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Silent Scream

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AN: This story is rated M for a reason. Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. This is the only warning.

I don't own Twilight. All is SM!

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



The bright lights lit up the large city gym like a beacon in the night. At five in the morning people were already lifting weights or working on cardio. A yoga class was being held in a small room that was sound proofed so the loud clanks of gym equipment couldn't be heard. Hustle and bustle of early morning risers ready to get an exercise in before the day really starts.

Rosalie Hale stood beside her brother Emmett as he did thirty reps with a fifty-pound weight. Not like he needed it, he was already built like a brick shit house but he liked to keep it that way. He had sucked her into the early morning work outs as payback for all the mornings that he has woken up with hangovers and as a way for them to see each other every day without work getting in the way.

And she is okay with that.

She leaned on the weight machine and scouted the room. One of the bonuses of being this early is she could stalk the other women without having to feel anything. She was a predator that found her prey in the women that spend time in the gym. She'd find one that she found attractive and have a little fun with her. The next day she'd be on the hunt again.

The gym is like a revolving door of women that had low self esteem or have too high of a level of self esteem, thinking they are better than anyone else but still couldn't reject her. She preyed on the weaker women because it was just for fun and never the same woman twice. One and done.

The last actual relationship she had was in high school. The boy she was dating, Royce King, she didn't love him. Hell, if she could have she would have dated one of her teachers, the sexy female biology teacher. Royce was an alcoholic and complete jerk, but he was captain of the football team and she was head cheerleader. It was the thing to do but when she would refuse sex with him, he would get angry. They never had sex and she broke up with him, of course he bragged that he broke up with her, but he never told anyone that it was because she refused to have sex with him.

As her eyes scanned the room, she spotted the gorgeous woman she's been watching for months. The woman came in slightly overweight but now…Holy shit!

The gorgeous woman didn't look the same. Her muscles bulged as she worked to lift the dumbbell as big as Emmett’s. A sheen of sweat covered her body as the muscles rolled and flexed from her movements. She had become very toned and every muscle was defined perfectly, also slightly shorter than most in the large room. She sat the dumbbell down and lifted her black muscle shirt from the bottom, exposing her amazing rock hard looking abdominal muscles, to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

Her mouth began to water as she watched the woman bend in half and stretch her back. Her tight blue jeans framed her ass as she bent over, and the material pulled tight. Rosalie swallowed hard as heat shot down her spine and dropped right into her lace panties. A throb began between her thighs as thoughts of her grabbing the woman's hips and jerking her back into her own pelvis crossed her mind.

"You're drooling Rose." Emmett laughed as he followed his sisters’ line of sight.

She quickly reached to wipe her mouth and found no drool but had to swallow what had built up in her mouth hungrily. She couldn't pull her eyes away from the gorgeous brunette as she spoke to her brother.

"Fuck you."

His booming laughter made her smile slightly as he said, "You mean fuck her, right?"

She scoffed but still stared at the woman across the long room. As Emmett greeted his friends Rosalie began her slow predator like movements towards the now standing brunette. She slowed as a tall male with dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes handed the woman a water bottle.

She couldn't help but watch as the woman took a drink and nodded at the man. She approached the machine next to the two and began her workout slower than usual to catch the attention of the brunette. Now that she was closer she could clearly see the very defined muscle tone and another wave of arousal nearly knocked her off her feet, it was a good thing she was already sitting.

The male had a very southern drawl, "How you doin’ today?"

The woman shrugged and focused on what she was doing. He sighed and reached out to her. She flinched back and Rosalie instantly tensed, ready to attack the guy for trying to touch her.

A short petite woman twirled over to them, "Jasper leave your sister alone." She grabbed his hand and pulled him into a kiss. She was shorter than the brunette that Rosalie had her eye on and seemed almost hyper. She asked, "Jazz where's your brother? Victoria will be here in a few minutes."

Jasper stared at the object of her desire and sighed, "Eddie will be here in a minute. He's running late."

A tall wild curly haired red head walked in with skintight tights and a sports bra. Her breasts were nearly popping out of her bra and oddly enough Rosalie didn't care. What she wanted, or rather who she wanted was the very silent brunette that she hasn't even gotten to see her face yet.

The red head asked, "Where is that man? Alice, I swear I'm going to kill you for ever hooking us up."

Alice and Jasper laughed, and Alice said, "Oh please Vicky. You love your husband, and you know it."

Victoria threw a stray strand of her vibrant red hair over her shoulder with a grin, "Yes but he is the reason I've had to start coming to the gym at ungodly hours of the morning."

Jasper chuckled, "Well then you two should have used a little round piece of rubber to stop from having kids at twenty three."

