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Drunken Santas

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The resounding clanking of cups echoed throughout the living room, ringing in your ears as you raised your own cup up – banging it with the other girls' cups before bringing it to your lips, downing half of the transparent liquid within. It burned on the way down, settling in your stomach and making you shudder on reflex.

It was Christmas Day; evening, to be exact. The sun had already set and the curtains were drawn, your living room was done up with banners and wreathes, the Christmas tree was lit up with fairy lights and the fireplace crackled absentmindedly off to your right. Elsewhere on the base your other subordinates would be celebrating the occasion, partying or just relaxing together, making a memorable Christmas.

You however remained in your home – with a small number of your closer subordinates with you. Suzuya and Akashi sat a few paces in front of you, the two leaning on each other as they downed their own cups of sake; Suzuya letting out an enthusiastic yell as she finished. Off to your right sat Sendai, the dark-haired girl downing her cup with equal enthusiasm. Directly to your left sat Murasame and Hibiki, the two girls swaying slightly as they consumed their own drinks; Hibiki already pouring herself another from the bottle in front of her.

''Mm~'' Murasame mewled as she lowered her cup, rubbing her lips. ''Hey Admiral?''

''Yes?'' You inquired lightly, shifting.

''Is the gingerbread done yet?'' Murasame groaned the question out, her desire to munch away on said gingerbread all too apparent.

You glanced up at the clock, noting it was a little past nine now. ''It should be in just a few minutes. I'll go keep an eye on it.''

A giggle came from the resident mechanic of the base, Akashi. ''Heh... guess we could go get changed now then~ Swap into something a little bit more festive~''

Curious you nodded lightly, departing the living room to the kitchen. You checked on the gingerbread and poked it a few times to test it, pretending not to notice how the girls slipped into the guest bedroom to change, giggling the whole while. Through the wall you could faintly hear them shifting about, and when you daringly stepped a little closer you could hear the shuffling of cloth through the door, embarrassing you.

Shaking your head to dismiss the enticing sound from your mind you went back to the gingerbread, and after just a minute it was done – prompting you to pull it out and let it cool on a rack. And not a second after you shut the oven door you heard the guest room door click open, tempting you to glance over to your left.

'Woah...' Was the first thought that hit you.

Suzuya was the first one you saw. Gone was her casual uniform in favour of a red Santa dress with white fur around the top and bottom, along with on the matching detached sleeves. The dress stretched from her chest down to her thighs and no more, exposing plenty of her long legs and cleavage. Akashi was the next to step out, wearing a nigh-identical dress minus the detached sleeves, leaving her arms bare but with a Santa hat on her head.

Sendai was the next out, a skip to her step and a broad grin on her slightly-flushed face. As one might expect her outfit was more on the tomboyish side, a red Santa sweater with a white-furred collar covering her chest and a matching red skirt falling down to her thighs. A pair of pink-white striped stockings crept up her slim legs to her thighs, leaving just a bit of flesh uncovered by either her stockings or skirt.

Murasame came out after her, flushed with both embarrassment and from the alcohol she had consumed. Her dress was by far the most conservative, reaching from her thighs up to her collarbone without showing off any cleavage, a fluff-rimmed hood hanging behind her. Hibiki followed behind the busty Destroyer, her dress matching Murasame's but downsized to fit her much less busty physique, a Santa hat resting atop her head too.

And while you might be imagining it, you swore Hibiki's dress was shorter than Murasame's too.

''Hehe~'' Suzuya's cheeky giggle drew your eye. ''What'cha think Admiral~? Like 'em~?''

You flushed. ''Yeah. You girls look good.''

They giggled, pleased by the compliment. Akashi and Suzuya went back into the living room and Murasame soon followed, whining about not hogging the wine, but Hibiki and Sendai lingered behind in the kitchen. The former looked idly interested whilst the latter was smug, wiggling her eyebrows at you flirtatiously. You pretended not to notice, flushing as you glanced back at the gingerbread.

''It still needs to cool for a bit.'' You told the duo. ''So let's head back for a few more minutes, then we can eat.''

''Okay~'' Hibiki droned in a monotone, slinking away.

Sendai lingered, gazing at you with obvious interest, before she smirked a bit and turned away – whistling innocently as she 'accidentally' flicked up the back of her skirt as she walked, giving you the barest peek at her pink-white striped panties.

Internally you sighed. How you were going to survive the night, you weren't quite sure.


Hours passed, and copious amounts of alcohol was consumed.

The evidence of which could be seen around your living room; well over a dozen bottles scattered about. Thanks to the high tolerance of everyone present they handled their alcohol fairy well, but by now everyone was most certainly drunk. Suzuya and Akashi were leaning on each other, Hibiki was staring into her glass with distracted eyes, Murasame was downing her glasses between drunken giggles, and Sendai was leaning back slightly and occasionally shooting you bedroom eyes.

You had to admit, you were a little drunk too; the buzz in your head telling of that. Thus you mostly stayed quiet and sipped at your drink, watching the girls as they cheerily chatted and laughed together, sometimes roping you into the discussion or asking you to make more gingerbread – which you definitely weren't doing given how drunk all of you were. Though that didn't seem to discourage them all that much.

As you let your eyes roam Suzuya happened to look your way, a mischievous smirk curling at her lips. Then the next thing you knew she was winking at you and tugging the front of her dress out a bit, showing you plenty of cleavage, and the fact she wasn't wearing a bra beneath – one of her nipples visible before her dress sprung back into place.

''Hehe~'' Suzuya giggled drunkenly. ''Wanna see more, Admiral?''

''Er...'' You weren't sure how to respond to something so bold.

