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Farewell, and Into The Inevitable; Doorway to Destiny

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The sun had set on this quiet night in Los Angeles. The day before they return to Japan to fight the MLA had ended, and it was almost time to turn in. Midoriya Izuku took a glance at his watch: 9:30. Bakugou was surely asleep by now, alongside some of his other classmates. He should turn in too – he was getting tired, but for the past few days sleep had mostly eluded him. Perhaps he should take a Melatonin pill.

The boarding house they were all sleeping in was not top-of-the-line, but that was the best UA could do with the limited funds they had. Besides that, for the past year, the reception in the states was fair – he was treated well by people and the American heroes, but he would probably owe that to the English he learned from Present Mic. What he was most happy about, however, was seeing his father Hisashi again, who lived in this city. He and his mother were living elsewhere in Los Angeles, for their safety from the Front. That way, he didn’t have to worry about them as much.

Izuku was currently sitting on his bed, fresh from the shower and all but ready to turn in. But he felt something was missing. Missing from the moment, somehow. He couldn’t put a finger on it, though, and heeded it no further.

Knock, Knock!

A knock on the door released him from his thoughts. He wasn’t expecting a visitor at this hour, even if it was before curfew. Uneasily, he got up from his bed and opened the door. Izuku found Ochako Uraraka standing before him, clad in pink pajamas.

Izuku turned slightly pink upon seeing what she was wearing. It was so like her. “H-hey Uraraka,” he greeted her.

“Hey. Can I come in?” To this, he nodded. Between hero work and studies, they all never had enough time to socialize.

“Please, sit down. What’s up?” he asked. Both of them sat down on Izuku’s bed before a silence engulfed the room.

“Well…” she began.

Another pause. Uraraka wanted to talk about heavy stuff, Izuku could tell. He could also guess – her parents could not make it overseas; not enough money, of course. She also couldn’t contact them, because the new government the MLA had installed was likely wiretapping all phone calls. They were rooting out heroes and their families, one by one.

She continued, “do you think my parents…”

Izuku spoke before she could finish. He knew exactly what to say to Ochako, because it is a hero’s duty to help those in need and to know how to do so. “Yes. They made it.”

“…hm.” Eager to not let her grow despondent, Izuku made sure to follow up.

“Your parents are surely resourceful, just like you are. It’s how they got so far in their business, right?” Izuku turned to her and smiled. “They wouldn’t just wait around for someone to get them. They’d hide, and they’d find out where.”

There was one thing he blurted out after that. “You know, being resourceful is just one of the many things I like about you.” Upon saying this, both turned as red as a Mcintosh apple. “I mean, uh…” Izuku was about to cover for himself but got interrupted.

“You like many things about me?” Uraraka inquired. “That’s, um, a bold thing to say, Deku.”

“Actually, uh-“ Izuku tried to speak, but it was too late. He’d really let the cat out of the metaphorical bag, huh? “…Never mind. Please, forget I said anything.”

“Ok… hey, I want to have a plan for something.” Neither were as red as they were before.

“What kind of plan?” Izuku didn’t know what she was talking about.

“A contingency plan. Heroes should always have those, right? If my parents are dead-“

“They’re not-“

“I’ll have no one to live for. I need to find a reason to go on without them. I don’t want to wither away.” Uraraka turned to look at Izuku this time. Izuku met her eyes.

“If that happens, Uraraka… I will help you. We all will; you will recover.” He was adamant in his stance.

“I wasn’t finished.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

Uraraka began again. “I… don’t want anyone to know what I’m about to say. That includes Ashido,” she half-heartedly chuckled. Izuku was growing more anxious by the second. “I want to live for someone. Maybe- maybe you.”

“Uraraka, now THAT is a bold thing to say!” he grew red again, with Ochako to match. “If I could ask, w-why me?”

The Gravity Hero hesitated. “Y-you’re probably wondering, “why not Iida?” right? Here’s the thing… no one in our class has the same drive as you. Not just to be a hero, but to do the right thing, over and over again even at your own expense. I saw how you saved me, Todoroki, Iida and Bakugo that first year. Sometimes you got injured beyond what a normal person should have to experience. When we saved Eri, and couldn’t save Sir Nighteye, I decided I would be a hero who saved heroes.”

