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The Beauty of Experience

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For her thirty eighth birthday, Lena’s best friend Sam gave her a gift: a tall, blonde muscular alpha to service her pool. At first, Lena had scoffed and threatened to cancel the appointment, but when she Googled the name of the company, she came across the alpha’s picture.


Her mouth watered as she stared at Kara Danvers, who was posed for the camera with a hand on her hip. The rash guard that Kara wore did nothing to hide the curve of her bicep or the sexy ripple of her abs under that tight suit or the strong muscle in her thighs.


Lena kept the webpage open while responding to emails and continually clicked back onto it throughout the day. By the time she decided to pour herself a glass of wine and curl up with a book, she had worked out the cost of hiring Kara full time for the summer.


Although sunbathing ranked low on her list of hobbies, Lena purchased an entire wardrobe of bathing suits, cover-ups and wide-brimmed sun hats with the plan to get frequent use out of her Olympic-sized spool. She wore a black one-piece with a leopard print detail for Kara’s first day on the job. Her floppy black hat protected her face from both the sun and Sam’s look of judgement.


“For someone who sounded very unenthusiastic about her birthday gift, you seem like you’re ready to enjoy it now,” Sam teased and glanced down at Lena’s swimsuit with a smirk. “Except you should have gone with cougar print instead of leopard.”


Lena swatted her on the arm and arranged a few mojitos on a tray to take out to the pool.


“Kara’s only ten years younger than me,” Lena hastily commented before she realized her slip-up and glanced over at Sam with a flustered shrug. “It’s important to run a background check on employees.”


“Did your background check include Facebook stalking her to find out her relationship status?” Sam asked and sipped at her mojito to hide her teasing smile.


“Don’t be ridiculous, when would I have the time for that?” Lena asked, thankful that her hat obscured Sam’s view of her blushing cheeks.


“You managed to find the time for all of this,” Sam pointed out, and flicked her finger under the brim of Lena’s sun hat to smirk at her with a knowing glint in her eye.


Lena huffed out an embarrassed breath as she whispered, “I was just doing my due diligence.”


She might have checked out Kara’s Facebook, and also her Instagram, and maybe she scrolled through a few months captured in pictures to make sure there wasn’t another omega on her arm in any of them. That didn’t mean she was a stalker.


“I’ve never seen you thirsty before. How long has it been?” Sam asked far too innocently as she toyed with the straw in her drink.


“Oh, we’re not doing that.” Lena warned her with a suspicious squint. She fixed her sunglasses on the bridge of her nose and carried her tray with the drinks out into the bright afternoon.


“Months?” Sam pressed without batting an eye and followed her to the lounges near the pool.


Lena tensed her jaw as she settled the tray on top of a glass patio table.


“You know how hurt I was after Andrea,” She muttered and began stiffly picking up a few of the floaties that her daughter had left strewn about after her swimming lesson.


Andrea had picked the three year old up earlier than expected with the excuse that her new girlfriend was waiting for them.


“Wait, so it’s been years?” Sam blurted, loud enough for Kara to hear as she got set up at the side of the pool.


The alpha glanced in their direction curiously and Lena waved it off with an emphasized remark, “Since I’ve had someone professionally tend to my pool.”


Sam hummed as she stirred her drink and commented under her breath, “I’m surprised your pool hasn’t dried up.”


“The water level is a little low, but I’m taking care of it,” Kara called out and hauled the hose over to hang it into the deep end. She flexed her muscles and bent down at the pool’s edge to stick the nozzle into the rippling water.


“That’s some hose you got there,” Sam chuckled and glanced over the tight uniform that Lena selected for the alpha to wear—a speedo paired with a sporty top with the Luthor logo on the front.


The speedo clung to the thick bulge in Kara’s pants, which was obscene and visible in the form-fitting design—and much thicker than the hose the alpha was currently using.


Lena couldn’t help but ogle Kara while she slurped at her icy, refreshing mojito.


“Did you really have to put your logo right on her chest, like she’s a piece of your property?” Sam joked and nudged Lena in the side to stop her from leering too much.


If Lena waited another five minutes, the gusset of her bathing suit would be completely soaked and she would need to go for a swim just to avoid shaming herself in front of Sam and Kara.


“You know I’m all about product-placement and brand endorsement,” Lena mumbled and then smiled at Kara when the alpha glanced towards her and then began to check the filter.


“Besides, alphas love to mark what’s theirs. Surely I can put one little logo on a swimsuit,” Lena argued with a touch of bitterness and jut of her jaw as she touched the claim-bite on her neck that no longer held any meaning. She had paid an exorbitant amount to have it partially removed from her skin.


She sensed Sam’s pity before her friend even opened her mouth, and deflected accordingly with a careless toss of her hand and a smile that never reached her eyes. “Can we just agree that I have good taste when it comes to dressing people for the occasion?”


“If the occasion is trying to get flashed,” Sam intoned meaningfully as she nodded towards Kara and how the little speedo barely concealed her backside when she bent down.


