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There was a time when the lock on the bathroom door would slide and click into place. When click meant peace, you’d crumple in on yourself, legs sore and arms spent from the constant grip and stretch that kept them busy the night prior. You could sit idly in the tub with your ears submerged without having to worry about the garble of arguing growing any closer. No matter how far left you twisted the knob, the water never came close to the cloying heat you had become familiar with. It was a foreign, fluid embrace. Easy to relax in, even easier to fall asleep in. The one and only place he couldn’t reach you. 

And then, one day, the lock was gone. Inexplicably. Without reason. No one could explain how metal gave way to splintered wood, and any question as to why could only be answered with a shrug or a short, knowing look of disgust. 

“Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to.”

That’s what your father had said, and suppose he was right. Suppose you could put a motive and a face to the how and why. Would it make any difference? Would you wake up to find that you could still slide and click your problems away? In a house where even the people are left broken and ignored? Unlikely. 

It’ll stay broken for days, weeks, months, maybe even years. Someone may think, “We really need to fix this thing,” but the thought will have already left their mind by the time they wash their hands. 

No, no one’s gonna fix that lock, not when its absence doubles as an open invitation. And he has to see it that way. Why else would he feel so comfortable slipping in behind you as naked as the day he was born? If he knew what that click meant to you, would he still force you to make room in a tub meant for one? Would he still wrap his arms around you and pull your rigid body to his chest? 

You’d like to say no. You’d like to think that Touya isn’t as cruel as he swears he is in those unsettling moments of insecurity. Everything he does, he does it out of love, and like anyone with a penchant for wanting control, he just has a hard time showing it. You all do. Fuyumi can be fretful. Shouto can be distant. Natsuo can be hotheaded. Your father, well, he can be your father. And Touya—

Touya can be all those things, and that’s why he needs you, and you need him. He says it all the time: no one could possibly know him like his little sister knows him. And you believe it...for the most part. Despite being one of two people he considers ‘safe’ to be himself around, you hardly know him. Outside of hovering over you, pissing off your father, and getting into trouble, what does he spend his time doing? He has no friends, no interests, no job, and no aspirations that couldn’t be achieved by simply using your father’s credit card on websites that are more likely to deliver the police to the front door than any package. 

He just has you, and that...doesn’t seem right.

“The hell’s with the face?” Touya asks a question he already knows the answer to. With your back against his chest and your head resting on his shoulder, there’s no way of hiding your look of sheer disappointment. This was your time—your one escape from the rest of the house, and although he’d never believe it, he’s not the outlier he thinks he is. The house seems to exist around Touya. Everyone is worried for him, about him, and if he actually talked about his problems instead of burying them inside his little sister, they’d be worried with him as well. “Psh, trouble.”

Your wet hair unspools from his chest as you turn your head to look up at him, “What?”

“You’re trouble.” He says, craning his neck to bump nearly identical noses with you, “Ya keep making those faces at me on purpose.”

The browbeaten look on your face only gets poutier the more you try to will it away. “It’s not on purpose.”

“Oh, it’s not on purpose.” Touya nods in pseudo-recognition before resting the underside of his chin on top of your head with a huff. “Tryna guilt trip me,” he mumbles.

“Am not.”

“Are too.”


His chest rumbles with conviction. “Yes. You’re tryna make me feel bad for botherin’ you.” You cross your arms and rub them shoulder to elbow, warding off the tingling chill of having been so easily read. “Yeah, uhuh, I know. You’re not slick. Sitting here hoping I’ll leave you alone if you mean mug me enough.” Touya finally relents, leaning back and stretching out his legs until the end of the tub forces his knees to bend. His arms mold to the shape of the tub. They settle around the rim, his fingers tapping against the cold porcelain. He gives you some space, but not much. Never that much. “Well, tough titty, buttercup. I got older brother privileges so I can annoy you whenever I want.”

Touya reaches into your cradled arms and pinches your only exposed nipple. Your reaction is immediate. Squealing, splashing, thrashing, huffing out in annoyance. The water, which was nearly to the brim before Touya invited himself to your bath, sloshes from side to side, spilling onto the clothes you were planning on changing back into. Thoroughly agitated, you push down on the sides of the tub to hoist yourself up. 

You can hardly get to your feet before your brother is wrapping his arms around you once more. “Touya-nii!”

