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A Structured Life

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"C'mon Harry, thought you were Savior of the Wizarding Prats and What Not, save me from my toppy-top and manic father."
Harry laughed from the couch as Draco stacked another box on the ground. "Least you could do is help."
"It's not that bad, Draco."

"You don't have to work for those two lunatics and 'work for' is very loose terminology. More like slave labor."

Harry laughed again.
"Glad I'm a source of endless entertainment for you, Potter." Draco sat down beside Harry and put his legs over top of his, Draco pillowed his hands behind his head.

Charlie and Draco were staying, at least for now and Charlie quickly decided to make Draco work at the twin's shop. Draco didn't need a job of course. Even if he didn't have Malfoy-money, Charlie completely provided for him, it was part of their contract by Charlie's choice. Draco was not to use any of his inheritance, unless he asked Charlie and Charlie usually said 'no' according to Draco, but Harry was fast learning that a lot of things 'according to Draco' were grossly exaggerated.

No. Draco didn't work for money. Charlie was making him do it in effort to keep him out of trouble.

"Least you could do is work on those while you're down there, I've been working all morning. Feet could use a good massage," he demanded wriggling his booted foot into Harry's hand.

"You know, when you emergency floo-called me, I thought you actually needed my help. You said you were being held against your will."

"And I am."

"You're not. You agreed to follow Charlie's rules…"

"Bullocks to rules, Potter. Are you always such a goody-good? It's okay to break the rules once in awhile. Let's go do something fun." He abandoned trying to get a massage and popped up off the couch. He most likely knew Harry was right, Draco had agreed to do whatever Charlie told him in entering the relationship, it's just that he seemed to like to disregard said rules more than he liked following them.

"That's my cue to go."

"But you just got here," Draco whined. "Let's see if we can't pull a prank on the pranksters, uh?"

Harry sighed. "Are you two still coming for brunch in the morning?" He stood and brushed his trousers off where Draco's feet had been.

"Yeah, yeah—but c'mon let's go paint the town red, now. I've been here a whole week and have done nothing but slave away for the nagging twins."

"What happened with your father anyway?"

"Oh no you don't, you're not distracting me. Besides, I wouldn't tell you that for a million galleons, you already know more than you were meant to, when you took advantage of my half-cocked state.

"I didn't take ad—will you stop it Draco? I'm going. You can go paint all by yourself. Anyway, I need to get back, I was in the middle of cleaning my office—I'm still not unpacked, Severus is going to have my arse on a platter if it's not done by today."

"Right then. I'll come help you then we'll go paint the town red."

"What's with you and all the painting?"

"It's a Muggle saying Potter; was waiting for you to notice. See, I like Muggles now—Charlie's taught me things."

"He hasn't taught you much if you want to do what that saying means."

"So you do know."

"Yes, and I was ignoring you because you've got work to do and I've got work to do and if we don't do it, we'll both be sitting on sore arses tomorrow during brunch or worse."

"Fine. You're no fun Potter—remove yourself from my sight."

There's the Malfoy he knew; it made him smile. "See you tomorrow."

Harry had to walk over to the bookstore (where Draco had called him from, claiming to need help and to step though immediately) and used the Floo there to get back to their tower. He did have the thought of asking Dumbledore for a Floo connection to the Weasley's store now that he had a feeling he would be spending a lot more time there, but that was all they needed, Fred and George would find some way to take advantage of that and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes would be all over Hogwarts.

When he stepped through the Floo, he was met face to face with a seriously displeased Severus. "Where were you? You were supposed to be cleaning—you promised me if I gave you until today everything would be unpacked and in order."

"I… Well… I've been working on it you see, but Draco needed my help," Harry sputtered.

"In any case, you've had almost a month, but I see you've left it to the last possible day."

Harry felt somewhat remorseful over what Severus was saying, but he couldn't help thinking that he did still have today and wasn't there a few more hours until today was over?

"I was working on it before I left Severus—I'll have it done," Harry said, trying not to allow his irritation to bleed through, but he didn't think he'd succeeded. Harry moved to go to his office, but Severus stopped him.

"I believe I will dismiss you when I'm done and I'm not near finished. You had an appointment you were supposed to attend yesterday, you missed it."

Anxiety pooled in Harry's gut. He'd completely forgot. "Merlin, Severus I'm sorry. I didn't mean to miss it—that was a complete mistake. I would never have missed it on purpose."

"Interesting choice of words. That was a mistake, unlike perhaps, your office?" He glared at Harry who had no idea what to say back. Harry was pretty sure it was a rhetorical question anyway. "I believe you, but it doesn't change the fact that you did indeed miss it. Clearly this is something that needs addressing. It took you months to make the appointment in the first place. You said you didn't need my help with this when I expressed I thought you did, since you couldn't even make the appointment. That your mind would simply throw it away bolsters my original conclusion," Severus said.

