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The Lycan Alpha's Omega

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Monday 20th of December 2010 – Kirkland, Washington

Hope wakes up to her alarm blasting through the bedroom at 6 am. She turns around to shut it off. Looking down at her mate, she is not surprised to see that Kelley slept through the alarm. Knowing the omega has to catch her flight to Atlanta in 3 hours, the older woman wakes her up like always by kissing the forward until she responds. Kelley whines a little since she wants to sleep and she is sore.

“Hopey, please no more. I can’t go another round. I’m too sore.”, the omega whines.

“I know, I know”, Hope says pulling out of her mate, now that her knot has deflated, before adding, “It’s time to wake up if you want to catch your flight”.

Kelley turns around and gets out of bed only to fall to the ground seeing as her body is really sore from yesterday’s and the night’s activities. Hope is quickly by her side to help her up and into a bath to help with the soreness even if the bath has to be short.

“Ah! That feels good”, the forward states sinking into the warm water, “I don’t know how I am going to walk today.”, she adds.

The comment makes the Lycan alpha proud of herself knowing she pleased her omega. Hope leans down to kiss Kelley on her lips before leaving a tender kiss on her forehead. She then heads to the door before turning around.

“Baby girl take a quick bath since we need to leave in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, I will make you breakfast”, the goalkeeper says gaining a nod.

After a quick bath and breakfast, the mated couple is on their way to the airport. During the 40 minute drive, Kelley falls back asleep while Hope listens to music on a low volume.

They get to the airport right on time for the Stanford grad 9 am flight. The Lycan alpha goes with her mate to the gate.

Once the flight to Atlanta is called, Hope and Kelley hug and kiss for a little bit before holding each other.

“I love you alpha. I have a nice holiday”, Kelley says.

“I love you too my omega. Have fun, okay”, Hope replies leaning in again to kiss her mate.

Once Kelley has boarded the plane, the goalkeeper is on her way to her grandma’s house for a family lunch on her brother’s request.



Los Angeles, California

It’s almost 7 am and the Press family are all in the two awaiting taxis parked in front of their house. The only two members missing are Christen and Tobin as if it was a surprise. Not even waiting for five minutes, the omega emerges from the house dragging a half-asleep alpha behind her. She locks the front door before the mated couple heads towards the taxis.

“Finally!”, Tyler, one of Christen’s sisters, exclaims.

“You know, it’s not easy to wake Toby up in the morning, let alone this early.”, Christen says, glancing at her mate, “See, we just sat down and she’s asleep again”, she adds gaining a few chuckles from her family.

After a 40 minute drive, the Press family and Tobin are at LAX airport meeting up with some extended family joining them in Georgia for Christmas and maybe New Year’s Eve. After greeting each other, the group heads inside to check-in.

After going through security, they all head to get breakfast and more importantly coffee. Their flight is at 9:30 am so they have about 30 minutes before boarding to enjoy their breakfast at the gate.

Soon enough, their flight is boarding and they are on their way to Georgia.

“I can’t wait to see Kelley”, Tobin exclaims excitedly.

“Me too”, Christen agrees, wanting to see her Stanford roommate again, “She should be landing at the same time as us”, she adds having checked if her friend’s flight was on time.

“Good, I can’t wait to have her in my arms and see if she’s alright”, the alpha says.

Christen and her family smile fondly at how Tobin is protective of her cousin, knowing their relationship.



Kirkland, Washington

Hope parks her car in her grandma’s driveway just past 10 am. She unlocks the front door seeing she has the keys as well as her brother, Marcus, so their grandma, Alice, doesn’t have to open the door each time one of them comes over.

“It’s me grandma”, the alpha yells as she enters the house.

“I’m in the living room honey”, Alice answers back.

Hope hangs her coat in the closet before making her way to the living room. She greets her grandma with a kiss on the cheek.

“How are you grandma?”, the goalkeeper asks.

“I’m good. I will start cooking in about an hour.”, Alice replies, “For now, let’s watch a crime show that is on the TV”, she adds, seeing as both women love to watch those types of TV shows together.

