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Will you love me sweetheart?

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"Wow," Cas looked at the fancy glass after he took the first sip.

"How's it Cas? " Dean asked kinda excited puppy because he's the one who suggested that drink to him.

"It's really good Dean, wow, Thank you for recommending this" Cas said taking another sip from his drink again. Dean smiled widely nodding at him.

They had their drinks quietly before Dean broke the silence.

"Well, I gotta say you Cas, this your party is outstanding. I mean the decorations you have chosen, are beautiful and making the entire place seem so festive and warm at the same time. Normally, I don't like gathering like this, but trust me I love being here so much" Dean said with such a genuine voice as he all wanted was to admire Castiel's hard work.

Cas caught Dean's eyes and stared at him with a surprised smile.

"Um, thank you, Dean, I really appreciate your words, but how come you get to know that I'm the one who was charged with this? " Cas's curious voice made Dean chuckle as he closed his eyes giving his charming smile to the man in front of him.

"Well, you know I have my ways to get things to know" Dean winked at Cas as Cas signed and pouted.

"C'mon Dean, you always saying that, but never gave me a proper explanation" Cas complained but suddenly he stopped as he remembered something.

"Woah, wait a minute mister. You have another big explanation to do and how did I forget it" Cas asked with wide eyes and was kinda upset himself for forgot to mention it earlier.

"Yeah? And what is that?" Dean leaned forward in his seat gesturing that he is so interesting to hear what Cas was going to ask.

"Hm, I want to know how you ended up here? How come? Did you plan this or it's just a coincidence? Do you know I was going to be here? I want to know everything Dean, please tell me what's going on? " Cas asked the biggest question he got since he saw Dean here tonight.

Dean knew this question going to come sooner or later, but still, he wanted to be here tonight. So this is the time to bargain with Cas, asking him more time for the explanation he wanted to give Cas for a long time.

Dean Ducked his head, then he lift his head back slowly taking Cas's hand in his hands and securing it between his.

"Look, sweetheart, I told you, it's a long story, and sometimes when a long story said in a hurry, the correct meaning wouldn't be exposed, Even you could misunderstand it. I don't want to miss anything about my life and I don't want to skip any steps when I come to your life" Dean said in a serious and genuine voice. It kinda shook Cas's heart as he stared at the man in front of him without blinking.

"Most importantly Cas, I don't want to lie to you under any circumstance. I want you to know me in every possible way. Not to get half about me but to get everything about me, about my past, present, and future. So that's why I'm asking you to be patient with me here. When we go on our first date I'm going to tell you my whole story, which never said to anyone before. And I believe you are the only one who is going to understand me. So let me prepare myself for you perfectly, because you are so perfect for me, that's why I want to be the same for you, for my baby" Dean said softly bringing Cas's hand to his lips and pressing a soft kiss there. Cas felt his heart skip its beat at the same moment. This man is driving me crazy, Cas thought when his face went completely red.

Dean looked into Cas's eyes like he is waiting for Cas's answer and Cas gave him a shy smile.


"Geez Mr. Winchester, isn't that too cheesy? Who knew Mr. Winchester would be this much thoughtful and romantic" Cas said and Dean chuckled softly.


"Actually, I can't help but be more and more cheesy around you Cas. You can't blame me though, my crush slash my soon to be date is too cute, that I'm always lost in him when I aground him"

"Deeaaaannn" Cas cried looking away from Dean this time because he knew his face should be completely beetroot red now. Dean kept looking at him with a grin on his face.


"Okay, okay I'm going to stop flirting, otherwise my baby's face going to burn with all his blushing" Dean said without looking away from his lover.


Cas really appreciate that idea as he quickly changed the topic.

"Okay, I can wait until you are ready to say your story then"


Dean sighed happily.
"Thank you baby" Dean said with a beautiful smile.
Cas gave him a soft smile and nodded. At that tine they were in their own world but never knew someone is examining them very sharply.

Dean Winchester, hmm why that name sounds so familiar? I'm pretty sure I've heard it before, but where?
Balthazar kept thinking about the person who was introduced to him as Cas's new friend, who's act like he would be very much happy if he could punch Balthazar in the face a few minutes ago.

