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Are you awake


Do you want to do something tonight

It’s past midnight, Jin

It’s an adventure



Yoongi blinked at his phone glowing in the dark.

He had no real sleep schedule lately, but his day had been long. He'd been proud of eating a real meal and getting in bed on time for once, hoping to get enough sleep for the first time in a while. It was 12:04am, though, and the texts were suspicious. 

It was Seokjin, and Yoongi trusted him. 

Not entirely, but to some degree. 

The elder definitely wasn’t going to tell him what he was planning, though, so Yoongi didn’t bother asking. His phone faded to black and he let his eyes close.   

Maybe he’d cooked too much food, or something. Yoongi would appreciate it, really, except that he’d already eaten and it was the middle of the night.

Maybe he needed a partner to game with, which could be fun, except that it was the middle of the night. 

He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. 

It had been a while since they’d hung out alone, really, almost always with the rest of the group. After they’d moved into their own rooms they’d seen each other significantly less, even while still seeing each other often. As roommates they'd been together enough to last a lifetime, but it was still hard not to miss him, sometimes. 

Seokjin was only three months older, but he was still his hyung. 

Always spontaneous and vibrant and living in the moment, always helping Yoongi to see the brighter side of things. Someone to comfort him when he was down, someone to encourage him when he wasn't feeling his best. 

Always shining bright, even when he wasn’t feeling so bright himself. 

Yoongi missed him more often than he’d like to admit, even while seeing each other daily. He missed talking to him into the late hours of the night, missed passing out together after long schedules. Missed always having someone to talk to about the good things and the bad. 




I’ll pick you up
Dress warm :) 



Yoongi rolled his eyes and pushed himself up, staring at his closet and not sure about this anymore. He wasn’t thrilled to go outside in the dead of night, for any reason, ever. But that’s what this was sounding like.

He dragged himself up and found a big green sweatshirt, thick and warm. He traded his pajama pants for jeans, already uncomfortable, nearly tipping over trying to pull on a sock. 

He glanced at his mirror and scratched behind an ear.

His dark hair was a mess and his face was puffed up, but he thought he looked cute. Wasn't really sure why that mattered, though. 

In another fifteen minutes his phone glowed with Seokjin’s "here" text, Yoongi laying half-awake in bed and struggling to remember why anything but sleeping was a good idea.

“Morning sunshine,” Seokjin purred as Yoongi opened the car door, the night air cold but not as bad as it could’ve been.

“Hi,” Yoongi grunted, plopping into the seat and shutting the door behind him. 

“You look nice.”

“Shut up,” Yoongi scoffed, already smiling and not even sure if he was being sarcastic.

Seokjin winked at him and started to drive. 

“You’re not gonna tell me,” Yoongi said, not a question, staring out at the quiet street. 


He knew he could beg it out of him, really, but he had no energy to try. 

A small weight was lifting from his shoulders already, though, just by being with him. Something small he hadn’t even noticed was there. 

The streets were busier as they made it further into the city, not yet late enough for all of Seoul to be asleep. The street lamps shone for the dancing moths underneath, other drivers passing by on their own late night adventures. 

In a few minutes Yoongi noticed Seokjin wasn't using a GPS. 

“Is it much farther?” he asked, the car definitely nowhere near Seokjin’s apartment.

“Not really.”  

Yoongi hardly ever drove this late at night, usually only moving from schedule to schedule. Typically passed out in the back of a van or coming home from the studio. The world was pretty like this, though, only a few left awake while the world was asleep. 

He could feel some excitement blooming, as tired as he was. The thrum of the unknown taking over. Knowing Seokjin wouldn’t ask for something like this if it wasn’t actually worth it. 

He was happy to be with him, anyway. Grateful to know someone so spontaneous, so unlike himself. There were few people he’d do this for. 

He perked up as they crossed the Han river, still absolutely no idea where they were going.

“Are we leaving Seoul?”

Seokjin didn't reply, so that was a yes.

He slouched back down, confused but trusting him well enough. Seokjin was not a murderer, to Yoongi's knowledge. 

For a moment he assumed they'd stop to walk along the river, but it drifted away behind them. He wasn't sure why he was disappointed. 

When they passed a sign for Gwacheon the pieces finally clicked. 

He’d slept over at Seokjin’s house a few times before, just the two of them and his family, playing games all night and feeling like a home away from home.

Seokjin drove past his neighborhood, though, and Yoongi didn't understand.

It was another minute before Seokjin parked the car, on a random street in a random part of town. 

“Where are we?”

“You’ll see.”

“That’s ominous, hyung.”

Seokjin grinned, and maybe Yoongi was getting concerned. 

He watched as Seokjin reached into the backseat to grab some blankets that Yoongi hadn’t even noticed were there, piling them into Yoongi’s lap and grinning as he left the car. Yoongi stared at the pile, brain too tired to comprehend. 

In a moment Seokjin was opening Yoongi's passenger door, tugging the blankets into his own arms instead. 

“Are we burying a body, hyung,” Yoongi murmured, and Seokjin laughed as loud as he could without waking the neighbors. 

“No, I’ll tell you that much.” 

