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что-то плохое

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November 20th 2014

A white cardigan was thrown into the duffle bag, more clothes and shoes followed. Felicity was franticly putting as much clothes as she could into the big duffle bag, she looked to her side to see her 6 month old baby daughter babbling nonsense in the car seat that was placed on the king sized bed.

Felicity smiled softly as she grabbed another duffle bag and unzipped the zipper. ‘’I’ll get you somewhere safe baby girl. I promise you.’’ She went to the drawer of Mila’s clothes and grabbed everything that her two arms could hold, dumping it in the bag, a few shoes of hers in the duffle bag.

A few diapers were thrown in the bag for a few days, a few toys and some bibs and a few small blankets for drooling or burping.

Felicity grabbed her winter coat and put it on, a thick knitted scarf and gloves followed. ‘’Let’s get you all warm.’’ Felicity cooed at the small human being that was beaming at her with a toothless grin. She put Mila’s winter coat on and a scarf and gloves on her little hands.

Tears formed in Felicity’s eyes, she knew what she had to do. She had to leave this house-hold but how would she be able to even leave? There were guards everywhere but Felicity would die trying.

She had to get Mila out of this mess that was her husband’s life.

Felicity situated the straps of the two duffle bags over her shoulder and grabbed the handle of the car-seat that Mila was placed in. ‘’Let’s get out of here.’’ She whispered and pulled a funny face just so she could hear her daughter’s small laughter, it made everything just a little bit better.

She stepped out of the bedroom she shared with her husband and started walking down the corridors, her heart was pounding in her chest like it wanted to jump out of her body and hide. She faked a smile at the guards who greeted her with a small. ‘’Where are you going to Mrs. Palmer?’’ one of the guards asked and she wanted to run back to her room and hide herself.

‘’I was just planning to do a bit of shopping.’’ She tried to hide the fear in her voice and the guard quirked an eyebrow at her. ‘’With two duffle-bags?’’ he asked and Felicity clenched her teeth together. Fuck. ‘’Yes.’’ She looked at him. ‘’Fine, you got me.’’ She whispered and the guard chuckled.

Felicity looked the guard in the eye. ‘’Those duffle bags are filled with clothes that Mila grew out of and I never wear. I wanted to bring it to the woman shelter just a few blocks away.’’ The lie fell so easily from her lips that Felicity wanted to pat her shoulder for it. ‘’You’re such a thoughtful woman.’’ The guard smiled, a real smile for once and Felicity almost felt bad for the man for lying to him. Almost

She flashed him one of those gorgeous fake smiles she reserved mostly just for her husband. ‘’I don’t need security, it’s just a few blocks.’’ She assured the guard before he would ask and the man nodded.

‘’If you’re not back in an hou-‘’ ‘’I know search party is on then.’’ Felicity smiled and rolled her eyes at the same time. ‘’Just doing my duty here Mrs. Palmer.’’

‘’Oh don’t I know it.’’ She whispered under her breathe and brushed past the guard and away from the big mansion that many man with their family’s lived in.

Felicity couldn’t believe it worked, that it had actually worked and that they didn’t see through her lie, it made Felicity let out a small squeak of happiness. ‘’It worked.’’ She whispered to the Mila who was biting on a teether and let out small giggles every once and then.

The snow-flakes and cold wind were biting into Felicity’s pale skin and Felicity just noticed how cold it actually was. She slowly put the car-seat down and one of the duffle bags, unzipping the bag and searching for one of those warm blankets she had packed in them, when she found one she grabbed it and draped it over Mila’s body, making sure the blanket was secure so it wouldn’t get blown away by the icy wind.

‘’There, that’s warmer huh baby?’’ she smiled and strapped the duffle bag over her shoulder again and lifted the car-seat again and started walking again.

‘’I’ll get you away from here. I promise.’’ Felicity promised. ‘’Even if it’s the last thing I do.’’