“I was just messing around,” he grunts out. Your slippery body squirms against his own, but he’s determined to keep you from getting out. Even as you scratch. Even as you try to bite. “C’mon, don’t be like that. You just got in. Relaaax, take it easy.” At the first sign of surrender, he’s already pestering you for another reaction, “Now let me get a kiss.”

He’s so...annoying. At times like this, you miss when he was just overbearing and rude. Now he’s lovey, and touchy, and so damn annoying!

You exhale hard from your nose, turning your head quickly and planting a chaste kiss on his cheek within the same breath.

Touya snorts, “What was that?” 

Your arms shoot out from under one another, waving rigidly in exasperation. “A kiss!”

“That doesn’t count.”

“It does too!”

“Yeah, maybe if I was our grandmother.” Touya enjoys the theatrics, laughing at the incomprehensible grumble coming from your sourpussed lips. “Hit me again.”

Determined to quite literally get him off your back, you turn in his hold, knees poised on the bottom of the tub so only your bodies are hardly touching. You lean over him, arms non-committedly wrapping around his neck as you tilt your face to get at his own. Touya merely stares. He waits for your lips to bridge the gap as his own stay perfectly still. Closing your eyes, you lean forward until you taste a cigarette, a campfire, a treat undoubtedly stolen from your room—until you taste your brother. His breath fans against your face from his nose, reminding you to breathe as you’re kept from pulling away. It lingers for too long. By the time you remember to part your lips just like he taught you, your belly is already warm, and your toes have started to curl.

It’s hardly a whisper: “Touya-nii...”

But of course he hears it. “What was that?” he asks, his toothy grin already keeping you from getting back at his lips. You pout against his teeth, and pull back to see him reach for his cock and give it a single squeeze.

“Trouble.” His tsks have the gutly warmth spreading to your face. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop looking. Staring, even. Eyes wide and trained on his hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of it moving again. “Just trying to enjoy a bath with my little sister, and you’re moaning into my mouth, making my dick harder than a kneecap.”

You finally gain the strength to look away. “Ewww.”

“Don’t ew me. You want me to beat your ass?” 

You bite your lip. You don’t know why, but you do. And you don’t know why he seems to like it so much, but he does. 

Touya shows you his palm, drawing you in with two curling fingers and a devilish look of amusement. “C’mere.”

You’re unsure of how you want him.

How you want him to hold you, that is.

By the time you’ve settled on an answer, Touya is already impatiently reaching for you. His cock strains against your lower back, tapping against it with impatience of its own as you sink into your brother’s embrace. His thumb strokes the top of your breast, his palm cupping and kneading it like freshly risen dough. His other hand—the one you’re always so quick to lose track of—settles between your legs. With your supple little mound already beneath his fingers, you thrust your hips until you feel those warm fingertips breach the lips of your cunny, and you keen feeling them press back much harder than your own useless fingers ever could.

“Just as I thought,” he muses, petting your slit with a cruel focus on your clit, “already wet.”

“It’s just water.”

“Oh really?” The loss of his touch, albeit quick, is unbearable. Touya shows you his fingers, soaked from the bath, dripping with your arousal. The contrast is evident. Strings of your own juices join together and break apart as he spreads his fingers. “You’re tellin’ me this is just water.” Frustrated, you take his hand and dunk it back under water, back between your legs, back where you need it most.

He stifles a laugh. “All that from a kiss?” Feeling just how easy it is to slip a single digit inside, Touya hums his praise, “You’re something else, you know that?” Your brother ensnares your clit between the length of his two fingers, pinching hard and twiddling them against one another as if the sweet bead between them was nothing more than an obstruction in his way. “You’re a—a perma-virgin. Always getting so wound up over nothing.” 

It certainly doesn’t feel like ‘nothing.’ 

You brace yourself on his bent legs, pushing down on them to give yourself the boost you need to hump his fingers. “Feels good...kiss.” Your voice has already taken on the girlish lilt that only ever seems to rear its head when you’re ‘little sister,’ and he’s ‘big brother.’

It makes his cock twitch. It makes him smile. It’s as if he knows your headspace is ripe for the taking. 

