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I crumble like a sugarcube for you

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Yoongi knew he was truly fucked the day he realized he couldn't say no to Taehyung.

That might explain how he finds himself at the moment: pressed up by Taehyung's hard body against a wall, Taehyung's teeth ravaging his neck. They're on a shooting break, in this sort of archive room, hidden behind shelves stacked with files and boxes. He frankly doesn't know how Taehyung always seems to find those kinds of places wherever they go nor does he want to know. He's just accepted that Taehyung only needs to give him the look and Yoongi will discreetly nod and follow him. Yoongi is well aware that it's crazy, reckless, but he can't resist. Damn, he's already wasted too much time resisting.

"Careful, don't bite. You can't leave any marks."

"I'm not biting, only tasting you," Taehyung says right before his teeth graze the skin behind Yoongi's ear, and then, for good measure, pull at his earlobe. "God, hyung, why do you always have to taste and smell so good?"

It feels surreal, this thing he and Taehyung have going on between them. He can't define what it is, and Yoongi really tries not to think too much about it, but he knows that he likes it. A lot, if he's honest.

It is all fairly new, that much is true, but he is still amazed by Taehyung's enthusiasm. Taehyung justifies that he's wanted Yoongi for so long, now that he finally has Yoongi for himself he won't hold anything back. And well, Yoongi's not gonna lie, it feels great to be the recipient of such hunger.

This time, however, it is Yoongi who tangles his fingers in the hair on the back of Taehyung's neck and seeks his lips for a kiss. He can feel Taehyung smile against his lips, the fucking brat always gets awfully smug when Yoongi takes any kind of initiative. And quite honestly, right now, Yoongi couldn't care less. He just demands more, holds Taehyung closer, kisses him harder. He knows what he does to Taehyung. He's been learning it in the few weeks they've been together. When Taehyung's hands start roaming all over Yoongi's body and the kiss gets rough, all tongue and teeth, Yoongi already expects it.

Gradually, though, Taehyung slows down, his touches become softer, almost reverent. He gives Yoongi's lip a tender peck before he pulls back and stares at Yoongi with something unreadable in his eyes. Yoongi feels a lump in his throat. He wishes he could know what goes on in Taehyung's mind.

But then Taehyung only gives him a shy smile and says, "You look so pretty with this hair color. You're my honey boy."

"Ugh, Taehyung-ah, you're just gross sometimes." Yoongi cringes, but deep inside him there's something warm and mellow, and he feels almost lightheaded.

Taehyung chuckles, low and breathy, and it makes Yoongi shiver. "You think I'm gross, yeah?" he says as his hand finds the growing bulge in Yoongi's pants and he gives it a little squeeze. "I want to make you feel good. Just tell me you're my honey boy."

"No, I'm not," Yoongi insists, but his body clearly wants what Taehyung is offering, pliant under Taehyung's touch.

"C'mon, just say it," Taehyung urges him as his nimble fingers work the button of Yoongi's pants open.

Dammit. Yoongi already feels his resolve begin to crack, and he sighs resignedly. "Okay. Alright." He takes a deep breath. "I'm--"

They're interrupted by a light knock on the door, then Jimin's voice, "Taehyung-ah, you there? People are looking for you."

Of course Jimin knows Yoongi is in there with Taehyung. Yoongi is not sure if all the guys know about this... whatever this is going on between Taehyung and him, but of course Jimin knew, right from the start. The thing about Jimin is, a lot of people might underestimate him, but he's smart like hell. And Yoongi actually thinks Taehyung didn't even tell him anything. He just knew. He would look at them with a knowing smirk, or what's more unnerving, he would look at them with fond eyes whenever Taehyung and Yoongi were near each other.

"Just a minute," Taehyung says towards the door. "I'll be right back." He gives one more quick kiss on Yoongi's lips, and they hurriedly try to rearrange their clothes and hair. They might have never fooled Jimin, but they can still hope everyone else is oblivious.

Once they step back into the dressing room, there's a flurry of people from the make-up and styling crew all around them, and Yoongi quickly loses sight of Taehyung. They give Yoongi a new set of clothes, flashier than the ones they wore on the previous shoot, but very luxurious and refined. They put pretty rings on Yoongi's fingers, and then he's on the hands of the make-up artists.

When his make-up is done, he gets up from the chair to go to the waiting area, but gets stopped in his tracks by the sight of Taehyung. Well, fuck. He's never wanted to admit, not even to himself, how affected he gets by Taehyung's stunning looks, but that's been getting harder and harder. And right now... Taehyung looks like a goddamn vision. Yoongi feels like he's been struck.

Taehyung is wearing the most beautifully adorned jacket, all sparkly and fringed, in a light pearly color that makes him glow like an otherworldly being. His outfit is complemented by various pieces of fine jewelry, such as rings with big colorful gems, but what really catches Yoongi's eyes are the dangly earrings. Taehyung's black curls look impossibly fluffy and soft, and his make-up is a little more elaborate than what they usually wear, his lips rosier and glossier, his smoky eyeshadow done in a darker shade. Oh God, Taehyung's eyes...Yoongi has always had a thing for those beautiful eyes. Just to be pinned under Taehyung's stare now is enough to make Yoongi's mouth go dry.

"What?" Taehyung says.

"Nothing," Yoongi mutters and averts his gaze.

What Yoongi really wants to say is that no one has the right to look this gorgeous. This is ridiculous. He's just Taehyungie, whom Yoogi has known since he was just a gangly teenager with a nose that looked too big for his face. Taehyungie, with his cute puppy love for Yoongi, nothing to be taken seriously.

Taehyungie, who has grown into the most handsome man on the planet (he means, for real, Yoongi isn't making that up, there was a worldwide voting for that). Taehyungie, who has grown into someone that makes Yoongi feel things he can't yet understand.

And it makes him wonder for the nth time what Taehyung has seen in him.

"Hey now, what are you thinking?" Taehyung asks softly.

"It's just... You look really beautiful," Yoongi says in a very quiet voice. "Your outfit today... Only you could pull that off."