Movement to your right caught your eye, and your cheeks darkened further as you witnessed Sendai cheekily pulling her skirt up, flashing you her striped underwear. ''Heh, Admiral~''

''Stooop~'' Murasame giggled out drunkenly, pushing Sendai's skirt back down. ''You can't do that~''

You blushed, your embarrassment only growing when Akashi gave you a hot smirk and crawled towards you on all fours. Thanks to the fact her dress was strapless it hung forwards a tiny bit, giving you a very enticing view of Akashi's cleavage, and reminding you of how big she was in the chest area. While not as perky as Suzuya, hers were definitely on the plumper, heavier side. And you became very much aware of that as she got closer, her hands resting upon your shoulders as she all but straddled you.

The unexpected weight pushed you onto your back just as she began to mount you, eliciting a cute yelp from Akashi as she fell with you – catching herself on her hands before she butted heads with you. Any such potential accident however fled your mind as you realised how close Akashi was to you, unconsciously soaking in the sight of her soft-looking lips and flushed skin, her breasts all but touching your chest.

Slowly, Akashi's inviting lips curled up into a saucy smirk. ''Hehe... I like your thinking, Admiral~''

It took you a second to realise your hands were on her ass, your stomach twisting with embarrassment as you realised that fact – and you immediately forgot about it as Akashi leaned down, and her lips touched yours.

It was a fast kiss; forceful but passionate, her soft pink lips meshing against your own with a fiery hunger, swallowing the surprised grunt that fled your throat and replacing it with her own moan of arousal.

Then she pulled back, and the kiss was over. Her breath tickled your lips from how closely her lips hung apart from yours, her tongue slowly sliding out and licking said lips a second later, wetting them erotically. Her hands slid from the carpet to your shoulders, and without looking away from you the pink-haired Santa sat back up, smirking arousingly at you as she leaned back – straddling your waist, her thighs warm against your hips.

''Tasty~'' Akashi teasingly breathed.

You shuddered at the tone she used, arousal pooling in your stomach. However before you could muster a word Suzuya entered your line of sight, crawling from Akashi's right side – before in a heartbeat she was mashing her lips against yours, groaning into your mouth. The sudden kiss surprised you and you just groaned back, shivering as her lips meshed with yours intensely, the taste of alcohol still rich on her lips.

''Mm- ahh~'' Suzuya pulled back with a breathy groan, face flushed pink.

Not losing her smirk Akashi shuffled off your lap, allowing you to sit up. Not a moment after you did so Hibiki was by your side, arms wrapped around your left and her lips touching your cheek, smooching it. You tilted your head in her direction and she kissed your lips instead, humming into the light kiss and slowly deepening it. Her tongue soon prodded your lips, and with a muffled groan you obliged and parted your teeth, allowing Hibiki's wet tongue to slide into your mouth, exploring for a few intense seconds.

She broke off, and then Murasame mounted your lap. She blushed a cute red and laid her hands on your shoulders, shutting her eyes before leaning in for a kiss. With arousal bubbling up inside your gut you leaned in and kissed her back, your lips meshing with hers with much more gentleness than the other girls, tempting you to hold her waist to keep up the kiss. However your lungs burned for air and you had to break off the kiss quickly, panting lightly as you caught your breath.

Sendai sought then to remind you of her presence; nipping at your right ear and making you shudder, tilting your head in her direction. She met you halfway, her lips mashing against yours intently and muffling your short grunt, lust pooling inside you when she grabbed your right hand and pulled it down between her thighs, allowing you to feel the warmth of her core as you cupped her crotch.

''Mmph~'' Sendai shuddered erotically.

Her lips finally broke off from yours, and with a soft groan Sendai sat back, panting cutely. Your gaze then immediately slid around to Akashi as you saw movement – and then groaned as she rubbed your crotch with her smooth hand. With a giggle of her own Suzuya joined in, her slim fingers pinching the zipper and pulling it down, allowing your erect cock to spring out into the open.

Akashi wasted no time in grabbing the tip in her hand, giggling at you as she squeezed it curiously. Suzuya was a second behind her, curling her fingers around the base of your shaft and stroking you too; their movements in opposite sync yet pleasurable all the same. You stifled a gasp but failed to muffle your groan, pleasure teasing your cock as the two girls got you off, their fingers slim as they ran over your shaft.

''Mn...'' You shivered as warm breath tickled your right ear – followed by Sendai lewdly licking your right ear, her tongue wet as it traced the rim.

Murasame hugged you from behind, her hands working on your shirt buttons and her large breasts pushing against your upper-back, her red dress failing to stifle the feeling of her chest. Hibiki joined in on the action, wrapping her arms around yours and guiding your hand between her legs, allowing your fingertips to graze her underwear. You boldly pushed your hand against her clothed crotch, stroking her folds and making her mewl.

Giggling tickled your ear and Sendai shifted slightly, reminding you of where your other hand was. Swallowing your nerves you rubbed her underwear too, faintly able to make out her pussy through the layer of fabric – a fresh shiver running up your spine when she moaned into your ear, her voice deep and lustful. Her lewd voice only amplified the pleasure Suzuya and Akashi gave you, their hands working together to jerk you off.

''Mn...'' Pleasure throbbed up your length. ''Haah... girls...''

''Ssh.'' Hibiki murmured into your left ear, kissing it.

''Hehe~'' Murasame giggled into your nape as she finally got your shirt open, wasting no time in running her palms over your chest. ''Mm... just enjoy, Admiral...''

