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Distrust & Despair

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Makoto didn't get much sleep last night, not with everything that had went down. One of his friends was dead and another was a murderer. All he could feel at this point was guilt for not helping Junko.

Everything left him with more questions than answers. Why did Byakuya murder Junko? Who was the strange thing that told him about that Izuru guy? Trying to understand everything left his brain hurt and aching with the whiplash from how many paths he tried to take himself on. At this point, all Makoto wanted to do was just cry his eyes out.


He almost had completely forgotten the strange entity that he made a deal with just the other night. "What?" he responded in a low tone.

"You look like you haven't slept but a fortnight ago."

"It's nothing. I just.... Didn't get a lot of sleep last night." Makoto replied, turning in his bed. His body felt weak and could barely move. Then, a warm feeling overtook him. It reminded him much of the way his mother would cuddle him when he was younger. Heaviness fell on his eyes as they slowly fluttered open and shut. He could feel his body getting lighter as though he were floating on the clouds.


In an instant, Makoto fell into a deep, euphoric slumber. A sigh of happiness left his mouth as he had missed the sweet and gentle embrace of sleep. For once since he got here, he let go.

Mukuro sat on his bed sharpening his knives. While doing so, his mind was deep in thought. It wasn't long ago that the rest of the class was discussing the murder of his sister, but couldn't help but feel a way he shouldn't about the event. Then, a knock came to Mukuro's door.

"Who is it?"


He watched as the idol walked in. She was wearing a much more different outfit today and parts of her hair were styled into pigtails held up by pink bows. Though it wasn't his personal style, the soldier was rather fond of how the idol dressed...and the idol in general. 

"I was just coming to check on you." she said in a soft, solemn tone.

She joined him on the bed and held his hand. She could tell that Junko's death had really affected him and she wanted to be there for him.

"You know," he looked down at his lap. "I'm so happy that Junko is dead."

Sayaka's eyes widened in shock and she looked at the soldier. "H-how could you say that?!" She was obviously furious, but wanted to hear him out on it first.

"That Junko girl...she wasn't my sister. She never was. She was just some imposter that claimed itself to be my sister." Mukuro stood up and walked towards the door. "I never liked Junko. And I never will." Before he could open it, he felt Sayaka grab his hand.

"I...I don't know what went on between you and Junko." She balked a bit. "But...if that's how you truly feel then I'll support you." Her face heated up with embarrassment when one of his hands cupped her face.

"You're too good for this world." Mukuro smiled at her. 

“Huh ,What Do you Mean Mukuro?”

All Mukuro did was shake his head and gently pat her head. "I can see why you're the Ultimate Idol." He turned towards the door and walked out, leaving Sayaka on her own. She couldn't understand it, but something bloomed in her heart whenever she was near the soldier. She felt safe with him. But why?

Kyoko walked into the common room to see Kiyotaka and Mondo staring each other down. "What's going on now?" she asked.

"They're arguing again." Leon said, a hint of Scottish in his voice. "It's getting lame and boring with them."

"Maybe if you weren't so violent then you wouldn't have to be in and out of the hospital!" Kiyotaka yelled. "Haven't you ever heard of diplomacy?!"

"What makes you think I ain't diplomatic?!" Mondo took offense to that, evident by the vein in their forehead. "That's what a leader is supposed to be, ain't it?!"

"Well you're a horrendous leader! And you should be ashamed of yourself!" Kiyotaka furrowed his eyebrows at him. "If I were your predecessor, I'd be ashamed to have even chosen you!"

"Guess what? You ain't that and you ain't ever gonna be like me, you got it, bitch boy?!"

Hifumi, who was tired of them, kicked them both out the common room and rubbed their temples. It was bad enough that not even almost a day and a half ago that they got the news that one of their classmates died and Kyoko was sure that the last thing they wanted to hear was Mondo and Kiyotaka's arguing.

"Kirigiri, what an unexpected surprise."

The detective turned to see Celestia and Toko, who was following right behind the gambler. "Celestia, I'm surprised you seem to not be shaken up from the recent events." Kyoko needed to tread lightly with Celestia. Not only did she unravel her secret, but how knows what else she can do? "I'd thought you'd still be processing everything."

"Oh, Kirigiri, I have much bigger things to worry about than a class trial." The gambler gave the former a sly look. "Especially when it comes to you."

A shiver went down Kyoko's spine at that last bit and she might've enraged Toko given that the author shot her a rather nasty glare. Wouldn't be the last time, though.

Celestia, I don't know what your game is, but I don't like it.