Yoongi has always admired how Taehyung can wear clothes and accessories that are traditionally seen as feminine with an easy confidence. He just owns it. But then again, Taehyung has that sort of beauty that makes him get away with anything.

"Excuse me?! Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? You're the prettiest man I've ever seen."

"I honestly don't see what–"

"No," Taehyung cuts him off. "Don't you dare say it." He gives Yoongi a dirty look and motions for them to go to the waiting area, where they join all the other members.

The guys are all lounging comfortably (that is, as much as they can in those clothes) and chatting, Jungkook is stuffing his face with... is that cake? Where has he found it? Anyway. He knows Jimin is following them with his eyes, but Yoongi tries to play it cool and pretends he doesn't notice it. He also tries to sit as far as possible from Taehyung, but it only takes a few minutes for Taehyung to sneakily find a way to worm himself into the couch right beside Yoongi.

Yoongi lets himself play absentmindedly with the beaded fringes on Taehyung's jacket, and Taehyung gives him a private smile that now Yoongi knows is reserved only for him. He doesn't know why, but he feels something flutter in his chest.




One week later...

Taehyung is up to something. Yoongi doesn't know yet what it is, but he's going to find out soon.

Yoongi is in the bathtub, in his dimly lit bathroom, sipping his favorite whisky, its bitter taste and woody aroma a stark contrast to the sweetness that wafts from the macaron-scented candle he lit up a while ago. Sweet vapors also come from the bath bomb that's currently dissolving and fizzling around him.

Both the perfumed candle and the bath bomb were gifts from Taehyung. Earlier today they had a meeting at their company, then filmed a quick interview for an American magazine. Right after that, Yoongi went to his studio, and it didn't take long for Taehyung to stop by, poking his head through the doorway and smiling his big ridiculous smile that did things to Yoongi's insides. Although Yoongi looked away and pretended to be really busy, Taehyung still came in and plopped himself down on the couch behind Yoongi's desk.

"Hyung, we have a day off tomorrow," he said excitedly.

"Yeah, I know," Yoongi muttered, not taking his eyes from the computer screen.

"So... Do you wanna do something tonight?"

Yoongi suppressed a smile before turning on his chair and answering, "Sure. Did you have something in mind?"

Taehyung cracked a grin that clearly said yes, I do actually have something in mind. "Can I go to your place?"

"Of course, Taehyungie," Yoongi said softly. "See you at nine?"

"Perfect. I'll be there." He motioned to get up from the couch, but first picked up the large brown leather bag he usually had with him and took a smaller shopper bag from it, black with a pink bow. "Here, this is for you. I would like you to use them tonight before I arrive." He handed Yoongi the bag. "Don't open it until you're home. And promise me you'll use them."

"Okay, I promise," Yoongi said as he took it from Taehyung's hands, and Taehyung kissed him on the cheek and left the studio with a spring on his step and smiling even bigger than before.

And that's how Yoongi ended up soaking in his bathtub among multicolored swirls that smell like candy. Just like a bath bomb, anticipation bubbles inside him. He just wants Taehyung to arrive soon, so he'll finally know what this is all about.

Yoongi doesn't understand why he feels so restless, this should be a time for relaxation. He sips a bit more of his whisky, then rests his head against the edge of the tub, closes his eyes and inhales deeply. He tries to push any kinds of thoughts away from his head as he lets his hands travel over his body, from his neck all the way down to his thighs, and then up again, stopping at his sensitive nipples and pinching them lightly. It feels nice, but he still can't stop thinking about Taehyung, he wants so bad to find out what he has in store for him tonight.

He's startled by his phone buzzing. Taehyung. He picks it up immediately.

"Hi, baby," Taehyung rasps in his deep velvety voice, and Yoongi blushes. It is quite absurd, but he still hasn't got used to being called like this by Taehyung. At least he's glad Taehyung is not there to see how pink his cheeks are. And no, he'll never, ever admit what that voice does to him.

"Hey, yourself," he says back, his mouth suddenly gone dry.

"What are you doing?"

"Well, right now I'm drinking whisky and trying this bath bomb called 'Fairy Land' that this guy gave me."

"Are you naked?"

"I'm in the bathtub, Taehyung-ah, so what do you think?"

"Can't you just play along?"

"Okay," he sighs. "I'm sorry. Yes, I'm very much naked, soaking in pink water, and I probably smell a lot like bubble gum. How about that?"

"I love it, actually," Taehyung answers with amusement in his voice. "So, who's this guy that gave you the bath bomb?"

"Oh, you know, it's just this guy from work."

"Is he cute?"

"The cutest I've ever seen."

Taehyung laughs delightedly. "I just wanted to make sure you were using the things I gave to you. I'm glad you are. I'm leaving in about thirty minutes, okay? Can't wait to see you."

"Bye, Taehyungie. I can't wait either."

They hang up, and two minutes later Yoongi's phone buzzes with a notification. Taehyung again, of course. This time, it's an unfocused picture of a shirtless Taehyung, his hair in complete disarray, much like the pictures he sometimes posts on Weverse, the one difference being that instead of it showing only from his collarbones up, this one is cropped right above his hip bones. The fucking tease. And now Yoongi is even more worked up.

You know what? To hell with relaxation. Yoongi means business now. He gets his razor and makes sure his legs and crotch area are all smooth, just like Taehyung enjoys. Actually, Yoongi himself has always preferred being hairless, so it's a good thing that Taehyung likes him like that too.

Yoongi runs his hands over his buttcheeks, checking if he's done a good job, and he wonders if he should prep himself up. He knows Taehyung loves doing this for Yoongi, loves loosening Yoongi up with his fingers, with no rush at all. And Yoongi loves this part as well, when Taehyung does it for him, but now he thinks maybe it would be nice to surprise Taehyung. Why not, right? Taehyung sure has something up his sleeve for tonight, so Yoongi could very well surprise him too.