You groaned in reply. The girls all giggled, their hands touching you all over and arousing you further. Your cock throbbed with excitement and the two busty girls in front of you took full notice of that; prompting Suzuya to lewdly lean down and spit on your cock. Akashi snickered lightly and smeared the saliva into your dick, some small trickles leaking past and allowing Suzuya to smear it into the base of your dick, getting it nice and slick.

''Mm~'' Suzuya jerked you off with quick, tilted rolls of her wrist. ''Hey, Murasame? Why don't you take over. Me and Akashi could put on a bit of a show for him, hehe~''

''Ah? Sure~''

You stifled a shudder as both Suzuya and Akashi let go off your dick, shuffling back. Murasame's hands left your chest and she crawled around on her knees until she as in front of you, her face flushed from the alcohol she had consumed as she leaned down, taking your into her hand – giggling drunkenly as she stroked it. Her grip was soft but firm, sending a hot bolt of lust up your spine and making you groan, aroused beyond belief.

Said arousal only grew as you looked up at Akashi and Suzuya. They held your gaze for a second before Suzuya smirked – and then leaned over, mashing her lips against Akashi's. The pink-haired girl moaned in surprise and kissed back with equal force, their pink lips intimately meshing together. The sight of the two drunk girls kissing was only made more erotic when they pushed their chests together, their large size making their tits visibly squish.

''A-Ah...'' You couldn't stifle your lustful groan – twitching when you felt wet lips touch the tip of your dick.

Not a moment later Murasame took you into her mouth, the wet warmth of her mouth engulfing your cock. Immediately you groaned, screwing your eyes shut as your dick slid over her wet tongue and past her teeth, the tip soon hitting the back of her throat. She predictably gagged a bit and stopped, sucking your dick a few times between breaths, before she attempted again – and this time managed to take you down her throat, swallowing your entire length.

At the same time Suzuya and Akashi were getting more intense. Their tongues visibly warred between their months, spit shiny across their tongues as they curled and fought with one another, their muffled moans and groans ringing in your ears. Then Suzuya took the initiative and yanked the front of Akashi's Santa dress down, her free hand immediately grabbing onto Akashi's plump breast, squeezing it.

''Ohh~'' Akashi returned the favour and tugged Suzuya's dress down a bit, grabbing at both her tits and groping them, her thumbs flicking Suzuya's nipples.

From so close you could witness the erotic action in intimate detail, your cock throbbing inside Murasame's mouth as the busty girl gave you head. Hibiki and Sendai didn't let you forget them either, humping your hands and licking your ears, the wet squelches of their tongues filling your head. You could feel their panties get wet against your hands as they kept humping you, tempting you to daringly curl your fingers around their underwear and tugging it aside, allowing you to touch their pussies directly.

Both girls moaned, their deep, breathy voices filling your ears. You stifled a shudder and rubbed them off, paying more attention to the two girls even as Murasame began to suck you off faster, her lips slick with saliva as she deep-throated you – occasionally making choked gagging sounds when she took you too deep too fast. The lewd sound only heightened your pleasure, your gaze flickering between Murasame as she blew you or Suzuya and Akashi as they made out in full view, their erotic moans alluring you.

''Mmph~'' Suzuya broke off the deep kiss briefly, releasing Akashi's breasts and pushing hers against the Repair Ship's – making their tits lewdly squish together.

Akashi shivered and let go too, instead looping her arms around Suzuya's shoulders as their breasts kept squishing together. ''Mm... Admiral, enjoy the view?''

''Y-Yes...'' You breathed out, groaning when Murasame gave your cock a hard suck.

Suzuya giggled and hugged Akashi one more time before leaning back, idly poking Murasame's butt. The blonde moaned and pulled her lips off your cock with a wet slurp, panting hot breaths over your cock. Then she sat back and allowed both Suzuya and Akashi to lay down on either side of your lap, smirking up at you as they hefted up their breasts – and then before you could even catch your breath both girls smothered your cock between their soft tits, the enveloping warmth swallowing your cock.

''Ohh...'' You moaned deeply, twitching when both girls began to move their tits – the gentle friction against your cock making you tense up, hissing with pleasure.

With matching smirks both Santa-dressed girls moved their chests, giving you a double titfuck. You were already close to your limit thanks to Murasame's blow-job and the feeling of their soft tits rubbing against your dick felt heavenly, doubly so when you had Hibiki and Sendai moaning in your ears, their breaths hot and raspy in your inner-ear. The building heat in your dick made you rub their pussies more, your motions clumsy and wild but no less passionate, earning aroused moans from both girls.

Hot pressure swelled up your cock and you tried to hold back, to enjoy the smothering warmth around your cock, but the pressure built faster than you could stop it-

-and finally with a tight gasp you came, bucking your hips up just as both girls squeezed their tits together. Cum erupted from their cleavage and splattered atop their tits, eliciting mutual squeals of surprise from Akashi and Suzuya as your throbbing cock plunged up from their breasts, spurting your load onto their chests in thick amounts.

Your fingers curled from the overwhelming pleasure, grunts and gasps escaping you as hot warmth throbbed along your length, riding out your orgasm. Gradually the burning pressure waned and your orgasm slowed down, until with a deep groan you finally relaxed, your cock twitching between their tits. When Suzuya and Akashi leaned back you could see the mess you left on their chests, cum sticky between their tits.

A mess that Suzuya seemed intent on cleaning up; giggling as she pushed Akashi down onto the floor and started sucking on her tits, eliciting a hot moan from Akashi's throat.

Any thoughts of watching the two girls go down on each other however took a back-seat as Sendai whistled, drawing your eye. The black-haired girl climbed off your hand and shuffled backwards, smirking arousingly at you as she spread her legs a tiny bit, her skirt hiking up to show her underwear; her pussy still partially visible. Something that Sendai helped along by hooking her thumbs into the waistband and pushing her panties down her legs, kicking them off her ankle and sending them flying past you, landing on the couch somewhere behind you with a thump.