Harry stifled the groan at the back of his throat. When Severus said things like that, it meant he would be helping him, in other words completely taking over responsibility for Harry.

Harry didn't see why he had to see a stupid Wizard Psychologist anyway. He didn't want to, nor did he feel he needed it. It's been a point of contention between him and Severus since Severus 'suggested,' read: ordered, him to seek one out in the first place. He'd tried to convince Severus that all he needed was a break from fighting creatures and people and that since he'd been doing that he'd been a lot better and was likely to continue getting better, but Severus disagreed. With the way their relationship worked, they discussed things and while Severus did take Harry's opinion into deep consideration, Severus made the final decision and that decision had been well and truly made: Harry would go to the psychologist.

Severus offered to make the appointment for him, take care of everything, but Harry was insistent to the point of whining that he could do it, that he wanted to do it. Harry felt himself going white with panic as he tired to find a reasonable argument for forgetting—but there was none. And he knew Severus would punish him for this; it was a big deal, he might as well have painted the town red with Draco, least he could have done something fun to get in trouble over.

"Go take care of your office, Harry. We'll take care of this later—I'm a bit angry actually." Angry? Severus seldom got angry—well not at Harry anyway.

Harry hung his head and sulked off to his office. None of it seemed fair. He didn't want a stupid psychologist in the first place. He looked around his office and had the thought that maybe, just maybe, he should have worked on this sooner. There were still a lot of boxes to unpack and shelves to put together—he could be here all night, but he doubted Severus would allow him to work on it into the wee hours of the morning. He supposed Severus could just add that to his tab. And he couldn't even use magic for much of it. Most of it was sorting type work. Certainly he could use magic to move items this way or that way—and he would—but those spells would save his muscles more than they would save time.

Deciding he was angry himself, he opened a butterbeer from the mini-fridge that he'd installed—least he had his priorities—and that was having butterbeer readily available in his mini pad. He worked diligently for hours, until Severus called him for dinner and he felt his anger ebbing, maybe he had been a bit hasty, maybe he should have been more apologetic when Severus spoke to him earlier. He still wasn't done tidying in accordance with the list they had decided on for his office, but all boxes were unpacked and most of the room was fairly tidy. Besides, being punished for this seemed a stone's throw compared to missing the appointment with the psychologist. What would Severus have to say about that once he was no longer angry? Severus looked his usual self when Harry sat at the table, but Harry couldn't bring himself to feel his usual self. Perhaps he now felt somewhat guilty about the whole thing, but it didn't mean he wanted to see the psychologist anymore than before.

His stomach began swimming immediately when he saw what Severus had beside Harry's dinner plate for him: The wooden Hairbrush. He was certain it wasn't for brushing his hair. And since there was no food on their plates, Harry knew what he was expected to do with it and what he was being punished for.

Harry picked it up, hating the thing; it had made contact with his bottom before, and approached Severus. "I-I'm ready for my spanking Severus."

"Thank-you, Harry," he said taking the brush and putting it on the table in front of him. He began unfastening Harry's pants. "I hope someday you will learn to come to me when you know you are procrastinating. I can help you—spankings aren't just for punishment… or pleasure," he added as an afterthought. "They can be quite cathartic and those kinds of spankings would be far less painful than the one you're about to receive."

His ears burned as he swallowed the big lump in his throat. He did wonder what that kind of a spanking would be like. Would it really help him? Severus pushed out his chair and brought Harry over his lap once his trousers were down around his ankles. Harry had been spanked many times now, and it didn't stop the wanting of the spanker to merely pull trousers down to just below the curve of his buttocks—illogically, it felt like you were less naked. He and Draco had talked about that online a few times. Harry had asked Severus one time, "couldn't he just pull his trousers down some of the way?" Surely they didn't need to be all the way down for a spanking. Severus had explained that there was a shaming and humiliation aspect to pulling his trousers and knickers down all the way and made it all the more clear to Harry's psyche that Severus was the one in command.

Severus hadn't yet pulled Harry's pants down, but he did pull Harry over his lap and he began spanking over Harry's clothed bottom, though without his trousers it certainly wasn't much protection. "Procrastination is still disregarding the rules. In fact, you imply that I am being unreasonable and that you have no real wish to comply, that you'll do things on your time instead of the time in which you should be getting things done. That you don't actually agree with the rules, and are only completing the task to avoid punishment. Do you disagree with our rules?"

"No. Severus," Harry pleaded, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that—"

"I know you didn't mean to insult, but you are well aware the consequence for disobedience."
Severus carried on spanking Harry for a good five minutes before his fingers slipped to the waistband of Harry's knickers.
"Hips up."
Harry did as he was told immediately, though he wasn't much looking forward to the brush.

