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Still Not Used To It

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“Don’t you think it’s strange, Todoroki-kun?” Uraraka asked. It was her turn to do the dishes and Todoroki and Asui were helping.


“What is?” the boy replied


“Deku and Iida-kun have been kinda...I dunno, distant lately”


“I mean, they do study a lot but why is that a problem?”


“I just feel like they’re not telling something…” Uraraka looked a little upset


“You think they’re hiding things from us? Kero” Asui piped in


“Well...not to make accusations but yea, kinda” Uraraka admitted


“If you’re so worried why don’t you ask them?”


Uraraka sighed “Todoroki-kun, if you suspected I was hiding something from you would you just come up front and ask me?” she asked as if the answer was obvious


“Yes, that would be the quickest way to deal with it”


Uraraka mentally facepalmed. Of course he would, he’s Todoroki. He doesn’t understand things that are just “unsaid”, he was always blunt, straight to the point.


“Kero, don’t worry about it. I mean we’re all friends, right? They would tell us if something was going on.” Asui gave a reassuring frog smile and Uraraka relaxed. Asui had a way of always saying the right thing.


“Heh, you're probably right. I’m just being paranoid.” She gave a little smile and brushed it off


For now



Up in Iida’s room, the class rep had been trying to study. But a certain little green-haired boy wasn’t letting him focus.


“Tenten, what kind of exercise do you think we’ll be doing for heroics tomorrow?? Aizawa-sensei told us to be prepared, well-rested with our hero costumes, like are we doing a rescue mission exercise? Maybe we're going to USJ again, to try that course again since last year we didn’t get a grade. Maybe-”


Iida stood up from his desk and leaned over the boy on his bed, cutting him off mid-sentence.


“Izuku, we’ll have plenty of time to discuss this when our English homework is completed.”


Izuku looked up at his boyfriend towering over him. He could feel a red tint rising to his cheeks and ears. But he smiled. He stood his ground.


Izuku loved bothering Tenya.


“It’s taking too long, and I wanna talk about this now”


Tenya sighed “Izu, you talk about heroes 24/7”


He frowned “Does it bother you when I talk…?”


Tenya’s head bowed down “It’s not that, I’m just trying to focus, and it’s kind of hard when you’re distracting me”


Izuku smiled “Oh, so I’m ‘distracting’?”


That successfully made his boyfriend blush “Just...I...You know what-”


He kissed Izuku.


Izuku was taken by surprise, so he gave in, Tenya shifting positions so the smaller boy was on his lap. Izuku gasped and Tenya took the opportunity to slip his tongue in. They stayed making out for a while, Izuku’s arms around his boyfriend’s neck, the taller boy with his hands oh Izuku’s waist. Eventually Tenya pulled away.


“Now will you let me study?”


Izuku leaned his head against his boyfriend’s shoulder.




Just then someone knocked on the door


“Iida-kun? Is Deku in there with you?”


Izuku sat up so fast that he fell over the side of the bed, and while Tenya wanted to help him up he couldn’t help but laugh


“Iida-kun!!! Don’t laugh at me!!” Izuku whined, taking note of Uraraka outside the door and being careful not to use the nickname he gave his boyfriend


Iida covered his mouth “I’m sorry! Here” he helped the small boy up


The blue-haired boy walked over to the door and opened it


“What happened?” she asked, frowning as she stepped inside


“You startled Midoriya and he fell” his tone changed


“And you laughed?! That is SO unlike you, Iida-kun!”


He pushed his glasses up “I know, but it was quite ridiculous the way he fell”


“No harm done, I have to admit I fell in a funny way”


Uraraka noticed the way they made eye contact, as if they had a funny secret. She frowned


“Did you finish the English homework?” she asked


“Ah, no, almost but still a few translations” Iida answered as he looked off to the side


“You guys have been up here for two hours, what have you been doing?” she sat down on Iida’s bed


“I was being pretty distracting, with my questions and muttering” he technically wasn’t lying


“Pfft, Iida-kun are you okay? You just let him get away with this?” she giggled


“I mean...not really…” both Izuku and Iida blushed a little as the smaller boy answered


“Hell, what’s up with you guys? You’re acting as if you committed a homicide or something”


“Uraraka-san! Don’t just throw that around so passively!” Uraraka just rolled her eyes and Deku giggled


“Calm down. And Deku-kun, why are you on the floor? Here, sit next to me” she pulled Izuku up right next to her


Before he could say anything Todoroki and Asui walked to the door


“Knock knock, can we come in?” Asui knocked on the already opened door


“Go ahead" though they didn't even wait for Iida's response as they walked it, Todoroki closing the door behind him


Tenya and Izuku finished their english homework, then turning to talk with their friends. But the class rep noticed how Uraraka kept Deku close to her, playing with his hair, and as much as he didn’t wanna admit it he was a little jealous. At 11:30, which was curfew, they all left Iida’s room, saying goodnight and whatever. Iida stopped Izuku, the last one out


“What is it, Iida-kun?” the green haired boy asked


“You forgot your textbook”


“Oh! Right, I’ll get that” he rushed to the back of the room, putting his textbook in the side bag he brought “Thanks, Iida-kun”


Suddenly Tenya hugged Izuku from behind


“You can drop the formalities, there’s no one here”


“T-tenten? What’s this about?”


“Can you...stay here, for a little?


Izuku paused for a second, then smiled


“Sure Tenten”


(He ended up staying the night, and for you dirty minds NO they did NOT)




Izuku woke up to see Tenya staring at him


“Good morning Tenten” he smiled


Tenya couldn’t help but smile back “Good morning Izu”


“What time is it?”


Well, I naturally wake up at 6:30 but I’ve been staring at you for god knows how long.”


Izuku blushed “T-then it’s probably around seven” he said quietly


“Well class starts at 8:30, and I know for a fact that Momo, Todoroki and Bakugou are probably the only ones awake, so-”


“Can we stay here for a little longer?” Izuku blushed and looked away


Tenya smiled again. Izuku was just too good and pure for this world. “Sure”


He took Izuku in his arms and they stayed like that for a while


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Katsuki normally would have still been out for his run, but he forgot his water and had to cut it short. He went back to the dorms, showered, and as he was leaving the bathroom he saw...Deku coming out of the rep’s room? What the hell? Did four eyes need something or did…


His eyes widened as he saw the class rep pull Deku in to fix his tie, the nerd could never get it right. When he saw Deku pull himself into the taller boy’s, and the way he blushed when he pulled back, he fucking bolted. 


What the fuck did he just see? He knew those two nerds were close, but like that close? Did the other extras know? Did Deku spend the night with him and…


Katsuki almost puked at the thought. He shuddered, deciding that he was wasting his time and energy thinking about four eyes and Deku. He had more important things to think about, so he shrugged it off and decided to just mention it to Kiri. Maybe shitty hair knows something




“Tenten, why don’t you wanna come out to our class yet? I mean I know we haven’t told them because I asked you not to, but I'm sure you also have your own reasons” Izuku asked as they walked to school. They normally walked with Asui as well but they were running a little late


Tenya thought for a second “It’s because I want to build up the courage to come out to Tensei first. I trust my brother a lot, and his opinion matters to me, so if he doesn’t support I don’t think I’d be able to handle telling the class. That’s why I don’t wanna tell the class yet I guess”


“Would you break up with me if he didn’t support us?” 


Tenya stopped and looked at his boyfriend “Izuku, I don’t know if it’s too early to tell you this, but I love you. I would never leave you just because my brother didn’t approve. I care about you more.”


Izuku wanted to cry. Instead he turned around and hugged his boyfriend, burying his face in his shoulder


“I love you too, Tenten”

“Holy shit they really are together” Denki took a picture


“Uh, Kami? I don’t think you should do that-”


“Calm down Kiri, I’m not gonna send it to anyone if that’s what you’re worried about. I just think they’re cute, and when they come out to us I’ll send this to Midoriya and he’ll probably lose his shit over it”


“Kaminari no”


“Kaminari yes”




(Earlier with Bakugou)


“Hey, Kirishima?” Katsuki started


“What’s up Bakubro?” the redhead replied


“Is Deku dating four eyes?”


Kirishima choked on his water “I’m sorry what?”


“Well I saw them this morning and Deku was walking out of the rep’s room, then four eyes fixed his tie for him and Deku just hugged him”


“As far as I know, no they aren’t” Kirishima looked stunned


“Okay, but don’t go telling people, because that’s Deku’s and four eyes’ problem, and you don’t need to be involved”


“Katsuki, you really did go soft!” Kirishima exclaimed just to piss him off






( And yea that’s pretty much what happened now back to the present)


“Tenten, I just want to ask, what are you waiting for? Like you just have to text him, and I’m positive he’ll accept you” Izuku stated as they continued walking “I mean if you’re not ready-”


“No, you’re right. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Whether I do it Today or tomorrow, next week or whenever, it doesn’t matter” Tenya responded as he pulled out his phone


Private Messages: Sanic and Wheelchair


Sanic: Hey, Tensei?


Wheelchair: What’s up Tenya?


Sanic: There’s something important I want to tell you


Wheelchair: What is it?


Sanic: I’m omnisexual


Wheelchair: Whoa, okay, something serious


Wheelchair: I’m glad you came out to me, it means a lot that you trust me


Sanic: You’re okay with this?


Wheelchair: Yeah! I’d support my little brother no matter what


Wheelchair: Just so I get this right, can I get your sexuality, pronouns, all that stuff?


Sanic: Demisexual, omnisexual panromantic, male he/him


Wheelchair: Awesome. So, I assume you figured this out because there’s someone you like 😏


Sanic: Tensei  w h y


Wheelchair: Because your sexual frustration is hilarious


Sanic: jdhfgyieaukjcnhkguh


Wheelchair: Beautiful keyboard smash, but I'm gonna find out who it is and expose you 😂


Sanic: I hate you so much


Wheelchair: That kinda hurted tho 😥


Sanic: Shut it






Sanic: Tensei.


Wheelchair is offline


Sanic: B i t c h .


(Okay that beautiful brotherly convo is over)


Izuku looked at his boyfriend, who looked red. Whether it was from being flustered or angry he couldn’t tell “So...?”


Tenya put his phone in his pocket “He said he accepts me...and I’m going to kill him”


Izuku laughs “What did he say?”


“A bunch of weird stalker-ish shit”


‘Tenya rarely curses’, Izuku thought ‘I wonder what his brother said to get him so worked up…’


“I wanna meet your brother”


Tenya looked Izuku dead in the eye and said “Please don’t”


Izuku laughed and they went the rest of the way to school


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“Alright brats, you all got your hero costumes, right?” Shota starts


“We’re doing an exercise similar to some we’ve done earlier this year, except it’s not a rescue. Kinda like a maze. You’ll all be separated, so you’ll have to find each other. You have to find certain checkpoints, the rest of your classmates, then make it out safely. Two buildings, so two groups of ten. The numbers go…”




Izuku had been wandering around for half an hour, looking for a sign that someone else had been where he was. It was dark, and he seemed to be underground. He found one checkpoint already, and he marked it, but he still needed to find his classmates.


“Oi Deku!”


Izuku turned around to see Katsuki walking over to him


“Oh, Kacchan. Have you found any of the others yet? I found one of the checkpoints-”


“Are you fucking four eyes?”


Izuku choked on his words “W-what?”


“I saw you two coming out of his room, and the scene you made. It was fucking disgusting. Then shitty hair and dunce face saw you two on your way here. So you fucking him or no?”


“J-jesus, Kacchan! Don’t just bomb me with a question like that!”


“I still haven’t gotten my answer”


Izuku sighed. Kacchan did change in the past year, but he still had his mean nicknames and his mom’s no-bullshit attitude


“No, we are not ‘fucking’. Tenya isn't just like that.”


Katsuki raise a brow “‘Tenya?’”


Izuku cursed under his breath. “Look Kacchan, yes we’re together. But please don’t tell anyone. I’m just not ready to come out yet, not after middle school…”


Katsuki took a deep breath “Yea...I kinda have something to say. Back in middle school, I get that I was a prick. But also...I was just afraid of coming out myself. After seeing where it got you, I just didn’t say anything”


Izuku was shocked “You’re gay?!”


“Oi, why don’t you say it a little louder so the whole building hears you, eh? Geez.”


“Sorry, I...I’m just glad you trust me enough to come out to me”


Katsuki covered his eyes “Oh god, when you put it like that it sounds all stupid and weird. Please, for the love of god Deku, shut up and finish the stupid exercise”


He nodded “R-right!”


Just then they hear Ochako’s voice “Hello? Anyone else here?”


“Uraraka! Over here!”


“Deku! Did you find anyone?”


“I’m with Kacchan!”


“Great! I found Kirishima and Iida-kun!”


They met at the corner


“Hey guys! Did you find any checkpoints yet?”


“Hey Kirishima-kun! Yes, I found one but I don’t know about Kacchan”


Katsuki scoffed “Of course I found one! You think you’re so much better than me, you stupid nerd?!”


Ochako giggled “Bakugou, you can’t call someone a nerd and tell them they’re stupid at the same time”




He also still had his anger issues. Izuku forgot that.


Tenya was lecturing Katsuki on acting humanly with you classmates and for a second, made eye contact with Izuku. He quickly looked away, leaving Tenya confused as he continued to lecture Katsuki.


Throughout the rest of the day, Izuku mostly avoided Tenya. He felt guilty because he technically told Katsuki that they were dating, and Tenya could always tell when something was wrong. So he tried to avoid it. 


It obviously didn’t work, because what good story would this be if anything went right for the main character?


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Izuku was walking through the halls after school. He had gotten back to the dorms to change and now he was on his way out to the nearest drugstore to get snacks for movie night on Saturday. He was walking through the hall when Tenya came out of his dorm.


“Iida-kun! H-how are you?” Izuku turned around, trying to avoid looking his boyfriend in the eyes


Tenya didn’t say anything, he grabbed Izuku’s arm and pulled him into his room


“T-tenya? What are you-”


Tenya slammed the door closed behind them, pushing Izuku against the wall


“What happened with Bakugou”


Izuku struggled “Eh? What are you saying Tenya, n-nothing happened!”


Tenya leaned in further, towering over his boyfriend “Bullshit. You and I both know that.”


Izuku looked up, trying to remember how to breathe. Man, possessive, dominant, angry Tenya was hot. He needed to piss him off more often.


“O-okay! It’s not really that bad! It’s just...he kinda found out about our relationship”


Tenya blinked “What? How?”


“He saw us this morning, w-when you fixed my tie and I hugged you…”


The taller boy was confused whether to be relieved that nothing really bad had happened or worried about Katsuki saying something. The only person Katsuki hated more than the class representative was Izuku “Has he told anyone? I know you said you’re not ready to come out to the class yet.”


“He probably has better things to do. I don’t think I should be worried.” Izuku smiled to show that he was unfazed



Tenya loosened up a little. Izuku’s smile always seemed to do that.


He also loosed his grip on the smaller boy “I’m sorry for overreacting, I was worried”


“Don’t apologize, Tenten, it’s fine. I guess I was acting a little weird, haha”


“No kidding” he let go of Izuku “I thought it was something bad”


Izuku paused for a moment “Tenten?”




“Are you ready to come out to the class now that you’ve come out to your brother?”


Tenya thought for a moment “Yea, I am. But I won’t until you’re ready to as well.”


“You don’t have to do that! You can come out, and when I’m ready I will to, and then our relationship can be public” Izuku took his boyfriend’s hand “I’ll tell you when I’m ready”


Tenya smiled “Take your time”


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“So, wanna come with me to get stuff for movie night?” Izuku asked.


“Sure, can’t risk you running into another villain,” Tenya teased him.


Izuku groaned. “Get over it already! I’m not a child! Why does everyone act like I’m always going to get into trouble?!”


“Because you always do, and I’m not letting my boyfriend die buying popcorn,” Tenya answered smoothly.


“That would be a stupid way to die, now that I think about it...” Izuku started muttering about the possibilities of Death by Popcorn.


“You’re not actually...forget it, let's just go.” As Tenya dragged him out of the room, he was still muttering about popcorn.




“Hey Denks, can I borrow your phone? I gotta message Midori to get me sour patch and mine’s dead.”


“Sure, just don’t go through my stuff,” He replied with a half-hearted glare.


Mina picked up Denki’s phone, which had been left open on the photo app. She was about to close out of it to open messages when a certain picture caught her eye.


Denki, Sero, Shouto, Ochako and Tsuyu turned towards her when they heard her scream.


“What is it?! Is something wrong?!” Ochako asked, worried.




“Seriously? I thought you were injured” Sero huffed.




She was cut off by Denki snatching his phone from her hands.


“Mina! I legit told you NOT to go through my stuff!”


She pouted. “But I didn’t! You left it open on your pictures, and I just happened to see Midori and the class rep like that. I could’ve sworn that guy was ace!”


“What about Deku and Iida?” Ochako asked, confused.


“They didn’t tell you? Look!” Mina snatched Kaminari’s phone back, showing the other three the picture.


Tenya, with his arms wrapped around Izuku’s waist, the smaller boy’s arms around his boyfriend’s neck, leaning into each other. Ochako's heart stopped.


Todoroki finally spoke up. “I guess you were right, Ochako.”


Tsuyu turned towards her friend. “Kero, maybe there’s a reason they didn’t tell-”


“No” She interrupted, “It’s fine, they probably just weren't ready to tell anyone…”


She turned to Denki. “Does anyone else know?”


“Well...Kats knows. And Eiji, but those two were kind of accidental, I just happened to hear their conversation. They don’t know that me and Eiji know, though.”


Sero didn’t say anything.




“It’s fine, Tsu. It's fine.”


She walked into the kitchen, only to see the rest of their class there.


“So” Ochako turned, “You guys heard too, huh?”


“We didn’t mean to,” Ojiro started, “We just happened to be here.”


“No, it’s fine. My best friends just lied to me and trusted fucking Bakugou but not me”


“Oi,” Katsuki said, walking over, “I just happened to be unlucky enough to walk in on them, and they had their own reasons for not telling you extras shit.”


Shouto stepped in front of her. “But they could’ve at least come out to us, if they-”


Tsuyu walked in behind him. “Shouto, they had to have had their reasons for not telling us, they wouldn’t just right out try to hurt Ochako like this. Us as well”


The boy's shoulders dropped a little. “I...I guess you’re right.”


“Maybe we should ask them about it!” Mina tried, jumping in.


Ochako turned towards her, a new look on her face. “Yeah, we will. We'll have a talk with them as soon as they get back.” She gave a tight smile.


The others nodded and Katsuki strolled out, shaking his head.


‘These idiots, they’re making a mistake…’


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“Kaminari just texted me” Izuku said, opening his phone “Oh, it’s Mina texting from his phone. Said she wants sour patch get back quickly” 


Tenya frowned “Did something happen? Why does she want us to?”


Izuku shrugged “I don’t know, maybe they need help with something. Or maybe she’s just really impatient and wants her sour patch”


The taller boy smiled a little “That does sound like there anything else we need?” he asked, pulling down a pack of watermelon sour patch


Izuku shook his head “Nope, that all they asked for. Let's pay and get out of here”


They paid and left




“Okay, so how are we going to do this?” Mina started


Yaoyorozu winced “Ashido, are you sure about this? What if-”


“Yaomomo” Mina turned towards her  “We’re all going to accept them, right? I mean, I’m LGBT and I’m proud, so I’m definitely not homophobic”


Jirou perked up “You’re lgbt?!”


Mina nodded “Yup! Pansexual and proud!  And if you’re comfortable with it, feel free to come out now because this is about to be a whole gay fest” she said with a smirk


“Ah…if we’re doing this, now…I’m lesbian” Jirou blurted out


Momo’s eyes widened “Wait, really?!”


Jirou blushed and turned away “Y-yea…”


“Well…” Yaoyorozu started “I’m actually lesbian as well…”


Now it was Jirou’s turn to be shocked


“Hold up, you’re lesbian? I could’ve sworn you liked Todoroki!” Hagekure exclaimed


Todoroki sat up from his spot on the end of the couch “I’m actually asexual, so...”