He seizes the lube that's in a cabinet right beside the bathtub. (Since Taehyung began coming over to Yoongi's place ever more often, bottles of lube have started to multiply all over the apartment. An interesting phenomenon indeed.) Yoongi gets on his knees, his legs slightly spread, one arm bracing the wall in front of him, and with the other he reaches behind himself. His first touches are teasing and tentative, he usually doesn't like going too fast. He enjoys the way the sensations build up as his lube-slick fingers massage his entrance and prod at it but don't really go in. This time, though, he feels a bit different, a little more impatient–not to say desperate. He needs to feel more. One finger goes in, so smooth and easily that he doesn't need time to adjust to get a second one in. His cock immediately responds to that, it feels so good. God, he needed that. He moves his fingers slowly, just relishing the feeling of being filled. He avoids his prostate, though, since he's already too on edge as it is.

As he adds a third finger, his thoughts can't help but stray to Taehyung again. He wonders what Tae would think of him if he could see him like that, if he would like what he saw. Yoongi is pretty sure he would. Maybe someday Yoongi could put on a show for Taehhyung, make him only watch, until he goes crazy with the need to touch Yoongi. But to be honest, Yoongi is still too shy to try something like that. Taehyung, on the contrary, has been proving himself to be the very opposite of shy. He's an adventurous lover. Kinky, even. And Yoongi may not be as bold, but he admits to himself that he's curious about what kind of fantasies Taehyung might have about him.

Once Taehyung threatened to tie Yoongi up and give him a series of forced orgasms, but Yoongi didn't really think he meant it. Wait. Did he? Is that what he has planned for tonight? It could be. That would explain the gifts. Maybe he's trying to be nice like this, letting Yoongi feel pampered, so he doesn't feel bad for making Yoongi cry and beg later. Yoongi's not gonna lie to himself and say the idea doesn't appeal to him. Not when his cock twitches and his insides clench and squeeze his fingers at the mere thought of it.

He starts moving his fingers faster and rougher, but suddenly, with a heavy sigh, he stops himself. He can't get too carried away. Not right now. He was only supposed to get himself ready for Taehyung, and when he finally crosses over the edge tonight, he wants to have Taehyung inside him. Besides, Taehyung will be there in only a few minutes.

He gets out of the tub and pats himself dry with a fluffy towel. Next, he's supposed to use another item from Taehyung's gift bag, a body lotion. He gets the bottle and reads the label. Jasmine and honey. Great. Now he's going to smell like honey and Taehyung is going to pester him again with that honey boy nonsense. Oh well, what won't Yoongi do for a good fuck. He puts a good amount of it on his hand and lathers it all over his body, runs his hands over his silky, smooth legs. It actually smells pretty good, Yoongi likes it. Taehyung has great taste, Yoongi will grant him that, he knows how to appreciate the finest things in life. Yoongi thinks about the sophisticated man Taehyung has become and feels an abrupt surge of pride mixed with fondness. It also makes Yoongi wonder if he's just that to Taehyung, something fine that he wants to try and savor. He can't dwell too much on those thoughts, however, as Taehyung will be there any minute.

He brushes his teeth quickly, then gets the last gift from the bag. He touches the pink bow on the white box and hesitates. He doesn't know why he feels nervous. Finally, though, he opens the box and sees its content. It's a teal silk robe. It looks gorgeous and expensive, and feels extremely soft to the touch. Yoongi's not sure if he's supposed to wear only the robe as he waits for Taehyung. Well, no doubt Taehyung would love to find him like that, but Yoongi still feels a little shy about it, so he decides on wearing a pair of grey boxers and a white t-shirt underneath the robe.

Yoongi admires himself in the mirror as he fixes his hair. The color of the robe does look good on him. Taehyung surely knew what he was doing when he picked it for him, Yoongi muses as he runs his hands over the lavish fabric, but soon gets interrupted by his intercom ringing. He tells the doorman to let Taehyung in, and in the few minutes that it takes Taehyung to go up to his floor, Yoongi starts feeling unusually fidgety. This is ridiculous. It's just Taehyungie. And Yoongi is a 27-year-old man, it doesn't make sense feeling like this, like a teenager about to go on a date with his crush.

Yoongi can only hope he looks as calm and collected as ever when he opens the door. Taehyung stands right there, dressed casually in dark grey pants, his favorite Céline t-shirt and a brown coat, and on his feet he wears slippers with socks. (You can always trust Taehyung to wear slippers even at the height of winter. That's the sort of detail about Taehyung that Yoongi has come to find endearing.) Taehyung's hair is tousled and still looks a bit wet, and he's just as handsome as he usually is when he's not wearing any make-up. Yoongi doesn't understand how he manages to look this boyish, warm and soft, and at the same time look sinfully gorgeous. And then Taehyung grins at him, big and boxy, and Yoongi nearly gets knocked out of breath.

"Hi, baby," Yoongi hears for the second time that night, but this time it's followed by Taehyung's lips connecting softly with his. It all feels so heady that it takes a few seconds for Yoongi to notice the bags that Taehyung is carrying.

"What are these?" Yoongi asks.

"Oh, you'll see," Taehyungs says as he puts the bags on the coat hanger by the door, then does the same with his coat. "Though not right now." He smirks and arches an eyebrow. "Aren't you curious?"

Yoongi wants to roll his eyes at him, but doesn't get the chance as he's crowded by Taehyung, who walks him back up against the wall. He rests his big hands on Yoongi's shoulders and kisses him with sudden intensity, like he's a starved man, and Yoongi suspects that he isn't the only one who's been getting more and more worked up all evening long.

"What's got you hungry like this?" Yoongi asks when they come up for air.

"You," Taehyung says as he closes his hands around Yoongi's neck and playfully bites Yoongi's jaw. "I've missed you."

"But we've seen each other only a few hours earlier."

Taehyung huffs. "You know what I mean," he says in a pouty voice.

Yoongi chuckles. "I know. I've missed you too." He kisses Taehyung unhurriedly, just reveling in the feeling of his soft, plump lips against his own, his hands traveling up and down the expanse of Taehyung's back.

