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Boku no Hero Tales from the Multiverse

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This planet appeared to be similar to the Earth where the saiyan named Goku lived at. But this world was far on the fringe of the seventh universe. But ever since the oracle fish spoke about two human kids with untapped potential, something got him intrigued.

Therefore himself and his servant Whis had made quite the scene showing up just to catch a large muscular human wearing an outfit resembling construction crew items beating up two injured bloody kids. He was not alone for two others watched in the background; a being made of wood and a blonde human woman wearing a spandex outfit that pointed toward trying to distract using sex.

"Hm, it looks like we found the described- in-detail mortal children, my lord," said Whis.

"Who the hell are you?"

Beerus walked right up to the disgusting mortal before him. With his divine senses, this world appears to be stained black. Only the two kids behind him had white to their souls but they were fading.

So, with a simple light fist bump to the chest, Death Arms' chest caved in because his back and spine violently exploded with blood and the entrails that was his inner organs. It splattered all over the other two onlookers. His corpse collapsed like a stringed doll after the wire snipping.

"Whis, search their backgrounds."

"Already on it. Also, it appears we have company showing up."

Whis generated a healing bubble of green energy protecting the two kids. Said kids had passed out when Beerus arrived.

In less that five minutes the god of destruction was bored of all these colorfully dressed mortals calling themselves heroes or some nonsense trying to defeat him. He had already killed ten of them-

"Oklahoma Smash!"

Beerus easily dodged.

"Foul villain! You will face justice!" All Might yells, not smiling. He was mad from the bloodshed of ten brave heroes.

"Lord Beerus, I learned of their history."

The god with a bored look evaded the fast slugfest of punches thrown at him.


"Apparently the boy six months ago became an orphan when one morning a giant drunk woman smashed her foot into the apartment he lived at. He survived, however his mother was crushed to death. The perp was a pro hero named Mount Lady who got off scot free by throwing money to make her innocent."

Whis flew back dodging hell fire from a man who appears to be lit on fire. The angel continues speaking his report.

"The girl was abandoned when her parents' company went belly up and they blamed her for being worthless. She was saved by the boy eight months ago and she was invited to live with the boy and his mother. She was there on that day the mom died. They lived together on the streets for the next six months."

Endeavor was kicked away and sent crashing into All Might.

"Upon further study, it appears that the two kids represent a minority who do not have an inherent special ability and thus are ridiculed and bullied for not being normal. Oh dear, the poor children."

It was Endeavor who speaks up, hell fire raging violently.

"You cause all this bloodshed over two worthless quirkless freaks!?"

Lord Beerus just glares with a look of indifference.

"Whis, do they truly possess untapped potential?"

The angel smiled as he stands next to his lord.

"Yes, my lord."

Police, the top ten heroes, plus the many other pro and local heroes have them completely surrounded armed with weapons and quirk powers.

"Hm... very well. We're leaving, Whis."

Lord Beerus taps the street pavement with his left foot. The very ground shook violently as a multitude of large and wide with long and thin cracks spread all over the planet's surface. Light pierces in random areas of the cracks before the planet exploded with a powerful shockwave into a million pieces of space debris flying in all directions. It was a dazzling display of fire and lights. The moon shattered into chunks of debris and sent scattered. And at a safe distance was Lord Beerus and Whis. With them, safe in the bubble and protected from the cold vacuum of space, was two quirkless twelve year olds, Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka.

"Good riddance to trash," the god says. The purple-skinned Egyptian-looking cat/dog alien deity smiles.

"Shall we head for Goku's home world, my lord? I believe the Earth's Dragon Balls could help in awakening whatever powers the children have instead of their dead world's quirks. We can also get something to eat while visiting."

Beerus grins. "Food does sound good. Take us there."

In a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors, they travel across the universe with two planet-orphaned children.