November 22th 2014

Walking for two whole days straight, jumping at the sound of a car she heard come by, almost no food in her system and pretty much freezing to death had taken a toll on Felicity, she was drained. She needed sleep and she needed food but she needed to get Mila to save place first. She had promised her daughter that and that’s what she would do.

She knew that there were probably a few dozen man searching for her by now and that if she would be found she would be dead, that’s why she made sure there was no way anyone would be able to track her still they could probably find her but at least now she had more time.

The snowing had only been worse and as Felicity looked down she could see the snow had to be at-least 15 cm’s high and making it hard to walk normally through the thick snow, Mila’s soft cries didn’t help either.

Felicity knew she was hungry, she knew the girl was probably just as cold as Felicity was since the blanket that she had been wearing two days ago had freezed and Felicity had thrown it away since it was no use to keep her daughter warm anymore.

Felicity sighed and dropped herself down into the snow, she un-buckled her daughter out of the car-seat and cuddled her to her own chest ‘’ I believe in you and me..’’ Felicity’s soft voice started singing softly, her head ducked so she was singing to Mila. ‘’I'm coming to find you. If it takes me all night. Wrong until you make it right. And I won't forget you. At least I'll try’’ she smiled when Mila’s cries had stopped and her tear-streamed face was looking up at Felicity with a soft smile on her face. ‘’And run, and run tonight, Everything will be alright. Everything will be alright. Everything will be alright. Everything will be alright’’

‘’Maybe if you would be more aware of your surroundings everything would be alright, right now sweetheart. Everything just went to shit.’’ A dark voice spoke and Felicity looked up, she scrambled to her feet, taking a few steps back as she looked in the eyes of her husband’s right hand.

A man who wasn’t afraid to kill. Who held no remorse for who he killed.

‘’Please.’’ She hated begging, she did but she had to, she had to beg even if she knew this man right in front of her would just laugh and pull the trigger, not only killing her but also the little small girl that was now crying in her arms.

The man laughed and a scowl took place on his face instead of the smirk he was just wearing a minute ago. ‘’He is so incredible angry sweetheart. You don’t know how badly I want to put a bullet between your eyes and watch your blood slowly leave you, but he ordered for you to not be killed, he wanted to do it himself.’’

Felicity gulped and tears formed in her eyes. ‘’But…’’ he chuckled and his eyes lowered to Mila in her arms, Felicity’s grip on Mila tightened out of reflex, wanting to protect the helpless girl. ‘’He said we could get rid of his daughter.’’

‘’NO.’’ she yelled and backed away. She shook her head rapidly. ‘’You won’t get near her.’’ She sneered; the disgust for the man could be heard from a mile away.

‘’What makes you think I will listen?’’ the man cocked his gun to the side and Felicity felt chills running down her spine when she heard the sound of the safety being removed. ‘’Pl-lease’’ she sobbed and held Mila closer to her, her small head pressed into Felicity’s chest. ‘’She ha-as nothing to do with-h all of this-‘’

‘’I’m very sorry.’’ He said sarcastically. ‘’But this is your own fault. Shouldn’t have ran off.’’ He lifted his gun. ‘’I might not kill you but he didn’t say I couldn’t hurt you a little.’’ He smirked

Felicity screamed when the body of her husband’s right hand dropped to the ground, blood oozing out of his head wound and Felicity could feel splatters of blood on her face, her freezing face.

Felicity stared at the face of three man, one of the man had black hair and his gun was slowly lowered as he stared at her, she probably would have laughed under different circumstances. She probably looked like a frightened mess holding a small crying baby to her chest.

‘’Are you okay?’’ the man who had just shot one of the most dangerous man walking on this earth asked her. His accent sounded Australian and Felicity nodded. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, she probably looked like a drowning fish.

After a few tries she finally got the words she had been wanting to say.

‘’T-than-nk yo-ou.’’