Taehyung holds him by the waist and walks them to the living room, though they don't stop kissing for even a second. Yoongi's not sure how they don't topple over anything on the way, but he lands safely on the couch over Taehyung. He straddles Taehyung, the fabric of his robe pooling around them, and they just stare at each other for a moment. It feels intimate in a way Yoongi has never experienced before. Taehyung seems like a vision beneath him, a fever dream. He just looks so beautiful tonight, Yoongi doesn't know what to do with himself.

Luckily, Taehyung kisses him again, hard, his hand on the back of Yoongi's neck, and there's no room in Yoongi for any thoughts, he just surrenders to the feeling of Taehyung's tongue in his mouth, the warmth of his body underneath him, the sounds of their mingled breaths and gasps.

Taehyung only stops kissing him to drag his nose over the sensitive skin of Yoongi's neck, down to his collarbones, sniffing at him. Yoongi waits for it, but Taehyung doesn't say anything.

"Do you think I smell nice?" Yoongi probes.

"Mhmm," Taehyung mutters, licking a strip up Yoongi's neck. "You always smell fantastic. You know you do."

"What do I smell like?" Yoongi tries again.

"Just like you. Sweet. So good."

Yoongi is hit with a strange pang of disappointment. What's up with Taehyung not calling him his honey boy? Nevermind. Yoongi's just being silly. There's no actual reason to be disappointed. Besides, Yoongi doesn't really think Taehyung will let the honey boy thing go that easily. Maybe he'll bring it up later, when Yoongi least expects it.

"Did you like the robe I got you?" Taehyung asks as he runs his hands over Yoongi's shoulders and down the sleeves.

"It's beautiful. And I like the way it feels on my skin."

"But you know, next time you could go without the t-shirt," Taehyung adds, pulling the robe off Yoongi's left shoulder and kissing it. "How about the other things I got you? Did you enjoy them?"

Yoongi feels the burn creeping up his cheeks, so he hides his face in the crook of Taehyung's neck so he doesn't see him blush. He doesn't know why he feels self-conscious about enjoying Taehyung spoiling him so much. "I loved them," he confesses in a quiet voice.

"I've brought more gifts to you. Do you want to see them?"

"Yes," Yoongi answers quickly, not even trying to feign disinterest.

Taehyung gets up fast and fetches the bags from the coat hanger, but when he puts them down on the coffee table next to the couch, Yoongi notices he looks a bit apprehensive. Now, this is kind of weird.

"Here, start with this one," Taehyung says as he takes a box from the largest bag and hands it to Yoongi.

Yoongi unties the big pink bow and opens the box. His heart skips a beat when he sees the two pieces of clothing. One of them is a pink skirt, made of multiple layers of gauzy, delicate fabric, and it looks tiny. The other item is a top, white and sheer, finely embroidered with flower motifs.

"I– I don't understand." Yoongi swallows. "Is this... for me?"

Taehyung nods, already going on full puppy dog eyes mode.

"And you want me... to wear them?"

"Please, Yoongi-hyung?"

Fuck. Yoongi is so fucked.

"Uh, and the other bag? Can I see what's in it?" Yoongi asks in a desperate attempt to gain some time, but immediately realizes that it probably wasn't the smartest move.

Taehyung gives him another box, looking sheepish. Yoongi hopes Taehyung doesn't notice how shaky his hands are as he opens it. Yoongi isn't really surprised this time when he sees what's in it, but he still feels hot all over. First, he pulls from the box a pair of sheer white thigh-high stockings, adorned with pink and white lace, and then, a flimsy pair of panties in the very same lace from the stockings.

Have you lost your damn mind?, Yoongi wants to say, but of course he won't ever say something as harsh as that to Taehyung.

"Listen, Taehyung-ah," he starts, trying to sound as calm as possible. "This is not exactly the kind of thing I'm into."

"It's not that I thought you were into it. It's just something– I thought we could try it, you know?"

Yoongi nods slowly, to show he understands. He doesn't know how to proceed from here. He doesn't want to simply say no to Taehyung. What if he hurts his feelings? Yoongi can't do that. He needs to find a way to let him down easy.

"You'll look so pretty, hyung. Please, let me see you in them."

"To be real honest with you, Taehyungie, I'm just afraid I'll look like a fool. I don't think I'll feel sexy in it. I'm not like you. I'm not–"

Taehyung silences him with a kiss. A hot, passionate one that makes Yoongi reel. Taehyung grabs Yoongi's pliant body and lays him down on the couch, then gets on top of him. He kisses him harder, until Yoongi can't think of anything anymore, and for a moment Yoongi's nervousness fades away.

"Just try them on, please," Taehyung says eventually, hovering above Yoongi. From Yoongi's perspective, Taehyung's eyes look exceptionally large and pleading. "If you really hate it, we'll just call the whole thing off and pretend it never happened."

Yoongi is a weak man. At least for Taehyung he is. Yoongi closes his eyes and nods. He feels so vulnerable, he can't look Taehyung in the eyes right now. "Okay. I'll do it."

Taehyung gently kisses his eyelids, then his nose, his cheeks, and Yoongi squirms under him. He doesn't know how to feel. He's so, so nervous, but along with the nerves, there's underlying excitement trying to claw its way up to the surface.

Taehyung takes Yoongi's hand and helps him up to a sitting position. "You're the best, you know that?" Taehyung tells him, still holding Yoongi's hand and caressing it with his thumb. His smile is so sweet, he just looks so happy. And seeing Taehyung like this, it does things to Yoongi. Right in this moment, Yoongi knows he's in deep shit.

Yoongi sighs, looking at their joined hands. "Yeah... we're doing this," he says airily, like he can't quite believe it yet.

"Don't be nervous, okay? I'll make it good for you. And you know you can stop at any moment." He lifts Yoongi's hand up to his lips and kisses it softly. "Now, I want you to make a choice about something. Do you want to take the clothes to your bedroom and get ready on your own, or would you rather I helped you putting them on?"

Yoongi trusts Taehyung. He also feels somewhat flattered that Taehyung trusts him enough to share his kink with him. That's why he decided to give it a try. He considers his first option. It seems like the best option at first, since he thinks he's going to spontaneously combust if he has to get dressed in front of Taehyung. With Taehyung touching him while they do it. However, if Yoongi does it by himself, behind closed doors, he might never have the guts to come out of the room and show himself all dressed up to Taehyung. At last, he decides on the second option. That way, doing it with Taehyung from the start, Yoongi can get used to the feeling of being seen and touched by Taehyung.

