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The Hand Betrays

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The first time the former Geo Archon fell his eyes on the shining and smug Cryo user Kaeya was when the Traveller met with him for an errand with her team in tow.


This seemingly warm figure that took care of the whole group with any sign of an argument erupting from the team, he will be the first one to mediate and deescalate the situation and somehow lulling Diluc and Mona whilst the Traveller pretends she cannot hear anything.


But beyond the Cryo user's twinkling eye was the prickly icy gaze he sometimes gives when others are preoccupied. Even though he seems to be known to be a warm big brother figure with his counterparts, there was a certain pricklingly icy stare that was void of emotion and amusement.


The only times that Zhongli sees Kaeya's real emotions were when something was truly amusing, such as when he jokes or more like bullies Diluc throughout their trip, and shows a lonesome expression while laughing when Diluc swats his hands away from him when Kaeya does occasionally initiate skinship with his adoptive brother.


While Lumine gets sidetracked by the jewellery, whilst Mona looks longingly into Wanmin Restaurant while the chef cooks the restaurant specialties, and Diluc goes to the blacksmith and to restaurant owners to talk about the wine trades and trading business information since he was already there, it would be killing two birds with one stone whilst out adventuring with Traveller.


The one that is usually left behind is Kaeya, where he then usually heads straight to a pub in Liyue to drink however, this time, Zhongli decided that he wanted to have some company, and company specifically with this blue haired man.


As Kaeya was walking towards the pub he usually frequents when he goes to Liyue, Zhongli taps his shoulder.


"Hm?" Kaeya looks back over his shoulder.


"Um.. Would you be interested in having a drink with me while your teammates are preoccupied?" Zhongli asked without an ounce of expression but his usual dignified manner of speaking.


There was a pause on Kaeya's part and shock that this man would be interested in spending one on one time with him considering how they have never been in a room together let alone talk personally together.


"Yeah sure!" He says as he regains his composure realising that this poor man is falling for a trap without him even knowing. Because he is asking the worst person to have a drink with because Kaeya's job and also side hobby as a Cavalry Captain is intelligence gathering, and one of his most favourite practices in gaining intelligence is gouging information using the influence of the drink.


Information is information and information is valuable, no matter where you go. It doesn't matter if information is not useful at that point in time, but may come in handy in the future. So by all means, the blue haired man wholeheartedly welcomed this offer.


While Zhongli was leading him to the restaurant that he usually frequents when he meets guests for a drink, he peeked over his shoulder to see Kaeya slightly humming to himself in amusement and anticipation, which the former Geo Archon thought was quite nice. Kaeya was not that much shorter than Zhongli, standing at around 183cm or 6' while Zhongli stood at a 186cm or 6'1". Though he by no means was short, and though he was a man, the taller man found a strong sexual allure from the other man that was highly charismatic which could fall men and women alike with his charms.


They arrived to the restaurant where the restaurant manager came out to greet Zhongli and gave them his usual private room.


They began drinking and ordering Liyue specialty drinks such as Jueyen Chilli Martini and Glaze Lilly Wine and downed much of the Liyue beer which Kaeya had noted that it had a more bitter yet a more fragrant taste than Mondstadt beer which he preferred a little more. But loved the Glaze Lilly Wine cos of his bitey taste.


"So? What do you think of our famed Jueyen Chilli Martini?


Kaeya smelt it first while the glass cup parted his lips, the deliciously coolness from the ice of the martini graced his nostrils with a scent of chilli without the irritation that capsaicin in chilli usually gives off. There was only a tinge of the scent of the deliciousness of the chilli in his nostrils that invited him to have a taste. The coolness of the martini swirled in his tongue with a certain spiciness that tinged his mouth.


"WHEW!" Kaeya opened his eyes wide while impressed of the spicy-icy taste that gave a very refreshing aftertaste. This is good. I think this is something that people come all the way to Liyue just to taste.


Zhongli escaped a small laugh, "Yes that is exactly right. We have a long history of many adventurers and travellers coming into Liyue to try out our specialty drinks such as this. And how about the Glaze Lilly Wine? Another Liyue Specialty that makes visitors manifest by the many."


