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meeting the winplets

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the triplets have always been different. at least tine and kavin. it was weird to others but nothing but normal to them. it started when they were younger. they would cuddle more than what was normal for brothers and would do everything together. 

in the beginning, everyone just thought it was because of their age and that it would stop when they would get older. but it didn't. their mother talked to them about it and said the way they acted around each other wasn't normal but they just started screaming and crying and cuddled up in tine's bed until they fell asleep. win always came and comforted them so they would stop crying, every time their parents wanted to talk about the situation.

one day they even started kissing. when they had to say goodbye or as greeting. sometimes even while laying in bed or when they were just bored. their parents didn't know anything, that's good. win was a little shy about the kissing-he's always been very shy-but he still cuddled with them.

now when it's years after all this started, when they're 16, someone new moves in next to them. they, of course, want to know who that is, so they get downstairs and go over to greet the family.

"hello," they greet the woman.

"hello dear. are you our new neighbors?"

"yeah, i'm kavin" he speaks up and shakes the woman's hand.

"i'm tine" they shake hands too.

"and i'm win" he smiles and also shakes her hand.

"it's nice to meet you guys. my son should be here any second. and as gladly as i would like to chat with you, i have to unpack all this stuff" she says pointing towards all the boxes in front of the house.

the three, of course, offer to help and after about five minutes they go down to greet the big family. the guy is around their age, the first thing the three brothers think about him is that he's really pretty. he looks manly but he has curves and cute bread cheeks and an ass for a guy but it just makes him look prettier. 

they all greet each other, shaking hands. but when win and bright shake hands there's something win feels arise from the touch throughout his whole body. he doesn't notice he never let bright's hand go until tine clears his throat next to him. win blushes furiously and can't stop thinking about that feeling the whole time they help the family unpack and even after.

when they get home tine and kavin look at win knowingly. there are those smirks on their faces. those god damn smirks. kavin motions for him to follow and soon they're sitting on tine's bed.

"so win, interested in telling us something?"

"wha- no!"

"you sure? because from the looks of it, win has his first crush," tine pushes cutely.

"uh well," win mumbles.

"then speak to him. he's cute. you should go talk to him"

"well yeah, he's hot. like have you seen him but i- i can't guys" win rambles and the other two boys look at him shocked but their lips soon turn back into their well-known smirk.

"well yeah but why not?"

"i don't think he likes boys. i'll just stand there awkwardly, don't say a word and make a fool out of myself"

"oh, win. come on it's worth a try. we can come with you so we can save the day if you don't say anything."

"and what if he isn't even gay?"

"well, then- i don't know. but to me, look at that ass. even just that ass would be reason enough for me to go talk to him" kavin said.

"you're such a whore" win groans.

"i know i know. but i just want you to be happy. and he seems like a nice guy."

"i-i'll think about it okay?"

after that, they don't talk about that subject again but they meet up with bright almost every day when he doesn't have to help with his mother and uncle for unpacking. win isn't as shy around bright anymore. it gets better every time they meet, and they talk more each day. 

what win and bright don't know is that tine and kavin have something planned. they talked about it a lot and just have to wait for the right moment. which comes just a few days later when they sit on their couch watching a movie. 

win on the very right, next to bright, then kavin, and on the very left is tine. the thing is, the movie is shit. and tine and kavin take that to their advantage.

"hey, bright?" tine starts, looking at him from the left end of the couch.


"wanna do something else?" kavin says with something in his voice that alarms win.

his head shoots up and he looks shocked at his brothers, from beside bright. his eyes are pleading for them to shut up because he knows where this is probably leading, but well, they're his brothers.

"uh sure but why?"

"because this movie is shit, and wat didn’t call me back yet" tine says pouting.

"yeah well, that's right" bright chuckles, "but what?"

"i know something we could do," kavin says smirking.

bright looks hesitant, not knowing what that means and what he just got himself into. he looks to his right where win is nervously fidgeting with his fingers looking down into his lap. this just makes bright nervous too because he has no clue as to what's going on right now. 

kavin inches closer to bright, reaching over and grabbing his hip with his left hand and kissing up and down his neck slowly. bright's breath hitches. what the fuck is happening right now?

kavin slowly kisses up to his jaw and pulls bright into his lap. his lips inching closer to bright's with each kiss. the hand that isn't still holding bright's hip wraps around his neck and pulls his head down from where it was thrown back, to press their lips together. bright's a little hesitant at first but kisses back just seconds later. he has to admit, this is one of the best kisses he had yet. and he would be lying if he told you he doesn't find them hot. because they are hot as fuck. each of them in their own way.

he completely forgets about their company until he hears a grunt from his left. he slowly pulls away and looks kavin in the eyes for a moment. he then turns his head to where the noise came from and gasps at the sight. tine moved over to win and had him pushed down on the couch, varying between kissing him and nibbling on his neck. it really shouldn't be turning bright on as much as it does because they are brothers for god's sake. and he really shouldn't be feeling jealous. he only knows those guys for a week.