Aoyama stood up “I’m taking this time to come out as semibisexual”


“For boys or girls?” Asui asked questioningly 


“Who knows?” the blond said with a wink




Kirishima laughed nervously “Ah, I’m actually gay-”


“And you like Explodey!” Mina said excitedly


Kirishima turned bright red “Wha- Huh?! T-that’s not-”


“Don’t deny it” she said turning away “Anyone else?”


Ojiro stood up “Before you get any ideas, I’m here to come out as straight”


The class giggled


Satou stood up as well “Me too, I hope this very gay class accepts me”


“Of course we do! We accept everyone! Except for homophobes” Mina said through her laughter


“I-I’m straight too…” Kouda said quietly


“I’m straight, but the way I act around other girls is suspiciously gay” Hagakure stated


“Aww, that’s okay! We can still be gay with each other!” Mina said, giving her friend a hug as the class laughed around them


Sero stepped forward “I’m straight, but I’m also Hispanic so those two cancel out.” Everyone nodded in agreement


“I’m gay” Shinsou said from behind the TV


“Why do you always sleep back there?!” Kirishima asked


“It’s warm, and weirdly clean” Shinsou answered, before going back to sleep


Kaminari turned away from his cereal “Well, I’m bisexual” he said


“Denki, why are you eating cereal right now? It’s like six o'clock” Jirou asked, looking over at the boy in question


He shrugged “I didn’t eat breakfast”


“But we had lunch-”


“I’m polysexual, kero” Asui said from the couch “And Kaminari, What the fuck”


Uraraka swallowed “I’m, uh, bisexual” she said with a little laugh


“Graysexual, fluid” Shouji said from the other side of the room


Tokoyami just nodded “Androsexual”


Mina jumped up “We’re like class 1-gay! Yay!” she said, clapping her hands


The rest of the class started laughing


“Oi! We should put up a sign that says 1-gay on the front!” Kaminari said standing up from his seat


The students laughed harder at that, some of them agreeing, when the door opened


Izuku and Tenya walked in, a couple bags in hand. Everyone stopped laughing, turning towards the two boys who had just entered


“Um...hi?” Izuku said, clearly uncomfortable with all eyes on him


“Deku, Iida-kun, we wanted to ask you two about something” Ochako said, her previous smile gone


Chapter Text




“What is it, Uraraka-san?” Tenya asked, stepping in front of Izuku


Ochako pulled out her phone “Well, something has recently come up and we wanted to ask the two of you about it”


Asui sighed “Sorry if this isn’t our business, but-” 


Ochako stood up and walked over to them with her phone in her hand, holding it out to show them something “This picture...are you two dating?”




“Iida-kun, you can just put your bag there” Izuku said as he closed his door


Tenya went over to drop his backpack by the closet when he noticed something sticking out of it. He knew it was wrong to look through others’ things, but curiosity got the best of him. He reached down, an pulled out a pride flag


“Ah...Midoriya?” Tenya started “Um, I apologize for snooping, but...are you, well-”


He didn’t have time to finish as Izuku snatched the cloth from him, bunching it up and looking away




“Just say it already, get it over with” the latter said, not looking up


Tenya blinked “What?”


Izuku finally looked up, his eyes starting to water “Just tell me that I’m a freak, tell me that you don’t wanna be associated with me, just tell me if-”


He was cut off by Tenya grabbing onto his wrists “Midoriya, I’m not going to judge you based on your sexuality. And I’m certainly not going to stop being your friend over it. Why would you think that?”


Izuku turned his head away slightly. Was that...blush on his face? Tenya brushed it off; there were more important things to worry about right now.


“W-well,” Izuku started “Everyone always told me it was w-weird, liking other guys. On t-top of having my quirk come in late, being g-gay made people not wanna be around me. Most were disgusted with just t-talking to me” he stuttered out


Tenya pulled back, a worried expression on his face “Midoriya, none of those people had the right to judge you for either of those reasons. You are a great person, despite your sexuality or quirk. Neither of those things are what make you a hero. What makes you a hero is where you put your work and determination. I couldn’t care less about you being gay”


Izuku was taken aback; no one had ever said anything like that before to him, and his crush was the one to say it. He couldn’t find the words he wanted to say. “...I-”


“Besides” Tenya wasn’t finished “I’m omnisexual, so it would be hypocritical of me to say anything bad about you for that” he said with a smile


Izuku now was trying to remember how to breathe. Not only did someone in this school support him, it was his crush who did, AND he was also lgbt. Izuku felt tears building up again; but this time for a different reason


“Thank you, Tenya” the green-haired boy said, a small smile on his face


Tenya looked up quickly hearing his first name, then relaxed “No problem Izuku”




“So?” Ochako said, snapping Izuku out of his thoughts


He looked around. All his classmates staring at him, silently judging him. He didn’t want to lie. But...what would happen to him if he told them the truth?


Izuku chose the safest option. He turned to the door and ran.


Chapter Text




Izuku doesn’t know where he’s running. He just needs to get away. It was only a matter of time before it got out. He tries to remember what Tenya told him about how accepting their classmates would be but he can’t find the will to believe it. 


He doesn't stop until he can’t see past the forest. Then he climbs up a tree and waits. He doesn’t know what he’s waiting for; maybe he wants Tenya to find him. Not maybe, he wants nothing more than to be in his boyfriend’s arms, where he knows he’s safe and nothing matters. When Izuku’s with Tenya, he feels like he really matters. Because no matter how much he obsesses, mumbles, teases, or cries, Tenya is always there. He hasn’t left.


And Izuku doesn’t need to worry about a ‘yet’


The comforting thoughts of his boyfriend pull Izuku out of his panic attack. He doesn’t know how long he’s been in that tree; and he doesn’t really care either. The sun is mostly down by now, and Izuku drifts off to sleep, right in his tree.




Tenya snaps away from the the picture on his friend’s phone and turns to his boyfriend running away


“Izuku!” he calls out. He’s about to follow when Bakugou comes out of nowhere grabs his shoulder


“Leave him for a minute” the blond says “The last thing he needs right now is someone chasing him”


Tenya thinks for a minute then nods his head. Bakugou removes his hand and backs up


“So...I’m assuming it’s true” Asui says


Tenya takes a deep breathe; he knew he’d be doing this eventually, he just thought it would be on his own terms and not with Izuku bolting in a panic as his classmates crowd around him for answers


The blue haired boy turns towards his classmates, straightening out “This was supposed to be something Izuku and I presented together, but yes, we are dating” he stops so his classmates can take in the information, a few girls high-fiving and a couple boys exchanging yen “But, again, this isn’t how it was supposed to go. I was going to come out to you all as omnisexual-”


“And we would’ve accepted you! Most of us are part of the LGBTQ community, and the rest of us are allies!” Mina interrupted excitedly


“Oi, let four-eyes talk, for fucks sake” Bakugou snapped at her


Tenya sighed “Thank you Bakugou” then his face twists into a look of confusion “Mina? Could you repeat that?” he asks


Mina nods “You heard me! Most of us are LGBT!”


Tenya looks around shocked as the class goes on to present their sexualities. Even Bakugou came out, and judging by the class’s reaction they didn’t know either


Finally, Tenya turns to face his classmates, and they turn to him “Well, I’m demisexual, omni panromantic. I must say I’m glad that Izu and I aren’t the only ones. He was-”


“I came out to the nerd a few days ago, looks like he can keep his mouth shut alright” Bakugou grunted


“...okay then. Well, then I’m pretty sure Izuku told you why he didn’t want to come out yet.”


Bakugou winced. Then he took a deep breath in and looked away from his classmates “Deku was bullied at our old school for being LGBT. I never said anything the time I was even more of an asshole to him. Plus, I was...afraid of coming out and being looked at differently” he was pretty sure Hagakure gasped when he said that, but he ignored it “And...I don’t know if he told you, four-eyes, but he was quirkless until right before getting into UA. He got picked on for that too. He got death threats and beat up all the time, spider lilies left on his desk...and I can't say I was nice to him at all. I stopped being his friend when we were five” It just all came out at once. Bakugou held back the secret of One for All for obvious reasons, but pretty much everything else he spilled


“And right now, knowing that nerd, he’s probably exhausted himself between a panic attack and all the running, so I suggest we go find him before it gets dark” Bakugou said, clearing his throat and making a move towards the door


Tenya stopped for a second to take it all in. Izuku told him about the bullying, about the quirk discrimination, the last part he never understood he did. It was because Izuku never had a quirk. 


“C’mon! Are you extras just gonna stand there like idiots or are we gonna find Deku?!”


The whole class was shocked seeing this new side to Katsuki, one that actually cares about Izuku, but they pushed it aside. Katsuki was right; they could worry about this later. Izuku was the important thing to focus on now




If it wasn’t Tenya wasn’t so focused on finding Izuku himself he would’ve called Aizawa. In fact, the whole class was so focused on finding him they completely forgot. Momo was the only one who thought of it, and she took Jirou to go find him. While they were looking for their teacher, the rest of the class went to look for the missing boy




Kouda stumbled, chasing after the birds he was following. He had asked them if they had seen a green-haired boy. They said they had and would lead him there. So now Kouda was following them


When the birds stopped in the middle of the forest, a good distance away from the buildings, Kouda was confused. He asked them if he had moved; they answered no, and disappeared. Kouda was looking around, maybe Izuku was hiding out of sight. He looked up at where the birds had disappeared, about to call to them again, when he noticed a red sneaker


Kouda quickly moved out from underneath the tree branches and sighed in relief when he saw his freckled friend sleeping peacefully in the tree. He didn’t look like he was unstable, nor like he was having a nightmare. Then Kouda pulled out his phone



Class 1-Gay Group Chat: Sanic, Phroggy, Octopi +17


Pichu changed the chat name to ‘Class 1-Gay’


Baby Shark: Denki we’re in the middle of a crisis was that really that urgent?


Pichu: yes.


Baby Shark: 🤦‍♂️


D I E: Fucking focus extras!


Sofia the First: Okay fun convo...but I found Midoriya


Sanic: Really? Where?


Sofia the First sent their location


Sofia the First: I don’t think anyone’s near me but


Sanic and D I E are offline


Sofia the First: Okay nvm I hear engines and explosions coming near here

Sofia the First: Jesus Christ you guys are nuts-


Mom is online


Mom: We found Sensei


Mom is offline

Speakers is online


Speakers: Momo’s explaining everything to him right now




Kouda put his phone down and looked up at the boy in the tree. He could hear distant engines and explosions getting closer, and he wanted to try and wake the boy as to not startle him


“Um...M-Midoriya?” Kouda started


The boy’s eyes flew open and green electricity crackled around him


Chapter Text




Izuku shot up, almost falling out of his place in the tree. He heard a noise; and turned towards it, ready to fight, until he saw who it was. Kouda was okay. Izuku liked Kouda; he was always respectful of personal stuff, and he was kind of funny too. Izuku deactivated his quirk, and Kouda spoke. Or, well, signed


“The others are looking for you” he signed “I-I-D-A and B-A-K-U-G-O-U are on their way over”


Izuku nodded, now hearing the explosions and engines coming closer


“Also” Kouda started signing again “The rep explained everything. About your relationship, that is. But don’t be mad, they kind of pressured him to”


Now Izuku was starting to get a little worried. He started to think of what to say when he got back, when Kouda started signing again


“And...just think you might wanna know” he continued “There was something about you being quirkless. No one cares about that though, we’re all just worried about you”


Izuku didn’t see the last part. He was starting to freak out now. Just as Tenya and Katsuki came through the forest, Izuku powered up and jumped away


Tenya wasted no time following his boyfriend as Katsuki stayed behind to talk to Kouda


“Why’d he just leave like that?” Katsuki asked the quiet boy


“I told him about the quirkless thing” he signed “he freaked out at that, even though I said it didn’t matter”


Katsuki groaned “Fuck, now he’s never coming back” then he sighed “Well, it could’ve been worse. The other extras probably would’ve bombed him with that later, so better he was warned beforehand”


“Will  I-I-D-A  be able to find him?” Kouda asked


The blond looked away “I don’t know...Deku’s always been good at hiding. He would’ve gone with four-eyes before, but now with the quirkless thing, that nerd’s gonna freak the fuck out” 




Izuku resisted the urge to run back to his boyfriend. Part of him wanted to believe he would be accepted, that Tenya accepted him when he was LGBT, and that he would be accepted now. But Tenya wasn’t quirkless for fifteen years. His brain kept telling him that he would be looked down upon as weak, that Tenya would never want such a weak boyfriend. Izuku didn’t want to take the risk. So he ran.


As it got dark, he kept running. He didn't even know if Tenya was still following him. His classmates had stopped looking for him and went back to the dorms when they heard he was found. Eventually, exhausted from running around the school’s massive forest, Izuku collapsed by a large tree. He tiredly climbed to another large branch and promptly passed out again.




Tenya didn’t know what to do. He was sure he saw Izuku go this way, but there was no Izuku. No green crackle of electricity, no path left through the forest. It was dark, and Tenya didn't think he’d be able to find the boy on his own. He pulled out his phone, about to message the group chat, when he noticed a flash of green from the corner of his eye.


Izuku was twitching in his sleep, unconsciously activating One for All. This time he was having a nightmare.


Tenya hurried up to the sleeping boy, carefully pulling him out of the tree. He sat at the base of the tree, trying to decide on how to wake his boyfriend without startling him, when Izuku twitched again, this time his whole arm flashing green. Tenya instinctually held his boyfriend tight and close, which woke the small boy up


Tears in his eyes, Izuku took a second to realize what was going on around him. Then he hugged his boyfriend. He shut off the part of his brain telling him he wouldn’t be accepted, looked down upon and hated. He knew he was safe in the arms of his boyfriend, that everything would turn out okay in the end.




“...Izuku?” Tenya eventually spoke up


Izuku responded with a grunt and burying his face into his boyfriend’s shoulder


Tenya laughed a little, then cleared his throat “Are you okay to go back now? I understand if you don’t want to talk to our classmates; that can wait until tomorrow. I just care about how you are feeling right now”


Izuku stayed unmoving for a second, then he pulled back “I’ll go back...but I don’t wanna face them. Not yet, I...I wasn’t ready…”


Tenya just smiled softly “You don’t have to be ready yet, things just took a turn. We can talk when you’re ready”


Izuku yawned, and Tenya swore it was the cutest damn thing he had ever seen


He shifted the small boy to his back, and Izuku didn’t even care, he was so tired. Tenya started back to the dorms, and Izuku eventually fell asleep


Chapter Text




Tenya woke up to his phone buzzing. He took a second to look down and saw his boyfriend sleeping peacefully, cuddled up beside him. The night before came back to Tenya, and he remembered. Izuku had fallen asleep while Tenya was carrying him back. The latter texted the group chat that Izuku had freaked out and would talk to the class on his own terms. The class accepted the answer, feeling guilty that they had scared their green bean so much. Especially after getting chewed out by Bakugou. Then Tenya carried Izuku back to the dorms, but when he tried  to put Izuku in his room he woke up and whined about Tenya leaving him alone, so Tenya ended up staying with him.


Tenya looked around the room. Izuku’s obsession for heroes was still there, but in the past year he turned it down a little. His room now just had a few hero posters here and there, an All Might pencil case, and that was about it. Tenya then turned to his phone, annoyed at whoever texted him. They could’ve woken Izuku up.


Private Messages: Sanic and Wheelchair





Tenya rolled his eyes. His brother had been bothering him for the past week about this, ever since he came out



Sanic: Tensei, please, for the love of god, fuck off


Wheelchair: Haha no can do little bro

Wheelchair: SO basically I’ve narrowed it down to three boys in your class; Yuuga Aoyama, Shouto Todoroki, or Izuku Midoriya. I could be missing some since I don’t know who it could be outside your classmates. If we’re saying girls too, then I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s either Tsuyu Asui, Ochako Uraraka, or Momo Yaoyorozu. There’s also some girl from the support department I’ve seen you talk to, Hatsume I think, but I don’t know about her. I also can’t see you with any non-binary kids I saw

Wheelchair: All I’m asking is if you could PLEASE tell me the gender? Please?


Sanic: You’re starting to sound like Shouto now, with your insane conspiracy theories


Wheelchair: Does this mean it’s safe to assume you’re dating him?


Sanic: s i g h

Sanic: Fine, it is a boy. And you just almost woke him up, so stfu






Tenya didn’t bother to finish reading his brother’s message; he knew where the conversation was going, and he really didn’t feel like dealing with that so early in the morning


He turned to the small boy in his arms. After a few minutes, he started to stir


“Ngh...Tenya?” the boy said, waking up


Tenya smiled “Good morning, Izu”


Izuku looked up at his boyfriend “How long was I asleep?”


Tenya checked his phone again “About thirteen hours”


“Oh…” was all he said before burying his head into Tenya’s chest


“What? You don’t wanna get up?” the latter said, chuckling


Izuku mumbled something into Tenya’s chest, making it tingle


“Okay, stop, just don't answer me, that tickles” he said


They laid there for a while, until Izuku pulled his head up again and spoke


“I think I should explain to our class”


Tenya kept holding the boy “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, no one’s forcing you”


Izuku took a shuddering breath “I know, but…”


“You’d feel bad if you didn’t” Tenya finishes for him. Izuku just grunted in response.


“But you’re worried that they won’t accept you,” he continued. Izuku buried his face deeper into his boyfriend’s chest and gave what felt like a slight nod.


“They will, trust me. They all care about you, Izuku. They don’t care about your sexuality, gender,  quirk status, none of that matters. They like you as a person”


Izuku finally pulled away, and Tenya saw tears threatening to spill from his eyes 


“But,” Izuku started “What if they do mind all that stuff...what then?”


Tenya smiled “Then to hell with them, they’re fucking imbeciles”


Tenya was pretty sure he heard someone gasp outside the door, but he was so focused on Izuku that he didn’t pay it any mind


Izuku stared at him at that comment, then smiled “Pfft, Tenten-” he stopped for a moment “Thanks”


The blue-haired boy pulled his boyfriend’s face to his own and kissed him. A pure, happy kiss.


When they pulled away, they each had a slight rosy tint to their cheeks “I love you” Tenya said, deepening his boyfriend’s blush slightly


“I love you too” Izuku whispered, smiling


Okay- now Tenya was sure, he heard a noise. He sat up, and quietly walked over to the door. Izuku sat up with his feel over the edge of the bed, curious as well


Tenya threw the door open to see all eighteen of their other classmates at the door, a few of them crying


Ochako didn’t even seem to care that they had been caught. She bolted into the room and tackled Izuku in a hug


“I’m sorry, Deku! I didn’t know you felt that way! I was just upset because I thought you were hiding things from me and...that I was losing my best friends...” She was crying. So were Asui, Jirou, Yaomomo, Ashido and Tooru. Kirishima and Kaminari seemed like they wanted to cry from the scene as well, and Shouto refused to look anyone in the eyes as if afraid of emotion spilling out.


 Asui walks in “Iida-kun, I’m sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing. I didn’t mean to make you guys uncomfortable. I should’ve realized, this always happens with me, I- I-”


She is cut off as Tenya places a hand on her shoulder and gives her a small yet reassuring smile “Asui, I understand. You were worried about your friends, and wanted to know what was going on. I’m honestly glad that I have friends who care enough to worry. And you too Todoroki-kun.” Shouto’s head snapped up as Tenya turned to the heterochronic boy “Thank you for caring” 


Shouto nodded in response, remaining silent. For a moment no one says anything, then Ochako pulls away from Izuku


“I’m sorry, Deku-kun” she says one last time


Izuku stands up slowly, facing his classmates. Taking a deep breath, he begins to speak


“It’s okay, guys. I...I’m just glad to have such amazing, supportive friends. I didn’t really know how friendship worked when I got here, nor did I think it would fit with me. I’m glad I’m wrong. I’m glad to have people care about me, to be accepted-”


“Actually” Hitoshi clears his throat “The, uh, acceptance thing? Well, you might wanna check the class group chat”


Izuku looks at him warily and pulls out his phone, then looks at it. His eye widen in confusion “‘Class 1-gay group chat?” he says


Mina jumps forward, tear tracks gone from her face “Mhm! And its not just for a joke, most of us are actually part of the LGBTQ community 


The class then proceeds to take turns telling Izuku their sexualities. Izuku just stands there in shock, taking it all in, until they’re done. Then they wait to see his reaction


Then he looks up, his barrier gone, and smiles “Thank you”


And they have no doubt that this situation has brought them all closer


Chapter Text

OKAY so as you know, I am not always able to post every day. Well, sometimes I don't have any ideas for the two fanfics I have now. Sometimes I write other fanfics that I haven't posted yet. I want to know if you guys want to see them. I already have a bunch of chapters for each one. There's a TodoIidaDeku, a TodoDeku, another IidaDeku and four undecided. If you want to see these stories then tell me in the comments.

