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Bedroom Talk

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Ricky stifled a laugh shifting slightly to sink even deeper into the mattress in his bunk turning so that the magazine in his hands would catch the light a little better. It was a Sunday evening and he had zero intention of letting anyone know he was awake in case they were expecting him to be social. It was one of their first days off and his body clock had been well and truly broken by the non-stop travelling. He quietly looked through the pile of books and magazines collected at his feet before something caught his attention. It was a dumb, frivolous article about different instrumentalists and how they compare in the sack - the girl printed next to the words was pretty so that was a nice bonus. “This is for the girls that love musicians…” it started and he couldn’t help but be intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. They were all just human after all.

The curtain was dramatically pulled back as Vinny rested his chin against the edge of the bed peering in at him. In the dim light his eyes were as big as saucers and his lips were curved into a pout clearly seeking attention. “I’m bored.” He groaned. Ricky clicked his tongue turning back to what he was reading. “Well I’m sorry about that, but there is not much I can do.” He moaned again refusing to accept that Ricky could not provide any entertainment reaching for the magazine before he had a chance to pull it away. “What are you reading anyway? Oh she’s pretty” Vinny gave it a cursory glance before he started laughing, almost bending in half at the first line. “Chris you have to see this, did you sleep with this lady?” He had rushed off to show everyone else before Ricky had even had a chance to push the covers aside.

As he padded down towards the front lounge he could hear the increasingly loud voices debating the assumptions that were made in the article. “Hey I was a drummer first, so I don’t think I should be lumped in with the ‘lead singers’.” Chris huffed clearly offended the assumptions made on the glossy paper. “What does it say about bassists?” Justin leant forward trying to read the small words upside down before giving up. Vinny read the details of the teddy bear trope standing in the middle of everyone like he was reading something out in front of a class. He read slowly stumbling over the words as everything seemed to make him giggle but eventually managed to get to the end looking at each of them with a glee waiting for a reaction. “There is no way that is objective, it is all dependent on taste. And how much experience could one person really have?” Chris continued to object.

“Enough to know I’m an animal” Vinny winked pointing finger guns at him. Everyone turned to him skeptically clambering to be the first one to say that there was no chance that was the case. “Okay I would love to see any of you play four and a half hours of drums and still be standing” Vinny shouted over everyone in an attempt to claim authority though it came across more like a tantrum. Ricky raised an eyebrow at him shaking his head turning to walk away; there was bound to be something else worth reading in his bunk. “Hey Rick, come back, you started this!” Vinny demanded. “I certainly did not, and now I’m going to go back to my nap.” He shook his head stretching and yawning to indicate that he had lost interest before they had even started arguing.

Much to his annoyance as he walked away he could hear footsteps behind him. Ricky didn’t turn around until they were past the flimsy curtain that separated the bunks from the rest of the bus. “Vin, I’m really tired, I just want to get some sleep.” He mumbled putting a hand on his chest to push him away. Vinny pouted before stepping closer to him until there was nothing between them by the thin fabric of their clothes which did nothing to stop Ricky feeling the heat radiating off his body. “That’s okay, I’ll let you be…” He smiled sweetly but there was obviously an ulterior motive. “I just wanted to say, you know what she said about drummers being animals in bed is true.” Vinny met his eyes sending a shiver down his spine. Ricky had to face the fact that perhaps he was not as innocent as he looked. Vin pressed his lips together giving a shrug before stepping away. “Just something for you to think about.”