"enjoying the view?" kavin chuckles as he notices bright's hard on. their plan's going great so far.

bright just nods, feeling speechless all of a sudden, and then just slams his lips against kavin's again. he then just lets his arousal guide him and before he knows it he's full-on grinding down on kavin. 

both of kavin's hands slide down bright's body until they each are on one butt cheek. he stands up and bright immediately wraps his legs around his waist and arms around his neck for support.

when they reach one of the bedrooms bright is thrown onto the bed. kavin pulls his shirt and specs off before he crawls on top of bright, kissing him again. he soon hears shuffling and then feels the bed dip down beside him, meaning tine and win followed them. when kavin pulls away a few minutes later, they're both panting, trying to catch their breaths. kavin looks over to his brothers and smirks. win is a complete mess, just how they wanted him to be- because just like that he'll be able to let loose of his distrust for people once- and tine is enjoying himself, grinding down on his younger brother, thinking of sarawat.

when the two of them finally pull apart, bright is shirtless, his neck being marked by kavin, their hips meeting every few seconds, grinding in a steady rhythm. tine unbuttons his blouse and then pulls off win's plain white button-up shirt.

kavin pulls away from bright's neck that second and takes a glance at tine standing beside him and he just can't resist. he grabs tine's neck and pulls him in for an immediately heated kiss. it's so normal for them. they've done this so many times already. 

kavin grabs tine’s ass hard, him throwing his head back moaning, kavin taking advantage of that by biting down on his neck, making tine moan louder. kavin smirks against his brother's neck sucking love bites all over his skin.

they both knew what the other liked because well, blowjobs and stuff have been added to their list a long time ago. also kavin loves to practice on tine and tine allows it whenever sarawat is away. win joins them once in a while, not that often but often enough for tine and kavin to know what he likes.

the two boys kiss for a while longer until they hear a high pitched sound from the bed. their heads turn at light speed just to see the most posh of them on top of bright, kissing him and them both grinding against one another. they are surprised to see win like that because just a week ago he was panicking to even talk to that ‘phi’. kavin turns back to tine and smirks, him immediately knowing what he means and smirking back. their plan is going better than they hoped.

kavin reaches out and starts unbuttoning tine’s pants, pulling them down but leaving his boxers on. he palms him through the thin fabric teasing him while kissing his neck, slowly trailing down to his collarbones, over his nipples, sucking on each because he knows just how sensitive they are, making tine moan.

he trails down further, licking down his brother's happy trail until he reaches the waistband of the last article of clothing left on tine’s body. he hooks his pointer fingers under the band and pulls the tight boxers down. tine’s dick springs free, slapping kavin in the face and then hitting tine’s stomach. 

when the boxers are removed and thrown somewhere behind him he kisses the tip of tine’s cock, kitten licking and then wrapping his plump lips around the head, sucking lightly. his hands rest on tine’s thighs, gripping hard as he takes in the côck. further and further until his nose brushes against tine's lower stomach. he pulls back and he catches win's and bright's attention by the slurping noises he's making.

"oh fuck," bright moans.

"take your pants off," kavin instructs the two boys on the bed, who get up to pull down their pants and then their boxers.

bright then pushes win back onto the bed and starts jacking his cock off. he leans in and slowly licks from the base to the tip, then wraps his lips around it and bobs his head up and down.

tine is gripping kavin’s hair by now, nearing his orgasm. kavin is close too because he's always getting off seeing his partners enjoy him. kavin once came completely untouched just by sucking his brother off. after a few more bobs of kavin's head, tine pulls him off and pulls him up by his hand, and kisses him again. he then starts undoing kavin’s pants and pushes them down along with his boxers, kavin's cock springing free. he jacks him off, sliding his hand up and down a few times before he lets go and leans into kavin's neck.

"you wanna finger bright?" he asks and kavin moans at just the thought and tine chuckled.

kavi goes over to bright grabbing his ass firmly making him gasp around win's dick he's still sucking. kavin slaps his ass, bright jumping forward surprised. tine chuckles and grabs the lube to squirt some on three of kavin's fingers. bright moans around win's cock when kavin starts circling said fingers around his hole and then starts pushing one in slowly, teasing him. when he's up to his first knuckle he suddenly pushes in all the way. bright gets off win's cock, wincing at the pain. he hasn't had sex in a while, at least not as a bottom, so of course, it hurts some.

kavin thrusts his finger in and out for a while and starts circling a second finger around the rim, pushing in slowly. he fucks bright with two fingers for two minutes, then pushes a third one in. bright's still sucking win off, making kavin and tine wonder how win can last this long. after about one more minute win pulls bright off his dick and pulls him up to his face to kiss him hungrily. kavin slips his fingers out of bright's hole and grabs his ass cheeks, one in each hand, to pull them apart and watch his fluttering hole. he moans at the sight of the tight hole and bends down to kiss it.

