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Sayo Hikawa glared at the Haneoka trespasser laying prone on the ground, her fists trembled with adrenaline as she reached out to lift the girls head like a piece of trash. Confirming that the girl was still alive, Sayo laid her face back onto the concrete before swiftly but gently picking her up and carrying her to the nurse's office.

The dispute between the schools of Haneoka and Hanasakigawa was a long and infamous rivalry, stretching years before Sayo joined Hanasakigawa, which eventually escalated into a war between the schools, neither side was allowed to be seen with each other unless to fight.

Yet, it was none of Sayo Hikawas business.

Sayo Hikawa was still a student, she had joined Hanasakigawa in an attempt to step out of the large shadow her sister had cast over her. Though Hanasakigawa was known to be worse than Haneoka, she had not known it would have been so... So unruly. The first day she walked into the school she noticed how every other student was dressed. Skirts inches too short, accessories and alterations decorated their uniforms, their tops unbuttoned in an attempt to show off, heavy makeup painted over their faces to cover up their imperfections.

Sayo Hikawa was almost excited for the first period to start, to watch the teachers berate and whip these first years into shape, but as lessons went on, none of that happened. Sayo free increasingly impatient as every period passed, as every teacher came in and out to introduce themselves to the class, as each one of them left still wearing the fake smiles they brought with them into class. Sayo Hikawa knew at that moment, that the school was a bigger joke than anyone could have possibly imagined.

For one year, for an entire year, Sayo Hikawa restrained herself.

She learned to ignore all of these transgressions, surely if she pretended they weren't there for long enough, they would eventually disappear right? After all, it worked with her sister. However, as she progressed into her second year, Hanasakigawa faced a new problem, the Haneoka trespassers.

Haneoka students were sent to try and take down Hanasakigawa from the inside, they tended to meddle with the school's equipment or stole belongings from Hanasakigawa students. At first, they were rather meek and passive, leaving the school grounds immediately after they were caught, but as time went on they got more and more aggressive. Sayo recalled the first time she had to fight one of them vividly, the soft yet deafening crunch produced as her fist was driven straight into the other girl's jaw.

Sayo shook that thought out of her head as she entered the bathroom, the nurses had enough people to take care of, if they even cared enough to do as such. The teal haired girl blew the blood out of her nose before splashing water on her face. As she washed the blood and dirt off her knuckles, she noticed what was the start of a nasty set of bruises that lined her knuckles, a grim reminder of today's events. Looking at her reflection, Sayo scowled deeply at what she had become, a delinquent. There was no denying it, however, in the face of lawlessness and a negligent system, if this was what she had to do to protect her then-


Oh no.

A soft yet firm voiced pierced through the air as Sayo noticed her nose dripping blood again. She tried, unsuccessfully, to wipe off the trail before the other girl crossed the bathroom in a few quick strides. Sayo looked to her left and saw a curtain of black hair covering the girls face, Sayo knew behind it were the most beautiful set of lilac eyes she had ever seen. Quickly, the other girl picked up Sayos hands an examined them, noting the cuts which Sayo didn't notice.

A blush crept up onto the teal haired girls face, the warmth of the other girl's hands already coaxing out the softer Sayo from within.


"I'm fine, Shirokane-san" Sayo cut in before the girl could continue, "I just have a few minor scraped and bruises, nothing I can't handle."

But the trail of blood that once again, much to Sayo's annoyance, left her nostril and trailed all the way down to her cheek this time, before dripping onto the floor. Sayo's could hear her heart pounding in her chest as the two of them silently stared at the small puddle of red before Rinko grimaced and opened the storage closet to bring out the first aid kit.

Rinko gently tended to the cuts and bruises on Sayo's hands, applying antiseptic gently with a Q-tip before massaging her bruises with ointment. Despite the familiarity with this routine, Sayo still felt embarrassed that Rinko had to take care of her like this, she tried to will her heart to calm down lest Rinko could feel it through her radius.

Her hands stung every time Rinko accidentally grazed over a cut, and the bruises hurt much more than Sayo thought they would. However, Sayo's face betrayed no emotion other than indifference, she had long gotten over showing her emotions. Betraying any sort of weakness in front of Rinko was unacceptable.

"All done..." Rinko said, smiling brightly at Sayo, her long bangs shifting so that Sayo could barely the amethysts they hid. "Please be more careful next time Hikawa-san..."

Sayo gazed into those eyes that only held care and concern for her, how long had it been since she'd seen such an expression on anyone else's face?

"Yes, Shirokane-san," Sayo said, withdrawing her hands, she looked down at them, rough, calloused and ugly from fighting and playing the guitar, "I'm sorry for making you worry, I found another Haneoka student trespassing on our grounds."

Rinko grimaced as she slowly reached out to Sayo, but she thought better of it and withdrew her hands, instead opting to shift her bangs away to look Sayo in the eyes.

"You dont have to fight all of them Hikawa-san..." Rinko said, voice softer than a whisper, "you... don’t have to protect all of us..."

"But then who will?" Sayo said, walking away from Rinko, "I have to get going now, thank you for tending to my injuries for me, Shirokane-san"

"Th-thank you... for the hard work... you always put in..."

With that, Sayo left without sparing Rinko another glance, she had already said too much. Sayo retrieved her bag she had left in her classroom and set off back home.