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Harry's Sexy One-Shots

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Summary- Harry catches Lavender and Parvati doing something that they shouldn’t have been. As a Prefect, it is up to him to decide their punishment in place of their parents. 


In Loco Parentis

Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil had been best friends since the very first day of their coming to Hogwarts. Both being gossips, they naturally gravitated toward one another. Parvati had needed someone since her twin sister Padma had gone to Ravenclaw house. She had found a kindred spirit in the blonde Gryffindor. That was over five years ago. Now they were in their sixth year and planned to rule the school. They were upperclassmen now and could control the girls younger than them. It was kind of a tradition. They had to do it when they were younger, and now they got to reap the benefit of it. It was nothing bad or anything. The younger students would find the juicy gossip and report to them on it. They could order the younger students to complete tasks and stuff like that. It was all in good fun. At least it was until they got a hold of one juicy piece of news. 


One little first year had reported to them that they had heard news of someone planning to drop something off on Thursday night. The first year had said that it was being dropped off for that Slytherin harlot, Daphne Greengrass. The Greengrass girl was their rival in many ways. She also collected gossip, but for different reasons. They collected it for fun. Greengrass collected it for future use by either her or her family. She was a true Slytherin. She was also a rival in beauty. Lavender and Parvati were pretty girls. Daphne Greengrass was even prettier though. It irked them to hear so many boys going on and on about the gorgeous face or luscious curves of that blonde bimbo. As many girls do, they wanted the attention for themselves. They had been waiting a long time to get some dirt on her. Greengrass was sly and crafty though. She kept her secrets hidden well. They didn’t have a single scrap of news on the girl, other than the normal stuff that no one cared about. When they heard what the firstie had to say, they were ecstatic. Finally, they would be able to find something on the blonde Slytherin. 


So they came up with a plan. Someone was supposed to drop off something at a certain spot at midnight on Thursday. Greengrass was supposed to pick it up a couple of hours later. That left them around two hours to find out what it was. Their plan was simple. They would just sneak out like they had done so many times and take a peek at what was being dropped off for her. At this point, they had no need to worry about getting caught. They had snuck out so many times that it was embarrassingly easy. They knew which days to avoid. The other days, they were either friends with the Prefects or had dirt on them. Thursday happened to be a day that was open to them. 


The first part of the plan went off without a hitch. They had easily snuck out of Gryffindor Tower when everyone was asleep. They were pretty tired as well, but getting dirt on the Slytherin was worth losing some sleep. They crept through the hallway making sure to keep quiet so as to not attract the attention of Filch or his mangy cat, Mrs. Norris. At around one in the morning, they arrived at their destination. The statue of the three-eyed wizard on the fifth floor is where the firstie had said the package would be. Obviously, it wouldn’t be sitting out in the open, so they checked around. After a moment, they found what they were looking for. A package wrapped in brown paper was hidden on the ground behind the statue. Quickly they snatched it up, intending to take it to an unused classroom and see what was inside. That was until Harry Potter came along. 


Harry Potter was slightly annoyed. At the last moment, he was informed by the Head Girl that he’d have to take an extra shift patrolling this week. Apparently one of the Prefects had come down sick or something. He didn’t care about the reason, only that he’d be losing more sleep than normal. God help any rulebreakers he found tonight! Thankfully, the patrol was fairly easy that night. Only a handful of people were caught out and about. They were given a detention and told to go back to their dorms. Harry had a secret weapon that not very many people knew about. His marauder’s map was a godsend when it came to finding rule breakers. To be fair, sometimes he didn’t use it. It felt a little like cheating to him. He wanted them to have a chance to get away, at least. Tonight was different. He was irritated and sleepy, which wasn’t a good combination. At around one in the morning, he found something that made him snort. The two gossips of Gryffindor were sneaking around the fifth floor. Being close to them, he planned on catching them red-handed. While he didn’t dislike the two girls, he didn’t exactly like them either. On more than one occasion they had spread rumors about him. Some of them were true, others were a bit fabricated. Either way, it annoyed him. They had to know that they wouldn’t be getting any leniency from him. He guessed that that was why they kept their rule-breaking to days where he wasn’t patrolling. He knew for a fact they snuck out, but if it didn’t happen on his watch, then he didn’t care. Tonight, he did care. 


He tossed his invisibility cloak over himself so he could see what they were doing before he busted them. Quietly he snuck up to where they were and listened. 


“It’s got to be here somewhere,” Parvati whispered. She was looking around to one side of a statue. 


“Here it is!” Lavender exclaimed quietly, holding up a brown-papered package. Pulling his cloak off, he made himself known. 


“Well, well, well. If it isn’t my favorite gossips,” he smirked at their panicked faces. 


“Harry! We were just … “ Lavender failed to find a suitable excuse. 


