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A Visit to Santa

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A Visit to Santa

Chapter One

Two days before Christmas usually meant stressed out people, crowded malls, excited children, too much snow and of course in the case of some…a visit to the local mall to visit a jolly fat man in red suit.

“And what is your name little girl?” the deep voice of the man in the suit at this particular Texas mall asked, distracted by adjusting the beard that had nearly been pulled off by an out of control little boy earlier.

“Carly Jay Ackles-Padalecki,” came the perky little voice of the fair skinned freckle faced little girl with dark brown curls falling from under a hat that was barely still on her head and immediately Santa went still, eyes shooting up to see a petite dark haired woman standing off to the stand looking right back at him as if daring him to mess this up. “Hi, Santa!”

The bright and bubbly voice had an infectious cheerfulness to it that made even people in line smile at how happy she was to be sitting on Santa’s lap.

“Well now that is certainly a long name for such a tiny girl,” Santa chuckled, hoping he sounded normal or as normal as Santa sounded given the man in the suit was very far from normal or calm right then. “I think I call you CJ on my list of good little boys and girls.”

“That’s what my Daddies call me too,” the little girl who looked to be six at best smiled brightly with a missing front tooth and deep dimples while her eyes seemed to glitter between green and brown. “I begged my Auntie Gen to bring me to see you Santa. I needed to talk to you face to face even though my Daddy emailed my lists months ago.”

“And I got your list and all of the addendums to it so don’t you worry. Santa will bring you…” the jolly man in the beard still wasn’t sure if the girl would grow up to be a ballerina or a lawyer after he’d taken in the attention to detail on each of those redone lists. He stopped talking at her insistent head shake that managed to cause her hat to fall off.

“No, Santa, no,” CJ wrapped her gloved fingers into the soft white fur lining as her bottom lip began to tremble as if fighting the tears that were welling up in her big eyes. “I want you to forget those lists. I don’t want any toys or stuff I put down back then,” she told him with a sniffle, wiping her eyes on the sleeve of her soft new coat and missing the sharp flash of confused concern in Santa’s eyes while he shot a look toward the woman. “I…I need you to bring me something else. Something that only you can do cause you’re Santa and everyone knows Santa can work miracles.”

Santa adjusted the petite girl on his lap a bit better. He took his time with each child in his line so this wouldn’t seem any different. “What do you want Santa to bring that’s more important than what was on your list, CJ?” he asked curiously.

“My Daddy.”

And just like that the line of crying kids, impatient people and everything else around them vanished as the man in the suit felt like his head would explode. Of everything he thought he might hear from this precocious child’s mouth that was not it and it took a cough from an elf to snap him back to see wet eyes looking up at him, heartbreaking eyes that the man knew were a cross between her fathers.

“Your…your Daddy?” he asked after clearing his throat. “Why would you ask me to…”

“Because Grandma says it’s my fault my Daddy’s had a fight and Daddy left us. Now Dad is sad even though he works all the time and says he’s not, he is cause I hear him at night when he thinks I’m asleep and I hear him cry for Daddy,” CJ chewed her lip. “I…I didn’t mean to be bad, Santa. I didn’t mean to make my Daddy leave or make Dad sad and cry and…”

“Carly Jay, you did not make your Daddies fight or cause your Daddy to leave and your grandmother will be getting a lump of coal for telling you such lies,” Santa declared firmly while deciding that wasn’t all that bitter old woman was going to get as soon as he was free. “Now you dry those big eyes and don’t you worry cause I promise your Daddies will be back together soon. It’s just some grown-up stuff and too many people sticking their noses where they don’t belong but your Daddy loves your Dad with all his heart.”

“Really?” the child’s lips still trembled but slowly a dimple did appear as a white glove wiped her face. “Grandma says Daddy only stayed with us cause Dad got…Santa if Dad got knocked up wouldn’t he fall down since how can someone get…Santa, why is Mr. Elf choking?”

Santa was having a hard time not choking himself on that one so he didn’t blame the elf that was closest to hear the exchange but he made himself swallow and smooth a hand over thick soft dark curls. “No, that’s another lump of coal for Nanny Ackles,” he had no doubt in his mind which of the child’s grandmother’s would tell her something like that and it sure as hell wouldn’t have been where her father could have heard it. “Carly, your Daddy’s love you and they love each other but…I’ll see what I can do. Now let’s wipe his pretty face and you give Santa your best smile so the Elf can take our picture and your Auntie Gen can take you home for a nice hot meal.”

