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Strangers On A Train

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I sit on the train, rocking gently as it lurches to a stop. I’d managed to find a seat, rare on the Yamanote line. Even at an odd hour as it is, it’s still quite busy. The circle train is always busy. Once the train starts moving again, I close my eyes, exhaling slowly. Blowing away the stifling scents of all those around me. Another stop, another shift of scents and pheromones.

A chuff catches my attention, and my instincts rear up to the forefront of my mind. Pressing insistently as I open my eyes, recognizing the noise for what it is. Nostrils flaring, I take in the people in front of me, and immediately focus on the man before me. Taking a deep breath, I consider his appearance, and he stands proudly under the scrutiny. Tall, so tall, broad shouldered, narrow waist. Wild blonde hair and fierce crimson eyes. I tilt my head, for all purposes looking uninterested, and then he starts pumping out his scent. Potent and alluring, I can’t help but take a deep breath. So good. Prime.

Now that he has my attention, he promptly strips off his shirt, and undoes his pants. No wonder his status hadn’t been immediately obvious, compression shorts. He pushes them down without ceremony, and I can hear others gasp and whimper at the sight of him. His cock hangs heavy and long, already stirring to life. Resting beneath it is a hefty pair of balls, pressed forward after the alpha had pulled them from his boxers. They’re well groomed and swollen, becoming increasingly visible as his cock raises in hardness. Enjoying my attention as he presents himself for me.

I can see through his blonde hair that his sac is flushed, pink and aching. Primes have notoriously hefty loads, and paired with rather large knots, there are few who can take them other than another prime. A normal omega may be able to take the knot with proper stretching, but there’s simply too much seed, their bodies not built to stretch so far so quickly. Another alpha prime may take an alpha prime, which does happen fairly frequently, with how many more alpha primes there are than omega primes. But no matter how much stretching they receive they simply cannot take an alphas knot. But they’re usually big enough and built sturdy enough to take a lashing from a primes full load of cum.

Chancing upon me was fortunate for him, and for me. For other reasons. It’s been months since I’ve fucked someone, and god does that sound good right now. Another chuff draws my attention back to the alphas face. Hungry eyes are focused on me, but he doesn’t’ approach any closer, waiting for my cue.

Slowly I begin to unbutton my shirt, exposing my heavy chest, and I press my forearms up underneath my tits, emphasizing how full they are, and causing the other prime to whine. His cock is fully hard now, hanging at about a 45-degree angle from his body, forced low from its own weight. I bring my hands down to my pants and begin to undo them as I nudge off my shoes. Slowly I push my pants and underwear down, then kick them off. I raise my face to meet his, leaning back in my cushioned train seat. And spread my legs.

He’s on me in an instant. And I can’t hear peoples surprised responses from around the train. I can only focus on the feel of his hot hands on my thighs and lower back, lifting my hips until my feet just barely reach the floor, and he begins rutting his thick cock between my already damp folds. He growls and leans forward, nipping and licking at my throat and shoulders. I wrap my arms around his neck as I scrabble for purchase and whimper. Fuck he feels so good. Hot and heavy as he ruts against my swollen clit and aching folds.

The alpha pants and groans quietly in my ear.  And I can only whine in return.

He’s scenting so heavily now I can barely smell anyone else. His arousal, his intent. Fuck he smells so good.

“Alpha-“ I can’t help but whine. I need him in me. Need to feel full of him.

The other prime growls into my ear before bringing one of his hands down to my sopping cunt. Despite how wet I am, his instincts will drive him to ensure I’ve orgasmed at least once before entering me. It makes sure that my body is ready to take him fully. And with how rarely he likely gets to fuck someone all the way, he won’t skip this step.

With quick practiced motions, one of his hot fingers circles my clit rapidly, causing me to shudder and claw at his back in response. He growls in my ear and bites down on my shoulder, holding me still, and I go partially limp in automatic response. My instincts know he’ll take care of me, fuck me proper if I let him.

He alternates between flicking across my swollen nub and pinching it, all the while rutting against my wet folds, soaking his throbbing cock. The alpha leans over me, and while shielded from other’s view, I feel my back arch as a wave of extasy washes over me and I cry out. My first orgasm of the encounter. Almost immediately his fingers disappear from my tender clit, and he’s rearranging me. Letting go of my shoulder after licking it tenderly, the alpha leans back and pulls one of my legs up over his shoulder, one hand holding my hip steady, and leaning forward slightly he curls the other around the back of my neck to protect it from the uncomfortable plastic of the train seat. Resting my head against the window, I moan as he thrusts in all in one. And eagerly sets up a brutal pace.