''Admiral~'' Sendai teased you, desire clear in her eyes.

In response you withdrew your hand from between Hibiki's legs – ignoring her low whine – and crawled over to Sendai, earning a lustful smirk from the cruiser. She spread her legs and lifted the front of her skirt, showing you her glistening sex that begged for attention, her arousal making her folds wet. You shuddered at the erotic sight and shifted between her legs, one hand on your cock as you lined yourself up with her sex.

And then without further fanfare, you slid inside. Wet flesh gripped your cock immediately, the hot tightness immediately pulling a gasp of pleasure from your throat. Sendai bit her lip and mewled beneath you, arms stretching above her head and acting almost submissive, enticing you to push your hips forth and bury more of your length into her sex, intimately feeling every inch you pushed into her tight, slick pussy.

Until soon your pelvis bumped against hers, your entire length fitting snugly inside Sendai. ''Haah... Sendai...''

The dark-haired girl smirked saucily up at you, her lithe arms slipping up and around your neck, holding onto you. In response you reared your hips back, shivering as you slid nearly all of your cock out before swiftly burying yourself back into her, hitting her deepest parts and extracting a hot groan from the girl beneath you, her fleshy insides squeezing your cock snugly. The hot embrace around your dick enticed you to keep moving, gasping and grunting as you picked up the pace; each thrust driving you balls-deep inside her.

As you picked up speed you found some sense of rhythm, your breathing tight and quick as you tried to maintain that pace. In, out. In, out. In, out. Over and over again you pushed into Sendai's slick sex, the sensation addictive and making your cock tingle with pleasure, your prior orgasm leaving you slightly sensitive. Briefly you slowed down, your thrusts harder but slower as you tried to enjoy it for as long as you could.

''Mn~'' Sendai, however, wanted something more intense. ''Faster~''

Swallowing you obeyed, stifling a grunt as you obeyed. Your pelvis hit hers and made lewd smacking sounds, your cock entering her completely each time. The lack of a condom or any sort of protection only made it more intense, nothing present to stifle the fleshy inner walls gripping and squeezing your shaft, her slick wetness coating your shaft as you plunged into her, the feeling even more intense than Murasame's blow-job.

Behind yourself you could hear the other girls either making out with each other or breathing heavily, turned on by the sight of you fucking Sendai into the carpet. The thought made you shift your hands, keeping one on the carpet to support your weight whilst your other went up her shirt, hiking the red sweater up until you found her breasts; your lust only growing when you realised she wasn't wearing any bra beneath it, her medium-sized breast fitting comfortably into your hand.

''Haah... haah...'' You panted, bucking your hips forth harder. ''Crap, Sendai...''

''Mm~'' She moaned back, her thighs rubbing your hips. ''Just do it harder~''

You didn't hesitate to comply, grunting as you jerked your hips forwards as hard as you could. Loud smacks echoed as your pelvis hit hers, each thrust driving your full length into Sendai's slick pussy. Her inner walls squeezed and clenched around your shaft each time, the addictive friction melting your mind and making it hard to think, nothing but the fleshy hotness around your shaft mattering in that moment.

And as you kept plunging into Sendai's hot pussy you felt a familiar burn creep up your cock, the tingling need in your shaft swelling into something more. You slammed into her faster, sucking in lungfuls of air between skin-slapping thrusts and groping her breast at the same time, loving how her breast heaved into your hand. She whined beneath you, face red and lust clear on her face, the way she bit her bottom lip only adding to your arousal.

''Hah, A-Admiral~'' Sendai moaned in such a needy, whimpering voice. ''I'm almost... ahh~''

You shuddered, slamming into her faster and faster before rearing your hips back to pull out-

-only for Sendai to suddenly wrap her legs around your waist, stopping you. A surprised grunt fled your throat but Sendai kept both her legs tightly wrapped around your waist, preventing you from pulling out. And as the pressure in your cock built you found yourself unable to stop thrusting, a string of intense gasps fleeing your throat as you pounded Sendai with short, hard thrusts, your throbbing cock engulfed by her enveloping warmth.

''S-Sendai, I n-need to- Mn!'' Words failed you as pure pleasure lanced down your cock, and with a tight gasp you came – unloading ropes of cum into Sendai's slick pussy even as you kept thrusting, the wet friction driving you mad.

Beneath you Sendai arched her back, crying out in orgasmic bliss as she came too, her honey gushing out around your cock – but your own orgasm took your full focus. You gasped and bucked your hips, slamming into her over and over again, her inner walls squeezing you tight. She wrung the cum out of you, greedily accepting your cum load regardless of the risk, your thrusts smearing your load throughout her slick insides.

Waning stamina hit hard, making your thrusts slow until you came to a stop altogether, groaning. For a good minute you just stayed where you were; balls-deep inside Sendai and panting heavily, her inner walls quivering and clenching around your shaft. Sendai looked to be caught in a daze of her own, moaning dumbly and staring at the ceiling, shivering as aftershocks ran through her body.

Then her eyes found yours, and she licked her lips. ''Hehe... did I feel good, Ad-mir-al~?''

You swallowed. ''Y-Yeah...''

Sendai snickered, breathless as it was. You pulled out as she did so, melting her snicker into a moan as you left her empty; a trickle of cum soon leaking from her womanhood. You gazed at her folds for a second, almost tempted to slide back in just out of sheer arousal – when the other girls reminded you of their presence. Namely in the form of a petite hand reaching around your waist and grabbing your cock.