Without knowing about that Dean glanced over Cas's shoulder and saw there are few drunk couples swinging slowly to the music, on the dance floor as he nudge Cas's side.

"You want to dance Cas? " he asked pointing at the dance floor as Cas raised his both eyes.

"No, of course, no Dean," he said like it's the last thing he wants to do in the world as Dean pouted.

"C'mon sweetheart, it's just slow dance and no one going to care about us"

"You are absolutely wrong Dean. I'm coming from the party hosting side and you are the star of the night, so it would be the most noticeable thing in this party if we dance together right now" Cas explained like he is explains it to a kid. Dean sighed in disappointment.

"Okay, okay I get it, but remember you own me a dance, okay? " Dean asked like he forcing Cas to remember that. Cas rolled his eyes but didn't say anything to prevent it.


On the other hand, Balthazar was a heavy thought, kept thinking about who's this VIP guest.

Why do I keep reminding Crowley's name alongside this Winchester?

Holy shit, that's it. Crowley. He is the one who kept saying that name. I should call him right now.

Balthazar quickly dialed his co-worker, attorney Crowley. The second he said the "Winchester" name to Crowley, Balthazar got what he wanted and remembered who's this Dean Winchester is. His face covered with a sly grin when everything came clear finally.

Finally, I got you, Mr. Winchester.

Balthazar murmured after hanging out with the call.



Castiel had to wait until the party ended and even after all the guests are leaving. He waited and checked everything. Because he wanted to complete his task without any black marks. Dean said goodbye to him and left the party an hour ago and he didn't see Balthazar for the whole time.

After confirming everything was settled down, Castiel felt relief but he was exhausted. He came out of the function hall and walked to car park. The night wind is comfortable at the moment and it's kinda cold but not freezing. The sky is clear and billions of stars were shining giving a mesmerizing view tonight.



That's when Cas saw him. Dean leaning on the door of his impala. He had already removed his tuxedo coat and unbuttoned a few buttons from his shirts. And also undone the tie. That made him look sexy as hell and Cas felt he is kinda drooling.


"Heyya Cas" Dean turned his head to look and gave him a full and charming smile to Cas who's walking to him.

"What are you still doing here?, I thought you have already gone, didn't we say goodbye earlier? " Cas titled his head giving him a questioning look.

"Well, yeah but I don't feel like leaving yet, wanted to wait for you," Dean said looking at those shy but beautiful eyes.

Cas smiled at that softly.

"Aww Dean you don't have to, look at the time, it's almost midnight, you should have go home Dean" Cas said glancing at his watch. Dean pushed away from his car and slowly get closer to Cas taking his hand. He rubbed his thumb over Cas's soft hand.

"Actually if I'm being honest, I was afraid to leave you here alone, when I remember that crazy friend of yours" Dean confessed staring at Cas's hand.

Cas chuckled and ducked his head to catch Dean's eyes with his. Dean suddenly looks at him.

"You sure that it's afraid but not jealous, Mr. Winchester? " he asked and studied Dean's face holding his smile.

Dean looked away knowing that he got caught already.

"Huh, ok alright. I accept that I'm jealous" he answered frowning at Cas who gave him a reassuring smile back.

Cas's other hand came to wrap Dean's both hands which were already holding his hand.

"You don't have to be jealous Dean. He is nothing but a friend of mine. Don't compare you with him" Cas said as Dean smiled softly at that.


"Hmm, okay it's a relief to hear that," Dean said.

They stayed like that for a few good minutes, staring at each other and holding their hands. If anyone saw them right now, they can understand how much they are in love.

Dean wanted to kiss Cas so badly as he unconsciously leaned into him. Even he promised yesterday that he will wait until their first date, right now he really wanted to kiss his beautiful man here. Cas's blushed furiously when he looked into Dean's eyes.

Cas knew he is lost to this man. Cas completely fall for Dean and he kinda felt that Dean deserves to known that. And to be loved and cared just like what he always does to Cas. So it wouldn't be a crime if he opens with his lover bit. A little flirting around isn't going to do any harm, right?.

