked in her mirror. The woman looking back at her looked stressed. Very stressed in fact. 


While she was an older woman, she didn’t look all that old. At least she normally didn’t. Her stress was making her appearance suffer. She had sandy blonde hair that was beginning to go gray. There was nothing that she could really do about that unless she wanted to dye it, which she may end up doing. Most witches her age did, so it wasn’t a big deal. She had big brown eyes that were quite pretty, and a lovely face that was often hardened from dealing with morons all day. Dropping her Ministry robes on the ground, she pulled her top off and unclasped her bra. Two massive tits burst free, standing proud for her to see in the mirror. She placed her hands under them and hefted them up. Smirking, she let them drop which made them jiggle. Her breasts were very big and drew the attention of quite a few men on a daily basis. They were surprisingly perky for being so big and were capped by pink nipples. She turned to the side and looked at herself. She sighed again. It really didn’t matter what she looked like. It wasn’t like she had time for romance. Putting all of that out of her mind, she removed the rest of her clothing and hopped into the shower. 


Susan Bones was in her room getting everything ready for her Aunt’s surprise. “Are you all ready?”


“Yep. All clean and ready to go,” Harry smiled at his beautiful, busty friend. Susan had invited him over for the day which he happily accepted. Once he got here, however, she told him about the plan that she had come up with. Apparently, her Aunt, Madam Bones had been incredibly stressed recently. She often walked around growling in annoyance and snapping at Susan over the smallest of infractions. Susan wanted to do something about it. She had told him that she thought it was because her aunt had gone so long without sex. That sounded plausible to him. Going for too long without sex made him a bit irritable, and he was only sixteen! That’s where he came in. Susan knew of his sexual prowess. In fact, she had experienced it over and over again. She had experienced it twice just that morning. Susan wanted Harry to give her aunt the time of her life. He was more than happy to oblige. 


“Robe off and let me see,” she responded, walking closer to him. Harry pulled open his robe and exposed his nude form. 


“Nice,” she looked at his hairless genitals. “I love how smooth you are,” she added, her hand gliding over his skin. She cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze while her other hand stroked him until he was nice and erect. Susan silently marveled at the sheer size of his magnificent penis. It was humongous! People often commented on her “Bones Bust”, but in her opinion, not enough talked about the “Potter Penis”. ‘Oh well, more cock for me,’ she thought as she fondled his junk. ‘Auntie Amelia better thank me for this wonderful gift,’ she thought snidely. She was still a bit annoyed at the older woman for constantly getting on her case. She needed to get laid ASAP. Giving him one last stroke, she pecked him on the cheek and let him close his robe. She was about to walk away when he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to him. Her back collided with his strong, muscled chest. 


Susan giggled when he nipped at her tender neck. She helped him by moving her auburn locks out of his way. She closed her eyes as he ran his tongue over it, tasting her flavor. He took her by the chin and slowly turned her face. Her breath caught as he sensually claimed her lips. Slowly their lips danced together, and their tongues rolled, playing with each other as they moaned into each other's mouths. She deepened the kiss when his hand slid under her shirt and groped her naked breast. His fingers grazed the hard, crinkled nubs that were so sensitive to her, making her gasp into his mouth. He pinched her nipple and tugged on it, making her squeak in pain and pleasure. Harry pulled his lips away from hers. “You owe me for this. I’ll be taking my payment as soon as possible,” he growled as his hand cupped her bum. She blushed and nodded. Kissing him again quickly, she ran to her mirror to make sure that she wasn’t disheveled. She fixed her hair and makeup and ran to wait outside of her aunt’s room. Susan knew her aunt’s routine like the back of her hand. She came home, drank a glass of firewhiskey, hopped into the shower, then came out in her robe so she could read a bit before dinner. 


Amelia came out dressed in only her soft bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her damp hair. She was surprised to see Susan outside of her door. She raised an eyebrow at her niece, silently asking what she wanted. 


“Auntie, I know that you’re still incredibly stressed out. You’ve been stomping around and growling at everything that moves. I love you, but this has got to stop,” Susan said, raising a hand to cut off her aunt. She didn’t want to hear any excuses. “I know that it’s not your fault. You have to deal with a lot, and you have no outlet to help relieve the stress. I’m here to help you with that. I’ve set something up for you. Don’t argue. Just enjoy it,” she said, smiling at her aunt. “Harry,” Susan called for him. Amelia opened her mouth to say something, but Susan cut her off again. “As I said, just enjoy it.” Susan walked away leaving her with her friend, Harry Potter. 


“You heard her. Let’s enjoy this,” Harry stated, walking up to her. Amelia was about to protest when his hands slipped into her robe and squeezed her healthy bottom. She would have gasped if he hadn’t claimed her lips in a passionate kiss. Her eyes were wide when his tongue slithered against hers. She felt his hand slip between her cheeks, and it brushed against her hairy cunt. She blushed fiercely. At the moment she wished that she had taken the time to shave her pussy. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. She hadn’t had sex in so long that she didn’t even bother grooming herself down there. She didn’t let it grow wild, but it wasn’t exactly smooth either. Amelia breathed heavily onto his lips as his fingers split her folds, and rubbed the silky, wet insides of her pussy. He kissed her again and removed his hands from her curvy body, and used them to slowly lead her back into her room and close the door behind them. She looked over her shoulder as he untied her sash and let her robe pool at her feet. 


Amelia was nearly mortified as she covered her pussy with one hand, and used her arm to cover the expanse of her gigantic bosom. It was a job that her one arm wasn’t up to. She was spilling out all over the place, much to Harry’s delight. She was in her room with a boy that was her niece’s age! She gulped when he dropped his own robe. What met her view was a well-muscled young body with a cock that belonged on a god! It was long, thick, and had a pair of heavy-looking balls dangling low. He was looking at her, slowly stroking himself to hardness. She looked away in embarrassment. 


Harry watched as she crossed her legs and covered her bushy mound. A smirk appeared on his lips. The poor woman needed a good, hard fucking, and he was going to give it to her. His cock fully hard, he slid up to her and kissed her again. It took only a few seconds for her to go from pretending to not want it, to tongue kissing him back. Now he just needed to push her over the edge. Moving her hand out of the way, he slid his long cock right into the crevice between her mound and her closed legs. It was a tight fit, but he got in there. She gasped and pulled back, only for him to begin thrusting.


Amelia groaned and placed her head against his broad shoulder. Her eyes fluttered shut as his big, veiny cock slid along the length of her dewy slit. She heard her new lover moaning as he slowly but surely fucked her thighs. She nipped at his bare shoulder every time that the spongy head of his cock mashed into her sensitive clit. The sounds being made were so lewd that her face was completely red. It was obvious how wet she was. They could both feel it as her juices smeared his massive piece of meat. Their tongues were still battling when his hands squeezed her big bottom. She moaned as they spread her cheeks apart, exposing her pussy and asshole to the warm night air. 


“Ohhh fuck me, Harry … oh god!” she squeaked as her juices started flooding his cock. Her body bucked a little as his cock stimulated her already sensitive clit. Amelia mewled like a virgin teen as a boy a third her age made her cum. She let out a loud EEP as he smacked her thick ass, making it jiggle nicely. She was breathing heavily as he led her to her bed and groped her as she crawled on. 


Harry saw the spectacular view of her on all fours and instantly needed a piece. He grabbed her hips harshly and slammed his cock all the way in. “Holy shit, Madam Bones!” Harry groaned naughtily. “Your pussy is so wet!” Harry said, amazed. She was the wettest that he had ever had. 


The Head of the DMLE buried her face in the bed, embarrassed at the very wet squelching noises coming from her pussy as Harry stuffed her full of cock. She shuddered and gasped with every penetrating thrust. It wasn’t her fault that she was so turned on, she thought. It had been years since the last time that she had had a lover. It was natural that she would be wet for him. She mewled and bowed her back when he slid his hands down her ribs and cupped her massive hanging breasts. “Such fantastic tits,” Harry complimented her. 


“Pull my nipples,” she moaned out an order. Harry did as requested and rolled her hardened nubs between his fingers before giving them a little twist and pull. She let out a whorish moan as her pussy gripped his cock tighter and tighter. She enjoyed the way he played with her big breasts. Harry would jiggle and juggle them, squeeze them, and slap them together. Amelia was biting her bedsheets and left a large wet spot from the constant moans escaping her plump lips. Harry was playing with her body like he owned it, and she wasn’t going to complain. She liked how he treated her … like a piece of meat to take pleasure from. She quickly decided that she would treat him the same way. In the future, she would use him for stress relief and toss him aside once she was done. Now that she was having her pussy stuffed, there was no way that she was willing to go without it again. She raised her head as a powerful orgasm was building up. As she pulled her face away from the bed, she could smell the scent of their activities filling the warm room. She groaned happily. It had been way too long since her room had stunk of sex. 


Harry took one of his hands away from her tit and slid it down her bare, sweaty back before lifting it up and bringing it down with a powerful force. 




“EEEEEEP!” Amelia squeaked out as Harry spanked her naughty bottom. She looked back over her shoulder wildly, daring him to do it again. He did. 




Amelia squeaked again, her pussy squeezing his thrusting dick. She rapidly shook her head, silently begging him to stop. Every spank made her pussy tingle, and her orgasm was building quickly. She wouldn’t be able to hold on. 




Her pussy clamped down on him hard as she wailed in ecstasy. Her pussy squirted around his massive, thrusting cock as her body spasmed wildly. Unable to take the intense pleasure of his continued fucking, she rolled away, ending up on her back. Harry watched as her pussy pulsated between her parted legs. Her body was trembling badly, clearly experiencing one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. There was one problem though, Harry hadn’t cummed yet. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he crawled on top of the spasming woman and straddled her chest. 


Amelia couldn’t talk, her orgasm was too strong. She could only watch as Harry placed his fat cock between her large bust and started fucking. Wanting to make him feel good, she used her hands to push her big tits together, making the gash even tighter for him. After a few minutes of fucking her tits, she could hear his breathing get heavier. It was rapidly becoming ragged, and a moment later, he pulled out and stroked his cock. Amelia squeaked as a large, hot load spurted across her cheek and lips. Harry threw his head back and groaned as another spurt hit her in the face again. She just laid there getting cummed on. Once he was done, she was done too. She passed out with a huge smile on her jizz-stained face … her headache was magically gone. 


Harry got off of her and looked at the cougar. He smiled and shook his head. He’d have to show her what he could really do next time. He waved his wand and added a powerful cooling charm to the room. Hopefully, it would last the night. He covered her nude form with a sheet and pulled on his robe. As he closed her room door, he had a big smile on his face. The night was still young, and there was another sexy, busty girl with a warm, wet pussy waiting for him to return. He quickly scampered back to Susan’s room to fully enjoy the night. 


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Summary - Harry sees that Fleur Delacour keeps sneaking out at night and visiting the same empty room. He follows her to see what is going on. 


The Stag Mag


Harry Potter had always been a curious boy. Even back before he knew about magic, he would sometimes follow people who looked like they were doing something fun or exciting. More often than not, they didn’t end up doing anything that he cared about. It was really more about the sneaking around that he enjoyed. All of that led up to where he was today. It was close to Christmas time during his fourth year at Hogwarts. The Triwizard Tournament was going on, and much to his annoyance, he had been pulled into it without his knowledge. 


He had done pretty well in his first task, which thankfully shut a lot of his nay-sayers up. The Christmas break had just started, and the Yule Ball was just around the corner. He didn’t care about any of that at the moment. What he cared about was finding out what in the world Fleur Delacour was doing. 


When the other two schools had arrived at Hogwarts, he was somewhat impressed with them. They weren’t all that much different than the students at Hogwarts, however. The only one that was different, was Fleur Delacour. The girl was a complete bombshell. It was clear to all that she had Veela blood in her veins. She was simply too beautiful not to be at least part Veela. Not only that, but she also had certain Veela-like characteristics, like deep blue eyes and silvery blonde hair. Needless to say, much of the male population had lost their minds over her. The female population wasn’t very impressed with the males of the school, and in turn, was annoyed with his fellow champion. In Harry’s opinion, it was kind of unfair to the girl. She didn’t do anything wrong. As far as he knew, she hadn’t led any of them on. In the end, it was probably just jealousy rearing its ugly head. Harry had been one of the few boys that didn’t go bananas over her. Sure, he thought that she was incredibly gorgeous, but what point was there in going nuts over her. It wasn’t like she was suddenly going to declare her love for a fourth year, no matter how famous he was. He thought it was best to just admire the view from afar. That was exactly what he was doing now. 


He had spent some time watching the girl. Probably a little more than he should, if he was being honest. He couldn’t help himself though. At first, he just watched her like every other boy in school. Then he noticed something strange. One night when he was wandering the school after hours, like he often did, he noticed Fleur sneaking around looking for something. She went from room to room, quickly looking through them before moving on. Later he realized that she was searching for a room to use that met her requirements. What those requirements were, he didn’t know. He followed her until she snuck back to her school’s carriage. After that, he had kept his eye on her. Several more times he found her sneaking to a certain room. He tried to find out what was going on, but he hadn’t been able to do it yet. The girl was very good at covering her tracks and leaving no evidence behind. Still, Harry had promised himself that he would figure it out. 


A couple of days later, Harry was under his invisibility cloak waiting outside of the Beauxbatons carriage. It was a few minutes before midnight when the door slowly opened. A head popped out with a beautiful face looking around to make sure that the coast was clear. Satisfied that she was alone, Fleur exited the carriage and began making her way back to the castle. Harry quickly followed suit. He made sure to stay a respectable distance away. Fleur was quite crafty and would likely figure out that someone was following her if he got sloppy. Harry had discovered and practiced a spell that would silence his footsteps. Luckily he was a fast learner, and he followed her without making a peep. Fleur moved quickly and gracefully as she expertly traversed the corridors, going to the room that she so often did. He saw that she kept an eye open to make sure that she wasn’t seen. The only things that she had with her were the same two things that she always had, her wand which she kept in hand, and her bag that was hung over her shoulder. 


Harry had to speed up a bit, he was too far back. He added length to his stride, and soon, she was standing in front of the same door she went into every few days. She looked around one more time and opened the door. Harry took his chance. He was just able to slip in without her noticing. Quickly he snuck to the far corner. Harry looked around. There didn’t appear to be anything strange or unique about the room. It seemed to be an old teacher’s quarters or perhaps a guest room. There was a door that probably led to a bathroom, a wardrobe, a desk, a set of drawers, and a large bed. That was it. He really had no idea what she was doing in there. 


Harry stood there silently and watched the gorgeous blonde. She reached into her bag and pulled out what looked to be a classic muggle school girl outfit. Harry’s eyes widened. Why would she need one of those? Fleur also pulled out a camera and set it on the desk. Grabbing the outfit, Fleur went into the bathroom to get changed. It was all very strange Harry thought. Suddenly, he had an idea. Why didn’t he just ask her? What was the worst that could happen? She may hex him and toss him out. Even that was doubtful. For whatever reason, she didn’t want people to know what she was doing. She probably wouldn’t want to anger him and risk him telling. Pulling off his invisibility cloak, he waited for her to come out of the bathroom. 


What came out of the bathroom would fulfill his male masturbatory fantasies for the next fifty years. Fleur looked incredible. She was wearing a white button-up shirt that wasn’t closed all the way. Quite a few buttons were undone, leaving a wonderful valley of cleavage out in the open. Her plaid skirt was very short. It was much shorter than the skirts the girls of Hogwarts wore. It didn’t even reach halfway down her creamy, pale thighs. On her small feet were shiny, black Mary Jane shoes and white knee socks that helped give the entire image such a tantalizing look. Fleur didn’t really have a whole lot of make-up on. Frankly, she didn’t need it. She was more than beautiful enough on her own. What she did wear simply highlighted her beauty. Her long, flowing hair, which normally went down to her bottom, was pulled up into two pigtails. His cock was instantly hard. 


Their eyes met and both just stood there. Fleur was too shocked to talk, and Harry was rendered speechless by the utter sexiness of her. For a moment, all he did was allow his eyes to travel the expanse of her insanely gorgeous body. At least he did until she yelped and tried to cover herself. 


“Why are you covering yourself? You’re not even naked?” Harry asked, confused at her behavior. Apparently, that was the wrong thing to say, because her face went red, and she screeched in anger. Then she started throwing things. 


“Hey! Stop tha … hey!” he yelped, blocking his face with his hands. “Ow … what the …” Harry cried out as he was pelted with anything that the hot blonde could get her hands on. Suddenly, behind his eyes, there was a flash of light, and he crumpled to the ground, dazed and confused. He didn’t know how long he was down there. His head was swimming, and he barely felt someone kneel beside him. His hurting head was pulled and placed on something very soft and warm. It was extremely pleasant. 


“Oh ‘Arry! I am so sorry. I did not mean to hit you in the ‘ead!” Fleur apologized profusely. Harry didn’t even know what was going on. 


“What happened?” he asked groggily, looking around. It appeared that he was lying on the ground with his head on Fleur’s lap. 


“I ‘it you on the ‘ead with that wooden thing right there,” she explained. He looked over at it. It was an old Beater’s bat that looked pockmarked and grizzled. Clearly, it was left here because it was no longer useful if you didn’t count clobbering teenage boys. 


“Why did you hit me?” he groaned, rubbing his aching head. He sat up and looked at the girl. She looked repentant. 


“I was angry that you were ‘ere and started throwing things. I did not think that I would actually ‘urt you. Sorry, ‘Arry.”


Harry tried to rub away the pain. Slowly, it receded, and he was able to think a little more clearly now. “That’s okay, I guess. I shouldn’t have followed you here. By the way, what are you doing here dressed like that?”


Fleur blushed deeply. “I will tell you, but you need to make a magical promise not to reveal it to anyone.” Harry agreed, and after she told him how to make the promise, he did so. That was when she explained what was going on. 


Her family was desperate for money. She didn’t tell him what was wrong with her father, but apparently, he was ill and needed some very expensive treatments. He would be fine as long as he got them, and he would eventually not even need them. The only problem was paying for them. The potions needed were very difficult to brew and needed a potion master. Not only that, but the ingredients were insanely expensive as well, further driving up the price. Fleur was bringing in some very good money by providing sexy photos to a magical American magazine called FWO. For Wizards Only was a bit of a stag mag, but didn’t show any nudity. It came very close but didn’t actually show anything. That’s what Fleur was doing in this room. She couldn’t take pictures of herself in her room, because she had a roommate. A room in the castle was the only place available. They sat down and talked for a while. Fleur actually opened up quite a bit. It seemed that she had been keeping a lot inside of her and desperately wanted to share it with someone. When she talked about the potion ingredients, Harry’s eyes widened. 


“Powdered Basilisk scales?” Harry asked. 


“Yes,” Fleur replied. “That is the most expensive part. They are so rare that the price is outrageous.”


Harry happily explained how he had killed a gigantic Basilisk, and its corpse was just sitting under the castle waiting to be used. She didn’t believe him at first. Harry told her to do what she needed to do, and he would go and fetch some of the scales to show her. Leaving her in the room, Harry went to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom on the second floor and quickly descended. He made sure to be careful, the ceiling wasn’t exactly structurally sound. After a few minutes of walking, he was able to re-enter the Chamber of Secrets. Harry had to cover his nose. The snake had started rotting and gave off a sickly-sweet scent. He pulled off around a dozen scales that were as big as his palm and scampered back up the pipe. Harry was quite happy to get some fresh air. It had been less than an hour since he had left, so he very lightly knocked on the door, not knowing if she was in a compromised state. Fleur opened the door and quickly pulled him inside. She was already in her normal clothes. 


“I got them,” Harry said, holding them up for her to see. She took one and examined it. 


“They are very big,” she said, looking it over. “I will send it to my Maman tonight. She is very good at potions and will let me know,” Fleur told him, putting it away in her bag. Harry just kept hold of the rest. “Anyway, thank you for listening to me ‘Arry. I will speak to you again soon.” Fleur smiled and left to go back to the carriage. It was getting late, so he made his way back to Gryffindor Tower to get some well-deserved shut-eye. 


It was just after lunch the following day that Fleur sneakily asked him to meet her in the same room again that night. Harry agreed, and when the time came, he snuck out of the tower and made his way to the meeting. As soon as he slipped into the door, he was attacked by a joyous Veela. 


Fleur squealed and hugged him. “ ‘Arry! Maman said that they are real Basilisk scales! This will ‘elp my family so much,” she hugged him again and kissed both of his cheeks, causing his face to go red. They talked for a while as she asked about the carcass. He told her all that he could. In the end, they agreed that they would harvest what was left together and share the profits. Her mother knew the best places to sell the parts to maximize profits. They met up again the following day and harvested the good parts of the giant snake. Scales, teeth, bones, and anything else was collected and sent off to her mother. Fleur was happier and more excited than she had been in years. The whole ordeal with her father was like a black cloud hanging over her family’s head. With the scales and extra money from selling the parts, her family was just about out of debt. It was all thanks to her newest friend. 


Harry was asked to meet up with her the following night as well. He did so happily. He liked spending time with the beautiful blonde. When he went inside “their” room, he was stunned to see her in her schoolgirl outfit again. 


“I need your ‘elp ‘Arry,” she stated, handing him her camera. “The pictures that I took were not good enough. It is difficult to take quality pictures of yourself without any ‘elp. Would you mind taking them for me?”


“Of course,” Harry said, taking her camera in hand. “But why are you still sending in pictures? I thought that your family had enough money now,” he asked for clarification. 


“Not completely. We are in a much better position now thanks to you,” she smiled at him, making him blush. “But we still ‘ave a little debt, and we need money coming in until my Papa recovers. So for the time being, I will ‘ave to keep sending pictures,” she told him. “Besides, the money is good, and it is not like I am naked or anything,” she happily added. 


Harry figured that she was right. The photos were a bit scandalous, but they weren’t nudes or anything. He decided to shut up and enjoy himself. She had just given him permission to photograph her near-naked body. 


He watched as Fleur jumped on the bed and landed on all fours facing away from him. Her already short skirt hiked up and exposed her thong-clad ass. She looked at him and giggled, wiggling her ass at him. His face turned beet-red, but with shaky hands, he took the pictures. He watched through the viewfinder as she shook her perky ass at him. Her thong was so minuscule that it barely covered her tight puckered hole. Not only that, but her smooth, hairless pussy lips were already hanging out of the sides. His cock had never been so hard. Then she spread her knees apart and arched her back. He nearly nutted on himself from the sight alone. Her skirt slipped all the way up on her lower back and showed him everything. His eyes glided from her ass down to her smooth, shapely thighs. Remembering that he was supposed to be taking pictures, he started snapping. 


Fleur flipped over and was now lying on her back. Her shirt was mostly unbuttoned and her braless breasts looked mouth-watering. He couldn’t see her nipples, but he could see everything else. All it would take was one careless maneuver and they would burst free of the thin fabric. A boy could dream. She posed for him in various ways, sticking her chest out, or crossing her legs sexily. His eyes were glued to them as they crossed each other. She looked at him and smirked. She knew that she had fantastic legs. She decided to tease him a bit. 


“ ‘Arry? Would you mind taking off my shoe and sock? They need pictures of my feet, mon ami,” she giggled, waggling her foot. He nodded and placed the camera down. He got on his knee as she sat at the edge of the bed. Slowly he unbuckled her shoe and slid it off her dainty foot. Then his hand shakily moved up her leg and gripped the edge of her knee-sock. He peeled it down, watching as more and more of her creamy leg was exposed. His cock was beginning to hurt. Her small foot was finally revealed. Fleur wiggled her tiny painted toes at him and rubbed it against him as he stood up. He blushed heavily as she placed it against his hard stomach. Harry let out a shuddered breath as her bare foot slipped underneath his shirt and glided up and down his stomach. 


Fleur moaned sexily for him. “Do you like that, ‘Arry?” she breathed out huskily. “Do you enjoy ‘aving my sexy foot on you?” she asked, tickling his skin with her toes. Harry couldn’t even talk. He was on the verge of cumming and couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Fleur foot slowly dipped down and landed on his jeans covered crotch. She added pressure with her foot and wiggled her toes. “Will you cum for me ‘Arry?” she breathed out, pulling the side of her unbuttoned shirt open and showing him her bare breast. As she did that, she rubbed the ball of her foot up and down on his hard cock. 


He couldn’t take it anymore. He shuddered and had his first orgasm from a real-life sexual experience. He felt globs of hot cum fill his boxers and slide down the inside of his thigh. He was mortified until he saw her smirking at him. 


“That was just the beginning ‘Arry. I am about to show you ‘ow thankful I truly am,” she breathed into his ear. He looked at her with wide eyes as she pushed him on the bed and started removing his cum-stained trousers. It turned out that following her was the best idea that he had ever had. 


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Summary - Tonks was guarding Harry outside of Privet Drive, thinking about the long dry spell that she was having. She spotted a well-hung Harry Potter and decided to do something about the lack of a love-life. SMUT


Guarding Harry


Nymphadora “if you call me that again, I’ll put my boot up your ass” Tonks was sitting under her borrowed invisibility cloak leaning up against a hedge in the front yard of Number 4 Privet Drive. Why was she there? She was there to watch Harry Potter, and make sure that no bad guy got anywhere near him. Personally, she thought that was pretty stupid. She had made her opinion known and told them to just take him to Grimmauld Place, or the Burrow. Dumbledore, however, refused for whatever reason. 


As annoying as that was, it was even worse when they had to give up what little free time that they had in order to guard him. She wasn’t annoyed at Harry. He didn’t even know that he was being watched. No, she was annoyed at Dumbledore. Perhaps the old man had a good reason for keeping Harry here. Whether he did or not, she couldn’t say. Dumbledore absolutely refused to tell them his reasons for wanting Harry to stay here for the time being. Then he had the audacity to order them to guard him. Tonks shook her head. Well, he had another thing coming. 


Being in the Order of the Phoenix wasn’t as exciting as she would have believed. When she had been approached by certain members, they had made it seem like an action-packed muggle movie. Instead, what she got was a lot of sitting around, boredom, and occasional arguments. Add in the fact that her social life had gone down the crapper, and Nymphadora Tonks was not a happy camper. She hadn’t had a boyfriend in ages. She had only been out of Hogwarts for a few years, and in that time, she spent most of it training to become a full-time Auror. That alone had sucked up a lot of her free time. Now she had Auror duty and Order of the Phoenix related stuff. It could be years before she found a steady boyfriend! Hell, even a quick fling would work for her. She had tried to start things up with Remus Lupin, but he had turned her down almost as soon as she started up. Why ... she couldn’t say. He didn’t have a girlfriend, and Tonks was quite good-looking if she did say so herself. Oh well. It was his loss. 


Tonks wiped the sweat from her forehead and glared at the sun. That day was one of the few where it was sunny and hot in England. She sighed as she pulled out a few blades of grass. She was having trouble concentrating lately. She knew the reason why. She was too damn horny! Normally, it wouldn’t be too bad, but right now it could end up being dangerous. They were in the middle of a silent war. Times were dangerous, and she needed to be on her A-game. She couldn’t afford to have a single slip in judgment or lose her concentration at the wrong time. It could cost her, or one of her fellow members their lives. Something needed to be done about it. 


Just as she thought that she heard a thump from upstairs. The Dursley’s were out of town for the next few days, so she knew that it was Harry making that noise. She tossed the blades of grass onto the ground and got up from her hiding spot. Being invisible, she didn’t worry about getting seen. She went around the side to look into the window that wasn’t covered by a curtain. What she saw had her eyes as wide as saucers. Harry was completely naked and drying himself off with a towel. He was standing right by the window, but being down below, she couldn’t see that well. She hopped onto her broom and rose up to window level. She gulped noisily. He was rubbing the towel through his wet hair, leaving his lower half exposed. Her eyes were glued to the massive slab of meat hanging between his legs. It must have been six inches while soft! It looked so thick as well, with huge, cum-filled balls hanging low. She licked her lips lewdly. She felt her nipples crinkle and get hard. Her pussy moistened while watching his pendulous cock swaying ever so slightly from side to side. She was very tempted to slide her hand down her jeans and rub one off. ‘That wouldn’t be very professional, now would it?’ she thought naughtily. It didn’t really matter, because around that time, she looked up and met Harry’s eyes. He was looking at her with wide, unbelieving eyes. Her eyes widened as well as she looked down at herself. 


Her invisibility cloak was on the ground below her! It had somehow slipped off sometime in the past few minutes. Harry squeaked in embarrassment and covered his cock with his towel. Tonks squeaked in fright and slipped off of her broom. 


“ARRRRGGGH!” she yelled on the way down. “OOF!” she grunted when she collided with the ground. “Uggh,” she groaned in pain. Thankfully she landed on the soft grass so she wasn’t hurt too bad. 


“Who are you and are you okay?” Harry hissed quietly, his head sticking out of the window. Tonks looked up at him.


“Yeah, I think I’m fine. I’m Tonks. I work for Dumbledore,” she said, pulling herself from the ground and brushing the dirt from her jeans. She made sure that she didn’t break her wand. Grabbing her broom and cloak, she looked back up at him. “You may as well invite me up. I was trying to be sneaky, but that’s out the window now.” Harry nodded and disappeared back inside. She waited for him at the back door. It was a few minutes before the lock clicked and the door opened. A pink-cheeked Harry ushered her into the house. Tonks looked around. The place was abnormally clean and tidy. It was kind of freaky. 


“So Dumbledore got you watching me?” Harry asked, pouring them both a glass of icy cold water. She happily drank hers down. Tonks nodded. 


“Yeah. How did you know?” she wondered. 


“This one guy always falls asleep with his feet sticking out of the invisibility cloak,” he explained. Tonks sighed. 


“That’s probably Mundungus. He’s not someone that I’d count on to get the job done.”


They chatted for a few more minutes until they went upstairs to Harry’s room. Tonks saw that there wasn’t anything special about the room. It had some junk in it that clearly didn’t belong to Harry. She guessed that it belonged to his cousin. She didn’t care about any of that. She couldn’t get the image of his big cock out of her mind. Here she was, on the biggest dry spell of her life, and she had the largest penis that she had ever seen a few feet from her. Harry was saying something, but she didn’t even pay any attention to that. She was staring at his groin. Tonks didn’t know what had come over her. All she knew was that Harry had something that she desperately wanted. Seemingly running on autopilot, Tonks got in front of him and dropped to her knees. 


Harry was confused. At first, he was talking to Tonks and asking her questions about the goings-on in the wizarding world when she suddenly went down on her knees. “Hey!” he exclaimed as she grabbed his shorts and pulled them down. His complaints were cut short as she sucked his soft cock straight into her mouth. Harry’s eyes widened and he groaned out in absolute bliss. As her head bobbed and his cock grew, he experienced the most pleasure that he had ever felt. 


Only a few minutes in and Harry was already shuddering. Tonks suspected that this was his first sexual experience with a woman. It wasn’t surprising. He was only fifteen. Tonks decided to give him the time of his life, and hopefully fulfill her own needs at the same time. She moaned as his cock grew to massive proportions right in her mouth. She bobbed expertly, and as he shuddered, she grabbed his naked ass and pulled him all the way down her throat. Her metamorph talents kicked in, and she was able to milk him with her throat as he spilled his seed right down her gullet. 


“Oh wow!” he gasped, thrusting his hips and fucking her throat. His body spasmed because of how sensitive his cock now was. Tonks pushed him away, and he pulled out of her mouth. She took a deep breath and pushed him onto his bed. She roughly pulled his shorts off leaving him nude from the waist down. 


Tonks kicked her shoes and socks off. Next came her jeans and panties. Finally, with Harry’s eyes glued to her form, she pulled off her Weird Sisters t-shirt and was totally nude in front of him. She smirked and shook her chest tantalizingly. Harry started to sit up, but Tonks wasn’t having any of it. Today, she was in the driver’s seat. She lifted her leg up and placed her bare foot on his chest. 


“Not so fast, loverboy!” she smirked as his cock stood straight up, completely erect and waiting to be fucked. “I’ll do the work for the time being. You just lay there and thank your lucky stars that I haven’t had a good lay in forever,” Tonks said. He gasped as she sexily dragged her soft, bare foot down his chest and over his stomach. He moaned as it slipped over his hard cock, her toes tickling him. She giggled as she used her foot to pull his cock down, and laughed when she removed it, and his cock sprang back up, long and proud. “Shirt off,” she ordered, spitting on her hand and using it to rub her clit. She straddled him as he quickly pulled off his shirt. 


Harry watched the sexy girl with bubblegum pink hair rub her clit as she climbed on his lap. Her tits were fantastic in his opinion. They were more than a handful and quite perky. He desperately wanted to suck on them. Her pussy was the real prize, however. He could smell her arousal already. The wonderful, heady scent was making his head swim. Her mound was covered in hair that changed color, from red to pink to purple. He didn’t know why it was doing that, but it wasn’t important at the moment. She lowered herself, and he groaned and tried to raise his hips as her hot slit touched the underside of his massive erection. 


“Fuck, Harry! Your cock is so warm,” she shuddered as her wet pussy hotdogged his hard dick. She arched her back and squeezed her tits, wanting to give him the best show possible. Tonks knew that since she was taking his virginity, he would remember this moment, and her by association for the rest of his life. She wanted him to remember her in the best possible light. She used her powers to make her tits a little bigger, and a little perkier. Her rosy pink nipples were as hard as rocks as she rolled her hips on his lap. Tonks moaned as her wet pussy rubbed his thick member, coating it with her juices. She bit her lip and squeezed his pecs while her hips danced on his groin. Leaning forward, she laid on him and sucked his neck as she reached behind her and took his cock in hand. Her tongue was slithering over his Adam’s apple when she started slapping her pussy with his Beater’s bat sized cock. She was too horny to wait any longer and leaned forward. Her lips claimed his as she placed the head of his cock at her entrance and dropped herself down.


They moaned together as he penetrated her for the first time. He was so long and thick! Tonks had never had a man so deep inside of her! Sucking on his tongue, she began bouncing her hips. His hands were gliding over her sweaty body as the sounds of wet clapping filled the small room. The smells of sweat and sex filled her nostrils as she rode him faster and faster. Tonks’ eyes fluttered as Harry hit a wonderful spot deep inside of her. She angled her body so he would continuously hit her G-spot. She spasmed and shuddered as she pulled her lips from his mouth. “Mmmm, Harry,” she quietly moaned into his neck, her hips slamming onto his lap. She concentrated and tightened her wet pussy on him. They both gasped with wide eyes. Her nipples crinkled as her pussy tightened again, this time on its own. Harry kissed her deeply as his hands molested her tight ass. 


Tonks mewled like a blushing virgin as her pussy began to pulsate, her walls gripping his thrusting cock. Her tongue was wrapped around Harry’s as his fingers brushed over her virgin asshole. That tiny bit of extra stimulation was all that she needed to push her over the top. She squealed into his mouth as her pussy clamped down, milking him for all it was worth. Harry groaned and arched his back as her milking pussy coaxed a hefty load from his balls. They moaned into each other’s mouths as they orgasmed together. Tonks was trembling as she was creampied over and over. Finally spent, she collapsed on top of him. They breathed heavily as they snuggled in post-cordial bliss. 


“So how was your first time?” she asked sleepily. 


“Bloody brilliant!” he groaned, his cock already hardening from being in contact with a naked, sweaty girl. 


Tonks groaned. “Fine! Once more, then no sex for at least an hour,” she commanded, rolling on her back and parting her legs. Harry was on her so fast that she could have sworn that he had apparated. She groaned as they connected once again. Maybe guarding Harry wouldn’t be so bad after all!


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Summary - Harry and Fleur are on vacation, showing their affection to one another. The only problem? Gabrielle turned into a roadblock. What happens when she no longer blocks them but joins them?


The Sisters

Part 1


Harry Potter was having the time of his life. He had spent the last three days on a beautiful beach in Southern France with his lovely girlfriend. They had done everything that one would expect. They played in the sand, splashed around in the water, and just relaxed in the warm sun. His favorite activities, however, happened at night. 


Harry moaned causing a giggle to erupt from below. “Did you like that, mon amour?” Fleur teased. 


Fleur Delacour was quite possibly the most beautiful girl in the entire world. Somehow Harry was lucky enough to rope her into being his girlfriend. She had a fantastic figure with curves in all the right places. Her long, silvery blonde hair was a sight to behold. Even her smile could stop traffic. It was all capped off by the most gorgeous face that he had ever seen. When they went out together, he couldn’t believe how many men and quite a few women would just stop what they were doing just to stare at her. It shouldn’t have been so surprising to him. He remembered vividly when his friend Ron Weasley would stare at her. He didn’t see Ron all that often now, but at least he had mostly gotten over it. Other people weren’t quite so lucky. 


One time, he and Fleur were walking down the muggle street hand in hand when she smiled and caused a ten-car pile-up. It would have been funny if it hadn’t been so dangerous. In the end, it really wasn’t his problem. 


They had met during the Triwizard Tournament. Both had been chosen as Champions, but Fleur was the one who was chosen fairly. Harry still chuckled when he remembered her reaction to his being chosen. Fleur wasn’t one to mince words. Thankfully, her temper cooled when he pulled her little sister out of the cold depths of the Black Lake. That had been the start of their budding relationship. Harry spent quite a few hours trying to win her heart. It hadn’t been easy either. She didn’t want to be in a relationship with someone that was so much younger than she was. These days it didn’t matter since they were both adults, but back then, three years seemed like an eternity to her. Luckily, Harry kept a cool head and eventually scored a date. She insisted that it should be kept a secret. He figured that she was embarrassed to admit to dating someone who was still a minor. That didn’t bother him all that much. It did cause some problems since they couldn’t be together as much as they would have liked. They dated in secret for a few years before finally coming clean once Voldemort was taken care of, and he was an adult. He was actually thankful that they had kept it a secret. It just meant that she and her family were kept safe from the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. 


His friends were shocked when they had found out. He didn’t blame them, They knew that he was keeping in contact with her and that they seemed close. They just didn’t know how close that they actually were. At the moment, they were as close as two people could be. 


Fleur’s head went back down and took him down to the base, earning a very noisy groan from him. He watched as her pretty, little head bobbed up and down, her tongue never leaving the underside of his cock. Harry ran his fingers through her gorgeous locks. He found her long hair very attractive. He loved the way it would brush against his body during their lovemaking. She pulled back until just his head was in her mouth. Her tongue wiggled against the underside of his head, making him squirm with pleasure. Fleur was fantastic at giving blowjobs. She let go of him with a pop and took him in hand. She straightened up and showed off her perfect tits as she stroked his large member. Harry’s eyes fluttered when her other hand joined in and massaged his bloated testicles. Fleur bit her lower lip in a way that always made his cock instantly harden. The girl knew how to turn a man on. 


“You ‘ave such a perfect cock, my love,'' she giggled, squeezing his sack. “It is so big, and it stretches me so much, ‘Arry,” she moaned. “The pain feels so good.” She took her hand from his cock and ran it slowly up his thigh. She had better quit that or he may just blow right then and there. Her hand continued its northern path, traveling up his stomach as she got closer to him. Her naked body smelled incredible. By that point, her hand was nearly a blur as she stroked him rapidly, desperate to spill his seed. Just then, the door burst open. Fleur squeaked and let go of him. 


“I ‘ad a nightmare! I’m sleeping in ‘ere!” Gabrielle ignored their nakedness and hoped in bed next to Harry. Climbing under the covers, she snuggled up against his side. Harry groaned as he knew that his fun time was over. Fleur huffed and fell back onto the bed next to her lover. She looked over at Harry and silently apologized. 


Fleur’s sister, Gabrielle was staying with them on their vacation. Once she had heard that they were spending a week at the beach, there was no denying her. Harry didn’t mind. He loved Gabrielle, and she loved him. They were very close in fact. Harry thought that it was a little weird. Fleur was a very jealous girl when it came to him. She did not like it in the least when a girl flirted with him. However, if Gabrielle jumped on him in a tight hug while only wearing her underwear, Fleur never said anything about it. Sometimes she would even encourage it, forcing her to sit on his lap and such. He wasn’t going to complain about it, especially since she was already seventeen. 


While Fleur didn’t care about holding back her words, Gabrielle didn’t care about crossing the boundaries that most people would find uncomfortable. Just like then, she ran into their room while they were completely naked and clearly in the middle of a sexual experience without a second thought. Then she got in their bed while only wearing a t-shirt and panties and snuggling against her sister’s boyfriend. That was something that only Gabrielle Delacour would do. Fleur often found it funny. 


While the situation was funny or weird, depending on who you were asking, Harry did find it a little sad as well. He knew that Gabrielle wasn’t lying about the nightmares. She had been getting them for several years now. No one knew why either. Quite often she would wake up screaming her head off and spend the next hour or so crying her eyes out. Fleur would invite her to sleep with them. Gabrielle never had nightmares when they snuggled her. Harry was brought out of his thoughts by a cute, little snore. He looked down and Gabrielle’s gorgeous face was near his. Her head was resting against his chest with her mouth slightly opened, her arm across his stomach and her smooth leg over his. He looked over at his girlfriend. She had her hand over her mouth as she silently giggled. 


“Sorry, ‘Arry. I will make it up to you in the morning,” she said, laying down beside him for a snuggle of her own. Harry sighed. His cock was hard, he had two gorgeous Veela in bed, and somehow, he was getting no action! All he could do was close his eyes and try and get some sleep. 


It was later in the night when he was woken up to someone rubbing up against him. He tiredly opened his eyes and tried to blink the sleep out of them. Both girls were lying with their heads on his chest, but it was Fleur who was staring back at him. Her hand was on his cock stroking him to hardness. Harry moaned quietly, hoping to not wake Gabby. Fleur buried her face in his neck and began kissing and nipping at it. “Mmm, Fleur,” he moaned, his cock already as hard as it could get. 


“Let me take care of you, mon amour,” she whispered huskily into his ear as her hand moved in long, determined strokes. Gabrielle made a few noises and snuggled deeper into him. Her thigh was over his leg, rubbing her smooth skin on him as her sister gave him a hand job. His sleep-deprived mind didn’t realize that his hand had dipped down and was groping Gabrielle’s panty--covered bottom. Gabrielle was wiggling her tight, little body against him as Fleur's hand was trying to coax an orgasm out of it.


Fleur saw that Gabrielle had opened her eyes and looked at her. She turned to Harry and looked at him. He had his eyes closed in obvious pleasure. She looked back at her sister. She could easily tell what Gabby had wanted. She knew of her deep crush on Harry. She also knew of her dependence on them to be able to get a good night’s sleep. For those reasons, she nodded at her little sister, giving her the okay. Gabrielle smiled widely, blushing a bit. Gabby’s hand moved to join her sister’s. 


Harry’s eyes widened when he felt Gabby’s hand join Fleur’s. He looked at Gabrielle who smiled beautifully at him, then over to Fleur who smiled as well. He gave her a look that said, ‘Are you nuts?’


Fleur kissed his neck and whispered, “Just go along with it. Make her feel good, my love.” 


Harry closed his eyes and allowed the pleasure to wash over him. Gabrielle’s unsure strokes mixed in with Fleur’s confident ones made for an interesting sensation. Harry grabbed both girls by the asses and pulled them closer. Gabby squeaked from the rough manhandling. Harry knew that she was still a virgin, so he would have to remember to take it easy on her. Still, he couldn’t help himself. He groped and squeezed her sexy ass to his heart’s content. He gave his girlfriend the same treatment, earning a moan from her. As they beat him off together, his hands slipped between their legs, and he started rubbing their pussies. Fleur’s was naked and already wet, but Gabrielle’s was covered in her cotton panties. Her pussy was absolutely soaked. The crotch of her pink panties was sloppy wet as he rubbed her covered slit. “Oh, ‘Arry!” she moaned, kissing his chest and everywhere else that she could reach. 


Fleur leaned over and kissed him deeply. It was a kiss that he was more than happy to return. Their tongues dueled for a few moments before she broke the kiss. “Make her a woman,” Fleur huskily told him, fondling his hefty ballsack. 


“Are you sure?” he asked. He didn’t want to ruin things with her. He loved her and hoped to marry her soon. She nodded her head. 


“Take her. Just be gentle at first,” she added, kissing him quickly before looking at her sister. “Gabby, take your panties off and straddle him.”


Gabby gasped quietly, her heart pounding as she knew it was her time. She was about to make love to the man that she secretly loved. She was so happy and excited that her hands were shaking so badly that she was having trouble. She heard her sister chuckle then tell Harry, “ ‘elp ‘er, please.”


Gabrielle blushed deeply as Harry laid her on her back and slowly peeled the soaked panties off of her smooth, creamy legs. She lifted them up and watched as her panties were pulled off of her feet and tossed aside. Wanting to be sexy like her older sister, she spread her legs to show Harry what she had. She looked away in embarrassment as his eyes explored her hairless folds. She gasped loudly and twitched when his hand slid over her wet slit, and she mewled when he tickled her hard clit. Remembering what her sister had told her, Gabby pushed Harry on his back and threw a leg over him. She sat on his big, fat erection and rubbed her moist pussy on him, smearing him with her arousal. 


Fleur watched her sister roll her hips while sitting on her boyfriend. Her pussy tingled at the idea of him claiming her little sister. She sat up and decided to give her sister a hand. “Lean forward, Gabby,” Fleur ordered. Her sister listened and leaned forward, exposing her wet pussy. Fleur grabbed his thick cock and used it to slap her sister’s sloppy, wet pussy. A smirk formed on her face every time that Gabby would let out a nervous squeak. She rubbed the head of his cock up and down her lubed slit, watching as Gabby mewled with naughty pleasure. Harry told Gabby to take off her shirt, which she did. Her perky breasts stretched upwards as her tight shirt was pulled off. Finally, her breasts popped out and bounced and jiggled as they were set free. All three were now completely naked. Harry’s hands were caressing her medium-sized breasts, and she could see his thumbs rubbing circles on Gabby’s rock-hard nipples. It was time to start the fun, and Fleur was eager to join in. She placed the tip of his cock against the virgin entrance of her little sister and got close to her. Fleur kissed Gabrielle deeply before pushing her body down, causing Harry’s large cock to tear through her innocence and finally claim her. 


Gabrielle’s shriek of pain echoed off the walls as Fleur smiled. Now the fun can truly begin. 


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Summary - Harry and Fleur are on vacation, showing their affection to one another. The only problem? Gabrielle turned into a roadblock. What happens when she no longer blocks them but joins them?


The Sisters

Part 2


Gabrielle Delacour gasped in pain as her sister pushed her body down, causing her to take Harry’s very large cock in one go. She clenched her eyes shut as they started to water. Harry must have seen her, because he immediately sat up and hugged her to his chest. Thankful for the tenderness, Gabrielle wrapped her arms around him as she sniffled. 


Fleur rubbed her shoulder lovingly. “It will be okay, Gabby. It is better to get it over quickly. You will feel better in a few moments,” her sister assured her. Gabby nodded as she snuggled up with her new lover. Fleur and Harry locked eyes and smiled at each other. Fleur rolled them. Harry chuckled, “If you remember, love, you weren’t any better when I took your virginity.”


Fleur chuckled as well. “Yes, I remember the pain. You are very big, after all.” She leaned over and kissed him. 


“Now Gabby, I will ‘elp you feel good while you make ‘Arry feel good,” Fleur told her sister, making her sit up. “Lay back down ‘Arry. Let Gabby take care of you.”


Harry did as she requested, laying back as Gabby straightened up on top of him. Fleur was by Gabby’s side as the youngest Veela wiggled around trying to get comfortable. Fleur kissed her delicate shoulder. “You will get used to his size eventually.” Gabby nodded as she continued to wiggle. Fleur rolled her eyes again and began to help out. Fleur placed a hand on her belly and the other on her back. Then she slowly slid both down until her fingers were fondling both her clit and her asshole. 


“Fleur!” Gabrielle squeaked with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe that her sister was touching her in such a way. Fleur leaned in and gently kissed her neck. She then whispered to her younger sister, “Start moving your hips. Make our lover feel good.” Gabby blushed furiously but nodded. 


Biting her lip to hold back a moan, Gabby started rolling her hips to pleasure her crush’s cock. Finally, unable to hold it in any longer, she let out a deep moan. Soon, she was gasping and mewling as Harry’s hands slid up her thighs, and Fleur’s hand played with her clit and ass. Her body would spasm as her sister’s wet fingers brushed over her hardened clit and traced around it in circular motions. Her other fingers were rubbing her directly on her crinkled hole, causing naughty pleasure to coarse through her young body. 


Harry groaned deeply as Gabrielle’s body danced on top of his. Her hips glided over his in such fantastic ways. She was a natural at fucking it seemed. All her dance training was paying off. He watched as her perfect breasts, round and perky and topped with the lightest of pink nubs, bounced and jiggled as she rode him. His hands slid from her thighs, up to her hips. Harry squeezed them tightly, causing her to grind on him hard. Her scent was wonderful. She smelled so much like her sister. Her arousal was intoxicating as it wafted from her wet pussy, filling the room with her musky scent. The sounds that she was making were driving him crazy. Her cute little moans and gasps were arousing enough. Adding in the sound of her tight, wet pussy getting stuffed was enough to drive any straight man insane. His hand rose up to her slim, toned belly and onto her lovely breasts. Gabby arched her back for him, presenting them to him. He groped them and squeezed them. He rubbed at her nipples with his thumbs, and when she got really frisky, he rolled them between his fingers and pulled. 


“Oh fuck!” he groaned out when Gabby’s eyes widened, and her already inhumanly tight pussy clamped down on him further. 


“ ‘Arry!” she shrieked and collapsed on top of him, trembling and spasming. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and thrust hard into her. He felt Fleur massage his balls as he spurted a thick load of cum right into Gabby’s waiting cunt. Gabby was stuttering and mewling as she received her first creampie. Harry was still thrusting when Fleur grabbed Gabby by the butt, pushing her forward and causing his slimy cock to spring free. Harry groaned and kissed Gabby passionately as Fleur took his cock into her mouth and cleaned it of his and her sister’s cum. His tongue was sliding over Gabby’s as he showed her how to properly kiss. Gabrielle wasn’t experienced at all when it came to sex, or boys in general. She tended to stay away from them whenever she could. For whatever reason though, she loved being around him. They stayed like that for a few minutes, and Gabby was really getting into it. She was a fast learner, and after a few minutes, he would already rank her above average. He felt Fleur let go of his cock right before Gabby squeaked into his mouth. She pulled off of his lips with a wild look in her eyes. Harry looked over her shoulder to see what was going on. Fleur’s face was buried in her sister’s backside! 


Harry groaned and flopped back down. His cock was rock-hard again. Gabby buried her face in his shoulder in embarrassment and shook her head as her sister sucked the cum right out of her naked, cum slickened pussy. Gabby was gasping and mewling as Fleur’s talented tongue slithered between her hairless lips, licking her drippings along with Harry’s offerings. Gabby bit down on his shoulder when Fleur wiggled her tongue right against her super-sensitive clit. Losing some of her embarrassment, Gabby started grinding her naughty bottom against her sister’s mouth. She leaned back down and kissed Harry while allowing her sister to have her way with her. Sucking his tongue into his mouth, Gabby moaned as Fleur dragged her tongue all over her perky bottom before spreading her cheeks. Her eyes fluttered shut when Harry nipped and sucked on her bottom lip. He was a very good kisser. Fleur’s tongue was traveling the length of her ass crack, licking everything on its way. Once she reached Gabby’s pale, crinkled hole, her tongue lashed out and licked around the pulsating rim. Gabby had to pull away from her lover’s lips to let out a wild moan as she had her ass licked for the first time. The sensation was so naughty to her. She just laid there, gasping for breath as her sister ate her asshole and her sister’s boyfriend sucked on her tender neck. She cried out when Harry thrust his hips and slid back inside of her. 


The Sisters


Harry woke up the following morning to Fleur’s face right next to his on the pillow. She grabbed her wand and waved it at both him and her sister. The minty flavor that filled his mouth told him which spell that she used on them. It certainly was a handy spell that they had used many times. Now without morning breath, she kissed him deeply. They tried to be as non-jarring as possible since Gabrielle was curled up at his side. The two of them had pleasured Gabby late into the night. The young Veela was completely worn out by the time that they were through with her. She took it all like a champ though, so they figured that she deserved all the sleep that she wanted. 


Fleur, however, was not satisfied. She hadn’t been fucked once last night, and she found that unacceptable. She planned to fix that oversight right now. Her tongue snaked into his mouth, and together they moaned as Harry’s hand explored her lovely breast. Fleur gasped when his fingers glided over her erect nipple, one after the other. She had always loved to have her nipples played with. It was a sure-fire way to get her in the mood. Harry let go of her lips and proceeded to kiss his way down her body until he captured the pink pebble between his lips and sucked hard. Fleur moaned and pulled him closer, desperately trying to stuff as much of her tit in his mouth that could fit. Her fingers threaded through his hair, and her fingernails gently scratched at his scalp as his mouth did such naughty things to her breast. Fleur could feel her pussy leaking onto the bed sheet already. It was time for some action. 


Fleur pulled him up to her face and kissed him again. Breaking the quick kiss, she told him, “Fuck me, my love.” Harry smiled and nodded. 


“Which way do you want it today?” he asked, pinching her perfect, pink nipple. She gasped and bit her lip, holding back a moan. 


“From behind. Be rough with me,” Fleur answered. Harry would definitely comply with her wishes. Fleur had a bit of a subordinate streak that Harry enjoyed nurturing. 


“Of course, love. Now, while I do that, why don’t you use your wonderful mouth to wake your sister up,” Harry said, pulling the covers off all three of them. Fleur blushed but complied. She rolled her sister onto her back and parted her gorgeous thighs. Harry’s eyes wandered her teenage body. Her pussy was just as perfect as the rest of her. He found it funny that both sisters were so physically alike. Their pussies were near identical. They were completely hairless with plump outer lips, small inner lips, and light pink insides. His view of Gabrielle’s crotch was blocked by a shock of silvery blonde hair. Fleur leaned down and licked the length of her sister’s cunt. Fleur naughtily wiggled her bare bottom, giving Harry a not-so-subtle hint at what she wanted. 


Fleur moaned into her sister’s sleeping cunt when Harry’s big, fat cock slid between her moist folds and battered against her cervix. She heard him groan and grip her ass cheeks with both hands. Those strong hands began to knead her plump cheeks, occasionally spreading them apart to get a look at her pulsating anus. She knew how much he loved her ass. There was no doubt that he would be taking her there again soon. Fleur’s eyes fluttered shut when his tempo really began to pick up. Her heavy breathing washed over Gabrielle’s exposed pussy before she lowered her mouth and captured her clit between her lovely lips. 


Gabrielle woke up by moaning loudly. Something felt really good. She mewled and wiggled around as her privates tingled in pleasure. Yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she smacked her lips and tasted mint. She thought that was strange, but quickly put it out of her mind when her body lurched from the sudden but intense pleasure. She let out a high-pitched squeak when something entered her. Gabby looked down to see her legs parted. Not only that, but her sister was blowing her pussy and finger-fucking her at the same time! She arched her back and moaned when Fleur’s skilled fingers rubbed against her G-spot. Grabbing the back of her head, she ground her wet pussy right into her face. Satisfied at what she was receiving, she removed her hands and moved them to her breasts where they squeezed, groped, and pulled at her sensitive nipples. She looked up and caught Harry’s eyes. Gabrielle blushed but continued to toy with her breasts, intent on giving him a good show. 


She was receiving a nice show as well. Harry’s muscular body was rippling as he thrust into Fleur’s fat ass. The clapping sound of their fucking had Gabby feeling naughty like she was witnessing something that she shouldn’t have been. She didn’t really care either way, because Fleur’s fingers were making her feel fantastic. She could feel an orgasm approaching. 


Fleur squeaked into Gabby’s wet cunt. She could feel the coil of sweet release edging closer and closer. Harry’s massive cock could reach areas never before touched, and rub her walls better than any finger or toy. Her G-spot was being stimulated and her cervix was being battered with every powerful thrust. She was moving around and mewling like the sex-kitten that she was. The loud squelching of her pussy let all three of them know just how turned on that she was. A loud slap had her crying out. Her pussy clenched tightly. 


Gabrielle’s eyes widened when Harry spanked her sister. His hand pulled back and came down again, striking Fleur’s bubble butt. She gave out another squeal as he ass jiggled from the contact. Fleur’s yells were causing her clit to vibrate, which was pulling her orgasm even closer. Harry pulled his hand back again and slapped her ass three times in quick succession. Fleur yelled into her pussy as a torrent of juice sprayed out from behind, drenching Harry’s stomach and chest as he continued to fuck her. That sight along with the intense pleasure was all Gabby needed. Her toes curled as she let loose a small spray of liquid, squirting Fleur in the face. Gabby babbled incoherently as she grabbed the back of Fleur’s head and fucked her mouth. She could feel her wetness being smeared all over her sister’s gorgeous face, but she didn’t care. She was too far gone into the perverseness of the situation. She watched as Harry groaned and spilled his seed into Fleur’s quivering body. After a moment of letting their orgasms finish, all three collapsed into a tired pile. 


After a few minutes of heavy breathing, Fleur said, “Clean me, Gabby.” She spread her legs to show off globs of pearly white cum leaking from her sloppy pussy. Gabby blushed but crawled between her legs nonetheless. Harry smiled happily at her, and she eagerly returned it. Hopefully, this would be her life from now on. That’s all that she really wanted, to spend her time with the two people that she loved the most. 


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Potion M


Chapter 1


The stunningly beautiful Pureblood Princess of Slytherin House, Daphne Greengrass was shivering in her bed, too sick to get up. She had never felt so bad in her entire life. She was cold but was still sweating like crazy. Her body was trembling, and her muscles were spasming. Even her eyesight was affected. Her normally clear vision was a bit cloudy and blurred. Her stomach felt nauseated like something was crawling around inside. She couldn’t concentrate or think clearly. To put it mildly, she was in hell. Her friend Tracey had asked if she wanted her to summon Madam Pomfrey, the school Healer, but she quickly declined. She tried to play it off as a common cold that even magic couldn’t fully cure. She didn’t know if Tracey had bought it or not, but that hardly mattered at the moment. She didn’t want Pomfrey or any other teacher examining her. If they did, she would be in big-time trouble. 


The reason she was so ill was that she was going through withdrawals. Almost no one knew it, but Daphne was hooked on a magical drug called Potion M, or PM for short. Despite its name, it wasn’t actually a potion. It was, in fact, a powder, but it was made in potion form before it was dried into a block then ground up. Not many people knew about the drug. It was very expensive and difficult to make, thereby making it even more expensive to buy. Basically, it was a rich person’s drug. As her family was quite wealthy, she had more than enough money to supply herself with her favorite choice of party supply. 


Sometimes she couldn’t believe that she got hooked on the stuff. It was her dad that unknowingly introduced her to the drug. One night, she watched him while he thought that no one was looking. She saw him use the drug, and it seemed like he was having a great time. He was hanging out with one of his “lady friends”, and they were rubbing all over each other and mumbling about feeling really good. When the two of them disappeared, she decided to try some that they had left behind. Daphne knew that she shouldn’t do it, but decided to anyway. She had often tried things that her dad did. She had her first drink at a young age and ended up turning into a common party girl. She absolutely loved to have a good time. Any time that there was a party, she wanted to be a part of it. Everyone loved her for it as well. She was often the life of the party. Unfortunately, right now she was at the lowest point that she had ever been in her life. She was a sweaty, shivering mess that could barely string a few words together. It was all because she didn’t have access to any PM. 


She normally got her stash from a Slytherin boy named Woolwick, who got his from his dad. He would smuggle it into the school and sell it for more than it was worth on the streets. Daphne didn’t know who else were his customers. Everyone was very secretive about it. She didn’t blame them. She didn’t want to be known as a drug addict either. That being said, normally her life went on schedule. She would buy a certain amount, use it, then resupply before running out. It was quite simple. Unfortunately, Woolwick’s father ended up getting busted when his potion lab exploded and injured quite a few people. One man had stupidly gone to heal himself at St. Mungos, who immediately called the DMLE after figuring out that he was covered in the drug. Facing a hefty prison sentence, the man sang like a canary. The whole operation was taken down because one idiot didn’t have enough brain cells to go to a black market healer. Woolwick and his father were arrested. Thankfully, Daphne took precautions and hid her identity. She imagined that most, if not all of his other clients did so as well. 


Even if you didn’t count the horrible withdrawals that she was experiencing, she still had a problem. People would soon figure out that she was a client if she didn’t get her act together. She didn’t know how long she would be bedridden, but she didn’t think that it would end any time soon. Thankfully, she had come up with a plan. There was someone who could help her. The only person who knew of her addiction was Harry Potter, who just so happened to have a connection with a supplier. Unfortunately for her, he hated her guts. She wasn’t exactly fond of him either. Words had been exchanged in the past, further souring any fondness that they may have had for one another. She doubted that there had ever been any fondness in the first place. He knew of her drug use because he occasionally dabbled in it as well. He was smart, however. He didn’t use it enough to get addicted. Daphne was already addicted before she even knew of the rules that most users followed. 


So Potter and she often ended up at the same parties, and one night, they discovered each other snorting a line of PM. Even though they disliked each other, they still kept each other’s secrets. Neither wanted that knowledge to become public. They stayed silent and kept out of each other’s way as often as possible. She hated to admit it, but she needed his help now, and she knew that it was going to cost her big time. Taking a deep breath, she pulled herself together enough to slip into the shower for a minute and wash off the sweat. She was able to get herself down to the Owlery and send him a note asking to meet her in a room that was often used as a party spot. Now, all she had to do was wait. 


Daphne didn’t have to wait too long. Around twenty agonizing minutes later, Harry Potter slipped into the old room. He closed the door behind himself and walked up to her. 


“So Greengrass, I take it that your supply was cut off when that idiot got busted?” Harry asked, crossing his arms over his chest. 


“Yeah,” Daphne grudgingly admitted. She hated appearing vulnerable in front of people, especially people that she didn’t like. 


“And you want me to supply you?” he raised an eyebrow at her. Daphne didn’t answer verbally, she just nodded. 


“Why should I?”


Daphne was already feeling horrible, and now Potter was starting to irritate her. “Because maybe if I get found out, I’ll let it slip that you’re a bit of a party boy as well,” she answered with a sneer. She didn’t expect Potter to just chuckle. 


“Go ahead,” he said, pointing at the door. “Who are people going to believe? I’m the straight-laced golden boy from Gryffindor. You’re from the evil Slytherin House. And just look at you! You’re already sweating and trembling. You really think people will take a junkie seriously?” he asked, looking amused. 


Daphne clenched her fists tightly. She didn’t like to be insulted, but unfortunately, there was a grain of truth in his words. People wouldn’t believe her without evidence, and she definitely didn’t have any. She closed her eyes and tried to center herself. That’s when she heard the ruffling of material. She opened her eyes and was shocked at what she saw. Harry Potter had his trousers off, and his cock was sticking out, fully erect. She wished that she was able to mock his size, but she couldn’t even do that. It was enormous! She briefly wondered how many skanks he split open with that thing. “What are you doing? Put that thing away!” she hissed. She was just about at her wit’s end. He didn’t put it away, however. He just wiggled it at her. 


“C’mon Daph. Little Harry is lonely,” the bastard smirked at her. “Why don’t you give him a little kiss?”


“You’re disgusting Potter! Now put that away before I clobber you,” she huffed, having had enough of his stupidity. 


“Oh yeah?” he asked, pulling out a fat bag of light pink powder, and Daphne knew immediately what it was. Just the sight had her body lurching with excitement. It was her salvation. Potter delicately sprinkled some over his cock before placing a small mound near the base. Then he held up a shortened straw and wiggled it at her. “Still want me to put it away?” His eyes were alight with mischief. 


Daphne’s mind must have blown a fuse because she didn’t even think before running up to him and quickly snatching the straw out of his hand. She dropped to her knees and stuck the straw into her nostril. With a deep pull, she snorted the pile straight off his cock. Her body instantly tingled with joy, and she could feel herself starting to get better. It wasn’t enough, however. She desperately needed more! Seeing the drug sprinkled down his cock, she didn’t even think before dragging her tongue down the length. She lapped up every last speck before falling back on her butt and sighing with relief. It wouldn’t last long, however. She was in serious withdrawal, and she needed more. Turning to Potter, she saw that he was now completely nude. She was about to ask what he was doing but was quickly scooped up from the floor. 


“Let’s have a nice shower and get you cleaned up,” he chatted happily. “Then if you’re a good girl, we can have a big, powdery reward.”


Daphne clenched her eyes shut. She knew exactly what he meant. Unfortunately, she didn’t see any way out of it. She needed what he had, and she had what he wanted. She was going to have to trade her body for her drug. Her addiction was so powerful, that for brief moments, it even seemed like a good deal to her. That’s why she didn’t even complain when he stripped her naked and pulled her into the attached bedroom. He dragged her into the bathroom and ran a nice, hot shower for them. Soon, both were under the warm spray of water. 


Daphne stood there as Harry washed her body of her addiction fueled filth. His hands were everywhere. There wasn’t a single area of her tight body that he didn’t explore. She was pressed up against the shower wall as he kissed her deeply, his hands squeezing her soapy bottom. Wanting the drug, she kissed him back. Daphne moaned into his mouth when his hand slipped between her legs. His strong fingers danced over her soapy clit, making her mewl and wiggle around in his arms. The drug was messing with her mind. It gave her such a euphoric feeling that all she wanted was more drugs, and for Potter to keep playing with her body. Her hands glided over his slick body, feeling the bumps of muscles, each one sending a drug-induced tingle into her body. She lifted her leg so he could more easily get at her. Her eyes closed as his fingers slipped inside of her. A loud gasp left her lips when his fingers curled and his thumb massaged her hard clit. 


“You want more, don’t you Daph?” he whispered into her ear. “More drugs, more sex, more of me?” he mewled, nipping at her neck. Daphne nodded quickly as she was finger-fucked by a boy she hated. At the moment she didn’t care about any of that. She felt good, and that was all that mattered. Her tongue lashed out and licked the side of his face as her pussy squeezed his invading finger. Potter was being so rough with her delicate, little pussy. It did, however, feel amazing. He was fingering her like she never had been before. Her whole body shook with the movements of his strong arm. Her G-spot was being stimulated constantly, and the rubbing of her clit was quickly bringing about a very strong orgasm. His head dipped down and captured her perfect, pink nipple. She may have moaned, “Harder” when he took it in his mouth, but she couldn’t recall. Thankfully, he did suck on it harder. His tongue slithered around the crinkled nub, and she squeaked when he pinched it with his teeth. Suddenly, she felt his other hand slip behind her and travel down to her bum. 


Daphne’s eyes fluttered when his fingers slipped between her soapy buttcheeks and began rubbing her virgin asshole. Her young body couldn’t take any more pleasure. Fueled by the PM, her pleasure went into overdrive and she came harder than she ever had before. “HARRY!” she yelled, her pussy milking his fingers and squirting her sex juice all over his hand. Her back arched as she tried to stuff her entire breast into his mouth, and her cute bum wiggled, trying to get his finger to slip inside. After a few glorious moments, her orgasm cooled enough for her to calm down. Potter was chuckling. 


“Seems you are a good little girl. How about we take this to the bed, and we can have our powdery treat?” he smirked. Hearing that she had earned another hit, her eyes widened before she quickly pulled him out of the shower. It was time to get the party started. 


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Potion M


Part 2


A nude Daphne Greengrass scampered toward the bed eager to get her next fix of the drug she depended on so much. Already dried, she crawled on the bed on all fours and squealed when her perky, little bottom was spanked abruptly. She looked over her shoulder and gave Potter a withering look, only to see the bastard cheekily smiling at her, completely nude with a massive cock sticking straight out, and waving a thick sack of the light pink powder. Instantly, her body reacted. She could feel the lurch her body unconsciously gave when her salvation was displayed. She wanted it bad. Potter opened the back and dipped a little, fancy silver drug-spoon in and pulled out a fat bump of the pink goodness. He held it up to his nostril and snorted quickly. Daphne watched eagerly as the powder was pulled and he wiped his nose, sighing happily. He dipped the spoon back in and brought it back out with a healthy pile of PM.


“C’mere, love,” he ordered, holding it up for her. She crawled over to him as quickly as her body would allow. She must have made for quite the sight. Her body was jiggling and swaying with every movement. She could see that his eyes were glued to her tight, young form. Daphne quickly put that out of her mind, however. The only thing on her mind at the moment was the spoonful of goodness that was presented to her. She placed her nostril above the little spoon and snorted harshly. Her eyes fluttered as the euphoric sensation filled her body. She could feel the effects of the drug travel from her nose, down her chest, and throughout the rest of her body. It made her feel wonderful like she was on top of the world. It also had the effect of making her incredibly horny. She wasn’t alone in this. It made everyone feel that way. Thankfully, the lustful effects could easily be ignored, if you weren’t already naked with an equally naked boy, and you weren’t soaking wet between your legs. The sound of snorting brought her out of her momentary daze. Harry had taken another bump. She looked at him with wide, pleading eyes. 


Harry chuckled at the sexy Slytherin. She wanted it bad. Well, he was going to give it to her … all night long. 


“You want another?” he asked, already knowing the answer. 


“Yes, please,” she replied eagerly, waddling up very close to him. He could feel the wonderful warmth radiating from her body. You had to be careful with the drug. It caused a slight fever to break out. It wasn’t dangerous unless you went overboard with the stuff. His eyes glanced at her perfect breasts, and the way that they jiggled when she kneeled in front of him. 


“Okay … but first, a kiss,” he said, not waiting for an answer. He leaned in and kissed her deeply. 


Daphne sighed into his mouth but kissed him back all the same. She wanted the bump! If it took a kiss to get it, then she would happily concede to his demand. Even so, the kiss was pleasant to her. The lustful feelings that were fueled by the Potion M were practically demanding that she give in and spread her legs for him. She wanted to tell those feelings to shut up. Besides, she was going to be spreading them for him soon enough. First, she needed another hit, then maybe she would allow herself to enjoy it.


Her tongue slithered around his and they moaned together. Her eyes closed, and she kissed him deeper when his hand slid up her flat belly and squeezed her naked tit. Daphne enjoyed the way he was gentle sometimes, and other times he was a bit rougher. She especially liked it when he rubbed circles over her nipple with the pad of his thumb. Soon after, he broke the kiss and pinched her bottom, causing her to squeak in pain and glare at him. He just happily laughed at her and pulled out a small mirror and blade. He crawled on the bed next to her and sat the mirror down. He dumped a pile on the mirror and used the blade to scrape up a long, thick line. Her mouth was watering just looking at it. When done, she turned to him and waited as patiently as she could. He just chuckled at her. 


“Go ahead,” he said, handing her the straw. She happily took it from him and leaned forward to snort the line. As she leaned forward, her ass stuck up in the air. 


“Keep your ass like that,” Harry commanded. She didn’t care about sassing him back at the moment. She wanted her yummy fix. As she placed the straw into her nostril, she felt powder sprinkling down the crack of her naked ass. Daphne yelped when Potter buried his face into her ass and snorted the powder up. Daphne put the straw at one side of the line and inhaled deeply, running the straw along the thick, pink line. She heard and felt him moan into her ass as she sucked up the wonderful drug. She just finished off her line when his tongue began lapping at her ass, He was licking the residue off of her, and his tongue was everywhere! It licked her cheeks, and up and down her crack. It even slid over her virgin asshole, making her moan like a back-alley whore. Unable to control her drug-fueled urges, she stuck her ass up in the air and wiggled it like a bitch in heat. Her fists grabbed hold of the blankets, and she squeezed them tightly, moaning into the bed as his tongue wiggled around her crinkled hole. Daphne gasped when his hand slipped between her legs and pinched her throbbing clit. Her pussy was dripping wet, and soon, his hand was wet as well. She mewled sexily as he pinched and rolled her hard clit between his fingers. 


She was about to complain when he pulled his tongue from her asshole but squeaked in panic when she felt something hard press against it. It was much too small to be his cock. His cock was enormous, and whatever it was that was poking her, wasn’t nearly as big. She gasped out and looked over her shoulder wildly, only to see him slipping his finger into her ass. She turned back around and pressed her face into the bed and moaned louder than she ever had. That earned a chuckle from Potter. 


“Like that, did we?” he teased as his finger was all the way in. She moaned again when he slowly pulled it out and moaned again when he pushed it back in. The fact that he was still rolling her clit was making this experience one that she would never forget. “I asked you a question, honey!” He slid his finger all the way in, fuelling his raw magic into her. 


Daphne’s eyes went wide at the sensation of raw magic being funneled directly into her ass. She could feel drool escaping her mouth as she bit into the blanket. Her body was shivering with pleasure. She was already about to have the biggest orgasm of her life. “Well?” he asked again. The magic increased, and she screamed, which was thankfully muffled by the bed. She pulled her head up. 


“Yes! It feels good! It feels amazing!” she admitted, hiding her face in the bed again as his finger continued to saw back and forth into her virgin asshole. Her toes were curling as he fingered her ass and pinched her sensitive clit. She chittered when he dragged his warm, wet tongue up her ass cheek and kissed her lower back. Her body trembled, and she felt the beads of arousal dripping down her smooth, inner thighs. It was feeling too good! Squealing into the bed, she felt her pussy convulse, trying to milk a cock that wasn’t there. She heard Potter softly laugh as her juices flowed down her legs and wet the bed below her. Daphne gasped when he pulled his finger out of her, and she collapsed on her front breathing heavily. She was too out of it to respond when he slapped her bottom and moved away from her. Her body tingled with pleasure as she basked in the feeling of contentment now that her urges were momentarily sated. It didn’t last long, however, because the sound of Harry snorting brought her out of her daze again. She didn’t even have the time to ask for some before she was roughly flipped over until she was lying on her back. Her sexy legs were tossed over his broad shoulders, and his big cock was stuffed into her tiny slit with one mighty thrust. 


Daphne wailed as her back arched. He was too big! She had never felt so stretched out. Thankfully, he gave her a moment to get used to his size. She watched as he scooped some powder into his little spoon and held it under her nose. Greedily, she quickly snorted it right up before he could take it back. Now she could feel the effects coming back. She was euphoric and horny again. It was a good thing that she was in the middle of being fucked. Potter sprinkled some powder on her tits, and Daphne, being the good little girl that she was, arched her back and presented her lovely breasts to him. His head dipped down and licked her tits clean. Her mewling body squirmed as his tongue slathered her perfect mounds and licked her crinkled nubs. He scooped up a little power on his finger and held it up to her lips in an offering. Without thinking, she sucked his finger to the hilt. It was then that he started thrusting. 


Daphne Greengrass never thought that she would be in this position. A boy that she hated was spearing her delicate folds as she licked and sucked his finger clean. Sometimes life threw you for a loop, she guessed as her pussy began to flutter. Potter pulled his finger out of her mouth and dragged it down the middle of her chest and down to her belly button. A gasp left her plump, kissable lips when his finger began rimming her belly button. No one had ever done that before. A belly button wasn’t a place most boys would lavish attention on. It did, however, feel good. It was kind of ticklish, but not so much that it distracted from the soft pleasure. The real pleasure that she was receiving was coming from between her legs. Her body jerked as his hips slammed into her spread groin. She could see his eyes traveling from her beautiful face, down to her bouncing breasts. Her first instinct was to cover up but quickly decided against it. She let her naked tits bounce free and jiggle as she was brutally fucked. The wet sounds coming from below were so embarrassing to her, but the power of the drug made her quickly forget about it. 


“Ohhhhhhh that’s really good, Harry,” Daphne groaned when he kissed and nipped at her ankle. She watched as he kissed his way up to her calf, and once there, licked and suckled at the soft, smooth skin. The incredible pink powder made everything better. Her body was so sensitive to every sensation. His lips and tongue alone were enough to bring her to orgasm. That’s why when he dipped his hand down and rapidly stroked her dampened clit, her back arched in an explosive orgasm. 


“FUCK!” she wailed out, thrashing around. “OH FUCK!” was all she could say as her pussy contracted heavily as let loose a torrent of girl cum. Her watery ejaculate squirted out of her teenage pussy, spraying Harry on the chest. The tightening of her pussy pushed him over the edge as well, and he groaned and buried his face into her neck as he seeded her wet cunt. Her body continued to spasm and jerk with pleasure as she felt a thick load spurt inside of her. She was mewling against Harry’s face as he kissed, licked, and nipped at her tender, graceful neck. It was minutes later and her pussy was still trying to milk his cock. They were lying together, all tangled up and kissing deeply. Finally, the drug had run its course and left them tired and burned out. They cuddled up with one another and quickly fell asleep. The last thought of hers was that she would work some kind of deal out in the morning. She fell asleep with a big smile on her face after such a long and difficult day. Hopefully, tomorrow will continue to be easy for her. 


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Summary - Parvati and Padma receive news that they will be going back to India after the end of their seventh year to enter into an arranged marriage. The girls want one last night of fun, and they know exactly who to call. 


The Twins 


Part 1


Parvati Patil was sitting in her dorm room in deep thought. Thankfully, Lavender was out chasing some boy which gave her time to herself. She loved Lav, but sometimes the bubbly blonde could be a constant distraction. Right now she needed to focus on the problem at hand. She was holding a letter that she had received from her mother. Apparently, her father who was in India had arranged a marriage for her and her sister, Padma. That wasn’t the most surprising thing in the world. She had long known that it was a very real possibility. Even so, she wasn’t exactly happy about it. She knew that her sister was probably reading a similar letter right now. Padma wouldn’t be pleased either.


It wasn’t the end of the world, however. Things would probably work out in the end. The only problem was that she would miss this country, and the people living here. She had friends here who would miss her as well. She was also still young. Too young to be married in her opinion. She still had so many things that she wanted to do. So many parties to attend, so many boys to fool around with. All of that would soon be ending soon. She shook her head sadly. She would have to leave the country in a few months. At the end of the year, both Padma and she would graduate and leave for India soon after. She had years of partying to do in the span of a few months! She needed to talk to her sister. 


The Twins


Padma tossed the letter onto her desk and huffed. Padma had many of the same feelings about the situation as her sister did. While it wasn’t the end of the world, it was annoying. She had spent her time at Hogwarts being the best student that she could be. She had hoped that she would get to use that education to find a cool job and live out her life in a fulfilling way. Had she known that her father would marry her off right out of school, she would have used that time to have a little more fun. Thankfully, she still had a few months before she needed to go back to her home country. She would worry about using her education when she was married. If her husband had anything to say about it, he could say it to the business end of her wand. Right now she needed to worry about having the most amount of fun in the shortest amount of time. She knew exactly who to talk to. She needed to talk to her sister. 


The Twins


“Do you think that he’ll like this?” Padma asked worriedly. She was wearing a very short white silk nightie that barely covered her bum. Other than that, she wore white thigh-high stockings and nothing else. 


“I told you, Yes!” Parvati complained, tired of her sister’s worrying. Similar to Padma, she was wearing a large t-shirt and knee-high socks. Her’s was just as short, but black in color. In her opinion, Parvati thought that Padma was putting too much effort into it. Harry would pull it right off of her body without a second thought. 


She blushed thinking of Harry Potter. He was a boy that had been on her list for a long time but never had the opportunity to fool around with. Now that time was rapidly running out, she had to make her own opportunity. When Padma had spoken to her about having a little more fun, Parvati knew exactly what she wanted to do. It didn’t take long to convince her twin to enter into a threesome with her and Harry. Parvati knew that her sister had a small crush on him for a while now.  A soft knock on the door had them both hurrying to open it. Parvati had taken over a small abandoned room years ago. By befriending the House Elves of Hogwarts, she was able to get them to fix it up into a perfectly nice room where she spent time entertaining her guests. They quickly scampered to the door and Parvati opened it up. Harry Potter in all his glory was standing there smiling widely at them. 


