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im softest only for you

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"Reko…" her name tumbling out of her mouth like a sort of blessing as she leaves a trail of bite marks and blemishes down her beloved fiancée's neck, hunger encompassing the unbearable need for more of the wonderful redhead laid bare on the sheets.

"Patience, babygirl," she softly coos at her as her hands lazily travel the expanse of her admittedly massive chest (she's been always amazed by them).

And then she lowers her skilled mouth to capture the stiff peak of a nipple and god, she loves hearing the usually quiet Nao moan and writhe underneath her.

She wants to hear more so she brings her palm to the other breast she's neglected, gently kneading the soft mound and she looks up to see Nao, eyes half-lidded, babbling nonsense as Reko's touch sets her whole being on fire and she hasn't even gone down to where she's most needful of such adoration.

A hand snakes it way towards her short, mussed up hair and Reko can't help smirking as she tugs, urging her to pull away from her favorite meal (well, second favorite) with a wet pop.

"Ya want me to fuck you with my tongue or fingers?" she asks to Nao lightly swatting her with a pillow and she can see the blush dusting her cheeks as she tries to comes up with an answer.

"I want all of…you," she says, sitting up straight so that she's almost shoulder level with Reko, bringing her into a passionate kiss and goofily smiling as she feels the press of something hard against her stomach.

Nao gently rubs at the growing tent in Reko's pants, delighted at the low, needy hiss she lets out as she brings her boxers down to her knees, allowing her erect member to spring free and Nao pushes at her shoulder, beckoning her to lie down on the sheets.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" She can't exactly form a coherent reply, groaning as hands and tongue caress her hard length and it's with a devilish smirk that Nao finally takes her cock in her mouth, leaving Reko spellbound like always.

"Fuck, fluffy, you feel amazing," she says breathlessly, the praise sending a slight shudder throughout Nao's body and she moves a hand down to her aching core, chasing the fleeting flames of pleasure that wracks the two of them.

They move in an intoxicating rhythm, Reko thrusting her hips as Nao attempts to take in more of her length and as she's choking and blinking back tears, Reko wipes them away for her, stroking her fiery red hair and blush-red cheeks.

She was so close to coming in her mouth and for a brief moment she wants to give in, but chooses to pull out, bringing Nao close to her for another kiss.

"Fluffy," she whispers as she presses a kiss to the swell of her collarbone and another to her sternum,

"I'm so fuckin' happy you're mine." 

"Same here!" exclaimed Nao, whose faint chuckle turned into a yelp when Reko pushed her forward into the warmth of the sheets and she let out a soft moan as she felt Reko's cock brush against her heated core.

"Tell me if it hurts, ok?" Nao nodded, her legs wrapped around Reko's waist as she slowly entered her, her fiancée letting out a moan as she felt her cock being enveloped by her walls.

"Shit, you feel so good, Nao," she whined in pleasure as she began to move, slowly thrusting in and out of her and once they built up a rhythm, Reko leaned forward to kiss the top of her forehead before gripping her waist firmly and picking up the pace.

"Reko! Reko! Reko!" moaned Nao out loud as she rolled her hips, trying to match each and every one of Reko's thrusts in and out of her slit.

"I missed you so fuckin' much," says Reko, her rhythm becoming faster, sloppier as they both barrel closer to that blissful edge of relief. 

She moves a hand to circle her clit and they're both screaming out loud as Nao finishes first, clenching tightly around Reko's length and she can't help but come soon after, releasing her warm seed inside of a totally worn out but satisfied Nao.

"I missed you too," and then Reko's there cuddling her, whispering sweet nothings in her ear and pressing tiny kisses to every part of her she can reach.

She reaches for a towel so that they can both clean up and then Nao realizes she's drifting off to sleep, smiling as she hears a faint "I love you" from her.

"I…love you too, Reko…"