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  1. The TodoIidaDeku is a story about if Izuku had a modified version of All for One. Includes Dad for One, soft Bakugou, Eri being Izuku's "daughter" and rich Izuku
  2. The Tododeku in about Izuku's problems with bullying and suicide and quirk discrimination. Includes flashbacks, panic attacks, and low self-esteem on Izuku's part
  3. The other IidaDeku is about the pressure put on Tenya to be perfect and how he reacts badly to it. Includes suicidal thoughts and actions, comfort, and Izuku being Izuku                              (Now the four undecided ones)
  4. A new transfer student comes to UA. She seems nice, all happy and cool. But behind everyone's backs she's not so nice to the class sunshine. Things go downhill
  5. Izuku is a vigilante who had been on the run for two years. He finally gets caught, and sent to UA's vigilante reform program. Includes Dadzawa
  6. When Izuku and Katsuki get in a fight, Katsuki uses Izuku's deadname against him. The class didn't know he was trans, so shit happens
  7. One night Izuku comes home for a weekend, to find his mother dead and Toga in her place. She takes advantage of him for her sexual desires, and now he has a long road to being okay. Includes the Bakugous being like Izuku's family. (Could possibly be a BakuDeku but I like the setting of Katsuki being like Izuku's big brother)

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Chapter Text




“Okay, what are we doing now?” Jirou asked as she looked at her classmates all sitting around the common area


Izuku smiled “I’m still trying to figure it out. Hold on” he told her


Tenya leaned over to look at what Izuku was writing in his notebook, then groaned “Izuku, if you’re still going with that show-”


“Yes I am, now shut up” he said, pushing his boyfriend away. The class thought it was strange seeing their class rep all relaxed and loosened up like this, and their green bean so comfortable as well. But they weren’t complaining, as the pair were finally opening up


Tenya then pulled out his phone “If we’re out to the class now, I’m gonna tell my brother” he said, unlocking it


Private Messages: Sanic and Wheelchair


Sanic: Tensei?


Wheelchair: Yea little bro? What’s up?


Sanic: I hope I don’t regret this

Sanic: I’m dating Izuku Midoriya, have been for quite some time now. About two months, actually


Wheelchair is typing…



Tenya decided to let his brother suffer in his unanswered questions and shut off his phone, focusing his attention back to his classmates. Izuku seemed to be finished with his list.


“Okay! I’m done! Now, who first?” He looked around at his confused classmates, then settled on the girl next to him “Ochako! Go sit over on that big chair.”


Ochako, still confused, went over to the big red chair he was pointing at and sat down.


Izuku nodded “Now Tsu, you go next to her.”


The frog girl sat down next to her friend, and Ochako moved over, her permanent blush deepening.


Izuku smiled in satisfaction “That’s better. Yaomomo, move to the beanbag”


She went, confused but not attempting to question.


“Jirou move next to her”


This went on for a while, Izuku telling his classmates where to go and sometimes moving them himself. When he was done, Ochako and Asui were on the chair, Yaoyorozu and Jirou on the beanbag, Katsuki and Eijirou on one end of the long couch, Shouji and Tokoyami on the other end. Sero and Mina were on one of the ottomans, Ojiro and Hagakure were on the floor by the long couch, Kaminari was sitting upside down on the smaller sofa for some reason and Shinsou was sitting on the floor next to his head. Shouto sat on the edge of the long couch and Satou was laughing to himself in the corner. Kouda and Aoyama each sat on an ottoman.


Izuku looked around at his confused classmates. He smiled when he made eye contact with Satou; the other knew what was going on. Then he looked at Kouda and Aoyama and he frowned.


“That’s not right...hold on”


He took out his phone and called someone. After a few rings he began speaking.


“Hi Itsuka! I was wondering if you could bring Monoma and Tsunotori. Sure, bring Tetsutetsu if you wanna. ‘Kay thanks bye!”


He hangs up and his classmates are even more confused. “She’ll be here in a minute.”


Hagakure spoke up, finally asking the question everyone (minus Satou and Tenya) had been thinking. “Um, Midori? What exactly are we doing?”


Izuku smiled “I’m doing an experiment. One that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but haven’t gotten the chance to do so yet.”


Satou came over, smiling “Midori”


Izuku turned to him “What’s up?”


“Two hundred yen it’s be Sero and Mina first”


Izuku’s grin widened “No way, Denki and Hitoshi”


“Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” Tenya sighed “Bakugou and Kirishima”


“Who do you think will be last?” Izuku asked the other two, the rest of their class drowning in confusion. “I think Monoma and Aoyama.”


Satou chuckled “Ochako and Tsu”


Tenya slid closer to Izuku “I have to side with Izu on this one.”


Ochako cleared her throat “Um, what are you guy-”


Just then Kendo walked in with Monoma, Tsunotori and Tetsutetsu. She took one look around, and the confusion on her face molded into a wide grin.


“Midori, are you actually doing this now?” She asked, her expression showing something between excitement and disbelief.


Tenya groaned “We’re actually doing this. Izu, please, for the love of god, please tell me you’re not actually doing this.” He begged


“Tenten, I love you, but this is happening whether you like it or not.” he responded. Tenya dropped his head in defeat.


“Okay!” Kendo exclaimed “I’m doing the last two. Pony, go sit there, next to Kouda. Monoma, next to Aoyama.” Tsunotori obliged but Monoma stayed back, eyeing the class with an amused look.


Tetsutetsu walked forward “Wait, what’s going on? And why are you all-”


He was cut off when Kendo pulled him down and whispered in his ear. His eyes widened and  he pulled back. Then a smile spread across his face.


“Monoma, bro, just sit down. Quit staring like that, it’s creepy.”


“Why should I sit with a bunch of lowly-” 


Kendo smacked him, hard enough that he fell on top of Aoyama, making the latter blush furiously.


Izuku heard a click, and turned to the side of the couch to see Shouto holding his phone up at all the pairs. He had finally caught on to what was happening.


As all the others asked Tenya, Satou, Kendo, Tetsutetsu and himself for answers on whatever was going on, Izuku smiled to himself, knowing there was now a picture of all his favorite class ships together.


Chapter Text




Tenya woke up at 2 AM to the sound of his phone ringing. He blindly reached over, grabbed the phone and answered the call. He sat up and found his glasses, put them on and placed the phone to his ear.






Tenya stopped to think who that voice could belong to. He looked at the contact name as his eyes adjusted to the light, then they widened.


“Izuku? Why are you calling me at- 2:09 in the morning, during our break?”


When he heard a sob from the boy on the other end of the line, he was suddenly very alert and awake.


“Izuku? Izuku, what’s wrong?”


“T-tenya,” Izuku managed between sobs, “I’m scared. I d-don’t know w-what to do. Everything hurts, and I’m scared. Tenten, w-what do I d-do”


The blue-haired boy hadn’t even noticed he was up and getting dressed, putting on his shoes and jacket. “Izu, sweetheart, tell me where you are. I’m coming to get you.” He noticed the sound of heavy rainfall “Are you outside?” 




He looked out his window. “Izuku, it’s raining like crazy out there! Where are you?”


“I don’t know, I think-” He paused,  “UA.”


Tenya blinked. “What? Why?”


“I-I don’t know, they j-just left me h-here and-”


Tenya’s heart dropped. “Izu, don’t worry about it. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”


He heard a whimper on the other line.


“Okay, I’m gonna hang up, so I can get there faster. I love you, and I’ll be there soon. Bye.”


He hung up the phone and quickly tied his shoes. When he ran downstairs his brother was in the kitchen, a glass of water in his hand.


“Tenya? What are you doing up? And where are you going at this time?” Tensei questioned as his little brother grabbed his keys.


“Tensei I don’t have time to explain I don’t know when I’ll be back and I might be bringing a friend and please don’t tell mom that I’m going to use my quirk illegally okay thanks bye!” He quickly explained, running out the door.


“Wait-” Tensei sighed, his brother already gone. “Hold on, illegal quirk usage?”




“Izuku?!” Tenya called as he turned onto the street of the school's hill. The rain was absolutely terrible and Tenya’s hair was soaked, water starting to leak through his shoes.


He stopped when he noticed something shift in the forest. He ran up and saw the limp, bruised, bloody form of his boyfriend curled up at the roots of a tree. His blue t-shirt was ripped and his gray sweatpants covered in mud. Blood matted his wet, tangled curls and his signature red sneakers were scratched up.


“Oh my god- Izuku!” Tenya rushed up to the boy and crouched down to him.


Izuku opened his eyes to see his boyfriend placing a jacket over him. He realized Tenya now didn’t have one.


“Tenten, no, you’ll get cold,” He said sluggishly. His throat hurt from all the crying and as a result, he sounded small. Like an injured animal.


“Izuku, I’m sorry, but I really don’t give a fuck right now. I’m taking you to my place for medical attention.” The taller boy said, his voice strangely calm. It surprised him.


Izuku kept protesting until he ran out of the energy to do so. Tenya finished fixing the jacket on him and picked him up, running back in the direction of his house, using his engines to speed up but not as much as how he used them to get there. He was about halfway home when a black figure jumped down in front of him, Tenya jumping back a few feet, pulling Izuku closer protectively. 


“Iida, what are you doing and why are you- is that Midoriya?”




Aizawa wasn’t scheduled to patrol that day. Midnight was supposed to patrol his areas. But the rain was too heavy for her quirk to work that well, so he had to cover her shift. The erasure hero grumbled as he jumped to the next building. Nemuri owed him a shit ton of coffee.


Then he saw a figure running abnormally fast, holding a body in their hands. That was pretty suspicious behavior. People don’t normally run around at three in the morning illegally using their quirks and holding bodies. Not unless they were doing something wrong. Sighing, Aizawa jumped after the person.


After jumping a few rooftops, he was almost caught up to the runner. Then he noticed light coming from their calves. Fire? Were those engines? With a little more jumping he caught up in front of the person. He saw familiar blue hair and glasses. Oh god, was Tenya trying to commit murder again? Then he noticed the body he was holding, the look of distress on his face. Green curls? Was that blood on their forehead? Aizawa wasted no more time watching and just jumped down.


Tenya leapt back a few feet from him, tightening his grip on the boy in his arms.


“Iida, what are you doing and why are you- is that Midoriya?”


Tenya’s face changed from fear and anger to confusion. “Aizawa-sensei?”


“Call me Eraserhead when we’re not in school. Now, why are you running through the rain holding Midoriya? It looks pretty suspicious, not gonna lie.”


Tenya moved the green-haired boy a bit. “Izuku called me about half an hour ago. He was panicking and sounded pretty disoriented. I asked him where he was and what he was doing and he said he was in front of UA. When I went to get him, he was all beat up and freezing. I gave him my jacket and right now I’m heading back to my place so I can tend to his wounds. I’m sorry for using my quirk, but I’m trying to get him back as fast as possible.”


Aizawa sighed. He didn’t get paid enough for this shit. 


“C’mon, let's hurry.”


Tenya paused for a moment, then nodded and started back to his house.




The front door opened and Tensei turned to the door. 


 “Tenya, what the hell were you-”


He stopped when he noticed the boy in his brother’s arms, and the man following him. All of them soaked.


Tensei squinted, then his eyes widened when he recognized his friend. “Shouta? What the hell is going on?”


The latter stopped, closed the door, and walked over to his friend. “Tensei, it’s been a while. Long story short, something happened to your brother's friend and he found him all beat up by the front of UA. I saw him running back here and went along with them.”


The older Iida blinked. “Well, I guess that explains a lot.”


Aizawa nodded and turned to the room the two boys went into. “I’m still technically on patrol so I have to leave. I trust you can assist your brother in helping Midoriya.”


Tensei suddenly smiled. “Midoriya, you say? As in Izuku Midoriya?”


The underground pro nodded slowly. “Yes...why do you have that look on your face?”


Tensei chuckled. “Can’t believe this is how I meet my brother’s boyfriend.”


Aizawa’s eyes widened, just a bit. “Ah, well now a lot more of this makes sense. I wasn’t aware of their relationshi- wipe that stupid look off your face, it’s creepy.”


When Tensei just smiled wider, Aizawa rolled his eyes. “Yeah, no, fuck this, I’m out.”


Tensei waved as his friend closed the door. Then he sighed and went to help his brother with Izuku.


Why didn’t Stain just kill him when he had the chance?


Chapter Text





“T-tenten stop, I can do it myself…”


“Izuku,” Tenya started, “It’s fine. This is the least I can do.”


Just then Tensei rolled in. “Hey Tenya, you need any help?”


Tenya barely looked up. “Not really- actually, could you hand me the Neosporin?”


Tensei grabbed the tube and rolled over to his brother. “Here.”


He nodded and took it.


“AH...Tenya, stop. It’s not bleeding anymore, I can fix it myself if I have to.”


“Izuku please, for the love of god shut your self-sacrificing ass up and let me fix you.”


Tensei was taken off guard. It was pretty rare for Tenya to curse like that. Apparently it wasn't just him, as Izuku shut right up. Tenya just sighed as his brother left the room, giving them some privacy.


Tenya shook his head. “Look, I’m sorry. But I find you at two-thirty in the morning all beat up, after an ominous phone call in which you were most definitely panicking, and you got me all worried. I feel terrible for not being able to help you, so please, at least let me do this.”


Izuku seemed to understand where Tenya was coming from and relaxed, allowing him to clean his cuts and bandage his head.


He had a lot of bruises, scratch marks on his shoulder, arms and torso, and a gash where his head looked like it had split open. After making sure Izuku didn’t have a concussion, Tenya put pressure on the cut and bandaged it. Now he was just taking care of the other bruises and cuts. Some weren’t so bad; just a couple scratches that could possibly pass for papercuts. But then he had marks like the huge bruises on his torso, or the scratch marks on his right shoulder, or the strange condition of his legs. When Tenya got a closer look, he realized that his boyfriend must have insanely high pain tolerance if he was still conscious. His knees didn’t even look bent the right way. 


After finishing up with the wounds and popping his joints back into place, Tenya helped his boyfriend sit up, because no matter how much he protested, Izuku insisted that he was fine and had to get up. Tenya had full intention of taking him straight to bed when Tensei opened his mouth.


“I’m so sorry for intruding,” Izuku said as soon as he stepped out of the room, holding back a wince as he bowed, “I didn’t mean to be a bother.” Tensei looked at him in surprise and smiled.


“Izuku! You’re only going to worsen your injuries like that.” Tenya scolded as he walked out behind his boyfriend.


“Tenya, how the hell did YOU of all people possibly end up with this absolute gem?!” The older Iida exclaimed


That earned him a hit on the head from Tenya and a light blush from Izuku. He kept making comments on how crazy it was that Tenya ended up with him, Izuku growing redder from the compliments and Tenya getting more and more angry. Just when the class president looked like he was going to attack his brother, Izuku coughed a little, gaining his boyfriend’s full attention.


“Okay, enough of this. You need rest.” He demanded.


Izuku tried to protest or apologize or something, but Tenya just ignored it, picked him up and carried him to his own room. Tensei went back to bed and as soon as Tenya heard his door close, he went inside his own room and sat on his bed next to Izuku. The smaller boy moved closer to him, and Tenya put his arms around him.


It was nice. Already almost four in the morning and they were finally taking a second to breathe. After a few moments of still silence, Tenya felt something wet drip onto his arm. He looked down at the boy next to him.


Izuku was crying.


Tenya didn’t say anything. He hugged the boy tighter and let him cry. More tears dripped onto his arm, and eventually Izuku grabbed onto the front of his shirt. The taller boy knew that Izuku would talk when he was ready. And right now he wasn’t ready. He wasn’t going to talk yet. Right now he just needed to cry.



“I’m sorry…”


Tenya looked down at the boy in his arms. Izuku let go of his shirt and turned his head away.


“I’m sorry for calling you. I didn’t want to bother you, really, but I didn’t know what else to do. My mom left for a mandatory business trip yesterday morning, so she only got to spend five days with me. lonely and went on a walk, not wanting to bother anyone from school. But then these guys I used to know from my old school showed up and- and even though I have a quirk now I couldn’t do anything. They hit me and I couldn’t even fight back because when it all comes down to it I’m still a weak, useless, worthless Deku. I couldn’t even leave you alone for a night, I just...god, I’m so sorry Tenten.”



“...Don’t say that”


Izuku made a noise like “huh?” and looked up at Tenya, whose head was facing down and away.


“Don’t say those things. Don’t talk about yourself like that. When someone talks about my Izuku like that, it makes me so mad. And it’s worse that my Izuku is the one talking about himself like that. The fact that you’re thinking of yourself like makes me so mad that I can’t do anything, mad at whoever made you think of yourself like that, and mad at you for saying it. So don’t ever, fucking ever ,” He locked eyes with Izuku, tears threatening to spill, “Say anything like that about yourself again.”


Izuku stared in shock as a tear slid down his boyfriend’s face. He carefully pulled himself into him, and Tenya didn’t protest, wrapping his arms securely around Izuku. And that’s how they fell asleep, comforted in each other's embrace.


Chapter Text




“Good morning, Izuku”


Izuku smiled at his boyfriend looking down on him, then laughing at how familiar the situation was.


“How many times has this even happened?” he asked teasingly 


Tenya shrugged in response and kissed the top of Izuku’s head “Let’s go downstairs, are your injuries still bothering you?”


Izuku shook his head “I’m fine now. A little sore, but fine.”


The taller boy kissed his head one more time then stood up, helping Izuku up as well. He then put on his glasses and ran a hand through his hair as a quick fix.


When he finished, he looked at Izuku and smirked.


“What?” The green-haired boy ask, confused


“You never like to bother with your hair, huh?” Tenya says teasingly. Izuku snorts and pushes him.


“You’re mean” he pouts as Tenya laughs at him


The two boys walk downstairs, where three people are talking at the dining room table. A blue-haired woman spots Tenya and smiles.


“Good morning Ten-” She pauses when she sees Izuku, then straightens up a bit. “Um, is that your friend, Tenya?”


The blue-haired man next to her looks up from his phone, eyes focusing on Izuku “When did he come over? You certainly didn’t bring anyone over last night.”


Tensei snickers “Not last night, more like this morning. It was two AM.”


The parent’s eyes widen “Two AM? Why so late?” His mother questioned


Tenya looked at Izuku, who was shuffling nervously, then turned back to his parents and spoke “Mom, dad, this is Izuku. Last night he called me and told me he was hurt, his mom was out of town and he was far from home. I rushed to go out and grab him, and Tensei was awake, getting some water. There are still some blank spots but Izuku and I will fill you in.”


The Iidas nodded and finished their coffee, then moved to the den to talk as Tenya and Izuku grabbed themselves some water, then headed to the den as well.


“Alright, so can we have an explanation now?” Tenya’s father asked


“Kaito, please, have some tact” His wife told him. She then turned her attention back to the two teenagers “But yes, we would appreciate if you two explained the situation”


Izuku took a deep breath “Yes, of course. I guess I should start by introducing myself. I’m Izuku Midoriya. I’m sorry for intruding like this, but last night I was panicked and the first person I thought to call was Tenya. What happened was, well, at my old school I wasn’t very well liked. My mother had an unavoidable business trip to go on, so after she left yesterday morning I was a little jumpy and decided to go on a walk. It was already late, and I ended up in front of UA. I decided I was too far and was about to take a train back, when I ran into some older kids from my old school. They acted to be all nice, then when I told them I had to leave they got aggressive. They ended up leaving me near the front of the forests around UA, passed out. A couple hours later, around two thirty, I woke up, and was utterly panicked and confused. I ended up calling Tenya, who ran to get me. He brought me back here, where Tensei was waiting, and helped me patch up my wounds.”


