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Hayden's pov

I watch from my father's arm as my big family of 12 got out of the 3 cars we had bought.

a 2017 mustang
and 2017 Camaro
and an Audi r8

It was me, my brothers, Draco, Ron, Fred, George,Percy, Bill, Neville, and charlie. My sister Luna. and my father's Lucius and Arthur. We were moving to Forks, Washington to get away from the wizarding world in a big house.

My family and I had found out that Lucius and Arthur’s wives were giving them love potion and Ginny was also giving me love potion, and Hermione was being paid to be my friend but all together they just wanted the fame. I had befriended Draco 6th year when I followed him to the restroom and he took me in like a little brother and introduced me to the real side of his father who I grew very close to. Then in the seventh year, I told all the Weasley's brothers and their/my father about Draco and Lucius. We all met together in secret in the summer and they took me away from my so-called family that abused me but after the 1 last encounter with my uncle I never talked again but I could still express my feelings and thoughts to my family through our mind link we put together.

Lucius's pov

I had an eye on my little one and the rest of my family. " Are you ok Hayden?" I asked him telepathy. "I am ok papa" Hayden said. Right now my Petite with the makeup. Hayden said it made him feel pretty and didn't remind himself of the abuse, but no one in the family had really experienced what he had, and slowly with the help he is getting better.

Luna’s pov
While everyone was waiting to go into the house I had a vision of Hayden.
The Cullen's house

~ Vision~
Alice was humming as she placed flowers her mother had grew around their beautiful home, but had a problem with it and encouraged him to be himself.

When Hayden came apart from the family we blood adopted him and his hair became blond and he dyed the tips a dark blue. He also had a matching dress, earrings, makeup, nails, and shoes.

But his eyes were very unique.


They were just him and described what he likes to do. Be outside in nature. Spend time with his family. Yoga, drawing, and cooking. He didn't let anything let him down now after we took Hayden from his not so loving uncle and made him ours.
~ End of vision~

I should keep it to my self for now till I know more about who these people are and how they know Hayden. When I get to my room I’ll write it down as well.
Arthur pov

" Okay guys and girl Lucius and I have already sat the wards in the rooms and when you walk in just imagine what you want and it will be there," I said to my children from my bonded Lucius after we go over and had a small bonding time with our family there. That was all we needed and will ever need. "Go inside and pick a but the room with the lightest goes to my petite étoile"

Everyone was still scattered around us and stretching and not moving. "Why aren't you moving?" I shouted. That got everyone moving while Lucius chuckled and my petite étoile soft giggles filled our heads making us all smile.