Against his lips, your moans and whines are his to take. He chases them, holding up your jaw in a cheek-squeezing grip, and luring them out with nibbles and sucks to your bottom lip. Touya’s tongue dips into your mouth just as his finger commits to curling inside of you. His finger knows exactly where to go. So warm and long. It’s almost painful to feel the heavy rudiments against your ‘secret spot’ knowing that he’s seconds away from telling you:

“Stand up for me.”

You’d cry if you were anymore childish. The wait is almost as miserable as the initial encounter, but the reverence in his eyes when you stand above him, cunt drooling in front of his face and legs trembling like twigs in a storm, makes the wait decidedly bearable. 

“Nice and wet.” He doesn’t even have to get on his knees or crane his neck to press a kiss to the seam of your lips. “Tiny little pussy, could probably fit the whole thing in my mouth.” His eyes flick up to your face momentarily, watching you intently as he opens his mouth and gives your pussy an all-encompassing suck. His studded tongue laves your entrance with honeyed licks, fucking you with both the metal ball and the thin bar keeping the piercing fixed to the pink muscle that’s fully acquainted with your insides. 


“Attagirl.” A firm tap to your behind has your fingers balling into fists in his hair and your clit practically buzzing against his lips. “Cum on nii-san’s tongue.” Touya spreads your lips with his thumbs, opening you up for a sensation that’s sure to shut you down. His tongue settles under your clit like a wet, writhing pillow as his lips close around it. It’s a momentary bliss. He savors the sweet tanginess, holding still to let you melt in his mouth before actively enjoying the feel of his sister’s pussy throbbing against his lips. 

When he starts to suck, the bliss of being taken in by a hot clutch is easily overshadowed by the toe numbing chill that has every muscle and hole clenching in tandem. Touya knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows that if he squeezes your thighs, shakes his head from side to side, and keeps his lips tightly suctioned around the hood of your clit, your poor legs won’t be able to support you. He knows your knees will wobble before they buckle. He knows to move his hands between your legs and cup your bottom when that time comes because he knows the only place for you to go is forward if not down. He anticipates it all. So when it inevitably happens, when your knees start to wobble, and your moans are nothing more than whining hiccups, he’s already lifting you off your feet and onto his shoulders.

You brace yourself on the wall, cunny flush against Touya’s face and feet kneading his back as if you were a frogging cat in heat. 

Buried between your thighs, mouth full of pinkened flesh, saliva, and juices, Touya makes himself heard. “Ride my face—ride nii-san’s face. Show him how bad you wanna cum. Show him how much you love being his little slut.” It’s all the encouragement anyone could ever need. You lace your fingers behind his neck, holding his mouth hard against your cunt and arching forward until your chest rests on top of his head.

It’s an uncomfortable orgasm. Numbing and cold. A saliva-inducing headrush. A strange blend of your spit and his own that’s settled in your mouth for too long. Too short for your liking, not enough fanfare for his. 

Your pussy drools nonetheless, coating his tongue and lips in enough fluid for him to make a show of slurping it up straight from your fluttering opening. 

“It was too much…” you say, toeing the back of the tub to get yourself down. Touya draws his shoulders back and sits you between his legs, his face exceedingly wet and slutty. “You know I can’t handle it.”

Touya closes his eyes and leans back against the tub before sinking deeper into the water. “Why do you think I do it? I’m a sister-fucking monster.” His lip pulls up into a snarl, and his hand emerges from the water in a lazy claw as if he’s already grown tired of the bit. “You think I care if your twerpy clit can’t handle it.” 

“My clit’s not twerpy…”

“Is too.”

“Is…” Roped into another silly argument. How does he do it? 

Touya quirks a brow, waiting for your rebuttal. When you stay silent, he doesn’t bother opening his eyes or offering any more scathing remarks at your clit’s expense. He merely sinks until the water is up to his lips and his crotch is inches away from your knees. He’s still hard, so much so that his cock nearly breaches the water’s surface without any support. 

You’re reminded of a video you were shown at school: the one of the girl pretending to be half her age with the whiny voice who said, “What are you doing, step-bro?” You didn’t understand why it was shown to you, or why you seemed to be the only one who wasn’t laughing, but that didn’t mean you weren’t thoroughly engrossed in the few seconds of ‘porn’ you saw before your friend closed the tab. 

