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Will you love me sweetheart?

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It's been freaking six months. yes, full Six months and still when Castiel comes out from the office, Dean freaking Winchester will sit outside of the office, in the huge guest area with something new, something different kind of gift in his hand.

And his beautiful majestic sparkling green eyes will looking into Castiel's eyes like he is trying to sinking into his soul.

"Heyya Cas, how was your day sweetheart?" He gave his best innocent smile while standing up and walking toward him hugging a precious little bundle of cuteness to his chest.

"Jesus Christ Dean! You know this is crazy. you can't just hold a cute little adorable puppy on your chest and walking like it's nothing, middle of the guest area of my freaking office.

Castile burst out as soon as he saw Dean with the puppy. His eyes went wide but it's shining with excitement as he kept looking at the puppy.

Dean started to poutine.

"Damn. that means you gonna reject this cutest baby over here, just like you did to my other 172 gifts? You can't be serious Cas?"

Castiel rolled his eyes while reaching to pet the little puppy who was eagerly started to licking Castiel's long tan fingers.

Dean just glanced over that and licked his lips unconsciously just like every time he did when he was around Castiel.

"So that means you want me to send this innocent guy back to the shop again and destroy his happiness because you don't trust and accept my love for you? Isn't it Cas?"

Cas rolled his eyes again.

"You can keep him. I know you will. it's not like you are allergic to puppies just like kittens" Castiel kept petting the puppy as he felt Dean's piercing eyes on him.

"Unfortunately with my strict time table and office life I can't look after him, he deserved a happy life with an Angelic, lovely, beautiful human, just like you. You are An Angel, you are so lovely and you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life Cas, so this guy should be yours"

"You are unbelievable Winchester, your flirty lines get childish day by day" Castiel snorted.



"Hey by the way how did you know that I'm allergic to kittens, looks like someone secretly interesting in me? Are you stalking me, Castiel Novak?" Dean smirked at him.

Castiel got blush within seconds.

"Don't be ridiculous Dean, obviously Sam told me"

"Hmm, so you gonna accept this cutie? please? Because seriously Cas, I don't want to destroy his happy smile, just look at him sweetheart"

Castiel glared at Dean.

"Dean don't do this, you can't take advantage of my puppy weakness" Dean grinned.

"You wanna go back to that horrible, dark pet shop again little puppy? No? Yes I know I know puppy. what to do, your happened to be papa is going to reject you" Dean blinked twice dramatically.

Castiel rolled his eyes maybe a hundredth time.

"God I can't believe I'm gonna do this, alright alright give him to me" Castiel didn't look at Dean but held his hand to get a little puppy from Dean.

Dean just staring at Castiel with a very genuine pleased smile.

"You gonna accept my gift Cas?"

"Hmm but only this one, and don't even think about to bring more animals ever again" Castiel threatened while took the puppy to his chest. It was warm and god it's smells like Dean. Great.

"Okay I promise Cas, and, and this means I have a chance? Cas will you go out with me? One date Cas?"

"Oh no, not at all" Castiel quickly answered ignoring Dean's puppy eyes. God Castiel can't stop blushing around Dean.

"Yeah? But your eyes and flushed cheeks telling another story. they are telling the opposite Sweetheart" Dean slowly came to Castiel's personal space and leaned towards him.

"Just only one chance. One date sweetheart, please?" He whispered.

"Castiel was lost in Dean for a second as he was staring at Dean's beautiful eyes but suddenly very excited puppy jumped to Dean's face and started lick his whole left eye earning a surprised yelp from Dean.

Castiel started to laugh and he launched until tears coming from his eyes.

"You know you are a good boy, you already proved that you can protect your papa" Castiel pretended to talk to the puppy and kissed its head.

It's time for Dean to roll his eyes.

"Whatever, Cas just tell me why do you hate me this much?"

"Dean don't be silly, you know I don't hate you, you are my friend," Castiel said walking towards the door as Dean followed him.

"No, you are obviously hating me" Dean held both hands to the sky and said.

"Stop being dramatic and please go home now, Sam told me tomorrow is a big day for you"

"Hmm wish if you there with me as my boyfriend"

Castiel blushed again.

"Damn baby don't do that, you don't know what you doing this to me when you blushes like that, I'm gonna eat you alive" Dean groaned.

"Dean please stop your nonsense and now go home" Dean sighed.

"Yeah, yeah I will just wait, I brought puppy's all equipments"

"Aww you are such a great friend Dean, you know?" Castiel gave him a smile and Dean pouted at Castiel.

"No I'm not, can't you see that I'm a pure boyfriend material sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"Nope, and now hurry up and give your mentioned puppy stuff and go home safely, and All the very best for tomorrow Dean.

"Thank you, babe, but it's a big day so how about a good luck kiss on lips?" Dean grinned.

"Dean! Just go home please"

"Ouch, no kiss Cas?"

"No kiss Dean absolutely not"

"You are so mean Cas"

"Oh I thought you said that I'm an Angel a few minutes ago"

"Hmm yes you are my mean lovely beautiful Angel"

"Shut up Dean" Castiel tried hard to not laugh at it but his lips betrayed him.

However Dean helped him to settle the little puppy with his temporary cage in Castiel's car. Then Castiel opened his car door and climbed in but suddenly stopped. Dean was grabbing the door for him standing next to him.

"Oh, Sam?" Castiel said and Dean turned to the side wondering what Sam was doing in the car park as he knew he was in the office right now.

"Muah" Suddenly Castiel pressed a kiss on Dean's cheek and quickly go inside the car and close the door.

Dean gasped and touched his cheek in awe like its the most breakable thing in the world.



Castiel chuckled when he saw Dean's shocked and awed face.

"Good luck in advance Dean, and it's a friend's kind of kiss, and thank you very much for this little honey bun, just drive home safely okay? good night Dean" Then he was gone.

Dean just stood there grinning like an idiot. Maybe I still have a chance, maybe Castiel will like me, maybe he will accept me, YES! Dean fist bump to the air and walking towards his beloved Impala.