"Ten minutes, with the brush," Severus said and Harry's arse cheeks clenched. That did not sound nice and he was regretting very much his decision to put off the unpacking of his office 'till last. If he were honest (and there isn't anything you can be, but honest, when you are turned, bare bottomed over your boyfriend's knee for a spanking) he was testing boundaries. Severus had said he'd get leeway with 'his room,' he wanted to see exactly how much leeway he'd get. Now he knew—about zero.

The brush, let's talk about the brush. It's got an oval shaped head and a steady handle; the pokey side is also wooden, but that's of little consequence seeing as that side isn't used. This brush is solely dedicated to spanking. And it's very, very effective at getting a point across. As Harry kicked, and cried and even tried to put his hand back once (until Severus held it securely with his non-spanking hand) he sincerely regretted being so undaunted when somewhere at the back of his mind, he knew Severus would not be pleased with him waiting 'till the last minute.

"Come to any interesting realizations down there?" Severus punctuated with a sharp whack.

"I was—I was seeing how far I could push you and I shouldn't have done."

"No, you shouldn't have. And what else?"

"I was—it was a battle of wills all right? I thought I should be able to unpack my room in my own time."

"So you left it to the last in hopes you could change my mind?"

That about summed it up. "Yes, sir."

"That's defiant and disrespectful and it's certainly not acceptable. If you need help, you come to me and we'll deal with it together."

"But a normal man doesn't need help to get such simple things done."

"Is that what this is about? Harry, you don't need to deal with everything on your own. In fact I deal with things for you now, you have rules and all you need to do is follow them, or be spanked. I'm happy to do this often, as I need to until you understand that. Your number one worry should be obeying me, am I making myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

Very clear in fact. At the end of ten minutes, Harry was certain that he could translate Severus' expectations for him in twenty languages. Harry's bottom was blazing at the end of ten minutes and for a minute or two after, Severus let him just lie over his lap and cry. Then Harry was pulled up into strong arms and Severus held him and cuddled him, Harry buried himself into Severus neck warming in the comfort of it—spankings were horrible, but this, the after part, was the best parts of life. It was when Severus was the most tender. Severus removed Harry's glasses and carded fingers through Harry's hair, periodically kissing the crown of his head. Eventually, he helped Harry to his feet and to right his clothes. Harry couldn't help but try and rub out the sting—it was impossible though, no amount of rubbing was going to relieve the fire on his backside.

"Sit, we still have to have dinner."


"I'll get you a pillow." And that was about all the sympathy Severus had for him. As Severus had said many times, Harry always had plenty of warning, if he was going to go and get himself spanked, it was a choice he made and Severus wasn't going to feel bad about handing out the consequences.

"Like that's going to do any good." He sat down anyway, gingerly and pillow-less.

Severus ignored his complaining. "Besides, we still have to discuss your grounding," he said from the kitchen.

Harry's mouth fell open. "Grounded? But that was the spanking of the century!"

Severus came in carrying two plates loaded with roast beef, Yorkshires and green beans; placed one before Harry and one before himself. He also had a hot cloth for Harry to wipe his face of tears. He handed it to Harry and took his seat. "You said you could make the appointment and go," Severus said. "But you didn't. This isn't a trivial matter, this is about your health and I take it very seriously."

"And I also told you I didn't want to see a psychiatrist, that's got to count for something."

"I heard everything you said, Harry, I recall spanking you for a few inappropriate words you said, actually. I decided in the end you needed it. At least someone to talk to, you're going Harry and that's the end of it."

"That isn't fair!" Harry found himself saying despite his aching behind not to mention his age—he was sounding like an ill-begotten teen.

"What isn't fair?"

"That you get to just, decide like that—it's my life."

"A life in which I get final say over—you're going. I did think it over again, as you hastily attempted to finish unpacking your office; our style of relationship has helped you significantly, not to mention 'not hunting creatures or people' as you put it, has helped too. I'm willing to concede to a counselor rather a psychologist."

"Is there a difference?" Harry said, none too grateful for the concession. "I've still got to spill my guts to a complete stranger."

"Well there isn't a lot of difference, other than the amount of school and specializations, but I thought it might feel less… 'doctory' to you. Perhaps like you were talking to a friend?"

"What if I say I don't want to?"

"Then I'll choose for you—you're going to one or the other Harry."

And this was the inconvenient part about a structured relationship. Sometimes your Head of House made a decision for you—one you really didn't like, but it was your job to accept it.

"I'll take the counselor, but Severus, isn't me having to go at all punishment enough? Do I really have to be grounded as well?"

"Yes. I told you to do something extremely important and you deliberately disobeyed."

"I forgot."

"You procrastinated, which we've already covered is obedience with attitude and therefore disrespectful, then you forgot an important appointment, didn't even show up… you could have done more to remember. You're not serious enough about it Harry and you need to be, so you can stay grounded until you go."

