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The sun will rise with my name on your lips ('Cause everything will change tonight)

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"Daddy, I want to spend my heat with Nigel." Adam says plainly, mama has always told him to tell them what he wants, and so he does.

"No, Adam. You cannot, mama and I will take care of you."

"Nigel won't hurt me."

"Nigel is a hormonal teenager, he cannot guarantee control."

"It's wrong though, daddy, we are family." That's what the kids at school say at least, that it's wrong for parents to help their kids with their presentation heat or rut.

"Adam, enough, you'll spend your first heat with us. We will take care of you."

"That's archaic, daddy. Parents don't help their kids any longer, they let them handle it on their own."

"Good parents help their children. Who do you think helped mama through his first heat? Grandpa Beau did."

"That was a long time ago, I want to spend my heat with Nigel."

"We are done discussing this. When your heat comes you will stay here and we will help you through it. After your presentation heat, you can go on suppressants and birth control, then if you'd like you can spend as much time with Nigel as you'd like. Until then you will stop arguing."

Adam doesn't pout or throw a tantrum, he does however stalk off to his room, not wanting to be around his daddy right now.


"I told my daddy I want to spend my presentation heat with you, but he said no."

"It's alright, star."

"No, Nigel, it is not okay. I want to be with you."

"I know, gorgeous, I know. But if your daddy thinks it's best if you're with them then I'm not going to fight with them. I want what's best for you."

"You are what's best for me."

"Not this time, Adam."


"Shh, it's okay. I know I'm not the most experienced alpha, but your heat is coming soon, and then you can start taking suppressants and birth control, and then we won't have to worry about your heat."

"I want to have sex with you, Nigel."

Nigel murmurs something in Romanian--Adam wishes he knew the language--before speaking in English again, "Not yet, star, when you're ready."

Nigel's words feel like a rejection, but Adam doesn't want to believe them. "I am ready. I want to have sex with you." Adam repeats his words, he means them. But maybe he shouldn't be saying them, maybe Nigel doesn't want the same thing Adam does.

"We will, Adam. But not before you spend your heat with your parents and, and not before you're on the right meds."

"You don't want to have sex with me?"

"I do, gorgeous, I want to, but presentation heat is important, it's something you should spend with your parents. Besides, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I fucked up and bit you or, or knocked you up. Hell, your daddy would kill me if I did."

"Language, Nigel." Adam pouts, he focuses on the swearing to distract himself from the feeling of rejection. He doesn't understand it. He also misses most of what Nigel even says--he's normally a good listener, but today feels wrong and Adam doesn't like it.

"Sorry. I--I think I should go home now. I'll see you at school, okay?"

"Don't leave." He doesn't want Nigel to leave. "I'm sorry if I said something that upset you. I don't know what it was but I didn't mean it." He tries to placate Nigel, tries to get him to stay.

"You didn't upset me, Adam. I just need to go now, okay?"

"No, it's not okay. I don't understand. I don't want you to leave. Are you upset because I said I want to have sex with you? I'm sorry, but I always say what I want and what I mean, that's what I've always been told to do." Adam rambles, repeating things he's long since told, Nigel.

"Calm down, Adam. You didn't do anything wrong, I did. I'm sorry. I'll call you before bed to say goodnight like always." He walks away before Adam can say anything else.

He practically collapses when Nigel is gone--he's stupid, he shouldn't have thought that Nigel really liked him. If Nigel really liked him he would have sex with Adam during his heat and maybe even after it.

Adam hasn't quite figured out masturbation--what he likes other than touching his penis at least, but it does feel good, he can only infer that sexual stimulation with another person will feel even better.

Nigel is handsome, and is--was Adam thinks sadly--always so sweet and understanding. Adam likes him, he protects Adam from bullies at school--especially the ones who like to shove Adam and call him nasty names. Nigel helps Adam with things he's sometimes too afraid to do on his own. When he hugs Adam he always smells so good even with the stale scent of nicotine lingering on his clothes. Adam likes Nigel's alpha scent, it almost reminds him of his daddy, but not quite.


