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The Tridentearii

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The House of the Third, the Jewel of the Emperor, his Gleam and Smile, is saddened and disturbed to hear that the Tridentearii podcast, meant to be an educational and uplifting glimpse into the lives of the necromantic princesses with commentary on entertainment and fashion events, has had its latest installment hacked and replaced with what is obviously a fake. We are looking into this matter very seriously and intend to mete the Emperor’s Justice upon those who would smear the good name of the Third House.

In entirely unrelated news, our beloved princesses and their cavalier have achieved the greatest honour of all. They have taken up their place as Lyctors at the side of the King Undying and must serve their holy duties there.

They send love and well wishes to the people of the Third House.

Their names are to be forgotten, effective immediately.

There will be no further episodes of the podcast.