Dimples winked as the child did as she was told and then kissed his cheek. “I’m spending the night with Auntie Gen and Auntie Dani tonight cause Dad’s been working so much and so distracted he didn’t shop so I’m having girl’s night!”

“Oh…uhh…that’s good, I think,” Santa knew it wasn’t and shot the smiling brunette a warning look while placing the little girl on her feet to send her on her way with a wave as she waved at him and yelled ‘bye Santa!’ “Bye, Carly.”

The rest of the night passed slowly or it did to the man in the Santa suit. By the time the line was over, kids delivered their wishes and pictures taken the man in the suit was beat; but it was more emotionally beat than physically since he really did enjoy volunteering at the mall. He just hadn’t been expecting the blow to his heart he’d taken that night.

“So…” the elf that had choked began from where he was leaning against the lockers in the mall’s dressing room. “That was interesting?” he held out a badly knitted cap that had fallen. “She dropped this and forgot it.”

Since someone else was in the suit the next day and he’d finish the season out the few hours on Christmas Eve the mall was open, the tall, broad shouldered young man looked up from tying his boots to run his fingers through long chestnut brown hair to see the cap and smiled a little wanly.

“I told him if we waited long enough that she’d grow into this thing,” he reached out to take the hat that smelled like the apple shampoo Carly was attached to. “It started out a booty.”

“What the hell, Jare?” the elf, actually a 6’ leanly built blond haired man, demanded while watching his long-time friend pull a t-shirt on and then a heavier flannel since this year San Antonio was cold and snowy. “When you showed up at my door a few weeks ago saying you and Jensen had a fight I left you alone because I know you and I know you two haven’t been apart more than two weeks since you met back in college but…is what Carly said true?”

“We had a fight but that’s about all she said that was correct but then she shouldn’t even know that since the last thing we agreed on when I walked out the door that night was that Carly was to be kept out of it. Jensen was telling her I was away on business for Dad but…it seems like someone else decided to stick her goddamn nose into this and fill my baby girl’s head with a bunch of crap,” Jared Padalecki had plenty of things he planned to say to one Evelyn Ackles when he had the chance but that night he knew he needed to do something else.

Grabbing his jacket, gloves and a small bag that he’d been storing in his locker Jared stuffed the child’s cap into a pocket while meeting his friend’s curious look and knew that wouldn’t be enough to satisfy Chad’s curiosity. “When Carly changed her list to Santa the last time she put something on it that we weren’t expecting,” he began quietly, recalling what had happened to cause his happy family to fracture. “She asked Santa for a little brother or sister…and then she asked us during dinner if we thought one day Jensen’s belly would get big like her teachers did before she had her baby.”

“Okay, so we’ve already had the ‘where babies come from’ talk with my favorite ballerina,” Chad frowned a little at that given how deeply protective and private both men were about certain things so he was surprised they’d talk to their only daughter about babies and that Jensen could have them.

“No…well yeah but not because we wanted to,” Jared sighed, shutting the locker door and beginning to walk out with his best friend a step behind him. “Jensen’s mother dropped by one day while I was at work and he’s still in the process of trying to get her to accept things so he let her in. I guess everything was going fine until she sideswiped him in front of Carly about how embarrassing it still was for her at Church that her son not only was gay but that he had a spawn of Satan.”

The 6’4” former football college football player and now assistant in his father’s law firm heard a sound that he knew were teeth clenching. “Yeah. It’s not enough that Jensen graduated college top of his class while six months pregnant or that I never denied that she was mine and I stood up for him because I loved him even before I knew he could have kids. To her he’s still a disappointment and our daughter is a sin. So when I got home that night our daughter was in tears and Jensen wasn’t far behind. We had to explain to her and so when a teacher in her school had a baby she got curious.”

“Yeah, I don’t know where she got that brain from,” Chad smirked, ducking the hand that slapped at him. “What between you and Jensen, the kid’s got genius level brains and snark from both sides of the genepool.”

“And she doesn’t get it through osmosis by a few of her surrogate family,” Jared snorted, ignoring the rude gesture that earned him while he pulled his car keys out. “Since I happen to have it on good authority that your mutual goddaughter is having girls night at Gen and Dani’s apartment, go crash that and make sure she doesn’t come home with fake eyelashes or glitter all over her again. I swear Jensen will have a stroke if that happens again.”

Chad groaned at the thought of going to that apartment but since he also knew there’d be food and his favorite little girl so he would make the sacrifice. “I’ll call before I or Gen bring her home?” he asked, tone cautious.