"Hmm.." Kaeya lifted to the glass to his lips, there was a fragrant scent coming from the wine, he quickly tips the glass, the wine had a strong alcoholic taste with a fragrant tea/flower taste that swirled in his mouth like thick liquid in his mouth. This was the kind of stuff that can get Kaeya hooked for life, where he must drink once a month in order not to get too addicted.


"This is delicious! I must buy a bulk to be sent to my home!" his face lit up by a thousand watts at the immaculate taste.


"That is very welcome!" Zhongli chuckled in his hand delicately.


The shorter man couldn't help but gaze a little and took note of how refined this man was, how dignified even after a few drinks.. Yet no secrets.


They've been talking for hours at this point, and no secrets to be spilled, in fact the taller seems to hold his drink a little too well, to the point where he doesn't seem to be drunk at all.


"So.. Tell me more about your funeral services" Kaeya tried to make his most charming smile he could muster. Usually he is the last to get drunk which is how he can collect all of his information but this man before him was different, on a whole different level where no matter how drinks he has had, nothing has changed, not even a slur of a word or a misplacement of a word. They've drank probably 5 bottles of Glaze Lilly Wine and yet the man is standing straight the same as when they just sat down.


"I've already told you everything about our funeral services, what would you like to know specifically?" Zhongli sips on his wine while thumbing the neck of his glass.


"Hmm.. Something like how is your relationship with the Qixing or what is your company's relationship with the Fatui? Something of that nature?" Kaeya starts to lose control of how he positions his questions. Usually he is never this sloppy but his sense is starting to wane and he was having such a lovely time with the former Geo Archon.


"Oh. I guess we have a strictly business relationship with the Qixing, we operate autonomously from the Qixing so they do not have much influence on how we proceed with business and with the Fatui, it is fairly the similar business relationship." Zhongli said unfazed with Kaeya's increased drunk behaviour.


Kaeya grumbled and increasingly slouching across the table "that's not what I mean…" he trailed.


"Oh? Then what do you mean?" Zhongli cocks his brow while still sipping on his wine.


"I mean-" Kaeya catches himself before he shows more shameful behaviour.


"Nah nothing.. Ha ha.." Kaeya attempts to laugh nonchalantly.


"Whew! It's hot.." Kaeya starts to strip his clothes off and unbuttoning his jacket which to a huge surprise to the former Archon which caused him to choke on his drink. The sheer sight of the man's tanned bare chest under his jacket, his cleavage already was showing when buttoned, but now the jacket was unbuttoned down to his belly button with his small perky nipples peeking out of the edges of his jacket.


His throat unexpectedly constricted when his eyes trailed down and saw the sight which caused him to push the wine into the wrong pipe.


COUGH COUGH COUGH  Zhongli spluttered trying to gain his breath.


"Wow! Are you okay?" The tanned man said as he got up from his chair and walked up to the choking man.


Whilst he was walking towards him, Zhongli's hand cupped his mouth to try to stop the coughing while his eyes followed the tanned man's figure coming closer to him, his eyes darted, trying to stifle his cough while making it worse. His hand went up to stop the tanned man to stop coming closer because he'll be alright, he doesn't need him to come over. But still Kaeya came towards him.


No really… it's fine. The choking Zhongli thought to himself, desperately hoping he would not come over.


"Come on, let me help!" Kaeya said easily while he began gently patting his back.


Zhongli couldn't help but notice the close proximity while his bare chest was smack dab in his field of vision in all of its glory. Beautifully tanned skin, beautifully sculpted lines and indents all in the right places with his six pack being especially pronounced while slightly rippling while he breathed and spoke. The gentle oaky smell that was the smell of his skin, the soft dangling of his earring as he spoke and moved. Everything was alluring, seducing him.


Not before long, his cough subsided, and as the coughs became less violent, so did the pats on his back which slowly became a soft rubbing sensation on his back which made Zhongli feel his old heart beating out of his throat.


The tantalising smell, the view, the low and comforting rumbling voice. Everything was too sweet. Too risky.


Of all the years he has lived, he knew self restraint and self control the best, especially better than Barbatos the Anemo Archon that was for sure.


However, there was one thing that he wanted at that moment, and his mind that usually is always restraining him from his sensibilities were not loud enough for his body to move on his own.


He grabbed Kaeya's neck into a deep kiss with his tongue swirling and licking inside the hot crevices of his mouth. Years and years of living does not only result in sage like restraint, but also experience.