Tenya took the liberty of finishing the story from there, and cleared his throat. “When I got the call, I didn’t want to wake anyone up. Tensei was already awake apparently, as he was in the kitchen, getting himself some water. I rushed out, and ran to UA, where Izuku told me he was. I found him pretty beat-up in the forest, and quickly fixed a jacket onto him, then picked him up and rushed back home. On the way, though, I ran into our teacher, Aizawa-sensei. He was doing his patrol and was wondering why his students would be running around like that in the middle of the night. I explained the situation to him, and he made sure we got back okay. When we got back, Tensei was waiting for us, and spoke to him while I took Izuku to the back room and started to dress his wounds. Aizawa-sensei left, and Tensei helped me finish up with Izuku. Then I helped him up the stairs and we went to sleep.”


The heroes looked slightly overloaded and shocked, but pushed passed it.


“I’m very sorry that happened to you, Midoriya-kun. Thank you for explaining the situation to us. Though, I do wish you hadn’t just taken the situation on your own, Tenya, thank you for coming clean. You’re very good to your friends, I see.”


Tenya nodded, as did Izuku. But he couldn’t help but notice that his boyfriend looked a little dull.


“Ayane, could we talk, alone?” Kaito asked his wife. She looked from her son to Izuku then back to him, and nodded. The couple got up and walked to the kitchen.


“I told Ryuko I would call her, so I’ll go do that now” Tensei said, turning his wheelchair towards the exit “See you later you two” he said, then rolled out.


“Are you okay?” Tenya asked when his brother was gone


Izuku cleared his throat and nodded “Yea, I’m fine” he said dismissively 


Tenya looked at him warily “Really?”


Izuku hesitated, then answered “Well… I just realized when your mom said ‘friend’...when are you gonna tell them?”


When he sees the look on his boyfriend’s face, Izuku wishes he had never spoken.. It was rather hypocritical of him, in fact. He never told his mom he was dating Tenya. He knew she would be fully supportive, and that she loved Tenya. But for some reason, Izuku never told her. Just as he was about to brush it off and tell Tenya not to worry about it, he spoke.


“I suppose you’re right. My brother accepted me immediately when I came out to him. If I have both you and him on my side, I shouldn’t have a problem coming out to my parents.”


Izuku’s eyes widened when he realized what he had done “Y-you don’t have to! It was hypocritical of me, to point that out, especially when I’m not out to my own mom yet! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to or aren’t ready for!”


He was cut off from his rant when Tenya grabbed his shoulders. “Izuku, it’s fine. I’m not upset, I think you’re right. I am, in fact, ready to come out. And it seems this would be a good chance to, with you being here”


Izuku calmed down as his boyfriend talked. When he was finished, he nodded. “Okay, but only if you’re ready.”


Tenya nodded “Don’t worry, I know you’ll be by my side no matter which way this goes”




“Oh my god, Ryuko, that was so cute! Why can’t I have a relationship like that?”


Ryuko mentally facepalmed as she listened to her friend complaining over the phone. “I find it extremely sad that I’m friends with a thirty-year-old bisexual man who’s sixteen-year-old brother has a better love life than him.”


“Don’t out me like that!”


Chapter Text




Tenya and Izuku sighed as the former’s parent’s left the dining room.


They had just explained how they understood the situation, and that Izuku was welcome to stay if he liked. After many apologies and a little convincing from Tenya, Izuku agreed.


“Is there anything you needed to get from your place?” Tenya asked him once his parents had gone upstairs.


Izuku tilted his head, thinking for a second. “I mean, there’s only three days until we go back to school. I guess I could go get some necessities…”


Tenya stood up. “Alright! I’ll walk you there.”


“N-now? You don’t have to! I-I can go on my own, really!” Izuku stuttered out, eyes wide.


“Nonsense,” Tenya replied, determination evident on his face, “It’ll be much faster if you have someone helping you. Besides, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I let my S.O. go off on their own while injured?”


Izuku opened his mouth to argue, but instead clamped it shut and blushed furiously, looking down.


Tenya smiled, satisfied with the victory. “It’s settled then. I washed your clothes from last night earlier, so you can wear them. They’re on my bed.”


He rolled his eyes when he saw the signs of apologizing and rambling about how he didn’t have to, so he moved forward and kissed him before he could.


When he pulled away, Izuku was staring at him, dazed, blush burning even more furiously now (was that even possible?)


“…” He stuttered


Tenya just chuckled, his hand still caressing Izuku’s face. “Go. Change.”


Izuku gulped and nodded, jumped up and scurried out of the room.


Tenya sighed and pushed up his glasses, then turned to see Tensei’s head poking out from the other entrance, a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.


“What a great boyfriend,” he teased, making Tenya blush and turn away.


“You asshole, you have no sense of privacy at all,” the latter accused, resulting in Tensei snorting loudly


“Wow, Midoriya really brings out a side of you that I swear didn’t even exist six months go!” He said, smirking.


“Maybe if you weren’t such a goddamn heathen I would’ve come out with it a long time ago!”


Tenya then realized what he had just said, and both he and Tensei burst out in laughter this time.


“Oh lord, I-I didn’t mean it that way,” Tenya said through his laughter.


Tensei couldn’t even respond, he was too busy clutching his sides and wheezing.


“Tensei-” Tenya started, staring as his brother laughed so hard there was no sound.


“Tensei...are you okay?”


He still wasn’t responding. Tenya got a little closer and had to hold back a laugh.


“Tensei, you can stop now.”


“Oh god, Tensei you need to breathe!”






When Izuku came back down to see Tenya hitting his older brother on the back with a pipe, the man on the floor choking, he simply backed out.




“I just realized I’ve never been to your house before, and before last night you’ve never been to mine.”


Izuku looked up at his boyfriend as they turned the corner, nearing the smaller boy’s home. Then he giggled. “I guess you're right. Never expected it would be under these circumstances, though,” he said, slipping his hand into Tenya’s.


The latter chuckled. “Yes, I would have never seen this coming. While the situation is unfortunate, they seem to have taken a liking to you.”


Izuku’s eyes widened. “Really? You think they like me? I thought I just embarrassed you and myself a lot.”


“Of course you didn’t, you never embarrass me. That’s my job.”




The rest of the walk was full of laughter and light-hearted conversations. When they got to Izuku’s apartment building, they stopped.


“It’s this one,” the smaller boy said.


Tenya nodded and followed Izuku inside.




“There we go,” Izuku mumbled as he successfully unlocked the front door. He stepped inside, Tenya right behind him.


He turned and dropped his keys on a little plate. “I just need to grab a few things from my room and the bathroom, so I’ll be done quickly.”


“Okay, do you need any help?” Tenya asked, unsure.


Izuku shook his head. “Nope! You can come with me if you want, though.”


The taller boy followed Izuku into his bedroom and immediately had to slap a hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter. Despite his attempt, Izuku noticed, and frowned in confusion.


“What’s so funny?” he asked, completely oblivious.


“I should’ve known you wouldn’t just throw out all you All Might merch, Izuku.” His boyfriend teased, chuckling.


Izuku’s cheeks turned slightly pink. “Shut up! This is limited edition! No way in hell am I just gonna throw it all away!”


“Okay then…” Tenya dragged out, rolling his eyes.


Izuku’s blush deepened. “Get out!”


He threw a shoe at Tenya as the boy exited the room, cackling.




When Izuku finally came out of his room, he had his yellow backpack with him. He dropped it and walked into the kitchen.


“Do you want anything to drink?” he asked, turning to the cabinets.


“No thank you, I’m good,” Tenya responded. He stood up and walked to the kitchen where Izuku was pouring himself a glass of water.


“You better not be bringing your shrine, I don’t think it’ll fit.”


Izuku choked on his water, almost spitting it out. Tenya laughed, and Izuku swallowed, then turned to glare at his boyfriend. 


“What the fuck, Tenya? Cut it out!”


Tenya grinned. “Make me.”


Izuku grumbled and dropped his empty glass in the sink, then stormed up to Tenya, who still had that shit-eating grin on his face.


“You prick, wiped that stupid look off your face. You look like your brother.”


Tenya’s smile didn’t falter. “I am literally a carbon copy of him with glasses. Of course I look like him.”


Izuku huffed and shoved his boyfriend. Tenya stumbled, but his smile still didn’t budge.


Izuku was obviously getting aggravated, and charged directly onto Tenya, pushing on the couch with himself following. He pushed himself up, not realizing the position they were in. “Stop it!”


If anything, Tenya’s grin widened, and his expression changed slightly. Before Izuku could react, Tenya had completely flipped their positions, and all his anger dissolved. His light, embarrassed blush immediately deepened to a dark red and he gulped.


“…” the words died in his throat.


Tenya chuckled. “Cute.”


That’s all he said before he lowered himself onto Izuku and kissed him.


The smaller boy shuffled underneath him, hands traveling to Tenya’s arms. Tenya pushed further, and bit down on Izuku's lower lip. Izuku opened his mouth in surprise and Tenya slipped his tongue inside.


Izuku shuddered as Tenya’s hand traveled down his side and underneath his shirt, only to slide back up again. The taller boy then moved from Izuku’s mouth to his neck, giving the smaller boy a chance to breathe.


Izuku whined as Tenya bit down and sucked on his neck, squirming as his hand moved down Izuku’s back. Izuku grabbed onto Tenya’s shirt tighter.


Eventually, Tenya pulled away to catch his breath. He looked at the blushing form of Izuku below him, panting and sweating. He smirked, but before he could say anything, Izuku beat him to it.


“You ass,” he said, still panting, “Hooking up on my mom’s couch was not on my To-Do list for today.”


Tenya barked out a laugh and smiled at the now-giggling Izuku.


Chapter Text





“Are you sure about this?” Izuku asked Tenya as the two sat on the latter’s bed.


Tenya nodded. “I’m sure. I think I’m ready to come out to my parents.”


Izuku looked down. “If you’re sure you’re ready. It took me two years to come out to my own mom, so it’s fine if you’re still not ready.”


“Izuku, I’m positive.”


Izuku took a shaky breath. “Okay….”


Tenya leaned over him. “You’re nervous too, aren’t you?”


Izuku squeaked and looked his boyfriend in the eye. “W-wha?”


The taller boy smiled softly. “It’s okay to be nervous too, you know. I’m not the only one coming out to my parents, right? I mean, unless you don’t want to tell them we’re dating-”


“No, no, it’s not...that…” Izuku cut in, “I just...what if they don’t like that fact that I’m the one dating you? Yea, they think I’m fine now, but what if they don’t want me dating their son?”


Tenya shook his head. “Trust me, you’d probably be the one exception, no matter what happens. They think you’re quiet and polite, though I don’t exactly agree with that-”


“Oh shut up,” Izuku said, a smile tugging at his lips. Tenya chuckled softly, glad that he was able to up his boyfriend’s mood a little.


“So, when do you want to do this?” Said boyfriend then asked. Tenya thought about it for a second.


“They’ll be home around six, so maybe after dinner,” he answered. Then after a second thought, “And I’d rather Tensei was there, too. I….I think it would be easier to come out with him there.”


Izuku gave him a soft smile. “If that’s what you want.”




Tenya inhaled deeply as he stepped towards the kitchen. The family and Izuku had just had dinner about fifteen minutes ago, and while Tensei did the dishes, Kaito and Ayane sat at the table and had coffee, and Tenya went with Izuku so the smaller boy could try and hype him up.


“Mom, Dad? Can we talk?” The blue-haired boy asked his parents.


They looked from him to Izuku, then back to him. “Sure, Tenya. What did you want to talk about?”


Tenya looked at Izuku, who gave him an encouraging nod.


“Um, well...Tensei, could you come here too?”


His older brother nodded, curiosity in his eyes.


Tenya took a deep breath. “So, I don't exactly know how to say this, but...I’m- I’m omnisexual.”


There was a pause as his parents processed what their son had just told them. Tensei’s eyes widened when he realized what this was about. The former hero looked over at his parents' silent eye conversation, and grinned.


“Kaito, don’t.” His mother scolded. His father raised his eyebrows.




“Hi omnisexual, I’m dad.”


Tensei burst out laughing so hard there were tears in his eyes. His father had a shit-eating grin on his face and his mother sighed deeply, rolling her eyes. A hint of amusement was displayed on her face.


But Izuku and Tenya- priceless. Tenyas face was completely black, as if he was rebooting. Izuku seemed absolutely horrified, like he was ready to bolt at any moment.


“I- I don’t understand, what?” Tenya said, making Tensei and his dad laugh harder.


Izuku was eyeing the window as if considering all his possible emergency exits.


“What’s going on?”


Tenya looked over at his boyfriend. “That was a dad joke. I just never expected my own dad to use them...”


Kaito snorted “Tenya, please. I’ve been using classic dad jokes since Tensei came out to us.”


And just at that Tensei stopped laughing.


Tenya’s head snapped to his brother. “Came out?”


Tensei gave a slightly forced laugh. “So, um, Tenya? Yea, I’m”


“And you didn’t tell me this why?”


Tensei was no longer looking forward to this conversation.




Although it didn't show on his face, Izuku was incredibly relieved about the way the conversation was going. Because so far, it seemed that the Iidas were perfectly fine with Tenya’s sexuality. But he was still worried about what they would think of their relationship.


“So you mean to tell me that you’ve been bisexual and out to our parents since I was eight, and never told me this why?”


Tensei put his hands up. “Hey, in my defense, I had no idea what you would think! I mean, you were eight years old for god’s sake!”


The younger brother sighed and rubbed his temple. “Great. Okay. This is great. Well, if you’re fine with Tensei, I suppose you're okay with me too, mom? Dad?”


The couple nodded. “Yes, we’re okay with this, Tenya. We have no problem with either of your sexualities, gender identities, or any of that. We just want you to be happy,” his mother responded.


Izuku gulped and looked at his boyfriend. The taller boy paused for a second, then nodded.


“And...what if I had a boyfriend...?” Tenya asked hesitantly.


His parents froze, and stared at their son for a moment. Then they noticed how he was hiding his left arm behind him, and Izuku was hiding his right. 


“You two are...” Kaito said, looked back and forth between the two.


Izuku cleared his throat. “Um, yea...Tenya and I are dating...”


Ayane cleared her throat. “Well this was...unexpected.”


Kaito nodded. “Yea, we would’ve thought you wouldn't be dating until marriage,” he joked. Ayane gave him a look.


Another minute of silence.


“Well, this is awkward,” Tensei said, getting a laugh out of the others in the room.


Ayane smiled slightly, looking at the two high-schoolers in front of her. “I don’t have much of a problem with you two dating...Midoriya does seem like a sweet boy, after all.” She said, gesturing to Izuku, who was now flushing light pink.


Kaito looked at Izuku. “So, you two” He stood up. “Make sure you use protection.”


He left the room, his wife tailing him and reprimanding him. Tensei was laughing so hard at the comment he was almost on the ground, and Tenya and Izuku were blushing so hard they looked like strawberries.


The former hero sighed as he wiped a tear from his eye. Yea, everything was gonna be just fine.


And if he secretly took a picture of the two in order to embarrass them later, well, you have no proof. 


Chapter Text





The rest of the week passed by quickly. Before Izuku knew it Sunday night had arrived and Izuku was spending his last night at the Iida residence.


The next morning, Izuku and Tenya got up extra early to prepare to return. Izuku only had his backpack plus a plastic bag of his clothes and Tenya apparently didn't bring anything back home with him except for his side bag, phone and one of his uniforms.


Izuku was healing pretty well, and Tenya had made sure he wouldn't strain himself too hard. The green-haired boy's smaller bruises and cuts were mostly all gone, the gash on his forehead was starting to heal, and Tenya was going to take him to Recovery Girl, another reason why they got up so early.


He sighed. This was probably the reason RC hated him.


Stupid situations.


Anyway, and saying thank you and goodbye to the rest of the family, he and Tenya were off.




“Hey, Deku! Tenya!”


The two boys turned to see one Ochako running up to them, Asui speed walking to catch up.


The brunette stopped in front of them. “How was your break? I missed you guys! Tsu invited me over for dinner one night, and I got to meet her family!” 


“Kero,” Asui commented. Izuku had no idea what that was supposed to mean but okay.


“Our break was fine! The vacation was definitely helpful in getting to relax for a bit.” Tenya answered.


“‘Our break’? How can you speak for Izuku as well?”


The four turned to see their other friend, Shouto. He stopped in front of them. “Well?”


Izuku realized what he had meant and squeaked, burying his face in his hands. “W-well, you see, um...”


“Oh my GOD!” Ochako squealed. Tenya looked at her, confused.


She noticed his expression. “So, did you anything fun?” She asked, a wide smile on her face.


Tenya took a few more seconds to understand what she meant, then he turned bright red. “W-we should hurry before we’re late!” he exclaimed quickly.


“There’s still some time-”


“We should still be early, Shouto!” 


The blue-haired boy then grabbed Izuku, who was still staring at Ochako in shock, by the shoulders, and steered him away.




“Hey, look! It’s the IzuKrew!”


Izuku squeaked at the name. No matter how many times it was said, he still couldn't deal with his friend group being named after him.


“Yes, it is us!!” Ochako exclaimed. Then her smile widened. “And, of course, our own Izu is here as well~”


“Ochako...” Izuku wined. His classmates just laughed at his suffering.


“And guess what? He and Tenya over here spent their break together!”


The couple groaned as the excited uproar from their classmates rose and the teasing began.


“Ooh! I wonder what happened~” Ashido teased. Izuku playfully punched her in the arm and marched over to his seat.


Katsuki was right in front of him. “Hey nerd, where were you? My mom went over to bring you and your mom some food but no one was home. She went three days, no one was there.”


Izuku stared at his childhood friend for a moment, then groaned and dropped his head down on his desk. After a moment of silence with the other students all staring at him, he gave in.


“I spent half the week at Tenya’s...”


All hell broke loose.




“I’m so glad to be back!” Hagakure exclaimed as the students of 1-A walked back inside the dorms.


“Hey Mina! Hanta! I think I got better at Mario Kart Deluxe, lemme race you guys!”


The three all ran over to set up the gaming console.


“Anyone hungry? I got a new melon bun recipe that I've been dying to have someone try out.” Satou offered. A few cheers were heard from the girls and the baker boy headed into the kitchen.


“Oh! I brought back some tea that I heard goes great with melon buns!” Yaomomo exclaimed, following Satou into the kitchen area.


There was a knock on the front door and Kendo entered, followed by Tetsutetsu, Kodai, Pony, Honenuki, Monoma and Ibara. 


“Kendo! What brings you here?” Tenya asked, walking toward the 1-B class rep. “How was your break?”


“Oh, it was fine, thanks for asking. We were just on our way to Gym Gamma for some training and were wondering if anyone else wanted to come with us? With a whole week-long break, I'm sure all of us could use some catching up with our quirks.”


“That makes sense...I’ll come along,” Izuku offered.


Tenya gave him a worried look. “Izuku, are you sure you should be doing that? You were pretty banged up.”


Snickers broke out around the room. “Did you go that hard on him, prez?” Sero asked.


Immediately, both Izuku and Tenya turned bright red. “No, no! Nothing like that!” The latter exclaimed, and the laughter spread to the 1-B students as well.


“I got in a fight when I was out on a walk one night, and Tenya came to pick me up. That’s what I spent a few days at his place.”


“You could hardly call it a fight, Izuku,” Tenya started, his blush faded to only a light dusting. “It was pretty one-sided, from the way you described it”


“What kind of mess did Midori get himself into now?” Kirishima asked as he fell back on the beanbag.


“Ran into some old classmates, got in a little disagreement, no big deal.” Izuku said, waving them off.


Tenya looked very ready to protest, but left it there.


“Anyway, so I think I’ll come with you guys. Just let me get changed.” 


Five minutes later, Izuku, Momo, Ojiro, Kirishima, Jirou and Tokoyami left along with the seven students from 1-B.