Lena flared her nostrils in annoyance but her gaze was fixed on Kara and her wonderful, toned thighs. The delicate scent of Lena’s arousal was starting to catch in the summer breeze and she cleared her throat.


“She’s going to spill out of that at any second,” Sam warned, the amusement in her tone bringing a smirk to Lena’s face.


“And wouldn’t that be tragic?” Lena asked with fake concern, and chewed her lower lip between her teeth when Kara hunkered down to skim leaves from the surface of the pool. She ought to feel ashamed of herself for blatantly staring at the alpha, but it seemed safe to indulge at a distance with her shades on.


“Kara,” Sam called out with a sly smile. “Can you come over here for a second?”


Lena shot her friend a look and tried not to panic when the alpha began to wander towards them.


“What are you doing?” Lena hissed, suddenly aware that she had left her cover-up in the house. She flailed for a second, forgetting she was a grown woman that owned a company and not a thirsty mess checking out an employee.


“Getting you a close up,” Sam supplied with a touch of smugness and turned her attention to Kara as she stopped in front of their lounge chairs.


“Miss Luthor.” Kara greeted her with a soft smile and a professional enthusiasm. “What can I do for you?” The alpha’s gaze lingered on Lena’s breasts as she propped her hands up on her hips.


“Oh, so much,” Lena uttered and her eyes widened at her own mindless babble. “I mean, there are a few new floats in the pool house if you wouldn’t mind blowing those up for me.”


“Bet she’d be happy to do it if you blow something else for her later,” Sam taunted, her voice so low that only Lena could hear her.


Lena had no idea what else to say, and even if she did, she was so tongue-tied over Sam’s remark that all she could manage to do was stand up and lead Kara to the pool house. She rummaged around in the storage area to find the new pool floats she would never use.


Standing alone with Kara in the cooler space was more than little nerve-wracking and she smiled brighter than necessary as she faced the alpha.


“You know, I actually have no idea where I put those floats,” Lena admitted and clasped her hands in front of her to avoid any anxious fidgeting.


Sam popped her head into the pool house with a knowing grin on her face. “I have a meeting in an hour, so I’d better get going. Call me later.”


Lena waved her off, then glanced back to where the alpha had located two pool floats—a giant flamingo and a unicorn.


“Found them,” Kara victoriously announced and began breaking open the boxes, oblivious to how Lena was eyeing her up and leaning in to watch.


If Lena wasn’t mistaken, she could detect some faint rut pheromones on the alpha’s skin. She knew Kara planned to take a few days off and she had to guess if the two things were linked.


“Kara, I wanted to ask you about the time off you requested,” Lena murmured while playing with the neckline on her bathing suit and inconspicuously brushing the flat of her palm over one of her nipples.


“It’s because of my rut,” Kara admitted with a sheepish smile and blew into the unicorn to try to inflate it. “I would normally never take time off so soon after starting a new job.”


“Oh, you poor thing. I hope you have someone to help you through the next few days.” Lena rambled, acutely aware that Kara was single, yet unable to stop the words flowing out of her mouth.


Kara’s cheeks were bright from exertion and she paused mid blow to exhale laughter. “I’ll be locked up in my room trying to avoid my roommates most likely. Their idea of helping is, uh...” Kara trailed off with a flustered grin and avoided Lena’s curious gaze.


“Let me guess,” Lena lilted, raising a dark brow at the bashful way Kara dipped her chin to her chest. “They tease and torment you?”


“They think it’s funny.” Kara admitted with a roll of her eyes and shrugged as if it was no big deal.


“Well, I don’t.” Lena uttered with a frown of disapproval. She could have left it at that, she should have left it at that, but her traitorous mouth was already suggesting another option. “Why don’t you stay here until your rut is over?”


Kara’s jaw dropped and her eyes seemed to fall to Lena’s chest as she floundered, “Oh—that’s very generous, Miss Luthor, but I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.”


“Nonsense, you could stay in the pool house, if you prefer,” Lena heard herself say, as if it was perfectly reasonable to offer up her home to the alpha the first day she met her.


It’s not the only thing I want to offer, Lena considered as she licked her lower lip and forced herself to laugh. “You’d have all the space you need, since I’m the only one here.”


It took some more gentle coaxing to persuade Kara to accept, and half an hour later, Lena was carrying an extra stack of blankets and pillows out to the bed in the pool house. She decided to be courteous and stock up the fridge, then left Kara to settle in and change out of her uniform.


“Let me know if there’s anything else you need,” Lena insisted before returning to the main house.


Lena would have checked on Kara during that first night, if her personal assistant Jess hadn’t called with urgent business requests. She fell asleep at her computer with her thick glasses on and a tight bun in her hair, and woke up with a headache and the keyboard pressing into her face. Traces of drool clung to her lips and she wiped it away as she wandered over to her window to peer out at the pool.


Even at such a long range, Lena could smell the faintest rut scents and she knew they came from Kara.


She tried to act normal and went about her morning routine. Even a whiff of an alpha’s rut could make her blood run hot, and Kara’s distinctive fragrance was getting to her.