“Parvati … Padma,” he greeted them as they quickly ushered him into the room. It was best to keep this room a secret. As soon as the door closed, Parvati slipped behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. She giggled and kissed the side of his next. Harry just chuckled and turned in her arms. He leaned down and kissed her passionately right in front of her sister. He broke the kiss and turned to Padma who was watching red-faced. 


“Harry, I …,” was all she got out before Harry pulled her in and claimed her lips as well. Padma wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him deeper. A breathy moan escaped her lips as her tongue slipped into his mouth and tickled the underside of his tongue. Harry moaned in response and let his hands slip down and cup her perky ass. Padma gasped into his mouth when his hand fell from her bottom and his fingers grazed the smooth softness of her thighs. His hands explored every inch of bare skin that her stockings didn’t cover. Her body shivered as her nipples grew hard and rubbed against his muscled chest. The silkiness of her nightie was brushing against her hardened nipples and made them even more sensitive to the touch. He broke the kiss and moved down to her neck. Her eyes fluttered shut as his lips and tongue explored the expanse of her delicate neck and shoulder. A giggle escaped her lips when he playfully nipped at the soft skin of her shoulder. 


“Hey, stop hogging him, Paddy!” Parvati butted in, slipping in between them. “I want some attention too!” Parvati kissed him quickly before addressing her sister. “You can start to undress him. Let’s get this started. I’m already wet just watching you two go at it.” 


Padma blushed but followed her directions. She moved behind Harry and got his Hogwarts robes off. As he was kissing her sister, she leaned in and kissed the side of his neck. She was being greedy and wanted more time with him. Deciding to put her lustful feelings on the back burner for a moment, she reached around him and began unbuttoning his shirt. Slowly, she was able to work it open, and her hands immediately pawed at his muscular abdomen. Her pussy tingled as she felt every ridge and bump of his six-pack. Padma bit her lower lip as her hands rose up and gripped his hard pecs. She couldn’t wait to get him in bed. Pulling off his shirt exposed his strong, broad shoulders, and as she was marveling at the sight, he turned around and kissed her again. 


Parvati watched Harry make out with her sister for a moment before getting to work. She was able to get his shoes and socks off, then went for the trousers. She kneeled before him and unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his trousers. Her hands slipped into the waistband, and with one pull, both his trousers and boxers were halfway down his thighs. She squeaked when an enormous rod of man meat sprang forth and nearly slapped her in the face. Her hand quickly flashed out and snatched the bouncing slab of meat to keep it steady. Her small, delicate hand couldn’t even contain the girth as her fingertips refused to touch. Parvati examined the giant cock of her fellow Gryffindor. It must have been a foot long and was very straight and veiny. Bloated balls hung below that she knew were filled with his potent cum. Her hand reached out and cupped the testicles. She found them to be heavy, and a bit squishy. Parvati giggled when she used her hand to massage it and heard him groan into her sister’s mouth. Her other hand started working his cock from the base, all the way to the head. Long, steady strokes of her hand were making him shudder as she gave him one of her expertly perfected handjobs. 


Harry was having the time of his life. Not only was he getting Parvati, who he had his eye on for a while now, but he was also getting her sister at the same time! A threesome with twin sisters was a dream scenario for every hot-blooded male. Tonight, his dreams were becoming a reality. His hand climbed up Padma’s nightie, and it brushed over her mound. Harry moaned when he found it to be hairless. He liked his girls to be hairless down there. He found it easier to go down on them that way. Her smooth, flat belly was warm to the touch as his hand climbed even further. Padma’s body tensed for only a second when his hand engulfed her naked breast. The sister’s breasts weren’t the biggest he had ever touched. They were just about a handful, but were quite perky. Padma moaned in his mouth when he pinched and rolled her hard nipple between his fingers. Parvati had just finished stripping him, and was now giving him one of the best handjobs of his life. Harry wasn’t satisfied with just that. He was here with twin sisters after all. He whispered in Padma’s ear. 


“Why don’t you join your sister down there and give it a little kiss,” he teased, kissing her quickly. Padma blushed but dropped to her knees next to Parvati. Harry looked down and watched as Parvati pushed his cock toward Padma, and he moaned when she kissed the head. Parvati just giggled. 


“Let me show you how to do it properly,” she smiled, bringing the cock closer to her. Parvati placed the underside of his head on the tip of her tongue before she started wiggling it rapidly. She felt Harry tense up in pleasure.


“Holy fuck, Parvati!” Both girls giggled at him. As her sister tickled his head, Padma leaned in and ran her tongue over his length. She enjoyed being so close to it. The warmth and taste made her moan as she gave his cock a tongue bath. She moved down to his bloated balls and suckled at them, her tongue lashing out and licking him. She pulled some of his sack into her mouth, and she felt his fingers brush through her thick, straight black hair. Padma mewled as his fingers gently scratched at her scalp. She let go of his sack and rubbed her face lovingly against it like a cat showing affection to her owner. 


Parvati looked at her sister and giggled. Sometimes she could be so silly. She placed the tip of his cock against her lips and slid it all the way down her throat. She could feel his body jerk when she took him into her throat. Her skill was a thing of beauty. Rapidly, she moved her head back and forth and deep-throated him while her hand still stroked his length. Harry placed a hand on the back of her head as well but didn’t use it to guide her, which she was grateful for. 


Padma was kissing and licking any exposed skin that she could. His stomach, thighs, balls, cock, it didn’t matter to her. She just wanted to touch him. She stood up and kissed him deeply, her hands raking over his muscular form. Harry reached down and grabbed her nightie by the hem. Pink-cheeked, she raised her arms and allowed him to pull it up and over her head. He tossed it aside and examined her gorgeous body. Padma felt so exposed and naughty as his eyes explored her nakedness. She must have been a sight, she thought. She knew that she was attractive. She had earned the attention of quite a few boys throughout the school. Now, it was Harry Potter looking at her while she wore nothing but her white, silky thigh-high stockings. She kissed him again, ignoring the wet, gagging sounds coming from her sister below. Padma gasped when he slid his fingers between her damp folds and breathed heavily when his fingers sank further and further inside of her. Unable to control herself, she buried her face in his neck and nuzzled against him practically purring when his thumb rubbed circles around her hard clit. She heard a wet pop before her sister addressed her. 


“Paddy, get down here!” 


Reluctantly, she pulled away from him and dropped to her knees. Parvati was stroking his big, wet cock rapidly with one hand while working his balls with the other. 


“Place your face next to mine and close your eyes. Hurry!” Parvati exclaimed. She did so and a few seconds later, she eeped out in panic as spurt after spurt of hot cum squirted her in the face. She could feel it running down her cheeks and over her mouth. Her tongue slipped out and licked it off of her lips. Another spurt hit her in the face, and after a moment, it felt like he was dry. She opened her eyes and looked at her sister. Parvati’s face was dripping with white, creamy cum as well. Parvati was smiling and looked quite pleased with herself. She smiled back and looked at Harry. Padma gulped loudly. He had the look of pure lust in his eyes. Without warning, he snatched her up and tossed her on the soft bed. She squeaked when her body bounced and gasped when he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Padma lied on her back with her legs parted, and Harry Potter standing between them. His massive cock was lying down the middle of her naked slit. Padma closed her eyes and waited for the most erotic night of her life to truly begin. 


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Happy Accident




Hermione Granger was sitting down at a table in the back of the library at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This was nothing new. She had spent countless hours sitting in the library studying or doing research. She knew this place better than anyone. However, that day she wasn’t there to study. She needed a quiet place to think, and there was no place quieter than a library. She had thought back on the news that she had recently received. It all started here at this very table. She was having a normal day as she pawed through books looking for something interesting to read. One day, she had found a particularly interesting book. It was a potion book from around forty years in the past if the date on the inside was to be believed. Most of the potions she had already brewed, or at least had heard about. One, however, had caught her attention. 


The potion recipe in question would allow her to brew a potion that would temporarily increase the amount of information that her brain could process. In essence, it would make her be able to study more efficiently. She thought that it was likely that it was a derivative of the Wit Sharpening Draught. Of course, being the bookworm that she was, Hermione instantly wanted to both brew the potion and test it out. If it could make her better at studying, then she was all for it. So that’s exactly what she did. She checked the book out of the library and quickly gathered up the necessary ingredients. Thankfully, the ingredients necessary weren’t difficult to come by. She had all of them in her potion’s kit, except one. For that, she simply went to Hagrid who was able to procure it for her in one of his trips into the Forbidden Forest. So with ingredients in hand, she went to a secret room that she knew about. There was nothing special about the room. It was an old classroom that held a desk and a chair. That was all that she really needed. Occasionally, she would use the classroom to practice casting spells, but more often she would use it to brew her potions. 


Hermione had set up her brewing station and started the process. It was a tricky potion to get right. There were a lot of things that needed to be done over a three day period. She started on a Friday after class and timed things to be able to get it right. Once her potion was complete, she examined it. It looked very similar to what was described in the book. Not exact, but pretty close. Gathering her courage, she placed the vial against her lips and tilted her head back. Down the gullet it went, and she coughed as it burned its way down her throat. The book said that it took around ten minutes for the effects to start, so she waited. She waited fifteen minutes just to be sure and tried her hand at studying. Her face scrunched up in a frown. She didn’t feel like she was any better at studying. In fact, she felt like she couldn’t concentrate as much as before. Her body was tingling strangely. It didn’t hurt or anything. On the contrary, it was quite the opposite. The tingling felt pleasant to her. It started in her chest before traveling south and pooling in her groin. Her face instantly heated up in embarrassment. She wasn’t embarrassed about being aroused. She was a teenager, of course she had been aroused before. No, she was embarrassed because she knew that she must have messed up the brewing process. She instantly delved into the books to see what she had done wrong. 


She thought that she may have gotten the timing wrong. Hermione shook her head. Thankfully, the only side effect seemed to be an increased libido. Hopefully, it would only be temporary, so she put it out of her mind. She went back to her normal life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. It didn’t go away. It stayed with the same intensity as before. Twenty-four hours a day she had a dripping wet pussy. It got so bad that she had to stop herself from constantly masturbating. The worst of it was that it had started negatively affecting her grades! She couldn’t concentrate, and studying was near impossible. That’s when she had to suck it up and admit defeat. It wasn’t going away without help. So with nothing left to lose, she turned to the school matron, Madam Pomfrey. After admitting what had happened and some thorough testing, Madam Pomfrey discovered what had happened. It turned out that the ingredients used to make that potion were near identical to the ingredients that were used to make a powerful lust-inducing potion. Somehow she had messed up the timing and created a potion that was much closer to the lust-inducing one than the one she had meant to create. 


While that was embarrassing, it wasn’t the end of the world. People messed up potions all the time. That was when Madam Pomfrey dropped the bomb on her. She couldn’t undo it. Hermione would have to live with the effects for the rest of her life. It was devastating news for a student that loved studying and getting good grades. Madam Pomfrey gave her some potions to take that would help dull the urges that she was feeling. However, Madam Pomfrey did tell her something else that was potentially useful. She said that it was quite probable that if she received sexual pleasure from someone else, that it may almost completely negate the effects for a short while. How long, she couldn’t be sure, but she said that it would at least be for a few hours. When she asked why masturbation didn’t work the same way, she was told that another person’s magic had to mingle with hers for the effects to take place. That level of mingling only happened when sexual acts were taking place. Red-faced, Hermione decided to try the potions before turning to that. Madam Pomfrey did issue her a room to use. Hermione still had a year and a half of school left, so the room would be hers exclusively until she graduated. The matron had told her that it was a safe and private place for her to have her “activities” in. Hermione had nearly died of embarrassment. Still, she was grateful. If it needed to happen, then she was glad to have a place to do it in. She would also make use of the room in other ways, like studying. 


So for the following week, Hermione used the potions. They did dull the effects somewhat, but not enough to make a huge difference. Worse still, she was beginning to injure herself. Much to her shame, she was masturbating too much. Hermione had to go back to Madam Pomfrey for some cream to heal her. She was told that she would probably need to find a suitable partner to take care of her needs at least three times a day. Hermione could only think of one boy, her best friend, Harry Potter. She needed to talk to him. 


Happy Accident


Hermione had invited Harry to her new room and sat him down. She explained to him exactly what had happened, and how she needed his help. Red-faced and embarrassed, they calmly discussed everything for nearly an hour before Harry agreed. Hermione knew that he already had some experience when it came to women. She herself didn’t have any. Before the potion incident, she barely even touched herself. She told Harry that he would need to guide her, to which he agreed. 


“So … are you ready?” Hermione asked pink-cheeked. 


“Already?” Harry raised an eyebrow. He expected her to take her time to do some research or something. This was Hermione Granger after all. Hermione blushed shyly and nodded her head. She could feel the dulling potion wearing off, and she was beginning to get really horny again. She needed relief. 


“Alright. Let’s take this to the bed then,” Harry said happily. He couldn’t believe his luck. His best friend had come to him and asked him to basically have sex with her multiple times a day for as long as she needed it, which could be years. He wasn’t going to say no to that obviously. Harry took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. Once there, he turned to her and kissed her passionately. He wanted to let her know that he actually cared about her. She happily returned the kiss by wrapping her arms around his neck and flicking her tongue into his mouth. They moaned together as Harry reached around her and unclasped her skirt. He then pulled the zipper down and let the material fall to the ground. Hermione kept her lips on his while she stepped out of the pooled skirt. 


“You’re a really good kisser,” Harry told her, nipping at the tender skin of her neck. Hermione turned her head to give him better access. She blushed from the compliment and gasped when his hand lowered and squeezed her behind. Her panties were soaking wet, and she was beginning to get uncomfortable from how turned on that she was. 


“Harry, please …,” she moaned. “It’s starting to hurt. I need it now,” a pleading whine escaped her lips. Harry pulled his lips away from her neck. 


“Then get on the bed,” he ordered. 


Hermione didn’t waste time. She immediately began crawling up on all fours. Harry saw the view from behind and became as hard as a rock. The little cotton panties that she was wearing were soaked. The crotch of her panties clung to her plump, virgin lips giving her the sexiest camel toe that he had ever seen. Unable to control his perverse actions, he grabbed her hips and buried his face into her ass. He ignored her squeak of surprise and inhaled deeply. Her scent was incredible. Not satisfied with that alone, he ran his tongue over the crack of her ass and over her wet panties. Her flavor was just as good. He sucked and nipped at her pale, perky cheeks until she began grinding her ass against his face. Harry knew that she needed it now. He quickly pulled her shoes and socks off and peeled the wet panties off of her virgin pussy. Two hairless pussy lips were exposed to him as the panties dropped halfway down her thighs. Her legs being closed made her lips press together tightly, causing Harry to nearly cum in his trousers from that sight alone. Her plump lips were glistening from the absurd amount of juices that were flowing from her. He could see the beads of arousal dripping down the smooth skin of her thighs. He rolled her onto her back to get things started. 


Harry lifted her legs and slipped her soiled panties off of her smooth legs and tossed them aside. Hermione must have been suffering because it seemed that all shyness was now gone. As soon as her panties were off, her legs parted widely giving Harry a view of everything that she had to offer. Her hand landed on her pussy, and he watched, momentarily stunned as she rubbed her throbbing clit. “Harry!” she whined, begging him for relief. He quickly pulled his trousers and underwear off and settled between her spread thighs. No sooner had he settled between them, when Hermione grabbed what she thought was a massively huge cock and rubbed it between her wet folds. 


Hermione moaned, “You’re so big,” as her hips wiggled, and his cock head slid up and down, splitting her virgin lips. “Inside me, please,” she begged. 


“Okay,” he groaned, leaning down and kissing her as he slowly thrust his hips, entering her for the first time. They moaned in unison as inch after inch penetrated the lovely bookworm. Harry thought that her pussy felt incredible. She was so damn tight and wet. He could feel her walls squeezing the life out of his cock. With a quick, hard thrust, he tore through her innocence and claimed her for the first time. Hermione yelped into his mouth and buried her face into his shoulder as her body tensed up. 


“Are you okay?” Harry asked, concerned. He held her close as she squeezed him. 


“Hurt,” she finally said, before finally calming down. Her body relaxed, and her legs parted a bit giving him room to start moving. Hermione pulled him in and kissed him again. “Don’t go slow, Harry,” she whispered into him. “Hurry and make me cum,” she begged, going back to kissing him. 


Harry pulled away after a moment and placed his hands on her smooth, creamy thighs. His hips pulled back before slamming forward, earning a groan of pleasure from them both. “Unbutton your shirt,” Harry said, as he began to fuck her. 


Hermione’s body was jerking from the impact as she unbuttoned her white shirt. Once she got all the buttons undone, Harry reached out and pulled it open, exposing her white bra. His hand squeezed one of her bra covered breasts before he pulled both cups down. His eyes were glued to her jiggling breasts as he fucked her as hard as he could. 


“Oh my god, Harry! It feels really good. Please don’t stop!” she cried out, her back arching from the pleasure. Her scent filled the small room as her pussy juices coated his big, throbbing cock. She could hear how wet she was. The sloshing and squelching of their fucking was making her body tingle in naughty pleasure. “Play with my clit!” she squeaked out as she gripped her tits and fondled them in front of her best friend. Hermione felt his hand slide down her thigh, and his thumb brushed over her damp, hardened clit. She gasped out loud when he rolled her clit between his fingers, making her pussy tighten. 


Hermione was gasping and mewling as her body was jerked harshly. Her eyes fluttered when he changed angles, and his massive penis began battering her G-spot. Trembles rocked her young body as she felt a powerful orgasm quickly approaching. Her toes began to curl and her pussy contracted as her back arched. Hermione pulled at her hard nipples as Harry rolled her hyper-sensitive clit. 


“Harry, it’s coming!” she yelled out as a massive spray of fluid escaped her rippling pussy. She thrashed wildly as Harry fucked her senseless, her pussy squeezing his penetrating cock. She heard him groan, and he buried his face in her bushy, brown hair as he flooded her virgin cunt with his seed. Hermione was still squirting uncontrollably as he seeded her, unable to stop the chaotic spasming of her body. Thankfully, Harry laid on top of her and kissed her. She quickly wrapped her arms and legs around him as her pussy came around his cock. He kissed her slowly and lovingly while her body calmed, and soon after she was able to relax with a contented sigh. 


“So … do you feel better now?” Harry asked, laying beside her. His hand stroked her flat belly and slid up to play with her perky breast. Hermione rolled her eyes and smacked his hand away. She fixed her bra then rolled over and cuddled against his chest. 


“I feel incredible. The arousal is almost completely gone for now. I’ll keep track of the time to see how long it lasts, then we can try again. We’ll need to repeat the process several times to make sure it’s consistent, and not just a fluke. We’ve got so much research to do,” she groaned, stretching like a cat. 


Harry rolled his eyes. At least this was the kind of research that he could get behind. 


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Summary - Susan and Tracey are secretly girlfriends who want to spice up their love lives, so they call in the one man who knows their secret.



Susan Bones was fresh out of Hogwarts and was still trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Since she was so young, she had plenty of time to decide. She had recently moved out of her Aunt’s home and moved in with her friend, Tracey Davis. What almost no one knew was that Tracey wasn’t just one of her best friends, but her secret lover as well. It was something that she had to keep secret. Homosexuality was something that was frowned upon in Pureblood society. Personally, she didn’t care, but Tracey did. So for her sake, she would keep it a secret. Both she and her lover were bi-sexual, so hopefully, they would find someone that would give them children in the future. That was years away and didn’t need to be worried about.

The only ones who knew of her relationship with Tracey were her best friend Hannah Abbott, Tracey’s best friend, Daphne Greengrass, and strangely enough, Harry Potter. He knew because he had run into them in a muggle dance club. He saw them making out passionately and eventually came to talk to them. They were grateful that he hadn’t told anyone else. Since then, both she and Tracey have considered him a great friend.

Both Hannah and Daphne thought that the two were just a couple of girls trying out new things and would eventually find men to be with. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Susan and Tracey were very much in love with one another. They wanted to spend their lives together and planned on doing it. They didn’t care what anyone else wanted. Of course, they would have to do it in secrecy, but that was just the way that things were. Hopefully, things would change in the future, but for now, they needed to be careful. Tracey’s parents would lose their minds if they found out. They were depending on Tracey to further the Davis name since she was an only child. Susan couldn’t exactly say anything since she was in the same boat. Her family name was damn near extinct at this point. Sometime in the near future, they would need to start popping out babies. They would worry about that later though. Right now, they were just worried about having as much fun as they possibly could.

Susan watched as the woman she loved walked into the bedroom of their flat completely nude with a butt plug hanging out of her ass. Tracey was a very pretty girl with long, very dirty blonde hair that was bordering on brown. She had a sweet smile and a sexy body. Like most pureblood girls, she was quite pale. Even though Tracey was a half-blood, her father still raised her in the pureblood way, and she was expected to act like it. She wasn’t acting like it at the moment, turning around and wiggling her sweet ass at her. She kept her eyes on Tracey’s ass and a moment later, she reached back and spread her cheeks apart and bent over. They locked eyes and Tracey smirked at her before giggling and hopping into bed.

“So what kind of kinky shit do you want to do tonight?” Tracey asked, dragging her tongue up Susan’s smooth thigh. Susan ruffled her girlfriend’s hair fondly.

“Don’t know. Got any ideas?” Susan asked. Tracey was a very kinky girl, and sometimes she had trouble keeping up with her. Tracey took her by the ankle and lifted her foot to her mouth. Susan moaned as her girlfriend’s lips peppered it in kisses and licks. Susan loved having her feet played with. It was such a huge turn-on for her, and Tracey knew it. Any time that she wanted Susan to get instantly wet, all she would do was play with her feet. Susan closed her eyes and brought her hand down between her legs as Tracey sucked on her little toes. Her fingers grazed her clit as they split her folds and rubbed her wet insides.

“I was thinking,” Tracey started, wiggling her tongue against Susan’s sensitive soles.

“Yes?” Susan groaned out, already finger-fucking herself hard.

“How about we invite Harry into our bed?” she asked, nipping at her heel.

“Not that I’m opposed to that, but why do you suddenly have an interest in him?” Susan asked as she used her other hand to rub her asshole.

“Well, first of all, he’s a good-looking boy that knows our secret. If we want a man in our bed, he’s the obvious choice. Second, we may have to go to him to impregnate us in the future. It would be nice if we already had a sexual relationship. Finally, we can try out so many things with a third person who happens to be a boy!” she giggled happily, lewdly licking her entire foot.

“It would be nice to get properly double-penetrated for once,” Susan moaned.

“Exactly! Maybe he’ll even let me give him a golden shower! You know? Since you won’t let me give one to you,” Tracey playfully glared at her. Susan snorted.

“I don’t want to do that because it’s gross! You’ll have to talk to him about that. Oh! I can try out a proper footjob on him, and he can cum on my toes!” Susan giggled as Tracey softly bit down on her pinky toe.

“You’re always thinking about your feet,” Tracey mumbled.

“That’s because it feels so good when you play with them, love,” she said, hoping to her knees and kissing her girlfriend deeply. Their tongues battled for the next few minutes before they broke it up and fell onto the bed, lying right next to each other. Susan kissed her shoulder softly as she stroked Tracey’s supple breast. Her thumb brushed over the hardened nub causing Tracey’s breath to hitch. “So are you gonna floo him or not,” Susan giggled. “My pussy isn’t going to get any wetter,” she added, parting her legs and showing off her plump, hairless lips coated in arousal. She squealed when Tracey slapped her wet pussy.

“Be nice,” she said, leaning down and kissing her. Tracey quickly tossed on a bathrobe and ran to the living room where the only fireplace was. Susan hopped off the bed and walked to the full-length mirror. She examined herself and liked what she saw. Susan was a cute girl in her own opinion. She had long dark auburn hair that was closer to brown, and a full, curvy figure. Men often stared at her body, which she secretly enjoyed. She had wide hips and large breasts that gave her a classic hourglass figure. Quickly she fixed her hair and makeup. She didn’t want to look like a mess when Harry came over. Once finished, she jumped back in bed and waited. She waited and waited and waited. Looking at the clock she saw that Tracey had been gone for at least twenty minutes. Wondering what had happened, she huffed and got out of bed. She walked nude into the living room and gaped at the sight.

An equally naked Harry Potter was holding Tracey up from behind her knees. Tracey’s back was pressed against Harry’s chest, and Susan could see him thrusting his humongous cock into Tracey’s asshole. Tracey’s legs were spread as wide as they could go, showing off her wet slit.

“SUSAN!” she yelled. Susan being pulled out of her daze looked at her girlfriend right before getting squirted in the face.

“EEK!” Susan put her hands up to block the torrent of girl cum splashing on her nude body. She heard Tracey squealing out in pleasure every time that a new blast of fluids drenched her form. Using her hand to wipe her face clean, she was finally able to take in what had happened. Somehow they had ended up fucking without her knowing, and Tracey had a massive analgasm that resulted in a very wet ejaculation from her. Her eyes rose and she saw Tracey with her head turned making out passionately with Harry. Huffing at being left out again, she decided to help herself. She walked up to Tracey’s exposed pussy and licked her from Harry’s embedded cock, all the way up to her throbbing clit.

“Sensitive!” Tracey squealed into Harry’s mouth as her body jerked.

“Well, too bad. Maybe you should have brought him back to the room as we planned,” she muttered, licking the juices off her slightly gaping pussy.

“I think that was my fault, Suzie,” Harry said happily. “When I came through the floo, she told me what she had in mind and dropped her robe. When that happened, well … I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“If you had waited a few seconds longer, then you could have had both of us,” she snorted, her tongue wiggling around the damp, engorged nub.

“I still plan on having you both,” he moaned, pulling his cock out of her ass and poking her in the lips with it. She took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. She didn’t need to worry about anything since both she and Tracey used spells to clean their pipes before any anal play. Tracey groaned and put her hand on the back of Susan’s head. She used her hand to guide Susan into taking him all the way in, which wasn’t an easy thing to do. Tracey smiled as she heard her girlfriend gag on such a large cock. She pushed Susan’s head down until his cock was all the way down her throat and kept it there. Susan struggled to get up before Tracey let her off of his cock. Susan shot up with watery eyes, gasping for breath. She saw that Harry’s cock was all wet with slobber.

“Slut!” Susan cried out, slapping her thigh. Giggling, she turned to Harry and kissed him quickly.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Harry nodded and tossed her over his shoulder, making her yelp. “C’mon, Suzie!” Harry ordered, slapping Susan across her fat ass. Susan squeaked and ran after them. Once in the bedroom, Harry set her down on her feet and laid on the bed with his cock sticking straight up. He looked at Susan and stroked himself, “Hop on, Suzie.”

Susan didn’t waste time. She crawled after him before straddling his waist. She leaned forward and Tracey, being the good girlfriend that she was, grabbed his cock and placed the head inside of her wet slit. “Fuck, you’re tight!” Harry groaned in pleasure as Susan sank down on him. Once bottomed out, Susan did a sexy little wiggle of her hips to make sure he was properly lined up.

“And you’re fucking big,” she moaned, leaning down and licking his lips. He quickly captured hers in a deep kiss. “You’re stretching me out of shape,” she breathed out, sitting up and rolling her hips.

Tracey saw their activities and wanted to be part of it. She quickly opened a bedside drawer and pulled out a strap-on with a harness. She stepped into the leather harness like a pair of panties and lifted them up. She tightened it then attached the purple rubber dildo to it. Once ready, she crawled behind Susan and pushed her forward.

Susan felt Tracey pushing her and making her lean forward. Not fighting it, she leaned down and kissed Harry, only to feel the familiar sensation of Tracey’s dildo slipping between her cheeks. “Oh god!” Susan huskily moaned, burying her face in Harry’s shoulder.

She felt Tracey bottom out, and soon they were moving in perfect rhythm. Susan was mewling and moaning against his neck as she was being double-stuffed. Her tongue snaked out and licked the side of his neck as she nuzzled his warm skin. As Harry pulled out, Tracey would stuff hers in, then Harry would penetrate her deeply after that. She was moaning so much that she was starting to drool on him.

“Does this feel good, Suzie?” Tracey teased, spreading her cheeks apart and making her gasp when cool air brushed over her taint. Susan mewled and rubbed her naked tits against his chest, stimulating her nipples on his muscular body. “Well?” she asked again, spanking her naughty bottom in the process.

“YES!” she cried. “It feels good,” her wails of pleasure echoed throughout the room as Harry’s huge cock was battering her cervix. Soon after, her body began to vibrate.

“Here it comes,” Tracey giggled. It was easy to tell when Susan had an orgasm. Susan began thrashing wildly, but Harry wrapped his arms around her and held her close, still fucking her at the same time. He groaned loudly as the feeling of her pussy contracting and fluttering was too much for him. Susan gasped when warm, thick cum flooded her slutty pussy. It had been so long since she was last creampied. She moaned as it painted her insides while her pussy milked him for every drop. Finally, he sighed in contentment as she felt his cock soften. Once his cock slipped out of her, Tracey pulled out of her ass and leaned down to lick up his offerings. Susan felt her tongue wiggle around her inner thighs and pussy licking up the gooey, white drippings. Susan and Harry shared a passionate kiss.

“That was wonderful,” she sighed, resting her head on his chest.

“It’s about to get a lot better,” he said. “Just give me five minutes to gather myself,” he yawned.

Susan giggled happily. He had better not even try to go to sleep. There was still so much that she wanted to try, and now that she had a willing partner with a huge cock, she was going to try them all.

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Summary - Harry and Narcissa Malfoy find themselves at the most debaucherous Pureblooded party of the year, The Masquerade. At this party, anything goes.


Narcissa Malfoy sat at her Vanity and fixed up her hair. It was elegantly pulled up into a perfect bun, showing off her slender neck. With a wave of her wand, her hair turned from her normal blonde to a deep black. Nodding in satisfaction, she grabbed her makeup kit. She spent the next half an hour meticulously applying her makeup as perfectly as possible. There wasn’t a valid reason for this, but it had been ingrained in her way of life for so long that it became a habit. With another wave of her wand, her facial features blurred until she was unrecognizable. Standing up, she walked over to her full-length mirror and looked at her nude form. Even though she was an older woman now, she still had an incredible body. It was all thanks to eating healthy, good genes, and of course illegal anti-aging potions, but nobody needed to know about that.

Her hand slid down her breast, and her nipple hardened when her fingers grazed the crinkled nub. It slid further down, over her flat belly, and down her smooth, hairless mound. Her fingers rubbed her clit for a second before slipping between her damp folds. Narcissa groaned and removed her fingers. She held them up to the light and saw that they were coated in her arousal. Slipping them between her lips, she sucked them clean of her drippings and moaned at the taste. Turning around, she looked over her shoulder and examined her ass. It was still toned and perky for a woman of her age. In fact, it looked good enough to belong to a twenty-five year old. She spread her cheeks apart and saw her tight asshole, bleached until it matched the rest of her pale skin. A woman of her caliber had to look perfect, even if that meant doing embarrassing or painful treatments. Narcissa walked to her closet and searched the long, full racks for something proper to wear. Tonight was an important party in Pureblood society. The Summer Equinox only came once a year, and it was an important day in the magical world.

She hadn’t been able to attend this particular party for the last few years. All the trouble with the revival of the Dark Lord saw to that. Then after his defeat by Harry Potter and the subsequent arrest of her husband Lucius, she just didn’t have time for parties. She was too busy trying to get her house in order. Her idiot son hadn't been doing his part either. He was too busy going around with that gold-digging chippy, Astoria Greengrass. He was often gone, so that left the running of House Malfoy to her. After a lot of long and hard work, she had finally gotten things to where they needed to be. Narcissa could finally take a break. Thankfully, it was just in time for her favorite party of the year, The Masquerade.

The Masquerade happened only once a year on the Summer Equinox. It was a day for celebrating “The Old Ways” in Pureblood society. The old ways weren’t practiced anymore, except for the one day. It was a secret party that Purebloods went to while in disguise. During the party, anything could happen. Men or women could fuck a complete stranger right there on the dinner table, and no one would say anything against it. In the old days, witches and wizards used masks to hide their identities, but since then, spells were created that did a better job. Narcissa loved this party for one particular reason. During her marriage, Lucius kept a firm eye on her extramarital activities, meaning she didn’t have any. He on the other hand could fuck anyone he desired. Unfortunately, that’s how Pureblood marriages usually worked. The only day that she could get any side action was at the party. Now that Lucius was spending the rest of his wretched life in prison, she could fuck anyone she wanted. Even so, she still loved the party. Getting fucked in such a public place without fear of getting caught always gave her such a rush. It was incredible. She looked forward to it every year and would continue to do so for years to come.

Finding a brand new cocktail dress that was very low cut, she put it on and checked herself in the mirror. She thought that she looked as good as she was going to get. Of course, she didn’t wear panties. They wouldn’t look good with the dress, and she wouldn’t need them. Now she just needed a few touch-ups and she could be fashionably late for the party.


Harry Potter was standing near a corner of the room taking everything in. His face was blurred just like everyone else’s. He had heard rumors of this party for several years now but was finally able to score an invite. He wanted to see the things that went on here for himself. He showed up on time, and it seemed that nothing would be happening for a while. It wasn’t surprising. People usually didn’t start getting crazy until they had gotten a bit sloshed. The wine and liquor were flowing, so it wouldn’t be long until the real party started. He had been there for around forty-five minutes and the other attendees were starting to become a bit more boisterous. Everyone was laughing more and talking louder than they did at the beginning. That was when he noticed a woman walking into the party later than everyone else.

His eyes raked over her slim, fit form. She was wearing a sleek, shimmery red cocktail dress that had straps over both shoulders. It bore an insane amount of cleavage, and he was shocked that the dress held everything in, if he was being honest. Her back was completely bare all the way down to the cute, little dimples above her bum. There was a long slit up the skirt which showed off her long, smooth leg. On her feet were red, strappy high-heels. Her face was of course blurred, but she did have jet black hair that was pulled up into an elegant bun. On her neck, ears, and wrists were gold and diamond jewelry. She obviously came from a wealthy family. Harry wanted to meet her, so he made his way over to her.

Narcissa saw what appeared to be a young man walking toward her. She smirked to herself. She had only been here for a few minutes and already she had men lining up for her attention. She knew that he was fairly young based on the style of his clothes and the way that he carried himself. As he came up to her, she raised her hand and offered it to him. Like a gentleman, he kissed the back of it gently, but he didn’t let it go. He used it to gently pull her closer to him.

“Not a bad party, huh?” he said, leaning close to her. She could hear his breathing deepen and knew that he was smelling her perfume. She smiled and answered him.

“I wouldn’t know. I just arrived,” she smirked as he brushed his finger down the middle of her palm, creating a tickling sensation. That action alone had her pussy dampening.

Harry smirked behind his blurred cloak of magic as well. He knew that scent well. The size and body type, along with the sound of her voice clinched it. This was Narcissa Malfoy. He would regret it if he didn’t take the opportunity to stick it to his rival, Draco Malfoy. Malfoy may not have been as much of a git as he used to be, but Harry still had to repay him for all his annoyances over the years. Fucking his mother would be a good start. So Harry turned on the charm. He got them both drinks to loosen their inhibitions, and soon they were flirting with one another. To get away from the noise, they went to the second floor of the ballroom. They could see down to the floor below, the drop only being blocked by a fancy, low, wooden railing. As they looked down, they could see both men and women getting groped. The real party had nearly started. Narcissa was leaning against the railing, and Harry was pressed against her.

Narcissa moaned when the young man kissed the side of her neck. His hand went up the slit in her dress and brushed over her naked pussy.

“No panties?” he moaned into her neck.

“I figured that I wouldn’t need them tonight,” she returned his moan, bending her neck to give him better access.

“You certainly won’t,” Harry grunted, his fingers exploring her wet slit. Harry decided to use a move that he had been developing with the help of Ginny Weasley. She would always let Harry sexually experiment with her. He gently pinched Narcissa’s clit between his fingers and wandlessly used a spell that was the opposite of the Cruciatus Curse. It brought blinding pleasure to the one that it was used on. Like the Cruciatus, you had to be careful so as to not damage a person’s mind.

Narcissa’s eyes bugged out as pure pleasure struck her pussy like a bolt of lightning. She screeched loudly as she came over his hand. She could feel the juices dripping from her naked slit and landing on the marble floor beneath her. Unbeknownst to her, her squeals of pleasure had drawn the attention of many on the floor below. They looked up at her. Harry saw this and smirked.

“Are you ready for some real fun?” he asked sexily, nibbling on her earlobe as she rode out her orgasm. Narcissa nodded rapidly, still gasping too much to reply verbally.

Narcissa gasped as her dress disappeared from her body, but luckily it reappeared on a chair next to them. Her partner’s clothes were next to hers, meaning he was equally naked. She couldn’t see for herself, because he slipped behind her and lifted her leg up, giving him room to work. She shuddered when she felt the largest cock that she had ever taken, slide between her wet lips and batter her cervix. Her body was still shivering from her recent orgasm when he grabbed her behind her knees and lifted her up, her legs spread open like a common whore. Her body was turned, and she saw it. Everyone below was looking up at her! She gasped out as he started to furiously fuck her.

She saw the perverted men below eagerly looking at her naked form and enjoying the pornographic show that her partner was putting on for them. Then she felt the pure magic and pleasure shoot from behind her knees and travel throughout her body before slamming right into her G-spot. She choked out as her pussy exploded in a torrent of juice. Her partner’s fat cock was spearing her tight, pale folds causing the juices to escape in droplets squirting from her pussy. She looked down wide-eyed as disgusting men and women opened their mouths and tried to catch her ejaculate in their mouths. Her pussy was convulsing and clamping down on the offending cock still battering her cervix. Her eyes fluttered, and she rested the back of her head on his shoulder as he held her legs open. He sat her down on the low railing so that her legs were hanging over the side. He pulled his cock from her and slid his fingers inside of her pussy. Violently, his fingers started thrusting as he injected his magic into her.

“FUCK!” she yelled, her pussy squirting all over the crowd below. She watched as one naked, old man let her pussy juices fall on him as he furiously stroked his cock. Narcissa was seeing spots as her orgasm went on and on. Her partner’s hand rubbed at her clit, and Narcissa had to slap it away. It was too sensitive! Apparently, he was not having it. He grabbed her again and fucked her in the same position. This time, he carried her down the stairs. She was getting brutally fucked by the biggest cock of her life as he carried her through the crowds. Hands reached out and squeezed her breasts and legs. Brave men even tried to get a feel of her pussy. She shuddered violently as he fucked her right in the middle of a massive crowd. Her tight, Pureblooded body was being groped and violated from every direction. Her pussy clamped down on him, a powerful orgasm rocking her to the core. She choked out and squealed and begged. One man pressed his face closer to her pussy and received a faceful of her cum as she squirted. Her pussy drenched the crowd as she felt her partner’s cock injected his seed into her.

She was tired as he slowly fucked her, his cock spurting load after hot load into her well-fucked pussy. She just let him do whatever he wanted. Her pleasure was making her loopy in the head. He let his cock slip from her pussy, and immediately someone began licking and sucking the cum from her violated cunt. She looked down and saw an older woman sucking her partner’s cock clean of her juices. She leaned back and claimed his lips in a passionate kiss. She knew that the party was just getting started, and quickly wondered what else her new lover had in store for her.

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The Warden

Hermione Granger had never been so scared in her entire life. As the boat was rocked by rough seas and violent waves, Hermione nearly puked over the side. She always suffered from motion sickness. Her body was shivering from the frigid temperatures of the North Sea, not to mention that her uniform was ill-equipped to keep the cold at bay. Goosebumps covered her body as the cold wind bit at her sensitive skin. It was the dead of night, and that gave off a deep sense of foreboding. She didn’t need foreboding to give her the chills, not with the place that she was going. She squealed when a big wave hit the side of the boat and sent icy cold sprinkles of saltwater spraying over her face. She used her shackled hands to rub it off, attempting to keep herself warm. She couldn’t believe the predicament that she was in. In the end, she only had herself to blame. Many of her friends had warned her to stop, but she kept on going and ignored the potential consequences of her actions.

It had been a little over five years since the downfall of Voldemort and his followers. Of course, Hermione did her part, but most of it was thanks to Harry Potter, her best friend, or rather former best friend. Hermione didn’t know exactly how he had defeated the most feared Dark Lord since Grindelwald himself, but she did know that after it was done, no one wanted to mess with him. Everyone went out of their way to avoid getting on his bad side, which Hermione thought was smart. Who would want to antagonize someone that just killed Voldemort? Hermione sighed. Perhaps she should have taken her own internal advice. After Harry came out victorious, the magical government was bending over backward to give him what he wanted. Harry didn’t ask for much, but the one thing that he did ask for was reform in the justice system. No longer would criminals be able to bribe their way out of trouble, or simply claim that they were Imperiused. Under Harry’s system, if you did the crime, then you were damn sure going to do the time. The Death Eaters that had escaped death were tried quickly and were either put to death or sentenced to life in prison. It didn’t matter if you were only a supporter or not, or even if you never killed anyone with your own hands. You were considered a terrorist and treated as such. Dumbledore of course objected to the whole thing, claiming that those scumbags could be rehabilitated and brought back into society after a short prison term. Harry stamped down on that immediately.

After that, Dumbledore could see the writing on the wall. He was pushed aside as he was no longer needed. He was replaced on all of his duties except the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Being considered near useless didn’t sit well with the old man, and he slipped into poor health. Soon after, he was replaced as Headmaster by Professor McGonagall. All Dumbledore could do was lay in his hospital bed and watch the world change around him. As a bit of a kick in the ass, Harry commissioned a state-of-the-art prison and had it named after the old man. The Dumbledore National Supermax Penitentiary would be home to the most deadly and violent prisoners in the future. Already it was filled with the former followers of Voldemort. There were other, less violent, and dangerous prisoners there as well, but they would eventually be moved to other, low, and medium-security prisons that were currently being built.

How Hermione ended up as a prisoner was a bit of a stupid mistake on her part. Admittedly, as the best friend of Harry Potter, she got a bit of a big head. At some point, she even thought that the law was above her. Most things in the wizarding world, she didn’t really care about. Most problems would end up fixing themselves given time. The one thing that she had always cared deeply about was House Elf welfare. She had started her crusade during Hogwarts when she found out about the plight of the House Elves. What she failed to come to terms with was that not all House Elves were owned by people like Malfoy. Most House Elves were quite happy doing the work that they were doing. Hermione didn’t want to hear it. She started anew once she had graduated, and ended up annoying a lot of people. She tried her best to free as many elves as possible. Truth be told, she didn’t free very many, if any at all. Still, she wouldn’t give up hope. Her acquaintance Nymphadora Tonks who worked at the Ministry of Magic, in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement as an Auror even warned her that there were rumblings about a possible arrest. She simply ignored it, rightfully believing that Harry would step in and get her out of trouble.

Harry probably would have, if she didn’t fuck up royally and attempt to free his elves. Harry had one of the largest collections of House Elves in the entire world. Many free elves flocked to him when they saw how he treated Dobby and Kreacher. All of them wanted to work for the great and powerful Mr. Harry Potter Sir. Being kind-hearted, Harry of course brought them into the fold and did his best to give them enough work to be happy. Harry eventually bought a small farm for the elves to work on. He gave the food to Hogwarts as a donation, and only sold enough to financially break even. Hermione was livid.

Harry was using the labor of slaves to feed the magical children of Britain, and Hermione wouldn’t stand for it. She came up with a terrible plan to free his elves. It involved tossing clothes around and attempting to trick Harry into freeing them. Soon she was caught and charged. Harry didn’t press charges against her, but there was a huge list of her other crimes involving freeing other people’s elves. Under the law, that was considered theft. Even though Harry refused to press charges against her, he also refused to speak on her behalf, claiming a few years in prison will do her good. That upset her greatly. In the end, she was found guilty and sentenced to three and a half years in the new prison. She spent that night in her cell crying her eyes out.

After a week or so, she was booked and her transfer was arranged. She of course didn’t want to go and attempted to stay in her nice warm cell, but a few overpowered stinging hexes had her moving. She was ushered onto a boat in the middle of the night and dragged across the violently churning North Sea.

“There’s your home for the next few years, you dumb bint,” Tonks needled the terrified witch. Indeed, Hermione could see the lights in the distance. She knew that the new prison was on a small, rocky island not far from Azkaban. The weight of the situation along with the freezing cold had her body shaking uncontrollably. As the minutes rolled by, the island came closer and closer until they finally docked at a long peer. Hermione was forced out of the boat at wand point and was made to march up the winding path until she entered the thankfully warm holding area. Her body was still shivering from the pelting wind and rain.

She wasn’t in there long before she was ushered forward into the hall. As she jangled along in her shackles, she saw that a couple of Slytherin girls from her year were standing with their backs against the wall. Hermione recognized them as Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson. Those two girls were serving life sentences for some horrific crimes that had come to light. Hermione didn’t even want to think about the things that they had a hand in. Needless to say, they deserved to be there much more than she did.

“What are they doing here?” Hermione heard Tonks ask a fellow prison guard.

“They tried to escape. A pretty sad attempt if you ask me,” the guy snorted. “Anyway, I brought them to see the Warden. He said that he was coming to greet the new prisoner,” he said, nodding his head at Hermione. Tonks understood and nodded.

“Well, I’m guarding her so I can guard them as well. They won’t be going anywhere,” Tonks offered.

“You sure?” he asked eagerly. Obviously, he had better things to do, like listen to that replay of the Wasps and Harpies match from earlier today.

“Yeah. Go on, I’ll keep them here.”

“Thanks a million, Tonks,” he said, rushing off to do whatever.

“You two idiots at it again? Can’t believe you’d try escaping again so soon after the last time. If I remember correctly, you two weren’t able to sit properly for a week.” she teased the Slytherin prisoners. They heard Pansy hiss angrily, but she kept her mouth shut. “Doesn’t matter. The Warden will deal with you two when he’s ready.”

Tonks waved her wand and the two girls dropped to their knees and were unable to move. Next, she turned her wand on Hermione. Hermione was harshly turned so that she was facing the wall, and her hands shot up and pressed against it. Hermione tried to remove them but found that she was unable. With another wave of her wand, Hermione’s uniform disappeared. She squeaked out in embarrassment and was unable to cover herself. “Tonks! What are you doing?” Hermione screeched angrily.

“Gotta delouse you and search you for contraband. If you can believe it, Lucius Malfoy tried to smuggle in a wand inside of his rectum. If you knew him, you wouldn’t be surprised. According to his ex-wife, he loved taking it up the ass,” Tonks snickered. She walked to a cabinet and brought out a sack of white powder. Unceremoniously, she started throwing the powder at Hermione, causing the bookworm to squeal. The powder stuck to her pale, smooth form, and soon, Tonks put the sack away and walked up to her.

Hermione gasped as the metamorph started rubbing the powder into her body. Hermione squirmed trying to get away, but her hands were everywhere. They ran up her belly and groped her naked breasts. They were all over her back and bottom, and she even cupped her pussy and stroked her clit with her thumb, causing Hermione’s body to buck in pleasure.

“I can see that you liked it. Isn’t that so little miss know-it-all? Obviously, you don’t know it all, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here with your ass and tits hanging out,” Tonks teased her, making her wilt in fright. She was so scared about being here for the next few years, and now she was being groped like a common whore! Tonks waved her wand and the powder vanished from her body, leaving her skin silky smooth and tingling. “Now I’ve got to frisk you,” Tonks said, putting her wand away.

Hermione gasped when Tonks groped her tits. She squeezed them, pulled them, and batted them together. “I bet you’re getting wet,” Tonks teased. “You’re such a filthy little criminal,” she said, pulling her nipples causing Hermione to squeak in pain. Tonks’ hands slid down her belly and between her legs. Hermione was shaking badly when Tonks cupped her naked cunt. She slid her finger back and forth, rubbing Hermione between her hairless pussy lips.

“I told you that you were wet!” Tonks laughed, holding her hand up for Hermione to see. It was slightly wet. Her hand went back down, and soon her other joined in. Hermione bit her lip and shuddered in shame when two fingers slid inside of her pussy and started wiggling around. Then another finger slipped between her butt cheeks and penetrated her virgin backdoor.

“Please stop!” Hermione begged, but Tonks’ fingers kept wiggling. Hermione gasped and tried to get away as her finger sawed in and out of her ass. Tonks’ thumb was working Hermione’s clit, bringing her pleasure that she didn’t want to feel. Hermione bit her lip and stopped fighting it. This was going to happen no matter what, so she had better get it over with, she decided.

“That’s enough, Tonks!” came a voice that Hermione knew very well. She looked over her shoulder and saw Harry walking toward them. Hermione sighed in relief. She knew that Harry would come for her. “You need to check deeper. I’ll handle that … you just handle those two for the time being.”

Hermione’s jaw nearly hit the floor. She couldn’t believe it. She was even more shocked when Harry waved his wand and his trousers and underwear disappeared. Hermione eyed his penis. It was incredibly big and thick looking. Hermione hadn’t been with many boys, but the ones that she had weren’t anywhere near his size. It was so long, straight, and veiny. He was looking right at her while stroking himself to full hardness. Hermione blushed and looked away.

Harry looked over at his right-hand woman. Some would call her a slave, but that wouldn’t be correct. Tonks chose to serve him, and she was rewarded greatly for it. Tonks walked over to Pansy Parkinson and whispered something in her ear that made her audibly gulp. She sensually ran her fingers down the Slytherin’s cheek before grabbing the front of Pansy’s prison uniform and ripping it open, causing her perky, nude breasts to jiggle wildly. Pansy squeaked in alarm but didn’t even attempt to cover herself. She knew that if she did, she was going to get punished even worse when all this was over. Next Tonks ripped open Daphne’s as well, exposing her beautiful tits to the room. With a quick grope of her breast, Tonks went back to Harry’s side. “They’re ready for you, Warden,” Tonks looked at him with worshipful eyes. He kissed her gently and squeezed her bum.

“You did good, honey,” Tonks purred happily. She liked being called cutesy nicknames. Harry was happy to satisfy her wants and needs. “Now, Hermione’s rectum could be hiding shanks or shivs or any other dangerous items. I need to check it for myself,” he said, stroking himself, the head of his cock brushing against Hermione’s smooth skin.

“Why don’t you prepare her for my cavity search,” he told her. Tonks happily agreed and got down on her knees behind his bookworm friend.

Hermione gasped out loud when her cheeks were spread and a warm tongue lapped at her virgin hole. She trembled in fear and pleasure as Tonks’ tongue wiggled right against the opening of her ass. She felt her tongue get harder before the tip slipped inside. “Ohhh, no please! That’s dirty!” Hermione whined as her ass was eaten by the bubbly metamorph. She could feel the tongue wiggling around inside of her, and it made her feel so naughty because she enjoyed the sensation.

Tonks pulled her tongue from Hermione’s ass and turned to her master. He was standing between the two sluts who were still down on their knees. Both bitches had a hand around his cock and there was still room for a third! They were beating him off as he watched her in action. Tonks smiled, “She’s all lubed up.”

“Good,” Harry smiled. He looked down at the naughty girls. They caught his eyes and blushed, knowing exactly what they were supposed to do. Each one took a turn kissing his erect cock and thanked him for being a good Warden. Tonks snickered. They were going to be punished greatly for their repeated escape attempts, but that didn’t matter at the moment. “Spread her open for me,” he ordered. Tonks obeyed instantly and held Hermione’s cheeks open for him. Hermione blushed furiously. She knew that Harry along with the other girls could see everything. She opened her mouth to complain but was silenced when fragrant material was stuffed into her open gob. She recognized the scent immediately. It smelled like a woman’s pussy!

“Sorry, Hermione,” Harry apologized but didn’t sound very sincere. “But I don’t want to hear about SPEW while I’m buggering you,” he finished, holding his cock up to her tiny, puckered hole. She was about to say that it was S.P.E.W. and not spew when she remembered that she had panties in her mouth. She looked over her shoulder and glared at him, trying to spit them out. “Those are Pansy’s panties by the way. I got her nice and wet earlier. I thought you might like to taste her.”

‘Why the hell would I want to taste Pansy?’ was what Hermione thought when Harry’s big, bulbous head popped into her tight asshole for the first time. Hermione squealed in pain. It was way too big!

“Don’t worry. It’ll feel better soon. Isn’t that right, Daphne?” Harry called out.

“Yes, Warden,” Daphne answered quickly.

Hermione didn’t care what she had to say. It hurt right now and that was all that mattered. She clenched her eyes shut and attempted to calm her body. As she calmed, her body became less tense, and her backdoor loosened slightly. Even so, she groaned into the panties in her mouth. Inch after inch slid inside of her, causing her not only to groan in pain but also moan in pleasure. To her surprise and relief, it was beginning to feel good. Hermione felt so incredibly full. With every thrust, it felt like her insides were being stuffed, only for him to pull back, and she would feel very empty. After a few minutes, his thrusts increased, and soon he was clapping her booty cheeks so hard that loud slapping sounds reverberated off of the concrete walls. Hermione moaned so loud that it caught Harry’s attention.

“I told you that she would like it! You owe me a galleon,” Harry told Tonks. Hermione blushed in embarrassment. It wasn’t her fault, she thought. She couldn’t help it if she had always found Harry attractive, and that she was enjoying the pleasure that he was able to coax from her inexperienced body. She could feel her ass rippling with every impact of his violently thrusting hips. Suddenly, a hand reached under her and pinched her clit. Hermione’s eyes bugged out as the fingers rolled and pulled at the super-sensitive nub of flesh. She felt something break inside of her as a massive orgasm hit her body.

Tonks watched as Hermione became tense and squealed loudly, which was muffled by the panties. Her body trembled violently and suddenly a very large spray of fluid burst from her pussy and drenched the floor beneath them. With every thrust of his cock, Hermione would squirt some more. Tonks had never seen an analgasm so powerful before. “Help me out, sweetheart,” her master called out. Tonks quickly scurried over to him. She watched as he pulled out of her gaping asshole, then grabbed her by the front of her thighs. Hermione’s hands were still stuck to the wall, so when Harry lifted her, suddenly they were in a wheelbarrow position. “Inside her pussy, please.” Harry clarified. Tonks grabbed his cock and placed the head against Hermione’s sloppy, wet cunt lips.

Harry slammed his hips forward and bottomed out in Hermione’s tight, little pussy. He moaned loudly as her walls squeezed his thick cock. It felt fantastic inside of her. “Fuck, Hermione,” Harry groaned. “You’ve got one of the tightest pussies that I’ve ever felt. Girls … get over here,” he ordered the wayward Slytherins. They rushed to get by his side. “Get on either side of Hermione and play with her nipples.”

The girls did what he said with Daphne taking one side and Pansy taking the other. He heard Hermione gasp when they began playing with her tits. “Dora, start playing with her clit and asshole,” Harry said as he began fucking her slowly. He didn’t want to hurt her, so he gave her time to get used to his size. Her pussy was so tight that it was obvious that she barely ever used it.

He was soon hitting her with long, steady strokes, and he had to bite down to keep from cumming. Her pussy was too good. Her near virgin slit was glazing his cock with a fresh coat of pussy juice every time that he slipped inside of her. Her loud and continuous moans were bringing him closer to release as he held onto her thighs and plowed the living hell out of his bookish best friend. Her pussy walls were convulsing and gripping his thrusting cock as Tonks rubbed her clit and fingered her asshole at the same time. He could see his Slythersluts squeezing, groping, and pulling at her large, perky breasts. The wet sloshing and squelching of her pussy caught his attention, and he looked at their point of connection. Her pussy was leaking girl cum all over the floor. It was dribbling down her thighs and all over Tonks’ hand. Lovely Hermione Granger was making a mess. “Fuck me, that feels good,” Harry moaned when her pussy began squeezing his cock harder than before. Her squeals were becoming high-pitched, and her body was vibrating rapidly. She wailed out and thrashed as her pussy squirted all over his cock and Tonks’ hand.

With her second orgasm, Harry decided that he should let her rest. With a few more thrusts, he groaned out as he spurted his thick load inside of her milking pussy. Harry rammed his hips forward and ground his groin against her naked crotch, filling her with his seed. Once dry, he pulled out and let the girl go. She immediately dropped to the floor and curled up in a ball, and her pussy could still be seen trying to milk a cock that wasn’t there. Her plump, hairless lips pressed together tightly, barely letting his cum escape her as it dribbled out and ran down her butt cheek.

“Tonks!” he ordered. She was immediately on his cock, sucking and licking it clean while his two cockwhores helplessly watched. Harry smiled widely. Being the Warden of Dumbledore’s prison certainly had its perks.

The Warden

Hermione woke up with a yawn and stretched out her sore body before snuggling back into the covers. “Wake up you lazy little elf!” she heard someone yell. Hermione immediately sat up, losing all of her tiredness. It was Fleur, Bill’s wife, and she was dressed as a slutty French maid for some reason. Her big, pale breasts were popping out of the top of her low cut blouse, and her skirt was obscenely short. Her ass was hanging halfway out! She put it out of her mind for the moment and tried to recall what had happened. Then it all came back to her, and she looked around wildly. She wasn’t in prison like she expected. She was in a comfortable looking room in what she knew was Potter Manor. She remembered what had happened to her last night, and she blushed deeply.

“Get up and get dressed! Quickly! You’re late for work,” Fleur said, tossing a bag at her. “You don’t want to be a bad little elf like Lovegood, no? Our Master may not take kindly to it.”

Hermione watched as Fleur jiggled in her tiny outfit, then looked at the bag she was now holding. She didn’t know what was going on, but she would do anything to keep from going to prison. She pulled out the outfit and her eyes widened.

The Warden

Harry woke up after a very long day of meetings, then he had to deal with the problems at the prison and of course, Hermione. Still being tired, he went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth, and emptied his bladder before falling back in bed. Before he knew it, he was asleep again. A little while later, he woke again, only this time it was much more pleasant. Hermione was between his legs sucking him off. He groaned.

“Good morning, Master,” Hermione said, pulling off of his cock. “Mistress Fleur already explained things to me.”

Harry looked at her and smiled. This had Fleur written all over it. She loved playing dress-up. Hermione looked pretty cute in her headband with attached, plush floppy ears. She was also wearing a toga-like pillowcase as a short dress. It was attached over one shoulder and showed off quite a bit of cleavage. It was incredibly short as well. Underneath, Hermione had on what appeared to be nude colored leggings. She saw that he was checking her out. “Would you like to use me, Master?” she asked.

“Mmm … yes, Hermi. I think I would,” he replied happily. Hermione got on her hands and knees and turned away from him. She placed her face on the bed and stuck her ass up in the air. Harry quickly got behind her and slid her pillowcase up over her ass. He allowed his hands to explore her legging covered ass. They made her butt look fantastic. Unable to wait any longer, he grabbed the material with both hands and tore a hole in the ass and crotch area. Hermione gasped but kept her head down like a good little elf. With no panties on underneath, Harry could see her damp flower waiting to be fucked. He grabbed her around the thighs and pulled her to him. She squeaked out when he pressed his face against her pussy and inhaled her heady scent. He wanted to taste her, but that could wait for later. Right now he was horny as fuck. Harry held her by the hips and slid inside without any problems. It seemed that he had stretched her out nicely the night before.

Slowly he started fucking her, rubbing her asshole with his thumb at the same time, earning sexy, little mewls from her. “You’re a good little elf aren’t you?” Harry groaned out.

“Yes, Master Harry sir,” she breathed out, gasping like the whore that she now was. Her pussy was already squeezing his cock tightly, and coating it in her girl juice with every deep penetration.

“I think that I might make you my personal elf,” he moaned as her pussy squeezed his invading cock. “Would you like that, Hermi? Would you like to sleep in here with your master? Would you like me to claim every inch of your slutty body?”

Hermione pressed her face into the bed so that he couldn’t hear her pitiful moans of pleasure. Harry’s large cock was hitting every spot that could make her feel good. She could feel the length of his massive penis sliding inside of her. She could feel every bump scraping against her damp walls, and she could feel his big, juicy balls slapping against her arousal slickened clit. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was using his finger to rim her previously violated asshole. The pleasure that she was feeling was intense. “Answer your master,” Harry commanded and finished it with a loud slap to her ass cheek. Hermione squealed in pain as her pussy tingled from the impact.

“Yes! I would like that Master Harry! I would like it if you used my body,” she cried out, her pussy beginning to milk his thrusting cock. She felt him insert a finger into her anus, and her pussy exploded all over the bed. She cried out while squirting violently on her master’s bed. She was harshly lifted up and turned and flipped until she didn’t know where she was. After a second, she had his big cock in front of her face. She was laying on top of him in the sixty-nine position. Immediately he began sucking on her squirting pussy, not caring that her ejaculate was washing over him. He pinched her bottom to let her know what he wanted. She got to work like a good elf. She took his cock as far down her throat as she could. She choked and gagged as she bobbed her head, making sure to keep her tongue on his cock the entire time. Occasionally, she would use her tongue to massage his dick while sucking. His moans let her know that he liked it, so she kept on doing it for him. She could feel Harry devouring her naked pussy, and soon, she came again. Thankfully it wasn’t as powerful as before. She was rubbing his balls in her palm, and his moans told her that he was about to finish. She quickly wondered if he was going to finish in her mouth. She had never swallowed before. She was answered when he tossed her on her back and ripped her pillowcase open, exposing her breasts and naked torso. He hovered above her, stroking his long, thick cock. He looked her right in the eyes as he spurted his seed all over her tits and stomach.

“Rub it in! Enjoy what your master gives you,” he moaned, still cumming on her naked form. Hermione blushed and rubbed his warm cum into her delicate skin. Once finished, he sighed contentedly, and said, “To the shower.” Hermione quickly scampered after him.

Hermione groaned as Harry was behind her naked, soapy body washing her breasts. His fingers danced over her hard nipples and squeezed her slippery tits. One hand went down between her legs and pinched and rolled her slippery clit causing her eyes to widen and gasp out in pleasure. Just then the door opened, and she thought that Fleur and Luna had entered the master bathroom. It was hard to tell because the steam had covered the glass shower door. Hermione wiped her hand across it and created a clear streak for her to look through. It was indeed the other two who lived here. They were looking at her in annoyance. It seemed that they wanted some time to play with Harry. Hermione smirked and over exaggeratedly moaned. Seeing them scowl, she reached behind her and took his slick cock in hand. A few strokes later and she placed the tip against her entrance. Her eyes fluttered shut as her face pressed against the shower door. Soon the bathroom was filled with the sounds of their raucous fucking. He was still pinching and rolling her soapy clit while fucking her. Her beautiful breasts smooshed against the glass, and the other two huffed and left the room. They had to wait for their turn.

Fleur and Luna sat on Harry’s bed as a pleasured, feminine yell rang out signifying an explosive orgasm had occurred. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes. If they didn’t finish soon, both of them were going to join and give Hermione her very first foursome. Luna was rubbing herself between the legs. Fleur slapped her hand away. “That belongs to Master.”

Luna blushed but nodded. It was true. She belonged to him now, and so did Fleur. And whether or not Hermione knew it, she belonged to him now as well, Luna thought as Hermione’s pleasure-filled screams echoed off the walls.

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Summary - Lily Potter had gone fourteen years without the touch of a man. Seeing the man her son has turned into has awakened something inside of her.

The Widow

It was late at night and Lily Potter was sitting up in bed going over her finances. Her savings account had taken a bit of a hit thanks to the new potion-making equipment that she had recently bought, but she would make that up with all the new potions that she would be able to make and sell. She wouldn’t say that life was hard since her husband had died all those years ago. At times she struggled a bit, but in the end, Harry and she had everything that they needed. James had been killed by Death Eaters when their son Harry was only a year old. They knew that Harry could be one of the boys in the so-called Prophecy, so they took precautions. Unfortunately for the Longbottoms, they were attacked and Neville Longbottom’s parents were killed. Not long after, Dumbledore proclaimed him The Boy-Who-Lived and thereby making him famous. Lily thought it was hilarious watching Dumbledore fight with Augusta Longbottom, Neville’s hardheaded grandmother. The old lady certainly didn’t put up with Dumbledore’s attempts at manipulation.

The night James died was particularly bad. Both James and Sirius were killed, and Lily had found out that Peter had betrayed them. Soon after the funerals, Remus had taken off. Lily knew that he was likely in a deep depression. She would hear from him once every few years to make sure that both she and Harry were doing alright. She hoped that he was doing well, but doubted it. Peter was still locked in Azkaban after Lily had turned him in and told the Aurors about his Animagus form. Personally, she hoped that he rotted in that hellhole. Since then, it was only her and Harry. She put all her effort into raising him right. She gave him every advantage in the world, and it paid off. He was a wonderful boy, with stunning good looks and a good head on his shoulders. She was very proud of him, and even though she never said it out loud, she was proud of herself as well. It was hard raising a young man as a single mother. Lily ran a mail-order potion business, along with providing potions for several apothecaries around the country. She wasn’t getting rich from it, but it more than paid the bills.

Harry also just happened to be very good with money. He was always running a small business or two and somehow turning his allowance into something bigger. His first year, Harry bought tons of sweets before leaving for Hogwarts. He sold them in school and more than tripled his money. He’s been doing that ever since. He was known in school as the guy to go to for anything you needed. Sure, they could get stuff during Hogsmeade weekends, but those were few and far between. Lily was sure that he would open some kind of business once he graduated from school. Knowing him, he would probably be insanely wealthy within a few years. Until then, Lily had to make sure to provide for him. Harry would be starting his fifth year in a little over a month’s time. He was only fifteen and already he had droves of girls calling over the floo or sending letters. It was pretty funny to watch. She remembered what it was like to be a girl that age. She couldn’t blame the girls either. Her son was a very beautiful boy who enjoyed exercising and playing sports. He was in great physical shape for a boy of his age. Lily had of course seen him with his shirt off. He already had broad, muscled shoulders and a six-pack of abs.

Just thinking about that had her face heating up. Unbeknownst to anyone else, she had recently seen him completely naked while he was getting out of the shower. Her eyes had widened before she came to her senses and quickly left. Thankfully he didn’t see her. While that would have been embarrassing, it wasn’t the problem. The real problem was that Lily hadn’t been with a man since her husband had died. She had never even kissed another man since then. Fourteen years was a long time to go without the sensual touch of another. Most of the time she was able to deal with the loneliness just fine, but sometimes it became very difficult. When she saw her son’s muscled, naked body all wet from the shower, something inside of her snapped. Not only that, but his penis was the largest that she had ever seen. It was soft and looked to be around five inches and very thick. She could only guess how big it was when erect. She was ashamed to say that she had thought about that quite often. Recently, she had even touched herself while thinking of it. She was sick in the head, and she knew it. Unfortunately, she couldn’t help herself. The vision of his wet cock was burned into her memory, and now she was afraid that she would become obsessed with it until she was able to “take it for a ride” as it were.

She didn’t know how to make that happen though. She could walk up to him and say “Hey son! How about you give your ole mom a good, hard fucking!”

Once she had made up her mind about seducing him, she came up with a plan. At first, she started dressing a little more revealing. Since his puberty, she had caught him staring at her body on occasion. She figured that it was normal for a boy his age. Lily was, after all, an incredibly attractive woman who still turned heads. The two of them sometimes sat together on the couch at night talking about what was going on in their lives. When doing this, she made sure to wear very short shorts that showed off her smooth, creamy legs. Often she would wear loose shirts with deep necklines that would expose her entire bra-clad breasts when she leaned forward. She could see that it was working. She would catch him staring at her more and more. She just needed to push him over the edge and get him to make the first move.

The following morning, Harry was sitting on the couch reading a letter from one of his many female admirers. While at school, there was no shortage of fresh pussy for him to fuck. He’d been sexually active since his third year, and now he was loathed to go without. These days, more often than not, his cock was hard for most of the day. It was all because he didn’t have an outlet for his sexual deviancy. He loved sex, and he loved getting super freaky. His favorite lover had to be Pansy Parkinson. Obviously, they kept their affair secret, because her family would flip out. However, they kept their meetings low-key and met up a couple of times a week. Pansy would let him do damn near anything to her, and he loved it. Now he was sitting here suffering like one of his virgin roommates back at school. They always bemoaned about not being able to get their crushes to drop their knickers. Harry wanted to tell them to shut up and stop being annoying. Now he had a newfound respect for their pain and suffering. It didn’t help that his mother was flouncing about in her tiny outfits.

Harry had always respected the fact that his mother was incredibly attractive. As he got older, he often wondered why she didn’t have any men in her life. When he figured out that she had put all her time and effort into raising him, it made him feel bad. He loved her dearly and would do anything for her. In the end, he just wanted her to be as happy as possible. When she first began showing off her body, he thought that maybe it was just a fluke or something, but when it kept happening, he figured that it was something else. Harry wasn’t an idiot when it came to girls, like so many of the boys his age. He was experienced enough to know when a girl is vying for his attention. His mother wanted him to look at her. When she caught him looking, she seemed happier. His only conclusion was that she wanted a more physical relationship with him. The thought was kind of weird. Sure, pureblood society was built on incest, but he was a halfblood, and his mother was a muggleborn. Unfortunately, his cock was doing the thinking right now. All it saw was a sexy woman with a willing pussy, so he wanted to fuck. Just then, his mother walked in.

Lily was wearing a scandalously small string bikini. Her large breasts were popping out from every direction, and the tiny scrap of cloth barely covered her pussy, leaving most of her hairless mound exposed. When she turned, he saw that her backside was only covered by a thin string that disappeared into her plump, pillowy cheeks. His cock was rock-hard in seconds. She walked right up to his sitting form and asked, “Harry? You want to go swimming? It’s such a nice day and …”

She was cut off by her son. Something snapped inside of Harry, and all he could think about was her. He wanted her … he needed her, and he was going to have her right now. She squealed when he grabbed her hips and turned her forcefully. Her bulging ass was right in his face, and he not so gently grabbed the string of her bikini bottom and tore it apart with a single pull.

Lily squealed when her son ripped apart her tiny bikini bottom. She felt her ass cheeks jiggle violently from the force. She was breathing hard and suddenly. She felt his face pressed against her bare bottom. Deeper his face slipped between her thick cheeks, and Lily blushed furiously when he began motorboating her fat ass. He was inhaling deeply and licking all over. Clearly, he couldn’t get enough of her. Lily just stood there, legs slightly spread, and bending over just a bit as her son ate her ass. Her eyes fluttered as his warm, wet tongue wiggled against her virgin asshole. Just the idea of him touching her there made her wet. Her pussy was sloppy, dribbling her juices down the insides of her creamy pale thighs. It had been so long since she had been touched in such a way. She never wanted it to end. His hand snaked around her thick thigh and pinched her engorged clit, making her gasp wildly. While she loved her former husband, from what she could remember, he wasn’t very imaginative in bed. Already Harry seemed like a more skilled lover.

Her body shuddered as he rolled her hard clit between his fingers. Her nipples grew hard and her pussy juice flowed as his tongue rimmed her crinkled hole. Then he removed his face and hand from her body and slapped her fat ass, making it jiggle and making her squeak. She watched with a red face as Harry stood up and slid down his shorts. His monstrously large cock came into view and had her heart racing. He sat back down on the couch, stroking his cock while looking at her. “C’mon mum. Sit on it. Don’t pretend that you don’t want to,” he groaned, looking over her half-naked form.

Blushing, Lily attempted to straddle him but was stopped. She looked at him questioningly. “Turn around and sit on it,” he commanded. His strong, forceful words had her pussy tingling with anticipation. She had always loved strong men.

“Yes, Harry,” she quietly answered, turning around and offering her ass to him. He gripped her wide hips and guided her down to his cock. She reached under herself and grabbed his thick, meaty pole, and placed the tip against her damp folds. Lily moaned like a desperate whore as his massive fuckstick parted her wet slit and sank deeper and deeper inside her. Her unused pussy gripped him tighter the further he penetrated her, and once he bottomed out, they both moaned together. Lily just rested there for a moment, savoring the sensation of being stuffed full of cock after so long without it. Her son’s hands weren’t idle, however. They slid from her waist, up her sides, and over her covered breasts, feeling her smooth skin along the way. Lily leaned back against his strong chest. The back of her head rested against his shoulder, and she turned her head and kissed him deeply. His tongue slid over hers, making her moan in his mouth. She closed her eyes when his hands dipped under the bikini fabric and gripped her naked tits. Harry squeezed them and fondled them to his heart’s desire. He ripped open her top, and her bare tits bounced and jiggled as she started riding his long, thick cock.

The sounds her pussy was making had her blushing deeply. She had never been so wet before. The loud squelching of her penetration was the only sound in the house if you didn’t count her whorish moans and cries. As her son made her bounce on his cock faster, the sounds of their bodies clapping together were added in. Harry grabbed her tits harshly and squeezed them tightly as she ground her ass onto his crotch, rolling her hips and making their fucking that much more pleasant.

“Holy fuck, mum! Do that again!” he cried out, making Lily happy. It was nice knowing that she could still bring men pleasure after all these years. He placed his hand between her legs and rolled her clit between his fingers as she rolled her hips on his lap. Lily shuddered violently.

“Oh … that’s so good baby. Keep doing that!” Harry rolled and pinched her hard clit as her pussy convulsed around him. Her beautiful body was shivering from pleasure, and Harry knew that she wouldn’t last much longer. He grabbed her behind the knees and lifted her legs up.

Lily squeaked out in embarrassment as her lower half was lifted and exposed so blatantly. Then Harry began to violently thrust into her. She shuddered and let loose some squeals of pleasure as drool slipped from her open, gaping mouth. His cock was flying in and out of her at such speeds and ferocity that she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Look, mum! You’re creaming on me!” Harry teased, and indeed, when she looked down, his cock was smeared with white cream. Lily looked away in utter embarrassment but was unable to stop her toes from curling or from letting loose a wail of pleasure as her pussy erupted in a fountain of girl cum. She squealed like a whore as her pussy squirted with every titanic thrust from her son. He was still fucking her as she came all over his cock, and when he said, “Play with your clit,” she wanted to smack him. Still, she followed his orders. Her fingers danced over her sensitive clit as her pussy squeezed his cock. Finally, he grunted and spilled his seed deep inside of her fluttering pussy. As the minutes passed, her pussy continued to spasm and milk his thrusting cock. She was so out of it that she didn’t even know when he had finished seeding her. She snapped out of it while he was kissing her and groping her tit while still balls deep inside her violated pussy. His other hand started rubbing her clit and she cried out and smacked his hand away.

“Too sensitive!” she squealed. He chuckled and moved his hand to her folds, and began to sensually stroke them. This action felt wonderful and helped calm her down. She molded into him and allowed him to play with her spent body. He kissed her again, then said, “How about we move this into the bedroom?”

Lily’s eyes widened. His cock had already hardened inside her again! He didn’t wait for an answer. He just lifted her up and began fucking her on their way to the bedroom. As the door slammed shut, it muffled the squeals of pleasure that echoed from her mouth for the rest of the night.

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Harry was sitting at his table taking a momentary breather. The party was now in full swing, and Harry had already came three times since his rutting of Narcissa. The ladies of the party were very eager to have a go with him, and he certainly didn’t want to disappoint. He looked around and saw one debaucherous scene after another. One man in the corner of the room was sharing some drugs with a woman, one man close to him was jacking off while watching a young couple go at it, and many more scenes just like that. Hell, even Narcissa was currently getting gang banged by a group of lecherous old men. He was done with her for the night. He had already sampled the goods and didn’t want to go back for sloppy seconds. No, what he wanted was fresh meat.

Harry looked around the room for a decent target. He spotted a few fit older women, which would normally be okay, but not tonight. He wanted someone younger and more vibrant. That’s when he spotted him. Harry would know the slicked back, bleach blonde ferret from a mile away. Harry snickered as he recognized Narcissa’s son, Draco Malfoy. The little twerp had certainly been an annoyance for years, but thankfully, he had toned it down quite a bit since then. Even so, Harry still took his revenge anytime that he could. Malfoy had a lot to answer for, and Harry would make sure that he paid for every single crime and annoyance that he committed. Draco was sticking close to a young woman who Harry knew must have been his fiance, Astoria Greengrass. He had never met the girl, but Harry had met her sister. If they were anything alike, then she was in it only for the money. Daphne had tried that same thing with him, only Harry was smart enough to figure out what she was after. It was a shame too … Daphne was incredible in bed. Perhaps Astoria was as well, Harry smirked. Malfoy was certainly keeping her close by, and he wouldn’t blame him for that. Harry wouldn’t want to let another man fuck what was his. Now Harry just needed a plan to get her away from the ferret long enough to stick his dick in her. He sat there for a moment trying to come up with some elaborate plan. In the end, Harry just decided to wing it.

Looking around for inspiration, Harry noticed a man sitting alone at a table. He had seen the same man rutting another man not so long ago. Harry smiled to himself. He got up and walked to the man.

“Excuse me, sir,” Harry spoke to him.

“Yes, son? What can I do for you?” he asked, breathing slightly heavy.

“You see that young man with the slicked-back blonde hair? Well, he’d really like a go with you. He’s a bit too shy to come over himself, so he sent me.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

“Yes, sir. He’s a friend of mine and said that I could have a go with his wife if I was able to talk you into buggering him something fierce. He wants you to just walk up to him and stuff your underwear in his mouth, bend him over, and don’t stop until you’ve had enough,” Harry fought as hard as possible not to snicker in amusement.

“Hmm,” he heard the old pervert look at the nubile, young stallion and licked his lips. “Perhaps a taste wouldn’t be so bad, now would it?” Harry could see the wrinkly old erection the fucker was sporting as he stood up. “Thank you for coming over, son,” he said. “That’s a good lad!” he said walking toward Malfoy.

“Oh! Before I forget! He likes it dry. No vaseline! Rough and raw,” Harry called out, earning a wide-eyed, toothless smile from the old fucker. Harry snickered and quickly made his way near Astoria. It was only a few seconds later that Harry had his shot.

“Hey! What the … “

Malfoy’s complaints were muffled when a pair of smelly, old underwear was stuffed in his mouth and he was manhandled into the doggy-style position. Harry wanted to burst out laughing, but he had other things on his mind. He walked up to the luscious, young body of Astoria Greengrass and pulled her into a passionate kiss. He heard her squeal into his mouth before letting herself go, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. Harry put Malfoy out of his mind when his hands began to unzip the expensive silk dress that she was wearing.

Astoria was about to tell the man manhandling her to fuck off, but that was before she realized that it was the man of the party. He was the man that every woman wanted a piece of. She wasn’t ashamed to say that she wanted some too. This was the biggest party of the year, and Draco wanted to keep her from having fun? Not bloody likely. She had been unable to sneak away, but thankfully that old guy grabbed him and was currently molesting him, giving her the perfect opportunity to enjoy the night. She moaned into his mouth as he unzipped the back of her dress. A few seconds later, the dress pooled at her feet, leaving her as naked as the day she was born. Not many women wore underwear to these parties. She heard gasps and catcalls as her gorgeous, young body was exposed to the crowd. She relished the attention. She wanted all eyes on her. It was widely known that her fondest dream was to become the most influential female socialite in all of magical Britain. That was why she was going around with Malfoy. It certainly wasn’t for his fantastic personality.

Her perfect, perky breasts were pointed at her soon-to-be lover. His eyes examined them fondly. They were lovely and round and capped with the lightest of pink nipples that were made to be sucked. Harry’s eyes lowered. Her belly was flat and smooth and ended with a hairless mound that he was desperate to kiss and lick. Her legs were shapely and smooth and were the same pale cream color as the rest of her stunning body. In between her thighs were two taut lips that hid her light pink treasures inside. Harry saw men circling them, hoping and waiting to get a piece of the young lady. They wouldn’t touch her until Harry had had his fill. He grabbed her by her round, firm ass and lifted her up. Astoria wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he slipped inside of her. They shuddered together as he bottomed out inside of her wet and warm pussy. Astoria quickly attacked the side of his neck with her lips, kissing and sucking on every inch of exposed skin. Her pussy squeezed him as he began moving, using his strong arms to bounce her on his cock. She held on tight and enjoyed the new experience. She had never been fucked standing up before. Her eyes fluttered as she rested her forehead against his broad shoulder. Astoria squealed into his shoulder as he continued to thrust away inside of her tight, wet pussy. Then she felt something nuzzling her ass while being fucked.