Touya always makes it seem like sister’s aren’t meant to touch their brothers themselves, but you saw what you saw. That girl put her ‘step-bro’s’ cock in her mouth with her own two hands. It’s only reasonable to assume that he’s lying. You can’t imagine that it would feel different from what you feel when he’s got his mouth on you. If you were to suck on him, he’d understand how that freezy feeling feels. It’d make his toes curl, and his insides ache, and he’d promise to never do it again. 

Thoroughly convinced, you lunge forward, mouth wide and eyes wild. 

And you miss.

“Fuck!” Touya jolts back to life and pulls your head up from under the water. You had miscalculated. His cock wasn’t as close to the surface as the water made it look, so instead of a mouthful of cock, you got a noseful of water and immediately started spitting and blowing it out as soon as you could breathe again. “What the hell were you trying to do? Drown yourself?” Touya holds your head in his hands as your tongue curls with your cough. “You know better than to do things on your own. Can’t even bathe yourself without—oh.” A hush falls over his voice as he feels the feverish blush under his hands and sees the desperate look on your face.  “Oh, I see how it is.” Touya leans forward and presses his lips to your ear. “You want to suck on nii-san’s cock, is that it?”

His one hand leaves your face and grabs hold of his now reddened cock. He strokes it once, and you find yourself antsy to have your hand and lips wrapped around his shaft.

“You always suck on me so it’s not fair that—” He stops stroking. You grow quiet. “Yes, Nii-san, I want to.”

“Do you even know what you’re talking about?” He glares at you, and you can’t help but wilt with the anticipation of him asking where you got the idea from, and the subsequent question of who showed you the video, but the line of questioning, fortunately, never comes. “Course you don’t.” He scruffs your hair and makes sure your eyes are on him as he stands at his full height. “Sit up so I can show you what to do. You can’t sit back on your knees—you won’t be able to reach.” After taking the time to adjust yourself, it’s clear that you’ll never be able to comfortably reach. Touya doesn’t seem all that concerned by this, in fact, watching you crane your neck and brace yourself on his thighs puts a smile on his face.

“Open up.” Your brother palms the top of your head with one hand and palms his cock with the other. “Keep that mouth open. Now stick your tongue out, and say ‘ah’ for me.”


Touya runs the slit of his dick along the tip of your tongue before letting the head rest right below your top set of teeth. You hold that position, unsure of what to do other than let your tongue squirm as it sees fit. It tastes like the bath water, albeit a little saltier. 

Touya’s knees neither buckle nor wobble. “What do you think?” he asks. 

You can hardly support its weight when he lets go in favor of holding your head with two hands. “Heh-veh,” you manage to get out.

“You think you can get your lips around it?” You close your eyes and start to close your mouth, but several snaps in front of your face have you recoiling with apprehension. “Aht, watch the teeth. You bite my dick, and I’ll ream your little ass.” 

With a hard swallow, you curl your upper lip over your teeth to the best of your ability and close your mouth around the tip. It’s strangely spongy, not at all as stiff as it feels when it’s pressing inside your cunny. Your tongue churns in your mouth, wriggling farther down the length of his cock and stopping where the reddish hue ends and the milky one begins. Breathing is different. If you open your jaw just a tad wider, you can slip air around his cock and into your lungs, but taking in the rest of his cock, the part that appears to be bigger than the breadth of your mouth at its widest, presents a logistical problem.

How are you supposed to breathe?

“Do me a favor, and suck as hard as you can, just like nii-san does.” Your cheeks hollow as you suck, your tight lips puckering outward like a knotted balloon. When his cock twitches against the roof of your mouth, you half expect his knees to give out on him, but your eldest brother hardly seems phased by the cheek-aching suck that’d have you on the ground if you were in his position. “That’s good, now suck me like it’s your thumb.”

Kissy noises and a stock-still tongue aren’t enough to appease him. Touya gently humps your suckling mouth, not yet satisfied with the efforts that already have your stomach starting to lurch. You gag once, and your head drops, leaving Touya’s cock to throb impatiently against your hairline. Drool pours past your lips and distinguishes itself from the bathwater with foam and traces of virile pre-cum as you let your mouth hang open. A tug of your chin has you looking back up, and by the time your stomach settles down, your brother’s cock is already pushing your mouth’s limits.  