The first time Nigel kissed him Adam had been scared he would get into trouble--the kiss was barely more than their lips touching but it felt like so much more to Adam. He was only eleven and Nigel was thirteen and close to having his presentation rut and he told Adam that he kissed him because he was cute and Nigel wished he was older so that he could spend Nigel's rut with him.

Adam wasn't stupid and his mama and daddy had taught him about his subgender and biological instincts and urges but Adam didn't always understand what they meant. He understood logically, but the emotional side of it was confusing.

But when Nigel kissed him and told him that he wished he could spend his rut with Adam, Adam felt something then. It was different than anything he'd felt before--he talked to his mama and he explained to Adam that he had a crush. But also warned Adam to stay away from Nigel as his rut got closer. Mama had said, "Nigel won't physically hurt you during his rut, but he might say things that will hurt you."

And so Adam distanced himself from Nigel as his rut got closer. Adam couldn't figure out how he knew it was getting closer, but daddy told him that he could smell the subtle differences in Nigel's scent, but Adam didn't think Nigel smelled any differently.

After Nigel's rut, he told Adam all about popping his first knot and the toy his uncle gave him to use. Adam didn't like to hear about it, but he listened because it was Nigel's story and Adam liked to listen to Nigel.


Adam doesn't cry or throw a tantrum in the middle of the park where he'd been with Nigel, but he does cry and throw things once he's safely inside his bedroom.

Mama tells him that he's so upset because his heat will be coming really soon. He tells Adam that he went out and bought a special knotting toy for Adam to use during his presentation heat and that he can keep it afterward.

Adam doesn't care about silicone toys, he wants Nigel. But Nigel doesn't want him.

"I don't want it. I want to spend my heat with Nigel."

"No, baby, I'm sorry. You can't."

Adam wants to scream and cry and break things, but he's too exhausted to fight anymore. So instead, Adam crawls under his blankets, completely ignoring his mama.

“Baby, come out. I know you are upset, but you can’t hide forever.”

“I can hide, mama. I am hiding, and I’m not coming out. Please leave me alone.”

“I can’t just leave you alone, you’re upset and mama wants to help.”

“You can help by letting me spend my heat with Nigel.”

Will sighs, “I’m sorry, Adam, but that’s not going to happen. There are too many things that could go wrong if you spend your presentation heat with Nigel. You’ll stay here with daddy and me and we’ll take such good care of you.”

“Go away.” Adam whines.

“I’ll come to get you for dinner in a little while.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You will be.”Will shuts Adam’s bedroom door behind him.

If they won’t let him spend his heat with Nigel then Adam will just have to sneak out. He’s never broken the rules before, but he’s never gone through his heat before either, he’ll experience more than one first time all at once.


Two weeks later Adam wakes up in the middle of the night, he’s hot, and his belly aches--his first instinct is to go to his parent's room and seek comfort, but he quickly realizes why he’s awake and instead goes to his dresser and pulls out clean clothes to change into. He strips out of his sweaty pajamas and puts on the clean clothes.

He tiptoes out of his bedroom and down the hall to find his shoes--right by the front door where he left them. He slides his feet into them, not bothering to re-tie them, and slips out of the front door.

Nigel lives on the other side of town which is why they always meet in the middle--closer to Adam’s house--at the park. It’s nearly four in the morning and there aren’t many people on the street, but still, Adam is nervous to be out at such a late hour and all alone.

He hopes that his heat scent is not strong yet, he doesn’t want to be accosted by strange alphas on his way--mama and daddy and maybe even Nigel too would be very upset if that happened.

No one seems to pay any attention to the young boy walking alone in the middle of the night and by the time Adam can see Nigel’s apartment building the sun is starting to come up--his daddy will be waking up soon and he always looks in Adam’s room before his morning shower, he likes to make sure his baby boy is okay. Adam knows the code to get into Nigel’s building, he presses the buttons and hears the lock click open, he pulls the door and steps inside. His belly is really hurting now--mama had told him the cramps would be bad, but he didn’t think they would be like this, Adam nearly doubles over in pain. He can’t stop though, Nigel is so close and he’ll be able to soothe and settle Adam.

He climbs the three flights of stairs and knocks on Nigel’s door--his uncle works third shift and won’t be home for a few more hours, at least Adam hopes he’s at work today.