Harry smirked when Narcissa strolled up, looking freshly fucked, and dropped to her knees in front of Astoria’s ass. She wasted no time in spreading her cheeks open and lewdly licking the young girl's asshole right there in front of everyone.

Draco wasn’t having a very good time. He had someone’s dirty, smelly underwear in his mouth while he was being buggered by some old man! If that wasn’t bad enough, he was forced to watch as the love of his life was double teamed by a man and woman. He watched as Astoria began to shake violently as she came on the man’s cock. It pained him to know that he was never able to get her to cum like that, he thought before his head was pushed down and the buggering went into overdrive.

“Ohhhhhhhh, fuck me!” Astoria cried as Narcissa’s talented tongue wiggled against her puckered hole. Harry’s magnificent cock was spearing her innards so quickly and roughly that her tits were bouncing high enough to nearly slap herself in the face. Her pussy was leaking juices all over his invading cock, squirting around him every time that he slammed against her G-spot. She opened her eyes and looked around. Dozens of nude men and women surrounded her. Men were looking at her while stroking cocks of different sizes. One man had to stroke his with only two fingers, it was so small. Occasionally, a hand would reach out and grope her young body. One young man grabbed her tit and squeezed it roughly, making her cry out in pain. She could hear him being chastised by the crowd, and she didn’t know what had happened to him after that. Moans from dozens of people filled her ears as she was fucked for all to see. One middle-aged woman stood naked in front of her and shook her chest, making her big tits flop around. She was quickly grabbed and bent over. The last Astoria had seen of her, she was being fucked at both ends. Finally, she could feel the man shudder, and he filled her slutty cunt with his thick, warm seed. Astoria mewled as she was filled with spurt after spurt of his essence, her pussy contracting and milking his cumming cock. She stupidly thought that she would get a rest now. That wasn’t to be.

Harry carried her over to an empty chair and sat down. He moved her onto his lap with her back pressed against his chest. He spread her legs apart and placed the tip of his cock against her backdoor. Astoria gasped at the audacity but didn’t tell him no. Narcissa showed up and dripped a lubricant of some kind on his cock and her ass. The older woman happily rubbed the lube into his cock and her ass. Then she helped as Harry slowly inched his way into her tight asshole. Astoria groaned and her toes curled the deeper he went. She heard one old man say that she was a ripe young whore, and truth be told, she felt like it at the moment. Her asshole was being stretched in ways that she had never felt, and she didn’t want it to stop. Faster and faster he went as he picked up the tempo. Soon, his strokes were as long as possible, going from his head, down to the base before clapping her fat ass. Astoria cried out in pleasure when a hand began pinching her clit. She saw the woman that Harry knew to be Narcissa secure a strap-on at her waist and slide inside her previously fucked pussy without any fanfare.

“Too much!” she cried out, complaining about the intense pleasure that she was feeling. They fucked her in unison, never giving her a break to catch her breath. She was sweating and breathing heavily as she was double penetrated for the first time. Someone’s hand groped her sweaty breasts as someone played with her clit. She didn’t know who was touching her. Her vision was going blurry, and her stomach was coiling. She shuddered violently as she parted her legs as wide as they could go, her toes curling and her back arching.

“FUCK!” she yelled, squirting fluid out of her pussy and drenching a nude, thrusting Narcissa. Her asshole clamped down on her lover’s cock, and she felt him seed her bowels. She mewled and wiggled her behind against him as he filled her. He kissed her one last time before pulling out and letting her fall to the floor and curl up.

Harry took one last look at the girl. She was on the floor sucking someone’s cock as a dozen men came on her shivering, well-fucked body. He smirked. That was two women in Draco’s life that he had bedded. Harry humorously wondered if he had a grandmother somewhere.

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Summary - A lonely and lustful Amelia comes up with a plan to seduce Harry Potter, who just happens to be Susan’s friend, and is staying with them for the summer.

A Night With Bones

As the latest criminal to be caught was dragged off kicking and screaming, Amelia Bones let out a sigh of relief. They had been hunting that idiot for quite some time. Thankfully the chase was now over, and all she had to do was the paperwork. She certainly wasn’t grateful for that. Paperwork was the bane of her existence. The paperwork could wait, however. She had to get home soon. Her niece Susan had invited Harry Potter to visit her. Amelia knew that those two were as thick as thieves. She also knew of the budding attraction between the two of them. Gratefully, they were only fourteen so they were still nervous about that kind of thing. Amelia found it hilarious watching them peak at each other and look away before being caught. There was no doubt in her mind that those two would end up in bed sooner or later.

In a normal muggle teenager, hormones were raging, but in a magical teenager, the hormones went into overdrive, sending those teens into nearly uncontrollable fits of lust. There were ways to deal with it. Potions that could help lower the libido were sometimes used, but Amelia never liked those. Those were used on her when she was a teen. She remembered how groggy and unresponsive that they made her feel. She hated taking them and wouldn’t put that kind of misery on her beloved niece. The best way to deal with it was to have a single partner that could take care of all of your needs. She hoped that Harry would be that partner for Susan. She needed to talk to Susan about it soon. Any day the hormones would start raging, and then Susan may very well jump Harry when she wasn’t prepared. That led to another problem … Harry Potter. He was obviously an orphan and had no one to talk to him about this kind of stuff. This was usually a job for the father of the house, but since he had no father, it looked like she may need to step in as well.

A blush graced Amelia’s cheeks as she thought about it. Harry was a good looking young man, and Amelia hadn’t been laid in a very long time. Perverted thoughts ran through her head about the things that could happen during their “talk”. Perhaps he would ask her to demonstrate certain acts on him. Sure, Harry was young, and she was old enough to be his mother, but there were no laws forbidding her from “trying him out”. As the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, she would know. Granted, she was sure it would be frowned upon if discovered, but that was a very big if. As a loving, protective aunt, it was her duty to see if the boy was good enough for her niece. It was her job to teach him how to provide pleasure to Susan, and how to satisfy all of her needs.

As she sat there and daydreamed, her nipples became rock-hard, and her pussy began to moisten. When her hand unconsciously slid down under her robe and touched her needy clit, she was snapped back to reality, blushing up a storm. She really needed to stop reading those trashy romance novels. She reached down into a drawer and pulled out a bottle of Ogden’s Finest. Foregoing a glass, she pulled the cork out of it and took a large swig right from the bottle. She smacked her lips and wiped off her mouth with the back of her hand. She put the bottle away and stood up ready to go home. A quick floo ride later and she was back inside her house.

“Auntie!” Susan ran up and hugged her. Amelia smiled and hugged her back.

“Where’s Harry at?” she asked, looking around but not seeing him.

“Oh! He’s in my room reading a book. We’re trying to finish up our summer work. I just came down to bring us up a snack,” she said, holding up a plate of cookies. Amelia grabbed one and bit down on it. Peanut butter, her favorite.

“Alright, dear. You go up before he gets lonely and misses you,” Amelia chuckled as Susan blushed deeply. She would try to talk to her tomorrow.

Amelia had herself another drink as she waited for their house-elf to finish cooking dinner. When dinner time came around, all three ate in the dining room like always. As she was eating, Amelia noticed that Harry was eyeing her up more than normal. Even though she was an older woman, she still looked incredible if she did say so herself. In fact, her magnificent rack turned the head of every man that she walked past. It was no surprise that a fourteen-year-old boy would be mesmerized by the sight. She thought that it was quite adorable before, but now all those dirty thoughts were flooding back into her mind. She bent her back a bit, sticking out her chest slightly, and watched as his breathing quickened and his cheeks turned pink. Right then, she made her decision. She would take him under her tutelage tonight, and possibly many more nights to prepare him for a future relationship with her niece. She could have the talk with him in the morning, perhaps while she was bouncing on his …

“Auntie?” Susan pulled her out of her thoughts. She cleared her throat and calmed herself.

“Yes, dear?” she asked Susan, who was looking at her strangely.

“Your face is red. Are you alright?” she asked, concerned.

“Oh, yes of course. I just added too much pepper to my food.”

“Okay. Well, Harry and I are done, so we’re going to go back to my room. I’ll see you in a bit!” she said, grabbing Harry by the hand and pulling him along.

Amelia sighed and rubbed the cool glass of water over her forehead. She needed to be careful with those daydreams. She put that out of her mind for now and concentrated on coming up with a plan to get Harry into her clutches. Sure, she could just go up to him and tell him to follow her to the room. She was sure that he wouldn’t object to that, but she felt that it needed a bit more subtlety. Quickly finishing up, she crept up to the second floor of her home to where the bedrooms were located. She flashed her wand and moved in intricate patterns. Happy with the ward that she had set up, she smiled and nodded her head. Going back to her room, all she had to do was wait.

As the night went on, Amelia kept on looking at the time. Susan was always an early sleeper. More often than not, the girl would be fast asleep by nine o’clock. It was now nearly ten, so she was sure that Susan was out. Finally, the ward tripped and told her that Harry had left the guest bedroom. She listened with her ear at the door. She heard him go down the stairs, which meant that he was likely getting something to drink … perfect. She rushed to put her plan into action.

Harry guzzled down the cold glass of water. It was a little hotter than normal that day, but thankfully as night fell it began to cool off. He put his glass in the sink and scampered back up the stairs as quietly as possible. He didn’t want to wake Susan up. She could be quite scary when first woken up, especially if she hadn’t had a full night’s sleep. Harry went up the stairs and stopped dead in his tracks. Standing there in the hall was Madam Bones. She was wearing what appeared to be a silk robe that was hanging open. The best part was that she was only wearing panties underneath! Her glorious tits were on full display. Harry’s cock went hard so fast that he was surprised that it didn’t break off. Harry stuttered out an apology, but couldn’t get his eyes to look away.

Amelia smirked. She acted surprised and closed her robe a bit, but made sure to leave a lot on display.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Harry dear! I thought that I was alone out here,” she nearly giggled at how red that his face was.

“Oh! Well … I am … I mean I was … you know, water,” he stammered, looking at her chest. Amelia maneuvered herself so that her robe opened again.

“While you’re here, there’s something in my room that I could use your help with. Will you help me?” she asked innocently. Harry’s head nodded so fast that it nearly flew off of his shoulders.

Amelia turned and entered her bedroom. As she heard the door close behind her, she dropped her robe onto the ground. Turning around, she saw Harry staring wide-eyed at her. She giggled and dropped to her knees in front of him.

Harry was shaking from nervousness as Amelia pulled down his pajama pants. He stepped out of them and was now naked from the waist down. He gasped loudly when his cock was engulfed by a warm, wet mouth. As the bobbing of her head began, Harry shuddered violently from the pleasure of his first sexual experience. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, so he just kind of petted her head.

Amelia rolled her eyes as her head was petted. The poor boy didn’t know what to do, she thought. That was okay, she would teach him. She was surprised at how big he was. His cock was around a thick seven inches already. She was sure that it would grow into a monster someday. She used her expertise and sucked him down to the base, earning a trembling gasp from him. She placed one hand on his thigh and the other on his ballsack. Slowly she began to massage his balls, and soon she felt them begin to pulse.

“I can’t hold on!” he cried out, stroking her hair. Amelia pulled off of his cock with a wet pop.

“Don’t worry about holding on. Just let it go,” she told him, taking back into her mouth and sucking him to the base. She bobbed her head a few more times before his balls began to pulsate in her hand. A second later, her mouth was filled with his creamy, white cum. As she bobbed, he spurted more and more down her throat. Finally, he was dry, and she was able to pull off of him. She let go of his cock and it hung limply, completely wet from her saliva. She giggled at the starry-eyed look on his face. It was the same look her deceased husband had when she first went down on him. She stood up and kissed his cheek.

“Now it’s time for you to take care of my needs,” she ordered. It was an order that Harry was happy to take. He watched as her knickers lowered down to her ankles, and she stepped out of them. His mouth watered just looking at her fat ass. It was so plump and juicy! Amelia crawled onto the bed on all fours, and she stayed that way, reaching under herself and spreading her pussy lips with two fingers. “Come and get it, Harry dear!” she exclaimed, shaking her ass at him.

Harry pulled his shirt off as fast as he could. A second later, he was behind the vivacious cougar rubbing his cock along her wet slit. It took him a few tries, but eventually, he was able to slide it in. Harry shuddered as he sank into her. It was a sensation that was indescribable. The way that her wet, silken walls hugged his invading cock made him want to cum on the spot. Thankfully, he had just had an orgasm, so he was able to keep control. Harry squeezed her pillowy butt cheek and slowly began to thrust.

Amelia’s eyes fluttered as she gripped the bedsheets. It had been way too long since she had a cock inside of her. She had forgotten how good it felt to be stretched. As the squelching sounds began, Amelia knew that she was incredibly wet. Her body trembled from the naughtiness of the situation. She was getting wet from a fourteen-year-old boy who was fucking her from behind. Now it was her job to make him a man. Unfortunately, he was still a boy, so she needed to get her pleasure as soon as possible. She didn’t know how long he would last. His thrusts had already picked up speed, and Amelia reached under her and began rolling her clit between her fingers. Her breathing became heavy as her ass rippled from the furious fucking that Harry was giving her. She could hear his gasps and moans and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He had already gone beyond her expectations, but she needed a little more.

“Stick your finger in my ass!” she cried out, her back arching and pussy clamping down on him. She felt his finger slip inside of her virgin asshole and that was all that she needed. Her body shook as Harry groaned and filled her with seed. The wonderful spasms of an orgasm were something that she had desperately missed. Harry continued to thrust until he seeded her good and proper. Finally, he pulled out and laid down next to her breathing heavily. She leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back, and she decided that she needed to teach him how to do that as well. ‘Well, no time like the present,’ she thought as she deepened the kiss and let him roll on top of her.

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Summary - Harry goes to a big party after his defeat of Voldemort. Needless to say, he has a lot of fun. Harry/Multi

After Party

As he ran a comb through his messy, black hair, Harry Potter thought about what had recently occurred. By some insane miracle, he had just taken down Voldemort for good. Things were kind of a blur, but that didn’t matter to him. The only thing that mattered was the fact that Voldemort would no longer be coming after him. He would no longer kill innocent people and destroy families as he had done with Harry’s. It had only been the night before and already most of his followers were rounded up and locked away in the cells of the Ministry awaiting trial. He would make sure these didn’t get off by bribery or claiming the Imperius excuse. Once people had heard about what had happened, celebrations sprang up on every street corner. Everyone was dancing and singing and enjoying themselves. Alcohol was flowing like water, and people laughed and cried and hugged each other in rejoicing. That was great and all, but it wasn’t exactly a party. That was what Harry was getting ready for. He had been invited to the biggest party ever in the wizarding world. Of course, Harry himself was the guest of honor.

Harry didn’t know what was going to happen at the party in question, but he guessed the normal stuff. The only real parties he had ever been to were the parties after a Quidditch victory. Since they happened at school, they didn’t get too out of hand. This was to be the first “adult” party that he would attend. He imagined drinking, smoking, dancing, and whatever else was going to happen. He was fine with it all. Everyone deserved to let go for once and enjoy the freedom they now had. Harry didn’t know who was actually throwing the party. He had received a Portkey from a trusted source and was told when it would go off. The party was being kept hush-hush. If he had to guess, he’d say it was because if it was common knowledge, then everyone and their mothers would want to attend. He didn’t feel bad about that though. He was absolutely certain that a hundred more parties were going on, and anyone that wanted to have fun would be able to find one. Harry frowned into the mirror. His hair was just as messy as ever, refusing to stay down … even when wet. Harry shook his head. No use being annoyed at something that will likely never change.

He continued to get ready. He changed his clothes and put on the set that Hermione and Ginny had picked out for him. He wasn’t the most stylishly inclined, but thankfully he had some female friends that knew how to pick clothes. Once dressed, he looked at the clock. He still had an hour before the Portkey would go off. He was told to make sure to eat since there would likely be a lot of drinking and only snacks would be available. He went to the kitchen of Grimmauld Place and unwrapped a sandwich that Mrs. Weasley had prepared for him. Kreacher was probably sleeping, the Black family elf was getting old. Harry devoured the delicious sandwich and waited for the Portkey. Once it was time, Harry made sure to hold onto the Portkey until it finally went off. Lights flashed as the wind blasted his twirling body. He was being held by his navel as he was spun rapidly. He was just beginning to feel sick when he was dropped on his butt. He heard a giggle. He looked up and saw Ginny looking down at him. She reached out and gave him a hand to his feet.

“Ugg … if I find out who told me to eat before taking a Portkey, I’m going to kill them,” Harry winced, rubbing his belly. Thankfully the sick feeling was quickly going away. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Quit being a baby and come on,” she grabbed his hand and led him around the corner and into a back alley. Harry looked around.

“Are we in Hogsmeade?” he asked.

“Yeah. We’re on the outskirts though. The party is in that abandoned building you can see when standing in front of Zonko’s,” Ginny told him. Harry nodded, knowing which building that she was talking about. “There’s a secret entrance at the end of this alley. Everyone would know that something’s up if we all went in through the front.”

“Makes sense. Where’s Hermione and Ron?” Harry asked, he couldn’t see any sign of anyone else.

“The three of us came together. They’re already inside. Ron went straight for the snack cart,” Ginny snorted. “I said that I would wait out here for you.”

“Well, thanks for that. I’d never find the party otherwise,” he said, walking along the dark and grimy alley between two old buildings with Ginny at his side.

“No problem. We were told where to go. Ron was supposed to pass along the information, but he forgot.”

After another minute or two, they came across what looked to be the door to a storm shelter. Ginny opened it up and went down the rickety, old stairs. Harry followed. The stairs led them to an old tunnel with red brick lining the walls. The tunnel wasn’t very long, not even close to the length of the ones from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade, and in these, at least they could completely stand up. Another few minutes later and Harry and Ginny were pushing open an old metal door to the party beyond. Instantly, loud music slammed into his eardrums making him momentarily wince. He rubbed his ear as Ginny pulled him further in. The warehouse was dark and musty smelling but was flashing with bright white strobes of light. Already people were dancing crazily on the makeshift dance floor. Most were covered in what looked like body paint that glowed with the dark purple blacklight that was emanating from someplace unknown. One girl was dancing wildly, her entire body covered in paint. He saw her breasts bouncing out of control, and Harry looked closer. She was naked from the waist up! Her chest was covered in paint so that he couldn’t see her nipples properly. He was pulled out of his thoughts by a tap on the shoulder. He turned to see Ginny looking for him.

“Lavender Brown,” she answered his unasked question. “She already slutting it up,” Ginny snorted, pulling him along. He finally met up with Hermione and Ron. Ron was stuffing his gob like always and Hermione was enthusiastically chatting about one thing or another, bopping to the loud percussive music. Soon they were chatting and laughing with different people, and Harry was sneakily pulled away by Parvati Patil. They were off in a hidden corner behind a large metal container of some kind.

“So … you haven’t said anything about my dress, Harry?” Parvati cutely pouted. She spun around and caused her skirt to flare up, giving him a brief glimpse of her panties. “I bought it special for the occasion. Do you like it?” she asked, batting her big, beautiful eyes. She shimmied her body and slightly lifted the hem of her dress showing off her smooth light brown thighs.

“I think it’s fan-bloody-tastic,” Harry replied, gulping at the sexiness she was putting off. Parvati giggled and kissed him deeply. Caught off guard for a moment, he finally realized what was happening and returned the kiss. Their tongues rolled and danced with one another’s, and Parvati, feeling daring, grabbed his hand and placed it on her ass. She moaned deeply when he squeezed her tight bum, and she gasped when he took things a bit further and slipped his hand underneath her skirt and groped her thong-clad ass. Her hands were all over him, and he gladly returned the favor. One hand slid up her belly and played with her perky tit over the fabric of her dress. His other hand slid into her thong, and his fingers glided between her damp pussy lips. The gorgeous Indian witch shuddered when he explored the length of her wet crevice and purred sexily when he pinched and played with her hard clit.

“Oh fuck, Harry,” she moaned quietly, not wanting to draw attention to themselves. “That feels really good. Please keep touching me there,” she shuddered out, rolling her hips and attempting to ride his hand to completion. In return, Harry dipped his fingers in between her lips and gathered her wetness, then rapidly rubbed his fingers back and forth over her engorged clit, earning him a moan and wild tongue kiss. It was only seconds later that Parvati let out a cute, little squeal and shuddered violently. Her slim, sexy body shook as an orgasm rolled over her. She was hanging onto him for dear life when he was pulled away.

“Hey!” he cried out, annoyed that Ginny had pulled him away from his fun.

“Don’t worry, loverboy. That skank will happily drop her knickers for you anytime you want,” Ginny told him, pulling him along. Harry’s eyes were all over the place. As the whiskey flowed, the inhibitions lowered. Tops were pulled lower and skirts were hiked up as couples danced the night away. At some point in the night, he was pulled onto the dance floor by a somewhat drunk Daphne Greengrass. The girl obviously didn’t want to talk. In truth, their lives were so different that they barely had anything to say. Daphne, however, let her actions do the talking.

The sexy Slytherin spun around until her back was pressed against his front. Slowly she wiggled her sexy body as Harry placed his hands on her slim waist. The dark-haired beauty was wearing a skin-tight white dress that hugged every curve on her glorious body. She was one of the girls that every boy in school drooled over. Harry groaned as her tight, shapely ass rubbed against his trouser-covered crotch. Instantly, his cock was hard, and she didn’t seem to mind one bit. Someone had come up to them and offered them drinks, which they happily took. They both slammed down double shots of Ogden’s Finest and continued to dance. They were both sweating and breathing heavily as Daphne writhed against him, his hands sliding up her flat belly and over her covered breasts. Daphne closed her eyes and chittered at the sensation of having her breasts squeezed by the new Golden Boy. She was a girl who loved power and prestige. By getting close to him, she was ensuring that she was on good terms with him in the future. There was also the fact that she was partying and wanted to have fun, and Harry was certainly making her feel good. She wanted to feel even better. Daphne grabbed his hand and led him to an empty room. Pulling out her wand, she waved it at the door and locked it. Daphne hopped up onto an old table and parted her legs.

Harry gulped loudly when he saw her spread her thighs. Lacking panties, her smooth, hairless lips were exposed to his viewing pleasure. They were puffy and reddened from arousal. In between, Harry could see the damp, light pink folds that he was desperate to enter. His eyes traveled down her long, perfect legs. They were incredibly smooth and looked as soft as butter. They ended with small, dainty feet covered in white high heels. Her hand dipped down and rubbed her clit a few times before spreading her lips with two fingers. With a finger on her other hand, she sexily beckoned him over. His trousers were around his ankles faster than he could say Blibbering Humdinger. Harry stood between her parted thighs with his massive, veiny cock pointed at her delicate, feminine folds. Her hand snaked out and grabbed him by the base. She gave it a few tugs before rubbing the large, spongy head against her weeping slit. They both gasped together at the sensation. Once at the right area, Harry pushed forward and entered the sexy girl for the first time. Daphne shuddered as she took his monster cock. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she buried her face in his shoulder. She gasped and mewled as he slowly began fucking her.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he gasped out, pistoning deep into the dark beauty.

“You’re so fucking big,” she countered, squeezing her cunt muscles as her mother had taught her. As a pureblood princess, it was her job to get what she wanted by any means necessary. Sometimes that included using her body. She was taught well by her mother. She smirked into his shoulder when she heard his gasping moan. She squeezed her walls again and earned another. The smirk was wiped from her face when he reached down and pinched her needy clit. Her body shuddered when he rolled the extremely sensitive bundle of nerves. That in combination with his brutal fucking had her pussy clamping down hard on him.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck,” she squealed as her pussy milked his fat cock.

“I can’t hold on,” was all he had time to say before spurting a large, hot load into her milking cunt. He continued to piston in and out of her, shooting his seed into her and filling her to the brim. Finally, she squealed and clamped her thighs together, and he knew that their fun was over for the time being. They looked at each other and kissed. Harry hoped that they would do this again in the future, but he didn't know. He did know that his friends were probably looking for him. Harry helped her straighten up, and they kissed one last time. She unlocked the door and exited. Harry exited a moment after, with the biggest, dopey grin on his face.

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Midnight Visit

Nymphadora Tonks sighed as she plopped down on the smelly old leather chair that decorated the depressingly dark Grimmauld Place. She had just finished work at the Ministry then went on an errand for Dumbledore. When the old man had asked her to join the Order of the Phoenix, she immediately pictured secret missions, taking down the bad guys, and stealth assassinations. She didn’t think that 99% of the time she’d be sitting around a musty old house. In truth, she was incredibly bored.

Her life at Hogwarts was fun enough. She had plenty of friends and had gotten into more than a few hijinx in her time. She did study hard though. You had to in order to become an Auror. She pictured herself kicking down doors and jumping from rooftop to rooftop while chasing down a bad guy once she became a member of the Auror squad. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. No one had told her that most of the work was sitting around or doing paperwork. Sure, she had caught a few criminals since graduating from the Academy, but that was few and far between. She was seriously thinking about a career change. She knew that her mother would like that. She had never liked the fact that her baby girl had taken such a dangerous job. Tonks rolled her eyes. She doubted anyone had ever died from doing paperwork all day. While changing jobs would be nice, she didn’t exactly know what she wanted to do with her life anymore. Only an idiot would give up a job before getting a new one.

Her daily life wasn’t all that better either. She hadn’t seen her friends in a very long time. That wasn’t very surprising. When people grow up, they become busy with work or family. Even though she understood that she still missed the good times that they had. She chuckled every time that she thought about when they smeared oil on the floor outside of Snape’s office and started making a lot of noise. Tonks giggled when she remembered the way his arms flailed and legs slid around wildly before taking a nose dive onto the hard, stone floor. Those were good times. These days she was lucky if she got to see them once every few months.

Not only that, but her love life was non-existent. She had tried to get Moony to notice her, but she hadn’t been able to yet. She was really starting to feel backed up. She hadn’t had sex in over a year, and even when she did, it wasn’t all that good. Her last boyfriend ended up having a tiny penis. While having a small cock wasn’t the end of the world, it certainly didn’t help things in the bedroom. Shaking her head, she got up and stretched. Going into the kitchen, she looked in the refrigerator and found nothing appealing. Closing the door, she walked upstairs. It was pretty late at night, so she knew that most, if not all of the residents would be asleep at this hour. Outside of Ron’s room, she snorted humorously when she heard his thunderous snoring through the bedroom door. She figured that that was the reason why Harry wasn’t sleeping in there. She wouldn’t want to either. Next, she moved on to the room that Hermione and Ginny were sharing. Cracking the door open and taking a peek inside, she could see that both girls were fast asleep. Hermione was softly snoring while Ginny’s chest rose and fell with her steady breathing. Closing the door, she moved on.

Last, she came to Harry’s room. Opening the door as quietly as possible, she peeked her head in. A loud gasp escaped her mouth. Slapping a hand over her mouth, she tried to keep as quiet as possible as he stirred from her noisy behavior. She couldn’t help it though. Harry was sleeping naked on his bed. That wasn’t what had her gasping. She slept naked too, so it wasn’t surprising that he did as well. No, what had her gasping was the lewd size of his cock. In one word, it was monstrous. It bordered on the line of being absurd. Harry was lying on his back on top of the sheets, and his cock was rock-hard. Sticking straight up in the air, she examined it in close detail as she snuck in and leaned her head down. While it was insanely long, it was also thick as well. She had to remind herself not to touch when her hand began inching closer. Her mouth turned dry while she inspected every ridge and vein. She wondered how many girls that he had split in two with that thing. Lowering her eyes, she saw that his balls were just as big and bloated and likely filled with cum.

Tonks looked away, her nipples were hard and her pussy was getting damp. She shouldn’t be thinking like that about a schoolboy. In her head, she reminded herself that he was fifteen and knew the consequences of sex. Unable to stop herself, her hand slowly reached out and she let her fingers brush over his massive erection. She found his pole of flesh to be warm to the touch and oh so familiar. It had been so long since she had a cock inside of her. Even then, it wasn’t even close to the same size as this absurd beast. Her heart jumped when his cock twitched, but remembered that men’s bodies just did those silly types of things. Lowering her hand, she gently cupped his fat sack. Using her thumb, she gently massaged his cum-filled testicles, and when he groaned in his sleep, she stopped moving. Removing her hand, she was just about to leave when he muttered, “Tonks? Is that you?”

Tonks blushed fiercely. “Yeah. It’s me,” she answered, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, sounding very tired as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He probably didn’t even remember that he was nude, she thought.

“Well … I’m just checking on everyone,” she said, which was kind of true. It was then that Harry realized that his cock was exposed. Pulling the sheet over his erection, he apologized. “Don’t worry about it,” she blushed, keeping her eyes on the tent that his cock created. Harry saw where her eyes were glued.

Smiling to himself, he asked, “Want to see it again?”

“Whaaa?” Tonks sputtered. Harry, however, removed the sheet from his groin.

“Maybe you’d like to touch?” he teased. Tonks’s hand inched closer without her knowing. It was only when Harry took her hand in his that she jumped from the contact. When he placed it on his warm cock, her hand immediately began to pump it. Hearing him moan turned her on, and the sexy metamorph decided to go further.

Her hair was flashing between colors the more vigorously she began to work his cock. “Get closer,” Harry told her. Without thinking about it, she moved closer, now kneeling next to him. The fleshy slapping sounds of her hand pumping his cock nearly drowned out his soft moans. Her breath hitched when his hand slithered over her jean-clad leg, feeling the shape of her body. “Take them off,” Harry ordered. Her body shivered at the thought.

“Okay,” she whispered in a submissive fashion. Letting go of his cock, she unbuttoned her jeans and sexily wiggled out of them. She could see Harry jacking himself off while staring at her. Inch after inch of her creamy, pale thighs became exposed as the denim material lowered. Down over her knees, her jeans fell, and she leaned back and lifted her feet up. Harry helped her out by pulling them off and tossing them to the side. Placing his hand on her knee, it slowly crept up as he explored the softness of her inner thigh. When his hand brushed against her damp panties, she bucked and let out a shuddered gasp. Harry was looking her right in the eye when his thumb began to rub circles around her panty-covered clit. Tonks moaned loudly and used her metamorph powers to make her sensitive clit even bigger. Harry could feel it too. He smirked when the tiny bump grew under the damp material. Harry maneuvered her until she was sitting on her bottom. Then he grabbed her by the tops of her thighs and pulled her closer. Now on her back with her knees on either side of her body, Harry reached down and pulled her panties off. She watched as he lifted them to his nose and inhaled the smell of her arousal. Tonks hid her face in embarrassment, even as her pussy tingled with need.

Suddenly, when something hefty was plopped down onto her hairless mound, she looked between her legs and saw his massive cock resting on her. Using his thumb, he pressed down on his cock while he began to slowly thrust. Tonks shuddered as the underside of his cock spread her lips apart and continuously stimulated both her slit and clit as it rubbed her back and forth. Mewling and moaning, she parted her legs as wide as they could go.

“Like it, do you?” Harry teased her again, dry humping her sloppy wet pussy. As his cock rubbed her enlarged clit, she squeaked out a “YES!” before trying to work his cock inside of her. As she did that, Harry lifted her t-shirt up and exposed her bra. The dark material stood out wonderfully against the paleness of her skin. Grabbing a cup in each hand, Harry ripped the bra apart and made Tonks squeak in fright. Her tits bounced and jiggled from the rough treatment. She was unable to force his cock inside of her, so Tonks just held it against her pussy as hard as she could with the palm of her hand. His cock continued to thrust, coating itself in her girl cum.

Out of nowhere, he grabbed her around the waist and flipped her over until she was straddling his waist. Already missing the sensation of his cock against her pussy, she began rolling her hips. His hands reached up and molested her swaying tits. Her eyes fluttered as his fingers toyed with her incredibly hard nipples. Not willing to wait another second, she reached down and took a hold of his cock. Lifting herself up, she placed the tip inside of her wet slit and slowly lowered herself down. Both of them groaned and moaned as she took him deeper and deeper into her body. When he finally bottomed out, she sat straight-backed with her chest out breathing heavily. Harry’s hands were all over her naked tits as she tried to catch her breath. Tonks squeaked when he pulled her down and began kissing her. She moaned into his mouth as he sucked her tongue, and when his hips began moving, her body trembled in need. She could feel his length hitting spots so deep that they had never been touched before. Her back arched as she felt the wonderful coil in her belly begin to build up. The wet sounds that her pussy was making filled the room along with the smell of her arousal. Concentrating, she tightened her pussy so much that Harry grunted. His hands lashed out and gripped her shapely bottom. Tonks squealed in pain when he squeezed them tightly. His hips were rapidly thrusting as she leaked her juices all over his groin.

Unable to control herself, Tonks’s body began bucking and spasming. Her powers activated, and she tightened around his cock, trapping him inside. Her walls fluttered in a way that Harry had never felt, and her tits even grew a cup or two. Harry could feel her rock-hard nipples brushing against his chest as she shook and trembled in his arms. His fingers slid between her cheeks and brushed over her tight asshole. Tonks threw her head back and moaned like a whore as she milked his cock. Grunting, Harry’s back arched as he spurted his seed into her, her walls milking his cock of every last drop. Tonks could feel the overflow leak out and drip over her virgin asshole. Finally spent, Harry laid down next to her, his cock slipping from its tight prison. Tonks immediately missed the warmth and cuddled up against him. He confidently wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and she snuggled in. Her hand was busy playing with his deflating cock as his hand groped her naked tit.

“Did you enjoy it?” Harry asked, his breathing beginning to slow down. Tonks nodded, too tired to talk. “Want to do it again tomorrow?” he asked. Again, Tonks nodded. “Sneak in here after everyone’s asleep. Leave your underwear at home.”

Tonks blushed, but she had already decided to follow his command. Her fingers danced over his soft balls as his fingers tweaked her hard nipple. Harry sighed. “Clean me up so we can go to sleep,” he said, putting his arms behind his head. Tonks hesitantly went down and took his cock into her mouth. Bobbing her head, she sucked him clean of her juices. He was only half-hard when he pulled himself from her mouth. With that, she snuggled back into him and fell asleep at his side.

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Giving the Talk

Soon to be seventh year Harry Potter was sitting in his friend, Luna Lovegood’s room at her Ottery St. Catchpole home. Called the Rook, her house was shaped like the famed chess piece. Their other friend, Hermione Granger was on a family vacation somewhere on the continent. Things were beginning to get serious, at least according to Neville Longbottom, the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry tended to believe him. He doubted that he would make up such wild stories for attention alone.

Every summer, Luna’s father would leave for an expedition to find strange new animals or plants. This time he was going to a particularly dangerous area of the world, so Luna couldn’t go with him. Harry, not wanting to have Luna alone in the house, volunteered to stay with her. Her father immediately agreed. Truth be told, her father wasn’t exactly right in the head. How many fathers would jump at the chance to leave their teenage daughter alone with a teenage boy? Harry shook his head. The man didn’t make any sense sometimes. Harry wasn’t complaining though. He was more than happy to leave the Dursley’s house.

Harry smiled as he watched one of his two best friends. Luna was certainly a strange character. He held back a laugh when she put her spectrespecs on upside down and read her magazine right side up. Sometimes she would do the opposite.

“Hey, Harry?” Luna suddenly called out. Putting down his own magazine, he looked over to her.

“Yes?” Harry raised an eyebrow.

“A boy in this magazine asked a girl if she wanted to bounce on his broom. Did he mean that he wanted to take her on a nice, romantic flight, or did he mean something else? I can never tell,” Luna asked, confused at the wording. Harry chuckled. Luna was actually quite innocent when it came to things like that. Her father had never given her the talk, and Luna never really had any friends until Harry and Hermione came along. She had probably heard a few things while eavesdropping, but he guessed that she didn’t know what they were talking about. Hermione once tried to give her the talk, but she just blushed and sputtered before finally giving up. Luna claimed that the wrackspurts were making Hermione’s brain fuzzy like a moldy Dirigible Plum. Harry burst out laughing, causing Hermione to become irritated. She told him to give her the talk instead, and Harry meant to, he had just forgotten. Now seemed like the perfect time.

“He definitely wants to go for a ride,” Harry snorted. “I doubt it would be all that romantic.”

“What are you talking about?” she focused her large, gray eyes on him.

“Sex, Luna. The guy was asking her to have sex,” Harry told her, putting down his magazine. Luna followed suit and placed hers down as well.

“I’ve heard girls talking about that a lot, but I’m not sure what it is,” Luna said as she scooted closer to Harry.

“Well … you know how a man has a penis and a girl has a vagina?” Luna nodded her head. “When a man is attracted to someone, his penis grows bigger and harder. Sex is when he puts his hard penis inside of a girl's vagina.”

“Why would he do that?”

“Because, it feels very good, and that’s how you make a baby,” Harry told her. Luna already knew that babies grew inside of females, but she thought that they just appeared randomly.

“It feels good?” Luna asked innocently.

“Very good,” Harry answered.

“Have you had sex before?” she looked at him with wide eyes. Harry blushed slightly and cleared his throat.

“Before I answer, let me say that you shouldn’t ask people that. They might consider it rude,” Harry told her. He didn’t want her bothering others with inappropriate questions. “And yes, I have had sex.”

Luna nodded her head. She wanted to ask who he had sex with, but she thought that that might be considered rude as well. Instead, she said, “I’ve seen my vagina a bunch of times, but I’ve never seen a penis. Can I see yours?”

Harry choked on his own spit as she surprised him once again. At this point, he really shouldn’t have been surprised by anything that she did. “Luna!” Harry chastised her.

“Inappropriate?” she asked, her big, gray eyes shining.

“Very,” he replied, clearing his throat.

“Okay … but can I still see it?” she asked, not letting up. Harry sighed. Luna was the type of girl that didn’t have much in the way of modesty. Hermione had kept her from stripping down in front of him on multiple occasions.

“Okay, but only quickly,” Harry said, standing up and unbuckling his belt. Once he unbuttoned his trousers, he pulled them down along with his boxers.

Luna’s already large eyes widened even further when she caught sight of her first penis. It looked long and thick. Reaching out, she took a hold of it. Suddenly, it was pulled from her hand.

“Why did you take it away?” Luna pouted, crossing her arms over her small chest.

“Because you shouldn’t be touching it,” Harry rolled his eyes.

“Pleeeease!” she begged. “Just a bit longer?”

Harry finally gave in and removed his trousers completely. He could never deny Luna or Hermione anything. Luna reached out and wrapped her small hand around his very large cock. She hefted it in her hand and tested the weight. Then, she squeezed it a few times. She could see that it was soft and floppy. “It’s not hard,” she said, looking up at him.

“You have to make it hard. When boys get sexually aroused, they get hard. When girls get aroused, they get wet on their vaginas.” Harry explained.

Luna suddenly got excited. “I’m wet on my vagina!” she exclaimed. “Look!” Before he could stop her, she flopped back on her bed and lifted up her skirt. Her naked pussy was on full display as she spread her legs wide. Her two outer lips were pale and plump and covered with only the thinnest of peach fuzz. Harry could see her inner lips barely peeking out, and she was right. Her light pink insides look slick with arousal. Not only that, but Harry could smell her from where he was standing.

“Oh, look! It’s getting hard!” Luna pointed at his crotch. She cheered and clapped. Harry slapped a hand over his face in embarrassment. Luna whistled appreciatively. “That’s very big,” she happily said, sitting back up and grabbing his erection. “My hands don’t even fit on it,” she marveled, both of her hands didn’t even cover it. She couldn’t even touch her fingertips when gripping his cock. “This is supposed to go inside of me?” Luna looked up at him.

“It goes inside a girl’s vagina, yes,” he corrected her. Her hand was sliding all over his massive erection. Looking down, he could see that her skirt was still askew and her damp lips were still showing.

“Does it feel good when I’m touching it?” she wondered, playing with the spongy head.

“You have to play with it,” he told her. While it was pleasant having her hands on him, the stimulation was at a minimum.

“How do I do that?” Luna asked. “Can you teach me about sex, Harry?”

“Well … I …”

“You said when a boy is hard and a girl is wet, then they’re supposed to have sex,” she justified her words.

“That’s not exactly what …”

“You’re hard and I’m wet. Here look,” she said, standing up, grabbing his hand, and placing it between her thighs. “Ohhhh!” Luna squeaked, and her eyes bugged out when his hand brushed against her clit. “Oh, that feels good, Harry!” she shuddered, grinding her virgin slit against his hand. Within seconds, his hand was coated in her juices. Harry was too shocked to do anything. Luna had always been impulsive, but this was ridiculous. Suddenly, she squealed and collapsed forward, falling into his arms. Holding her spasming body with one arm, Luna mewled as she held his hand tightly to her fluttering pussy. Unable to stop herself from squeezing the most amount of pleasure from the situation, Luna roughly ground her soaking wet lips all over his hand. When her spasming stopped, she snuggled into his chest.

“Mmmm. That was nice,” she said in a relaxed voice. After a moment, she moved away from him and sat back on the bed. She quickly removed her skirt and laid back, spreading her legs. “Okay, I’m ready,” she bit her lip. She still shuddered as her fingers danced over her lips and clit. She was quite sensitive after all.

Harry knew that he shouldn’t take advantage of the situation, but Luna was nearly an adult and could make her own decisions. Besides, the sight of her tight, little body was turning him on. Shrugging his shoulders, he removed the rest of his clothes and settled between her parted legs. Placing the tip of his cock between her damp lips, he rubbed her up and down, massaging her slit and clit. Luna was wiggling around in pleasure, her hand rubbing at her shirt-covered chest. Harry lifted her shirt up and exposed her braless breasts. Small and pale just like the rest of her body, her nipples were the lightest pink that he had ever seen. They nearly blended in with the rest of her body. Reaching out, he gripped each nipple between his fingers and began to roll them.

“You like how this feels, Luna?” he asked, genuinely curious about what she liked. She nodded her head quickly.

“I like it a lot. Can you kiss them, please?” she begged, arching her back and presenting her small tits to him. She wasn’t taking no as an answer. Luna pressed her breast against his mouth and rubbed her nipple over his lips. Harry answered by opening his mouth and taking her nipple between his lips.

Luna shuddered from the wonderful sensation. “Oh …” she squeaked. “I like when you lick it. Do that more,” she begged as he suckled on her hard nipple. His hand reached down and began to toy with her clit. Luna had never felt anything so wonderful. She couldn’t wait for him to put it inside of her. Her small hand reached out and gripped his massive cock. She began to pump it and smiled when he grunted. She moved her body until her legs were over his shoulders. She tried to put his cock in herself but was having trouble. Harry chuckled, making her blush. He took his cock from her and placed the big head inside of her tight slit.

“Are you sure? It’s going to hurt at first, but the pain will go away shortly after.” Harry asked. Luna nodded. She was absolutely sure. Reaching out, she took his cock and hand and attempted to pull him in. “Relax, Luna. I’ll take care of you,” Harry said, leaning down and kissing her. Luna happily returned the kiss the best that she could. Occasionally she kissed Harry over the years, and he was the one that taught her how to kiss, but she hadn’t had much practice. Her small tongue explored his mouth as he suddenly plunged into her. Luna broke the kiss and cried out in pain. She clenched her eyes shut and waited until it began to taper off. As he promised, the pain eventually dulled. When Harry’s thumb started rubbing her engorged clit, the pain had completely left her mind.

Tilting her head back, Luna moaned sexily as he began to piston in and out of her. She could hear how wet she was by the sounds her pussy was making while getting stuffed for the first time. Her hands came up, and she started playing with her own nipples. Pinching them and pulling on them, she shuddered as it added to the pleasure that she was feeling. Suddenly, it began to feel too good. Something was happening again. Just like before, her pussy started fluttering. Only this time, a cock was inside of her. Harry could feel her orgasm as she massaged his thrusting cock. Leaning down, he started sucking on her slender neck as her pussy gripped him tightly. Luna tried to keep from thrashing around, but she couldn’t help it. It felt too good. “Harry!” she squealed out and pulled him against her. Her spread legs wrapped around his waist as her tight walls massage his cock. She was doing a good job of coaxing a thick load from his bloated balls. Her formerly virgin pussy felt incredible to him. She was the tightest that he had ever had. Finally, Luna had done enough to make him cum.

“When men have an orgasm, just like what you just had, they ejaculate. This is what makes a baby. This time I won’t cum inside of you. You need to be on the potion to avoid getting pregnant,” Harry explained as he pulled out. Luna watched fascinated as he stroked his cock and spurted thick, gooey, white cream all over her smooth belly. More and more covered her slim body, until Harry finished. “Would you like to taste some?” Harry asked. “Some girls really like it.”

Luna nodded. She thought that he would scoop some up on his finger, but instead, he held the head of his big cock up to her lips. She could see some still clinging to his monstrous penis. Grabbing his cock, she licked the head until it was clean and glistening with her saliva. Luna enjoyed doing that and began to kiss his cock all over. “How did you like it?” Harry smiled.

“It was salty, but I liked it. Can I suck it straight from your penis? I think I’d like it better while it’s still hot,” she asked, turning her big eyes on him. Immediately his cock was hard again.

“Of course. In fact, let me teach you about the sixty-nine position.” Luna smiled happily at the prospect of learning something new. She just hoped that when Hermione joined them again, she would be willing to help teach her all about sex.

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Aches and Pains

Amelia Bones drained a vial of pain potion as she sat at her desk. Rubbing the area between her eyes, she willed the annoying headache to disappear. She knew that wouldn’t happen. She’d been having headaches for a while now. The healers couldn’t find a plausible explanation as to why they kept coming back. Amelia simply had no choice but to push through and endure.

The best guess that they had was that it was related to the stress that she was constantly under. Her continuous fourteen-hour workdays were starting to get to her. Not only did her head hurt, but she suffered from many more aches and pains throughout her voluptuous body. While it had been affecting her health for a while now, it was now beginning to affect her personal career. She was quick to anger and regularly snapped at people. One day, she feared that she might say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Needless to say, she was at her wit’s end. Suddenly, her mind went back to the meeting that she had had the other day.

She had the freshly turned eighteen-year-old, Harry Potter brought in on suspicion of drunken apparition. The fact that he appeared in the waiting room of St. Mungos, vomited all over the place, and apparated away wasn’t good enough to charge him, apparently. While in her custody, he weaseled out the knowledge that she was suffering from migraines. She still remembered the cheeky bugger’s response.

“Sounds like you’re in serious need of getting laid,” he smiled smarmily. Amelia wanted to smack the stupid right out of his head. The fact that he may have been right didn’t occur to her. Now, she wished she had listened. He told her, in no uncertain terms, that if she was in need of a “good, hard fucking” that she should visit him night or day. At this point, Amelia was willing to try anything.

There was also the fact that she hadn’t had any sexual contact with anyone for ages. It had been many years in fact. Not since her last boyfriend, and that was back in 1982. Would getting rutted by a young stud really be so bad? She didn’t think so. Hell, she was an independent and successful woman. If a woman like Narcissa Malfoy could have a young stallion as a fuck buddy, then why couldn’t she? She liked to think that she was superior to Lady Malfoy in every possible way. She deserved to be happy, healthy, and constantly smiling from all the mind-blowing orgasms she was sure to experience. She had heard of Harry Potter’s sexual prowess. It was said that there wasn’t a girl in Hogwarts that didn’t cum all over his cock. The stories about his cock alone were eye-opening. Many women have said that it was as long and thick as their forearms. Even her niece Susan blushed like mad whenever his name was brought up. She suspected that she had been his bed partner a time or two.

She knew that even though he was teasing her, he would legitimately let her in to “play” so to speak if she were to arrive at his doorstep. She was usually humble, but even she had to say that she was a smoking hot MILF. All that said, did she really want to actually go through with it? The painful bumping in her head practically demanded it. She desperately needed some serious stress relief. Yes, she was going to go through with it. If nothing else, then at least she’d receive some sexual gratification out of the meeting. First, she was going to take a half-day for the first time in forever and get ready to see him.

Aches and Pains

Harry Potter sat on his couch reading a letter sent to him by his favorite Veela. He could smell Fleur’s perfume wafting up from the expensive paper that the letter was written on. Fleur had invited him on a little trip that she was planning next month. A week in Greece, then another in Italy, all on her dime. He wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity like that! Besides, he’d pay her back in toe-curling orgasms. Harry chuckled to himself as he quickly jotted down a reply and used his owl to send it off back to France.

Harry had planned to go out that night but decided against it. He felt like having a lazy day instead of chasing skirts at the local bar or dance club. Maybe he’d order a pizza and watch a bit of the tele. Sounding like a plan, Harry did just that. Once the pizza arrived, he paid the delivery guy and took it inside of his nice, cozy flat. Popping open a frosty bottle of beer, he took a long swig before putting it down. Opening up the lid, he was instantly hit in the face with the enticing smell of pepperoni and extra cheese. His stomach growled. He was just about to pull a piece out when someone knocked on his door. Curious, he went and answered it.

“Alright, Potter, here’s the deal. You’re going to throw me on the bed and give me the best fuck of my life. Got a problem with that?” Amelia raised an eyebrow. Harry nearly choked on his own saliva.

“No, not at all,” he sputtered. Amelia instantly pushed her way in and dropped her robe. Seeing that his bedroom door was open, she shrugged off her robe and walked in.

Harry watched as her robe fell to the floor. He was able to catch sight of Amelia Bones in only her bra and panties. They were black and lacy and appeared to be part of a set. Removing his clothes as fast as possible, he hurried after the busty beauty. Walking up to her, he tossed her over his shoulder, making the older woman squeal. Her legs were kicking in panic.

“What are you doing?!” she squealed as she tried to hold on and not fall.

“You told me to throw you on the bed. I aim to please,” Harry laughed. “Now, stop kicking,” he told her, giving her shapely ass a good, hard swat. As her ass rippled from the spank, she calmed down. As he said, he walked up to his bed and tossed her on it. She bounced once before settling down. That was when she got her first look at his cock.

To say that she was impressed was an understatement. It was gargantuan! It was at least twice as big and thick as the biggest she had seen before. She didn’t even know that they came that big! Shaking her head, she snapped herself out of her daze. Looking at Harry, she gulped when he began stalking up to her with a hungry look in his eyes. She got to her knees and tried to scoot back, but he just settled in behind her.

“Don’t be so shy, Amy,” Harry teased, sliding his hands from her belly and moved them up until he cupped her enormous breasts. Amelia gasped and blushed from the way that he toyed with them. Squeezing them, hefting them, and jiggling them, Harry was having a wonderful time playing with the largest set of breasts in the wizarding world. Harry had heard many drunken stories about the famous Bones Bust. He had already experienced Susan’s glorious tits, now he was about to explore her aunt’s. Unclasping her large bra, he let the straps fall off of her arms as her lovely breasts were exposed.

Amelia moaned heavily as his strong hands cupped her naked breasts. She had always had sensitive nipples, so when his fingers brushed against the hardened nubs, she nearly came on the spot. She was already having a hard time. It had been so long since she had any intimate contact that the slightest bit of pleasure was almost enough to send her over the edge. Suddenly, his lips found the side of her neck, and without thinking, she tilted her head to the side to give him more room to operate. She lifted her hands and reached behind her, snaking her fingers through his hair as he suckled on the tender skin of her neck. His fingers had now found her incredibly hard nipples. He circled his fingers around the rim of her areolas, feeling the tiny bumps along the way. From this alone, Amelia’s black, lace panties were completely soaked. She could smell her arousal wafting up from between her legs. She would have been mortified if she hadn’t been too horny to care. He was sucking on her neck so hard that she would be surprised if a mark was not there in the morning.

“Spread your legs for me,” he suddenly said. Doing what she was told, her knees parted a bit. One of his hands crept down her belly and dipped under the lacey material hiding her soaking wet pussy. Amelia felt his fingers glide between her slick lips, and her back arched when he tapped on her hard clit.

“Did you shave just for me?” Harry teased her. Amelia blushed fiercely because she did indeed shave for the occasion. When she didn’t answer, he just pinched her clit and pulled on it a bit. Amelia whimpered pathetically. A woman of her stature demanded respect, and now she was here in the bed of a boy young enough to be her son being turned into a moaning whore with his hands alone. Then out of nowhere, she was flipped onto her back and her last remaining article of clothing was pulled from her dripping pussy and slid down her legs. Her panties were pulled from her feet and tossed aside. She expected him to stick his cock in her, but instead, he surprised her by leaning down and cleaning the wetness from her with his tongue. Her eyes fluttered, and she fell back onto the bed, brushing the hair from her face. Her body spasmed wildly as his tongue dipped into her and tasted her insides. She was so needy that she was desperately trying to stick her clit into his mouth. She needed stimulation badly. Finally pressed against his lips, he latched onto the tiny nub and began wiggling his tongue against it.

“Oh, Morgana!” she cried out, grabbing the back of his head and grinding her squirting pussy against his face. Unable to control herself, she continued to squirt on him as she fucked his tongue. Her orgasm felt as if it would never taper off. Minutes into it, it was still going as strong as ever. Finally, Harry let go of her clit and settled between her spread legs. He looked down and smirked. Looking down, she saw that her pussy was contracting wildly as the orgasm continued to roll through her. Covering her face in embarrassment, she laid back and let him do as he wanted. She heard him chuckle before his fat cock was slipped inside of her fluttering pussy.

Amelia moaned like a complete slut as he bottomed out. Lifting her legs up, she placed them over his shoulders. Leaning forward, Harry bent her body until every thrust was beating on her G-spot. Already cumming on his cock, Amelia screamed out in pleasure as her toes curled and pussy drenched his groin. Every time that his thick, bulbous head would slam into her abused G-spot, a torrent of girl cum with squirt from her pulsating pussy. When he reached down and rubbed her clit, Amelia saw stars as she wailed and flopped around. She could barely see herself spraying Harry’s chest with her fluids when she blacked out. It must have been only a minute or so because when she woke up, she was still cumming. Harry grunted and began filling her with his seed. She quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and trapped him inside. She wanted to be filled as much as possible. Finally, milked dry, Harry pulled out, and Amelia felt his warm cum dripping from her abused hole and rolling down to coat her asshole. Harry flopped down next to her and pulled her in. Kissing her passionately, she quickly returned the kiss. He sucked on her tongue as his hand groped her large tits, and when he broke the kiss, Amelia actually whined. She was really getting into it.

“How’s your headache?” he suddenly asked. Amelia’s eyes widened.

“It’s completely gone!” It was a miracle. One good fuck and she was cured! Had she known, she would have been fucking him for years!

“Good. Now, my pizza is still waiting. I’ve also got some beer in the fridge. Want some?” he asked as he got up and walked naked back to the kitchen. Amelia wasn’t ashamed to say that she was checking out his ass as he walked away. Coming to her senses, she hopped from the bed to get some pizza and beer, leaving her clothes behind. Hopefully, after they ate, Harry would be in the mood to fuck her again, she thought as she chased after him.

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Gold Diggers

Astoria Greengrass was sitting at the breakfast table reading the latest issue of the Daily Prophet. She had overheard her sister, Daphne talking to one of her friends through the Floo earlier this morning, and she wanted to check it out for herself. Indeed, Daphne was correct. Harry Potter had signed a multi-year, multi-million galleon Quidditch contract with the Vratsa Vultures.

This wasn’t exactly shocking news. Everyone knew that Potter was more than good enough to go pro. No, what had truly shocked her was the amount that the contract would pay out. A six-year, seventy-five million galleon contract was absolutely insane for a new player. That was up there with the best players in the world.

Astoria wasn’t sure who her sister was talking to, but she could hear the excitement in her voice. Daphne believed that she had a shot to seduce Potter, and possibly convince him to marry her eventually. Astoria wasn’t sure. While Daphne was insanely beautiful, as was she, there would be a lot of gold-digging whores sniffing around Potter. Hell, she would be surprised if some of them hadn’t already tried to Floo call him. Not only that, but Vratsa was the only team to have full-blooded Veela cheerleaders. Astoria was sure that those sluts would attempt to get their claws in him. She dropped the paper and picked up a stack of parchment.

Bill after bill had been arriving with no end in sight. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the gold to pay them. While they still lived in a large manor, their gold had run dry a few months ago. Their parents weren’t Death Eaters, but they did support them. Both Daphne and her thought that it was stupid of them. Sadly, they had paid the price with their lives. Both were killed when the Death Eaters turned against them in the last days of the war. When the war had turned bad and things looked bleak for them, they had turned their backs on the Dark Lord. They attempted to get away with the family fortune and move to another country. Obviously, the Dark Lord wasn’t happy with that. Soon after, their parents were dead and a large portion of the family fortune was taken by the Death Eaters. Thankfully, Potter had ended the war soon after, sparing them from any retribution.

They had had enough to keep things going for a while, but living in such a large manor was expensive. Taxes alone were enough to break them. Now the money had run out and they didn’t know what they were going to do. Finding a job was difficult due to their parents’ affiliation with Voldemort, and they didn’t have any friends that were in a position to give them any real help. Their only choice was to find someone with money and convince them to hand some of it over. That was easier said than done, however. There weren’t very many men out there that were both rich and single. At least there wasn’t until Potter signed that contract. From what she knew, he had a decent amount of gold from his parents, but nothing to write home about. Now, he was a member of the elite. He had enough gold to do whatever he wanted, including taking a wife or mistress … or both. A thought suddenly went through her pretty head. Jumping out of her seat so fast that the bills scattered all over the floor.

Astoria quickly made her way up the stairs to her sister’s room. Not even bothering to knock, she barged in. Daphne was stripped down and only wearing a pair of g-string panties. She squealed and covered her breasts out of instinct. Seeing that it was her sister, she took a deep breath and calmed down. Quickly pulling on a shirt, she turned to Astoria.

“Why are you barging into my room like a crazy person?” she asked, sitting at her vanity and brushing her long, dark hair.

“I’ve got an idea!” Astoria said excitedly.

“Oh? And what is it?” she asked, fluffing her hair. “Make it quick. I’ve got someone to see.”

“You mean Potter?” Astoria rolled her eyes. Daphne turned to her and squinted her eyes menacingly.

“You were eavesdropping on my conversation?”

Astoria snorted loudly. “You were talking so loud that I could hear you halfway across the house. Anyway, I think you have a good idea about Potter.”

Daphne raised one of her perfect eyebrows. “You do?”

Astoria nodded. “Yes. Unfortunately, every skank with a nice body and pretty face will be trying to jump on his cock. You’ll be just one of many trying to get him locked down.”

“So what do you suggest? We can’t wait long. We’re going to lose the house soon.”

“We work on him together,” Astoria told her. This surprised the Princess of Slytherin.


“Yeah. One of us can be his wife and the other can be his permanent mistress. We just have to find a way to convince him,” Astoria schemed, sitting down on Daphne’s bed. “It shouldn’t be too hard with the both of us trying.”

“So you want us to do things together? Like a threesome?” Daphne flushed. She never thought that she would ever have to do stuff while in the same room with her little sister, let alone do stuff to her.

“It’s possible, likely probable. It’s the best way to convince him. How many eighteen-year-old boys could resist a threesome with the Greengrass sisters?” Astoria told her, blushed herself. The thought wasn’t exactly appealing, but they had little choice.

Incest between sisters wasn’t unheard of in the magical world, especially pureblood society. It wasn’t common by any stretch of the imagination, but it happened on occasion. Likely due to circumstances similar to the one that she found herself in. That being said, Daphne was a very beautiful girl, so the act itself wouldn’t be terrible, just uncomfortable and embarrassing.

“I don’t know …” Daphne trailed off, likely thinking about things.

“Do you have any better ideas? I guarantee that some whore is already beating on his door,” Astoria added, reminding her that time was of the essence.

“Well …”

Astoria rolled her eyes. “I’m firecalling Potter and setting up a meeting,” she said as she scampered out of Daphne’s room and went to the fireplace.

Gold Diggers

“So let me get this straight. You and Daphne want to become my full-time mistresses in return for paying your bills?” Harry asked, amused at the two girls in front of him. He saw them nodding.

“Maybe one day you’ll like us enough to marry one of us, or maybe we’ll remain mistresses. Who knows? But you can’t deny that it’s a good arrangement for both of us. We get to maintain our way of life, and you get to have fun with us. We both win,” Astoria explained as she ate her ice cream. They were sitting in a muggle dinner not far from Diagon Alley.

“And you’re okay with this Daphne?” Harry asked, turning to her.

“Yes. We’ve talked about it and agreed.” Harry nodded.

“How about we try it out for a month, and if we like the arrangement, then we can continue?” he asked. When they both agreed, he stood up. “Good. I’ll come by your house tonight. Keep this quiet until I’m ready to talk about it.”

When Potter left, they both let out a breath of relief. “C’mon. We need to get ready. We have to convince him to stick around longer than a month,” Astoria told Daphne, dragging her back home.

Once night had fallen, Harry arrived at the Greengrass home. Seeing a note on the front door telling him what room to meet them in, he entered the home and went upstairs. Finding the right door, he opened it and walked in.

Immediately, he was hit in the face with the smell of wet pussy. The sight before him was even better. The Greengrass sisters were completely nude and sixty-nining each other. From where he was, he could see Astoria’s head dipped between Daphne’s spread legs. He could hear the wet slurping of them licking the moisture from each other’s pussies. He had never gotten out of his clothes faster than he did that day.

Astoria smiled into Daphne’s pussy when she heard the rustling of clothes being removed. Looks like their plan had worked. She had argued with her sister that they needed to do something bold to catch his attention. Two sisters licking each other’s pussies was certainly bold. Suddenly, a very large pole of man meat was pressed against her face. She didn’t get time to ponder on the sheer size of his equipment when she began suckling on the head and licking up and down the shaft. He moved his cock down and rubbed it between Daphne’s wet lips and coated the head in her juices. Holding his arousal slickened cock up to her lips, she opened her mouth and took him down her throat.

As Astoria bobbed on his cock, he studied the two girls. Both were pale with dark hair and were thin with delicate curves. Their breasts were little more than a handful but extremely perky. Looking between Daphne’s legs, he could see that she was entirely hairless except for a thin strip of dark hair on her mound. Her lips were plump and taught with her damp inner lips barely peeking out the middle. Her clit was wet with Astoria’s saliva, and when Harry pulled his cock from Astoria’s mouth and slapped it repeatedly against the hard nub, Daphne squealed and parted her legs wider. Accepting the invitation, he thrust forward and received some help from Astoria. The younger girl grabbed his cock and placed the tip against Daphne’s wet lips. Pushing forward, he moaned from the utter tightness of her.

As Harry began thrusting into her sister, Astoria had a front-row seat to the sounds and smells of their fucking. The wet squelching of Daphne’s pussy was getting louder and louder the faster his hips moved. She could see her getting wetter by the second as his thick cock stretched her taut lips apart. The scent of Daphne’s arousal was getting stronger the wetter she got. When he pulled his cock out, Astoria saw that it was literally dripping with pussy juice. Holding his cock up to her mouth, she dragged her tongue up and down the veiny cock as she licked him clean. She popped the head into her mouth and sucked on it for a moment, wiggling her tongue underneath the head before sticking it back into her sister. Astoria gasped as Daphne squealed against her clit, the vibrations of her voice felt wonderful against the overly sensitive nub.

Daphne moaned and squealed while sucking on her sister’s clit. At first, she was suitably uncomfortable doing anything sexual with Astoria, but her sister was right. They needed Harry to keep them around. Giving him a night to remember would certainly help their case. As their sexual encounter continued, the uncomfortable feeling faded, and Daphne just wanted to feel more pleasure. She didn’t care who provided it. Her warm, wet tongue wiggled against the hard clit in her mouth as Harry slammed his big cock into her tight, little cunt over and over, bringing her closer to release. Without warning, Astoria’s warm mouth landed on her engorged clit and the suction that she added was too much to bear. The pleasure was too intense, and she cried out, bucking her body as her pussy squeezed Harry’s cock.

Astoria squealed when Harry lifted her off of her sister. She saw him flip Daphne over until she was on her stomach. Then, he grabbed her and placed her face down on her sister’s bare back. Now Astoria was against her sister’s back, pussy to ass. “On your knees,” Harry ordered. Even though she was still orgasming, Daphne was able to get on her hands and knees. Astoria lifted up as well and took some of her weight off of her sister’s back. She looked over her shoulder to see what Harry was doing. Daphne was shuddering as Harry rubbed his enormous cock all over her cumming pussy. When it was her turn, Astoria gasped and shuddered when his huge cockhead spread her lips apart and rubbed itself all over her pretty, pink insides. Removing his cock, Astoria heard Daphne squeal as her body was jerked forward several times. She knew that Daphne was being penetrated from behind. Waiting for her turn, it didn’t take long before his cock slid down her wet tunnel with a single thrust. Burying her face in her sister's back, Astoria moaned loudly as he bottomed out. It felt as if her pussy was being split apart. Strong hands gripped her thin waist as he started moving back and forth. His huge cock was scraping the walls of her pussy, and when he truly started to fuck her hard, she shuddered and arched her back.

As his hips connected with her smooth ass, her body was jerked forward repeatedly, making her already hard nipples rub against her sister’s silky, smooth back. The sensation felt incredible to her, and when Harry’s finger began toying with the rim of her asshole, she couldn’t help but moan. Around and around his finger went, making her asshole pucker when it came in contact with the hole itself. Astoria let out a high-pitched squeak when his finger slowly began to sink in. Deeper and deeper it went until he was knuckle deep within her ass. As it wiggled, her eyes fluttered and her pussy squeezed his cock. Softly biting on Daphne’s shoulder, Astoria could barely take the pleasure as his finger slid in and out of her tight hole. His cock was still reshaping her wet pussy, making her toes curl. This was her first experience with double penetration. She was ashamed to say that she liked it. In fact, she liked it so much that she came explosively. Crying out, her pussy clamped down hard on his thrusting cock as her juices leaked out and rolled down Daphne’s back and ass. Her asshole was clenching his finger tightly as it continued to wiggle around. Rolling off of Daphne, she shuddered violently as her body spasmed uncontrollably.

Astoria didn’t know how long she was out of it, but looking over, she could see that Harry was having another go with Daphne. With every thrust, Daphne squealed whorishly. It was then that she noticed Daphne’s wet pussy wasn’t the hole being stuffed. Daphne had her ass up in the air while Harry pounded it brutally. With one final thrust, Daphne came hard, spraying her girl cum out of her quivering pussy and collapsing to the side. Harry moaned and crawled over to her. Laying on her back, she was just able to open her mouth as he aimed and spurted his seed all over her mouth and face. With every stroke of his hand, another glob flew out into her open mouth. Swallowing it down as fast as she could, another load quickly followed. Finally, he slapped his cock against her belly a few times to get all of the cum out. She thanked the good lord that she would finally get some rest. Unfortunately, Harry settled at her feet and lifted her smooth, sexy legs over his broad shoulders. She was just about to ask for a break when his fat cock poked her virgin hole. Letting out a shuddering squeak as he slowly pushed forward, she gripped the bedsheets tightly as he sank into her unused hole. When Daphne’s hand began toying with her clit, she knew that she was in for a long night.

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Life was good for Harry Potter. He was a world-class professional Quidditch player with a Veela for a wife. He had very little to complain about. The only thing that his wife, Gabrielle Potter (formerly Delacour) had to complain about was the fact that a decent portion of the year was spent in England due to his job. She would much rather spend it in her home country of France where she could spend his hard-earned money on the latest fashions.

He didn’t mind her spending a lot of gold though. It wasn’t like he didn’t have enough. He already had a good amount from his parents, and when you added the massive salary to his bank account, it was damn near overflowing. Gabrielle did her best to keep his account at a less than bloated level. He liked to tease her about her spending, but he really didn’t mind. It was her after all, who introduced him to the high life. Fancy clothes, traveling the world, staying in five-star hotels … they did it all. Gabrielle had turned into the queen of socialites. She had more connections than he did, and he was a world-famous Quidditch player!

All good things had to come to an end though. Harry was set to retire after one last season. After that, he really didn’t know what he was going to do. Perhaps start some kind of business in France. He still had time to figure it out. Harry looked across the table at his wife, Gabrielle.

Harry was nearing forty and Gabby was barely thirty. The girl still looked like she did when she was twenty though. She had her Veela genes and a very expensive skincare routine to thank for that. Seeing him look at her, she gave him a saucy smile. They were sitting at a table outside of her favorite cafe in Paris. At her side was her niece, Victoire, who was just as beautiful as her mother.

Victoire had recently graduated and had immediately contacted her favorite aunt. She hoped to spend the summer with Gabrielle, who Victoire looked up to. Gabrielle was everything that she wanted to be. She wanted Gabby to teach her how to become the next great socialite. Unfortunately for Victoire, it took more than a pretty face and connections to become a socialite. The key ingredient was money, which Victoire didn’t have. Her parents, Bill and Fleur weren’t poor by any means, but they didn’t have anywhere near the amount of money that Harry did. And they certainly weren’t going to hand over their savings to their teenage daughter. Knowing this, Victoire had come up with a plan. In fact, she had just spent the last ten minutes explaining it to them both.

Gabby lifted her twelve hundred euro sunglasses above her eyes and raised an eyebrow at her, making the young blonde blush. Harry just chuckled and shook his head.

“So you wish for my ‘usband to take you as ‘is secret mistress?” Gabby asked, letting her luxury sunglasses fall back down to her perfect nose and hiding her sapphire blue eyes. Victoire continued to blush but didn’t look away. She couldn’t act like a child when negotiating. That was something that Gabrielle had taught her. However, she didn’t meet Harry’s eyes just yet. She was too embarrassed for that.

“What do you think, mon amour?” Gabby asked. She let her foot out of her heel and stretched her leg, placing her small foot on his groin. Slowly she used her toes to rub his cock to hardness.

“I don’t know, Gabby. Do you think she has what it takes?” Harry teased, holding in a moan from the way she was working his cock. He wasn’t surprised at Victoire’s request. Harry knew that she wanted to follow in Gabrielle’s footsteps. More than once she had flirted with him, even in front of Gabrielle. Sometimes she even walked around in her panties when she stayed with them. Of course, her parents knew nothing about this. They definitely wouldn’t approve of her behavior.

“Let us see,” Gabrielle smirked, still rubbing his cock. “Stand up, Victoire,” she ordered. Immediately she stood up. Gabby needed to make sure that she could handle being Harry’s mistress. Gabby wasn’t someone that would stand aside and let another woman have her husband, even if it was her favorite niece. If Victoire wanted to bed her husband, then she better know that Gabby would be in the bed as well. Gabby took a quick peek around and saw that no one was paying attention to them. Slowly she placed her hand on the back of Victoire’s leg and let it drift upward.

Victoire gasped and looked at Gabby with wide eyes. She heard Harry clear his throat. Looking at him, she saw that he had his hand up as he called for the waiter. To her utter embarrassment, a male waiter came up with a pad and pencil.

“What can I get for you Monsieur … Mademoiselles?” he asked before looking over at Victoire.

Gabrielle’s hand finally crept its way up her smooth thigh and landed on her panty-covered pussy. Inching the crotch of her panties aside, her aunt began to rub the length of her slit, making her incredibly wet. Soft gasps and whines left her mouth as she tried to hide what she was doing from the waiter. He was looking at her strangely while she tried to keep from wiggling around too much.

“We’ll have a bottle of white wine and three glasses and a platter of assorted cheeses … the best you have,” he told the waiter who kept trying to stare at Victoire. The young woman’s chest was heaving and adding undue stress to the buttons of her already overly-tight blouse. Her nipples were clearly hard and poking through the thin fabric.

“And bring some bread. The whole loaf along with a bread knife,” she heard Harry go on. Victoire’s gasps got even louder as her aunt’s fingers found her sensitive, little button. As Gabby rolled her hard clit, Victoire gripped the edge of the table hard as beads of arousal rolled down the inside of her legs.

“The bread mustn’t be sliced … understood?”

“Of course, Monsieur,” the waiter took another peek at Victoire before leaving to get their food.

Gabrielle watched him go and smirked. “She’s soaking wet,” she told him. Pulling her hand away, Gabrielle held it up and showed him. It was glistening with juices. “Sit down, Victoire.”

Victoire sat down and crossed her legs. Gabby held her fingers to her lips. “Clean it,” she commanded. A blushing Victoire dipped her head a bit and sucked Gabby’s fingers into her mouth. Harry watched transfixed as Victoire sucked Gabby’s fingers to the knob, cleaning them of her fluids. Once clean, Gabby placed her hand on Victoire’s bare thigh. Sensually stroking it, she told Harry, “I think we can use her.”

Harry nodded and smiled. “Then let’s enjoy our wine and cheese, then we can go back home and make it official.”


Victoire knew that she had made the right choice as she was tossed onto the bed. She couldn’t wait to become like Gabrielle. When Harry had told her that he’d be taking them shopping in the morning, she squealed with delight. She could already picture the high-end clothes that she would be buying. She needed to push that out of her mind, however. She had other things to think about. Like how Harry was pushing up her skirt and tearing off her wet panties, or how Gabrielle stripped down and was throwing a leg over her head to straddle her face. As Gabby lowered her dripping wet, hairless lips down to her mouth, Victoire was surrounded by her sweet scent. She stuck out her tongue and tasted her aunt for the first time. Both girls moaned as her tongue scooped up the juices clinging to Gabby’s delicate, pink petals. Impatiently, Gabby lowered herself even more until she was sitting directly on Victoire’s pretty face.

Harry couldn’t see what they were doing, however. He was too busy sliding her panties down her long, silky smooth legs until her panties left her feet and were tossed aside. Her bunched-up skirt was useless at hiding her femininity as he could see the incredible smoothness of her bald mound and the wetness clinging to her damp lips. Harry started at her ankles and kissed higher and higher until he was on the insides of her shapely thighs. He could hear her moans as her body trembled. He nipped and kissed his way higher until his nose was brushing against her wetness. Victoire wiggled her hips, desperately trying to get some sexual relief by rubbing herself against his face. Taking pity on the sexy, young blonde, Harry pushed her legs open as wide as they could go. He took a moment to stare at her perfect, little pussy. As her legs opened wide, her pale, puffy lips parted slightly, showing off her pretty, pink inner lips. Victoire looked incredibly tight. Harry couldn’t wait to find out, but first, he wanted a taste. Dragging his tongue from her puckered asshole, all the way up to her hard clit, Harry moaned from her lovely taste. Inhaling deeply, he breathed in her heady scent as he lowered his mouth for more.

Victoire was shuddering as her pussy was being eaten by her long-time crush, Harry Potter. Unfortunately, she could only devote half of her attention to the way he was devouring her naked pussy. She was too busy sucking down a deluge of Gabby’s juices. The older blonde began rolling her wide hips as she slowly dry humped Victoire’s mouth. Gabby moved her pussy until she was able to stuff her hard clit into Victoire’s mouth. Throwing her head back when warm, soft lips clamped down on her sensitive clit, Gabrielle let out a breathy moan as she arched her back. Her soft hands slid up her belly until they cupped her breasts. Gabby shuddered and bucked as her own fingers began to toy with her hard, crinkled nipples.

As Harry was licking her insides, he placed his hand on her lower belly and used his thumb to rub circles all over her swollen clit. Victoire mewled and bucked from the intense amount of pleasure that she was feeling. Unable to hold back any longer, Harry stood up and quickly removed his clothes. Manhandling the two girls, they both squealed as he arranged them to his liking in a not-so-gentle manner. Victoire found herself on top of Gabby, face to face with her. She quickly wrapped her arms around the back of Victoire’s neck and kissed her deeply. Victoire moaned when Gabby’s tongue slid into her mouth and began massaging hers. Not to be outdone, she wiggled her tongue against Gabby’s, making the older blonde groan. Suddenly, Victoire squealed when her shirt was ripped in half and removed from her body. Her bra met the same fate as did her skirt. Now both girls were completely nude. Victoire’s body tingled as her hard nipples rubbed against Gabrielle’s. When Gabrielle suddenly gasped, she knew that Harry had penetrated her. Her body began to jerk back and forth, and Victoire was forced to watch as her eyes fluttered. Being pulled down again, Gabby captured her lips in an incestuous kiss as she felt Harry’s member rubbing up and down her dripping slit. Victoire mewled as his thick head spread her lips apart and he sank in.

Her eyes widened dramatically, and she cried out in discomfort as she was stretched further than she ever had been. It felt like forever before his long cock finally reached the end. When his bulbous head battered on her cervix, Victoire squealed and thought that maybe she bit off more than she could chew. Harry gripped her hips tightly as he began to saw back and forth.

“Mmm, you’re so tight,” Harry grunted as her pussy squeezed his thrusting cock. Victoire cried out and buried her face in Gabby’s shoulder as her pussy fluttered over his length. Back and forth he switched between the two girls until Gabby exploded in a powerful orgasm. She thrashed and squeaked as Victoire held her tight. He then thrust back into the younger blonde.

Victoire squeezed Gabrielle tightly as her lower belly coiled in pleasure. Suddenly a powerful thrust pushed her body up. Immediately, Gabrielle’s mouth latched onto her hard nipple. Feeling her tongue slip and slide over the hard nub was nearly enough to send her over the edge. What was enough was when Harry’s battering ram of a cock slammed into her g-spot while his fingers played with her clit. Victoire cried out and came hard. Her pussy clamped down tightly on him, and he continued to thrust. The wet squelching of her pussy gave way to his moans as he let loose and filled her with his cum. Her wet, silky walls squeezed his cock and milked him of every last drop of his seed. When he was done, he settled between the two girls breathing heavily. Both girls cuddled up to him. Harry kept a hand on each of their asses, and his fingers would occasionally sneak between their cheeks and toy with their assholes.

“Come, Victoire,” Gabby suddenly said, getting up. “ ‘Elp me clean ‘im,” she said, scooting down to his cock. Victoire followed and soon, he had two tongues licking the length of his pole.

Closing his eyes, Harry rested a bit while thinking about the many possibilities that he could explore with his new aunt/niece combo. As Victoire was being taught to deepthroat, all Harry could do was lay back and smile.

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One Night at Hogwarts

Sneaking through the corridor in the dead of night, Harry Potter was making his way back to the Gryffindor Tower after a long night of exploring Hogsmeade. It seemed that the residents of the village were used to students sneaking out of the castle. The way they figured it was that if a student was clever enough to make it out of the castle without getting caught, then they deserved to have a good time. Harry couldn’t agree more. He had quite a bit of fun going from shop to shop and even had a bottle or two of the delicious butterbeer from the Three Broomsticks.

He considered himself lucky to even be here. After his relatives didn’t sign his permission slip, he didn’t think that he’d be able to visit this year, if ever. Thankfully Ron’s twin brothers, Fred and George came to his rescue. They gave him a very cool magical item in his opinion, and dead useful, especially if you had an invisibility cloak to go with it. The Marauder’s Map showed not only the location of everyone in the school but also secret passages, both within the castle and out of the castle. He had used a secret tunnel that was hidden by the statue of the hump-backed witch on the third floor. After his night of fun, he had used the same tunnel to get back into the school. No one ever suspected a thing.

As he got to the staircase leading up to the fourth floor, he stopped for a moment to check the map, needing to see if his path was clear. As he did, he saw that indeed his path was empty. At least he thought so until he spotted a lone dot on the fourth floor. Looking closer, he saw that the dot belonged to Pansy Parkinson. Harry smiled deviously. Only a few days ago the pug-nosed girl was giving him guff and running her mouth. She sure was brave when her fellow cronies were around. She might not be so brave if someone were to create a loud commotion while she was out of bed. Laughing to himself, Harry snuck up the stairs and followed the map until he was near her dot. He tried to stay as silent as possible to see what she was up to. He saw her leaning over to peek around a corner. As she straightened up, she picked up a bag before accidentally dropping it on its side.