“Nii-san likes playing rough, you know that, right?” He huffs, holding your face still and snapping for you to suck again. “So then you know at some point nii-san’s gonna grab your little skull and force his cock into your throat.” Your eyes widen. “Yeah, all the way down your throat, gonna feel all those swallowin’ little muscles back there.” Touya enunciates his words with a short jerk of his hips that have you holding back another gag. “You should try taking more in before that happens, get used to the feeling.” More of his cock dips into your mouth, threatening to infringe on your throat at any moment. “Oh, and don’t be an idiot—breathe through your nose.”

At your first real breath around your big brother’s cock, things start to click into place. Your tongue feels laxer, more nimble. It explores the underside of his vein-marbled cock, flicking at everything that pulses and throbs and lapping at the middlemost portion that rests stiffly on your curious muscle. Your head finds a rhythm of its own, and although it’s a slow, steady twist rather than a dutiful rock, Touya voices his approval with a huff and a moan. It’s a comforting act, one that has your eyes peacefully shut and your face thoroughly relaxed. 

That is, until he makes good on his word.

“Only little sisters should be sucking their big brothers’ cock, you understand me?” Your hands dart up to meet where your brother’s have clamped down around your head. He pulls forward as you pull back, winning out by strength alone and sinking further into your mouth and down your throat. Choking around the base, gagging from the prodding of your tonsils, you squeal to the best of your ability to let your struggle be known. 

Touya thrusts harder.

“No one’s gonna be able to make nii-san happy like his little sister. No one’s gonna let nii-san hump their throat like his little sister will.” Tears spill down your cheeks at the feeling of your lip starting to give way to your teeth. You don’t want to bite him. You don’t want your little ass to get reamed. You open your mouth as wide as your jaw will allow, refusing to let a single tooth graze his cock as it pistons in and out of your spasming throat. “Choke. Choke on it.” You have no other choice but to comply. “I already told you to breathe through your nose. If you pass out, that’s on you. I’m not stopping.”

Purely out of instinct, your arms wrap around your brother. You hold him close, keeping him from pulling out and slamming back inside and forcing him to settle with humping the bottom of your glucking throat. 

He has a much different tone when every suck is as tight and tacky as the last. “Ohh, fuck, baby. You want nii-san to breed that throat? Huh? You want nii-san to fill that belly with cum? A little treat for my little sister?” Touya’s reddened face beams with perverted joy, his voice patronizingly mawkish, “That’s too bad. There’s only one place where big brother cum belongs and that’s inside baby sister pussy.” He pinches your nose and shakes your head from side to side, cutting off what little air you can get past the girth of his cock. Just as suddenly as it began, the constant push of his groin against your face stops, and he all but yanks his cock out of your throat. “You know better.”

You recoil as soon as his grip slackens, spitting and coughing and grabbing at your abused throat as if it’ll make the internal sting go away. You should be grateful that Touya spared you from this kind of pain as long as he did, but his callousness leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It’s a learning experience, to be sure, one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Touya drops to his knees and still manages to loom over you with that self-assured grin and his cock dipping into the water. He snaps and points in your face. “Turn around, unplug the drain, and show big brother how high you can get that little ass of yours in the air.” You glare at him. “Please.” You cross your arms. “I’ll time you.” 

By some binding sibling code of conduct, you’re forced into action. Two seconds. Two whole seconds to turn around, uncover the drain, and tote your bottom in the air for Touya’s viewing pleasure. Shame hardly registers when he whistles at the sight. Somehow the thought of growing comfortable with having your ass spread and drooled into is more unsettling then the actual sensation of his thumb slipping comfortably into your ass. “Doesn’t count if you’re not face down.” He says, pressing a hand to your back and pushing down in hopes of feeling some give. “Timer’s still running.”  

“But the water hasn’t drained yet.”


“I’ll drown.”

His thumb hooks underneath your rim and tugs back until he can see the imprint of it slowly stretching your hole. “B-B-B-But I’ll drown!” he mocks, his impression of you no better than his last attempt. “Stop being a drama queen, you’re not gonna drown if you hold your breath.”

“Touya,” you huff.

“Don’t ‘Touya’ me.” His thumb presses deeper. Your arms start to wobble. “Water’s nearly gone anyway. Stop being so stubborn, and just do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it.”

