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Handsome Detective Meng Shao Fei

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“What? The item you ordered looks different from the image?” Shao Fei joked when Tang Yi unashamedly stared at him from the passenger seat. He was driving Tang Yi’s car, as instructed by Hong Ye, and was also ordered to wear his black and white shirt combo. Hong Ye loved the color on him so much that she had multiple outfits in those shades. But enough about clothes, Tang Yi was too quiet for Shao Fei.


Shao Fei deduced that Tang Yi would have attacked him when they got in the car, but the man was just looking at him with a hard expression.


Did he look weird in these new clothes? Tang Yi, noticing Shao Fei fidgeting in his seat decided to put him out of his misery. 


“The item actually looks better than the display,” Tang Yi joked back and eased on his glare. Shao Fei laughed, feeling calm again. Tang Yi wasted no time to grab Shao Fei’s free hand.


“Tang Yi! I’m driving!” Shao Fei whined.


There he is. Tang Yi’s adorable Meng Shao Fei. Instead of saying anything, Tang Yi insisted on clutching Shao Fei’s hand. He had spent 3 years away, so now that he had the chance to touch Shao Fei, why would he waste one second without contact.


“Tang Yi, you’re too quiet,” Shao Fei complained. 


“I just want to be with you,” Tang Yi said, still looking at Shao Fei. “Let me just hold you,” Tang Yi wanted to say something else, but the words are meaningless compared to the reality of the situation right now. Shao Fei squeezed Tang Yi’s hand and that made Tang Yi lean onto Shao Fei’s shoulder. Their hand squeezing in turns, as a sign that they were there together. 


The moment they parked outside of Tang Yi’s home, the duo could see multiple people in the house waiting. Shao Fei squeezed Tang Yi’s hand hard, not feeling like he wanted to let go just yet. Tang Yi knew that he too felt that there were so many things he wanted to say to Shao Fei before dealing with everyone else, but it was better to get it all over with fast. 


“Let’s just do this quick,” Tang Yi persuaded Shao Fei and Shao Fei hummed, then put on his smile. He let go of Tang Yi’s hand to open his door, and Tang Yi did the same. Immediately when they were together again, they gravitated towards each other and their hands found its counterpart. 


And that was how they entered the new phase of their relationship.

Yes, the reunion was very touching and everyone was so happy Tang Yi was out, but the story is not about them and Tang was about Tang Yi and Shao Fei. After Tang Yi hugged Hong Ye, Shao Fei had immediately snatched Tang Yi’s hand again, and together they greeted a teary Andy and his partner, promised Jin Tang they wouldn’t double his headache because when Shao Fei was alone he already had his hands full, and reluctantly Tang Yi greeted a smug-looking Jack and a beaming Zhao Zi.


“Sister in law! We need more food!” Hong Ye shouted over from the kitchen island. Shao Fei then kissed Tang Yi on the cheek to go help out Hong Ye, leaving the man to deal with the couple alone. Tang Yi had been avoiding the couple all night, unable to decide if he should be on the defensive or offensive. 


“ longer ex-boss. Happy to be out?” Jack asked, with his hand around his husband’s waist. Zhao Zi answered in Tang Yi’s place.


“Of course! Look at how happy he and Shao Fei are!”


“Hmm, a happy Shao Fei does look better,” Jack mused, giving a side glance towards Shao Fei. Tang Yi began to feel his hackles rise. There he goes again. Tang Yi had known Jack long enough to know that the man was planning something. That gaze held so many heavy thoughts, and at the moment, he did not want to know what they meant. 


He will find a way to deport this man back to whence he came from. Where did this devil reign before he met Tang Yi? He looks like a K-Pop trainee reject. Maybe he’s from Korea? Tang Yi made mental notes to ask someone to look up on Jack’s background. Who used to do it for him before?





“I know, isn’t it great! Well, I’m sure you guys want to spend time together, so why don’t you go see if he needs help, Tang Yi. Seems like Andy couldn’t even help him,” Zhao Zi mused, looking displeased that Shao Fei was in trouble over food.


Tang Yi snapped his head to look at Andy helping Shao Fei out with ordering something on the phone. 


Is it just him or was Andy’s body a BIT too close to his Shao Fei? He’s pretty sure they could be facing each other to order food over the phone instead of Andy squishing Shao Fei’s side like he used to do for Tang Yi. And why is Shao Fei looking too comfortable to be half hugged like that?! Wait, was it just him, OR was there sexy background music playing? 

Did Andy just lay his chin on Shao Fei’s shoulder while giving Tang Yi a smirk?!

(Cue epic song - you know which one)


“It was nice seeing you. I have to go,” Tang Yi mumbled and left the idiotic couple. He’ll deal with them when the time comes. But first things first…


“What are you doing?” Tang Yi asked the discussing duo, careful to keep his voice neutral. 


“Tang Yi! What do you want to eat?” Shao Fei asked when he noticed Tang Yi. Andy looked up from resting his chin on Shao Fei’s shoulder, an innocent smile on his face. He immediately let go of Shao Fei to make room for Tang Yi. 


“Whatever you want is fine,” Tang Yi replied. “I don’t care,” He was about to ask Andy what the man was planning but Andy’s boyfriend came and snatched the man away. Saved by a second!


“But you need to eat properly Tang Yi!” Shao Fei commented, making Hong Ye approach them when she heard Shao Fei’s distressing voice.


“Tang Yi, you lost so much weight! Even your muscles are almost gone,” Hong Ye scolded her brother. She then told Shao Fei to order lots of meat.

“You don’t want to look subpar compared to Shao Fei, do you? Not saying that he is good looking, but he has, I supposed, upgraded?” Hong Ye pursed her lips towards Shao Fei. Tang Yi followed her direction and was about to retort that Shao Fei looked wonderful in any form when her words registered.


Did he look as good as before he went to prison? Damn. 


“I want chicken, order me chicken. If possible the breast part,” Tang Yi huffed out. Not wanting to leave Shao Fei’s side empty for further clingers, he latched on Andy’s previous spot, missing the secretive glance that Hong Ye sent Andy. 


Even Jack was glancing at them and smirking behind Zhao Zi’s back. 


The plan has just begun. 

“Tang Yi is not hungry for food,” Dao Yi mumbled from behind Hong Ye, but his small voice was easily drowned in the chaos of Shao Fei accusing Tang Yi of being childish and clingy.