“Shit!” she hissed, quickly dropping to her knees to scoop the spilled items back into her bag. Seeing that she wasn’t looking, Harry quickly snatched one that had rolled near him and took a closer look. He was holding a small, corked vial with a liquid inside. He held it up to his eyes for a better look. As he studied it, he saw that it was a light purple liquid with swirls of bright yellow. Immediately his eyes widened. Not only did he remember reading about this stuff in the Daily Prophet during the summer, but he had also heard people talking about it in Diagon Alley. Hell, even some older students were talking about it in the Common Room. He couldn’t remember what it was called, but he knew that it was a powerful, euphoric potion that was very illegal. The Ministry was quite harsh to those caught with it in their possession. One vial was enough for a month-long trip to Azkaban if you were lucky. Pansy Parkinson had dozens of vials.

Harry was shocked by this. He didn’t think that she was taking this stuff. There were too many vials in her possession. He also didn’t think that she was selling it directly. Where would a girl her age find a connection willing to provide her with that amount? The most reasonable explanation was that someone was having her smuggle it into the castle for someone else to sell. This was a bit of a problem for him. He wasn’t exactly sure if he wanted the girl to go to prison. She was annoying as hell, but that was pretty much it. She was all talk. He saw that she had just finished picking up all of the vials. Harry quickly hid his map and invisibility cloak and walked up to her.

Pansy was just about to get up and leave when someone tapped her on her shoulder. “Missed one,” she heard the male voice say. A vial appeared next to her face.

Taking it, she said, “Thanks without thinking.” Suddenly, she remembered what she was doing. Standing up quickly, she turned and saw Harry bloody Potter standing there with his arms crossed over his chest.

“What are you doing here, Scarhead?!” she hissed, annoyed at being delayed.

“Taking a nice midnight stroll. What are you doing here, Parkinson?” he asked in return.

“None of your business. Now get out of here before I get annoyed,” she said, trying to slip by.

“Interesting package you got there,” she heard him say. Instantly, her heart began to pound faster.

“What’s it to you?” she snarled, tempted to go for her wand. Unfortunately, the noise would attract attention.

“It’s nothing to me, but I imagine the Ministry would find it fascinating,” he told her.

Immediately, her heart sank. He was going to rat her out! She needed to think of something quick. Attacking would not end favorably for her. She decided to go the other route. She ran up to him and grabbed his hand. “Hey!” he cried out as she pulled him into a nearby empty classroom. After she closed the door as quietly as possible, she hid her bag underneath the teacher’s desk before walking back to him.

“What are you d... “

He was cut off as she dropped to her knees and began unbuttoning his trousers. Harry was too shocked at what was transpiring to even stop her. As his zipper slid down, she pulled his pants and boxers down at the same time.

Pansy figured that the best way to get him to keep his mouth shut was to put him in a positive frame of mind. Her older sister said that the best way to do that was by giving a blowjob. Pansy was taught early on that she may need to use her body to get what she wanted. She had hoped that it wouldn’t be needed for a while longer, but she always had that card to use in her back pocket. Risking Azkaban, she felt that it was the most opportune time to start using it. Unfortunately, while she knew what she was supposed to do, she had never actually practiced before. Her sister said that it didn’t matter because most boys her age would simply cum a few seconds after they were touched. All of that disappeared from her mind when she pulled down his trousers and a huge, hard cock whipped out and slapped her in the face.

“EEK!” she shrieked as his hot, veiny cock rested against her face. She breathed in and out heavily, nervous about seeing a real-life penis for the first time. She breathed in the scent of his manhood as it brushed against her lips. Taking one last deep breath, she wrapped her hand around his girth and placed the head against her lips. Opening her mouth, she snaked out her tongue and licked him gently underneath the domed head. Harry moaned loudly, clearly enjoying what she did. This gave her confidence, and Pansy took it a little further. Pressing her tongue against the same spot, only harder, she wiggled her tongue and let it slither around his head. She could feel his body shuddering and trembling under her treatment. She jumped slightly when his hand was placed on her head. For a moment she thought that he was going to pull her head in to make her begin sucking him off. Her sister had warned her about that as well. Fortunately, Harry just threaded his fingers through her short bob and started gently scratching her scalp. Pansy closed her eyes for a moment and relished the sensation. It sent tingles up and down her body, and she was embarrassed to say that it made her a little wet. Showing her appreciation, she placed her tongue on his balls and licked the entire length of the underside of his cock before popping the head into her mouth and taking him as deep as she could.

Harry was shivering in pleasure as he looked down to see Pansy bobbing her head on his cock. He couldn’t believe that he was having his first sexual experience. The fact that it was with Pansy Parkinson was even more incredible. Her plump lips were so soft against his cock, and her tongue felt very hot as she kept it pressed against him as she took him deeper and deeper. Occasionally she would gag and pull off of him but would recover soon after. Her small hand began beating him off as she lifted his cock out of the way. Lowering her head, she took one of his dangling balls into her mouth and began sucking on it before letting it go with a wet pop. Giving the other the same treatment, she next moved onto licking them while furiously stroking his cock.

Harry couldn’t take it anymore. “It’s happening!” he cried out stupidly. Pansy angled his cock away from her but kept on stroking him deeply, from the base to the head. Harry moaned loudly as ropes of sticky white cum shot out of the tip. Pansy watched transfixed as she milked the cum straight from his balls. She couldn’t explain the strange sensation that she felt. She guessed that it was closest to pride. She was proud that she was able to coax such pleasure from a man. She also knew that she would have no problem following her sister’s advice. She just needed more practice. While she was thinking this, Harry scooped her up and laid her on the desk.

“Hey! What the …”

Her complaints turned to a squeal as Harry hiked up her skirt and began pulling down her panties.

“What are you doing?!” she squeaked, grabbing her panties before they could be pulled all the way down.

“The same you did to me. Don’t you want to feel good as well?” Harry asked. He didn’t want to be selfish after all. Pansy looked indecisive for a moment before letting go of her panties.

“Okay. Just make it quick,” she said, her chest rapidly rising and falling. She tried to act cool but was actually extremely nervous. No boy had ever seen her naked body before. Her heart pounded in her chest as she felt her panties slide down her smooth, supple thighs before being pulled off of her feet. Now exposed, she just laid there waiting for Harry. After a minute or so of inactivity, she looked at him and saw that he was staring between her parted legs. Blushing fiercely, she snapped, “Stop staring!”

She tried to close her legs but Harry held them open. She could see that he too was blushing. “Sorry, but it looks really sexy,” he said softly, running his finger up and down her damp slit. She wasn’t going to tell him that his finger felt good.

“It does?” she asked incredulously. She always thought that genitalia in general looked weird. Seeing him nod made her feel a bit better and more confident.

“I thought that girls had hair down here like boys,” he said, gently brushing his fingers over her hairless mound and smooth lips. Her cheeks were incredibly pink.

“We do, moron. Girls remove the hair down there. It’s the fashion!” she said defensively. “Now are you going to lick me or stand there all day like an idiot?” she said, crossing her arms over her chest and trying to look menacing. She obviously failed since she was lying there with her legs spread and her wet pussy exposed. Just as she finished her mini tirade, his finger accidentally slid over her hard clit.

“Merlin!” she cried out, her back arching and body trembling.

“That felt good?” Harry asked, surprised.

“Yes! Keep touching me there!” Pansy begged, breathing heavily. Pansy bit her lower lip as her eyes fluttered. When his thumb brushed over her clit again, her toes curled up inside of her Mary Jane school shoes. Trembling, this was the first time that she had ever felt any kind of real sexual pleasure. She had touched herself a few times as an experiment, but became embarrassed and quit shortly after. Now she wanted to smack herself for missing out on this kind of mind-blowing pleasure. Suddenly, she gasped wildly when Harry bent down and kissed her directly on her throbbing clit. She squealed, and when he was about to lift his head up, she desperately grabbed the back of his head and mashed her clit right against his warm lips.

“Suck it, Scarhead!” she cried out. Glaring at her, his curses were muffled by her wet pussy being crammed into his mouth.

In truth, Harry enjoyed what he was doing. Pansy smelled incredible between her legs, and he even liked the way she tasted. She was being a bit rough in his opinion but didn’t complain about it as she desperately humped his face.

Pansy’s nipples were threatening to burst through her thin blouse as her body bucked and jerked. She rolled her hips as much as she could, trying to get him to lick every inch of her naked pussy. When his tongue wiggled against her engorged clit, she couldn’t hold on any longer. Crying out, she thrashed as fluid squirted from her pussy. She saw it splash against his mouth and sprinkle out in every direction. Even so, he continued to suck on her clit. Finally, it was too much for her. She pushed his face away and laid there breathing heavily, her legs still spread and her pussy pulsating. She watched in a daze as he leaned down and licked her clean. He kissed and licked the inside of her wet thighs and then moved onto her pussy. He dragged his warm tongue up and down her smooth mound before licking the juices from her slit. Pansy moaned sexily and spread her legs even wider, reveling in the sensation. Once done, she regretfully got up and fixed her skirt. Grabbing her panties, she walked up to Harry and handed them to him.

“Don’t tell anyone about anything that happened tonight, understood?” she said. Harry nodded. Nodding back, she grabbed her bag before sneaking back to the dungeons, her legs weak and shaking the whole way.

Harry stood there shocked for a moment. Quickly making himself presentable, he got ready to leave. Balling up her panties, he placed them in his pocket before checking the map and making his way up to the seventh floor. The entire way, Harry had the biggest dopey smile on his face, and when he had finally gotten into bed, he slept better than he ever had before.

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Fixing Her Mistake

Evelyn Greengrass hurried to the abandoned shop in Knockturn Alley where her daughter was waiting. She had been relaxing in a hot bath when she had received a message via Patronus from Harry Potter of all people. She knew that the boy had recently been made a full Auror, but that didn’t explain why he had detained her darling daughter.

She knew that Daphne could be more than a handful sometimes. She didn’t have the sweet disposition that her younger sister, Astoria did. At least she could say that Daphne wasn’t an idiot and rarely got caught doing things that she shouldn’t. It seemed that her luck had run out. Evelyn just hoped that it was nothing too severe.

A few minutes later, she walked through the door and saw her daughter sitting in a chair looking very displeased. “What’s the meaning of this?” she asked, walking up to Daphne and checking her over for any signs of injury.

“She’s fine … for now. I don’t know how well she’ll be after a few months in Azkaban,” Potter chimed in, crossing his arms across his muscled chest looking quite pleased with himself.

“And why have you detained my daughter?” Evelyn raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow at him. She laced her voice with a threatening tone to get her point across. Potter didn’t seem to care. Instead, he tossed a sealed evidence bag with familiar metallic rings that were the color of a very light amethyst crystal. She knew what they were immediately. After all, her family had two of them in their possession.

The metallic rings were placed on a minor’s wand so that the Ministry couldn’t track them. Having one in your possession was enough for a hefty fine, but Daphne had dozens in her possession. Evelyn didn’t want to think about how long her lovely daughter would spend in that ratty prison. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat.

“As you can see, she’s in some very big trouble,” he told them. Daphne turned her head, angry that she was dumb enough to get caught red-handed … by Potter no less. Daphne and Harry didn’t have the best history if she were being honest. She had said some very rude things to him during their Hogwarts years. Now he held her fate in his grubby hands, and she wasn’t happy about it.

“And you haven’t informed your superiors yet?” Evelyn asked with some hope. Harry shook his head.

“I wanted to inform you first. After I turn her in, you may not get another chance to say goodbye before sentencing,” he told her, trying desperately to keep the glee from his voice. One of his favorite things about his job was arresting people who previously annoyed him. Just the other day he had given Zabini a ticket for littering. As an Auror, it wasn’t really his job to hand out tickets, but he couldn’t help himself.

Evelyn wanted to snort at his response. Obviously, that wasn’t true. He was playing the game. The unwritten rules stated that he should give her a chance to “make things right”. Normally, he would contact the man of the house, but her husband had died years ago, leaving only her to raise their two daughters. In his absence, Potter gave her a chance to buy her freedom, so to speak. Evelyn cleared her throat. “Daphne dear, why don’t you wait outside while I talk to Auror Potter? I have some things that I wish to discuss with him,” she told her daughter, never breaking eye contact with Potter.

Daphne turned to him and waited for his response. When he nodded and gave her the go-ahead, she quickly got up and walked outside, hoping that her mother would be able to set things straight. When the door shut behind her, Evelyn took a few steps until she was face to face with him.

The closer that she got, the more that Harry could smell her intoxicating scent. She was quite pretty, just like her two daughters. Like them, she had dark hair that fell well past her shoulders. She was slim with nice, gentle curves that gave her a womanly shape. Her breasts appeared to be more than a handful, but Harry couldn’t be sure. Sensually, she placed the tip of her finger on his cheek before gently sliding it down his neck.

“I really don’t think that there’s any reason to involve anyone else in this matter,” she purred, getting even closer.

“You don’t?” Harry asked, getting a hint to where this might lead. He silently prayed to every deity that it did. Evelyn shook her head.

“No,” she leaned in and brushed her lips against his chiseled jaw. “I think that this is something that we can take care of personally,” she breathed huskily on his jaw before giving it a gentle peck. “Don’t you think so, Harry?”

Harry smiled to himself. He placed his hands on her slim waist, right above her flared hips. He gave her waist a squeeze before his hands slid down onto her tight bottom. He squeezed her cheeks hard, making the woman gasp.

“Yes. I believe that if we meet up tonight, we can work hard to come up with an arrangement that will leave us both satisfied,” he told her, brushing his lips against hers. She leaned in and kissed him softly before taking a step back.

“I completely agree. I’ll come by your home at eight o’clock tonight, and we can discuss the matter in private. In the meantime, I’ll escort Daphne home and make sure she stays out of trouble,” she said, smiling sexily at him.

“Very well. I’ll be expecting you,” Harry put emphasis on the last part. He made it clear that she wasn’t going to renege on her side of the deal.

“I’ll be there,” she assured him. Giving her a nod, he watched as she stepped out of the door and assumedly took her daughter home. Harry shook his head and scooped up the evidence. Being an Auror wasn’t all fun and games. The paperwork alone was enough to make him want to quit sometimes, but other times, it really had its advantages.

Fixing Her Mistake

After spending an hour yelling at Daphne for being dumb enough to get caught, Evelyn began to get ready for her night with Potter. In truth, she was looking forward to it. She hadn’t had any action in months and Potter was a good-looking guy. Once she was ready, she Floo’ed into his home. Harry walked into the room and greeted her.

“Evelyn,” he said, taking her hand and kissing it. “You look lovely.”

She did indeed look great. She was wearing a loose summer dress and high-heels. If Harry wasn’t mistaken, she was also braless underneath the dress. He could see the slight bumps that her hard nipples were creating.

“Thank you,” she replied, smiling at him. He kept her hand in his as he led her upstairs and into his room. Evelyn looked at the bed as she heard the bedroom door shut behind her. The bed looked large and comfy, just the way that she liked it. Suddenly, she felt his hands slip around her belly, and he pulled her to him. Her plump ass pressed against his groin as his lips met the side of her neck. His soft kisses made her moan slightly as his hands explored her flat belly.

She lifted her hands up and reached behind her. Threading her fingers through his hair, she tilted her head to let him kiss more of her. Evelyn bit her lip sexily when his hands began moving up her stomach.

“You’re so fit,” Harry whispered into her neck. “I wonder how good you look without anything on?” he said, nipping at her skin.

“Take them off and find out,” she shuddered as he palmed her covered tits. Hefting them, he felt their weight as he squeezed and groped them. Evelyn enjoyed the sensation of his fingers brushing against the tented material that her hard nipples created. His fingers traveled to the spaghetti straps that held her dress up and slowly lowered them off her delicate shoulders. As he did so, the top of her dress fell a bit, showing off an obscene amount of cleavage and a hint of one of her pink areolas.

Spinning her around, Harry lowered his head and peppered her chest with kisses. Evelyn threw her head back and gasped, holding his head to her chest. She felt his lips all over the smooth skin of her breasts as he kissed and even licked her cleavage. Wanting more, he pulled her dress down further, fully exposing her naked tits. Pushing his head down, she maneuvered her breast until her nipple rubbed against his lips. Arching her back, she pressed her tit hard against his mouth and gasped out loud when he sucked the hard nub between his lips. Her body trembled when his wet tongue slithered over her crinkled nipple. The tickling sensation was enough to make her panties incredibly moist. She loved when he lightly bit down it and pulled it away from her breast. She watched as her nipple stretched before he let go and moved on to the other one.

Once he had had his fun with her tits, he lowered her dress even more. It was now around her hips as he kissed her belly. Pulling it down further, Harry was hit in the face with the smell of wet pussy as her damp panties were revealed.

“You smell really good,” Harry groaned as he kissed her right above the waistband of her panties. Evelyn smiled and rested her thigh on his shoulder.

“If you like it so much, then get a little closer,” she giggled as she ground the wet patch of her panties all over his mouth and nose. Her eyes fluttered as her clit was being stimulated through her panties as she smeared her arousal all over his face. Out of nowhere, Harry lifted her up and tossed her on the bed. She squeaked as she bounced up high and landed back on her belly. Getting up on her hands and knees, her ass received a hard slap making her squeal.

Evelyn looked over her shoulder as she felt her panties being pulled down. Her breathing intensified when he reached between her legs and rubbed her wet pussy. Removing his wet fingers from her cunt, he began removing his clothes. Evelyn stayed in the same position, wiggling her ass back and forth to get him to hurry. Soon after, she laid her eyes on his gargantuan tool. Thick and long, it looked rock-hard and angry. She gasped when the warm head touched her burning hot pussy. Sliding his cock up and down, the head was soon coated in her juices. His hands gripped her slim waist as he pushed in.

She cried out and trembled when he began to penetrate her deeper and deeper. She heard him groan in satisfaction as her tight pussy gripped his invading cock.

Reaching down, Harry grabbed her panties and pulled them off of her feet, and tossed them aside. Her pussy was gripping him tightly, and she felt like a wet furnace as she heated his cock. When his hips bumped into her ass, he gave her wide ass a hard slap and pulled back. Evelyn arched her back and gripped the covers tightly as his cock slid out of her. When only his head was in, he pushed back in and moaned as her walls hugged him the entire way. His hands gripped her ass cheeks tightly while his hips steadily moved back and forth. Spreading her cheeks open, he saw her tight puckered hole winking at him. Feeling naughty, he reached out and poked it with his finger causing her to squeal, and her asshole to clench. Chuckling, he slapped her ass again and began to fuck her harder.

The wet squelching of her drenched cunt filled the room along with the womanly scent of her arousal. Flipping her onto her back, Harry pinned her knees beside her ears and slammed his cock back into her. Evelyn cried out loud, and her toes curled within her heeled shoes as his long cock battered her cervix. From her position, she was forced to watch the repeated penetration of her pussy as it stretched around his girth. Creamy white streaks covered his slimy cock as it pistoned in and out of her. Her pleasured whines got louder and louder the closer that she got to orgasm. Finally, she couldn’t hold on any longer and she clamped down around him. Her shudders and moans filled his ears as he fucked her harder and faster. Her body trembled violently, and her pussy leaked juices all down her asshole and buttcrack. She heard him grunt before he pulled out of her cumming pussy. She opened her mouth to ask why he pulled out when he aimed at her face and spurted hot cum into her mouth. Unable to protest, she swallowed it down as more cum splattered against her pretty face. He didn’t finish until her face was completely coated in his seed. As she was about to say something, he flipped her back over and lifted up her ass.

Her eyes widened and she squeaked nervously when her cheeks were spread and he began lubing up her asshole with her own juices. When she felt his thick head poking at her previously untouched hole, she cursed her daughter for getting her into such positions.

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Training Day

Chapter 1

Susan Bones breathed in and out deeply as she waited for her test to begin. Hopefully, this was to be the final one in a long series of tests that had spanned multiple years.

After Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, their world began anew. Susan graduated from Hogwarts along with the rest of her friends and followed the same path that her aunt did so many years ago. She joined the Auror Corps.

For her, it was very difficult, but for others, not so much. During Voldemort’s reign of terror, many good Aurors lost their lives while trying to bring peace and stability to the country. After the Dark Lord’s defeat, there were some Aurors that were arrested for corruption or because they were working with the Death Eaters. That created a severe lack of law enforcement in the months after peace was finally won. Because of that, many were fast-tracked into the Academy. Harry Potter, however, was shot straight to the top and was made the Chief Auror. There was some grumbling from older members, but they mostly kept their opinions to themselves. Most were too scared to say anything to his face. Not only did he have the support of the entire country along with the Minister, but he was powerful enough that no one wanted to pick a fight with him. As it turned out, Potter was a fantastic Chief Auror. Immediately, he arranged raids on Death Eater safe houses and strongholds. He didn’t use kid gloves when interrogating prisoners and got all of the information that he wanted out of them.

He used that information to bring down many different illegal operations, and soon, the country was a much safer place. Knockturn Alley was still a dirty shithole, as he called it, but he usually stayed away from it unless some very illegal stuff was going down. Harry didn’t care about prostitution or illegal gambling or anything like that. He allowed the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol to handle that kind of stuff. No, Harry had a taste for dangerous and exciting things.

Susan wasn’t ashamed to say that she looked up to him and desperately wanted to follow in his footsteps. She, like so many of her peers, was fast-tracked through the Academy and was made a full Auror in only a few months. After that, she was expected to learn on the job. And learn she did. In fact, she had gotten so good at her job that she was invited to try out for the famed Hit Wizard squad.

She would never admit it, but she squealed like a teenage girl when she heard the news. Not only was Potter the Chief Auror, but he was also the lead member of the Hit Squad, the most elite among the Hit Wizards. Basically, they were the best of the best, and she wanted in badly. It took her quite a while to convince Harry that she had what it takes to be a member of the Squad. When he finally relented, she was as happy as she could ever remember being. That happiness didn’t last long.

The training program to become a Hit Wizard alone was hellish. The training program to become a member of the Hit Squad was a living nightmare. The first week she went to bed every night crying because of the pain and stress that her body had gone through. She knew that the first week was always the worst. It was designed to weed out the weak-minded. Even knowing that it didn’t help any. The training was absolutely brutal. Thankfully, after the first week the intensity cooled off, but it still remained insanely difficult. Susan had to hire a private massage therapist just so that her body was ready for the following day. The training lasted for months, and she rarely ever got a day off.

While she often cursed his name, she was very grateful to Harry. Since her training had started, she had learned spells that she didn’t even know existed. Her speed and coordination were off the charts, and the best part was that her body had never looked better.

Susan had always been busty and a bit thick in the waist and thighs. She wouldn’t have called herself fat or anything like that, but she was a bit chubby at certain times of the year. Her training had fixed that very fast. The intensity of the physical activities that they did was mind-boggling to her. The fact that she had gone through the same thing and survived was equally perplexing to her. In the end, her body was slim and toned, and she couldn’t be happier. She was still rocking the infamous “Bones Bust”, and her hips were still wide and inviting, but now she had much more of an hourglass figure than before. When she walked down the streets of Diagon Alley, men actually stopped to stare at her voluptuous form as her hips swayed back and forth. Her legs were strong and toned, and her back was straight which caused her large, perky breasts to bounce and shake. Needless to say, the men loved her. The only clue that she enjoyed the attention was the smirk on her face as she strolled down the street.

She was the only girl to have survived so long without quitting, which filled her with pride. Although, right now pride wasn’t going to help her. This would be the third time that she took the final test. No one passed on their first time. Rarely anyone passed on their second or third, it was so difficult. Taking one last deep breath, she held her wand ready and entered the large manor house. Following her training, she had silenced her feet and kept as quiet as possible. Keeping her ears open, she listened for any signs of danger. Spreading out her senses, she could feel the wards of the manor and knew that a revealing spell wouldn’t set off anything deadly. She waved her wand and cast a silent Homenum Revelio charm and let her magic spread out. Sensing there was no human nearby, she slowly began moving through the large house.

As she crept around the corner, she stepped on something and heard a click. Following her instincts, she leaped forward and hit the ground in a roll just as half a dozen metal bolts hit the wall right where she had been. Looking at them, she could see that they were still vibrating from the force of the impact. She let out a sigh of relief, then cursed herself for being sloppy.

Moving on, she snuck through the manor as best as she could, avoiding booby traps and even taking out a few guards along the way. When she reached a corridor she felt the buzz of powerful wards protecting it. Giving her wand a few waves, she nodded her head and got to work. She dismantled the wards as fast as she could while not making a mistake. One wrong move would end the entire test. Once she punched a hole in the wards, she made her way down the corridor. Peeking around the corner, Susan saw one last man guarding the door that she needed to get through. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, straw-like device. She had to be as quiet as possible. She inhaled deeply and pressed it to her lips. Blowing hard, she shot out a small pellet that hit the man in the side of the head. Instantly, the pellet burst and let out a small cloud of colorless and odorless gas that enveloped the man’s head. Immediately, he started rubbing his head and swaying back and forth. Only a second or two later, he began to tumble over.

Susan sprinted toward him and caught him before he was able to hit the ground. Lowering him quietly, she reached into her pocket again, this time pulling out a small vial of potion. Tipping it into his mouth, she nodded and dragged him aside. The gas would only keep him unconscious for a short while. The potion, however, was the Draught of the Living Death. He wouldn’t be getting up without the antidote, and even then he would be drowsy for a few hours. Pleased with herself, Susan put away her items before quickly coming up with a plan. She came up with the best one that she could with the limited resources that she had.

Standing in front of the bedroom door with her wand at the ready, she fired a Blasting Charm and blew the door open with a loud bang. Tossing in a magical flashbang, the room exploded in a bang of light and sound. Immediately, she spun around the doorway and entered, wand blazing. Seeing her target in the shadows and hoping that he was disoriented, she fired a powerful hex that electrocutes your target and renders them unconscious. Just as the hex was about to slam into him, he casually flicked his wand and sent the hex right back at her at twice the speed.

Susan barely had time to widen her eyes when the bolt of purple magic hit her directly in the chest. She screamed out in pain as her body seized up, and she mercifully slumped to the floor completely unconscious.

When she woke, she found herself tied to a large, fluffy bed with her wrists bound and her legs forcefully parted with a thin, metal rod. Her head was still a bit out of it, and her body was slightly quivering when she saw her target towering over her. She thrashed for a moment, trying to get herself free, but quickly saw that that wasn’t going to happen.

“My, my. Seems the big, bad Auror was caught somewhere where she shouldn’t be,” the man with the lightning bolt scar said.

“Go to hell,” Susan glared at him. Potter just chuckled.

“You need to be taught a lesson, little Auror,” he said perversely, reaching for her buxom chest and pinching her nipples over her Auror robes. Susan gasped at the sensation. Shuddering, she couldn’t help that her nipples grew rock-hard. As he pinched and tweaked them, her incredibly sensitive nipples sent pulses of pleasure straight into her panty-covered pussy. Giving her big tits another squeeze, he grabbed the two sides of her robes and tore them open with a single brutal pull. As the fabric ripped and the buttons flew off, Susan squealed as her body was violently jerked and her luscious tits bounced and jiggled under the force.

Harry’s eyes swept over her gorgeous, toned body. Her pale, flawless skin was exposed as the matching black and yellow bra and panty set had his cock as hard as a rock. There wasn’t a single hair to be seen on her lovely body.

“Really, Suzie? Hufflepuff colors?” Harry smirked, batting her tits together and letting his fingers drift over the camel toe that was a result of the tightness of her panties. He pulled the front of her panties down slightly, showing that her mound was completely hairless.

“Do your worst, Scum!” she exclaimed, jerking around, trying to get free. Harry just laughed at her predicament. He didn’t bother to be gentle when he flipped her over and stuffed a pillow underneath her hips, causing her ass to raise up. She was about to insult him when a hard slap made her ass cheeks jiggle. Susan held back a squeal of pain. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Another slap had her biting her lip. One more had her crying out with a pleasured moan.

“Like that, do you?” he asked. Susan didn’t answer, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was too busy burying his face in her panty-covered cunt. She felt his face pressing hard against her. Feeling his nose pressing against her slit, he inhaled her heady scent as her panties began to dampen. “Mmm,” Harry moaned. “So good,” he stated, pressing his lips to the wet spot on her panties and sucking the moisture from them. Susan shuddered and gasped as her fleshy cheeks were hugging the sides of his face tightly. Suddenly, his tongue lashed out and began slithering over the insides of her butt cheeks.

Susan’s hands were balled up tightly as he kissed and nipped at the tender skin of her bottom. Giving her cheek a kiss one more time before slapping it hard, Harry grabbed her panties and ripped them off without a care in the world. Susan yelped in pain as the thin fabric was torn from her voluptuous body. Feeling his warm breath on her overheated genitals, Susan breathed heavily as she waited for him to make his move. His hand slowly slid up the inside of her thigh, and he chuckled when he felt the arousal dripping down it. Susan was thankful that he couldn’t see the blush that was spreading over her cheeks. His hand eventually reached the plump, hairless lips of her scorching hot pussy. When his thumb slid up the length of her slit, she could feel the wetness leak out and coat his finger. Wanting a taste, he leaned down and licked her from her clit to her asshole.

“Oh, Morgana!” Susan cried out as his tongue traveled around the rim of her asshole. His lips continued down, over her dripping wet slit, and onto her damp, throbbing clit. Grabbing the front of her thighs, he pulled her closer to him as he sucked the hardened nub into his mouth. Adding suction, he sucked on it hard enough that when he pulled back, her clit stretched until he let it go and it popped back into place. Susan cried out, her back arched like a cat in heat while Harry had an arm hooked around her thigh. His fingers were rubbing up and down her slit while a finger on his other hand slid inside of her tight, little pussy. He pulled it out, coated in her arousal, and pressed it against her asshole.

“Harry!” she squeaked as she looked over her shoulder wildly. She was able to watch as his finger sank into her puckered hole. Susan inhaled a gasping breath as he went knuckle deep on the sexy redhead. Slowly he pulled his finger out before sliding it back in. Biting her lip, Susan turned back around as his finger pistoned in and out of her fat ass. His other fingers were stimulating her pussy and clit and it was beginning to become too much for her. Squealing loudly, her body bucked and his finger slipped out of her. She heard the rustling of clothes and knew that he was undressing. Susan didn’t even have time to rest before Harry grabbed the back of her lacy bra and tore the clasp apart. Pulling the offending garment off, he tossed it unceremoniously aside as he reached under her and molested her big tits.

“Your nipples are so hard,” he groaned as she wiggled around while he pinched and pulled at her crinkled nubs. Her wiggling had the added effect of making herself rub against his big, throbbing cock. Even though she couldn’t see it, she knew the size of his massive cock. It wouldn’t be the first time that it hit the deepest depths of her body. Grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her body to him and pierced her wet, little pussy with a single thrust.

Susan choked out a cry of pleasure as his beastly cock stretched her poor, abused pussy to the extreme. She was wrapped so tightly around him that he was practically rubbing every pleasurable spot at the same time while moving his hips back and forth. His strong hands grabbed her thick ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly while spreading them apart. Harry looked down while he began to truly fuck the redhead. The spongy head of his cock battered against her cervix and stimulated her g-spot with every thrust which had her toes curling instantly. The intense pleasure had her butthole puckering with every collision between his hips and her ass. Harry could see it winking at him the harder he fucked her. Spitting on it, he placed his thumb against the darker hole and rubbed the saliva around while her walls tightened on him.

Susan buried her face in the bed, crying out pathetically as her body trembled violently. When a particularly intense orgasm hit her, she began begging for him to show mercy.

“Please, Harry!” she squealed. “It feels too good!” she choked out, her body thrashing. Harry kept on fucking her.

“If you want to be a member of my group, then you need to fight through the adversity,” Harry groaned, fucking her with long, steady strokes. “Pleeeeeease!” she chirped, cumming on him again.

“Holy fuck, Suzie!” Harry threw his head back and moaned. “You’re creaming all over my cock,” he told her. His cock was streaked with creamy, white girl cum that added to the slickness of her already wet pussy.

When Susan felt the metal rod disappear and her hands become unbound, she thought that Harry was showing her mercy. Unfortunately, the bastard was just getting started. He flipped her over and lifted her up by the back of her upper thighs. Susan squealed and wrapped her arms and legs around him, afraid to be dropped. Harry was easily able to slide right back into her wet pussy causing her to yell and her back to arch. Her incredibly hard nipples rubbed against his hard, muscular chest as he bounced her on his cock. His hand was expertly cupping her shapely ass while her big, beautiful tits flounced around under her brutal treatment.

“You’re so tight,” Harry moaned into her neck as she was bounced up and down. Her arms gripped the back of his neck tightly as her pussy hugged his invading cock. Harry leaned in and began sucking on the sensitive skin of her slender neck while the tips of his fingers brushed against the still damp hole of her ass. Susan’s eyes fluttered as his warm lips latched onto her wet, salty skin. She could feel his peppering her neck with kisses and even licks as he moved closer to her lips. Once there, he didn’t waste time claiming them as he kissed her deeply. Susan was forced to open her mouth, and she moaned deeply as he began sucking on her tongue.

She felt him moving before her back hit the wall. Now that she was pinned between him and the wall, he really began fucking her hard. Hooking his arms underneath the back of her knees, he held her aloft with her legs parted as his hips rapidly thrust between them. The lewd, wet sounds that her pussy was producing embarrassed her, and she tried to look away.

“Harrrrry!” she begged pitifully as her pussy juice was dripping onto the ground beneath her. His cock repeatedly bumped into her g-spot making her quiver in pleasure. Her pussy was continuously fluttering over his thick cock. Crying out when she came again, they both heard a torrent of fluid leak out of her contracting pussy and splash against the floor. Pulling out of her, Harry lowered her onto the floor and pushed her to her knees. Her body was spasming as she looked up at him with her big, beautiful eyes.

Harry looked down and smiled as he patted her lips with the underside of his bulbous head. Rubbing the tip against her lips, when she opened her mouth, Harry pushed the head inside. Her lips wrapped around his fat cock as she wiggled her talented tongue underneath the tip. Harry groaned and threaded his fingers through her thick, red hair. Letting go of his cock for the moment, she slathered it with her saliva as she dragged her tongue up and down the length. Lifting his cock up, she stroked it rapidly as her mouth found his bloated balls. Susan kissed and licked his sack as she continued to work his cock with her hand. Soon after, she sucked one of his nuts into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue as Harry gently scratched her scalp. Needing to cum badly, Harry decided to move on to something better.

He not so gently lifted her from the floor and tossed her onto the bed. Susan squealed as her body bounced off the mattress. Harry was there before she could blink and grabbed her by the ankles. She felt her legs being lifted and pushed forward until her ankles were resting behind her head. She was breathing wildly as Harry’s eyes raked over her form. From her position, he could see every inch of her nude body. Her pussy was there for his taking, and her asshole was puckering from the intense orgasms that she had recently experienced. He gave her ass a slap and told her to stay in that position, which she did. She kept her eyes on him as he grabbed his wand and gave it a wave. Instantly, his cock was coated in lubricant that was literally dripping off of him. Crawling back to her, she shook nervously as he coated her asshole in the same slippery substance. Slowly, he eased his finger into her tightest hole. Susan groaned as he finger-fucked her and worked the oil deep into her ass. Once properly lubricated, he positioned his cock at her opening and slowly pushed it in.

Susan’s high-pitched squeaks filled the room as he stretched her ass around his enormous cock. Her fists gripped the bedsheets tighter and tighter the deeper that he sank. From her position, she could clearly see how much of him was inside of her. Once he was fully inside, he pulled back slowly. Susan cried out again. “You’re too big!”

Her asshole felt like it was going to rip open. Thankfully, she slowly stretched out until his hips began to move a little faster. In and out his cock traveled through her tight bowels as he grunted and she groaned. When he was sure that she could take it, he leaned forward and gripped her ankles with his hands. He put weight onto his hips and truly began to fuck her. Susan’s eyes widened when his hips began to move faster and faster. She could feel her pussy contracting and trying to milk a cock that wasn’t there as she was racked by a powerful analgasm. Suddenly, her toes curled and her tight, little cunt began to viciously spray pussy juice all over his stomach and chest. She was squealing and squeaking as her asshole was reshaped around the thickness of his cock. With every thrust of his cock, her pussy would eject another gush of fluid.

Susan was close to passing out as she was manhandled and fucked in a way that she had no control over. Her legs were pinned above her head, and Harry’s hands were holding her ankles tightly. He was forcing her to cum so violently that she was seeing flashes of light behind her eyes. Her throat was raw from screaming and crying out in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm was ripped from her voluptuous body. He had claimed her asshole as his own. She wouldn’t be surprised if it were only tight for him from now on. He was ruining her body and assuring that it would only be pleasurable for him. He pulled her legs and placed them over his shoulders as he leaned down and kissed her deeply. Susan accepted the kiss, sticking her tongue into his mouth so that he could suck on it. Her pussy was still fluttering wildly as her asshole pulsated around this thrusting cock. He practically sucked the tongue right out of her mouth as she squealed and came again. Her asshole puckered tightly, finally coaxing an orgasm from him. She instantly felt her ass filled with his warm cream. With every thrust, he filled her over and over again. Her body trembling uncontrollably, he finally pulled out, leaving her asshole gaping. He rolled over and lied on his back, breathing heavily.

Susan laid there shivering until she finally came down from the multiple orgasms that she went through. She turned to him and said, “Guess I failed again.”

Harry chuckled. “Perhaps, but practice makes perfect.” Harry leaned over the side of the bed and reached for something.

That’s when something was tossed onto her naked chest. Picking it up, she saw that it was a badge that said, “HIT WIZARD - HS - R1”.

She knew that it stood for “HIT WIZARD - Hit Squad - Rank 1”. It was the lowest rank of the Hit Squad, but she didn’t care. She was still a member. She absolutely squealed with delight and bounced up and down.

Harry saw her large, lovely tits bouncing around and instantly got hard again. Susan watched as he waved his wand and stood up. She sat there spellbound as his features blurred before a second Harry Potter stepped out from behind the first. Now two naked Harrys were looking at her nude body with lust in their emerald eyes. Her heart immediately began pounding. Without a how-do-you-do, one Harry lifted her up and forced her onto his lap. His fat cock easily slipped into her wet pussy as she was forced to ride him. The second Harry pushed her forward and stuck his long cock deep into her cum-slickened asshole. As they both began penetrating her in rhythm, she cried out and began to cum again.

“Now let’s see if you can earn a promotion,” both Harrys teased simultaneously as her pussy exploded in a mist of girl cum.

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At the Burrow

Luna Lovegood was sprawled out on the bed that belonged to her only friend, Ginny Weasley. She was spending the night once again at Ginny’s house after she was fire-called to come over. When she got the call, she immediately knew what was going to happen. She was going to get fucked by Harry Potter once again. The moment Ginny removed her head from her fireplace, Luna ran off to get ready, her little pussy already beginning to moisten.

From what Ginny had explained, Harry’s magic was acting wonky and increasing his libido to dangerous levels. Since he was staying at the Burrow during the summer, the only girl that he had regular access to was Ginny. Obviously, Ginny jumped at the chance to help him. She had a major crush on him and was more than happy to jump in bed with him. As it turned out, Harry was a little too much for the inexperienced redhead. Harry would fuck her for hours at a time. All night he would make her cum all over his cock. It got to the point where she needed help. That’s when Luna was called in.

They explained the situation to her, and she was very happy to help out. She often daydreamed about her first time with him. She didn’t know that someone could make her body feel that good. Turning her head, her face was only a few inches from Ginny’s hairless pussy. Harry and Ginny were laying on their sides with Harry behind her. He had an arm hooked under one of Ginny’s legs as he thrust into her from behind. Luna could hear the perverse sounds of sex as clear as ever. The scent was wafting into her nose as she watched him jackhammer into Ginny’s red and swollen pussy. Looking down at her own body, she saw that her legs were splayed apart and that she had cum leaking out of her violated pussy. She wasn’t embarrassed about being seen like that. She was proud to have taken Harry’s enormous cock. She was equally proud that her body was good enough to make him cum inside of her. Reaching down, her breath hitched when her fingers brushed over her overly-sensitive clit. Dipping even further, she brought her fingers up and saw them glistening with his creamy cum. Placing them in her mouth, she licked them clean. A high-pitched squeal from Ginny made her turn her head back to the action.

She saw Ginny’s pussy fluttering wildly over Harry’s fat cock as he thrust into her with reckless abandon. Harry’s hand slid over her thigh and onto her bloated clit. Luna watched as Harry moved his fingers in a circle, stimulating Ginny’s hard, throbbing clit. Instantly, Ginny’s toes curled as fluid began leaking out of her twat. Harry must have seen her looking because right after, he said, “Lick my cock.”

Luna blushed as he pulled out halfway. Around five inches of his cock was exposed, completely covered in Ginny’s pussy juice. Leaning in, the smell filled her nostrils as her tongue began to slither over his wet dick. Once she had tongue-bathed his cock until it was sparkling clean and glistening with her saliva, he pushed back into Ginny causing her back to arch. When his cock reemerged, it was coated in girl cum again. Luna was forced to suck it clean again.

“Suck on my balls, Luna,” Harry moaned, still completely inside of Ginny who was trembling and spasming in his arms. His hand was sliding up and down Ginny’s body and playing with her apple-sized tits. Luna nodded innocently and began licking and sucking on his bloated sack. Harry lovingly ran his fingers through Luna’s dirty blonde hair, making the young girl mewl in happiness. “That’s good,” Harry told her, patting her head like a dog. “Now kiss Ginny’s clit,” he ordered, flicking Ginny’s clit and making her squeal.

Luna’s cheeks turned pink, but she did what she was told. She first kissed all over Ginny’s freshly-shaven mound before moving down and peppering her engorged clit with soft kisses. Ginny was mewling sexily as her clit was lavished with attention. Luna began sucking on it and wiggling her tongue around when Harry began slowly thrusting again. Luna went to move her head, but Harry’s hand held it against Ginny’s pussy. The little blonde continued pleasuring her friend as she gasped and mewled. Harry’s cock was steadily pistoning in and out of her when Ginny screamed and came again. Luna was squirted in the face by a heavy jet of juice. Coughing, Luna moved her head to clear her throat as Ginny thrashed and bucked through her violent orgasm. All three were very thankful that they had placed powerful silencing charms all over the room. When Luna looked back at them, Ginny had rolled away from him and curled up into a ball. Her pretty, little pussy was visually contracting as she spasmed uncontrollably. She squeaked and smacked Harry’s hand out of the way when he began rubbing her pussy.

“Please!” she squeaked. “I need a moment,” she said, her hips still bucking. Harry rolled his eyes and turned to her.

“Looks like it’s you and me, Luna,” he told her, scooping her up and flipping her onto her stomach. Harry grabbed her by her hips and lifted them up. He rearranged her until her ass was high up in the air and her back was arched. “Touch yourself,” Harry told her.

“Yes, sir,” she squeaked as she reached underneath herself and began stroking her pussy with her thin fingers. Looking back, Harry was happily watching her as he stroked his cock. Luna shuddered as a bead of arousal dripped down the inside of her creamy, pale thigh. Suddenly, Harry grabbed her feet and placed his cock between them. Luna gasped as a tingle flared up in her pussy. Her feet were quite ticklish, and not many knew that being tickled really turned her on.

The hot arousal was dripping from her pussy and rolling down her fingers as she stroked her slit and spread her lips open. She was squeaking with every thrust of his cock. She could feel how hot and hard his cock was between her soft soles. Her pussy was tingling so badly that she had to bite on the blanket to keep from screaming out and cumming. Suddenly, she felt his thumb beginning to rub her asshole.

“You like having your feet fucked?” Harry asked, toying with the rim of her ass. Luna was only able to bellow a muffled squeak. A hard slap on the ass made her head pop up. “Do you?” he asked again.

“Yes … I like it!” Luna shuddered as his thumb slightly spread her open. Smacking her hand out of the way, Harry stuffed his massive member right down her sloppy, wet pussy. Luna cried out in pleasure as he quickly bottomed out. He placed his hand on the middle of her upper back and pushed her top half down. Now, only her ass was up in the air. His hips were rapidly striking her ass and making her cheeks ripple under the force as he jackhammered into her. Luna’s pussy was fluttering wildly as he was hitting the deepest spots. She turned her head and saw Ginny’s still-spasming body moving toward them. She could only give off a pathetic squeak as she clamped down hard on him.

Her incredibly tight pussy simply felt too good and Harry shuddered. Pulling out, he rolled Luna onto her back. Harry crawled up to her head where he was met by Ginny. The redhead got behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. One hand began massaging his balls while the other gripped his throbbing cock. Ginny took aim at her friend and began stroking him vigorously. Harry moaned as Ginny’s hand rapidly beat him off, and when he grunted, Ginny aimed right at Luna’s face. Seeing this, Luna closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Harry spurted thick ropes of cream all over the young blonde’s face and mouth. Ginny stroked him from base to head, desperately trying to milk every last drop from his bloated sack. Luna tried her best to swallow everything down but was unable to. There was too much. Cum began leaking out of the sides of her mouth as another glob landed in her hair.

Harry sighed happily and flopped onto the bed. Placing his hands behind his head, he watched as Ginny began licking Luna clean. Over the next few minutes, they cleaned the cum from Luna’s face and moved on to making out with one another. As Harry watched, his dick began to grow hard again. Their perky tits were brushing up against each other while their tongues slithered together. They broke the kiss and Luna began lowering her head, running her tongue down Ginny’s body. Eventually reaching Ginny’s hard, pink nipple, she pinched it between her teeth and pulled on it. Ginny squeaked in pain before Luna let it go. After that, she peppered the nipple with kisses to make it feel better. Ginny groaned and pushed Luna back onto the bed.

Harry began stroking his cock as he watched Ginny position herself between Luna’s legs with her legs on either side of the blonde. Now they were in the classic “scissor” position. Both girls looked at each other and blushed before they started slowly grinding their hips, testing to see if they liked it. Judging from the increase in their breathing, they seemed to like it just fine.

The smell of their pussies was filling his nostrils and the sloppy, wet sounds of their grinding were filling his ears as his eyes feasted on the sight before him. Both had their heads thrown back while gasping in pleasure. Harry looked between their legs and saw an incredible amount of wetness smeared all over the point in which they were connected. Kissing Ginny’s shoulder, she leaned back against his chest as Luna ground herself hard into the smoldering redhead. His hands traveled from her waist, all the way up her smooth body until he cupped her dangling tits. Sliding his hands up and down, Ginny shuddered from having both her pussy and nipples stimulated simultaneously. Holding his finger to her mouth, Ginny sucked on it and coated it in her saliva. Using her saliva as lube, he traced the rim of her hard, pink nipple. Harry was looking down and saw her nipple getting wet as he smeared her spit on it. As her saliva cooled, Ginny trembled and her body goosebumped.

Both hands cupped and squeezed her perky tits, trying to warm them up, which she appreciated. Ginny lifted her arms and threaded her fingers through his hair.

“Harry,” she let out a whispered moan as his fingers brushed over her sensitive nipples. His hands kneaded her soft breasts and even batted them together as he toyed with her body. Wanting more, Harry lifted her up and away from Luna. His hands gripped her thighs as he lifted her up. Her legs were splayed wide apart and before he could lower her down, Luna crawled between his legs and sucked his cock into her mouth. She took a few seconds to suck him off to full hardness before she took hold of his cock. Ginny was slowly lowered and when she was in position, Luna stuffed his head into the tight, pale pussy.

“Fuck, that’s good!” Harry exclaimed as Ginny’s pussy gripped him tightly as he slid inside. Luna leaned in and began sucking on her clit as he powerfucked her into oblivion. Ginny’s head was thrown back and she was screaming and drooling as her tits flopped around. Her pussy was squelching into Luna’s ears as Harry stuffed her full of cock, and after only a few minutes, she came violently. Her pussy clamped down tightly and milked a load from his balls. Harry unceremoniously dropped her aside and Luna quickly took her place. Leaning down, she took his cock down her throat just as he began to cum. Harry moaned and softly brushed her blonde hair as she drank everything that he had to offer. When she sucked him dry, she wiped her mouth and smiled.

Nothing needed to be said. He threw on some clothes and snuck back to his room before someone could catch them. Harry assumed that they too had made themselves decent before bed. Harry went to sleep smiling and thinking about the following day when he would surely wreck them once more.

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Sharing is Caring

Chapter 1

Astoria Greengrass just floo’ed back to her family home after spending the day with a friend. It had been a while since she was able to go out and spend time in public without having to look over her shoulder.

When the Dark Lord made his return, obviously it changed things in magical Britain. It no longer became safe for people to go to Diagon Alley and spend the day having fun whether they were a teenager or an adult. It didn’t even matter if you were pureblood or muggleborn. The Dark Lord would kill a pureblood just as quickly as he would anyone else. Once he returned, dark times quickly followed. The Greengrass family hunkered down and stopped going out, throwing parties, or anything else that they were used to doing. It was simply too dangerous. They weren’t considered enemies of the Dark Lord, but they weren’t allies either. In truth, neither side fully trusted them which made things even more dangerous for their family. So they did the best that they could. They stopped talking to most people and simply stayed on their property whenever possible. It wasn’t a fun or happy time for them, but what else could they do?

Things eventually took a turn for the better, however. It was all thanks to Harry Potter. They weren’t exactly sure how, but he had defeated the Dark Lord permanently and was even an integral part in the round-up of Voldemort’s followers. There was only a handful left that had escaped prosecution. They were on the run with massive bounties on their heads. Since then, things had gotten much better for the Greengrasses’. They were able to go out and become members of society again. Astoria was happy that she would get to hang out with her friends and do the things that teenagers typically would do. Even her socially awkward sister, Daphne, was pleased with how things had turned out.

It had been a few months since the Dark Lord’s downfall, and her family had spent that time getting back into the flow of things and shoring up the family business. It had taken a severe hit during Voldemort’s second rise to power. Thankfully, things were looking up for their business. It was back on track and was even doing well enough that her parents thought that it was a good time to go on a long vacation. Her mother and father had left about a week ago and planned to spend the summer in Italy. They had asked if she and Daphne wanted to go, but both declined. Daphne didn’t care about seeing the world, and Astoria wanted to spend the summer with her friends. Daphne would be in her final year of school, and Astoria was two years behind her. Since she was older, Daphne would be in charge during their parents' long trip. Astoria was glad that Daphne didn’t care about what she did, only that she kept herself safe. She was incredibly excited that this summer would be her first taste of what adulthood was like. She could come and go as she pleased … within reason, of course.

She had spent her day with a fellow female Slytherin in Diagon Alley before going back to her house and trying out new makeup and clothes. Unfortunately, she had to leave a few hours early because her friend’s parents decided to go visit her family at the last minute. She reluctantly packed up her purchases and made her way home. All in all, it was a fun day for her.

As she stepped out of her fireplace, she immediately heard what she thought were squeals of pain. Quietly placing her shopping bag down, she pulled out her wand and tapped the tip against the top of her head. It felt as if an egg was cracked on her as the Disillusionment Charm took effect. While her charmwork wasn’t the best, she was able to cast a decent Disillusionment Charm on herself. Silencing her feet, she held her wand at the ready. She thought that maybe an at-large Death Eater had broken into her house and was hurting her sister. If so, she’d make them pay. What other explanation could there possibly be?

She crept closer to the family living room and peeked around the corner. What she saw made her nearly drop her wand. Daphne was completely nude with an equally naked Harry Potter pressed against her back. Daphne had her hand behind her and was threading her fingers through Potter’s hair while Potter squeezed her slim waist with both hands.

She couldn’t believe the look of pure lust and bliss on the beautiful face of her sister. She had never seen her look like that before. Daphne didn’t like being around people and hated being around boys most of all. Now here she was, with Harry Potter of all people thrusting against her from behind. Astoria blushed fiercely when she saw the size of Potter’s cock. It appeared that he was fucking Daphne’s thighs. Judging by how much of his shaft was popping out from between Daphne’s smooth, sexy thighs, Astoria calculated that it must have been around ten inches in length, at least.

With every push of his hips, Daphne’s face lit up in pleasure. Astoria could see streaks of arousal staining the inside of Daphne’s thighs even as more beads continued to roll down in their wake. Her eyes, however, seemed to continually go back to Potter’s cock. The length and girth fascinated her and even made her pussy damp as she stared at it. Astoria could see his thick shaft forcing Daphne’s delicate, hairless lips apart with each thrust. The head of his mighty cock would bump into her clit before bursting through. Daphne’s little pussy must have been incredibly wet because Potter’s cock was absolutely glistening with her juices.

The speed in which he was thrusting into her was causing Daphne’s perky, small C-cup tits to jiggle wildly. She watched as one hand left Daphne’s waist and slid up her belly. His strong hand cupped Daphne’s lovely breast and he gave it a squeeze as she squealed and spasmed against him. Astoria shuddered when his fingers squeezed the tip of her light pink nipple and gave it a gentle pull. Daphne’s moan was a sound that Astoria thought that no one would ever hear.

Potter let go of her breast and his hand lowered down her body until his fingers rested against Daphne’s hard, throbbing clit. At this point, Astoria would pretend that she wasn’t turned on. Her panties were completely soaked, and her tight, little pussy was tingling badly. All she could do was press her thighs together and discreetly rub them together to try and relieve some of the sexual pressure that she was feeling. She watched as Potter began moving his fingers in a circular pattern as he massaged Daphne’s damp clit. He was nipping at her slender neck as Daphne’s body began to shake wildly. Astoria could see that she was in the middle of having a spectacular orgasm.

“Who’s my little whore?” she heard Potter ask. Astoria’s eyes widened comically. She could never imagine anyone having the balls to talk to her sister that way. She was equally surprised when Daphne cried out in pleasure and a torrent of pussy juice began to pour down her gorgeous legs. The sounds of her thighs being fucked became louder and wetter as Daphne coated his cock in wetness. She was spasming so bad that she collapsed onto the ground. That was when Astoria finally got her first look at the entirety of Harry’s cock.

Her breath hitched when she saw the sheer size of the monster that was hanging between his legs. It was so long and thick and completely drenched in the juices of her sister. She could literally see drops of Daphne’s arousal dripping off the tips of his cock. Astoria’s pussy puckered tightly as she felt an incredible naughty sensation deep in her lower belly. Unable to control her actions, she reached into her robe and into her panties. Her small hand slid over her perfectly smooth mound and onto her rock-hard clit. She tried her best to keep from making any noises as her fingers began to dance over the hardened nub. Astoria kept her eyes on Potter as he scooped Daphne up into his arms and held her tightly against his chest. Daphne’s head was resting on his broad shoulder as her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist. Harry began to walk toward one of their couches, his beastly cock bouncing with every step. Daphne mewled sexily every time that his bouncing cock would slap against her sloppy, wet pussy.

Harry carried her while sitting down on the couch. Just as his back hit the couch, Daphne reached behind her and took his cock in hand. Rubbing the head against her slit, Daphne placed the tip against her opening and slowly sank down on him. Both of them moaned as she took him to the hilt. Once she was sitting on his balls, she leaned down and kissed him with such passion that it surprised Astoria. While she was kissing him, her hips began to slowly bounce up and down. Astoria moved into the room quietly and got into a better position to see. From where she was now, she could clearly see the penetration of her sister’s wet cunt. She could see her pale, hairless lips stretch around Potter’s massive girth, and she could see that her pussy would push in when she dropped down and it would grip his cock tightly and stretch outward when Daphne lifted up. Daphne must be incredibly tight, she thought as she sank two fingers into her horny, little twat. The smell of both hers and Daphne’s wet pussies was making her head spin.

Astoria silently sat down on a chair opposite them and silently opened her robes. Spreading her legs, she began to finger-fuck herself harder than she ever had before. She kept her eyes glued to the area where Harry and Daphne were connected. Daphne’s ass was bouncing hard on his cock while Harry helped her by kneading her bare cheeks. Every so often, Daphne’s cheeks were spread open and Astoria would see her little, puckered hole while her pussy was getting stuffed with cock.

“It’s sooooo good, Harry!” Daphne mewled, grinding herself on his cock as he squeezed her shapely cheeks. When she started bouncing again, Astoria saw that Harry’s cock was streaked in white cream. Every time that his cock fully entered her sister, it would come out caked in her cum. Daphne’s toes were beginning to curl as her body shook harder and harder. Breaking the kiss, Daphne arched her back and pressed her hard, pink nipple against his lips. Harry happily took the hard pebble into his mouth and began sucking on it. Daphne’s eyes widened as her body bucked wildly.

“CUMMING!” she cried out in a shaky voice. Her nipple was wrenched from his lips as her body thrashed around. Harry was forced to wrap his arms around her slim waist to keep her from falling off. Astoria could see that his hips continued to move while Daphne was experiencing her orgasm. Finally, Daphne fell off of his cock and onto the floor between his legs. Harry stood up while stroking his fat cock.

Seeing what he was doing, Daphne got to her knees and tilted her head up. Closing her eyes, Daphne waited patiently until Harry grunted and a healthy rope of thick, white cum spurted out and hit her forehead, leaving a trail of cum across her face. Another glob hit her nose and then another hit her lips. Astoria watched in shock as Daphne opened her mouth and took another spurt of cum down her throat. She guzzled his cum as he continued to paint her pretty face white. Once he was drained, he sighed happily and sat back on the couch. Daphne slithered between his legs and began sucking her juices off of his cock. Blushing fiercely, Astoria sneaked out and went to her bedroom after grabbing her bag. Jumping on her bed, she removed her clothes and masturbated until she cummed as hard as she ever had. She laid there breathing heavily and wondering how she could convince Daphne to share Harry with her.

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Pretty blue eyes watched third-year, Harry Potter, as he joked with his two friends. Penelope Clearwater couldn’t help but blush as she looked at him. No one knew that the ever responsible seventh-year Prefect was a bit of a sexual deviant.

During the day, she dated Percy Weasley, but in truth, he didn’t do anything for her. She knew that things wouldn’t last with him. He was too boring for her. At night, however, she allowed her imagination to run wild. Lately, all of her fantasies had one thing in common. They all starred Harry Potter.

Penelope knew that Harry was a virgin. He could barely look at the Chang girl without blushing. One of her biggest fantasies was pulling Harry into her room and teaching him how to explore the female body. She kept her eyes locked on him, and she felt her pussy moisten the longer that she watched. Since she was in her final year of Hogwarts, she would have to make her move soon, or she may never get another chance. There was also the fact that she was in the middle of her NEWT year, and it would certainly be good if she had a sexual partner to help work out her stress. Percy was out of the question. A goody-two-shoes like him was okay for fooling around with, but she wasn’t about to give him a piece of her fresh, teenage pussy. He’d have to earn that, and he hadn’t even come close. Harry, however, was a hero in the magical world. Not only that, but he was also the best Quidditch player in all of Hogwarts. That didn’t even count the fact that he was the one to defeat the Beast of Slytherin and free her from petrification. That alone would have her spreading her legs for him. He deserved a taste of her young, nubile body … and she intended to give it to him.

As Harry finished eating and got up with his friends, Penny subtly ran the tips of her delicate fingers up the inside of her smooth thigh, causing her to quietly gasp. Her eyes followed him out of the Dining Hall before he finally disappeared. She needed to think of a way to get him alone with her. She needed to plan.

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Penny watched him closely for the next few days and figured out his schedule and routine. She knew exactly when he was alone. Now that she knew when to approach him, she now needed a place to take him. Obviously, she couldn’t bring him back to her room. He was in Gryffindor and she was in Ravenclaw. She’d be in big trouble if she were to sneak him into her dorm. No, what she needed was a safe and secure place outside of Ravenclaw Tower. For that, she turned to the House Elves of Hogwarts. They showed her an area of the third floor that hadn’t been visited in years. It was far out of the way and had no secret passages nearby. To her delight, the Elves agreed to set things up and bring in some of the needed comforts, like a big, comfy bed. The perfect part was that it was very close to the area in which she planned to contact Harry. She would be able to lead him there within minutes.

After that, she sat down and came up with a plan. Writing it out in a list helped her to visualize what would happen. She may be a pervert, but she was still a Ravenclaw.

When her day finally came, she “accidentally” bumped into him as they walked in opposite directions down the corridor. Pretending that she was about to fall over, she reached out and grabbed a part of him that she was sure had never been touched before. Just as she expected, his face turned beet-red as his cock instantly hardened. Quickly taking her hand off, she made sure to act the part of the clumsy Prefect.

“Oh, dear! I’m so sorry, Harry,” she apologized to him. She was close to him so that he could smell the sexy perfume that she had made sure to wear. The lady who sold it claimed that no man could resist its scent. She knew that that was bullshit, but it did smell very good, so she bought it anyway.

“Th-That’s alright!” Harry squeaked as his face continued to resemble a tomato. Pretending to be concerned, she went on.

“Your face is all red! Are you sick? Should we get you to Madam Pomfrey?” she asked, leaning in and placing her hand on his forehead. She could feel his body shiver at being so close to a pretty girl. She was smirking on the inside, even if she didn’t show it on her face. Harry shook his head rapidly as she pressed closer to him.

“Your face feels a bit warm, Harry. At least let me get you somewhere so you can rest for a minute,” she told him, grabbing his hand and pulling him down the hall. Harry was too embarrassed to say anything as he was pulled into an empty classroom that had been converted into her private sex room. Penny sat him on the bed and removed her school robes before hanging them on a hook by the door. Underneath she was wearing a shirt that showed an extreme amount of cleavage and a pair of shorts that let the bottoms of her butt cheeks hang out. Penny quickly sat down next to him and made sure to be pressed right up against him. By then, Harry’s face was flaming red.

“If you’re not sick, then tell me what’s wrong,” she said with as much fake concern in her voice that she could muster. She turned her body so that he was looking directly at her chest. She made sure that her tits were nearly bursting out of her top. Harry’s stuttering nearly had her chuckling. The poor boy had never been this close to a pair of tits before. His apparent innocence made her pussy all the more moist.

“Oh …” she tried to look embarrassed. “You’re embarrassed about being close to a girl,” she stated, watching his face heat up again. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Harry. Girls are just like boys, except we have different parts,” she explained, shaking her chest a bit which caused her tits to jiggle. Harry tried not to look but couldn’t help himself. Penny giggled at him.

“I can see that you like my parts,” she smiled at him, running her fingers through his hair. Harry was breathing heavily as she continued flirting with the boy. Kicking off her shoes and socks, she got comfortable next to him. “How would you like to feel them?” she asked the embarrassed boy. Not waiting for his answer, she took his hand and placed it on her belly. She moved his hand higher and higher until his fingers touched the underside of her breasts. Harry gasped and tried to move his hand, but Penny was having none of that. She moved his hand even further until his palm was cupping her naked tit. Testing things out, he squeezed her boob, only for her to moan in response.

Harry couldn’t believe what was happening. He was alone with Penelope Clearwater. While she wasn’t the prettiest girl in school, she was still very lovely. Her big, blue eyes were very pretty, and she had long, dirty blonde hair. Her body was what truly drew his attention. Her breasts were large C-cups but still very perky. She had a slim waist with hips that flared out, giving her a slight hourglass figure. He had heard boys talk about her body before, and right now he tended to agree with their assessment. She was very fuckable, according to them. He was nearly cumming in his trousers as his fingers brushed over her hard nipple. Just then, she lifted her shirt up which caused her breasts to lift up with it before popping out and bouncing around as they fell. He was trying really hard not to cum. He was squirming around while keeping his legs together. Penny seeing this decided to take things further.

“You’re trying to hold back,” she guessed correctly, smiling at his discomfort. “Let me help with that,” she said, undoing his shoes and trousers before pulling both off. His boxers were pulled down next. Penny watched as his hard cock flopped out. She licked her lips at the sight. He was only a young teen and his cock was already the size of a grown man’s. In a few years, it would likely be a monster. She regretted that she wouldn’t be here to test it out. Maybe she could arrange some time with him during the upcoming summers.

As Penny ran her hand up his legs and gently caressed his shaft, Harry was trembling. “Don’t hold back, Harry. Just let it go and cum for me,” she said sexily, leaning down and kissing his cock. Grabbing hold, she licked the head before wrapping her plump, pink lips around it and lowering her head. Wiggling her tongue against him, she heard him moan loudly as she took more and more of his shaft down her throat. It only took a few bobs of her head before he exploded in her mouth. His hips lifted up as she sucked the cum from his balls. Penny expertly swallowed everything that he offered before he happily sighed and slumped down. Pulling off of his cock, she giggled before going down and licking and sucking on his sack. It wasn’t long before he was back to full hardness.

“Did you enjoy that, Harry?” she smiled while kissing his cock.

“A lot!” he said enthusiastically, nodding his head.

“Would you like more?” she smiled. Seeing him nod again, she turned around and straddled his naked lap. Now in the reverse cowgirl position, she slowly peeled off her shorts and gave him a show.

Harry watched excitedly as her short shorts lowered off of her lovely ass. As she lifted up, he could see her tight asshole peeking at him. When her shorts lowered, even more, he got his first look at a real-life naked pussy. It was hairless and shiny wet. Her smell immediately hit his nostrils and his cock jumped. He had never wanted a girl more than he did right then. Penny worked the shorts off of her bare feet before spreading her knees and leaning forward. She arched her back and showed off what she was offering. He watched as her hips wiggled in anticipation.

“Can you see how wet you made me, Harry?” she moaned while reaching under her. She used her fingers to spread her pussy apart and show him her glistening insides. “I think you need to help me take care of my needs now,” she moaned as she rubbed her swollen clit. Grabbing his cock, she slapped it against her wet pussy a few times before placing the head against her opening. As it entered her, Harry gasped loudly, and he groaned in absolute pleasure as she lowered her hips.

Being inside of a wet woman was something new for him. From that moment, he promised himself that he would try to fuck as many different women as possible. Her silky walls were heavenly. When she started bouncing her hips, Harry gripped the covers tightly. He kept his eyes trained to the spot where they were connected. He watched fascinated as her tight pussy repeatedly swallowed his hard cock. He could see his member covered in her juices as she moaned and ground herself on him. She held onto his legs as she leaned forward and bounced her hips hard on him. The loud slapping sounds were nearly drowned out by their pleasured moans as her ass collided with his groin.

“You’re really big, Harry!” she squealed, her pussy tightly squeezing him as she fucked herself on his cock. Harry couldn’t help but reach out and touch her rippling cheeks. His hands slid over the soft, silky skin of her ass and thighs.

Penny was squeaking and squealing the closer that she got to completion. Her pussy was beginning to flutter, and she wanted Harry to cum with her. Using her pussy muscles, she clamped down on him tightly and bounced her ass twice as fast. Harry cursed as his body trembled.

“Cum in me!” she squeaked as her rippling cunt let loose a cascade of pussy juice that flooded his groin. Penny’s eyes fluttered when she felt him release inside of her. Her insides instantly felt warm as he continued to pump his seed into her. When he finished, she snuggled upon him. Holding his face against her breast, she sighed happily as he suckled on her hard, pink nipple.

It wasn’t long before she felt him harden once again.

“Let me rest for a moment, then we can try something new,” she said, giggling as he nodded his head while keeping her nipple in his mouth.

Penny was planning to get every ounce of pleasure that she could … now and for the rest of the year. By the time that she was finished with him, he would have no problem pleasing any woman that he wanted. She smiled and shivered as his tongue massaged her hard peak. As her pussy moistened, she pulled Harry between her legs and taught him how to take her in the standard position. There would be many more lessons in the future for him.

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The Favor

Part 1

Sweat rolled down the forehead of Harry Potter as he looked through his pocket-sized notebook that he kept with him while doing work. Since his graduation, Harry had taken up Cursebreaking as a way to prepare him for his true love, searching for treasures. That’s why when Narcissa Malfoy had “hired” him to find a particular jewel, he jumped at the chance. It had nothing to do with the fact that the MILF was single since her husband’s incarceration, or that she had promised him a weekend of nonstop fucking if he were to accomplish the task.

The sexy blonde had provided him with all the information that she had. It was somewhere on the Medetsiz Mountain in Turkey. She could pinpoint it to a certain area, but no more than that. After hours of searching, Harry uncovered a secret entrance near the peak. Like so long ago, in the sea cave with Dumbledore, he needed to smear blonde on the bare rock to reveal the entrance. Once it opened up in front of him, he descended the hand-carved, stone stairs deep into the mountain. Before leaving the entrance behind, Harry added more than a few wards around the entrance. Turkey wasn’t Egypt. They wouldn’t be too happy to find an Englishman looting the country's ancient magical artifacts. There was a reason the Goblins didn’t mess around in these mountains. He had to keep what he was doing hidden and secret.

The deeper that the stairs went, the warmer it got. Once he reached a certain point, he began sweating. Wiping his face off with his sleeve, he kept going. Holding an enchanted crystal in front of him, the light emanating from it lighted the path and kept him safe, at least until he heard a click. Going on instinct, Harry threw himself backward and barely avoided a metal spear that shot from one wall and buried itself in the one across from it. He could still hear the metal vibrating from the impact. Harry picked himself up from the stairs and winced. Rubbing the back of his head, he could feel that a bump was beginning to grow after hitting his head on the stone stair. Shaking his head at his carelessness, he took stock of the situation. Swiping the light around, he saw that he had stepped on a pressure plate which released the spear from a hole in the stone wall. Lesson learned, he thought.

As much as the idea of deadly booby traps scared him, it made him equally excited. People only put up such protections if there was something worth protecting. He had the right place. Now he just needed to reach the end in one piece. Keeping his wand at the ready, he lit up his path and stepped carefully, studying each step. The progress was much slower, but Harry already unearthed several more traps that were designed to kill him. When he reached the end of the stairway, he came to a large, empty room. Standing in place, he brightened the light. As the crystal lit up the entire room, he could see that it wasn’t empty. There were small piles of what looked to be rotted wood spaced here and there. They must have been tables or chairs that had rotted away hundreds of years ago. On the far side of the room was an open archway. Harry carefully made his way there.

Just past the archway were several rooms, each with rotted furniture in them. They must have been the personal rooms of the ancient guards of this place, or perhaps the old priests, Harry didn’t know. Either way, there was nothing here for him. Harry went from room to room, examining each one, and found them to be just like the previous. The last room was similar, only fancier. The walls were lined with mortared bricks that were carved with pictures of people and animals. Other than that, there was nothing there. There was no place left to look. This didn’t make sense to him. Waving his wand and casting several detection spells, Harry didn’t find anything.

“Fuck!” he yelled out angrily, kicking the far wall with the sole of his dragonhide boot. The impact of the blow must have loosened a brick because some of the mortar dropped down and revealed a dim, orange light. Excitedly, Harry dropped to his knees and peeked through. He couldn’t really see much. Before leaving this place, they must have bricked up the wall!

“Cheeky bastards!” Harry said happily. He sat down for a moment and pulled out his pocket-sized book. Wiping his forehead, he searched for any kind of detection spell that he may have forgotten. Shaking his head, he realized that he had cast them all. As far as he was aware, there was no magic on the wall. Probably smart, otherwise someone would have probably found it. With nothing else left to do, Harry stood as far back as he could and hit the wall with a weak Blasting Curse. He watched as the entire thing came crumbling down. As the bricks noisily hit the stone ground, what they hid was revealed.

Lava and heat. Intense heat suddenly wafted over him, making him turn his face. Some fancy wandwork had him instantly cooled and protected from the worst of it. Stepping forward, he studied what was going on. There was a path forward that was lined on each side by deep fissures in the ground which held swirling pools of magma far below. The path itself was thin and treacherous looking. In the distance, he could see something. Unable to see what it was, he was left with no choice but to continue forward. Not taking any chances, he cast detection spells with every step. Here and there he would have to stop and dismantle a piece of magic. Because of this, it took him several hours just to travel the last one hundred yards, but the wait was worth it. Hidden by a low dip in the path, he came across two mountains of gold coins on each side of an altar. On the altar was the jewel that he had come for. Fighting the urge to run over there, he instead studied the magic in this area.

Just as he suspected, there were powerful spells attached to the gold and the jewel. If any of it was touched, it would set off something. He didn’t know what, but it couldn’t be good. After another half hour of examining them, he realized that he couldn’t dismantle the spells. They were tied to everything, including the stone that the gold was sitting on. The best that he could do was add more spells so that the reaction would be delayed. Being as careful as possible, he waved his wand and did his work. After some quick calculations, he figured that he would have just over a minute before everything went to the dogs. That was long enough. Removing the satchel from around his shoulder, he opened it wider than was normally possible and set it on the ground very close to the jewel with the opening facing upward. His satchel had been enchanted with an Undetectable Extension Charm by Hermione so he would have plenty of room.

Seeing as he wouldn’t be able to apparate or Portkey away, he’d have to do it the old-fashioned way. Reaching into the bag, he pulled out his broom and held it close. With a wave of his wand, huge amounts of gold began to fly from the mountains and pour into the opening of his bag. At the same time, he grabbed the huge jewel and stuffed it in his pocket. Only half a minute later he heard his spells collapse with a loud pop. Seeing that his time was up, he grabbed the bag and let the remaining gold spill everywhere. The room began to violently shake as he heard a deep rumbling from below. Not waiting to find out, he jumped on his broom and shot away. Not a second later did the lava from below burst up and begin chasing him down the cavernous room.

Looking over his shoulder, Harry’s eyes nearly bugged out when he saw a tidal wave of lava bearing down on him.

“SHIT!” he yelled out. Leaning forward, he pushed the broom to its limits. He shot back through the area with the rooms as the lava burst through behind him. He pulled up and flew up the long staircase and had to do some tricky maneuvers to avoid the metal spears sticking out of the wall. Sweat was pouring from his skin as his protections began to fall apart. Seeing the light ahead, he put on one last burst of speed and ripped through the opening as lava spurted out after him. Flying high up into the air, he turned and did a few lazy circles and watched as the mountain began to tremble. Thinking that it was a bad idea to be so close, he just turned and began to fly away when the mountain ripped apart from a massive eruption. The sound hurt his ears and the shockwave sent him tumbling through the air. He was just able to hold onto his broom and activate his portkey which took him miles away to his base camp. Landing on the ground hard when he appeared, he groaned and left his broom on the ground as he stood up and looked at the mountain.

A huge mushroom cloud of ash and smoke was rising into the air as lava shot out everywhere. Harry winced. He needed to get away fast. He was sure that people would come to investigate soon and no one knew that he was here, least of all the Turkish authorities. He was packed up within minutes and used another portkey to travel to Greece, then another to France. He made sure that anyone investigating would find it impossible to trace it all back to him. After walking a safe distance away from his arrival point, he took one more to Scotland before apparating back home.

Immediately going for the bar, he poured himself a generous amount of firewhiskey and sat down to rest for a moment. After taking a gulp, he pulled out the jewel. It was very big for a gem of this quality. It appeared to be some type of Opal, or at least that’s what he thought by seeing the different swirling colors in it. He definitely wasn’t a professional when it came to precious stones, but he was sure that it was worth a pretty penny. Trading it to Narcissa for a good time didn’t bother him. He enjoyed the thrill of obtaining it, besides, he also collected a fortune in ancient gold coins that were worth more than their weight in gold. Smiling happily, he finished his drink before taking a shower.

The Favor

When Friday came around, Harry waited patiently for his employer to show up. He had already messaged her with the good news. It was late afternoon when she finally arrived looking just as good as ever. Her hair was done up in an elegant bun, and she was wearing high-quality dress robes. He should have found it strange since the Malfoys weren’t doing that well financially. Though, a woman like Narcissa would always find a way to have the finer things in life, hence, their deal.

“Narcissa,” Harry greeted her as she stepped out of the Floo. He cleaned her with a wave of his wand.

“Thank you, Harry,” she happily stated, stepping in and allowing him to kiss the back of her hand.

“You look wonderful,” Harry complimented her. She did indeed look good. The one thing that was missing was the jewelry. He remembered always seeing her with diamonds or emeralds on. She must have been forced to sell them. A big injustice to a woman like her, if he were to guess. In reply, she just smiled at him.

“When I read about the disaster unfolding in Turkey, I knew that you had to be involved,” she joked. Harry chuckled and pulled the jewel from his pocket. As it glinted in the light, Narcissa’s eyes seemed to gleam just as much.

“It was a harrowing journey, but I came back victorious,” he said, hefting the heavy stone in his hand. “By the way, why did you want this so bad?” he wondered.

“The Parkinson matriarch was talking about how she was soon to take that in her possession. She seemed very excited about the prospect. Right after, she insulted me about my financial difficulties. I couldn’t let that go. Now, I’ll carve this up and have it made into a set of jewelry that I’ll happily wear in front of her,” she smirked. Harry chuckled and handed her the stone that was over one thousand carats.

Narcissa greedily took it and secured it in her bag. As she was putting it away, she felt strong hands grip her thin waist. She smiled.

“Couldn’t wait for even a second?” she teased.

“Sorry, Love, but a deal’s a deal,” he grinned.

“So it is. Show me to the bedroom, if you will. I’d prefer to be comfortable,” Narcissa requested. Harry nodded and took her by the hand.

As she stepped into the room and walked toward the bed ahead of him, she undid her robe and let it drop to the ground. Harry instantly became hard seeing that she had been completely nude underneath. She was now wearing only her high heels. He could see the hourglass shape of her from behind along with her teardrop-shaped bottom. She elegantly crawled onto his bed and rolled over and posed sexily for him. He could see her eyes shining. She wanted a good time just as much as he did. He’d make sure to give it to her.

Taking his clothes off, her eyes widened at the sight of his girth. Harry crawled up her body and kissed her deeply, her legs parting to invite him between them. His hard cock rested against the damp heat of her shaved pussy. As their tongues slid around one another, Narcissa moaned and rubbed her wet cunt all over his hard cock. Breaking the kiss, Harry teased her.

“You want it bad, don’t you?” he asked, grinding the underside of his cock against her wet slit.

“Mmm. It’s been a while,” she shuddered as his cock mashed against her hard clit. His lips attacked her neck before moving further south. She happily arched her back and presented her large bust to him. Harry trailed his tongue around the edges of her pink areolas and watched as her nipples crinkled and grew hard. Leaning in, he pinched the tip between his teeth and looked her in the eyes as he gently tugged on it. Narcissa’s eyes fluttered as she tilted her head back and moaned. Harry let go of her nipple and laughed. His lips returned to her body, kissing his way down her belly. He felt her stomach move as he tickled her belly button with his tongue.

Narcissa didn’t want to wait anymore. She wanted pleasure, and she wanted it now. Pushing his head down, she rubbed her wet slit against his lips as he took in her scent. She could hear him inhaling her fragrance. The growling of his voice told her that he liked what he smelled. His hands gripped her behind the knees, and her body was folded in a not so gentle fashion. Narcissa squealed from being treated in such a manner. No man had dared to treat her in such a way. She was a pureblood princess and deserved to be treated as such. Those thoughts left her mind when his tongue landed on her virgin asshole. Her eyes bugged out as the tip of his tongue wiggled against her naughty hole. Immediately, she felt a tingle near her clit, and she tried to close her legs. The brute, however, was holding them open as he happily lapped at her drippings. Arousal was leaking from her horny cunt and pooling over her asshole. Soon, Harry had licked her clean and moved up to her slit. She felt his fingers gently pry open her split and look at her insides. Blushing from being treated in such a way, she allowed him to proceed as her chest rapidly rose and fell. Letting out a shuddered moan, she trembled as his tongue tasted her insides before massaging her aching clit.