''N-Nn...!'' You grunted in surprise, shuddering. ''Hibiki...?''

The petite Santa behind you hummed, pushing her cheek against your back and gripping your cock. She fumbled for a second, shifting her grip, before she began to jerk you off – her movements quick and rough. It made you gasp, your length hypersensitive after climaxing and still slick with mixed fluids, allowing Hibiki's slim hand to slide along your dick easily.

As she got used to the motion she jerked you off smoother, giving you a proper hand-job. You gritted your teeth and endured the pleasure that throbbed down your dick, stifling a groan when she pressed her thumb down onto the cum-covered tip and rubbed blind circles on it, her thumb applying just enough pressure to feel good. Her other hand went lower and found your balls, toying with them and she rubbed her cheek against your back, her breath warm against your clothed back.

''Mm...'' Hibiki's hands slowed down, and then she released your twitching dick.

Not a moment later both her hands went to your shoulders, grasping onto the shoulders of your shirt and peeling it off. On reflex you bent your arms back and let her pull your shirt off, flushing when she then pulled you back down onto the carpet – wasting no time in mounting you. And in the brief moment when she lifted her leg you caught a glimpse up her dress, and realised she had taken her underwear off at some point; her folds glistening wet.

''Me too...'' Hibiki murmured as she straddled your waist, the tip of your cock sliding along her warm inner-thigh.

''Hibiki...'' You honestly couldn't mustered any more words, sitting upright.

The Destroyer just smiled faintly at you, the drunken blush on her cheeks emphasising how downright horny she looked, her pinkish tongue soon sliding out and licking her lips. She grasped your cock and lined you up with her wet folds, the tip of your shaft spreading her lower lips apart – before with a lustful moan Hibiki impaled herself upon your cock, taking you inside her.

She was far tighter than Sendai had been; that became intimately obvious as her slick inner walls tightened around your cock. You gasped and grabbed her hips, your fingers digging into her soft flesh as she kept lowering herself down, moaning your name as you entered her more and more, spreading her hot insides apart. You could feel her flesh spread for you, her wetness easing the penetration to the point she visibly felt no pain, her expression twisted in ecstasy – until finally her pelvis touched yours, leaving your entire length buried inside her pussy.

''M-Mm...'' Hibiki shuddered, putting her slim hands on your shoulders. ''Admiral...''

Her lips brushed against yours, and then a second later she kissed you – mashing her lips against your gently. You groaned into the kiss and held her hips, kissing her back even as Hibiki began to rock her hips a little, stirring your sensitive cock around her tight pussy. The sensation sent shudders running through your body but you just focused on her small lips, kissing her more and slowly running your hands under her dress, sliding them up.

Your hands climbed further up until you found her ribs, then curved around to her breasts – her small tits topped with perky nipples. You flicked said nipples around, groaning into her mouth and tugging on her perky nubs lustfully, beginning to rock your own hips and gently thrust into her snug sex. The movement made Hibiki mewl, her grip on your shoulders tightening before she began to move – sliding herself halfway up your cock before pushing herself back down, impaling herself upon your shaft.

''Mmph... Mm... ahh...'' Hibiki moaned out between breaths. ''Admiral... so big... it feels... Mn... good... ah...''

You shuddered at her breathy, disjointed mutters, claiming her lips to silence her. Hibiki's jaw went slack and she just moaned into your mouth, bouncing lightly on your dick and taking you into her sex, enticing you to shift your hands around to her ass. You groped her butt for a few moments, savouring its small but perky shape, before you began to thrust your hips up just as you pushed her down, bottoming out inside her snug sex.

A hot moan filled your mouth in response, the erotic sound only encouraging you to keep going. Your cock stuffed her tight pussy as you pushed your hips up, the tip hitting her deepest parts each time she brought her hips down. Multiple times Hibiki broke off the kiss for air but you reclaimed her lips as soon as you could, devouring her cute groans and occasionally spicing it up with a light slap to her butt, making the drunk girl moan all the same.

''M-Mmph~'' Hibiki groaned into your mouth when you gave her ass another rough grope, her lack of underwear allowing you to feel her up unimpaired.

Her pelvis began to hit yours with audible wet slaps, her slick insides gripping your dick like a wet vice. The heavenly sensation made you thrust up on reflex, grunting and groaning as you sheathed your cock inside Hibiki's tight sex. Pressure climbed your cock as another orgasm welled up within you, hastened by the multiple climaxes you had already endured, but you resisted it for as long as you could – just blindly focusing on the wet friction, the lewd squelches of her wetness adding to your arousal in that moment.

''Mn, ah, haah...!'' Hibiki's breathing grew tight and ragged, her pelvis slapping against yours more and more intensely as she neared her limit-

-until with a tight gasp Hibiki suddenly jolted to a stop. Her tight inner walls strangled your length, and with a strained grunt of your own you came inside her; bucking your hips up jerkily as you unloaded inside her spasming pussy, her slick insides wringing the cum out of you.

''Mn!'' You bucked your hips up a few more times, riding out your high – each passionate thrust draining you of your strength.

Until soon that strength faded, and with a low grunt you rocked your hips helplessly, stirring your hypersensitive cock around Hibiki's insides. Every little clench of her insides sent hot bolts of pleasure up your cock, and also made Hibiki mewl cutely from the feeling – her lips pursed together and eyes screwed shut as she endured the pleasure you gave her.

Then Hibiki slowly relaxed, her petite form leaning forth and resting against yours. ''Mn... Admiral...''