Victoria slapped his arm and Alice laughed as she grabbed the brunette’s hips. Rosalie tensed again wanting the little pixie to let go of her brunette. She breathed even and slow to calm the sudden rage that had come to a boil quickly.

"Come on Bella. Smile! It's the first time we've all been together in a long time." Alice shook the brunette.

The brunette turned and Rosalie gasped. This gorgeous human being had THE most amazing bright icy blue eyes she has ever seen. Her face was soft, and her cheeks were too defined, sunken in almost. Her eyes had dark circles and there was so much pain in them that Rosalie's heart skipped a beat.

Alice smiled at her and Jasper slung an arm around her shoulders, "Little sister I'm gonna make you smile whether you like it or not."

Alice giggled, "Jazz you should watch what you say."

Jasper kissed Alice, "I do it just for you Darlin'." He pulled her against his body.

"Get a room. You two are far worse than Vic and I." A guy with bronze hair wrapped his arms around the red head from behind. He was a few inches taller than her and a few inches shorter than his blonde brother.

Jasper snorted, "Hey. When you two were engaged it was like watching two dogs hump in the front yard. We are, by far, NOT that bad."

Victoria smiled, "Face it Edward they don't have it in 'em."

Rosalie watched the brunette shrink, completely forgotten by her siblings. She slipped towards the locker room and Rosalie followed after her. She sat on the bench in front of an open locker as Rosalie leaned against the wall.

"Rough night?" Rosalie asked in a smooth voice.

The brunette's head jerked up and those icy blue eyes stared at her, startled. She didn't answer.

Rosalie sat on the bench next to her, "Silent type?"

The brunette shifted uncomfortably but shook her head.

"Ah. Just don't like to talk then?"


Rosalie thought for a moment, trying to decide how to have a conversation with someone who refused to talk.
"Those your siblings out there?" She asked softly.


"I'm Rosalie Hale."

Rosalie watched the girl’s eyes widen just a bit in surprise.

"So you've heard of me?"

The brunette nodded her head then slid slightly away from her.

Rosalie frowned, "Bad things?"

The girl shook her head.

"I know I'm a Federal Agent, but I shouldn't invoke fear." Rosalie tried to lighten the mood but the girl seemed extremely nervous.

The door opened and the girl jumped up quickly as Alice and Victoria walked in. They went to her and Alice said softly, "What's up Bella? You just disappeared on us."

Victoria glanced at her and frowned, "Who are you?"

Rosalie stood up, "Rosalie Hale."

She seemed to wince and Alice practically shoved Bella out of the locker room as she said, "Stay away from her. She hasn't done anything wrong."

Victoria followed after them and Rosalie frowned before moving into action. She caught Victoria's wrist and pulled her back into the locker room, pushing her against the wall.

"Why is she afraid of me?"

Victoria shook her head sadly, "It's complicated. Bella is young, only nineteen, and her brothers are very protective. Bella's just going through some things right now."

"Like what?" Rosalie snapped.

She didn't like the fact that this girl had reacted so strongly to her and not in a good way. She had been so scared that she was frozen stiff and unable to move.

Victoria sighed, "You're a Fed so I can't say. I'm sorry but you just saying hi could get Bella killed so please stay away from her."

With that Victoria pushed Rosalie away and quickly left the room. Rosalie walked back out to the large room with exercise equipment and found Bella standing with her family. Her brothers were crowding her and had looks of pure rage directed right at Rosalie.

Rosalie made her way to her brother and fellow FBI agent, "That girl I'm after?"

He subtly glanced at the group before looking back at his sister, "Thought she was a woman?" He grinned but the hard look on her face made him turn serious, "What about her?"

"She's nineteen. The red head Victoria is her sister-in-law. They walked in when I was trying to talk to the girl. When I gave her my name she freaked, she froze with pure fear. Her sister-in-law said that Bella could get killed just by me saying hi to her."

He frowned, "So she knew you somehow? Do you recognize any of them?"

Rosalie shook her head, "No but… Emmett this girl was dripping with fear at my name. I've never seen someone act like that before."

He nodded as their group of friends gathered around. All of them were fellow FBI agents and they had all known each other since the academy. They all glanced at the other group and shook their heads. None of them knew any of them.

Emmett slipped outside to catch license plates as they left and she quickly changed in the locker room. Outside she found Emmett on his phone. He looked up at his sister, "Meet me in my office. I'm having the plates run now."