Biting her lip, Narcissa pulled his head closer to her body, smearing her wetness all over his face. As he sucked on her clit, she felt two of his fingers slip inside of her. Narcissa was beginning to see stars when his fingers expertly curled and began rubbing her g-spot. Unable to control her actions, her legs spread wider than a Knockturn Alley whore as she desperately wanted to feel more pleasure. She could hear the wet squelching of her pussy being fingered even as her moans and mewls nearly drowned them out. Suddenly, her body jerked and she cried out. Her pussy clamped down on his fingers, and her toes curled in her shoes as she experienced her first true orgasm in years. Choking out a pleasured cry, her body flopped around as pussy juice flooded his hand. He continued to tease her by massaging her clit with his thumb. She tried to tell him to stop and slap his hand away, but she was unable to. Her pathetic whines of orgasmic bliss were all that left her lovely lips.

She was only experiencing the first course, however. As Harry towered over her with his beastly cock straight and hard, she knew that she was about to be served the main dish.

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Troubled Nights

“C’mon, Harry!” Tonks whined, punching him in the arm again.

“Tonks!” Harry complained, rubbing his sore arm. “Why would I want to spend part of my first real vacation at your mum’s house?” Harry asked, looking at the sexy metamorph.

“Because my mum wants to meet you. And if you don’t …” she threatened, showing him a balled-up fist. Harry laughed and smacked her hand out of the way.

Hogwarts had just ended for him, and Harry was finally free. He had defeated Voldemort only a few short weeks ago. From the way that everyone was telling the story, Harry and Voldemort dueled in an epic fashion, producing magic the likes of which this world had never seen. And just as he was about to fall, Harry struck true and killed the foul beast. Harry did nothing to counteract these rumors. They were certainly better than the truth. Harry was attacked, and he wasn’t even sure how he had won. It may have been a lucky shot or something. He couldn’t really remember. Only his closest friends knew the truth, meaning Hermione and Tonks. Hermione was taking a trip to Australia to retrieve her parents and would message him if she needed him.

Harry had planned to take a part of his small fortune and travel the world for a few years. He wanted to do everything that he couldn’t when he was younger. Visit the many different countries, go to Disney World, and so on. He asked Tonks if she wanted to go with him, but she had work. Hermione planned to join him at least partway through the trip. She had her own things to deal with at the moment. Harry didn’t mind going alone for the time being. He’d come back periodically and visit Tonks, and she’d visit when she could. Now, she was trying to talk him into spending a few weeks at her mum’s house.

“You know my mum’s been down since my dad split,” she said, trying to play the sympathy card.

“Why did he leave anyway?” Harry wondered. He knew that Ted still kept in contact with them and even saw Dora whenever he could. He still refused to see Andromeda. The Black sisters were known to have quick tempers.

“My mum is lovely, but even I’ll admit that she can be a handful at times. I guess that things just built up over the years until they couldn’t handle it anymore. It’s probably better this way, in the long run. At least all the arguing is over.”

Harry nodded. He remembered that his aunt and uncle had a few noisy arguments during his childhood.

“It would really make her feel better,” she added, hugging his arm and batting her eyes. Harry rolled his eyes in return.

“Fine. But in return, you have to try and get some time off soon so that you can join me,” Harry said as she squealed in happiness. Hugging him tightly, Harry smiled and hugged her back.

Troubled Nights

Andromeda sighed and rolled over while trying to not think about what was going on in the room next door. It was very difficult. No one knew it but the real reason why Ted had left was that he could no longer keep up with her. Andromeda had a mild case of sex addiction. While she never cheated on Ted, she did pander him to have sex at every possible opportunity. After a while, he just couldn’t handle it. Obviously, he would never tell the real reason. It would make him look like less of a man. Andromeda wouldn’t tell, because she would have to admit to her addiction. The only one besides Ted that knew was her daughter, Dora.

Feeling like she would explode if she had to go another night without having someone to take care of her needs, she begged Dora to bring her a suitable man that she could use. Someone that wouldn’t run his mouth and embarrass their family. Little did she know that she had been planning to bring Harry Potter. It wasn’t until a few hours beforehand that she found out.

They quickly came up with a plan. Dora would seduce him, and once they were asleep, Andromeda would come in and join. In his sleepy state, he probably wouldn’t ask too many questions. Everything could be explained in the morning. Of course, that meant that she and her daughter would have to be nude in the same bed and fuck the same man. Andromeda didn’t have a problem with that, such was her addiction. Dora was weirded out a bit, but she was determined to help her mom.

So Andromeda waited for Dora to do her part. After they went to bed, Dora went to his room and easily seduced the young man. Both knew that it wouldn’t be hard. They were friends, and Dora was a sexy, young woman. It was almost too easy. Andromeda hid outside of their door and listened. She waited eagerly for them to fall asleep, but they kept going. Harry Potter was fucking the living shit out of her poor, unsuspecting daughter! For hours the horny MILF waited and listened to her daughter moan like a whore while she repeatedly came all over his cock. Finally, she just went to lay down for a while.

Getting up to get some water, she crept out of her room and gasped. They weren’t going at it anymore. Now she just needed to give it half an hour or so before she snuck in. She scampered to the kitchen and got herself a drink. Foregoing the water, she went straight for a glass of wine.

Trying to be as patient as possible, she waited for nearly forty minutes. Silently, she crept to Dora’s room and pushed the door open. It opened without a squeak. There was a soft light inside the room, and she could see them easily enough. Harry looked happy while he slept while poor Dora looked worn out. She only hoped that Harry would do that to her. Feeling like there was no time like the present, Andromeda let the silk nightie that she was wearing pool at her bare feet. Softly she climbed onto the bed and snuggled in close to Harry. Her arm wrapped around his naked waist. She sighed in contentment at having a warm, male body next to her again. Letting her hand slide from his chest down his belly, she reached his soft cock. Wrapping her hand around the thick tube of meat, she slowly started working it back to hardness. Reaching over Harry, Andromeda shook her daughter who opened her eyes.

As she saw her mother, Tonks remembered what was supposed to happen that night. Blushing slightly, she carried on, not wanting to make her mother suffer any longer. Nuzzling her face against Harry’s neck, Tonks began kissing it to wake him.

Andromeda shuddered with a gasp as he inflated in her hand, and his true size was revealed. It was much, much bigger than any that she had ever had. Already her pussy was soaked, and she couldn’t wait any longer to ride this glorious meat. Throwing a leg over him, she straddled his cock and placed the tip inside of her hairless slit. Her eyes fluttered, and she let out a strangled moan. She had gone too long without a big cock in her. Wasting no time, she dropped down on him and groaned in happiness.

Tonks was rubbing Harry’s naked chest as he began to wake up. “Mmm, Tonks,” he mumbled, grabbing the hips of the woman bouncing on his lap. Tonks leaned in and kissed him deeply. When they broke the kiss, his eyes opened and immediately widened. Tonks shushed him.

“Don’t question it right now. We’ll explain in the morning,” she whispered her promise as her hand explored his stomach and chest. He didn’t say anything so she took it as a good sign. Pressing her breast against his lips, she was rewarded by him sucking on her hard nipple. Sighing in pleasure, she reached down and began to play with her dampening pussy.

Meanwhile, Andromeda was having the time of her life. She was bouncing harder than she ever had, intent on taking his humongous cock deeper than she had ever taken one before. She cried out when the tip of his cock battered her cervix over and over again. Pushing her weight on him, she held onto his pecs as she ground herself on him, moving her hips in a circular pattern. Both of them moaned deeply at the incredible sensation. Her pussy was already gripping him tightly, not wanting to let go. Suddenly, she was picked up. Squeaking in surprise, she looked Harry in the eye and saw an intense look of lust. Gulping, she held on for the ride of her life. Andie was manhandled, and before she knew it, she was placed face down between her daughter’s legs. Both she and Tonks gasped at the perverse position that they found themselves in. Andromeda’s wide, lovely ass was sticking up in the air, waiting to get fucked while Dora’s wet pussy was right in front of her lips.

As her breathing intensified, she could smell the scent of arousal wafting into her nose. Andromeda closed her eyes and tried to fight it, but when Harry pushed her head down, she was forced to give in and orally pleasure her own daughter.

Tonks couldn’t believe the turn of events. Closing her eyes, she turned her head and tried not to moan as her mother’s mouth tugged on her wet lips, and her tongue scooped out the remnants of Harry’s seed from earlier in the night. When her lips wrapped around her engorged clit, she squealed and arched her back. Her hands lashed out and pulled her head closer to her pussy. Moving her hips around, Tonks soon found herself dry humping her mother’s face.

Andromeda cried out into Tonks’s pussy as Harry slammed his cock deep into her upturned cunt. She could feel herself being stretched in such wonderful ways, and she hoped for it to never end. As he began fucking her, she felt his wet thumb rub her asshole. Shuddering into her daughter’s wet cunt, she was kept from begging him to claim her ass as his own. Her toes curled when his long, thick cock repeatedly rammed into her g-spot, making her pussy flutter and squeezed his thrusting dick. Moaning on Tonks’s clit was something that her daughter really seemed to like. Her hips were moving up and down as she smeared her juices all over Andie’s face. Her entire face was coated in the arousal of her horny daughter before she came violently. Tonks cried out and wrapped her thighs around her head, squeezing her for dear life. Andromeda’s mouth was flooded with girl cum as she sucked and licked her to completion.

A hard slap on the ass had her moaning for more, but when Harry’s thumb popped into the tight hole of her ass, that was what really did it for her. Arching her back like a whore, Harry took full advantage and speared her g-spot so hard that Andromeda blacked out after screaming. Her face pressed against Tonks’s sloppy wet pussy as she lost consciousness. Harry grunted loudly as he gripped Andie’s wide ass with both hands. He was squeezing her pale cheeks hard enough to leave bruises while he filled her with his seed. With every thrust, he injected his cum into her until she was overflowing. His seed began to leak from her fluttering pussy as Harry happily pulled her face away from Tonks’s pussy. Arranging her on the other side of the bed, Harry laid between them. He’d wait for the morning for a proper explanation, but for now, he’d enjoy the company of the naked mother/daughter combo that was draped all over him.

As for Andromeda, she had the best sleep of her life that night.

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His Best Game

Even though Harry Potter was laid out in a hospital bed, he was still as happy as a clam. Earlier in the day, he had his best game of Quidditch ever. It came at an opportune time as well. The annual Gryffindor-Slytherin match was by far the most anticipated in any given school year. Even the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students looked forward to it.

Why wouldn’t they? The hatred between the two Houses was legendary. The match was sure to be filled with hard fouls and brutal injuries. This year’s game was no exception. Harry being in the Hospital Wing was proof of that. None of that mattered to him though. In the end, he was the hero of the match and captured the snitch just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, in order to catch the snitch, Harry had to take a Bludger to the head.

The blow was obviously painful, but thankfully he wasn’t conscious through most of it. He had woken up a few hours later in a hospital bed. Ron and Hermione had come to pay him a visit and were shooed out by Madam Pomfrey shortly after. She claimed that he needed his rest. Truth be told, he could kind of agree with her. His head was still swimming from the brutal blow. He was pretty sure that he was still suffering from the effects of a severe concussion. As such, he wasn’t allowed to attend the party in Gryffindor Tower that was surely going on.

With nothing better to do, Harry closed his eyes and tried to get some more sleep. Hopefully, his brain would heal during the night, and he wouldn’t feel so out of it the next morning. It took him a while to fall asleep. He was too busy thinking about the match and being annoyed at having to miss the celebration. Eventually, as the sun began to set, he finally fell asleep. He couldn’t explain it, but his sleep wasn’t restful. He would periodically wake up for no reason before falling back to sleep.

When this happened once again, he thought nothing of it. Taking a quick look around, he saw that the lights were out, but he could still see from the bright moonlight that was coming through the windows. He was about to close his eyes again when a soft, warm hand was placed on his belly before it began to rise. Gasping and jumping in shock, he looked over and recognized his fellow teammate, Angelina Johnson in bed with him.

“Angelina! What are you doing?” he asked in a slight panic.

“Shhh! Keep it down,” she whispered in his ear. Her warm, pleasant breath made his body shiver. “Madam Pomfrey’s asleep, and I’d like for it to stay that way,” she told him, her lips nearly pressed against his neck.

“But why are you here?” he asked, confused, even as her hand slid under his pajama shirt and up his chest. Her hand was soft and delicate and felt wonderful against his skin.

“Well … I figured that you made a pretty big sacrifice to help us win, and you even had to miss the party. That’s not right. So I wanted to thank you properly and give you a party of your own,” she giggled softly. As Harry turned on his side so that he was facing her, she took his hand and placed it on her hip. Instantly, Harry could tell that she was nude.

“Are you naked?!” he gasped out in a whisper.

“Yep,” she stated proudly. “You’re about to have the best celebration of your life,” she told him confidently. “I know that your head is still injured, so just lay back and let me handle everything.”

Harry was too shocked to even respond. He laid there in a kind of daze as she removed his shirt, then pulled off his trousers and boxers. Now he was just as naked as she was. The blanket was pulled off of him to fully expose his naked body. Suddenly, he felt her warm lips traveling down his belly. When her hand grabbed his cock, Harry gasped. Her lips were very low on his belly.

“Mmm, Harry,” she whispered in a very sexy and husky voice. “You’re really big,” Angelina complimented him. As she kissed his belly, her hand began to beat him off with long, confident strokes. Going from his base all the way to the head, she soon had him groaning and trying desperately to hold on. Not having any experience with this kind of stuff, Harry tried to do his best.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” he heard her ask from below, just as her lips began peppering his fat cock with kisses. Harry tried to keep from arching his back while he answered.

“N-No,” he shuddered when her tongue slithered out of her mouth and wrapped around his shaft. Up and down her tongue traveled until she had tasted his entire length.

“Then this will be a treat for you. Don’t hold back. Just let it go when you’re ready,” she told him. Harry couldn’t answer. He just nodded his head. He wasn’t even sure if she had seen it.

As her mouth encircled the head of his cock, Harry breathing in deeply. He could feel her wet tongue massaging the underside of his head as her hand stroked him vigorously. From that alone, Harry couldn’t hold back. He grunted and arched his back. It seemed that Angelina knew what signs to look for and removed his cock from her mouth. Harry spurted cum high into the air before it landed on his belly. Angelina whistled appreciatively.

“That’s a lot!” she stated as her hand continuously milked the cum from his balls. After a moment, she saw that he was still hard.

Giggling, Angelina asked, “Still haven’t had enough?” She grabbed her wand and gave it a wave. The cum vanished from his body right after.

Harry shook his head. He definitely wanted more. Angelina threw a leg over his waist and straddled his sensitive cock. From the moonlight, he could see her big, beautiful tits sticking straight out. They looked so firm and perky that Harry needed to touch them. Hoping that it was okay, he reached up and placed his hands on them. Angelina moaned and arched her back as she began grinding her wet, naked pussy on the underside of his erection. Harry’s eyes widened comically from the sensation. It felt incredible to him. His hands delicately grazed the skin of her breasts, but it soon became clear that she wanted more.

“Squeeze them harder,” she moaned, pressing her hands on the back of his and pushing them harder into her tits. Harry responded by groping them and squeezing them. The soft moans coming from her mouth told him that she liked it. When his thumbs accidentally brushed her hard nipple, her body jerked and she squeaked. Seeing how much she liked it, Harry decided to continue with that. Placing his thumbs on her nipples, he began moving them in circles. First, he moved them around the edges of her areolas before moving them directly onto the tips. Angelina responded by putting all of her weight on his cock that was already hotdogged between her damp lips. Her hips moved in such wonderful ways that Harry was already trying not to cum again. She dragged her lips the full length of him, coating his entire cock with her juices.

Angelina was incredibly turned on. She liked the idea of being the one to take Harry’s virginity. That would mean that he would always remember her. At the moment, however, she wasn’t really thinking about that. Her pussy was dribbling juices all over him as she ground herself onto him. She moaned and shuddered as her pussy was stimulated, but she wasn’t happy with that. She needed more pleasure. Lifting up slightly, she placed the tip within her and dropped down, claiming his virginity for herself. Angelina was pleasantly surprised by his length and girth. His size easily filled her beyond what she was used to. Her eyes fluttered as her wet, silky walls stretched around him. She squeezed her smooth thighs around him as her pussy tingled with pleasure. Angelina jerked when the tip of his cock hit her cervix.

Leaning down, she rested her forearms on each side of his head as she began to ride his fat cock. She could feel her nipples brushing against his face, and she happily squealed when he took one into his mouth. Slowly, her hips started to move faster, and soon there was a loud clapping noise throughout the room. She was bouncing on his cock so hard that her big ass was rippling from the contact. Letting out a breathy moan when his tongue wiggled around her crinkled nipple, she lifted up and presented her other nipple to his lips. Right after, he was sucking on it while his hands found her fleshy ass.

Angelina enjoyed it when he squeezed her ass and even shuddered when he spread her apart. As the cool night air wafted over her asshole, her clit began to tingle wildly. Grabbing one of his hands, she moved it from her ass to her clit. When his fingers found her engorged nub, she gasped.

“Keep rubbing this little bump, Harry,” Angie begged, moving her hips from front to back. She could feel his cock hitting the deepest parts of her. When his fingers massaged her throbbing clit, she tilted her head back and moaned deeply.

“God, yes! Keep going.” she squealed as her pussy began to flutter over his cock. As his fingers increased their pace, she cried out as she came all over him. Her pussy began spraying fluid, and his hand was getting drenched in her cum. Her body quivered and trembled as her pussy milked his thick cock. Sliding off of his cock, she had seen that he hadn’t cum yet. Her plump lips kissed down his belly until she arrived at his big cock that was glimmering with her juices. Taking him in her mouth, she took him down her throat until his cock was cleaned of her cum. Pulling him from her mouth, she took a deep breath as she stroked him and kept him hard.

Deciding to give him another treat, she placed his cock between her big, perky tits and pressed them together. When his member was settled snugly between them, she began moving them up and down.

Harry groaned loudly as he received his first titjob. Hopefully, it was the first of many. Angelina’s boobs were very soft and yet still perky. They felt incredible wrapped around his cock. With his head still loopy, he was finding it hard to concentrate. All he could do was just lay there and take whatever she had to offer. He could feel the orgasm churning within him, threatening to break free. He gripped the bedsheets tightly.

“Angelina!” he gasped. Without warning, she pulled his cock from her tits and placed the head in her mouth. Her soft hand wrapped around his base and began milking him with long strokes. Thrusting his hips a bit, he let loose and began to cum in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of warm cum shot into her mouth, and she tried to drink it all down. However, some dribbled out of her mouth and it ran down her chest and over her breasts. Stroking his cock, she attempted to squeeze every last drop out of his bloated sack. When he ran dry, Harry sighed happily and relaxed. Angelina giggled and kissed the tip of his cock, which made him spasm from the sensitivity. With another wave of her wand, she was cleaned of his cum. Snuggling up by his side, she kissed his chest and neck while Harry stroked her bare back.

“Did you have a good time?” she asked. Harry nodded happily.

“A great time,” he sleepily responded. Seeing this, she began to get out of bed.

“Get some rest, Harry. I need to go before Madam Pomfrey wakes up. By the way, put your clothes back on before you fall asleep,” she smirked as she snuck out of the hospital and back to her dorm. Harry yelped in embarrassment and quickly put his pajamas back on. He fell back to sleep with the biggest grin on his face.

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The Subs

Emma Granger couldn’t believe how things had come to this, though she couldn’t find it in her heart to regret it. It all started with her piece of shit husband. She had discovered that he had been unfaithful in the past and was still cheating on her to this day. He had his own separate little life away from her and their daughter. He had a secret girlfriend that he had been seeing regularly for at least a few years. The worst part was that she was only a couple of years younger than Emma. And in her opinion, not anywhere close to being as pretty.

She just couldn’t understand her husband Dan. If she was way younger and prettier, then at least Emma could understand. From what she knew, men just liked to stick their dicks in anything that moved. Unfortunately for Dan, he angered Emma, and she wanted revenge.

She wasn’t sure if she wanted a divorce or not. She figured that she should at least wait a few months and let herself calm down before fully deciding. Hermione told her that she would support any decision that she made.

But just because she didn’t rush to end things, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to get revenge. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander after all. If he could have something on the side, then so could she. The only bad part about that was figuring out who to be with. She didn’t want to just jump in bed with the first man that she met. She wanted to be with someone good, someone who was better than her husband in every way. That’s where Harry had stepped in.

She had discovered before that Hermione was a sub, and that she loved to be dominated by her lover, Harry Potter. Emma confessed that she was a bit of a sub as well, but unfortunately, her husband didn’t have a dominating personality. After she confessed to her daughter about wanting to take a lover, she must have told Harry, because he immediately stepped in to take that role.

Being a sub, Hermione had no choice but to happily accept the fact that her boyfriend would be bringing her mother into their relationship, and that he would be fucking her in every way possible. Being a sub herself, Emma bowed her head and accepted her role as his personal fuck toy.

Later that day, Harry sent Hermione to stay with her friend Ginny and used some nifty magic to get her husband to stay away from the house for a while. He wanted Emma to himself that night. But Harry didn’t wait for the night to fall before starting. While Emma was cooking their dinner, Harry came up behind her.

She gasped when her dress was lifted from behind. Looking over her shoulder with wide eyes, she saw Harry smirking as he moved her dress out of the way. His hand landed on her thong-clad ass with a loud slap that made her cheeks jiggle. Not saying anything, Emma went back to cooking with her cheeks tinged a dark pink. His hands were idle during that time. He confidently groped her bare ass, exploring every inch of them. His fingers even dipped into her crack and rubbed against her dampening panties.

“Already wet?” he teased. Emma looked away in embarrassment. She gripped the edge of the counter and gasped when Harry peeled the thong off of her ass and slid it down her smooth legs. Obediently stepping out of them, she was now nude underneath her dress. Her balled-up panties landed on the counter in front of her as Harry dropped down to his knees.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered. Emma obeyed and opened her stance until her feet were shoulder length apart. The skirt of her dress was bunched up exposing her bare ass to him. His hands squeezed and played with her cheeks. He spread them apart and had her bend over. Her face was flaming red knowing that he was looking at her wet pussy and virgin asshole. She felt one of his hands touch her pussy and spread her wet lips apart. He was now looking at her pink insides. Not content with just looking, she felt his face press against her, and his tongue began to lap at her asshole.

Emma was gasping and squeaking as she gripped the counter tightly. Not only that but she was forced to finish cooking with Harry eating her pussy and ass the whole time. She just finished as Harry’s tongue began to dip inside of her sloppy wet pussy. When dinner was served, Harry had her sit right beside him with almost no space between them.

The whole time he kept his hand on her pale, creamy thigh as they ate. He would move it from the inside of her knee, all the way up until the side of his hand pressed against her pussy lips. By that point, her pussy was tingling so badly that she was actively trying to rub against his hand every time that it came in contact with her slit.

“Patience, Love,” Harry calmed her, pinching her clit a bit hard and causing her to squeal in pain. Her chest was rapidly rising and falling with her shuddering breath. Harry didn’t remove his fingers from her clit. Instead, he rolled it between them, making her gasp and moan like a whore as her legs spread wider. The smell of her pussy was now replacing the scent of her food. Emma could barely even concentrate on eating when Harry was too busy toying with her body. She knew that the chair underneath her would stink of her arousal for weeks. It was literally drenched in her pussy juice. She could feel it wetting her ass cheeks as she wiggled around from the pleasure that she was feeling.

When dinner was done, Harry pulled her up by her hand, and she followed along without speaking. He took her into her bedroom where her nice, big bed was waiting. It wasn’t long before his clothes were scattered around the room. Emma’s eyes locked onto his exposed cock. It was long and hard, and Emma knew that it would soon be hitting all of her deepest spots. Next, Harry moved onto removing the last of her clothes. As her dress hit the floor, Harry moved her onto the bed. She crawled onto it on her hands and knees and was about to flip over onto her back when Harry stopped her.

“Knees wide apart,” he commanded. Emma immediately followed his commands. “Facedown and ass up.”

Emma’s heart was hammering in her chest as she did what she was told. She hadn’t been with a man other than her husband in many years. As she buried her face in her bedsheets, she gasped at the sensation of her hard, sensitive nipples rubbing against the cold sheets. An incantation from him had her curious until she felt the inside of her ass suddenly flutter. Another incantation had something warm and thick dripping down the crack of her ass and onto her pussy. When his hand began rubbing it into her skin, she knew that it had to be a lubricant. Her answer as to why was given when she felt his finger begin to push into her unused asshole. A shuddered squeal was muffled by the bed as his finger burrowed deeper and deeper into her. When he had finally gone knuckle-deep on her, he slowly began to work it in and out of her. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly as she endured the strange sensation. Never having anything up there before, it took a moment to get used to the feeling.

As his finger pistoned in and out of her faster and faster, Emma was more than a little embarrassed by the whorish mewls of pleasure coming out of her mouth. Harry chuckled.

“You’re loving the assplay, aren’t you, Love?” he asked, smiling as he finger fucked her for the first time. Emma cried out as her pussy fluttered, and she shook her head trying to deny it. Suddenly, Harry reached down and pinched her clit, making her cum violently. Her pussy began to leak fluid all over her bed as her asshole tightly gripped his finger. Harry just laughed and pulled his finger from her ass before giving her pillowy cheeks a hard slap. Emma was squeaking and spasming as she laid on her side.

Harry wasted no time in lifting one of her legs and resting it over his shoulder. Holding it securely, he grabbed his monstrous cock and began beating it against her poor, abused pussy. Emma was still seeing spots from her most recent orgasms, so she couldn’t even argue against the abuse, even if she wanted to. Treating her body as if he owned it, he slammed his cock straight into her with a single thrust causing her back to arch. His hand reached out and gripped her naked breast just as his hips began to move. Moans left her lips as he sawed his hips back and forth while his thick cockhead battered against her g-spot over and over. While doing that, his thumb was rubbing circles over her hard nipple, massaging it and drawing her even closer to yet another orgasm.

“Holy shit, Emma! Your pussy is squeezing the life out of me,” he teased while moaning. Emma cried out in response as her pussy gripped his invading cock tightly, desperately trying to coax a load of cum from his balls. She could feel his cock bumping into her g-spot while slamming into her cervix. Emma had a feeling that she would be incredibly sore in the morning. When his hand began to rub her clit, Emma had had enough.

“HARRYYYYYYYYYYYY!” she screamed as she violently squirted. Juice sprayed from her pussy in every direction. Her entire room was misted as her juice forced its way out of her cock-filled cunt. Emma was thrashing and spasming as Harry continued to fuck her. It seemed that he wasn’t going to stop until he seeded her. With one last cry, she collapsed back in exhaustion and let him do whatever he wanted. All she could do was make pathetic noises when she became too sensitive. Finally, after what felt like forever, he finally began cumming. She heard him grunt and felt the warmth spread through her as he filled her with his thick, sticky seed. When she was properly seeded, he hovered over her and kissed her deeply. Their tongues slipped and slid over one another as she squeezed him between her thighs.

Emma gasped when his hands slid up and down her smooth thighs. Harry suddenly began crawling up her body until he was straddling her chest. Placing his cock against her lips, Emma opened her mouth and let him push his cock down her throat. She gagged as he started deepthroating the sexy brunette. Emma could taste and smell herself on him as he forced his way down. Moaning happily, Harry started to fuck her face. She gagged and choked on him as he took pleasure from her mouth. Soon, his cock was clean of their cum as Emma sucked him off. Her hands were all over his body, feeling him up as he got closer to completion. After another few minutes, Harry pulled his cock from her mouth and aimed the tip at her face. Closing her eyes, Emma jerked as the first spurt splattered on her cheek. Another and another came until her face was covered in cum. Hearing him groan in satisfaction, she opened her eyes.

Harry rolled off of her and rested on the bed beside her. “Go get cleaned up.”

Emma did just that. After she had washed him off of her face, she went back to bed and crawled up to him. Raising his arm, she took the invitation and snuggled into his side. Harry patted her head like a dog, and for some reason, she found it satisfying. She knew that he wasn’t done with her tonight, but hopefully, she would have enough time for a quick nap. Closing her eyes, she quickly fell asleep with her new Master by her side.

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The Side Piece

Ginny Weasley moved the beautiful red hair out of her face as she looked on to the far end of the Gryffindor table where he sat. Around him were a gaggle of people that hung on his every word. To her chagrin, most happened to be female. Pretty females in fact. None of them cared that he supposedly had a Veela girlfriend. To be fair, neither did she.

Her target, Harry Potter, had been absent from the wizarding world since he had taken down the Dark Lord as a baby. Since then, almost no one knew where he was. Apparently, only a handful did and were magically sworn to secrecy. From what she had heard since his reintroduction, he had been learning magic in private from his keeper, Dumbledore, along with many more of the world’s brightest. His knowledge showed during class. Harry was by far the best in his classes as he cast spells with ease.

Why he suddenly came back into the public eye was because of one thing. Voldemort had returned. The Dark Lord was only back for maybe a year, laying low until he finally came out with a big bang. Things were a bit spotty for a while. People stayed at home whenever possible, too afraid to go to Diagon Alley lest they be attacked by his followers. It was a legit concern. More than once the alley was attacked. Thankfully, Voldemort’s second reign didn’t last long. She didn’t know the specifics, mainly because no one did unless you were Harry Potter or Dumbledore. But from what she knew, they had laid a trap for Voldemort, and somehow Harry had beaten him while Dumbledore took care of his followers. When word broke, obviously there was a big celebration. Parties were thrown every night for an entire week, so much so that there had been a temporary shortage of alcohol in Britain. It had gotten so bad that they had to buy the Muggle stuff. Not that anyone cared if it got you drunk.

Of course, Harry was hailed as a hero once again. The Daily Prophet was nearly entirely about him the day after he came back. It was all anyone talked about, including her and her mother. When her mom found out that he had come back into the public eye, she joked that Ginny should try and catch his attention. Only Ginny knew that she wasn’t joking. Her mother had confessed to her how she was able to finally bag her father. Ginny wasn’t about to use any type of potion though. That type of stuff didn’t sit right with her. Ginny was aware that her mother wanted her to choose a man that was well off, especially since puberty hit. As a child, Ginny was considered cute, but once she really started blooming, she began turning heads. Not only was she receiving attention from boys her age, but from men as well. She grew taller, her body developed nice curves, and her chest and butt expanded, particularly her breasts. Not only that, but she grew prettier as well. Once her mother saw the attention that she was getting, she sat her down and talked to her. She explained that while she loved her father, their life wasn’t always easy. Worrying about money could take its toll on any relationship. That’s why she wanted her daughter to find someone that was at least well off.

Both knew that Harry was wealthy, so that wasn’t an issue. The only issue was the report that he had a girlfriend. A very sexy Veela if the reports were true. That’s when her mother turned her on to the idea of being a second girlfriend and possibly a mistress in the future. It was an open secret that rich men often had secret girlfriends. Sometimes they even flouted the secrecy and were very open about it. Ginny didn’t like that idea at first. She didn’t like the idea of sharing. Unfortunately, that would probably mean the end of her hope of bagging Harry. As pretty as she was, there was no way that she could compete with a Veela in the looks department. And even if she and Harry broke up, there were a hundred sexy girls looking to jump on his cock. Ginny would only be one of many.

There was something in her favor though. Most families were small with only one or two children at maximum. That meant that any girl in those families would likely have to marry and couldn’t be a man’s second, even if she wanted. The Weasleys were overflowing with children, and not only that, but all but her were male. The family name was secure, and she wasn’t needed to produce extra children that would carry the Weasley name. She could enter any type of relationship that she wanted whereas other girls couldn’t. That gave her an advantage.

As she watched Lavender press her large chest against his arm while on the other side of him, Parvati squeezed his thigh, Ginny made up her mind. She’d try and see where it went. If it didn’t work, then no harm, no foul. When the new school year started, Harry had decided to join since there was no need for secrecy anymore. When everyone arrived a few weeks ago, he was sorted before all of the firsties and was placed in Gryffindor. That made things easier for her. She kept her eyes on him and barely paid attention to her babbling friends. When dinner ended, he got up and began to walk back to Gryffindor Tower followed by guys and girls alike. As she watched him go, she began forming a plan in her mind.

Later that night when everyone was asleep, Ginny crept out of bed and snuck into Harry’s dorm room. Because he was starting school in his sixth year, everyone had already been placed in a dorm years ago, and Harry was forced to sleep in a dorm room all by himself. That suited Ginny just fine. Sneaking in, she softly closed the door behind her. The soft light of the room was enough for her to see which bed that he occupied. With a pounding heart, she walked up to the bed and removed her robe. Letting it pool at her feet, her nude body was exposed to the cool night air. She moved the curtain out of the way and crawled in. She could see his chest slowly rising and falling indicating that he was indeed asleep. Pulling the blanket off of his body, she saw that he was only wearing boxers. As her cheeks turned pink, she leaned down and began kissing his neck and jaw.

Harry moaned softly as his eyes fluttered open. He could tell that he hadn’t been asleep for very long and was confused as to what had woken him. That was quickly answered when a pair of soft, warm lips touched his own. On instinct, he threaded his fingers through the girl’s hair and deepened the kiss. He could feel her straddling his waist and grinding herself on him, making his cock rapidly balloon. Coming to his senses, he broke the kiss and looked at the girl. He immediately recognized her as the Weasley girl, the sister of the boy that was constantly trying to be his friend. He had eyed her up more than a few times. In his opinion, she was a sexy little thing, and his girlfriend, Fleur, certainly wouldn’t mind him having a taste of her. Fleur would probably demand that he bring the sexy redhead to bed and share her. Fleur loved beautiful women as much as he did.

Harry knew exactly what Ginny was there for. Her nude body underneath his exploring hands told him everything that he needed to know. When his hands gripped her shapely ass and squeezed, she moaned sexily into his ear. Her hips were pushing hard into his groin as she stimulated herself against his boxer-covered cock.

Ginny decided to take things further. Kissing down his body, she arrived at the tent in his boxers. Smiling to herself, she grabbed the waistband and pulled them down. She gasped when a ten-inch monster sprang out and nearly slapped her in the face. At first glance, she could see that it was thick and veiny and ready to be used on her. Blushing, she took it in her hand. Ginny had never actually been with a boy like this. She had done some kissing and touching, but that was it. The only reason that she didn’t have a hymen anymore was that she had gotten a bit carried away with an enchanted dildo a couple of years ago. At least now she didn’t have to worry about the pain of her first time, she thought happily.

Her soft hand began to move up and down, stroking the beast as she leaned in and kissed the underside of his thick, bulbous head. Pressing her sweet lips against it, she started sucking on the head and writhing her tongue around it as she pumped him faster and faster. She could feel and hear his breathing intensify. Happy with how things were progressing, she sucked half of his monstrous cock into her mouth before silently gagging. Having never done this, it took a bit of time to get used to it. It seemed that she was a fast learner because he was sliding his fingers through her long, red hair while she tried to take him deeper. Finally pulling off of him with a wet pop, she jerked his cock while straddling him once again. She tried to remember all the things that she learned from her friends and even her mother about pleasing a man. A bit nervous about taking something of this size for her first time, she gathered her courage and placed the head into her. Gasping, she slowly lowered herself while Harry gripped her wide hips tightly. When she had taken him in fully, she shuddered and lowered herself to him.

“I was thinking that maybe you’d like to have a second girlfriend. Would you like that?” she moaned out while using her pussy muscles to squeeze his cock while slowly bouncing her ass up and down. Harry’s hands grabbed her ass desperately while she pleasured his cock. Seeing him nod while twisted in pleasure had her smiling happily. Straightening up, she placed her hands on his chest and brought her arms closer together. This created a spectacular view of her large C-cup tits being pressed together. Harry found it difficult not to cum right then and there. Harry loved the view of her rolling her hips while her pale and perky breasts bounced and swayed with her body. He loved how her light pink nipples stuck out, hard and ready to be sucked. Doing just that, he pulled her down and latched onto her hard nipple. Ginny gasped while still fucking herself on his cock.

The sexy redhead’s eyes fluttered as his tongue slithered over her aching nipples and jumped when his fingers brushed over her virgin asshole. Ginny bit her lip in embarrassment. She really liked how it felt when his fingers touched her asshole. Shyly, she asked if he could do it again. He happily complied, and Ginny fell forward gasping as Harry started thrusting his hips while underneath her. His hands were groping her naked ass while he rubbed circles over her crinkled hole. Ginny’s young body was beginning to tremble, not used to such pleasure. Her face was pressed against the side of his neck while he thrust harder and harder. She could feel his length hitting some spot in her that felt absolutely wonderful. Her body began to wiggle, and he had to wrap his arm around her to keep her from falling off of him.

She choked out a moan as her pussy started fluttering over his thick cock. His finger was rapidly flicking over her sensitive asshole, and Ginny couldn’t take it anymore. Crying out, her pussy clamped down on him tightly causing him to moan. As her body spasmed, he grabbed her ass tightly as he thrust in deep. Ginny could feel the warmth spread throughout her lower half as he started filling her. She gasped as her cheeks were spread apart while he seeded the deepest depths of her. When he was finally done, he let her go and allowed her to rest on top of him, his cock still hard and buried deep within her.

Breathing heavily, Harry pulled her up for a kiss which she happily returned. “So I’ll take it that you plan on being in here quite often?” Harry asked, indicating to his dorm room. Ginny blushed and nodded. He chuckled and pulled the blanket up over them. Only a few minutes later, Ginny had fallen asleep with a hard cock touching her cervix and a hand squeezing her naked ass. She figured that they could talk in the morning.

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Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Hermione Granger was fuming. The person causing such anger was none other than Molly Weasley, her mother-in-law. As the mad cow continued to berate her, she thought back on her life.

Her life in Hogwarts was pretty good if you didn’t count all of the near-death experiences that she had to endure. She had two best friends who cared about her a great deal. But as she grew older, she ran into a bit of a problem. She liked both of them but could obviously only choose one. Neither of them knew about this, of course. She kept her feelings a secret. The two boys were similar, but also quite different.

Ron came from a poor family while Harry had a great deal of gold in his vault. Both were brave, but Ron could be more than a bit jealous at times. Harry was a bit of a ladies man while Ron was too nervous to ever approach a girl by himself. That was probably the main reason why she chose to go after Ron. Harry was more than happy chasing every floozy that batted her eyes at him. If she didn’t end up with Ron, then the boy may just end up old and alone. She wouldn’t say that it was only out of pity that she decided to date him, but she’d be lying if she said that it didn’t have anything to do with it. Besides, Hermione didn’t want to admit it, but she was more than a little intimidated by the number of sluts that Harry hooked up with. She didn’t think that she’d ever be able to live up to their standards. Some of the girls were very good-looking after all.

So, toward the end of their time at Hogwarts, Harry was too busy taking down Voldemort to notice that she began to pursue him. Ron was certainly surprised, but happy nonetheless. He even admitted that he was happy that for once he had something that Harry didn’t. Hermione obviously never told him about her feelings toward Harry.

Harry was happy for them, even as they didn’t have as much time for him. New relationships took a lot of time to develop after all. Most of that time was spent in private.

Once they graduated, to Hermione’s sadness, Harry had a bit of a falling out with the Weasleys. To no one’s surprise, it was Molly that was the driving force behind their fracture. She wanted Harry to end up with Ginny and get an important job in the Ministry. Hermione suspected that she wanted Harry to help lift the Weasley name out of the gutter and help end their streak of poverty. That was a bit stupid in her opinion. Charlie was doing okay. He wasn’t earning a fortune, but he was doing what he loved and making a decent living. Bill was doing fairly well for himself and providing Fleur with a comfortable life. They weren’t close to being considered rich, but Shell Cottage was small and beautifully situated. Hermione liked their home a lot. However, Hermione knew that that wasn’t close to enough for Molly. Charlie never sent money home since he needed it to live, and Bill had a wife to provide for. It was the same for the twins, they were saving their money to fulfill their dreams of opening a joke shop. Molly was still living the life that she always had and was still close to dirt poor. Ginny was her last hope. To hear that Harry was too busy fucking every gorgeous slut in the country to notice her daughter was a slap in the face.

Not only that, but Harry absolutely refused to work at the Ministry. Hermione couldn’t blame him. The Ministry had given him too many problems over the years and there was a lot of bad blood and negative feelings associated with the Ministry for Harry.

After one too many refusals, Molly just flipped and began to yell at him. Harry didn’t stand around and take it either. After all was said and done, there was a deep fracture between him and the family. Molly’s children had no choice to side with their mother, even if they still liked Harry. To her shame, Hermione followed their lead as well. Even though she did see him on occasion, it wasn’t as often as she would have liked.

Since then, Hermione noticed that the Weasleys weren’t doing all that well. Charlie was still working with dragons, but he wasn’t exactly making the big bucks before. Bill was getting sent out by Gringotts less and less until he was only making a fraction of what he was before, and Fred and George still hadn’t been able to get their shop up and running. It seemed that no one wanted to do business with the people who turned their backs on Harry. The answer to why was simple, Harry had become the biggest investor in magical Britain. Most of the new businesses since the end of the war were backed by him. She had heard that Harry was making an absolute killing from all of the investments. This only soured the Weasleys further.

“How can you take care of my little Ronnikins properly when you can’t even cook?!” Molly went on, red-faced and angry. “Have you seen him lately? He’s as thin as a broomstick!” she continued.

Hermione huffed but kept her mouth shut. She was very close to giving the old bat a piece of her mind. The worst part was that no one else did any cooking either. The Weasleys just relied on Winky after bringing her into the fold. They never would have been able to afford a House Elf otherwise.

She would have thought that Ron would have secured them a house after getting married, but he was still unemployed. Since no one wanted to anger Harry, they refused to give him a chance at any kind of high-paying job. Of course, after spending his whole life being told how wonderful he was by his overbearing mother, he absolutely refused to take any job that he considered “beneath him”. The end result was Hermione working in a bookshop while Ron stayed at home sleeping all day. And somehow, the fat bitch Molly continued to go after her.

That was when Fleur stepped in. The gorgeous blonde brushed the hair from her face and sat on the couch next to Hermione.

“Why do you not go and see Luna? ‘Er counseling business is wonderful! I go in at least once a week,” Fleur happily stated with an odd gleam in her eye.

“Err …” Hermione not knowing what to say.

“That’s a splendid idea, Fleur!” Molly jumped in. “She and Bill were having marital problems, and since going there, she always comes back calm and fulfilled with a huge smile on her face.” Molly smiled. Luna would be able to whip Hermione into shape so that she could properly care for her baby boy. Hermione looked at Fleur who had a slight pink tinge to her cheeks.

Hermione sighed and agreed. “What’s the Floo Address?”

“Just call out Lovegood-Lovebetter. Luna will answer your call. In fact, I will make an appointment for you. I need to book some time as well,” she said huskily, lightly brushing the skin of her perfect neck with her fingers.

“Thanks,” Hermione said, getting up to get away from the Weasley bitch.

Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Hermione sat nervously in the waiting area before she was called in by Luna. It had been a while since she had seen the eccentric blonde. Luna still looked the same, only older. She had dirty blonde hair with a short, slender body. Her standout feature was still the big, gray eyes that always seemed to be staring into the distance.

“Hermione,” Luna greeted her. “It’s nice to see you again.” Holding out her hand to show her the way, Hermione followed as she greeted her in return.

“It’s nice to see you as well, Luna.” Luna was wearing a muggle businesswoman’s suit featuring a gray blazer, white blouse, and gray skirt with black high heels. When they finally got to Luna’s office, she sat down on a couch that was placed next to Luna’s comfortable, leather chair.

Crossing her hands on her knee, Luna said, “So … tell me what problem you’re having.”

Hermione sighed. At first, she was embarrassed to talk about her problems. But soon after, she was practically spilling her guts. She confessed about everything, from her annoyance with Molly, all the way to the news about how no one wanted to give her and Ron a decent job because of Harry’s investment firm. Luna didn’t mention that Harry owned 49% of her business. She had gone to him after graduation and made her case. That was what really started him in investing in the community.

After listening until she had finally stopped talking, Luna nodded her head and said, “I think I know just what you need. Fleur was right to send you to me. We’ll get you fixed up in no time,” she smiled. “Follow me.”

Hermione followed her into a different room that held a large fireplace with a small fire burning inside. She reached into a silver box and took out a bit of green powder which Hermione knew to be Floo Powder. Tossing it into the fire, she watched as the orange flames turned emerald green.

“Where are we going?” Hermione asked, wondering where she was being taken.

“To Harry’s house, of course!” she replied happily. “Just step inside and say ‘Potter Manor’.”

“Are you sure? I haven’t seen Harry in …” Luna cut her off.

“Don’t worry. Harry would never kick you to the curb,” Luna said, ushering the brunette into the fireplace. Once Hermione had gone, she followed.

As Hermione exited the Floo, she was met by Harry’s handsome face.

“While it’s nice to see you, would you mind telling me what you’re doing here?” Harry smiled, just standing there looking at her. Hermione flushed but was saved from answering by Luna stepping out of the fire.

“Ahh,” Harry said, nodding his head like the presence of Luna answered everything. Hermione watched as Luna hugged and kissed his cheek while explaining what they were doing there.

“Well, come on then,” he said, leading both girls to the kitchen.

Hermione marveled at the size and grandeur of his kitchen. Stainless steel or copper pots and pans hung neatly within reach of the massive eight burner stove. Everything shined spotlessly and looked state of the art. If that wasn’t good enough, every countertop was made of beautiful white marble with veins of gold inside of them. The kitchen alone probably cost more than the entire Burrow. Suddenly, Luna poked her and brought her out of her daydreams.

“Tell him the problem,” Luna softly chided her. Hermione blushed but did what she was told. She went on about Molly giving her a hard time about cooking and such.

“So … old Molly still loves to give everyone shit because she’s a miserable old cow? Harry chuckled. “I think I can help. The trick is to put yourself in a positive frame of mind so that it’s easy to ignore such nonsense,” Harry told her, walking up to her. As he got closer, Hermione’s heart began to beat faster. She suddenly gasped when his strong hands squeezed her wide hips. Hermione squealed when he lifted her up and sat her on the massive marble island in the middle of the kitchen.

“Harry! What …” but she was quieted by him.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you. After all, Fleur loves how I work out her problems,” he told her, making her eyes go wide. She couldn’t believe that that had been going on all this time. She was still going over things in her mind when Harry reached underneath her skirt and pulled down her panties. As her skirt was hiked up and she was pushed flat on her back, she tried to speak up only to get shushed again.

“I for one can’t wait to taste what you have for me,” he said huskily, spreading her legs apart and leaning down.

Hermione’s eyes were as big as saucers as Harry took her clit into his mouth. A shuddering gasp left her lips as she felt his wet, warm tongue slithering over her hardening nub. As it wiggled against her sensitive clit, her body bucked and shook from the intense pleasure that she was feeling. While trying to calm her breathing, she couldn’t help but let out cute, little gasps as his hand slid underneath her blouse and began to play with her slim belly. Her body erupted in goosebumps when his fingers toyed with her belly button, and she blushed fiercely when his hand dipped lower and rested on her hairless mound. Suddenly, she felt his tongue begin to vibrate as it ran circles around her clit.

Hermione arched her back and screamed in pleasure as her legs parted wide, and her hand grabbed the back of his head. Out of nowhere, she heard Luna giggle and cheer. “That’s it, Hermione! Fuck his mouth!”

Having always been the bookish sort, she didn’t know exactly what the small blonde meant, but she just did what felt good. What felt good was her grinding her wet pussy against his mouth and tongue. Hermione felt Harry add suction to her clit and tug on it slightly. Crying out, Hermione’s hands desperately tried to grab hold of something to squeeze, but she only found cold, hard marble. Feeling hands on her chest, she opened her eyes to see a nude Luna grabbing her shirt. A loud ripping sound echoed throughout the kitchen as Luna tore open her white blouse, exposing her bra-covered breasts. “They look good … don’t they, Harry?” Luna asked.

Harry let go of her clit with a wet pop and raised his head. Hermione blushed as Harry stared at the cleavage being created by her white, lacy bra. “Indeed they do,” he replied, reaching out and giving one a squeeze, all the while his thumb was gently rubbing her wet slit. “But I’d like to see more,” Harry added.

Luna nodded happily and pulled out her wand. Giving it a quick wave, Hermione’s bra vanished only to reappear beside her. Luna tossed it aside as Hermione’s breasts spilled out and jiggled from being set free. She breathed heavily as Luna’s small hands held her breasts from the side and pressed them together while Harry watched. Luna giggled while bouncing them and slapping her tits together, making them ripple. Harry chuckled and leaned down, kissing her smooth mound. Hermione cried out, “More please,” as she kept her legs spread. Harry's face lowered until she felt his tongue poke at her virgin asshole. “HARRY!” she squealed in surprise.

Harry wasn’t about to stop though. She groaned as his warm tongue drew circles around her tight, puckered hole while Luna groped her naked tits. Her nipples were rock-hard from the rough treatment that she was receiving. Luna’s soft hands squeezed and massaged her pillowy breasts, and she pinched and pulled on her sensitive nipples. When she began rolling them between her fingers while Harry ate her ass, Hermione was beginning to see spots. She had never had her asshole played with, not even by herself. However, she quickly found that she liked the naughty sensation of his tongue lapping at her hole. Occasionally, he would drag his tongue from her asshole to her clit and lick up all of the arousal that was dripping from her quivering pussy. When his tongue reached her clit again, she heard the hissing sounds of parseltongue just before those wonderful vibrations started up again. Her toes curled as her pussy tightened when two of his fingers slid inside of her. Luna had leaned down and was now sucking on her nipples as if trying to nurse from the sexy brunette.

The sound of something squirting brought her out of her pleasure-induced euphoria. Looking down between her parted thighs, she saw Harry smiling while squirting liquid chocolate all over her wet pussy. Gasping, she watched him place the bottle aside and attack her naked pussy with his tongue. Just as she squealed in pleasure, Luna began to sprinkle her breasts with powdered sugar. She didn’t wait long before doing as Harry did and lick her soft, pale skin clean.

Hermione was wiggling around in pleasure, biting her lower lip and letting out mewls of delight while her body was being played with. Luna was busy feasting on her sweet nipples while Harry’s tongue vibrated against her clit and asshole. She tried desperately not to cum yet but was unable to stop multiple orgasms from escaping her body. As she spasmed from one particularly good orgasm, her body was flipped over so that she was on her hands and knees. Her body was still twitching as Luna grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks apart. Blushing furiously, she was now showing everything that she had to both of them. Just then, Luna rubbed the tip of her finger on Hermione’s ass and started to push in. Hermione gasped and looked wildly over her shoulder. When she turned around, she saw Harry’s monstrous cock sticking straight out in front of her. It was long and thick and covered in whipped cream. Knowing what he was expecting, she grabbed it by the base and began to lick it clean while Luna thrust her finger in and out of her ass.

Her asshole was clenching while Hermione licked his cock until it was sparkling with her saliva. Harry placed the tip against her lips and began to push in. Opening her mouth, she kept her tongue flat against the underside of his cock while he pushed in. It kept going and going until it started sliding down her throat. Hermione gagged and looked up at him pathetically, hoping for some kind of mercy. Harry simply held her by the back of her throat and started slowly fucking her face. All Hermione could do was hang on while being spit-roasted between Luna’s finger and Harry’s cock. As she came from the anal stimulation, Harry pulled out and added more cream on his balls. Lifting his cock up while stroking it, he placed his balls on Hermione’s mouth until she too had licked them clean.

While she was busy sucking on his sack, Luna pulled her finger from her abused asshole. “Do you want to try it?” Luna asked him.

“You know I do. Is she tight?” Harry asked in response, leaving her front and joining Luna at her ass.

“I think her ass has never been touched,” Luna giggled, adding lubricant to his cock and Hermione’s asshole.

Hermione gasped in panic. She didn’t know if she could take something that big up there. She was just about to say something when he started pushing it in. Instead of protesting, she groaned as her asshole was stretched well beyond normalcy. Luna was giggling madly while she covered Hermione’s ass with flour and rubbed it in. “Mmm … so soft,” Luna said, rubbing her thick cheeks.

Halfway in, Harry chuckled and slapped Hermione’s ass, causing a cloud of flour dust to erupt while her lovely ass jiggled from the abuse. Hermione squealed and clenched her hands into fists as Harry’s cock dipped deeper and deeper into her bowels. She cried out while feeling like she was about to be split in two just as Harry bottomed out. As he started pulling out, she felt Luna reach under her and begin rolling her clit again. Hermione’s top half collapsed onto the hard marble, and her nipples hardened even further from being pressed onto the cold countertop.

She was chittering in pleasure and slight pain while Luna lovingly rubbed her back. Harry was groaning from the tightness of her ass as his hips moved faster and faster. Luna gave another wave of her wand and her bunched-up skirt and heels disappeared leaving her completely nude. Luna made sure that his cock was properly lubed so that Hermione didn’t get hurt. The sensation of Harry’s long, fat cock hitting every inch of her ass was too much. Hermione choked out a pleasurable moan as her asshole gripped his cock tightly. Luna’s fingers were moving back and forth over her damp clit so fast that it was making her back arch with intense pleasure. She was crying out and cumming so hard that she thought that she might accidentally snap Harry’s dick off. Finally, Harry pulled out and gave her ass a hard slap. Hermione rolled onto her side while spasming from the orgasm that was still hitting her hard.

“You haven’t even made him cum yet!” Luna chided her. Hermione’s body jerked as she tried to apologize for cumming too soon. She didn’t get the chance because Harry had hopped onto the counter next to her and laid on his back. His lubed-up cock was glistening in the light of the kitchen as Luna stroked it so fast that her hand was nearly a blur. Suddenly, her body began to float, and she found herself straddling his waist. Looking down, she could see several inches of his cock poking out from between her lips. Her lips were incredibly wet and spread apart, making room for his wide tube of man meat. Her pussy lips were tightly wrapped around his cock, and Hermione couldn’t help herself. She started sliding her hips back and forth, groaning from the friction of their dry humping. Not satisfied with that, Harry lifted her hips, and Luna placed the tip of his magnificent cock inside of her. Luna pushed her down until she was fully on him and his cockhead bumped into her cervix. The face that she made had Luna giggling. Getting used to his size, Hermione slowly started grinding her hips in a circular motion.

She watched as Luna threw her leg over his head and lowered her glistening pussy onto his mouth. Now facing each other, Hermione could see the look of pure lust on her pretty face. When she started hearing the slurping sounds of Harry eating her wet pussy, Luna leaned forward and kissed Hermione deeply. Hermione’s eyes widened dramatically as Luna’s tongue slid into her mouth. Holding the back of her head, Hermione was forced to return the kiss, sucking on Luna’s tongue and massaging it with her own. Luna suddenly broke the kiss and squeaked and shuddered. Hermione knew that she had just came on Harry’s tongue.

As she shuddered, Luna grabbed the chocolate syrup and squirted it all over Hermione’s chest.

“Hey!” Hermione complained, looking down at the dark-colored chocolate dripping down her bouncing breasts. Not a second later and Luna had leaned in and taken one of her chocolate-covered nipples into her mouth. As Hermione felt Luna’s talented tongue brushing over the hard nub, her pussy started fluttering. Harry’s hands were gripping her thighs tightly, and she happily let out a squeal when his hand reached out and touched her groin. His thumb pressed against her swollen, sensitive clit and slowly started to massage it while her inner walls massaged his big cock.

“Harry! It’s coming!” she warned him as her pussy squeezed his thrusting cock. She felt him finish inside of her, his cum spreading warmth as it filled her up. Her back arched as Luna bit down on her nipple while her other hand groped her naked breast. Harry’s thumb continued to massage her clit all the way through her orgasm until Luna climbed off of his face, and Hermione fell forward. With him still inside of her, her body spasmed as Harry kissed her deeply. She could taste Luna on him as their tongues slithered around one another. She felt Luna behind her again, licking her asshole and the cum leaking from her stuffed pussy.

Hermione broke the kiss and leaned her head against his, breathing heavily while Luna lapped at her hole. When she calmed down a bit, she said, “I still can’t cook anything.”

Harry rolled his eyes and pulled out his cellphone. He ordered a pizza with everything. “Ron can’t figure out a muggle phone to save his life. He won’t realize that the food you serve is ordered.”

Hermione nodded her head and wondered why she had thought of that. “But what if we have guests?” she wondered.

Harry just smirked and gripped her hips. He pulled back and Hermione felt his cock brushing the inside of her tunnel as his member left her. When he pushed back in, she felt every ridge and vein of his cock pleasure her before he bumped into her g-spot, making her cry out and cum again.

“Then I’ll be forced to join you in the kitchen,” he teased as his hips started moving again. Hermione nodded vigorously as her pussy was stuffed again and again while Luna added whipped cream to her asshole, only to clean her off with her tongue moments later.

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Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Chapter 2

Nymphadora Tonks was worried. From a young age, she was always picked on for her name. The name Nymphadora brought nothing but negative feelings to her. When everyone was calling her Nympho, could you really blame her? Because of that, she had gotten good at hexes and was willing to throw them at anyone dumb enough to use her first name. The name Tonks was good enough, she decided.

What was beginning to worry her was that possibly, her name held a little more meaning than she realized. These days she often asked herself if she really was a nymphomaniac. Why? She had a perfectly nice husband and a somewhat active sex life, but she couldn’t help but daydream about getting utterly destroyed by a massive, throbbing cock.

In her younger years, she had been with several different boys but always found them lacking. They either didn’t have the skills to satisfy her, or they didn’t have the equipment. Because of her dissatisfaction, she often turned to females in her time of need. It was accepted that girls could experiment with other girls while at Hogwarts, but once you graduated, you were expected to act properly. If discovered to be fooling around with girls, she could end up being blackballed by the Ministry and any other business owned or run by purebloods. Even if she could be sneaky about it, there were few women willing to risk it. That left her with her husband.

Remus was a good man, but unfortunately, there was no spark these days. His cock wasn’t small, but it wasn’t big either, not by a long shot. And while she didn’t like putting her husband down, she had to admit that he was a bit of a wuss, especially in bed. Tonks liked missionary just as much as the next woman, but she wanted at least a little variety. Not only that, but he barely even tried to get her off these days. It was basically, pump, pump, pump, cum, fall asleep. How could a woman live with that?

Often, she even questioned her own beauty. Tonks walked to the full-length mirror in her room. She removed her clothes and looked at herself. She had naturally pale skin just like the rest of the Black women. She had large, lovely eyes, and a cute nose. Her smile was pretty as well if she believed the boys and girls that she dated. Her hair was currently short and colored a shocking purple. Her body wasn’t too bad either. If she were being honest, her tits were banging. Turning to the side, she placed her hands underneath them and lifted them up. Letting them drop, she watched as they bounced before going still. They were still perky as hell. These two beauties were another gift of the Black jeans. Every Black woman had a kick-ass set of tits. All of the men and women that she had slept with loved her nipples. They were a lovely pink color and were quick to get hard. Tonks grabbed her nipples and rolled them between her fingers. Moaning softly, she felt them get her in her hands. Once hard, she tugged on them before letting them go. Looking at herself again, she shook her head.

Her tits were awesome, she had a fantastic ass that was wide and stuck out wonderfully, and her pussy was smooth and completely hairless. She was a walking wet dream. So why was Remus such a pussy in bed? By all rights, he should have been a wild beast in bed. He was a fucking werewolf for Merlin’s sake. She could only guess that it wasn’t her, it was him. He just wasn’t the type of man that could make her cum the way that she needed to. She needed help.

She had heard about that business that the Lovegood girl had opened. From the people that she knew (mainly Fleur) she had heard only good things about the spacey blonde. Apparently, she was more than capable of helping a witch in need, and that was exactly what she was.

Tonks threw on some clothes and went to make an appointment. She didn’t have to worry about Remus. He was still at work. The werewolf had found a decent job managing a rich man’s vast library in Southern France. The only problem was that it was too far to apparate home every day, and international portkeys were very expensive. He could only come home on weekends, meaning she only saw him for two days a week. That was another thing putting extra strain on her self-control.

Thankfully, she was able to get through to Luna, and she booked an appointment for the following day. With that done, she removed her clothes again and hopped in bed. Reaching into a secret compartment in the side table, she pulled out her old dildo. It was about six inches long and made of purple rubber. Just thinking about a big fat cock had her pussy wet. Sliding the dildo in, she sighed sadly. She could hardly feel the sad, little thing. This was the best one that she could find in the wizarding world, and she didn’t know where to get one in the muggle world. Spreading her legs wide, she breathed deeply as she started sliding it back and forth. The only thing that made it even halfway decent was the fact that she could reshape her pussy to make it tighter. Using her other hand, she rapidly massaged her hard clit as she fucked herself with her rubber friend. Faster and faster she moved her arm, but could barely feel anything. After half an hour of trying, her orgasm wasn’t anywhere close to hitting home. She pulled the dildo out and threw it against the wall in frustration. Tonks decided to just go to sleep and see if Luna could help her tomorrow.

Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Tonks was sitting in the waiting room waiting her turn when Luna came in dressed smartly in a gray skirt suit.

“You can come in now, Tonks,” she said politely, smiling at her. Tonks nodded and followed her through the door. They went into an office, and Luna sat her down on a comfy couch. Luna sat on a leather chair next to the couch. She pulled out a notebook and pen and got ready to hear Tonks’s problems. “Now … tell me what’s bothering you.”

Tonks sighed and gathered her courage.

“I’m beginning to think that I’m a nymphomaniac,” she confessed. Luna raised an eyebrow and began taking notes.

“And what makes you think that?”

“For a while now, I’ve been having thoughts and dreams of having my pussy destroyed by multiple big, fat cocks at the same time. Sometimes it’s all I can think about,” she said softly, embarrassed by her confession.

“That’s not so strange. We all have fantasies,” Luna assured her. “I personally had a fantasy where one boy was sucking my clit while another was licking my asshole. Does that make me a bad or strange person?”

Tonks shook her head. “No. That actually sounds wonderful,” she said, thinking about the sexual act.

“It was,” Luna smiled wickedly. Tonks looked at her with wide eyes. Luna just kept smiling.

“The point that I’m trying to make is that it’s completely normal to have fantasies. Also, I know for a fact that women with Black blood particularly love men with very large cocks. I won’t share the details, but believe me, it’s true. You wouldn’t believe what some of them would do for a long, thick cock. It looks like that’s a characteristic that you share as well,” Luna told her as she wrote in her notebook.

“So what can I do about it?” Tonks asked, needing advice.

“Get laid,” Luna told her. “Find someone that can blow your socks off.”

Tonks just shook her head. “I’ve been with quite a few men in my life. None have been able to satisfy me. Not even my husband. Besides, he’s hardly ever here. As I’m sure you know, women aren’t as adventurous once they leave Hogwarts.”

Luna nodded. “Yes. That’s a shame. There certainly is something nice about having your kitty licked by a talented female.” Luna had a far-off look on her face. She shook her head to clear away the thoughts. Tonks agreed with her, knowing exactly how she felt. “What about toys? Do you use them to help relieve the pressure?” she wondered.

“I try, but they’re just not good enough. The best one that I could find is too small and boring. It’s a sad replacement for a hot, throbbing cock,” Tonks gasped slightly. She could feel her pussy heating up just by thinking about a long, veiny dick in front of her plump lips.

“Are you able to achieve orgasm by using the toys or your fingers?”

Tonks shook her head. “It’s actually been a long time since I had any kind of decent orgasm. As I get older, it’s getting harder and harder to cum. I can only get close when I daydream about a man forcing me to worship his huge dick.” Tonks shuddered at the thought. Luna didn’t say it, but that sounded great to her as well.

“How often do you have these fantasies during any given day?” Luna began to write in her book.

“Multiple times a day. Lately, even more. It’s beginning to become a problem. I’m starting to lose concentration during work. As an Auror, that can be dangerous. It could get me or one of my fellow Aurors injured or even killed!” she exclaimed in sadness. “Not to mention that I could end up getting fired. We’d be in serious trouble without my job. Remus doesn’t make a whole lot of money.”

“Hmm. Yes. That does sound serious,” Luna said, tapping her chin with her pen and thinking. Tonks nodded vigorously.

“If I had to guess, I’d say that you’re not a nymphomaniac. You’re just a girl with kinks who's severely backed up. You need to cum and you need it badly. In fact, I’d say that you need someone that can make you cum multiple times a week … at least,” Luna gave her diagnosis.

Tonks sighed in relief. That, at least, was a load off her mind. “But where could I possibly find a man like that?” She didn’t see Luna smirk.

Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Later that night, Tonks was being pulled into the home of Harry Potter. She obviously knew whose house this was. She had been here multiple times.

“Luna! What are we doing here?!” Tonks whispered urgently as she was being pulled upstairs. She didn’t want to be caught in his house without permission.

“I told you that I would find a way for you to get relief. Well … here it is,” Luna said happily and pushed open a bedroom door. Luna then pushed Tonks through. As Tonks stumbled in, she gasped loudly. Standing in front of her was Harry Potter, and he was as naked as the day he was born. As her eyes lowered, her legs began to get shaky and her pussy moistened. Harry was stroking the biggest cock that she had ever seen.

“It’s wonderful, isn’t it?!” Luna exclaimed happily, dancing around her and ending up behind Harry. Tonks watched as Luna’s arms circled his waist, and her small hands gripped his thick, horse cock. Tonks heard her giggle. “Look!”

Tonks’s mouth dried as she watched Luna place both hands on his cock. There were still several inches sticking out. “Nearly eleven inches! And my fingers don’t even touch,” Luna chirped from behind him.

“Like what you see, Tonks?” Harry smirked. Without thinking, Tonks nodded. It wasn’t until she noticed his necklace that she was snapped out of her lust-induced daze.

“Harry! That’s a Time-Turner! That’s extremely illegal!” Tonks gasped. If he got caught, he’d be in serious trouble.

“Indeed it is,” said a voice behind her as he walked through the door. Tonks jumped and turned around, Before her was another Harry just as naked as the first. His long, magnificent cock was just as hard. Behind him was another Harry. All three were wearing Time-Turners.

“You told me that you wanted to be dominated by multiple big, fat cocks. Well, here’s your chance,” Luna smiled, stroking Harry’s cock. Seeing Tonks in a daze, Luna smacked Harry on the ass. “Go handle that.”

Tonks just stood there in shock as three Harrys began to undress her. Between the three of them, it didn’t take long until she was down to her underwear. One Harry undid her bra while another pulled her panties down, and she dutifully stepped out of them. When one slipped his hand between her cheeks and started rubbing her wet cunt, Tonks gasped and snapped out of it. She realized that this was the moment that she had been waiting for. Tonks reached out and pulled a Harry to her. Spinning him around, she reached in front of him and grabbed his huge cock. Like Luna, she could even touch her fingers. Her other hand reached under him and began massaging his big, bloated sack. Wanting more, she bent over and began nipping at his smooth cheeks. She moaned into Harry’s ass as the one behind her slid his fingers inside of her wet slit. Suddenly, the Harry in front of her reached behind and pulled the back of her head. Tonks’s face was mashed into his ass, and she took the opportunity to lick and suck on his balls. Hearing him moan, she moved up and began giving him a nice, wet rim job.

It seemed that he liked to give as good as he got because one Harry grabbed her by her thighs and lifted her lower half until she was in the wheelbarrow position. Her tongue was licking his asshole while another penetrated her wet and ready pussy. Tonks squeaked into his ass as Harry battered her poor cervix. The third Harry began toying with her asshole. Only a moment later, she felt a long, thick finger slide inside of her naughty hole. Tonks was moaning into his asshole while being double stuffed. The cock inside of her pussy was so big that she felt as if she was being split apart. Her walls were fluttering and gripping his invading member as it rubbed and stimulated every inch of her insides.

Her face was suddenly pulled off of his ass, and one Harry laid down on the bed. She was manhandled on top of him while Luna squealed happily. “Take his big cock!” she clapped and jumped up and down, cheering her on as Tonks made a stupid face while being slid down on his beastly meat pole. She was pushed forward, and her face was pressed against an equally huge cock. Smacking her lips, Tonks began to bathe the cock in front of her with her soft and talented tongue. The final Harry seeing her asshole unoccupied, took the opportunity to stuff it full. Luna happily lubed up his veiny dick until it was nice and slick. Tonks’s eyes widened dramatically when she felt a huge mushroom pressing against her tightest hole. Groaning into his cock, Tonks shut her eyes tightly and fought through the unpleasantness of having her asshole stretched in such a manner. Harry, however, wasn’t wasting time on such silly things as her comfort. Once he was all the way in, he began pistoning in and out of her violated hole like he owned it. Soon after, all three Harrys were in a rhythm, fucking her throat, pussy, and ass at the same time.

As a string of drool escaped her gagging mouth, Tonks looked at Luna who was sitting back on a chair with her legs spread open. Her white, cotton panties were dangling off of one of her high-heeled feet while her hand diddled her hairless and taut pussy.

Harry pulled out of her mouth, and Tonks gasped for air. As she breathed heavily, he went to her ass and gave it a hard slap. “You better use your powers to accommodate another cock, Tonksie, because I’m coming in!”

“Harrrrrrrry!” Tonks squealed as a second cock was being forced into her already overstuffed hole. Using every ounce of concentration, she used her Metamorph powers to open her asshole even more. Now, two greased-up cocks were sharing one very tiny hole. Tonks looked like a madwoman with wide, wild eyes as her body jerked forward and her lovely tits dangled.

“Holy fuck, Tonks!” one Harry groaned. “Your ass is fantastic!”

The same Harry reached out and slapped her dangling tit. Tonks cried out in pain, but the pain actually made her pussy tingle. Harry could feel her tight, little cunt get even tighter.

“Like that do you?” he teased. Tonks shook her head back and forth. “Try it again,” Harry called out to his time-traveling counterpart. Another slap had her tit jiggling. Tonks squealed wildly as her pussy massaged his thick cock. “I think she likes a little pain!” Harry called out. Tonks collapsed forward in complete shame. She could already hear her pussy sloshing around like a pathetic whore from being double-barreled in the ass. Now she discovered another kink. When a hand reached under her and pinched her clit hard, Tonks screamed into the pillow and began squirting around Harry’s cock. She heard a feminine giggle. She realized that it was Luna’s fingers on her clit. Suddenly, the little blonde began massaging it, making Tonks mewl while spraying all three Harrys with her pussy juice.

Luna laid down next to her and rested her face next to hers. Tonks was panting like a bitch in heat as her asshole and pussy were being reshaped.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Luna said softly. Tonks nodded pathetically. Luna smiled. “Sometimes I ask for five Harrys. You wouldn’t believe the things they do to me.” Luna then reached under her and started playing with her incredibly hard nipples.

“Five sounds good to me,” Harry chuckled. Suddenly, Tonks felt every cock leave her holes. Looking up as her pussy continued to cum, she saw two more walk into the room. Already too sensitive, she tried to scoot away from their lecherous eyes and grasping hands but was quickly pulled to her feet.

Tonks was forced to bend over and a cock was stuffed in her mouth. Her hands were grabbed and forced onto two cocks which she started jerking off. She then felt a hard cock push its way deep into her pussy. Tonks cried out in pleasure.

“Another cock in her mouth! She can take it!” Luna cheered. Tonks wanted to shake her head but it was too late. A second cock began pushing its way into her already full mouth. Using her powers, she was able to create just enough room for the two thrusting cock. She choked and gagged while her face was double penetrated and another Harry was viciously fucking her worn-out pussy.

WHACK! Tonks squealed into the cocks while her ass stung from the hard slap. Another slap had her pussy dripping down her thighs. Luna giggled and crawled underneath the tangle of bodies and began sucking the moisture off of her clit and licking the drippings from her thighs. The two Harrys that were being jerked off on each side of her reached out and grabbed a breast. They squeezed and massaged her large tit and took her nipples between their fingers. The sensation made her pussy tingle even more than it already was.

Her eyes were very wide as both Harrys took turns thrusting into her throat. She could feel saliva dripping off of their cocks as her tongue did its best to slither around their fat members. Her arms were beginning to ache from the rapid movement of her hands as she tried to work the cum straight from their balls. Tonks’s legs were beginning to tremble as another powerful orgasm was building up. Her pussy was contracting around the cock that was currently fucking her, and she was dripping copious amounts of arousal into Luna’s open mouth.

One of the cocks pulled out of her mouth while the other Harry pulled the back of her head and slid his cock all the way down. Keeping his cock there, Tonks choked and gagged while her face turned red. She thrashed around feeling like she was about to pass out when he finally pulled his cock free. Tonks took a deep, gasping breath, holding her mouth open for some much-needed oxygen when both Harrys began cumming on her face. Her open mouth took a double load of cum while the rest covered her cheeks and hair. She was forced to swallow all the cum while they slapped their cocks against her face.

The Harry behind her pulled out of her pussy and grabbed her by the back of her knees. With her back against his chest, she was lifted into the air and her legs were pulled apart. The other four Harrys lined up side by side with their cocks still rock-hard and sticking out straight. Tonks’s head was resting against his broad shoulder as he carried her over to them. She didn’t even have the strength to argue against her treatment. As far as she was concerned, they could do whatever they wanted. All she could do was wipe the cum from her eyes and hold on for the ride.

When her body was presented to the first Harry, he just shoved his cock deep into her wet pussy and began fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Tonks arched her back in pleasure while her pussy squeezed his mighty cock. She reached out and gripped his shoulders before screaming in release. Her pussy clamped down on him tightly, trying to squeeze the cum from his cock. He grunted and pulled out. Harry took aim and began splattering her tits with ropes of hot, sticky cum. After that, she was presented to the next Harry.

This Harry chose to take her asshole. Tonks choked out a pleasured moan as he wasted no time in such nonsense like letting her get used to his size. He just began fucking her tight, little hole like a madman. Thankfully, Luna had the sense to wave her wand and lube up his thick, meaty cock while it pistoned frantically in and out of her puckered hole.

“You really like being treated this way, don’t you?” Harry teased as her ass was being fucked. Tonks had no fight left. She just told the truth.

“Yes,” she gasped out in a hoarse voice.

“Such a little whore. You loved being passed around like the cum dumpster that you are,” he whispered in her ear as the cock in her ass pulled out, and she was cummed on again. The third Harry chose her ass again. This time he wasn’t interested in cumming on her. Instead, he filled her asshole with his seed. When her violated body was presented to the final Harry, she was breathing heavily, covered in cum, and had cum leaking out of her stretched-out asshole. This Harry slammed his cock deep into her pussy. Tonks arched her back and instantly came. Her tits were thrust forward as her toes curled, and her face twisted into a look of pure pleasure. Her pussy reacted with her powers and clamped down harder than it ever had. The Harry fucking her threw his head back and groaned deeply. Her beautiful tits were jiggling and bouncing from the rough treatment that her body was going through, and her tongue was hanging out of her mouth like a bitch in heat.

Screaming violently, Tonks squirted so hard that droplets of her cum rained down on everyone in the room. She could feel her pussy being filled with another load of hot cum as she bucked and thrashed in his grip. When they had taken every ounce of pleasure that her body could give, she was tossed onto the bed like a used-up cum sock. Her body bounced from the impact on the soft, comfortable bed. She instantly curled up into the fetal position as her pussy continued to flutter and contact. She felt the final Harry squirt his cum all over her back and side.

Feeling like an absolute whore, Tonks smiled beautifully while Luna curled up next to her. “Told you that I had the cure for what ails ya!” she giggled. Tonks hid her face in embarrassment while Luna squealed. Looking over, she saw that there was now only one Harry, and he decided to have a piece of Luna. Tonks closed her eyes and took a short nap before she too was woken up with a cock in her ass. She only hoped such treatment would continue for years to come.

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Saying Thanks

“Are you sure that you’re alright?”

“For the last time, yes!” Susan Bones huffed. She crossed her arms underneath her very healthy set of breasts which pushed them up and together. Unfortunately for the boys in the Hufflepuff Common Room, she was wearing her Hogwarts robes which were notorious for hiding the female form.

Hannah was continuously bothering her for the same reason that Susan was lashing out. She was worried. However, they were worried for different reasons. Hannah was worried about Susan. Susan was worried about a boy. A certain boy to be exact.

It was the weekend, and unfortunately, it wasn’t one where they would be going to Hogsmeade. Because of that, the students had to make do with finding things around the castle to occupy their time. That made dating a bit hard, especially if you were trying to keep it a secret. There were a few Gryffindor/Slytherin couples that didn’t want their relationship out in the open. The sad thing is that no one would care once they graduated. Susan and Hannah did however have a good reason to hide their relationship. Lesbian couples weren’t looked upon kindly in the wizarding world. Sure, females were allowed to experiment with other girls, and if they joined their husbands in bed with their mistress, then it was seen as being a good pureblood wife. But two girls alone would draw instant ridicule, no matter how unfair that it was. Both would be instantly blackballed in the magical community. Because of that, they were forced to keep their relationship a secret.

It was fairly easy. They were already best friends and had been so for many years. No one looked twice at them when they were walking alone through the school or while at Hogsmeade. They just had to make sure not to kiss or hold hands and they were golden. This was what they were doing earlier in the day. They had snuck off to an empty part of the castle for a secret date. Their date had gone well, and both had a lot of fun. When the day ended and they were walking to the Great Hall for dinner, things had taken a turn for the worse.

A scuffle had broken out amongst a group of students. That wasn’t shocking. There was a fight nearly every day. Most of the time it was quickly broken up and the students were sent on their way. This time, however, things had gotten a bit more violent. The crowd had gotten noisy, and the two girls wandered over to see what was going on. They couldn’t tell who was fighting so they began to turn away to go to dinner. That’s when Susan noticed out of the corner of her eye an errant spell was heading her way. She tried to pull out her wand, but the curse was too fast. She closed her eyes and braced for the worst. That’s when she was pushed out of the way. When she had opened her eyes, she saw that Harry Potter was clutching his chest with a deep gash showing through his torn clothes. Students started screaming, and teachers began descending on them. Potter was quickly ushered to get medical help while the other teachers caught the students that were tossing curses around so willy-nilly.

Susan had been quiet all through dinner, and that worried Hannah. That’s why she kept asking about her. Susan loved her but it was getting old.

“Sorry,” Hannah replied, looking sheepish. Susan let out a breath.

“I’m sorry as well. I’m just worried for Harry. He took that curse for me after all!” Hannah nodded.

“Yeah. That was a pretty nasty cut. I hope he’s alright,” Hannah said, biting her lip.

“I’m sure he will be. Madam Pomfrey will have him right as rain in no time. Though, she’ll probably keep him locked in the Hospital Wing for the next two weeks,” Susan snorted. Madam Pomfrey was infamous amongst the students.

“Then why don’t we go see him?!” Hannah suddenly said.

“Well … what would we say?” Susan asked.

“We can start by saying thank you,” Hannah teased, earning a slap on the thigh by her girlfriend.

“It doesn’t seem like enough,” Susan answered. They sat there and thought about it for a moment. Suddenly, Hannah’s eyes got wide.

“I know! Come with me,” she whispered, getting up and pulling Susan with her. They went up to their dorm which held only the two of them. Their year had only six Hufflepuff girls, and the other four shared a dorm room.

“You know how we want to be together after Hogwarts right?” Hannah asked. Susan nodded. “Well, you can marry Potter, and I’ll be his mistress!” Susan’s eyes widened dramatically.

“Hannah!” she exclaimed at her crazy plan.

“What?! Think about it,” she replied. “You’re an only child so you have to marry. I have two older brothers, so it doesn’t matter if I marry or decide to become a mistress. If my plan works out, then it will be acceptable if we are in a relationship after school, because we’ll be pleasing our man ‘like a proper pureblood should’,” she said, making air quotes with her fingers.

Susan thought about it for a minute. Everything that she said was true, and it would be the answer to many of their problems. Susan could produce both Potter and Bones children while Hannah produced Potters. And society wouldn’t look down on them. In fact, it would be seen as very normal. Both she and Harry were the last of their names. The situation practically demanded it.

“Do you think that he would go for it?” Susan asked. Hannah snorted.

“Two sexy girls want to worship his cock for years to come … yeah, I think he’ll agree.”