She continued. “I don’t know when I first started feeling the way I do about you. First year, definitely, but specifically… I’m not sure. It became so hard to control around you. I’m about to overflow with it.” She hugged her knees to her chest. “Before going into these final battles with the MLA, I just want you to know…”

The last part had her eyes filled with tears. “I think I’m in love with you. And I want you to come home.”

For some reason, Izuku wasn’t as surprised as he thought he would be. Still, he had very little experience with girls, since they all shunned him for being quirkless in junior high. He needed to find a way to make Ochako feel better. Should he kiss her; is that what couples did?

Mindfully, he embraced her with his scarred arms. He wanted to take it slow – inexperience be damned. They stayed like that for a minute before he began to let go, but he paused as their faces were inches away from each other. For fifteen seconds they held that position, not moving at all. As he sat there, he was unsure where to go next.

“Uraraka, I…” Izuku could hardly speak. “We should-“

He didn’t get to finish that sentence before Uraraka leaned forward. Their lips met for a second before she backed her head away, wanting to clearly see his face and if he was okay. Surprisingly, he wasn’t that red – or rather, as red. In fact, he looked like he was about to cry.

“Uraraka, we can’t do it… Hero work is too dangerous and busy. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“I know. That’s what makes it hurt so much.”

Izuku sniffed. “It hurts.” He looked down. “It’s agonizing.”

The sound of their sniffles continued to fill the room. Now the tears were running down both of their faces in droves. For ten minutes, both did not speak.

Izuku finally ended the silence. “You know how everyone pretends to be a hero at some time in their lives?”

Ochako was calming down now. “Yeah. Why?”

“Let’s do the opposite. I know I’m probably the last person you’d expect to say this, but… let’s pretend, just for tonight, that we aren’t heroes who have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Let’s be… people. Just people. Sound good?”

She thought about that for a moment. “S-sure.”

“O.K. We’re normal people right now, not heroes. What would you like to do?”

“Um… I have an idea.” Uraraka leaned in again. Izuku could once again smell the mint in her breath – likely from toothpaste. Soon her lips were on his, and this time it was euphoric to him.

But she didn’t stop there. Now Uraraka was leaning into his body, so much that he lost balance and fell back upon the bed. Ochako began to intensify the kissing, her tongue going inside his mouth. She was holding onto his back like for dear life. He held onto hers as well, though gentler; he didn’t want to go too far. But how far was she going to go? Izuku wondered that as she now all but pinned him to his bed.

For some reason, in this moment he started thinking of everyone they had lost. Sir Nighteye. Gran Torino. A few classmates. And as they awaited their assault on MLA-controlled Japan, he couldn’t help but wonder who else would die to see Japan to a brighter future. If Uraraka died, it would have the same effect on him as if All Might or his parents did. If Izuku himself was to perish for their salvation… No. He would live. But if she were destined for death in the war, then he first had to give her a reason to live.

Izuku first began to kiss her back. Uraraka let out a slight moan when she realized what he was doing. Then, he rolled them so he was on top of her on the bed. Her eyes grew wide at his sudden dominance.

He stopped, not wanting her to be uncomfortable. “Everything all right?”

She smiled. “You surprised me, is all. Let’s keep going.”

Izuku leaned back into her, and the kissing resumed. His lips began to almost buzz from the contact with hers. It was becoming addicting – but they couldn’t do it again after this. They had only one night to make everything right.

Izuku pulled away for but a moment, out of breath. “Uraraka…”

“Call me Ochako, Deku.”

“… How far do you want to go?”

Ochako hesitated for a moment, but her answer was certain. “I want to go all the way. …Please.”

They were both 18 at this point in their lives, but Izuku still felt some restraint, and Ochako’s words weren’t changing his mind. He didn’t want to hurt her or her feelings and wanted to make her as comfortable as possible. The fact that they were both virgins wasn’t helping matters, since he never thought he would ever make it this far with any girl, let alone Ochako.

In any case, he started by deepening his kisses. Ochako reached her hands under Izuku’s shirt, earning a moan from him and satisfaction from herself. Their mouths parted so she could help him take it off, revealing a body not unlike Mirio Togata’s: muscular, scarred, powerful. The kind that would make Ochako’s knees weak if she were standing.