"who should fuck him first hm?" kavin asks laughingly.

"fuck him while i fuck you~" buff tine whispers but bright and win still hear and groan into each other's mouth.

kavin smirks and takes the lube, squeezes some onto the palm of his hand, and tugs on his cock a few times, spreading the lube all over it. 

win climbs out from underneath bright before kavin gets started and rests against the headboard beside tine. kavin grabs bright's hips and pulls him up some more, so he's now on his hands and knees. he looks back at kavin who's teasing his entrance with the head of his cock. bright's whining and pushing back, he just wants kavin to fuck him right now.

"you want my cock? you want me to fuck you, baby?" kavin asks.

"yes, please! please fûck me" bright screams.

kavin then slowly pushes in, teasingly slow, bright moaning loudly at the feeling he missed so much. the slight burn that makes this all just so much better. he's getting impatient with how slow kavin pushes in so he rocks back, making tine bottom out, them both groaning in pleasure. kavin  lets bright fuck back onto him for a while before it gets too slow for him and he starts fucking bright fast and hard. bright's desperately trying to keep his arms from giving out but he knows it's just a matter of time until he's lying pliant on the bedsheets. he's already a mess. he knows. he's missed this feeling so much and he doesn't know how long it's been since he got fûcked this good.

"can i finger kavin open for you?" win asks looking at tine.

"yeah, sure, i rarely finger wat anyway since he loves to do that himself while i watch, he says it makes him extra horny because of my new built" tine says kissing him quickly.

win then crawls over so he's kneeling behind kavin and grabs his ass, smirking when kavin jumps forward in surprise. he grabs the lube and coats three of his fingers in it, teasing kavin's entrance before sliding his middle one in.

"gonna open you up so good for tine so he can fuck you good and hard just as you like hm?" win whispers in kavin’s ears dirtily, biting his ear lobe afterward.

"yeah please," kavin groans pushing back on win's finger, moaning loudly, then forward to push back into bright.

he groans at the dual sensation continuing to push back then forward. after a few minutes, win is fucking kavin with three of his fingers, slowly slipping them out, tine already slicking up his cock, ready to just dive in. win crawls back over to the side and kavin stills for a moment so it's easier for tine to push in.

"ready for my cock?"

"yeah please fuck me, tine, my innocent devil"

after a minute kavin starts moving. slightly and slow at first to test the waters. this wasn't new to them either, they lost their virginity to each other after all, win too.

after a few awkward thrusts, kavin and tine finally build up a rhythm, pushing in and pulling out at the same time. bright feels completely overwhelmed, his arms giving out, landing with his face in the sheets when kavin hits his prostate dead on. he's never had a threesome or foursome before and it's just an amazing feeling when everyone gives him their attention.

he shifts on the bed a little and just that little change in the angle makes kavin hit his prostate with every thrust. the bed beside him dips down and he turns his head to see win looking down at him. he reaches out, underneath bright, and grabs his côck, jacking him off. bright moans out loud. his dîck is so sensitive and he feels tears pool in the corner of his eyes. win's laying beside him, kissing bright hungrily, his hand getting faster with each stroke. this all is too much pleasure for bright and with a particularly hard thrust against his prostate, he cums all over win's hand and the bedsheets below him with a scream.

kavin pulls out then, not wanting to overstimulate bright too much, win wanted to fûck him too after all. tine also pulls out of kavin and lays him down on his back on bright's left and pushes back in. kavin moans as tine hits his prostate perfectly on his first thrust and kavin tangles his hands in tine’s hair. he pulls him down for a kiss, more like clashing teeth and tongues, moaning into his brother's mouth as they come.

meanwhile, bright's laying on his stomach trying to calm down while kissing win messily. win rubs up and down his back soothing him. bright needs some time to calm down which win can understand completely because he's like that too when kavin fucks him. kavin doesn't just look like a sex god, he is one. 

win rolls bright onto his back stroking up and down his tummy, seeing bright's cock already swelling up again. he smirks to himself and kisses down bright's neck, nuzzling his nose into his rose smelling hair.

"think you can take my cock now, baby?"