A hot breath tickled your lips, and then Hibiki swallowed up your groan with a deep kiss, her mouth on yours. The intense kiss made you grab her sides, running your hands over her dress in a fit of breathless arousal, smooching her pale lips lustfully. Slowly the Destroyer lifted her hips up, allowing you to intimately feel each and every last inch of your cock slide out of her wet hole before the tip sprung out, the air lukewarm compared to the quivering hotness of her pussy.

''Mmph...'' Hibiki broke off the kiss with a heavy breath, drunkenly staring into your eyes for a long moment.

However before the Destroyer could make out with you again whistling drew your eye, your gaze moving left – and you blushed as you found Suzuya facing you, her dress pulled down to give you a good look at her tits. She pulled her dress back up a second later, giggling drunkenly as she flashed you her boobs. Hibiki pouted at that and climbed off your lap, shifting over to Sendai instead – the two girls wasting no time in making out; whether because they were drunk or just plain horny, you didn't know nor really mind.

Pushing Hibiki and Sendai from your mind – albeit reluctantly – you shifted over to Suzuya. She licked her lips as she looked at you, her gaze drawn down to your cock before she purposefully turned away from you, blowing you a kiss over her shoulder as she got down on all fours. Her Santa dress hiked up a bit and you gladly got behind her, pushing it up further to reveal her ass and allowing you to grab it; fondling her rear.

''Mm~'' Suzuya mewled, giggling a second later. ''C'mon Admiral, don't make me wait~''

You complied; yanking her panties down to her knees and exposing her glistening slit, her lust all too evident. Doubly so when Suzuya shook her ass side-to-side, smirking cheekily as she boldly asked for it – encouraging you to line yourself up with her womanhood and rub the tip against her slit, shivering at how slick her pussy lips felt. Then you finally pushed forwards, spreading her lower lips apart and sinking inside her slippery sex.

Wet flesh engulfed your cock, her insides like velvety as you seamlessly pushed all the way inside her on the first thrust, the tip soon pushing up against her deepest parts. Her inner walls clenched around you pleasurably, extracting a tight groan from your throat and briefly melting your mind – a feeling shared by Suzuya, judging by her mewling moan. Her fingers gripped at the carpet and she arched her back, emphasising her exposed shoulder blades and slim shoulders, her head tilting slightly so she could glance back at you.

''...heh...'' Suzuya smiled teasingly at you. ''What are you waiting for, Admiral...? Let's just have some fun, 'kay~?''

Her sultry offer sent shudders of arousal racing through you – and with a groan of lust you pulled halfway out, your cock wet with her honey. Then you slammed back into her with a smack of skin-on-skin, eliciting a high-pitched yelp from Suzuya as your pelvis smacked her ass. Her yelp rapidly melted into a hot, sexy moan, her tongue hanging out of her mouth in a decidedly sexy manner,. Encouraging you to thrust like that again, and then again.

Skin slapped together more frequently as you sped up, relishing the sight of Suzuya's ass jiggling lightly each time you plunged into her pussy, her fleshy insides squeezing you not a moment later. You tried to take it slow and enjoy it but just hearing Suzuya make such lewd sounds melted your resolve; enticing you to instead pound her more vigorously, to hear your skin slap against hers more.

''Mm~! Ah~!'' Suzuya clearly liked that approach, her lips cutely pursing together as she endured your strong thrusts. ''Hah! Y-Yeah, like tha- aht~!''

Warmth swelled up your cock, worsened by the wet hotness that smothered your twitching length. The lust coursing through you enticed you to slide your hands up, grabbing the front of Suzuya's dress and yanking it back down – both your hands grabbing her big tits and groping them, extracting a borderline-orgasmic moan from your lover, her pussy strangling your length.

Your fingers sunk into the soft flesh of her breasts as you used them like handholds, tipping her torso back towards you. Suzuya gasped at the position, her head tipping back and tickling you with her long greenish hair. You took advantage of the position, leaning in and kissing her ear while still pounding her pussy – the sensation making Suzuya whimper cutely, her wet insides strangling your dick.

''Ah, haah... a-are you gonna cum, Admiral~?'' Suzuya breathlessly asked you, flashing you a hot smile.

You didn't even try to lie. ''Y-Yeah...''

Suzuya bit her lip, expression erotic. ''Mm, me too... just let it all out inside me,.'kay? I don't mind, Mn... if you make a mess inside me~''

In response you pounded her as fast as your hips would let you, sheathing your throbbing shaft inside Suzuya's warmth. Slick sounds escaped your connected parts as you plunged into her over and over again, barely half a second between each rapid thrust as you just focused on driving you cock into her. Pressure climbed up your cock and you could feel her muscles tightening up as her own orgasm neared, her breathing quick and desperate.

Until finally Suzuya hit her limit. ''Kyaa~!''

A girlish cry fled her lips, and she became ungodly tight around your throbbing cock. The wet tightness was too much for you, each thrust of your hips becoming wild and jerky as the pressure in your shaft swelled to new heights – before you finally peaked, and blew your load inside Suzuya's pussy; spurting rope after rope of cum into her velvety hole with each ragged, desperate thrust.

The slapping of skin was loud and uncoordinated, your cock slick with her juices as you plunged into her once, twice, thrice – and then you pulled out with a breathless, pleasure-filled gasp, your cock buzzing with warmth. The lack of dick made Suzuya's arms give out, her face burying itself in the carpet with a deep moan, her tits heaving into your palms with each breath she took.

Shuddering at the erotic sight you released her breasts, shifting back a bit. ''Mn...''

You glanced around, your lustful eyes briefly lingering on Hibiki as the petite girl ate Sendai out, her mouth firmly on the cruiser's cum-filled pussy. She noticed you looking and glanced back at you, shaking her butt invitingly, and for a moment you were tempted to get behind her and go to town on her.