“Sneaking out to pick up a package? Yes, I know. Now let’s see what it is,” he said as he summoned the package out of Lavender’s hand and caught it. He unwrapped it and found what he knew to be some illegal substance. His eyebrow raised. He didn’t think that these girls were the type to get high. Harry whistled. 


“Boy oh boy, you girls are in some serious trouble. This stuff won’t just get you expelled, but probably a few months in Azkaban,” he told them, holding up the drugs for them to see. Their big eyes widened even further. 


“That’s not ours!”


“We swear it’s not!”


Many more excuses were tossed about, but Harry didn’t want to hear it right now. He looked at the girls. They were quite attractive, he had to admit. He wouldn’t mind spending some alone time with them if the opportunity ever arose. He had a wicked thought. Maybe he had to make his own opportunity! 


“You girls are in big trouble. Now, I can either take you to a professor, or I can act In Loco Parentis and punish you myself. Which do you prefer?” he asked, tapping his foot on the ground. 


“What does Loco Parents mean?” they shakily asked. 


“In Loco Parentis means that I’ll act in your parents’ stead. I won’t take you to a teacher, but instead, I’ll decide how to punish you. You must accept my punishment, or I’ll have to take you to see the professors. Now, which do you want?”


“The parent thing!” they quickly answered. Harry nodded. 


“Good. Follow me,” he ordered firmly. They quickly followed. He led them to the furthest end of the fifth floor, to a room that was sometimes used by students to fool around in. They followed him inside. He closed and locked the door. 


“Now the first part of your punishment is twenty spanks each. Both of you strip down to only your panties,” he said firmly, leaving no room to question his authority. 


“But … “ Parvati interjected but was cut off by Harry.


“Do you want to go see the professor?” he asked. She shook her head. She knew if they went to see a professor, they’d be screwed. That damn Greengrass!


Slowly the two gossips stripped down. Parvati was a lovely girl with a pretty face and thick body. She wasn’t fat by any means, just very curvy. She had a lovely hourglass figure with somewhat large breasts and wide inviting hips. He’d heard more than one boy compliment her figure. Her hair was long with loose curls and was highlighted in brown. She had fairly light skin for an Indian. All in all, she was a good looking girl. She looked even better as her clothes were removed one by one until she was only in her black, lacy underwear and socks. He looked over at Lavender. 


Lavender was a pretty pale-skinned girl with long, slightly wavy, dirty blonde hair. She had plump lips, but her most notable feature was her icy blue eyes. They had always freaked Harry out a little. The color always seemed so unnatural. Although, he didn’t have any room to talk with his emerald green eyes. She had a nice body with small to medium-sized breasts. She too was down to her underwear and socks. 


“Lose the bras and socks,” he ordered. Blushing, both girls reached behind them and unclasped their bras. Two pairs of breasts were exposed as the fabric fell to the ground. Next, they bent over and pulled their socks off. Only one piece of thin fabric stood between them and total nudity. Harry pulled up a chair and sat down. 


“Lavender, turn around and face the wall with your hands on top of your head.”


Lavender did what he said and turned around, placing her hands on top of her head. He got a good look at her perky thong covered ass. 


“Parvati, come here,” he beckoned her forward. She trembled slightly as she got closer. “In front of me,” he said, spreading his legs so she could stand in between them. Once in position, he squeezed her hips and ran his hands down her thighs. He enjoyed the way she trembled under his touch. He grabbed the waistband of her silky panties and slowly lowered them past her knees. Letting them go, they fell to the ground. Harry patted his lap, and red-faced, she stepped out of them and laid over his lap. He reveled in the complete control he had over the girls. His hand slowly explored her skin, running up her legs and groping her bottom. His fingers even slid between her cheeks and “accidentally” brushed her folds. She was breathing hard as his other hand fondled her dangling tits. He cupped her pussy and rubbed his thumb over her moistening center. 


“Count off as I spank you. Understand?” he asked. 


“Yes, Harry,” her voice quietly trembled. Harry removed his hands from her tits and pussy and placed one on her back to hold her down while the other swung down and collided with her fat ass. 




“One!” she squeaked out in pain. Harry could see Lavender shaking in nervousness. 






After he reached ten, her bottom was bright red from the punishment. He decided to add a little pleasure to her pain. He used a trick he taught himself to try and seduce Hermione. While he hadn’t gotten into the bookworm’s panties yet, she did allow him to give her full-body massages now. She absolutely loved how he was able to make his fingers vibrate at a near ultrasonic level. She raved about it, and it got to the point where she would be quite angry if she didn’t get her daily massage. She was becoming addicted to the sensation. He wondered if Parvati would enjoy it as well. He took his other hand off her back and slid it underneath her. She shivered as his hand slid down her belly, and his fingers rested on her hardened clit. She looked back at him, wondering what he was doing. Her eyes bulged, and she cried out as his fingers vibrated against her bundle of nerves. 




“Aaaaaaaayyyyyeeeeeeeeee!” she wailed, her back arching and ass trembling. 