"Mmm, can you help me, Taehyung-ah?" Yoongi says, sounding unsure. "I don't think I wanna do it on my own."

"Sure. Excellent choice." Taehyung beams. He's excited like a little kid, it's absurdly endearing. "Let's go to your room," he says, pushing Yoongi up from the couch and taking the boxes with him.

Once they're in the bedroom, Taehyung tries to ease up Yoongi's tension by massaging his shoulders, then kisses his forehead softly and says, "I'm going to undress you now, is that alright?"

"Yes," Yoongi whispers, pushing Taehyung's head down for a kiss on the lips. They kiss for a short while, and Yoongi feels Taehyung undoing the belt of his robe and pushing it down his arms. They break the kiss when the robe falls to the floor, then Taehyung helps Yoongi out of his t-shirt and boxers. Of course Yoongi has been naked with Taehyung many times before, but this feels different. He feels way more vulnerable than he's felt those times, but it isn't a wholly unpleasant sensation. It feels nerve-racking and exciting at the same time.

Taehyung starts with the stockings. He kneels on the floor and caresses Yoongi's legs, leaves a kiss right above Yoongi's knee. Yoongi tries to control his erratic breathing as Taehyung rolls the stockings up one of his legs, then the other. Taehyung adjusts the lace around Yoongi's thighs. They fit perfectly. Taehyung looks like he's in a daze as he fondles Yoongi's thighs, admiring the lace against his creamy skin. Seeing the expression on Taehyung's face, Yoongi feels a sort of thrill trying to overshadow his nerves, and his cock starts taking interest in what's happening.

"Turn around," Taehyung tells him. "I want to see how they look on the back."

Yoongi does so, and Taehyung pinches his ass.

"Taehyung-ah," Yoongi whines.

"Sorry. Couldn't resist it," Taehyung says, chuckling.

When Taehyung gets the panties, Yoongi's heart beats faster. He's trembling as Taehyung pulls the tiny piece of lingerie up his legs, so much there's no way Taehyung doesn't notice it. Yoongi feels his cheeks burning hot as Taehyung fits the panties around his hips with a satisfied smirk on his face. It only takes an instant for Yoongi's cock to grow hard, filling the panties until its head pokes out of it. He feels like yelling at it for being such a treacherous little thing. Taehyung smiles big now, too big, oh he likes it way too much, and Yoongi just wants to hide.

"Do you know why I picked the white lace with pink details?" Taehyung asks.

"No," Yoongi rasps and he's ashamed by how breathless he sounds.

"Because it reminded me of you. Your pale skin and all the pink parts of your body. Your lips, your nipples, your elbows and knees," Taehyung explains, his voice husky. "Your cute pink cock," he adds, flicking his thumb over the exposed head of Yoongi's cock.

A whimper escapes Yoongi's mouth, and it's so awfully embarrassing. Taehyung is trying to kill him, that's what he's doing. And the worst thing about it is that Yoongi is not gonna stop him. Yoongi feels helpless, but surprisingly, he doesn't think he hates it.

The skirt and the top are next. They look so dainty and tiny, Yoongi doesn't know how they're going to fit him. As Taehyung dresses him, it feels like Yoongi has forgotten how to breathe. He avoids Taehyung's eyes, his teeth worrying at his bottom lip. As Yoongi suspected, the skirt barely covers his ass, and the top is cropped a few inches above his navel. Somehow, he feels even more exposed like this than he does when he's naked. Despite being revealing, though, the clothes fit him just fine. Actually, that doesn't surprise Yoongi much, it's pretty clear that Taehyung has thought it all through.

Taehyung pats Yooni's skirt down when he's done. "Now do a little spin for me, baby."

Yoongi glares at him. "I hope you're not serious."

Taehyung sputters and fails to hold in his laughter, and Yoongi throws himself in his arms and kisses him.

"I can't stand you," Yoongi says, his lips moving against Taehyung's.

"Yeah, I can see that," Taehyung answers as he grabs Yoongi's butt and brings their bodies closer, their erections rubbing together.

"So, I'm all dressed up for you, now what?" Yoongi asks, way beyond caring about how eager he sounds.

"Oh, you're not ready yet." Taehyung disentangles himself from Yoongi and gets something Yoongi hadn't noticed before, a small Chanel black box. Inside, there's a pair of earrings. Their base is a flower, then there's the interlocked C's of the Chanel logo studded with diamonds, and it ends on a pearl drop. They're so pretty and delicate and look like something Taehyung would wear at a special event. Taehyung, with his expert fingers, takes Yoongi's simple silver hoops off from his lobes and puts the new pair of earrings on.

Taehyung gently holds Yoongi's chin and tips it up. He looks at him with so much adoration, Yoongi doesn't know what to make of it. "I'll do your face now, okay?" Taehyung says.

It takes a couple of seconds for Yoongi to catch on that he's talking about make-up. Yoongi isn't sure how he feels about it either, but at this point, he won't deny something like this to Taehyung. Besides, it's not like he's not familiar with having his make-up done. Taehyung starts with a little bit of concealer under his eyes, then applies eyeshadow on his lids and mascara on his lashes. On his cheeks, he uses pink blush and a glittery highlighter. Although he's used to having people doing his make-up, it feels so different now that it's Taehyung doing it. It feels strangely intimate, and sort of arousing too. Yoongi can't quite explain it. Maybe it's Taehyung's proximity that always has some kind of effect on him. Yoongi wonders if that feeling is ever going to go away, if he'll ever be capable of standing so close to Taehyung and not feel at least a tiny bit stirred up. He hopes not. The final touch on Yoongi's make-up is a translucent red lip tint. Taehyung grins when he's finished, looking proud of his job.

Taehyung holds Yoongi's hand and tries to pull him towards the large mirror in the opposite corner of the room. "Come take a look at yourself."