Adam waits, and waits and waits for a long time, knocking every now and again--each knock more frantic than the last.

Finally after what feels like hours and hours the door opens, “What the fuck do you want? It’s barely five-thirty.” Nigel growls, eyes half-closed.

“I’m sorry that I’m here so early and that I’ve woken you up, Nigel.”


Adam clutches his belly, “I woke up in the middle of the night, my heat is happening, Nigel. I’m here to spend it with you.”

“Adam, you can’t be here. How did you even get here?”

“I walked. I want to be here, Nigel. Please, don’t make me leave.”

“I’ve gotta call your parents.”

“Please, do not call them. I don’t want to go home. I want to stay with you.” Adam feels like he’s going to cry. “My belly hurts and I want to stay with you.”

“You can’t stay here, Adam.”

“I walked all the way here, for you. I want to spend my heat with you, I know your uncle will be home soon, and I don’t want to get you in trouble with him, but we don’t have anywhere else we can go.”

“You’re going home, Adam. I’m sorry.” Nigel practically drags Adam into the apartment. “You can lay down in my bed until your parents get here.” He leads Adam to his bedroom.

It’s a little bit messy, but Nigel’s scent is thick and Adam instantly seems to feel better being surrounded by it. He crawls into Nigel’s bed, burrowing beneath the blankets, nose pressed firmly into Nigel’s pillow. His sheets and blankets are cheaply made and scratch at Adam’s sensitive skin but he doesn’t mind since they smell so good.

“Hello, Dr. Lecter, this is Nigel, Adam’s uh, Adam’s friend. He just showed up at my place and you need to come to get him.”

Adam whines, “No, Nigel, please.”

“I haven’t touched him, sir.”

Adam listens as Nigel repeats his address twice for Adam’s daddy.

“Why did you call him?”

“You need to go home, build a nest, and spend your heat with your parents, Adam.”

Adam does start to cry now, “Why did I ever trust you? Did you ever like me at all?”

Nigel backs away from the bed and presses himself against his bedroom door, “I do like you, Adam. I like you so much. I just, I can’t spend your heat with you.”

“But Nigel. I want you, and it hurts. Please.”

“I can’t, Adam. I don’t want to accidentally bite you or knock you up. You don’t want to bond with me and you don’t want to have a baby with me.”

“I don’t want a baby with you now. But bonding with you would be nice.”

“No, gorgeous, it wouldn’t. I’m not the right person to bond with--Adam, I’m sorry, I’m not a good guy. I do shit with my uncle that you wouldn’t like.”

“I don’t care what you do, Nigel. You are always a good guy with me.” Adam practically whimpers, the pain is getting worse and he’s sweating again. He knows that his heat isn’t cresting yet--he’s not leaking slick yet and he’s still mostly lucid and coherent.

“Of course I’m good to you, you’re my own personal star, Adam. You make everything so much better for me. But in the long run, I’ll only end up darkening your life. I-I’m going to go wait in the living room for your dad.” He slips out of the room before Adam can say anything else.

Adam doesn’t want to leave his place in Nigel’s bed, but more so he doesn’t want to be alone. He climbs out of Nigel’s bed and goes looking for him--he’s sitting on the sofa, head in his hands when Adam finds him. He looks up when Adam enters the room, his eyes are tinged alpha red and for the first time ever, Adam feels himself getting wet. He wants Nigel, his body wants Nigel--wants an alpha.

He doesn’t let Nigel stop him, Adam pushes and squirms until he’s straddling Nigel’s waist, “Please.” He whines.

Nigel’s arms wrap around him, fingers flexing against Adam’s back. “I’m sorry, star, I can’t.”

Adam doesn’t want to hear no again, he’s so sick of being told no. He leans in quickly and presses his lips to Nigel’s.

For a moment, Nigel doesn’t respond and Adam wonders if he’s somehow kissing wrong. But it’s no different than any of the other kisses they’ve shared--not many, but a handful and Adam has loved every single one of them.

Their lips move against each other, Nigel’s tongue slips into Adam’s mouth, fangs nipping at his bottom lip.

Adam rocks in Nigel’s lap, savoring the feeling of Nigel’s growing erection beneath him. Adam whines into Nigel’s mouth.