Lena kept her libido in check by working, but as she ran out of tasks, she also ran out of willpower. She slipped on a bikini that pushed her breasts up and just about concealed her cunt, then went out to the pool for a swim.


After a few laps and a glance towards the pool house, Lena realized that Kara was off the clock for the day.


She had expected to at least see Kara, but the sun was already going down and the alpha’s pheromones were powerful. Kara must not have wanted to come outside, given her rut.


Since she was alone and very unlikely to be interrupted, Lena found herself removing her bikini bottoms and tossing her top out onto the patio.


It relieved her stress almost instantly and lowered her sexual tension when she began touching her clit.


Lena moved towards the shallow end of the pool, just to where her feet touched the bottom, and reclined into the tiles as she slid two fingers between her slick lips. There had been a time where this sort of naughty behavior was normal, when she was a little younger and Andrea wasn’t out every night pretending to work, but it didn’t thrill her as much as it did now.


She caught her lip between her teeth and thought of Kara. Toned, blonde, beautiful Kara with her shy smile and delicious scent. Lena had seen how effortlessly Kara had carried all the heavy supplies yesterday and could only imagine how easily the alpha could pick her up and bend her over one of the lounges.


The thought of it sped Lena’s fingers up, and she rubbed her clit between them as a fantasy came to life—Kara’s muscular arms wrapped around her, all of the filthy things that sweet mouth of hers might say during rut. Lena wanted it, to feel those strong hands on her hips, holding her down as Kara took her from behind. She doubted the alpha would have thought to bring protection, and Lena didn’t have any in the house, but that wouldn’t stop Kara from taking what she wanted.


Lena stuffed her cunt with two fingers and squeezed her own breasts. She was being rough with herself, demanding in ways she imagined Kara would be, and moaned without thought as she slipped deeper into the fantasy. Her breaths were labored and the water barely concealed her breasts as she grabbed at them to pinch her nipples, rolling the pebbled flesh with her palm before she dropped her hand to rub at her clit.


She finally opened her eyes to look at the sky, and there was movement at the pool house that caught her attention. The lights were suddenly off, but Lena could see the shape of Kara in the dwindling light, the fog of her breath against the window as she watched Lena fuck herself. She wondered if Kara was touching herself—if the alpha’s hand was wrapped around her dick while she pretended it was inside of Lena, and that was enough to send her over the edge with a shuddering moan.


Maybe it was wrong to flaunt herself when Kara was in rut, but Lena enjoyed the rush of excitement when she walked out of the pool naked and bent provocatively to pick up her bathing suit. Lena’s heart was racing, but she didn’t look to see if Kara was still watching. She could feel the alpha’s gaze without calling attention to it.


Lena behaved like she was alone and hung up her swimsuit on a chair to dry, then sprawled out on a lounge. She draped her legs over either side of it and traced her labia with her fingers. Arousal glistened all over her palm by the time she was done, and she wondered if it was because she could smell Kara’s rut pheromones in the air.


Shy, polite Kara stood with her nose practically pressed into the glass of the window while Lena caressed her cunt.


Most alphas hated suppressors and preferred to sweat out their ruts. Lena considered that all of her teasing might have been affecting Kara all the more because the alpha didn’t seem the type to ever seek out an omega just to get through a rut.


Lena played with her clit, massaging her slick into it while her eyes were half closed. She hoped that she hadn’t misread the signs of shared attraction, but judging by the pheromones she inhaled, Kara was interested in her. The sound of a creaking door made her glance back in the direction of the pool house in time to see Kara do a strange maneuver. Kara stepped outside and leapt back in at a comical speed, as if she had just realized what she was doing.


“Kara?” Lena called before the alpha could duck out of sight. “Feel free to say no, but do you want to come over here?”


Lena sounded confident, despite the way her heart threatened to burst from her chest from being so bold. She held her breath as she waited for an answer, and experienced a wonderful prickle of anticipation that danced across her skin when the door to the pool house creaked back open.


Kara was slow to emerge, and poked her head out to blink at Lena as if she couldn’t quite believe she had been invited closer. It was endearing to watch Kara bashfully stumble over her feet. Lena wondered if it was because she was Kara’s boss, or if it was the age difference that caused the hesitancy in the alpha.


It was strangely empowering, whatever it was, and even at a distance in the low light of dusk, Lena could see the bright blush across Kara’s cheekbones. Lena was about to ask again when Kara sucked in a deep breath and bounded out of the pool house in nothing but a sweat-soaked tank top and a pair of loose fitting boxers.


The smell of Kara’s rut carried in the night breeze, and the sweet air mixed with the rich, spicy scent of the alpha. It hit Lena hard and her pussy throbbed in excitement. She moaned softly as her gaze roamed over Kara’s chest, then down to the impossible-to-hide erection that swung with each stride she took.


“Miss Luthor.” Kara managed to choke out when she stopped by the lounge, her voice scratchy yet somehow high-pitched. “Hi, I—I was just going to go for a swim, but then—”


Kara’s eyes were roaming all over her, darting from her breasts to the fingers she was still rubbing over her luscious cunt, and Lena made no move to stop.


