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Potato and Leek Soup

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A month.


   For a whole month, the King of Hearts has not had a proper meal. The red officers were doing everything they could for their King to eat a meal. They even had the Queen of Spades cooked for him some soup, but it was left untouched. Lancelot received a two-hour lecture from Sirius about his health, but his friend just simply dismissed him.

   Though he was able to eat the candies that Edgar brought him (much to Jonah’s and Kyle’s disapproval), everything just tasted so bland to him. They all came to the conclusion that there was only one cause of this and the only solution for it. Unfortunately, they had to wait for the full moon ‘til then, they were only able to feed their King some crackers to at least keep him while waiting.



   Lancelot groaned as he finished the nth letter he had to write for the day. For a month, he has done nothing but locked himself in his office. He has lost count of letters and documents he had to do. Putting down his pen, he rubbed his stiff shoulders. When he was about to return to work, there was a knock on the door.

   “King Lancelot, I have brought you your lunch,” Jonah’s voice came out from the other side. Lancelot sighed wearily, he would normally refuse it, but knowing that none of the officers will surrender no matter how many times he turns them down.

“Enter.” He simply said.

   Jonah entered with a bowl of soup on a tray. There were two things that Lancelot noticed. One, the smell seemed familiar. And two, Jonah looked determined and confident. Too confident, he may add. He eyed his right-hand man suspiciously as the tray was placed in front of him. He looked up again at Jonah and saw the determination in his eyes.


What is going on?


   Before could Lancelot question him, Jonah immediately spoke up, “If you eat this soup, we will surrender.” Lancelot’s eyes widened. The Queen of Hearts spoke as if he was talking to his enemy.

  Dumbfounded, he hesitantly spooned a decent amount and eyed it suspiciously then at Jonah who still was gazing at him firmly. Defeated, he carefully ingested it and that is when it hit him.


Potato and Leek Soup


   Not just any normal potato and leek soup that was prepared by their main chef, but he recognized the taste anywhere. There was only one person who was able to make this kind of soup. In fact, there was only a person whose cooking is he can only taste. Unconsciously, he started devouring the soup until the bowl was clean.


Wait…don’t tell me it’s…


   “Jonah, what day is it toda-“when he looked up again to question his right-hand man, Jonah wasn’t there anymore but instead he was greeted by the brightest and beautiful smile that he has missed for a month, “Alice.” He whispered in disbelief.

   “I see that you finally ate the soup I made. Though, I was confused when I was greeted by Zero and Edgar in the garden and was led to the kitchen straight ahead where I was also greeted by Jonah and Kyle. It finally made sense when they finally explained to me that you hadn’t a proper meal since I left.” Then her beautiful smile was then replaced with a cute frown, “What did I tell you about skipping meals, Lance? The others were so worried that-Mmm!“

  He did not let her finish her scolding. In a flash, he sprung out from his chair and pulled her in his embrace, claiming her lips. His hands were all over her body, desperately, trying to feel her warmth that he has been yearning for far too long. Alice, recovering from her shock, wrapped her arms around his neck, melting into the kiss.

  Lancelot was kissing her fiercely that her knees were about to give in, her head dizzy. Placing his arms around her petite body, he lifted her to sit on the desk, not caring if they crumbled some documents. He needed to feel her to make up for their temporary separation.

  It was Alice who broke the kiss as she needed to breathe. Panting, they gazed at each other for a while, “I miss you, Lance.”

Smiling gently, “I miss you too, my love.”


  Feeling the papers under her, she finally came back to her senses, “Oh! Are you still working?” she asked, not wanting to disturb him if he was actually busy.

He scowled a little, “Those documents can wait.”


Lancelot claimed her lips once again as he carried her to their shared room where they made love with each other for the rest of the day to make up the time they had to spent without each other.