Kaeya instantly melted in the kiss, his mind surprised but his stomach licking with desire and anticipation.


They deepened the kiss, Zhongli eternally hungry for more, his tongue expertly explored his mouth licking and rolling his tongue onto the other's while the others could not help but whince and sweat from the stimulation that went straight to his nether regions almost instantly.


Hot breaths intermingling with soft and hot moans by Kaeya which quickly erupted Zhongli's desire where he ran his fingers and cupped the shorter man's face while standing up from his seat.


Kaeya without any restraint held onto the older man's hands that cupped his face while easily letting the other man push him to the wall.


Zhongli guided his tongue expertly licking every inch of the base of Kaeya's tongue with a strong yet soothing motions over and over again which made Kaeya whince and rolling his eyes back while letting out a strained sigh.


The taller man began separating the other man's leg with his leg and gently pushing and rubbing the other man's growing and hot bulge.


Saliva began crawling in the corner of their mouths until it finally started dripping down as they would not stop passionately licking each other, not even for a second, not even to gulp. Their mind was in a haze that made the former archon almost push his whole body onto the other with all his might.


He pulls his left hand away from Kaeya's face and palmed the wall while trying to go even further into the shorter man's mouth.


A moan escaped from the shorter man, to the point where it wasn't so soft anymore, it was pleasured moan that was drawn out, wanting more.


Zhongli so badly wanted more, he wanted to be even closer, he wanted to push the other to the limit, he wanted to be so intimate with him like no one has been in him. He wanted to be inside him. He wanted to bury his dick deep inside him that made him sweat, moan and hungrily want more. He wanted to see him orgasm to the point of tears.


As he was thinking this, a knock on the door came from the restaurant's manager when they heard a vase breaking as Kaeya was sensually frotting on Zhongli's leg, though they could not hear the sound of the vase shattering because of their ears blearing with the heartbeats.


"Excuse me Mr. Zhongli, is everything okay in there?" The voice of the restaurant owner said in a low but loud enough to be audible enough to hear.


This snapped both of them back, Zhongli quickly removed his body off of the shorter man's own while the other was left grasping for air, barely standing with his legs apart.


"Yes. Yes we are fine, we have seemed to have knocked a vase, I will pay for the damages of course." Zhongli quickly straightened his tie and his suit while saying this, trying to sound as dignified as possible.


"Yes sir. Please tell me when you would like to leave" The restaurant manager said respectfully.


"Yes. We will be leaving shortly" He says while he gently buttons the other man's jacket, noticing that there was a patch of precum on Kaeya's crotch however it wasn't so obvious that people would be able to pick out unless they were to see his crotch in broad daylight.


He gently grabbed onto Kaeya and escorted him out of the restaurant with the manager bowing as they left.


Not many people were on the streets as it was very late at night but not ready for the morning rush either.


Zhongli helped him towards his team's inn with no word spoken between them. Kaeya seemed to be in a haze while Zhongli had a stroke of absolute regret and self hatred. First of all, he has been living for a very long time. He is the oldest Archon, Liyue is the biggest business mega city due to his favour and he was the one who made the whole of Teyvat's universal currency Mora, he must be dignified, abundant with self restraint and self control, but he gave into his temptations so easily when it came to the blue haired tanned man. He was irreconcilable at this point in time with his self hatred and disappointment with himself, to think he would've done such an act to someone that was drinking wine with him at his offering.


While he was having a self hatred session with himself, the hazy eyed man looked at him with pure lust and desire that his head did not know right from left. Was it the wine or was it this tall handsome and usually calm man that got to the depths of his lust? He could not tell, but all he knew was he wanted him.


Once they arrived, he gently placed him on the bed while Kaeya would not stop palming the other man's lapels on his suit he could not stop himself from sensually rubbing the silky fabric of his clothes. Wanting so, so much more than this.


"I'm sorry.." Zhongli finally said in a low whisper, as he gently laid him down.


"..Why?" Kaeya also said in a soft and low whisper the same as him even though he didn't really need to.


"I guess I'm really drunk.." Zhongli says.


"What?" Kaeya said which almost instantly sobered him up.


"I'm sorry I must go now. Sorry for doing abhorrent things to you. I hope that this doesn't make you think that I had planned for this to happen.. I must go self reflect. Once again, I do apologise." Zhongli says while looking at the floor and getting up from the bed.