“Then—uh.” Kara twitched where she stood, her gaze looping with Lena’s strokes. The alpha reached out, then curled her fingers back as if barely able to restrain herself.


Inhaling Lena’s scent greedily, Kara seemed to lose all focus on what she was saying as she blurted, “Can I get you anything?”


“You’re off the clock,” Lena reminded her, then smirked as Kara brought a hand up to wipe the sweat from her face, just to miss it entirely.


To put the alpha at ease, Lena arched an eyebrow and nodded to the lounge beside her own. She waited for Kara to sit and stop fussing before she admitted, “I actually thought I could help you out with your rut. Your job is secure here even if you say no.”


Her seductive grin and head tilt must have won Kara over, because the alpha shifted to the end of her lounge chair.


“Why would I say no?” Kara asked in disbelief and slapped her knee as she chuckled at the idea of that while her face burned with a tinge of shame. “Oh god, I’m sure I seem totally desperate right now, but you’re—well, you’re the most beautiful omega I’ve ever seen. And I know you’re my boss, but I can’t help it. I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but I almost didn’t take this job because I wasn’t sure if I could be around you without getting completely distracted all of the time.”


Lena liked the way Kara rambled and how honest the alpha was about the situation. She narrowed her eyes and bit down on her lip in flirtation, then put her hand on Kara’s arm.


“To be fair, I have been trying to distract you since the moment you walked through my door,” Lena revealed with a slow bat of her eyelashes and sway of her shoulders.


The way Kara gazed at her, so lustful and unguarded was arousing all on its own, but it was Kara’s words that stole the breath from Lena’s lungs: “With a smile like yours, you don’t have to try at all.”


There was a softness to Kara that Lena wanted to sink into, she wanted to grab onto it with both hands and wrap herself up in it before she sought out the rougher edges of the alpha. All of that sweet sincerity even in the throes of her rut left Lena feeling sexually feral and she stroked her fingers down Kara’s muscled forearm to toy with her thumb.


Lena maintained eye contact as she teased her fingertips up and down and relished the way Kara shuddered from the barest of touches. She could see the way the alpha’s pupils dilated, how the subtle sensation went straight to her dick, and then Lena exhaled suggestively, “Why don’t you take off your clothes and I’ll take care of you, Kara.”


The alpha was on her feet so fast and stripping off that Lena was caught between wanting to laugh and wanting to moan. Kara was naked before Lena could blink, bashful and beautiful in equal measure. She stood with her arms by her sides, yet her chest was heaving as if she had run a mile. Kara’s breasts were full and her nipples were stiff, but Lena’s eyes were on the alpha’s cock, which strained eagerly and looked painfully erect.


With a gentle grip, Lena took hold of it and stroked the head in languid motions. She quirked her eyebrow in amused surprise when it had an instantaneous effect and Kara jerked in place, coming undone from just a few slow pulls on her cock. Seed shot out all over Lena’s hand and trickled down her wrist.


Kara almost whined in humiliation, but Lena crooked a finger and gestured for the alpha to join her on the lounge.


“I suppose this means you’re very attracted to me,” Lena whispered and moved her pelvis to give the alpha access to her cunt. “It’s okay, Kara. I’m sure I’m going to come the second you’re inside of me, too.”


She had never struggled with self-control, but there was such a strong chemistry between them and it had been so long that she doubted she would last once Kara slipped inside of her.


Kara’s blush disappeared as she positioned herself on top of Lena and breathed in her omega pheromones. A few deep huffs cured Kara of her shyness and brought out the more aggressive nature of the alpha.


“You’re so sexy,” Kara murmured in awe and then froze as the tip of her cock brushed over Lena’s pussy lips. “Oh no, Lena, I didn’t bring any protection.”


“Darn,” Lena mocked with a wry smile, using Kara’s politer expression of disappointment. She tipped her head up to ghost her lips against Kara’s cheek and teased seductively, “How awful that you’re going to have to raw me.”


Kara groaned at the announcement, her whole body flexing with need and desire so strong that her scent was fragrant with sex. The tip of her erection nudged between Lena’s pink pussy lips and she swallowed thickly.


Lena could practically feel the question bubbling within Kara and soothed her with a slow, inviting smile. “I can take birth control later,” She explained, running her cool palms over Kara’s heated biceps as she met her eyes. “Or I can step out and purchase some condoms. Whatever you prefer.”


“No,” Kara rushed to answer, her firm tone sending pleasant flutters through Lena’s abdomen. She looked wild and intense, and the head of her cock was soaking Lena’s silken inner lips. “No, I’d like to continue without them, if that’s alright?”


It was more than alright. Lena hadn’t experienced an alpha coming inside her in so long that she felt dizzy with longing. She answered by running her hands down Kara’s sides to rest on her hips, and pulled the alpha closer with a sudden and decisive tug.


Kara sank a few inches into her tight, wet opening and they shared a moan between them, airy and breathless and wonderfully desperate. Lena raised her pelvis and wrapped her arms around Kara’s muscled shoulders. She threaded her fingers in the alpha’s blonde curls as she rasped, “Fuck me. You’re all I’ve been thinking about for days.”