"What if I go tomorrow? Can I be done being grounded?"

"We've got brunch with Draco and Charlie."

"Fine, I'll make the appointment for Monday."

"Oh no. That ship, Mr. Potter, has sailed. I already made an appointment for you, the first he could see you was next Monday."

"Already made an appointment? How did you know I would choose counselor?"

"Because you are quite predictable, Mr. Potter." He took a bite of his roast, chewed and swallowed before saying, "Besides if you'd said the other, it is quite easy to change the appointment."

"Well I need somebody who's more available. Can't we find someone else for this Monday?"

"This is who I've chosen for you. You're just going to have to wait 'till next Monday and make sure to go—I'm leaving that up to you—if you want to be let off your restriction. Otherwise you'll have to wait until his next available appointment and who knows when that could be," Severus said wryly.

"Why are Draco and Charlie still allowed to come over if I'm grounded?" Harry crossed his arms in a full on pout. He hated grounding most of all.

"Mostly because I said so, but also because they are my guests too, not just yours since Draco is my Godson. I might have made you cancel if it was simply your function. Now eat before you land yourself in more trouble. Did you finish up your office?"

Harry sat up straighter at that. "Well uh… but you said…" he squeaked, "no."
"You should eat quick then. Bedtime's at nine—you wouldn’t want a second spanking before bed, would you?" He raised an eyebrow over an eye with something mischievous playing there.
No Harry didn't want a second spanking on his scalded rear. But it was inevitable… that is unless…
"Yes, Love?" A fond smile was spread onto his face.
"Well… that is… do you think I might be able to get your, help?"
"I thought you were never going to ask."


As it turned out, since Harry had completed most of the tedious sorting type stuff, it didn't take more than a flourish of Severus' wand to finish Harry's office, to which he replied to the astonished look on Harry's face with his new and becoming famous line: "Yeah, I know stuff."

"Now that's the stuff they should teach to Hogwart's students—life skills," Harry complained.

Since that was all done, in the morning, Harry only had one dilemma he was faced with, which was: To pillow, or not to pillow. The funny thing about spankings is, while they hurt directly afterward, it was a different kind of hurt and your body was given an almost euphoric haze in which your backside could manage sitting somewhat. But the next day, the tarnished area felt bruised and was near impossible to sit on (this was even with the nice lotion Severus had spread onto his reddened cheeks before bed)—Harry had stood for more than one meal since he and Severus had begun their relationship.

Normally it wasn't too much of a problem, Harry and Severus were usually alone, but this morning with guests, Harry didn't know if he could live down the embarrassment of sitting on a pillow. "Hey, Sev?"

"Yes, Love?"

"In the spirit of me asking you for help, how's about a cushioning charm, just for brunch?"

"I don't think so."

"I'm allowed a pillow, but no cushioning charm? I don't see the difference."

"A pillow is both a physical and mental reminder of your punishment, a cushioning charm has neither of those benefits."

"I don't know I'd call them benefits."

"Well, however you'd like to phrase it, they are not the same."

"But I don't want Draco and Charlie to see, couldn't it just be for brunch?"

"They are aware of the nature of our relationship, I don't see why it matters. Don't you often complain to Draco about how rotten I am to you, anyway?"

Harry gave him a wry smile. "Yes, but that's different. He can't see anything."

"Don't use a pillow then."

"Severus! Then how am I supposed to sit down?" "That is quite a pickle." "Your sarcasm is not appreciated." "Neither is your whining."

"So was that a firm no, or is that a no but I could convince you with a blow-job, no?" Harry pushed.

"This is a, stop trying to wheedle me, or you're not even going to be able to sit on a pillow once I'm finished with you, no. I don't see the need. It will be good for you to be 'open' with others who are like us."

Severus had spoken, so he walked away and back into the kitchen, where he didn't see Harry mimic him, but Severus popped out again and Harry had to straighten up and hope he hadn't been caught. Severus gave him a funny, analytic look, "Set the table and quit messing about."

Harry got to it and decided on, 'no pillow,' he could tough this out, he'd fought Voldemort for Merlin's sake, had countless hexes thrown at him, fought a Basilisk—he could get through a meal on a sore arse. Not long past eleven, Charlie and Draco arrived; Harry greeted them and took their coats while Severus finished up in the kitchen. "'Allo, Harry. Good of you and the Professor to invite us over. Sorry we couldn't make a dinner anytime this week," Charlie said.