I pant and whine and writhe as he fucks into me with everything he has. Hard and fast, he continues to thrust into me as he adjusts his angle, until he finds the spot that has me crying out. The alphas grin is feral as he pounds into that sensitive spot over and over again. Seemingly bored of the position, or enticed by what lay before him, the blonde alpha rearranges my legs to wrap around his narrow hips before leaning over me, one hand still around my neck while the other goes to the clasp on my bra, easily accessible right between my tits.

Suddenly free, my breasts bounce easily with each forceful thrust. And I can’t help but groan as his free hand eagerly begins kneading the tender flesh. My nipples are swollen and puffy, and flushed an aching shade of red.

He continues to tease and grope at one tit as his mouth descends to the other, nipping and lapping at the soft skin. Before he turns his eyes up to mine, where I cannot help but watch him play with me. And I arch my chest forward, gods there’s nothing more I want right now than his mouth on me. Easing some of that painful pressure.

“You got milk for me omega?” he growls against my teat, fiery eyes not leaving mine. I only whimper in response, and he nips none-to-gently at the rosy bud. Causing my breath to stutter.

“Y-yes..” I whimper, and he growls in a pleased sort of way, before swapping hands, kneading at the breast he’d just been teasing with his mouth.

“When were you last milked omega? When did someone last take care of you?”

“A’month-“ I manage to slur out, and his reaction is immediate. The alphas eyes roll back and his hips stutter, before picking up at full force.

“Fuck, fuck so good- gunna stuff you so full and milk you so good omega-“ He snarls against my chest.

Moaning at the praise, my wiggling picks up tenfold. And apparently having enough of me moving around, I’m quickly flipped around. Groaning at the easy manhandling, I find myself facing the train window, hands propped on the seatback while the alpha leans over me entirely, teeth sinking into my opposite shoulder, holding me still beneath him as he enters me once again with a strong smooth thrust. Quickly regaining the same forceful pace as before.

I can feel him panting against my shoulder, and little gasps and groans escape my throat as I begin to feel his knot swell. Lewd squelching fills the train car as his knot gets sucked into my soaked cut over and over again, only to repeatedly be ripped out with a wet pop in rapid succession.

Tucking one arm around my waist, he brings a hand up to cradle my stomach, and we both groan at the added pressure. I can feel his cockhead bulge into his cupped palm just beneath my navel with each hard thrust, and I find myself teetering towards the edge of oblivion. I can’t decide if I’m trying to move closer or get away, but my feet aren’t touching the floor, and the alpha snarls against my damp shoulder. And suddenly its too much, he’s pushing right against that spot and my cresting causes a chain reaction. The alpha snaps his hips to my ass one last time, heavy sac drawing up as his knot pops, triggered by my orgasm contracting my inner walls against him.

The alpha prime growls low and deep, hips grinding into me as he begins to release his thick load. Still cradling my stomach, I can feel when the impression of his cock becomes indistinct, before disappearing entirely behind the swell of his cum in my stomach. I moan weakly in response, my walls still fluttering around his knot, ensuring he releases everything he has.

After a few moments, he slowly releases the tender bite on my shoulder. Licking over it carefully. I can feel that he didn’t break the skin, but it was a close thing. Gently he adjusts his grip over my hips and stomach, before turning us around, and seating himself in the train seat. I sag back against his bare chest, sighing contently as my stomach continues to swell. He rumbles in a pleased way behind me, one hand tucked between my thighs, and the other cupping my distended belly. The alpha continues to groom me as he licks away the sweat and spit that decorated the man bruises and bite marks, I am certain I have now on my neck and shoulders, before nuzzling dazedly into my hair.

The train stops, and the train lurches. Our connected bodies swaying gently with the movement of it.

“I’ll walk you home, omega.” A husky voice murmurs behind me, and I shift to give him a suspicious side eye. He just huffs in response, but gives me a small smirk.

“Don’t have to go all the way to your apartment, but like hell am I leavin’ ya on a full ass train. When I’m done you won’t be able to walk right, let alone fuckin’ run. I’ll take ya too you’re building. Yeah?”

I only hum in response, rolling the idea around in my head. Which earns me another nip to the neck, and I can’t help but shoot him a smirk of my own over my shoulder. Which just earns me a quiet chuckle.

One of the blonde alpha’s hands comes up to cup one of my breasts. They really do ache. It’s been so long since I’ve been with someone that I’ve taken to using a pump. But pumps are uncomfortable and I don’t like them. So, I’ll admit I’ve been putting it off. ….For a month. Fuck my tits are so full and heavy. I whimper when a thumb brushes over a puffy nipple, no longer stiff from the alpha’s earlier treatment.

“Can’t wait to get my mouth on you, gunna drink you dry. Fuck-“ he bucks up into me, and I can’t stifle the startled gasp I let out. The alpha growls lowly against my throat, and starts panting as he grinds up into me.

“Common’ lets make this quick yeah?” he grunts against my ear, before placing us back into our earlier position. Only this time my arms are folded beneath my face along the seat cushion, my hips held high aloft as he grinds his cock into me, pressing for all he’s worth.