That was, until a pair of arms looped around your collarbone from behind, and a pair of breasts squished against your upper-back. ''Admiral~ Make me feel good too~''

''Murasame...'' You breathed, shuddering.

Stifling a shudder you twisted around to face her. The busty Destroyer smiled at you, face flushed from alcohol and her smile dopey, clearly having way too much drink Yet she looked equally irresistible when she squished her big breasts against your chest, the feeling of her plump chest hardly stifled by her red Santa dress. However you wanted to see more; prompting you to reach down and grab the bottom of her dress – before pulling it straight up.

Murasame squeaked, blushing darker as you pulled her dress up and over her head, leaving her naked – no panties nor a bra on her body, the former already taken off at some point. For a good second you just stared at her nude body, soaking in the sight of her plump, heavy-looking breasts and taut stomach. Then you boldly reached down and grabbed her curvy butt, scooping Murasame up into your arms and picking her up.

''Admir- Mm~'' Murasame's words were cut short as you kissed her; mashing your lips against hers.

Awkwardly you stumbled up to your feet, balancing the busty girl in your arms and carrying her a few paces over to the window – pushing her back against the glass. Murasame moaned into your mouth, saliva hanging between your lips as you pulled back, gazing into her breathless eyes. Her rosy lips curled up into a smile and she reached down, grasping the tip of your cock and guiding you to her entrance, silently asking you to take her.

You obliged. All it took was a second to aim before you finally pulled Murasame down your cock, openly groaning as your shaft was enveloped by her hotness. The busty Destroyer mewled and held onto you tightly, her boobs pressing against your chest and her arms looping around your neck, the warmth of her body intimately apparent. However your focus was on the warmth engulfing your cock bit by bit; inch after inch of your dick sinking into her pussy until you finally bottomed out inside her, your full length inside her.

''Mn...'' You shifted your grip on her briefly, kissing her cheek to fill the silence – before you began to move.

You did it slowly at first; just rocking your hips back-and-forth and easing yourself into Murasame, grunting into her slim neck as she took your cock. The Destroyer replied my mewling into your ear, her soft boobs squishing against you and jiggling gently as you pumped yourself into her. When you glanced down you got a good view of said boobs, lust swelling inside you as you watched them heave and squish.

Murasame made you look back up with a hand on your cheek, pulling you into a deep kiss. You groaned into her mouth, kissing her back and thrusting a little faster, your pelvis slapping against hers. She was audibly wet and you relished the lewd sound, your cock glistening with her juices and letting you slide into her womanhood without any resistance. Murasame felt it too, her moans taking on a higher pitch and her own hips rolling forth to meet yours; happily impaling herself on your shaft.

''Mmph... oh Admiral... Mm~'' Murasame breathed out between intense kisses. ''You feel so good~''

''You too...'' You groaned back, mashing your lips against the drunk Destroyer's.

Murasame moaned back, shuddering as you slowed your thrusts down – an idea hitting you. Without breaking off the kiss you lifted Murasame off your dick and lowered her down, allowing her to stand on shaky legs, before grabbing her wide hips and twisting her around to face the window – soon pushing her against the glass. Her bare breasts squished against the frosted window and she gasped softly, her plump tits flattening against the glass erotically.

Her back was arched forth, her ass wiggling towards you – and without hesitation you drove your cock back into her sex. A hot moan answered you, her wet inner walls smothering your length as you resumed thrusting into her pussy, your pelvis slapping against her curvy butt with each quick thrust. Her ass jiggled from the force of your thrusts, encouraging you to be a little rougher with her, eager to see how her body moved.

''Myah~!'' Murasame lewdly cried out, gripping the window frame as you railed her. ''A-Admiral...! Something... m-might see!''

You just groaned in response, burying your face in her nape and fucking her harder. Her wet insides squeezed your length, all but sucking you inside her as she begged for it, her arousal evident. While Hibiki felt tight Murasame felt slick; her inner walls struggling to grip your cock as you plunged into her unrelentingly, pounding her pussy like she was the last woman on the planet.

The mere thought pushed your closer to your limit, your focus narrowing as you just kept thinking about the wet flesh squeezing your cock. Murasame's gasps and moaned rung in your ears, her sweet cries when you hit a sensitive spot ringing all the louder – making it increasingly difficult to hold back the pressure in the base of your cock, the bulging warmth creeping up your length more and more despite your restraint, your orgasm nearing.

''Mn! Haah, M-Murasame!'' You gasped out, slamming into her pussy like a beast in heat. ''I'm- Nn!''

A harsh, throaty grunt fled your throat, and you bottomed out inside Murasame's wet sex – blowing your thick load inside her. Immediately Murasame shrieked, her own orgasm hitting full-force and nearly making her legs give out, her honey squirting out around your pulsating shaft and wetting your pelvis, each clumsy thrust into her pussy audibly wet and squelchy.

You kept thrusting, feeling your cum oozing out of her pussy as you pushed it back out with your fast thrusts, unable to stop moving even as your orgasm spasmed through your body. Only when your stamina began to wane did you slow down, gritting your teeth as you tried in vain to keep moving – before finally slowing down with a muffled moan, unloading one last spurt of cum before pulling out.

''Haah... haah...'' You panted heavily, hunched slightly.

A soft mewl drew your eye; your cock throbbing as Murasame twisted around to face you, out of breath. She stared at you for a good few seconds, dazed, before you took the initiative and shifted in close – groaning as you kissed her. Though to call it was a kiss was charitable; it was more of a messy meshing of lips than anything else, your tongue soon invading Murasame's slack mouth and earning an embarrassed sound from her throat, her tongue weakly fighting back.