"S'okay Charlie—this is probably better."
"Are you trying to imply I'm an alcoholic? That brunch is better since most likely no alcohol is being served?"
"Well it's true," Harry said.
Charlie rolled his eyes as Severus walked out of the kitchen. "What's true?"
"That Draco's a raging—"
"Uncle Severus! Haven't seen you in an age!" Draco cut Harry off to bombard Severus with a hug that clearly Severus was suspect of.
"Since when do you hug people? And what in Merlin's name is stuck all over your face?"
"I don't hug people, I hug family," Draco scowled. "And these are piercings, Uncle. Charlie said I could have them."
"Charlie said you could have some of them," Charlie piped in.
"Right, some then." Draco gave Charlie a cheeky smile.
"Has my Godson been a handful for you, Mr. Weasley?"

"Please, call me Charlie, Professor and yes, he is a handful, but I can handle him," he said giving Draco a fond smile.
"If I'm to call you Charlie, you may call me Severus. Please, both of you, come in; make yourselves at home."
"If I'm going to 'make myself at home,' I'm going to need a pillow Harry."
Harry's mouth dropped in absolute shock; there could only be one reason Draco would need a pillow. "Don't look so surprised. My arse gets tanned at least thrice a week and twice on Sundays—"
"That isn't true Draco. And what have I told you about fishing for sympathy?"
"Perhaps it's not sympathy I'm fishing for, but another spanking," he said waggling his eyebrows.
"I know you think showing off for your Uncle and Harry is funny, but I most certainly will spank you Malfoy, and I promise you will not like it," Charlie's eyes were dark and if he was looking at Harry like that… well, it was already making him shudder and stand up a little straighter. "And after I spank you, you can spend the rest our time together in the corner with your red, naughty bottom on display for all, which would be really unfortunate for you, don't you think? Especially since I know you've been looking forward to this."
Wow. Charlie was good; it took Harry's breath away and Draco actually blushed. "Sorry, sir."
Charlie pulled Draco to him and pressed a firm kiss to his lips. "Go sit down; be a good boy."
"Yes, Daddy."


After all Harry'd just seen, he did feel foolish for freaking out over a pillow. Perhaps Severus was right. "C'mon Harry. Let's go get me a pillow. That way we can let these two alone and do whatever it is tops do."

Draco dragged Harry away, but had to let Harry take over since he didn't know where the pillows were kept. Harry led them to his and Severus' bedroom. "Thank Merlin! I had to get away—Charlie is driving me insane after yesterday. He's got a bee in his bonnet because I'm not taking my work for the ginger twins seriously."
"What did you do to get your arse whooped Draco?"

"It was just a joke, a brilliant one. I found a box of Christmas Decorations after you left, when they came looking for me, their storage attic looked like Santa's workshop!"
Harry couldn't help but wish he'd been there to see it—he didn't say so.
"Why you grabbing two pillows, I only need one Potter—oh, for you?"
Harry nodded. "Yeah… I'd kind of been procrastinating you see…"

"Yep. Been there, done that. Well why didn't you come on the chat? You're supposed to tell me these things. I was dying to complain to you."
Harry scratched the back of his neck, bit his lip feeling the blush stain his cheeks and let out a sheepish, "Well, I kind of got, grounded too."
"Merlin, Potter! You leave my sight for a few hours and all that happens? What on Earth did you do?"
Harry went into the whole explanation, like he would have if they'd been on the forum, but this time he got to watch Draco's reaction to the whole thing. He became quite serious, Harry thought, nodding in the right places with a few, 'uh-huh, uh-huh's,' and when Harry finished, he shook his head.
"I do not envy you having Severus as your top; Charlie's beginning to look a little less toppy."

"Dunno… after what he said downstairs…"
"Right, that. Well he's still perturbed with me you see, not giving me a whole lot of lee-way these days since he knows the mess I'm dealing with."
"Your father I presume?"
Draco nodded.
"You ever going to tell me about that?"
"'Suppose I should, but not today. We'll have a special meet up about it once Severus springs you free."
"It's taken you boys a long time to procure pillows. What mischief have you got up to now?" That was Severus' voice up the stairs.
"Coming, Severus."
"Goody-good," Draco said and grabbed a pillow from Harry and whacked him with it. "I'm going to teach you everything I know about being a good brat Harry—it loads more fun than what you've been doing."


The two brats were thus seated upon pillows on their chairs through brunch. Severus had made lovely eggs benedict and they were enjoying it with orange juice, sans champagne (as Draco pointed out—Harry was beginning to think Draco had a drinking problem), ham and fruit.
The conversation topics began fairly stodgy in that they were mundane and non-illusive. Draco recounted the story of how he'd runaway from home and had met Charlie in Romania where Draco had been trying to "buy" a dragon.
"I don't know what he thought he was doing, you can't actually buy dragons."
"Nonsense—there's a first time for everything, as I believe the Muggle saying goes—and I'm a Malfoy. If anyone could buy a dragon, I could."
"Yeah? And how did that work out for you?" Charlie asked, already knowing the answer.
"I had the man convinced, you'd be surprised what this mouth," he raised his eyebrows suggestively, "and a little gold can do. I would have done by now if it weren't for you."
Charlie laughed. "You might have, I suppose. Lucky I was there to thwart you."
They were cute, the two of them. Harry quite liked watching them banter back and forth; he wondered what people saw when they looked and Severus and him.
"Well, I don't see why Charlie gets one and I don't," Draco pretended to complain, obviously referring to himself as the dragon.
"Tell them about the first spanking I gave you, now there's a story," Charlie said.
Harry balked when Charlie said that, if Severus so casually told them about his 'first spanking' he would be quite put out with Severus, Draco didn't look to feel the same.
"Well he decided to turn my arse into Wizard's fire."
"It wasn't that bad, but he still screamed like a banshee."
"It was and I did not."