“Gimmie one more, yeah omega?” he pants before reaching around to start pinching at my clit. I whine and squirm from the overstimulation. But he’s not having any of it, leaning back over me he bites the back of my neck and I once again go limp. Slack against his determined ministrations. I gasp weakly as he rubs furiously against the tender bud, before managing to force me over one last orgasm.

I groan weakly as the alpha prime moans. But rather than thrusting, his prime instincts urge him to hold entirely still through this second release of his. Base cum being forced from his knot as my cunt milks him for it. Ever so carefully he pulls out, grunting and panting all the while.

Slowly my gaping cunt is stuffed with his thick knot cum, ensuring that none of his seed will escape now that his knot has gone down. The alpha holds my hips impeccably still, before slowly moving my feet down to touch the train car floor. My legs tremble slightly but hold. I can hold for this, all of my instincts brought forward, I was built for this. So, I hold steady as he takes one of his hands from hips to dip two of his fingers into my folds, before prying them open. Just the head of his cock remains, and he slowly drags that out before taking ahold of himself to smear between my folds the very last of his spend.

The clear knotcum will solidify into a solid rubber like texture. A built in all-natural plug. He tugs at my rim again causing me to whine, but I don’t move. The base reacts to air and my own fluids, so he’s making sure as much of it comes in contact with either as possible. Just another reason why he needed to ensure I peaked multiple times. As the basecum reacts with my own slick, it expands, swelling to fill the gap left by his own erect cock and swollen knot. Until there’s absolutely no room left for anything to leak out.

Clearly satisfied, I’m carefully picked up and rearranged to sit in the alphas lap. Only this time I’m facing him, knees tucked in around his thighs. Being careful of my round stomach, he leans forward and takes one of my swollen buds into his mouth before nipping and suckling on it. The alpha brings both hands up to knead at my breast, and the picture he makes can’t help but remind me of a cat. Kneading biscuits as he nips and tugs until I let out a relieved sigh and he moans in utter contentment. Before suckling in earnest. The alphas eyes flutter closed and he whines brokenly against my tit. While his wet mouth sucks gently at my tender bud, fingers curled and knuckles kneading and squeezing at my breast in an alternating fashion.

The alpha eagerly gulps down entire mouthfuls of sweet milk, until he’s entirely drained the tit. And I groan in relief. He releases my nipple with a wet smack, before laving over it with his tongue to make sure he got everything. Eyes hazy and lidded, the alpha quickly goes to work on my other full breast. Easing the tension that’d been bothering me for weeks. I comb my fingers through his poufy blonde hair in response. Its unexpectedly soft, and he sighs against my chest as I scratch at his scalp, eyelids fluttering.

All too soon my second breast is also drained. And the alpha laps at the rosy bud he’d just been nursing mournfully. I can’t help but chuckle at him. Blinking up at me, the alpha gives my tits one last squeeze before standing up. Snagging his shirt up off the floor where nobody had dared touch it while looking at me haughtily. As I pull my bra cups back forward to clasp them together a business card appears before my eyes. I look at it, then up to his face, and he waves it in front of mine.

“If you ever get too full again, and need a bit of assistance, hit me up.” He says with a smirk, and I raise an unimpressed brow at him. Causing him to scoff.

“Also fucking text me when you get back into your apartment so I know you didn’t’ fall down some stairs or some shit.” He says gruffly, waving the card again. I smirk this time and take it from him, before tucking it between my teeth as I begin to button up my shirt. He just huffs.

It takes a few minutes for us to get our clothes back in order, and I make o point of tucking his card into a braw cup before buttoning up my shirt the rest of the way. The alpha gives me another hungry look before sitting down next to me. It seems during our encounter many of the seats next to me had cleared out. He tucks one arm over my shoulders and I lean into him easily, feeling tired and full. My shirt hadn’t buttoned all the way down, nor did my pants close all the way. Allowing the alpha to reach over and rest his warm palm over my exposed belly. I sighed again.

“When’s your stop?” I wondered idly how many times we’d gone around the Tokyo circle.

“In two stops,” I reply, before looking to him. “Which stop is yours?”

He blinks before looking down at me, “two stops ago.” I can’t help but snort in response. He sounded so petulant about it, and yet clearly had no intention at getting off at any other stop than mine. Which two stops later, he did.

And the alpha is a complete gentleman, we don’t really talk, but he keeps his hand on my lower back as I waddle the six blocks to my apartment building from the station.

“Remember, text me when you get inside,” he grumbles. Brooking no argument. So, I just laugh and nod.

Fifteen minutes later the alpha gets a text: I didn’t fall down the stairs. Which earns me a loud bark of laughter that I can hear all the way up in my apartment through my open window. A tired smile spreading on my face.