"i-" bright tries to say but is interrupted by a scream.

win and he both look at the other two boys and see they changed positions, kavin's hand around tine's côck which is spurting cum all over said hand and kavin's stomach. tine's nails dig into kavin's back and his head is thrown back in pleasure as tine rides him. kavin mumbles an "i'm gonna cum again," and cums inside of tine, throwing his head back. they're both panting, kavin pulling out eventually and laying down beside tine.

bright looks back up at win and whimpers a little "please fûck me win", before pulling him down and kissing him lovingly, sobbing a little. he actually never really stopped crying. it's all just too much but at the same time almost not enough. win crawls on top of him, kissing down his neck and leaving several love bites. bright moans loudly, his back is arching as he jacks himself off slowly.

"you're so beautiful bright," win whispers, looking down at bright from where he's kneeling above him.

"no 'm not," he replies shyly looking away from win.

"yes you are," win insists leaning down and kissing him full of passion and love, before he can say anything else.

win grabs the lube and squirts some onto the palm of his hand, jacking himself off for a few moments, looking at bright again. he grabs the base of his cock and slowly pushes into him, watching bright's hole stretch around him because of him being thicker than his brother. bright moans at the feeling of being stretched even further and throws his head back, fingers digging into the skin of win's arms.

"fuck! win oh my god! feels so fucking good! so full!" bright screams making win smirk down at him.

he rocks his hips back and forth slightly, gripping bright's hips, moaning at how tight he is even after being fucked senseless by tine. he takes bright's hands and leans down so he's hovering over him, holding his hands beside his head. he leans down and kisses bright with so much passion and love. bright turns his head, deepening the kiss, his whimpers and moans being swallowed by win. bright' legs around win's waist tighten, him only making little thrusts to stay deep inside of him.

"i'm already close babe. sucked me so good with your pretty mouth."

bright only whimpers in response, not being able to form any words at the moment instead of little whispered 'win's. he tightens his grip around win's neck and waist to hold him close, biting his shoulder to hold back more tears and moans. win's thrusts get sloppy and he leans down to capture bright's lips in a kiss.

"i'm gonna cum," bright moans loudly, scratching his nails down win's back.

"me too, babe."

he nuzzles his head into the crook of bright's neck and sucks another love bite into his skin. bright moans loudly, whimpering in win's ears and then win feels him clench around him, tightening, even more, his cum spurting onto both their stomachs. win pulls away from his neck and thrust into him three more times before he stills and cums too, shooting his sperm deep into bright, making bright moan at the warm feeling.

when they both come down from their highs win slowly pulls out which makes bright wince at the oversensitivity. win looks down at bright's hole as he pulls out, seeing as it clenches around nothing as his and kavin's cum leaks out. without much thinking he traces his finger up along bright's rim collecting the cum, bringing his finger up to his mouth then. bright groans, trying to push win's hand away when he reaches down again, only for his wrist to be grabbed by win and pushed away. he then leans down and kisses along bright's rim lightly.

"pl-please win 'm too sensitive. please," bright chokes out but it's like win ignores him, because the next thing bright feels is win licking around and inside his hole slurping up all the cum until nothing is left.

bright groans, more tears rolling down his face, only now noticing that his cock is rock hard again. win pulls away from his hole shortly to look up at bright only to have his cock right in front of his face. he smirks up at bright who looks down at him with pleading eyes. he leans back down never breaking their eye contact and sucks on bright's abused hole. it doesn't take much longer for win's skilled mouth and tongue to work around his rim and hole before he cums again with a scream of win's name.

win crawls on top of bright again and kisses him with as much love as he can put into the kiss. bright kisses back with just as much love and win can't help but smile. he pulls away and looks bright in the eyes before rolling off of him. he notices just now that his two brothers must have left a while ago because they're nowhere in sight. he gets up slowly and goes into the en-suite bathroom to grab a towel to clean bright and himself off. when he goes back into the bathroom bright's still panting heavily with his eyes closed and a content smile on his face. win smiles at the sight on his bed, admiring the feathery haired boy. he cleans up bright's stomach and rim a little, throws the towel in the hamper, and crawls into the bed beside bright. bright automatically snuggles closer to him, wrapping his arms around win's body and laying his head down on his chest. win kisses the top of his head lightly and wraps his arms around the smaller boy.

"i really like you win," bright whispers.

"i really like you too, bright," he smiles.


"yeah. ever since i first saw you."

"oh. did you plan this all?" bright asks curiously.

"no. to be honest i didn't know what's going on. okay yeah, i noticed that my brothers were intending it but yeah. i think they planned this because they knew i had a crush on you." win rambles and bright giggles.

"well, then i have to thank your brothers later," now it's win's turn to chuckle.

"uhm bright? w-would you maybe- only if you want to of course- go uh on a date with me?"

"no need to be shy now do we? but yes. i'd love to go on a date with you win."

win grins and kisses bright softly. after a minute they pull apart and it doesn't take long for sleep to take over their bodies.