“Alright … let’s go see him,” Susan said, getting up. Hannah followed her down to the Hospital Wing.

Saying Thanks

Harry couldn’t believe that he let Susan and Hannah talk him into it. Sure, he didn’t exactly agree. He just said that they could try and see how things turned out. If things went badly, then they could just end things and remain friends. Still, they told him the password to the Prefects bathroom and told him to meet them there at a certain time. Now he was in his bathing suit in the swimming pool sized tub waiting for them. He only had to wait another minute before the door opened and both girls walked in wearing their robes.

“Hey, Harry!” they said together. “Thanks for coming,” Susan went on.

“Yeah. Even if things don’t work out, then at least we got a chance to thank you properly,” Hannah added. Harry’s reply was cut off when the girls dropped their robes. His mouth felt dry when he saw that they were completely nude except for tiny bikini bottoms. Both girls were pale and sexy, and Hannah had a wonderful chest with handful-sized tits that were partly covered by her long, blonde hair. Susan on the other hand had enormous tits with big, light pink nipples. Her red hair went just past her shoulders, and her waist was very slim with hips that flared out giving her a fantastic hourglass shape. As his eyes lowered, he could see that her mound was hairless by how low her bikini bottom sat on her body. He swallowed loudly which made both girls giggle.

A few seconds later and they were on each side of him. His eyes were glued to Susan’s big, wet tits. “They’re great, aren’t they?” Hannah asked. Harry nodded. “Why don’t you give him a treat?” she asked Susan. Susan nodded.

Hannah pulled him over to the built-in seating on the side of the pool. She sat down and pulled Harry between her legs. His back was now resting against her perky, wet tits. Harry gasped as her hands explored his body. First, they slid down his belly and then went inside of his shorts. Hannah gasped when her hand encircled his raging erection. Susan swam up and got in front of him.

“Is it nice?” she asked. A blushing Hannah worked his shorts down and his ten-inch beast sprang out and slapped him in the belly. Susan’s cheeks began to heat up at seeing a cock of this size. She licked her lips while studying it. She watched as Hannah’s small hand stroked him the length of his mighty cock. Remembering that she was supposed to be giving him a treat, she dropped down in front of him, and Hannah stuffed his member between her gorgeous tits. Hannah leaned down and kissed the side of his neck while Susan used her hands to push her breasts together and hefted them up and down.

Harry leaned back into Hannah’s lovely chest and moaned loudly. “That’s really good!” he chirped, shuddering from the pleasure. Hannah giggled and rubbed soapy bubbles all over his chest and belly. She felt Harry’s hands grip her smooth thighs and squeeze them as he explored her legs. Hannah watched as Susan’s breasts bounced up and down while several inches of his fat cock still poked out of the top of her cleavage. Susan lowered her head for a moment and sucked the tip like a lollipop before smiling and going back to work.

Hannah was licking and sucking on his neck when she felt Harry begin to shudder. “He’s about to cum,” she told Susan. Hannah reached out and grabbed his cock and began stroking it while aiming at Susan’s tits that she was squeezing together and holding up as a target. Susan smiled sexily as ropes of cum exploded out of the tip and splattered against her voluptuous breasts. Hannah stroked him until there was nothing left. Once dry, she repeatedly slapped his cock against Susan’s hard nipples.

While Harry was breathing heavily, they pulled him out of the pool and set up multiple big, fluffy towels on the ground, and turned them into a makeshift bed. It seemed that the two girls had done this before. Susan laid on her back while Hannah climbed on top. Harry watched as both girls began to make out passionately. His cock was instantly hard again, and he wanted more. Reaching down, he slowly pulled off both girls’ bottoms until their hairless pussies were exposed to him. He could see their sexy, little cunts pressed together as they kissed and ground against each other. Stroking his cock, he settled between their legs and stuffed the cock between their smooth mounds. He heard dual gasps as his fat cock stimulated their hard clits when he pushed in.

Susan breathed heavily against her neck as the busty, young woman shivered and gripped her tightly. Hannah knew better than anyone how much Susan loved having her clit played with. The sensation of Harry’s huge cock sawing back and forth against it was likely too much. Lowering her head, she began to kiss and suck on Susan’s hard nipples as Harry continued to fuck their clits. Both girls could feel their lower bellies begin to clench as powerful orgasms started to build. Hannah’s clit was engorged and sensitive from the rough treatment that she was enduring, and judging from Susan’s whorish moans, she wasn’t much better. Suddenly, Hannah’s eyes went wide, and she cried out. Harry had slammed his entire meat straight into her pussy. She instantly clamped down on him as he began to impale her over and over. Her body was trembling and shaking while her walls began to contract around his thrusting member.

His hands were grabbing her ass, and Hannah blushed as he spread her cheeks open. She knew that he could see her crinkled hole. If there was any doubt, it was soon gone when his thumb started massaging her asshole. Hannah cried out and came hard all over his cock. Her walls were fluttering as her body bucked. As she was still cumming, he pulled out and shoved it in Susan’s waiting slit.

“Oh, god!” Susan gasped, never having been filled so much in her life. His long, thick cock was instantly rubbing her g-spot and slamming into her cervix with every powerful thrust of his hips. It was only Hannah’s cumming body that kept her large, lovely tits from bouncing and jiggling everywhere. Biting her lip, her hands were gently clawing at Hannah’s wet, smooth back as Harry started fucking her harder and harder. Her nipples were so hard that they were beginning to hurt as they were continuously rubbed against Hannah’s nipples.

Susan’s pussy was always tighter than Hannah’s, so the sensation of being stretched was more prevalent in her. It felt as if Harry’s cock was rubbing every single inch of her insides, sending tingles of pleasure throughout her body. When he reached between them and wrapped his fingers around her clit, it was too much. As her clit was rolled, her pussy clenched his cock tightly and coaxed another thick load of cum from his balls. Her wails of pleasure drowned out his moans as he filled her with his thick, gooey seed. Halfway through, he pulled out and stuck it back in Hannah, giving her half the load. When all was said and done, there were three heavily breathing teens, two of which were dripping cum from their recently fucked pussies.

“That was a great first date,” Harry said, smiling stupidly. Both girls nodded. “Can we have another date tomorrow?” he asked. Again they nodded, still in a sexual daze. Harry smiled. Sometimes being a hero wasn’t a bad thing.

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It was late at night at Shell Cottage and everyone was asleep. Everyone except Victoire Weasley that is. She was laying in her bed while daydreaming about a boy … a man, she corrected herself. As a seventeen year old girl who was on her Christmas break from her final year at Hogwarts, you would assume that she was daydreaming about a boy from her school, but you would be wrong. She was in fact, thinking about her family friend, Harry Potter.

Victoire shuddered just thinking about his name. The young Veela had become infatuated with him at the end of last year. It all started while she was staying at his house when her parents had gone to France for a romantic weekend together. ‘Gag!’ she thought.

At first, everything was completely normal. She had always had a bit of a crush on him and thought that he was hot, but that was completely normal. Her cousin Rose felt the same way. The two girls often got together and gossiped about him. They giggled while talking about what it would be like to kiss him and other nonsense. What had changed things for Victoire, however, was when she was supposed to be visiting her friends but had decided to go home early. She was hanging around in Harry’s house when he came out of the bathroom. He had just finished showering and was vigorously rubbing a towel over his head while trying to dry his hair. He obviously didn’t see her, but she saw him. Every inch of his glorious manhood.

Victoire remembered when she first saw it. She had seen other naked men in magazines that she and Rose had explored while at school. The men in those magazines were big, she supposed. She really didn’t have any real-world experience. But compared to Harry, they were downright small. Her mouth dried while thinking about the way his cock hung halfway down his thighs while swaying when he walked. Even semi-erect he was still the biggest by far. It looked so thick that she immediately wanted to get on her knees and worship that beast. That’s when the daydreams really started.

Victoire bit her lip cutely while reaching underneath the shirt that she slept in. She never told her parents, but the shirt she slept in actually belonged to Harry. She had asked him to borrow it one day and never returned it. The shirt reached mid-thigh and felt wonderful against her bare skin. With shaky hands, she grabbed the waistband of her little, cotton panties and worked them down her gorgeous thighs. Leaving them at her knees, she slid her hand between her slightly parted legs. The sexy blonde let out a shuddered gasp when her fingers touched the burning heat of her very wet pussy. A moan left her cute lips as her fingers slid into her silky folds. “Harry!” she gasped as her pussy tingled wildly.

Victoire didn’t know it, but her mother was walking by and heard what she was doing. When she heard her gasp Harry’s name, Fleur knew what had to be done.


“I don’t know, Fleur,” Harry said, looking uncomfortable.

“I know that it is a strange request, ‘Arry, but you are the one she chose,” Fleur told him. “You must take responsibility and ‘elp ‘er.”

Fleur had come to him and explained the process of Veela's Awakening. Once a Veela hit the age of maturity, it was only a matter of time before they became obsessed with a man of their choice. For Fleur, it was her now-husband, Bill.

“Does this mean that she’ll want to marry me? I’m more than a little too old for her,” Harry went on.

“I do not know. It is always different for each of us. She may wish to marry you, she may wish to be owned by you, or possibly somewhere in between. Either way, she will want you in ‘er life forever. Even if she marries someone else, do not be surprised if she still comes to you for pleasure,” Fleur explained.

“And she won’t just grow out of it?” he asked. Fleur shook her pretty head.

“The desire will remain until she can no longer take it. She will likely throw you to the ground and attack your cock!” Fleur giggled at the thought.

“Ugg!” Harry groaned, rubbing his eyes. “What will Bill think? And the other Weasleys?”

“Do not be worried about them. If and when the time comes, I will explain it to them. Bill already knows about the Awakening from my experience with ‘im,” she promised. “He will not like it, but ‘e will understand.”

Fleur giggled at the look on his face. She was taking it easier than one would think. In truth, she knew that it was going to happen soon and was glad that it was Harry that she chose. Harry was a good man and friend to the family. Sure, he slept with way too many women and happily spoke about his conquests to Bill and Ron while out drinking, but he would no doubt take good care of Victoire. Fleur never told anyone, but she too always had a little thing for Harry. She couldn’t help it. Her Veela genes practically demanded that she bend over for him. He was a classic Alpha Male and from what she knew from the days when Ginny used to date him, he was hung like a bull Hippogriff. During the occasional girls-night-out, Ginny often drunkenly proclaimed that he had stretched her so much that no other man could take pleasure from her ruined vagina. This always made the girls laugh. It was a tradition at this point. Fleur was saddened that she would never get a chance to test it for herself, but she would never betray her husband like that. So she did what every girl in her extended family did, she kept her fantasies about Harry a secret.

It took a little more convincing, but eventually, Harry agreed to let her set things up.


Victoire’s heart was hammering in her chest. Her mother and father had decided to go spend a few days in France. Her mother asked if she wanted to go, or if she’d rather stay with Harry. Immediately she said Harry, probably a little too fast if she was being honest. Now here she was, sitting on the couch in his large house waiting for him to come home from work.

Victoire, of course, did her best to look desirable. She wore very short shorts that practically showed off the entire length of her perfect legs. As a Veela, she didn’t need to worry about shaving. Her body was always as smooth as possible. She wore a very thin tank top with spaghetti straps and no bra. Her nipples were already rock-hard and tenting the front of her shirt. As embarrassed as she was, she didn’t cover herself. She wanted him to see her. She wanted him to want her.

She jumped when he walked into the room. Harry smiled at her and sat beside her. She noticed that he was closer than normal.

“What are you watching?” he asked, pointing at the TV. She shrugged.

“Just whatever was on. I’m not really paying attention,” she told him, looking at him out of the corner of her eye. She gasped when his warm hand touched the cool skin of her leg.

“Are you cold? You’ve got goosebumps,” he said, sliding his hand up and down her calf. Victoire couldn’t believe how wet that her pussy was.

“A little,” she said, trying to look cute. In reality, it felt as if her skin was burning. She just wanted his hands on her some more. Harry grabbed a fleece blanket and pulled it over them. Then, he grabbed her legs and pulled them on his lap. Victoire’s face was burning red. She tried to hold in gasps and moans as his fingers traveled the length of her delicate skin. When his hands grabbed her bare foot and started to massage it, she nearly came. Her nipples were beginning to ache, and she desperately wanted to run her fingers over them.

His hands explored every inch of her smooth, creamy legs, and when they reached her thigh, her Awakening kicked in. Unable to help herself, she moaned loudly and parted her legs some more. Realizing what she did, she blushed fiercely and began to stutter. She wanted to make an excuse but couldn’t think of one. It didn’t seem to matter, however. Harry removed the blanket and both were overcome by the scent of her fresh, teenage pussy. She saw the hunger in his eyes and gulped. She squeaked when he reached out and threw her over his shoulder. Holding onto his back, Victoire gasped as he carried her upstairs and into his room. Along the way, he roughly grabbed her shorts and pulled them down her legs. They were tossed somewhere along the way.

Victoire was now naked from the waist down. Harry took her into his room and placed her in front of his full-length mirror. She blushed as she looked at her half-naked form. Seeing him in the mirror removing his clothes behind her, she wanted to see his cock again, but couldn’t since it was blocked by her body. When he was naked, he grabbed the hem of her shirt. She lifted her arms up, and her shirt was pulled off of her body. She let her arms fall to her sides which caused her medium-sized breasts to jiggle. Her legs were shut tightly as she rubbed her thighs together, trying to relieve some of the tingle that was making her pussy quiver. Harry’s hands gripped her waist tightly from behind.

“Your mother told me about your Awakening,” he said. Victoire’s eyes widened.

“She did?” Victoire had completely forgotten about it after her mother explained it a few years back. She supposed that it made sense. Her obsession with Harry was getting worse and worse.

“Mhmm,” he confirmed, his hands sliding lower until they were on her hips. “So the question is, what do you want? Do you want to be my girl or do you want to be my toy?” he asked, his hand brushing over her smooth mound. Victoire just blushed and didn’t answer. At least she didn’t until he captured her clit between his fingers and began rolling. She shuddered hard. “Answer me, young lady,” he told her firmly.

Blushing, she answered, “Toy.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

“Come again?” he asked, pinching her clit. Victoire squealed.

“TOY!” she cried out. “I want to be your plaything!” Harry smiled behind her.

Breathing heavily, she watched as Harry slid his cock between her thighs from behind. Her gorgeous thighs were pressed tightly together and with one push, his cock burst through, causing her taut, quivering lips to spread apart and make room for this behemoth. The young Veela gasped wildly as the length of his cock rubbed against her hard, aching clit. Her body was trembling as he pulled back and his cock disappeared. When he pushed forward again, she saw that his entire shaft was glistening with her juices. Her pussy was literally painting his cock with her arousal. The thought nearly made her knees buckle, but she held on.

Her pussy lips, which were always so little and tight were now stretched out and nearly wrapped around the monster that was snugly secured between her silky thighs. As his cock head burst through again, she saw inch after inch of his veiny shaft appear. His hand slid up her belly and cupped her perky tits. Pinching her nipples between his fingers as his hips really began to move, he asked, “Who’s my little whore?” as he sucked on her neck.

Victoire moved her head aside to give him better access to her slender neck. “I am!” she gasped with a shuddering breath. Looking in the mirror, she could see just how hard that he was fucking her thighs. Her poor, little pussy looked to be so abused as his monstrous head bashed her clit and massaged her insides. Suddenly, she was lifted up and placed on the bed, facedown.

“Knees apart. Face on the bed. Ass up!” he ordered. Victoire did what he said instantly. She was more than a bit mortified as she arched her back and lifted up her ass. With her legs apart, she knew that Harry could see everything. Her pussy lips were slightly pulled apart, and her tight, pink asshole was clearly visible.

“You’re my little fucktoy from now on … understand?” he ordered, slapping her ass hard. Her shapely cheeks jiggled from the hard impact.

“Yes, sir!” she cried out, her ass stinging.

“When I bring another girl home, I expect you to pleasure her … understand?”


Victoire squealed. “Yes, sir!” She felt his finger toy with her soaking wet pussy.

“Who’s pussy is this?”

“Yours!” she gasped.

“And this?” he asked. His finger moved from her wet pussy up to her asshole. He rubbed the moisture trapped on his finger all over her tight hole. He smirked as he watched the little hole pucker from the contact.


Victoire gasped and looked back when she felt the tip of his cock rub against her ass. Right after, Harry dragged it down and pushed the head between her lips. As he sank into her, she put her face back down on the bed and moaned. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly as she was properly stretched for the first time, and she cried out when he broke through her maidenhead. Her eyes clenched tightly as she fought through the pain. Thankfully, Harry didn’t move and let her get used to his size. A short time later, the pain had mostly subsided, and Harry began to move. She could feel his incredible size sliding back and forth against her tight walls. As his thumb started massaging her asshole while she was getting fucked, her pussy began contracting around him.

“You’re so tight, Victoire,” Harry moaned, fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Victoire blushed into the bed as her asshole continued to pucker against his finger. The wet sounds that she was producing were getting louder the longer that he fucked her. She could hear his breathing intensify as her pussy got tighter. Removing his hand from her ass, he reached out and began playing with her nipple just as his other hand moved between her legs. As his fingers danced over her incredibly hard clit, Victoire cried out and came hard. Her walls clamped down which triggered his own orgasm. She felt him push deep into her and let loose. She didn’t even have time to enjoy the sensation of getting filled for the first time. She was too busy violently shaking from her first major orgasm. She felt him lean forward just before he moved her hair out of the way and started kissing her neck and shoulders. Victoire closed her eyes and mewled as her lower half wiggled around. He was still balls deep in her, and her pussy was still fluttering around him.

She groaned sadly when he pulled out. Laying next to her, Victoire rolled over and curled up by him, kissing his naked chest while he played with her hair.

“I’ll talk to your mom and get everything straight. Since you want to be my toy, we can probably avoid telling your father and the rest of your family. Victoire nodded vigorously. That sounded wonderful to her. She continued to kiss him until he pushed her head lower. Victoire blushed and got her first lesson on sucking cock. In fact, she received several more lessons that night before she was allowed to fall asleep by his side.

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Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Chapter 3

The Ice Princess of Slytherin, the girl who was lusted after by at least half of the castle, was absolutely livid.

Her life had started out as any other pureblood girl did. She was doted on and spoiled as a child. But once she got old enough, she was taught the proper way to act, both around others and even when alone. Once she attended Hogwarts, she put all that she learned to good use. Daphne Greengrass wasn’t just some average pureblood girl after all. She was the heiress to the Greengrass family. While they were abnormally wealthy, they did have more than most. What the Greengrasses did have, however, was good breeding.

For generations, her family had produced incredibly beautiful women that men lusted after. This was the true power of the family. Through arranged marriages and such, they placed themselves in positions of power, and those married off often sent home a little here and there. After all, what was the point in marrying someone rich if you couldn’t sneak a few thousand bags of galleons to your family?

Yes, being a female Greengrass certainly had its perks. Unfortunately, it also had its downsides. The main one being the riff-raff that thought that they were good enough to get in her pants. Daphne wasn’t even talking about the mudbloods or even the halfbloods. No, she was talking about the pompous pureblood boys that thought that the sun didn’t rise until they woke up.

After having a run-in with one such idiot, she was left in a bit of a pickle. Not knowing what to do, she turned to her friend, Tracey Davis. Tracey gave her the advice to go see Looney Lovegood. Apparently, the ditzy blonde had made a name for herself as a counselor, or a fixer-of -problems. Daphne didn’t know if she could help, but it was worth a shot. Besides, as looney as she was, she was still a pureblood.

After making an appointment, she was now in the waiting room reading an old copy of Witch Weekly. “I can see you now,” came a soft voice. Looking up, she saw a smartly dressed Luna Lovegood holding the door open for her. Tossing the magazine back on the coffee table, Daphne got up and followed her back to her office. Luna indicated where she was to sit before taking her own chair.

“Can I offer you a cup of tea?” Luna asked. Daphne nodded.

“Yes, thank you,” she returned. Luna poured tea out of a silver pot before adding some milk and a dash of sugar, just how she liked it. Daphne took the cup and saucer from her and tasted it. She nodded in satisfaction.

After Luna poured herself a cup, she asked, “Now that we’re all settled, what can I help you with?” Daphne took another drink while trying to stall. Eventually, she just gathered her courage and spilled the beans.

“I’m having a bit of a problem,” she said. Luna just smiled and waited for her to continue. Daphne took a deep breath and carried on. “As you may know, the Malfoy family hasn’t been doing too well since the fall of the Dark Lord. As such, Draco has seen fit to try and supplant himself in me and my sister’s lives.”

Daphne could barely think about it without screeching in anger. The blonde ponce had the audacity to waltz into her home and try to demand that she marry him. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also explained to her that he intended to marry her sister, Astoria as well. Daphne knew damn well what he was truly after. While scoring the Greengrass sisters as wives would be seen as a massive win, what he truly wanted was the Greengrass’s bank account. The Malfoy account once easily outstripped it, but now he was lucky to keep his manor due to the taxes that he was rumored to owe. If there was one thing that the Ministry didn’t like, it was those who default on their tax bill.

She could still remember the proposal. “Wipe that sneer off of your face. You’re damn lucky that I even decided to look your way. If you're nice about it, I might even make you my head wife after I claim your sister as well. You’ll need to change your attitude so that you don’t embarrass the Malfoy name, and your sister will have to stop wearing those whorish dresses. Once you do, I think that you’ll both be half decent wives. So why don’t you be a good girl and go get a couple of engagement rings from your vault so that I can propose properly.”

Daphne had never laughed so hard in her life. She had folded over and grabbed her stomach, she was laughing so hard. She had just wiped a tear from her eyes when the blonde ponce hit her with a curse. Immediately, she knew that something was wrong. She felt a pain in her lower belly. She barely even paid attention to Malfoy as he said that no wizard could ever satisfy her again and stormed off. Her sister had called in the family Healer, and she was the one to break the bad news. She had seen this curse before. It was a special curse that the Malfoy family had either invented or perfected. It was a variant of the Chastity Curse, only more permanent. There was no known counter. Even the Malfoys didn’t know one. Of course, both sisters had declared war on Malfoy. They pledged to ruin his life if it was the last thing that they did. But that didn’t change the fact that Daphne could no longer be sexually pleased.

That in and of itself wasn’t so bad. Pretty much every wizard that she had ever met was a feckless fool that couldn’t satisfy anyone, let alone her. No, the real problem was that her blood was boiling in rage that Malfoy would throw such a curse at her. She simply couldn’t allow him a victory, no matter how small.

“After hearing my less than amused response to his proposal, he hit me with a family curse. I’ve already consulted my family Healer, and she said that there was nothing to be done. I was hoping that you would have some ideas that I haven’t already considered,” Daphne went on.

Luna stood up and pulled out her wand. “Would you mind?” she asked Daphne for permission. She gave her consent, and Luna started waving her wand in intricate patterns while whispering incantations under her breath. “Hmm.”

“It seems like a Chastity Curse, only a bit different,” she concluded. Daphne nodded.

“Yes. The Healer said that not even the Malfoys have a counter to it,” she explained. Luna nodded in understanding.

“I’m afraid that I’ll need to do a more thorough physical examination,” Luna went on. Daphne raised her eyebrow.

“I need to make sure that you feel no pleasant sensations while being touched,” the little blonde explained. Daphne shrugged. It didn’t matter much to her. As a Hogwarts student, she often experimented sexually with her best friend, Tracey Davis. She was no stranger to having female hands on her body.

Daphne stood up and quickly stripped out of her clothes. Luna watched as her bra was unclasped and removed. Daphne had beautiful C-cup breasts with perfect, pink nipples. They sat proudly on her chest without a hint of sag. She leaned over and pulled her panties down. Luna wasn’t surprised to see that her mound was hairless. It was the style these days. Her own pussy was as smooth as can be. She could see taut lips just peeking out from between the slight gap in her thighs.

“Stand straight … chest out,” Luna ordered. Immediately, the sexy brunette puffed her chest out and presented her lovely tits to Luna. She zeroed in on Daphne’s puffy, pink nipples that weren’t hard yet. She reached out and pinched her nipples between her fingers. Daphne didn’t even flinch.

“Do you feel anything?” Daphne shook her head. Luna began to roll them in her fingers, trapping them with two of her fingers while her thumb rubbed circles on the tips. They continued to stay soft. “How about now?”

“Still nothing,” Daphne said. Luna then went on to groping her naked tits. Squeezing and kneading them, Daphne shook her head, even when she jiggled them.

“I see,” she said, letting go of her breast. “Please lay down on the couch and spread your legs,” Luna told her. Daphne did what she was told. Laying on the couch, she opened her legs and gave Luna access to her pussy. Daphne didn’t even feel a tingle when Luna’s fingers slid up and down the length of her slit.

“It’s not even wet,” Luna stated.

“I haven’t been able to become wet since I was hit with the curse,” Daphne explained. She felt Luna’s fingers slide a little further up until they rested on her tiny nub. Daphne laid there while she massaged her clit, not feeling anything.


Daphne shook her head again. “Strange,” she heard Luna say. Suddenly, she felt two of Luna’s fingers slide into her while curling. The blonde lowered her head and began roughly sucking on her clit. Daphne could only feel the tickle of her tongue while it wiggled against her. She removed her face from Daphne’s pussy and asked again.

“Not a thing.” Luna nodded.

“One more place to check. Roll over and lift up your behind,” Luna commanded. Daphne gasped. As a pureblood, she was beyond such perverse and degrading acts. But since it was for health reasons, she’d allow it. Rolling onto her hands and knees, she lifted up her backside for Luna to examine.

Daphne blushed as Luna kissed and nipped at her cheeks before she gasped when Luna’s finger slid inside of her asshole. “Did you feel that?” Luna asked when she heard the gasp.

“I felt it, but there was no pleasure,” Daphne said, gritting her teeth while Luna’s finger sawed back and forth as she finger-fucked her ass. Luna pulled her finger free, and Daphne let out a deep breath.

“Well, Ms. Greengrass, I’m afraid there’s only one answer,” Luna began. Daphne resigned herself to hearing the bad news. However, what came out of Luna’s mouth wasn’t what she expected.

“The only way to break the curse is to get so thoroughly fucked that the curse overloads and breaks. Unfortunately, no small-cocked wizards are capable of such an act. No, you need a wizard of considerable size. To put it bluntly, you need a wizard that’s hung like a Hippogriff,” Luna explained.

Daphne gasped before withering. “Where on Earth am I going to find a man like that?” All the men that she knew were less than useless. She didn’t see Luna smirk.

“I believe that I have the answer. Come along,” she said, grabbing hold of Daphne.

“At least let me put my clothes on!” she squealed, and she was just able to pull her panties up before Luna activated the Portkey that Harry had given her.

Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Daphne appeared with Luna by her side on what appeared to be a very large boat out on the water. Looking around, she saw that the boat was very nice and up to her standards. Remembering what she was wearing, she adjusted her panties to sit correctly on her body while she covered her breasts with her arms. She was about to chastise Luna when she heard a male voice.

“Luna! I wasn’t expecting you until you got off of work,” came a male voice. Hiding behind Luna, she peeked around her and saw Harry Potter coming out of the ocean and back onto the yacht. Daphne eyed his chiseled form as water dripped off of him. Unconsciously, she licked her lips.

“I couldn’t wait. Daphne needs your help,” Luna told him.

“Daphne? As in Greengrass?” he asked before seeing her peeking around Luna’s body. Luna grabbed her and pulled her in front. Daphne gasped as her nearly nude form was displayed to him.

“LUNA!” she squeaked harshly. Luna paid her no mind.

“Malfoy cursed her so that she couldn't feel pleasure. She needs a very large cock to break the curse,” Luna explained while Daphne wanted to die from embarrassment.

“Ah! The old Malfoy Chastity Curse huh? You’d think ole ferret-face would come up with something new. He was never very bright,” Harry said, taking it all in stride. “Well, come on over here, Daphne.”

Daphne gasped loudly when he let his swimming trunks drop. The biggest penis that she had ever seen flopped out as he stepped out of his shorts. Luna walked up to him. She smiled at Daphne while grabbing his soft cock. Daphne watched as Luna began stroking it, and she was fascinated by the way it pulled and stretched in her grip. “It’s more than big enough for our needs,” Luna assured her. “Now get over here and let him examine you.”

Daphne shyly walked up to him, and Luna got behind her. Daphne yelped as Luna yanked down her panties. Daphne stepped out of them, fighting the urge to cover herself. “Not bad at all,” Harry said, walking circles around her and checking her out. He reached out and grabbed a handful of ass as well as a quick squeeze of her tit. “I can see why Malfoy was after you.”

Daphne huffed. “Can you help me or not?”

“Now, now. Don’t get pushy. First, you need to finish waking him up,” Harry said, looking down at his half-erect cock. Soft it was the biggest that she had ever seen. Half-hard it looked massive. Luna placed a towel down in front of him and ushered her over. Daphne was pushed down to her knees. Harry smirked and repeatedly slapped his floppy cock against her face. She opened her mouth to rebuke him but quickly found that to be a mistake. As soon as she opened it, he stuffed his cock into her mouth. Harry tilted his head back and moaned as her lips wrapped around his warm cock. Holding in there for a second, she started to slowly bob her head while keeping her tongue pressed against the underside.

“Let me help you,” Luna interjected. She placed her hand on the back of Daphne’s head and determined the tempo at which she sucked him off. Luna forced her to increase the pace and soon after, she was gagging as she took half of his beast down her throat. Harry even started thrusting his hips. Daphne had never been treated this way. She was always treated like the princess that she was. Pureblood princesses definitely didn’t have strings of drool hanging from their mouths as a halfblood viciously fucked their faces. Pulling his cock from her mouth, she gasped and sucked in some much-needed air. She could see his cock glistening in the sunlight. Now fully hard, she gulped knowing that it would soon be inside her. It was even bigger than she initially expected.

“It’s time to break the curse,” Luna giggled as Harry scooped her up and carried her into the cabin. His private room in the large ship had a massive bed that looked even cozier than the one in her bedroom. Daphne was placed on the bed and her legs were held open by Luna who had somehow removed her own clothes without her knowing. Harry spit on Daphne’s cunt like she was nothing more than a common whore. He used the head of his fat cock to rub the moisture all over her pussy. Luna, deciding that he needed more, waved her wand and coated her naked cunt in lubricant. At least Daphne was grateful for that. Harry placed the tip at her opening and shoved it all the way in.

She gasped at the sensation of being stretched. She looked down between her parted legs and watched as he pulled back, his cock glistening with lube. He slammed forward so hard that her tits jiggled. Embarrassed, she crossed her arms over her chest. Harry again slammed forward and the tip of his cock bashed against her cervix. His cock was hitting both her cervix and g-spot at the same time. She suddenly started to feel a tingle.

“I feel something!” she gasped excitedly. Removing her arms from her breasts, Luna made sure that Harry had a good view before going down and licking Daphne’s clit. Harry grabbed her by the back of her knees and pushed her lower half up. Now he was fucking her so wildly that her entire body shook from the force. Daphne gasped and mewled as the tingling got worse.

H-Harry! I think … it’s coming!” she squealed as Draco’s pathetic, little curse snapped under the force of Harry’s magnificent cock. Instantly, her tight, little pussy clamped down hard as he continued to thrust deep into her. Daphne’s toes were curling, and she was screaming for mercy as Harry brutalized her g-spot and Luna suckled upon her hard, throbbing clit. She felt the little blonde’s tongue wiggling around the hardened nub before lifting her head.

“It seems like the curse is gone. You’ve creamed all over Harry’s cock!” Luna giggled and grabbed his cock as he pulled out. Sure enough, his cock was coated in streaks of white cream. Daphne flushed beet red in embarrassment. Her embarrassment was short-lived, however, because Harry flipped her over and lifted her ass into the air.

Since the curse was already gone, she was free to leave if she wanted. However, her pussy which was dripping and tingling practically demanded that she stay and get fucked some more. Deciding to go with her body’s wants, Daphne buried her face in the bed as his lips explored her naked cunt. He moaned as his tongue licked between her plump, hairless lips and scooped up her drippings. Lowering his mouth, he sucked on her hard clit as Luna began licking around the rim of her asshole. Daphne gasped like a whore as she felt Luna’s tongue harden and begin to poke into the hole itself. Harry was noisily sucking the juices straight from her pussy when Luna’s tongue broke through her barrier. Now she could feel her small tongue wiggling inside of her dirty hole.

Daphne gripped the bed tightly and clenched her eyes shut. What she was allowing to be done to her was nothing short of perverse, and was certainly not something that her mother would approve of. Of course, if she had ever felt a tongue on her ass, she might side with Daphne. She moaned into the bed as her breathing intensified. When Harry’s tongue started slithering over her hard clit, she mewled and rubbed her pussy against his face. She could feel herself smearing her juices all over his mouth. However, when she heard a hissing noise and his tongue began vibrating wildly against her clit, Daphne couldn’t take it.

Harry and Luna pulled away just as Daphne began to violently squirt pussy juice all over the room. Harry chuckled and reached down, grabbing her clit between his fingers and rolling the small nub. Daphne tried to pull away, her clit being too sensitive, but Luna wasn’t having it. Luna climbed on top of Daphne’s back and straddled her like she was riding a bull. Luna giggled and ground her wet, naked cunt all over Daphne’s bare back. Harry watched as Luna’s wetness smeared all over her back and left it shiny and moist.

“She has a cracking ass, doesn’t she, Harry?” Luna teased, reaching back and slapping Daphne’s ass as the brunette continued to cum and squirt. And indeed, Harry’s eyes were focused on one hole in particular. Daphne’s asshole was obviously the last virgin territory left on her body. It was small and tight-looking and only a few shades darker than the rest of her lovely, pale skin. When Harry reached out and tickled it with the tip of his finger, he watched as it puckered while she flinched. Smiling to himself, he grabbed his wand and used it to cover himself in lubricant. Putting his wand aside, he stroked his cock until it was all lathered up. He settled behind Daphne and rubbed the tip against her puckered hole. When he started to push in, Daphne squealed. He could feel her body shaking when the first inch entered her. He got a front-row seat to see Luna rolling her hips and dry humping Daphne’s back. He enjoyed watching her small, perky tits jiggle while her body moved.

A pathetic cry of pain and pleasure left Daphne’s mouth and was muffled by the bed. She couldn’t believe that she had allowed herself to be put in such a position. She was a princess for Merlin’s sake. She was one of the most sought-after pureblooded women in the country, and here she was bending over while this halfblood beast took her ass like it belonged to him. He didn’t even ask if she was ready. After letting her body get used to his size for a few minutes, he held her by the hips and began fucking her at his own pace. The sensation was strange to her. There was pain, but also a great deal of pleasure.

Harry smiled when Daphne started pushing her ass back while he fucked her. He could tell that she was starting to really get into it. It was time to take it up a notch. “Why don’t you let her taste you, Luna?” Harry moaned as Daphne’s ass clenched.

“Good idea!” she chirped, sliding off of her back and settling in front of her. Luna opened her legs wide and showed herself to Daphne. Harry pushed her head down, and that was all it took. Daphne began licking and sucking on Luna’s damp pussy while Harry was thrusting into her. Harry started giving it to her with very long and deep plunges. He would pull his cock almost all the way out before pushing back in with a single thrust. Daphne’s gorgeous body was shivering in pleasure while torrents of her juices poured down the insides of her smooth thighs.

Daphne felt him pull out before slamming into her pussy this time. She cried out into Luna’s wet cunt as Harry’s cock made her cum. Her pussy had just started contracting around him when he pulled out again and reclaimed her asshole. Back and forth he switched between the two violated holes, leaving them both sore and raw. Her tongue had just begun massaging Luna’s clit when she was overcome with a powerful analgasm. Letting go of Luna’s clit, Daphne tilted her head back and yelled out as her asshole clamped down on him. Harry groaned loudly as Daphne shook and came. Pulling out, he flipped her around. When he stuffed his cock in her mouth, at first she didn’t remember that it was just in her ass. She sucked and licked on his huge member as her pussy fluttered uncontrollably. Her eyes widened when she finally did remember, but by then it was too late. He pulled out of her mouth only for Luna to take her place. The small blonde sucked him like a professional as Harry threaded his fingers through her long, blonde hair.

“Here it comes!” Harry moaned, stroking his cock vigorously. Luna sat her up and placed her face next to Daphne’s.

“Open up!” she squeaked. Daphne was just able to get her mouth open when a thick string of cum shot into it. The warm seed hit her in the back of her throat, and she quickly swallowed it down as Luna received a load of her own. Another glob shot into her mouth, and soon her mouth was overflowing. Cum leaked out of the sides and dripped down her perky tits. Luna took him halfway down her throat and stroked his cock, intent on sucking down every last drop. When he was done, both girls kissed his cock and balls before Daphne lost the last of her strength. Collapsing backward, she laid tiredly on the comfortable bed.

“Your bill will be in the mail,” Luna told her happily before she pushed Harry on his back and began to ride him hard. Daphne laid there breathing heavily before she shrugged. If she was paying for it, then she may as well enjoy it to its fullest. She had just enough strength to climb on Harry and straddle his face. She rested with her back against Luna’s chest as both took pleasure from him.

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The Teachers of Grimmauld Place

Nymphadora Tonks sighed as she clocked out of her day job after another long day. While she enjoyed being an Auror, sometimes it got to be too much. The paperwork was out of control. She winced as she stepped into the lift that carried her down to the Ministry Atrium. Her neck muscles were tight again after sitting all day.

With her being a card-carrying member of the Order of the Phoenix, she knew that the Dark Lord Voldemort was alive and well and free to cause mayhem once again. The only problem was that the esteemed Minister, Cornelius Fudge, refused to believe it. He was going so far to deny it that he had benched most of the Auror Department. Criminals were allowed to roam free while she had to be imprisoned at her office desk. The smarmy, old bastard would see reason soon. Hopefully, before it was too late, Tonks thought bitterly. She avoided talking to anyone all the way down until she finally stepped out of the lift. Tiredly, she walked out of the Ministry and apparated home. She had just enough time to eat a snack and take a hot bath before she had to be back at Grimmauld Place.

All she wanted to do was relax in her hot bath for a while longer before crawling into bed for a nap. Unfortunately, there was nothing but annoyance waiting for her at the headquarters. The main reason for the annoyance was the resident werewolf, Remus Lupin. She had been trying to get things started with him for a while, but he resisted her advances every single time. At first, she thought that it was normal. After all, he was quite a bit older than her. But she figured that sooner or later, he would come around. She was a young and sexy girl if she was being honest. Not to mention that boys all over the world would love to have a chance to get a Metamorphmagus into bed. All except one it seemed. Remus had been beaten down by life so much that he instinctively turned down great opportunities simply because he thought that something would go wrong and he would be let down once again. She understood, but damn! That was no way to live your life. Did she really want to be with someone that would constantly try to keep her at his level instead of rising to hers?

Tonks huffed and got out of the tub. She dried herself off and looked at her nude body in the full-length mirror. Turning to the side, she hefted her tits in her hands. Naturally, they were a small C, but as a Metamorph …

Her breasts inflated until they were double D’s. Jumping up and down a bit, she watched them bounce, nearly clobbering her own chin in the process. ‘Even these won’t convince him,’ she thought bitterly. At least she knew someone that would enjoy them. She snorted at the thought. She had often caught Harry checking out her breasts. Tonks usually wore tight t-shirts and rarely paired them with a bra. As such, he had caught a peek at her hard nipples poking through her shirts more than once. She loved to tease him by making sure that he saw her any time that her nipples were hard. Sometimes she even went out of her way to make them hard before seeing him. He deserved a nice visual treat after his rough life. He deserved a bit more than that, Tonks corrected herself. That’s when she stopped short.

Thinking for a moment, Tonks suddenly had a smile spreading across her pretty face. If Remus didn’t want to have a bit of a romp with her, then would it be so bad to have one with someone else while she worked on him? It’s not like he would ever know if he even agreed to start something up with her that is.

She knew that Harry was a virgin. His blushing cheeks told her everything that she needed to know. And like she said, he deserved a treat. Having her take his cherry would be the perfect thank you, she decided. There was also the benefit of Tonks finally getting some action. She had been stressed lately, and Madam Bones often told her to find a nice man to rattle the headboard with. The older woman said that it was the perfect stress relief. Tonks believed her. Old Bonesy always came to work with a smile on her face. Tonks often wondered who was rattling her headboard.

Her plan was simple. She’d sneak into Harry’s room at Grimmauld Place tonight and toss up a few charms to keep any nighttime wanderers at bay. Thankfully he had moved into a spare room after Ron’s snoring had reached legendary status. Giggling to herself, she checked herself out again. Turning to see her front, she reached down and ran her fingers over her pussy. Tonks’s breath caught in her lungs as her fingers brushed over her hard, needy clit. Just thinking about what would happen that night was getting her wet. She let her fingers slip between her lips and then brought them up for her to see. They were glistening with juices. Popping them in her mouth, she sucked them clean before turning to check out her ass. Her ass was shapely and firm, a Black family trait that all females seemed to inherit. She wiggled it from side to side and found it to be satisfactory. With that done, she went to put on some clothes. Tonks didn’t wear anything sexy, at least on the outside. She didn’t want anyone asking questions. Like always, she went bare-breasted underneath her shirt. Under her jeans, however, she wore the tiniest panties that she had. It was nothing more than a few strings connected together. It hid nothing from view. Smiling to herself, she apparated to Grimmauld Place.

The Teachers of Grimmauld Place

Harry was lying in bed after another day of cleaning the dirt and grime that had accumulated in the house after more than a decade of being unused. Mrs. Weasley could certainly be a bossy woman at times.

He was just about to close his eyes when the door crept open. He expected it to be Ron or Hermione, but he was surprised to see Tonks step into the room. “Tonks! What are …” He was cut off by her holding her finger to her lips and shushing him. He kept his mouth shut until she placed charms around the door.

Tonks didn’t bother answering him. She was already too worked up. Placing her wand on the side table, she lifted her t-shirt off of her body and enjoyed the gasp when her tits dropped out of their fabric prison and bounced up and down. “Today’s your lucky day, Harry. I’ve decided that you need a few lessons when it comes to pleasing your future women.”

Harry’s eyes were wide and his mouth was open in shock. He stared at her gorgeous breasts as she kicked off her boots and unbuttoned her tight jeans. Poor Tonks tried to take them off sexily but ended up getting tangled and falling onto the bed. “Oof!” she cried out. Having fallen on top of Harry, she looked at him to apologize only to see that his face had been smothered by her tit. Giggling, she moved it until her nipple was rubbing against his lips. “Don’t be afraid to give it a kiss,” she teased but gasped when he did just that.

Tonks bit her lip while she struggled to get out of her jeans that were still up to her knees. “Help me with these, will you?” Harry eagerly nodded.

Tonks laid there, her chest rising and falling as he grabbed the waistband of her jeans and worked them off of her body. Tonks shimmied and soon they were tossed aside. Now only her tiny panties were between her and the pleasure that she was desperate to feel. Feeling naughty, she rested her leg on his shoulder and began rubbing the crotch of her panties. Tonks moaned loudly. “Want to take these off as well?”

Harry didn’t even answer. Tonks just watched as he lifted her legs up and slid the panties right off of her. “Mmm. Kiss me, Harry,” she moaned, wiggling around sexily. Harry started to lean forward, but Tonks placed her bare foot on his chest to stop him. She shook her head. “Right here,” she corrected him, tapping her clit with her finger. Seeing him blush fiercely brought her a great deal of satisfaction. Opening her legs wide to invite him in, he leaned down and began kissing the inside of her thighs.

Tonks’s eyes fluttered at the wonderful sensation. His lips were getting closer and closer to her wet slit. Suddenly, she heard him inhale deeply. Smirking, she asked, “Do you like how I smell?”

“Yes,” she heard him croak, and she could tell that he was horny as hell.

“Then stop teasing and lick me!” she moaned, taking his head in her hands and pulling it against her wet cunt. When his tongue touched her clit, Tonks gasped and flopped back on the bed, breathing heavily as she pinched and pulled her hard nipples. His tongue was wiggling against it wonderfully, but she wanted more. Concentrating, she grew her clit to three times the normal size. Threading her fingers through his hair, she ground herself against him. Tonks loved how he was sucking on her clit like it was a nipple. When he let it go, she whined and tried to stuff it back in his mouth, but he had already dipped down and began licking and sucking on her smooth lips. Her body jumped when his tongue touched her asshole.

“Take your clothes off,” Tonks demanded in a husky voice. Sitting up, she helped him remove his shirt before she pushed him onto the bed and pulled his boxers off.

“Holy shit!” Tonks gasped when a ten-inch monster sprang out. “Oh, I’m going to have fun with that,” she told him, pinning his shoulders to the bed and straddling his waist. Forgoing foreplay, she reached behind herself and grabbed his fat cock. Leaning forward, she rubbed the hot tip against her weeping pussy. Shuddering at the sensation, she placed the tip inside of her and slowly lowered herself. Both of them moaned and arched their backs. Harry because it was his first time inside of a woman, and Tonks because a cock had finally hit her g-spot. As soon as his cock hit her g-spot and cervix simultaneously, her Metamorph powers kicked in, and her pussy tightened on its own. She wasn’t even moving and her walls were massaging his cock and making him feel as if he were about to cum. Her tits had ballooned into massive jugs which she used to smother his face.

Harry was too busy licking and sucking on Tonks’s inflated tits to realize that she had started moving her hips. She started out slow to get used to his size but had rapidly picked up the pace. Her hips were rotating in circles and rolling back and forth. She sat up and pulled her nipple from his mouth. Reaching back, she grabbed his balls and started fondling them in her palm. Harry’s hands weren’t idle either. They reached up and squeezed and groped her big, bouncy tits. Shrinking her tits back to normal, Tonks leaned down and kissed him.

“Play with my asshole. Girls love it while getting fucked,” she told him, still working her hips and making him shudder. Doing what he was told, he grabbed her ass and buried his fingers between her cheeks. Using the tip of his finger, he began rubbing the hole itself.

“Like that?” he asked. Tonks nodded, closing her eyes and enjoying the pleasure.

“Play with the rim as well. Run your finger around the edge,” she instructed as she bounced hard on his lap. Her tits were flopping up and down so much that she had to shrink them further to keep them in check. Deciding to tease him, Tonks suddenly morphed into Hermione.

Harry gasped at the sudden turn of events. He nearly blew his load right then and there.

“What’s the matter, Harry?” Hermione said sexily. “Don’t you find me sexy?” she teased, lifting up her curtain of bushy, brown hair and causing her small breasts to look incredible as they stretched upward. Next, her brown hair suddenly turned red. Now Ginny was bouncing on his cock. Harry had to admit, the redhead looked sexy as hell.

“Rub my clit, Harry. Girls love it!” Ginny gasped, rolling her nipples between her fingers. Harry complied and slid his hand to the point where their bodies met. Slowly he worked her hard clit until Ginny was shaking badly. “Oh god! Yes! That’s it!”

Her body started spasming as her pussy got tighter and tighter. Harry was about to lose it. When Ginny turned into Fleur, Harry had had enough. Pulling her down, he kissed her deeply as he grabbed her ass and thrust his cock deep into her. Tonks squealed as she came hard from his rough treatment. In her blonde, Veela form, her pussy contracted and milked him of every drop that he had. Harry fired thick ropes of hot cum into her as their tongues wrestled. After a moment, Tonks turned back to her normal self and flopped down next to him. Curling up against him, she kissed his bare chest as he smiled stupidly and stared at the ceiling. Seeing this, Tonks rolled her eyes. “Snap out of it, moron!” she told him. “The night’s still young. Now that we’ve gotten your first nut out of the way, it’s time to move onto some more advanced positions,” Tonks explained.

She got on all fours and turned around. She was just about to wiggle her bottom at him when he caught her by surprise. A long, fat cock slammed right into her wet pussy and instantly made her cum again. She didn’t know how long they'd be able to go, but she was convinced that tomorrow, like Bonesy, she’d have a big smile on her face.

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Screaming out in pleasure, Hermione Granger grabbed the headboard of the bed as it rocked back and forth from the motion of Harry’s hips. The sound of her ass cheeks being clapped filled the room and nearly drowned out her gasps and moans. What was causing her so much pleasure was the monster that hung between her boyfriend, Harry Potter’s legs. All in all, she considered herself a very lucky girl.

The two of them had gotten together a year or so after finishing Hogwarts. By then, Harry had already finished off Voldemort, and Hermione had found her parents in Australia and brought them back home. She had had a feeling that the two of them would end up together sooner or later. She was glad that it was sooner.

As a small child, Hermione was quite bookish and loved to learn. This didn’t exactly endear her to the rest of the children. As such, she had very few friends growing up. Once she attended Hogwarts, things quickly followed the same path. Thankfully, after only a couple of months, she was befriended by Harry and Ron. Things took a turn for the better after that. No longer was she lonely all of the time. She started to grow into herself, but still remained dedicated to her education. She tried in vain to get the boys as interested in studying as it was to her. She knew that she was fighting an uphill battle with that.

After Hogwarts, she began dating Harry, and that was when she really started acting like her true self. No one knew, but Hermione had always been a bit of a pervert. It was a secret that she tried really hard to hide and even forget. She loved the thought of things like peeping, and voyeurism. She loved the idea of her boyfriend fucking another girl right in front of her. Just the thought alone would make her shove her hand down her panties. After talking to Harry about it, he agreed to help her explore her perverse tendencies. Her first test was when she brought Luna home for Harry to fuck.

That night had been one of the best in her life. It was like a weight was pulled from her chest. She was able to not only accept but also enjoy her kinks. The orgasm that she had from touching herself while watching Harry fuck little Luna was incredible. She remembered the way he pulled his monstrous eleven-inch cock out of her cumming pussy. Hermione was flabbergasted by the way that it dripped Luna’s juices. Hermione blushed when she thought about how he forced her to her knees and made her suck Luna’s cum from his cock. Hermione didn’t stop until his cock and balls were sparkling clean.

One of her favorite pastimes was sitting nude on Harry’s lap with her legs spread while they watched porn together. Harry would massage her clit and toy with her asshole until she finally came. It was a great way to relax, in her opinion.

Luna wasn’t the only girl to be brought into their bed. There had been quite a few if she was being honest, and she enjoyed every single one of them.

In fact, they were hosting a young woman at the moment. She wasn’t a bed partner, but Fleur’s sister, Gabrielle. It was the summer before her final year at Beauxbatons, and she had come to England to spend some time with Fleur. Unfortunately, Fleur and Bill needed to go on an emergency trip to Egypt. Apparently, there was a problem with one of the tombs, and the team needed extra help. That meant for the next few days, Gabrielle was staying with them. And right off the bat, Hermione had learned something about the young blonde. She had a hardcore crush on Harry.

That wasn’t surprising. Fleur had told them that Gabrielle sported a crush ever since Harry pulled her from the lake during the Triwizard Tournament. What Fleur didn’t know was how intense that her sister’s crush truly was. It was so bad that Hermione had already caught her peeping on them when they fucked. While together, Harry and Hermione went at it like bunnies, so Gabrielle had plenty of opportunities to spy on them. Hermione would need to talk to the girl, but first, she needed to finish up. The thought of Gabrielle watching her get fucked turned her on so much that she was nearing orgasm already.

Screaming out, her pussy clamped down on Harry as he finished inside of her. Hermione laid there, quivering in sexual energy as her walls fluttered over his large member. Out of the corner of her eye, Hermione saw the little Veela pull her eye away from the cracked open door and quickly close it. Smiling to herself, Hermione basked in the sensation of being freshly fucked.


After taking a shower together, Harry had to run some errands, so Hermione figured that it was a good time to talk to Gabrielle. Putting on her silk robe, she went into the living room where Gabby was sitting. Joining her on the couch, Hermione sat down next to her.

“So … did you enjoy the show that we put on earlier?” Hermione just came out with it. No need to beat around the bush. Gabrielle sputtered as her cheeks turned pink.

“But I don’t know …” She was cut off by Hermione.

“I’ve seen you peeping on us multiple times already, Gabrielle. Don’t deny it,” Hermione confessed. “Besides, I’m not mad at you,” she told the young lady, smiling at her nicely.

“You’re not?” Gabby asked, perplexed.

“No. Now, I want you to tell me the truth, okay?”

Gabby nodded, still incredibly embarrassed.

“Do you like Harry?” Hermione asked. Gabby continued to blush and nodded. Hermione smiled.

“Would you like me to help you get into his bed?” Hermione smiled cheekily.

“Wha…!” was her less than elegant reply. Hermione giggled.

“Well, you got to watch me. I think that it’s only fair if I get to watch Harry fuck you in return. Don’t you think?” Hermione asked, sensually running her fingertips over her bare knees at the thought. Gabrielle’s cheeks were very pink. Hermione saw that she was going to agree, but was still too shy to actually say the words.

“C’mon. Harry will be back shortly. Let’s get you ready for him,” Hermione told her, grabbing her hand and pulling her into the bedroom.

When Harry got back, he didn’t see anyone in the living room, so he went into the bedroom to see if Hermione was there. What he saw was two nude women laying on the bed. Hermione was on her back, smirking while her legs were wide open. Gabrielle was lying on her stomach facing the door. She was completely nude and had her knees bent. Her legs were rocking back and forth, and the only naked part of her body that he could see was her ass. Her ass was incredibly shapely for a girl of her size. Harry was mesmerized by the sight of her gorgeous form.

“Do you like my surprise?” Hermione chirped. Harry nodded absent-mindedly. “Then take off your trousers.” Harry was naked in a flash. Hermione scooted over to Gabby. She leaned down and kissed Gabby’s shoulder. Gabby was too busy staring at Harry’s enormous cock to feel her kiss. “Have you ever sucked a cock?”

“N-no,” Gabby stuttered as Hermione gave her ass a soft slap.

“Let me show you,” Hermione said. Then she began instructing her how to please him properly.

Gabby took his cock in her small hand, and she gasped at the absurd size of it. Placing her other hand on it, she started stroking him vigorously. Hermione giggled as she moved Gabby’s hair to the side and held it bunched up in her hand. “Give it a kiss.”

Gabby placed the head against her lovely pink lips and kissed it. When her lips parted and her tongue licked it, Harry moaned. “He likes what you’re doing,” Hermione smiled, leaning down and kissing Gabrielle’s bare back. She let her hair go and started kissing down her back until Hermione reached her bubbly ass. Gabby, meanwhile, was busy giving Harry her full attention. His moans had given her more confidence. Her head was bobbing back and forth as her little tongue wiggled against the underside of his cock.

“Mmm. You’re really good at that,” Harry complimented her. Gabby let his cock go with a pop, and she smiled beautifully at him. Her face was pink, but she looked pleased.

“Merci,” she said sexily. Hearing her accent really got Harry’s motor running. Grabbing her under her arms, he lifted her up before putting her back on the bed. On her back, Gabby gasped at the rough treatment that she received while being manhandled by Harry. Seeing that he was staring at her naked chest, Gabby blushed and hid them under her hands. Harry was settled between her legs and his fingers were rubbing her wet, delicate folds.

“Don’t hide yourself from him,” Hermione chastised her gently. Hermione pried Gabby’s hands from her chest and exposed her to Harry’s gaze. “She has such beautiful tits, doesn’t she?” Hermione teased, grabbing hold of them and jiggling them for Harry’s amusement. Her breasts were perfect just like the rest of her body. They were a bit on the smallish side, being small B-cups, but Harry loved them nonetheless.

“Yes she does,” Harry agreed. Gabby’s heart was hammering in her chest when both leaned down and captured a nipple each. Gabby’s back arched as she gasped when Harry nipped on her hard nipple while Hermione’s tongue massaged the little nub. She bit her lip before letting out a cute, little moan. She couldn’t believe that they were both sucking on her nipples. Having Harry kiss her body was a dream come true for her, but she didn’t know what to think about Hermione. She had never given being with another woman much thought. It certainly felt good though. Harry suddenly pulled away from her nipple and pushed her legs wide apart. She gasped out loud when he let his humongous cock flop onto her lower belly.

Gabby thought that he would fuck her right then, but instead, he waved his wand and coated her pussy in something warm and slippery. He grabbed her legs and lifted them up while holding them together. She looked down her body and saw his cock sticking out from between her soft, smooth thighs. His cock was so big that it was forcing apart her hairless pussy lips and mashing into her sensitive clit. Gabby was shuddering as Hermione softly bit down on her nipple, but when Harry started moving, she squealed in pleasure.

Being between her thighs felt heavenly to him, and with her taut lips painting his cock with every thrust, he decided that there was nothing better. As he pulled his hips back, her little clit would make itself known. When he pushed forward, his thick head would bash into her clit, making Gabby arch her back and curl her toes.

Gabby laid there as Hermione kneaded her breasts in her hands while Harry took pleasure from fucking her clit. She was tingling so badly that she almost couldn’t take it anymore. Prying her legs open, she grabbed Harry’s cock and pressed the tip against her opening.

“Please!” she whined, desperate for more. Harry smirked at the horny girl and pushed forward. Hermione watched as his huge cock stretched her tiny hole. Not wanting to miss the view, Hermione crawled next to Harry. Poor Gabby was mortified as both stared at the point of penetration. She knew that they could see everything. Hermione proved that by giggling and poking her asshole with her finger.

Harry kept pushing and it felt like forever before his cock touched her cervix. Her body was trembling badly as her walls squeezed his cock.

“How does she feel?” Hermione asked as she started massaging Gabby’s clit.

“Amazing!” Harry gasped as her walls fluttered over him.

“Do you think that we should keep her?” she asked, looking at Gabby who blushed profusely.

“Definitely,” he groaned as Gabby clenched on him.

“Then fuck her hard!” Hermione exclaimed as she lightly flicked Gabby’s poor, abused clit. Harry’s hips started moving faster, and the noises coming from her mouth became more pronounced. Hermione could hear the wet schlicking sounds of Gabby’s wet pussy being penetrated by Harry’s thunderous cock. He lifted one of her legs up over his shoulder and really started fucking the poor girl.

Gabrielle was squeaking and gasping as her body shook back and forth. Her small tits shook and jiggled from the brutal fucking that she was receiving. Crying out, she couldn’t help that her pussy kept clenching on his cock. It felt too good. Just then, Hermione leaned down and sucked on her hard clit. Gabby’s eyes widened comically as she screamed. Girl cum poured from her pussy and coated Harry’s cock and balls as Gabby thrashed and bucked. It must have been too pleasurable for Harry as well because a moment later, he pulled out of her and spurted cum all over her naked pussy. Hermione pressed her cheek to Gabby’s lower belly and opened her mouth. Harry aimed and fired a string of cum into her open mouth. Spurt after spurt covered her pussy and Hermione’s face until finally, he was spent. He patted his cock against Gabby’s sensitive clit a few times, making her squeal and move away. Harry chuckled.

Moving up next to her, the couple sandwiched the young girl between them and explored her previously unused body. Harry was playing with her breast while Hermione’s hand rubbed her smooth mound. Gabby was blushing while breathing heavily, trying to calm after losing her virginity. She was thankful that she had broken her hymen years ago by being too enthusiastic with a dildo. She had been thinking of Harry at the time.

“So … Do you want to be our little toy?” Harry asked, squeezing her breast and kissing the side of her neck. Gabby blushed and nodded. “Good girl,” Harry praised her and began passionately kissing her. Gabby let her tongue slide around his before she squealed. Looking down, she saw Hermione smiling from between her spread legs. Harry reclaimed her lips just as Hermione began licking the cum from her pussy. It was going to be a while before the pair let the little Veela fall asleep.

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The MILF Club

Part 1

A small group of what some may call Cougars, or MILFS were sitting around a garden table at Bones Manor drinking tea or coffee and talking about their special, little club. Not many knew about this club. Only a select few were invited to join. Here, every woman put their differences aside to enjoy the finer things in life. Now that Voldemort was gone, they intended to step things up a notch.

“Amelia, ‘ow are the arrangements coming for our little party this weekend?” Apolline Delacour asked. She was looking forward to letting her hair down and having a great time. She loved her husband, but the man just didn’t know how to have a good time. Apolline was still young at heart and wanted to live life to the fullest. Her husband Jean was satisfied with sitting by a fire and reading his Quidditch magazines.

Amelia Bones spoke up. “Everything is on schedule. The party planners that you recommended are doing a wonderful job. That Ginny Weasley certainly knows how to throw a party. I still think about that Beach Bash that we had a few months ago.”

“As do I,” Emma Granger chimed in, giggling at the memory. “I was hungover for nearly two days. I don’t think I’ll funnel firewhiskey again any time soon.”

The ladies all burst into laughter. Emma was the only one brave enough to take a funnel full of the magical liquor. Next time, she wouldn’t be so eager to take on such a dare.

“Will Narcissa attend this time, Andie?” Amelia asked, turning to the brunette at her side. “Last time she was nowhere to be seen.” Andromeda Tonks nodded her head.


“Yes, she’ll be there. Last time she was still trying to get her family in order. Lucius had just been sentenced to life in prison and her son was still acting like a shithead. Fortunately, she was able to straighten everything out.”

“Where will the party be this time?” one of the ladies asked. Amelia answered.

“We’ve rented out a club in Knockturn Alley. We’ll have a private Floo address set for the occasion.”

The ladies finished their meeting laughing and thinking about the fun that they would inevitably have.

The MILF Club

“Hmm. Let’s see. Yes, that’s very good,” Ginny said, examining the goods. Her small hand was on Harry Potter’s cock as she stroked it to full hardness. Harry was completely nude while Ginny and Hermione ogled him.

“I can’t believe I let you two talk me into this,” Harry said, standing there while Hermione came up from behind and palmed his ass cheek. Giving it a squeeze, she found it to her liking. Ginny snorted.

“You get to shake your thing in front of a bunch of horny women. I have no doubt that they’ll devour you whole,” Ginny giggled. “Most men would kill to be in your place. Besides, they’re paying top dollar for you. You were requested by Amelia Bones personally. Harry shook his head and turned to his best friend.

“I already knew that Ginny was running this business, but I had no idea that you were in on it as well,” Harry told her. Hermione just smiled and gave his ass a pat.

“I’ve always been a silent partner in this. I just kept it to myself because it wasn’t a big deal. Now, I’ve decided to get a bit more involved,” she told him. Turning to Ginny, she said, “I can’t believe that my mother is part of the club,” Hermione shook her head. “She must be sowing some wild oats now that my parents decided to divorce.”

Harry perked up. He had met Hermione’s mom on several occasions. He found the older woman very sexy. Hermione saw him perk up and snorted.

“If you’re going to please my mum, then you need to do it right. Let me see what he’s working with,” Hermione said, taking Ginny’s place.

“He’s bloody massive!” Ginny exclaimed, grabbing the tape measure. Hermione held his cock while Ginny measured. “Nearly eleven inches!” she gasped. Hermione did as well.

“He’s thick as well,” Hermione licked her lips. She held him in her palm while she brushed the fingers of her other hand over his length. Ginny joined in and cupped his balls. He felt her juggle them in her palm and gently rub them with the pad of her thumb.

“Maybe after the party, we can test him out ourselves,” Ginny shuddered. “I imagine that Harry could be a real money-maker for us. Every bachelorette party within a thousand miles will want this beast flopping around for the ladies.”

“Now wait a …” He was cut off by Hermione. Her hand started beating him off while Ginny fondled his balls. Harry moaned and closed his eyes.

“Typical man,” Hermione snorted. “A bit of pleasure and he forgets everything else. Still, Ginny does make a good point. I’d definitely like to test the goods,” she said sexily. Harry just decided to shut up and count his blessings.

The MILF Club

It was nearing midnight, and the ladies of the party were thoroughly enjoying themselves. The alcohol was flowing freely, and the ladies didn’t have to worry about pureblood politics or embarrassing their families in public. Whatever happened behind closed doors would stay with the club permanently.

“Where’s this entertainment that you’ve been speaking about?” Narcissa said, drinking down another glass of expensive wine. The blonde MILF had had more than a few glasses and had a pretty good buzz going. The rest of the ladies nodded in agreement. They too were buzzed and ready for a bit of fun. Amelia giggled.

“Alright, alright. I’ll bring it in,” she told them. Clearing her throat, she called out, “Slaveboy! Oh, Slaveboy! Come on in. We’re ready!”

The chatter stopped when Harry Potter walked in wearing only a Nundu patterned man-thong. Suddenly, a female wolf-whistle broke the ice. Giggling erupted from the group of women. Amelia grabbed him by the front of his underwear and pulled him close.

“He’s so yummy! Isn’t that right, girls?” Harry heard their yells of agreement. He tried to hide the blush on his cheeks as Amelia fondled his covered cock. “Merlin, it’s so big!” she said, squeezing the bulge that he was sporting. The ladies took turns examining and fondling him before he came to Mrs. Granger. She smiled at him fondly before spinning him around.

“OWW!” Harry yelped when Emma bit his ass cheek. The ladies continued to giggle as she stuck her hand between his legs from behind. She was fondling his cock before grabbing the waistband of his underwear and pulling them down.

“Merlin!” the ladies gasped when his long, hard cock sprang out. Suddenly, Emma was standing behind him, one hand feeling his hard abs while the other beat him off. Harry moaned as the other women looked on.

“Has this thing been inside of my daughter?” Emma asked, stroking him faster and faster.

“Not yet,” Harry moaned as he watched Narcissa Malfoy pull up a chair in front of him.

“So I get to use it first? Good,” she smiled while Narcissa sat in the chair and crossed her legs. She saw Harry stare at the smooth, creamy skin of her thighs and smirked. Slowly she pulled up the hem of her dress and showed him her panties. Then, the sexy blonde spread her legs and showed him her panty-covered pussy. While his eyes were glued to the area between her legs, Narcissa grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside.

“You’re the first person since my husband to see this,” Narcissa told him, using two fingers to spread her lips open and expose her wet, pink insides. As Narcissa began to finger herself, Amelia and Andromeda kneeled on each side of him. Both looked up at him and smiled before they pulled their tops down at the same time. Amelia’s huge breasts spilled out, and she quickly pinched her nipples between her fingers. Andromeda’s breasts were smaller than Amelia’s but still big enough to keep his attention. She was jiggling a breast in each hand to entice him. Before long, both women leaned in and started licking his shaft.

As Emma beat him off and the other two women licked and sucked on his hard shaft, he continued to watch Narcissa play with herself. Next, his former professor, Aurora Sinistra walked up behind Narcissa, completely nude and started to kiss her shoulder while pulling the top of Narcissa’s dress down. Her pale, lovely tits fell out as her top was lowered. The clash of Aurora’s darker skin against Narcissa’s pale skin was incredible to Harry. He would love to get both women in bed at the same time.

It seemed that Amelia wanted to play and got in front of him. Wrapping her large tits around his massive cock, she started bouncing her breasts as Andromeda spit on his cock to add lubrication. Emma had lowered herself and began licking and kissing all over his toned ass.

Harry couldn’t help himself and spurted cum all over Amelia’s big tits. Andromeda grabbed his cock and stroked it until he ran dry. Having taken a special potion, Harry was immediately filled with cum again and ready for more. Eyeing Narcissa’s perfect pussy, he pushed his way through the group of ladies that were grabbing at his body and slammed all the way into Narcissa with a single thrust. She squealed loudly as her pussy clamped down on him.

Harry wasted no time in brutally fucking the gorgeous MILF. He held her around her thighs and repeatedly slammed into her. Her wet, silky walls were gripping him tightly as her mouth-watering tits bounced and flopped from the impacts. Aurora leaned in and began kissing him while groping Narcissa’s jiggling breasts. Harry gladly added his tongue into the mix as he felt hands and lips touching and kissing all over his body.

Narcissa suddenly came hard and clamped down on him. He was spun around which made his cock slip from Narcissa’s heavenly depths. Seeing that a bed had been conjured, he saw a nude Emma Granger on the bed on all fours, shaking her ass. Never one to turn down such an invitation, she hopped onto the bed and rubbed his arousal-covered cock against her pussy. Andromeda leaned down and took him into her mouth and sucked him clean before she held this cock against Emma’s opening. Aurora pushed his ass from behind and made him slip into Hermione’s mom.

Emma threw her head back and screamed. “Careful! You’re way bigger than my ex-husband!” The ladies all laughed while Emma moaned like a whore. Andromeda was tossed down next to him while Amelia pried her legs open. Her panties were pulled off, and Amelia leaned in and began licking and sucking on Andromeda’s slick folds. Soon, the entire club smelled like wet pussy. Emma’s ass cheeks were rippling as Harry held onto her waist and fucked her furiously. Aurora was kissing and licking his neck while she played with Emma’s asshole. Reaching under her, Harry toyed with Emma’s hard, damp clit which made the older woman scream and cum on him. Harry groaned and pulled out, coated Emma’s bare back with streaks of white cum. Aurora leaned in and started licking the cum from her back while Harry got behind her.

He spread her cheeks with his hands and buried his face in her naked cunt. Aurora let out a gasping curse as his tongue slithered over her asshole and down to her wet slit. Behind him, he felt someone come up and reach under him. One hand was playing with his balls while another hand started jerking him off again. Harry wrapped his lips around Aurora’s clit and happily sucked it until she came as well. Turning around, he saw Narcissa opening her mouth and holding his cock to her lips. He threaded his fingers through her hair and let loose. A string of thick cum slashed across her face and left a dripping line. Another spurt shot straight into her mouth. She closed her mouth and smiled as he continued to coat her face in his seed.

Harry flopped back onto the bed, smiling widely and breathing heavily. He was in a bit of a daze and didn’t even know who had jumped on his cock. All that he knew was that another horny MILF was fucking herself on his cock, and he suspected that this would continue deep into the night.

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Flying Foxes

Harry groaned as his most recent girlfriend and fellow Quidditch teammate rolled her hips while straddling his lap. Like they often do, they had snuck out the previous night and slept in the secret room that Harry had access to. Finding the room was fairly easy when you were in the good graces of the school’s House-Elves. Getting the room warded to only access him and anyone he keys in was fairly easy as well. All that it took was a little bit of sweet talk to his best friend, Hermione Granger.

Harry was sitting in his comfortable leather chair, completely nude while Katie Bell, his girlfriend, gave him a lapdance while only wearing a small pair of white, cotton panties. The warmth of her panty-covered mound felt wonderful against the underside of his cock. Harry’s hands gripped her shapely cheeks as she rubbed herself against him.

Katie broke the kiss and gasped as her clit was stimulated. Her cheeks turned pink when Harry’s hand slipped into the back of her panties and his finger began rubbing her asshole. She loved having that hole played with.

“Looks like we’ll be having some shitty weather for our game tomorrow,” Harry said as she arched her back and presented her naked tits to him. Harry kissed each hard nipple before peppering the rest of her breasts with kisses and nips. Katie was breathing heavily from his enthusiasm.

“Yeah,” she exhaled when he caught her nipple between his teeth and lightly tugged on it. “It’s going to be cold and rainy. Probably windy as well,” she groaned, not looking forward to a long game in such terrible conditions. Katie got up and turned around. She sat back down on his lap facing away from him. Immediately his lips found the side of her neck while one hand played with her large B-cup breasts. Harry loved her medium-sized, pink nipples. He always took every opportunity to play with her hard, little nubs.

“I’m not looking forward to that,” Harry replied, sliding his free hand down her slim, smooth belly and right down the front of her white panties. Katie shuddered when his hand slid over her smooth mound and his finger parted her wet lips. Her body was trembling as her clit was mashed by his moving fingers. Her hips began to move faster, both to give him pleasure from the lapdance, and also to receive more pleasure from his wandering hand. She felt his fingers poke at her opening before sliding in easily. She must have been extremely wet for his fingers to slide in with such ease.

“Neither am I,” Katie choked out as she writhed in pleasure. His fingers slid in further before he curled them in the way that she loved. As his hand started moving, her g-spot began getting stimulated. Soon her juices were flowing freely, and her pussy was making obscene, wet noises as he brutally finger-fucked her. Looking down, she could see a massive wet spot on her panties.

“I prefer to be here, nice and warm with you,” he teased and kissed her bare shoulder. Katie shuddered as he lifted her up and placed her on the bed. Katie watched as he lifted her legs up and removed her wet panties before parting her legs and diving in face first.

Flying Foxes

“Stop bragging!” Alicia Spinnet complained. The three female Chasers of the Gryffindor Quidditch team loved to talk about their love lives while getting ready for a match. It kept them from getting too nervous. Apparently, Alicia and Angelina Johnson were going through a bit of a dry spell. As such, they were more than a bit envious to hear about Katie’s sexcapades with her boyfriend, who just happened to be the Seeker on their team.

“I can’t help it,” Katie giggled while putting her clothes in her locker. They were in the female area of the locker room. No boys allowed, sadly. “His cock is sooooo big! It always hits the spot,” she said, intentionally rubbing it in.

“How big exactly?” Angelina wondered. Katie held her hands apart which made the other two girls’ eyes bug out.

“Over ten inches. He let me measure,” Katie smiled happily.

“Stop smiling, you smarmy little slut! I can’t believe that you’re getting some action and us two get nothing!” Alicia complained, making the other two laugh. All three suddenly jumped when a crack of thunder loudly echoed throughout the room.

“It’s getting bad out there,” Alicia winced. The girls nodded. The wind was whipping something fierce and the rain was nearly moving sideways.

“I can’t wait until the game is over. Harry and I are going straight back to his secret room. There’s already a fire crackling in the fireplace. We’ll be celebrating in style,” she giggled softly. Angelina and Alicia groaned. They were complaining so much that Katie had finally had enough.

“Fine! If we win, then you two horny bitches can join us. The four of us can celebrate together,” Katie huffed, tightening a forearm pad.

“Really?!” Angelina gasped. Katie nodded. The three girls had experimented with each other on a few occasions. Usually after one too many drinks. All of them found the experiences pleasant enough, and Katie wouldn’t mind doing it again. She was sure that Harry would be more than happy to accommodate the three of them tonight.

“DEAL!” Alicia yelled out, making Katie jump in surprise. Suddenly, the other two weren’t so grumpy anymore. In fact, they seemed downright eager to get out there and win the game. They finished putting on their pads much more enthusiastically than before.

Flying Foxes

Harry sighed happily as he entered his room. The warmth of the fire enveloped him and soothed his shivering body. He had spent over two hours playing against Ravenclaw before finally catching the snitch. The damn ball was nearly impossible to see in such bad weather. Already chilled to the bone, he showered in hot water and dressed in warm, dry clothes only for him to get soaking wet once again during the trip back to the school. Thankfully, he kept extra clothes for himself here, not that he would need them, he smirked. Katie said that she would meet him here shortly and that she would be bringing a surprise. He didn’t care about the surprise. All that he cared about was getting her tight, little body into bed.

Stripping down naked, he placed his clothes in a hamper so that the House-Elves could collect and clean them. Hopping onto the bed, he laid on his back and closed his eyes to have a bit of a cat nap until Katie arrived. It was maybe ten minutes later when the door opened. He was just about to open his eyes when he heard a wolf-whistle and a lot of giggling. Opening his eyes, he yelped and covered his soft dick with his hands as the cold and wet forms of Katie, Alicia, and Angelina became known to him.

“Don’t cover up on our behalf, Harry. In fact, we’ll be joining you,” Angelina smirked, stripping off her wet clothes. Alicia and Katie followed suit. They used magic to string a line in front of the fireplace where they all hung their wet clothes. Harry watched with bated breath as the girls smirked at him and unclipped their bras and lowered their panties. They burst into a giggle fit when they saw his massive cock balloon, and he was unable to hide it behind his hands anymore. A shivering Katie bounced over to him and jumped on the bed, snuggling up with him.

“I told you that I was bringing a surprise!” she told him, her hand reaching down and circling his cock. Slowly, she started stroking him. Angelina and Alicia joined them in bed.

“You don’t mind, do you, Harry?” Angelina asked, sticking out her large chest. His eyes were glued to her rock-hard nipples. He was fascinated by the darkness of her nipples when it contrasted with her lighter-colored skin. Harry gulped and shook his head. The girls smiled before they started staring at his cock.

“You were right. This thing’s massive!” Alicia gasped, her hand joining Katie’s. Angelina moved next to him and rubbed her hard nipple against his mouth. On instinct, he captured her hard pebble and began sucking on it while receiving a double handjob.

“His cock looks a bit cold. Why don’t you warm it up, Alicia?” he heard his girlfriend say. He felt Alicia crawl between his legs before soft, warm lips wrapped around his hard cock. Katie nuzzled up to his other side. Pressing her breast against his face, Harry let go of Angelina’s nipple and turned to Katie’s before sucking on it as well. Alicia was bobbing her head faster and faster as she grew more confident in taking such a beast down her throat. Angelina whined and opened her legs. Grabbing his hand, she placed it on her warm, wet pussy before starting to grind on it. Harry’s fingers found her hard, little nub and made Angelina gasp when he began massaging it. Katie grabbed his other hand and did the same thing. Sliding his fingers into both girls’ wet openings, they shuddered as he switched back to Angelina’s hard nipple.

Angelina squeaked as her body jumped. “Careful, Harry! My nipples are sensitive,” she moaned as she ran her fingers through his messy hair. In response, he held his tongue against her nipple tip and activated his Parselmouth abilities. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as soon as his tongue began to vibrate rapidly against her aching nipple. Holding the back of his head, she pulled it closer and mashed her nipple further into his mouth.

“Careful! You’ll smother him with your big tits!” Katie giggled as Harry rubbed her clit with his thumb. Looking down, she could see that his hand was coated in her wetness.

“What a way to go,” Harry moaned as he let go of her nipple. Alicia was practically fucking her face on his cock. The girls laughed and pushed him on his back. Alicia pulled off of his cock and threw her leg over his waist.

“I’m first,” she declared, shuddering as she rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet entrance. Pushing the head inside, she slowly lowered herself onto him. She watched as Angelina did the same with his face. Sitting on him, the dark-skinned girl was now facing her. Leaning in, she began to tongue kiss her fellow Chaser as they both started rolling their hips. Soon after, Katie joined in and made it a three-way kiss.

Harry was in heaven as he tongued Angelina’s sloppy, wet hole. Her hips were moving so much that she was smearing her juices all over his face. Capturing her clit in his mouth made her movements stop. He heard a loud moan from above. He moved his hand to her ass, and his finger began toying with her asshole.

Angelina arched her back and let out a whorish moan when his finger touched her dirty hole. Her pussy tightened and began to tingle wildly and when his tongue started to vibrate against her clit, she screamed out and came hard. Her body trembled violently, and she was forced to roll off of him from her pussy being too sensitive. Katie happily took her place. She sighed happily when his tongue slid into her wet hole.

Alicia’s eyes were fluttering as her walls tightly gripped his invading cock. She had never felt so stretched in her entire life. No boy that she had ever been with even compared to the slab of meat that hung between his legs. Every time that she dropped down on him, his cock was batter against her cervix and scrape against her abused g-spot. She clenched her eyes shut and cried out while trying to hold back another orgasm. Thankfully, it was only a mini orgasm this time. Breathing heavily, she started rolling her hips in a circular pattern. She smiled when his hips raised, letting her know that he liked it. Squeezing her pussy tight around him, she pressed down hard on his crotch and moved her hips back and forth. What was meant to bring him pleasure, instead made her cry out. Her pussy clamped down on him as her juices flooded his crotch. His cock and balls were dripping wet from her rain of girl cum. Suddenly, she was pushed off of him by Angelina.

“My turn!” she breathed out. Leaning forward, she exposed her pussy and ass to Alicia. Annoyed by her bossiness, Alicia smirked and grabbed his cock. Rubbing the tip against Angelina’s pussy, the dark-skinned girl lowered herself expecting to be fucked in the pussy. However, at the last minute, Alicia moved his cock up and it slipped right into Angelina’s asshole.