"You did and to this day you've never uttered a poor phrase about a Muggle."
"I like Muggles now, I was disappointed you hadn't invited any to brunch Harry—I know you're quite fond of them too."
"No need to be cheeky, now, Draco," Charlie said sternly. "But to finish off the story, I had to chase him around the room and physically put him over my lap; when I finally got down to blistering his bottom, he shouted obscenities and threats at me with the most notable: 'Curse you and your thick cock Charlie Weasley!'" Charlie laughed and Severus joined him.
"I expect no less from my Godson and speaking of, how's your father Draco?"
This is where the conversation turned from mundane to interesting. Harry perked his ears up wondering how he would answer his uncle.
"Speaking of, how's your father?" Draco mocked. "How does Godson relate to the state of my father's being?"
"He made me your godfather."

"Well if you're such good mates, why don't you ask him?" Draco said disingenuously and finished his orange juice. He swirled the glass at Harry. "Make me another one of these Harry? But this time some vodka would be nice."
Charlie slapped a firm hand down on Draco's thigh, which had Draco yelping. "That was rude, little boy. Apologize."
"OW! That hurt!"
"It was meant to," Charlie said with no heat, yet the menace was clear.
"I'm sorry, Uncle Severus." He fluttered his eyes back at Charlie to see if that had been acceptable.
"Go stand in the corner please," Charlie ordered him.
"What? Why? I apologized. That isn't fair."

"You did, and I thank-you, but I can see you're still wound up about it and need some thinking time."
"I don't. I'm fine."
"You can do it with or without a spanked bottom, the choice is entirely up to you."
Draco huffed. "Which corner, sir?"
Charlie pointed to the one closest to him, near the dining table they were sitting at and Draco stomped over to it like a child. He stood with his arms at his sides, clearly fuming. "Is that how we stand in the corner?"
"There aren't any we's in the corner, it's just me."
"Draco…" Charlie's voice was fast loosing it's playful edge and Draco who Harry assumed could read his top fairly well, put his hands atop his head, interlaced. He widened his stance. "Thank-you."
Charlie turned his attention back to Harry and Severus who had watched the proceedings with different eyes. Harry in horror, imagining himself in such a predicament and Severus with amusement.
"Sorry 'bout that. Things with his father aren't going so well. To answer your question Severus, Lucius is fine physically, but he's not so great mentally. He wants Draco to take what he feels is his proper place as heir and Draco basically told him to shove Dragon's dung up his arse."
"That's my private business you're discussing!" Draco complained from the corner.

"Do people in corners talk?"
"He is being rather private about it, we are still working through things. I was actually hoping you could be of some assistance, Severus."
It sounded like Draco may have said something else from the corner, but it was too low for Harry's ears and Charlie mostly likely did hear, but decided to ignore him for Draco's sake.
"I'm happy to be of assistance however I can. I'm afraid I haven't associated with Lucius since the war. He and I have many issues between us that are yet unresolved, but I've never allowed that to affect mine and Draco's relationship. Perhaps it's time to pay him a visit."
That's where they left that topic lie, for now and adjourned brunch in favor of tea in the sitting room. Draco was released from the corner and he went running to Charlie, apologizing for being a prat.
"You're a rotten little boy, but I love you," he told Draco; his words made Draco light up with pride.
Tea proceeded with far less angst from Draco. He was still his quippy, cheeky self, but he didn't say anything that had Charlie scolding him too heavily—though the pair was always engaged in a playful dance of banter.

Unfortunately the topic of Quidditch came up, which was a particularly sore spot for Harry today, since normally, he'd be heading off in the late afternoon for a game. It made him remember the embarrassing conversation he had to have with Ron the night before when he notified him that he was not allowed to attend their game, since he'd been grounded and because he would be grounded next weekend, he couldn't play in that game either. Thankfully, he'd at least been able to tell Ron via instant message; Hermione had set them up with the internet long ago, but Ron was still getting used to the whole thing, instant messaging something he'd only mastered of late. Ron could be such a slow learner with some things. Ron kindly offered to lend an ear, but Harry knew Severus was only allowing him some computer time because it was necessary to inform his friends, so they could get someone to take his place, so Harry declined, not really wanting to talk about it anyway.
"Didn't you say you were on a team Harry? I'd like to join if you think that might be okay?"
Charlie cleared his throat.