Rosalie Hale is gorgeous, this she knew. Men and women wanted her desperately and the other women who didn't want her wanted to be her. Her confidence could come off as arrogance if you didn't know her and her sarcasm had to be taken with a grain of salt. She didn't do relationships but instead preferred one-night stands where she did the fucking and did not get fucked. She would never let anyone have that control over her. She wanted and needed that control. No one could have control over her.

She walked into the eighth floor of the Federal building and bypassed her office to go straight to her brother’s office. He glanced up at her and grinned.

"You found something?" She asked as she sat in front of his desk.

He nodded and placed files on his desk, picking up one to hand to her, "Jasper Cullen. Oldest of the three. Adopted by Dr. and Dr. Cullen. He finished medical school top of his class. Biological parents are dead, car accident when he was two. Clean as a whistle and engaged to Mary Alice Brandon. They've been together since freshman year of high school."

Rosalie was not impressed as Emmett handed her another file, "Edward Anthony Cullen. Born to Dr. and Dr. Cullen. The middle child. Married Victoria Mason junior year of high school. They have three children."

Rosalie interrupted her brother, "She was pregnant in high school?"

Emmett chuckled and nodded, "Yep. Their oldest is six. They also have a four and two-year-old. He'll be twenty-four in May. He is currently in college for Architecture and works at his mother’s office. He's following in mommy's footsteps."

Rosalie chuckled feeling a bit more impressed with Edward Cullen as she took another file.

"Victoria Cullen, age twenty-four. Married to Edward Cullen. She's majoring in Law. Top of her class and graduating early and with honors. Works at a law firm as their up and coming top attorney."

Rosalie had to admit she was impressed. Victoria married her high school sweetheart after getting knocked up and they are definitely happily married. She's not only juggling kids and college but she's an incredibly young top attorney, and by looking at her file it was with a firm that was particularly good at what they do. She had heard of the firm, but it didn't handle many criminal cases that she was aware of. Rosalie was starting to feel a bit insecure as she tossed the file on top of the other ones she'd already looked at.

She took another file from Emmett, "Mary Alice Brandon. From a very wealthy family in Biloxi, Mississippi. As far as I can tell she cut all ties with them when she became a runaway as a freshman in high school. She has a diploma from the Cullen's high school but not much else. She's in college majoring in Law also. She's right behind Victoria and I bet that competition is why they are good friends. She's engaged to Jasper Cullen who she's been with since she joined their high school as a freshman."

"Why did she run from her family?"

Emmett shook his head angrily, "They were trying to put her into an insane asylum claiming her to be possessed. They didn't like her friends and some people commented that her parents were mentally abusive." He looked ready to murder someone.

Rosalie knew how he felt. Their father had been the most physically and mentally abusive person they had ever known. She had lost count of the number of times they had been beaten black and blue and couldn't even make it to school for days at a time. She sat the file down carefully and took the next one he held out. His murderous look darkened to a point she had never seen it before.

"Born Isabella Marie Swan. Now Isabella Marie Cullen. Adopted by Dr. and Dr. Cullen. Biological mother, Renee Swan is dead. Biological father, Charles Swan is in prison for killing her and necrophilia, physical child abuse, attempted murder of his daughter, sexual abuse of his daughter, rape of a child under twelve. The list goes on."

The glass Emmett was holding shattered in his hand as his thoughts turned dark. He ached to get his hands-on Charles Swan and have him alone for a few hours. He had nearly blown a vein when he had first read the file and the police reports of what that little girl had gone through. He had seen the scars that were visible around the black muscle shirt she had been wearing that morning at the gym, but he had never expected something so disturbing. He couldn’t get the photos in the evidence box out of his mind. And yet she had survived it all. She was there and alive but at what cost?

"She's nineteen now, will be twenty on Friday October 13th. She's also a medical anomaly. The report says she was born fully female but with male genitalia. It was stated by her father in court that she's a freak so no one should care what happens to her."

Rosalie frowned as she came to the last page of the police report, "That son of a bitch. She's not a freak! She can't help how she was born!" When she calmed, she asked, "There's no more?"

Emmett shook his head, "Nothing about her schooling or what she's doing. Not even a living address. The address on her license is the adopted parent’s home. I couldn't even find any friends or classmates. Isabella Cullen is a mystery to the FBI and CIA. I had Jessica try to find something when I hit a dead end. Nothing. The girl is invisible."

Rosalie sat back in her chair and stared at Isabella's picture in the file. It was her driver’s license photo. It looked less haunted than she did this morning and Rosalie couldn't help but wonder about her. She needed to know how Isabella had known her name but there was no way she could get to her with her siblings around. She desperately wanted to know who Isabella Cullen is and that, in and of itself frightened her but what scared her even more….

Why did she want to know this girl so badly and why was she drawn to her so intensely?