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A kiss out of pride

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“You were so fucking amazing.”

Luo Ji isn’t convinced. He’d won his first ever 1v1 in a proper match, sure, but his technique had been poor, and the Blademaster he’d been up against had managed to get Concealed Light down to less than 10% health. He’d made so many mistakes that he was surprised he’d actually won.

But for some reason, Bao Zi is looking at him as though he’d found the solution for global warming or a way to stop world hunger, instead of scraping a win in a match that would have no real impact on anything.

The rest of the team is waiting in the practice room, prepping for the team game. Neither Bao Zi nor Luo Ji are playing, so they have a few minutes to themselves. Bao Zi had dragged him to the end of the corridor, a dead end corner where the bulb was out and no one would disturb them. Bao Zi has his arms on the wall on either side of Luo Ji’s head, his gaze a little too intense for Luo Ji to accept.

Luo Ji drops his eyes to the floor, his feet shuffling.

“Hey,” Bao Zi says, one hand brushing against Luo Ji’s cheek. “Look at me, didi.”

Luo Ji looks up, pushing his glasses up his nose as he tilts his head back to look at Bao Zi properly. Bao Zi’s smile is enough to light up the whole stadium at the best of times, and there’s something special about having it directed solely at him.

“You are amazing.”

Bao Zi speaks quieter this time, almost a whisper, but the look on his face doesn’t change. If anything, it becomes even sharper, his eyes locking directly with Luo Ji’s. Bao Zi seems to want to say something else; his fingers are tapping on the wall and his breathing has sped up.

“What?” Luo Ji matches the whispered tone, unwilling to ruin the moment, even if he has no idea what is happening. He may not understand it, but he knows Bao Zi, probably better than anyone else does, and he knows that something important is going on.

Bao Zi doesn’t answer. Instead he bends his elbows, bringing his face closer to Luo Ji. He smiles once more, but he’s so close that Luo Ji can only tell because he can see the crinkles around Bao Zi’s eyes.


He can feel the warmth of Bao Zi’s breath as he speaks, but before he can form a response, he feels Bao Zi’s soft lips on his own. His eyes have fallen closed of their own accord, but in his mind he can still see Bao Zi’s face. The kiss, Luo Ji’s first ever kiss, is over before he can fully appreciate it, but he knows instantly that he’ll never forget it. He’s slow to open his eyes, but when he does, Bao Zi is still in front of him, still looking at him.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Luo Ji says, as soon as he can trust himself to speak without his voice wobbling.

If he’d thought the look on Bao Zi’s face was special before, the way he smiles literally takes Luo Ji’s breath away. He reaches up and touches Bao Zi’s lips with his fingertips.

Whatever the result of the team match is, Luo Ji knows he’s won.