He pulls away from the kiss, “Am I hurting you?”

“No, Nigel you are not hurting me. But I want you to touch me.”

“I can’t-”

Adam knows that it isn’t polite to interrupt but he does so anyway, “I want you to touch my penis, and I want you to help me orgasm. I would like to have you penetrate me, but if you’re not ready yet that’s okay. But Nigel, I know you have an erection, you are sexually aroused, I am too. Please, Nigel.”

Nigel doesn’t say anything he just kisses Adam again, fingers slipping under the back of Adam’s shirt, gently caressing the soft skin of his sweaty lower back. It feels nice, but it’s not what Adam wants--what he needs.

The front door opens without anyone knocking--Adam shoves his face into Nigel’s chest, he doesn’t need to look up to know that it’s not Nigel’s uncle.

“Let go of my son.”

“I didn’t hurt him, I barely even touched him, and he kissed me.”

“I can see that, he’s not fully in heat yet, but your eyes are completely red and I’m practically choking on the scent of pre-rut.”

Nigel is going into rut? Just the thought of it makes Adam whimper and whine into Nigel’s chest. Nigel wants him, he’s going into rut for him--why can’t his mama and daddy understand that he and Nigel are supposed to be together?

“Come on, baby.” Will speaks softly, his touch is light as he tries to lift Adam from Nigel’s lap.

A part of Adam wants to go--his mama’s scent is soothing but Adam doesn’t want to be separated from Nigel. He growls, “Go away.”

“It’s okay, star. Go with your mama and daddy. It’s what’s best. you need to learn how to handle your heat and you need to do so somewhere safe.”

“I am safe with you.”

“I know it feels like that, Adam, I want you here, I swear that I do. But I barely know how to handle my rut, I don’t know how to take care of you, I don’t want to hurt you, star. Go with your parents, it’ll be okay.”

“Adam, will you feel better if you have something with Nigel’s scent on it to go in your nest?” Hannibal’s words surprise Adam. His daddy seemed so against Nigel, what changed?

“You’ll let me have his scent in my nest?” Adam asks incredulously.

“If it will get you home and settled and through your heat, then yes. Adam, we want you to be comfortable and if Nigel’s scent will help, then we can have it there. But you cannot spend your heat with Nigel.”

“You can take one of my sweatshirts if you want, or maybe a pillow or something, whatever you want Adam.”

“I want you.”

“I know, but you can’t have me right now. Someday, but not now.”

“Nigel.” Adam whines.

“Come on, baby, you’ll feel better at home.”

Adam is starting to feel dizzy and disoriented and while his cramps have mostly stopped, he’s suddenly feeling so empty. But he doesn’t have the energy to fight anymore, he lets Will lift him off of Nigel’s lap, Hannibal pulls him into his embrace. His daddy’s alpha scent is nice--not the same nice as Nigel’s but Adam doesn’t want to get away from his daddy.

“Come along, Nigel, we need to find something for Adam to take with your scent, and we need to do so quickly. I don’t know how well developed your nose is yet, but he’s almost there. His fever is getting close to cresting. We need to get him home quickly.”

Adam doesn’t see them leave the room--his face is in his daddy’s neck, but he does hear them go and the loss of them hurts. Adam doesn’t understand why.

Hannibal lets go of Adam, and he’s turned towards Nigel, His arms are lifted for him and slid into sweatshirt sleeves, when it’s pulled over his head he’s fully enveloped in Nigel’s scent. “You always try to steal this one from me, I want you to wear it Adam, and I want you to use it for your nest.”

“But-” Adam tries to speak but his tongue feels like it’s twisted and tied when he does so. He knows this is Nigel's favorite sweatshirt, he doesn't want to take it from him.

“Shh, it’s okay, star. I’ll get it back after.” He presses a quick kiss to Adam’s lips before Adam is scooped up into Hannibal’s arms and carried out of the apartment.


Even in the haze of his heat his mama instructs him and guides him in making himself a nest--Adam knows how to make a nest, but it's never been a nest for heat it's only been for when he was sick or needed comfort. This is different. This isn't pillows and blankets piled up around him in bed, this is on the floor in the corner of his room, pillows, blankets, sheets, soft clothes from around the house.

