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Remember The Fresh Suite Life In Seabrook With Descendants And Special Guests?

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Addison's Pov

"Addie! Wake Up!" I Heard Zoey's Voice. "What's Wrong?" I Asked Her. "Nothing's Wrong But Guess Who's Coming To Seabrook!" She Told Me. "Who?" I Asked Her. She Held Up A Poster. "The Fresh Beat Band?" Wanda Read. "Yes. They're Coming To Seabrook!!!" Zoey Said. I Looked At Wanda. "Can We Go To The Concert? I Already Have Tickets For Everyone." Zoey Asked Me. "What's Going On?" I Turned Around And Saw Zed Walk In With Eliza And Wyatt. "Zoey Says She Has Tickets To A Concert By These People Called The Fresh Beat Band." Wanda Said. "How Did You Get The Money?" Zed Asked His Sister "I Got A Job. I'm Now Bucky's Helper. My Name For Them Is Macey." Zoey Said. "Oh Boy, What, Who All Did You Get Tickets For?" Eliza Asked Her. "Addison, You, Wyatt, Willa, Wynter, Wanda, Zed, Me, Bree, And Bonzo." She Said. "Wow, How Much Did The Tickets Cost?" I Asked. "$3,000" She Said. "Woah." Wanda Said. "You Goyt Everyone Tickets To An Expensive Concert?" Zed Asked Her. "Yup. See You Guys Tonight." She Said. "Wait, The Concert's Tonight, We Have Nothing To Wear." Wyatt Pointed Out. "Find Something, You Always Do." She Said. "Well, Better Go Tell Willa And Wynter." Wyatt Told Wanda. "You Tell Your Sister And I'll Tell Wynter." Wanda Said. "Well, I'll Help You Tell Bree." Zed Told Me. "And I'll Tell Bonzo." Eliza Said. 

Wyatt's Pov

Me And Wanda Walked Back To The Den, And Wanda Walked Over To Her Closet. "Help Me Decide What I Should Wear Tonight." She Told Me. "Okay. Then Your Helping Me." I Told Her. We Helped Each Other Pick Out Clothes And Then Went To Go Find Willa And Wynter. "Hey Guys." Wanda Said. "Need Something?" Wynter Asked Us. "Yes, You Guys Need To Find Some Clothes To Wear." I Said. "Why?" Willa Asked Me. "Zoey Got Us All These Tickets To A Concert By These Fresh Beets." Wanda Said. "Oh! The Fresh Beat Band, I Love Them." Wynter Said. "Well, Zoey Got Us All Tickets."  I Said. "Okay, So When Is This Concert?" Willa Asked. "Tonight." Wanda Said. "What?" Wynter Said. "Bye Guys!" Wanda Said, Dragging Me Out Of The Room.

Eliza's Pov

"Hey Bonzo." I Said. He Waved Back. "We're Going To A Concert Tonight." Zed Said. "Really?" Bree Asked Us. "Yep, So Get Dressed And Meet Us At Zed's House." Addison Said.

Zoey's Pov

"Zed! Come On!" I Screamed. Zed Came Downstairs And I Stared At Him. "You Ready?" I Asked Him. "Okay, Let's Go." He Said. We Walked Outside And I Sat Down On The Steps. "Excuse Us, Can You Help Us?" A Voice Asked Me. "Sure, With What?" I Asked Them. "As You Can See, We've Lost Our Way And We Can't Find Our Own Concert Venue." The Voice Said. "What Do You Mean Your?" I Asked Them. "We're The Fresh Beat Band." One Of Them Said. I Lifted My Head And Saw The Fresh Beat Band Were Standing Right In Front Of Me. "Sure I'll Help You! Wait One Minute, I Gotta Get My Friends." I Said. "Can We Come?" Marina Asked Me. "Sure You Can, Come On." I Said. We Ran All The Way Into The Forbidden Forest. "WILLA! WYATT! WANDA! WYNTER!!! COME ON! IT'S URGENT!!" I Screamed. "What?" I Saw Wyatt And Wynter Came. "They Can't Find The Concert Venue." I Said. "Omg It's The Fresh Beat Band!" Wynter Said. "Yep, In The Flesh Too." Twist Said. "Wow, This Isn't Real, Pinch If I'm Dreaming." Wynter Told Wyatt. Wyatt Pinched Her Arm. "Ow! Not Literally." She Told Him. "Sorry." He Said. "Listen, We Need Help. We Have A Concert In 30 Minutes." Kiki Said. "Okay, Let's Go To The Concert Venue, Come With Us." I Said. We Snuck Into The Venue Just In Time For The Concert. "Thanks Guys" Shout Said. "Here, Backstage Passes As A Token Of Thankfulness." Marina Said. "Yes! Thank You Guys!" I Said. We Snuck Into Our Seats Just Before The Concert Started. "Where Were You Guys?" Willa Asked Us. "Nowhere." Wyatt Lied. She Stared At Him, And He  Stared Back. "Don't Lie To Me." She Told Him. "I'm Not Lying." He Said. "Backstage Passes?! How'd You Get These?" Bree Asked Me. "Alright, Spill." Eliza Said. "We Found These." I Lied. "Where?" Addison Asked Me. "In The Middle Of The Street." Wyatt Said. Wow, How Long Can We Keep This Up. "If You Lie To Me Wyatt Your Gonna Regret It." Willa Said. "I Look Forward To That." Wyatt Said.(OOF!) "Hello Seabrook!" Kiki Said. "We'd Like To Thank Some Special People: Zed, Zoey, Wyatt, Wynter, And Wanda. Without You Guys We Wouldn't Even Be Here." Twist Said. "In The Middle Of The Streets, Huh?" Eliza Asked Us. "You Believed It." Wyatt Said. "Yeah, It Worked." Zed Said. "Now, You Don't Know Who We Are, So We'll Introduce Ourselves." Shout Said. "I Can't Wait For This Part." Wynter Told Me. "Yeah, So Exciting." I Said. I Looked Over At Wyatt, Who Was Sitting Down Playing With His Fingers. I Guess Willa Meant What She Said. 

Song: The Fresh Beat Band Theme Song

On guitar, Kiki! On keyboard, Shout! On drums, Marina! And the real MC, DJ Twist, in the house.  Get on up, Clap your hands. When you hear The Fresh Beat Band. Dance and move, to our song, Join the band and play along, Get the beat, Fresh Beats. Feel the beat, Fresh Beats! La la la la la la La la la la la la La la la la la la la la. Get the beat, The Fresh Beat Band!

After The Concert We Went Backstage To See The Fresh Beat Band. "Hey Guys, Thanks Again For Saving The Concert, Everyone Loved It." Kiki Said. "Your Welcome." Wyatt Said. "Oh, Guess What, We're Going To Seabrook High!" Marina Said. "That's So Cool." Zed Said. "See You Guys Tomorrow Then." Twist Said. "Yeah, See You Guys Then." Wynter Said.

Wyatt's Pov

We Walked Back To The Forbidden Forest And Wynter Grabbed My Arm. "Wyatt, Did You Really Mean That You'll Look Forward To Willa's Punishment?" She Asked Me. "That Was A Lie, What I'm Going To Do Is Bunk With Zoey Until She's Calmed Down." I Said. "Okay," She Said. I Snuck Into Zombietown And Knocked On Zoey's Window. "What?" She Asked Me. "Can I Bunk Here Tonight?" I Asked Her. "Um.... Sure You Can." She Said.