“God, Miss Luthor.” Kara’s shuddery moan shouldn’t have been such a turn on, but the alpha rolled her hips to push the rest of her solid length into Lena’s cunt. Fresh slick released from her slit and Lena tightened her arms around Kara and welcomed her cock with a series of warm squeezes.


Lena wondered if the Kara had ever been with a more experienced omega like herself, because Kara’s breaths were suddenly short and gasping and then she groaned as her cock throbbed strongly.


The fast pulsations deposited seed deep in Lena’s cunt and she shuddered from the warmth of it.


Kara’s scent was a mixture of shame and desperation, and when she went to pull out, Lena stopped her with breathy words that were almost a whisper.


“It’s okay,” She murmured against Kara’s jaw, her lips trailing featherlight kisses over the alpha’s sweat slicked skin. Lena could feel the tremor run through Kara, the way the alpha’s body tensed and heaved above her, and she ran her hands along Kara’s ribs in delicate patterns. “I know you have more to give, and I want you to come inside of me until you're completely spent.”


Kara’s moan was muffled by Lena’s soft lips and she groaned when Lena clenched her velvety muscles around her sensitive, broad head before she finally pulled out.


The alpha seemed enthralled by the sight of Lena’s pink slit. The rivulets of creamy essence that leaked from her warm hole only got so far before Kara pushed back inside her grasping cunt.


Lena whined from the slow stretch and nipped at Kara’s lips as she groaned, “Give me more, Kara. Fuck my cunt like you need it.”


Kara didn’t have to be told twice, she slammed her length into Lena’s liquid heat with frenetic urgency and the friction of their bodies sent static pleasure racing through Lena. She undulated against the alpha, using the alpha’s momentum to stimulate her clit, and came with a startled cry when Kara bottomed out.


Lena let the alpha come inside of her three more times before she decided to switch positions and bend over a lounge to show off all of Kara’s pleasure that covered her.


She must have looked like a fantasy all spread out because Kara hurried to grip her hips and slam into her. They rutted at a furious pace, with Kara kneeling on a towel behind on her and Lena holding tight to the lounge chair. Her hair draped over her face, ragged and wild and curling from the humidity as Kara pounded her.


“I’ve never done this with an omega before,” Kara muttered against Lena’s neck, like she was too timid to say it aloud without muffling herself. “You feel so perfect wrapped around me.”


The confession sent heat straight to Lena’s core and she felt compelled to teach Kara a thing or two about how mind blowing sex with the right partner could be. “There’s a reason that alphas prefer omegas, and vice versa, Kara. Nothing feels as good as an alpha cock and yours? Is the best I’ve ever had.”


Lena’s words were simultaneously true and ego boosting, and Kara drilled into her with deeper, harder strokes. The alpha’s eagerness and added confidence was a double threat and when she uttered, “Bend low for me,” in a tone of honey, Lena almost climaxed again.


Kara leaned across Lena’s ass and rocked roughly to plunge her shaft into Lena’s rippling cunt. She reached under Lena to rub her fingertips over her glossy lips and strummed at her clit.


Lena’s submissive and scratchy whimpers filled the night air as Kara’s thrusts picked up speed. The quickening made Lena’s cunt stretch and her hips bang into the lounge. Her clit responded to all of the attentions from Kara’s active fingers. She dropped her head forward from the momentum and the warm fluttering sensation of her nearing orgasm.


“That’s it, Lena, please come,” Kara huffed against her hair with a soft growl sticking in her throat.


Lena’s inner muscles clung wetly around Kara’s erection as she came closer to a glorious finish. Tension pulled at her legs and stomach as Kara’s cock settled in the deepest it could go. The smooth, thick head pumped against her cervix and the rock of their bodies was harder and more deliberate as they shared an incredible release.


Kara’s hands roamed around Lena, possessive and tender as she cupped her breasts and squeezed gently. She was panting against the delicate skin at the nape of Lena’s neck, her lips lazily planting kisses over the expanse of a beautiful shoulder while her shaft jerked one last time.


“God, you’re so amazing.” Kara exhaled, her tongue darting out to taste the tang of Lena’s sweat as she pressed another kiss to the side of her pale throat. “I don’t want this night to end.”


Lena had no intention of stopping, yet she voiced it at a delay when the warm sensation of Kara’s mouth skimmed the partially removed mating bite on her neck. It was a place she tried not to touch, and it had taken her practice to forget about it entirely. Lena trembled from the sensual tease of Kara’s lips on the forbidden space that still somehow connected to her heart, and whined when her inner walls clamped around Kara to stop her retreat.




How could something so trivial as a little kiss open the floodgates to all of Lena’s secret yearnings? She had promised herself that she wouldn’t ever be charmed by another alpha, and yet here she was, heart racing and cunt full, swallowing back a surge of longing for Kara.


Kara, who was a decade younger than Lena.