Yoongi's heart nearly stops. He can't do that, it's too much. He doesn't think he can deal with what he'll see in the mirror. "Taehyung-ah, there's no need to."

"I did this all for you." Taehyung touches Yoongi's face softly. "You look so pretty, baby, I want you to see it."

Yoongi feels his cheeks burning so hot, he has to hide his face on Taehyung's chest. "Just take me to bed, Taehyungie. Please."

"I will. But not yet."

"Please, I need you," Yoongi whines as he clings to Taehyung. "You got me all worked up like this, I want you now, I can't wait any longer."

"But we're only getting started," Taehyung says calmly, and he looks all too smug. Yoongi hates him. "C'mon, now be a good boy and come with me."

Taehyung takes Yoongi's hand again, and this time, Yoongi reins in his nerves and lets himself be led.

Yoongi definitely wasn't prepared for what he sees in the mirror. His heart beats impossibly fast as he takes in his own reflection. He does look pretty. Taehyung has done a great job with the choice of clothes and the make-up. Yoongi looks so different, but still like himself. A softer version of himself. He's such a contrast to Taehyung by his side, with his bigger frame and masculine clothes. Yoongi shouldn't find it so sexy, but he does. It just doesn't make any sense. His cheeks are a deep shade of pink, and he knows it's not just the blush Taehyung has applied on him. If he feels embarrassed by his image, then why does he enjoy it so much?

Taehyung stands behind Yoongi and circles his arms around his waist, then rests his chin on Yoongi's shoulder. In the mirror, their eyes meet. "Look at you," Taehyung whispers. "There isn't anyone in the whole world prettier than you."

Yoongi closes his eyes, overwhelmed by it all. He's trembling in Taehyung's arms. He breathes in deeply, then lets the air out slowly.

"Please, look at me," Taehyung tells him as he fondles the bare flesh of Yoongi's stomach. Yoongi does as he's told, their eyes meeting again. "I can't believe this is happening. I've dreamt about it, did you know that? I wanted this so badly." These words uttered in his velvety voice are turning Yoongi into mush. Taehyung's hands go higher, up to Yoongi's nipples, which are pretty much in display given the see-through material of the top he's wearing. Taehyung rubs them, then pinches them hard enough to make Yoongi gasp. "I've touched myself thinking about this. Thinking about you like this. More than once. And now you look even sexier than I've ever imagined, I can barely contain myself." With that, Taehyung presses his crotch up against Yoongi, and Yoongi feels Taehyung's erection grinding against his backside.

Yoongi didn't know it was possible to feel so flustered and aroused at the same time. Taehyung's stare, Taehyung's voice close to his ear, Taehyung's touch, it's all too much. Yoongi feels like his whole body is on fire. And he knows Taehyung is far from being done with him yet.

Taehyung lifts the front of Yoongi's skirt, exposing his lace-clad cock. Yoongi isn't only hard, there's also a bead of precum gathering on it. This time, when their stares connect in the mirror and Taehyung grins, he looks devilish. "This is the hottest thing I've ever seen, Yoongi. You are. I hope you can see it too." Taehyung pulls Yoongi's panties down, just enough to free his cock, then closes his fist around it.

They're only getting started and Yoongi already looks debauched, he realizes as he observes his image in the mirror, with his flushed cheeks, his parted red lips, his blissed out expression. His rolled-up skirt and Taehyung's hand around his cock. Looking like that, Yoongi could never deny how much he loves what Taehyung is doing to him.

"You're my baby doll," Taehyung says as he pumps Yoongi's cock, and Yoongi lets out an embarrassingly loud moan. "That's it, baby. So pretty when you moan like that to me."

"Taehyung-ah, please," Yoongi cries incoherently.

"Yes, pretty doll? Tell me what you want."

"You. Please. You're making me wait too long." Yoongi sounds pathetic to his own ears, too desperate, but right now he couldn't care less.

Taehyung chuckles, and Yoongi wants to kill him. "Geesh, why are you so impatient?"

"Taehyung-ah," Yoongi whines again, turning around and putting his arms around Taehyung's neck.

Taehyung dives in and assaults Yoongi's jaw with his teeth. "I love it when you're needy like this," he says between bites. "Oh Yoongi, there are so many things I want to do to you." He kisses a trail down Yoongi's neck and chest, stopping at his nipples, then laps at them over the flimsy material of his top. It's such a new, different sensation, Yoongi enjoys it so much.

Taehyung continues his descent until he is down on his knees. He looks up at Yoongi, his gaze heated like Yoongi has never seen before. He looks like he wants to eat Yoongi up.

"Hold your skirt up for me, darling," Taehyung orders.

Yoongi does so, and Taehyung smirks up at him before pushing Yoongi's panties out of the way just enough so he can lick a wet stripe from the base to the head of Yoongi's cock. His tongue circles the head, collecting the precum there, and Taehyung hums loudly, a sound so obscene it makes Yoongi's cock throb. Yoongi can't contain his gasps and moans as Taehyung takes his entire cock in his mouth. It's just so good, so wet and warm, his tongue so talented, the pressure from the suckling just right.

"Your taste, Yoongi," Taehyung says as he laves his tongue all over Yoongi's length. "I love how you taste." He swallows his cock again, it fits in his mouth so easily, and now he sucks earnestly.

Yoongi watches the scene playing out in the mirror. Taehyung's clothed frame kneeled in front of him, his head bobbing up and down, as Yoongi himself holds onto the hem of his skirt for dear life and tries to keep himself up although his knees are wobbly. His face contorted in pleasure, his chest heaving. And the clothes he's dressed in, the lacy stockings, the panties, the pearls dangling from his ears. Every detail makes up a perfectly sinful picture. It's something he won't ever forget, a memory that will probably fuel restless, horny nights.