“I’m so tired!” Pony exclaimed as she dramatically flopped down on the floor. The group had just gone through two hours of continuous training, and they were all worn out. Monoma patted her shoulder and handed her a towel.


“Yea, I think I’m gonna have to get new bandages.” Izuku said with a wince.


Kendo passed a water bottle to Kodai. “I need a shower,” She commented.


“I think we all do,” Kyouka said breathlessly, earning a few laughs from the group.


“Hey,” Kirishima started, sitting up suddenly, “We should do, like, some kind of group get together! For our classes!” It was hard to believe he still had so much energy after all the sparring he did with Tetsutetsu.


Said boy sat up as well. “Aw, hell yea! We don't do that often, only like four times have we done that! And there's only eight weeks left of our first year, we should make them count!”


“I think that would be nice. What about you, Itsuka?”


Kendo wiped her forehead with a towel. “Yea, that sounds like fun. I’ll ask Awase what he thinks, you ask Iida.”


Momo made a sound of affirmation and went to pick up her bag.


The students left the gym, said their goodbyes and left with their respective classes.


Halfway back to the dorms, Ojiro noticed something.


“Midoriya, you okay, man? You seem to be...kinda limping...”


Izuku jumped a little at the comment. “Uh, no, I-I’m fine. Just a little sore, that's all,” He answered.


His answer was proven false when he switched his gym bag from his left to his right  shoulder and hissed as it hit his side. His classmates all looked at him, concerned.


“Are you sure? You look like you're in a lot of pain,” Momo asked.


Dark Shadow popped up from behind Tokoyami. “He is,” the sentient quirk said. Then, without warning, he went over to Izuku and lifted up his shirt, beginning to unravel his bandages.


“Dark Shadow!” Tokoyami scolded, but he fell silent when he saw what was underneath the bandages.


The skin on Izuku's torso was mottled a sickly yellow with large purple spots. It looked slightly swollen in some areas and tight in others. The edges of a plaster cover were peaking out from under his t-shirt.


"Midoriya, what the hell happened?" Kirishima asked as he looked from his friend's torso to his face. 


Izuku 4ubbed his next sheepishly. "Like I said before, I got into a little fight. But it was no big deal! I'm fine!"


"What kind of 'little fight' could have you ending up like this?!" Kyouka exclaimed, shock and concern in her voice.


Izuku flinched at the accusation, then sighed. "It was a fight with some of my old classmates. I went for a walk on Wednesday because I was feeling restless and ran into them. They started talking and things escalated. I...never really got along with people from my old school."


He shuffled after a few minutes of his friends staring at him in shock then pulled his shirt over his bruises, took his old bandages from Dark Shadow, and began to walk towards the dorms.


A few more seconds went by, and the others reluctantly followed.




“A party!? I'm totally up for that!” Denki exclaimed after Yaomomo finished explaining the plan.


“What did Kendo think of this?” Tenya asked.


“She said she would talk to Awase about it. The others there all seemed to be on board, though.” Momo told him.


“This is gonna be so much fun!” Ashido exclaimed.


“Mina! Shush!” Ochako whisper-yelled. She gestured to Izuku on the couch. “‘Deku’s asleep!”


Ojiro sighed. “He really did tire himself out at training.”


Tenya stood up and, without a word, walked over to Izuku, picked him up gently, and headed up the stairs with him, his classmates staring in awe at the adorable scene.


No one noticed the way Shouto watched them.


Chapter Text

OKAY so as you know, I am not always able to post every day. Well, sometimes I don't have any ideas for the two fanfics I have now. Sometimes I write other fanfics that I haven't posted yet. I want to know if you guys want to see them. I already have a bunch of chapters for each one. There's a TodoIidaDeku, a TodoDeku, another IidaDeku and four undecided. If you want to see these stories then tell me in the comments.

The four undecided are complicated. I either haven't gotten to the point of making the ships or just want to know what you guys like. I'll give you a short description of each of those too

1. The TodoIidaDeku is a story about if Izuku had a modified version of All for One. Includes Dad for One, soft Bakugou, Eri being Izuku's "daughter" and rich Izuku

2. The TodoDeku in about Izuku's problems with bullying and suicide and quirk discrimination. Includes flashbacks, panic attacks, and low self-esteem on Izuku's part

3. The other IidaDeku is about the pressure put on Tenya to be perfect and how he reacts badly to it. Includes suicidal thoughts and actions, comfort, and Izuku being Izuku         

(Now the four undecided ones)


4. A new transfer student comes to UA. She seems nice, all happy and cool. But behind everyone's backs she's not so nice to the class sunshine. Things go downhill

5. Izuku is a vigilante who had been on the run for two years. He finally gets caught, and sent to UA's vigilante reform program. Includes Dadzawa

6. When Izuku and Katsuki get in a fight, Katsuki uses Izuku's deadname against him. The class didn't know he was trans, so shit happens

7. One night Izuku comes home for a weekend, to find his mother dead and Toga in her place. She takes advantage of him for her sexual desires, and now he has a long road to being okay. Includes the Bakugous being like Izuku's family. (Could possibly be a BakuDeku but I like the setting of Katsuki being like Izuku's big brother)

Tell me which ships you like best for the stories! Or don't and just leave me to figure this out on my own TwT

I'll be posting the exact same message on How Class 1-A Broke The School


See, I wrote that a couple months ago. Here's what I have now.




OKAY so I ended up posting the TodoIidaDeku a few months ago. I named it What is Family? and that's the link right there. So now I have some new fics that I want to know if people wanna see.


So I posted #1. #3 and #6 are still up for vote. I haven’t really dropped #2, I just think I could do better if I rewrote it. Maybe I will rewrite it. Idk.

#4, #5 and #7 weren't completely given up on, but not many people seemed to like the ideas too much. If people decide they do like them, I’ll continue and post them


Now for the new ones.

I’m starting from #8 this time so I don't get the numbers confused.


8. This one is a BakuDeku. After the sludge incident, Izuku goes missing. Katsuki is quite surprised when he shows up at the USJ, against his will.

9. This is a TodoDeku. Izuku’s parents are both pro heroes. When they die on his ninth birthday, he does a complete 180 personality-wise and decides that if life is gonna give him the middle finger then he’s gonna give it right back.

10. Another BakuDeku. Izuku is in the middle of hero training when suddenly he gets transported to another world where he’s a villain. He has to figure out how to get back home.

11. A KamiDeku. Izuku is framed and accused of sexual assault. By the time he is proven innocent, damage has already been done. His mother is gone, his reputation is shit, and being a rapist in prison is basically a death sentence. He is able to get into UA and the hero course, but what is he going to do if everyone is against him?


Now, another few undecided fics! 


12. Ever since he was nine years old, Izuku has been on the run from his father. Now, under a fake name and identity, he struggles to hide his true quirk, his identity, and who his father really is. Dad for One AU.

13. Also Dad for One. Might be a ShinDeku. Izuku has been hiding for so long, and he’s tired of losing everything he cares about. He finally breaks at the USJ and gives away his true identity.

14. After three years of being a vigilante, an orphaned Izuku Midoriya finally makes it into his dream school. The only issue; the pro hero that has been chasing him and grown to be his father figure is now his homeroom teacher. To keep his identity a secret, he has to give up his vigilante career. The new issue? Everyone thinks he’s dead.

15. This one isn’t so much an undecided ship thing as it is a polyamory thing. AND THAT DOES NOT MEAN SMUT!! Basically, one by one, the members of class 1-A (and a few others) find themselves trapped in a three-year time loop. Shenanigans ensue.

16. Basically we get to see what the first loop is like for Izuku, what he’s all alone and back in his first-year body. Like a side story for #15. Its also a KamiDeku, but I still put it here in the “undecided” section.

Chapter Text





“Hey, Iida!”


Tenya turned to where he heard his name come from, and saw Sero and most of his classmates staring back at him.


“Yes?” He responded, walking towards the group.


The black-haired boy’s usual smile fell down. “What happened to Midoriya over the break?”


Tenya frowned. “What do you mean?”


Momo cleared her throat. “Yesterday night, when we were walking back from the gym, Ojiro noticed Midoriya was limping a bit. Dark Shadow lifted up his shirt and we saw some painful-looking bruises on his torso. We’re all sure that he didn't have those last week, so he had to have gotten them over the break. So what happened?”


The blue-haired boy froze and thought for a second. Izuku probably wouldn't want everyone to know. He would claim it wasn't a big deal, and that he was perfectly fine.


...Except, he wasn't. It would be better if their classmates knew, just so they could watch out for Izuku and be mindful of his injuries. 


Tenya sighed and adjusted his glasses. “Alright, I’ll tell you.” His classmates all perked up and leaned forward, waiting for him to explain. “So, on Wednesday night, around two in the morning, I got a call from Izuku. He seemed to be stressed, and confused as to where he was. He realized he was at UA, and told me he was too injured to go home.” Several students gasped at that, but Tenya continued. “I went to go pick him up, and brought him back to my place. He had bruises everywhere, a few cuts, and both his knees were minorly dislocated. He later explained that he ran into some bullies from his old school, and they decided to fight him. He didn't want to hurt them so he didn't fight back.”


“That’s such bullshit!” Mina yelled, “I’ll find those guys and beat them up myself!”


“Not if I find them first,” Tenya said as he dropped down on the couch.


Ochako patted his right arm. “You weren’t there Tenya, you did all that you could.”


“I know that, but I wish he relied on me a little more. I feel like a terrible boyfriend sometimes, all because I just can’t help him.”


“Well, you can’t help someone unless they let you help, so until then, just do your best to show that you can help Deku, even if he thinks he doesnt need it, he’ll know he can ask you for it any time.”


Tenya smiled at his best friend. “Thank you, Ochako.”




That night, Izuku and Tenya were studying in the latter’s room, refreshing their memory after the break. Around nine-thirty, an hour into the study season, Izuku spoke up.


“Hey Tenya?”


His boyfriend looked up and relaxed a bit. “What is it, Izuku?”


Izuku paused for a moment, biting his lip, then took a deep breath and pushed on.


“You understand that...I know you care about me, right?”


Tenya was taken aback by the random topic, but he nodded nonetheless. “I sure hope you do Izuku, but...why are you bringing this up now?”


“ get that I know I can rely on you, right? Don't think that I don't trust you, because I do, I really do, just...”


“You overheard the conversation earlier,” Tenya said. It wasn't a question.


Izuku took a shaky breath, nodding. “Yeah. I did.”


“Izuku, I’m so sor-”


“No,” The latter stated firmly. “You have nothing to apologize for. If fact...I think I should be apologizing.”


Tenya’s expression twisted into one of confusion. “What? Why do you need to apologize?”


Izuku took a deep breath before beginning his little rant. “I know that I have trouble relying on people. I love you and care for you, and I know you feel the same, but I don't know how to rely on you completely just yet. Heck, when you brought me to your house I tried to refuse medical treatment even with two dislocated knees and a purple torso.” He laughed dryly at the last part. “It’s just kinda hard for me, going from having absolutely no one there for me in my life to having so many wonderful friends here at UA. I'm still not used to it.”


Tenya nodded along, soaking up all the new info. After a long minute of thinking, he spoke. 


“I understand, Izuku. And I’m not mad. While I don't know what it's like to have that sudden change, as I was never quirkless, I do understand that the sudden change of having friends can be very overwhelming. It's perfectly fine that even after a year you're still a bit iffy. Change is something we all must adapt to and some,” He pulled Izuku into a hug, “Take longer than others to adapt.”

Izuku spent a moment trying to figure out what to say, then he chuckled. “I thought I was supposed to be the cute one.”


That earned a laugh out of tenya as well, and they two heard a knock on his bedroom door.


Denki stuck his head in. “Knock knock, anyone- whoa, hey, lovebirds, save that PDA for the bedroom.”


“Kaminari,” Tenya started, “We are in my bedroom.”


The blond paused for a moment, then laughed. “I’m an idiot. Whatever. Anyway, Awase decided he was onboard with the party, and he and Kendo are here to discuss it right now. Yaomomo’s already downstairs, coming?”


Tenya nodded and stood up. “I’ll be right down.”


Denki grinned. “Coolio.” Then he closed the door and left.


Tenya turned to his boyfriend and held out his hand. “Shall we?”


Izuku smiled at him and took the hand. “Yes, yes we shall.”


They headed downstairs, hand in hand.


Chapter Text





Shouto Todoroki had an issue.


He was madly in love.


And the boy he was in love with was dating one of his best friends.


It started out as a small crush. Shouto didn't even know what a crush was when it started. After the provisional licensing exams, he realized that he wanted to hang out with Izuku Midoriya more, hold his hand, talk and laugh with him. But at the same time he was shy, wanting to hide himself from the boy’s bright smile. 


It wasn’t until about three months ago, when Shouto realized it was a crush. When Izuku started hanging out with Tenya more and more, Shouto realized just how much he missed having the smaller boy’s attention.


People often assumed Izuku and Shouto were a couple, so he started telling others that he was asexual, just to get them off Izuku’s back, seeing as he got stressed out when others made that assumption. 


But now he understood. Izuku started to hang out with Tenya more because they were together. He got uncomfortable when people assumed their relationship status because he was already in one. 


Ignorance is bliss, they say.


It very much was, and Shouto wished he could go back to when he didn't know.


Because now that he knew Izuku was already in a relationship, it hurt more than when he thought he just didn’t have a chance.


Now he knew he had no chance.


He tried his best to be supportive, because he knew that Izuku was very hesitant and secretive when it came to his sexuality. But Shouto couldn't help but think of how he could never be with the first person he ever felt like this about.


“Hey, Shouto-kun!”


Shouto turned and saw the very boy he had just been thinking of jogging up to him.


“What are you doing out here? I thought you preferred to go in runs in the evening.”


It was around 6:45 in the morning on Thursday, and Shouto had taken a morning run to try and clear his thoughts.


“I just wanted some time to think, so I decided to get out.” Oh well. Might as well be blunt about it.


Izuku, however, frowned. “Is there something on your mind? You can always come to me if you need to vent, you know? Or any of our friends for that matter.” He gave Shouto a reassuring smile. “I care about you Shouto, so never hesitate to come and ask for something.”


Shouto couldn't help but smile back. “Thank you, I...I’ll remember that..”


Seeing the smile on Izuku’s face grow when he heard his friend would accept his help, Shouto knew at that moment that he would do anything to keep it there.


Even if it meant forcing down his own feelings.




Forcing his feelings down was harder than he thought. 


Because now he saw it everywhere. Izuku and Tenya on their way to class, talking excitedly about the next hero lesson, the way their hands were loosely linked together.


How in between classes Izuku would look at Tenya over the chaos of the room and laugh a little, a small smile spreading across Tenya’s face as he sighed.


How they sat next to each other at lunch going over notes, helping each other out with things they missed.


How during heroics, Tenya would look and fuss over Izuku after sparring with Kirishima and taking a few hits, and how Izuku just kept insisting that he was fine and to brush it off.


How immediately after school was over, Izuku and Tenya went straight to the taller boy’s room to finish homework, and would emerge two hours later to head to the gym.


How Tenya forced Izuku to go rest after pushing himself too hard in training.


Shouto couldn’t just ignore the couple and push down his feelings, because they were everywhere and every time he saw them his heart hurt.  


He remembered being present for the meeting. Apparently class 1-B would be coming over to the 1-A dorms the following Saturday evening, and would bring extra chairs, tables and couches (courtesy of Kodai) along with party games. Class 1-A would take care of food and drinks, as well as decorations and music (courtesy of Jirou).


Shouto was hoping the party would help him take his mind off of... everything.  




Izuku sighed as he finished drying his hair. He had just finished a shower, after Tenya forced him to go to his room and rest after tiring himself out during training. Seriously, it wasn't that harsh.


He heard the familiar sound of his phone ringing, and spent a few moments looking around for it before he spotted it peaking out of the corner of his gym bag.


He took the device, eyes widening when he saw the caller ID.


“Hey mom, how are you doing?”


Chapter Text





Inko Midoriya was confused. Her son had gone home for nine days, as here was a short break. She had to leave halfway through for a business trip, which she was pretty upset about.


But when she came back Monday morning, the house was cold. The place was dark. As if someone hadn’t been there in days.


She sent Izuku a text, asking how he was, and he answered that he was at school and everything was fine.


But something didn’t set right with her.


For example, when she went into his room, the place was a mess. Like everything was being thrown around hastily while looking for something.


There was a water stain on the floor of the kitchen.


And for some reason, the couch was all messed up.


So, she decided to call him.


She dialed his number and waited a few moments for the phone to pick up. After two rings, it did.


“Hey mom, how are you doing?”  


She sighed, a small smile forming on her face at the sound of her son‘s voice. “Hi Izuku, I’m good. How are you?”


She heard him chuckle from the other line. “Hot. And sweaty. I just got back from a workout.”


“Oh, that’s...good.”


He chuckled again. “What’s so good about me being hot and sweaty? I need a shower.”


“Oh, shut up,” She retorted, her smile growing. Then she remembered why she called him. “Izuku?”


“Yeah mom?”


“I just wanted to ask...on Monday, when I came back, the house was all cold and your room was a mess. There was a water stain on the kitchen floor and the couch was a mess. Did you have friends over?”


She heard him choke, and grew concerned. “Izuku? If this is about the water stain-”


“It’s not the water stain, mom.” He said, voice sounding a little strained. “I, um, went on a walk, and I ended up near one of my...friend’s houses. He let me stay for a couple nights. I went back home to grab some of my stuff.”  


Inko sighed. So that’s why the house had been so cold, Izuku wasn’t there to turn on the heat. “The water stain?”


“He, um, scared me...and I spilled it.”  


“Okay, what about the couch? Did you two stay and watch TV for a bit?”


She could practically hear his hesitance to answer. “...Yeah...we, um, sat on the couch.”


She wasn’t sure how to feel about the uneasy answer, but she brushed it off. “Alrighty then. Which friend was it?”


“Uh, i-it was Iida-kun.”


Inko relaxed. She hadn’t formally met the Iida boy before, but she knew he was a very nice and responsible boy. “I like him. He’s a good friend for you.”




 Then she heard a knock on the other side of the door. [“Hey Izuku, did you finish your workout? I didn’t see you in the common room.”]  


“Ah, yes I finished, Tenya. I’m just talking to my mom.”  


[“Oh- oh! Very well then, sorry to interrupt.”] The padding of footsteps leaving.


“Who was that?” She asked immediately, purely out of curiosity. 


“Oh! That was Iida.”  


“First name basis?” She teased. She laughed softly when he stuttered and Inko just knew her son was blushing.


“You two must be really close.”


Then a few moments of silence passed.


“, mom?”  


“Yeah baby?”


“I-I need to go talk to someone, can I call you back in a minute?”  


Inko frowned. “Uh, sure baby, but why…?”


“I just need to ask them something, it’ll only be a minute! I’ll be right back!”  


Then a beep sounded and she knew the call had ended.


 Inko sighed. Teenagers were so confusing.


A couple minutes later, her phone rang again. She hurried to pick it up.




“Y-yeah...hi again, mom. I was w-wondering, c-could I bring Iida-kun over this weekend, t-to meet you?”  




Izuku paced around his room nervously for a few seconds, then summoned up all his courage and walked out.


He went down to the common room and saw his boyfriend sitting on the couch, reading an article on his phone.


“Um Tenya?” The latter looked up. “Could I t-talk to you for a second?”


Tenya nodded and stood up. “Of course, Izuku.”


The smaller boy took his hand and led him up the stairs and into his room.


“I thought you were talking to your mother?” Tenya said, as Izuku closed his door for privacy.


Izuku chewed on his lip. “Um...well I was, a-and I...I want to tell her this weekend!”


Tenya paused. “You mean about us?”


Izuku nodded. “In person.”


Tenya’s expression softened, and he smiled. “That’s fine, Izuku. She’s your mother, and I’ll be right behind you. I’ll even come with you if  you want me to.”


The green-haired boy relaxed. “Y-yeah, that would be nice.”


He took a deep breath and picked up his phone. “I’m gonna c-call her back to tell her..”


Tenya nodded. “That’s fine, I’ll leave if you want.”