"What??" Kaeya was shocked and did not know what to say, what brought this on?? He was ready for the sexiest ride of his life and yet it stops here.


The taller man's broad back is the last thing he sees as he got up and left the room, making sure to turn off all the lights for him.


He sat up on the bed in the dark wondering what just happened, his bulge completely calming down. He decides that he'll sleep it off, for now.



A couple of weeks have passed and the former Geo Archon has finally gotten over his self hatred, sort of. But on his mind was that starry eyed tanned beauty that he passionately locked lips with that night.


Despite him trying to keep himself busy, all he has done was made Kaeya the first and last thing he thought about every morning and night, and how overworked his body has become from his constant attempts to quell his mind and his nether regions of the seductiveness of that icy vixen.


He was overworked to the point where he was forced by his colleagues to take a break. And what better way to have a long awaited break as to travel a little, preferably to the smaller city called Mondstadt.


Not that he was going there specifically to see the tanned beauty, but it also wouldn't hurt to have a glimpse while he was there anyways. It's been a long time since the dapper man has travelled anywhere outside of Liyue probably for even a century or so, and while he was in Mondstadt why wouldn't he see Traveller and Barbatos while he was there?


Zhongli contacted Lumine and to met with her being an absolutely ecstatic guide around Mondstadt, not to mention that he particularly sweetened the deal with a beautiful hairpin as a gift for her hospitality.


Zhongli proposed that his guide should show him the new developments within Mondstadt, he noted how there were much less dogs and more cats which he personally preferred, he particularly loves cats and he would stop in his tracks to pet and nuzzle the chin of a cat as he walks by. He was also shown areas outside the city such as the Dawn Winery which the owner Diluc gladly hosted a generous reception onto him. Mona excitedly showed him her work area, and they had interesting conversation about astronomy, Zhongli had a surmountable bank of knowledge about astronomy and constellations that excited Mona to the point where she wanted to train under him, alas he did not practice astronomy so he believed he could not be as much help as she would think. They spent time drinking tea together and talking about many different topics which Zhongli thought he would bore Mona to death with, however she was excited and appreciated to learn so much knowledge from him, that day she decided that she was his Knowledge Master, unbeknownst to him.


Though through all of these lovely encounters and with amazing company, Kaeya was nowhere in sight.


It was night time at 9pm as they made their way back to the inn he was staying in, he waved goodbye to Lumine and Mona as they left and he went inside.


He put down the many items of souvenirs given to him by Diluc, Mona and Lumine and sat on the lounging chair, it was fairly quiet and he opened the door and peered out of the window sill into the starry sky.


The starry sky somehow reminded him of that one particular person, it was nice to be in a different city now and then Zhongli thought as he continued peering at the twinkling stars.

He had an amazing time but he also he had the constant nagging feeling of this sense of disappointment that he didn't get to see him at all that day. It wasn’t like the city was as big as Liyue where anyone can miss the other there where there were an abundance of places to see and to shop and to eat. Not like in Mondstadt where there are quite a few places to eat and shop.


He heaved a slight sigh and thought to himself, Maybe.. Just maybe he might be at the pub he was telling me about..


The sudden thought sprung a tiny sense of hope with him and all of his weariness were temporarily blown away.


He straightened the lapels of his suit and dusted off his sleeves and went out to go looking for a pub, he didn’t know where it was, but he thought that he would somehow be able to find it if he were to find an establishment that was still open and with loud rowdy noises.


He easily found the pub where there was noise and raucous laughter and loud banter. He walked over and saw a group of men sitting outside the pub drinking and laughing, he peered into the group of men and finally saw him.


His blue hair glistening under the tall street lantern with his silky tanned skin looking vibrant and tantalising under the night sky.


His face was leaning on his knuckles as he was sitting around the table with the rest of the men thumbing his beer while flashing his smile with a little laugh.


Feelings and emotions flurried into Zhongli's stomach clenching and unclenching making ripples like waves in an ocean. All of his work trying to forget about his desire for the other man was gone out the window, he could feel his self restraint once again leaving him, similar to how it was when he first smell the scent of the other's skin.