“Alright, I will help you cook”, Hope says while grabbing the TV remote.

The Lycan alpha zaps through the channels until she finds the right one. Seeing none of their usual crime shows is playing, they settle for Grey’s Anatomy. While watching the TV show, the duo comments on the plotline and the characters, like they always do when they watch something together.

After viewing one episode, Hope turns the TV off and she and her grandma head to the kitchen. The soccer player watches her grandma set all the ingredients needed to make lunch and what seems to bake a cake.

“Okay, everything is out. Honey, you will make a chocolate fondant cake while I make the spaghetti bolognaise from scratch, alright?”, Alice says.

“Okay, I will go and make the batter on the kitchen table so you have more space to cook.”, Hope states knowing that her grandma loves to have space while cooking.

Usually, when Alice is cooking or baking, she banes everyone from the kitchen wanting to be left in peace. However, since her granddaughter is here, she makes her bake the cake so she doesn’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking.


“How was your time with Kelley?”, grandma Alice asks when both of them start their tasks.

“It was great. Two days ago, we celebrated Christmas together.”, Hope answers.

“That’s nice. Am I getting a new great grandkid any time soon?”, the elderly woman questions, making her granddaughter blush.

“Grandma!”, the Lycan alpha exclaims, “But no, we want to wait until Kelley is well settled on the National Team first.”, she explains, imagining her mate round with her pup.

“That’s understandable, but don’t wait too long. I don’t have much time left.”, Alice says.

“Don’t say that grandma.”, Hope says looking at the elderly woman.

The grandma and granddaughter duo continue to cook and bake while making small talk. Once the cake is put into the oven, Hope goes to help her grandma cook after washing her dishes.

Around noon, the goalkeeper pours the spaghetti into the boiling water just as her big brother, Marcus, steps through the front door with his mate, Amanda, and his two pups, Leo and Lisa.

“We are here!”, Marcus yells into the house.

The two kids run into the house looking for their aunt Kelley. When they spot the Lycan alpha, they run to her, wrapping their small arms around her legs.

“Where is auntie Squirrel?”, the six-year-old, Leo, asks.

“She’s in a plane going back home.”, Hope says, picking up her niece and nephew and placing them on her lap.

“Not here”, Lisa, 3 years old, sadly says.

“No, she’s not but you will get to see her soon. We can FaceTime her tonight if you guys want.”, the soccer player says trying to cheer them up.

“Yeah!”, the two pups exclaim happily, climbing down from their aunt’s lap to greet their great-grandma.

Once the spaghetti is cooked and the table is set, the family takes their seats around the dining table. During lunch, they listen to the pups’ stories about what happened either in 1st grade or in kindergarten. Hope also talks about what she and Kelley have done while the omega was here, including the Christmas dinner. After the pups have finished their chocolate cake slice, they leave the table to go play in the living room. The adults slowly eat their dessert combined with coffee.

“Now that the pups are out of the room. Hope we need to tell you something that grandma already knows about and is fine with it.”, Marcus states.

“Okay.”, the goalkeeper says thinking it can’t be that bad if her grandma is okay with whatever her big brother is going to tell her.

“You remember when you and Kelley babysat for us when we told you we were going on a romantic gate away?”, the older alpha asks gaining a nod from his sister, “Well, we lied. I was offered a new job in Atlanta that pays better for the same amount of hours and I accepted it. So we went to visit a house that we love and we are going to buy.”, he says waiting for his little sister’s reaction and response.

“I will overlook the fact that you lied because I think it was for the kids. Now, where are you buying?”, Hope asks, “Oh, and congratulation on the new job”, she adds.

“Thanks, we are buying in Peachtree City. It’s a town on the South West of Atlanta.”, Amanda replies before adding, “It’s a really nice community and it’s not far from Marc’s job and I got a teaching job at the local elementary school.”

“That’s amazing that you got a job, Mandy. And I know Peachtree City by name, that’s where Kelley grew up.”, the youngest sibling informs her family.