“Yeah, call first because one way or another I do plan on fixing this tonight because I will not let her spend Christmas without both of us; especially not thinking it’s her fault,” Jared replied, nodding his thanks to his friend before pulling out of the mall parking lot that still looked crowded to him and heading to a section of San Antonio he knew by heart.

Jared had gone to Texas A&M on a football scholarship while deciding if he wanted to major in law or arts. He looked like the typical jock with his broad shoulders, long arms and legs that were well muscled from running every morning and working out but anyone who knew him knew that Jared T. Padalecki was far from the average jock.

He came from a family of lawyers and accountants with a couple aunts and uncles in the medical side of the things but he didn’t mind playing down his smarts at times to fit in easier. Jared had friends in college but he didn’t always like to party like they did and he also didn’t have the same views on certain subjects like a few of his friends and a good many of the football team did so the first time he met one Jensen Ross Ackles was not the greatest first meeting.

In fact Jared was still amazed the shy young design student didn’t slam the door in his face three nights later when he showed up unannounced with a new leather jacket to replace the one torn by a bunch of asshole bigots who’d decided Jensen was the perfect target for their hate that semester.

Jensen should’ve been a Freshman by his age but because of his high IQ and GPA he’s skipped a year so was taking Sophomore classes so he was an automatic target but then it got out that the 6’1” lean handsome young man was also gay so that put a huge target on his back from the first day of classes and the jocks went for it.

Raised in a large family who liked to bicker but hated bullies and racists, Jared wasn’t big on looking down on others because they were poor or different. He’d been raised to judge by a person’s inner self and a couple chance encounters in the coffee shop where he learned Jensen worked told him the shy and quiet student was a lot more than most people were giving him credit for.

The night Jared stumbled up a few of his buddies beating the hell out of Jensen and about to do a lot more he made his choice. He might’ve ended up with a few cracked ribs, some bruises and a lecture from the Dean of students for fighting with his teammates but Jared had protected someone who’d done nothing wrong and that’s what mattered to him.

Deciding to replace the torn jacket had been spur of the moment since he wasn’t sure of Jensen would lump him in with the other asshole jocks or not so the first few moments of silence when Jensen had opened his dorm room door to him had been strained until he stepped back with a quiet ‘come in’.

From that night on Jared tried to swing by the coffee shop at least once a day and despite the trouble he had with his friends he finally earned an actual smile from Jensen; one that met his deep green eyes. That smile and small laugh had Jared happy for the rest of the week.

Jared had never openly revealed that he was gay while at college. He’d never claimed he was gay or straight since he’d just never been interested in dating. He went out if a buddy set him up and was always polite even if the girl was a bit too forward and looking for one thing only from him so the day when Jensen, on a break from bussing tables, worked up the guts to come up to where Jared was sitting pretending to do his homework when he was really watching Jensen to stumble his way through to ask him if he’d like to have dinner one night the quarterback’s dimples popped when he said yes.

After that dinner, it seemed like they were pretty near inseparable. Jensen still had trouble from bullies but once it was plain that Jared would bloody faces for anything said or done then it slowly began to trickle down to just minor annoyances from a couple tough guys.

Jared learned a lot in a short time about his boyfriend and what he learned reminded him of how lucky he was to have a family like he did because the first time he met Jensen’s well off parents he decided immediately that he didn’t like them or their attitude toward their only son.

It seemed like they were willing to humor Jensen’s gayness as they called it so long as he never brought it into their world so learning he had a boyfriend in college enraged Richard Ackles and embarrassed Evelyn Ackles. It didn’t matter that their son was happy or that Jared wasn’t just some jock they cared that it would look bad on the family name.

It was a whole three days before Jared fully realized how manipulative the Ackles’ family could be when a mutual friend from the coffee shop met him in the hallway between his classes to quietly let Jared know his too proud to admit to having trouble boyfriend had been locked out of his dorm room. Someone had made up lies to the school faculty to get him kicked out of the dorm so Jensen had been sleeping in the storeroom of the shop

Jared finished classes that day and by the time Jensen was done with his he’d worked his argument out in his head to how it just made more sense for Jensen to move in with him in his off campus apartment.

“‘I have an extra bedroom since we’re not that far into our relationship yet and you can lock the door if you’d feel safer. It would give you someplace quiet to study and I have an awesome computer that can handle your design software. Plus, I’m studying law and can really argue until the cows come home so you might as well say yes to me now, sugar.’” Jared hated that one expression Jensen had that made it impossible to read him but just when he was winding up for case study, he was shocked when Jensen kissed him; the first time the younger man initiated a kiss since they’d been dating before saying ‘yes’.