He’ll never let it go. It’s more than doing what’s right, or what’s convenient. It’s just as he said. He wants you to stop being stubborn. He wants you to do what he tells you to do, and he wants you to do it without hesitation. When a big brother says, “Jump!”, a little sister shouldn’t have to ask how high, she should already know where he wants her to be. So, you hold your breath. You get down on your elbows, puff out your cheeks, and slip your head under water as your brother’s head slips inside. Just like he asked.

“Relax. Take it allll in.” His garbled voice reaches your ears over the gurgling drain trying to tune him out. “Gonna warm you up from the inside out.” And he means it. Your walls jitter with anticipation, knowing the beginnings of a frenzied pounding from a hot-blooded cock more than you know your own name. “This is the one. Got me all warmed up with that mouth and I’m ready to—fuck—” It isn’t like the first time. With a single shove of his hips, a considerable length of his cock burrows dangerously close to the bottom of the well. One hit, one tiny graze against knotted pink, and you’ll be forced to come up for air or settle for water instead. “Gonna breed you right this time. Just gotta...get the angle right, get a little deeper.” 

When he talks like this, like he’s abandoned himself in favor of giving into his particular vice, you’re reminded of your father telling you not to wear skirts around your brothers. You listened, for the most part, but like any daughter, you had days where the absence of a watchful eye would get to your head. You’d strut around the house in your uniform, in shorts, in a long t-shirt that’d cover your bottom so long as you didn’t stretch. You’d spend time with Touya dressed like that. All day, everyday. Suddenly all he wanted to do was spend time with his “annoying little sister.” You didn’t have to seek him out or beg to be let into his room. When the tables had turned, when he bridged the gap between doting and overbearing, it stood to reason that your father’s warnings about “distracting” your brothers weren’t as baseless as you originally believed them to be. 

Everyone has their vices, it just so happens that you’re Touya’s.

And what have you done to help him other than feeding into it? 

The drain sputters with nothing to fill it’s sucking maw. You gargle all the same. The sizable lump in your throat just won’t go away. It could be a scream, or a cry, or a moan, or a plea. Whatever it is, it refuses to come out, and you’re left silently choking on it as Touya’s one-track mind settles on releasing his pent-up frustrations on your body before finally offering you the catharsis you need.

“C’mon, get me there. You know what I like, don’t make me ask for it.”

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Touya-nii!” That can’t be your voice—obscenely pitched and absurdly exaggerated, just the way he likes it. “You’re not supposed to—to be in there. You’re my big brother. Big brothers aren’t supposed to fuck their little sisters.” He moans because you’re getting him there. He groans because you’re right. The steady rock of his hips is nothing more than the pounding you’d expect. Hysterical, deliberately punishing, his cock impossibly stiff. Your pygmy cunt can hardly squeeze out it’s release. An orgasm comes and goes with little to no fuss.  “I’ll tell. I’ll tell everyone my big brother’s a per—”

Touya leans over and grabs your shoulder, yanking you back before settling ass on heels to pull you onto his cock. His calloused hand settles over your mouth and nose, his fingers pressing hard into the meat of your cheek. Positioned like this, he has no choice but to drag each thrust. Slowly. Thickly. 

He spits his own theatrics into your ear through gritted teeth. “Shut that slutty little trap of yours. You think I can’t feel you cumming around my cock? Oh, I know you’re dirty fucking secret. You loooove your big brother.”  He shakes your head, reveling in the way you pout and try to pull his hand away from your mouth. “You love him so much that you’re willing to be his little wifey to make him happy.” You moan because he’s getting you there. You cry because he’s right. “So take it, take my cock, and my cum, and whatever it is I want to give to you, and make nii-san happy.” 

When he let’s go of your face, you tilt your head and lift your arms up without having to be asked. His hands take their rightful spot on your body, smoothing up to your breasts and pinching your pert little nipples as you kiss his still lips. 

“Nii-san, please...kiss.”

Touya shudders. His hips still.  A hand cups your jaw, another gently squeezes your budding breast. Finally, your coaxing kisses have his lips moving on their own. Slowly. Patiently. His tongue doesn’t force its way into your mouth. There’s no teasing bites and pulls to your lip, just the quiet smacking of mouths meeting. His hand moves back down from your jaw and over your stomach. His arms wrap around you. His hips move when he clenches, but it isn’t a thrust.

You shudder.

