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After Middleton

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George just got home after a tiresome day at the hospital where he works as a cardiac surgeon. He had built quite a reputation throughout the years and was very proud of his professional life. But when the topic was his personal life, he wasn’t so glad to talk about it. After the magical day that he spent with Edith, he started to ask himself if he wanted to continue living a life without adventure, love, and hope.

His marriage ended some months ago, and the only thing that still brought him joy was his beloved son, Conrad. The boy was doing great at Middleton. He loved that place, even started to present a program twice a week at the station, and despite everything, he was ok about the break up of his parents once that they were better now. Conrad always tries to cheer up his father, and every once in a while, he invites him to Middleton to spend some time together.

However, every time George thinks about Middleton, he thinks back to the day with Edith and wonders about her and how life treats her. They didn’t change numbers because they both were in a relationship and didn’t want to put each other in a bad position. But now that George was divorced, the thought of meeting Edith again was all over his mind. He had to find her just to know if they could work together, if she were single, of course, in that single day, she brought more joy to his life than anyone else.

The next day, he woke up and went to his computer to search for Edith. Just the act of doing it made him laugh hard since he started to think what she would say if she knew what he was doing.

But what was her full name? He panicked. He just remembered that she had a furniture shop, wait! “She sells furniture for kids, right?“ He tried to remember. But then he looked at the time and realized that he had to go to the hospital, the searching for Edith would have to wait.