Adam is usually shipped off to stay with uncle Duncan or uncle Cal during his mama's heats, but he's been home during them before. He knows what happens. He's heard his mama begging daddy to knot him, to breed him. He's heard his mama writhing in pain and pleasure, he's heard the different noises his mama and daddy make. And the few times he has been home he'd helped daddy with getting mama snacks and water when the fever lessened.

Adam is scared when mama tells him he needs to take his clothes off, "You'll overheat, baby." His parents have seen him naked before, of course, they have but this is different. He's wet and hard and this isn't like the times he's been sick or bathing.

He strips, cheeks flushing from fever and embarrassment--he's not ashamed of his body, he's been taught that his entire life, but he's never been naked and aroused in front of anyone before.

He drops Nigel's sweatshirt into the pile but immediately scoops it back up and pulls it back on. It's a little long, falling down over his thighs, but he feels safe and happy.

"You'll need to take that off soon baby."

Adam doesn't listen to his mama, he keeps Nigel's sweatshirt on and drops to the floor, crawling across the soft mound of his nest and nuzzles at the pillows--specifically daddy's, his alpha scent is overpowering but in the best way and it mixed so well with Nigel's alpha scent. Adam wishes he could smell it forever.

Hannibal comes into Adam's room a few minutes later, he's shirtless, but Adam barely notices. Daddy gets into his nest with him first, rumbling deep in his chest--alpha purrs are supposed to make everything better for an omega and it does help.

Mama disappears for a minute but Adam is starting to feel dizzy and empty again--worse than before so he barely even notices. When Will returns he's holding something in his hands that Adam can barely see--he knows what it is though, mama had told him that he'd bought a knotted toy for him. Mama is also shirtless, something that seems far off in his mind tells him that the lack of shirts is for skin to skin contact, that it's crucial during an omegas heat, especially their presentation heat.

“You feeling okay, baby?”

“Hurts, daddy.”

“I know, baby, we’re going to take such good care of you.” Mama says from behind Adam--he’s not really sure when but at some point while mama was gone he’d turned away from the pillows and buried his face in daddy’s bare chest.

He begins to whine--it’s not intentional, but it is high pitched, it’s the whine of an omega in heat seeking a mate. He still wishes he was with Nigel, he feels safe and comfortable with mama and daddy, but he would feel better if he was with Nigel too.

Adam nuzzles at his daddy’s chest, the hair there is soft and thick and Adam likes the way it feels against his skin.

Fingers trail up and down his back and sides underneath the sweatshirt--he’s so hot like mama had said he would be but he doesn’t want to take it off. Adam jolts when fingers touch between his legs, light touches on his penis that feels nice, but the touch that makes him jump is where he’s leaking. Daddy’s fingertip rubs across his slick hole, before pushing inside a little bit--Adam expects it to hurt, but it doesn’t.

“Your body is made for this, baby. Don’t think, just feel.” Mama whispers into his ear. Mama’s chest is pressed against Adam’s back, holding him close.

Hannibal’s finger slides further into Adam’s clenching hole--it’s not enough.

“More.” He whines, wiggling his hips, he needs to be full. “Empty.” His words are becoming less and less coherent, less put together than earlier. Adam presses back against daddy’s finger, “Please.”

Will nuzzles at Adam’s neck, whispers how good he is, how proud they are of him--he doesn’t understand it. He doesn’t know why they would be proud of him for begging to be penetrated, but mama repeats his words over and over.

Adam barely notices when daddy adds a second finger, he does notice the third, however. It still doesn’t hurt, but he does feel himself stretch around daddy’s fingers--they are so big--he doesn’t quite feel full enough yet, and he knows he won’t until there is a knot inside of him, but it feels better.

He still feels hazy and dizzy and hot, so hot, but he’s not had a single cramp in a long time. The sheets and blankets beneath them are soaked with Adam’s slick and sweat and they stick to his skin uncomfortably.

“Is he ready?” Mama murmurs to daddy,

“Yes.” Daddy replies,

Adam knows what’s coming next, it scares and excites him all at once.