He stood there and in awe of that beautiful man, he stood halfway between where the light reached and where darkness met the light. If one were to be exceptionally sloshed with alcohol, their vision may not be so able to see a figure of that distance. However, the tanned man noticed a gaze upon him and noticed him straight away.


He looked in surprise as to whether his eyes are deceiving him, why would he see someone he really didn't want to think about the most for these couple of weeks.


He reasoned with himself that he was tired, he had just come back from a very long assignment outside of the city for a while and hadn't gotten into touch with anyone except Favonius Headquarters and that was only to brief them on what was happening outside of their borders.


He could see the figure slowly walking towards him, his mind kept thinking No, it couldn't be. I'm just tired. I haven't been sleeping well these past few days because I haven't been sleeping on my bed. That's it. He thought.


But as the figure got closer further illuminating Kaeya's vision that yes indeed, the man that now stands before him is Zhongli.


The scent of fragrant delicate flowers aroused his nostrils and senses as the taller man stood before him while he couldn't help but just look into his eyes.


The way the light framed his handsome face as he looked down onto Kaeya was mesmerising, light graced and blessed his beautiful and perfect features. His eyes looked down at him with a certain ethereal beauty that shone as he looked into his eyes.


He was completely captivated by his gaze.


Voices of the men he was sitting with snapped him out of his trance and brought him back to the old outside area of the pub. He quickly snapped back into his 'happy go lucky' persona.


"Who's this young dapper fellow? Are you a resident from Liyue perhaps?" One of the men asks not yet to the point of slurring.


"He is as a matter of fact! He happens to be my acquaintance!" Kaeya chided back nonchalantly to the men.


"Though I'm quite surprised such an esteemed individual is here at our old Monstadt let alone our old pub right here!" Kaeya jested to the men. And they exploded in raucous laughter.


He looked back at the man still standing there, it looked like he could not hear a thing, he did not have any situational awareness which made him tunnel visioned.


"Well I have to leave you old friends here for tonight! I'll see you next time" Kaeya says upon noticing the other man's fixation on him. All he could see in the former Archon's eyes  was desire for him, and him only.


He said his goodbyes and quickly left with him motioning him to follow. Zhongli silently complied.


They walk down the quiet and dark street, without even a sound except the sound of the crickets and the sound of the wind.


The sound of the wind was almost deafening even though it was slight and delicate.


Zhongli did not know how to start the conversation, even though the other man was such an easy companion to hold any conversation for any topic, he did not know what to say to quell the uneasiness and the deafening wind in the sky.


"Well.. What brings you here?" Kaeya started, breaking the silence that was held in the sky. Saying it in a playful and an almost sensual manner, though the taller man thought it was just his desires making him think that way.


"I.. Am on a break from work" Zhongli said as he looked straight in front of him, never looking to his right where the other man was walking.


"Oh? And why is that?" the shorter man cocked his eyebrow.


"Because.. It was long overdue" Zhongli said in a gentle but short manner.


"And why is that you have rested here in little ol' Mondstadt might I ask?" Kaeya said playfully.


"I… have business with someone here" Zhongli paused, trying to choose his words carefully.


"Hm. I see. And who might that be?"


Zhongli's mind was blank.  He thought of someone who he might have business with. Oh right, the Anemo Archon, Barbatos. What name does he go by now?


"Venti!" he said almost excitedly.


"Ah I see. And have you done your business with him yet?" Kaeya said.


"No, not yet." He replied.


"Ah and why is that?" Kaeya asked cocking his head to the side, urging the other to meet his gaze.


So many questions. The former Archon thought. His face begun to turn red. Luckily it was dark where the other could not see the colour of him blushing bright red. It took everything in him to not attempt to cover his face with his hand in fear that it will tip the other off that he was lying.


To whoever knew the former Archon personally, knew that he rarely lies because there was never any need for him to lie. But because of this he had such a lack of practice lying, that when he did lie, he could not hide it so well that he would blush like a red tomato.


"You know what I think?" Kaeya said abruptly interrupting the older man's train of many thoughts.


"I think.. You're not here for personal business with Venti." Kaeya said deviously.


"I think you're here to see me." He said confidently.


"..What?" Zhongli said dumbly, even he knew that which was so unbecoming of him in which he will lecture himself about later.


"I think you weren't drunk that night. That what you did wasn't a mistake." Kaeya said with a teasing smile on his lips.


