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Tethered Butterfly

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Kit couldn't deny it any longer. At first he had tried to talk himself out of it, thinking Mark only wanted a challenge, a bit of fun before he moved onto someone else. But then Pha had left without a word, leaving Wayu heartbroken and Mark vengeful and then Kit got caught up in the whole thing. He hadn't liked how Mark had switched over to instantly bad-mouthing Pha, but the protective, serious side to him was new to Kit and so very attractive. Mark drove him up the wall, but in a way that made Kit want to shove him up against the nearest hard surface and kiss him long enough to make them both dizzy. He had never really felt this way before about anyone, but especially not a guy. 

"P'Kit." Mark's voice instantly got his attention now but he tried to hide how hearing his name in that voice made him want to sit up and take notice. 

"Mark," he said as calmly as he could. That was the game after all; Mark had to try to get a reaction out of him and Kit had to try to stay as calm as he could. Kit wasn't very good at it, or Mark was just very good at getting a reaction out of him. Either way, he felt he lost more often than not. However, losing normally meant Mark would touch him in some way, which Kit admitted was definitely a plus point of the whole affair. "What did you want?" 

"To see you, P'Kit," Mark said smoothly. "I wanted to give you something." 

Kit was instantly on guard. He turned around to face Mark fully and eyed the junior with trepidation. "What kind of gift?" he asked before he could consider whether it was wise to invite those kinds of answers. Mark looked confused for a moment but as soon as realisation dawned, he gave Kit a delighted look. 

"P'Kit, would you take those kinds of gifts from me?" Mark asked with devious delight. Kit knew the back of his neck had probably gone red judging by how hot it felt, but he tried not to let it show on his face. "I already have several ideas." 

"No, thank you," Kit said as calmly as he could. The fact that his mind had thrown up several ideas about what kind of things these 'gifts' could be was irrelevant and definitely something Mark should never find out. 

Mark gave him his version of a pout, which looked more like a badly hidden smirk with a smile lurking behind it. "P'Kit, I really want to try so many things with you." His tone of voice let Kit know exactly what kind of things Mark wanted to do and this time he couldn't stop his cheeks flushing pink. Mark's mouth dropped open a little and his eyes grew darker. "P'Kit," he said hoarsely. Kit swallowed and didn't know whether to run or move forward. There was no guarantee that if he ran he would keep his dignity, and moving forward had the benefit of Mark. Maybe Kit would actually surprise him again - he didn't get to enjoy it properly in the car. He was far too nervous about their first kiss together and how he acted with Mark.

"Ai'Mark," Kit managed to get out. His voice was hoarse too but even at the very least. "What did you want to give me?"

Mark drew out the bouquet from behind his back like it was completely normal, like it was something people did everyday.

"I saw it and thought of you," Mark said with that mixture of irritating confidence and confusing sincerity which made Kit overthink every single interaction they had.

"I'm not a girl," Kit protested.

Mark blinked as if that thought had never occurred to him. "Of course P'Kit isn't," he said. "But I like flowers and they're pretty." A smile that was becoming all too familiar to Kit spread across Mark's face. "And I like P'Kit and he's pretty. A perfect match."

Kit should have known he would get an answer like that. His hand twitched as if he was going to reach for the flowers but then he tightened his hand into a fist.

"I don't want flowers," he said and then immediately felt rude. Talking to Mark felt like walking a tightrope. As much as he told himself that he wanted Mark to leave him in peace, there was a part of him that had felt disappointed when he didn't see Mark waiting for him at the bench, when Wayu had shown up to dinner on his own. That part of him didn't want to act too harshly and drive Mark away to someone easier, no matter what Mark had said about that not happening.

"Oh?" Mark glanced down at the bouquet. "Do you not like flowers?"

Kit was about to give a flip answer but then he glanced at Mark's face again and reconsidered. Mark had a look on his face that said he was listening carefully to everything Kit said and committing it to memory. It made Kit's heart pound but it also made him wary about saying anything. If he said he didn't like flowers, he would sure he would never see them again. And he could just about admit, if only in his own head, that would be a shame.

"Not red roses," he said carefully. Mark blinked.

"What flowers do you like then?"

"Jasmine," Kit answered, thinking of the flowers he had loved so much when he was a child. "Or frangipanis." When he was younger, he had felt sad about how the flower tree could be thought to be bad luck and told his mother that he would love the flowers enough to make up for it. He smiled at the memory.

"Okay, P'Kit," Mark said, an exuberant smile on his face. "I'll make sure I'll get you the right flowers next time."

Kit sighed but didn't protest. He shrugged off Mark's hand but allowed the other to walk next to him.