Suddenly, though, Taehyung stops, and Yoongi is about to protest when Taehyung gets up and swiftly grabs him and lifts him up. Yoongi hooks his legs around Taehyung's body as he's carried to bed, and Taehyung gracelessly tumbles over him when they get there, but Yoongi is way past minding it, they're just so frantic. Yoongi keeps his legs around Taehyung, seeking friction as they kiss each other with greed, their tongues tangling, teeth nipping at each other's lips. Yoongi feels so gone, intoxicated by Taehyung's kiss, but much too soon Taehyung breaks it and unhooks Yoongi's legs from around him. He takes his t-shirt off and tosses it somewhere, then slides down Yoongi's body and takes his cock in his mouth again.

"I can't get enough of it," Taehyung says as he laps at Yoongi's cock, leaving it all wet and messy. He starts sucking again, eagerly, like he really means what he's just said.

Yoongi doesn't know how much more he can take before he bursts. Taehyung must notice it from the way Yoongi shudders beneath him, from his incessant moaning, from his hands pulling desperately at Taehyung's hair. But of course Taehyung is far from wanting it to be finished, so he gives Yoongi's cock one last suckle on its head and then moves upwards, licking and biting at Yoongi's stomach. He bunches Yoongi's top up, baring his nipples, and takes one of the pink buds in his mouth. He sucks hard, and Yoongi keens. He gives the other nipple the same treatment, making Yoongi writhe and curse.

When Yoongi's nipples are both red and swollen, Taehyung begins his way down Yoongi's body again. He drags Yoongi's panties down his legs and discards them next to the bed, then he quickly unbuckles his own belt and gets rid of his pants and underwear. Taehyung's cock looks so hard it must ache, and Yoongi would love to do something about it, but it seems like tonight is all about Yoongi, so he just lays back and lets Taehyung do whatever he wants to him. Taehyung still seems mesmerized as he looks down at Yoongi, and Yoongi thinks about what Taehyung has said, about him yearning to have Yoongi like that for a long time. He wants Taehyung to have this, to use him anyway he pleases. He can ruin Yoongi if he wishes to, Yoongi will let him.

Taehyung's hands travel up Yoongi's legs over the stockings, stroke his thighs reverently. Taehyung pushes Yoongi's thighs apart and bends them against his torso. What a sight he must be right now, Yoongi thinks, all pliant and exposed like that, with his skirt rolled up around his waist, completely at Taehyung's mercy.

Taehyung takes in Yoongi's body, eyeing him up and down like Yoongi is a feast he's about to consume, but then he zeroes in on Yoongi's ass and squints. "What is this?" His fingers touch Yoongi's rim, then gently probe and find no resistance. "What have you been doing?" He asks with a smirk. "You got started without me? So naughty."

"Not naughty. Just wanted to surprise you."

Taehyung's smirk grows a bit wider. "I see," he says as his fingers dive in deeper and scissor Yoongi. "You wanted to be ready for me? You're even more eager than I thought you were. Well, in this case, I shouldn't make you wait any longer." He takes his fingers out, then leans over Yoongi, bringing his mouth close to Yoongi's. "Wouldn't want you to think I'm not nice to you," he taunts him and traces his tongue over Yoongi's lips.

"But all you do is tease me."

"Watch the way you talk to me." Taehyung nips at Yoongi's bottom lip, but at last reaches for the lube on Yoongi's bedside table. He lathers it generously over his cock, then aligns it with Yoongi's ass. "You want this so bad, don't you?" Taehyung says as the head of his cock touches Yoongi's entrance, applying a bit of pressure but still not going in.

"Yes," Yoongi answers with undeniable earnestness. He's ready to beg if Taehyung wants him to.

Fortunately, Yoongi doesn't have to beg, because Taehyung presses in, slow but steady, his gaze intently fixed on Yoongi's face. They do it like this most times, with Yoongi on his back beneath Taehyung, because that's how Taehyung likes it the most. Taehyung once told Yoongi that his face when he's being entered by him is his favorite sight in the whole world. Taehyung has always been dramatic like that, Yoongi supposes, but damn if he hasn't been trying hard to convince Yoongi that he means it.

Taehyung only stops when his cock is completely seated inside Yoongi. Yoongi has to remember to breathe as he adjusts to the sensation. It feels so good, but in the beginning it feels like too much. Taehyung is big and Yoongi loves it, loves feeling almost unbearably full, but he still takes a while to get used to the way Taehyung's length spears him open. Taehyung knows that. He's so good at reading Yoongi. His eyes search Yoongi's face, and he just knows what Yoongi needs. Taehyung kisses him, swallowing Yoongi's shallow breaths. As their kiss gets heated, Yoongi starts moving his hips tentatively, and Taehyung gets his cue. He gradually picks up a pace, thrusting into Yoongi faster and deeper. This is it, this is what Yoongi had been waiting for, what only Taehyung can give him. But he still needs more, he's just greedy like that tonight.

"More. Wanna feel you deeper," Yoongi pleads as his legs cling to Taehyung's hips and try to push him further inside.

Taehyung slams into him a few more times, but then slows down and comes to a halt. He pulls out and sits up against the headboard, and Yoongi is about to ask him what he's doing when he swiftly pulls Yoongi. "C'mere, doll," Taehyung says as he manhandles Yoongi so he climbs on top of Taehyung, straddling Taehyung's hips. "Lift your skirt up, I want to see your dick." Yoongi does it, and Taehyung closes his hand around his cock and pulls at it, making Yoongi gasp. "Now I want to watch you as you sit on my cock."

Yoongi feels a little shy about it, especially considering the clothes he's wearing, but he's so desperate to have Taehyung inside him again that he doesn't really think twice. He holds Taehyung's cock and positions it against his entrance, then eases himself into it, letting out a long moan when he's finally full. It feels amazing. Taehyung's hands grab each one of his buttcheeks, so forcefully that Yoongi thinks he'll leave imprints, then starts pistoning his hips up, driving deeper into Yoongi.