The taller man froze. What is he saying?! O-Of course I was drunk, blind drunk. He thought to himself.


"Well? Tell me, were you or were you not drunk?" Kaeya asked with a little force this time.


"I.. Was very drunk. I'm sorry for what I did to you while you were also very drunk" Zhongli said.





"Lies." Kaeya scoffed.


What? Zhongli thought to himself.


"Those are lies! Look at me.. Now look at your hands." Kaeya said with a smile.


"What-" Zhongli stops in his tracks and realises that his hand was trying its best to cover his face while he was right in front of a streetlamp shining directly onto his red tomato plastered face.


Upon realising this, he completely lost his composure, his hand felt weak and his posture was bent. And in that split second, the younger man grabbed his wrist and pushed him onto the lamp post roughly pushing his lips onto the other's lips.


The taller man was caught completely off guard and stared at the beautiful man that had his lips on his own, he couldn't help but notice how long his eyelashes were and how this was real.


Kaeya slowly let go of his lips from Zhongli's lips where he was frozen in place, he let go of his wrist and looked deep into his eyes.


"Last time I thought I didn't get any secrets from you, but I was wrong.. I learnt 3 things that night. 1. The time we were drinking, you spoke nothing but the truth. 2. You are an unbelievable kisser, and I bet an unbelievable lover in bed-" Kaeya was cut off by a sudden movement of Zhongli putting his hand to his face again while looking away in embarrassment.


"And 3. You are a terrible liar." Kaeya said in a smile.


Zhongli didn't know what to say but avert his gaze when the other had his face so close to his own.


"So let me ask you.. Tell me. Do you want to fuck me right now?"



They made their way into the younger man's room. Kissing hot and heavy while they quickly tried to take their clothes off.


All was heard was the sound of heavy pants and moans resounding in the room with the ruffling of clothes.


The taller man pushed him towards the foot of the bed and the other let him easily flop onto his bed in anticipation of what's the come.


Zhongli panted like a starved wolf as he saw the sight in front of him, Kaeya's body illuminated by moonlight and the seductive look in the man's eye twinkled in desire for him.


He unbuttoned his shirt trying to pull it off but was met with protesting hands that told him to keep the unbuttoned suit jacket and shirt on, slipping it just past his shoulders, they fall back into each other's embrace locking tongues that sensually massaged the base of each other's tongues.


Kaeya slung his hand and clasped himself over the other man's neck while the other man deepened the kiss pushing their hot sweaty and panting bodies harder into each other.


The older man couldn't help but cup the younger man's plump pec which was surprisingly soft, he began massaging his fingers over his nipples causing the younger man to softly gasp and flick his tongue invitingly onto his tongue.


This exhilarated the older man and began to grope hungrily while his other hand stroked the lines of his back, feeling every line and curve of his body.


They finally broke their kiss with rough breathing, the older man panted while kissing the nape his neck, the younger man inviting him more by craning his neck for better access. He began licking, nipping and running his parted lips on the hot skin while Kaeya takes his the older man's pants off.


What he saw was something definitely out of this world, his eyes widened.


"It's so.. Big" Kaeya said hesitantly, holding his breath.


"We need to prepare you." Zhongli said trying to not lose his composure, which unknown to him was already long gone.


The older man brought his hand that was cupping the other man's breast and began to suck and lick his fingers while he half lidded gaze was locked onto the younger man's eyes.


The tanned man found his breath catching as the adrenaline was hitting him hard with anticipation and a little bit of fear. But his reason was long gone to be able to back out, his desire was too strong for his fear to tell him otherwise.


The older man propped himself lower in order to insert the finger with his other hand still supporting Kaeya's back.


He slowly inserted smoothly which made the tanned man gasp arching his back against Zhongli's hand supporting him.


Instantly finding the prostate, he began to stimulate it with the other making short gasps and moans his head flung back with his eyes rolling back, his mouth open from the soundless moans.


Before long Zhongli was able to fit in three long fingers and Kaeya's hole was sufficiently wet and was enticingly soft.


He took his fingers out and began to position himself between his legs.


"Wait… Wait" Kaeya said between restless gasps and breathes.


"I'll take care of you a little.." He motioned while pointing to his mouth with half lidded eyes.


"No it's okay. I only want to cum from your hole here" Zhongli says while positioning himself.