“My little incest doll.” He whispers with a small laugh from his nose fanning against your  cheek. Not that word. Anything but that. “Your big brother is an incest loving, sister fucking monster.” Spoken in a whisper and another laugh. “Should’ve known it’d end up like this when I convinced myself there was nothing wrong with me.” Your cheek is wet. The streak is warm, and it isn’t your own. You keep your eyes shut. “I know this isn’t what you want. I just wanna make you mine. I don’t want anyone to look at you and think they can take you away from me, or—or take my spot. You’re my little sister, and I—”

Your lips stagger over your brother’s, connect again, and cut him off. Touya’s breath fills your mouth with a wavering puff, and he’s back to holding you tight and burying his problems in the only person who can make them go away. 

“Make love to me, Nii-san.”

“Make love to you?” You feel his lip start to tremble before he pulls it into his mouth and bites down on it. He scoffs. “Isn’t fucking you bad enough?”

“I love you, Nii-san.”

You raise your hips and set them back down at your own grueling pace. His labored breaths rattle in his chest. 

“...Don’t you think I know that? That’s why you’re letting me do this.”

“I love you, Nii-san.”

You arch your back, filling his hands with your breasts and writhing against his chest while you butt his cheek with your own. 

Touya huffs your name.

“I do.” 

“Don’t start.”

“It’s just like you said,” you pant, bouncing dutifully on your brother’s lap. “Baby sister pussy is only for big brothers, right?”

Touya cups the curve of your thigh and presses his thumb into the crease where it meets your cunt, holding on and fidgeting as the muted impact of his hips meeting your own over and over again has his cock throbbing on its own accord. 

“I want it, Nii-san. I want you to cum in me, to—” You recall his words. “—breed me. I wanna be your little wifey! I do!”

The sound you make when he finally thrusts back is more of a squeal than a scream, high in pitch but cut off all too quickly, dying out into a lower, drawn-out noise that ends with his warbled name. Your writhing is so delicious, so enthralling that he latches on like a predator that’s had enough with its prey. The first cue comes with the muffled praise in your hair, the next with the bruising grip on your hips that has him rutting deeper, harder, tightly against your womb without the ability to draw out and pound, stuck perpetually grinding and humping until he throws his head back, his mouth wide and panting, “Don’t stop, fuck, don’t stop.”

His cock slips out with his clumsy release. Seed spills between your thighs, and the sound he makes as he quickly fists his hand underneath you and forces his cock back inside is nothing short of complete desperation. His cum is molten fire to your bathroom-chilled body. You jolt, lifting to relieve the burn only to be wrestled back down and held in his unyielding embrace.

“Not yet, not yet, stay on my cock, stay on my cock if you love me.”

“It burrrrns.”

Touya swallows hard and chokes on it. “Just relax—relax. It’ll cool down.” He gives you just enough space to separate his overheated cockhead from the ring of cum-splattered tissue, letting you rest your hands on the bottom of the tub and stretch your bent legs. “Don’t leave.”

The discomfort is evident on your puckered face, but you stay still for his sake, whining and waiting for the moment he declares you thoroughly bred and let’s you go. Touya’s thumbs part your lower lips and stares longingly at where your reddened cunny has latched onto his cock, where trails of his cum drip out of you whenever you clench.

“Look at that. Fuck, I wanna tear you apart.” You aren’t expecting a second wind, but his cock perks back up, and he slots his pelvis against your own. “I think I’m gonna cum again.” So soon? Already? Your body tenses with the anticipation of more heat and a sticky fullness. “Giving my baby sister a baby. I lo—ohhhohoh my fucking god.” He can hardly commit to a single thought. There’s only one thing on his mind.” Take your brother’s cum you pint sized little b—eugh.” You rear back to meet his faltering thrusts, and you smile weakly knowing that if he were standing, his knees would wobble before they buckled. “Don’t stop fucking me with that cute little sister cunt. Little sis—fuck, I love—” Almost. “—fucking you. I—What are you doing to me? Why can’t I stop? Why are you so fucking cute?”

Surely, he must know the answer by now.

“I love you, Nii-san.” You bite down on the inside of your cheek, registering pain somewhere other than your pussy as you slide back to him, back to his chest, back into his arms. “Nii-san, say it back. Say you love me.”

“I do,” he grits out.

“Then say it.” The first cue comes, and he’s already trembling and cumming again before the second one can rear its head. “Touya-nii, say you love me!”

“I love you so much—it fucking hurts!”