The man gave her a small smile and stepped forwards, the other two stayed behind and he took another careful step. ‘’Can I?’’ he asked and she nodded, with her saying it was okay he neared closer, stepping over the dead body and touched her face. He hissed at the coldness and looked at her. ‘’Who are you?’’

‘’F-felicity’’ she whispered and looked down at the now quiet girl. ‘’And this is Mil-la’’ she looked back at the man with a proud smile. ‘’I’m Slade Wilson.’’ ‘Slade’ smiled at her and she couldn’t help but flash him a smile too.

‘’How long have you been out here?’’ ‘’T-two day-ys.’’ A sudden breeze of wind made her shiver. ‘’Where am I?’’ she whispered and Slade smiled softly.

‘’You’re in Starling City Felicity.’’ He answered kindly. ‘’Those two man are John Diggle and Roy Harper.’’ Felicity waved at the two man with her free hand. ‘’Thank you, again. For saving me.’’ She bit on her lip and Slade smile vanished. ‘’That man was one of the most dangerous man of the ‘Void’ ‘’ he quirked an eyebrow at her.

Felicity’s eyes lowered to the ground, counting the snowflakes that kept falling down on the already thick pile of snow. ‘’Miss!’’ Slade’s nice and soft voice had changed into a demanding and angry one, she flinched at the tone and took a step back, letting there be some space between them. ‘’It’s none of your business.’’ She snapped.

‘’Again I am grateful for your help but this.’’ She pointed to the dead man. ‘’Is none of your concern.’’ She bit out but it looked like Slade wasn’t backing down either.

‘’I think..’’ he started with an angry expression. ‘’Is that we just saved your daughter’s life and probably yours too, so you better explain.’’ He growled out and grabbed her upper arm.



November 22th 2014

Oliver growled at one of his man. ‘’You better find the asshole and bring him to me.’’ The man nodded and rushed of leaving Oliver alone in his study, he dragged his hands over his tired face and let out a ragged breathe.

‘’Ollie?’’ a soft voice called out and Oliver opened his eyes, a smile took place on his face when he saw his little sister walk into the study, unsure and a blue bruise forming on her right cheek. ‘’Why did Roger walk away with his tail between his legs?’’ she joked and Oliver’s eyes darkened. ‘’Ollie?’’ she asked again and Oliver gulped.

‘’He has to find the person who did this to you, if he does-‘’ ‘’NO, No Ollie you won’t hurt that man if he can’t find the low asshole who punched me, that’s not how we do this.’’ Oliver barked out a dark laugh. ‘’We don’t do anything Thea. I am the one who calls the shots.’’

Thea nodded. ‘’Yes, you are the one who calls the shots, but I won’t allow someone to be hurt in my name for something he didn’t even do.’’ She snapped. ‘’So I better not hear about him being hurt Ollie because I swear to god I will hurt you.’’

Oliver knew that Thea could never hurt him physically but mentally she could hurt him very fast, Thea was his only alive family member both his parents were dead, brutally murdered and that made Oliver take his father’s place as the leader of Bratva. ‘’Okay.’’ He whispered and Thea beamed at him, he knew she was probably cheering inside for being able to convince him not to hurt someone.

‘’QUEEN!’’ his friend’s Slade voice rang through the mansion, it was slightly panicked so Oliver glanced at Thea. ‘’Stay behind me’’ he hissed and started walking down the halls till he was by the main hall and saw Slade standing there, Roy and Diggle where behind him and in front of them was a young woman holding into a baby tightly, she was shivering and she seem to dare to look anyone in the eyes. Blood was spattered on her face and a little bit on her clothes.

‘’Omygod.’’ His sister gasped and flied past him, not listening to his voice to stay behind him. ‘’You must be freezing, do you want some hot chocolate milk?’’ she asked, Oliver watched how she looked up and shock was written all over her face, like she had never been offered a cup of hot chocolate milk when she was freezing. ‘’N-no th-hank you.’’ She offered Thea a small smile who nodded. ‘’Of course, I bet you much rather want a warm shower right? To clean and I bet your daught- she’s your daughter right?’’ it seemed like Thea was on a babbling spree right now and the young girl smiled.