Kaeya gasped breathlessly, he was not going to try to refute him. He was too horny to not be plunged in his very depths at this point.


The older man inched down and positioned the head of his length in towards the hole, it opened easily but gasps were heard as his penis began spreading much more than three fingers had previously.


He slowly slid himself inside while patiently letting the younger man catch his breath until he swiftly inserted himself all the way in, earning them both a drawn out groan.


Inside the younger man's hole was burning hot which melted the tight knots inside Zhongli's abdomen, the pleasure felt unimaginably good.


The hot wetness of his hole and the tightness from the entrance to the older man's tip drove him crazy, but he steeled himself, getting off the other man's torso, he began slowly to thrust upwards where the other man's prostate was.


The tightness drove the older man crazy, he began speeding up, hitting the prostate expertly every time. Which earnt the younger man to moan insistently which egged Zhongli on more, his pleasure was building up as he heard the younger man while his eyes were rolled back.


He began rocking his hips smoothly and stronger in every thrust, Kaeya began to gasp and his voice became higher and more desperate.


He began plunging harder and deeper, with every thrust easier than the other, his mind was in a daze while he was gasping not fully realising how his hips were thrusting non stop into the other man, all he knew was he wanted release so badly.


He thrusted hard into him with moans and slapping of skin resounded in the air until he felt the younger man's hole constrict and his moans high and short while Kaeya grasped his length desperately and stroked desperately for release until Zhongli could not handle the stimulation anymore and all the knots got released from the younger man and the older man. With soft gasps and grunts.


Zhongli flopped onto Kaeya's torso as they both panted on their sweaty bodies.


Kaeya noted that the smell of sweat was like no other tantalising he had ever smelt on the other man, not only did he still smell like his usual fragrant smell but it also had a manly undertone.


He thought to himself that he wanted to go another round.


The older man was surprised when he was flopped onto his back by the other man. He looked at him quizzically.


"Sit back and relax" Kaeya said between breaths, he had no idea how seductive he looked at that moment, or maybe he did, but it made Zhongli lick him all over his tanned and defined body.


The younger man positioned himself on top of him and held onto the large organ and positioned it to the opening of his hole.


He whinced a little at the discomfort but his hole was still very lubricated and soft and stretchy.


He plunged the other man into himself all the way in in one go as he threw his head back and sighed.


The pain was still there but the desire and the pleasure was also there, the pleasure was enough for the pain to also add into the pleasure.


Began to lift himself up and push himself down. This new position made his hole feel the other man's penis much more pronounced, the shape, the curve of the tip to the length the arch of the length, the thickness and the hotness of his length.


He could not stop his hips gyrating all over the other man's length.


He gasped every time he plunged it deep into him, he began to gyrate his hips in a circular motion, appreciating the pleasure and the shape of the other man's length in him in a painfully slow fashion which drove the older man crazy.


He began gasping hard as he tried to stop himself from grabbing Kaeya's tanned and toned thighs and thrusting up, hard. But his restraint was to no avail, he felt like his mind would explode if he didn't.


He tried to grab his thighs and he was stopped by the younger man.


"Why? I can't.. Handle anymore" He said within breaths, he looked at the younger man helplessly. Kaeya thought he looked so beautiful that way, that he could stare at him like that forever.


"You have to answer this, do you like me?" Kaeya said seductively with a mischievous smile.


"W-what are you saying right now???" Zhongli asked almost pleadingly.


"Go on. Answer me" Kaeya said, having way too much fun in this situation.


No answer. Only gasps came out of Zhongli as he tried to catch his breath or catch his reason if he had any left at this moment in time.


"Well then, we'll just fuck the way I want to then. Sloooowly and achingly. He said with a cheeky smile.


Zhongli unexpectedly reached and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling the younger man in a passionate kiss, his exceptionally wet tongue sliding and licking inside the other man's mouth sucking on his tongue with a loud suckling sound while departing from the other person's tongue.


"I like you. I love you. The smell of your skin, the way you smile, the way you are. I love everything, I crave it all." Zhongli said without a hint of hesitation, without a breath in between his words. This is when the blue haired beauty realised that this refined man wants everything of him and will not stand to have everything of him.


He shuddered in anticipation of being engulfed by this man's desire to have him.


