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Atomic Man

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It’s not as if this mission is anything new - curses several grades too high for them to exorcise, one member of the team missing (Kugisaki was still recovering), and in the middle of nowhere. It took Ichiji an hour to drive them here, and they have to take the last train back for another two. It’s par for the course. Gojo isn’t around to see them as always, probably somewhere pissing off elders. 

Megumi’s not sure if it’s just in his head, but it’s almost as if Gojo’s been trying to keep away from him, to keep him at arm’s length. He doesn’t expect anything from the alpha - it’s enough that he gets stolen kisses and an appearance or two every couple weeks. Gojo always brings ‘souvenirs,’ as if that’s enough of an apology.

“You alright, Fushiguro?” Yuji asks, looking slightly worried. Megumi looks flushed and upset, his skin a pretty pink shade, sporting a frown. 

“I’m fine,” Megumi responds. 

“Okay! As long as you’re good. You seem a bit down,” Yuji grins and slaps Megumi on the back, then stepping forward back into a slight jog. “Let’s get going then! Kugisaki said she’d treat us to crepes if we got back early enough.”

He’s probably showing too much of a scowl on his face. Megumi doesn’t like thinking that Gojo has that much of an effect on him, but clearly it’s more of a shackle than he’d like to admit. He had also been feeling a little sick in the morning, but it was likely just a chill from staying out all night with Nobara and Yuji on the weekend at karaoke (his ears are still ringing).

“Mm, sounds good. It shouldn’t be too long - Ichiji said it was a Grade 1 curse.”

As they’re chatting, the forest path veers left suddenly and the branches seal off the light from outside. The air feels thicker and holds a scent. 

Megumi suddenly senses a drop in his stomach and feels as if someone’s turned the whole world’s thermostat up 40 degrees. A sudden heat creeps up his entire body, almost crushing his external senses, as the sensation is all he can focus on. It’s fucking hot, as if he’s about to get torched. 

Megumi glances over to see Yuji who he looks like he’s not under any kind of influence, just shifted into an attack stance. 

It can’t be.

The thought flashes across his mind, leaving him trembling in its wake. He’s unpresented, sure - but the doctor said he probably wouldn’t be presenting for at least another two years according to his bloodwork. He’s a late bloomer, which usually signifies a beta second gender. 

Gojo had comforted him too - joking that life leaves the best for last. Easy to say when he presented as an alpha practically out of the womb. 

The scent in the air becomes so thick he can hardly breathe. Megumi tries to stifle the whine that comes out of his mouth as he drops to one knee. This isn’t supposed to happen - not now and not here. 

Yuji whips his head around to look at Megumi - he’s shaking, eyes cloudy and it looks like he’s using all his strength just to stay up. 

“Fuck.” Yuji’s eyes go wide, pupils dilating at the sight. He pulls his arm over his nose, trying to block out the pheromones from both Megumi and whatever else’s in the air. “You’re in heat, Fushiguro. You need to get out of here, right -”

Yuji doesn’t even get to finish his sentence as a large figure jumps over to them, landing a metre away from Megumi with a boom. The ‘man’ looks massive, muscles rippling across his chest, and weirdly - he looks almost perfectly human. Yuji is almost 100% sure that he isn’t, with the curse energy practically flooding from him.

He turns at a breakneck speed to look at Megumi, who’s just sitting on the ground now, thighs having given up.

“You haven’t realized yet? You’re an Omega, boy,” the curse snarls as a huge grin rips across his face. “Meant to be bred, meant to submit.”

He isn’t. 

It can’t be. It can’t be. 

Even if it is - he doesn’t want it to be like this - not without him. All the thoughts in his mind are completely muddled as they center around one thing - being filled, knotted until he no longer feels the pain of being empty inside.

“I wouldn’t mind fucking a couple kids into you. Little jujutsu sorcerers running around, borne from a curse - wouldn’t that be a laugh,” his eyes narrow into slits as he charges towards Megumi. 

“Shit. Y-Yuji - call Gojo,” Megumi says, his voice broken and strained. It’s taking all of his strength not to fall to the ground and present himself to anyone who will breed him - even a curse like this. His pants feel soaked with slick and his hole’s twitching, waiting for someone to enter him. 


Megumi feels his limbs become lax in a second and he drops himself to the ground, body laying completely in submission to the alpha before him. Ah - it’s a pheromone curse, rare but insanely strong due to the accumulation of hatred toward alphas and their infinite privileges in society. He should have known. There’s no way other than a domain filled with pheromones that could trigger a heat so fast and so powerful.

“Fuck off!” Yuji roars as he launches, fist fully extended as he punches the curse into the ground several metres away. The earth beneath the curse rips up from the impact, but it isn’t even a second later that the curse speeds back behind Yuji and throws a knife at him. 

Yuji dodges into the air and fumbles with his phone, quickly shooting off a text to Gojo, then slamming down and cratering the ground. He’s successfully kept the curse away from Megumi for now... but how long can he keep this up? 

Megumi looks like he’s a second away from running to either the curse or himself to find someone to satisfy him. His hands are palming at his erect cock through his pants. His pheromones are leaking everywhere, causing Yuji to have to try even harder to focus on the fight. It isn’t like Yuji doesn’t want to fuck him, but he knows there’s something going on between Megumi and Gojo.

“You know he’ll die if he doesn’t have an alpha through his heat, right? Look at the way he’s shaking his ass in the air,” the curse sneers, dodging punches all the while. “My pheromones are the equivalent of a hundred alphas releasing their scent at the same time. It can be quite a shock to the system.”

We can help him with that,” Sukuna chuckles in a low tone inside his head. Yuji blanks him out immediately. He needs to focus.

The hairs on Yuji’s back stand up as he continues to swap fists with the curse - he needs to end it soon, but the curse is consistently countering him.

Gojo yawns as he pulls his phone out in full display of the elders currently seated around the table. A whole day of intolerable meetings. He’s gotten a buzz from Itadori, which isn’t common, so he quickly scans over the text. 

megumi’s in heat

Suddenly a crater opens up and cracks the floor below the spot where Gojo was sitting, the table splintered in half as collateral damage. The special grade sorcerer is nowhere to be seen. A couple gasps and shocked expressions flit across the room, followed by sighs.

A flash of light fills the air, crackling with energy as someone steps out. Megumi lets out a shaky breath as he sees the white-haired alpha arrive on the scene, blinking as tears spring into his eyes. His body is bracketed and lifted by strong arms - and he has never felt so safe. It’s like all the fear in his mind has vanished with Gojo’s appearance. 

“I’ve got you,” Gojo murmurs softly into Megumi’s ear. “I’m sorry I didn’t get here earlier.”

“P-please, Satoru -” Megumi starts, before the sounds coming out of his throat melt into moans.

Gojo can barely think over the pounding of his chest, the instinct to claim him right here and now. Megumi’s throat is too empty, too bare. Megumi buries his head into Gojo’s chest, inhaling the scent of the alpha. 

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this - Gojo had been trying not to emit alpha pheromones around Megumi recently because he had a hunch that Megumi was an omega. Wait until he’s a little older, make it special - he had thought. How stupid. Of course there’s evil lurking around every corner, waiting to pounce on what is his.

The thought that someone else would have claimed his omega before he even knew that his heat had started… It makes Gojo feel a kind of possessiveness he never thought he could know. Like he should have Megumi in his arms for the rest of his life - never to leave, not a sorcerer any longer. He could just be his.

Gojo doesn’t even spare a glance toward the curse. 


An explosive vacuum opens up and blasts the curse to hell.