It should have spelled disaster but there was a reverence to Kara’s hands, and every touch, every whisper of breath seemed to magnify their attraction.


“Who said it’s ending?” Lena finally lilted with a coy glance over her shoulder. Kara’s awed smile was endearing and dopey and Lena knew she was in a world of trouble when she bit her lower lip to hide her grin.


“Why don’t we take a quick dip in the pool to cool off?” Lena suggested with a flirtatious smile, and gazed up at the alpha still happily inside the warmth of her cunt. “And then we can head inside and I’ll show you how comfortable my bed is.”


It was hard to believe that Kara could get any stiffer, but Lena experienced her excitement grow before the alpha carefully extracted herself with a slow pull out.


Lena whined despite herself because the sudden loss of Kara’s heated erection made her gape. When Kara gasped, she knew the alpha was watching the way her pussy spasmed and begged to be stuffed again.


Kara palmed her ass firmly, holding on with a lustful moan as a deluge of seed poured out of her sex-swollen entrance.


Lena moved onto her feet before the temptation to ask Kara to knot her right then and there took over and stepped towards the pool. The alpha hurried after her, and showed far less restraint as she jumped into the water with a laugh and splashed Lena in the process.


She situated herself on the edge of the pool and draped her legs into the water with the intent to playfully chastise the alpha when Kara broke the surface. Lena barely had time to smirk as Kara pushed through the water to grab onto her legs, and she braced herself to be thrown into the pool.


She groaned when Kara pushed her thighs apart and surprised her by diving between her soaked folds to wrap her lips around her clit.


“Oh fuck, Kara.” Lena whimpered, her eyes closing as she grasped the back of Kara’s head and stroked her fingers through her wet hair.


She was so accustomed to how averse to oral Andrea was after being inside her that Lena hadn’t been prepared for it with Kara.


The languid roll of the alpha’s tongue was sensual and insistent and the quiet moans sent pleasant vibrations through Lena’s clit. She clenched her ass when pleasure shot through her cunt and gasped as her body rocked of its own accord, eager and needy for Kara’s talented mouth.


“Yes, right there, faster, use your lips,” Lena instructed with breathless, raspy groans while forcing Kara’s face into her slick cunt.


The alpha had no complaints as she followed Lena's commands and sucked with warmth and enthusiasm. She kept her lips locked around Lena's clit and rolled her tongue over it in quick succession.


Lena rocked her pelvis and gripped the edge of the pool. The musky fragrance of her arousal was calling to Kara's alpha and her appetite for Lena was ravenous. Moving her tongue with devotion, every flick made Lena's thighs jump.


"I'm going to come in your mouth." Lena whimpered, and her spine curved from the hot sensation that pulled her muscles taut. Her pleasure resonated through her in building waves, each one bigger than the last.


"Please," Lena exhaled in a breathless whine, her thighs crushing around the alpha's face as she pleaded, "Please, Kara. Make me come."


Kara gave her encouragement from the tip of her tongue and it fluttered like the beat of Lena’s heart, fast and erratic over her swollen clit. She whined when Kara sucked her ardently and her breaths stuck in her lungs as pleasure coiled heavily around her limbs. The alpha was groaning into her cunt, like her pleasure was tied up in Lena’s and then she growled.


The throaty command went through Lena like a shot of adrenaline and demanded all of her attention. Lena’s omega submitted without protest, her body obeying immediately with a shuddering groan as her head tipped back and her jaw worked from the euphoria. She quaked from the intensity and rode Kara’s face with unabashed delight as the alpha lapped at her until her trembling thighs finally released their hold.

When Lena blinked her eyes open, she wasn’t sure if the stars she was seeing were actually in the sky or if they manifested from the orgasm Kara pulled out of her.


“Holy christ,” Lena exhaled shakily and reached down to stroke Kara’s cheek. She didn’t get time to say anything else because the alpha snared her around the hips with a grin and tugged her into the water.


Kara’s mouth was on hers in an instant and Lena melted into it as the heat between them threatened to turn the pool into a sauna. She wrapped her legs around Kara’s hips and slipped a hand down the alpha’s toned abs to wrap around her cock. Lena helped guide it between her pussy lips and Kara rammed it home with a quick thrust and satisfied moan. The alpha kept her muscled arms wrapped around Lena’s waist to keep herself deep and bucked up as the water rippled from their motions.


Their waves crashed against the sides of the pool as Kara buried herself again and again inside of Lena’s tight warmth. She moaned and kept a strong grip on Kara’s back, holding on as her cunt became slicker than the pool around them. As the alpha’s rutting cock began to swell with a knot, Kara carried her through the shallow water.


It surprised Lena that Kara had as much control with it as an experienced alpha, and seemed to be able to postpone the full knot formation. The whole purpose of knotting like that was to spread Lena’s cunt, and she whimpered from the pleasure of the knot thrusting against her sensitive inner wall.


“Do you even know what you’re doing to me?” Lena asked in a ragged whisper and arched back to angle Kara’s thrusts deeper. Even with the alpha who claimed her, sex had never been this good and she was practically weeping from it and her relieved years of frustration. Her pussy lips snugly clung to the knot whenever it retreated and Kara groaned from how she worked her muscles.