"Actually" Cas started and put another step into Dean's personal space, catching Dean's eyes in a kinda seductive way. Normally Dean is the one who acts or do flirting or jokes but not Cas. Slowly, Cas put his hand on Dean's shirt collar and fixed it very slowly, letting his fingers touch Deans bare neck as Dean gulped soundly.

"You are not the only one who being jealous tonight though"

Dean was kinda in shock as his eyes were wide already.

"Huh? " that's the only thing that came out of his mouth which he felt already dried.

"I saw all the ladies who gave you hungry looks and all those hints, even I saw how they tried to touch you in every chance they got," Cas said in a low voice catching Dean's eyes again.

"Cas, I.. " Dean started but Cas interrupted putting his finger on Dean's lips as his eyes widened more.

"it's okay Dean. You don't have to say anything because I know you are innocent. I already saw how you turned down them" Cas said and Dean felt he can breathe again. Cas ran down his finger down from Dean's lips toward his chest which is now visible through his unbuttoned area. He put another step and there was no space between them.

"But still I'm so, so jealous because I don't like when others touches what mine" Cas said and saw Dean's eyes filled with desire. eyes sparkled with fully confidence and hunger in those eyes. his pupils were dilated as Cas realized that he played with the wrong person. Cas is the one who gulped now as he saw how sexy Dean is right now looking into Cas's eyes like he is gonna eat him alive.


"Well, then um, I think we should go home now" suddenly Cas said and Dean raised a brow giving him a dominant face.

Cas looked at him and eventually ducked his head hiding his eyes from Dean. He felt his cheeks getting burned.

"Okay then good night Dean, text me when you go home, okay?" Cas said quietly and walked back away from Dean. But Dean didn't say anything or greet him, just staring at Cas like he got some unfinished business.

The next second Dean grabbed Cas's hand and pulled into him. And Cas just shoved on to Dean's chest like a soft puddle.

Dean grabbed his waist and flipped them, pushing Cas to his car door. But all the time he makes sure that Cas didn't get even a little bit hurt. He always deals very softly and carefully when it's come to Cas. He is too precious to Dean.

"Dean" softly but in a low voice came out of Cas's lips.

Dean put his both hands on his car door, bracketing Cas.

"Where do you think you are going Cas? After teasing me like that, huh? " Dean practically glowered, leaning on Cas's blushing face.

Cas closed his eyes, but he can't hide his blushing and shy smile.

"Baby, look at me? Do you have any idea what you did to me? "
Dean asked like a moan and Cas's whole blood rush to somewhere else.

Dean put his finger under Cas's chin and slowly lift his face, catching those beautiful blue gems.

"Cas, just like you said you don't have to be jealous of anyone else. Because there is no space in this heart for anyone, but you. You are the one. my precious Cas, my baby, my love, the most important person in my life is you, I swear Cas" Dean finally managed to say it even he was so turned on by Cas's previous action.

Cas blinks lovingly and nodded at Dean, signing that he understands him. Dean smiled back at him. The next second Dean slowly leaned into Cas's face as his eyes gleamed.

And now Cas can feel Dean's soft breathe as there is no more space between their faces.

Next moment Dean leaned in and pressed a kiss on Cas's right cheek, Cas tried hard to stay still and not let out his gasps. Dean looked at Cas's eyes again like he is checking if there is any resistance from Cas. But he saw the silent approval of his eyes as Dean continues with pressing another kiss on Cas's left cheek wrapping his hands around Cas's waist tightly.

He pressed another kiss on Cas's sharp jawline next. Those soft touches of Dean's lips made Cas go crazy but he let Dean do anything he wants tonight. Dean treated Cas like a dedicated flower as next he pressed a soft kiss on Cas's nose, then forehead, finally he looked at Cas with love and passion-filled eyes for a moment, his eyes narrowed at Cas's pink, full and delicious looking soft lips, which was torturing Dean for so long. Cas understood Dean's silent plea as Cas glanced at Deans's lips, thinking Dean would get the hint.