"Right. And if King of the dragons over here says I can."
"You can, lovely," Charlie said running a hand through Draco's blonde hair.
"Are you sure you want to play with all those things in your face?" Severus said sarcastically.
"I told you already, they're piercings and I can remove them when I play. C'mon Potter. What do you say?"
Harry wasn't much into their good mood by this moment and was instead feeling very sorry for himself; his answer wasn't very generous. "You're going to have to wait. Currently I'm barred any communication with the outside world, remember?"

"Harry," Severus said in his 'be careful' tone.
"Oh, right," Draco laughed. "Well good thing I'm a seeker as well, with the amount you get grounded, they'll need someone to take your place."
Draco was only joking, but it hit a little too close to how Harry was feeling. He did have the irrational fear they might replace him while he was grounded.
"Funny. Well as soon as Forseti releases me from prison, I'll get right on that."

Harry and Severus had a much different relationship than Draco and Charlie did. In fact, Harry was getting the distinct impression that Severus was strict even for a Head of House. And Harry knew how much Severus disliked him complaining over a punishment Severus thought fair and well earned. He took it as the deepest of insults, actually, and it never went well for Harry when he did so, but despite all of that, Harry still found himself complaining when he faced a punishment he hated.

When he saw the look in Severus' eyes, he dearly wished he'd kept his mouth shut.

"One more comment like that and I will send you to our room where you can wait until Charlie and Draco leave to get your spanking."

The tips of Harry's ears burned and an embarrassed feeling pooled in his gut. Draco may be okay being chastised and even punished in front of Harry, but Harry did not feel the same way. It had been a year of living this style of life, but Harry still felt 'new.' And from the way Severus had phrased that, he knew he was getting a spanking when their guests left, worse, their guests knew too.

"I'm sorry, sir," he mumbled looking at his hands. Severus grabbed one and began rubbing it. He pulled Harry against his side and let Harry put his head on Severus' shoulder. Draco had, it seemed, since being with Charlie, developed the new talent of easing tension with his strange humor.

"You would deprive us of the fun, Uncle. I think it's high time I see Harry get spanked, since he witnessed me getting spanked once."

"I gave you a light swat in the pub—that's hardly a spanking Draco—"

"Light? He calls that iron palm light?"
"Behave yourself, or in a minute, we can make your earlier statement true."
Harry smiled; it perked him up again.
Draco shook his head. "Lucky for you then Potter, you get to wait to watch me wipe the skies with you."
"Who says I'm going to ask at all, if you're going to act like that?"

"Ta. You'll ask. You need me—least I can make things interesting."

The four finished one more cup of tea each, before Charlie decided it was time for Draco and him to leave.

"But I don't want to leave, Daddy," Draco whined. Charlie leaned over and whispered something in Draco's ear.

"He says he's going to let me suck his lollipop."

"Draco! Your uncle is standing right there."

"Which makes it all the more fun for him to be smart mouthed. Do you remember what I do to smart boys, Draco?" Severus asked.

"You spank them, but I'm Charlie's to spank now—my arse is safe from you."

"Not if you keep acting like that. I'll gladly turn you over to your uncle," Charlie supplied looking at Severus. Severus crossed his arms and arched his brow at Draco. "And if I find your uncle's had to punish you, you can expect a second much harsher spanking from me."

"How is that fair?"

"Quick acting like a trollop and you won't have to worry about a thing," Charlie told him helpfully.

"See Harry, it's like I always say: Never put two tops in the same room together. It doesn't work out well for the brats."

"You always say that?" Harry asked.

"Come along Draco," Charlie pulled him toward the Floo before he could comment further.


Once the two had gone, Severus said to Harry: "I think we need to have a little chat." Severus could tell by the look on Harry's face that he knew what Severus usually meant by chatting, and that his bottom was already really sore, sore enough he didn't want to be having that kind of a chat right now.

"Severus, I'm sorry—I promise, no more complaining. I'll fulfill my punishment like a good little boy."

Severus couldn't help it; his cock stirred at Harry's promise to be a good little boy, he wondered if Harry even realized he'd said it; probably came from spending an afternoon with Draco. But Severus would have to wait for any kind of gratification, they had business to attend. "Sit. There."

Harry sat.

"I have two things I would like to address. The first, Draco and Charlie have a very different relationship than you and I do—I demand quite a bit more respect. There is no one way to have a structured relationship, and while what they have works for them it will not work for me. A bit of playful banter is all right with me, but out right defiance will never be permitted and will have consequences. Do I make myself clear?" Severus really didn't mind Harry making the odd retort when he knew Harry was doing so in fun, but Harry hadn't meant it that way; he was being disrespectful.