The two were very different so there were fights. Jared was outgoing, friendly and messy while Jensen was not as outgoing. He was friendly once he got to know people but he was more cautious given his trust in people were low. He was also very orderly and liked to have everything in a certain way. It had shocked their friends that they didn’t kill one another in the first month of living together but despite the differences they got along quite well.

It was the summer of what was senior year that they began to expand the physical side of their lives when visiting Jared’s family outside of San Antonio a long Padalecki barbecue ended up with them in a loft above the barn. They were making out and Jensen caught Jared’s hand when he went to pull back from going farther than they had before.

They made love the first time before the summer was out but neither knew the risks since Jensen’s parents had never told him that he carried the gene that allowed him to get pregnant and give birth. They didn’t know about this until the day came when Jared was called out of class because Jensen had collapsed in his design class and was rushed to the ER.

By the time a frantic Jared got to the hospital he found his boyfriend a wide eyed shaking terrified mess with a stern faced nurse waving a form in front of his face and demanding he sign it. The pre-law student in Jared snapped to at that to growl that Jensen wasn’t signing anything until they knew what it was and a threat to call his father, a well-known lawyer, was all it took to get a doctor in to tell Jared that Jensen was pregnant and the paper was permission to abort the child.

Jensen, for his part, had been terrified Jared would hate him or think he’d led him on but he still pulled himself together enough to grab the paperwork to tear it to shreds while telling the nurse and her disapproval to go straight to hell because no one was touching him or his baby.

A few calls home to the Ackles home outside of Houston finally got a disapproving Evelyn to admit that doctors had told them years ago about the abnormal gene in Jensen’s system that meant he could conceive but they never thought anything of it because they figured their son would outgrow his desire to be gay.

She had helpfully suggested a quiet trip outside the country to take care of her sons’ indiscretion but Jared, who’d been listening silently but furiously, took the phone to flat out say no to that plan. He then took Jensen home and held him all night until the young design student finally looked up at him to ask what he was supposed to do.

“‘I love you, Jen,’” Jared had said easily, scared as well but not having any doubts about the only choice there was for them now. “‘I told you that when I started dating and I still mean it. You didn’t know this might happen but I’m just as big a part of it as you are. This is my baby too and if you’ll let me I’ll take care of both of you. Let me?’”

Jensen let the walls he’d always kept up come down fully and let the tears of relief come then because he loved Jared and even now he loved their unborn child.

Of course Jared learned for such a quiet person Jensen did not take being sick well and he had morning sickness and other issues from the start but managed to keep up with his classes in person and a few agreed to let him take them from home and the computer.

He kept his grades up despite being sick, weak, and scared and graduated top of his class with his degree in design and architecture while Jared got his in pre-law but decided to attend a local law school in San Antonio so he’d be close to help Jensen since his parents had made it plain he’d get no help from them in any way, financially or medically.

Jared was grateful for his family because when things got bad it was his mother that turned up at the hospital the first time they thought his husband had miscarried after a fight with his mother and it was Beth Padalecki who stayed with Jensen while Jared tried to focus on school. It had been his father who got Jared out of a test the day their impatient daughter chose to be born three weeks too soon and his brother who kept him from punching out his father-in-law when the man made some insensitive comment about how close to death both Jensen and the infant had been for a time.

Carly Jay Ackles-Padalecki did survive after weeks in an incubator while Jensen had some serious health issues of his own after her birth that kept him in ICU for nearly a week and Jared scared to death that he was going to lose them both.

The doctor told them gently that while Jensen could still conceive they couldn’t promise if he’d survive the birth so Jared had flat out said that there would be no more children unless they adopted because while he loved knowing Jensen wanted to give him kids he loved Jensen more and didn’t want to lose him.

They didn’t discuss it after that really. Raising Carly, who turned out to be healthy and happy with traits of both of her fathers, Jensen getting on at a design firm that allowed him to work from home and Jared graduating law school finally and taking a job at his father’s firm kept them busy until that one night a few weeks earlier when their little girl innocently asked Santa for a baby brother or sister and Jensen said he wanted to try to have another baby.

Jared knew he’d reacted badly but he could still recall the numbing terror he’d felt six years earlier at the thought of Jensen dying. He recalled the doctor’s words of too weak, body would never support another birth and risk of death nearly a certainty.