‘’It’s ok-kay. I’m fine.’’ She whispered and Thea frowned, even Oliver couldn’t help but frown. He cleared his throat making everyone turn their attention to him again. ‘’What’s this Slade?’’ he asked and Slade stood just that little bit straighter.

‘’We were doing some patrolling through the city, see if something was out of place you know?’’ Oliver nodded, knowing what he talked about and what they couldn’t talk about with his sister there and an unknown woman. ‘’When we heard some screaming, so Roy, John and I ran to where we heard the sound when we saw a man pointing a gun at Felicity- ‘’ so that was the girl’s name, her name was Felicity. ‘’So I shot the man since it seemed like she couldn’t convince him to not do it.’’

Oliver felt like there was more to the story so he raised an eyebrow. ‘’And?’’ ‘’That’s when I found out it was Charles Harrit, you know co-leader –‘’ ‘’Of the Void’’ Oliver finished and Slade nodded, he turned his attention to the trembling young woman and the small babbling baby who she was clutching to her chest like her life depended on it.

And maybe it did?

‘’And why was the co-leader of one of the most dangerous mafia gangs after you?’’ Oliver took a few steps closer and noticed how she flinched. ‘’I’m not going to hurt you, I think my man saving you indicates that.’’

‘’I’m s-sorry.’’ She whispered and Oliver frowned. ‘’What’s your name?’’ he asked, ignoring the way she apologized for god knows what. ‘’Felicity, Felicity Palmer.’’

The whole room went silent, you could drop a pin and locate where it had been dropped that’s how silent it was, she was the wife. She was the wife of Ray Palmer, the leader of the Void, one of their rivals, the reason that half of his man were killed in cold blood.

The reason his mother got raped in-front of his father and after that brutally tortured till she died.

The reason his father died a horrible and humiliating death.

A small sob caused him to get out of whatever daze he was in and he saw Thea trying to hold herself together, she knew. She knew who Ray Palmer was. Who didn’t? ‘’Wife of Ray Palmer.’’ He hissed and strides to her.

Maybe this is how he could get his revenge on Ray Palmer, killing his wife and child.

‘’You would just do him a favor.’’ Felicity spoke up softly, Oliver looked at her with wide eyes, had he said that out-loud? ‘’What?’’ he growled at her. Standing just a few cm’s away from her, if he just raised his hands a little higher and wrapped them around her neck he could break her neck in just a split second. ‘’I could see the anger in your eyes, you want to kill me and our child.’’ She spoke so calmly. ‘’To get revenge on him right? For killing someone you dearly loved?’’

Oliver clenched his jaw and looked at the woman. He could hear Thea sob behind him and saw Roy move to his girlfriend and hug her.

He nodded. ‘’Why would I do him a favor by killing the woman he loves and his own child?’’

Felicity let out a laugh, it didn’t sound pleasant, it sounded humorless and cold. ‘’Why do you-u think I would leave a perfectly secure place with my child if he loved me?’’ she asked and Oliver shrugged. ‘’He wants me dead.’’ She simply stated and Oliver looked at her in disbelief. ‘’Palmer might be first class asshole but I don’t think he would want the woman he loved dead.’’

Felicity’s eyes started watering and Oliver couldn’t help but feel his heart tighten at the sight of the young girl’s obvious heart-ache. ‘’I don’t care, I don’t care if you kill me or if Ray does it.’’ She spoke his name with venom and Oliver just stared at her. ‘’But you won’t touch a hair on my daughter’s head, you understand?’’ she hissed.

‘’You left because of her didn’t you?’’ he asked and Felicity nodded.

‘’I know I’m going to die because I can just run this much until they find me.’’ She smiled softly. ‘’I am okay with that, as long as I get my daughter to a safe place where she will grow up safe and won’t see the horrible things that happen in this world up-close.’’ Oliver watched how Felicity looked down at the almost asleep baby-girl and smiled with pride at her.