“IIIIEEEEEEEE!” was what came out of her mouth as her asshole was penetrated to the fullest. Her asshole was clenching his cock tightly, not wanting to let him move, but Alicia had other plans. Grabbing Angelina’s wide, inviting hips, Alicia began to move her body up and down, forcing her to fuck herself on his big, fat cock. A string of drool slipped from Angelina’s plump lips and dribbled down her perfect breasts. Her mouth was open like the pathetic slut that she was as Alicia leaned in and began fondling her unused pussy. A pleasured cry left her mouth.

“That’s what you get,” Alicia snickered as Angelina spasmed and thrashed around on his cock. She was now riding him under her own power, taking him deep into her bowels.

Katie was pinching and pulling on her nipples as she rode his tongue to completion. She knew what was coming when his lips circled her hard clit. When the vibrations began, Katie screamed as her body shook. Juices flooded his mouth and face as she came as hard as she ever had. Falling off of his face, her body flopped around as she experienced a powerful orgasm. Just then, Angelina cried out and came on him as well. Her luscious ass clenched tightly around him, forcing him to cum deep into her bowels. Grunting, he let every ounce of cum spurt into her lovely ass as Alicia massaged his balls. When done, they fell back onto the bed breathing heavily. Harry had three naked girls laying all over him in a tangle of arms, legs, and breasts. It was a hell of a victory party that would surely go on deep into the night.

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Sisterly Surprise

Part 1

Gabrielle was sitting at her vanity while she finished putting her makeup on. Very little makeup was needed. In fact, most would say that she didn’t need any makeup at all. Normally, she would agree with this. Veela were already stunningly beautiful. Their magic made them nearly physically perfect. Though sometimes she liked to put just a dash of eyeliner or eyeshadow with some lip gloss to add to the sultry look that she already possessed. Suddenly, the door to her room opened, and her sister walked in.

Fleur was just as beautiful as Gabby. Both of them and their mother were often lusted after any time that they walked the streets of Paris. Gabby had found that that was even more true now that she had turned seventeen.

Only a couple of years ago, her older sister and mother sat her down and explained about a Veela’s coming of age. Once she turned seventeen, things would begin to change for her. Slowly, her Allure would start to increase in potency until it reached a dangerous level. If left alone, it could be very dangerous for her. Even her own father wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of her. As such, the best way to take care of this little problem was to find a suitable partner to help “take the edge off” as her mother had called it, until roughly a year later. By having a steady supply of sexual release, her Allure would remain in a weakened state. Once her magical core had settled, her Veela powers would settle as well. Unfortunately, no one knew exactly how long that would be. Fleur and her mother said that theirs had settled after a little more than a year, so she guessed that hers would be of a similar time frame.

Looking at Fleur, she felt a bit of irritation, despite how much she loved her. Gabby didn’t know who to choose as a partner. There were a few guys that she knew that would love to step in, but she wasn’t too eager for that. She had never even had sex before. She didn’t want to give it up to some guy who’s nothing more than a friend. Fleur never had to go through such uncertainty. During her time, she was at Hogwarts and had found a wonderful partner. Harry Potter. The name made her insides flutter. She had had more than a little crush on him since he pulled her from the lake all those years ago. It was after that when Fleur chose him as a partner. At first, it was mostly as a reward for his heroics. But soon, Fleur discovered how much of a wonderful man that he was, and they had remained together ever since.

She tried to put that out of her mind. Fleur told her to get ready because she’d be taking her out for a surprise.

“You look beautiful!” Fleur declared as she walked up and kissed her on the top of her head. Gabrielle smiled.

“Merci,” she replied. “Where are we going tonight?” Gabby asked, looking up at her sister. Fleur was also dressed nicely.

“It’s a secret,” Fleur smirked. “It will be a very nice way to celebrate your seventeenth birthday. I promise.” Fleur sighed. “Already a woman,” she shook her head. Gabrielle giggled and stood up.

“How do I look?” she asked, spinning around. Her little sundress flared out as she spun.

“Very desirable,” Fleur told her and poked her in the belly which made her squeal. “Now come along. We mustn’t be late.” Gabrielle nodded and agreed. She grabbed her purse and let Fleur Side-Along apparate her to the destination. When they appeared in front of Fleur and Harry’s gorgeous French Chateau, she was rightly confused.

“Are we here to pick up something?” Gabby asked as she was pulled inside by her hand.

“You’ll see. Now come along,” Fleur ordered. Gabby shrugged her shoulders and followed her sister’s lead. They walked up the two flights of stairs of the grand Manor house and came to the door to the master bedroom. Fleur pushed it open and walked inside. Thinking nothing of it, Gabby followed suit. The moment that she walked in, however, she squeaked in embarrassment and covered her face and eyes with her hands. Standing in front of her was the man of her dreams, Harry Potter. And the best part was that he was completely nude. She had only got a quick peek, but she definitely liked what she saw.

Fleur smirked as she looked at her embarrassed sister. Her porcelain hands were over her eyes, but even so, she saw her fingers spread apart slightly so that she could see her naked fiance. Rolling her eyes, Fleur grabbed her hands and pulled them from her face. She nearly laughed at how red it was. Her cheeks were a flaming pink as she tried to avert her eyes, but couldn’t help but look at his muscled form.

“ ‘Arry! Why are you naked?” Gabrielle gasped out, blushing up a storm. She heard him chuckle and walked toward her. Her breath hitched as he appeared next to her. She could feel the heat radiating from his body. She had to fight her instincts to lean in closer.

“Because your sister and mother talked it over and agreed that I was the perfect man to take care of you during your ‘special time’. After that, they talked to me about it, and we came to an agreement,” Harry explained as he pressed in on her from behind. Her breathing was heavy as his hands touched her slim waist.

“Now, the only thing left is for you to agree. Or would you prefer to find someone else?” Harry asked softly. Gabrielle’s body shuddered violently when she felt his fingertips glide up the back of her silky, smooth thighs. They continued to climb until his hand was underneath her sundress. Her legs nearly gave out when his fingertips brushed over her shapely cheeks that were uncovered by her small thong. His hand didn’t stop there. It slipped between her thighs and gave her soft flesh a gentle squeeze.

“Yes … I mean, NO!” Gabrielle gasped. “I want you to be the one,” she honestly told him. “Is it really okay, Fleur?” she asked, turning to her sister. Gabrielle’s eyes widened when she saw Fleur push the straps of her dress off of her delicate shoulders. Her dress fell off of her body and pooled at her feet. Stepping out of it, Fleur revealed her nude body to them.

“It’s okay, Gabby. But I must be here to make sure that he treats you properly,” Fleur smirked. “ ‘Arry can get a bit carried away. Often I am unable to walk the following morning,” Fleur giggled.

Gabby was about to respond, but instead, she squeaked. Harry’s hand cupped her panty-clad pussy and gave it a squeeze.

Harry moaned at the feeling of her covered pussy. He could feel her warmth and the dampness of her panties. He knew that Gabrielle was ready. Kneeling down, he reached underneath her dress and yanked down her panties. Sliding them down to her knees, Harry stuck his head underneath her dress and nipped at her bare ass. He smiled into her soft flesh when he felt her jump in surprise. The scent emanating from her untouched pussy was incredible. It completely surrounded him in the warmth that she provided. It had his cock throbbing with need. His hands slid up her legs, and his hands gripped her hips. Bending her over slightly, her ass jutted out just enough for him to bury his face between her cheeks.

Gabrielle cried out and hugged Fleur to her as Harry manhandled her in a way that she was unused to. Her body trembled in lust and nervousness as Harry’s face buried itself in her ass. Her small hands gripped Fleur’s body tightly when she felt his tongue slither from his mouth and lick her virgin asshole.

“Fleur!” she squealed in a high-pitched voice. Fleur just giggled.

“Is ‘e licking your ass?” she asked amusedly. Gabrielle nodded with her large, blue eyes as big as saucers. “Does it feel good?” Fleur asked. Fleur loved when her fiance licked her naughty hole. She watched as Gabby’s cheeks turned a flaming red. Fleur already knew the answer. Both girls could hear a wet slurping sound as his mouth lowered to her taut, virgin lips.

“You certainly are wet,” Fleur teased as she made Gabby lift her arms. Fleur lifted her dress off of her body and tossed it aside. Now Gabby was only in high heels and the panties that were already halfway discarded. “Stop teasing the poor girl and get ‘er to bed,” Fleur said, smiling when Harry groaned. He certainly loved pleasing women with his mouth. It was one of the things that Fleur really loved about him. She laughed as Harry threw Gabby over his shoulder and made the poor girl squeal in fright. Her legs kicked out but quickly stopped when Harry slapped her bare bottom. Tossing her on the bed, Fleur immediately went in and slid the panties the remaining way off of her legs. Meanwhile, Gabby’s eyes fluttered when Harry removed her heels and began kissing the soles of her bare feet. The action was so naughty that she had a mini orgasm. Pulling her feet from his hands, Gabby curled up as she spasmed in pleasure.

“Mon Dieu!” Fleur gasped, wide-eyed. “She must be more worked up than I thought” Harry smiled and shook his head.

“Remember how worked up you were during our first time? You came the moment I touched your clit,” Harry smirked, reminding her of her first time. Fleur blushed beautifully at the memory and nodded.

“Let us take care of ‘er” Fleur told him and crawled onto the bed next to her sister. Harry crawled on the opposite side of the little Veela.

Gabby was breathing heavily when her legs were wrenched apart. On her back, she was now sandwiched between her two lovers. Her legs were spread so wide that her taut pussy lips were being slightly pulled apart. Looking down, Gabby could see a glimpse of her light pink insides glistening in the light. She threw her head back and moaned when Harry leaned in and began sucking on her small, perky breast while Fleur’s hand dipped lower and started rubbing her hard, aching clit.

Leaning in, Fleur kissed Gabby’s neck softly. “Are you ready to become a woman?” Fleur whispered huskily into her ear. Gabby nodded shyly and shuddered when her sister pinched and rolled her throbbing clit between her fingers. “It is time, ‘Arry.”

Harry let go of her nipple and crawled between her legs. Fleur scooted over and spread her legs wide and settled her sister between them. Gabrielle could feel Fleur’s hard nipples pressed against her soft back as she was hugged to her chest. Fleur’s hand slid up her belly and groped her tit while her other hand continued to rub her sensitive clit. Gabby bit her lip while trying not to moan. When Harry settled between her parted legs, he let his massive erection lay across her belly. Seeing this, Gabby immediately got nervous. Fleur smiled, knowing what she was thinking.

“Nervous?” she teased, rapidly flicking her fingers back and forth across Gabby’s hard nub.

“It is too big!” she squeaked. “It will tear me apart!” Fleur laughed.

“Don’t worry Gabrielle. We are Veela. We are made to provide pleasure to our partners,” she assured the frightened, young woman. “ ‘Arry will stretch you, but you will remain tight for ‘im and any other partner in the future.” Fleur began sucking on Gabby’s neck while the young Veela watched wide-eyed as Harry rubbed the underside of his massive cock between her plump, hairless lips. She could see his shaft reflecting the light of the room. She blushed realizing that it was her arousal that was causing this. Before long, however, she put that out of her mind when she felt his huge dome nestle itself between her lips. He pushed and his thick head slid inside of her damp opening. Gabby arched her back and cried out as his cock slid deeper and deeper without stopping. Veela didn’t have hymens, so she was lucky that she didn’t have to go through the pain of losing her virginity. That didn’t mean that there wasn’t some pain, however. Harry was so huge that he was stretching her nearly beyond what her body was capable of accommodating. Her walls gripped his cock so tightly that she could feel every ridge and vein of his gargantuan shaft.

Harry’s hands gripped the tops of her spread thighs as he finally bottomed out. Gabby jumped and gasped. Fleur giggled and petted her head. “Don’t worry. ‘E just ‘it your cervix. Wait until ‘e starts moving and ‘its your g-spot,” Fleur smiled down at her. Harry did just that.

Gabrielle moaned louder than any whore as Harry pulled out of her tight depths and plunged back in. The wet squelch that followed the penetration was so perverse that it made Gabby want to cover her face in shame. When Harry pushed back in, his cockhead rammed into her g-spot, making her entire body tingle wildly in pleasure. Fleur held her down as she began to thrash in her grasp. One hand was rubbing her hard nipples while the other was still playing with her clit.

Gabby was out of her mind with pleasure as Harry thrust harder and harder into her. Her pussy was squeezing his cock so hard that she was surprised that it wasn’t hurting him. Her g-spot was being destroyed by the monster that was invading her delicate tunnel. Wetness was leaking out of her abused pussy and dripping down to her virgin asshole. Her eyes were twitching, and she was beginning to see stars. The walls of her pussy were fluttering over his thrusting member. “FLEUR!” Gabby cried out and felt her sister hug her tightly. She felt Fleur’s lips pepper her cheeks with kisses as she experienced her first true orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on Harry’s cock which made him moan. Fleur wrapped her legs around Gabby’s waist to keep her body from bucking too hard as she thrashed around wildly in pleasure.

“Here it comes, honey!” Harry gasped, using his thumb to massage Gabby’s engorged clit.

“Not inside, ‘Arry! She is not on the proper potion yet,” Fleur warned. Nodding, Harry pulled out, and Gabby’s wetness literally dripped off of his cock. Grabbing Fleur’s perfect, dainty feet, he thrust his cock between her silky, smooth soles and began fucking her. Gabby watched as cum spurted out of the tip of his cock and splashed across her naked tits. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as more cum painted her perfect, little body. She watched strings of white slash across her smooth, slim belly and even pool into her belly button. Once he was done, she watched as Fleur smirked and rubbed the underside of his cock with her bare foot. Gabby blushed at the action. She hoped that she too would be that confident in her sexuality soon. She remembered that at the very least, she would be in Harry’s bed for the next year. He would surely teach her a thing or two. Blushing even harder, she promised herself that she would take every opportunity to get pleasured by him. Feeling Fleur rub her nipple, she wondered if she would be sharing Harry with her. This was the first time anything incestuous happened between them, but she certainly liked it. Incest was fairly common among Veela, so she wasn’t worried about that.

Looking down, she gasped when she saw how much cum was on her body. Fleur giggled. “Let us shower before we continue.” She grabbed Gabby’s hand and pulled her to her feet. Gabby heard her yell out, “Coming, ‘Arry?”

Gabby blushed once again when she realized that she would be taking a shower with the man of her dreams. All in all, things were looking up for the young Veela.

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The Younger Sister

Twenty-five year old Harry Potter had just sat down after a long day of work and poured himself a glass of Ogden’s Finest when he received an urgent message through the Floo.

This was fairly common in his line of work. After defeating Voldemort, the Auror Department practically begged him to join up. Since he had already planned on it, he did so with happiness. Even though the training program was long and difficult, he persisted and tried his hardest. After three months of grueling training, he finally graduated to the lowest rank of Aurors. He didn’t mind. Everyone started out the same way. After another three months, he ranked up again and was no longer on probation. Since then, he slowly worked his way up until he was made Head Auror at twenty-four.

His promotion rankled some feathers, but no one could honestly say that he didn’t deserve it. He always got the job done and knew how to play politics. This was thanks to his friendship with Daphne Greengrass. She too worked at the ministry but had aspirations to reach the very top. She wanted to be the Minister of Magic one day. Since Harry wouldn’t touch that position with a ten-foot pole, it made sense for them to form an alliance. He would help her rise to her desired position, and she would help him. So far, things had worked out well for them both.

That’s why when Harry received an urgent Floo-call, it wasn’t out of the ordinary. He was often pulled into work at strange hours. Usually, it was because some heir to some important house got busted doing something stupid. This time, it was something a bit stranger than that.

Narcissa had called him with an emergency. She wouldn’t say what, but he knew that she wouldn’t call without a valid reason. Narcissa wasn’t the type to panic unnecessarily.

Harry had also built a strange rapport with Narciss Malfoy. Her husband Lucius was killed during the final battle, and her son, Draco was seriously injured. Harry wasn’t sure where she kept Draco, but it wasn’t anywhere in the country. Rumors were that he was getting secret treatments somewhere abroad. From what Harry remembered, Malfoy was in really bad condition. He couldn’t walk and could barely move his arms. That’s what happens when a Giant steps on your spine, Harry guessed. It was ironic that the Giants were supposed to be on Voldemort’s side, and they ended up killing and injuring more of his followers than his enemies.

After Lucius was buried and Draco was shipped off, Narcissa had the unenviable task of trying to fix her family’s reputation. For a while there, no one wanted to have anything to do with her. Those who opposed Voldemort were angry at her for obvious reasons, and those who supported Voldemort were trying to fix their own reputations. They didn’t need someone else making their jobs harder. In the pureblood-supremacist community, it was every man, woman, and child for themselves.

Because Lucius and Draco were now out of the picture, she had complete access to the rest of the Malfoy fortune. While it was true that Voldemort had drained their bank account significantly, there was still plenty there. That’s how she got involved with Harry.

Harry’s bank account was decent enough. He had enough to last him a while if he spent conservatively. Narcissa, however, offered him a great deal of gold if he helped her get out of the gutter and back into the good graces of the magical community. At first, he outright refused, but after talking to her and finding out that she really wasn’t that bad, he agreed. The money was simply too good to pass up, and if she screwed up again, he would make sure that no one would ever speak to her again.

With Harry’s reputation, it was easy to get her back into civilized society. In fact, there were even rumors that they were secret lovers. This happened to be true. While Narcissa was older than him, she was still quite the looker. She was no longer married and had little desire to be courted by some old, ugly pureblood looking for a sweet piece of ass. As such, she seduced Harry and talked him into a friends-with-benefits kind of deal. The arrangement worked out well for both of them.

Harry set his drink down and walked over to the fireplace. Tossing some floo powder in, he watched as the orange flames turned emerald green. He stepped into the green fire and called out, “Malfoy Manor.”

He stepped out of her fireplace only a moment later and waved his wand to remove the ash from his clothes. Looking around, he saw Narcissa walking up to him. Kissing both of his cheeks, she grabbed his hand and began pulling him somewhere.

“Would you mind explaining what is going on?” Harry asked the sexy blonde.

“It’s my sister,” Narcissa told him, pulling him up the stairs.

“Andromeda?” Harry asked. As far as he knew, neither of them was too fond of the other.

“No … Bellatrix,” she confessed.

“Bellatrix?” Harry asked, confused. “She died during the final battle,” Harry said. He watched as she took a curse in the chest. He wasn’t sure what curse hit her, but she went down like a sack of dirt and didn’t move. She was still laying there with her eyes open hours later when he walked the killing field. He just assumed that she had been killed. Narcissa shook her head.

“She was severely injured. The curse messed up her insides quite badly. I collected her body along with my husband and son’s thinking that she was dead. I later found out that she was barely alive,” she confessed, not looking at him.

“I’ve had a private Healer looking after her, trying to get her back to normal.”

“Narcissa, if she’s alive then she’s a wanted criminal!” Harry rebuked the woman.

“I know! But she’s my sister,” she looked back, pleading with him. Harry sighed.

“If people find out, you’ll be dragged into the street and stoned,” Harry shook his head.

“I know. That’s why I came up with a plan. It just didn’t turn out quite right,” she said, leading him to a locked door. She tapped her wand against it and opened it up. Harry walked inside to see a young and very sexy Bellatrix unconscious on the bed. Her long, dark hair was a bit scraggly and unkempt, but it added to her sexiness. Harry walked up to her and began waving his wand. He wasn’t an expert Healer by any means, but being an Auror, he needed to know the fundamentals in case he needed to quickly patch himself up.

“What happened to her?” Harry asked Narcissa while trying to decipher the readings that his spell was sending back.

“As you know, my family practically brainwashed her in her youth, and she was never very strong-willed, to begin with. Then, after spending so long around the Dementors in Azkaban … Well, her already shaky mind seems to have broken. You remember what she was like after escaping?”

Harry remembered the baby-talk and insane cackles. “And her youth?”

Narcissa blushed heavily. “I hired a very talented Potions Master to develop a tonic that will keep me looking young. He made one even better. I can actually look younger now!” she said with excitement. She then looked at Bellatrix with envy.

“I had planned to smuggle Bellatrix out of the country, but I couldn’t let her go with a broken mind. That would be really bad for everyone. I hired a Mind Healer to fix what he could, then he erased the memories of the last several decades. Bella thinks that she’s only a few years out of Hogwarts. As for her youth, she’s still the same age. She just looks younger,” Narcissa explained to him. “I went a bit overboard with the tonic. I had planned on making her look young and dyeing her hair before sending her to live abroad.”

Harry shook his head. He suspected that Narcissa used her as a bit of a guinea pig to test the limits of the youth tonic. He didn’t bother bringing that up.

“So what’s the problem?”

“The tonic seems to stimulate the body and cause certain urges to form. It’s not very noticeable when taken in moderate quantities. But ... “

“When taken in excess, you become super horny?” Harry smirked. He could smell Bellatrix’s arousal the moment he walked through the door. Narcissa nodded.

“What did the Healer say?” Harry asked.

“She needs to be overstimulated so her body can burn through the potion. Then she’ll still look young, but won’t suffer through the side effects,” Narcissa looked at him, blushing. She didn’t tell him that she planned on taking a healthy dose at some point.

“Overstimulated?” Harry raised an eyebrow.

With pink cheeks, Narcissa nodded. “It will need to be both of us. That’s why I came to you … for obvious reasons.” Harry sighed and nodded. He couldn’t believe that he was going to let Bellatrix go. Though he’d tag her and make sure that she never harmed anyone again. Harry stripped down until he was completely nude and watched as Narcissa did the same.

They crawled onto the bed, and Narcissa pulled Bella’s bedsheet down. Instantly, he was hit in the face with the intense smell of arousal. Bella’s pussy was dripping wet. Narcissa waved her wand, and Harry watched as her eyes fluttered open. Seeing two nude bodies, Bella didn’t even say anything. She just grabbed Harry by the back of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Harry’s eyes widened at the intensity of her kiss. She was trying to suck the tongue from his mouth as she maneuvered him between her legs. Harry moaned as she rubbed her soaking wet pussy all over his massive erection.

“She needs it badly, Harry. Give it to her hard!” Narcissa told him while reaching between them. She grabbed his hard, throbbing cock and placed the tip against Bella’s opening. She felt Harry push forward, and his cock slid through her closed hand as he penetrated her sister. Narcissa then broke their kiss and leaned down between them, taking Bella’s hard nipple into her mouth. She softly bit down on the hard nub while she moved her hand to the point of their connection. Her hand slid down Bella’s sweaty belly and over her incredibly smooth mound until her fingers found the engorged nub that she was looking for. Flicking her fingers over it rapidly, she heard Bella moan loudly as her hands groped at Narcissa’s nude body.

As Narcissa let her tongue wiggle around the crinkled nipple in her mouth, she used her fingers to rub and roll Bella’s damp clit while Harry fucked her harder and harder. Bella was breathing heavily and suddenly screamed. Hearing Harry moan, Narcissa knew that she had just came. The wet squelching of her pussy had gotten louder from the sudden tightness of her contracting walls. Harry pushed her knees up into a mating press and came deep inside of her. Narcissa watched as he pulled his massive cock out of her. His long, thick cock was literally dripping with Bella’s juices. Narcissa had never heard of a pussy being so wet.

“Switch,” Harry said. Narcissa watched as he straddled Bella’s chest and shoved his dripping cock into her mouth. Bella gladly took him down her throat. Narcissa watched in amazement as Harry began to thrust, and he actually started fucking her mouth. Narcissa crawled between her sister’s splayed legs and found her pretty, little pussy all pink and violated. It was leaking Harry’s cum from between her plump and tight lips. She saw a streak of white leading down to Bella’s asshole. Leaning down, Narcissa placed her tongue against her sister’s asshole and licked her all the way up to her clit. She didn’t stop licking until Bella’s pussy was shiny and clean. She then used her fingers to spread her tight lips open and revealed the lovely shade of pink underneath. She stopped for a moment when she realized that her pussy was nearly identical. Shaking her head at the thought, she lowered her head and stuck her tongue inside of Bella’s hole.

Harry looked down at the crazy lady who had fought so hard against him. If she had only known that years later she would be taking his cock down her throat, he thought amusedly. He had to admit that Bella was incredibly gorgeous in her youth. Her skin was smooth and creamy with just a bit of a tan. Her breasts were perky C-cups that were capped with large nipples. Her legs were long and sexy, and she had a wonderful hourglass figure. Her pussy was absolutely fantastic, Harry thought. It was perfectly smooth and incredibly tight. She had made him cum faster than he had in a very long time. She looked up at him with pure desire as his cock pistoned in and out of her mouth. Pulling out, she gasped and breathed in and out heavily. Looking back, he could see Narcissa wiggling her tongue against Bella’s hard, throbbing clit. Getting up, he moved around behind them.

Narcissa squealed when he gave her ass a hard smack. She moved out of the way for him. Not so gently, he flipped Bella over and lifted up her ass. Narcissa helped him by spreading her cheeks. She placed her finger against Bella’s naughty hole and began to massage it.

“Would you like it in the ass, Bella?” Harry asked in his deep voice.

“Merlin, YES!” she gasped, gripping the sheets tightly. Narcissa grabbed his cock and held the tip against her hole. Grabbing her wand, she coated his cock in lubricant and used her hand to rub it in as he slowly worked his way into her. Reaching underneath Bella, Narcissa placed her fingers against her clit and started massaging the sensitive nub. Bella’s back arched as Narcissa watched Harry’s cock sink deeper into her. She could hear the pained noises coming from her sister, and she could relate. She remembered the first time that she took Harry’s cock into her ass. The stretching sensation was insane. Still, it seemed that Bella loved it. She was actually moving her ass back to take him in faster. A hard slap on the ass made Bella squeal, and Narcissa noticed that her pussy began to drip. Perhaps she liked a bit of pain, Narcissa wondered.

Harry pulled out until only the head was in. Narcissa re-lubed his cock before he pushed back in. This time, he penetrated her faster than before. Narcissa had a front-row seat as Bella’s ass began getting destroyed by Harry’s thrusting beast. She made sure to keep her hole nice and lubed as his cock continuously speared her opening. Both of them were moaning loudly and Bella was starting to shake. Dipping her head underneath her, Narcissa sucked her clit into her mouth and began massaging it with her warm, wet tongue.

Bella bit down on the bedsheets and cried out, clenching her ass as she experienced the biggest orgasm of her life. She felt the mystery man spurt cum deep into her asshole as Bella’s body quivered in pleasure. Suddenly feeling lightheaded, Bella fell on her side and blacked out. As she did, Harry’s cock was pulled free. Harry and Narcissa watched as Bella rolled on her back with her legs spread wide. He could see her pussy contracting even though there wasn’t a cock inside. He reached down and poked at her clit. Bella’s back arched, and she cried out. Pussy juice began to spray from her tight hole and misted Harry that was standing in her way. Looking at Narcissa, he smirked.

“Looks like you aren’t the only Black sister to squirt.” Narcissa blushed heavily and slapped his shoulder. Without another word, Harry grabbed her by the ass and lifted her up. They shared a passionate kiss as he laid her down on the bed. Over the next hour, they fucked in every position as she was splayed over Bella’s unconscious form.

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The Cult

Chapter 1 - The Initiation

Her hands trembled as she gripped the hairbrush. Slowly, Luna brushed through her tangles of long, dirty blonde hair. This was the biggest day of her life, and she wanted to be prepared. She had just finished bathing and doing everything that the ladies had told her to do. All that was left was for her to wait.

Luna Lovegood was in her sixth year at Hogwarts and had spent most of those years as a social outcast. Her only true friend was Ginny Weasley, and she couldn’t always be around. That left her sad and lonely quite often. She often looked at the other kids in school that hung out with their friends and wished that she was part of a group. The group that she desperately wanted to be part of had appeared all of the sudden a few years back.

It started with Hermione Granger, Lavender Brown, and the Patil twins and slowly built up over the years. Luna could tell that they tried to keep their group a secret, or at least what they did a secret. As the daughter of a newspaper reporter, she was quite versed in the art of snooping, and that was just what she did. It was slow going at first. The group did a really good job of keeping the things that they did a secret. But Luna knew that it wouldn’t last long. A few of their members were well-known blabbermouths. Luna was surprised that they didn’t spill the beans right out. It was only when Luna used magic to bug an area where best friends, Lavender and Parvati sat that she found out what was going on.

She just couldn’t believe that a sex cult had sprung up in Hogwarts. She shouldn’t have been surprised though. Her father told her of the one in the Ministry. Apparently, the Minister of Magic had a harem of mountain trolls at his beck and call to please all of his perverted needs. She also wasn’t surprised the Grand Master of the all-girl sex cult was Harry Potter. He was dreamy after all. Once she found out about that, there was no stopping her. She just had to join.

She didn’t want to join for the sex. Her hairbrush handle was good enough for her. No, she wanted to join so that she could have a large group of friends to hang out with. Unfortunately, Luna didn’t exactly know how to join. Could she just go up to a member and say that she wanted to join? Luna shook her head. That’s when she came up with a good idea. She’d ask her friend Ginny to ask Hermione. Luna didn’t know Hermione and had never talked to her, but Ginny did since they were in the same House.

When Ginny found out, she was quite shocked, to say the least. She didn’t even believe it until she finally agreed to talk to Hermione. What Luna wasn’t prepared for was when Ginny joined the cult! Thankfully though, Ginny had talked to the group on her behalf, and they agreed to let her join. First, though, she needed to go through the initiation. They made it very clear that it would involve sex with Harry and possibly some of the girls. Luna, of course, agreed without a second thought.

One of the girls brought her a kit and told her to use it and be ready by seven o’clock that night. Going through the stuff, she found hair removal cream which she was to use on every inch of her body below the neck and body powder that she was to use after bathing. It would make her skin silky smooth and taste like honey. Luna blushed fiercely when she used both products. She stood in front of the mirror and stared at her thin and smooth body. After getting dressed, she sat down and started brushing her hair while waiting for the girls to arrive. They would collect her and take her to a secret place where their club met. Already her heart was pounding. When she heard a knock on her door, she squeaked and jumped a bit. Getting up, she opened her dorm door and saw Padma smiling back at her. “Are you ready?” she asked. Luna nodded.

“Yes. Very ready,” she said, trying to sound confident.

“Good,” Padma responded. “You look nervous,” the Indian girl observed. “Try and relax. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself greatly.” Luna took a deep breath and exhaled. Padma made a motion with her hand for her to follow, so Luna did just that. They left the Ravenclaw Tower and made their way down the different levels of the school until they reached the second floor. Padma led her down a long, dark corridor that looked like it hadn’t seen visitors in a very long time. Seeing her face, Padma laughed.

“Yeah. This area of the school doesn’t get very much foot traffic. That’s why it’s the perfect place to hold our meetings.” They came up to a stretch of bare stone, and Padma used her wand to touch several different areas of the wall. Immediately, an illusion that was covering an oak door faded away. Another tap of her wand on the door and it opened with only the smallest of creaks. Padma gestured for her to enter, which she did. The moment that she stepped inside, she blushed furiously.

Harry Potter was sitting on what appeared to be a throne and on each side of it, there was a large, plush pillow on the ground. The pillow on his right side was occupied by a nearly completely nude Parvati that was only wearing a collar. Attached to the collar was a chain that was connected to his throne. Padma walked by her and let her school robes drop to the ground, revealing her own nude body. She kicked off her shoes and placed a matching collar around her neck. She then knelt down on the empty pillow on Harry’s other side and stood straight-backed on her knees. Sticking her naked chest out proudly, she waited until Harry connected another chain to her collar. With that done, Padma settled onto the pillow.

Luna looked at Harry as he gently scratched at the twins’ scalps like they were his pet dogs. Hearing a clearing of a throat behind her, Luna jumped slightly and quickly turned around. Before her was a group of girls that were equally nude. Hermione Granger walked up to her and took her by the hand. Luna wordlessly let her lead the way. She was brought into another room where she was stripped down.

“I can see that you used the stuff that we gave you,” Hermione said as she walked around Luna’s nude form, examining her. With pink cheeks, Luna nodded. With that, Hermione and the girls explained why they formed their cult. As it turned out, after much research, Hermione discovered that the magic inside of magical females was quite chaotic and difficult to harness. That was why the most powerful magic users in the past were almost entirely male. Females were at a huge disadvantage when it came to casting magic. Most girls just couldn’t compete from a power standpoint. That was when Hermione secretly showed her research to other girls in school. They quickly discovered that sex was the key to calming their raging cores. After that, they founded the cult that she was now a part of. Choosing the right male was easy for them, and personally, Luna thought that they made a good choice. After the explanation, she was brought into the pleasure room.

Luna’s eyes widened at the scene. The entire floor was basically a bed. It looked soft and fluffy and was littered with pillows. Right in the middle, Ginny Weasley was on all fours with her bottom up in the air while Harry thrust into her from behind. The Patil twins were on either side of him, running their hands over both his and Ginny’s bodies. Luna was mesmerized by the look of intense pleasure on Ginny’s face as her ass rippled from the harsh impacts of his hips. She rubbed her thighs together as she watched one of the twins lean down and lick the length of Ginny’s back.

“Go to him,” Hermione said as the other girls grouped up and began pleasuring each other. With her heart hammering in her chest, Luna crawled up to him. The twins moved aside to give him room. Luna squeaked when his arm wrapped around her slender waist, and she was pulled closer. Out of nowhere, he kissed her deeply. Luna’s eyes fluttered as his tongue invaded her mouth. She moaned into his mouth when her tongue began to play with his. Luna jumped in fright when Ginny cried out loudly as she came. Harry gave her sexy ass a hard slap, and the spasming redhead crawled away. Luna watched as his cock slid out of her and was dripping wet. She could also see streaks of white cream all over it.

“Ginny creams a lot,” Harry smirked. Luna opened her mouth but couldn’t produce any sounds. She was simply too worked up. Harry grabbed a hold of her and settled her onto her back. He placed his hands on her knees and pushed her legs apart. Luna was now spread open for a boy for the first time in her life. She continued to blush as he stared between her legs.

“You have such a pretty, little pussy,” Harry told her. Luna gasped as he reached down and lightly pinched her hard clit. He then ran his finger up and down the middle of her damp slit. Holding his finger up, she could see that it was glistening in the light. Holding his finger out, Luna saw one of the twins pop up and suck his finger clean. She moaned which made Harry smile. “My little pet, Padma, loves the way you taste.”

Luna just laid there and shuddered as he slapped the underside of his enormous cock against her poor, delicate pussy. Luna bucked and jerked as his Beater’s Bat-sized cock battered her hard clit. Just then, Parvati appeared at his side and reached for his cock. Taking hold of it, she rubbed the head up and down Luna’s length.

“Are you ready to join us?” she asked. Luna blushed and nodded. She screamed as she was penetrated for the first time. Padma leaned down and began kissing her deeply while she clenched her eyes. She didn’t realize just how big that his cock was. The stretching was intense. Thankfully, he kept himself inside and refrained from moving to give her time to adjust to his girth. Parvati gently stroked her hard, throbbing clit to help alleviate the pain. After a few minutes, she nodded and gave her consent. “She’s ready, Master,” Parvati whispered into his ear as she sucked on his neck.

Luna suddenly gasped when he gripped the back of her knees and pushed her legs up until her feet were above her head. With her body folded in half, Harry was hovering over her menacingly, ready to fuck her in any way that he desired. Her pussy was already fluttering over his cock from anticipation alone. When he pulled his hips back, she could see that his massive cock was covered in her juices. When he pushed forward again, a loud squelching sound came from her pussy as his member parted her tight walls. Poor, little Luna was already seeing spots and this was only the beginning. Slowly, he started moving his hips back and forth, penetrating her faster and deeper with every thrust. Luna was biting her lip as his cock beat against her g-spot repeatedly. She suddenly noticed Padma’s head lower behind both of their bodies. Luna squealed when she felt a tongue touch her virgin asshole. The tongue didn’t pull away, however. Instead, it wiggled over her untouched hole harder and faster while her pussy was being sculpted to fit Harry’s monster cock.

“H-Harry!” she choked out. “Something’s happening,” she whined as she was getting lightheaded.

“Just let it happen,” Parvati told her as she was groping Luna’s pert, little tits. Luna opened her mouth and squealed as she began squirting all over his cock. The powerful jet of girl cum splashed all over his groin and drenched poor Padma who was still rimming her asshole. Harry didn’t bother stopping. The brute just kept on fucking her. With each powerful thrust, more pussy juice sprayed from her fluttering pussy. Luna was starting to lose it as her head began to swim. Her body was trembling out of control and the pleasure was too much. As another orgasm rolled over her, she finally blacked out.

When she came to, Harry was grunting as he filled her violated pussy with his thick cum. When he pulled out, Parvati immediately jumped on his cock and sucked the remaining cum from his balls. Padma went in and began cleaning the cum that was leaking from her deflowered pussy. Luna gasped and tried to move her head but didn’t have the strength. She was forced to lay there as her overstimulated pussy was sucked on.

Suddenly, Harry moved out of the way, and Luna was instantly covered with lips and tongue kissing and lapping at every inch of her body. Luna’s squeals could barely be heard over the sucking sounds of a dozen different girls.

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Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Chapter 4

“The indignity of it!” a blonde woman screeched as she threw an expensive vase against the wall of her manor house. Narcissa Malfoy was not a happy camper. The sexy MILF took a deep breath and walked over to the bar where she poured herself a drink. Ogden’s Finest. She sneered while looking at the name on the bottle. A woman of her caliber was used to much better than this. Ogden’s was fine for your everyday riff-raff, but not her. Not a Malfoy. Still, she poured herself four-fingers of firewhiskey and drained her glass in record time. Coughing slightly at the harsh burn, she poured herself another glass that she would nurse.

Walking over to the sofa, she sat down and took a sip of her drink. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. It wouldn’t do to keep acting this way. It wouldn’t change her situation.

It wasn’t so long ago that the Malfoys were on top of the wizarding world, at least here in Britain. Her husband was business savvy and ruthless. It was a winning combination in the world of business. As such, their coffers ballooned over the years, and Narcissa found herself as the leading lady in pureblood society. Just remembering how all of those uppity, pureblood bitches used to climb all over themselves just to fawn over her gave her chills. ‘Those were the good, old days,’ she thought sadly.

Narcissa thrived in that setting. It was what she was trained and groomed for. Her parents always promised that she would be a Pureblood Princess one day. As it turned out, they were correct. She lived in the lap of luxury and had everything that she could desire. Then the Dark Lord decided to show his mangled face again.

When she found out, she was obviously less than pleased. While she didn’t care if a few mudbloods got their comeuppance, she didn’t need him coming back and ruining things for her. And that was just what he did. The Dark Lord was less than pleased with Lucius’s behavior since his first downfall. Because of this, he demanded more and more from their family, and by the time he fell once more, the Malfoy name was lower than dirt. Worse than that, her bank account was practically nonexistent.

Her former husband, Lucius was now rotting in prison and would remain there for the rest of his miserable life. The thought of this filled her with sadness. ‘How in the hell am I going to get rich again with that idiot in prison?!’ she screeched internally. He was the one in the family that was good with money. Draco certainly wasn’t.

Already the boy had blown through what little that they had. Not only that, but he somehow angered the Greengrass bitches. Now her family was feeling their wrath as well. While it was true that she had a small stash of gold for herself, it was quickly dwindling. Her tastes were expensive, and her savings were small. If she didn’t do something, then she would soon find herself on the street.

The worst part of it all was that Potter had cut her off from the Black Family funds. Now that he was the head of the Black Family, he was the one to decide who received a monthly allowance. Once he took over, everyone but Andromeda and her daughter was cut off from the funds. This rankled her. She really could have used that money right now. Her only recourse was to find a job of some kind. Unfortunately, she didn’t even know where to start. She was a Pureblood Princess! As such, she never had to sully her hands with manual labor. The thought of it alone was repulsive enough. Even though she didn’t know how to go about it, she knew someone that did.

Her sister, Andromeda, was the Head of the Potter Placement Agency. The PPA was an organization that was owned and funded by Harry Potter himself. They mostly helped mudbloods, halfbloods, and other unwanted riff-raff find jobs that suited their sad and miserable lives. As her sister, Narcissa expected preferential treatment from her. She was sure that Andie had a job or two set aside for outstanding pureblood citizens like her. Taking the rest of her whiskey down with a single chug, she gathered her courage and went to the fireplace. Tossing in some green powder, she floo’ed to see her sister for the first time in quite a while.

Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

Narcissa crossed her pale, smooth legs while daintily sipping her tea.

“So let me get this straight. You show up out of nowhere for the first time in Merlin knows how long and demand a high-paying job?” Andromeda asked incredulously. Sometimes her sister was truly whacked out of her gourd.

“Correct,” Narcissa answered, holding her pinky out while she lifted the teacup to her lovely lips like a proper pureblood female. ‘At least Andie has some proper tea,’ Narcissa thought. She had run out and couldn’t afford anymore. Placing the cup back on the saucer, she continued.

“And I don’t want to do any manual labor. Or bookkeeping. Or anything where I have to think too much …” The list went on and on. “Oh! And I’d like to look good. Maybe I can get a clothing budget. Perhaps an international model …”

Andromeda sighed and took a sip of her own tea. She was the same old Narcissa, no matter how much time had passed. She had always been like that, even as a child. She blamed her mother. Suddenly, Andie smirked and pretended to go through her file. After a moment, she cleared her throat.

“Well … there is something like that available, but I’m not sure if you can handle it,” Andromeda told her. Narcissa scoffed.

“Can’t handle it?” she sneered. “I’ll have you know that I can handle anything that you can throw at me. I’ll take it!” Andromeda wanted to shake her head and snicker but kept herself in check.

“Very well, Cissy. Here you go,” she said, handing her sister a slip of paper with the floo address and time to meet. “You’ll be meeting with Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter. I believe that they are opening a new business and could perhaps use your … expertise.”

Narcissa snatched the paper without a thank you. Of course, they could use her expertise! After a quick goodbye, she floo’ed home. Once back at her manor, she took the time to think things through. It was possible that they wouldn’t give her the job. Potter wasn’t exactly on the best terms with the Malfoy family, and there was no way that she would beg for the job. A pureblood just didn’t do those sorts of things. Especially one as well-bred as her. However, there were ways to edge things to her favor.

While she was getting on in years, she was still a very sexy woman. From what she heard, Potter enjoyed his time with beautiful women. Perhaps if she wore some form-flattering clothes, then maybe things would work out better for her. She had a lot to think about.

The following day, she stood in front of the mirror and spun around. She was wearing a flowing skirt that reached just above her knees and a white, silk tank top held up by strings. She never wore the shirt in public, since it was a bit risque, but she felt that it was a good time to try it out. The shirt was a bit loose and the sides dropped low, showing off a decent amount of side boob. Of course, she didn’t wear a bra. The thin silk practically hugged her bare tits in some places. Biting her lip and reaching under, she began tweaking her nipples until they were rock hard. Once done, she removed her hands and checked herself out. She looked like a million galleons. Now she just needed to get to her interview.

Lovegood’s Lessons For Love

“So have you ever done any bookkeeping?” Luna asked, tapping her pen against her clipboard and looking at the sexy MILF. The sexy MILF, however, was looking at Harry. She uncrossed her legs only to cross them the other way. When his eyes glanced down at them, she smirked.

“No. No bookkeeping,” Narcissa answered.

“Have you ever filled in orders to be placed?” Luna asked. When she shook her head, Luna shook hers as well, writing something down in her notes.

“Have you ever worked in sales?” Luna already knew the answer. She sighed. “So … under qualified … no experience …” She kept writing in her notes.

Once she finished, she continued. “Harry and I are planning to expand Lovegood, Lovebetter Incorporated. We have plans to open up a state-of-the-art spa and fertility clinic. It will be a special place where witches can come and relax and have a great time.”

Narcissa’s eyes began to sparkle. Yes, spending all of her time relaxing in a spa while getting paid sounds like a job that best suits her.

“First, you’ll want to serve Champagne. Scintillait is the only brand worth getting,” she started up. She didn’t mention that it cost thirteen hundred galleons a bottle. “Caviar is a must. Beluga is the best. Royal Imperia tastes wonderful when served with wine and cheese. I’ll make a list of items that you simply must serve.” Narcissa kept going on.

“This will be THE place to be in the pureblood circles. Only the best is expected!” she said gleefully. She could already see everyone lauding over her in high society, begging her for a reservation when the spa is already full.

Luna looked at Harry incredulously while he tried to stop himself from laughing. Harry got up and grabbed a pad and pen and tossed them in front of Narcissa. She stood up and bent forward, leaning to grab the notepad so that she could write down everything. She pulled it close and began writing. That’s when she felt two strong hands grope her silk-covered tits. Narcissa gasped and looked over her shoulder.

“Keep writing,” Luna said. Narcissa gasped and began finishing her list. She simply wasn’t used to being treated this way. She was a pureblood princess, not a common muggle whore! Her body shuddered when she felt his fingers brush over her hard nipples. Harry was squeezing and massaging them to his heart’s content. Her shaky hand dropped the pen when she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. Her breasts hadn’t been played with in quite a while.

“This is the list of services that we will be providing,” Luna told her, sliding a piece of paper underneath her face. Narcissa tried to concentrate but found it hard, especially when his hands slipped into her armholes and began fondling her bare tits. As his fingers grazed her hard nipples, Narcissa began rubbing her thighs together. Her pussy was starting to tingle, and she didn’t want to embarrass herself. Cute little squeaks left her lips when he pinched and tugged on her nipples. Luna reached out and bunched up her shirt and stuffed it in her cleavage. Her bare breasts were now hanging out of each armhole. Harry removed his hands from her chest, and they were replaced by Luna’s.

Harry didn’t sit back watch though. As Narcissa tried to read the list of services, she felt Harry lower himself behind her. His hands began their journey on her smooth calves. They continued north, over the backs of her creamy thighs, and went under her skirt. She jumped slightly when his hands gripped her panty-covered ass.

Narcissa should have been furious with how she was being treated. She was the highest-ranked female in pureblood society after all. Or at least she used to be. Now she was forced to get a job unless she wanted to be homeless. Narcissa definitely wanted this job. It was a job that she could use to get back into the society that she loved. So instead of raging, she bit her lip and moaned like a whore when his strong hands began tugging her silky panties down her legs.

“She has such wonderful breasts!” Luna happily chirped, her hands massaging her dangling tits. Her little fingers toyed with Cissy’s hard, sensitive nipples as her panties were lowered to the ground. Narcissa lifted up her heeled feet and let him remove the damp material. Suddenly, her wet panties were tossed onto the table. Luna snatched them up and held them to her face. Narcissa could smell the fragrant aroma of her arousal as her panties were pressed against her nose. Luna removed them and smelled them herself. “Very wet,” she muttered before going back to fondling her breasts.

Narcissa trembled as Harry’s lips made their way up the back of her legs. When he flipped her skirt up and exposed her lily-white ass, she knew what was about to come. His fingers gripped her wide cheeks and slowly spread them apart. His breath was rolling over her overheated genitals, so she knew that his face was close to her. Embarrassment filled her as his tongue began wiggling around her dirty hole. She had never been treated this way. No man had ever dared. But Potter was intent on treating her like a plaything. A little squeal left her lips as his tongue flicked over her virgin asshole, and she jumped and cried out when he softly bit down on her fleshy cheek.

“Someone’s horny!” Harry teased as he watched beads of arousal roll down the insides of her lovely legs. Narcissa’s face turned a deep red. She couldn’t help it. As uncouth as it was, his tongue on her asshole felt really good. It made her stomach do flips and her pussy throb with need. Potter proved how much of a degenerate that he was when he dragged his tongue up the inside of her leg, licking up all of her pussy’s drippings. He didn’t stop there either. Spreading her ass open, he buried his face between her cheeks and began devouring her pussy and ass. Narcissa’s eyes widened and her mouth hung open as his lips and tongue kissed and licked every inch of her naked womanhood. Her clit was tingling badly and was engorged and waiting to be pleasured. When his mouth attached itself to her hard, throbbing clit, Narcissa yelled out in orgasmic bliss.

Her ass was quivering so much that she could feel the vibrations through her clit. She was feeling so much pleasure that she didn’t even notice that Luna had stripped naked. The little blonde crawled onto the table and spread her legs right in front of her. Grabbing the back of her head, Luna pulled it down and began grinding her wet, naked pussy all over Cissy’s mouth. Narcissa sputtered indignantly as Luna fucked her face. Her complaints, however, were cut short when she felt something massive poking at her delicate flower. Her poor, little pussy was being stretched beyond what she was accustomed to. Her body shook, and her mouth let out a high-pitched squeak as Harry’s monstrous cock slipped inside of her. She felt his beastly cock touch every inch of her silken tunnel while it burrowed deeper and deeper inside of her. It felt as if it were going on forever until finally, his hips touched her bare ass.

“Now Cissy, you’ll be in charge of getting your stuck-up, pureblood friends to sign up for our services. Do you understand?” Harry asked, moaning as her pussy fluttered around his cock. Narcissa nodded her head wildly. His hand collided with her wide, inviting ass which rippled as he struck her. Luna laughed and wrapped her legs around Narcissa’s head. Pulling her face in, Luna began to buck her hips and made Narcissa’s face repeatedly bounce off of her naked pussy. Pussy juice caked her face as she was made to lick and suck on Luna’s hard clit as Potter fiercely fucked her mature pussy.

Narcissa was mortified to hear the wet suction sounds coming from her drenched pussy. Her horny cunt was clamping down on him so hard that perverse sounds kept escaping her body. It had been too long since she was properly fucked, and even then, Lucius’s tiny pecker couldn’t compete with Potter’s enormous bull-cock. Her pussy already proved which it preferred. It was fluttering and massaging his shaft, trying desperately to tempt a creamy load from his bloated sack. Potter’s hands were busy caressing her soft body, but one hand eventually found its way between her legs. He chuckled when she squealed loudly and jumped as his fingers lightly pinched her throbbing clit. He didn’t even let go like a proper gentleman. Instead, he began to roll the tiny nub between his talented fingers while steadily thrusting his magnificent cock into her. The giant mushroom head was battering her cervix like a door knocker and stimulating her g-spot like never before.

Luna stuffed her clit into her mouth just as the blonde MILF began to cry out. Her pussy wrapped tightly around his thrusting cock, making him groan in pleasure. Harry could feel her walls massaging his shaft as he pulled out. Looking down, he saw his cock glistening in her juices. Luna cutely hopped off of the table and went behind the heavily breathing woman. Getting to her knees, Luna placed his cock in her mouth and began bobbing her head. After a moment, she had sucked the pussy juice from his cock. Holding his cock in her hand, she rubbed the tip all over Cissy’s virgin asshole. Harry smirked and pushed forward, ramming the head against the hole. Narcissa squealed and clenched her butt. Luna giggled. “I’ll go get the oil!” she chirped, getting up and scampering out of the room. Harry was sensually rubbing Narcissa’s bare back as she laid face down across the table. A few seconds later, Luna popped up holding a plastic bottle. She shook the bottle in front of Narcissa.

“MagiGlide!” she smiled. “It feels wonderful. Trust me,” she said, disappearing behind her. Narcissa was just coming out of her sexual daze when she realized what Luna had said. However, it was too late to put a stop to such shenanigans. She felt the warm oil spread all over her ass as they poured it on. Harry had a grand time rubbing the oil into her fleshy ass cheeks. He even laughed as he held her cheeks in his hands and clapped them together.

“Harry!” Luna giggled as she chided him. Moving him aside, the little blonde coated her hand in the lubricant and began slowly using her finger to work it inside of Narcissa’s tight hole. Cissy was biting her lip as she felt her dirty hole get penetrated for the first time. All of the sudden, Harry’s massive cock was right next to her face. His hand grabbed the back of her head and moved it to his cock. Narcissa opened her mouth and took his beastly cock inside.

She never would have thought that a woman of her caliber would ever have been spit-roasted. Yet, here she was with a gargantuan cock sliding down her gullet while Luna repeatedly finger-fucked her tight ass. Harry’s hips slowly worked their way back and forth as Cissy choked and gagged on his cock. Once she even started seeing spots when she couldn’t breathe. He then pulled his cock out at the last minute and tapped it against her face as she struggled to breath. He began stroking his cock and placed his balls against her lips. Narcissa’s tongue lashed out and gave him a tongue-bath as Luna leaned in and licked her wet pussy. Narcissa shuddered against his balls as Luna pulled her finger free.

“She’s ready,” Luna told him. Harry nodded and walked to her bent-over ass. Luna spread her cheeks for him, and Harry eyed her lubed-up asshole. The skin of her ass was slightly pink from the rough treatment that Luna had put her through. Harry poured some lube on his cock and rubbed it in. Once nice and slick, he placed the head against her crinkled hole. Harry bit his lip and concentrated as he began stuffing the spongy head inside of her. After a moment, the head popped in which made Cissy grunt. Luna took pity on her and gently rubbed her bare back to keep her calm. She remembered the uncomfortableness of having Harry’s cock in her ass for the first time.

“Fuck! Your ass is tight, Cissy,” Harry moaned which embarrassed her. She was breathing heavily like a bitch in heat as her asshole was stuffed full of cock for the first time in her life. Her pussy was absolutely drenched in her own arousal, and she could feel it dripping down her legs. After stuffing a few inches into her, Harry pulled out again where Luna re-lubed him. Again, he slipped back into her hole and slowly penetrated her deeper and deeper. After another five minutes of stretching her asshole, Harry finally pushed all the way in and let his hips slap against her shapely ass. Her body was trembling, and Harry could feel her clenching against him. He lightly dragged his nails up and down her spine, making her back arch. His hands slid down to her slim waist, and he rested them right above her hips. Harry loved the hourglass shape of her mature body. He couldn’t help but squeeze her hips as she wiggled against him, trying to get used to his size.

Luna reached under her and began toying with her clit. Harry heard a pathetic cry of pleasure escape her mouth and watched as Luna leaned down and tongue kissed her passionately. Harry was enjoying watching the two women suck on each other’s tongues and forgot that his cock was inside of a tight, warm asshole. It wasn’t until Narcissa’s hole squeezed his cock that he remembered. Clearing his throat, Harry gave her ass a slap which made the pale flesh ripple. Holding her body tightly, Harry pulled back only to slowly push forward. Harry clenched his teeth shut from the sensation. Her ass felt amazing around his cock. He pulled back once again before pushing in a bit faster. Again and again, he thrust until he got into a steady rhythm. Soon, her pale, gorgeous ass was clapping against his hips as he brutally fucked her.

“Do you remember what your job is?” Harry called out as her asshole clenched his cock.

“To get people like me … the upper-crust of society to buy as much as possible and make the spa so desirable that everyone wants to get in but can’t because there are no vacancies and I can lord it over them!” Narcissa cried out wildly as she had a crazed look on her face.

Harry snorted. “Good enough.” Harry lifted his arm up and brought it down against her ass. The loud crack of his hand on her ass made her scream as she came violently. Her pussy sprayed all over the table and drenched the paperwork. Harry grunted and pulled out, cumming all over her ass and back. Spurt after spurt coated her sexy body and some even landed in her disheveled hair. Poor Narcissa was shivering violently as her pussy continued to spray her juices all over the place.

Suddenly, the door opened and a cumming Narcissa watched as her sister, Andromeda walked in. Andie saw the state of her and rolled her eyes. Narcissa couldn’t believe it when she stripped down and climbed onto the table next to her. Her tongue began lapping up Harry’s cum and even traveled down to her naked pussy to clean her up. Narcissa was so out of it that she couldn’t even muster up the energy to complain. When Andie squealed and made her tongue vibrate against her clit, Narcissa clenched the table and moaned. Andie continued to squeal against her clit as Potter viciously fucked her over and over. Narcissa now understood her lot in life. She would be allowed to live a life of luxury, but like her sister, only because she was now Potter’s personal cock-sleeve. That thought was temporarily pushed from her mind when she screamed and squirted all over Andie’s face.

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Chapter 2

Rose Weasley always thought that she was a pretty girl. If she went off of the attention that she received from boys at school, then she would be proven right. There wasn’t a day that went by when she wasn’t hit on by some horny teenager.

Rose had the lovely, pale skin that her mother had along with her curly hair. Her mane was a fiery red, somewhere between her mother’s brown and the Weasley’s carrot-colored hair. She had a beautiful face and a long, shapely body. But when her best friend, Victoire, removed her shirt and panties when they were trying on outfits, her self-confidence lowered a few levels. Victoire was one of the most beautiful girls that she had ever seen, and for some reason, the last few days she was positively glowing.

“Alright! Spill! Why are you smiling so much?” Rose asked, running out of patience.

Victoire blushed heavily. “Remember when I told you about the Awakening?” Rose nodded. “Well … it happened.”

Rose gasped. “So you found a boy?” she asked, desperate for details. Victoire blushed again.

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Of course!” Rose frowned. She was a fantastic secret keeper.

“It is Harry Potter,” she told her with red cheeks.

“Harry?!” she gasped. She thought that maybe Victoire was having her on, but when she shyly nodded, Rose immediately knew that she was telling the truth. “So you’ve been having sex with him? That’s why you’ve been so happy?”

“Yes!” Victoire squealed happily.

Rose blushed as well. It was well known that she too had a bit of a crush on him. Practically every woman in the family did. Rose knew that her mother did. She saw her check Harry out on more than one occasion. She also knew that Fleur did as well. Her Aunt Ginny was very open about her feelings for him and his body. She suspected that Ginny would still invite him into her bed every so often.

“So how is it?” was all that she could ask.

“Incredible!” she gushed, looking starry-eyed into the distance. “He’s so huge!”

Rose blushed beet-red. “How big?”

Victoire held her hands apart in approximation. Rose gasped wildly. “That will fit inside of you?”

“It is tight, but Harry loves to work it in there,” she giggled wildly. Rose couldn’t believe her ears. They spent the next hour gossiping about Harry’s body and prowess in the bedroom.

“So ... you like being treated like a sex toy?” Rose asked, in shock.

“Only by Harry. I am his now,” Victoire stated firmly. Suddenly, she smirked. “How would you like to try him?” Rose sputtered.

“Try him?” Victoire nodded.

“Yes. Try his cock. Would you want to?”

Rose blushed and almost said no right away, but that would have been a lie. She did want to try his cock. She had wanted to for years. “Will I be treated as his toy as well?” she suddenly asked. Victoire smiled.

“Only if you want to,” she assured her redheaded friend. Rose thought about it for a moment. “Okay,” she shakily agreed. “But only if my parents never find out!” Victoire giggled at her silliness.


Victoire was pressed up against the back of her lover, Harry Potter, and rubbing her bare breasts against his skin. Her hand slid down his muscled belly and onto his rock-hard cock. She shuddered as her little hand encircled his massive slab of meat. Slowly, she began working his cock. Her hand slid the length of him, pleasuring him with deep strokes.

“I’ve got a surprise for you!” she chirped as her other hand dipped lower and cupped his bloated sack. Gently, she massaged his low-hanging, cum-filled balls.

“Oh? And what’s that?” he asked, reaching back and squeezing her shapely bottom.

“It’s in your bedroom!” she laughed as he spun her around and lifted her up. Her smooth legs wrapped around his waist. Harry grabbed her ass and lifted it a bit. Once the tip of his mighty cock was touching her delicate folds, he let her drop down. Victoire threw her head back and moaned as her tunnel stretched to accommodate his massive girth. While Harry walked to his room, he made sure to bounce his little whore along the way. Victoire’s arms were around his neck while she squeaked and squealed from the constant penetration. When Harry entered his room, he was shocked to find Rose sitting on his bed. What shocked him, even more, was that she was only wearing a pair of cotton panties.

Harry eyed up her perky tits with small, pink nipples. They were already hard as she nervously sat there. Victoire pushed off of him and slid off of his cock. Rose gasped when his cock fell from her wet hold. Its massive size was revealed to her as it glistened with Victoire’s juices.

“Rose needs what I’ve been getting, Master. Won’t you help her?” Victoire teased. The sexy blonde lifted up Rose's silky smooth legs and pulled on her panties. Her legs were closed which made her pussy lips press tightly together. Harry’s eyes were glued to the smooth, hairless folds that were barely peeking out of her plump lips. He desperately wanted to get his hands on her smooth, pale skin. Harry stepped closer to them. He could see that Rose was blushing madly. Victoire was holding her ankles and forced her bare feet onto Harry’s cock.

“What do you say, Master?” Victoire giggled as Rose began to help out. Her little toes were gently brushing over his massive, veiny log. “Will you bend her over and treat her like you treat me?” When her toes tickled his sack, Harry had had enough. Grabbing her thighs, he pulled her into position.

Rose squealed wildly as her legs were opened wide and his cock flopped against her lower belly. She could see the hunger in his eyes, and she knew that her poor, little pussy was about to be destroyed. What she didn’t expect was for Victoire to lower her head and begin licking on her hard clit. Rose’s eyes fluttered as the intense feeling of pleasure washed over her young body. She heard Victoire giggling as she kissed her clit and sucked on Harry’s cock. Looking down, she saw her grab his thick shaft and slap it against her wet pussy lips. A sound of wet flesh clapping together filled her ears as her pussy was mistreated. When she began rubbing the domed tip up and down between her soft folds, Rose arched her back and moaned.

“You like that?” she heard Harry tease. Biting her lower lip, she shyly nodded. Harry chuckled as the head was placed in her opening. Victoire’s hands were all over her nude body, and her lips kissed a trail up her belly and between her perky tits. Just when Harry pushed in, Victoire bit down on her hard nipple. Letting out a high-pitched squeal, her pussy immediately gripped his fat cock. Clenching her eyes tightly shut, she shuddered and let out a ragged breath as her walls were stretched well beyond anything that she had felt before. Harry seemed to enjoy her tightness though.

“Holy shit, Rose!” Harry moaned. “Merlin, you’re so wet!” he shuddered as he rested his hand on her mound. His thumb pressed down on her hard clit and began moving in circles. Rose arched her back from the intense pleasure of having her clit toyed with. As Harry pulled out and pushed back in, she heard the sound of squelching erupt from between her legs. Feeling embarrassed, she covered her face as both of her lovers took pleasure from her body.

Victoire was wiggling her tongue against Rose’s hard, crinkled nub while her hand massaged her other breast. Feeling her body tremble underneath her really turned the horny, young Veela on. Wanting some action as well, she straddled Rose’s body and wiggled her ass at her Master.

Seeing Victoire shake her ass at him, Harry chuckled and pulled out of Rose. Her pussy clamped down tightly on him, not wanting to let go. But she was so wet that he was able to slide right out. Knowing Victoire’s body so well, he just rammed his cock straight into her wet pussy. He loved being back in the warm and wet pussy that he knew so well. As he started fucking her, he rubbed her asshole with his thumb which he knew she loved.

Victoire’s eyes fluttered when her body started being jerked forward. Her hard nipples were rubbing against Rose’s, and she was unable to hold in the deep moan that escaped her lips. Seeing Rose’s flushed and embarrassed face, Victoire gave in to the urge and leaned down for a kiss.

Rose was taken off guard when Victoire’s lips touched hers. Her friend didn’t even take the time to gauge the situation. Before she knew it, her tongue was wiggling against hers as their lips danced together. She squeaked into Victoire’s mouth when Harry slammed his fat cock back into her tiny pussy. The feeling of him hitting her g-spot and battering her cervix felt amazing to her. Her walls were already contracting around him, and she moaned disappointedly when he pulled out again. What she wasn’t expecting was for him to slide his cock between their smooth, hairless mounds. Both girls squealed and widened their eyes while looking at each other when he started thrusting against their hard clits. Rose’s nipples had never been so hard, and she enjoyed seeing her friend blush in embarrassment. Usually, it was Victoire who was the more confident of the two. Suddenly, Harry’s cockhead mashed into Rose’s clit causing her to shriek in pleasure. Her arms wrapped around her friend’s body, and she pulled her close.

The smell of wet pussy surrounded Harry as he treated their bodies as if he owned them. Victoire was so wet that her pussy juice continuously dripped down and re-lubed his cock while he thrust between them. Their shaved mounds were so soft that they practically hugged his throbbing erection. Knowing that Victoire had an incredibly sensitive pussy, he wasn’t surprised when she was the first to cum. Squealing loudly, she rolled off of her friend and laid there quivering. Rose was breathing heavily which made her lovely breasts do wonderful things. Having not finished yet, Harry still wanted more.

Rose watched as Harry’s arms hooked underneath her knees, and her legs were spread and pushed up. Her body was folded until her knees were by her ears. Her pussy and ass were up in the air and were his for the taking. She screamed in pleasure when his cock drilled her tight, little pussy. When his lips connected with hers, she kissed him back. She tried her best to deepen the kiss while his cock was busy claiming her pussy as his own. An intense tingling ran up and down her body as she felt a strange feeling deep in her belly. She had never experienced anything like it. Her breathing became strangled and her pussy was hugging him tightly. Her head was swimming, and she was beginning to see stars. Crying out, her pussy clamped down tightly as Harry pulled out. His fingers rubbed her hard clit as her pussy erupted and sprayed juice everywhere. She suddenly felt a mouth on her pussy and knew that Victoire was drinking her juices.

She couldn’t stop her body from trembling violently as Victoire licked and sucked on her cumming pussy. Harry groaned and waddled up to her, stroking his beastly cock. “Open up,” he told her. Rose opened her mouth and closed her eyes.

Ropes of warm cum spurted out of the tip and hit her open mouth. More erupted from the tip and streaked across her pretty face. Harry continued to stroke his cock until her face was covered in his seed. When he was done, she opened her eyes. Placing the tip of his cock against her lips, she began sucking and licking it clean. A moment later, Victoire was on her licking the cum from her face. When she saw Harry slam back into Victoire’s upturned pussy, she knew that both girls were in for a long night.

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Cold Winter Night

The wind was whipping around the castle harder than usual on that cold, winter night. A storm had blown in and chilled the castle stones making the corridors hard to traverse. Practically every student could be seen trudging from class to class all bundled up in their winter cloaks. Even the roaring fires in the student dorms were barely enough to keep the cold at bay.

On this Friday night, the Gryffindor Common Room would usually be bustling with activity. Students excited at the prospect of a break from classes would usually be talking and joking. Some brave students might even be hooking up and going to find a nice, empty corner of the castle to have some alone time at. Unfortunately, the arctic cold front that had blown in put an end to any of those potential activities. Once the sun was fully set, the temperature dropped even further.

Hermione had been talking to her two best friends as she tried to stay warm. Once she began shaking and her teeth chattering, she knew that it was time to call it a night. Thankfully, the House-Elves had the fires going in the dorm, but even so, it was still frosty. Hurrying to get ready for bed, Hermione tossed on her thickest nightgown and climbed under the covers. The room was still very cold so it took a while just to stop shaking. The bushy-haired bookworm was finding it difficult to fall asleep. She usually wouldn’t be going to bed at this time, but it was either that or freeze to death. After an hour or so, her eyes began to get heavy, and she slowly drifted off.

It felt like no time at all when she was suddenly woken. Looking around confused, she couldn’t see anything. The room was dark except for the orange glow from the burning fire. She suddenly felt a hand on her belly which made her squeak in fright.

“Shhh!” Harry said, chuckling. Hermione put her hand on her rapidly rising and falling chest and tried to get her breathing in order.

“Harry!” she quietly hissed. “You scared the daylights out of me!” she quietly complained. Then she remembered that his hand was drifting lower and pulling up the hem of her nightgown. “What are you doing?” she gasped. She expected Harry to be shy and pull away, but instead, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. His lips found the side of her neck. Hermione shivered as he kissed and nipped at her soft skin.

“Remember the last time it was this cold?” Harry whispered as he sucked on her neck. Hermione’s face turned red as she remembered. How could she not remember? It was so cold, and somehow Harry snuck into her room to make sure that she wasn’t frozen. He had gotten into bed to keep her warm and one thing had led to another. It all ended when she came all over his very large cock. Hermione was embarrassed to say that she thought of that night often when lying in bed alone. Sometimes she even touched herself to that memory. Having Harry back in bed was making her heart hammer in her chest.

“I figured that maybe we could make it a tradition,” Harry teased. Hermione snapped out of her daze when her gown was lifted far enough that his hand slid under. She felt his hand on her knee before it began its ascent. Hermione was trying hard not to let out any noises as his lips moved even closer to hers. His warm hand reached her smooth thigh. She could feel it move to the inside of her leg. As it rose up, the side of his hand touched her pussy.

“No panties?” Harry asked. Hermione was mortified. Squeaking in embarrassment, she closed her legs and trapped his hand between them. “Don’t be embarrassed, Hermione. It just saves me the trouble of taking them off.”

She didn’t know how to respond but was saved the trouble of doing so when he dove down under the covers. “H-Harry!” she gasped in shock. Harry’s head went underneath her gown and forced her legs apart. His face was right next to her damp and tingling pussy. Her first instinct was to push his head away but quickly forgot about that when his lips touched her inner thigh. Letting out a shuddered gasp, she trembled as his lips explored every inch of her inner thighs. Suddenly, she felt his lips kiss her clit, and her lower half bucked in pleasure.

She reached down and threaded her fingers through his messy hair as he buried his face between her legs. Hermione knew that he could smell just how aroused that she was, but Harry didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he seemed to love it. His tongue was licking and lapping at the wetness that was dripping from between her smooth, plump lips. Hermione’s body wiggled around as she gasped and mewled in pleasure. Her hands slid up her belly, making her gown ride up. When her hands finally reached her perky tits, she pinched her nipples between her fingers and started rolling them around. Arching her back, she let out a moan when his nose bumped into her clit. She desperately wanted him to suck on the hard, little nub. Moving her hips around, she released a held breath when she finally stuffed her clit into his mouth. Once it was trapped between his lips, she felt the tip of his tongue touch the sensitive nub.

Tired of the teasing, she started rolling her hips and fucking his mouth with her clit. Harry’s fingers wasted no time in exploring her wet pussy. His hand cupped her burning hot cunt, and she squealed when his finger accidentally touched her virgin asshole. Harry let go of her clit with a wet pop.

“Like that, did you?” she heard his muffled voice. She shook her head and denied it, but forgot that he couldn’t see. She felt his finger begin to circle the rim of her asshole while his mouth attacked her clit again. Her body was wiggling around wildly while she tried to fight off the pleasure that she was feeling. Harry, however, was too strong and was easily able to keep her lower half pinned. When she couldn’t take it anymore, her thighs squeezed his head, and she came on his face.

Little squeaks of pleasure left her mouth as her body flopped around. She was thankful that he showed her mercy and let her clit fall from his lips. His lips, however, climbed up to her smooth mound. His hands were caressing the incredibly soft and smooth skin of her inner thighs as he kept her legs spread wide. She felt his lips place soft kisses up her belly before his tongue tickled her belly button. Hermione couldn’t take such pleasure anymore. She grabbed Harry and pulled him up. When his head popped out of the blanket, she was hit in the face with a blast of warmth and the heavy smell of her own arousal. Harry settled between her spread legs.

Breathing heavily, Hermione was gently rolling her hips and rubbing herself against the massive erection that was resting against her overheated pussy. Harry looked her in the eyes and she blushed. He slowly lifted her gown up, and she sat up for a moment and lifted her arms. The thick gown was tossed aside as Hermione burrowed under the blankets once again. Harry leaned down and kissed her deeply. Moaning into his mouth, she could taste her wet pussy on his lips. Her clit was still very sensitive, and Harry was grinding his girth against her. He broke the kiss and stared at her while his hands slid up her sides and cupped her bare breasts. When his fingers brushed over her hard nipples, she gasped. He smirked as she blushed, his fingers pinching and pulling on the tips. As he rolled them between his fingers, Hermione groaned and pulled him back down for a kiss.

Harry took that opportunity to slide into her. Inch after inch slowly stretched her hole open. Hermione felt a bit of pain from being stretched so widely again, but it was nothing compared to being deflowered by him. Once he was fully inside, he grabbed her sexy body and flipped them over. Hermione squealed as she settled on top of him. She never expected him to slap her ass and command her to ride him. But he did, and her hips instantly started rolling. Laying on him as her hips danced over his, Hermione buried her face in his neck to keep warm. His hands were exploring every inch of her naked body. She felt them slide down her back and cup her ass. In fact, he spent quite a long time on her ass. He squeezed it and kneaded her cheeks, and even pulled them apart.

Being on top, Hermione could dictate the angle at which she was fucked. She twisted and turned her hips until the head of his cock was bumping into her g-spot. Hermione shuddered.

“Ohhh!” she squeaked. “Right there!” she gasped into his neck. She pressed down hard on him with her hips and rolled them in circles. Harry loved the feeling of her hard nipples rubbing against his bare chest. His hands were busy fondling her tight ass, and when his hand slipped between her cheeks and his finger began to play with her asshole, Hermione clenched on his cock. Feeling that she collapsed on his chest as she came again, Harry held her by her cheeks and began thrusting into her.

Hermione moaned as she was forcefully taken again and again. Her pussy was fluttering over his thick cock as she suffered through a never-ending orgasm. Suddenly, she felt his finger poking into her bum.

“How would you like it in this hole?” Harry teased as his cock pistoned in and out of her wet hole.

“Harry!” she squeaked in panic, and Harry felt her ass clench shut. He laughed and rolled her onto her back. Pushing her legs apart, he really began fucking her hard. The bed was squeaking as he powerfully thrust into her. Hermione was holding onto him as his cock repeatedly bashed into her cervix. She could feel her arousal dripping down and pooling on her tight, little asshole. Clamping down on him tightly, her pussy didn’t want to let go of his glorious cock. It wanted to keep him in so that he could seed her.

“Rub your clit!” Harry groaned as he pinned her thighs to the bed and fucked her harder and harder. Hermione’s little hand slid down until her fingers found the hard nub. Slowly she started rubbing it while he was still thrusting into her. Hermione would never have thought that she would ever do this. She never thought that she would be masturbating while someone else was fucking her. The stimulation reached a point where her body couldn’t take it. Crying out, she came hard on his cock.

She felt Harry push all of the way in and cum. The warmth spread throughout her lower body as more and more cum filled her. Her body was trembling and spasming as she tried to fight off her orgasm. Her pussy was milking the cum from his balls, and Harry finally pushed all of the way in and stayed there. Both were breathing heavily as Harry remained on top of her and inside of her. She looked at him and blushed. Harry flipped them over again and laid on the bed while Hermione was laying directly on him. She rested her head on his chest as one of his hands gently caressed her back while the other played with her ass. His massive cock was still fully hard and resting within her very warm depths. Hermione’s eyes began to get heavy, and she was too tired to try and fight it. Within moments, she was out like a light.

Harry smiled as he heard Parvati and Lavender each masturbating to their little session. Feeling tired, he promised himself that he would take care of them another day. Hermione’s warmth was irresistible, and he too soon fell asleep.

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The Teachers of Grimmauld Place

Chapter 2

Fleur Delacour had just finished up a long day at work and was quite irritated. As she was dating Bill Weasley, she would have thought that working at Gringotts would be the perfect place for her. She would get to see him on a regular basis and maybe even get to sneak off together during lunch breaks. Things should have been perfect.

Unfortunately, things were far from perfect. Just today she caught him flirting with one of the bank’s customers. While the girl was pretty, she was nothing compared to Fleur. Of course, Fleur was not happy. When she confronted Bill about it, he really didn’t have any good excuse. He just gave the same old, “I wasn’t flirting!” defense. Fleur wasn’t trying to hear that.

As she walked down the cobbled sidewalks of Diagon Alley, most people who saw her gave her a wide berth. They could tell that the gorgeous, blonde girl was steaming. She made her way to a little cafe that was well hidden down a side street. There she ordered a coffee and pastry. She took a sip and sighed. Biting down on the flaky treat, she closed her eyes and moaned. The sweetness did wonders to calm her down, especially since she was very hungry. Her baby sister always accused her of becoming “Hangry” which was a combination of hungry and angry. Fleur supposed that it was true.

She thought about what she should do about Bill. She had told him that she wanted to take a break. While it was true that it was only flirting, she really needed to teach him a lesson. She couldn’t let him think that it was alright to act this way. If she let this go then the next time she might find another woman in their bed. Deciding to just get a good night's sleep and decide in the morning, she went to Grimmauld Place to wait for the meeting scheduled that night. When she got there, she saw her friend Tonks sitting down while sipping on a can of cola. She had a very big smile on her face.

“Why are you so ‘appy?” Fleur asked as she sat down next to Tonks. Tonks wasn’t even paying attention. Fleur rolled her eyes and bumped her with her shoulder.

“Wha…?” Tonks jumped after being startled.

“I asked why you’re in such a good mood,” she repeated. Fleur saw Tonks’s cheeks turn slightly pink as her hair flashed red momentarily.

“Tell me!” she whined.

“Okay fine!” she said before looking around. Making sure that no one was around to hear, she leaned in closer to the sexy blonde. “I’ve been teaching Harry some stuff.”

“Stuff?” Fleur asked, confused. “What kind of stuff?”

“Sexy stuff,” Tonks smirked. It took a moment for Fleur to get what she meant. She gasped and looked at her like she was nuts.

“You mean …?”

“Yes!” Tonks quietly declared.

“How long?” Fleur wondered, sliding her chair even closer so that she could hear better.

“For the last week. He’s becoming very good at it too,” she smiled widely.

“Very good?” Fleur raised a perfect eyebrow. Tonks nodded.

“He’s still got a lot to learn, but I’m up there every night doing my part to help womankind,” she declared proudly. Fleur snorted.

“You deserve a reward,” she muttered. Tonks chuckled.

“Why are you so down?” Tonks suddenly wondered.

“Bill,” she simply stated. Tonks rolled her eyes. What else was new?

“What did he do this time?”

Fleur spent the next twenty minutes explaining what he did and letting off some steam.

“So what should I do?” Fleur asked for her advice. Tonks thought about it for a moment before her face brightened up.

“You teach Harry tonight!”

Fleur sputtered. “What?”

“You’re taking a break from Bill, which means that it won’t be cheating. And when you see Bill the next time, you can hint that there’s someone else if he ever messes up again. That would technically be true. I doubt Harry would ever deny you a spot in his bed.”

“But why would I need to sleep with ‘Arry for that?”

“Not for that. To make you happy! You look miserable, no offense. And I wasn’t lying about him. His thingy can hit every spot imaginable!” Tonks teased.

Fleur blushed. She hadn’t been with very many guys, but none of them were blessed in that department. “ ‘Ow big?”

Tonks held her hand apart, making Fleur gasp. “Non!”

“And at least this thick,” she went on, making a circle with her two sets of fingers. “I can’t even touch my fingertips when I grab it!”

“Mon Dieu!” she whispered. “I cannot believe it.”

“He can hit my g-spot and cervix at the same time,” Tonks giggled. Fleur’s beautiful eyes were wide open.

“No wonder you ‘ave been walking with a limp lately!” she finally figured it out. “I thought that you were ‘urt in your job. But now I find out that you were getting fucked by a ‘orsecock!” Tonks burst into a giggle fit.

“And all the while I’ve been dealing with Bill's, which is barely bigger than my clit!” she said, annoyed that her friend’s pussy was getting destroyed, and her pussy was still virgin tight! Tonks clapped a hand over her mouth as she closed her eyes and laughed hard. After a moment, she was able to calm down and wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Well, you don’t have to deal with Bill’s clit-cock tonight if you don’t want to. There’s a monster hanging between Harry’s legs, and it’s got your name on it,” Tonks told her. Fleur thought about it and licked her lips.

The Teachers of Grimmauld Place

Harry was lying in bed with a big smile on his face. Tonks had already told him last night that she would be here again tonight. He just couldn’t get enough of her tight, metamorph pussy. Not wanting to waste time, Harry was already nude with his cock fully hard. When he heard the doorknob turning, he got excited. As he saw a shock of long, silvery-blonde hair instead of Tonks’s short pink or purple, he jumped and covered himself up.