It was those memories rolling through his head that caused him to react loudly and in the worst way possible because while Jensen was usually even tempered for the most part if someone yelled at him or forbid him from doing anything then you got to see the other side of Jensen and that was the side that Jared ended up seeing as they had one of their worst fights in their nearly ten years together.

Deciding it best to leave until they both settled down, Jared had thought he’d made certain Jensen knew he still loved him and that this wasn’t a breakup or anything of the sort. He thought that until he heard his little girl cry while asking Santa to bring her Daddy home and learned that his mother-in-law had been too close and filling Carly’s little head with lies.

Jared pulled his car into the driveway of the modest two story home he’d allowed his parents to buy them to frown when he noticed the fancy and expensive Mercedes Benz in the driveway and did not like that either one of or both of Jensen’s parents were here this late at night or at all really since while his husband had learned to stand up for himself in a lot of ways all it took was a sharp voice from one of them to make him shake.

When Jared first decided to come here from the mall to try to fix this he’d been planning to ring the bell with the hat held out much like he’d down when he’d taken Jensen a new jacket but as he got closer to the door and heard raised voices he changed his plan. The moment he was reaching for the knob and heard Jensen’s deep voice break on a sob all else was forgotten and the front door was slamming open with the same intense need to protect and shield as he’d always felt.

He took the long hall that led to their living room in three long steps, sharp eyes taking in his pale faced and clearly upset young husband standing face to face with his stern faced parents while some guy Jared had no clue about had his hand on Jensen’s arm and that was all Jared saw before his temper blew.

“Hey asshole!” he snapped, no friendly Texas drawl in his voice right then and when the guy jerked his head around at the unexpected voice Jared’s fist hit him square in his too perfectly chiseled face. “Get your goddamn hands off of what’s mine!”

Jared’s sudden appearance and action broke the heavy stillness that had been in the room but as Richard Ackles began to turn to demand what he thought he was doing there and what he’d just done Jared’s focus didn’t move from wide surprised green eyes that shot to his.

“I live here,” he replied to the one question but then all he saw was relief on Jensen’s rugged face at seeing him. “Hey, Jen,” Jared murmured softly and took a step forward only to have Jensen in his arms in the next moment.

As it always was the moment he held Jensen the rest of world always seemed to vanish for just that moment. It do so this time until unwelcomed voices intruded and reminded Jared there’d been a strange man with his hand on his husband.

“Who the hell is the asshole on the floor that better stay there or I will be putting him back down there?” he demanded, shifting to put Jensen more to the side while he met the hateful eyes of his father-in-law. “And what the hell are you doing in our house this late and…” Jared’s eyes went to his mother-in-law to glare as he thought of what he’d heard earlier. “…and what the hell are you doing telling our daughter that it’s her fault her Daddies broke up? Or that I only stayed with Jensen because and I quote ‘cause he got knocked up’?” he heard a hiss of a breathe being inhaled. “Yeah, should I mention Gen took Carly to see Santa tonight and I got an earful as she begged Santa not to bring her anything from her lists because she just wanted her Daddy to come home?”

Jensen wasn’t sure what to think or do when he first heard Jared’s voice. He was just so relieved to actually see him after weeks of fearing that he had forced his husband away all over an overreaction on both their parts.

He accepted he hadn’t been coping real well but he’d been dealing with Christmas approaching, a confused and scared little girl, a design firm that suddenly wanted him to transfer across the country or lose his job and his parents intruding in his life.

The 24 year old had missed Jared but wasn’t sure how to get him back without making it worse so he’d been trying to give Jared time to calm down before he called him but then all hell had broken loose at the same time it seemed and he hadn’t even realized his mother had been filling his daughter’s head with cruel lies or when she’d even had time to see Carly.

“When the hell did you tell Carly that crap?” he demanded while glaring at his mother, jerking back out of instincts he thought he’d left behind years ago with his father’s big hand reached out only to have Jared step in front of him like a shield. “It wasn’t when I was anywhere around cause I would’ve tossed your ass out and told you to take your opinions and plans to ship her off to some private school and stick them up your ass.”

“Jensen Ross Ackles! Don’t you dare speak to your mother in that tone!” his father snapped, looking at Jared like he was dirt on his shoe. “I’m calling the police to have you arrested Padalecki! You just assaulted…”

“I hit some bastard who had his hand on my husband, in my home, and Jensen sure didn’t look like he wanted to be touched so go ahead, call ‘em,” Jared growled, looking down at the man on the floor. “Who is he?” he asked again.