“Don’t forget to count, love,” he said, massaging her inflamed cheeks. 


“ELEVEN!” she cried out. 


By fifteen she was pleading. “Please, Harry! I’ll be good from now on! Please, stop!”


His fingers were vibrating against her clit as her pussy leaked fluid all down her thighs. The whole room smelled of her arousal. 




By the last spank, her body was thrashing about, and it was hard to hold on to the sweaty girl. He amplified the magic in his fingers as he brought his hand down for the hardest spank yet.




Lavender turned her head and peeked as her friend received her last spank. Her ass was sticking up in the air like a bitch in heat, and her body vibrated as a stream of fluid squirted out of her pussy and splashed into the wall! Lavender couldn’t believe her eyes! She wasn’t innocent in sexual manners, but she had never even come close to squirting. Parvati was going off like an Augamenti spell! She watched as Harry leaned down and kissed her red bottom gently. 


“Now Lavender, it’s your turn,” he said. Lavender gulped noisily. Harry lifted a still cumming Parvati off of him and placed her on a bed in the corner of the room. She watched as he removed his clothes and sat back on the chair. Her face was beet-red as she saw the size of his penis. It was huge! Way bigger than she had ever seen. He patted his lap. Slowly she walked closer to him. 


“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked. She looked at him questioningly. 


“Panties,” he reminded her. She blushed even harder as she lowered her panties and showed him her freshly shaved pussy while he slowly stroked his cock. She was about to get across his lap like Parvati when he stopped her. 


“Sit on my lap facing away from me,” he ordered. She did what she was told. Lavender turned around and placed her perky bottom against his massive erection. She squeaked when he grabbed her behind both knees and lifted her legs up. His cock was now beneath her pussy, sticking out straight and proud. “Keep your legs like that.”


She made sure to do what he said. The shuddered breath she let out made Harry smile as he rubbed his cock over her smooth pussy lips. 


“I … I thought you were going to spank me?” she squeaked out. 




“Aaaaaaayeeeeee,” she squealed as he used his gargantuan cock like a Beater’s bat and slapped her pussy with it. 


“Remember to count,” he reminded her. 


“O-one!” she cried out in pain. 






After ten, like with Parvati, he added a little stimulation to her clit. She gasped out like a whore when his fingers vibrated over her pale pink clit. Her bottom wiggled sexily as she mewled and dribbled her girl juice over his lap. 




“Ohhhh … ohhhhhhhhh!”


He hadn’t even gotten to fifteen and she was squirting! Her back arched and pussy flooded the room. Parvati had stumbled over to see what was going on. She watched as her best friend came like she did. 


Harry decided to forgo the rest of her spanks and turned to Parvati. “Help me stick it inside,” he told her. Parvati blushed. 


“Sorry Lav,” she apologized as she gripped Harry’s cock and stroked him a few times. She placed the head against her blonde friend’s lips, and Harry speared her for the first time. Parvati was transfixed by the sight of such a large piece of meat slipping into her friend’s tiny pussy. The skin stretched, and Lavender mewled as he bottomed out. 


“Play with my balls,” he ordered, and Parvati listened. She reached out and massaged his nuts as he started thrusting into Lavender. She had to sit there on her knees and listen to the lewd sounds of fucking going on right in front of her. She could smell their coupling and was sure that some of those smells were coming from her. The wet squelching was making her blush as Lavender moaned and groaned and orgasmed over and over. Her pussy juice was dribbling down and drenching everything underneath them. Suddenly, Harry pulled out. His cock was sticking out right under Lavender’s abused pussy. 


“Clean it,” he told her. She knew he was talking about her mouth. Embarrassed, she leaned down and took him down her throat and sucked him off until he was completely clean of her friend’s cum. Without having to ask, she stuffed him back into Lavender. Now he was slowly fucking the blonde, his hand rubbing her hard clit. She knew what was about to happen. It seemed that she would have a front-row seat as Harry ordered her to suck his balls while he fucked her friend. Unable to say no, she leaned down and licked the arousal off his balls. She had just cleaned him off when Lavender squealed once again, and her face was drenched in her best friend’s cum. Spray after spray hit her in the face as she felt Harry’s balls pulse against her mouth. She let them go and massaged them as he spurted his thick seed into Lavender’s pulsating pussy. Knowing when he had finished, she pulled him out and licked him clean. 


After a moment of rest, Harry stood up and addressed them. “Okay girls, the second part of your punishment will happen tomorrow night. Meet me here at ten sharp. Understand!” he added with a raised eyebrow. 


“Yes, Harry!” they exclaimed, standing side by side, naked and covered in various fluids. Harry nodded. 


“Get dressed and go back to the dorm. You girls will need plenty of rest for tomorrow.”


They squeaked and threw on their clothes. A few minutes later, they were on their way back to Gryffindor Tower. Who ever said being a Prefect was a thankless job?