“Making you feel as good as you make me feel,” Kara murmured hopefully in between thrusts, her hands falling to Lena’s ass to squeeze it passionately.


Kara dropped her eager mouth to Lena’s breasts, kissing and sucking at the pale, creamy skin and a pebbled nipple.


The alpha rolled her tongue over it and the contrast of pleasure set fire to Lena’s blood. She shuddered as heat crackled through her veins in a blaze of pleasure and her slick walls went into sudden spasm. Belatedly Lena registered a keening whine as her own and she grabbed for Kara’s shoulders as she came undone with undulating pulses.


The tight clutch of her cunt milked Kara’s release out of her and the alpha groaned into the valley between Lena’s breasts. Every jerk of her hips pumped more come into Lena and she stayed deep until the quivering in Lena’s cunt finally subsided.


“I think,” Kara began, breathless and laughing and still so full of energy as she nuzzled into Lena’s throat to confess, “I think I might be addicted to feeling you orgasm around me, and that’s not the rut talking.”


Lena’s pussy gave another squeeze as Kara’s words affected her, and she raised her hips up to allow Kara to slip out of her hole with a shuddery breath. God, if she were five years younger she could see herself starting something new, something real with Kara. The sex was that great that her omega was practically screaming for Lena to make a move.


“I believe I promised to show you my bed,” Lena whispered instead, seductive and smoky and oddly shy as her emotions threatened to take over and ruin the moment.


She led Kara out of the pool with an erotic sway of her hips but only got as far as the glass patio door before she faltered.


What if this was a mistake?


It was one thing to fool around outside, but crossing the threshold threatened to bring a dose of harsh reality. Society often judged divorced omegas, more so when they had children, and Lena worried that the second Kara saw the pictures that lined her walls, the alpha would see her differently. Touch her differently, but if she ended it now, when everything was so good, she could keep the feeling of being desired and worshipped and lock up it within her chest. It would be enough to sustain her omega on the lonely nights sure to come, wouldn’t it?


Lena turned with the intention to make up an excuse and found her mouth at the mercy of Kara’s kiss. The alpha palmed her breasts and the rich scent of possessive desire broke through Lena’s vulnerability. She crumbled like a sandcastle, broken and delicate in Kara’s hands, and allowed the alpha to reshape her into something better. Something cherished as she moaned and latched onto Kara’s back.


The alpha caught her hands and pinned them above Lena’s head. Kara laced their fingers together, her mouth hovering over Lena’s as she rumbled earnestly, “Don’t get me wrong, I really want to see your bedroom, but I need to be honest. I don’t think I can last that long without being inside you again.”


Lena nodded to grant Kara what she wanted and whimpered at the fulfillment of having the alpha push back inside of her.


Her last concern was the security cameras around the perimeter of the house, or how her ex still had the code to watch the feed. She tipped her head back as Kara left bites across her neck, and Lena briefly wondered if Andrea would see them as new marks of ownership. Her arousal glossed over Kara’s partially formed knot, and it spread her pussy lips in a way that would no doubt be an obscene visual on camera.


Kara clutched at her wrists and plunged into her tender cunt. It might have been shameless, but Lena slipped her tongue into Kara’s mouth and kissed her with her eyes shut. She revealed her secret hopes in the hot press of her lips and snared her fingers into Kara’s wild blonde hair. The glass door behind them began to steam from the heat of their bodies and her ass banged against it as Kara ploughed into her.


“I want your knot,” Lena begged with a soft jut of her chin and a whimper ready on her lips. She pleaded louder than an omega in heat, her scent giving away all of deeper desires to be with an alpha who would always want and touch her like she was worth loving.


Kara groaned in response and dropped her hands to Lena’s ass to hoist her up, and Lena wrapped her thighs around the alpha’s waist in return.


Lena doubted Kara even realized what a show of strength that was without the water to buoy her up and it sent her omega into a desperate frenzy. Warm slick drizzled out of her hole as Kara filled it with rougher, more desperate thrusts and Lena leaned back to press her shoulders into the cool glass.


“Touch yourself,” Kara exhaled in a hush, surprising Lena when she pulled back. The alpha kept hold of her ass to watch her cock sink into Lena’s blushing, stretched hole and all but pleaded, “I want you to play with your clit, like you did when you were alone in the pool. Please? Show me how you like it.”


Lena shuddered from the thrill of Kara acknowledging that she had watched her. The idea of putting on a show for the alpha knowing her ex might witness it added a whole other level to the carnality of her actions. Lena could have done it without sharing that fact, but Kara was so open and free with her emotions that she found herself uttering, “Kara, there are cameras around my property. Someone might—”


“I don’t care. Let them watch.” Kara insisted, her alpha in control as she pitched her hips harder and stared into Lena’s eyes with the kind of intensity that stripped her bare. “I want you.”


God help her, Lena would do just about anything to hear Kara say that again.