Yoongi pouted as Seokjin reached out to hold his hand, fabric bundled in the other. “Come on,” he huffed, tilting his head and locking the door.

They passed a few houses before Seokjin tugged him sideways. Yoongi assumed they were headed into someone’s house before he noticed a gap between the buildings. A shadowy space filled with tall trees. 

Vaguely it hit him they must be in the outskirts of town, the greenery dark up ahead.

“Seokjin,” Yoongi whined, not even knowing what to say. He didn't like this.

“It’s okay,” Seokjin murmured, letting go a moment to pull a flashlight from his pocket, apparently prepared for this. He switched it to his blanket hand and held Yoongi's hand again. 

It wasn't long before Yoongi realized what he was looking at, the mouth of a trail becoming obvious in the shadows.

“I’m not hiking right now, hyung,” Yoongi whined, stomach shifting as he tugged at Seokjin’s hand.

“It’s not that far,” Seokjin said, stopping to look at him. “I promise, Yoon.”

Yoongi scowled, eyeing the dirt under the flashlight. 

“Are there animals?”

“No,” Seokjin shook his head. “I’ll fight them.”


“Yoongi,” he said, grinning and tugging him closer. “I swear it's worth it.”

Yoongi did his best to glare, but Seokjin giggled at the look on his face.

“Fine,” Yoongi scoffed eventually, not really having a choice and maybe a little curious. “It’s way too late to be moving this much, hyung,” he grumbled as they walked along, Seokjin snorting back at him. He kept Yoongi's hand tight in his, though, a few steps ahead to guide them.

Eventually he stopped walking, letting go and turning to face him. 

Yoongi took in his surroundings, finally, the forest of trees, the small clearing where they stood. He turned a step and his mouth fell open. 

They could see the whole city from here, a little higher than the rest of the town. Tiny windows and street lights glowing. The city twinkling like it was made of stars.

“My hometown,” Seokjin murmured, and Yoongi turned to gape at him. 

“How do you know this place?”

“My brother took me here all the time growing up,” he said, squeezing at Yoongi’s shoulder. “Mom always thought we were going to the park.”

Yoongi snorted and looked back at the view. 

“It’s pretty,” he murmured, turning as Seokjin laid the blankets on the ground, layering a few to make it soft. He kept hold of the last one and gestured for Yoongi to sit. 

“Thanks,” Yoongi mumbled as Seokjin tucked the last blanket around his shoulders, sitting beside him and revealing the tupperware container he'd apparently been holding the entire time. It was too dark to see the food clearly, not even sure what it was until Seokjin was offering him a piece on a fork. 

“Honeydew,” Seokjin murmured as Yoongi tasted it. “Didn’t want you to starve.”

Yoongi huffed, somewhere deep inside realizing in another context this could be a date. 

They were quiet as they ate and watched the city, only the sound of their chewing and the bugs chirping in the trees. 

There were more stars here than they could ever see in Seoul, the full moon watching over them. The smell of earth and something sweet. 

“Thank you,” Yoongi murmured eventually, Seokjin turning to face him. “Really. This is nice.”

“Thought you’d like it,” he said, smiling soft. “I kept thinking about it tonight.”

Yoongi huffed, not really minding now. “Feels good to be outside, honestly.”

Seokjin beamed as he shoved Yoongi's shoulder, looking smug. 

“Dont.” Yoongi laughed, catching his hand. “It’s just nice.”

“Yeah.” He looked back at the lights. “We don’t get out enough.”

“Guess not.”

It was quiet for a moment, both soaking it in. Yoongi missed going out, really, but they struggled to avoid being recognized these days.

He supposed it was easier to do it like this, in the dead of night with no one around. They were free, here. Night air calm and relaxed with someone he cared about. 

He didn’t notice the blanket falling off his shoulders until Seokjin reached out to fix it, Yoongi huffing and scooting closer so they could just wrap it around them both. 

“I can see my house from here,” Seokjin said after a while, pointing out for Yoongi to see. 

All of the buildings looked the same, really, but he nodded anyway. 

“Does it look weird so far away?”

“Yeah, a little,” Seokjin said, pausing. “I miss it here.”

Yoongi turned to take in the look on his face.

“I still visit all the time, though. It’s not so bad.”

Yoongi nodded and rubbed at Seokjin's knee, glad he lived close by. 

He watched the tiny cars on their little streets, headlamps shining. Thought about Seokjin growing up down there, just a little kid roaming the city. Thought of how many people in the world know him now, how many love him for who he is. 

He breathed in deep, taking in the night air. 

He was so grateful, every day. Still so amazed by all their life had become. So happy he could make an impact, no matter what size.  

He tugged the blanket tighter to his chest, scooting even closer to Seokjin so it wouldn’t pull away. Surprised when Seokjin wrapped an arm around his waist, tucking in and staying there. 

“Here,” Seokjin murmured, stabbing last piece of melon and holding out the fork. 

Yoongi huffed a laugh and rolled his eyes, letting Seokjin take it. Giggled when Seokjin pinched at his waist.

They were in their own world, here. Sleepy and alive.