Once he got consent from the man on top of him, he grabbed Kaeya's thighs hard with his thumbs digging into his skin while buckling his pelvis to thrust harder and higher into him.


Kaeya's mind went blank for a second and all he could see was stars in that moment while he dumbly gasped.


Before he knew he could hear his own moans in his ears without him noticing and the older man under him showed an expression that he was sure not many people have seen or anyone has seen.


The exceptionally handsome man that was dignified who was a perfect gentleman, who never had a hair out of place, always smelling good every time you meet them without fail. This perfect man was writhing in unbelievable pleasure in him, there was no way he didn't feel good about it.


He could not stop staring into his eyes while his perfectly sculpted body was lying and desperate under him. He loved his tantalising moans and gasps that deepened his desire for this man and to be monopolised only by this man.


The slapping of his skin became more rigorous while he was reaching his climax, but something was wrong, he became scared, he was feeling the climax too suddenly, too strongly without him stroking his length.


"No.. W-wait wait!" He pleaded desperately in between breaths. His cute pleas sent Zhongli's reasoning over the edge while he exploded inside him.


In turn the man on top of him screamed while flipping his head back as his whole body shook as he dry orgasmed and all he could see was stars for a good few seconds while gasping for air and his back arched with his hand supporting himself behind him.


His violently gasped for air, while Zhongli held onto his body in fear that he will collapse.


"Are you okay?" A breathless and low seductive voice came out of the former Archon. He cradled his writhing and convulsing body in his protective arms.


"Yeah.. That was.. Wow!" he said incredulously and out of breath.


"..Let me get you cleaned up, you can just sleep now." The older man gently positioned him lying down into bed.


And before he knew it, he was lulled into sleep with his head in the clouds, Kaeya didn't think he'd ever have had a better sleep every before.



The next morning, Kaeya was rudely awakened by the sun shining into his eyes he tried to move his hand to shield him from the sunny assault, but was met with restraint.


He realised that the exceptionally handsome man had his bare arms engulfing his entire body, all night.


He turned around to face him, and was met with a beautifully framed face that was only carved by the gods with long eyelashes, a strong nose and a chiseled jaw line. Every feature was delicate yet manly, this man was truly perfect in every single way.


His broad and defined chest heaved softly as he breathed, at one point, Kaeya couldn't believe that such a perfect human being existed, even the sound of his voice had a low rumble that rocked him to the very core.


He couldn't believe that that they would ever be in this situation together, especially after the failed attempt in Liyue.


At first, he thought this man was the envy but also the idolised figure of men and when he asked him to go for a drink together, he was delightfully surprised and was in anticipation to find any secrets. But what he got from just that simple offering of drinks was a spark of passion and desire that kept him up at night when he got back to Mondstadt.


The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous he felt. Yeah no way that perfect man would purposely want me without the influence of alcohol. But even though he tried to reason himself, he still couldn't help but think about that night. The smell of his fragrant skin, his delicate and refined movements, his lack of facial expression, he sage-like, calm demeanor, his desperate and passionate kissing, his presence, him as who he was. Everything whirled in the blue haired beauty's mind.


He decided when there was an assignment outside of Mondstadt for a couple weeks, that this was the best way to forget the tantalising moments that they had together, the hotness of the other man's breath and the slickness of his tongue, the gaze that desired him, that wanted to take him right then and right now. He needed to get away, and to forget, because at the end he was rejected.


And that was meant to be the end of it, but then that man appeared in front of him, without a lick of alcohol on the scent of his clothes, Kaeya knew Zhongli was very much sober, and yet why was that man standing before him right after his expedition and why is his gaze showing as much desire as that night?


He began to test him, test the waters, and it became very clear to him. This man wants him as much as he wants this man. What's stopping them? This man's sensibilities are stopping him from pinning him to a wall and kissing and gyrating his hips on him.


He softly smiled at the older man's sleeping face, that looked surprisingly cute on top of being handsome.


The older man instinctively grabbed the younger man closer to his chest and breathed his scent.


Kaeya's heart began bursting and made leaps through his throat, causing him to unintentionally grin so wide, he felt so giddy he could cry. His warm embrace felt comfortable and safe, and it looked like Kaeya would not be able to escape his embrace for the rest of the morning, tears prickled in the corners of his eyes.


I am so in love with you.