Harry nodded. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry Severus, I didn't mean to be disrespectful." He rubbed his own arm.

"Which brings me to my next point; you clearly still think you are being punished unfairly—especially if you so brassily voiced as such to others in front of me. That's called passive aggression, Harry. That is also not okay."

"I… well I didn't look at it that way and I don't think you're unfair, really. I just really hate being grounded."

He most likely hadn't thought of it that way, which was why Severus wanted to point it out; Harry was often passive aggressive, not bringing up his feelings on matters, but finding round about ways to vent them instead.

Of course in this particular case, Harry had made his feelings clear to Severus and in their original conversation about Harry seeing a psychiatrist, he'd praised Harry for that—before he'd spanked him for the inappropriate way in which he'd done so. But this time, he was using his passive aggressive behavior, essentially, to have a mini-tantrum over being grounded, instead of accepting the consequence with good grace as Severus expected. Severus had to admit that part of him found it cute and if it weren't so important, he might tease him about it a little. Not this time though. He had to come down hard on Harry about this.

"And it's precisely why I chose that punishment. You missing your appointment was serious, I told you I would make sure it wouldn't happen again. I know you don't like it, but you must find a way to accept it and move on."

"I do accept it though, Severus."

"That isn't what it sounded like earlier."

"I was just being a… a child."

"And what happens to naughty children?"

Harry sighed. "They get spanked."

"Too, right. Stand up Mr. Potter."

Harry did and Severus switched places with him, it didn't take long for him to have his lover upended over his knee with his bare bottom in the air; Severus rubbed a loving hand over the two perfect globes that were already red with some very slight purple areas from the hairbrush. Severus pulled Harry further over his knee, so he had better access to that man's upper thighs and got to work with firm slaps to the sensitive area. He let some of his spanks land on the already punished flesh, to re-awaken some of the sting there, but he mostly spanked his unblemished thighs. It didn't take long to have Harry crying.

He let Harry cry over his lap for a few moments when he'd finished, then let Harry roll off his lap and kneel on the floor between his knees. Severus removed the throng of his ponytail and his glasses and let him cry a few more moments while he carded a soft hand though his dark locks.

After a time Severus said, "that wasn't so bad, was it my Harry?"

Harry looked his tear stained face up at him; he was smiling. "No, Severus. How did you… How did you know I needed that?"

"Because I know you, Love. Today was a lot for you, especially combined with last night."

"But why does spanking help? I still don't think I understand."

"It's different for everyone, but if I were to wager a guess for you, I would say you don't cry well on your own. The pain in the spanking assists tear, as well, it's incredibly stimulating emotionally. You're able to release whatever you're holding. Also, you feel safe in the structure. As much as you may fight me sometimes, you like having boundaries; like knowing that I'll catch you if you fall so to speak. Stricter structure works better for you. I find if I've been too lenient, many of your coping behaviors, the ones you've used since you were little I suspect, return tenfold. Does that sound right to you?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah. I wouldn't have known how to say all that myself, but yeah, that's about right and maybe something more too, but I wouldn't know how to say it either."

"That's okay, Love. Perhaps you'll figure it out during your counseling sessions."

"You're really going to make me go aren't you?"


"Well, all I can promise is to do my best to accept your decision—I really can't promise never to be a brat about it."
"So long as you remember, exactly what happens to little boys who don't listen to their Daddies."

Harry's breath caught and Severus watched as the shock registered on Harry's face. "I heard you call yourself a 'good little boy' a few moments ago."

Harry's face relaxed into a smile; his eyes full of mischief. Harry stood and took off all his clothes then kneeled with his red arse facing Severus, waggling it as he said, "I think you might still need to teach me how to behave, I don't know if I've learned my lesson, Daddy."

It didn't take long after that for Severus to have Harry flipped on his back with his legs practically up over his head and for his cock to be slamming into Harry as Severus desperately sucked at his neck. "God I love you, baby boy."

"Uh. Merlin. Right there. Oh. FUck. Yeah, Daddy. Fuck your baby boy…"

Neither of them could move afterword, they were paralyzed on the floor after the fuck session of the century. "We have GOT to do that again, Severus. I'll admit, at first I thought Draco was nuts with all that Daddy stuff, but that was HOT!"

Severus chuckled. "While I do feel a bit strange that we just had sex inspired by my Godson, it felt too damn good for me to care much—we will be doing that again."

They were quiet for a moment as Harry began to play with the trail of dark hair that led from Severus' belly button to his nether region. "You know, I don't think being grounded is going to be so bad this time."


"No. You'll be here, which is who I fancy spending most of my time with anyway. Hell, even when I'm not with you, I'm thinking about you."

"I hope you know it's the same for me. You're my whole world Harry Potter."