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Life As We Know It

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Charlie’s POV

         I leaned back into my lawn chair, watching the three shifters mess around a couple yards away. The sky was dark, but I didn’t mind. The bomb fire was burning bright and the rain had taken a break so overall, all this was perfectly timed. If only I could really enjoy it.

         “If only Bella was like this,” I think wistfully letting my mind wonder to my slightly cationic child back home. It’s been almost four months since Sam found Bella in the woods after that idiot of a Cold One broke his daughter’s heart before fleeing the state.

“She still hasn’t snapped out of it yet?” Billy asked from his place on my left side.

         “Sort of. When she came home from school, I told her that if she didn’t snap out of it I would send her to Renee.” I answer but kept my eyes on the boys now wrestling in the grass.

         Billy let out a sigh of regret, “But?”

         “But… But I feel like it’s not enough.” I look away from the boys, turning to face the two others. “Knowing Bella, she’ll just pretend she’s better and go out because I asked her, not because she wanted to.”

         “She probably will. Hopefully Billy’s boy will help push her a little more.” Old Quill spoke up from his place on the other side of Billy. With a scratchy laugh, he continues, “If not, we’ll just sick all the boys on her and let them drive her crazy.”

         “Now that’s a thought!” I join in on the laughter.

         “Why don’t you call Eli? At the very least he can send the younger three. Hell, just sending Bex will be enough to get your girl out of her funk.” Harry Clearwater comments, moving over to us after refilling his plate. He takes a seat in the empty spot to the right of me.

         “Do the boys even know, or remember in Sam’s case, about Eli and his family?” I gesture to the boys.

         Billy hummed in thought. “BOYS! Come here for a second.”

         “We’re going to tell them?” I asked shock clear for all to see and hear.

         “What other choice do we have? We should have told them when they first shifted.” Old Quill finished just as the boys sat down on the empty logs on the other side of the fire pit, hints of curiosity on all of their faces.

         “As you overheard, there are somethings that we four were unsure of telling you.” Billy looked at the boys with slight caution, “before we get into that, I believe you should know how this all began. Charlie?”

         I shift slightly trying to stall for more time before Billy reached over and nudged my side. “The night that Bella was born, we were visiting Billy, but Sarah and Renee decided that they wanted to talk a walk in near the woods. Something about exercise will help induce labor since Bella was a week over her due date. On their way back, Renee tripped over a tree root and she was forced into labor.”

         I exhale roughly before continuing, “They were too deep in the woods that they couldn’t call Billy or myself and Sarah didn’t want to leave Renee by herself to come get us… That’s when he showed up. Elijah Mikaelson, an original vampire.”

         Growls interrupted me as the boys started to violently shake. “STOP!” Old Quill demanded as the boys slowly calmed themselves. “Go on, Charlie.”

         “He introduced himself as he looked over Renee to see how bad off she was. He is the reason Bella and Renee are alive today, if he didn’t stop and help… Renee would have bleed out and I would have lost them both.” I couldn’t continue as my thoughts turned to the night I almost lost my girls.

         Billy placed a hand on my shoulder, continuing on where I felt off, “He carried Sarah and Renee to the hospital and stayed with Sarah the entire time to make sure Renee made a full recovery. What the doctors did not know was that Renee had some internal bleed. Eli’s type of vampire heals any human injury by drinking some of their blood, but if they die at any time within the 24 hours of the blood being injected, they will turn into vampires. Eli healed Renee, which saved the life of both Renee and Bella, but he also stayed to make sure that Renee wasn’t turned by accident. Eli was also named Bella’s godfather for saving them both.”

         “What a mistake that was!” Harry laughed.

         Joining in, I looked to the confused shifters, “With Eli, came the rest of his family. There are his three brothers, Finn, Niklaus, and Kol, his sister, Rebekah, and his nephew, Perseus. They have been around for a long time so they are all known for something. But they sure made things interesting when they were here. You, Sam,” I catch his attention, “used to always come over to Billy’s just to play with Percy and Rebekah. I think you accidentally called Finn, ‘Dad’ once, but your mom didn’t care, she looked to Finn and Sage and said, ‘I couldn’t have found a better father for him and a better step mother too!’”

         “I know you’re wondering why we are telling you this. It is random, but Charlie has done everything he could to help Bella and snap her out of her…uh funk?” Harry pauses sending an unsure look to me. “Anyways, we believe that Eli and his family will be the ones to finally snap Bella out of whatever is going on.”

         “But aren’t we supposed to… I don’t know kill vampires?” Paul’s words practically dripped with sarcasm.


         Growls interrupt again. “Will you shut up already?” I ask impatiently.

         “We have looked into the nature and history of past shapeshifters with the help of Eli (who pretty much is history itself). Shapeshifters were made to counteract Cold Ones, not all vampires. Original vampires are counteracted by Children of the Moon or werewolves. The only exception to this counteraction is through Niklaus and his son, Perseus.” Old Quill explains before he could be interrupted again.