Izuku shook his head. “No, you can stay, it’s fine.”


He only heard his phone ring once before the line picked up. “Izuku?”  


He sighed. “Y-yeah...hi again, mom. I was w-wondering, c-could I bring Iida-kun over this weekend, t-to meet you?” 


Chapter Text





Izuku took a few deep breaths as he pulled on his vest.


His mom had agreed to him coming over with Tenya. Tenya was fine with going. Aizawa-sensei was fine with them leaving.


But Izuku?


Izuku was not fine.


He was nervous.


He knew his mom accepted him as a part of the LGBT community, but he had never actually told her about having a boyfriend before. Crushes, yes. He would spill to her while she laughed and happily gave him advice.


But now he actually had a boyfriend. And he had no idea what she would think.


Especially if she found out what they were doing that messed up the couch.


He shook his head, zipped up his vest and slapped himself in the face with both hands.


He was going to be a hero. He had to be brave. He had to do this.


Just then, he heard a knock on his door.


“Izuku? I was just coming to check on you, and to inform you that I am ready to go when you’re ready. If you need another minute, I’ll wait in the common room.”


Izuku smiled at the sound of his boyfriend’s voice. He walked over to the door and opened it.


“I’m ready, Tenten. Just need to grab my shoes.”


Tenya smiled and nodded and Izuku rushed over to the corner of the room to grab his red sneakers. He pulled on the pair and walked out his bedroom door, closing in behind him and taking Tenya’s hand.


“Let’s go!”




They decided to walk to Izuku’s, as it wasn’t that far and it was a nice day out.


“The blossoms sure are beautiful.” Tenya acknowledged, brushing a stray petal off his shoulder. “Springtime is my favorite season. What’s yours, Izuku?”


Izuku laughed a bit. “I think it’s spring, too. Well, actually it might be winter.”


“And why’s that?” Tenya asked.


Izuku giggled. “Because that’s when we started going out, remember?”


Tenya felt a warmth blooming into his chest and his face flushed. He cleared his throat and looked down, pointedly avoiding looking directly at Izuku. Staring directly at the sun is bad for you.


After walking in silence for a bit, he noticed Izuku beginning to hold his hand a little tighter.


Tenya looked towards his boyfriend. Izuku seemed to notice, blushing and releasing Tenya’s hand immediately.


“Ah, sorry...I’m just kinda nervous, we’re getting close to my place now...”


The taller boy took back his boyfriend’s hand and smiled softly. “It’s fine, Izuku. It’s okay to be nervous.”


Izuku stared at Tenya for a moment, then smiled and held onto his arm with both hands.


They walked silently for the rest of the way there. When they arrived at the apartment complex, Izuku held Tenya'a arm tighter. When they stopped in front of the Midoriya's  front door, he let go completely. He took out his keys, but hesitated putting them in.


"Are you sure you're ready?" Tenya asked, noticing Izuku's hesitation.


Izuku took a deep breath and nodded, then he put the key in the hold and turned it until it clicked.


He turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.


“Mom? Mom, I’m home!”


“Izuku!” A voice called from inside, and a portly green-haired woman came dashing from down the hallway. As soon as she laid eyes on her son, she rushed up to him and squeezed him in a hug. “Welcome home!”


Izuku laughed a little. “Hi mom. How are you?” He asked, pulling away.


She smiled at him. “I’m doing fine, Izuku.” Then she noticed Tenya. “Hello, you must be Tenya Iida.”


Tenya straightened out, and Izuku giggled at his boyfriend’s doings. He could see it now; Tenya was just as nervous about this as Izuku was. It helped him relax, knowing that he wasn’t the only one.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Midoriya-san!” Tenya exclaimed, holding his hand out for Inko to shake.


She took it. “Please, call me Inko. And it’s a pleasure to finally meet one of Izuku’s friends!”


She gave Izuku an accusing look and he rubbed his neck sheepishly. Then she turned back to Tenya. “Please come in, make yourself comfortable. I prepared tea.”


Tenya thanked her and she headed back to the kitchen, and Izuku and Tenya started to take off their shoes..


“She loves you already,” Izuku whispered to him. Tenya brightened up.


“Your mom is really nice, I think this will all go down fine.”


Izuku still had some anxiety about it, but the tone in Tenya’s voice gave him confidence in it. He believed him.


Mostly. Like, ninety-eight percent.


“Are you boys coming?” Inko called from the kitchen.


“Sorry, we’re coming, mom!” Izuku called back. He quickly fixed his shoes and he and Tenya walked down the hall.


When they walked in, Inko was standing with a tray with three cups and a traditional-style teapot.


“Let’s sit in the living room,” She offered with a soft smile. Izuku’s heart was immediately hit with a familiar feeling of warmth and comfort. He tugged on Tenya’s sleeve and the two moved to sit down on the couch. Inko placed the tray on the coffee table before pouring some tea into the three cups, handing one to Tenya, one to Izuku, and taking one for herself before sitting down on the armchair.


“So, how’s school going for you two? It’s hard, right?” She asked, starting the conversation.


Izuku nodded. “Yeah, only a month left, and tests are coming up soon.”


Inko hummed in acknowledgement. “Are you prepared?”


Tenya took this one. “We, as well as our classmates and the students in class 1-B, have been training together during after-school hours in groups, so we can be prepared for the physical. A few of us have also set up study sessions in the student center, so we can work on our own studies and help out any schoolmates who need it.”


“UA isn’t overworking you all, right? You may be mature and in hero training, but you’re still just kids.”


Izuku shook his head. “No, things have really died down these past few months, and so far the end of the year has seemed pretty peaceful. Our class has actually started to get a little antsy, pulling pranks on each other for fun. We got so used to the edge that it’s weird for us now.” He smiled. “But overall it’s nice.”


“That’s...that’s good to hear.” Inko sighed. Then she cleared her throat. “Anyway, is there any specific reason you wanted to come this weekend, Izuku? It was rather sudden, and to bring a friend...I just feel like there’s more to it.”

Her son’s eyes widened and he looked over to Tenya, who nodded encouragingly. Izuku took a second to calm his racing heart, and turned back to his mom.


“Yes, there actually is something I wanted to speak to you about...” He took a deep breath. “Mom, remember when...I, um, came out to you?”


Inko blinked. “You mean-”


“Yeah, in eighth grade. When I came out. Um...what would you think of me actually dating...boys...”


Inko stared curiously at her son. “Well, I kind of figured you might. When I said I was fine with it, I knew I was taking the whole deal. But what is this about, honey?”


Izuku quickly glanced at Tenya. “’m dating a boy.”




It clicked for her immediately. Inko looked from Izuku back to his friend- no, boyfriend, and back to Izuku. A lot more made sense now.


She could see the both anxiety and relief flood her son, and with his boyfriend only anxiety was really present. But it was clear he was determined, and very hopeful for her approval.


So she did exactly what she knew both boys needed.


She smiled.


“Oh Izuku- That’s wonderful!”


Inko knew she had said the right thing when relief completely washed over the couple, and her son’s eyes teared up.


Tenya was a nice boy. On his first day at UA, Izuku came home spouting all kinds of things about his new friends, the cheerful brunette girl and the uptight yet very nice blue-haired boy. He was so excited, and Inko had heard so much about the two that she practically knew them already.


But, a couple months ago, Izuku started It wasn’t bad, necessarily, he just sounded a little lighter and more bubbly, like a teenager with a secret.


She could now see that was exactly the case. 


Inko laughed a little as Izuku shot up and crushed her in a hug. When he pulled back, he was wiping tears from his eyes.


“I-I’m glad you’re okay with this, mom.” He choked out. Inko nodded.


“Of course I am! You’ve told me so much about your friend- boyfriend,” She corrected, smiling a little when a flush spread across Izuku’s face. “I honestly feel like I already know him well. You seem to care a lot for him and...” She paused. “You care for Izuku a lot, right?”


Tenya nodded. “Of course I do, I care about him so much. I’ll do my best to protect him, cherish him, and be the partner I can be!”


Inko laughed again. “That’s wonderful to hear. I’m glad I don’t have to give you a shovel talk, it was never something I wanted to have to deal with.” Both boys laughed nervously at that. “But, I still have one question.”


“What is it, mom?” Izuku asked. Tenya straightened up a bit.


“What happened to the couch?”


Chapter Text





After going through the scolding with Inko and agreeing to sleep in separate rooms, Izuku and Tenya were both much more relaxed.


Both of them were glad that things did turn out. So even though they spent the night apart, it wasn’t a big deal.


The next morning, they ate breakfast, spent the day talking and hanging around the apartment, went out to the park, and went back there for dinner.


They also slept there Sunday night, and Monday morning they were both in their uniforms and ready to head back to school early.


They bid Inko farewell and left.




“Hey, Midoriya and Iida are back!”


Everyone turned their heads to the couple walking in at Kirishima’s statement. Most of them got up to greet the pair but Ochako and Tsu, for whatever reason, blushed and avoided looking at them.


“Uh...h-hi guys!” Izuku said with a smile.


“Good morning, classmates!” Tenya announced.


“Hi guys! How was home?” Tooru asked.


Izuku glanced at Tenya. “It went well. It was nice to see my mom again, too.”


“That’s good to hear,” Momo replied. He turned to Tenya. “And what about you, Iida-kun?”


Tenya looked away, blushing slightly. “It was fine.”


Ojiro tilted his head. “That’s it? Just fine?”


Tenya nodded. “Yes.”


A smile spread across Mina’s face. “Oh really? Nothing about your family?... or, did you spend the whole weekend at Midori’s-


“We should leave for class! We don’t wanna be late!” Izuku called over her, face bright red.


The students all laughed at the flustered couple and dispersed to finish gathering their things.


Izuku and Tenya both went up to put their weekend bags away, and when they came back down the common room was still half full.


They walked over to the couch, where Ochako, Shouto and Asui were all sitting.


“Hey guys! How was your weekend?” Izuku asked, sitting on the love seat.


Ochako’s head whipped up, her eyes wide. “Nothing! I mean, it was fine! I’m fine! We’re all fine! How was yours?”


Izuku tilted his head. “Ochako? Are you okay?”


The brunette backed up, flailing her arms and blushing heavily. “Of course I’m okay! I’m better than okay! Great, even! Are you great? You look great! That’s great! I think we’re gonna be late, I’m gonna go! C’mon Tsu!” She spit out all at once, grabbing her friend, both their bags, and running out so fast the green-haired girl didn’t have any time to protest.


Tenya looked at the half-open door and then to Shouto.


“She should’ve closed the door, it messes with the air circulation inside.”


From the kitchen area, Hitoshi snorted.




“Ochako was acting a little strange, was she not?” Tenya asked as the boys of the Izukrew walked to school.


“Oh god,” Shouto thought, “Not this again.”


“Strange? I mean, yeah. Tsu also. They were both acting a little unordinary, but they pretty much do everything together, so maybe it was like a secret between them or something.” Izuku responded.


“It’s happening again.”


“Come to think of it, they both seemed to be pretty flustered earlier...” Tenya thought out loud.


Both boys were silent for a moment, then the realization crossed over their eyes.


“You don’t think...”


“I believe they did...”




“At least they got it faster than the first time.”


They walked in silence for a minute, then Izuku cleared his throat.


“Dang, good for them.”


Shouto stifled a snort.




After school, the class representatives had scheduled a meeting in the student center. So while all their classmates headed back to the dorms or out for extra training, Tenya, Momo, Kendo and Awase met up at the center.


“So, how was your weekend, Iida? I heard you spent the whole time at Midoriya’s,” Kendo teased. Tenya blushed a bit.


“I-it was fine, his mother is very nice.” He answered with a small stumble of words.


Momo chuckled a bit. “Okay, we’ve already established that, but we’re here to talk about something different.”


Kendo straightened up. “Yeah, sorry. So I think we should just dive right into it. How are we doing this party?”


Awase stood up and turned on his tablet. “I mapped out the dates. Today is February twenty-second. Next week, the week of March first, is finals week. Monday and Tuesday we have our written tests, and Wednesday, Thursday and then most likely Friday through Sunday will be the three-part physical. There is no school the following Monday. Then we have the rest of the week, the weekend off, and classes officially end the following Tuesday. We then have Wednesday and Thursday to get ready to leave and Friday we move out.” He finished, showing the schedule on his device.


Momo quickly jotted down a few notes. “So it’s a matter of whether we should have the party before school ends, or after.”


Tenya cleared his throat. “Well, it would be illogical to have the party this weekend, since everyone will be taking the time to study. Thsi entire week as well, since having it midweek on such short notice would just be idiotic.” Awase x’d out the dates up until Sunday the twenty-eighth. “The following week is finals week, so that’s obviously out. As is the weekend.” Everything was crossed out up until the seventh of March.


“So, Monday the eighth?” Kendo asked, “Maybe give everyone a little time to let loose?”


Momo shook her head. “I doubt our classmates will have the energy to attend a party right after finals. It would be best to wait a few days for the stress levels and exhaustion to play down.”


Kendo nodded in agreement and Tenya continued.


“After Monday we have classes up until that Friday as usual. So no party then. The following week there’s school on Monday andTuesday, then we have Wednesday and Thursday to pack and Friday at noon is move-out day.”


“Alright,” Awase started, crossing out the last Friday. “So what we have is; Friday the twelfth, Saturday the thirteenth, Sunday the fourteenth, maybe Tuesday the sixteenth, Wednesday the seventeenth, and Thursday the eighteenth.”


“We can work with this,” Kendo acknowledged.


Momo nodded. “Right. So, I don’t think the party should be on the sixteenth. After the last day of school, our schoolmates most likely will unwind by going out in smaller groups.” Awase crossed off the day. “And the following Wednesday and Thursday should be reserved for packing, and no extra mess to clean up.” Two more days were crossed off. 


Kendo stood up. “I think that Friday the twelfth also should be left alone, as it is the last Friday of school and everyone probably will need a day to relax.” A round of nods were her answer, and the twelfth was crossed off.


“So what we have is Saturday the thirteenth and Sunday the fourteenth.” Awase said, looking up.


“I believe we can all agree that a Saturday would work out much better,” Tenya stated.


The fourteenth was crossed out. “So, Saturday the thirteenth?” Kendo asked. 


Momo looked up at the calendar. “Yes...I think that would be best. And I believe some time in the evening would be preferable.”


“Let’s say...six o’clock?” Tenya offered.


“That sounds fine. The new issue is where do we have it?” Kendo asked.


“Well, we could do it at the student center,” Awase started, “But the center closes at nine. We can’t go outside after ten, either. So our options are the center until nine or one of our dorm buildings until around ten.”


“Or...we could do a sleepover?”


Everyone turned to Momo. 


“Well, I don’t think that either class would appreciate having to leave right before ten o’clock. At the center, we wouldn’t even have until nine because of cleanup, plus we have to get permission and probably supervision. Our classmates probably wouldn’t like that either.” A round of nods. “So a sleepover would be best. Depending on which dorm we have the party at, the other class could bunk together in spare bedrooms or in the living room. The party could go late...not too late,” She added at Tenya’s pointed look, “And cleaning up altogether in the morning sounds much easier than rushing to clean it at night.”


“A sleepover...yeah,” Kendo nodded, “That sounds great!”


Tenya smiled. “Brilliant idea, Yaomomo! That definitely sounds enjoyable.”


“Great idea,” Awase congratulated, “But which dorms?”


The 1-A reps made eye contact, and Momo cleared her throat. 


“We could host the party, as long as both classes help out in cleaning up.”


Awase nodded. “Great.” He quickly jotted down the details. “Anything else?”


Kendo looked at the tablet, then at her schoolmates. “No, I believe that’s it. We’ll all pitch in with supplies, cleanup and costs, so don’t worry too much about that, okay?”


Momo and Tenya both nodded, standing up. “Wonderful. I’m sure all our peers will enjoy this,” The black-haired girl said, bowing.


Tenya nodded. “Thank you for meeting with us,” He bowed as well.


“Don’t worry about it, this helped us as well,” Kendo said, both her and her vice re bowing back.


“Alright then. Have a good night!” Tenya said with a wave, turning and starting to walk away with Momo.


“Bye!” Kendo called back, picking up her things and leaving with Awase.


And with that, the plans for the end-of-year party were set.




“Hey, Ochako?” Izuku asked as his best friend played with his hair on the couch.


“Hm? What is it, Deku?” Ochako responded.


“How did Tsu ask you out?”


Ochako responded to that by blushing furiously and activation her quirk.


“Wha- Ochako!”


“Yo, what’s going on-” Denki said, walking in with Mina and Kirishima.


The red-haired boy cut him off. “Holy crap- Midobro, you’re on the ceiling!”


“I know- ah!” He called down, bumping into the lights.


Suddenly, the front door opened. “Hello, classmates-”



“Ochako, please get my boyfriend down from the ceiling.”


Izuku blushed just as hard as Ochako.


Chapter Text





“I’m gonna fail all of these!” Denki exclaimed, dramatically flopping forward over the table in front of him.


It was Friday night. All week, the only thing happening in regular classes was review. Aizawa made hero training absolute hell. And every day after school, the students either split to go study or train. Some students (Mina and Denki) had been training all week to avoid studying, and now had three days until the math and history finals, then four until their literature and English finals.


Those who split their time right had been going at a pretty steady pace. But for Aoyama, Hagakure and Kouda who had just been studying, or Satou, Denki and Mina who had been only training, things were a little more difficult now.


Thankfully, Tenya was always up for helping his classmates train, and Momo didn’t mind having them study with her.


“If you work hard and push yourself to pass, you will,” Momo responded with a smile.


“Maybe if you had just done the smart thing and not spend your entire week blasting yourself stupid and calling it ‘training’ then you’d be fine,” Jirou called from the couch.


Ochako snickered from next to her and Momo gave her crush friend a stern look.


“Kyouka, please don’t tease him right now! We have to focus!” The black-haired girl told her. Kyouka shrugged and turned away.


“Everyone’s getting really stressed, huh, kero?” Asui asked from her seat on a stool next to Shouto. As the two most sensible people in the class, both made sure to balance out their schedules perfectly and push themselves without overworking themselves, so they didn’t end up like Sero who had to shove a chocolate bar in his face while reading a textbook because he didn’t have time for a real meal (he got yelled at by Tenya for half an hour about nutrition values) or Hitoshi who passed out in history because he forgot to eat and sleep ( he got yelled at by Recovery Girl, Aizawa-sensei, Midnight AND Tenya for that one).


So they had enough time to get a full eight hours worth of rest, all three meals, and at least half an hour to meditate and relax themselves.


That half hour was usually spent calmly judging their classmate’s terrible pre-exam habits with each other.


Shouto shrugged. “I don’t know why. I mean, they’re just tests.”


Hagakure turned to him. “Just tests?! Are you kidding me?! These are our finals, whether we pass or fail pretty much decides our whole future.”


“I never thought Tooru would be one to freak out about tests like this.” Ochako thought out loud.


“I-I could help you study,” Ojiro offered her with a slight pink tint to his face. Hagakure gasped and crashed into him, her sleeves wrapped around his torso and indicating that it was a hug.


She didn’t seem to notice the teasing looks at Ojiro, or the furious blush on his face.


“Really?! Thank you so much! You’re the best, Ojiro!” 


“” The poor boy stumbled, trailing off when he caught Ashido’s gesture, her finger crossing her throat indicating a threat.


He quickly looked away from the pink girl. “Y-yeah, no problem.”


Jirou then perked up.


“Who’s that screaming?”


The click of the front door unlocking was heard and the students in the room turned to see Tenya, Aoyama, Kouda, Hitoshi, Shouji, Kirishima, Izuku and Katsuki walk in.




“I did NOT! You weren't even using that end of the court, Kacchan!”


Tenya sighed at the bickering boys. “Bakugou, Izuku is correct. You were shooting with Kirishima-kun on the left end of the court. You were the one who decided to turn around and aim for the hoop Izuku and Shouji were using.”


Katsuki’s brow furrowed deeper, small explosions going off in his hands. 




“Lose to who?! You were literally blocking Kirishima-kun!” Izuku shot back, more aggressively this time with Katsuki having insulted Tenya.