"Go on, baby, I can't do it all on my own here," Taehyung teases. "Let me see you bounce on my cock." Yoongi wants to punch Taehyung on the chest when he's smug like that, wants to hide his face from Taehyung's knowing smirk, but of course he can't help but do exactly what Taehyung is asking of him. He starts a bit slow, with his eyes closed, just concentrating on the feeling and trying not to think of the way Taehyung watches him. But as he bobs on Taehyung's dick, it only gets better and better, and soon he's moving with abandon. He opens his eyes and finds Taehyung staring at him with awe. It makes Yoongi feel more confident. He sustains Taehyung's gaze as he lifts his hips up until Taehyung's cock is almost all the way out of him, then sinks down again onto it, making Taehyung groan. He does it one more time, and Taehyung pushes himself up from the headboard and kisses Yoongi with fervor. They're chest to chest now, Taehyung grabs Yoongi's legs and hooks them around himself, and then he's thrusting into Yoongi again, harder than before, meeting up Yoongi's moves.

From this slightly different angle, Taehyung's cock grazes Yoongi's prostate, making Yoongi cry out. Taehyung knows he's found it, so he continues his assault. Yoongi has his head thrown back, a string of wanton sounds leaving his mouth incessantly as he gets closer to his climax. When Taehyung finally closes his fist around Yoongi's cock, Yoongi knows he's done for. It only takes a few strokes for Yoongi to spurt all over Taehyung's hand and his own stomach.

"Don't stop, Taehyung-ah," Yoongi says giddily, high from his orgasm. "Come inside me, I want to feel it." He keeps on rocking on Taehyung's cock, although he feels like he could collapse anytime. Taehyung takes his messy hand to Yoongi's mouth and flicks his thumb over Yoongi's bottom lip, and Yoongi captures it with his teeth and sucks on it.

"Fuck, Yoongi," Taehyung pants. "You're killing me."

Spurred by Taehyung's words, Yoongi grabs Taehyung's wrist and laps at his own come on Taehyung's fingers. It's like his fucked-out brain doesn't even register what he's doing until he hears Taehyung moaning loudly and cursing. Taehyung thrusts into him erratically as Yoongi licks his Taehyung's hand clean, and Yoongi knows he's coming. Taehyung groans, then leans his face on Yoongi's shoulder and bites the crook of his neck, and Yoongi can still feel Taehyung spasming inside him as he does it.

Taehyung stills for a while, only his chest moving from his heavy breathing, his arms around Yoongi's body. "Holy shit, I think I've never come so hard before," he says, sounding dazzled.

Yoongi doesn't know what to say, how to respond to that. He doesn't even know what the hell has just happened. It's like he's still flying high. After a minute, though, Taehyung starts easing himself from inside Yoongi, and Yoongi thinks he's finally going to fall down on the bed and pretty much pass out, but it seems like Taehyung is not over with him yet. He takes Yoongi in his arms and lifts him from the bed, then walks them to the front of the mirror.

Yoongi looks ruined, he finds out as he stares at himself in the mirror. His hair is a complete mess, his make-up is smeared, his clothes are in disarray, and his top is even teared. Taehyung, by his side, seems to admire Yoongi's ravished image like he's an artist and Yoongi is his masterpiece. He looks so proud of himself. Taehyung goes down on his knees, then takes Yoongi's hand and pulls him down as well. Yoongi isn't sure what Taehyung is doing as he positions Yoongi on his hands and knees facing the mirror, but it's not like his brain is in working condition anyway. He just lets himself be manhandled. Then Taehyung is behind him, and Yoongi feels his wet tongue dragging up the back of his thigh. Yoongi gasps as he immediately catches on what Taehyung is doing, he tries not to squirm as Taehyung moves higher. Even in his post-orgasm bliss, Yoongi starts feeling hot all over again. Taehyung's teeth scrape the curve of his ass, but in the next instant there's his tongue again, flat against Yoongi's skin, lapping at his balls and up his perineum. Then it circles Yoongi's hole, just teasing, before it breeches its entrance.

"Taehyung-ah," Yoongi keens as his spent cock twitches and throbs from the unexpected surge of arousal that hits him. "What the hell are you doing?" Of course he knows what Taehyung is doing, it's just that Yoongi is incapable of making any sense right now. Taehyung is filthy, and Yoongi has just found out that he loves it.

Yoongi's incoherent whining only seems to make Taehyung more enthusiastic about it, his tongue spearing Yoongi tirelessly. Yoongi feels like a complete mess when it finally retreats, and Taehyung still gives his crack a few more licks, lapping up everything he can. When he's finished, Taehyung collapses on the floor and grins up at Yoongi.

"Oh my god," Taehyung says. He sounds giddy and his eyes are glassy. "Yoongi... Shit. This was just... I don't know what to say."

Yoongi doesn't know either. He's still reeling from what they've just done. So he just leans over Taehyung and kisses him, and Taehyung puts his arms tightly around him. They stay like that for a while, a couple of tangled bodies on the floor, until they come down from their high and begin to ache from the not so comfortable position.

Yoongi suggests a shower, and although they go together, nothing really happens since they feel tired and spent. But it still feels domestic and cozy to have Taehyung there with him, and Yoongi admits that he enjoys it very much. Yoongi even thinks, as he opens the package of a brand new toothbrush and gives it to Taehyung, that it's just wrong that Taehyung doesn't have his own toothbrush in Yoongi's bathroom yet.

Taehyung now wears Yoongi's Fear of God t-shirt instead of the Céline one, and Yoongi loves seeing it on him. Before Taehyung starts hinting that he wants to stay the night, Yoongi invites him to bed and promises to make him breakfast in the morning. He asks Taehyung if he would like to watch something on the TV, but Taehyung says no. Yoongi thinks it's better this way, he enjoys being in comfortable silence with Taehyung. He just wants to be with him right now, nothing else.

They lay down in bed facing each other, Yoongi's hand leisurely caressing Taehyung's chest. In the dim light of the bedroom, Yoongi sees Taehyung looks content, a soft smile playing on his lips. Taehyung reaches out to touch Yoongi's hair, brushing it away from his forehead, and his smile grows a bit wider. Yoongi can read him well enough to know he wants to say something but is stopping himself.

"What?" Yoongi asks him.

"I am happy."

"Yeah, me too," Yoongi says softly.

"Because you're my honey boy."

Yoongi chokes out a laugh. I think I'm falling in love with you, he wants to say, but instead he just tells him, "Yes, I am."