As he thought Dean got the hint and the next second he cupped Cas's face from both hands, leaning towards his lover's lips when his brain shouts and his whole body screams in excitement.



Finally, here it is happening. The moment Dean waited for so long. Eventually, Cas's eyes closed as he was waiting for Dean's lips and Dean also closed his eyes after glancing at his lover once again.

But, before their lips touched in that beautiful moment, they heard it.



"Cassie love, is that you? " Balthazar's voice came in as Cas opened his eyes and get away from Dean like he was caught on fire.

"That son of a bitch" Dean murmured under his breathe and gritted his teeth looking away. He slowly let Cas's waist and stepped back giving Cas some room.

"Um, Dean I'm so sorry, um, I, I will call you later okay? " suddenly Cas asked in a guilty voice as Dean changed his facial expressions not wanting to hurt Cas.

"No need to say sorry Cas, yes, of course, we can talk later. But why is your friend is still here, and why is he looking for you? " Dean asked nodding towards the man standing a few steps ahead.

"Um, actually I've no idea about that but I guess he must waiting for me because we met after a long time" Cas replied with a weak smile.


"Cassie, are you going to come?" Balthazar asked again and Dean wanted to punch him so badly.

"Um, Dean, look you don't need to worry okay? You go home now and please text me when you go home. And please drive safe, I'll be fine don't worry about me" Cas said touching Dean's arm in a reassuring smile.

Dean stared at him with an unsure expression for a second then nodded at him.

"Okay, I'll go then. But don't wait here so long. it's already late" he said then leaned into his ear like he is going to say some secret.

"And don't hang out with this your asshole friend," Dean said and both of them chuckled.

"Okay Dean I won't" Cas answered back like he is telling a secret too.

Dean smiled, then pressed a kiss on Cas's forehead. How many times Dean kisses his forehead every time it brought goosebumps to Cas's arms.

Dean smiled at him once again and opened his car door.

"Dean" Cas called suddenly as Dean turned around to him.

Before Dean asked why he called, Cas lift on his tiptoes and pressed a kiss on Dean's cheeks. Blushing furiously he walked back letting Dean go.

Dean smiled at him half surprising and half lovingly.

Finally, Dean left and Cas sighed waving at him when he felt Balthazar's hand on his shoulder.

"Well, well, well, Cassie, I saw what you were up to that time, and don't you think you were too eager for that? I mean you acted like a slut though" Balthazar's sarcastic voice came as Cas turned around and started hitting him in every way possible. Balthazar yelped and ran around, begging to stop but Cas cursed at him while hitting him.


"Seriously Cassie, you are so small and cute, but stil your punches are so much powerful, can you please stop aggghh Cassie, uggggh that's hurt, ouch man" Balthazar yelped.

"Slut huh? You ruined our moment coming from nowhere and now insulting me, wait I'm going to show you a slut, wait and watch" Cas yelled back when Balthazar ran toward his car.

"Wait, wait, Cassie, I gotta say something to you. no joking, but hear me out, I have a big secret about your new lover, he is not the guy who you thinking. You can't trust him" finally Balthazar said and Cas felt a wave of real anger this time.


"Balthazar, stop it. Don't even try. If you trying to pull something over him I'm not going to be patient this tim... " Cas warned him in a pissed-off voice but Balthazar interrupted him.

"Shut up Cas, let me finish first, I have evidence and you gotta trust me. I'm just trying to protect you. Please listen to me first, then you can decide who you gonna believe" Balthazar said in a serious voice as Cas felt a huge shock and pain in his heart.

What's going to happen. I am just so ready for Dean. And what's going to happen now? I believe Dean in no matter what. So I'm going to listen to Balthazar and end this right here. Yes, that's the best thing I should do. I don't want to keep suspicions in my heart.


Cas thought and glanced at Balthazar.

"Okay, go ahead and tell me."

Balthazar gave him a very serious and weird smile and nodded at him.

"Okay, thank you and let's talk about your Lover's darkest secret"

Balthazar said in a bitter way when Cas's whole body shivers with that.