“LEAVE TENYA OUT OF THIS, YOU PRICK!” Hitoshi choked on his laughter in the background.


“Both of you! Calm down!” A feminine voice yelled.


Two large hands came down and smacked the boys on their heads.


“Ouch!” Izuku exclaimed, rubbing his head.


Katsuki’s reaction was slightly more aggressive. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR, HANDSY?!”


Kendo rolled her eyes at him. “Your aggressive screaming is hurting Jirou’s ears. Knock it off.” Then she turned to Izuku. “Sorry, Midoriya.” She pointedly ignored Katsuki screaming ‘WHY ARE YOU APOLOGIZING TO HIM?!


“A-ah, it’s fine, Kendo.” Then he turned to Kyouka. “Sorry for being so loud, Jirou!”


“Don’t worry about it, Midori,” The rocker girl replied.


“Wait, Kendo?” Denki asked, whipping his head towards the door. “When did you get here?”


Kendo stared at him for what seemed like an eternity. “This whole time?! I’ve been sitting at that table with you for two hours! I even helped you solve some problems!”


“You did?!” The blond yelled, only to get stabbed by one of Jirou’s earphone jacks. “Ow! Kyouka!”


Kyouka rolled her eyes and sighed. “You’re an idiot.”


“Everyone, go back to focusing!” Tenya exclaimed over the chaos, dismissing the fact that Kendo was dragging Monoma out of the building ( where did he even come from??? ). “Apologies for being a distraction!” Then he turned to the people he entered with. “Those of you who came to train, please hurry and change to get some studying in!”


Everyone fell back into their own order and all the students who had left to train went up to change.


Tenya sighed and started up towards his own room, but as he turned to walk up the second set of stairs someone grabbed his wrist.


He turned around, and came face-to-face with Izuku.


“Tenten...could you come with me for a second?” The green-haired boy asked, a small blush on his face.


Tenya nodded. “Sure, Izuku. What do you need?” He asked.


Izuku didn’t answer, tugging on his wrist and pulling him into his room. He closed, and locked, the door when they were both inside.


As soon as the lock clicked, Izuku rushed over to Tenya and pushed him back until he fell on the bed.


“Izuku, what are you- whoa!” Tenya exclaimed as he fell.


Izuku climbed on top of him and buried his face in Tenya’s chest. Tenya pushed his back against the wall and wrapped his arms around him.


“Izuku?” He said softly.


“...Can we just stay like this for a few minutes?” The green-haired boy’s voice came out slightly muffled. “I know we have studying to do and we both have to change but...”


Tenya understood what he meant to say and pulled his boyfriend a little closer. 


“For you, it can wait.”




“You have three hours to finish this exam. If you are done before then, you may not leave until two hours of the exam are done. You then have one hour after the give three for lunch, then head back here for your English exam. Good luck, you may now start your tests.”


As soon as Cementoss finished his explanation, the sound of paper turning could be heard. Two minutes later, and it was heard again. No one needed to look to know it was Momo. Another minute and it sounded out again. Most likely Katsuki, he was never one to second-guess his answers. Another minute, this time two at once. Most likely Izuku and Tenya.


UA finals week had begun, and it was time for the students of 1-A to push themselves to victory once again.


Chapter Text





“Hey, that wasn’t too bad!” Denki said cheerfully as the students walked out of their classroom for lunch.


Mina nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, I think I did pretty good!”


Jirou nudged Denki. “Well if you think you did well then I must’ve done fantastic.”


“You’re so mean to me!” He whined as she giggled.


Hitoshi patted his shoulder. “There there,” He said with a small smile on his face.


“I’m sure you did just fine.”


Denki turned bright red.


“Y-you really think so? I mean, I probably didn’t do that well, b-but I do think I passed! I mean, it couldn’t have been that bad, right? W-well if you think so, then-”


Izuku giggled at Denki’s panicked rambling, and he laughed harder at the slight blush on Hitoshi’s cheeks.


He didn’t even notice Tenya coming up behind him.






Izuku jumped when a hand touched his shoulder, and he turned to see Tenya’s surprised face morph into a smile.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” The taller boy said with a chuckle. “I just wanted to ask you, what did you think of the literature exam?”


“T-the exam?” Izuku stuttered, “Oh! I-I think it went pretty well! I mean, I was a little confused by what the questions were asking in article four, but I got it in the end!”


“That’s good,” Tenya said as the two got on the line  to get their lunch. “I had the same issue, but it was really just a matter of how you actually read the questions.”


“Exactly!” Izuku exclaimed, nodding enthusiastically. He then looked out the window.


“Hey Tenya?” He started, catching the taller boy’s attention, “Do you wanna eat outside? It’s a nice day, a-and there probably aren’t many people out there.”


Tenya looked thoughtful for a moment, then he slowly nodded. “Yes, that sounds nice. Should we invite Shouto to sit with us as well?”


Izuku’s smile brightened. “Yes! Let’s!”


He looked around and spotted Shouto sitting alone at their usual table, beginning to unpack his lunch.




The latter paused and looked up to see Izuku rushing towards him, Tenya not far behind.


“Izuku, what is it?” He asked.


“Do you wanna come eat lunch outside with Me and Tenya?” The green-haired boy asked, practically bouncing.


Shouto looked from Izuku to Tenya to the outside, then placed his chopsticks down.


“Sure, I’ll come.” He finally responded, picking up his things.


Izuku relaxed. “Great! Let’s go!”


Izuku started towards the door, and his friend and boyfriend had to run to catch up.


He found a spot with a picnic table underneath a tree, then dropped down on the ground.


When Tenya caught up, he frowned in confusion. “Izuku, why are you sitting on the ground? There’s a table right there.”


Izuku just shrugged in response.


Tenya rolled his eyes and smiled fondly, sitting down right next to him. Shouto sat on the other side of him, albeit farther away.


“Oh, so because I’m eating on the ground you two have to as well?” Izuku teased. Then he turned to face Shouto. “Are you really going to eat your soba on the ground?”


Shouto responded by dipping some noodles in sauce and slurping them loudly, not breaking eye contact with Izuku as if to make a point. Izuku snorted.


“Oh my god-” He wheezed, choking on his rice. A look of immediate panic came to Tenya’s face and he pounded his boyfriend’s back to help dislodge the food from his windpipe. Izuku finally stopped coughing and all three of them fell silent for a moment. Then they all burst out laughing.


“Izuku, please be careful.” Tenya said, clearing his throat.


Shouto looked at him blankly. “Yes. Please don’t bring any villains here right now, we’ve almost made it two months without any attacks.”


Izuku looked at him, slightly offended. “Are you serious?”


“You are quite the villain magnet, Izuku.” Tenya said with a smirk. Izuku pouted at him, causing the taller boy to laugh. In response to his laughter, Izuku punched his left shoulder.


Tenya flinched and glared at Izuku half-heartedly.


“You little shit, that’s my bad shoulder. Get over here-”


Izuku squealed and tried to scurry away, but Tenya grabbed onto his waist and started to tickle him. The smaller boy was practically gasping for air, and the evil look on Tenya’s face didn’t go away. Eventually, Izuku pried Tenya’s hands off him and covered his torso, protecting himself, and the couple fell back laughing.


Neither of them noticed the hint of jealousy in Shouto’s eyes.


But to be honest, Shouto was having too much himself fun to care about it much.




The English exam was shorter than the literature one, but it was just as hard, if not harder. Almost everyone walked out looking at least a little more defeated after that one, minus Bakugou who was just as sure of himself, Izuku and Tenya who were always looking to be positive, and Denki who was already mostly fluent anyways.


“It’s not fair that part of your family lives in America!” Mina whined as her blond friend walked back looking proud.


“Hey, you think I want my Aunt Shini to live thousands of miles away? She loves me more than my own mom does!” Denki shot back, to which Hitoshi snorted upon hearing.


“Don’t worry, I’m sure my mom will love to meet you,” He said with a grin.


For the second time that day, Denki flushed red.


And a few of the shippers in the class cheered internally.




On Tuesday, the History and Math exams went about as well as the first two, although they were definitely a lot more stressful.


“Just why did they have to add letters to math,” Hagakure groaned.


“Forget letters, having to remember all of these specific dates is just utterly ridiculous, ” Kirishima responded, stretching a bit.


The math test had been in the morning, and the history exam was after lunch. When both exams were over, the students of class 1-A trudged back to the dorms. Most of them tripped over their shoes and dropped down the moment they were able to, but a few started upstairs to change for training.


“Wait! Everyone!”


Everyone stopped what they were doing.


Tenya pushed up his glasses and cleared his throat. “We have the physical portion of our exam starting tomorrow. I suggest you all at least try to use your quirks a little, but do not exhaust or overuse them. If you are going to train, be careful to to get injured, and make sure to be back at seven-thirty. Please be ready for bed by eight-thirty. I’m calling lights-out at nine o’clock. I believe that with the right preparations, we will all pass this exam together. That’s all I have to say.”


For once, no one complained about the early lights-out. Even Hitoshi, who rarely got four hours of sleep a night, was seen taking pills and z-quill to help him rest.


Even with lights out at nine o’clock, no one in class 1-A was able to sleep for hours, all of them too nervous about what the morning had in store for them.


Chapter Text





Izuku’s eyes shot open at the sound of his alarm. The moment he was awake, he knew it was exam day. He sprung out of bed and ran to his little side bathroom to brush his teeth, came out, got dressed, grabbed his backpack and ran to his door.


The moment he opened it, he slammed into something- or someone.


“Crap!” He exclaimed, falling back.


“Oh god- Izuku, I’m so sorry!”


He looked up and saw Tenya crouching down in front of him, seemingly checking him over for injuries. “I wasn’t sure if you were up yet, so I came to check on you. I was just about to knock and you just ran out. My apologies.”


Izuku waved him off and stood up. “Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.”


Tenya frowned at him, then brightened up a bit. He pushed Izuku’s hair back and kissed his forehead.


“There. All better.”


Izuku giggled and the two heard a whistle from the end of the hall.


“Hey! No PDA! Save that for the bedroom!” Denki exclaimed, Sero snickering behind him.


Both Izuku and Tenya blushed at the comment, and their two classmates ran down the stairs laughing. After a moment of awkwardness, Tenya grabbed Izuku’s wrist and pulled him out of the doorway, closed his door, and pulled him down the stairs.


Everyone was running around the common room. Aoyama was screaming something in French, looking for what Izuku could figure to be shoes. Mina was bouncing around Hagakure and Jirou, who were munching on melon pans while Yaomomo lectured them on eating a real breakfast. Ochako and Tsu were hand-in-hand in the corner, the brunette girl freaking out and her girlfriend trying to calm her. Katsuki was screaming at Denki and Sero to get out of his kitchen space, and Kirishima was trying to de-escalate the situation. Behind them, Satou was checking on something in the oven. The other students were strewn around the room, either getting ready to go or just watching the chaos unfold.


Tenya paused to sigh and then whistled loudly. All heads turned to him.


“All of you, fix yourselves! Aoyama, your shoes are by the washing machine! Ashido, stop bouncing! Jirou, Hagakure, please eat a real meal! Bakugou, stop yelling! Kaminari, Sero, stop provoking Bakugou! And Shouto, for the love of god, where is your shirt?!”


Izuku turned to the kitchen and away from whatever the hell his boyfriend and best friend were getting into. He heard a timer go off and looked to see Satou perk up and look into the oven, then nod and pull out two trays, placing them on the counter.


“Good morning Satou! What did you make?” He said, walking up to the baker.


Satou paused and turned to him, smiling. “Hey Midoriya. I made muffins for everyone. Blueberry and banana. I figured that no one would actually remember to have a good breakfast, other than Bakugou.” They both looked over to the blond, who was taking grilled salmon cakes off the stove and putting them on a paper towel. 


Izuku turned back to Satou. “That’s very nice of you, Satou!”


The two conversed until a small timer rang out. Satou paused what he was saying and turned to the chaotic class.


“Hey guys, I made muffins! Come and get them!”


Immediately, everyone stopped what they were doing and rushed over to get some of Satou’s fresh-baked muffins. Izuku giggled and took a blueberry one, all while thinking that the day might just turn out fine after all.




The hero students knew that they had no business going into the school, only the other courses were to go. Support, Business, and even Gen Ed all had their own exams in the building.


So instead, the hero students went straight to the locker rooms to change into their hero costumes as instructed the day before. The 1-B students would be having their exam in the time after theirs, so 1-A had the locker rooms to themselves.


At 8:20, all twenty students were lined up in front of Ground Gamma.


Five minutes later, Nedzu, Thirteen, All Might, and Aizawa, who was holding a clipboard, all walked out onto the field.


“Good morning, 1-A!” The principal greeted from his spot on Aizawa's shoulder, “I hope you’re all well rested and prepared for your exam!”


Aizawa looked around at the students all grouped together. “I hope you’ve all learned after last time to not believe every rumor you hear. Of course, you should take things into consideration, but don’t be gullible. And I’m sure you all understand that we never repeat the same exams.”


Nedzu picked up from there again. “Last year, the final was two parts. The year before that, five. This year it’s three. The test changes as well, and this year, the first part...”


“Is my specialty- rescue training!” Thirteen exclaimed.


The students began to whisper to one another, trying to guess what the test would be exactly.


“I’ll explain!” Thirteen said over their whispers, “You all had your rescue training done a few months ago. You were supposed to have it at the beginning of the year, but because of the USJ attack we were unable to. Consider yourselves lucky that it was pushed back, as what you learned should be more clear in your memories!” 


The students shivered at the reminder of the USJ, and Thirteen continued.


“Your exam will have three parts. And today, as I hope I’ve made clear, is a rescue simulator!” She gave a moment for the students to process. “You’ll be split into groups of four, and each group has thirty minutes to complete the test. There are small robots hidden around the training ground, and each individual has to find four in order to pass. There are exactly sixteen bots hidden, four for each person. Four of the sixteen will make sound, but a person cannot have more than two sound-making bots. When you have four bots in total, at least two silent, make your way over to the safe zone, all the way on the platform in the center of the ground. Once you make it there with all four bots unharmed, you pass. Now, questions?”


“Can we steal bots from others?” Katsuki asked, not even bothering to raise his hand.


Nedzu smiled and nodded. “As long as the bots are unharmed, and are all back in the safe zone before the thirty minutes are up, anything is fair game.” The stoat answered.


“These are the groups you’ll be testing in.” Aizawa said, looking down at his clipboard. “First group; Sero, Bakugou, Kaminari, Kirishima.”


Katsuki’s testing partners all looked at their friend warily, quickly looked away when they saw the evil grin on his face. Aizawa cleared his throat and continued.


“Second group; Midoriya, Ashido, Todoroki, Shouji. Third group; Jirou, Satou, Asui, Kouda. Fourth group; Uraraka, Shinsou, Aoyama, Tokoyami. And the fifth and final group; Iida, Ojiro, Yaoyorozu, and Hagakure.” He looked up from his board. “The groups will be going in their respective orders. Group one has until nine o’clock to prepare for their test. You stay here with Thirteen. The rest of you, follow Nedzu, All Might, and myself to the observation room.”


As the students split up, all of them had the same thought on their minds.


Final Practical Exam Part 1:




Chapter Text





All sixteen students in the observation room watched the screen, waiting for something to happen.


About fifteen minutes prior, the first group had split from them to get ready for their own exam. Aizawa explained that any minute their test would start. So there they were, waiting.


“Those unlucky losers, all stuck with Katsuki.” Mina said, smirking. Jirou shook her head, laughing.


“But I’m sure you’re worried about your boyfriend, right Mina?” She teased, nudging the pink girl.


Said pink girl changed from pink to red in a second. “W-what are you saying?! Hanta’s not my boyfriend!”


“Hanta? Who said we were talking about Sero?” Jirou pressed. Mina gaped at her for a few moments while the rest of the students stifled their giggles, before defending herself.


“I-I mean, it’s- it’s obvious you were! L-like Hanta’s kinda cute and hot all at the same time- not that I’m saying I think he’s cute and hot! Not that I’m saying he’s not cute and hot! It’s just common knowledge-”


She was cut off by a beeping noise coming from the speakers, and a little 30:00 appeared in the corner. It changed to 29:59, then 29:58.


Then the first explosion was heard.




As soon as Katsuki heard the robotic voice calling out “START,” He was off, leaving his friends competitors in the dust.


He jumped around, powered by his explosions, looking over for the robots. He knew that some of them made sound, and his explosions would only cover that sound, but he wasn’t looking for those ones anyway. They were the easy way out, and since when was Katsuki Bakugou ever one to take the easy way out?


He gritted his teeth and blasted off again from the ground, up onto a pipe high above the others. From there he could see the clock in the distance, and maybe hear some yelling, but he didn’t have time to care about that. He looked around the area below him to see if he could spot any robots from there.


Just as he was about to jump back into the pipes, he noticed something.


The structure he had previously been standing on, some weird water tower looking thing, was slightly tilted.


That could’ve just been the design of the structure, but Katsuki figured it was worth checking out.


He angled his right arm to blast himself off the pipe he was on and downward, then held out his left to set off another explosion for landing.


Once he was on his feet, he inspected the tilted structure.


Underneath the shortest leg, the floor slightly caved in like something had fallen on it, and he could clearly see a blinking red light as well.




He jumped down to it and saw a small green robot laying down, its wheels crushed underneath the tower leg.


Katsuki looked around to see if there was anything he could use to catch the tower for when he blasted the leg off.


A large metal box about the same height as the legs stood about ten feet behind the structure.


He didn’t hesitate to angle his wrists down and blast off towards the structure, blowing up the entire damaged leg, and snatching up the robot. He turned around and, before the tower was able to fall, aimed a large explosion at it. The tower tipped in the other direction, and ended up leaning against the metal box.


Katsuki grinned ferally when he saw that his plan turned out exactly as expected.


He looked down when he noticed the robot was still struggling. He flicked it on the head.


“Oh shut up, you’re getting in my way.”


Then he took off again.




Hanta looked up when he heard a short tune play out from somewhere above him.







Already?! But there were still twenty-one minutes left! What the hell was that guy on?!


That meant that there were probably ten robots left. Well, unless Denki and Eijirou had already found some. It could be way less than that.


And Hanta still needed to find two more robots to pass.


He shook himself out of his thoughts and aimed his elbow up, shooting out some tape and swinging upward. He already had found two robots, and strapped both securely onto his back. He didn’t want to waste time rushing all the way across ground each time he found a bot, and risk running out of time. Hence the DIY carrier.


He paused when he landed again, taking a moment to catch his breath.


Then he saw white.


The next thing he knew, one of his robots was missing.


Hanta took another moment to regain his posture, then turned around to see Denki springing away, two robots attached to either side of his belt and one peeking from over his shoulders.


“Denki, you asshole-


“Sorry dude!” His friend called back, “But I can't afford to fail! Eijirou’s already got two silent bots, and I only have two beeping ones! I swear I’ll buy you that stupidly expensive soy sauce ice cream you’ve been wanting to try! Love you man!”




The blond had already disappeared behind the bars.


Hanta groaned and took off again. Now he not only had to worry about finding not two, but three more bots! Stupid Denki stealing his points. And yeah he knew his friend felt bad about it and yeah he really did want to try that thirty dollar ice cream but! He still wanted to pass! How the hell was he gonna-


Then he heard a crash and slowed to a stop. Through a little space in the pipes, he saw something move. 


A flash of read.


‘Eijirou’s already got two silent bots…’  


Hanta’s face split into a grin and he silently thanked Denki for that information.


He looked closely through the bars, and saw Eijirou bending over the center of a small clearing, two bots being held down by his costume strap.


“Hey little guy!” The redhead said cheerfully, “How ya doing? That probably wasn’t very comfortable. Well, in a few minutes you’ll be back at the treatment area! I just need to find one more of your little friends, how does that sound?”


The bot only responded with more whirring, and Eijirou chuckled and picked it up, tucking it into his sash as well. Hanta realized that now was his chance. He aimed his elbow upward.


“As nice and snug, little guy?” He asked. As expected, he received no response. “Awesome. Just hang in there, okay?”