Removing the rest of both of their clothes was a little awkward, but they soldiered through the possible embarrassment. It turned out neither had anything to be worried about. “S-so… what happens now?” Izuku questioned.

“I, um… I know,” Ochako said. She proceeded to guide him through the process. After a certain point it was no longer awkward. In fact, to Izuku it felt… right. Even if Aizawa found out and scolded them (or worse) for it, there was nothing he would rather have done at that moment.

When they were done, both satisfied but tired, they laid down in Izuku’s bed, side by side and facing each other. Neither were uncomfortable in this atmosphere. It was now a tried and tested environment where the partners let their true feelings take hold of them.

Ochako was the first to speak. “We’re heroes again.”

“…Yeah.” Izuku couldn’t shake the sadness from his voice.

“And tomorrow, we’ll be back to fighting for our society.” Ochako broke eye contact.


“It was a damn good ride, Deku. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“Ochako… You’re making it sound like we lost.”

“Hmm… I want more time,” she said with a shaky voice.

Izuku cupped Ochako’s cheek in his hand, causing her to lift her eyes to Izuku’s face. “Ochako. I’d say it’s highly likely that we’ll win. But even if we lose, you need to know something.”

Izuku took a shaky breath. “If we die, at least we’ll do so side-by-side. Together to the end.”

Ochako took Izuku’s scarred hand in her own and repeated his words. “Together to the end.”

Izuku never slept better in his life.


They were in the middle of the warzone once known as Musutafu. Heroes from across the globe were rushing forward in an all-out assault against Gigantomachia in the distance, who was throwing buildings, vehicles, and anything else he could get his hands on at them in an attempt to slow them down. Dabi was also at play, and his azure flames tore through the battlefield. Bodies were everywhere, charred and flattened alike.

Three heroes in a squad, Deku, Uravity and Ingenium were keeping a steady pace, remaining mindful of the carnage around them. The American heroes who also made up their battalion were running alongside them.

Suddenly, however, they could see Machia through the smoke lift an armored vehicle that made it that far. Dabi set it on fire, and the giant monster threw it into the path of destruction, directly at them.

“INCOMING!” Deku heard one of the heroes in his squad say.

Thankfully it missed the heroes; unfortunately, it set off a giant explosion. Deku could feel shrapnel cut into his back, but he had to keep moving. They had to survive to make it to Shigaraki, no matter the cost.

Deku had a gut instinct to turn around. Three heroes in his battalion lay dead and unrecognizable on the ground. Not only that, he saw Uravity struggling to get up. Iida fared better with his armored costume, but Uravity didn’t wear armor, and was paying the price for it. As a result of the explosion she was cut and burned all over. She was limping heavily, and he knew then and there that she couldn’t make it any further.

He ran back for them. He picked up and carried Uravity to a place of cover, and issued orders to his comrades.

“Ingenium, you guys need to evacuate right now! Get out of here and take Uravity!”

“…No…” he could hear Uravity choke out. “Don’t… I can’t stay behind. Dammit, I can do this!”

“Don’t argue with me, Uravity.”

“You promised… You said we’re in this to the end…”

“Uravity, no! You can’t make it any further! Trust Deku!” Ingenium barked out. They were running out of time before Gigantomachia’s next barrage. They needed to go, and he needed to move.

“Uravity… Ochako, listen to me,” Deku said. He needed to say it, now, before it was too late. “No matter what happens here…” He looked at her dead in the eyes. Deku couldn’t waste any more time.

“No matter what happens here, you need to know that I love you. I always will.”

Tears were streaming down both of their faces right now. They almost couldn’t see through them. “… I love you too… Come home. Come back to us,” Uravity pleaded.

Despite the emotion that has overcome him, Deku couldn’t wait any longer. He had to go on, with or without his comrades. Wiping the tears away with his arm, Izuku yelled “Go!” With that, Ingenium wordlessly lifted up Uravity to carry her. He used his recipro-burst to speed away, retreating. Deku faced forward, knowing what he had to do. He ran back into the fray, into the carnage, and his doorway to destiny.