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pierced my heart

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This was a mistake.

Granted, it had seemed like a fantastic idea last week – hell, it even seemed like a fantastic idea five minutes ago. But he was so wrong. This was a terrible idea.

His logic was sound. Lan Zhan has steady hands. Lan Zhan could be precise. Lan Zhan was good at everything. He’s the perfect person to pierce Wei Ying’s ears. He even brought rubbing alcohol, saline solution, and specialised piercing needles, none of which Wei Ying had even thought of. He’d just assumed they’d do it with a safety pin or something – like the movies! Then Lan Zhan had pulled latex gloves onto his lithe, elegant hands and Wei Ying had started to realise how astronomically bad of an idea this was.

Now, Lan Zhan’s face is several inches away from his own and he feels like his heart is going to beat out of his chest. Lan Zhan has already looked at him with that worried face and asked if he was alright, and he just brushed the concerns off as just pre-piercing nerves in a voice that was just a pitch too high. Lan Zhan gave him a searching look that embarrassingly made heat start to pool in his gut as he fidgeted under the intensity of it, but ultimately Lan Zhan seemed to let it go. Now, he marks out where the piercings are going to go on his ears, double checking that Wei Ying likes the placement. Next, he sterilises the needle with a lighter and cups Wei Ying’s jaw with such gentleness that Wei Ying feels dizzy.

“Ready?” Lan Zhan asks in his placid, even voice and Wei Ying is barely even able to splutter out an affirmative. He thinks his brain is melting out of his ears.

Lan Zhan holds a cork behind his ear to make sure only his ear is pierced, and after double-checking one last time that he’s ready, Lan Zhan slides the needle through. It stings a little, he’s not going to lie, but the stress of having Lan Zhan’s face so close to his own is much more pressing. He can feel light puffs of air on his skin when Lan Zhan breathes out and it sends electric tingles down his spine every time. His grip on his chair is tight as he tries to hold onto the swiftly escaping strands of his sanity. Lan Zhan fiddles around with his ear, but he doesn’t feel like he can let out his breath until Lan Zhan steps back.

“Are you feeling alright?” Lan Zhan immediately asks, eyebrows furrowing in concern.

“Just peachy!” Wei Ying reassures cheerily. He doesn’t know how he’s going to survive the next ear.

Then, because the universe hates him for some reason, Lan Zhan goes to place the back of his hand onto Wei Ying’s forehead as if to check his temperature. Wei Ying flinches away involuntarily and Lan Zhan quickly retracts his hand.

“I apologise.” Lan Zhan sounds miserable, which Wei Ying hates even more than the embarrassment of being touched by Lan Zhan so intimately.

“Aiya, Lan Zhan, you just took me by surprise! I still need my other ear pierced you know, don’t go running off now.” He says, because he’s a masochist. Lan Zhan still looks worried, but goes to prepare the next needle. Wei Ying vividly imagines Jiang Cheng yelling at him for his stupidity throughout this whole fiasco as entertainment as he does so. He’s already yelled at him plenty whenever Wei Ying runs over to his place to collapse dramatically on his couch and complain about handsome Lan Zhan was that day, so it’s easy to come up with hypothetical insults. However, Lan Zhan soon comes back with a new needle and is back within kissing distance, which extremely effectively wipes Wei Ying’s mind of anything but the image of Lan Zhan’s plush lips.

“I’m ready.” Wei Ying whispers before Lan Zhan can say anything. Lan Zhan gives him another one of those all-seeing stares before humming in acknowledgement and placing the end of the needle to his ear. There’s another sharp shoot of pain, and a few seconds of fiddling as Lan Zhan screws the back of the barbell earring on, before he steps back and hands Wei Ying a mirror to admire his handiwork.

“Thanks, Lan Zhan. It looks great.” Wei Ying praises, after turning his head a few times in the mirror. He is genuinely happy with how it looks. He’s wanted his ears pierced for ages, but just never got around to it. But Lan Zhan’s handiwork is impeccable as predicted. Next time he might fork out for a professional piercer though, for his own heart’s sake.

“Mn. Anything for Wei Ying.” Wei Ying’s heart swells at the sincerity in Lan Zhan’s voice.

“Lan Zhannn, you can’t just say these things, you’re killing me.” He whines, pouting childishly.

“Many apologies. I will warn you next time.” Lan Zhan replies mildly, a slight teasing tone in his voice. Wei Ying huffs and pulls Lan Zhan by the waist into a hug, burying his face into Lan Zhan’s flawless sculpted stomach. Lan Zhan places a comforting hand on the top of Wei Ying’s head, fingers gently petting at Wei Ying’s hair. “Remember to clean it with saline solution every day for at least six weeks. After that, you can change it for a different pair of earrings, but it probably won’t fully heal for about half a year. And, twist the earring when you clean it, it will prevent the skin from healing over the earring.”

“Lan Zhan ah Lan Zhan, how are you so perfect?” He mumbles into Lan Zhan’s torso.

“I am not.” Lan Zhan refutes. He deftly loosens Wei Ying’s hair from the ponytail it’s in and cards his fingers smoothly through the tangles. Wei Ying lets out a ragged breath. “Is this okay?” He asks quietly, and Wei Ying nods quickly.

“Lan Zhan, I like you so much.” Wei Ying breathes out after a few minutes of heady silence in which it feels like every caress of Lan Zhan’s hand through his hair bares his soul a little more. Then the hand stops, and the reality of what he’d just admitted hits him. His heart races, and he can feel his face burning, so he just buries it deeper in Lan Zhan’s stomach.

“Wei Ying.” Wei Ying wants Lan Zhan to say his name over and over for the rest of his life. “Look at me.” Wei Ying drags his face away to look up at Lan Zhan, and his eyes widen as he sees the emotions in Lan Zhan’s eyes mirror his own. “I like you, too.”

“Oh.” Wei Ying says dumbly. Lan Zhan removes his fingers from Wei Ying’s hair and Wei Ying has to resist the urge to stupidly protest the loss. His arms are gently manoeuvred from their position around Lan Zhan’s waist, and Lan Zhan kneels before him, still holding his hands, face open and honest and utterly fond.

“I like you, Wei Ying.” He says, and places a soft kiss to the inside of Wei Ying’s wrist. Wei Ying doesn’t react for all of about two seconds before throwing himself bodily into Lan Zhan’s lap and pressing their lips together. He kisses Lan Zhan once, twice, three times, then stops counting as he peppers Lan Zhan’s face with kisses. Lan Zhan just huffs out an adorable laugh and pulls Wei Ying closer.

“Does this mean we’re boyfriends now?” Wei Ying whispers into the shape of Lan Zhan’s mouth.

“It would be my honour to be yours.” Lan Zhan replies, and kisses him again.