He then hardened his forearms, jumping onto one of the beams and using his now claw-like hands to latch onto the metal and haul himself up.


When he was about halfway up, Hanta let loose.


He shot his tape out. When it came back, he had two bots in his arms.


Eijirou immediately paused and whipped his head around, focusing on Hanta. The black-haired boy gave a little salute and wink, then took off in the other direction.


A few seconds later, he heard another loud crash and fast footsteps following him from below.


“Hey man!” Eijirou yelled from down below, “Stealing my points?! Really?! That is totally not manly!”


Hanta winced at the tone in his friend’s voice, but pushed on forward. Eijirou was tough, he could pass easily.


He almost shrieked when he heard a loud clang behind him and saw that Eijirou had jumped halfway up to him and was now quickly climbing upward. Hanta shot out more tape and pulled himself higher.


And in the process, he dropped one of the bots.


“Shit!” He exclaimed as Eijirou caught the robot. The redhead then paused.


“I’ll find two others easy-peasy. Good luck, man!” Then he saluted and jumped backwards off the pipe. Hanta heard another clang and footsteps padding away.







Hanta groaned and turned back to the front. The giant clock showed that there were sixteen minutes and forty-three seconds left. He gritted his teeth and took off again.




Seven minutes left. Ten freaking minutes passed, and he hadn’t found another robot! Two minutes ago, the speaker had called out that Eijirou had passed. That meant that there were only two more bots. And Hanta already had one sound-making bot. That meant that if all of Eijirou’s bots had been silent, Hanta had already failed.


No, no way. He still had seven minutes, and Hanta had already combed through most of the testing ground. He could do this, he could find two more bots in seven- no, now six minutes…


He started to run a little faster and swung himself closer to the ground. Pushing aside the fact that his legs were burning and his shoulders were aching from all the repetitive movement. He didn’t have time to take a break.


After another couple minutes of searching, Hanta aimed his elbow upward and latched onto a higher beam so he could check his remaining time.


But as he was pulling himself upward, his tape swung to the side and got caught on the corner of a tower-like structure, ripping in the process. Hanta barely had time to realized wheat was happening before he started to plummet towards the ground.


As he fell he instinctively changed his form and rolled so neither he nor the bots he had on him would obtain damage. When he slowed to a stop, he took a few seconds to catch his breath.


That’s when he heard the beeping.


Hope and relief flooded him as the tension left. Maybe he had a chance after all.


Hanta slowly stood up, brushing dust off himself. Then he made his way over to where the sound was coming from.


He came to a little clearing, where the beeping was loudest. But that didn’t make sense, where were the bots? Was this some fluke set up to give him false hope?


Then he heard a groan of protest from above him and immediately looked up.


And hanging from an unstable metal structure were not one, but two bots.


One with a blinking red light, the other silent and unmoving.


Hanta almost cheered right then and there.


But first he had to pass.


He scaled up the side of a tower and looked over the clearing below him.


When what seemed like the perfect idea came to him, Hanta’s grin turned feral.


He climbed a little higher and shot his tape downward, then ripped it off at his elbow and stuck it onto the beam he was on. He tugged on it to make sure it was secure, and when it didn’t move, he made one more, much shorter piece of tape, turned it face up so it wouldn’t stick, looped it over the first strip he had made, and wrapped it around his left hand.


Then he kicked off the beam and slid down the makeshift zipline, grabbing the two bots from their hanging position and dropping down at the last second before he crashed.


Then he made a break for the entrance.


He crossed onto the tarp where his friends were all waiting, exactly one minute and fifteen seconds before time was up.




Hanta threw his fist into the air and yelled in victory.


Denki and Eijirou ran up to him, lifting him up on their shoulders and cheering for him. Katsuki clicked his tongue, but gave him a small smirk, with a hint of pride.


“Good job, soy sauce.”


Hanta beamed at him, then looked down at Denki smiling at him.


“You better buy me that ice cream.”


Denki’s smile didn’t waver, too happy for his friend to be bothered.


Chapter Text





Izuku was nervous.


Okay, he was always nervous. But this was a different nervous. 


Like, he only had fifteen minutes until the first part of his practical exam started nervous.


So he was kind of freaking out.




In the bathroom.


But honestly, who could blame him? He’d been so pumped for the exam, he hadn’t had any time to be anxious. So of course, it was going to hit him full-force all at once.


As he continued to spiral, he didn’t hear the door open, nor did he hear the footsteps echoing through the room.


He startled and yelped a little when he heard an unexpected, “Young Midoriya?” Coming from outside.


“I’m fine!” He squeaked out, quickly picking himself up.


Outside the stall, he heard All Might chuckle. “Of course you are, my boy.”


They were both silent for a minute, then Izuku let out a little sigh.


“It’s just...I’ve been super excited for the exams, right? Like, I was really looking forward to seeing how much I’ve improved. But now...”


“All that anxiety is hitting you hard, eh?” All Might finished.


Izuku swallowed. “Uh, yeah. That.”


They were silent for a few more moments, then All Might clicked his tongue.


“Come out of the stall, Young Midoriya. I wanna look at you while we talk.”


Izuku hesitated before unlocking the stall door and opening it. In front of him, his mentor relaxed, and smiled. Izuku couldn’t help but send a small smile back.


“Come here, my boy. I won’t bite.” All Might said. Izuku chuckled and closed most of the large gap between them.


All Might put his large hands on his shoulders. “You are going to do great, my boy. You’ve worked so hard and have gone through so much to get to where you are today. I'll be proud of you no matter what. So don’t stress too much, you don’t need to worry about yourself.”


Izuku couldn’t help the tears that came to his eyes as All Might laughed. 


“S-sorry, I still need to work on the crying,” He said as he wiped away his tears.


All Might stopped laughing and stepped back. “That you do, my boy. But for now, just worry about doing your best. I know you’ll make it out on top!”


Izuku clenched his fist and looked his mentor in the eye, feeling more confident. “I’ll do whatever it takes to move forward. I’ll be a hero!”


“You already are, my boy. Now, go beyond...”


“Plus ultra!”




Shouto checked the clock for the thirteenth time that minute. Where the hell was Izuku? There were only three minutes until the exam started, and if he didn’t get there soon he was going to miss the whole thing!


He kept checking the time anxiously as Mina bounced around Shouji, excitedly asking him for his thoughts. The taller boy would give short, one-word answers that did nothing to satisfy Mina’s excited exterior. 


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door opened behind them and Izuku walked in.


“Sorry guys, I was talking to All Might. I’m all good.” He said with a smile. Just as Shouto opened his mouth to respond, a static filled the room.




The door slammed shut on it’s own and Izuku squeaked and ran into the empty space, right between Shouto and Mina.




The only thing Shouto could focus on was the countdown as it blared out the seconds. He was barely aware of Izuku’s nervous muttering, Mina excitedly counting along, and his own beating heart.




Izuku suddenly shut his mouth and sank down into a fighting position, as if preparing to run. The others caught on and copied.




Shouto closed his eyes and took a deep breath in and out. This was it.






And then they were off.




Two bots. Izuku had two bots.


Six minutes had passed, and he had two bots. Not that bad, but not as great as he’d like to do either.


He looked away from the clock and back to the section of pipes below him. He lit up when he noticed something green.


Izuku jumped down the layers of pipes and zoomed in on the spot where he thought he saw the bot.


He was glad to find that there was in fact a bot there.


At this rate, he might even beat Katsuki’s time.




He was able to find a fourth bot underneath some fallen pipes.


As soon as he found it, he bolted to the front.




Exactly one minute and three second’s faster than Katsuki.


Across the campus in the observation room, said very angry pomeranian had to be restrained by his teacher.




Shouto had just grabbed his third bot when he heard the announcement that Izuku had passed.


His first thought was, ‘Well, Bakugou’s not going to like that.’


Then he went back to focusing on finding one last bot.


He turned down his temperature and froze the pipes in front of him, then rose it again to fire a good punch and shatter the pipes, clearing the area to see if there had been any more bots. When he was sure there were none, he used more ice to bring himself up to the top of the pipes and then started to slide across them, looking out for more bots.


Suddenly, Shouto hit an unexpected tear in the pipe and slipped backwards. He was able to use his ice to slide down and not get severely injured, but he almost lost a bot in the process. 


Once he had stopped, he looked up and around to see where he had landed. About twenty feet above him were the pipes he had recently been sliding on. He brushed off the fact that if he hadn’t used his ice to slow his fall that would not have been pretty and started to search the area for any bots.


After about two minutes of walking and searching, he found nothing. Shouto decided that he probably wasn’t going to find any there and started to use his ice to blast himself up.


About ten feet from the surface something green caught his eye, causing him to stop immediately and almost slip again.


He crouched down to take a closer look, and sure enough, a bot was tucked down in between some close-together pipes.


Shouto created enough ice to slide down and grab the bot. Then he continued his way up, his goal now being to get to the exit as fast as possible.


He passed the archway not thirty seconds later.


‘Ten minutes...’ He thought, ‘Not bad.’


He then turned to where Izuku was beaming and cheering for him. A small smile slipped on his face as he moved forward to join him.


Chapter Text





Shouji and Mina arrived soon after Shouto. They all met up at the gates and congratulated each other, then started to head back.


The four students made their way back to the observation room, where Katsuki immediately pounced on Izuku. Tenya and Kirishima both jumped in to separate the two, and the rest of the class shook their heads at their antics.


The next three groups went, and with varying levels of difficulty, passed. When all five groups finally finished around 12:30, their teachers congratulated them and sent them away with reminders not to overexert themselves and be sure to be well-rested for tomorrow’s test.


However, even after the tests, Denki and Mina apparently still had a lot of energy left over.


“C’mon guys!” Mina whined. “It’s only, like, one o’clock! None of you are just gonna go to bed now, right?”


“What do you think my plan was?” Hitoshi asked blankly. Denki waved him off.


“You’ll have plenty of time for that later. Seriously, all of you just wanna sit here and do nothing? How about we go see a movie!”


Tenya stepped forward, frowning. “Ashido, Kaminari, the end-of-year finals at UA aren’t just some small deal. It is important to get enough rest so that we will be prepared and have enough energy for the next two days.”


“Well…maybe we could just watch a movie together, here?” Izuku suggested, taking Tenya’s arm. “Then we could all relax and still spend time together. Wouldn’t that be okay?” He asked, looking up to his boyfriend with big doe eyes. The blue-haired teen blushed up to his ears and turned away, shielding his face.


“I-I suppose that would be alright…” He muttered.


Ochako leaned over. “Deku, you sly bastard.” She whispered into his ear. Behind them, Yaomomo shook her head, a fond smile on her face.


“I think a movie here would be just fine. The only problem is, I don’t believe we have any popcorn or other snacks.”


“Me and Denki don’t mind going out to get them!” Mina cheered. Denki nodded his head next to her enthusiastically.


Meanwhile, Tenya had mostly shaken himself out of the daze of Izuku’s charm. “Be careful with what you get, it wouldn’t be good if you had too many unhealthy snacks and sweets during exam week.”


“We could go to Trader Joe’s, there’s plenty of healthy and yummy snacks there, and it’s only seven minutes away!”


Hitoshi stood up. “I’ll go and make sure they don’t go overboard,” He said, placing his hands in his pockets.


“I think I’ll go too,” Sero piped up, “I’m still a little pumped up from the test too. I could use this.”


Surprisingly, Shouto volunteered himself as well. “I could use some fresh air.”


Tenya nodded. “It’s settled then. You five go and get the snacks, and the rest of us will pick out movies.”


The five students quickly put on their shoes and left as their classmates began to sort through possible movies.


They made it to the store in five minutes, Denki and Mina immediately dashing to the chip aisle. Hitoshi and Sero made brief eye contact before following their companions. Shouto walked after them in silence.




“So what’s got you all depressed, Ice Prince?” Hitoshi asked from next to Shouto. Behind them, Sero, Mina and Denki were arguing over whether regular jelly beans or sour jelly beans were better.


Shouto stayed silent, trying to decide whether or not it would be a good idea to explain. After a minute, he sighed, deciding ‘fuck it, here come my feelings.’


“I’m…in love, with Izuku.” He admitted. Hitoshi raised an eyebrow.


“I can’t really say I’m surprised, honestly.” The insomniac started, “I don’t think anyone else has noticed but I’ve seen it. You always act a little…differently around him, and possibly a little bitter when he and Iida are together.”


“I don’t want them to break up,” Shouto immediately said, “They’re really happy and Tenya’s one of my best friends and so is Izuku, but I just can’t help it. I’ve tried so hard to stop caring about him, but he’s just…” He trailed off, not being able to find the right words.


Hitoshi stared at him a bit, almost like he was looking for something. “Maybe that’s where you’ve been going wrong. Don’t try to just stop caring about Midoriya altogether. That wouldn’t be good for either of you, if you just randomly stopped being his friend. Maybe try confessing? Explain your feelings for him and see how he reacts. You can even try telling Yaomomo, she’d probably be able to help you better than I can.”


“Just, try your best to do what you think is right. Whatever makes you feel better. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just try to push through it.” He finished with a grin. Shouto gave him a small smile.


“Thank you, I should-”




“We should probably stop them before we get kicked out.” Hitoshi said quickly. Shouto sighed and nodded in agreement.




“Hey, you guys are back!” Hagakure exclaimed, dropping the blanket she had been holding onto the chair below her.


“Yep! And we got snacks!” Mina responded, shaking the bags. “Herb and cheddar popcorn, potato sticks, tortilla chips with little guac and salsa containers, mini chocolate chip cookies, gingersnaps, and good old regular jelly beans.” She ground out the last part. 


Denki rolled his eyes. “Sour jelly beans were the fucking best idea ever and you can’t deny it.”


“I can and I will.


“Okay!” Kirishima popped out, clapping his hands together. “We narrowed it down to three movies, so now that you guys are here we can vote.”


The five let out sounds of agreement as they finished taking off their shoes and dropping the bags on the table.


Jirou stepped forward, a clipboard in hand, and cleared her throat. “Okay, so we have; Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Grown-ups, and Hamilton.”


“Before any of you vote, I’ll give my two cents about each movie. Venom is the shortest movie, with a lot of action and it is quite funny. However, it is also pretty violent, and there is a first movie that not everyone may have seen. Grown-ups is a funny movie, but it is fairly inappropriate and some people might not find it as entertaining as others. Lastly, Hamilton isn’t actually a movie, but a set recording of a musical. It is about a real American founding father, all the way back in the 18th century. It is almost three hours long, and some of the sayings and humor may be difficult to understand.”


Kyouka nodded. “Thanks, Momo. Now, all in favor of watching Venom?”


Kirishima, Shouji, Tokoyami, Katsuki and Hitoshi all raised their hands.


She scored down five tally marks under Venom. “All in favor of watching Grown-ups?”


Tsuyu, Ojiro, Denki, Satou, and Sero raised their hands.


She put down another five. “Okay, it's a tie so far. All in favor of watching Hamilton?”


Yuuga, Mina, Ochako, Kouda, Hagakure, and Izuku put their hands up.


“Okay, so we have five people for Venom, five people for Grown-Ups, and seven people for Hamilton. Hamilton wins.”


“Wait, but only…six people put their hands up for Hamilton,” Satou said, confused.


“I voted for Hamilton too. For those of you who voted for Grown-Ups, sorry. For those of you who voted for Venom, not really sorry but that’s rough buddy. For those of you who didn’t vote, you’re the worst kind of people and I hope you burn in hell.” Then she paused. “Except for you, Momo.”


Mina clapped excitedly. “I love Hamilton! Y’all can either enjoy this or you are not human.”


Once the class was settled, Shouji hit the lights and Momo started the movie.


The cozy atmosphere was enough to distract them from the anxiety of their tests.


It was nice.


Chapter Text

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Chapter Text





Once again, all the students of 1-A stood out in the field, waiting for their teachers to arrive and once again give instructions.


Less than three minutes later Aizawa, Nedzu, All Might and surprisingly Recovery Girl all came out.


“Hello again, class 1-A!” Nedzu greeted. “I have high hopes for you all after your amazing performance yesterday.”


“Today’s exam will be battle trials,” All Might revealed. “Do all of you remember the first day of heroics class? We’re basically going to redo that.”


“But sensei,” Tenya piped up, “If we do battle trials, that means only half of us can pass today.”


“Not necessarily,” Aizawa cut in, “You’ll be graded based on your tactics and by showing how much you’ve grown. There will be a point system, with Nedzu, Yagi and myself each giving you a score from one to ten. Those points will be added onto your final grade.”


“Um, why is Recovery girl here?” Ochako asked.


The elderly woman clicked her tongue. “If any of you reckless fools cough Midoriya cough get injured then I’ll be able to take care of you immediately.”


The class accepted the answer as Izuku turned into a strawberry.


“I was going to once again select teams, but we decided to randomize them in the end. Team A, Shinsou and Ashido. Team B, Jirou and Sero. Team C, Tokoyami and Hagakure. Team D, Kirishima and Todoroki. Team E, Kouda and Kaminari. Team F, Uraraka and Bakugou. Team G, Asui and Shouji. Team H, Yaoyorozu and Midoriya. Team I, Ojiro and Satou. And Team J, Aoyama and Iida. Are there any questions, comments or concerns regarding the teams.”


Denki raised his hand. “Yes, Kaminari.”


“I find it extremely unfair that Yaomomo and Midori are on one team together.” The blond said with a shudder. “They’re both way too smart for their own good, it’s horrifying imagining what they could do together.”


“Then you better pray you don’t end up against them. Anyone else?”


No one made a move, and Aizawa nodded. “Good. Now, Shinsou, pick a number from one to ten.”


The insomniac blinked. “Uhh, nine?”


“You two will be up against team I. Uraraka, pick a number from one to ten, other than nine.”


She paused and thought for a moment. “Three!”


“You’ll be up against team J. Jirou, pick a number from one to ten, other than nine or three.”


The rocker girl shrugged. “Four.”


“You’ll be up against team E. Kirishima, pick a number from one to ten, other than nine, three or four.”


“Seven I guess?” The redhead questioned.


“You’ll be up against team H. Asui, humor me. Pick a number from one to ten, other than nine, three, four and seven.”


“Two, kero.”


“Okay. Obviously, you’ll be fighting team C. Now, those of you who picked odd numbers, you are going to be the heroes in this test. So teams F, A, E, G and D are the heroes, while teams J, I, B, C and H are the villains.”


Nedzu cleared his throat. “Find your partners. Once you are all situated, head over to the observation room. The first match will be team J versus team F, so instead you four will follow All Might over to ground beta. Understood?”


“Yes, Principal Nedzu!”


It took less than a minute for the students to all find their partners. Izuku turned around to see Yaoyorozu already standing behind him.


"Ready for today?" She asked. Izuku clenched his fist and nodded. 


"Yep! Now, what are we gonna do?"


Momo smiled at him. “I already have a few ideas.”


Izuku smiled back. “Me too.”




It took about twenty seconds for an argument to break out between Ochako and Katsuki.


Then another ten seconds for Tenya to burst through the wall like a maniac.


Ochako immediately ran around him, avoiding his attempted hits and making her way up the stairs.


Katsuki had her back, hitting every spot Tenya would’ve gotten her before he could get there.


They may dislike each other, but Katsuki Bakugou and Ochako Uraraka make one hell of a team.


Once Ochako got through, it was just Tenya and Katsuki battling it out for a while.


Ochako found the room with the bomb within only a few minutes.


But the new issue with that; she was against Aoyama.


It wasn’t that he was her biggest weakness, but the two of them paired up pretty often in exercises.


Aoyama knew Ochako and her quirk pretty damn well.


When she was able to finally get close to him, he easily maneuvered himself through the air, using her quirk to his advantage.


That was, until, Katsuki pulled the same move Izuku did from the battle trials at the beginning of the year, blowing through all the floors above him and knocking Aoyama out of his rhythm.


Katsuki and Ochako won that round.


Aoyama and Tenya still passed for their strategizing and flexibility.


Once teams A and I were called to go, Izuku and Momo realized what order the groups would be going in.


Meaning that they would be the last to go.


Plenty of time for planning.