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The Sea Prince and the Death Prince

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The Prince of Death - Prologue

The thought of meeting my one true love has never crossed my mind before. I knew that I wasn't attracted to girls, so what hope was there for me?

When I had came out to my family, they accepted me without hesitation. But what they didn't know was that there was no other gay male who would want to be with me. So what was I suppose to do?

I felt so hopeless...until I met him.


Perseus "Percy" Jackson, son of Poseidon, King of the Oceans.

"Don't worry, Nico, you'll find the right person." Hazel said comfortingly as she rubbed her older brother's back gently. Even though his head was buried in the dark purple satin pillows, Nico managed a scoff before asking his younger sister "Hazel, I'm the Prince of Death, who in the world would want to be with me?"

"Well I'm the King of the Dead, but you're stepmother still married me." King Hades, the father of Nico and Hazel, commented dryly as he stepped into his son's bedroom with his wife next to him. Queen Persephone's beautiful face twisted up into a scowl as she smacked her husband's arm and her eyes narrowed when King Hades hissed at the sudden pain radiating from his right arm. She may be a woman, but she does know how to fight in hand-to-hand combat. Queen Persephone glided over from where she and her husband stood in their Prince's doorway and over to the Prince's bed. She lifted her step-son's head from where it was on the pillow gently and kissed his forehead lightly as she said sternly "Now, I want you to stop thinking these things. You may be the Prince of the Dead, but what does that even mean? It's just a title and rank. If murderers and criminals can have someone to love, then so can you. It's just not the right time yet, sweetheart. Be patient, you'll find the right one when you know it."

Nico nodded as best as he could with his head trapped in his step-mother's hands while he tried to tell his father to help him with his eyes. King Hades caught his son's eyes and smirked before shaking his head and mouthing "You're on you're own."

Pretending to be shocked, Nico gave his mother his famous heartbroken puppy-dog eyes and whimpered quietly as he said "Mommy, Daddy's being mean to me again."

At once, Queen Persephone released her son's head and whirled around to face her husband as her beautiful face twisted into a ugly one as she said sickly sweet "Oh my dearest, most beloved darling husband, just what do you think you are doing? Treating my son so horribly?"

Kind Hades' jaw dropped open as he sputtered in shock while his eyes flicked back and forth from between his wife to his devilishly smirking son and daughter. As his wife moved closer to him, he edged away as he thought 'Oh that little brat is so going to regret this.'

His wife took one more step towards him and he took off running out of the room and down the hallway, where the Queen, Prince, and Princess could hear his study room door slam shut. The Queen, Prince, and Princess all burst into laughter as soon as they heard the door slam shut.

After a few minutes of laughter, the Queen smiled at the sight of her stepchildren goofing off in her step-son's bedroom before telling Nico to never forget what she said to him and leaving the room while closing the door gently. One chat and 2 and a half hours later, Princess Hazel left her big brother's room to return to her own, where her lovers were, while the Crown Prince was left to his own devices back at his room.


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