Lena’s lips parted in a whimper as Kara rocked into her and she raised her chin while her fingers danced over the curve of her abdomen. She was soft and voluptuous where Kara was toned and muscled but there was no hint of insecurity when Lena’s fingers brushed between her slippery lips to rub into her clit. She looked so spread around Kara’s cock that her clitoris was on full display and she teased herself for the alpha’s benefit.


Every ripple of pleasure wrapped Lena’s cunt tighter around Kara’s cock and she moaned as the alpha slowed down to watch her hole clench around her girth. There was an intimacy to it that Lena hadn’t been expecting and her breasts heaved with her ragged breaths.


“Kara please,” She began, but the alpha cut her off with a raspy husk of, “Not until you come for me.”


Lena chased her pleasure with fervor, her fast fingers rubbing firmly between her dewy lips until her thighs jerked and trembled with the promise of euphoria. She was so close to the edge that she strained from it, the tendons in her neck pulling taut as she restlessly undulated on Kara’s cock with breathy moans.


All it took was Kara’s mouth latching onto her throat and suddenly she was crying out. Lena’s whole body was shaking from the force of her release while Kara wrapped an arm around her waist and slid open the patio door with the other.


The alpha carried her through the house without pulling out and Lena pressed wet, open mouthed kisses along the alpha’s jaw as she whispered directions to her bedroom.


Kara found the bedroom with no problem and carefully placed Lena onto the plush blankets before thrusting into her still spasming cunt. The alpha held her steady and charged her hips, luxuriating in the liquid heat of Lena’s pussy. She moved her hands to Lena’s knees and held them apart as she quickened her pace, their thighs smacking roughly together.


The alpha growled under her breath and then strained, pulling halfway out as she pumped seed into Lena’s entrance and over her pussy lips with small shudders rocking through her body. Kara’s orgasm was more about dominance than it was about pleasure, and Lena responded to it in a carnal way by spreading her cunt with her fingers to let Kara see how she had staked her claim.


The rest of Kara’s creamy release spilled from Lena’s opening and poured onto the bed sheets, and for a moment, they were both transfixed by it. The strength of Kara’s pheromones permeated the air and she made a guttural sound of pure need before she flipped Lena onto her hands and knees.


“Lena,” Kara breathed in a husk, her voice full of promise and longing.


Lena knew exactly what Kara wanted, because she wanted it just as much, and went so far as to present herself in the most submissive omega position. Raising her voluptuous ass up, Lena pressed her chest fully into the bed and reached out to fist the sheets as she whispered, “I’m ready for it. Please Kara, give me your knot, stretch my cunt with it. I need you inside me.”


Overwhelmed by the scent of Lena’s intimate fragrance, Kara could only growl in response as her inner alpha reared up to take control. She pressed the tip of her swollen cock into Lena’s silken folds and forced her further down as she rammed the length of her shaft into her velvety cunt.


The stretch was incredible, and Lena whimpered when Kara settled across her, their skin flush against one another as the alpha reached out to clasp her hands. It satisfied part of Lena that she couldn’t articulate, to be pinned in such a sensual way with Kara pounding into her with deep and steady thrusts.


The alpha’s mouth was on her shoulder, the nape of her neck, behind her ear, and Lena writhed in ecstasy beneath her. They moved in tandem, sliding their sweat slicked bodies with passionate undulations until a stuttered groan broke free of Kara and Lena experienced the scorching heat of the alpha’s knot growing.


Lena needed this, all of the animalistic passion, but also the blissful burden of such a huge knot.


She bucked from it, wanton and wild as she pleaded with her cunt to take all of it inside. Kara pressed into her ardently to make sure she took it, and exquisite pressure triggered another orgasm. Lena poured moans into the sheets while her muscles tensed in extreme pleasure.


Kara’s cock barely managed to slot inside her tight channel, and then it emptied in powerful blasts the second her knot took hold. They were both panting from it, the exertion worth it just to be joined in such a primal way, and Kara moved them onto their sides to wrap around Lena.


Lena could count on one hand the amount of times Andrea had nuzzled into her after sex. To feel Kara gently nudging into her neck with the tip of her nose just to kiss her racing pulse brought a rush of emotion she couldn’t quite swallow down, and Lena found herself holding onto Kara’s arms tighter, afraid to let go in case the moment between them would end.


It was profoundly intimate, and Lena would have chastised Kara for ruining the peaceful silence with a foolish question if she hadn’t been so enamored with her.


“When my knot softens, do you—” Kara hesitated, her pheromones reflecting the faint vulnerability Lena could hear in her voice. “Should I go back to the pool house?”


“Oh, absolutely not,” Lena scoffed, turning to eye Kara with a raised brow that all but dared the alpha to argue. There was a wealth of emotion staring back at her, reflected perhaps from her own eyes, though Lena wasn’t brave enough to address it. “You’re staying right here in this bed with me until your rut subsides.”


Kara’s bright smile shed light on the fractured pieces of Lena’s heart, and she found herself grinning as Kara caught her lips in a soft, sweet kiss that tapered off as the alpha murmured, “I was hoping you would say that.”