Burning lungs forced you back, sucking in a deep gulp of air. Murasame mewled breathlessly, shivering as pleasure trembled through her body. However before you could consider kissing her Akashi decided to make her reappearance, cooing your name and drawing your gaze to the floor – spotting the pink-haired woman laid down on her side, one hand under her dress and a smirk on her lips.

''I haven't had my turn yet~'' Akashi teased.

Murasame whined, clearly wanting to keep you to herself, but you gave her a kiss and let her go – focusing your attention on Akashi instead. The pink-haired woman twisted around so she was sitting more upright, her cheeks rosy as you sat down – allowing her to straddle your lap lotus-style, and allowing you to find out she wasn't wearing any underwear anymore; the heat of her core so very close to your cock.

''Let's do it like this~'' Akashi smirked saucily.

You didn't hesitate to agree, grabbing her wide hips and tugging her into a more comfortable position. Your hand then slipped down to your cock, guiding your erect length to her wet pussy and sliding the tip along her entrance – before finally Akashi pushed herself down your length. Warmth engulfed your cock and Akashi moaned deeply, her erotic voice sending hot shivers running through your bones.

Swallowing your own groan of pleasure you grabbed onto her sides, and began to thrust. Unlike with Murasame you didn't start slow, but rather you began to thrust in earnest right off the bat – eliciting a high-pitched moan from Akashi as you stuffed her slick vagina to the brim, the tip of your dick battering her deepest parts. She felt incredible around your cock, her insides like velvet and driving you wild.

''Mn...!'' You picked up speed, panting in laboured breaths as you pounded her pussy. ''Akashi...''

A hand cupped your cheek, and she pulled you down into a messy kiss. Akashi moaned hotly into your mouth and you devoured the sound, your mouth on hers as you fucked her. Your mind was torn between the clenching hotness of her pussy or her slim, sweaty frame, your hands daringly sliding over her body before reaching her chest. Your attention went for the latter at that; yanking her Santa dress down and grabbing one of her plump tits, fondling it passionately.

Akashi clenched tight in response, her pussy slick as you plunged into her. No matter how forcefully or aggressively you slammed your dick into her she moaned all the same, utter bliss on Akashi's face as you slammed into her sex. Her eyes stared deeply into yours before she shut them, tipping her head back with a lustful groan – enticing you to lean in and kiss her, muffling her erotic voice and replacing it with the sound of wet slapping skin.

''Mm, ah... M-Mm~'' Akashi moaned against your lips, panting. ''C'mon, more...''

You didn't let her down; stifling a groan as you grabbed her sides and went all-out in slamming your cock into her. Even when Akashi gasped and cried out with surprised bliss you didn't slow down, your focus entirely on just slamming your cock into her sex and stuffing her pussy to the brim, loving how tightly she embraced your meat. The force of your thrusts also made her thighs jiggle alluringly, her breasts bouncing about wildly with nothing to contain them, the sight made all the more erotic thanks to their plump size.

However multiple orgasms had taken their toll on you, and no matter how much you wanted to keep having sex with Akashi your end was nearing. You briefly slowed down and tried to make it last, but when you realised that your end was nearing no matter what you instead went the other route – pounding Akashi with skin-slapping intensity, bottoming out inside her pussy over and over again. The intense pace made Akashi squeal, her head throwing itself back as you gave her the best fuck of her life, your cock throbbing inside her.

''Haah~! A-A-Admiral~!'' Akashi cried out, wrapping her legs tightly around you – before Akashi shoved a fist into her mouth and wailed, orgasming on your pulsating shaft.

Just feeling her honey gush around your cock was enough to push you over the edge, plunging your cock deep into her velvety tunnel before unloading your balls inside her; spurting ropes of cum into her deepest parts. Even as you came you jerked our hips forth, coaxing out a little more cum and filling her with it, eyes locked onto Akashi's orgasmic expression the whole time.

Gradually your thrusts slowed down, and unable to continue any longer you finally pulled out, gasping and panting, but satisfied with the mess you had made of Akashi.

Yet even then the night was not over. Suzuya soon found a camera and began to make a film of the night, recording you as you bent Hibiki over and fucked her doggystyle by the fire, soon blowing your load inside her tight pussy and filling her womb.

She then passed the camera onto you, allowing you to record yourself pushing Akashi atop Suzuya and take turns fucking both busty girls, making them both orgasm and shooting your cum all over Akashi's ass and Suzuya's pussy.

You played with and then fucked Murasame's tits, cumming all over her breasts and face.

Then the girls paired up. You filmed as Suzuya went down on Akashi and ate her out whilst Murasame and Sendai cuddled, their tongues lewdly warring with each other as they used their fingers to get each other off; leaving you sitting on the couch getting head from Hibiki until you came.

Sendai wanted to try anal and you recorded that as well, the camera shaky as you railed Sendai with her head down and her ass up, your cock fitting snugly inside her rear until you pumped that hole full of cum too.

Hibiki took it in the ass next, riding you reverse-cowgirl until you blew your load in her ass and she came on your fingers.

Suzuya didn't join in on the fun; instead riding you cowgirl until you blew your load in her pussy again, and then Akashi pushed you down and rode you cowgirl too until she squeezed out another load from you.

One by one you fucked all the girls in turn, the camera running out of battery at some point even as you kept going for hours, banging the five Ship-Girls until all their holes were pumped full of your cum, any thoughts of protection long since forgotten.

And by the morning sunrise you'd wake up with a killer hangover in a pile of naked bodies.

You made a mental note to invite the girls over for another Christmas party next year too.