“Fleur! What are you doing in here?” he hissed out quietly, not wanting to alarm anyone. Fleur smiled saucily at him. She strolled in wearing her bathrobe.

“There is no need to cover up, ‘Arry. Tonks ‘as sent me in ‘er place,” she explained before letting her robe drop to the floor. Harry’s eyes nearly bugged out when he saw her gorgeous, nude form. Fleur giggled at his stunned expression. She did a little spin and shook her ass at him. Reaching back, she gave it a hard slap before waving her wand at the door. “Now no one will interrupt us.”

Fleur placed her wand on the side table and climbed onto the bed. “Now it is my turn to see you.” She pulled down the bedsheet that was tinted over his crotch. Seeing the slab of meat spring up and slap his belly, she gasped in happiness. “Tonks was telling the truth. No clit-cocks to be seen,” she squealed and clapped her hands. Reaching for him, her hand grabbed the base of his thick shaft. As Tonks stated, the tips of her fingers couldn’t even touch. Placing her other hand on it, she saw several inches still sticking up.

Straddling his legs, she started jerking his cock with both hands. Because of this, medium-sized, incredibly perky breasts were mashed together, creating a sight that would make any inexperienced boy cum on the spot. As she tugged on him, his eyes were glued to how her tits bounced and jiggled. He was fascinated by how hard and crinkled her nipples were. He even loved the perfect color of them. They were the perfect shade of light pink. Seeing him stare at them, she giggled and shook her chest, making them flop back and forth.

“ ‘As Tonks showed you the reverse cowgirl position yet?” Fleur smiled at him. Harry shook his head, too afraid to open his mouth in case some dumb sound comes out. Fleur turned around so that her ass was facing him. Harry helped her out by placing the tip of his cock against her perfect, pink slit. As she lowered herself, she placed her hands on his knees to keep steady.

“Fleur!” Harry moaned as he sank into her incredible tightness. Fleur’s eyes widened when his cock did indeed rub against her g-spot and hit her cervix. Her body bucked unconsciously as her eyes fluttered. As her ass touched his lap, she wiggled it around before lifting up and dropping back down.

Harry was breathing heavily as she started bouncing on him. The clapping of their bodies and their moans filled the small room as she started going faster. He reached out and placed his hands on her hips. Her skin was the softest and smoothest that he had ever felt. He couldn’t help but let his hands travel over every inch that he could reach. Suddenly, Fleur leaned forward and pulled up. He watched as this shaft slowly slid out of her tight grip. He could see his cock streaked with her thick, white cream before she slid back. His cock buried itself in her again, making him groan loudly. Harry couldn’t believe how tight she was. Her pussy gripped him so tightly that the skin of her pussy actually pulled away from her body whenever she would lift off of him. When she sank back down, a loud squelching sound erupted from her wet depths.

At some point, Harry noticed her tight, crinkled hole winking at him. On instinct, he placed his hand on her ass and let his thumb brush over her asshole. It was just as smooth and pale as the rest of her porcelain skin. He smiled as he heard her let out a cute, little mewl of pleasure. Adding a bit more pressure to his finger, he began massaging her naughty hole as she fucked herself on his pole. Deciding to take control, Harry grabbed her hips and maneuvered her into the doggy-style position. He let his hands slide up her smooth belly and over her dangling tits.

“Play with my nipples!” she gasped, and when his fingers pinched the hard, little nubs, she squealed and squeezed his cock with her silky walls. Harry could feel her hand rapidly moving between her legs and knew that she was playing with her clit. Grabbing the inside of her thighs, Harry spread her legs apart even wider. Fleur squealed as her body dropped closer to the bed. Holding her waist tightly, Harry started fucking her hard and fast.

Fleur was moaning into the bed as Harry’s magnificent cock rubbed every pleasurable spot that she had. Her walls had never been so stretched in all her life. She could feel drops of arousal leaking out of her and dripping down the insides of her thighs. She even scooped some onto her fingers and used it as a lubricant on her extremely sensitive clit. Harry was taking her the way that she wanted to be fucked. He was thrusting into her with deep and powerful strokes and making her ass cheeks clap when they collided with his hips. Her body was already beginning to spasm, and she knew that her end was close. It seemed that his was as well. He suddenly flipped her onto her back and re-entered her. He hooked his arms underneath her knees and folded her body in half. His lips claimed hers, and their tongues slithered around one another as his hips continued to move. Fleur moaned into his mouth, and her body was trembling as he felt her walls begin to squeeze him tighter than he had ever felt.

Unable to stop himself, he penetrated her deeply and emptied his balls into her, not even asking if it was alright. Fleur’s walls were fluttering violently as she squeaked and squealed and shook through her orgasm. When her insides were properly seeded, she felt him pull out. She was breathing deeply as he kissed down her chest and began sucking on her hard nipples. Fleur ran her fingers through his messy black hair as his lips attacked her breasts.

“I need more, ‘Arry!” she gasped as he nipped at her nipple. As she was turned to lay face down, and her ass was lifted up, she knew that she was in for a wild ride. Her eyes widened dramatically when the tip of his cock pressed against her unused hole. Thankfully, the charms on the door held and no one heard Fleur squeak when he started taking the last virginity that she held.

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Part 1

Shivering from the cold, night air, Pansy Parkinson clenched her winter cloak to her body tightly as she leaned against an alley wall. It was already late autumn and the weather was really starting to turn. The former Slytherin would be in a really bad state if things remained the way that they were. Unfortunately, she really didn’t have anyone to blame but herself.

During her school years, everything was going great for her. She got decent grades and had a few friends. Her parents weren’t wildly wealthy, but they did have enough to keep her very comfortable. She was even intended for Draco Malfoy. The Malfoys had more than enough gold to keep her living in a way that she was used to. Everything was going the way that she expected it to. However, what she wasn’t planning for was for the Dark Lord to make a reappearance and for Potter to take him out in such a spectacular fashion.

Since then, the pureblood community that she lived in took a major hit in both wealth and prestige. Mudblood and Halfblood riff-raff were rising in the Ministry and taking their revenge against those that tried to put them in their place years previous. Even her family lost everything. Her mother and father, who were both major supporters of the Dark Lord, were now on the run. She didn’t even know where they were at. What wealth that they had was confiscated, and Pansy was left with whatever she could scrounge from her family Manor before it too was taken. Truth be told, it wasn’t much. Just some clothes and a few pieces of jewelry that she had to sell in order to buy food. All of this was a major shock to her, but it was nothing compared to the day that Malfoy kicked her to the curb.

Once her parents disappeared, she wasn’t too worried. She was still to marry Draco. The Malfoy family had taken a major hit, but it seemed that Narcissa was able to cut some kind of deal with Potter. Lucius was obviously sentenced to life in prison, but both she and Draco were spared Azkaban. They paid a massive fine which put a serious dent in their coffers, but in exchange, they were spared prison and didn’t face the same shunning from the community that others like them did. That was fine for Pansy. Her life could continue as it did before.

That’s why it was such a kick in the teeth when only a week ago, Draco confessed that he was seeing Astoria Greengrass and that they were engaged to be married. Pansy rightly threw a fit, but Draco didn’t want to hear it. She was tossed aside like a dirty, old cum-rag.

Pansy was absolutely seething. She had a feeling that Draco did that not out of any love for Astoria, but simply because Pansy had alienated herself from so many while in school. She couldn’t even deny that. Pretty much anyone not from Slytherin hated her guts. Draco was in the same boat as her. She guessed that it would be too much to have two hated individuals linked together. It was better for his family and future if he chose someone that was a little more likable. In the end, Pansy was forced to live in a hotel until her money ran out. Last night was the final night that she could afford a warm bed. Tonight she would be forced to brave the cold alone while sleeping on the floor in a back alley. Oh, how her fortune had turned.

She was just about to start crying again when she saw a familiar face strolling down the cobbled street of Diagon Alley. Potter, she nearly snarled when seeing him. It was he that was responsible for where she was in life. She knew that wasn’t true, but still. She was just about to go give him a piece of her mind when she suddenly stopped. Pansy suddenly had a great idea, but it was getting dark and she needed to hurry. Bolting toward him, she caught up with him and grabbed his hand. He spun around, and his eyes widened when he spotted her.

“Parkinson! What are you doing?” he asked, obviously not expecting her to come up and grab him.

“I’m going to get my revenge on Malfoy, and you’re going to help me,” she happily chirped.

“Have you been drinking?” he asked.

“Potter! Quit being a prat and listen. I’m sure that you’ve heard what Malfoy did to me,” she said angrily. Potter nodded his head.

“Yeah. I wasn’t surprised to hear that he screwed someone else over. His reputation is hanging by a thread, and I think that he was afraid that you would end up bringing him down.” Pansy agreed. It was pretty much what she thought had happened.

“I have to ask. Why did you help the Malfoys if you dislike him so much?”

“Because Narcissa is going to help Hermione become the Minister of Magic as soon as possible. I talked it over with my friends, and we all agreed that the benefits of her becoming the Minister outweigh the annoyance of seeing Malfoy walk free. Besides, it’s going to be a very long time before he’s in a position to look down on anyone … if ever,” Harry explained.

Pansy thought that that made sense. Backroom deals like this happened in the pureblood circles all the time.

“Well, I want him to suffer. And what better way than for me to be living the high-life while he struggles amongst the dregs of society?” Potter snorted.

“And how are you going to be living the high-life, Parkinson?”

“Easy. You’re going to help me!” she smiled happily. Harry raised an eyebrow. “Let me show you why …”

Pansy pulled him into the side alley where her stuff was stashed. She chose this place because it was out of the way and no one ever walked there. She pushed him against the wall and set her back in front of his feet. Getting down on her knees, she undid his belt before pulling his cock out. Pansy gasped at the sheer size of it. It was at least three times as long and thick as Draco’s. Licking him from his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock, she wiggled her tongue underneath the head before plunging down on it. He went all the way down her throat before she pulled back and removed the cock from her mouth.

“For as long as you’re willing to help me, Potter, I’ll be your personal whore,” she smiled up at him, rubbing her cheek against his cock. “Just imagine the look on Draco’s face when he realizes that I’m your plaything,” she told him before going back to sucking on his head.

Harry leaned against the brick wall and moaned. Pansy was certainly good with her lips, he thought. In fact, as she bobbed her head and took him down her throat, he realized that she was very eager to get him to agree. He saw no reason to deny her. He was single, had a large, luxurious manor to himself, and had two best friends that were dating. He didn’t get to see them as often anymore, because they were always out doing couple-things. So Harry had plenty of time on his hands. Why shouldn’t he have a little side piece to fill his nights with?


Pansy smiled widely as she was ushered into his large and fancy home. It was way better than her old home. Suddenly, she was tossed over his shoulder and carried into his bedroom. Her squeals were quieted by a slap on the ass. “Tomorrow the House-Elves will show you to your room. Tonight you’ll be earning your keep,” Harry told her before she was tossed onto the bed.

He made short work of his clothes before he moved on to hers. Thankful that she now had a roof over her head, she assisted him by lifting up her legs and letting him slide the skirt off of her. He placed his hands on her soft legs and let them slide up until they were squeezing her inner thighs. Harry then grabbed her panties by the waistband and peeled them off of her wet pussy. Pansy gasped as her hot, wet pussy met the cool air of the room. Goosebumps erupted all over her sexy body. Grabbing her by her hips, he lifted her up and dropped her right on his cock.

Pansy cried out in shock as she was being fucked while he was standing. It was the first time for her. Draco wasn’t nearly strong enough to pull off something like that. Lifting her shirt over her head, she tossed it on the ground and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her eyes fluttered as she rested her head against his broad shoulder. Her body was being lifted and dropped and jerked around while his massive cock repeatedly penetrated her deeply. Cute little mewls of pleasure escaped her lips while her silken walls gripped this thrusting cock tightly. Nipping at his skin, she moved onto his neck and peppered it with kisses while he pushed her against the wall and slammed into her harder and faster than before.

“Merlin, Harry!” she squealed, gasping as he brutally fucked her wet, little pussy. “You’re tearing my pussy apart!” Pansy could hear the wet sounds of her drenched cunt being fucked coming from below. Carrying her back to the bed, Harry tossed her down and flipped her over onto her stomach before she even stopped bouncing. Pansy looked over her shoulder and shuddered as he pried her thighs open and slammed back into her dripping twat. Letting out a loud shriek, her pussy clamped down on him as the spongy head of his cock mashed into her g-spot. Hiding her face in the bed, her eyes fluttered as she felt the length of him rubbing against the walls of her tunnel. A pathetic whine left her lips when his hand reached around and began massaging her hard clit. Harry smiled at the high-pitched sounds that she was making.

“Does that feel good?” he teased, dragging his fingertip in circles around the perimeter of her clit. Pansy’s small hands tightly gripped the bedsheets as she nodded her head. Her cheeks were pink in embarrassment from the squelching sounds that emanated from her pussy every time his long, thick cock penetrated her. She felt him lean down and kiss the middle of her back. A tingling sensation erupted up and down the length of her soft body. Suddenly, Harry pushed all the way in and kept his cock there. The sound of a plastic bottle opening made her look over her shoulder. Seeing a bottle of lube in his hands, Pansy squeaked in panic as it began dripping down onto her asshole.

As the first glob hit her puckering hole, Pansy’s body bucked, which made Harry laugh. More dripped down onto her, and soon, Harry was rubbing into her body. She gasped as his fingers brushed over her lubed-up asshole, and when his finger started pushing in, Pansy gripped the bed tightly and clenched her eyes shut. Letting out a high-pitched grunt, she tried to loosen herself as his finger went knuckle deep in her. Only moments later, her asshole was getting brutally fingered.

As a proper pureblood female, she had never let anyone near that particular hole. Yet here she was, bending over as his long, thick finger claimed her ass for the first time. The most shameful part was that she actually liked it. It was a strange sensation that had hints of naughty pleasure mixed in. Unfortunately, he wasn’t content with only using his finger. She felt him pull out before it was replaced by something much larger. Feeling the head of his massive cock press against her tight hole made her heart begin to beat rapidly. She grunted loudly when the head popped into her stretched-out hole. Harry gripped her waist tightly and slowly pushed into her. Pansy was forced to bite down on the sheets and clench her eyes tightly as she felt inch after inch sink into her. It felt like forever until his hips touched her ass cheeks. Exhaling a deep breath that she had been holding, she wiped the sweat from her forehead just as he slowly began to fuck her in the ass for the first time.

Pained cries quickly turned into whorish moans as the naughty pleasure soon overwhelmed any of the pains that she felt. His hips moved faster and faster, and before long, her ass cheeks were rippling from the brutal contact. Already her eyes were seeing spots and a string of drool escaped her mouth. She was letting out a constant croon of pleasure, and when his hand reached underneath her and his fingers curled into her pussy, she couldn’t take it anymore.

She squealed as pussy juice squirted from her contracting cunt. Harry continued to fuck her ass even as her pussy fluttered over his invading fingers. With every thrust, her pussy would squirt even more as her orgasm was prolonged. Finally, after several more minutes of him fucking her through her orgasm, the brute pulled out of her ass and flipped her onto her back. He waddled up to her and took aim. Pansy wasn’t ready for the string of cum to land across her face. Opening her mouth to complain, she received a thick load into the back of her throat. As she was forced to swallow it, another glob hit her in the face. Once he was done, her face and chest were coated in his thick, sticky cum.

“Go get cleaned up and come back to bed. I’m not done with you yet,” Harry smirked. Pansy, however, was near catatonic. To snap her out of it, he reached down and pinched her hard clit. Pansy squealed before Harry repeated himself. Pansy got up and trotted naked into the bathroom. As she cleaned her face, she couldn’t find it in her heart to regret her decision. His house was beautiful and warm and certainly better than a cold, hard alley. She would have to wait and see how she felt after a long night of having her pussy, mouth, and ass violated by a halfblood cock.

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Physical Therapy

Part 1

Emma Granger was sitting in her dining room having a hot cup of tea with her daughter Hermione. While her life was currently a mess, she looked at her daughter with pride. She had grown up into a beautiful woman with a husband and a budding career in the magical world.

“So you haven’t spoken to dad recently?” Hermione asked, sipping her tea. Emma munched on her biscuit and shook her head.

“Not since the divorce went final,” she replied and took a sip of her own tea. She didn’t tell her daughter but she had spiked hers with a shot of rum. Sighing from the warmth that spread through her, she looked at her daughter’s scowling face.

“I can’t believe that he left you for that chippy secretary of his. She’s such an airhead!” Hermione complained. If he was going to cheat on her mother, then he should at least choose someone that was better than her. While the woman was younger, she wasn’t all that pretty. In her opinion, Hermione thought that her mother was much better looking, not to mention smarter. Hermione was quite shocked when she heard the news from her mother. It seemed that had been going on long before she was informed and was only told once the divorce was nearly complete.

Apparently, her father had been seeing his secretary behind her back for a good long while before deciding to start an actual relationship with her. Of course, to do that he had to leave his wife. Hermione was thankful that she wasn’t around to hear all the yelling and arguments. She was sure that some less than kind words were tossed around.

While her father abandoned her mother, it was Emma that got the last laugh. She had taken him to the cleaners in divorce court. Her father got to keep the dental practice, but her mother kept nearly everything else. The house, the luxury car, and most of their savings all went to her in the divorce. Emma didn’t want to admit it, but she took a lot of vindictive pleasure from knowing that he would be struggling, at least in the short term.

“I know, dear. But he and I hadn’t been getting along in quite a while,” she told her. “In the end, it’s probably better this way. I just wish that he had talked to me instead of jumping straight into that woman’s bed,” she huffed.

“Yeah. When I talk to him next, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind,” Hermione ranted. “That’s probably why he hasn’t called me lately.”

Emma chuckled. “Probably. I may have told him that I was going to get you to curse his testicles.”

“Mum!” Hermione complained but laughed nonetheless.

Emma waved her off. “I’m sure he knows that I was just joking. Anyway, the worst part isn’t that he’s gone. It’s the loneliness, and of course, you know about my condition.” Hermione nodded.

Her mother suffered from chronic migraines and had since she was a young woman. It wasn’t until she was married that she figured out that regular amounts of sex helped greatly to keep them at bay.

“What about toys?” Hermione asked, a bit embarrassed about the subject that they were talking about. However, she was an adult now, and she was going to act like one. Her mother shook her head in response.

“Not nearly as good. I’ve never liked using them,” she confessed. Hermione could understand. She tried them when she was younger and didn’t like them either. They felt uncomfortable and fake.

“Have you tried to find a new partner?”

Again, she shook her head. “I haven’t been single since college. I’m too nervous to even try.”

She sat there and tried to come up with a solution before her eyes suddenly widened. She bit her lip while struggling to come to terms with what she was thinking about. “Well … I may have a solution.” Emma raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sure you remember when Ron was being a jerk last year. You know … a few months before we ended up getting married?” Hermione asked. Emma nodded her head, remembering what she was talking about. Hermione looked embarrassed but cleared her throat and went on.

“Well … I was hurting pretty badly, and Harry was there for me … and one thing led to another …” She didn’t need to finish. Emma gasped.

“Really? Harry?” Hermione nodded.

“Anyway, we agreed to never speak about it, but he and I were carrying on pretty good,” she admitted, blushing hard. “He got me through those really tough times. I was thinking that maybe he could help get you through yours.”

“Hermione!” she gasped, her cheeks turning pink. She couldn’t believe what she was saying. She had met Harry many times and found him pleasant to be around. He was very kind and generous, and he was even quite dishy now that he had grown up. Even so, he had been with her daughter sexually, and now she was suggesting that he have a go with her as well?

“Think about it!” Hermione countered. “Harry’s young and good-looking. He’s single. He knows and likes you. He’ll believe it when I say that it’s for medical purposes. And he’s incredible in bed,” she added the last part with a severe blush.

“Incredible?” Emma’s ears perked up. Her former husband was only adequate but did a decent enough job keeping the migraines away. She wondered how good “incredible sex” was at keeping the migraines at bay. Emma licked her lips. “Umm … I’m just wondering but …”

Hermione held her hands apart indicating that his cock was about a foot long. “That big.”

“Lord have mercy!” Emma gasped and sat back on her chair, fanning her face.

“My poor cervix has never been the same since,” Hermione added, bursting into a giggle fit while thinking back on the amazing sex that they had over their short tryst.

“Orgasms?” Emma asked.


Emma picked up her teacup with shaky hands. She would be an idiot to pass up such a gift.

Physical Therapy

“Are you sure about this?”

“For the last time, Harry, yes!” Hermione replied, exasperated. They were in Hermione’s old bedroom while she watched him remove his clothes. She handed him a bathrobe, and he covered himself with it. “She’s waiting in the room. Now go!” she rolled her eyes and pushed him toward the door. Hermione apparated away since she didn’t want to listen to Harry shagging her mother.

Harry walked up to the bedroom door and took a deep breath. Gathering his courage, he didn’t bother knocking and just walked in. As he did so, Emma turned to look at him. Emma was a sexy woman with smooth, slightly pale skin and a head full of long, brown hair. She had a large, sweet smile with a row of straight, white teeth. When he saw her in her silk robe, his cock immediately grew hard. As he stepped closer, she appeared to grow nervous.

“Harry, I …” she started but was cut off by him placing his hands on her flared hips. He could feel her body tremble under his touch. As she looked up at him, he leaned down and kissed her deeply. Her eyes fluttered, and she felt his hand slide down her belly and slip between the fold of her robe. When his hand crept between her legs and touched her pussy, Emma spasmed and nearly dropped to the ground. Wrapping an arm around her waist, Harry held her up. Suddenly, his wet and glistening fingertips were right in front of her face.

“You’re already soaking wet,” he teased, causing Emma to blush fiercely. “Has it been a while?” he guessed. She shyly nodded. Her heart hammered in her chest as he took a step back and untied the sash that kept her robe together. When it came undone, her robe flapped open and gave him his first peek at her nude body. Her c-cup tits were quite perky for a woman of her age and were topped by hard, pink nipples. Harry’s eyes lowered down her slim belly. He could tell that she worked out and kept a good diet. As his eyes lowered to her mound, he could see that it was freshly shaved. Harry smiled and reached down.

Emma felt him gently scratch at her soft and tender mound with his short fingernails. Letting out a shuddering breath at the naughty sensation, she heard him ask, “Did you shave for me?” Heat erupted in her face, and she was sure that her cheeks were bright red.

“Y-Yes,” she answered before his hand lowered and cupped her slick pussy.

“Take off the robe,” Harry ordered, and Emma quickly acted. She shrugged it off and exposed herself to a young man that was the same age as her daughter. She let out a shriek as she was spun around. Harry dropped his robe and pressed himself against her bare back. Emma felt his massive cock against her. Suddenly, the tip erupted from between her thighs. Looking down in wonder, she could see several inches sticking out past her mound. It was smeared with her juices from just rubbing against her. As his hands groped her naked tits and his fingers pinched and rolled her hard nipples, Emma threw her head back and moaned louder than she had in a very long time.

Again she squealed when she was manhandled onto the bed that she used to share with her husband. Flopping onto her back, Harry forced her legs wide open and let his cock lay across her mound and belly. Emma became nervous when studying this beast. It looked incredibly long and thick, and she was afraid it may split her in two. Then she remembered that her daughter had tamed this beast, and she gained confidence that she could as well. Reaching out, she grabbed him by the shaft. Looking him in the eyes, she began slowly stroking him while his eyes feasted on her naked form. She closed her eyes and let out a moan when his hand touched her bare pussy. His fingers danced over the wet flesh, and when he began rolling her hard clit between his fingers, Emma’s back arched in pleasure. Not wanting to wait anymore, she rubbed the tip against her pussy lips and held the head against her entrance.

Harry pushed forward and moaned as her silken walls hugged his thick shaft. She was so wet that he bottomed out easily. He could feel her walls contracting and squeezing his cock. He let his thumb brush over her hard clit and felt her walls squeeze him tighter. Wanting it deep and hard, Emma lifted up her legs and rested them on his shoulders. Harry smiled and leaned forward. Her legs were pushed up, and her body was folded as he leaned in and kissed her again. Emma moaned into his mouth as his cock bumped into her g-spot. His hands were gently caressing her rock-hard nipples as he massaged her breasts. Locking her ankles around his neck to keep him inside, she began gasping against his face as his hips slowly started moving. She could feel the ridges of his hard cock rubbing against the delicate walls of her pussy with every long and deep thrust.

“Harder!” she let out a whorish gasp as the tip of his cock hit her cervix. Soon the spongy head was like a battering ram, knocking hard against her g-spot before slamming into her cervical wall. Squeaks and squeals left her mouth as pussy juice leaked from her wet cunt. Hot beads of arousal dripped onto her puckered hole as her pussy was stretched and battered and fucked into oblivion. Squelches and sounds of suction joined with the slutty screams that she was bellowing as he fucked her long and hard.

Her eyes were clenched shut as she felt something churning inside of her. Her body was violently trembling, and her pussy was clamping down on him as she tried to fight off her orgasm. She wasn’t ready. She wanted to keep enjoying the sensation of being fucked by such a wonderful cock. But it was all for not. Letting out a scream, pussy juice exploded from her contracting cunt. Harry buried himself deep inside of her while her pussy sprayed in every direction. Her body was bucking wildly, but Harry was able to keep her pinned down. Emma found that she couldn’t move. Harry had her pinned tightly as he began to seed her. A pathetic whine escaped her lips as her sensitive pussy was filled with strings of his warm, thick cum. She could feel it being injected deep into her. With one last thrust, Harry finished filling her up and pulled out, his cock glistening with a mixture of their fluids. Her body continued to spasm uncontrollably.

Emma thought that they were done for the evening. She just experienced the best orgasm of her life. Who could ask for more? Harry had other ideas. She was pushed onto her back, and while she was still cumming, he straddled her chest and stuffed his slimy cock into her mouth. Emma choked and gagged until his cock was nice and hard again. All through the night, her body was twisted and pulled into position, fucked and spanked, and she was forced to choke on his arousal-slickened cock. It was the greatest night of her life, and she only hoped that there would be plenty more in the future.

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The Industry

Part 1

Drinking down his glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, Harry Potter opened up his copy of the Daily Prophet. Kreacher popped in and placed his breakfast in front of him. He happily ate the bacon and eggs that were so wonderfully cooked. His life was going swimmingly at the moment. It was a major turnaround from his life as a student at Hogwarts.

Having the spectre of facing one of history’s most deadly Dark Lords tends to put a damper on the happy hijinx. Still, Harry had his share of good times while at school. His friendship with Ron and Hermione was still going strong, and he had a vault full of gold just waiting to be spent. Yes, his defeat of Voldemort certainly made his life a whole lot better.

It had only been a few years since their graduation, and Harry still wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. At one point, he wanted to become an Auror, but that desire quickly fizzled when the Ministry started butting into his life. He had recently asked Ron and Hermione if they wanted to take a long trip around the world on his dime, but they both declined. Ron was actively trying to make the roster of any professional Quidditch club that would have him. While Ron was a fairly good Keeper, Harry didn’t think that he was good enough to make a roster. Wood was better than him, and he was still only a backup. Even so, Harry obviously didn’t tell him. He wouldn’t be the one to destroy his dreams. Harry just bought him the best broom on the market and told him to work hard.

Hermione was tearing through the Ministry while trying to make as many changes as possible. The poor girl would come home at night with her bushy hair sticking up in every direction. Harry tried to convince her that she was trying to do too much too fast, but she wouldn’t listen. She was determined to make things better for Muggleborns and for the Magical Creatures that didn’t have a voice to speak on their behalf. Harry did his best to encourage her while still trying to make her take a break. At the moment, the most that he could do was donate to her causes and use his influence to help her out.

Still, it would have been nice to have his mates go on a trip with him. Harry knew that it was silly. They were trying to be adults, and he was just slacking off. In the end, it didn’t matter. He’d figure out something to do with his life. Maybe he’d start a broom company or something else that he could enjoy. Suddenly, an owl flew in through the window and landed by him. Holding up its leg, it waited for him to remove the letter. Once he did, Harry gave the owl the rest of his bacon, which it happily accepted.

Harry opened up the letter and read it. It was from Fleur Delacour. He hadn’t seen her in several years, but they did send letters back and forth a few times a year to keep in touch. The last time that he saw her was when she was still dating Bill Weasley. Eventually, they called it quits. Why they did, he didn’t know and never asked. Apparently, Fleur wanted to see him today. She was in the country and asked to meet with him. Harry grabbed a nearby quill and jotted down a reply before sending the owl on its way back to her. He told her that he’d meet her for lunch at a specific cafe in Diagon Alley. Wondering what she wanted, he shrugged and carried on with his day.

Once lunchtime came around, Harry was waiting at the cafe having a cup of coffee. When he saw Fleur walking up looking just as sexy as ever, he smiled and stood up. “Fleur! It’s good to see you again,” he greeted her.

“ ‘Arry! It is wonderful to see you as well,” she replied and smiled at him when he pulled out the chair for her. “Merci. I am ‘oping to talk to you in private. Per’aps we can go back to your place after we ‘ave lunch?” she asked.

“Of course,” Harry smiled.

The two of them ate their lunch and filled each other in on what was going on in their lives. When they were finished, Harry side-along apparated her back to his home. They settled onto the couch while Kreature brought them some coffee.

“So, what can I do for you, Fleur?” Harry asked.

“ ‘Ave you ‘eard of the company, Magical Mistress?” Fleur suddenly asked. Harry raised an eyebrow.

“The ‘adult entertainment’ company?” he responded. Most people had heard of them. The Weasley Twins had produced a device similar to a Pensieve. You couldn’t dive into memories, but you could watch them as the device projected them against a white background. It was basically a cross between a Pensieve and a movie projector. Everyone had one. Of course, since Harry was an equal partner after giving them the money to start their business, he made an absolute killing from all of the sales. Since then, many companies had sprouted up around the devices. Quidditch teams sold memories as did Dueling clubs. Porn, of course, was an obvious one. The largest and best producer of pornography was Magical Mistress.

Fleur nodded. “I own it,” she confessed.

“You own it?” he asked, stunned. Fleur nodded again. “Umm … and you … um … you know …”

Fleur shook her head quickly. “I do not star in them. My Papa would ‘ave a ‘eart attack. Non, I just own the company.”

Harry nodded in understanding. He had never seen any of her films. Harry really didn’t have a need for them. He was so rich and famous that he could easily get a girl into his bed, and he often did.

“I ‘ave several groups that are responsible for producing the memories. I ‘ave not produced them myself because I ‘ave been so busy starting the company. But I intend to start,” she explained.

“Why do it yourself? Why not hire another team?” Harry asked. Surely the owner had better things to do than watch people fuck, unless … “Wait! Are you into watching people?”

Fleur’s face burned red as she nodded. “It is what ruined my relationship with Bill. It is the reason that I started this business in the first place.” Harry just smiled and shrugged.

“Whatever floats your boat. But what does that have to do with me?”

“Since I will be watching closely to create the memory, I want the male to be someone that I trust. ‘e must also ‘ave certain qualities … umm … downstairs, shall we say. I trust you, and I remember what Ginny told me about what you carry,” she told him. “Before you say anything, I ‘ave a device that will place a Glamour Charm over your face. No one will recognize you.”

“You want me too …” Fleur nodded. Harry was flummoxed. He certainly wasn’t against having lots of sex with lots of different women. If he could remain anonymous while doing so, then that was even better. It would also give him something to do while trying to figure out his path forward. He looked at Fleur and smiled.

The Industry

Fleur was giddy while they waited to begin. She was finally going to live out one of her fantasies. “You are in for a treat. We ‘ave just ‘ired a new girl that you get to ‘ave first crack at. She’s an old acquaintance of yours … Daphne Greengrass.”

“Greengrass?” Harry asked in shock while sitting there in his bathrobe.

“Yes. Apparently, she is a bit of a sex addict.” Harry shook his head. Who would have figured? “Anyway, it is time to begin!” she said happily. Harry followed her into the filming set. The set was nothing but a nicely decorated room that had a very large bed and plenty of room for Fleur to move around. On that bed was Daphne who was wearing a red, silk nightie. She looked a little more goth than he remembered. Maybe it was just the pale skin with midnight black hair that was creating the look. She certainly was just as attractive as he remembered.

Daphne smirked at him and opened her legs for just a fleeting second, but it was long enough for him to see her hairless pussy. Fleur watched as Harry opened his robe and let it fall to the ground. Daphne gasped when she spotted the monstrous cock sticking straight out as hard as can be. Fleur too would have gasped if it wasn’t for the Silencing Charm that she had on herself. She needed to remind herself to mostly focus on Daphne since most of her customers were straight men, no matter how much she wanted to stare at his glorious cock.

Harry suddenly grabbed her by her smooth thighs and pulled her to him. As he did so, the bottom of her nightie rode up and exposed her bald pussy for him to properly see. Fleur was leaning in for a good look as well. He waited for her to move back before he reached down and placed his hand on her lower belly. He could feel the smoothness of her bald mound as he let his thumb brush over her engorged clit.

“Merlin, yes!” Daphne gasped and arched her back sexily.

“You like that, huh?” he asked as he repeatedly flicked his thumb over the sensitive nub. Daphne bit her lower lip as her eyes fluttered, and she nodded. Pressing his thumb hard against it, he moved it in circles and massaged the area around her clit. Daphne let out a moan and began gyrating her hips. With his free hand, Harry explored the softness of her legs. He let it glide up and down the inside of her thigh, feeling her warmth and the silkiness of her skin. Suddenly, Daphne rolled over and got onto her knees. Brushing her hair out of her face, she took his cock in hand and began swirling her tongue around the tip. Harry moaned and bunched her hair into a ponytail as she took him down her throat.

Bobbing her head like a pro, Daphne deepthroated him while making perverse gagging sounds as his cock slid all the way down her throat. Harry grabbed the back of her head and pulled it in. He slid down her throat and forced her to keep it there. She looked up at him while shaking her head from side to side. Finally, he pulled out and his cock was dripping with saliva. Daphne inhaled deeply and started stroking his cock and rubbing her saliva into his flesh. Fleur got a good shot as Daphne dipped down and started sucking on his low-hanging sack.

“You’re such a good little whore, aren’t you?” Harry moaned as her tongue wiggled against the skin of his sack. Letting go of his balls with a wet pop, Daphne beat his huge shaft against the side of her cheek while looking up at him.

“Yes,” she gasped as Harry reached down and squeezed her perky tit. He then slid his hand into her top and pinched her hard nipple while Fleur got a top-down view.

“Yes, what?” Harry pinched her nipple and gave it a slight twist, making her jump and squeak.

“Yes, I’m a good little whore!” she shuddered as Harry removed his hand. Leaning down, he grabbed the hem of her nightie and lifted it up. Daphne raised her arms, and he pulled the silk material from her gorgeous body. Flipping her onto her belly, he gave her ass a hard slap before lifting up her hips. With her back arched, Daphne showed off everything that was between her legs. Harry pushed her knees apart a bit and started dragging the tip of his finger up and down her wet slit. Fleur leaned in and got a close-up of her naked cunt. Her eyes followed Harry’s finger as it traveled north and started playing with the rim of Daphne’s asshole. When his finger brushed over the hole, her cheeks would clench, making Harry chuckle. Grabbing a nearby bottle of lube, he squirted it all over her ass.

Daphne gasped and looked over her shoulder wildly. Fleur never mentioned anything about anal! Still, Daphne was so worked up that she buried her face in the bed and let it happen. She let out a pathetic cry as she felt his finger push into her tight hole. Back and forth he moved his finger, spreading lubricant into her. Her pussy was tingling badly as her asshole was ferociously finger-fucked. When he finally pulled out, she felt the bed move as he got into position. The tip of his cock pressed against her hole, and he slowly pushed in. Clenching her eyes shut, she squealed in pain as her asshole was stretched well beyond what she had ever felt. She suddenly felt him pull back before pushing forward again, just a little bit deeper this time. Her hands were gripping the bedsheets tightly as he burrowed deeper and deeper with every thrust.

Fleur shuddered, and she felt her nipples rub against the inside of her shirt, making her pussy tingle even more than it already was. Keeping her eyes on Harry, she tapped Daphne to indicate that she should get on her hands and knees. Daphne quickly did so, and Fleur slipped under her into a sixty-nine position to get an underneath shot. She could see Daphne’s pussy quivering and dripping beads of arousal down the inside of her thighs. The scent of sex was overwhelming, which wasn’t surprising given where she was. Finally, Harry’s hips collided with Daphne’s lovely ass. Harry gripped her hips tightly and pulled back until only his head was in her ass. Pushing forward, he buried himself completely with a single thrust.

Fleur’s eyes widened when Daphne began trembling violently. She let out a massive shriek before pussy juice sprayed Fleur right in the face. Sputtering, she opened her eyes just as Harry thrust again, causing another jet of girl cum to splash all over her. Over and over, Daphne came all over her. Fleur watched as Harry reached down and began fondling her cumming pussy while brutally fucking her tight ass.

“Here it comes!” Harry grunted, and Fleur quickly moved out of the way and got into position. She watched as Harry pulled out and began stroking his cock. Strings of cum spurted out of the tip and sprayed her bare back. He continued to jerk his cock, and Fleur watched as Daphne’s ass was painted. Cum dribbled down her asshole and pussy lips as Daphne’s body quivered with orgasmic energy.

“Aaaaand … CUT!” Fleur yelled. “Magnifique!” she declared as Daphne collapsed onto her side and spasmed uncontrollably. “The next round will be in ‘alf an hour!” she smiled widely. “ ‘Arry? May I see you in the back room?”

Harry nodded and made his way into the room, not bothering with covering up. When the door shut, he was pushed against the wall hard as Fleur dropped down to her knees and began sucking him off. Joining this industry may not have been such a bad idea, after all, Harry thought as the horny Veela worshipped his cock and balls.

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The Brilliant Plan

This story has been commissioned by an anonymous supporter.

In a small and shitty apartment, the fireplace burst into green flames. Out walked a slightly disheveled redhead that looked down on his luck. He went into the kitchen and removed some leftovers from the fridge. Waving his wand at them, they began to sizzle and over-crisp. He had never been very good with the Warming Charm.

After gorging himself, Ron Weasley went back to the living room and poured himself a glass of cheap whiskey. Flopping back on the couch, his drink sloshed around and spilled on his hand and trousers. He didn’t even bother cleaning it up. Taking a long pull from his full glass, he sighed and tried to relax. The day hadn’t been good for him.

He longed for the days when he could spend his summers at the Burrow, feasting on his mother’s wonderful cooking before going back to Hogwarts for some fun and adventures. Unfortunately, those days were long gone. He was a man now and was responsible for his own well-being.

After Harry had defeated Voldemort, Ron made sure that everyone knew his part in his best friend’s adventure. Like a good friend, Harry made sure that he received his fair share of the limelight. Ron was smart and used his new celebrity status to his full advantage. He immediately tried out for and received a position on the Chudley Cannons Quidditch team. However, his dreams of fame and fortune on the Quidditch pitch were all for not. He was placed on the team as a third-string Keeper and was never able to work his way up the ladder. Eventually, they found a better third-string Keeper that was willing to take less money, so Ron knew that his time had come.

Thankfully for him, the owner of the team took pity on him and decided to offer him a position on the team as an assistant coach. Ron obviously jumped at the opportunity. This was likely his last chance to remain a part of the professional Quidditch circuit.

Even though he remained friends with Harry, Ron often let his jealousy cloud their relationship. Not long after Ron had joined the Cannons as a backup Keeper, Harry didn’t just join a team, he became the next greatest rising star in the league.

Since joining as the next hotshot Seeker, the Tutshill Tornados had won multiple championships in the British and Irish Quidditch League while the Cannons remained at their normal place … the bottom of the standings. This obviously irked Ron more than he let on, and he allowed it to dampen his friendship with him. He was forced to walk down Diagon Alley and see Harry’s face on poster after poster. There wasn’t a business in magical Britain that didn’t sponsor him in some way. On the rare occasions that the two of them still went out, girls would scream Harry’s name and run up to him, practically ripping his clothes off as they tried to get noticed. Of course, none of them even gave Ron a second glance. Harry had fame and fortune and was surrounded by model-level beauty. Who wouldn’t be jealous of that?

But his new job as a Coach could change everything … or so he thought. At first, Ron did quite a good job. He put all his effort into it, and soon, the Cannons had their first winning record of 7-6 for the first time in ages. With the previous Head Coach retiring, Ron quickly rose up the ranks and was given the job after only a couple of years. He was ecstatic. He thought that this would be his time to shine. He thought that it was only a matter of time until his name was in the record books right next to Harry’s. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

His first season went horribly, and they only won two games. The season that they were currently playing wasn’t doing too well either. He was currently on a fifteen-game losing streak, and he was hearing rumors from the press that the owner was thinking about making a change at coaching.

“I just got the bloody job!” he grunted angrily to himself as he downed the rest of his drink and got up to get some more. While it was true that he hadn’t exactly gotten a fair shake, after a taste of success, the fans wanted more and the owner agreed. Ron Weasley knew that he had to do something, or his dream job and his chance at riches and glory would soon slip through his fingers. But what exactly could he do?

He couldn’t juice his players up on potions or anything like that. If caught, he would get banned from any form of professional Quidditch. He couldn’t go around kneecapping players, that would likely get him beaten to death by rabid fans and angry players. It was too late to be able to coach his players up properly, besides, they weren’t exactly all-star quality, to begin with. If things weren’t bad enough, they had to play Harry’s team, the Tutshill Tornados the following day. They were working their way into the playoffs, so this was a big game for the League. A win tomorrow would do wonders for his career, Ron thought. It would likely keep the wolves at bay and keep his job safe for at least another year. With an extra year, he could work his magic and create a much better team. The only problem was how to go about it.

He obviously couldn’t do anything to threaten his health or permanently damage his career. He just needed Harry to play poorly for this one game. Ron couldn’t just hand him a drink laced with potions. Harry would immediately suspect something if he drank it then played poorly, and once again, it would all lead back to him. He suddenly had a brilliant brainwave and began smiling widely. Maybe he would be able to pull it off after all.

The Brilliant Plan

“Are you sure that he was asking for me?” Hermione asked, looking up at her fiance. They had been engaged for years but nothing had ever come of it. Even though Ron didn’t hang out with Harry as much anymore, Hermione always tried to find time to spend with Harry, even with his full schedule. She too had mostly busy days. Working her way up the ranks in the Ministry took a great deal of time and effort. It wasn’t easy trying to change the world, after all. “It’s like an hour before the match starts,” she reminded him.

Ron shrugged his shoulders. “I just heard that he was asking for you,” he lied once again.

“Well …” Hermione didn’t sound convinced.

“It’ll be fine. He’s in his private locker room. Room 3. You better hurry. The match will begin shortly,” Ron told her. He took a deep breath and went on. “Hermione? I need you to do me a favor.”

“What kind of favor?” she asked, suddenly on guard. She knew that Ron was a bit of an idiot, but that had been even more apparent since his release as a backup Keeper. Hermione theorized that his mind kind of snapped, but she was too polite to tell him.

“I need you to seduce Harry and wear him out before the match,” he told her seriously.

“RON!” she yelped, scandalized.

“My job depends on it!” he whined pathetically.

“You’re absolutely pathetic, you know. I can’t believe that you would ask me to do something like that. I’ve never …” she carried on, shaking her head.

“Alright, alright! I’m sorry,” Ron backtracked. “I shouldn’t have asked that of you. But he’s still asking about you, so you should probably go see him.”

Hermione huffed. “I guess I’ll go see what he wants before going to my seat,” she told him while walking toward the clubhouse. Ron watched her carefully before tapping the top of his head with his wand. Immediately turning invisible, Ron quietly crept after her. He watched the feminine sway of her hips as she walked up the steps and entered the building. He stayed a respectful distance behind so as to not be heard.

He didn’t like doing this to her, especially since he was dating her, but his career was on the line for Merlin’s sake! He had one of the greatest Quidditch minds in the history of the league, and no one would ever know it if he was canned now. He owed it to himself and every Quidditch fan out there to keep his job by any means necessary. He watched and waited to implement his backup plan. Hermione was looking at the numbers above the doors until she spotted the correct one. She opened it up and walked in.

“Hey, Harry! Did you call for me?” he heard Hermione’s muffled voice coming from within the room. The door was shutting on its own, so Ron stuck his invisible foot out and stopped it. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a bag of Weasley’s patented Love Potion that was turned into dust form. He emptied the small bag of Lust Dust onto the floor just inside of the room and hit it with a silent Banishing Charm. The small pile of dust flew into the room and filled it with its potent particles. Smiling wickedly, he knew that his plan was about to work. He did have a sudden ping of regret knowing that Harry was about to be intimate with his girl. He rationalized that Harry was similar to him in that respect. After ten or fifteen minutes, he’d finish and be out cold for the rest of the night. No man could go for longer than that while under the influence of the Weasley Love Potion, or so he thought. Silently closing the door, he silenced it and locked it just in case. Scampering away before anyone saw him, he made his way back to his own locker room to get his players ready.

Meanwhile, in the room, the two occupants were unaware that Lust Dust was floating around the small, enclosed space.

Hermione sneezed and rubbed her nose cutely as she suddenly felt herself begin to tingle down below. She put it out of her mind as she tried not to stare at Harry’s bare chest. She could see him breathing heavily as she looked up at his eyes. Gulping when she saw the look of pure lust in his eyes, she backed up until her back hit the lockers. She too was breathing heavily. Harry was staring at her chest, and she looked down. Her hard nipples were poking through her shirt. Suddenly, his hands were on her hips.

“Harry!” she gasped quietly. She felt him grip her tightly as if her body belonged to him. As if she had no control over her body, she reached out and placed her hands on his muscular pecs. Feeling the warmth of his skin, she ran her hands down his torso and over his six-pack abs. She stopped just shy of sticking her hand down his shorts. Her body shuddered as his hands moved from her hips up and over her breasts. Hermione’s eyes fluttered as she felt his hands on her shirt-covered breasts. She suddenly squealed when he grabbed her shirt and ripped it open, sending buttons flying everywhere.

Her shapely tits jiggled violently as her shirt was torn open. Harry gazed at her chest as he got his first sight of her bare breasts. Her breasts were beautifully shaped and well-rounded. They were just as pale as the rest of her body and were incredibly perky for their size. Her nipples were of average size and were a bit puffy. They were a light pink color, only a few shades darker than her pale skin. Harry could see them rising and falling with her chest as her breathing intensified. His fingers danced over them, feeling their warmth and softness.

Hermione’s pussy was tingling badly as his fingers played with her soft breasts. His fingertips brushed over the tips of her nipples sending shivers down her gorgeous body. It had been a long time since she had her breasts worshipped in such a way. When Harry pinched her hard nipples, she nearly dropped to the ground. Her jean-covered legs became shaky, and she was barely able to hold herself up.

Hermione was quite confused about how she was feeling. She had always been attracted to Harry, but she had never been overcome by such lust before in her life. Her brain was questioning it all, but her body was begging him for more. That’s why when Harry’s head dipped low and captured her nipple in his mouth, she let out a moan and pulled his face closer. Mashing his face into her breast, she ran her fingers through his messy, black hair. She whined when he let go of it but happily squealed when his mouth moved over to her other hard nipple. She loved the way his tongue wiggled back and forth over the hard, little nub. She even enjoyed the way his stubble felt against the delicate skin of her breast. Hermione squealed when he pinched the tip of her nipple between his teeth and gently tugged on it. His hand slid up her belly and began massaging her other breast. When he let go of her nipple, he looked up at her and all that she could do was blush.

She could feel her panties becoming completely soaked in her juices as his lips touched the area between her breasts. Slowly they worked their way down her body as his hands caressed the sides of her slim belly. Further, they lowered until he reached her belly button. Hermione shivered when his tongue began to play with it. She felt his tongue trace around it and even dip inside. She was already on the verge of cumming when his hands grabbed the front of her jeans and unbuttoned them. As Harry lowered the zipper and pulled them down to the middle of her thighs, he was suddenly hit in the face with the smell of her incredibly wet pussy. Unable to control his actions, he grabbed her by her shapely cheeks and pulled her in.

“Harry!” Hermione squealed as the front of her wet panties pressed against his face. She heard him inhale her heady scent, and she gasped in shock. Ron had never been so passionate with her. The way that he was acting was completely new to her. She was still in shock when his hand slid into the leg hole of her panties and traveled over her smooth cheek. In between them, it dipped, and she jumped when she felt his finger touch her virgin asshole. Suddenly, Harry attached his mouth to her panty-covered mound, and he began sucking the moisture that was dripping from her pussy. The tip of his finger traced the rim of her asshole, and Hermione shuddered when he added a bit of pressure when touching the hole itself. She had been curious about anal but was too shy to ever bring it up during sex. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing heavily when she felt her body being jerked. Looking down, she saw him lowering her jeans.

He lifted her up and sat her down on the bench. He quickly got rid of her shoes and socks and pulled the tight jeans from her legs. Once they slipped off of her bare feet, he tossed them aside. When he went for her panties, Hermione lifted up her bottom and allowed him to pull them down her legs. The smell of her pussy was filling the small room when he leaned in and kissed her deeply. Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss while he placed his hand on her bare pussy and began stroking her wet lips. Opening her legs a bit, she gave him more room while her tongue played with his. She suddenly found herself on her feet when he tugged her into a standing position. She watched as he pulled off his shorts and gasped as his gargantuan cock sprang out. Her mouth suddenly dried as she contemplated taking that beast inside of her. Harry pulled her torn shirt from her body and tossed it aside with the rest of their discarded clothing.

She really didn’t know what to expect. It definitely wasn’t him lifting her up and flipping her upside down. His massive cock was suddenly rubbing against her face as she squealed when his face lowered between her parted legs, and his mouth began devouring her wet and naked cunt. Hermione was too busy moaning while Harry’s tongue massaged her clit to realize that she was supposed to be sucking him off. A hard slap on her lovely ass made her squeak in pain.

“Start sucking,” he commanded, and Hermione didn’t dare to deny him. Pressing her mouth against his long and thick cock, she peppered it with kisses. She felt the weight while holding it in her hands and couldn’t help but to compare it to Ron's. Her fiance didn’t come close to comparing with this ungodly monster. Ron’s had never been able to pleasure her the way that she wanted. Hermione needed more than that, and right now, she had it. Dragging her tongue from the base all the way to the tip, she placed the tip in her mouth and let her tongue wiggle all over it. Sucking on it like a lollipop, she moaned deeply when Harry’s tongue touched her tight, puckered hole.

Harry never knew that Hermione could be so passionate. He never thought that she would be the type of girl that would grind her wet and naked pussy all over his face while his tongue was in her ass. Harry learned something new every day. He moved his lips down to her swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth as she took his cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head. Hermione’s long hair was swept against the locker room floor as she repeatedly took him into her throat. Harry would have never suspected that she was so good at sucking cock. He moaned loudly into her clit which made her squeal around his cock. Pulling him from her mouth, Hermione grabbed his massive shaft and began stroking it while she sucked on his sack. Harry was moaning as his tongue flicked back and forth over her hard and sensitive clit. He could feel her body trembling and didn’t want her finishing just yet. Manhandling her, he spun her around and placed her on her belly on a nearby table.

Hermione gasped and looked over her shoulder as he stepped between her spread thighs. His cock was laying in the crack of her ass as he spread her legs apart even further. Wiggling her ass in preparation, she bit her lip sexily as he took himself in hand and rubbed the tip of his hard cock up and down her wet slit. Her eyes fluttered and she moaned as the tip of his cock spread her lips apart before sliding up and over her asshole. Harry chuckled as she squealed and bucked her body. Lowering his cock back down from her asshole, he pushed all the way inside of her when the head reached her entrance. Hermione let out a whorish moan as her walls were stretched to accommodate his massive girth. She could feel his shape rubbing against the inside of her wet tunnel as inch after inch speared into her. Her hands clawed at the table, and she shuddered violently as his cock bumped into her g-spot before it continued and battered into her cervix. When his hips finally touched her ass, Harry gave her shapely cheeks a hard slap before he grabbed them and started thrusting into her.

Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open as a slutty shriek left her throat as Harry didn’t bother going slow. Within moments, his long, hard cock was sawing back and forth against her poor, abused g-spot. Harry watched as her ass rippled with every mighty thrust from him. The loud clapping of his hips against her ass mixed with the strong smell of sex that filled the locker room. Hermione hid her face from him, too overcome by the intense pleasure that she was feeling. Harry looked down at her clapping cheeks and saw her pink asshole peeking at him. He placed his hand on her pale ass and let his thumb rest against her tight hole. As he pressed down on it and moved it in circles, Hermione moaned louder than he had ever heard.

“Oh god! Fuck me harder, Harry!” she moaned out wildly. Harry was more than happy to fulfill her request. Her pussy was already beginning to flutter around him and her walls started gripping his thrusting cock tightly. Hermione began seeing spots before crying out and cumming all over his cock. Her body bucked and thrashed about as her pussy tried desperately to milk the cum from his cock. Harry wasn’t done with her, however. He leaned over and grabbed his wand.

Pulling out, he waved his wand and coated his already slick cock with lubricant before turning his wand on Hermione’s ass. Her eyes were twitching as she felt the warm liquid hit her puckering asshole. Looking over her shoulder, she saw him smirk right before his finger entered her tight hole. Letting out a pitiful whine, her ass clamped down on his finger as he started working it in and out of her. This was the first time that she had anything in there, and it felt strange to her. Her orgasm was still hitting hard and it was getting even stronger as he lubricated her ass in preparation for his cock. She opened her mouth to complain but found that only a moan would leave her lips. When she felt his finger leave her ass, she breathed a sigh of relief. However, her eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as she felt the head of his horsecock press against the last virgin hole that she had.

As the head popped in, Hermione cried out in pain that was mixed with a bit of pleasure. She felt stretched well beyond anything that she had ever felt before. Her body was quivering as he pushed another inch into her. His hands lovingly rubbed her bare back as he slowly worked his cock in and out of her. After getting used to the strange sensation, she felt embarrassed that there was more than a little bit of pleasure in the act. Before long, his cock was spearing her insides with long and deep strokes. Her body was being jerked back and forth over the surface of the table, making her nipples rub against it until they were raw and sensitive. Her mouth was open with a constant cry of pleasure as the tip of his cock hit the deepest parts of her. A hard slap on her cheek made her ass clench tightly around him. The orgasm that had just begun to taper off came back stronger than ever.

She wasn’t expecting him to reach underneath her and stuff two fingers into her contracting cunt. Curling them, he started stimulating her g-spot as he viciously rammed her asshole full of meat.

“HARRY!” she screamed loudly as her ass clamped down tightly. Harry grunted loudly just as Hermione started squirting all over the table and herself from her first analgasm. Pushing deep into her, he let loose and spurted rope after rope of hot cum deep into her bowels. Pulling his fingers from her cunt, he rubbed them back and forth over her engorged clit. Hermione was squirming violently, trying to get away from the fingers that were causing her so much pleasure. He thrust one more time into her ass before pulling out. He sighed happily as he wiped the cum from his cock onto her butt cheek.

“Shit! I’m almost late!” he said, and rushed to get his stuff. He paid her quivering body no attention as he put on his gear.

The Brilliant Plan

Harry struggled to catch the Snitch after an hour-long fuck session with his best friend. In the end, Ron’s plan worked, and Harry was late to catch the little golden ball. The game ended in a tie.

Ron was euphoric and waited for his team to dump the cooler of ice water over his head in celebration, but sadly that never happened. Instead, he turned to his side to receive a heated kiss from his wife but saw her in the distance in Harry’s arms as he tongued her mouth and had her ass gripped tightly in her palms. Not only that, but Hermione had her arms wrapped around his neck as she desperately kissed him back.

Suddenly, the referee flew down and landed next to him. “Coach Weasley! Because the playoffs still haven’t been decided because of the tie, a rematch will happen at the same time tomorrow. The League will get in contact with you,” he told him before flying off.

Ron stood there with his job hanging by a thread as his beautiful girlfriend was getting tongued by the best Seeker in the game. Maybe it wasn’t such a good plan, after all, he thought with more than a little regret.

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The Black Curse

Part 1

Narcissa shrugged off her silk dressing gown and sashayed up to the expensive, Goblin-made, full-length mirror that was standing in a corner of her very large walk-in closet. Her golden-spun hair flowed over her bare shoulders and fell down to the middle of her back. Threading her fingers through her golden locks, she shook her hands to fluff up her hair. Liking what she saw, she moved on.

Next, she ran her hands up her slim belly and over her perky breasts. Lifting them in her palms, she turned to the side before letting them drop. She nodded when she saw the appropriate amount of spring in them. They were still perky enough, given her advancing age. Shaking her chest from side to side, she watched them jiggle and bounce. She knew that they were more than good enough to keep a man’s attention. She lowered her hands from her breasts down her and over her toned belly. She was proud that she could still keep such a figure. It wasn’t easy. She had to make sure to always eat properly and stay on a strict regimen of very expensive diet potions. However, all of the trouble sure was worth it. Her belly looked similar to that of a twenty-five year old’s.

Her eyes traveled over her hips, and she smiled. Her hips were what really drew the attention of males. They were wide and inviting and flared out from her slim waist. When she walked, her hips swayed from side to side, drawing the gaze of every man within eyeshot. Even further down, her legs were still shapely and smooth. Her skincare routine was just as extensive and expensive as her diet. As her hands ran over the front of her panties, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slid them down. Her silk underwear dangled off one foot, and since she wouldn’t be needing them that day, she kicked them off to the side.

Just thinking about what was about to happen had her body trembling with excitement. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a bead of pussy juice roll down the inside of her thigh. Shuddering, she used her finger to wipe it up. Bringing her wet finger to her mouth, she placed it on her tongue and sucked the juice from her finger. Narcissa’s eyes fluttered as she tasted herself.

The Black Curse

Harry Potter didn’t know how he always found himself in these situations. Most of the time, those situations were less than ideal. This time, however, he found very few reasons to complain. It all started with his friend, Nymphadora Tonks, inviting him over to celebrate his fourteenth birthday. Of course, he happily accepted. He would do anything to get away from the Dursleys. After celebrating, Tonks had to go back to her job as an Auror Trainee, but her mother asked him to stay for the rest of the summer.

When it was just the two of them in the house, she pulled him aside and explained some things to him. She explained how the women with Black family blood carried a powerful curse. The longer that they went without sexual contact, the more their minds slipped into madness. Apparently, Bellatrix had already begun her descent into madness before being locked up. Harry didn’t even want to think about how crazy she would be after so long in prison. Being a virgin, he blushed madly through her explanation.

Wondering why she was telling him about this, she confessed that Tonks had accidentally seen him naked and discovered the size of his manhood.

“My daughter will likely take you as a lover sooner or later. It’s my duty to make sure that she has the best experience possible,” she said with a glimmer of lust in her eyes. Harry gulped loudly. When asked about her husband, Andromeda simply waved him off. While she loved him and wanted to remain married to him, he wasn’t able to temper the curse in a way that she needed. It didn’t take long before she convinced Harry to join her in bed. It had been a week since she started teaching him how to properly pleasure a woman.

They were currently in a fancy hotel room while he waited for her “surprise”. Andromeda was laying back on a pile of pillows while she kept Harry trapped between her stocking-covered legs. His back was pressed against her belly while his head rested between her large tits. Her hands were stroking his chest while she eyed his massive erection. Leaning down, she kissed the side of his face while she felt up his body. Harry’s hands were busy caressing her silk-covered legs. Twisting her leg slightly, she placed her foot on the underside of his cock and started rubbing it.

“I can’t wait to feel this in me again,” she moaned into his ear. Harry shivered at the sensation of her warm and pleasant breath against his skin. Harry moaned as she slowly worked his cock. Sitting up, she reached down and took his cock in her hand. Up and down her hand moved as she beat him off while her other hand reached down and cupped his balls. Harry shuddered as her hand massaged and fondled his cum-filled sack. Her lips attached to the side of his neck, and she began sucking on it. Suddenly, the door opened.

Harry gasped when Narcissa Malfoy walked into the room. Wearing a sundress, heels, and a pair of dark sunglasses, he thought that she looked incredibly sexy. Taking her glasses off, she tossed them on a nearby table and raised one of her perfect eyebrows at her sister’s actions.

“Couldn’t bother waiting for me?” she asked as she let the spaghetti straps of her dress slide off of her dainty shoulders. The white dress pooled at her feet, and she stepped out of the pile of material. Harry’s mouth clicked shut as he got his first look at her nude body. Wearing only heels, she climbed onto the massive bed and crawled up to him on her hands and knees. Harry was mesmerized by the way her tits dangled and swayed as she crawled to him.

Andromeda pressed her full lips to his ear. “My sister suffers from the same curse. You’re willing to help her, aren’t you?” she whispered, pulling on his sack while stroking him wildly. Harry moaned loudly at her treatment of his cock. Nodding his head rapidly, he saw Narcissa smile while Andromeda began peppering the side of his face with kisses. Narcissa crawled between his legs and lowered her head.

Harry groaned as Andromeda moved her hand to let her sister deepthroat his cock. Trembling as Narcissa’s soft lips and warm tongue slid down the shaft of his enormous erection, he threaded his fingers through her thick, blonde hair and allowed her to set the pace. Slowly her head bobbed up and down, and only a minute later, loud and wet “GACK!” sounds were erupting from her throat as she fucked his cock with her face.

Andie kissed the side of his lips and fondled his balls. “She’s good … isn’t she?” the dark-haired MILF teased. Harry nodded while moaning loudly. Andie leaned in a little further and kissed him deeply, toying with his tongue with hers while feeling up every inch of his exposed body. Before he could cum, Narcissa pulled off of his cock with a loud inhale. Her cheeks were pink, and her hair was more than a little tasseled. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly while breathing deeply. Harry stared at her gorgeous chest without shame.

“Sorry, Andie, but it’s been too long since I had anything close to this size. I need it now,” Narcissa shuddered as she turned around and exposed her ass to him. Crawling backward, Narcissa pressed her bare ass to his groin and began grinding against him. The scent of both women was beginning to make his head swim. His hard cock was being massaged by the very wet and warm pussy of Malfoy’s mom. He would like to say that he was mature about the situation, but a very big part of him was quite pleased that he was getting one over on the ferret.

Suddenly, Andromeda moved away from him and let his back hit the bed. Narcissa mounted him in the reverse cowgirl position and lifted up her ass. Andie grabbed his cock and placed the tip against her sister’s wet tunnel. As she sank down on him, both moaned loudly with Narcissa arching her back. When she bottomed out, her body was already quivering in pleasure, especially so when Andie reached down and began rubbing her sister’s hard and swollen clit. Her pussy tightened immediately and damn near made him cum right there on the spot. If that wasn’t bad enough, Andie’s free hand gripped Narcissa’s breast, and she started massaging it while leaning in and kissing her passionately. Harry watched with fascination as their tongues dueled, and they groped each other’s bodies. Grabbing Narcissa’s hips, Harry started grinding against her with his cock buried deep inside of her. Hearing her moan, he let his hands wander all over her nude body while she started slowly bouncing on him.

Laying back, Harry shuddered at the sensation of her tight, wet pussy gripping him tightly while she rolled her hips in a figure-eight pattern. Suddenly, Andie was by his side, and she threw a leg over him. Settling on his face, she lowered her dripping pussy until it touched his lips. Harry’s tongue snaked out and licked the moisture from her inner lips. Wanting more, Andie moved her pussy around until her hard clit was pressed against his mouth. Her eyes fluttered, and she let out a deep moan when suction was added. She could feel his mouth pulling on her sensitive clit, and when his tongue began to wiggle against the hard nub, she couldn’t help but throw her head back and moan.

Meanwhile, Narcissa was fully into it. She was bouncing her ass while holding onto his legs to steady herself. Up and down her ass bounced, taking the entirety of his cock into her then pulling back until only the head was in. If anyone could see it, they would see that his cock was smeared with warm, white streaks from her creaming pussy. Her eyes were twitching, and her asshole was puckering from the constant assault on her g-spot. She married Lucius for his money, not his sexual prowess. In fact, he had none. His teeny tiny cock could never compare to the beast that was spearing her cervix. Her hands traveled up her tight body and cupped her bouncing tits. Pinching and pulling on her nipples, Narcissa’s body started violently spasming as her pussy fluttered and contracted around Potter’s massive cock.

Harry could feel that Narcissa was close. Her pussy tightened just like Andromeda’s often did. The pleasure that he felt intensified, and he grabbed Andie’s thighs, feeling the silky material beneath his fingers, and moaned into her clit. Andromeda squealed loudly and trapped his head between her thighs. The smell of her wet pussy was driving him wild, and he couldn’t help but arch his back and cum deep into Narcissa. The vibrations of his moans tickled Andie’s clit and made her back arch as well. Squealing and moaning, she ground her slick cunt all over his face as pussy juice dribbled into his mouth.

Narcissa’s body was bucking and spasming wildly as her pussy gripped the invading cock tightly. She felt the warmth of Potter’s cum as it spurted deep inside of her. The pleasure was too intense, and she had to stay still to come down from her pleasure-induced high. Shivering and spasming, her pussy continued to undulate around his cumming cock. When he had finally finished, she rolled off of him and laid on her side, curled up in a ball. Seeing warm cum leaking from between her tight and plump lips, Andromeda crawled up to her and got on her hands and knees. Like a dog, she lapped at the cum dripping from her sister’s sensitive cunt.

Harry saw Andromeda’s ass wiggling in the air, and he smiled. As a massive cock drove deep into Andie’s pussy, the dark-haired woman thanked Merlin that she had the foresight to put him on a regime of stamina and virility potions. He was going to need every advantage to sate the sexual appetites of these two incredibly horny sisters.

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Good Little Servant

Daphne Greengrass was what every pureblooded girl strived to be, at least according to her. She was widely considered to be the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts. There wasn’t a day that went by that she wasn’t hit on by some boy. Even the mudblood riff-raff of this school were so enamored with her that they dared to come up and ask her for a date. Of course, she sent them off with a good tongue lashing … and not the kind that they were hoping for. Even the purebloods of this school weren’t up to her standards. She wouldn’t give herself to anyone but the very best. That was what made her situation so irritating.

Harry Potter .... She wanted to curse every time that she heard his name. Her family wealth had taken a bit of a hit in recent months, she confessed to herself. In reality, it had taken a massive hit due to her father’s stupidity when it came to investments. He was really good at making money, just not investing his existing capital. To get the family fortune back on track, he came up with a plan to sell illegal potions, artifacts, and drugs to the student population. Of course, she was the only one capable of handling things on the inside. It didn’t matter that if caught, facing expulsion and having her wand snapped was the least of her worries. As a daughter of a staunchly pureblooded house, she couldn’t exactly tell him no.

For a while, everything was going wonderfully for her. She was earning a small fortune every week and dutifully sending it back home once a new shipment of supplies came in. Not only that, but all of her customers treated her like the second coming of Morgana. She was earning gold and respect in droves. Everything was perfect. That was until Harry Potter discovered her activities.

She didn’t know how the bastard had found out. She hid her tracks just like her father had taught her, she made her customers sign contracts before doing business, and she looked over both shoulders when meeting her customers. What she didn’t know was that Harry had a certain map that he could use to spy on anyone in the castle.

How he found out was the least of her worries. When the smarmy bastard threatened to snitch her out, she knew that she had to nip it in the bud. She offered him some of her product or money, but he refused. Instead, the bastard wanted her to be his personal servant three times a week from sundown to sun up for as long as she continued with her “business”. She immediately wrote to her father thinking that he would handle the situation. Instead, she received a letter telling her in no uncertain terms that she was to agree to his demands and keep earning gold for the family. Being a woman in a pureblood family was hard, but she thought that this was ridiculous.

After agreeing, she had been forced into one degrading act after another. It was completely humiliating to her. Still … What could she do? Not much if she was being honest, except threatening to cut off his manhood one day in the not-so-distant future, which she had already done repeatedly.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she nodded. Even if she had to put up with such nonsense, she was still going to look her best, as her upbringing demanded. She put on her school robe to hide the degrading outfit that she was forced to wear. Getting up, she made her way out of the dungeons and to the secret room that Potter controlled. Taking a deep breath, she placed her hand on the door and felt herself be recognized by the secrecy wards. Opening the door, she walked in.

She eyed the bastard relaxing on the large, fluffy bed against the back wall of the room. When he smiled, she wanted to poke his eyes out.

“Daphne, love, get us a drink then join me, will you?” he said, eyeing her up. She huffed and walked to the bar. She didn’t know how he had the room so well furnished. It would look right in place in a luxurious, pureblood manor. She walked over to the bar to pour them some drinks.

“Get comfortable first,” she heard his voice from behind. She ground her teeth together before undoing her school robe. Letting fall to the floor, she stepped out of it.

Harry gazed at her body and smiled. Daphne was wearing a bra and panty set in scarlet with matching thigh-high socks and high heels. Just looking at her made his cock hard. Her bra was nearly completely see-through. He could easily see her little nipples showing behind the sheer fabric. Her panties were no better. Nothing more than a string with a tiny triangle, he would have been able to easily see her bush if she had had one. The string in the back wedge securely between her shapely cheeks. The parts of her thighs that weren’t hidden underneath her socks looked incredibly smooth and kissable. His boxers were tented something fierce as he watched her prepare their drinks. As she walked toward the bed carrying a drink in each hand, her hips swayed from side to side and her medium-sized breasts slightly bounced. She walked to his side of the bed and leaned over, handing him a drink. He didn’t even bother hiding the fact that he was staring at her cleavage as she bent over. She wanted to slap him. He took his drink and placed it on the side table before taking hers and placing it next to his.

Daphne squealed in surprise when he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto the bed, right into his lap. She smacked his shoulder in anger as he chuckled. Breathing heavily, she sat there for a moment trying to calm down while his hand was casually stroking the exposed skin of her thigh. Looking down, she saw what his hand was doing.

“Enjoying yourself, Potter?” she asked with a bit of heat.

“You know I am,” he smirked and let his fingers “accidentally” rub against her panty-covered slit.

Smacking his hand away, she rolled over and laid by his side. Harry laughed and handed her her drink. Daphne took it without thanking him. Drinking it down, she enjoyed the familiar burn. At least all of this was easier to handle with a little alcohol in her system. Harry slapped his thigh.

“Hop up here and tell me about your day,” he told her. Doing what she was told, she straddled his thigh and began regaling him with today’s news. As she was talking, his hands gripped her hips and started moving her body. Slowly, she rocked back and forth, grinding herself against his leg. Before long, she was rolling her own hips without even realizing it. His hands were busy stroking and caressing her smooth thighs.

“ … and then Parkinson told Millie that she was ten times better looking than I am. Can you believe her?” Daphne vented as her breath hitched. She could already feel her belly coiling in pleasure. Unable to stop herself, she pressed down harder against his leg and rolled her hips in a slow circle, moaning the whole time. She was unprepared for when he lifted her up and sat her between his legs. Pulling her until her back was pressed against his chest, his hands pried her legs apart, and his hand landed on her wet panties.

“She’s definitely not better looking than you, love,” Harry whispered in her ear, making the sexy Slytherin shiver. As his hand began rubbing her damp panties, she gasped and placed her hand over his. She was about to push his hand away when his finger brushed over her swollen clit. Shuddering violently, she tilted her head back and rested it on his shoulder.

“Moan all you want, Daphne. It’s just you and me tonight,” Harry told her before his lips connected with the side of her neck.

Daphne’s eyes were wide as his hand stimulated her pussy. Her panties were so wet that they clung to her taut and plump lips. Her body was trembling wildly as Harry rubbed circles over her hard clit and moved his fingers up and down her slit.

“If you leave a mark, I’ll stab you in your sleep, Potter!” she gasped out before closing her eyes. Her hips had a mind of their own and slowly moved with the rhythm of his hand. Her body was just beginning to spasm when his hand dipped into her panties and touched her sloppy wet cunt. His free hand slid up her belly and crept underneath her sheer bra. His lips were attached to her pulse point, and his fingers pinched her hard clit. Daphne cried out as his finger slipped between her tight lips. Immediately her pussy tightened around his fingers and tried desperately to milk them. Her body was jerking this way and that, but he kept her in place by squeezing her breast. When she finally began coming down from her orgasm, Harry pushed the bra strap from her shoulder and kissed it. Daphne quivered at the sensation. As she was placed on her back, her body was still jerking and jumping from random spikes of pleasure. Potter looked her in the eye, and she saw pure lust in them. Blushing, she turned her head in embarrassment.

This was only her fourth time with him, and she hadn’t figured out a way to keep her body from reacting to him. Every time she spent the night with him, she began acting more and more like a common whore. She allowed him to do things that she wouldn’t have let her future husband do. It just wasn’t proper! Sure, she complained and cursed his name, but she was unable to make herself say no. She had a feeling that if she actually wanted him to stop, he would. Somehow, her mouth wouldn’t listen to her mind. Perhaps the pleasure was simply too good to pass up. Her mind was pulled back to the situation at hand when he gently slipped the bra from her body. With her beautiful tits exposed, his hands moved up her body and over her breasts, rubbing against her hard nipples. Her head was still tilted back, and her moans were muffled when his lips connected with hers. Deeply he kissed her, sucking on her warm, little tongue. She was just getting into it when he broke the kiss.

He moved down to her feet and held one in his hand. He looked at her and she blushed as he slowly pulled the heel from her foot. He did the same for the next one. Next, he reached down and grabbed the top of her thigh-high sock. He gently worked it down her smooth and sensuous leg. When he pulled it off of her bare foot, he kissed her soft and delicate sole. Daphne flopped back on the bed and moaned louder than any Knockturn Alley whore. As he kissed and nipped at her cute and dainty foot, she brought her other foot up to his groin and began massaging his hard shaft through his boxers. Moving to her other leg, her sock met the same fate. Daphne tossed aside her pureblood upbringing and used her bare foot to pull down his boxers and free his massive cock while he peppered her other foot with kisses. Gasping and moaning, she used her little toes to pin his cock against his belly and work it up and down. Her panties had a huge wet stain that continued to grow.

As he reached down and pulled the panties down her legs, the strong scent of her arousal hit his nose and turned him on even further. His fingers began rubbing her pussy, and she was still sensitive, so she turned over on her side and squeaked. Harry stared at her plump, hairless lips that were pressed so tightly together between her gorgeous thighs. He could see the wetness glinting off of them. Settling next to her, he pressed his cock against her slit and slid into her.

Daphne felt the familiar sensation of his big cock stretching her tiny, little pussy open. Her legs were tightly together, and she turned her head to look at him. He was biting his lip in concentration as he began thrusting. Because her legs were closed, her pussy had become even tighter than he was used to. Letting out a moan, he ran his hand up her stomach and over her perky breasts. He loved the feeling of her rock-hard nipples brushing against the skin of his palm as he caressed her chest. When he thrust deeply into her and hit her g-spot, Daphne cried out, “OH FUCK!” in a high-pitched voice.

Her pussy tightened considerably, and she lifted a leg up and placed it over his shoulder. She looked at him with her hair messed up and her cheeks flushed. He thought that she had never looked sexier. Her eyes were fluttering and her chest was rapidly rising and falling with every powerful thrust of his cock. The wet sounds that her pussy was making were incredibly perverse, but she didn’t seem to mind. She arched her back and proudly showed off her perfect tits just as she clamped down on him hard.

“Potter!” she moaned as her pussy squeezed his cock. He reached down and began massaging her clit as he groaned and started filling her moist tunnel with his thick and sticky cum. Her body started spasming again, and she reached down to move his hand out of the way. Her clit was too sensitive to touch. Once both were sated, they sat there breathing heavily. Daphne slowly moved her leg off of his shoulder and covered her naked pussy with her hand, embarrassed now that their passion had waned off. Harry flopped down next to her and pulled her onto him. With her body draped over him, he cupped her naked ass with both palms and kissed her deeply. Daphne had her eyes closed as she passionately kissed him back. Suddenly squealing when his fingers began toying with her cum-stained pussy, she squirmed out of his grip and said, “Not tonight! It’s too sensitive!”

“Fine,” he replied, listening to her plea. He pulled her back to him and held her close as he waved his wand and turned off the light. Turning around, she threw her leg over his waist and rested her head on his chest.

‘If I’m going to be forced into this indignity, then I’m going to at least enjoy it whenever possible,’ she thought to herself as her hand gently caressed his stomach and chest.

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Her Birthday Surprise

Part 1

Harry Potter groaned in pleasure as he looked down. On their hands and knees were two girls. One was as pale as any other English girl, and the other had a darker and more exotic skin color. Two sets of lips slid back and forth over each side of his twelve-inch magnum cock. Lavender Brown pulled her lips from his cock as Parvati Patil moved her mouth to the head. Her tongue tickled the bottom side of the tip before she took him as far into her throat as she could. As she sucked and gagged on his cock, Lavender moved up to him. Kissing his neck as her hand rubbed his six-pack, she asked, “So are you going to do it?”

Harry smiled and decided to play coy. “Do what?”

“Take Hermione’s virginity. I know that she’s a major bookworm, and she never fixes herself up, but she’s really cute. Besides, she’s a good friend to Parvati and me,” Lavender said, grabbing him around the base of his cock and slowly jerking him off while Parvati continued to deepthroat him.

“And she already agreed with your plan?” Harry asked. He didn’t know Hermione all that well, but even he knew that that didn’t sound like something that she would agree to.

Lavender nodded her blonde head. “It would be a wonderful birthday gift from me and Parv. She’s already sixteen and still a virgin. If she doesn’t lose it soon, she’ll likely stay a virgin for years to come! That’s just wrong!” Lavender said with some distaste. Harry chuckled at the sex-loving girl.

“You’re going to give her the works before bringing her to my secret room?” he asked, groping Lavender’s big, bare tit. He loved her large, pink nipples.

“We’ll fix her up really nicely. You’ll see,” she promised.

“Okay … fine. Arrange it for Saturday night. Tell her that she’ll be staying from Saturday night until Sunday night.”

Lavender squealed and hugged him tightly, mashing his face into her deep cleavage. He took the opportunity to motorboat the busty blonde just as his Indian friend straddled his lap and took his cock deep into her tight, little pussy.

Her Birthday Surprise

Hermione Granger was incredibly nervous now that Harry Potter had agreed. She wasn’t going to lie. She had had a crush on him for the longest time. Now that she was going to spend twenty-four hours in his bed, well, anyone could see why she would be nervous.

Lavender stood her up and stripped her naked. It was Saturday morning and her two dorm mates were getting her ready for her big night. Parvati looked her over. “Madam Sleekeazy’s Hair Removal Cream?” she asked, looking at the bush that covered Hermione’s mound. Hermione blushed beet-red.

“Definitely,” Lavender replied. “Not just on her bush, but all over. Harry loves a smooth and sexy body,” she smirked. Parvati smirked as well, knowing exactly how Harry liked her.

“What about her hair?” Parvati asked, running her fingers through Hermione’s tangled, bushy head of hair.

“I have some special potions that should keep it calm for a couple of days at least,” Lavender said, looking through her supplies.


Lavender shook her head. “Light makeup. Harry likes a more natural look, and Hermione is pretty enough on her own.”

Hermione couldn’t even bring herself to speak. She was too embarrassed by them fussing over her. “Did you break your hymen like we said?” she suddenly heard. Hermione nodded.

“Right after you told me to,” Hermione confessed.

“Good,” Parvati joined in. “You’re going to be able to enjoy yourself a lot more now that the pain has been taken care of.” Lavender nodded in agreement.

“C’mon. Let’s pluck her eyebrows and paint her nails,” Parvati said, sitting her down on the bed before the two girls surrounded her.

Her Birthday Surprise

Hermione’s heart was hammering in her chest as she knocked on the door. With shaking knees she stood there for a moment until the door opened. Before her was her longtime crush, Harry Potter, who smiled at her. She felt her cheeks heat up as she stood there starin