“That’s awesome, we will know someone there so will the kids.”, Marcus says, “Anyway, we are moving two days after Christmas. The trucks will leave a few days before, so is one of our cars. We sold the other one and bought another one that is waiting for us at the Atlanta airport. Since grandma is celebrating New Year’s with her friends, we were wondering if you would like to come with us. Plus, you will be able to see your mate.”.

“I would love to come with you guys and help out. Is the house furnished?”, Hope asks.

“Yes, the house is sold with the furniture and they are way better than ours. We have a painting crew that is currently repainting the pups’ bedrooms, our bedroom, and the living room. We also just sold our house with all the furniture that we didn’t want to keep, so much of it.”, Marcus answers.

“When do we leave?”, the soccer player questions.

“On the 27th”, her big brother replies.

After a few more hours of spending time with each other, the family goes their separate way back home until they see each other again for Christmas.

Atlanta, Georgia

Once her plane has landed, around 4:35 pm, Kelley couldn’t wait to get off the aircraft. She turns her phone back on, only to receive a text message from Christen informing her that she, Tobin, and her family have landed. Kelley answers her fellow Stanford grad notifying that she also just landed. The Californian tells her friend to meet them at baggage claim.

Kelley practically runs to baggage claim where her cousin is bouncing around excited to see the omega.

The moment Kelley spots the alpha, she yells her name excitedly, “Tobyyyy!”, making some passengers look at them.

Hearing her nickname, Tobin rushes to her little cousin also screaming, “Keeeelllssss!”.

Christen and her family watch smiling at the pair reuniting after two weeks apart. Tobin wraps Kelley in her arms, holding her as close as possible. Both of them run their nose on the other’s scent gland, located on the neck, especially the alpha seeing as the omega has Hope’s scent on her clothes and skin to show other alphas that she is mated. After hugging for a few minutes, they separate and Kelley greets Christen with a long hug too. Then, she says hello to the Press family.

After collecting their luggage, the group walks to the rental cars area.

Once in the cars, they start their journey to Peachtree City meanwhile Kelley, Tobin, and Christen making small talk.

“How was California?”, Kelley asks.

“It was amazing, we went on hikes, saw some of Chris’ friends, and we met up with Cheney, A-rod, Alex, and her mate, Servando.”, Tobin answers before adding, “What about you? How was Seattle?”

“It was great. We also went on hikes. Hope and I also had a Christmas dinner together.”, Kelley replies.

The trio goes on to talk about what they are going to do while being in town, how excited they are for their Christmas games, and the amount of food they will get to eat. That last comment makes Christen and her parents laugh at the cousin knowing their love for food.

After a 30 minute drive, the Press family, Tobin, and Kelley park the different cars on the curve near the O’Hara’s and Heath’s houses as both families are neighbors.

Hearing the cars’ engines turning off, Rylie throws the O’Hara’s front door open.

“Keellleeyyy!”, the 5-year-old screams running to her big sister.

“Ryyylliiieee!”, Kelley mimics her little sister before catching her in her arms, hugging her close inhaling the little omega scent.

Meanwhile, the family comes out of the house to greet the Press family, Tobin, and Kelley.
Seeing her sister, Reece waddles to Kelley, who picks her up after she puts Rylie down.

Still, with her baby sister in her arms, the omega greets her big sister, brother, adopted parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. After greeting them, she walks towards her moms.

“Hey mom, hey mama”, Kelley greets and hugs them.

“Hey baby girl”, Julie and Christie reply inhaling their eldest daughter’s scent.

Once everyone has greeted everyone, the Press family is shown which rooms they will be staying in, including Kelley's bedroom in the O’Hara’s house and Tobin’s bedroom. Kelley, Tobin, and Christen will be staying at the Rampone-Foudy household.

Once everyone is settled in, they all meet in the O’Hara’s living room where Karen explains that dinner is a buffet that is laid in the kitchen and they can eat on the dinner table or the living room. The huge recomposed family moves around to get their dinner, then sit in groups making small talks.