         “Plus, the entire family follows the rule of no eating humans. Besides, they don’t have venom like Cold Ones so they can drink some blood from a human, feed the human some of their own blood to heal them, erase the memories, and send them on their way. They call it catch, drink, release.” I comment off-handedly.

         “Okay?… So what’s the plan? Call them up and be like, “Hi, remember me, I named you the godfather of my daughter and I need your help with said daughter?” Paul ducks from the slap Sam was about to land.

         “Yeah pretty much. Want to meet him?” I ask while reaching into my pocket to pull out my phone.

         “Sure, I’ve always wanted to meet a vampire godfather.” Paul sasses as I speed dial Eli and put the call on speaker.

         “Paul, I sincerely hope that I am there to witness you meeting Percy, just so I can see your face when you get out sassed.” The dial tone ringing cuts off as the phone call connected.

         “Elijah.” The familiar confident with a slight cold undertone voice answers as relief shoots through me, calming me in ways I didn’t think I could feel not while Bella was going through her depression.

         “Charlie.”  “Billy.”  “Harry.”

         “Quill.” We all answer back one after the other, mocking Eli’s tone.

         “Gentlemen,” his voice soften dramatically, “is my Little One there too? I confess that my family and I have only been able to write letters or emails as the younger three like to exchange with Isabella since the last time we were able to visit her in Arizona.”

         “Actually, this is about Bella.” I attempt to approach the topic cautiously, but the looks from Billy showed I failed.

         “Who hurt my Little One!?” Eli’s voice returned to the cold confident manner that he answered with.

         “Bella’s been in a sort of cationic state, she sits in the rocking chair Finn made her all day, barely eating or drinking. Charlie’s tried everything he could think of, but she’s not the same Bella.” Billy steps in before Eli could jump to anymore conclusions.

         “What has caused her to retreat into her own mind like this?”

         “Is that what happened?” I exchanged a worried look with Billy.

         “Yes, it’s rare for humans to be able to do so, but it usually happens when a supernatural mate leaves behind their human mate.”

         “So if he stayed, she would have been fine?” Old Quill asked confused.

         “Well, no. The supernatural mate would have to break ties in a harmful way. Not physically,” Eli states quickly before we jump to conclusions, “but he or she would have to break ties in a way so that their human mate wouldn’t go after them. They usually do this when they believe they cannot protect their mate. But as you can tell for yourselves, it does more damage than good.”

         “Do you think you and the family could come visit to help Bella?” I asked with hope.

         Eli hummed, “We are currently in New York City visiting Poseidon. We may be staying here for a little while longer since Niklaus was informed by one of our witches that Percy will be meeting his mate soon.”

         A beat of silence fell on both sides with the three shifters exchanged confused glances.

         “Shit.” Old Quill broke the silence.

         “Yes, well I believe ‘shit’ would be a great way to describe it. Niklaus has gone overboard with his need to know who the person is. I’m afraid he might lock up Percy someplace where only family can reach him if he continues in this manner.”

         “Overboard,” Harry snorts, “Klaus is so overprotective of his boy, it puts all other fathers’ to shame with how willing he is to keep Percy safe and happy.”

         “True, but I will ask Niklaus-”

         “Ask me what, brother?” Klaus’s voice come through faintly but soaking with disinterest. “Who are you talking to now?”

         “Charlie and the others.” Eli answers his brother’s questions.

         “Hello gentlemen, how have you all been in these past years?” Klaus questions in a calmer manner.

         “We’ve been good. We were actually calling to see if you and the family could come visit, but Eli said you guys were busy so we’re trying to convince him to at least send the three youngest.” Billy answers.

         “I don’t see why not. Rebekah has been wanting to go back to school for a while now. Percy and Kol can join her this time.” Klaus states.

         “Then it’s settled, they should arrive in the next couple of days. I’ll call the high school to enroll them. Our house is still standing I presume?” Eli finishes.

         “Thank you so much and yes, your mansion is still in good condition.” I reply.

         “Great, I’ll call you when they depart. Good day, gentlemen.” The call ends.

         “A trio of ancient vampires going to high school… Hey Billy, can I transfer to Forks High so I can see that? It’s not everyday someone can see something like that.” Paul sasses.

         Sam and Jared reach over and smack Paul one after the other upside his head.

         “Go on patrol all of you!” Billy laughs.

         “Well I better call it a night. I have work in the morning. Do any of you want to check out the Mikaelson mansion or should I?” I ask getting up out of my seat.

         “Sue and I can go check it out. Knowing Sue, she’ll probably want to make sure the place is cleaned up a little bit before they arrive.” Harry answers as he to gets up and cleans up after himself.

         “Great, good night.” I call out before leaving.