Mama shifts behind him, his fingers join daddy’s at Adam’s slick hole but only for a moment. There is a wet squelchy sound--Adam doesn’t like it--and then daddy’s fingers are gone. Adam’s hole clenches around nothing, he whimpers, “Please.”

The cool, blunt tip of the silicone toy touches Adam’s hole the next moment, and everything seems to pause--Adam pushes back against the toy as mama pushes it inside of him, it’s about the same size as daddy’s fingers, but it’s solid, and Adam feels so good.

Adam rocks his hips, presses his penis against daddy’s strong, muscled thigh, while simultaneously penetrating himself with the toy in his mama’s hands. He presses his face into his daddy’s chest again, this time closer to his throat, daddy’s arms wrap around him.

Everything feels so good, it’s better than anything Adam has ever felt when masturbating.

Mama has been controlling the toy so that not too much of it has gone inside of Adam, but he wants more, he pushes back against the toy, harder and faster than before, he moans and whines when he feels the thick knot against his stretched hole.

“Not yet, Adam.” Daddy says.

“Want it.” He says into Hannibal’s neck, fangs scraping against his skin.

“You’re almost there.” He’s not actually sure who speaks that time, maybe both of his parents at the same time--he can feel his orgasm getting close, and they can probably smell it.

Adam rides his daddy’s thigh as mama thrusts the toy in and out of him. Adam cries out, fangs piercing the flesh of Hannibal’s neck as he comes against his daddy’s clothed leg.

Blood fills his mouth and it scares him, especially when daddy growls, he thinks he’s hurt him.

“I’m sorry.” He whines as mama pushes the knot inside of him--all further apologies or thoughts disappear completely as Adam’s mind goes blank. He’s being knotted and even though it’s just a toy it feels incredible. Pure pleasure, no guilt of biting daddy and making him bleed, no embarrassment at being sexually aroused in-front of his parents, no sadness from not being with Nigel, everything feels light and good and floaty.

Adam comes again, soaking through daddy’s pants, slick leaking from around the knot inside of him.

“So good baby. Taking the knot so well.”

“Our good boy. Such a good omega.”


When Adam wakes up the toy isn’t inside of him anymore, daddy is still laying under him, but mama is gone.

“Daddy?” Adam murmurs, sleepily.

“What, Adam?”

“Where’s mama?”

“Making you something to eat.”

“Want cuddles.”

Hannibal’s embrace tightens around Adam, “Your fever broke during your sleep, your presentation heat will be over soon.”

“Then I can see Nigel?” He asks.

“We’ve already made an appointment for you to get a prescription for suppressants and birth control and then you may see Nigel.”

“I’m sorry, I bit you, daddy.”

“It’s alright, Adam. You didn’t hurt me, and you cannot form a mate bond with me, I’m already mated to your mama, and we are family. It was just an instinct, and it’s okay.”

“I told Nigel I wanted to bond with him.” Adam whispers, he feels like he needs to tell his daddy.

“I see, and what did Nigel say?”

“That I didn’t want to bond with him, and then he left the room.”

“I’m grateful that he didn’t go along with it.”

“I think that I love him, daddy.”

“Adam, you are thirteen, you don’t know what love is yet.”

“Don’t tell me that I don’t know what I’m feeling. Mama says you can’t tell me what my feelings are, I know I have trouble with them, but I know this. I know how I feel about Nigel. I don’t want to bond with him now, I know that I only said that because I was in heat, but I do have strong feelings for him.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Nigel won’t hurt me, daddy.”

“He does seem like a very nice young man.” Will says as he enters the room, a bowl of mac and cheese in one hand and a cold bottle of water in the other. “He did the right thing by calling us, and he took such good care of Adam before we got there.”

Hannibal sits up in the nest and pulls Adam up with him, “I suppose you are right. I’ll need to have a talk with him first if he wants to court you.”

“Daddy, that’s archaic.”

“It is not, courting is an important process for a mate-pair. It’s just changed a bit since daddy courted me.”

Adam eats his mac and cheese propped up against daddy’s chest, in Nigel’s sweatshirt, while mama talks about how daddy courted him. Adam has heard the story before, but he’s happy to hear it again.