Oliver felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked to his left to see Thea stare at him with big red eyes. He knew what she was asking him to do. ‘’No Thea.’’ He whispered and Thea glared at him. ‘’Why not!’’ she whisper-yelled back, Oliver knew that the rest could still hear him but it seemed like neither he and Thea didn’t care about that.

‘’You’re asking for a war here.’’ He whispered through gritted teeth. ‘’Maybe I am Ollie, but..’’ she looked back at Felicity and Oliver knew what she was thinking, the same that what he had thought.

He couldn’t let her walk out of those doors and get killed.

‘’She’s going to get killed, or worse.. tortured.’’ Oliver sighed, he knew torturing was much worse than just getting the bullet right away, he has had to endure that too. ‘’I know.’’ ‘’And maybe her little baby too, Ollie!’’ Thea was begging him now and Oliver turned back to look at Felicity.

She was leaning against Slade’s side who had a protective hand over her shoulder, she was shaking slightly on her feet and she swayed her daughter back and forth in her arms, a small sad smile on her face as her eyes were locked on the small bundle in her arms.

‘’Felicity?’’ Oliver watched her head snap up and her eyes now locked on his own. ‘’Y-yes.’’ She whispered and he gave her a small smile. ‘’Why don’t you and..’’ ‘’Mila!’’ she answered quickly to which he nodded. ‘’Mila take a warm shower and get into some comfortable clothes. ‘’

Felicity’s eyebrows knitted together. ‘’What are you saying Mister Queen?’’

‘’Call me Oliver, Mister Queen was my father.’’ His eyes darkened at the thought of the woman in front of him being married to the man that murdered his father. ‘’And I’m saying that you are staying here.’’

‘’NO!’’ Felicity yelled and stared at him, Oliver looked at her in shock, why would she even refuse such an request , they would keep her save and her daughter save. ‘’I can’t Mis- Oliver.’’ She said. ‘’You’re asking for a war here, he’ll find out and kill anyone who stands in his way, I c-can- I won’t let that happen.’’

To say Oliver was shocked was an understatement, he was giving this woman a safe place, and she thought of what Ray would do. ‘’But Felicity!’’ Thea cried out. ‘’You can’t let him get you or Mila, what if you can’t get her to a safe place and they find you.’’ She stepped forwards, Oliver knew that Thea was trying to convince Felicity to stay. ‘’What if they’ll kill Mila and take you back to them!’’ Oliver noticed a tear falling down Felicity’s face.

‘’I c-can’t le-et people get hur-rt or kill-led because of me.’’ She stuttered but Oliver could see the fight leaving her eyes, he could see how emotionally and physically drained she was.

‘’Nobody will get hurt, we have a lot of strong man who won’t give up.’’ Thea placed a hand on her shoulder. ‘’My brother is offering you a safe place, not just your daughter but you too. Do you know how special that is?’’ Oliver smiled. Thea always had a soft spot for Oliver even if she knew he kills and tortures people, she would always see the good in him and still does and that made Oliver’s heart warm with a big amount of love, he was sure he didn’t deserve that.

A loud giggle filled the main hall and Slade and Diggle chuckled when Mila grabbed into a pluck of Thea’s long hair. Thea grinned down at the young happy girl. ‘’Hello pretty girl.’’ She cooed at the small girl and Oliver smiled again. ‘’Felicity please.’’ Thea begged and looked at Felicity with big eyes.

‘’I’ll stay.’’ She whispered and Thea cheered, Oliver had no idea why Thea wanted Felicity to stay so bad, probably because she hated the killing and if she could save someone that’s what she would do.

Oliver nodded. ‘’Thea will show you the room.’’ He nodded and with that he walked off. Leaving his man and Thea and Felicity.

He knew letting Felicity stay here while she was married to another mafia leader wasn’t a good idea.

‘’Что ебать я только что сделал.’’