“Some asshole they brought with the idea that they were going to force me to leave here cause he got the design firm to threaten to fire me if I don’t relocate and she wants Carly placed in some ‘special’ school down south,” Jensen replied, fingers digging into Jared’s jacket when he felt muscles go rigid. “Jay, I’m…”

Ignoring the people in their house Jared turned to place a finger against soft full lips that he suddenly realized he really wanted to kiss. “Shhh, don’t. We’ll talk in a second and all night if that’s what it takes but first…I’m going to kick your parents out. Okay with you, sugar?”

It never failed to make Jensen’s heart beat faster when Jared’s voice dropped to the low sexy drawl and he used one of the few pet names he allowed his husband to use. He knew it really shouldn’t be okay with him but he had to finally bring himself to face that his family would never accept him or their granddaughter like Jared’s family did. His were more worried about the harm to the family name since Jensen just hyphenated his name when he married Jared so he still had the Ackles name attached to his design work.

“You told our daughter it was her fault? You told her that we broke up when I’d told her that Daddy was working away from home? You told her Jared only stayed out of duty?” Jensen shot his parents a disgusted look while giving the guy who was struggling back to his feet a sneer. “Do everyone a favor before Jay does what he said he was going to, Dad. Get the hell out of our home, stay the hell away from me, from my family and if you or anyone working for you comes close to Carly I will let Jared’s family ruin you.”

“You ungrateful…” Richard started forward only to stop as Jared straightened to his full height and glared in a very clear warning. “You could’ve been free of this life, Jensen! You could’ve started over! Started fresh and been normal with…Jensen!”

Jensen was around Jared before even his husband could blink and shoving his startled father back a few steps. “I am normal, goddamn you!” he yelled, furious suddenly but also hurt that even after so long his parents couldn’t accept him or be proud of what he’d accomplished on his own. “There is nothing about me that isn’t normal except in your slanted world, Dad!

“I graduated college, I got my degree and got a good job that you just cost me because I will not move and I would not move without my family so if that was your plan it would’ve backfired anyway because without Carly and Jared I wouldn’t have moved. I can find another design job so fuck you, fuck them, fuck your idea of normal!” Jensen whirled to grab a photo off the mantle to shove it at his clearly startled parents. “This is normal! This beautiful little girl that Jared and I created together is normal! She and Jay are my normal.”

“Then why did he finally get smart and walk out?” Evelyn asked with a sneer. “Have a little fun on the side or…”

“I want another baby and Jared’s scared for me to try. He’s scared the doctors are right and it could cost me my life if I delivered so we had a fight and he left to give us both time to cool down and think about what’s important,” Jensen was quick to block Jared before he could lunge at that suggestion. He wasn’t sure to be annoyed or just face it when his mother looked horrified at the thought. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while now so Carly asking for a baby brother or sister didn’t suddenly make me want one. I’ve been considering it cause I want to give Jared a son and…I think I can do it but…I also know what’s important to me and that’s my family,” he turned to look at Jared, stepping back to reach for his hand; the hand with the gold engraved band. “You and Carly are what’s important, Jay. Fighting over having or not having a baby isn’t anything if it costs me you or if it hurts our little girl.

“I swear that I didn’t know she’d been told that crap or that she asked Gen to take her to see Santa. I’m sorry you found out like this but I’m not sorry it brought you home. I’ve missed you so damn much, Jared,” Jensen reached up to lay a hand over Jared’s cheek, lips curving when Jared turned his face into the touch to press a kiss into the palm there. “Please, Jay? Please come back home?”

“That’s what I’m here for, sugar,” Jared replied, eyes flicking up past Jensen’s shoulder to meet the hard gaze of people he would never understand. “Take your lapdog and get the hell out of my house,” he ordered sternly, stepping away from Jensen long enough to grab coats and toss them at his clearly shocked in-laws. “Oh and just so there’s no misunderstanding? If you two come within 500 feet of Carly without either Jensen or I or my parents present? I will nail your asses in court and my father is burning for the chance to point out to your pals just how upstanding you two really are given that you’ve turned on your own son because he’s gay.”

Jared physically shoved the guy out the door with a snarl to never show his face near his husband again and stood there to make sure the Ackles’ left in their fancy car before he turned to go back inside the house with a blown out breath.

He shut and locked the door, set the alarm because right then he wasn’t confident they wouldn’t try any stunts and had just been stepping back into the living with a smile he hoped look calm now that he and Jensen were alone only to stop dead and felt his heart rocket into his throat.